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Friday, June 17, 2022

Why I Will No Longer Celebrate Pride Month

 OK, when this all got started in 2015, I was like "Good! People should be allowed to marry whomever they want to." To be honest, I am still on the side of that. It's just not fair to allow male-female couples to marry, and not allow same-sex couples to marry. So, I was glad when they won that right, and I am still glad they are allowed to legally marry whom they want. However, it seems allowing them the right to marry just was not good enough for them. Now, they want "special rights". They got it too. And BOY!! Do they take an unfair advantage of it!!!

A gay leftist might read this and laugh themself silly. Leftists have got their heads so far up CNN's ass, they literally think none of this is happening. They call them "conspiracy theories". Which really kinda proves how much leftists are out of touch with reality, when you think about it. The real stopper for me was the Christian baker guy in Colorado. Back in 2011, a gay couple asked him to bake a cake for their wedding. He refused due to his Christian beliefs. A normal individual, with half the brain of a flea, would have said "I'll find another baker". But not this couple. They took him to court. They won at first until they went to the supreme court, and were hit with the reality that the baker had the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

I would still have more respect for their little rainbow if the whole debacle had stopped there. But you think the LGBTQ is going to stop there? Remember, these people are gay for a reason. In my experience, the majority of them are gay due to some abuse issues they've had in the past. Less than 1% today are gay because they were born that way. Anyway, since 2011, I've heard of about 4 other LGBTQ individuals going back to that same baker in Colorado, and trying to order a cake for their weddings, or tranny coming-out parties. Each time, the baker still stuck to his word. So now, I was thinking "OK, once is different. I can't bash someone for asking. But 5 times? That is pure, unadulterated harassment!" That was when I completely lost all respect for the LGBTQ community. That's a respect they won't never get back from me!! While I still support them in their right to marry who they want to and lead average lives, that's where my support ends.

I never have, and I never will, support drag queen story hour, nor teaching kids as young as 2 how to be gay, nor taking kids to drag shows, nor biological men competing against women in women's sports. I will also never support gay teachers in school. Especially seeing the impact it's having on our kids today. I once saw a young woman, working in a grocery store deli, who did not even know how many ounces are in a pound! I learned that when I was 5 years old!!!! But I bet that same young woman can draw up some crazy-ass pronouns that she is forcing the world to call her! Which is another thing I will never support; the crazy pronouns. I realize we all use pronouns. But I will forever believe the only pronouns we will ever need in the human world is he-him-his-her-she. Nothing else. I'll only use they when I am hiding a person's identity, or if there's more than one person. But mostly, I just don't talk to strangers. Especially not if they look like leftists.

Anyways, every June the left has declared is "pride month". There you will see the scabs of humanity walk down the road with nothing much covering them except their rainbow flags. It's one thing to be proud of who you are. And if a person wants to celebrate what they do in their bedroom at home, then that's their business. If they want to celebrate LGBTQ liberation, that's fine with me. But why are there so many naked men walking around outside in these parades???? I'm always wondering what the Hell has being naked outside for all to see got to do with gay liberation?! And see, that's another thing I don't like about today's gay liberals. I don't want to see a naked man whirling his dick in my face! While simultaneously clapping his naked butt cheeks in the wind!!!! I never see straight couples doing that. Why do gay people do that? It only makes them look worse! And what's the point anyway?! It not like those dicks will ever see the inside of a woman!

The sad thing is, woke parents will take their children to events like this. The poor kids, they don't want to be a part of it either. I watched a video where a mother forced her little boy on stage at a gay bar, to walk down the aisle with a drag queen, and the drag was showing the kid how to strut his stuff on the catwalk. The poor boy! He looked so uncomfortable walking next to that drag queen!! He had his head down like he didn't want anyone to see him. For things like that, I don't blame the kids. They have no control over what happens. I don't blame the drag queens, they're just doing what they always do. Instead, I blame the parents. Any parent who takes their young child to anything like a drag show or a pride parade, aught to be strung up on a fence and horsewhipped, with an inch of their lives!! Those are the worst kind of parents I can even imagine! And they aren't doing it for the kids. The parents are doing it for their own well-being, so they can get lots of likes on Tik-Tok from other leftists.

And GOD help those who question anything about any of this. Those who do are labeled "homophobic" or "transphobic" or just simply a bigot. That is so dumb! Which is why being called any of those names does not bother me anymore. Especially not if a leftist calls me those names, and they are usually the only ones who do. I don't care. I'll never accept drag queens as any more than clowns for adults. I'll never accept men in the womens' locker rooms or rest rooms. I don't care if I am called a TERF. That's what leftists call "trans-exclusionary radical feminists". Actually, I am more like a TEBW. That's a trans-exclusionary biological woman. I wouldn't call myself a radical feminist. I don't think I am that radical, and I'm sure not a feminist. I try not to be radical! I hate radicals. But what the hell, I'll accept TERF if that's all the leftists have.

Leftists are starting to lose, and it's scaring the crap out of them. I heard of a town in Texas that hasn't had a republican representative in more than 150 years! And now, they've elected Mayra Flores as their representative. She's not only a republican. She's also a Mexican Immigrant. You'd think the leftists would be thrilled that a latina representative has been voted into congress. Nope! They're miserable and call her a "white supremacist". LMAO!!!

I can't take full credit for this, because I've actually heard a couple other people bring this up. But when Trump lost the last election, I was glad in a way. I figured he'd now be getting a much-needed break from the hardships of being president and the leftists hammering everything down his throat! I thought it would do him some good to take the next 4 years off. In the meantime, people would learn what liars and hypocrites the leftists are. And I could not have found a better representative for that myself than Joe Biden! From day 1, Biden has done nothing but ruin this country. Yet people voted for him anyway. He closed down our own pipeline, so now we have to outsource gas, which everyone should have seen would drive the gas prices right into orbit! Look at the Americans left alone in Afghanistan. All because of Biden. He also hires all the wrong people just because he wants to hire based on affirmative action. He started another inflation too. The prices of everything is through the roof! And now, Biden has labeled parents of school children "domestic terrorists" because they don't agree with CRT or drag queen story hour. Thanks a lump Biden! And thanks an extra big lump to the dummies that voted for him! The mainstream media try to protect Joe Biden, but those of us who still have a basic instinct called "common sense", we know Biden is to blame for all the misery coming to this country right now. And I keep saying how much I miss Trump. I'd even settle for Ron DiSantis as our next president! I'd be glad! He's just as good as Trump was as governor of Florida. I think he'd make an awesome president!

I read an article where all the myths about gender ideology is now being proven wrong. I never, for one second, bought into that malarky that the suicide rates in trans people were so high because they were not accepted. That's silly! I also never bought into that gender ideology theory. I've been studying nature for ages now. And as a biologist, I have NEVER heard of any mammal that can change their gender on a whim. Not until these poor, confused goons began infiltrating our daily lives. The leftists want everyone to believe that we put LGBTQ lives in danger every time we spread the truth. But there is no way we are hurting trans people more than they are hurting themselves. Or that the leftists hurt them. Gender ideology's fatal consequences (msn.com)

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