Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Hate Animal Abuse!!!

I'm surprised at this though, I never heard of a cat defending it's loved ones. Usually I've only known of cats saving their own selves rather than risk their lives for their owners. But there is this story of a cat named Oreo, who defended it's owner, a 9-year old girl, against her father who was sexually abusing her. Both animal and child abuse pisses me off, which is why this kind of a story caught my attention in a big way. This cat not only tried to defend the little girl from her maniacal father, it even reported that what the girl was saying about her father was true. And in a fantastic way. You have to read the story to believe it. Here's the link:

I'll tell you that even surprised me! This is one of the pages on Facebook that I subscribe to. Though I rarely comment there. Why people like that are even allowed to have kids, I don't know. But it makes me realize that I didn't miss out on anything by not having kids. When I was a kid, that was all I thought about. As an adult, I heard if you don't reproduce, you're a zero in the evolutionary sense. Though I think the Age of Man is coming to an end so it doesn't matter really. But the truth is ANYONE can have kids! Even people like this guy who are worthless! So I guess having children is no real big deal. Good people these days are hard to find anyway.

I've been having fun on YouTube learning all I can about different kinds of snakes, lizards and frogs. So far, my favorite channels are SnakeBytesTV and another guy who calls himself ViperKeeper. SnakeBytesTV is good enough to appear on Animal Planet! ViperKeeper is kindof a smart ass, but I like how his vipers seem almost tame. Though no snake is really tame, venomous snakes even less so, but this guy's vipers just seem to know and recognize him really well. I'm not going to get into venomous snakes myself, though it'd be interesting for a far future project. I haven't experience enough to get into that now. I have to get in good with the non-venomous species.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Falling Teeth

This is outrageous!! Last night, I had the dreaded "falling teeth" dream. Usually, this kind of a dream portends trouble of one sort or another. In my dream interpretation book, to dream of your teeth falling out means that there will be death, famine or an accident of some kind in the family. When I woke up, knowing what those kind of dreams mean, I was terrified!! It being Saturday, my ma and stepfather like to spend the day out together. My dream had taken over my mind! It was hours before I could really compose myself enough to turn on my computer!!

I remember the last time I dreamt my teeth were falling out, it was the day before I received word that my grandma had died. Well, I came awfully close to calling my ma and stepfather and telling them not to go out today!! I wish I had! Because I'd now just got a call from my ma and she said she was in an accident!! Some elderly man had rear-ended her on the road. My heart sank when I heard that news! I feel worse now because I didn't tell them to stay home. The only reason I didn't was because I was afraid they wouldn't take me seriously. John gets so angry sometimes too. I was also afraid he would get angry at ma for staying home on little more than my say-so. I'm not too sure if John knows how powerful dreams really are.

Well, ma and John will be OK. Thank GOD!! But I don't know if I will recover, knowing I should have told them to stay home and didn't! I hope their car isn't too banged up!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Juvenile Delinquents

Well, I haven't heard from yankovic1234 in almost a week! On Monday he really flipped! Sent me messages every hour, and they weren't sweet messages. I swear, I feel bad for his parents, if he has any! If he was my kid, I'd have slapped him shitless by now. If I had spoken to adults the way he does when I was a kid, my ma would have skinned me alive!!! He needs to be taught some manners. But first he needs to learn the consequences of his own actions! I'm just the one who could teach him too. If you recall, I used his own words against him on Monday. I always do! LOL! On my last post, I was saying how I had plans if I did hear from him again. Believe me, I did not want to do them!! But I was going to if he bothered me again! Well, he hasn't bothered me in a week so I haven't had to carry out that plan. But let me tell you, he is a FAT little porker!! LOL!! I think that's rather ironic. Check out this message he sent me, one of several he sent me last Monday:


Especially pay attention to the line where he says "at least I'm not a beached whale!" But believe me, he IS!!!! LOL!! I saw his videos, and yes, he is fat. In fact, he is a lot fatter than I was at his age!! So no doubt he's going to be beyond where I am when he's my age! Actually, to call him a whale would be an insult to whales everywhere!! People love whales. No one loves Yankovic1234! I saw his profile, he's been going all around YouTube mouthing off to everyone! Definitely a juvenile delinquent if ever I saw one! He'd better consider himself lucky that I am not his mama!! Some kids really need to be returned to the days of corporal punishment and this kid is among those that do! If he is the same to adults in real life as he is to adults on YouTube, he really needs to be set straight! Then he uses his age as a scapegoat for his rude behavior. Remember when he said to me "You are a 35 year old picking on a 12 year old" never even thinking that he was the one who mouthed off to me first! So that is why the last time he wrote to me, I basically just used his own words against him. Except my last message, where I informed him that that is what I was doing. Also ironic is how he said how retarded I sounded. LOL! Well, since I used only his words and none of my own, if I sounded retarded, then he sounded retarded!! LOL! That's why I like to turn peoples' own words against them, to get their honest reactions about how they really sound! LOL!

Believe me when I say I did NOT want to do to him what I was planning to do! I hate to appear as someone who hassles children. That's not who I am. But he needs a lesson in manners! In my last message, I said to him, "I was just using your own words. It doesn't feel good when someone is rude to you, does it? But if you want to go on with this, I can carry through as long as you can and never flinch an inch!" I haven't heard from him since. I'm hoping perhaps he gave up, or at least stopped to look at what he was making himself out to look like. But I am saving my plans for if I ever see him again and he decides he's going to start up again with someone bigger, tougher, and smarter than he is! LOL!

Its kids like yankovic1234 that makes me happy that Tim is in this golf competition charity event to get kids off the street and prevent them from becoming juvenile delinquents like this kid! To be honest, I probably won't ever hear from him again. So, I blocked him. That's the better plan!

Scary to Become Famous

I was reading this morning about Leona Lewis's brush with an angry "fan" in the UK. Some dude who lost the X-Factor competition to her, after all these years is still angry because she won and he didn't! So what does he do? He goes to her book signing and waits in line for an unbelievable amount of time (for a pissed off fan) and approaches her and punches her in the face in front of all her real fans!! What an asshole!!! As if she really had something to do with his losing the competition. It's nothing more than sour grapes! But Leona was so shook up that she stopped the booksigning and also cancelled a gig that was scheduled to go on that night. Well, I read up more about Leona, and the fact that she is a PETA supporter made me say "oh well, screw her then!!" But still this is still scary!!

In some ways I am glad not to be famous yet (I'm still planning a promotional tour for UMG Productions) because you face a lot of flack from angry or jealous people when you become famous. Believe me, I have a lot of people on here who are pissed off at me. Some may be just a little bit jealous, but many I know probably would attack me if they saw me! LOL! But if I do become famous, it'll be due to hard work and determination. Not because I pussyfoot around on the internet or any of that gibble-gabble. Then when we go on this tour, I'll just have to hire a shit load of bodyguards! When you become famous, surely you're going to have fans, some will be good and some will be bad. You have to thank the Lord for the good ones and pray you never meet the bad ones!

