Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rikki Tikki Tavi

This is the story of a mongoose. One of few (if not the only) cartoons about mongooses. I used to love mongooses when I was a teenager, they ranked right up there among my most favorite animals. I still like mongooses. Just not as much as lemurs now. LOL! Anyway, I recently saw this movie again, and it brought back a lot of memories. Mostly of a time when I collaborated with a friend (now deceased) to help create a story that she originally wrote. It was called "The Mischievous Mongoose". It was also about a mongoose, doing what mongooses do, which is kill snakes. Well, I remember when the story was completed, I took it to school with me and showed it off to the other kids. One of the most common remarks I got about the story was "It's too much like Rikki Tikki Tavi". Boy!! Was that frustrating. Rikki Tikki seemed to set the ground for mongoose stories! No one else could build on top of it or around it. So, what did I do? Well, with the permission from Katie's family, I rewrote the story in 1994. Instead of having a small, weasel-like mongoose, as Rikki Tikki is, I made the main character a mongoose from my Metazoic checklist. I used Tarboailurus smilus. It's a very large mongoose, and if it were around today, could very easily kill a full-grown anaconda! It's kindof a sabre-toothed mongoose with a long, stiff tail and reaches a full adult size of about 18-20 feet long. That's something Rikki Tikki could never top! So if you were to check out this story on our UMG Productions site, you would be getting the updated version. I'm sure Katie would have been proud! Of course she is still doing what mongooses do best. But she does it on a greater scale, and I took out all the overtones that would make it sound too much like Rikki Tikki Tavi. Just the fact I have the story made about a 20-foot long mongoose should be enough to drown out any similarities! LOL!

Well, Rikki Tikki Tavi is not perfect it's self. At least not the version Chuck Jones made in the 70s. There are numerous errors made in the movie. Check out this picture of a cell from the original movie:

One of the things I don't like about this picture is that Jones gave Rikki Tikki rodent-like teeth. It's misleading! No mongoose ever has had, or ever will have, rat-like teeth. Mongooses are NOT rodents! In fact, mongooses are feliformes, which means they are related to cats. So Rikki Tikki should be displaying cat-like teeth. It is because of this picture that Katie and I made this mistake too. In fact, it seems Jones made Rikki Tikki look rat-like in almost every way! Except the tail. It's really misleading.

Another thing I don't like is here Rikki Tikki is battling what appears to be a small sand viper. Mongooses usually only attack cobras. In fact when I found out that mongooses only attack the slower-striking snakes, like cobras, I was unimpressed. They almost never attack faster moving snakes, like vipers. I still like mongooses, even though I am not really impressed with their snake-killing abilities anymore. I like them because they are just so darn CUTE!!!!! And so much potential for the Metazoic! Perhaps in the Metazoic, mongooses will become fast enough to take care of snakes like the vipers, which are deadlier than cobras. Now, none of this means I don't like snakes! Don't even think it! But I understand the importance of an ecosystem with balance. If there were no mongooses, or other snake killers, the world would be overrun with venomous snakes, and it wouldn't be safe to walk outside anymore. But I am more impressed with this guy than with a mongoose as snake-killers go:

And anyway, at least mongooses always eat what they kill. Not like on Rikki Tikki Tavi, where the snake is killed, but never eaten. It is shown being thrown away. Or like lions who kill hyenas and never eat them. They just kill them for the fun of it. That's why I don't like lions at all. Well, that's one reason. Another is they're so fricken ugly I can't stand looking at them.

Anyway, it was fun seeing Rikki Tikki Tavi again. I'm trying again to rekindle my childhood. Though here I don't much feel like it. When I still lived in Ocean Shores, it was fun to do that. Here, it's not as much fun. Well anyway, the story brought back some good memories!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mysterious Mr. X

So who is INXS's new lead singer? If you had gone to the INXS site, you would hear their new track "Tiny Summer". Andrew said that the singer for that song is some young Irish bloke. Almost all the INXS fans think it's Bono. When I heard the track, my first thought was not Bono! Then when I read Andrew's message, I knew I was right! He said it's a YOUNG Irish dude. Bono is not young! Bono is an old fart. And besides, that does not sound like him at all. So I don't know what is wrong with the fans that believe wholeheartedly that that's Bono, but I can tell you it surely isn't him. I don't have a clue who it is, but I do know it is not Bono. I never thought for one second it was. Well! Let me rephrase that. At first I expected to hear his voice, because other INXS fans said it was him. So for the first 1/2 second of the singing, I thought it was him. Then after hearing the following 5 seconds of singing, I knew it was NOT Bono. But some other INXS fans believe it is with all their heart and soul and won't let up. Well, that's on them! Not me. They'll eat crow when they find out they are wrong.

My big question is this: Why so secretive now??? INXS used to be an open book. Now, it seems everything with them is so hush-hush. And why the Hell every time they put up a new album do they change their website???? It's getting to be annoying. I realize that is their right, but I'm getting sick of this constant change. I cannot even view the tour comments anymore. That sucks!! Not that I went in there that often, but still! It's getting to be annoying. I really wish INXS would keep their site up and stop taking it down every time they get a new album going. I didn't particularly care for INXS's last album. Maybe that's why they had a tiger illustrating their last album. They wanted people to know they are being lazy, and putting a tiger on the front cover would be the best way I can think of to get that kind of message across. Tigers are the perfect symbol for laziness! I couldn't think of a better animal to represent that. I hope their next album turns out better. But if that dumb tiger is still on that cover, I probably won't buy that album either. Because that pic would still be telling me that INXS are being lazy again, and I won't support laziness. Still LOVE Timmy though! To me, he's still the most handsome man I've ever seen.

Now, what happened to JD????? Why is he not still with INXS? That doesn't make sense. They hired him, took them a whole summer to announce he was right for "Our band, INXS". So what's the beef? Why is JD canned now?

That young Irish bloke has now been identified as Ciaran Gribbin, also known as Joe Echo. Apparently he will also be touring with INXS later on. I think it'll be next year. But so far, no plans are in place to come to the USA. Let alone Montana. Heck Timmy doesn't even know this state exists!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haven't Posted For A While

I just don't have time anymore. My life now is so busy it is unbelievable. I haven't even looked in on this blog in a few days. Well, tonight I noticed my blog has got a lot of attention from the Craigslist forums. Especially the post about my incident last winter in the CL Pet forums. I actually have more than one post about that forum, you'd have to look back a few months to see them. I haven't even had much time to get in that forum in a long time. In fact, this past week was the first time since I moved here that I have even posted on the pet forum. But once I posted, I didn't go back for days. The people in that forum are just so uppity, they make me sick!! So, going back there is not a priority for me. I posted once, then didn't go back for a few days. Then posted again, and I haven't been back since. I don't even remember what I posted. Well, I posted to one person about box turtles. I remember I had one when I was 15 years old. I named her Shelley.  And this poster asked about how to hibernate them. I told the poster about my experience in hibernating Shelley. Usually when I post there, the posts disappear so fast into the archives, I don't have time to go back and read any responses, and I don't ever activate the button that says "email responses". The one time I did that, my mailbox was FULL of responses. So full, it jammed my inbox. So I never did that again.

Well, at least now I understand why my views on this blog have jumped! I think that's awesome! It not only made my views go up on this blog, but also on my AdSense too!! I get paid each time someone opens this blog, so I don't mind if the links are posted elsewhere. The more views I get, the more money I get!! :) I don't even ask anyone to view this blog! But it's awesome when they do. Especially when they go whining to their cronies that I was saying nasty shit about them. hehehehe! That gets me more views than anything! I just hate pet forums. Simple as that. The people are always such assholes. You may find one or two nice people. But mostly, if the forum is crawling with show breeders, the majority of them are likely to be asinine jerks. In that forum, I disliked more people than liked. Not saying there weren't a few nice people, but the majority of them were assholes. I just don't go in much anymore (I noticed their views only in my online "spy" device. hehehe!) If someone posted a link to this blog, I wouldn't know who it is. Unless it was me. LOL! I expect the threats of lawsuits will begin pouring in at me now. LOL! Now that I understand a little more about free speech, it can't faze me anymore.

