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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Confession

I was downstairs a little while ago and I ran into Deb, she apparently had a talk with Roger. She told me that Roger swears he didn't write that note. Frankly, I don't buy it! He also swore to Anna that he wasn't the one who has been leaving the shopping carts in front of her door, but then in the next breath he turned around and basically admitted that he was. And he even openly admitted he is the culprit to at least 5 other people. If Roger did not do it (and I am not saying he didn't), it could only have been one other person who would say something like that to Anna, and that is Andy. But the thing is, I have no idea if Andy even has a computer or a printer. And why would he come all the way up to this floor just to post a sickening letter like that on Anna's door?? Especially since he promised Karen he was going to try and be nicer to us. Unless he just simply snapped, which is what usually happens with him, now that he's on this new medication.

Well, if I am wrong, and Roger didn't do it, I'm going to feel awful. But if it's true that Andy did do it, I'll be somewhat relieved. Because I think Anna should be used to Andy's teasing by now. I know I am. But I do remember he was at the dog park yesterday when I went in, and he simply left without another word, rather quickly. I mean, quicker than it usually takes him to leave. He just rushed out of there. Maybe it was a signal that he did something really wrong. I thought nothing of it at the time because he has always left when I walk into the park. But never as quickly as he did yesterday. But I'll still feel like shit because I accused Roger! What else could I think? He and Anna have been at this shopping cart war for quite a while now, and he's pissed off because of that sign on Anna's door, it seemed only logical he did do it. I still believe he did it. Until someone else steps up and actually admits they did it, I'll always believe Roger was the one who did it.

Roger has a few dim-wits on his side. Betty for one person. She also could have done it. Anna and I were just talking yesterday about how she has never bothered her. I don't know. I don't exactly like Betty. She's stuck-up and she's LOUD!!! Her voice is just naturally loud! Sometimes I want to stick a load of cotton in her throat just to get her to quiet down! But I don't like her. I also know she is always on Roger's side.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cat And Mouse Games

Sometimes, I just want to slap the shit out of my sis's neighbor. It's this man named Roger, and he's an old man. Not like he's a young teenager or anything. He's been pushing carts in front of my sister's door. Anna had no idea who has been putting carts in front of her door, but she wrote a message and put it up on her door, telling the person to stop it. And she said the person who is doing it is stupid, dumb and inconsiderate. The note was not directed at any one person, just the person who has been pushing the cart in front of her door. Well, one day Roger was downstairs and he had been talking to Deb, Deb didn't think it was a good idea for Anna to have that sign on her door, calling someone dumb, stupid and inconsiderate. But Anna did not direct those comments to anyone in particular. But Roger complained about it (I know he did). The way he talked at Anna that day, and some things he said when she asked about the cart in front of her door, it gave him away as the culprit.

One morning Anna was walking out of her apartment with Odessa, and she saw Roger talking to someone and he mentioned out loud in front of her that she still has "that stupid sign" on her door. Basically, Roger has all but admitted to her that he was the culprit. But he has admitted it to several other people whom he waits downstairs for the mail man with. But he is so spineless, he absolutely refuses to admit it to Anna. Well, this morning Anna was again about to put Odessa out when she noticed an anonymous note on her door that said "You are a fat, lazy bitch, nobody likes you, your attitude anyway, so why don't you just move!" Anna took the note, gave it to Karen and asked her to give it to Lois. This has become an issue now. I knew when Anna told me about the message that it had to be Roger! I told her he's just trying to get to her because of that note on her door saying the shopping cart nag is dumb, stupid and inconsiderate. But it looks like now Roger wants to play games with Anna. So, I said if he wants to play this game with Anna, we're game! He'll have to deal with me too!

Well, I invited Anna to my apartment and I wrote a scathing letter back to him. I wrote "A stupid, retarded old fart lives here. He is loony, spineless, and needs to be institutionalized!" and I took it and stuck it on his door. I put it over his peephole, so I know he'd see it when he steps out. He didn't even see me post the sign on his door! LOL! I'll tell him I did it only after he tries to accuse Anna of doing it. But like I said, if he wants to play this way, we're game. Anna has me on her side! So it's our 2 brains against his none. Everyone here knows Roger is a loony old fart. Anna never did anything wrong to him either. But he just pushes any shopping carts he sees in the hallway in front of her door. He's just being an asshole. Irma, who is Anna's other neighbor, said Roger is acting like this because he believes Anna's apartment is possessed by some evil spirit or something. The guy who lived there before her used to give Roger a hard time, and I think he believes Anna is in some way connected with the former tenant. But that's wrong to put that kind of hatred and blame on Anna's shoulders. But it shows Roger completely lacks character!

He's lucky I don't believe in slapping an old man! LOL! I used to get slapped for shit-talking men that age! But I think even my dear, sweet mom would agree with me on this one. Roger's note has been turned in to the landlord. Bet anything he still doesn't admit he made that letter. The only other person who could have done it would have been Andy, and he never has had any reason to come to this floor so far. The only person who has such a problem with Anna that lives on this level is indeed Roger, and he was pissed off by that message Anna posted on her door. He could only be this upset if he were guilty, and more and more every day, he proves that he is. Deb says we need to have cameras placed down that hall! I agree! Either they do it, or I'll put a hidden camera up there. Hopefully Anna never gets another letter like that again on her door, but she should be prepared, this may get worse. But like I said, she has me on her side. But at least now I know why Roger won't just confront Anna face to face like an adult. But it's still not right, what he's doing. I told Anna if she gets another letter like that one, to show it to me as well. I want to see it.