Now, I love Tim Farriss. He's my favorite celeb of all time. The only one who comes close is Harpo Marx! hehehe! Some people say I'm delusional, I've even been accused of being "scary" because of it. But I have no problem admitting that Timmy is my most favorite celebrity! If to some people that seems "scary", then so be it! Let's change the whole meaning of the word "scary". But one of the things I would never do to Timmy is anything that would hurt him! I've been to an album signing, and it was FUN!! I didn't even touch Tim until he held out his hand to me and said hello. Then I just shook his hand. I didn't punch him in the face, nor would I ever do that to him or any of the guys! Besides Tim is so tough, he'd probably punch me first. LOL! Just kidding there!

I saw another recent pic of Timmy and I think he still looks very handsome!!!! I don't say much when I meet new people, including someone I like as much as Tim. After I say hello, I'm all cliches. That's just how I am.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Golf Skins Challenge

I've just received word that Tim Farriss will be competing in the Australia vs. New Zealand Golf Skins Challenge for 2009. WTG Timmy!!! I am definitely rooting for him! He will of course be competing for Australia, along with many other celebrities, brought together by Streetworx, and it is a charitable event. The money raised will be going to different charities, including youth charities, in Australia and New Zealand.

Streetworx is a charity that helps the disadvantaged youth that would otherwise turn to the streets for activities. It helps children see how important education really is. Though I sometimes find it very hard to like today's children, if there is a program that in any way keeps kids from becoming delinquents, I'm all for it!!! And I take pride in saying my favorite celeb of all time is helping to raise money for this event!

If you want to learn more about the celebs competing in this event, you can view them all here. Tim will be playing against Jimmy Barnes, a man who I believe he is also very good friends with. Click on the images to read more about each competitor. I love Tim's description, it describes him to a T!! It says "A guitarist of considerable skill - and a man with wit and wisdom to match - Tim is the heart of INXS in many ways." That's the Timmy I know and love!!! And ohh! He looks so damn CUTE in that hat!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

INXS vs. Duran Duran vs. U2

Why is INXS my favorite band, and I totally ignore similar bands like Duran Duran and U2? Well, one reason only: No other band has Tim Farriss!! Timmy is, without a question in my mind, the most handsome man ever in rock n roll history!! IMO, sexual charisma is all half of what makes a band successful, and Tim is in no ways lacking in that department! So that is why I remain an INXS fan to this day, despite the fact that INXS may or may not do another tour again!

What brings this up is I was looking around YouTube (got sidetracked again) for more INXS vids, specifically profiling Tim Farriss. I happened to stumble upon a video that profiled Jon Farriss and Simon LeBon (of Duran Duran). Jon is a very handsome man, in fact I think he's almost as gorgeous as his big brother!! Simon LeBon on the other hand, not at all as handsome as Jon! In fact, I think he's downright HOMELY compared to Jon!!! But then I am not a Duran Duran fan at all!! I only like 2 of Duran's songs, and both of those are from an album from 1993. Shoot! I like more songs from Michael Jackson than I do from Duran Duran!!! So in no way am I a Duran fan! A lot of people think I should be a Duran fan, but no. I just do NOT like them!! I won't say I hate them (the 2 songs of their's I do like saves them from that fate) but for me to spend money to see a Duran concert, or to purchase one of their albums, it'll NEVER happen!!! Not unless I go deaf and blind or am seriously desperate to attend a concert (or unless I really have to attend, like my arms are tied behind my back and someone puts a gun to my head). hehehe! I don't think I'll ever be that desperate though! I don't think that level of desperation even exists at all!

Then there is U2. A nice group. I like some of their songs, mostly from the 80s, not really anything from the 90s. I've never been to a concert of their's but I have seen some live performances on TV and YouTube. They aren't bad. But to compare Bono to Timmy, I dunno. Compared to Tim Farriss, Bono looks more to me like he should be barking behind the bars in a dog pound!! I know that sounds cruel! I've actually chatted with the man before in a chat room, and he seems very nice. But he's just not as good-looking as Tim is!! I remember there was this guy named Nick who used to get into the old INXS Web chat room, and it used to drive him CRAZY that I was not as big a fan of U2 as I am of INXS. He was always comparing U2 to INXS, saying how U2 had recently put out a top 20 album at that time. I said "Well, I wouldn't use that as a comparison!" I never cared what the rest of the public thinks as far as top 10 bands goes! I only care what I think and what I listen to as far as that goes. I've heard good songs from bands I wouldn't normally touch! And I've heard some songs from INXS that I wouldn't touch at all. For example, I think I'm the only INXS fan on the planet that does not like the song "Never Tear Us Apart". I love INXS to pieces, but I HATE that song!!!! It's far too slow for me! But then INXS are entitled to have a slip-up now and then. But I don't let that sway my interest in INXS. Because for every bad song they've come out with, there are literally dozens more that I truly LOVE!!!!! I think there's like 3 songs that I can put my finger on right now from INXS that I can honestly say I do not like at all!! I barely like Need U Tonight! The main reason I love that song is because of Timmy's riffs!! That and the fact that whenever they play that song live, I love how Tim nods and then shakes his head!! LOL!! That always brings a smile to my face!! Though I haven't seen him do that since Michael died, which leads me to believe Tim has still not recovered most of his spark and fire. I miss that! But I still love the man to death!!!

I also looked on some other threads and there is a person, who is a fan of Air Supply, saying that Air Supply attracted more fans than INXS did at a concert in Australia! Hey! Woopie for them! I don't care for Air Supply myself (they did an album how long ago? And how many top 10 hits?) but again, I could never compare Air Supply with INXS. Air Supply does not have Tim!! And have you even seen the men of Air Supply?

I'd swear that's Lorne Greene on dope sitting there on the right!! LOL! Neither one looks as handsome as Tim Farriss! You think I would pay money to see them? Nooooooooo!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live-Feeding Vs. Frozen/Thawed

Now back to what I've been studying all this time. Herps again! The thing I am still on the fence about is whether to feed my animals live or frozen-thawed rodents. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I used to always feed live because I felt it was always good for the snakes to take in fresh, warm prey. Don't worry, there's no "Safari Syndrome" here! I would put the prey animal in, watch so it didn't hurt the snake, but I didn't make a film of it, or do it for my entertainment! But then the prey animal can turn on the snake. I never had it happen before myself, but there is no doubt it could happen. Then there is the "suffering" that the prey animals endure being squeezed to death by the boas and pythons. Animal-rights activists will argue that the prey animal goes through emotional terror before it is consumed. It may just go through that, but it doesn't last long! And really those who do not like it do not have to watch it.

Then there is the frozen-thawed issue. Surely an already dead rat cannot turn and attack your snake or lizard that is attacking it. But I do not want to keep dead rodents in my freezer!! And I don't want to have to put it in my microwave to thaw it out. Since the nearest pet shop is 100 miles away from where I live now, the best idea is to breed my own feeders. I could put them in a plastic bag and freeze them myself. But again then I have to deal with rats in my freezer, which I don't want! And there is still suffering involved, and it is even more prolonged suffering than what they would endure just being fed live to a snake or lizard. After all, the rat is freezing to death. How would I like to be stuck in a freezer, slowly freezing to death? It wouldn't be good! IMO, that's the worst kind of suffering!!!