Funny thing! I love pets, and if there was ever a group I would think I could talk to on a friendly level, it'd be other pet-loving people. But that is totally NOT the case! Pet people, especially if they show, are some of the WORST people I've ever met anywhere!! But since I don't go into any pet forums anymore, that's all water under the bridge. But I hope they enjoyed that post! hehehe!

Well, on another note, I finally did that interview with one of my vegan buddies. Nice guy! And the interview came out great. I enjoyed it! I'm still not a vegan and have no intention of becoming one in the forseeable future. But it was fun to be interviewed. My first interview. I wonder how many more will follow. Well, he said he hopes that I get to know more friendly vegans, and get better comments. I said I hope so too. But honestly, I don't expect any nice comments to come from vegan fanatics. They're just fanatics! Fanatics are all lunatics. So, I expect nothing more than shitty comments from them. I got a comment from one of them this morning. He started off being rather nice. I didn't agree with him, but at least he was OK. At first! He said humans are closest in relation to gorillas and bonobos, and I told him that we are actually not related to bonobos, but to chimpanzees. I was nice about it! Believe me I was. But since he is only 18 years old, he's got a LOT of growing up and maturing to do. 18-year olds NEVER like it when they are told they are wrong, and being a fanatical vegan makes them much worse. So the next time he posted, he was nastier. MUCH nastier. He even told me to shut up. LOL!!! I get that alot from fanatical vegans! I always give them the same response! I said "You can't make me shut up on my own channel. But I can make you shut up if I want to!" I don't know why the dumbass vegan fanatics think they can shut me up on my own channel! LOL! It's funny when they think they can!

This kid thinks he knows more than me. He's only 18, and like all vegan fanatics, he has a closed mind. You know what is funny about that statement? I've been told I have a closed mind (also by other fanatical vegans). When I noticed they are the ones with the closed mind. Not me. They still believe the bonobo and human relationship theory, which has been debunked 4 years ago. We only share 97% of our genes with bonobos. Even less with gorillas (around 90%). Gorillas are the only purely herbivorous apes. I read even bonobos hunt for meat sometimes. But we share 99.9999% of our genes with chimpanzees (that's Pan troglodytes). But that's the vegans last desperate hold with the vegan vs. meat eating argument. Even though it's already been debunked, they still cling to it like it's their last lifeline. But little do they realize that it makes no difference. According to proper studies, bonobos eat just as much meat as chimpanzees. Though the fanatical, closed-minded vegans will tell you that bonobos are strictly herbivore/frugivores. My friends in the science field will tell you that they are not. So, this 18-year old can go screw himself. :) I told him that I have been studying animals AND evolution for more years than he has been alive, then I blocked his butt, just to prove a point. That he cannot make me shut up on my own channel. On HIS channel, he can. On MY channel, he cannot. I don't tell people to shut up unless I actually can make them do so. Doesn't make any sense otherwise. LOL!!

Oh! And MsPearlsGirl came back! LOL! She came back under a different name, but I recognize her style anywhere. She thought she could fool me by creating another account (and hiding it from public view) and giving it another name. But I saw right through her evil ways! LOL!!! I know evil when I see it, and I blocked her immediately! hehehe!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lest We Remember

Well, tomorrow will be the 10th anniversary of the attack on NYC's Twin Towers. I always felt terrible about that happening, and about the numerous people who suffered in that attack or that died in the attack. It was terrible. Today at the dog park, we did a little bit of reminiscing about what we were doing when we first heard the news. Well, I remember I had just woke up, and I went into the living room to watch my usual early morning TV shows that I liked back then. That was back when TV was still good. Not crappy like it is today. Well, when I tried to change the channels, all I saw was this disaster posted on every channel. My shows never did come on. But I somehow did not care, because this was a big deal!! I watched it, I could not take my eyes off it. I remember some scenes of firemen going into the building some time before it collapsed to help people get out. I also remember seeing people falling out of windows and being squashed on the pavement like bugs on a windshield. It was horrible!! And sad! That was a sight I will always remember.

I remember thinking that this decade was going to be a bad one! I quoted that in 2000 in my journal. I still have the journal too. I look back at it and think how eerie it was I said that then. That was more than a year before this tragedy happened. Unfortunately, 9/11 was only the beginning. It was a very sad day in our history. Of course my heart goes out to those who lost friends and loved ones on 9/11/01. My prayers will always be with them. Even now, 10 years later. I do happen to know some people who had lost friends and family in that incident. So this day is going to hit them hard I'm sure. It's hard to imagine it's been 10 years since that happened. And so far, as far as I know, they have no plans to rebuild the World Trade Center there. Though I do remember Obama wanted to build a mosque there for the muslims (the very people who caused that disaster). I could not believe him!! That's like a total slap in the face to those who were killed by those people!!

Well, in honor of 9/11, and those who were lost in the tragedy, I will be putting a candle on this page. It's a candle of rememberance. Feel free to pass it around!

In other news, I have ALWAYS wanted to do this!! I was just waiting for the right opportunity! I always get some crackhead skanks on YouTube who act like they know my every move, when they really don't know the first thing about me. Well, tonight, it was someone who calls himself chorn000. It was so funny!! He said and I quote:

"You know those snakes never came out of those tubs"

So I responded, rather sarcastically:

"@chorn000Oh yeah, tell everyone how you showed up at my house while I was unpacking those snakes, and my 12-foot tall pair of rottweilers hated you so much, they gave you a wedgie and put you over the outside banister, and then President J.F. Kennedy came to my neighborhood and saw you hanging there and pointed and laughed like a child and my ma's pet unicorn came down from the Heavens and kicked your jaw loose that very same day (off camera). LOL!"

LOL!! I have always wanted to do that with these people who think they know it all! hur-hur-hur!! :D The funny thing is, there is no way he could ever know what I did with my snakes after that film was made. Just like there is no way President JFK could ever have visited me in my neighborhood. Or any way rottweilers are 12-feet tall, or that my ma really does have a pet unicorn. I'm just matching his story with another one. Mine is more truthful than his though. LOL!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Expensive Lesson Learned

Well, this past week has been very trying. I ordered some tropical fish through the internet. I figured I once tried it with snakes and so I thought I would try doing the same thing with tropical fish. I thought it was going to be a great experience! That way, I could get some fish that I could never get around here! Tropical fish stores are so rare here in Montana! The one that I work at, they deal 90% in saltwater fish. Their freshwater section is VERY small!! And it mostly consists of very common, run-of-the-mill type fish, like goldfish, zebra danios and cichlids. All the rest are saltwater fish. I love marine fish just as much as the next person, but I like having freshwater fish. I will probably always have nothing but freshwater fish! A saltwater aquarium would be nice, but a freshwater aquarium gives me the opportunity to have more. You can only have so many saltwater fish in an aquarium. And if you spend $50 or more on one saltwater fish, and it dies 2 or 3 weeks later, then you're out a LOT of money!! I'd be pissing blood if that happened to me!! So I don't care to take that kind of chance, and I stick with the freshwater tropical fish. There are some of those that look really pretty!

