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Friday, April 24, 2020

Why It Shouldn't Hurt You

Fuck these jerks!! Fuck this woman!! People like this are exactly the reason why I hate rescue people who squeal "Adopt Don't Shop!" I totally blame the HSUS for people like this! Them AND PETA! This blog is by a couple who travel across the country with 2 dogs that they do little more on their blog than boast about how they "rescued these dogs from the shelter". As if that is some great accomplishment! How hard did you really have to work to get those 2 dogs from a shelter? Did you have to tread through raging water? Snow? Or ice? Did you have to sacrifice anything to get the money to save to bring those two dogs home? No! Most likely you did neither one of those things! You filled out an application. ANYONE can do that. You paid a few dollars that was probably doing nothing in your pocket but collecting lint anyway, and bang! You brought 2 dogs home from a shelter. The dogs were probably imported there anyways from some place like Korea.

In short, YOU did not rescue the dogs. The person who took them from the meat market did.

If you want to follow along, the blog I am referring to is here. While I love to see anybody get a nice dog no matter where they got it from, this article first appeared on a Facebook page that laughs at breeders dying. This same page on Facebook is the embodiment of the attitude typical of ADS fags. It's a page that calls it's self "I Hate Dog Breeders". They ban breeders from their page, insult anyone who buys from breeders, and erase any comments that contradicts what they believe in. The very kind of people I always refer to as ADS fags. Anyways, I'll get to them later. Right now, I want to concentrate on this stupid blog put up by some completely irrational and judgmental people. LOL!

I usually say it's cat people who are mean and hateful. Well, when you become an ADS fag, it doesn't matter. ALL rescue people are hateful. This couple wants to make "rescues the breed of choice". Well, I hate to tell them this, but it won't work for me. I've had a 'rescue'. She was saved from a puppymill. While I did love her to death, she had absolutely no manners when I brought her home. She was pissing and shitting all over the floor. I had to try and break her out of that habit, but I was never completely able to. She would still continue to use my carpet as her personal restroom. As soon as she died, I said I was never going to get another rescue dog again as long as I live. And especially after seeing the attitude of the ADS fags, it's going to be very easy to keep that promise. Like I said before, they lump ALL breeders into the same category.

Anyway, here goes...

Maybe it’s just me.  I am scrolling thru my social media feeds and then, I see the post. 

Yes. It is just you. You have a severe mental issue. But I will say this, you're not alone. There's plenty more ADS fags out there with the same mentality as you. And it should be stopped.

A friend who just got a new dog or a new cat.  At first, I get excited thinking about visiting the new addition, and wonder what they will name him or her. 

If it were me, I'd just be happy for my friend who got this sweet puppy that they saw and loved, and decided to give a good home to.

Then, I wonder what shelter or rescue that they adopted from. I mean,  I don’t even think that they may have bought him.

And why not? I know you commies hate it, but this is still a free country. A person can do whatever they want to with their own money. No one needs your permission to do it.

It is always in the back of my mind, the hope that they indeed went to a rescue or a shelter to pick out their new family member.

Unless it is one of your own family members that you want to control, you have no right to get in the way of others.

I want to ask directly if they adopted, but feel it is rude to do so. 

At least this proves you have some sense of what is wrong or right. But like all leftists, you let your own personal feelings rule over your mind.

Then, I get my answer and I am hit right in the stomach.  They bought him? They bought him? 

They BOUGHT him???? Oh NO!!! Stop the presses! GOD stop the world from spinning! My widdle feewings have been hoited!!! And someone has to pay!

Maybe it was a pet store, maybe a breeder. 

Well, I would indeed hope it was a good, reputable breeder who does health-tests and knows the pedigrees of their dogs and the background, and knew what they wanted to produce BEFORE they bred the parents!

And I am devastated.  It hurts.  And I am going to admit it.  It hurts bad. 

Again, that is a YOU problem! And I might suggest in such a case, get off the vegan diet, get some top-notch therapy, and get over yourself!

I want to ignore it, I want to be happy for them and the dog.

Then shut the fuck up and be happy! Think of how I feel when I see INXS fans who get cats instead of dogs. I have to keep my mouth shut too.

After all, it isn’t the dog’s fault, is it?  And I tell myself that.  But somehow, I feel disrespected.  It is like everything that I stand for is invalidated.