Well, I knew the "retarded" epitaph would get to Roger! LOL! For someone as crazy as him, the word "retarded" always cuts them deeply. I was out in the lobby, and I saw him march himself down the hallway, and he had the note I left on his door wrapped around his wallet. He looked PISSED!!!! LOL! I just laughed, after he left of course. I'm not yet ready for him to know that I was the one who posted that letter anonymously. I'll tell him when he accuses Anna of doing it, which should not take too long. I just want to see if he actually does accuse her. Then that will provide a little further proof that he was the one who posted that stupid message on Anna's door.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Past Loves of Timmyfan

Lately, I have been watching a lot of Gilligan's Island, basically trying to recapture my youth, and Netflix is helping me out here. I am getting some of the sitcoms I always enjoyed growing up. Gilligan's Island was one of them. And back then, I developed a huge kiddie crush on Bob Denver! I thought he was so cute! Ya know they say girls are often attracted to men who remind them of their father, whether consciously or unconsciously. For me, it must have been an unconscious attraction, because looking at him now, he does sort of remind me a little bit of how my father looked back then. I remember in my 6th grade class room, all my friends all talked about how ugly Bob Denver was in front of me. They usually said things to the effect of "Bob Denver? EWWW!!!" They were free to believe what they wanted, for some reason it didn't bother me. I guess I knew even back then that most people do not think screwball actors are cute or handsome. Bob Denver often portrayed someone who was screwy and dim-witted, like Gilligan. And a lot of people usually do not find that attractive. But in all honesty, you take away the sailor's hat and don't think of him as a dim-witted second mate marooned on a deserted island, Bob Denver was actually quite handsome!

Those were pics of him as a young man. He has a certain amount of charm in these pics! That was how I saw him. I thought he was handsome, and I did think so for a long time. Actually, it was a toss-up between him and the professor. I found that most of my friends who watched the show liked the professor more. Probably again because usually he was serious and intelligent, more so than anyone else on the show. One of my buddies back then said she thought Ginger was the only good-looking cast member. But Ginger was a girl! And this friend was a girl. I didn't think anything about it back then, but I couldn't have a crush on Ginger! LOL! People would have thought I was gay. Well! I think they thought I was gay anyway. Because there was this boy named Paul Rades, who I believe went around and told everyone in the whole school I was gay! LOL! In recently thinking about this, I believe that is why there were people I'd never known and never did any harm to in that school that hated my guts so much! Paul must have went around and told everyone I was gay! Back then, gay people were severely lynched. But I loved Bob Denver! To say I was gay would have been like saying a horse is a breed of dog.

Ahh! That's what I hated so much about that place! Ya know they say everyone has 'layers'. That is, there is an outer person that everyone sees, then there is a person underneath that outer person that no one usually sees. Kids usually judge other people by their outer layers. But these kids didn't even judge me by that! They just heard what someone else thought I was, and believed it. Kids are so dumb sometimes!

Well, I guess you might call me a "celebrity slut" because at about the same time I had taken on a crush for Bob Denver, I had already found another love, Harpo Marx. My devotion for him led to a complete and utter love for the Marx Brothers. But Harpo was definitely the cutest. But again, all my friends kept trying to convince me that they were ugly. I didn't see them that way, especially not Harpo! One friend I had even went so far as to try and convince me that they were "dogs". Well, I liked dogs! She could not insult me by saying the Marx Brothers were dogs. I didn't think the Marx Brothers were as ugly as those people were trying to convince me they were. I mean, how could you say this face is ugly??

Harpo was known for his angelic expression. If you think that's ugly, there's something wrong with you! If you were to compare Harpo with a dog, I think he'd be either a chihuahua or maybe a maltese, something adorable like that. And I mean a well-bred chihuahua, not those ugly Taco Bell dog lookalikes that are common among poor-quality breeders. Something more like a breed with a very baby-doll-like face. Here's another interesting fact I learned when I was reading Harpo's autobiography, Harpo Speaks. I heard he used to spend some time in the summer at Ocean Shores! To think, if I had lived there in the 30s and 40s, I possibly could have met him! That would have been cool!

Ever wonder what he looked like without the make-up? Like an average man. Here's a pic of him with his wife, who was also an actress and starred in Million-Dollar Legs:

Yes, Harpo was a dog-lover! Most decent people are. :) There's a story behind this little dog in the picture too, and he mentions it in his autobiography as well. It's a good book! I suggest it to anyone who has ever enjoyed the Marx Brothers. Well, my love for the Marx Brothers outlasted my affliction for Bob Denver. I mean, I still bore a torch for him, but it shrinked to the size of a hand-held lighter by the time I was in middle school.

During my  Middle school years, my affection for the Marx Brothers began to wane, and any affection I felt for Bob Denver had all but disappeared. That was because I discovered 2 new TV shows. I used to love old movies and TV shows. They don't make them like that anymore. But what was once KTZZ channel 22 used to have a Golden Oldies hour, and during that hour they ran Dennis the Menace and My Favorite Martian. They both quickly became my favorite shows, especially My Favorite Martian. I mean, I liked Dennis the Menace, but I didn't see it anywhere near as being in the same class as My Favorite Martian! For one reason, and ONLY one reason. I had a huge crush on both the stars of the show, Ray Walston and Bill Bixby. I thought both were very good-looking men!

Ray Walston was older than my grandma, but I always thought he was just as cute as a button! I remember when I was in middle school, no one said he was ugly, but everyone kept trying to convince me that he was dead! LOL! I kept telling them he wasn't, because I knew better. One boy named David Grant, even got pissed off at me because I said he wasn't dead, and he said in a hateful tone "Yes he IS! GOD-Dammit!" I don't know what his problem was, or why he got so rude just because Ray Walston was not dead. If men ever got PMS, I would have said maybe that day he was PMSing! LOL! This was back in the mid to late 80s! Ray Walston was very much alive then, and even had starred in a new TV series called Fast Times. Ray Walston did not die until the beginning of 2001. Oddly enough, it was the same year my grandma died too. But to this day, he still has a place of his own in my heart! I can never let go of the time I had deep feelings for him, and the fun and laughter he brought me. And that face! That adorable face!