So anyway, I ordered some fish off of thatpetplace.com, and I know it's a good store. Most of what I ordered was rainbowfish. I got some Celebes rainbows, some Madagascar rainbows and some Pacific blue-eyed rainbows, and paid about $88 for them, including shipping costs. These were some beautiful fish. I actually originally ordered swordtail tetras, African ground tetras and a whiptail pleco, but by the time my order went through, those were out of stock. Which was a bummer!!! Swordtail tetras are very rarely available! So that sucked not being able to get them! So, instead I got the rainbow fish. They arrived the next day, and I was so happy and excited, I could not wait to see them in my tank! But I knew I had to acclimate them to the aquarium. So I did that for about an hour before releasing them. That is what you are supposed to do. First, you put the unopened bag into the water and let it float, then you gradually mix the tank water in with the bag water. Simple enough procedure. Well, by the second day after I had got the fish, they started dying, one by one. I could not understand it. First, it was the Madagascar rainbows, then the Celebes rainbows, and then the Pacific blue-eyed rainbows. All those fish are now gone, all but one Madagascar rainbow! He's in quarantine now though, because he appears to have what looks like Ick. I was certain those fish brought something with them! Which is why all but one is now dead. It suddenly started to attack some of my other fish, I lost 3 bleeding heart tetras and one congo tetra.

Well, the tank is being treated now. I got some cure-all medicine and put it in the tank to take care of the fish. it stinks, but it's supposed to get rid of anything. And I must say, I learned a very expensive lesson! NEVER order fish through the internet!! Such a shame too! That's the only way now I can get some really exotic species. Out here in Montana, if you are not into saltwater fish that much, you're screwed!! Because all the freshwater fish they carry out here is all common stuff. Nothing unusual, exciting or exotic!

I notice I've been cantankerous lately! LOL! Well, before I moved here, Katrina told me not to let the Youtube trolls walk all over me. So I noticed, I've been especially rough with them lately. That is so not like me! I should have stuck with just ignoring them. No matter how much a person deserves it, I hate being mean and nasty! I don't understand why I am that way. People don't seem to care if they are nasty to me. I don't know why I care if I am nasty to them! I guess it's because I know better. I was brought up to treat other people with respect. It's hard though when they totally disrespect me. Most of the time, I am nasty to them because it's funny. (SHHEEESH that makes me sound like Hobofart!!) But I've noticed lately I've been REALLY nasty!!! What is it with me?? I know Katrina wants me to bash back at the trolls, and they do deserve it. I should not let people walk all over me. But I actually felt better when I was just ignoring them. Is it really worth going against what I know is better just to bash back at the trolls and get a few minutes of pleasure? Not sure. I guess that is for my inner self to decide. Trolls are humans too (I think). They deserve human rights. Among those, the one I am most familiar with, freedom of speech.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Angry People Piss Me Off

There is a site called angry.com and it's kinda like this blog, only public domain. It's a place where anonymous people go to rant about things in their lives. Well, I saw some posts from there (via Google) where a bunch of whiny-ass thin people were griping about us fat people. Well, that's normal really. Thin people gripe about fat people all the time. That is nothing new. What gets me is the thin folks who gripe about fat people and then have the nerve to say that fat people are rude to them. I mean really!! What do you expect? You go up to a fat person and start calling them names, giving them the evil eye, or point and laugh like we are monkeys in the zoo or something, and then bitch because the fat person you are harassing does the same thing back at you?! How fair does that sound? Not at all. In fact it sounds just dumb. Oh and here's a pip I love the most: Thin people thinking fat people are giving them the "go-to-Hell" look because we're "jealous of their thinness"! BWAH!!! That one makes me laugh every time!! Those same people who were making that gripe probably were standing around harassing some fat person, and the fat person sensed the thin person was talking shit about them, and that is why the fat person gave the thin person the look.

Well, I can tell you something, I am NOT "jealous" of your "thinness". LOL!! I am happy with who I am. I may be fat, but I am no fool. I've accepted the way I am. If you are a thin person and you don't like it that I am confident in myself, well that's your tough luck! I am no more "jealous" of you being thin than you are of me being fat. Let me put it that way. And don't tell me that you hate fat people because we are "unhealthy" and "unmotivated" and all that gibberish. What do you really care about our health or motivation!? I'll tell you now, I have a lot more respect for someone who says "I hate fat people because they smell bad" or "are rude" or "are just disgusting" than I do for someone who says they hate fat people because we are "unhealthy" or "unmotivated". Stop acting like you care about our health or motivation!! Because you don't!! I agree that some fat people do make excuses for the reasons they are fat, which is why I refuse to ever discuss my condition with anyone. But some people are fat because they have a legitimate problem. Here's a newsflash for you: Slow metabolism is a big problem in some people. For those unfortunate people, it takes a lot for them just to get out of bed in the mornings.

And this one about how fat people blame thin people for everything. Bull-fucking-shit!!! I think you got it backwards. The way I've seen it, it's the thin people who blame fat people for everything. But then I don't know. Maybe it's just me. I never blame anyone for anything. If I have created a problem, I don't blame some random thin stranger for it! If I have a problem, I don't blame anyone unless I feel someone else really is to blame. But it's not just a random thin person I blame. Or even ALL thin people! Because that's a lot of bull! Now, thin people are taking a lot to blaming fat people for healthcare insurance costs. I still believe that's nothing but a bunch of bull! I think it is nothing more than inflation that is causing insurance rates to go up so high. Everywhere you look, people are going to try and find something or someone to blame, and it's so easy to blame fat people now because fat hate is the only really acceptable prejudice there is now. I think those people are spineless jellyfish for not revealing how they really feel. They should just go ahead and say it: "My insurance rates have gone sky-high because I am (or once was) a smoker" or "a drinker" or "a drug abuser". DUH!!! No, they won't admit it. So they made up this thing that fat people are the cause of insurance rates going so high. And I'll wager you most of those griping do not even have any insurance of any kind! Most of them are teenagers.

And the fact they say fat people could never get a decent boyfriend, and those guys who love fat women are "freaks". Excuse me! One of my previous boyfriends lifted weights that weighed more than most of these skinny curmudgeons, and he fell in love with me while I was fat. He was no freak. He was an A and B student in school and smart as a whip! He was even working to become a lawyer. We are still friends too.

Well, I may be fat, but walk a day in my shoes, you might actually be surprised. I've always prided myself on being UNlike everyone else. For one thing, I don't hardly ever go to fast food places. Only VERY occasionally. But no, it's not an "every day, 3 times a day" thing for me. It's more like a "once in a 6-month period, or when I'm far away from home" type thing for me. And no, that is no lie. Thin people like to believe all fat people lie about their lifestyles. I readily admit I indulge in chocolate more than once a day. But in the same breath, I say I almost never go to fast food places. And I only drink sodas when I need to. My problem is I usually do not eat breakfast. So, my body is in starvation mode. But that is only part of the problem with me. The rest I will not talk about. As for fat people who smell bad, well that is not me either! I can't stand body odor any more than the next person! In fact, if I think I smell too bad, I don't leave the house until I have got rid of the problem.

As for me being a rude fat person. The ONLY time I am ever rude is when someone starts it with me. I'm not going to just stand back and take someone else's shit. I don't go out into the World, saying to myself "Hmm, I think I will give every thin person I see the evil eye today." No way! That's not how I work. I can be very, very sweet. But it depends on how you behave around me. If you are rude, then expect to get your shit thrown back at you by me. If you are nice and polite, I will give you the same kindness. But don't come up to me, giving me your bull, and not expect to get it back! And if I do give it back to you, don't go saying "The big, bad, fat woman was mean to me! Oh, woe is me!" And then accuse all  fat people of being rude, when in fact YOU were the one who started it! I'm not going to just stand there and let you walk all over me. I did too much of that when I was a little kid, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone do it to me now that I am an adult. I've been known to make peoples' lives miserable that I don't like. Ask this idiot Andy who lives in this complex. Ask him how he's getting along here. You will see the results of my work.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Bashes the East

Well the east coast has been having a rough week. First a major earthquake, and now Hurricane Irene. I hope all my friends and my sis and her family are OK. I tried to call Eva and I could not get in touch with anyone. I am a little bit worried, but at the same time I know she knows how to take care of herself. But to date, I heard Irene has killed 8 people. That number could rise. Who really knows? But I do hope all my friends and family are OK. The only one that I know that I hope this storm claims is Hobofart. If he dies in this storm, I'm going to celebrate!! LOL! I know! That's an awful thing to say, but fuck him! He'd deserve it. It's not like he contributes anything to society, or ever will. So LORD, take him now!

