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Saturday, June 25, 2022

What I Say, I Mean!

Remember my last blog post when I was talking about this guy who I thought was going to help me with UMG Productions. Well, forget what I said about him. I just had to terminate him this past week, and I'll tell you why.

For this story, I will refer to this guy as Slash. I first met Slash through my Metazoic group. I thought he was going to be like Metalraptor. He had high ambitions too. He was trying to create a studio of his own, like I was going to do with UMG Productions. One day I found Blendr again, and I found people on YouTube who post videos showing how to use Blendr. So, I was excited about the possibility of creating animated films for my Metazoic and UMG projects. Slash felt my excitement and was already asking me if I would mind doing animated features for him as well. I said I'd think about it. My work comes first. Well, Slash got the idea that his studios can merge with my studios. Slash is the one who likes dark humor, horror movies, rap music and anime. I told him I don't want to use any rap music or anime in any of my features. And I really didn't want to do the kind of horror stories he was pitching to me. Slash like guts, gore and the red stuff, I don't. And I really want to keep UMG Productions family-friendly. Slash also seems to have a thing for zombies.

Well, the thing about Slash is, he pops in and out of Facebook like a Christmas tree. By the time I had begun talking about doing animated features for UMG and Metazoica, Slash had activated and deactivated his Facebook account twice. So, you can imagine how shocked I was when he started talking to me about his own production studio, and merging with UMG Productions, and me doing animated features for him, when I noticed he had unfriended me on Facebook. Not only unfriended me, he also blocked me on Facebook. Which I really did not mind. But it was so sudden, and without any further words about merging, Then I thought, "Well, I guess that means he changed his mind. Oh well!"

Well, 2 weeks later, Slash sent me a friend request again. I accepted. I did so because I liked him, and I wanted to see if he still wanted to merge his company with UMG Productions. He said he did. I asked him what happened to him for 2 weeks. He disappeared. He said he didn't disappear, he just blocked me. He told me his family found out about merging his company with me and thought I was spamming him. I was not trying to spam him. Slash was the one who asked to merge with me, not the other way around. I never promised him anything merging with me, no money exchanged hands, and I was not going to ask him for any either. In fact, I told him before that I cannot offer him any money until I can find investors and sponsors for my own company's growth. So, I don't know how Slash's family thought from those stats that I was spamming him, but I have the feeling Slash didn't tell them everything.

Well, Slash came in asking me to make him an admin for the UMG Productions page and I did. He promised to find some investors and sponsors for our company. Next thing I see, he is inviting everyone new to become an admin for the page. I told him we don't need that many admins. It's not a very big page. In the meantime, Slash is pitching this zombie series with me. I'm actually barely understanding him, but then I think it'll all come together once I see an actual script. So, I let him keep pitching his ideas to me. But the more I hear about his series idea, the less it sounds like what I want for UMG Productions. But then Slash tells me how we should have different genres for the company's movies. Now, I know he's right. But I also would like to keep it kid-friendly. I want UMG to become the non-woke version of Disney. And better. I want to go back to the 30s and 40s, and create similar content with good animation, no propagandic agendas, and orchestral background music. No anime, no wokeness, and no rap or even rock n roll music. Just go back to the days of innocence, like Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons used to be.

Well, I gave Slash the position of assistant. Then I started to tell him to go find us some sponsors, as he promised he would when I allowed him to merge with us. Well, I found out later on that Slash had no idea what he was doing. He promised to help me, but when it came time for him to actually do his job, he would make me go around and do them. I reminded him that was his job. He wanted that job! I began to wonder whether or not I merged with the right person.

Then one day, Slash disappeared again. He had abandoned his post at UMG Productions, unfriended and blocked me again. So, I thought "Well, I guess this time he changed his mind for real." So, I just forgot about him and went on with my business at UMG Productions again. I didn't know why Slash once again blocked me on Facebook, but I figured that's his choice. So really, I didn't care why. Then, a couple weeks later, Slash comes back again and sends me another friend request. Once again, I accept him. I didn't ask him this time why he blocked me on Facebook, but the whole story came blubbering out anyway. He said his family caught him talking to me again, and he got scared. I was like "What?? You stepped down from your post at UMG Productions because you were scared??! That's not my problem!" Slash apologized up and down and asked me to give him a second chance. I told him last time was his second chance. So, I hesitated for a while to give him any position of authority on the UMG Productions page again.

Now, I will say Slash is a smart kid. It was his idea to open a group to meet people who may want to participate in UMG Studios. I had big plans for it! Even going so far as to suggest building a housing project near the studio for employees. But that would be YEARS down the road! So I opened a group on his say-so. Then he started asking me again to make him admin for the group and the page. I still hesitated to give him that position because he seemed unstable to me at this point. And I didn't really want someone who is unstable to help with UMG Productions. I reminded Slash that he would more likely block me again on Facebook. He promised this time that he wouldn't. He gave me the saying "Third time's the charm". I told him "Yes, and there's also another saying that goes the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." Slash had unfriended and blocked me 3 times already on Facebook. So, I knew he was going to do it again. I was still hesitant to give him the position of admin anywhere. But he promised me up and down he would never run off like that again. I said "IF I do let you on as admin, do you swear you'll never pop off again?" Slash answered "I swear on my grave!" So, I added him to the admin panel again for the page and the group. But I warned him that this time, I was holding him to this promise. He still swore he'd never block me again on Facebook. I told him "OK then don't do that again! Because next time, I may not allow you back in!"

Slash kept his promise for exactly 4 days. Then the morning of the 4th day, I noticed I had one less friend on Facebook, and I could not message Slash anymore. He had blocked me once again! When I saw that, I finally just said "OK you turkey-butt! You are OUT of here!" So I blocked him from the UMG Productions group and page, I left his speculative evolution page, and blocked him from my Metazoic group. A few hours later, Slash came back and unblocked me long enough to send me a scathing DM. He asked me why he cannot post on the UMG Productions group or page. He demanded to know. I said to him "Remember what I told you would happen if you ever blocked me on Facebook again? Well, I meant what I said. You're no longer allowed in the company." I actually was hoping I would see Slash one more time, so I can block him. And you know, when I block someone, I never take them off. I can carry a grudge forever! I even blocked Slash on my second Facebook account and on my email. And NO MORE second chances! I didn't ask him why he blocked me, and I didn't care. Though I have the feeling it was just because he was "scared" again. And again, that's not my problem. But again, I cannot allow someone who is going to be scared like that every time to be in charge of my company. I need a fearless leader! Someone strong and tough. Not someone who is going to be afraid of his family finding out he is associating with me.

One day, I showed his zombie idea to my supervisor, Trisha. She didn't understand his pitch. She said it was poorly written. I also told her about Slash blocking me on Facebook and telling me it's because he was scared. That was when my supervisor asked me how old Slash was, because she was thinking he was a teenager. So, I asked Slash how old he was. He's not even 19 yet!! Trisha told me to dump him. He's too young. But at first I didn't want to because that was right after he blocked me for the 3rd time. He promised never to do it again, and I wanted to see Slash through this. And age does not always mean he doesn't know what he's doing. So, I gave him a chance. But now I find that Trisha is right. But I'm still never going to let Slash in again. That was his last chance. He'd been fairly warned, and he even swore on his grave he wouldn't do that. So, now that I know how "reliable" Slash is, I'm never letting him back again. He can kiss UMG Productions goodbye. I'm sick of this cat and mouse game he plays.

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