Another good idea I've seen some other herp-keepers doing is what is called "stunning" a rat. Not sure I can do it myself!!! But it involves taking a live rat, and either gently, but firmly, stepping on it's head, or hitting it on the head against a wall or something and it stuns the animal. But I love rats and mice!! I cannot see myself doing that!! But then at least the rat or mouse is still alive, and warm, slightly moving, but too stunned to fight back or to feel anything. Another quick way of killing fresh prey animals, I've seen where some people built CO2 tanks and suffocated the mice that way. It's quick, painless, and I could still feed the snakes a warm supper. The mice didn't even know they were being suffocated! So they didn't feel anything, no terror or pain involved for the mouse. I might just try it that way if I can get a CO2 tank!! There is a video on YouTube that shows you how to make a gas chamber for the mice. It's not too hard.

*************Edit to Add********************
It is 10:00 PM now, and I just finished watching the finale of Hell's Kitchen. Every season so far, before we turn on the television to watch the finale of this show, Anna and I always sit and discuss who we believe is going to win. Her guess was Kevin, my guess was Dave. But both of us knew Ariel would not last the night. In fact, I was surprised that she even lasted this long on the series!! She has tried to send out raw meat twice that I can recall throughout the season. In previous seasons, that kind of a mistake got other contestants eliminated immediately! But it seems that Chef Ramsay has been too easy on Ariel. Why, I don't know!

This season's contestants have actually been the worst I've ever seen on this series! Remember the jerk who got eliminated at the beginning because he challenged Chef Ramsay??? Oh my F***ing GOD!!!! I'd be shocked if he could get any job anywhere after that!! They ran some bloopers at the end, and it seems Chef was mocking that guy after he kicked him out for being disrespectful. That guy's (I don't remember his name) last line was "I'm not gonna be your bitch!" So Chef was joking with the remaining contestants "You're all not going to be my bitch!" LOL!!! I'm glad that he didn't come back tonight! I knew he wouldn't anyway. He was too disrespectful!!!

I'll tell you, I don't like Robert, the fat guy who was there last season, and reappeared this season!! I'm glad he didn't win!! He tried to sabotage Dave's service tonight just because he couldn't have his way! UGH!!! Seems that's his whole M.O. Can you imagine a guy like that running a major restaurant and tourist attraction!!!??? I can't!!

But anyway, my prediction was right! I knew tonight Dave would win! At first, I didn't think he'd even make it to the finals. I knew Kevin would, but not Dave. But despite his handicap, he made it well!! I felt bad for Kevin though, he was disappointed he didn't win. But I was so glad, for the sake of his little boy, that he proved he was a good sport! BTW, he has an adorable little boy!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nooooo Anna You Missed My Point!!!

So I go to one of my subscriber's blogs, Anna, my sis. I notice her trouble on Facebook with some 20-year olds. I know Anna hates teenagers and 20 year olds, but I think she missed my point in my last post. I told her that the most fun I've had on the internet to date is the argument between myself and GERUSA. I am very proud of myself that I did not lose my head and start calling him names or cuss at him or generally get all irrational. I put that all on his shoulders!! Remember what I said about opening your mouth and looking like an idiot? It's better that they do it, not me!! I was hoping Anna would have learned something from it!

Despite the fact that some years ago, I would have cyber-bitch-slapped GERUSA for his remarks, last night I was able to stay calm and civilized. It makes me feel good to know that now. I feel like a better person for it too! I'm still a long way from being able to join any forums or anything. I want to make sure I can keep up that coolness and calmness without ever losing my tenacity. I have a great deal of training ahead of me! But last night with GERUSA, it was very good practice. It gave me the confidence I need in case I meet up with someone like that again.

I heard from yankovic1234 again. He's really lost it!! LOL! Anyway he told me that he is 12 years old. I threw some of his own words back at him just to show him again what a jackass he sounded like. That's my M.O, hit them with their own words!! And it's FUN!! It's kinda like making them feel what the reciever of their comment feels, and nothing more. He didn't like it! Just as I had suspected!! LOL! It is totally amazing to watch how people react to their own words when it is thrown right back in their faces. Especially teenagers! I told him today after he called me every name in the book, that this "fat, retarded" person is the kind of person he only wishes he was. I told him I can go on with this argument as long as he wants to and never flinch an inch. I saw one of his videos and I'd like to tell you, well, I'm not going to say anything until I hear from him again. I'm giving him a chance now to back-off. I'll keep you all posted in how it goes. Either he'll back off silently, or he'll give me more rope to hang him with.

So Now To Day 2

Well, last night's bout with GERUSA continued, as you may have guessed. I knew it would go on. LOL! But as figured, I still kept my cool. I didn't lose it at all. So it became a battle of the wits, and he thinks he won. Typical man!! LOL! Oh he went so far as to threaten me with violence, he said all kinds of wierd-ass things, but I never broke. Well, not totally. At one point I did threaten him, but I immediately took it back because I think it's so stupid to threaten someone on the internet. More about that later on in this post.

Ya know, it's actually a shame GERUSA hates Latin Americans so much. To be honest, I looked back to his earlier posts on that thread, and in some ways he does seem like a nice person. I just think he's a person who was hurt really bad. Someone on the thread said his mama probably married a Mexican man when he was a young boy who beat the shit out of him a lot. It makes sense! Or perhaps something similar to that happened to him. Personally, I've had many bad experiences with many different kinds of people. I remember after 9/11 happened, even I was saying I'm never going to trust middle-easterners again! But I learned that the best revenge is not to hate all of them, but to pity the ones who perpetrated the act and treat the good ones with kindness and respect. I used to have ICQ (I should get it back!) and I had some Islamic buddies on there. One of them I think had the hots for me!!

Anyway, back to the original subject. When we left off last night I had asked GERUSA what it was I had to envy about him. This was his response to me:

The better question would be better stated "what do I not have to envy ?" So if you can't understand proper English... I really have nothing more to say to you. And if you feel sorry for mee... you're fucking stupid. I bet you're just some wetback spic, trying to defend your "honor" and "pride". Fuck off, cunt... you'll never change what I have witnessed from you maggots.

I remembered him saying on his profile how he's a bartender and likes football and stuff. My response went as followed:

Well, in all honesty, if I did care about football and beer guzzling, I *might* envy you. But since I don't, I don't see where I should envy you at all.

" you'll never change what I have witnessed from you maggots."
Where do I say I'm trying to change? But since you brought it up, how about the savagery that your folks have put on others? Yes I do feel sorry for you. Very sorry.

"you're fucking stupid"
That's kinda hysterical, your IQ is 135, and mine is 139. KWYTA! LOL!

For the record "KWYTA" means "Know what you're talking about". Since YouTube only allows 500 characters per post, I have to hold it down to a minimum. I had to add this in another post:

"Fuck off, cunt"
Drawing from words that were previously your own:
"And fuck you... I'll never "Fuck off" until scum like you is cleaned off of the planet."

