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Sunday, March 27, 2022

President "Bone Spurs"

 Remember earlier this month, when I posted that blog post about the Ocean Shores Chat room where the leftists on there kept complaining because Trump said he had bone spurs? I thought maybe this happened in his old age. My sis has heel spurs too, and it took 6 weeks to get her heel pads better. I was dying to delve further into this claim. Very bad news for the leftists! It is true that Donald Trump did say he has bone spurs. It was proven by a private doctor and the military doctors. I tried to look this all up online, but frankly, all I could find that mentions his bone spurs are leftist-articles. And you all know by now I don't trust leftist media.

I did find a couple of answers on Quora. People who post on Quora are mostly very bright. Except the leftists. The leftists are all the same there as they are everywhere! This was one answer that interested me...

According to this guy, it was the Military doctors that deferred Trump from serving in the Viet Nam war. Viet Nam WAR???? So this happened over 50 years ago? And the leftists are crying about it NOW??? OMG!!! Then, of course a leftist has to come in and put his 2 cents in...

But this guy answered him gracefully. I thought this was the only reliable source of info about this heel spur thing. Until I saw this article by The Independent. You have to sign in to read the whole article, but it is free. ‘Bone spurs’ diagnosis that kept Trump out of war may have been ‘favour’ to his father | The Independent | The Independent

The article says the daughters of the doctor who examined him said the diagnosis "may have been done as a favor". But if you read leftist media, it'll say "It WAS done as a favor to his father". It also says the daughters were not sure if Trump was actually examined by this podiatrist (their father) before he got the diagnosis for exemption.

As for doing it "as a favor", the leftists have their ideas of what that means. But actually, it can mean anything! Perhaps Trump's father wanted to hear it from a trusted source before Donald enlisted. Maybe Trump had already been examined before and diagnosed with heel spurs. Either way, Trump was officially diagnosed with heel spurs and that's part of the reason he did not go to war in Viet Nam. Another thing that deferred him was his terrible grades in school. But even I suffered through that! My grades in school SUCKED!!! But that does not necessarily mean a person is stupid. It means that I hated school and was bored with it. With the bullies that used to harass me, can you possibly blame me?!

The leftists are calling Trump a "coward" and "President bone spurs" to mock him. But I don't really think Trump cares. Besides, apparently Bill Clinton did the same thing Trump did to get out of serving in the Viet Nam war. But I heard he burned his draft card while going to school in England. So, at least Trump got off honestly (unless you believe the leftist media). Clinton did it dishonestly if he really did burn his draft card. So, if Trump is a coward for having a bone spur, so is Clinton, for burning his draft card and then saying he didn't know anything about it. In fact, I'd dare to say that makes Clinton an even bigger coward!

The leftists argue that we're always comparing what Trump does to someone they admire doing the same thing. I found this along with those other quotes on Quora...

The point is NO ONE is perfect! Yes Trump does some shitty things. I can say it! I can admit that! But he's not the only politician who lied, did shit in his private life, was pompous and arrogant, had weird friends, and called people names. Biden has slandered Trump, as well as Kyle Rittenhouse and the Covington Catholic kids. He can get sued for that. Especially since he did it with no proof, and in front of 80 million people. The leftist media should be sued for calling Trump "racist" and "xenophobic" all these years! With absolutely NO proof he is actually racist or xenophobic. And I'll wager you, Biden has lied more in the past year than Trump did in the previous 4 years! Not to mention he has done everything wrong! No one is perfect. But personally, I like Trump because he kept his promises, and didn't hurt anyone. Not so with Biden.

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