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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

My Pet Store

 I've been wanting to run my own pet store since I was a kid. I love pets and I wanted to be able to supply other people with lovable, adorable pets. Now that I am older, and have a lot of time on my hands, I can begin my business. I'm getting my start, buying up small pets and beginning to breed them to sell. I got some birds, I got a couple rats (though I will be looking for more), I'm getting my first rabbit. I think I even got my marbled newts to mate. One has a swollen belly. Whether that means she's ready to lay or not, I have yet to discover. But it does give me some hope. Right now, I am working on taming my rats. I got a hooded rex female named Betty, and an albino male named Boo. I have a lot more I want to get, and will get in due time. I have PLENTY of time too, to begin my store. I want to also sell Duprasis, acacia rats, dormice, short-tailed opossums, and spiny mice. I'm going to get each of these animals and breed them for the store myself.

As rodents go, I especially love the duprasis. They're better, and gentler, than hamsters! They rarely bite. I had a female that was a biter, but she still produced some lovable babies! Of course I also intend to carry hamsters too. What pet store doesn't carry hamsters? Also, I'm going to carry herps and birds as well. And also I won't skimp on pet supplies. But I am going to make sure I only carry good quality supplies. I want nothing but good quality everything! Quality matters! I also have started a website. The website is going to be how I sell these animals. When something comes up available, I'll put it up on the site. I will hold the items here for the customers, and either they can come pick them up, or I can deliver them (for a small fee) to their home. I also intend to carry tropical and saltwater fish. Though that might come later, when I get my own place, because I want to devote an entire outbuilding to them.

As rabbits go, I plan to breed Netherland Dwarfs. Maybe a few more breeds too, like angoras, lionheads, english lops and flemish giants. That should keep me very busy! I also still intend to breed dogs, but not for the pet store. As more of a side-hobby as I still intend to show my dogs too. However, since kids love puppies, what I am going to do is bring my litters into the store, and allow people to pet them, and get them well socialized. I just won't sell them that way. I have so many ideas to make this pet store the best pet store Oregon has ever seen! And it'll give me something to do in my twilight years. As it is now, I have nothing to do most days, except work on my stories and stuff. While that is fun, the pet store has always been my lifelong dream. I don't even have to do very good. I'd be happy even if I just made a few sales a day. This is more a labor of love for me.

So yes, I've decided to just ignore the people who tell me not to open a pet store, and just open one. Though actually opening a brick-n-mortar store will have to wait for later. So at first, everything is going to be online. I've already got a start. I just need to keep going and not give up.

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