LOL! Though I'm really too smart and articulate to use most of those words, hehe! I think it well applies in this case.

My whole point in using his words instead of my own, I want to show him that he's the one acting like a jackass. Just in case he tries to throw the "all Mexicans are mean and hateful" argument at me, like he did to someone else earlier in this thread. Or in case he decides to use the "You don't know me" argument again. hehehe!

So now, GERUSA is compiling "facts" that he believes tells him everything there is to know about me. But let me tell you, I'm FAR too complex of a person for him! LOL! But I like to entertain people in his position. But that is what these so-called "clues" of his mean that he has now taken to collecting.

Wow... pulling quotes and elaborating on them : Clue #2 that indicates you being a trashy, wetback spic. Get a life, skank. Clue #3 Never shutting the fuck up. But what more do I expect from a 3rd world cunt ?

So naturally, I decide to correct his way of thinking. I could practically "see" the flecks of foam spewing from his mouth as I once again prove him wrong:

Sorry to disappoint you dude, but I'm American born and bred. I stay out of third-world countries. I hate their mosquitos!! And in case you get any ideas, I do NOT mean the people!!!

You want me to shut the F up? How are you going to make me? You said yourself you're never STFU until all scum is wiped off the face of the Earth, so don't look at me. I'm just following your lead. LOL!

Get ready for a flashback! GERUSA quotes something perhaps from his own childhood in this statement:

Wow... back to the school-yard "make me" tactics. I could care less about making you do anything. You came to me looking for a debate... Clue #4 that you're just a low-life scumbag. What's the matter ? Did I insult your roots. And I doubt your I.Q passes 100. Beaners have an average of 87, which is below the point of stupidity. Keep up the good fib-work, though... just another clue telling me you're nothing more than a spic loser.

As you all know, I'm not an average person! I love being different. If that hasn't been proven by now, it never will be proven. Particularly not to hard-heads like GERUSA. But I filled him in anyway, he might as well know the truth:

I guess I'm not like "average beaners". LOL!! My IQ was measured by an official source, the school I went to, and my job. Each time, the number came up the same. So what was your's measured by? An internet IQ test?

"Wow... back to the school-yard "make me" tactics"
Well, what ARE you going to do about it? This is the internet. My point is a person looks kinda silly telling another to shut up on the internet.

Actually the test my job gave me measured my IQ at 140. But to be on the safe side, I prefer to tell people that my IQ is 139. I don't want to seem overbearing! LOL! I don't always act like it, I know! Because half the time my brain snoozes. I also added this message to anyone reading this debate:

And you all notice, he still hasn't answered my first question! LOL!

The initial question being what has he accomplished being a jerk, which I believe he is still trying to avoid answering. This was his response to that. Notice how he resorts here to threats of violence:

And you all notice, I have no need to answer your first question. You are scum. Trash. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with a worthless moron like you. You're lucky this is Youtube... or I'd smack the fire outta your mouth for eventhinking about talking trash to a superior being. Must have gotten beat on a lot by an ex-boyfriend, and now needs to stand up to a man to get some of your ego back. Laughable. Poor slut.

I really wasn't sure whether to hop a bus to his place, call the cops, or wet myself laughing! I chose to laugh, though without wetting myself! LOL!! Especially funny was the part where he says "I'd smack the fire outta your mouth for even thinking about talking trash to a superior being." And as for the boyfriend beating me up a lot. Nope, never happened. I wouldn't allow myself to be seen with a boy like that. Besides, he'd be too crippled to support me and all my needs. Because the first time he'd strike me, I'd break off his arm so he could never strike anyone again. I wanted to tell GERUSA that, but again, I think threatening anyone on the internet is retarded. Forgive my language there!!! I posted the post, but I deleted it immediately simply because of that. Instead, this was my response to him:

Nope. Never been smacked by any man. Sorry to disappoint you again. I bet you couldn't even take me on.

You might as well answer my question sooner than later. I'll keep bugging you until you do, for as long as you are on this thread.

I had to remove my last comment. To make threats of any kind on the internet is just sooooooooo NOT me!!!!

I thank GOD he didn't see that post where I threatened to flatten him if he had ever touched me! I don't believe he did, because this was his responding post:

Bugging me ? No... you're just strengthening Clue #3. And what could you possibly threaten me with ? Gonna have a thousand of your cousins hop the border to fuck up the U.S economy more than it is ? Report me ? OOOOhhhhh. I'm sooooo scared. Takes me about 3 minutes to make another account.

Like I said, I just don't like making threats over the internet. I really don't like making threats at all. Sometimes warnings are necessary, but I prefer to act rather than speak. I don't want to tell someone what I'm going to do. I prefer the element of suprize!! Anyway, here is how I responded to him:

Yes, I believe I am bugging you. But if you make an opinion like the one you made, you should have no trouble backing it up. I never do. I could go on about clues that make you what I believe you really are, but why bother. It's here in black and white for all to see.

"Takes me about 3 minutes to make another account."
Make 10 more accounts if you want to. It won't hide nothing.

So poor GERUSA drones on about these "clues" once again that he thinks tells him all there is to know about me. But either he is putting it wrong, or he is missing the point in my posts.

Another clue: takes pride in being annoying. Sad.

So I decide to correct him once again (I know I can stop at any time I want to). This was my response to him:

I take pride in who I am, yes. If being honest makes me annoying, then so be it!! If standing up for what I believe is right is annoying, so be it! At least I can do both without sounding like a jerk. Something you should learn someday. :P

So now, let's go back to the post where I dared him to make me shut up. This is the best one of all. This is the one where there is proof he's not smarter than me.

LOL. I never told you to shut up, you trashy bitch. And I too, took my I.Q test from a reliable source. I even took one on the internet afterwards, just for kicks, and it came up 142. And I could care less if 1 convo with another person made me sound like a jerk. I know, and everybody that REALLY knows me will say that I'm not. And what I said about making a new account had nothing to do with you holding back anything... it has to do with mongrels like you how report people. Stupid bitch.

Just for the record, I took an internet IQ test this morning just for kicks. I don't ever count those because IMO they are as useless as internet video games or internet surveys. But even then, my IQ score was higher than his!! LOL!!! Mine was measured at 145!!! And that was with my brain half asleep!! So no matter what, I'll always be proven to be smarter than GERUSA. He can keep calling me stupid until the cows come home, but I prefer to let the numbers speak for themselves. LOL!! It is truly better to sit back and let people think you're an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove it. GERUSA really adds truth to that old saying. But then that all really goes without saying because:

1) I have not called him any names throughout this debate.
2) I never had to use cuss words to get my points of views stated. Though I still don't believe they got through. LOL! But that's his problem, not mine! :P
3) I treated him with respect, even though he really does not deserve it.
4) I respected his right to have his own opinion.

This was my response to him:

Well, so far I haven't reported you. Because I don't think you're really that terrible. But I do find it interesting that you automatically think that everyone is going to turn you in to the staff of this site.