I dunno. I had a big thing for older men back then! To me, older men looked much more distinguished than younger men. Especially the boys in my school. And then there was Bill Bixby. Now, he was another story. Most people remember him as the Incredible Hulk and from The Courtship of Eddie's Father. I used to watch both shows, but to me, Bill Bixby will always be Tim O'hara. Another reason I learned to love the show so much is because of the name of the main characters, it was the same as that of a friend of mine that I had before, who had passed away. The thing about Bill Bixby was he was younger and more good looking. Ray Walston was just cute. Bill Bixby was really handsome! And for a change, none of my friends kept saying he was ugly.

I feel sorry for Bill Bixby. His one and only child ever died when he was only 6 of a severe throat infection. After that, he never had anymore kids. So there is nothing left of him. I remember when I was a teenager, and had a crush on him, I had written letters to different celebs, asking them if they'd like to do a photo-exchange. I wrote to Bill Bixby. I was going to write to Ray Walston, but I wrote to Bixby first and waited to see if I would hear back from him. THEN, I was going to write to Ray Walston. But Bill Bixby never answered me back, so I guess I got a little discouraged and didn't write to Ray Walston. Not even so much as a "thank you" letter from Bixby. But I guess now I know why. He was having a hard time that year, as I believe that was the year his kid died. I also remember writing to Bob Hope and Red Skelton, and I heard back from both of them. Bob Hope even said I was cute! LOL! I still have the pic he sent me, and I'll never part with it. I'd be foolish to! It's bad enough I lost the letter he sent me in a flood. I don't want to lose this picture. The only reason I didn't is because I had that picture in a photo album that was put up high on a shelf that was not touched by the flood.

I never thought of Bob Hope as particularly handsome. Kinda cute, but not handsome. But most of all, I liked him because he made me laugh. He still makes me laugh, even though he's been dead now for several years. He died in 2003. After he died, I thought about getting the autographed pic he sent me framed. I still might. But I haven't yet. It's one of the things that's high on my "to-do" list. And yes, it is an original autograph! I can see the run-off marks left by the felt-tip pen he used. So, it's not a stamped autograph. When my ma first saw it, that's what she thought it was, but I knew better.

Well, there's the story of some of my past "loves". All of them are gone now, and today's celebrities aren't worth a damn. Shoot, they can't even make good movies anymore in Hollywood! That kinda sucks! Although I recently heard they were coming out with The Three Stooges movie. I'd really like to see that! Hopefully soon, maybe they can come out with a Marx Brothers movie!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Farewell Sweet Angus

Today I was at the dog park with my sis and our buddies. We were talking and joking around when Andy DiSanti came home with Lou. But Angus was missing. Karen went out to see Andy, I said if she brings him back here, I'm gonna stick my tongue out at him again. LOL! Little did I realize at that time what had happened. Then Anna heard Andy call us "a couple of fat fuckers". Anna shouted "Hey who are you calling a fat fucker!?" Andy shouted back "You! You fat fucking bitch!" So we both stuck our tongues out at him. LOL! Karen walked some of the way back to his apartment with him. Anna and I started giggling saying "That was cool!" LOL! He was PISSED!! Or so I thought that's what his problem was.

When Karen came back, she informed us that Angus had to be put to sleep. Angus was Andy's scottish terrier, and he was a good dog. I liked Angus. Anna started attacking Andy's character and Karen stopped her in her tracks saying "No! I don't want to hear rudeness right now so fuck off!" Poor Anna sat there and looked dumbstruck! LOL! Karen's our friend though, so I just take everything she says with a grain of salt. Besides, now that I knew what Andy's problem was, I actually felt bad for him. All I could remember was how I was when Groucho died. I snapped at EVERYONE!!! I was just as vicious as Andy was today. But Karen told him not to take his frustrations out on me and Anna, and she informed us that Andy apologized for saying that about us. After I found out that Angus died, I completely forgot about him shouting names at me and Anna. I totally excused it (for the first time ever), even though he would still talk shit like that about us even if he wasn't in mourning. But I excused it anyway, even if he hadn't apologized. All I could think of is how I was when Groucho died. I was just as bad. But I didn't need sassing and backtalk. A person in mourning needs kindness and understanding. I can tell you from personal experience that someone in mourning often says and does a lot of things they don't mean.

Well, I brought up the idea that what we should all do is give Andy a sympathy card and all of us sign it. Anna kept blantantly reminding me that we hate Andy. I said "I know that!" She thought I was deserting to the enemy. But this is in no way an apology for anything, nor even an offer to make peace with him. I'm doing this because I liked Angus and out of respect for him and Groucho. As much as I can't stand Andy, I loved Angus and I feel bad that Andy lost him. So I thought giving him a card was a very nice gesture. I do things like that because I love animals and pets, and I know what it's like to lose a pet. I remember back when I used to get into the INXS forums, there was this woman in there, named Penny, and we HATED each other! LOL! I had already said to her if she didn't like my posts then don't read them. After that, she didn't talk to me anymore at all. Well, one day she came in and mentioned that her favorite guinea pig had died. I felt bad for her losing her guinea pig, so I sent her a PM, sending her my condolences. I'm sure that kinda shocked her getting a PM from me like that, someone who she hated so much. But at that time, I didn't even think about that. I felt bad because she lost someone who she considered her best friend, her guinea pig. I actually cried when I heard she lost the guinea pig! I'm not even a big fan of guinea pigs. But animals are our friends, they give us unconditional love. That's something that few humans give.

