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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Now's The Time To Panic

 So now Biden is our president. Well, since he won fraudulently, I'll not accept him as my president. But just like Obama, let's see what he does. I can almost guarantee it's a big mistake to let him run rampant in the White House. Already I miss Trump. I voted for Trump. I wanted him for another 4 years. I did not want Biden. I hate that guy! Already, Biden moved into the White House with his pen in his hand ready to sign everything Trump worked hard to accomplish over the past 4 years away. Already, Biden reversed the funding for the wall. Already he's signed a bill to let anyone who wants to move to America automatic citizenship. Already he's reversed the ban on teaching Critical race theory. Already Biden signed away the 1776 project in schools, which would teach kids to love America. Biden did all this in one day! If it wasn't so sad, it'd be amazing. It proves Biden wants today's kids to hate America. I hope Biden is going to put up the money to send all those new patriot-hating wastes of life to China. Or Pakistan. Or some place where they will learn to appreciate the freedom this country offers them!

Instead, Biden is all for the 1619 project, which will train kids to believe this country was founded on racism against black people. What it won't teach kids is that it was the black people themselves, who sold those slaves to Europeans. Going back before 1619, black people don't even belong here. And I say to those who only see America as a "racist nation", if you hate it so much here, then move to Africa!! And don't let the door hit you as you leave! I'm sick of hearing their constant whining about how "racist" America is!! I know not all of them complain. The conservatives don't complain. But like the members of BLM and Antifa, they are ALWAYS complaining!! We're all getting sick of it!! None of it is even founded on facts. Just some belief a couple of lazy, lesbian, black, leftard bitches have whose only goal is to divide America.

If black people think I'm going to bend down and praise every black woman I see, they've got another think coming! I ain't praising someone that I don't know, and who doesn't even deserve it, and BLM does not deserve it!! Never going to happen! There was a video going around of a woman who forces her children now to praise "Hail Mary" to every black woman they see. A woman like that should not even have kids!! That's abuse. The only person who you should kneel to is GOD. This is why I dread reincarnation. I don't want to wind up with a mom like that. I would never risk my own childrens' lives for that. Black women get violent, especially if they are traveling in packs. I won't force my children to praise a strange woman whom I don't know what they'll do to them, just because of flesh color. No way!

This is exactly what Biden wants to see. I'm just counting the days till Biden steps down and puts Kamala Harris in charge. Who wants to bet how long that's going to take? I give it about a year, and that's stretching it. This was the plan all along. This is the only way Kamala Harris would become the first female president. Once that happens, watch this country go completely under. Kamala Harris also wants to see all conservatives dead. She fully intends to gather all of us up and carry us all to concentration camps. Those who fully conform to the left are spared. But those like me, who refuse to fall for leftist bullshit, would get gassed to death. I don't trust Facebook's so-called "fact-checkers". They claim Kamala Harris never said anything like that. But I think they're lying. Kamala is so hated, no one would have let her in the White House. The only way she could get there was to ride on Biden's coattail! And she's always talking about destroying Trump supporters. I would not put this concentration camp thing past her.

And this critical race theory thing, all it's going to do is turn people against each other based on skin color. They're teaching white kids that they are inherently racists and that black people should be afraid of them. Like I said, if the teachers would just leave the kids alone, they'll learn on their own to treat people the way they'd want to be treated. But they want to teach kids that they are racists, this is a racist country and their parents are racists. This is only going to divide the country worse than it was when Obama left it. It might also teach white people to absolutely HATE black people, because nobody with any ounce of brains is going to want to live that kind of life for long. Black people are always whining about inclusivity. Then they demand african-american icons like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben be taken off their respective brands. The SJWs are never satisfied.

There is this new cartoon studio calling it's self Pencilish. They are a company that is going to be run by the fans and they are asking for donations to get started. They are also allowing clients to buy stocks, which is something I'd like to do. But already I am seeing the SJWs asking about "diversity" in their studio. They want them to hire people based on gender, race, color, and sexual preference. I told those people to shut up! And told the owner of the studio not to listen to them because those kinds of people are never going to be satisfied. I informed them to hire based only on merit. That is what I would do. I'd never hire someone who is colored, or gay, just because they are colored or gay. I'd hire based on that person's ability to do the job I am hiring them for. If they just happen to be black, mexican, transgender, or gay, well it wouldn't make any difference. If they know the difference between a protein skimmer and a power filter, I don't care what color or gender they are! However, I won't go along with someone who wants to change their gender every day. I won't allow that because that is a distraction.


mikessa said...

Let me tell you this, if Kamala Harris wants to put me in any concentration camp, she will wish she was never born. I will not hesitate and beat her up!! I will rip her face, I will kick her where it will really hurt, and I will rip her fuckin lips off!! And I am sick and tired of hearing about the need for diversity!! I have the right to hate someone if I want to, but it wont be because of their skin color, It will be that the person is a dumbass and a jerk.
I do not need others telling me what I can and cannot hate. I think for myself, not for others. So I DARE her to even try to get me!!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Yeah. She'll have hell to pay if she tries to take me or my dogs too.

mikessa said...

She is gonna create an even bigger divide if she keeps this bullshit up!!

Kamala Harris is forgetting that there are more of us than there are of her, and throughout history, we have always fought back.

So she damn well better get her act together and stop this shit or else. She will be looking at the next 4 years with a real live civil war on her hands.