Believe me when I say I've seen worse!!! I've been in several debates on Youtube. Never once have I reported anyone. Because I usually believe everyone has a right to their own opinions and no one should be silenced for that. So here's more proof that little mister GERUSA is short-sighted:

And you're not being honest, being you know nothing about me. You just got angry for what I said about your shitty race of inbreeded maggots. I know your kind all too well. You are trash. You're nothing. You will die a miserable beaner. You feel you have something to prove to the world. You maggots born in the USA are so vrainwashed to think that being from mexicaca is an honor, when really it is the armpit of North America.

Wait a minute here! LOL! So he thinks he can go around and judge everyone else on very little basis except his own prejudice, but then he's going to turn around and shit his pants and give me the "you don't know me" speech, when really I haven't even done the same to him. Very sanctimonious of little mister GERUSA. And this is a first, he uses the word "inbreeded" and he's a language teacher???? LOLOL!!! Oh my GOD that is hysterical!!! No wonder his IQ is not as high as mine is!! Maybe he should go back to school and learn the word is "inBRED" and I should be his language teacher! That would be funny!!

This was how I responded to him:

Nope. Again, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not angry at all. I still feel sorry for you. A person who does what you're doing is definitely a sad person. You're angry though that I haven't been broken from your comments. Don't take it personal, but I am a confident person. Have been for ages! It'd take a Hell of a lot better person than you to bring me down. Believe me! :P

And what makes you think I wasn't being honest? Since you yourself admit, you don't know me! LOL!

Well, this was GERUSA's closing statement on that thread:

I know you peasants always have the need for the last word. It makes you feel as if you have accomplished something, when in reality you haven't. So you can send the last comment if you wish... it proves nothing, and you will die a worthless maggot. I am superior just for being a white American. You are rubbish. I have said all that there has been needed, and I am not going to waste more time nitpicking with 3rd world garbage. So chinga tu reputisima madre y a la verga con mexiCACA !!!!!

This should give him clues to me never having been to Mexico, I don't even know what he said! The only word I recognize is "caca". LOL!! I never studied the language. Funny eh? You'd think I'd know the Spanish language very well, seeings my father is Spanish. But no. All he ever said in Spanish was cuss words. But if you ever need someone who can translate Mexican cuss words, I'm your woman!! LOL!!

Well, this was my closing statement to him:

"It makes you feel as if you have accomplished something"
So this is what your game is!! LOL! Well, to put the conclusion in your own words, in reality you haven't!

"and you will die a worthless maggot."
I'll be worth more than you. Sorry to say.

"I am superior just for being a white American."
I am superior because I treat all people with respect. Including those who aren't worthy like you. And I'm better because I don't open my mouth unless I have a reason for my opinions.

Well, I say let him wallow in his non-existent tub of his own self-worth. It looks like that's all he has. I will always be a smarter and much better person than him. And yes, I do feel a sense of accomplishment. But not in a manner he is thinking. I kept my cool! It was the goal I've been striving for all year!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Put To A Test

This is the best test of character yet!! There is a dude I am into it with now who calls himself GERUSA4187211. This person is perhaps the worst one of all. He's definitely the rudest person I've ever seen on YouTube, and believe me, I've seen a lot!!! This is the biggest test of morality I've ever been into! And I'm doing good! I don't even feel anger with this guy. Though I would have plenty of good reason to. He's a racist. He openly admits it. I have always believed a person can be proud of their race. But this guy is using his race as a battering ram to knock down other races. So far, he has attacked the Mexicans, the British, and Islams. Nevermind that Britain is one of America's allies, he's attacked them anyway.

Well, this was the one comment that GERUSA wrote that I replied to:

Such bad spelling by a yellow-toothed Brit, who are the sad founders of the English language. Latino doesn't mean race, you idiot. I am a language teacher, primarily dealing with people of latin descent. The word "latin" only indicates a direct link to their heritage. Latino can be made up of Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian descent. IT IS NOT A RACE. Don't try to educate somebody in something that you can only find poor google ads to back up your shitty claims, when they went to college

It was the fact he stated that he is a teacher that scared me. This was my response to him:

The fact that you're a teacher of any kind would scare the Hell out of me! No wonder today's kids are so rude!!

I got his response this afternoon. This is what he said to me:

My personal life has nothing to do AT ALL with my career, you worthless cunt. Obviously I wouldn't have my job if it did, now would I ? Stupid piece of shit.

I kept my cool clear and simple. I don't let anything he says break my cool. This was how I responded to him:

So what have you accomplished in life by being a jerk?

To be honest, I had looked on his YouTube profile, which is public. His likes are as listed:

Sports: American Football, Snow Boarding, Soccer, Boxing, Volleyball (beach, court and water), Skiing, Martial Arts, Swimming, Water Polo, Rugby, Jet Skiing, Basketball, Surfing, Fishing, Snorkling, Cards, Chess, Backgammon, Darts, Billiards, Parties, Hanging With Friends and Family, Educating Myself, Opening the Eyes of the Ignorant, Beatboxing, Learning New Languages, Sex and Anything Else That's Fun.

Notice he states "Opening the eyes of the ignorant". So my question to him is intended to capitolize on this hobby of his. Here is another funny thing. Here is how he describes himself on his profile:

6'2", 195 lbs, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Very Handsome, 135 I.Q., Athletic, Friendly, Honest (even if the truth hurts), Outgoing, Life of the Party, AND PROUD TO BE A WHITE AMERICAN !¡!¡! What more is there to say ?¿?¿?

What caught my attention the most is how he says he is friendly, outgoing, and honest (even if the truth hurts). Take note, I was being very friendly to him (as friendly as can be expected considering he was attacking my nationality and poking fun and calling people a "halfbreed", which is what I am too). It's one thing to be honest, it's a totally different thing to attack and abuse everyone around you with the truth. That does not present the picture of a person who is friendly and outgoing. You will see what I mean as the thread goes on. Here is his response to me:

So now I'm a "jerk" because I speak upon the bad examples by latin Americans that I have seen with my own eyes ? You know shit about me, bitch. I could name you plenty of things I have done with my life, but there is no way I can prove it on Youtube, is there ? Trust me... my life is far better than yours, accomplishing things by hard work and a good upbringing... not by being a "jerk". So you can come back with any other irrelevant rhetoric your brain can muster, it means nothing, just like u

And even being pelted by apparent insults from this dude, I still managed to keep my cool, and speak to him as civil as I could. Here is my response:

"So now I'm a "jerk" because I speak upon the bad examples by latin Americans that I have seen with my own eyes ?"

Did I say that? No. But your profile says you like to educate the ignorant, and I always wanted to know what someone thinks they can accomplish by being rude and hateful. So tell me.

"Trust me... my life is far better than yours, accomplishing things by hard work and a good upbringing"

If you believe this, then you don't know anything about me!

