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Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Onision Files

I've been waiting for months to write something like this on this blog about Onision's court day because I wanted to see where this character was going to go with it next. But let me start from the beginning here...

Back in December, while Onision was on Twitter, bad-mouthing Chris Hansen, he left his 3 year old daughter unattended, and she fell 2 stories out of a window. When I think about that now, I get pissed off, because of Onision's negligence. So, what does Onision do about it? Does he call 911 right away? Does he run downstairs and out the door to caress his child to see if she is OK? No! He doesn't. The first thing he does is grab his video camera and start filming his daughter as she falls out the window and onto a paved driveway below. And why? Because he didn't want to be blamed for his child falling out the window. He didn't want his viewers to believe he pushed her out the window. If that isn't the most selfish, obtuse, indignant thing I've ever heard (not to mention irresponsible) then I don't know what is! If my child was about to fall out the window, the very last thing that would be on my mind is to grab my video camera so I don't get blamed for that! Onision is to blame for it anyway because he allowed a 3 year old to wander close to an open window and he did nothing to prevent the child from falling out!

Let me rephrase that; it wouldn't be the LAST thing on my mind! It just wouldn't even enter my mind to grab my video camera and film my child falling out of the window! I'd be more concerned with preventing my child from falling out of a window. I'd be on my feet as fast as possible to pull her away from the window! That is what a responsible parent does. But Onision is not a responsible parent. He's not even a responsible person. If he were a responsible person, he wouldn't have been masturbating with himself at the thought of sugar-daddying Chris Hansen on Twitter. All Onision thinks of is sex. Even if it's having sex with himself, which according to people who have lived with him, he does quite frequently. I think I once heard one of his former girlfriends say Onision has anime-type imaginary friends who he pretends to have sex with too.

Every time I think of Onision letting his child fall out of a window, I get pissed!!! He shouldn't have let that happen!!! I don't care if he was masturbating with himself at the time! It's not worth risking the life of a child!

Well, several days later, Chris Hansen shows up at Onision's house for an interview. Onision did not invite Chris Hansen, so he says. Personally, I think he did invite him, by all those perverted things Onision has been writing on Twitter about Chris Hansen. That was practically an invite. But Onision, who acted so big and brave on Twitter, to talk about sexual favors he wanted from Chris Hansen, would not even answer the door. Instead he hid behind his stairwell and called 911 to report Chris Hansen "trespassing" on his property. The 911 operator's response when Onision said it was Chris Hansen at his door was priceless! It almost sounded like she was holding back saying "So? What did you do to bring him there?" Everyone knows Chris Hansen is a whistleblower on child predators like Onision!

Here is a video of that call with Chris Hansen's commentary...

So anyway, a month later Onision decides he's going to go to court and sue Chris Hansen for slander and trespassing charges. And the funny thing is, he also decided to sue Repzion too! Repzion didn't even do anything to Onision! Once in a while he makes videos bashing Onision, but then so do a lot of people on YouTube. Onision is one of the most hated people on YouTube. I'm hated on Facebook among INXS fans, and have been slandered before by them. But I don't take them to court because I am such a believer in free speech. They can say whatever they like about me, I don't care! But if they're going to throw accusations at me, they'd better provide proof of it. I'm the first to admit when I am wrong though.

Anyway, several people who have lived with Onision have come forward and said what a horrible person he is. So, there's your proof he is no good! That's the only proof you'll ever get, because Onision never admits when he is wrong. Instead he blames the victims. Notice in that video how he said his victims who he didn't want to be around anymore, had mental problems that negatively impacted his life. Then he whines saying "They've been online saying mean things about me". But you can't be a child-predator and not expect people to say hateful things about you. That's a given! You deserve nothing but hatred if you're going to abuse children!

Anyway, someone went to court on Onision's court date, and actually saw him. Here's a famous pic she took of him standing in an elevator...