What annoys me the most is when someone says "it's just a dog" or "it's just a cat" or "it's just a guinea pig!" and then say it isn't the same as losing a child or a person. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!!!! It is EVERY bit as hurtful as losing a person or child! Maybe in some cases, even more so. Like I said, animals love us unconditionally. They never back-talk us, or judge us harshly. You can say and do the stupidest things in front of them, they don't care. They'll love you anyways. When I get home from a long day, nothing makes me happier than seeing my dogs greet me at the door with as much enthusiasm as if I had been gone for a year, ready to jump on my lap and lick my face. People don't give you that. Kids are only cute when they are real little, then when they reach a certain age they turn into fucking monsters! Who needs that? Probably one of the main reasons I never had kids. Karen's son is 32 years old and still gripes about her, telling her she was a bad mother.

When I got back from the dog park, immediately I took out a card and made it out to Andy. I had Kim, Anna and Karen all sign it. I asked Karen to deliver it to Andy. I could have done it myself, but I was afraid it would look very suspicious to him. And I didn't want him to feel suspicious. Not until after he read the card anyway. Then, he could do whatever he wanted with it. He could tear it up for all I care, but I wanted him to read it first. The message I wrote on it was genuine. I basically told him that I was so sorry to hear about Angus passing away, and he would be in my prayers and to remember that Angus is now in a better place, in GOD's hands. I am not even so sure Andy really believes in GOD, but I intend to say a prayer for him tonight. At least Angus is now out of pain, so we should be happy for him. He had a very long, full life. He was 16 years old! But he had so much trouble walking, and last summer, I noticed that he had a bulge on his side. I thought it could be cancer. And yes, that's what it was, he had a huge cancerous tumor in his belly. Karen told me that he had stopped eating completely. Personally, if Angus were my dog, I would have had him put down last summer. He was suffering then! Karen asked me "Would it be easy for you to put your dogs down?" I answered, "If I thought they were suffering like Angus clearly is, yes." As much as it hurt me to have Groucho put to sleep, seeing her suffer hurt me even more.

Well, I was proud of Anna, she signed the card for Andy, and didn't put up too much of a fuss. Again, this is not to make peace with him, I'm not trying to gain his friendship. I just loved Angus, and am doing this because of that. No "deserting to the enemy" is involved. He can still hate my guts for all I care! He can think we are the 2 fattest, ugliest bitches on the planet. I don't care. I just care about Angus now. RIP Angus.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Still Hated After All This Time

Wow! I was checking out some Jessi Slaughter videos, I'm still interested in knowing where she went wrong at! She is one of the most HATED people on the internet now. At least I found out one reason why. Because she dressed like a little whore and put her half-naked, 11-year old body on YouTube, and cussed like a sailor! But that's just one reason. I've seen kids almost that age dress just about as bad, and not get that badly bashed. But I think the big reason she was targeted the way she was is because she said Dahvie Vanity, who is the lead singer of a rock group called Blood on the Dance Floor, raped her. And her accusation almost ruined his career. So now I understand! HA! Kids can be so dumb! That's a horrible thing to do to someone you supposedly admire! Especially if you know how touchy people get about child rape! I love Tim Farriss, but I would NEVER EVER accuse him of raping a child!! Because I know he would never do it! If I was a kid, I wouldn't be saying someone I loved raped me when they actually didn't. Even if it was meant to be a joke, there are some places where you have to just draw the line. I wouldn't even say anything like that about someone I hated.

I remember some time ago, I hated Kirk Pengilly for snubbing me at a meet and greet. I still dislike him for that. I'm no longer a fan of his. But it wasn't the first time he did it, and there were witnesses, and I did not say that he raped me! I didn't even say it to ruin his career. I said it basically to get it off my chest, because well, it did hurt me deeply. I used to love that guy! He was right up there among my top favorite rock stars, next to Timmy. But when he snubbed me for like the 2nd time, I believe it was, it made me feel bad. I wouldn't have cared if a stranger snubbed me, or a rock star I didn't give 2 shits about, but I used to love Kirk. I admired him through pictures and videos, and to find out he wasn't that friendly to me, well, it bothered me. Timmy was nicer, in a gruffy kind of way. Not necessarily aloof, but a bit proud. But I would never intentionally ruin someone's career. I didn't even care if other INXS fans believed me about Kirk, or went along with me even. That was just my experience with him. If others like him, that's good! But I only have my own past experiences with him to draw on, and I have no choice but to go by that. Although I've considerably cooled off on that last incident, and I don't know. Hopefully soon, like this one fan said, we can possibly meet again, and maybe my experience with him then will be much more rewarding. Who knows? If he had just smiled at me, that would be nice. Because I stood there like a dumbass and smiled at him.

Well, what this girl did to Dahvie Vanity was horrible, but I can only hope she learned her lesson. And like all kids, she thinks she didn't do anything wrong. I just don't understand how a little girl who puts herself out there, can go from this:

To this:

First she says "You don't faze me", and then she says "you guys have ruined my life!" and she's crying about the hate comments she gets on her videos. I get ALL kinds of hate comments, and I mean ALL kinds! They don't faze me at all. In fact, I laugh at them. It's like "fuck them!" I almost felt bad when TwiztidAsh decided to drop me as a buddy, but that did not last long, believe me! LOL! Considering the kind of person TwiztidAsh really is. But anyway, I get all kinds of hate comments, I read each one (well, except maybe those of people I blocked from my account). But like I said, fuck them! They're just keyboard warriors looking for a little attention because they aren't getting it from anywhere else. Sometimes I even like feeding the trolls. It can be funny! But to date, absolutely NO hate comments have ever made me start crying. 100% of the people who leave comments like that on my channel are strangers anyway. So, I'm no worse off when they leave the comment than I was before they left the comment. That's how I see it. The only thing I don't take kindly to is threats. You can kick, scream, fuss, call me every name in the book, I don't care! But I don't take lightly to threats. I've never threatened anyone on the internet, so I expect the same respect from my viewers. I've never even so much as wished death on anyone. That's about the same as a threat to me.