Like he said in his previous post, I cannot prove on YouTube how hard of a worker I am. And when I want something done, I get it done!!! He will never know the kind of person I am because he is blinded by ignorance. But you all know how I am about people like that. I keep my personal info to people like this at a minimum. It's just not worth my time or effort to even try to convince them of anything. So, I feel it's better to let them think what they want. Apparenly, unlike him, I don't even flaunt it. Those who flaunt it, I've found, when they say they've accomplished so much, they're LYING!!!! I had to add this last paragraph in another post because YouTube only allows 500 characters per post!!!! I HATE that!!! Someone has to complain!!!

"So you can come back with any other irrelevant rhetoric your brain can muster "

You think this is what I am all about? Wow! I feel sorry for you. Truly. Maybe this is why your attitude is so bad. My prayers are with you dude. I sure hope you get the help you need!

I think he thinks that the whole World is out to get him, so that's why he greets everyone with rudeness and anger. Someone, somewhere along the way, has definitely hurt this person REAL bad!!!!!! And that is why I cannot get angry at him and why I say he has my prayers. Well, anyway, this was his response to me:

I need no help what-so-ever. Nor do I need your shit prayers. Nor do your pathetic and irrelevant comments hold weight. And there's no need to feel sorry for me. If you knew anything about me, YOU would need the help coping with all of the envy. I might be a little rude, but not at all "hateful". Again... if you can only comment on irrelevant comments, drawn by a total lack of knowledge of another, this convo is over. Thanks for the laughs, though.

"This convo is over"? So he thinks he calls the shots. Uh-uh!! He'll be back. I know he will! LOL! And I fully know what he's going to say. This is what my response was:

You may not want my prayers dude, but you've got them anyway. And you definitely need help. It's sad that you don't see that.

BTW, what have I got to envy? Sorry, but your comment is unclear on that. So far, all I feel is sorry for you. Nowhere near feeling envy.

Part of his ego booster I guess to claim I'm envious of him. Shoot no! I envy no one who has his attitude. Why should I? I'm proud of myself managing to keep my cool while he has completely lost it. I don't envy him at all! In fact, my actions show the World who has the better character, and it isn't him. Anyway, he added this to his last comment:

P.S. That really is pathetic... you going to my profile and trying to scrape up any piece of information about me to try and back up your stupid comments. Nice try though. Tah tah.

Again, his profile is PUBLIC. I don't believe YouTube has where someone can make their profile private. Here is my response to this comment:

If you didn't want that info to get out, then why did you post it on your profile? And you still never answered my question. Avoiding it are you?

You don't need glasses to be able to see what his problem is with me. I'm too smart for him and he knows it. He just doesn't want to admit it. But my strategy is working, and I'm getting in some great practice!!!! His IQ is 135? Well, I beat him by 4 points, my IQ was measured at 139. So if I am stupid, he is at least 4 points stupider than me!! LOL!!! Don't even try going there with me dude!!!! My sis Anna's even higher in IQ points than me. She even made the dean's list at her college!

Oh yes, and I heard from our little vegetarian friend tonight. Yankovic1234! I hadn't heard from him in several days! Well, this is what he sent me tonight in PMs:

you know what meat eater your nine times more likely to be obese than me and when you die i'll live ten years longer than the age you died also your twice more likly to have heart problems than me also your more likely to hive tipe two diabetes BITCH!

I see he is getting desperate again. I already am obese, and he knew that before. As for who dies first, who is he fooling?? My grandma ate nothing but veggies throughout her young life, and she almost died before she was 50. She had developed a condition called pernicious anemia, which is from a total lack of vitamin B-12 in your diet, delivered in a way that only eating meat can supplement. You can't get that kind of vitality from veggies, tofu or pills. Well, I responded to him with this message:

Wow! Thanks for the message, and still showing the World what a jerk you vegetarians are! Another post in the blog! :P
Anyway, my BP is normal, my heart rate is normal. All those years of mountain climbing secured my future, fat or not. But if you keep up this attitude, your BP will be high by the time you're my age, and heart rate will be abnormal. Vegetarian or no vegetarian. Know why? Because spending all your time worrying about what someone else is doing causes STRESS!!! Chill out! My life aint none of your business anyway, and you can bitch and moan all you want to it won't change anything.

I really hate getting all angry with teenagers, but this dude is beginning to bother me. If he goes on too long, I'm going to have to block him. Because I don't want to keep repeating the same thing over and over and over to a head so hard, it refuses to take in new info. And I really don't have to explain myself to him! I could just block him now if I want to, and let him waste his years away worrying about what I'm doing.

Things I Will Never Understand

I will never understand how it is people think they can tell everything about a race just by a couple of bad experiences with a few bad members of said race.

I will never understand why someone will tell others what they want to hear just to gain a lot of supporters. Tell the fricken truth dammit!!! And attract the attention of those who really matter!

I will never understand why more people choose to be so hateful and rude to others when they can be nicer and sweeter to people and get good results. My ma always said you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.

I will never understand what has happened to the innocence of the youth.

I will never understand why people say they hate violence, yet they always watch it on television when it comes on.

I will never understand why on YouTube people post up those damn videos they copied of themselves playing video games!! I mean really! Who gives a shit????

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weeeellllll!! Look Who's Back!!!

It's booobooo2010!!! I never thought I would see that one again. LOL! I got a little bit sidetracked and started watching some videos about baboons, a very tough monkey!! Ugly, but tough as shit! On this particular thread, on a video about a baboon taunting a leopard, someone commented that baboons cannot defeat the panthers. I said oh Hell yeah they can! A big male baboon is TOUGH! I've seen leopards get killed by male baboons all the time. The males are tough for sure, and they have canines equally as long as that of a leopard's. Females definitely could become leopard food, but not the males! It would be tough for a leopard to get through a male baboon's defenses.

Well anyway, booobooo2010 chimed in after I haven't seen him in about 3 days now! This is what he had to say in response to my post:

LOL? Baboons are tough but big cats are killing machines, stronger, bigger, bigger canines etc etc. No Baboon or dog for that matter can survive an attack from one of the big cats except the cheetah

This was my response to him:

Well I wondered what happened to you! :P
"No Baboon can survive an attack from one of the big cats except the cheetah"
A big male baboon can give any leopard a Hell of a run for it's money!!

I'm not sure where the dog reference came from, as this video has nothing to do with dogs, but it tells me that he still has the Caucasian Mountain Dog vs. Cougar deal still stuck in his craw!! He's got some serious issues!!! FTR, CMDs are very tough dogs, and brave! They too can stand well up to a cougar. They can stand up to a bear! There is no doubt on my mind they can stand up to a cougar too! But this dude is trying to make me believe his way, and I told him days ago it's not going to work. Shoot! He can argue, harass, stalk, whatever he wants to do all over YouTube all he wants to, I don't care! It still won't work! But let him try! I want to see how far he'll go. He kinda reminds me of an angry husband whose wife walked out on him and no matter how much he begs, she won't go back to him, so he resorts to stalking her. Though I don't especially refer to this as "stalking", I mean, this is YouTube. A person always takes a chance of running into loonies when they go into a site like that. But let's see what happens. I do think he has some serious issues though. But that's just my opinion. LOL!