Someone I know in this complex also has family in New Jersey. He's a roughneck! LOL! But he's an OK guy. His daughter and him were talking on the phone when I got out to the dog park this afternoon. She doesn't have any power now. I told him I hope his daughter is OK. He just said she's just waiting for her power to come back on. Did you ever notice that some of the most destructive hurricanes have female names? LOL! Women can give Hell! I still remember teasing Katrina when Hurricane Katrina hit the southern US. I wasn't doing it to make fun of the storm or the people who had to endure it. I just did it to tease Katrina a bit. Something I liked to do back then.

In other news, Minnie had a little bit of an incident this morning at the dog park. Brandie, the landlord's wheaton terrier, attacked my Minnie. It was partly my fault! I had forgotten about Brandie's temper! When Brandie is being petted, or babied, she does not like any other dogs to interfere. I never in a million years thought she would hurt the little ones! She's always been so good and gentle with them before. But this morning, I noticed Brandie was limping, and holding her paw above the ground. I felt bad for her and I wanted to see if maybe she had a pebble between her toes or something. So I had her paw on my lap, and I was looking it over. I had no idea Minnie was near me until I saw Brandie lunge at her! Next thing I know, Minnie is pinned down by Brandie, and Brandie is shaking her! I'm there trying hard to grab Brandie's collar to pull her off, but she was moving so fast I couldn't get a grip. Poor Minnie was screaming! Kim, my friend, was screaming in horror in the background, and Karen rushes up to grab Brandie. I don't know if Minnie got Brandie back, but I did see her curl her lips at Emma, who was after Minnie to see that she was OK. I went after Minnie myself. She was fine, but she was all shook up! I knew Brandie had a temper, I just didn't think she'd ever harm the little dogs. She knows them by now!

Minnie got away with nothing more than a tiny little puncture wound on her shoulder. Brandie's leg however, is another story. Her leg is much worse off now than it was when I got there. Lois told Karen that Brandie's leg is now swollen to twice it's normal size. Poor old gal! But in a way, she earned it. She should not have just lunged at Minnie like she did! But Brandie is a dominating dog. She loves attention and babying. She loves it TOO much! She loves it so much that she will attack any other dog that gets in her way when she is getting attention. I just never thought Minnie would be one of her victims! I thank GOD Minnie wasn't hurt worse. I know she could have been! She's so tiny and delicate, and Brandie is so big and tough. Wheaton terriers are nothing to mess with! They were bred to kill small vermin. There was no doubt in my mind that if she wanted to, Brandie could have finished Minnie off. I don't know if I could ever even look at Brandie again and trust her around my babies! I feel so bad that happened to Minnie. So does Karen and Lois. But I really feel bad. Because it's my job, as Minnie's mommy, to protect her from harm. And I failed at it this morning. I did try! But I failed. And that makes me feel bad! But now, Minnie is back to being her old self again. It's as if she's forgotten about this morning's incident.

Well Lois, who is the landlord and Brandie's mom, was so sorry about what happened, she sent Minnie and me a card apologizing for Brandie's actions. I was out at the dog park and Anna came to me saying there is a note attached to my door. At first I was thinking it was going to be a gripe from someone. Karen kept hinting that it wasn't a gripe, that it was something very nice. Anna asked her how she knew and Karen responded with "I'm not going to tell!" LOL! She's funny! Sure enough when I came back to my apartment, it was a nice little card from Lois apologizing for Brandie's actions. Well, I wrote one back to her, and I'll put it on her door tomorrow. I just wanted to tell her I appreciated her concern for Minnie and that Minnie is OK. Minnie didn't even go into shock. And all she has now is a little puncture that is healing up nicely. I'm putting some antibacterial ointment on it now. I think the worst thing that happened was that it scared the daylights out of me and Minnie! Then there is that post-traumatic stress I'm going through now because I could not really help Minnie before it got as far as it did. You know it's going to take YEARS for me to get over that? I still feel sad for what happened to Vegas when he was little.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fart Returns

Well, Hobofart is back again, and after a whole year of me not even giving him much mention. Looks like I am still on his mind! LOL! How flattering! hehehe! I guess that means I got him good last time, and he still feels hurt by what I said to him. LMAO! Well, I had actually been waiting for this to happen. Knowing Hobofart like I do, I knew he was going to try this sooner or later. I had a little surprise for little Mr. Hobofart. There was this one girl who called herself MzKillaNeden, and she used to be on Youtube, and she thought of Hobofart as a friend. I told her he wasn't her friend. Hobofart, knowing him like I do, can never be a good friend to anybody. I wouldn't even try to become friends with him! Well, I recently found out that Hobofart stabbed MzKilla in the back! He played a part in getting her account deleted off Youtube. Why? I don't know. But the important thing is he had a hand in it. Someone who liked him (one of very few people who did, I might add), and he just throws her under the bus like that. He's still there though, and she's not, and I think that's the shit! I told MzKilla he wasn't her friend. I can't make people listen though.

Today, Hobofart (under one of many new names) made a comment on one of my videos. Of course I did not accept his comment. He can take his bullshit elsewhere, though I did save it in my inbox. He wrote "OMG WHY ARE YOU ABUSING THOSE DOGS? AND WTF ARE YOU FEEDING THEM? THEY ARE FATY JUST LIKE YOU TWO OGRES! YACK! STOP STALKING PEOPLE AT THE DOG PARK YOU USELESS LOSER!" LOLOL!! Naturally, hobofart takes the side of the bad guy, who really is abusing other peoples' dogs (and probably his own). No surprise there. Either that, or Hobofart was referring to the part of the video where that little girl whose father lives in this complex, dunks Vegas and Minnie. Neither one of them was hurt in the making of that video. But Hobofart likes to blow everything way out of proportion. BTW, does anyone know what a "faty" is?? hehehe! He has his own little dream world, so I've learned pretty well to ignore him. I know he thought that I was going to get pissy with him, but no. I didn't. Instead, I responded in this way: "@HOBOZCARANDCO Actually, I'm glad you're here again. LOL! I have a video about you that I've been waiting to post, just in case you started needlessly bothering me again. I only hope MzKilla is watching too. :)" And I finally had a chance to post the video which I have titled "I Told Her He Wasn't Her Friend!" It was about how this intestinal worm got MzKilla banned from Youtube!

Within minutes of posting that video, I got a response from someone who thinks hobofart is his friend again. This trash calls himself MrWhiteysBack. One of Hobofart's little sock puppets. And as usual, he's trying to convince me that Hobofart is innocent. He said "were you dropped on your head as a child? hobo is pretty cool, and its easy to claim copyright under anyones name. i can CLAIM to be Lil' Wayne, and have this video taken down. failure. lol" Yeah right! That's the same kind of bullshit Hobofart always gives everyone when he is found out to be the dickhead he is. Well, it doesn't work with me. But I told him to keep trying to convince me of that. LOL! Now, I laugh at anyone who thinks Hobofart is their "friend". Not to say I laugh at MzKilla though. I do hope she learned she cannot trust people like him. He's hurt her before, and he would do it again. I even warned this guy that Hobofart will stab him in the back too. I added that when he does, I hope I have front-row seats to that event because I'm gonna love watching his face when Hobofart lets him down too. Don't say it won't happen! Because it WILL! This is a character who gets pleasure in hurting others. It's best to just drop him now from your friends! Get him before he gets you! I said in my video I'm glad he's not my friend! He never will be either. I would never allow that to happen. And there is no convincing me that he is anything close to "cool". So don't even try to go there with me!

