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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Remember The Children

 Usually, I try to not voice my opinion on any subject until the hype has calmed down, but for this I had to say something! I have to say something because I am pissed. Remember the children who were shot and killed at Uvalde in TX? I think there was like 20+ people died in that shooting. The gunman was a 18 year old kid. Some say he was bullied throughout school, while his immediate family say he was not bullied, but also not very kind to animals. Not shockingly, he came from a family of cat people. Texas school shooting suspect Salvador Ramos' mom 'feeling bad for everybody' but 'lost her son, too': Grandpa (msn.com)

Uvalde Senior Rejects Claims Salvador Ramos Was Bullied: 'He Hurt Animals' (msn.com)

Anyway, another source also says he was an immigrant. Not much is really known about this guy. But if it is true and he was an immigrant, then this is basically on Biden's hands for turning our country into a free-for-all for illegals. The mom of the shooter apparently feels bad for the people her child shot and killed, but adds "I lost my child too". Not saying that is a valid excuse for what he did, there is no excuse for that! I am sure the shooter's mom feels terrible, but he was not innocent. He was a murderous thug. The lives he took that day were the most innocent in this scenario.

Anyway, that's not why I am pissed. Not all of it anyway. But the big reason I am pissed is because the leftists and anti-gun pundits are turning this whole thing into a political battle. Seriously??? No one on the planet can make me angrier than the leftists! Some pro-choice people are even saying "how can you grieve for unborn babies now when 20 kids are dead at the hands of a school-shooter?" Well, I say both events are tragic. Both are sad endings to innocent lives. The only real difference is the kids of Uvalde at least got to experience a little bit of life. But I also feel bad for them because now, they'll never have that chance to grow, get a driver's license, graduate from high school, start a career, start a family of their own. It's really sad.

But the one thing I heard today about this event that made me madder than Hell, is the tweet Obama put out about this event...

And wait! There's more...

He makes like one sentence about the kids who were killed, and says more about that dumb ol' George Floyd!! Really? You really care more for that crook than a bunch of innocent children you rotten piece of horse shit?! I actually said this to him on Twitter! I don't care if it gets me banned or not! This is why I cannot stand Obama! I hate him in fact! Sure I miss Trump's mean tweets, but this is beyond Trump-level mean! But you can bet if Trump had tweeted something like this, we'd all be hearing the griping until the end of time from the leftists! Instead, they are praising Obama for tweeting shit like this! Positive proof of how stupid Obama's followers really are! And how big of hypocrisy they carry around.

Obama is the one who truly divided this country. And Biden is continuing the legacy. Trump actually tried to bring this country together. Believe it or not. That's why I favor Trump over Obama. Look at how his followers today act. You'll never find that pattern of behavior from Trump's followers. You only see it coming from Obama/Biden supporters. Obama doesn't even like Biden anymore. I guess because Biden isn't black enough for him. The leftists always accuse conservatives of being in something they call "Trump's cult". Excuse me. I never signed up for no cult! I just happen to favor Trump over Obama. Simply because Obama was the first one responsible for dividing this country. And I noticed this long before Trump even became president. Remember Katy Brewer? She was the first leftist I noticed had adopted this attitude towards people who voted for Trump. I never seen that kind of behavior from right-wingers. I kinda feel sorry for Katy because it seemed she was in with the wrong crowd. I noticed an intense hatefulness in one of her friends. She was the first person I ever heard say anything to the effect of "Its fair to judge people based on who they like" and "If you like Trump then you are a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, [blah-blah-blah] because that's what Trump is." She was DUMB and stupid!

In fairness, ALL leftists have friends like that! And they think it's just dandy. Even this lady who sold Mya to me, she has a friend like that too. I can't remember her name, as it was a strange name to me. But I remember the last time I saw her, I was laughing when I said "Oh no! Not you again!" She's one of those hardcore leftists that wouldn't believe Trump was not so bad, even if it was a ton of elephant dung that fell on her face! But as I've shown in previous posts, Trump was not a bad person. He may not have been perfect, but he was not nearly as bad as the leftist media made him out to be. But the media keeps harping on locker room talk that Trump made 20+ years ago, that he most likely does not even endorse today. Also TYT has had their hand in making Trump look worse than he is. It's because Cenk Yugur took something Trump said and applied his own ideas about what he thinks Trump means. The leftists believe him because the majority of them are so easily mislead. Not all leftists, but most are.

Well, at least Trump did not put George Floyd, a criminal thug, before the more recent deaths of some school children. This just shows Obama's true colors. Sadly, his loyal cultish followers are colorblind and will not see how disgusting this remark of Obama's really is. IMO, it puts Obama below the classification level of slime mold.

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