Apparently, he has reading issues as well. Nothing was said about baboons surviving a leopard attack. Sure, a leopard sneaking behind a baboon, if it can get it's jaws in a well-placed grip can get it. But the initial comment I responded to was about baboons defeating a panther. And I said oh yes they can! Ask any zoologist, yes they can defeat a leopard!

Speaking of funny happenings, check out this video!

"It made it the crack spider's bitch" LOL!!! Too funny!!! I'm still laughing about that one! Hours after first viewing this video!! That is too funny!!!

What Do You Think Of This?

So Obama has been making promises, some he has kept and some he has not kept. He's been fast-acting, I'll hand him that! Now, I understand he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. My question is: why? What has he done to deserve it? For sending more American troups into Afghanistan? Making our war with them much worse? Naw!!! Half of the time, I wonder if Obama has been actually reading these bills he's been passing, and if this man everyone else deems as intelligent has been thinking of the long-term consequences of his actions. I admit Pres. Bush has put this country in a bad state, Obama has done a little to get it back up. But very little. Now it seems he wants to make the war between us and Afghanistan much worse.

So why is he even being given the Nobel Peace Prize with little more going than a promise to bring peace to our country? It hasn't happened yet! Even Obama himself was shocked by the nomination. And one of his informants has told him "Now go out and earn it!" So he hasn't earned it yet?? What is with the Nobel Prize committee??? It used to be that a person had to earn that award, they didn't just hand it out! But I guess those days are no more. So I guess I could make a promise to end World suffering and Boom!! I'll be given the Nobel Peace Prize, and I didn't have to lift a finger! Just make a promise. That's funny!!

WTG Obama! You've just given the phrase "working for a living" an all new meaning!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ruined Reputations

This was the subject on Dr. Phil tonight and I thought I would put my 2 cents worth in this discussion. He talked to 2 youngsters whose reputations had been ruined by slanderous people. Or people who got their facts wrong or mixed up. I can tell you that has happened to me many times. I'm certainly not going through life unscathed! LOL! I've been called all kinds of things. I mean, people look at my blogs and how I conduct myself on the internet, and they automatically come to the conclusion that I'm a lunatic. Well, they're not totally wrong!! Yes, I come by it honestly. I don't try to hide the fact that a lot of things I do could be seen as lunacy by some. And in many ways I'm happy that I am not what others perceive as "normal". Hell, I don't want to be "normal"!!!! But the one thing I've found, everybody has their own idea of what is normal in a person and what is not. Now, forgive me for digging up old bones but a perfect example of what different people believe is "normal" behavior puts me in mind of the delusional fans forum and all of it's members.

Catsredrum has some kind of idea that she is a "normal" individual. And I, never actually having met her or spoken to her, did not know what she was really like in person, but the conduct she displayed on the internet was nowhere near what I would have called "normal" behavior. But I'm no expert, so I turned the attention of the delusional fans forum over to some buddies of mine who were experts in psychology (the study of human behavior, including mental states). And they totally agreed with me. Catsredrum and her friends had a very unhealthy obsession with me. Now, I don't know what Catsredrum is like in person, though I did see where she wrote on her forum that she even discusses me to her friends OUTSIDE of her forum. But IMO, as well as the friends I discussed this with, yes they were indeed unhealthily obsessed with me. And most of the things they said about me were untrue. All my friends knew it, including the ones who had studied psychology. Who knows what brought on Catsredrum's obsession. I truly believe, to this day, that it was triggered solely by the fact that I didn't like DonnaG anymore. Because her obsession with me did not even begin until I announced to the World that she and I were not friends anymore. And Donna is infamous for getting all her friends (and anyone who will believe her) to turn on people who don't like her. That is precisely why I don't like her anymore! She would have earned more respect from me if she had confronted me herself and kept her cronies OUT of the debate. But enough of digging up old bones.

I say personally people are always going to think whatever they want to no matter what! But one thing that I always remember is that actions speak louder than words. You can look through my background, I've never been convicted of any crimes, I've never hurt anyone, I'm still a virgin (even though I've been married), I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, I've never posted anyone else's pictures or information on the internet without their permission, and I am working on my attitude!! The worst thing you'll find on my record is driving with expired tabs. And even those can be explained. :P I've had a few dead-end jobs, but I've had some good ones too. And for the most part, the supervisors all adored me! In cases when I've quit jobs, they begged me not to. But to be honest, there were a couple of jobs where I left on a sour note, like the one at the Puyallup Fair. But that job was just one of those dead-end jobs that I didn't want in the first place, run by a stupid company, owned by a stupid family, and the acting supervisor just got a kick out of treating all the workers like crap. Whether they were good workers or not.

I admit I've still got a long way to go as far as my own attitude goes, but I'm still working on it. I'm not quite down where I want to be. Anyway, I am where I figured I'd be. Here it is almost the end of the year, and my attacks on people have lessened. They haven't disappeared, but they've lessened. I have refrained from attacking my usual subjects though. I still have fun with the people on YouTube though. But I figure it's harmless fun! I'm just yanking their chains. That's why I always end with this symbol [:P]. But anyway, we all face people who are going to do anything to ruin our reputations. But people who are truly good, aren't going to care what someone else says about someone. Ya know that's why I am soooooo glad I met Metalraptor. He's taught me a lot. He's taught me that I need to work on my temper issues, he told me that I tend to get all irrational. It's actually been through him that I'm learning to control myself. I'm actually proud of how I've handled myself on YouTube, it's good practice. I didn't lose my temper or get all irrational, and I haven't called anyone names or gotten personal with anyone. I've put that on their shoulders! I have found though through most of my experiences with people on YouTube that if you treat them with respect and be nice to them, even though they are getting all irrational, it makes their attitudes get worse!! I think they mistake kindness as being a sign of weakness or tolerance. But no. For me, it's all part of a master plan. I'm training myself to be a much better person. I only post it on here so my readers can see my progress. I think I've had enough fun with cat-people though. So now I'm moving on to videos that will help me in my future project. I've been trying to learn all I can about frogs, snakes and lizards.

Anyway, I have been slandered a lot in the past, mostly on the internet. The only time I've ever been slandered more was when I was in middle school. But I figure those people who slander me, they know nothing about me! They've never met me, never spoke with me, many of them are only muppets who repeat what they've been told by other people who do not know me either. So, they're only embarrassing themselves. I also believe everything happens for a reason and that we all get what we deserve in the long run. I'm already heading upward. When I do get to the point I'm working so hard to be at, I'm going to look back down at those who tried to bring me down at some point and I'm going to be able to stick my tongue out at them and say "Look at me! I'm here, and you're not! So how do you like that!" But at the same time, I'm going to caress those who supported me. Because it's them who helped me move foreward to where I want to be at. So that is why I pay no attention to those who talk shit about me, and focus solely on the people who have always supported me and kept my head up when things looked down. Two of the biggest conveyers in this has been Katrina and Metalraptor. I owe both of them BIG!!!! And I hope to reward them someday, somehow. The people who shit-talk me, I've been staying away from them. I still don't go into forums at all. Except for a couple of Facebook groups, and of course YouTube. I know there are always going to be people who talk behind my back. Shoot! That's why I quit going to dog shows and why I hate show breeders so much!! Believe me, that's not a random prejudice!!! I've gotten to know several show breeders before! I wouldn't hate them so much if I didn't know what they were really like.