This brings me to the third reason this girl was harassed, because she threatened her audience, and that is just something you never do. I hate trolls and haters myself, but heck, I say let them live their lives, and I'll live mine. They'll get what's coming to them soon enough. You know how Karma works! It always catches up with them! That's why people who kill others spend time in prison and death row even. I'm surprised that none of the people who have watched my "I Hate Montana" video have threatened to shoot me yet! They're probably thinking it though. LOL! But that would be kindof a stupid reason to kill someone, just because they don't like your home state, and if I survived, it'd only make my feelings about Montana worse. And if these people think they're "smarter" than I am (LOL!) nothing would tarnish their image like that would. A person doesn't look smart, or tough, if they harm an unarmed person. It only makes them look foolish because sooner or later, they will get caught.

Well, I still continue to put videos out there, I actually like getting comments. It gives me a reason to put up videos. I often upload a video to YouTube thinking "I wonder what kinds of comments I'll get on this video?" I think about both the good and bad comments. I think about what both my admirers and haters will say. I'm always prepared for any kind of comments, because not everyone is going to be positive when viewing one of my videos. I like to write about the stupidest trolls here on my blog because they're so dumb, they make me laugh sometimes. I am still waiting for that one most creative comment from someone who probably does not exist!

No Donations?

Hmm, that's interesting. I haven't seen a single donation from any of these idiot Montanans that say they want to "campaign to get all 'idiots' out of Montana". LOL! IMO, they probably should start with themselves, not with me. Though helping me get out of Montana would have been nice, instead of just saying they're campaigning to do something. Being all talk isn't going to get anyone anywhere. But I guess that's what people like CaptnHowD is, nothing but all talk and no action. I should have known. Anyone too scared to put up a video or even a picture of themselves on the internet has got to be nothing but all mouth and words. My guess too is he was one of those 'hit-and-run' trolls. And you all know what I say about hit-and-run trolls. They are the MOST cowardly of trolls! I was probably right about him being a fat-assed teenager who still sucks his mom's tits. Poor mom! LOL! Personally I can never understand someone being so cowardly. At no time in history has cowardice ever been rewarded or revered. Except by the wrong kind of people. I personally would hate to be caught calling someone else names or making fun of how they look, when I don't have any pics up of my own for that person to judge me by. That would make me feel like a slug! A spineless slug! I'd hate that feeling! I just never say shit about how someone else looks, because I know I am no great-looker myself. Some people still say I look beautiful, even some guys, and I could be pretty if I wanted to be, perhaps with some make-up and fix my hair a bit better. But frankly, I don't have the time, or much desire, to do any of that, so this is just how I look.

I remember when I was a teenager, my ma didn't want me to wear make-up. She said GOD made everyone beautiful in HIS eyes. We don't need make-up to make us look better. GOD's opinion is really the only one that counts in the end. Although I must say, I did feel a little bit left out when all the other girls in my class were wearing make-up and fixing up their hair, and I never did any of that. I guess the habit just never stuck with me to put on make-up and stuff. So, that's why I live with being ugly (in other peoples' eyes). But as I have mentioned on this blog before, there is actually an advantage to being ugly and fat. A fat person is harder to kidnap, and who'd want to rape an ugly person? LOL! I've learned to look at the gloomy side in a positive way. I mean really! What's the worst someone can do to me? Call me names from inside their moving vehicle? LOL! Again, those people are like those hit-and-run trolls. They're cowards. I laugh at cowards. I remember once that happened and I was walking with a friend, someone shouted a name at me from inside their car as they drove by. I forgot what that person even said, because just then my friend that I was walking with said to me "Just pretend like you NEVER heard him!" LOL! That may not sound funny, but it was the way she said it that made me laugh so hard that what that drive-by guy shouted at me just completely slipped out of my mind. Like I said, I don't even remember what he said! LOL! About 3 minutes after he shouted it, I didn't remember what he said! I often wonder what happened to this friend. I haven't seen her since 1996.

Well, she was just one of my many "idiot" friends (as CaptnHowD puts it, LOL!) that I loved so much. LOL! She was a decent person, as all my "idiot" friends are. hehehe! :) I mean, I may not be outstandingly popular, and frankly, I don't want to be. I've seen what becoming that popular does to a person. It always goes to their head! Even the nicest person becomes snobby, stupid and impossible to live with. Having enemies at least helps keep a person in their place. I actually feel better having a lot of enemies than having a lot of friends. Really! If a person doesn't have enemies, then that means they're doing something wrong. They're not, in any way, standing up for what they believe in. I've always been very big in that department. If there's one thing a person can never truly say I am, it's an ass-kisser. Well! They can say it! LOL! That's called freedom of speech! But to actually be able to apply it to me personally, they can't do it! What I write in these blogs, and say in my videos, is definitely contrary proof. Sometimes it's people with the least number of friends that turn out to be the greatest people you could ever meet. That usually means all the "fair-weather" friends have been weeded out, and who wants those kinds of friends anyway! I remember Metalraptor told me he didn't have many friends, which I actually found hard to believe, because he's so nice and so smart! But again, a lot of times, other people don't see that. Especially if a person is shy. I have few friends here in Montana, most of them I left behind in Washington state. But even there, I can't say I had hundreds of friends. But the ones I did have were decent, honest people who kept me happy and smiling. That's all I need. I almost feel like I abandoned them when I moved here.

Anyway, if any Montanans still want to "campaign" to get me out of Montana, click the donation link below! I can use the help!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Hate Montana!

