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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Nevermind My Last Post

Just forget what I said in my last post. Especially that last paragraph where I talked about accepting Felicia Hollis back. She unfriended my mom yesterday. I told mom she's much better off without her. Felicia is NOTHING like she was when we knew her 40 years ago. Today, she's gone absolutely apeshit crazy! I still blame Obama. I was saying the night before I'm glad I am not in her church. She obviously does not worship the same GOD we do. I worship the GOD Almighty of the Bible. I can't help but wonder who, or what, Felicia's god is? Maybe it's Obama? That's one thing I would never do, and no one can make me do! I refuse to worship Obama! I'm not going to worship the guy who caused the current day racial divide! I'm not going to worship the guy who made modern leftists the way they are now! No way!! So, I wouldn't attend Felicia's church even if she offered me money!

Ya know, I hate to say this, but I'm going to have to start telling all the people who support Obama to get off my Facebook. I never wanted it to come to that. I didn't like people who always said "If you support Trump, then delete me from your friends!" But it seems that is what the leftists want anyways. So, why don't we all play that same game? I was watching a video from a woman who used to not like Trump at all. Just like me. And another woman, who she'd been good friends with for 10 years, dropped her when she became a Trump supporter. She made a video and she was crying about losing this woman as a friend. I used to be that way too. I lost someone I was hoping we'd be friends forever back in 1993. She just all of a sudden stopped talking to me, and never answered my phone calls anymore. I don't know what happened to her, although I do have some theories. But for a while there, I was sad to lose her as a friend. But I healed. And today, I don't care if people accept me as a friend anymore. I can accept them, but I can just as quickly and easily let them go. I don't care anymore. In today's world, you almost have to have a hard heart. I still have my family and that's all that counts with me now.

I absolutely knew this was going to happen the year of the next elections!! I absolutely KNEW it!!!! I remember how bad the democrats got in 2016, when the threat of Trump becoming president was looming over their heads. I stayed the same, even though back then I didn't like Trump. But I said nothing could possibly be worse than 8 years of Obama. And believe me, they were the LONGEST 8 years of my life!!! That's wasted years I should sue Obama for! Because he accomplished nothing good! So, I really expected the democrats to go crazy again this year. They seem to actually be worse than they were in 2016. Now I read somewhere that BLM is going to be considered a political party. That's scary! To say the least! Can you imagine what will happen if BLM becomes our next president?! Remember all the bad shit Obama did? Well, I can imagine if BLM gains control of the white house, it'll be Obama to the 20th power! They'll have spray painted "BLM" all over that beautiful house. The grounds will become trash, because you know cleaning up after dirty black people is considered "racist". You'll see human shit all over the lawns and all over the streets in front of the house. Black people with masks, toting guns will be running wild all over the grounds. Gay people can forget about their rights because BLM does not give a shit about them. You'll go to the white house and smell the shitty odor of marijuana, and be blasted with coccaine dust. If you're allowed in the white house at all! More likely, the blacks will make you go away if you're not black like them. Segregation will be back. Whites will be treated like shit just because they're white. We won't have a strong figure like Trump to cover for us all. If you're white, you could even be killed just for your opinions against BLM. That has already begun. If you speak out against BLM, you can get fired from your job! Your property and business will get burned down too. They may even proudly hang white people in the trees surrounding the White house, and display your dead body up there like a trophy. The days of lynchings will return, only it'll be blacks hunting down whites. Even those who are supposedly on their side.

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