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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Cuck The Tuck

 As you may already know, FOX News has fired Tucker Carlson. I am so angry at FOX for doing this. Tucker was their greatest asset. Already they are losing money because of this decision. I say it serves them right! They should lose money! Getting rid of Tucker Carlson is perhaps the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas! Of course the leftists are happy about this. On The View, they were singing that same song the leftists always sing now. I've heard it come from them so often, I'm even sick of the song...

Good bye!"

I used to like that song, until now, that I am hearing the leftists overuse and weaponize it. But Tucker is a very intelligent person. He'll figure out a way to get himself back in the media. He's well loved enough to create his own channel! But FOX wants to make sure they keep tabs on him. They now have some kind of opposition folder created to blacken Tucker Carlson's name if he ever speaks out against FOX News. Kinda weird if you ask me. Even though I've been known to do pretty much the same thing to my own foes, even with that, I admit it is a dickwad move. And if the accusations are from someone named Abby Grossberg, then I don't care to hear it!

Let me tell you why. For one thing, I've already heard her accusations that Tucker Carlson, along with several other men in the station, were spreading anti-semantic and misogynistic rumors. And frankly, I don't believe a word she says. Tucker has a wife. Why would he say anything against women? And the anti-semantic claims. People have been trying to accuse Tucker Carlson of being racist against non-whites forever! But it is simply not true! I think the real reason they got rid of Tucker Carlson is just for exactly the same reason YouTube is deplatforming Matt Walsh. Because he refuses to give into the big lie about how men can become women and women can become men, and that there is some kind of "in-between" entity that they call "non-binary". I don't blame him for that. I wouldn't go along with it either. The whole gender thing is a LIE!!!

Another reason I won't listen to Grossberg, she never actually met Tucker Carlson! Apparently they both live in totally different states. And she's never worked with him personally. So no. I'm not going to believe a word she says unless there is undeniable proof.

That is why FOX may be able to remove Tucker Carlson from their studio (even if it kills them), but they will never get him completely off the media! And they cannot change all the minds of those who love him.

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