Well, I deleted his comment because I know it's nothing but a bunch of bullshit. I don't want anyone to read it and think he knows what he's talking about. Like I said, Hobofart has his own little dream world, and his so-called "friends" are just as delirious as he is. But most likely he thinks of these people not as friends, but throw-away items like what he thought of MzKilla before throwing her under the bus. And she was such a sweet person too! This is why I never want to be friends with Hobofart! I don't make friends with garbage! My friends are kind, loyal, wonderful people that I can put my full trust in. And NEVER EVER would I do to any of my friends what Hobofart does to his! That kind of finking isn't even in my vocabulary!

The Big Issue

Well, yesterday's incident between Raymie and Anna got a lot of attention. Sharon was there and she and Raymie decided to get Lois, the apartment manager, in on it. Sharon blew it all up and out of proportion, and decided she was going to cause a big stink about it. Lois was on Anna's side though. Lois understands that Odessa is Anna's baby. Raymie did not deny saying that she wanted to break Odessa in half. Lois told her that because she threatened Odessa that Anna's actions were justifiable, and told Raymie to just drop it. I thank GOD we have an apartment manager like Lois. She has a dog herself, Brandie the wheaton terrier. Brandie is her baby too. She's like her child. So Lois understands how Anna felt. But Anna does need to work on her attitude. I'm shocked that she is back to threatening people with bodily harm. I thought she learned her lesson long ago!  Even though I know Anna would never really hurt anyone! But Raymie is a feeble old woman, whose mind is not all in the right place. You have to take what she says with a grain of salt. With Andy, it was different. He gets pleasure out of hurting other peoples' dogs, and he's not a feeble old man. Although I can tell you, his brain is not in the right place either. But Raymie could not possibly hurt Odessa. She has to use a walker to get around, and she can barely do that! Plus, Karen told me Raymie has had loads of birds before and her daughter has pets too. So it's not like she's really an animal hater. I think maybe she was just having a senior moment (that's what my ma calls it), where she just forgot herself.

Speaking of Andy, I saw him again this morning, coming into the dog park, and the first thing out of my mouth when I saw him was "Boy! His belly is really bulging out of his pants today!" LOL! And it was!! He looked like he had swallowed a big-ass bowling ball!! What is the irony in that? hehehe! And he talks about me and Anna being fat. Can anyone say "pathetic"? There are a lot of fat people in this complex, including Andy himself. No one wants to hear his pathetic bullshit about Anna and me being fat. I cannot stand that guy! But I love to talk shit about him! Simply because he loves abusing other peoples' dogs, as well as other people! And he struts around trying to convince people that he is "all that". He thinks he's the bee's knees, and he's really a big nothing! He'll never be able to convince me he's anything but a total douchebag! And that's his good points. Well, I have a plan. If I ever see him abuse anyone else's dogs, I'm going to grab that shovel that Karen uses to pick up the dogs' droppings, and slam him on the head with the bottom side of it!

I cannot really believe that Sharon was going to throw Anna under the bus like she did! But then again, maybe I can. Sharon has lately turned into a nasty old coot! Karen said she's always been a bitter, negative old bitch. But nothing like lately. And she started the feud between her and Karen. She just up and called Karen a fucking stupid idiot one day, for no reason, and as of lately, she never apologized for it. Sharon must be telling people things behind our backs! Every person that she gets heavily involved with always turns on us and automatically hates our dogs. I'd never seen Raymie before in my life before yesterday, and neither has Anna or Odessa. I did see her and Sharon talking when I got off the elevator yesterday, and she never said anything to me. Sharon must have said something after I had walked away that made Raymie want to attack Odessa verbally like she did. The only one who could have said anything was Sharon. And Sharon has shit-talked my dogs before. It happened this one night, close to the 4th of July, I took my dogs out to the park to go potty. Sharon was there with another man watching the fireworks, and she kicked me and the dogs out because she didn't want to hear Vegas barking. Ever since then, I've been very leery about Sharon! It's like that old saying that goes "once bitten, twice shy". I'm a very shy person by nature. Once I've been burned by someone, it takes nearly an act of congress to get me to trust them again. Sharon didn't even burn me as bad as she did Karen, and I'm having a hard time trusting her. But I may never trust her again after the way she threw Anna under the bus like she did. I don't know what has gotten into Sharon. I try to be nice to her, and she just comes out acting like a crabby old goat!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do I Look Mean?

I dunno! I always try to be nice to everyone. But I think I look mean and nasty. So mean I think people who want to shit-talk our dogs don't dare say it to my face! Today, when we took our dogs out for their noon trip to the dog park, Anna was on the way out (some time after me), and there was a woman in the ground floor lobby who started talking about our dogs and Anna overheard it. The woman said something to the effect of "There's that dog that keeps barking at me everytime I pass by their apartment! One of these days, I'm going to take that dog and break it right in half!" and then Anna went ballistic! Now, this was not a young woman, she's an old crotchety thing that even uses a walker to get around. The funny thing was, I passed right by that woman not 10 minutes before Anna, and she didn't say anything to me. And no one can hear Odessa from outside Anna's apartment. Odessa doesn't bark that loud! Her barking is a lot more like the sound one of those clicker dog-training devices sound like. It's not loud at all! And I've never seen that woman before today. So, I think that woman was just delusional. But Anna got pissed at her, I mean PISSED!!! She told that woman that if she ever comes near our dogs, she'd do something terrible to her. That woman said "You're making a mistake!" Anna said back "No! YOU made the mistake!" I asked Anna if she wasn't sure that person was kidding her. She said she didn't look like she was kidding. Well, I wasn't there, I didn't hear exactly what happened. But yes, we are very overprotective of our dogs. I can be like a mama crocodile!! So can Anna!! LOL!!

I just wonder, do I look tough??? I always thought I looked rather meek, and I only act tough when I have to. I don't just pick random people (or dogs) to harass and just keep going with them, or threaten them. I try to give everyone a chance. But seeings how that woman never said anything to me, I wonder if it's just the way Anna carries herself that makes people gripe and complain to her, and not me. LOL! I do walk with a lot of confidence. Anna threatened that woman saying she'd do something terrible to her if she did anything to our dogs. While I think Anna was nobile in defending the dogs, she may have to answer to the police for that comment! I know she didn't mean it, but that woman doesn't know. I told Anna, "You know now she's going to call the cops on you!" I wish I had been there. But then again, if I had been there, that woman probably would not have said anything to Anna. Anna said to me "She'd better not do anything to hurt our dogs!" I assured her "Believe me, she won't!" I told Anna I would knock that woman off her walker if she tried! Old or not, I don't care. If she's got the gumption to threaten to harm my dogs, she can have the gumption to get her butt off the floor after I push her down!

Seems people always want to threaten our dogs here. First it was Helga, then Andy, and now this woman, whose name I do not know. I bet if they were rottweilers barking at these people, no one would be threatening to break them in half! But I think they do it because these are such tiny dogs, and would not really hurt them in consequence. Maybe I should have got rottweilers! I'd like to see someone try and harm my dogs if they were! But most apartments do not allow rottweilers. So I had to get chihuahuas. Same thing almost, just in a smaller package.