My I Hate Montana video sure did get a lot of attention! But I don't mind. Even though it is a reminder of how psychotic Montanans get when you tell them you don't like their state. I swear, they act like you are dissing their family! It's just a damn state! Get over yourselves! I never remember Washingtonians being like this about Washington state! Or Oregonians being like this about Oregon state, or even Idahoans being like that about Idaho State! Not even Californians are like that! Only Montanans seem to shit their pants when you talk like that about Montana. It's not like I haven't heard them talk shit about this state themselves. I guess with Montanans it's like "do as I say, not as I do". Well guess what, I do as I say, not what other people want me to say. Not gonna happen. I still don't like Montana. They won't change that! So I put them up a link in case they choose to donate to get me out of Montana faster. If I have to save the money all by myself, it's going to take a LOT longer for me to get out of here. Donate today (or any day) and I can get out faster. If there was one person I figured would donate, it's this fool who calls himself "CaptnHowD", and told me he's campaigning to clear all the "idiots" out of Montana. Of course in his eyes, "idiot" just means someone who doesn't like Montana. In my eyes, an "idiot" is someone like him, who thinks he owns this state and can control what other people think of this state by acting like an idiot. Well, this is me. I gave him a shout-out anyway. I enjoy getting comments. It means I've made some people think, which is what the World needs now. They need to be shocked now and then. Check this out!

I say, don't "campaign" anything unless you intend to follow completely through with it. I believe this is a free country, a person can stay where they want to. The only reason I am here is to support my sister. But in our visit to Idaho Falls (which is better in climate than Montana) I really discovered how much I miss the coast. It was the first weekend since I moved that my hands were not dry. I'm not really dissing the people, well except the ones I live with and the psycho-twats like CaptnHowD. He seems to think he's smarter than me, but he's not. I can tell him now. In the video above, I quoted a comment he made about me going out to get lotion. CaptnHowD was either too dumb to understand when I said that in my first video, or it flew right over his head and he missed it. I just gave him a big "DUH!" LOL! So again, here's my donation link, if this 'person' (and I use the term loosely) still wants to "campaign to get all idiots out of Montana" (hahaha!) I say shut the fuck up and start doing something about it, big chief! If you don't, you're living proof that talk is definitely cheap! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nevermind My Last Post!

The feeling is completely gone. hehehe! Actually, my "sadness" over losing TwiztidAsh as a buddy didn't last long at all. Only a couple of hours. I thought I would have to at least take several months to get over losing her as a bud, but no. I was over it almost instantly. For 2 reasons: 1) Because my primary focus now that spring is here is in getting myself back to the coast. Looking for an apartment there now has become my daily chore, and I find I have no time to think about anything else. And 2) When you consider TwiztidAsh's history, she was very easy to forget about. I heard about the World of Warcraft incident, and I used to think nothing of it. But that was why she made this one video that became viral of her getting all ninja and everything, calling everyone else a bunch of 'pussies' and threatening to bash their heads in. LOL. She allowed those people to bully her off her account. I never let people bully me off of anywhere! I never have and I never will. I may quit someplace because I don't have time to go there anymore, or some other reason, but I never allow bullies to push me off of somewhere I enjoy. And believe me, people have tried! LOL!

I remember a long time ago, on the Pluba forums (back when they were a forum) Mcgillicutty tried very hard to bully me off those forums. Even going so far as to create a whole new troll identity (MyFaveMartian) just to post up a link to my old MySpace where I was discussing the people of that forum a lot. She was probably hoping I was going to turn away in shame and never come back, but I didn't. I stayed there and communicated with my buddies. When Mcgillicutty found out that her tactic was not going to work with me, she started harassing, and getting meaner and meaner with me, still in hopes she could bully me into leaving. Still no. It did not work with me. I wasn't nearly about to give her the satisfaction. I stuck around. If for nothing else now, to piss her off more! hehehe! I hope she got ulcers from being that pissed off every day! hehehe! I figured out she was not a 50-something year old man, but a teenage girl. It was Sara Weiler (in my book, Serena Weiner), who was pissed off because I didn't like her intentionally breeding BYB quality chihuahuas, and I told her so. I knew there was only so many people mcgillicutty could have been. I didn't give my personal info to many people, and I could never imagine any of my friends doing what she did. So, I knew it had to be this teenage girl. I sure as hell was not going to let a teenager run me off anywhere. So, I stuck around. There is a lot to be said about your real friends standing by you, no matter what. So, that's why I stayed.

I only decided to leave when most of my friends left, and I started to discover what jerks show breeders are. With my friends there, for some reason, that was harder to see. But when they left, I started to see that much more clearly. Especially when DJ's Doxies fell under their spell. She was someone I considered a friend, very much so. But then she went to a dog show one weekend, and said she came back with a different attitude toward show breeders, and began saying how stupid people must be that thought show breeders were "a certain way" (not her exact words). Well, I could not help how I felt about show breeders, since most of the ones I met were that "certain way". Some were nice and kind, I really liked her closest friend on the forum, Hornybull. I still think she was cool. But not all show breeders are like her. In fact, she was in a class by herself. She was the rarer variety of show breeder. If show breeders were to be judged by their personality, as well as the quality of their dogs, she would have been the champion of the world.