He's trying to look so calm and collected. But this was one of the stupidest moves he ever made. Repzion talked about his court date with Onision and said it was more of a farce. A lot of people in the courtroom tried so hard to contain their laughter when Onision walked in, that you could actually hear it! Repzion described Onision's enterance into the court room as him trying to look full of confidence, but at the same time, nervous about being there. This is how he stood before the judge...

He has on a tux and tie, and sneakers. And that strange hump on his back. Repzion said that was probably a bullet-proof vest. But he has it on wrong. Either that, or Onision is planning an extended deep-sea diving trip after court. Anyway he looks wacky! A person knows they are hated by everyone when they have to wear a bullet-proof vest everywhere they go. Onision did not hire a lawyer, instead he wanted to represent himself in court. But Repzion did hire a lawyer. Later on, Onision mocked Repzion for hiring a lawyer. It seems Onision thinks he knows more than the professionals. That's why he never hires professionals. But he also mocks people who do hire professionals, which is dumb. He called Repzion "stupid" and said he "can't speak for himself". I remember a few times having this same kind of conversation with people about breeding chihuahuas. I remember on the Pluba forum, Rhonda, who always made fun of me, told me that I listened to Tanya (of Tanya's Toys Chihuahuas) because I am a "spineless person". It's no different than Onision saying Repzion "can't speak for himself" because he hired a lawyer. Just like Rhonda, Onision also has a big ego. Which is why he said something to that effect about Repzion.

Neither one of them were thinking that maybe we worked with professionals because we want to do things the right way. If you're getting sued, yes you want to hire a lawyer! Someone who is more familiar with the laws and can win your case in court. And I wanted to breed winning chihuahuas in dog shows, so yes, I'm going to listen to someone who actually has dogs who win in shows! People who actually have brains in their heads will always listen to those who know better. I've never heard of a case where someone listened to an amateur and got anywhere ahead. I'm not going to listen to a homeless person what lottery numbers to play. I'm not going to pay attention to a redneck with one tooth in his mouth tell me how to clean my teeth! No! I'm going to listen to the people who have had the results I want to have. If that makes me "spineless" or makes Repzion "not able to speak for himself" then so be it! No one with any sense cares what you think anyway!

Anyway, for someone who wanted to represent himself in court, Onision didn't do a very good job! He dismissed the case himself and said he was going to look for other legal avenues. That means, he is going to go back on Twitter and look for someone who can give him some cheap (or no-cost) ways to win his case. Which basically is that Onision is just going to make videos whining and griping about how Repzion and Chris Hansen are stalking him because he wants to have sex with them.

Well, recently Onision challenged Chris Hansen to do an interview. But Onision wanted the interview to be on his own channel. Everyone knows why he wants this. He wants to control the conversation. You might want to watch this video of an interview Onision conducted with a reporter from Newsweek...

Especially pay attention toward the end where the reporter asks Onision if some more of his victims would want to do an interview about their experiences and Onision starts cussing the reporter out because he thinks the reporter is "trying to make money off the victims". HA!! This from a guy who made money for many months off calling Eugenia Cooney all kinds of names and making fun of her eating disorder. This is the kind of thing Onision does! The scary thing is, this could have been Chris Hansen. But Chris Hansen refused to do the interview on Onision's channel. Probably because he knew Onision would pull this stunt like he does with everyone! This is Onision's tactic; he gets them to appear on his channel, he hogs the conversation, gets people all confused, then he yells and calls the person he's interviewing childish names and ends the interview. Then he makes another video bragging to his viewers about how he's "won the battle". But Onision doesn't win! You automatically lose your argument when you start resorting to childish name-calling. And that's what Onision does ALL the time! Chris Hansen was wise not to take Onision's bait. Sorry for the Newsweek reporter who was put through that, but hopefully he learned not to fall for Onision's traps! Because he will take advantage of it, because he is a horrible individual!


iesha said...

Justice is served

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Yes it is! Though he still tries to dodge it. LOL!