Again, I know not all show breeders are bad. I've met a handful that were very good people. Just like any other race, there are good ones and there are bad ones. But the good ones unfortunately can only be counted on the fingers of one hand!! The main things that make me so prejudice against show breeders are:

1. They demand respect but give none in return.
2. They think they're GOD, which I believe is why most of them laugh at people who do believe in the real GOD.
3. They judge people they don't even know.
4. They shit-talk people they don't know behind their backs instead of to that person's face. Then they shit their pants when the same thing is done to them.
5. They never let the past STAY in the past, where it should.
6. Many of them are mean-spirited and don't believe in treating others with kindness.

Basically all the same things. The only thing good about show breeders is that they breed to improve the breed they're working with. That's IT. The bad far outweighs the good. The show breeders I like are the ones who truly believe in helping people, who treat other people with kindness and respect, who do not listen to vile rumors going around about someone but instead sit and talk with, and get to know, that person for themselves and build their own opinion of that person. Another trait I would admire in show breeders (if more of them had it) is those who know that whatever they do--good or bad--reflects on the breed and the goal most show breeders are striving for: preservation of the breed!! That's why I always treated everyone with respect when I was trying to better my breeding program. I didn't want to become like some breeders I met who think they could get their word across by being hateful and snippy at others. Though having been in the position to try and educate people who did wrong by the breed, I can sometimes see why show breeders are the way they are. But someone like me, who had attended several dog shows in my day, that should have told the show breeders who doubted me that I was indeed serious about breeding the right way. The people I dealt with bred Taco Bell lookalikes and wanted to keep doing so. They'd never been to a show and some of them even laughed at the idea of breeding dogs the right way, and called the concept of informing those who bred bad specimens "cruel".

Well, I didn't go to many shows, but I went to as many as I could. I'm a busy person, and most of my time I like to devote to my dogs as PETS. Not as things to be pruned and pranced around a cement ring just so one person can give his or her own opinion about which one of which is better than the other. Thus giving the owner and breeder of that animal a head so swelled that they go around and stomp to death on people who look up to them as heros of said breed! IMO, they are no more heros than a mother who drags her daughter from one beauty pageant to another, whether or not the daughter is a willing participant. One thing I've found, show breeders will not even talk to you unless you've been endorsed by another show breeder. And good luck in getting that endorsement!!! Because most of the show breeders that others respect are like the ones I described on my list of things I hate about them!! If having someone who will act like your friend to your face and then turn around and slam you behind your back doesn't bother you, then find a show breeder to be your friend! I've learned to meet all show breeders as if they are enemies!! It's a lot better than thinking they're your friend and later finding out different. Been there, done that, didn't like it, and won't let it happen again!!! It wasn't so bad when it was just one show breeder, I figured, "She's just one bad apple in the bunch." But then I started seeing that kind of behavior in many different show breeders, some may or may not have known this one I don't know, I don't care!! It was then I knew that show breeders are not as good as they like to portray themselves to be.

Many people are going to believe what they want and won't let you tell them any different. I've come to a point where I just say the Hell with them! I let my actions do the talking. If, after I have proven them wrong, they continue to believe what they want about me then I figure they are the ones with the problem, NOT me!! It's just not worth my time or effort to convince them that their ideas about me are wrong. So I just let them think what they want to.......and then laugh in their stupid faces when I do something to prove their ideas about me are wrong. LOL! The only people whose opinions matter anyway are the people I consider my friends, and my family. No one else's opinions matter to me. If I never considered someone a friend, then what they think of me means nothing, as I am no worse off with them than I was before. I've grown up a little more over the past few years in understanding what makes a friend a friend. And it has improved my life 200%!!! When it comes to friends, I prefer quality over quantity. I may not have many friends, but the people I do consider friends are people I know I can trust all the way! They're people that are very trustworthy, as anyone goes. They don't talk about me behind my back, they don't give away my secrets, they would never do anything to hurt me or anyone else, I know all this because their friends are my friends. Or at least acquaintences! If any of them did talk about me behind my back, believe me I'd KNOW it!!! hehe! I get criticism from them all the time, sometimes harsh criticism too. But it's all for the better and I know it. I've seen some people who say "So-n-so has sooooo many friends!" But I say look at the kind of people "so-n-so" considers friends! I know of someone like that, has a lot of friends, but I look at the kind of people that person calls friends. If they are people I wouldn't want as friends, then the fact that "so-n-so" has a lot of friends really doesn't mean shit to me! That's why I favor quality over quantity. I even have one friend that once said Catsredrum sometimes seemed like a nice person. Though she added that she would never make friends with someone who's been cruel to me. But that goes to show the kind of people I call friends. This person has a very good heart, and she gets to know people herself before making judgments about them, and I like that in my friends. I have no respect at all for someone who believes what others say about someone else and not get to know that person for themselves--which is the main reason why I hate show breeders and have lost all respect for them!!!

I'll tell you, I'd probably have a lot more friends if there were only more people like this person. But unfortunately, in this World and age of the internet, people like that are RARE!!! And I don't mean "maybe"!! In this day and age, I've noticed people are much more aggressive, hateful, and disrespectful with others than I ever remember them being!! I'm a small-town girl, I was brought up to treat people with kindness and you will get kindness back from them. That hasn't been proven to be true with the internet. Like I said earlier, I think people now mistake kindness as being a form of weakness. But let me tell you, it's NOT!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

On The Radio

I think I've figured out another great idea. There is a man who owns a radio station out here, and he has people come in once in a while on a volunteer basis. Ma said if you ever want to hear something funny, listen to this guy. She gave me a sample of what he does. I was thinking of going to his station and seeing if he would allow me some time on the radio. I wonder how many people in this town even listen to his station? If it's enough, they might enjoy me. I'm a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. I could discuss with him on there pretty much what I talk about on here. People LOVE that!! My "Cute Bums" post seems to be the most popular on here so I could discuss it in further detail on there. I could call it "The Timmyfan Show". hehehe!

Hey! It never hurts to try!! That's one of my mottos. Even if I get on and everyone hates my guts, it's still a response!! Plus I could get a little bit of advertising for the UMG site. The only problem I might face is that I am losing my voice. On the radio, they like you to have a clear, crisp voice. But I could get on and do a self-styled talk show, strictly for entertainment. I could create a different subject for every weekday, and get on and just talk and have fun. Might add some life to this dude's network. Ma said that John could also get him a good following of sponsors, so if I get this opportunity, we could really do wonders for this guy's radio station. I could even get Anna involved if she wants. I only wish I could get Katrina on there, she'd be a hoot!!! She has a good personality. That's why I like her so much.