Well, that's why TwiztidAsh was so easy to "get over". Just consider her history, she gives up on things (and people) too easily. In other words, she's weak-spirited. My guess is she can never be a real friend to anyone. EVER. Especially those who do not agree with her 100%. So, I don't feel the least bit bad about losing her as a buddy anymore. In fact, in thinking about this, if she were to try and befriend me again, I can tell her now, it would not work. I don't like weak-spirited people. I prefer much stronger people as friends. I think she's the f***ing pussy. No one else.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost One Subscriber

Well, I lost TwiztedAsh as a buddy this morning. She hated my panther fanatics video and pulled anchor and left. Well, as sorry as I am to hear that's how she feels now, like I said to her when a person has had enough, they've had enough. That is what panther fanatics have pushed me to do, and I still hold that ultimatum that if they keep on harassing me, I will put up more videos like that one. Of course I am always sad to lose a friend, but I'll get over it soon enough. She said to me "I guess you're not the person I thought you were." Well she may be right. I'm an extremely complex person. Too complex for the average mind to comprehend. That's why so many "average" people think I don't make any sense. I can be very, VERY evil, or I can be an absolute, lovely angel. But I think this last panther fanatic (the one from Romania) took the cake when he said that Tim Farriss is retarded. I am not trying to act like a fanatic, but the fact that he said Timmy was a retarded dog just because I hate panthers, I wanted to give him and other panther fanatics something in return for that. That and the fact that I believe he is connected with NewZealandKiwi, who has been trying to get my attention for some time now, and trying to force me to believe his way about dogs and panthers.

Frankly I am not that sad to lose a subscriber. I've been reconsidering holding on to this account at YouTube again. In trying to upload these videos, I've found that my uploader now does not work right, and it annoys the piss out of me! Really! When I tried to upload that last video, it liked to have never finished processing. It was hours before it finally did. I had to get into Google Chrome in order to get it to work! I can't keep doing that. Seems every time I get on YouTube, I find there is something I hate about this new set-up. I'll never really understand these new channel set-ups. YouTube has made changes before, but never to this extent! And I just don't like it anymore. I've been seriously considering pulling anchor myself and just saying goodbye to YouTube. I might keep my FattyTV channel though. Although I hardly ever sign on to it. But the uploader there is much better. For some reason, the one I got stuck with (probably because it's monetized) doesn't work right. That sucks! I might just post all my videos on here instead of YouTube. That's not such a bad idea!


I just got this message from TwiztedAsh:

They have a right to "harass" you when you show dead animals. That is against the TOS. And you are going to get "harassed" by animal lovers! I don't find it funny at all and honestly feel like punching you in the face to defend the honor of my "panther" who just passed away. Yes we're talking about a housecat but she was huge and I called her my panther. And I take the honor of my cats VERY seriously!

I love animals too. But even I have my limits. I bet anything if that had been a video showing an animal she hates dead she would not have cared. But I hate panthers. So seeing them dead does not bother me. And she said she feels like punching me in the face? Ohhh I'm soooo scared! LOL! If she tried, I'd definitely do the same back to her. Well anyway, this was my response to her:

"No, the harassment came before the video. That was why I put up the video. Got it now? Sorry about your cat, but I still hate panthers."

Like I said, NOTHING they can say will change my mind about that. More likely she will come back with a big "F-you!" but who cares? I've lost buddies before because I hate panthers. If they let that stand in their way, then I guess they aren't worth my time.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something Interesting

I was kinda thumbing through YouTube yesterday, and I noticed something I ran across that was very interesting. I found out what Hobofart's problem is. I found out why he hates juggalos so much! He used to be a juggalo himself (big surprise huh?) but he decided he did not like Insane Clown Posse anymore when he discovered that they were not gay. HA! That's kinda funny. Then he was never a true fan of the band. He was just hoping at least one of the bandmembers was gay so he could get some cock from them or something. LOL! I remember a year or so ago, one of my friends said he was being this way because someone gave him coal for Christmas and he was angry at the world because of it. But I knew, from my own experiences with people, that there had to be FAR more to his behavior than that! The reason I know it must be true that he hates juggalos because the men of ICP are not gay, is because I've seen a lot of Hobofart's friends, and they are all gay people. Hobofart must be gay himself as well. Either that, or he has an unnaturally big fetish for gays.

Me? I'm an INXS fan. I love the men of INXS and I love their music. I even adore the fans. I don't care for the fanatics, but I love the fans. Like the juggalos, I think of most of them as family. Not family in the traditional sense, but the fact that we do have a common bond, and that is the men of INXS and our adoration of their music. INXS fanatics are a breed totally apart. They are basically the people who think they own the band. Like they can control what the band does, and how other fans should think. Like this one person who came onto one of my INXS talk videos and said that if I really loved INXS, basically I would not be saying I didn't like that new version of Kick. I showed her up but good! I think that makes me a better fan than any of them. Because I am honest about what I like about them and what I don't like. And I personally think INXS are mature enough to accept that is how I feel. Of course I am just one fan. I cannot change how the band is alone.

Did you know that the word "fan" is basically a shortened version of the word "fanatic"? LOL! I've always known that. But I feel there is a big difference between a fan and a fanatic. For some reason, I don't see the two words meaning the same thing. I like to think of myself as an INXS fan. That is, I love INXS, but I don't care if anyone else agrees with me that they are the best band in the world. Loving INXS the way I do is my choice. No one else's. But I don't think of myself as a fanatic. That is, I don't get all bent out of shape when someone else disses INXS and says they don't like them. And believe me, so many people have tried to piss me off with that. I never even feel anger. Because I know that is just their opinion. That is how they feel, not me. As long as they don't try to force me to see INXS the way they do, I don't care what their initial feelings of the band are. I respect those peoples' decision and I just don't discuss INXS with them. And I usually tell them not to listen when I discuss the band. hehe! In no way do I ever force them to see INXS the way I do, and as long as they are as respectful with me as I am with them, I don't harbor any hard feelings against them for not liking INXS. THAT is what makes me a fan, but not a fanatic. I may ask someone why they don't like INXS, but that's as far as it goes for me. I don't tell them they are insane for not liking INXS, or they must be stupid or anything. I don't feel that way. Because that is their right of choice.