UPDATE: That old woman's name is Raymie (wierd-ass name) and Karen told me her son in law is a policeman. But if it's true she did threaten to harm Anna's dog, Anna may be able to use that in her defense. Apparently Raymie has had a stroke and was unconscious for 24 hours. So she is not all right in the head, and probably did not mean to make threats on Odessa's life. She lives here on the first floor, so there really is no way she could hear Odessa from her apartment. More than likely, she was talking about some other dog that annoys her.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Proud Mama

Well, I am now the proud owner of a 55-gallon aquarium. I've been wanting an aquarium since I moved here, and I've been discussing it in front of my friends at the dog park. Well, Karen asked me the other day if I would be interested in her aquarium. She had it and suddenly didn't want it anymore, and she knew I was in desire of an aquarium. I told her at first I would have to see it. She told me it will come with her fish. She had a couple of algae eaters, about 5 angelfish, a dalmatian molly, a platy, and some cory cats. I hoped her angelfish were not big ones, but when I went to her place to see, they are rather big. Angelfish are quite aggressive. I told her what I was going to do if I got the tank was get some tetras and little fish like those. I prefer the little fish over big ones. That way I can get more. And if I had kept the angelfish, they would have surely eaten the little tetras I would get, and I couldn't have that!

Well, once I saw the tank, I was interested, but I told Karen she could keep the angelfish. They were gorgeous fish, but I like the little tetras and rasboras and stuff like that. But I was willing to keep the others she had. However, the platy and 2 of the cories died in transport. Oh well. Sad as it is, it left more room for the tetras and smaller fish. So she got all the fish out, cleared out the tank, and brought it to my place and even helped me set it up. After that, I wanted to go shopping for some of those tetras and stuff I was talking about. I got some congo tetras, some scissor-tailed rasboras, some neon tetras, and some bleeding-heart tetras. My tank looks alive now! I missed having a fish tank for a long time. I could not get one when we lived in Ocean Shores, because I figured there would be no place to keep it. Most every space we had there was used up. Well, to be honest, there is even less space here! But I managed, through a miracle of GOD, to fit this big 55-gallon tank in this apartment! I don't think there is a way I can fit anything more though. Not unless I get rid of some stuff!

Well this morning I got up, turned the tank lights on, took a shower, fed the fish, and then took the dogs out to the dog park for about an hour. When I returned, I noticed there were clusters of eggs on the side of the tank!! This tank is very well aerated, and runs on strong currents, like in a lot of rivers. I really don't know who laid those eggs! I know Karen told me one time the cories bred, and had 8 babies! But I don't know who was responsible for these clusters of eggs! It could have been the molly. They breed very easily! Or it may have been the cories again. I don't think these eggs will hatch. They will most likely get eaten before their time comes. That's my luck! Well, Karen took really good care of these fish, I could see. I will just have to see what happens. If they hatch, then at least I will know who the parents are. If they don't hatch, well then it will just remain a mystery.

In other news, that guy Andy, who is always setting Anna up and shit talking us and abusing everyone else's dogs, he was caught smoking marijuana yesterday!! Right here on the apartment grounds! What a fucking retard!!! Karen, who is also close friends with the landlord, said that is grounds for immediate eviction! YES!!! I hope the landlord nails him! Then Karen and this other guy Mike, who saw the whole incident, were talking about Andy going to church this morning riding there in a suit and tie, on his bicycle. LOL! The funny thing about that was he got a ride to church last week, and the guy who picked him up seemed very nice. Andy probably said some shit to him about me, and probably got all freaky about it, like he usually does, and that guy probably said "You're nuts! I'll never give you a ride again buddy!" Andy goes to church on Sundays, and then acts like a complete asshole every other day. I heard all this, and I said "Geez! I'm glad he doesn't like me!" See! I sensed all this about this guy! I sensed it long ago! Like I said in my latest video, fat people are the best judges of character on the planet! Especially those who are as old, and have been around as much as I have. A thin, "beautiful" person would have heard Andy talking about us like the dumbass he is, and just laughed because he was making fat jokes. They still would have thought of him "Oh he's a wonderful guy, and funny too." Even though out of sight, he was probably shit-talking them, and using drugs and other things that would not make him the kind of person anyone decent should hang around. Even Karen doesn't like him anymore at all. I remember she told me one time how she was sharing her newspaper with him, and Andy threw it in her face and yelled at her because the newspaper was all wrinkled. She hasn't shared her newspaper with him since! Now she calls him things like "tard" and "weirdo" and other things like that. I agree with her too. I just cannot help but feel sorry for his dogs.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Karma's A Bitch, I Can Be Too

LOL! There is this man whose name is Andy, and he lives in this apartment complex on the first floor. He's a fricken wierdo!! I used to like him when he first moved here. Well, let me rephrase that, I liked his dogs, Angus who is a large scottish terrier, and Lou who is a large west-highland terrier. I have quite an affinity for scottish-type terriers, I used to have one myself named Mysti (short for Mystify Me), and she behaved just like Angus does. I love the breed! So I liked his dogs. But Andy, he was nice when I first met him. As time progressed with him though, I began to pick up on a lot of little red flags that led me to believe that he was not at all a nice person! But even after discovering what an asshole he was, I was still never rude to him. It got so bad, I noticed he was abusing everyone around him. Including some people I consider good friends. I don't like it when some jerk is nasty and abusive to my friends or family! I take it very personally. I found out later on that Andy hates Vegas and Minnie because Vegas barks. I can tell you what I think happened. I think Helga (Sharon's friend and a wierd-ass treehugger who once yelled at Anna, telling her to put a muzzle on Vegas) said something to Andy. I noticed his behavior changed after I saw him talking to her one day. I have the distinctive feeling she said something to him about us and Vegas. What she said, don't know, don't really care. But I know she said something evil!

Well, this last weekend, our complex had a community yard sale. Andy participated, wanting to sell some of his stuff. Well, me and some friends and Anna were all out at the dog park, and without warning, nor a hint of provocation, Andy picks up and slams down a metal funnel on Brandie, a wheaten terrier that belongs to the landlord, and Brutus, a mini schnauzer who belongs to a friend of mine named Karen. Poor Brutus got the full brunt of the hit and it scared him so bad he ran off. Anna and I saw it and we started screaming at him. We were both PISSED!!!! Andy and Anna got into a shouting match! Anna HATES Andy!! With a passion!! Later on, Karen confronted Andy about hitting her dog Brutus, and he responded "I'm sorry I hit your dog, I meant to hit the fat ladies' dogs" meaning Anna's dog and mine. Karen told him that it's a good thing he didn't hit "the fat ladies' dogs" because with the force he hit Brutus, it would have killed them. Then he would have been "cuffed and stuffed". Belive me, I would take him to court and make him pay if he had hurt Vegas, Minnie or Odessa. As for him wanting to hit "the fat ladies' dogs", well that's a load of bullshit! He wasn't even aiming at our dogs! He was looking and aiming at the dogs right by the fence and "the fat ladies' dogs" were all a long way from that fence! So I don't believe him at all. But I told him he's lucky that wasn't one of our dogs because I would have made him sorry he was ever born!

Andy is not only a wierdo, he's evil too. Anyone who would hurt a tiny dog like Anna's and mine is messed up somewhere. And neither Anna nor I have ever done anything wrong to Andy. I think he just hates us because we are fat. But I don't judge him by the way he looks. Although I could! He's a fat ass himself! But I hate him because he is just pure evil. I feel bad for his dogs! He takes them to the dog park and just leaves them there all day long. Those poor dogs of his crave his attention, so they look for it from other people. And his dogs are all unkept, their claws are so long, they can barely walk. Their hair is all matted, he never grooms them. He really does not deserve his dogs at all!! He deserves nothing and no one! I once heard from a reliable source that he was once married, and he used to beat his wife, and throw things at her. She lost all her precious possessions because Andy would have these temper tantrums and break all her stuff. He even has a daughter, and even she doesn't want anything to do with him! He calls her a "spoiled brat". Well, according to this source, his daughter is a "spoiled brat" because he spoiled her! What a dumb-ass!!! Seems mister Andy sees corruption everywhere except in himself!

