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Monday, May 3, 2021

The Chauvin Trial

Well, I've kept my mouth shut on here about this for a while, but now I have to say something. I've said it on Facebook. And yes, a few people unfriended me because of this, LOL! But really I do not give a shit. I don't even remember who they were. I just know I've got a few less people to worry about now than before. The only one I remember I lost is my little brother Johnny. He even blocked me on Facebook now. But you know what? I don't hold it against him. He's still my little brother. He'll always be my little brother. And I will always be there for him as a big sister. It's not his fault. I'm sure all his black friends have been feeding him a lot of baloney about George Floyd and the dangers BLM poses to our country. Johnny is still young. He doesn't know what BLM is doing is bad for black people in general. Like I said, all they accomplished in doing is proving the stereotypes we all have about them is true. I'm starting to have trust issues with black people now because of BLM. That's something I've never had before in my life! But now seeing they are a group of totally uncivilized people, I'm very careful about trusting them now.

Yes, I realize not all black people are like those representing BLM. But I wouldn't know that until after I got to meet them and know them for a while. I'm no longer just going to throw out my trust to blacks I see in any street corner. I'm going to hold my wallet tighter, walk faster, and not make any eye-contact with them. Especially when I am in the city. I remember a year ago in Portland, I was driving around there at night, and a black guy in a hoodie started to approach my car. I nearly ran him down trying to get out of his reach because I didn't want him dragging me out of my car and doing GOD knows what to me! Thankfully I didn't really run him down. But apparently, he was just trying to let me know my headlights were off. See! This is what BLM has done to me!!! I'm extra cautious about black people now. And the women are much worse than the men!! Especially the young leftist black women. I am especially wary of them!

Ya know, I really do HATE it that I am this way. But because of the radical BLM activists, this is how I am now. Yes, I have also been called "racist". Mostly by leftists. I really do not give a shit if they think I am "racist". To the leftists, if you drink milk, you're a racist. So, being called a racist by them means nothing to me now. But skipping what they say about me, I really don't like being this way about black people. Because I have had black friends and even boyfriends, and I have met some very nice black people throughout my life too. But this is the new me that BLM has created. That's why I resent BLM. And the leader, I think her name is Patrisse Cullors, she took all the money sent to BLM and bought 4 multi-million dollar houses with that money! Further proving today's blacks are lying, thieving, greedy-ass yanks!! The funniest thing about that is, she did not buy houses in black neighborhoods. The same person who admitted to hating white people, and griping about capitalism, bought 4 multi-million-dollar homes in WHITE neighborhoods!! It's almost too comical to be real!! LMAO!!

I told you all, not one penny of that money sent to BLM has gone into improving black neighborhoods or schools, or black scholarships! It all went into the founder's pocket. BLM doesn't care about George Floyd or any other black person killed by cops. They only care about exploiting their deaths to make more money.

I care nothing about George Floyd. I didn't know the guy, and what I do know about him is not good. I'm on the side of his victims. He raped a woman, and also held a gun to a pregnant women in a home invasion. How do people think the victims of George Floyd feels about black people holding him up as a deity? He did nothing good in his life, and nothing good was ever going to come out of him. Chauvin did nothing wrong. He did his job. The whole trial was more tense than a tug-of-war session in the olympics! BLM activists threatened to loot and riot again if Chauvin wasn't found guilty. How fair is a trial like that based solely on mob-rule?! Like Candace Owens said, it wasn't a fair trial! I even recently saw an article about an interview with one of the jurors in the Chauvin case. She said she was really afraid to say how she really felt because of the threats from BLM. So, it really wasn't a fair trial. I wish I had been on that jury. I am not afraid of BLM. All they are is a horde of whiny brats who've never had a spanking in their lives. We have to stop letting people like them win everything! They don't know what's best for us. Hell, their parents didn't even do what was best for them! How can we determine those brats know what's best for us??

Well, Johnny didn't like that I said Derek Chauvin is innocent. So, he unfriended me. That's his prerogative. I got bigger worries in my life now than him. But he is my little brother, and I can only hope someday he learns the truth and comes back to his senses. Everyone else who unfriended me, they're just gravy! LMAO!! I could care less about them. The less gravy I got, the better. Gravy makes you bloat. LOL! Personally, I'm staying on the side of George Floyd's victims. What would they think? How would they feel?


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