That's because ADS-faggotry is invalid. You do not have the right to tell people what they can and cannot do with their own lives and their own money.

I’ve spent the three years traveling the United States and I visited 48 shelters and rescues.  I saw firsthand the plight of homeless animals, and the blatant disregard from humans for them.

Too bad you do not have the mental capacity to learn that this is not the fault of reputable breeders. There is a BIG difference. Animals are in shelters because of irresponsible owners, backyard breeders and puppymills.

But I also saw the good people making a difference for these animals. 

So, where are these "good people"? I've never met one. All I see of these so-called "good people" are people who resort to childish name calling, laughing about innocent breeders dying, and just generally making others like you look bad.

So, when I see your post on social media that you bought an animal, or that you bred an animal, it will hurt me. 

Again, I suggest some hardcore therapy to undo whatever it was in your past that made you this way. Maybe it was kids in school bullying you? Or an unloving parent? Or complete lack of a father figure? I don't know. That's for you to find out and solve.

Will I still consider myself your friend?  I will, but it will be different between us. 

Then said person would probably be better off NOT having you as a friend. That's what I say whenever I have a "friend" like you.

And that is the honest truth.  The more we ignore the problems facing animals in our country, the more those problems become bigger problems.

Bullying, and pushing your views on others is not the way to go. First, we need to get rid of the root problem. Telling people "adopt, don't shop" is NOT going to do anything! Not everyone is so easy to mislead. Education is the key. Educating new owners or wannabe owners to do research on breeds will help. I always wanted a husky dog. Ever since I was a kid. But guess what, I don't have one, and likely will never get one. If I had not educated myself about the breed early on, I'd no doubt be one of those surrendering an uncontrollable dog to my nearest shelter now. So, learn to educate people about the breeds they want to get instead of saying "There's lots of huskies in shelters. Go there and get one." Maybe that person would not be compatible with that breed at all. Even if they rescue it, they might get it in their minds to put it back in the shelter once they find out they were not compatible with that breed.

 I cannot understand, and never will, how people can put their own desires ahead of what is right. 

Because what is "right" to you, and what is right to others may be two totally different things. You will never understand why anyone else thinks differently than you do. And trying to do so only will give you gray hair and wrinkles. So, stop trying.

I have heard it all. “I like a specific breed.”  Well.  Go to a breed specific rescue.
Again, that is the wrong approach. Educate!!

“Rescue animals are damaged”.  Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know you were perfect.
Again, maybe those damaged animals are not compatible with that person's lifestyle. Maybe they have kids and don't want to risk their well-being with a dog that could snap in a second.

“The rescue wants to make a home visit.  I don’t have time for that.”  Then you probably don’t have enough time for a pet.
I can honestly say working in a rescue myself for 3 years, I have NEVER heard this excuse. But I have heard of people turning in applications only to get rejected for piddly little reasons, like so-n-so lives in an apartment (for an indoor cat). Or so-n-so doesn't have a balcony (for a ranch-style home).

Does rescuing an animal take more time than buying from a breeder?  It does.
And why do so, when you can use that time and money to get exactly the dog you want, and raise it to your own specifications and not have to worry about carrying someone else's baggage to your house?

Oftentimes, you may have to wait to see an animal, or pay an adoption fee.  
Then it isn't really "rescuing". Is it? That's purchasing. I can go to a good breeder and get the same effect PLUS, get EXACTLY what I want in a dog.

You may not find your pet soulmate immediately. 
Again, it's the same thing going to a good breeder.

You may adopt an animal with a little baggage and have to be more patient, or they may require more training. 
And if you have kids, why risk it? Before you notice there is a problem, that dog could lash out at the kid, disfiguring or even killing, them.

 I also realize that I alone can’t change everything. But I sure changed everything for my two rescue dogs, Brickle and Digby.
And I, as a good person, am happy you got them and you indeed love them. Every dog deserves love. No matter how they are acquired. But you ADS fags you're more worried about how that person got the dog, rather than be happy the person found a dog to love.

I also realize that everyone has a right to their opinions and feelings.  But my feelings are hurt.  And I admit it.
Well, no one else needs to care about your feelings. Look what happens to cities that are governed by feelings. They turn to shit. If everyone ran their lives based on how you (or other ADS fags) feel, then no one would be allowed to have a dog. And then I'd have no other choice but to get a cat and that would completely SUCK!!!!

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