Well, karma is definitely a bitch! hehehe! I heard this morning Andy was in the dog park, sitting under a tree, and he got shit-on by a bird!! LOL! When I heard that, the first words out of my mouth was "Even the birds don't like him!!" and I laughed so hard!! The birds don't sing for Andy, they shit on him!! LOL!!! When Anna came into the park with Odessa, I told her what happened to Andy, and she laughed too, and said the exact same thing I did. It made everyone there laugh!! Hey! Great minds think alike! Yes, karma can be a bitch, and revenge is so sweet!! Thank you to that bird! You made my day! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 54th Timmy!!

Well today is the birthday of a very special man. A man that I admire very much and have been admiring him for many years now. That is Mr. Tim Farriss of INXS. I still love him a lot! Last night was the last night of their tour in the US. I don't know if they will be going anywhere else in the World. But their tour finished with a concert in Atlanta. I didn't get to go to any concerts. I did have a ticket for the concert in WA state. But I had to send it back. There was just no way in the World I would have been able to make it there. All our money was tied up in this move, like it usually is whenever we move! There was just no way. And LORD knows I couldn't expect INXS to come here to Montana. Timmy doesn't even know this state exists. Although I don't know what he thought was here next to North Dakota and Idaho, and I believe he's been to both states. But anyway, that's not the point of today. This is a very special day for Timmy. It's his 54th birthday, and I wanted to create this message for him, letting him know that I still adore him. I know he doesn't like to be called this, but I still see him as the best guitarist in the World!! Not to mention, he is so very handsome! Whenever I see him in a pic, I cannot help but love him all over again. Sometimes I feel like a school girl! LOL! Well, I went to 4 concerts of their's during their last tour, and as I understand it, you could not bring cameras into the concert grounds. So, maybe it's a good thing I didn't go. I could have asked special permission to allow my camera in, but most likely they would have said no.

Before the US tour, INXS were asking the fans where they would like them to tour to. They were allowing the fans to create Facebook pages asking INXS to come to their area, and several fans did it. I thought it was a cute idea. And the thought did cross my mind more than once to create a Facebook page asking them to come to Bozeman. But how many other people, besides Timmy, doesn't even know this state exists? Let alone Bozeman! I didn't think a page for INXS coming to Montana would have got very many followers, so I didn't even bother with it. I guess maybe next time INXS goes on tour, I'll try to make it to the nearest concert. I just couldn't this time. Would have been different if our move could have waited, but it couldn't.

In other news, there is this man in our complex, and he has 2 dogs of his own. But he abuses other peoples' dogs. The man's name is Andy, and Anna and I cannot stand him!! He and Anna argue almost always onsight. One day he was passing out treats to the dogs at the dog park, and he gave a treat to Brandi, who is the landlord's dog, and then he kicked the dog in the chest. And you could hear Brandi squeal a little bit when he did that. Then, this past weekend, at our community's yard sale, he took a metal car funnel and slammed it on Brutus, who is my friend's somewhat oversized miniature schnauzer. I witnessed it, and so did Anna. Anna was fit to be tied!! She screamed and hollared at him, and he argued with her. He acted like he could do anything he wanted to and no one had any right to stop him. If he wants to abuse other peoples' dogs, he could do it and no one can say anything about it. Well, I told him straight up he's lucky that funnel didn't hit our dogs, because I would have scratched his eyeballs out! No hesitation on my part! Fortunately, the metal funnel did not hurt Brutus, or Brandi, who was also in the line of fire. They are bigger dogs, they can handle it better. But Minnie, Vegas and Odessa probably would have been killed, with the force Andy threw that funnel down on the dogs! But it still pisses me off how he did that, and then tried to defend his actions! I worry especially about Odessa, she's blind, and would not have been able to see if he had thrown that funnel on her. Thus she would not have been able to get away. And Minnie is so dainty and delicate, her back would have probably been broken. And Vegas is so small! And if my past is any indication, I do not take well to losing pets! I still mourn over Groucho! It's lessened, but I still mourn over her. Minnie was my saving grace on that incident. I got her to sort of ease the pain. Even though she does not cuddle like Groucho did. But she has helped in bringing me closer to Vegas as well. So yes, I need both my dogs! And I don't want to see Odessa hurt either.

It's such a surprise that Andy is like this! He even has 2 dogs of his own. One would think that he would understand that dogs bark. And that's what he hates the most, dogs barking. Well, I told him in no uncertain terms, if he harms our dogs, I'll scratch his eyes out! He can hate my dogs all he wants, he can even curse them! I don't care! But if he tries to harm them, he's going to be treading on very thin ice. I haven't heard a word from him since I told him that, and he's been hanging low. He doesn't even come into the dog park anymore. And now, when we see each other, we say nothing to each other. But hey! It's not like I miss him or anything! LOL! In fact, it'd be great if I didn't even see him again. Well, I informed the landlord of Andy's actions, so she knows. I hope she can do something about it! He thinks she won't. But I'm sure she will. Because he is not only being abusive, but also very disruptive. I hope he gets kicked out!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Yard Sale This Weekend!!

Yippee!! There is a sale going on in this complex this weekend. So far though I only know of 3 people who will be participating. One is Sharon, who as I understand it, likes to charge retail prices on used items, and I think another is this guy whose name is Jeremiah. Nice guy, and very handy to have around. He helped us a lot when it came to moving. He even put my bed frame together. Well, I can browse around, no problem. I don't know if I can buy anything, but I can browse. I can never understand why people want to sell their used stuff and charge retail prices for them! I'll never understand that. Part of the reason people go to yard sales (and my ma knows this) is to look for bargains. I remember when we still lived in Ocean Shores, ma and I both had a yard sale on the same weekend. I sold a couple of MP3 players I had, and a lot of other things I didn't need anymore. But ma hardly sold anything. Why? Because she was charging new prices for old items. Like this old, out-dated water crock she had. Nobody really buys those anymore! Ma wanted to charge $25 for it, which was about what she paid for it. I told her she'd be better off selling it for maybe $10, and then only as a decorative item. Well, the first day, it did not sell at all. Then she brought down the price and it sold. I remember ma didn't sell anything that first day, but Anna and I made over $100. I let someone have my MP3 players for $18. That was cheap! Considering both of them costed me over $50 each. They were the really fancy ones too, with the screen built in, and one even had a clock! But I didn't like them! No matter what I did, I could not get them to play my music in alphabetical order, and that is what I like. So that is why I sold them.

Anyway, that is why people like going to yard sales. So they can get good items at a cheap price. I cannot blame them. I understand here last year, they had a yard sale too, and Sharon wanted to sell her items at high prices. Karen told me she was selling stuff at that sale last year too, and she made over $140, whereas Sharon only made about $5 that whole weekend! Karen said that Sharon was PISSED!! Ma is the same way when she has a yard sale. And this is the same person who goes to yard sales looking for bargains! She once got a water cooler for only $15, and it was very high-tech. I don't understand why ma wants to charge new prices for her used, outdated stuff! She once tried to sell us an old TV set that she had with a built-in VCR for $125. Now, this was in 2008, this was well after VCRs were already out of style. I told her no way! I told her I could go to a thrift store and buy that same little TV set for less than $20. It was only a 13-inch TV, and the VCR portion had already stopped working! I don't know what ma was thinking trying to sell it to us for $125! But that's how she does business, and that was why she didn't manage to sell anything that weekend at our yard sale. But Anna and I were selling like crazy!! Well, I think she learned her lesson that weekend. She finally just gave that little TV set to Anna, and she sold me her flat-screen HDTV for only $200, which really is a good deal. And it's one of the best brands in HDTV too. It's a Vizio. I love it too!! It's an awesome TV set!

