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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Biden's "Secret" Prejudice

 Biden makes me so sick! The more I get to know him, the less I like him! Do you know now Biden even has a cat?! And it's a disgusting gray tabby. Of all things Biden could get the worst of it is a dumb cat! Not just because it's ugly asf! But also, cats ruin peoples' brains. Biden does not need anything that is going to ruin what's left of his brain! He probably just got the beast because he wants to appease the leftist catfags out there. Having 2 rescue dogs didn't make him look leftist enough. So what does he do? He gets an ugly old gray tabby cat, which in the long run is going to ruin his brain. He already had a ruined brain before. But with a cat, it's just going to speed up the deterioration process! Having cats has been linked to having autism, Alzheimer's disease, and even road rage.

I usually have nothing but respect for the president. But now that I've seen the country go from bad to good, and from good to bad again, I have NO respect at all for Biden! I even respected that joke of a president we had before Trump, Obama. I said "OK, so he's president. Let's see what he does." At first it seemed like he was OK. But then things started happening under his watch that I did not agree with. I noticed racism was growing again in this country. And I didn't understand why. Until I started hearing Obama accusing republicans of being racist, and saying we should disrespect the cops. That was a NO for me. My father was a cop, and so is one of my cousins. No way am I going to disrespect the cops! I've gotten citations from the cops, but those were my own fault. The cops were just upholding the law, which is there for the good of everyone.

Well, now Biden got his wish. He has a black, liberal woman as our SCOTUS, and it's the worst thing he's done yet! Yes, Ketanji Jackson has been named our new Supreme Court Judge. And I hate her! I can't stand her. If she lets black criminals and pedophiles go free, then she's not the best choice for a supreme court judge. I feel sorry for those being a child in the USA now. Now that pedophiles are going to be accepted. Ketanji Jackson is so dumb, she doesn't even know what a woman is. Because she's "NoT a BiOlOgIsT". What a load of horse shit! How long do you have to study biology for to know what a woman is?! Especially since she IS one!!! She wouldn't be the SCOTUS if she wasn't a woman, because that was one of Biden's dumb standards. She had to be a leftist black woman or he wasn't going to nominate her. That's hysterical coming from a man who, in 2003, said he would do everything to sabotage the nomination of Judge Janice Brown into the supreme court. Then he said he didn't want a black woman as the SCOTUS. I say, She couldn't be worse than Ketanji Jackson!

I say if Biden wanted a black woman judge, he couldn't have gone wrong with Janice Rogers Brown. Her only flaw? She was a republican. That's why Biden didn't like her. Oh yes, and according to this article, it was also because he hates black people: The Important History of the Black Woman Biden Blocked from the Court - Intercessors for America (ifapray.org)

Look at what the world lost out on...

This is Judge Janice Rogers Brown. A very nice-looking young woman, she didn't agree with pedophiles being let off the hook, and I am sure she even knows what a woman is! No matter that she's "not a biologist". She was smart too. She came from parents who were plantation workers, and she herself grew up in the Jim Crow era. But she rose above her impoverished roots and sent herself to college, paying her own way the whole time. But Biden didn't like her, so he chose the dumbest black woman ever to become the Supreme Court judge. Just because she agrees with him on all liberal points. If Cory Booker wanted a black woman to look up to and call his "sister", Judge Janice would have been a much better representative. Not Ketanji Jackson!!!!!! All I feel she is going to prove is again, the stereotypes about black people are true. But mostly only for black liberals.

If this doesn't change the minds of the Susan Burklunds out there about Biden, then nothing will. Trump was not a racist. Biden was, and still is!! And he always will be, a racist pedophile who believes in nothing but himself.

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mikessa said...

Everything the left does is stupid!! They dont care about whats good for the country. They only care about themselves and their lame ass agenda.