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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Leftists Don't Get It!

I was reading an article earlier about Kamala Harris saying we'd "Better get used to seeing [black people] in office. Because more are running." My response to that is "Who cares?!" The leftists will never get over the fact that republicans/conservatives are not like the leftists/democrats. We don't care what color a person's flesh is! We don't care about a person's sexual orientation. We don't care about NONE of those superficial things! You want to hire a black woman to the supreme court, go right ahead! We're not against that! But what we do look for is how qualified the person is. That is all we care about. The right and the left will never see eye to eye. They'll never learn. Because while they are looking downward, we are looking up. There will never be a meeting in the center.

I don't like Ketanji Jackson because she goes easier on black criminals than on white ones (thus she is racist), and she lets pedophiles off the hook! Thus she is likely a pedophile herself. Even though she has kids. But I guess, just like a white person can be married to a black, or colored, person and still be "RaCiSt" (according to blm's warped standards), a person can have kids and still be a pedophile. I can't say "a woman" because apparently, Ketanji Jackson doesn't even know what a woman is! Also, she is not against biological males competing against females in women's sports.

This is what separates the right from the left in politics. The right looks deeper inside of a person. We think "How is this person going to benefit our business in the future?" The leftists do not do that. They look at a person's outer layers and say "Is this person too white?" Or "I need to fill my quota of black/gay/trans individuals." If that's what makes us "RaCiSt" then so be it! A person should have the good of everybody in mind. Not just the good of a few people. We look at Ketanji Jackson and think "She lets black people and pedophiles off the hook! I don't want [said criminal] back on the streets!" We look in the long run and think is this person going to be fair with everyone? No. Because if she lets black people and pedophiles off, and harshly punishes the white people for doing the same things, then she is not going to be fair.

This is why when I open my business, I'm going to be very particular about who I add to my staff. I'm going to check their backgrounds. I don't want to hire criminals. Those types usually never work in pet stores anyway. I'll allow anyone to apply, but I'll only hire based on their credentials. And I really do not want "non-binary" people in my store. Because I will not have them telling me what "pronouns" to use on them, and I don't want someone who is going to walk off the job crying "You keep misgendering me!" I'll tell them if they walk out that door, then they can forget about ever coming back through it again! I won't tolerate a grown person walking off the job to go crying to mommy! I can understand a teenager doing that, but not someone in their 20s or 30s!!

I recently saw someone, some girl in her 20s with blue hair, who was on TikTok walking off a job, crying because one of her co-workers kept calling her a 'her', instead of a 'they' like she wanted. Sorry, but I am not going to call a singular person a 'they'. Not unless I am hiding someone's gender, and I don't see why that would happen in the workplace. Sorry, but not sorry! But the thing that gets me is she walked off the job to go cry. A woman in her 20s!! That's why I would not want a "non-binary" person in my business. I won't stand for that! A worker like that would be more concerned about what pronouns a customer uses on them, rather than doing her job properly. I would not like that! Not at all!

I dunno though, I'm almost in my 50s and I still seek my mom's assistance for some things. I'm not saying asking mom for some help or advice is bad. But I haven't run home to tell my mom the bullies are out there since I was in 4th grade. Then there was that one incident when I was in 9th grade with Carlos and them. But I was only 14. Still a kid myself! And Carlos wouldn't stop harassing me when I asked him to. I didn't know who else to turn to. But I would never have my ma speak for me on the job! That's not her problem. It's mine. And anyway, I don't care what others say about me either way. LOL!

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