Well, yestarday Anna and I went to a place called Fuddrucker's. It's a hamburger joint, but they also serve all kinds of exotic meats. Anna and I had their bison burgers! They serve them with these steak fries, and I took mine and put some cheese sauce on them! They were awesome!! The burgers there were great too! They also don't just stop at bison burgers. They have beef, of course. They also have elk burgers, wild boar burgers, ostrich burgers, and more! I told Anna the next time I go there, I'm going to try their ostrich burgers! I've never tried ostrich before! I wonder if it tastes like chicken? But anyway, I've got to rave about their bison burgers! I have to admit they came out better than my own! I told Katrina about this place when I got home. As far as I know, we didn't have a Fuddrucker's in WA state. Katrina kept calling it "Ruddfucker's"! LOL! But anyway, if you love exotic burgers, this is the place to go! Like I said, I'm going to try the ostrich burgers next. I heard ostrich meat is very lean. And in natural meats like that, they never add hormones to bulk them up. That's why I stopped eating beef!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ugly, Fat, Stupid and Worthless

Oh boy! LOL! The vegan fanatics are at it again! hehe! Just like they say on the McDonald's commercials, I'm lovin' it! hehe! This is on one of my YouTube videos, this person who gets on one of my vids, and says about me "You are ugly, you are fat, you are stupid and worthless... does that hurt your self-awareness inmense biatch???" To which I responded "Nope :) doesn't hurt me at all :) In fact, it makes me smile. I love it that you think I'm ugly and hate my guts. That makes me feel wonderful. And no, that's not sarcasm. It's true. Because I hate vegan fanatics like you and I don't want you to like me. :)" However, I love how much they try! LOL! I normally do not accept comments made by vegan fanatics, but this one was too irresistable. Something just told me to accept this one. My inner voice. And I only respond to comments like this when I am in a giddy mood, and I was in a giddy mood! I had a lot to look foreward to yesterday! Anna and I were going to Livingston to have some fun. First, we looked for precious gems. I found some rather nice sapphires and garnets, and I am having a necklace made as we speak. I found a lot of garnets, they were rather easy to find. Sapphires were harder to find, and we only found a few.

After that, we went horseback riding and on a cookout. Anna had a bit of trouble and could not get on her horse, but I did it with no problem. I thought the horse was going to buck or go crazy with my fat butt on his back, but no, he did fine! hehe! I find it funny how when people try so hard to bring me down, I always find life gets better and better for me. LOL! If this fanatical vegan had gotten to me yesterday, my day would have been different. But since I don't habitually let what the vegans say get to me, my day was perfect!! All this dude accomplished yesterday with his comment was making the steak at the cookout taste even better! The thing is, I am getting used to the vegans. There is no way in the World their comments can bother me. And like I told this dude, I don't want them to like me! I feel a lot better when they don't. Of course I do still have vegan friends. But if they are my friends, they are not fanatics. They have accepted me the way I am. And that is rare among vegans, and non-existent in vegan fanatics. The fanatics prefer to stick their noses in other peoples' business and try to make them change. They won't change me though.

There are many reasons I won't go vegan. I am doing fine in my life, I don't need to go vegan. Besides, if I did go vegan, I would have to take massive supplements to make up for the vitamins I would not be getting. My preference in veggies is limited to peas, carrots, potatos, corn, and rarely cauliflower and celery. My range of favorite fruits is a little more varied, I like apples, grapes, peaches, pears, plus a number of juices. That is why I always say I could never go vegan. If it doesn't taste good, I refuse to put it in my mouth! And meat tastes GOOD!! Where most veggies don't. I was brought up to see veggies as nothing more than a side-dish. Not the main course. That lifestyle just would not work with me. And I get vegans calling me every name in the book. But I would rather have them hate my guts, and call me every name they can think of than to change myself out of weakness and change where I really don't want to change.

And they think they will outlaw eating meat. It'll never happen! Because we have freedom of choice. And even if they did manage to get meat off the shelves, I'd just find a way to raise my own meat animals. The fanatical vegans, like this guy, can hate me all they want to. I want them to! I want them to hate me until it hurts! I want them to hate me so much it makes their hair hurt! I don't want any friends who are vegan fanatics. They're not even real humans. They admit it themselves, they are evolving in a different direction. I say let them evolve. The group I am following are evolving into humans that may one day prey on the vegans. Who knows? In about 1000 years, we may develop sharp, curved claws. Though no primate has ever developed real claws. Yet quite a number of primates are omnivorous. The most successful primates are the omnivores. Whereas the strictly herbivorous species are declining in numbers.

As for these videos (like Earthlings) the vegans keep telling everyone to watch, I've seen it. I had no problem watching most of it. The only thing that bothered me was watching this one guy beat up a baby calf. He actually punched the little guy with his fists, and the calf was flinching. It was horrible. I kept trying to imagine hitting my horses like that, and I just couldn't. Well, it would have been somewhat similar. But the actual slaughter scenes did not bother me. I'm used to watching nature shows, I've seen much worse in those programs than anything I saw on this vegan video.

In other news, there is some friction going on in this complex. I try to keep my chat about what goes on here to a minimum. Anna and I have had no problems making friends. Some of my favorite friends here are a couple of women one is named Karen and the other is named Kim. Kim is confined to a wheelchair, but she has a lot of spirit! I think they are both very nice people. We get together and talk a lot about dogs. Karen has 2 miniature schnauzers, and she is often seen walking the landlord's wheaton terrier. Kim has a golden retriever. We often meet up in the dog park and sit and talk for hours about different kinds of subjects. Well, I found out that Karen does not like Sharon, the landlord's secretary. And the feeling is very mutual. I try to remain neutral, but ever since that incident where Sharon threw me and my dogs out of the dog park, I've been very antsy about her. It's kindof like the saying that goes once bitten, twice shy. I cannot even say I like Sharon anymore. Then Karen told me that Sharon does not have any authority to kick anyone out of the dog park. That was when Karen told me that Sharon is not the landlord's helper, but rather nothing but a secretary.

Anyway, Karen and Sharon hate each other. Today when I announced Karen was on her way into the park, Sharon quickly took leave, and right in the middle of a conversation. Karen hates Sharon because Sharon once got in her face and called her a "fucking stupid idiot". Sharon wanted to file a report against Karen and Kim because they told Sharon that her dog Cora took a dump in the park. It was just an FYI because Sharon was not in the park when Cora dumped. In this complex, it is mandatory for everyone to pick up after their dogs, and Sharon knows it. Well, she thought that Karen and Kim were ganging up on her because she was told about her dog. So Sharon wanted to file a police report. I heard that and I asked "What good is that going to do?" Karen said the same thing I would have said. She said "Fine. Then I'll file a police report against her for calling me a stupid, fucking idiot." The tension between them has been there almost since I moved here, but it's gotten worse this past week, since Karen and Kim told Sharon that her dog took a dump in the park when Sharon walked away.

Funny thing is Karen confessed she and Sharon used to be friends last year. Then Sharon said to Karen that Kim said something about her and then told Kim that Karen said something about her, and turned those two against each other. It turned those two against each other, and later on they found out none of what Sharon said about them was true. When I heard that, it made me feel somewhat disgusted! I don't want to get involved in the drama, but I like Karen and Kim. I think they are great! And they're a lot of fun!

As for Sharon kicking me out of the dog park, she has since done that same thing to someone else. Well, that person went to the landlord, and the landlord said "Screw that!" I'm going to remember that the next time Sharon tries to do that to me and my dogs! I only wish I had known she didn't have that authority when she did it to me. I would have told her to f- off. Well, I don't think she's going to do it to me and my dogs again. I'd like to say I like Sharon, but since that incident, it's been tough. I always try to be friendly though, and I will talk to her, if she talks to me first. But I don't say to her, "Hey! How are you doing today?" like I do with Kim and Karen.