I remember once this happened on the Craigslist pet forum. One of the members there was a big fan of some professional chef from Australia, I forget his name now, but I do know he has his own cooking show. This person said he was the most handsome man she's ever seen. I saw his pic, and personally I thought he was ugly! His eyes were beady and too close together. He kinda looked like Jon Stevens with short, curly, blond hair. Of course I didn't tell her that! I just said he's not my type, and that Tim Farriss is the celeb I love the most. Well, she didn't go for how Timmy looked either. I just told her that's OK. I wasn't even angry at all. When I was younger, and a lot less mature, I might have gotten pissed. But now, no. Now, I just look at it as she has her opinion, and I have mine. Simple as that.

Well, in other news, Anna and I have been discussing my return to the coast. I'm going to move back there, and stay in a temporary dwelling until I can find a more permanent home. Perhaps stay in subsidized housing for a while until I can find a better place. I'd prefer a rental home. But staying in a temporary place will give me a chance to look for one and have a good place to come back to, rather than visiting down there for like a week, and then coming back here with nothing having been accomplished. Most of the people who put ads up, either in the newspaper or on Craigslist, usually do not answer right away. So to say "I'm going there to stay for a week to find a place to move to" I would not be accomplishing much. Who knows if I will even find anything in a week's time? It could take several weeks, or even months, to find a place. And to have to return here to Bozeman after not finding anything within a week's time, it would not help me re-establish myself back on the coast at all. One of the tenants here is selling a car and I am serious about buying it from her. Once I do, I am halfway to my goal. The next step will be to save some money for the actual move and deposits. Then, I can totally establish myself on the coast again, and I'll be home free!

Friday, March 16, 2012

They Pushed Me Into Doing It!!

I just made a video and put it up on Youtube. It's been a while since I've made a video, but the panther-fanatics have given me a new idea! It's kinda twisted, I know that, but they pushed me into doing the video! And I said that from now on, for every panther-fanatic that harasses or threatens me or my dogs, I will put up another video like this one.

LOL! All it is basically is pics of dead panthers with laughing in the background, I also included a little message at the end for this group of panther fanatics. I closed the comments on this video only because I want the panther-fanatics to suffer! I only hope my panther-loving friends don't take this personally. I didn't mean it for them. Only for the panther fanatics that have been harassing me because I love dogs and hate panthers. Seriously, fanatics ruin everything for everybody!

Already I got one whining panther-fanatic! LOL! He says

Just saw your other video about dead panthers...You are a sick twisted fuck for thinking that's funny. I'm talking about panther CHAMELEONS to by the way why would anyone be talking about actual panthers on a video about reptiles? Grow up

HAHAHAHA!! Then I know I am doing something right! I hope it disturbs other panther fanatics the way it bothered this dude. Incidentally this was the same guy who asked me yesterday what I meant by panther lovers being spineless.

The panther-fanatics video has been flagged by the whiny panther-fanatics and taken off of YouTube. I say Fine! But I am going to turn in names of the panther-fanatics that have harassed and threatened me and my dogs. I'm going to have them reported as well, and post the video here. :)

Panther Lovers Are Spineless

I don't mean my friends who are panther-lovers, and yes I do have some friends who like them. But I feel most panther-lovers are spineless people. I got a comment yesterday from someone who asked me what I mean by panther-lovers being spineless, and I said that I believe most people who like panthers only do so because they are afraid of going against the panther-fanatics. No other group of animals in the world has fanatics like panthers do. Most people who have a favorite animal will accept the fact that there are people who just don't like that animal. But panther-fanatics have no ability to accept the fact that there are those of us who hate them. I hate panthers with a passion! I always will, and especially more now because for the past month, I've been targeted by a group of dog-hating panther fanatics on YouTube. A weaker person might have given in in the beginning. But me, they keep trying to peck at me, and the more they do, the more I hate panthers. If this goes on, I may even wind up hating snow leopards, and they were the one panther I actually still love. That's even beginning to change.

I really have the feeling this group of panther fanatics are in cohoots with each other. It started with NewZealandKiwi and went on from there. I haven't heard from him lately, but I have been targeted on other videos by people I think are associated with him. I think they're in the same gang because they all have the same MO. They talk slam about dogs and try to always force me to see their way about panthers. Yesterday, I got some idiot from Romania (who also seems to be an anime freak) and he even went so far as to say "Timmy is a dog's name. So that means Timmy is a retarded dog." Not exactly sure what that means, but then again as I've said before, haters and panther-fanatics never make sense. Seriously, "Timmy is a dog's name"? LOLOL!!! That's so stupid it sounds funny! He's not only a panther-lover, he also likes anime. Anyone who likes anime, they have to be stupid. I imagine this person to be one of those types that only goes the direction of the masses. He's afraid to form his own opinion. I am not one of those types! I've always been the kind of person to see things my own way. The only time I give in is when someone gives me a darn good reason to. And it had better be a VERY good reason to change my principles!

If there was one thing I picked up from the AcmePet forum when they were still around, it was that I'd better hold fast to my opinions. Remember the argument I mentioned that I had on the chihuahua forum? Just because I said I don't go for chihuahuas that look like the Taco Bell dog. I still don't! But what I hated about that incident was that I backed down. I didn't much change my ideas about that dog, but when everyone in there had me backed into a corner, I was like "OK, OK! You win!" LOL! Actually, I thought I could get out of it on a technicality. On that forum, you didn't have to register, and my cousins were visiting at that time, so I blamed it all on their kids and told those people I didn't have anything to do with posting those comments! Well, I hated myself for a long time because I made that story up just to try and get back on those peoples' good side. And I mean I HATED myself!!! I didn't feel good again until I asked GOD for forgiveness. I swore I would NEVER do that again, even if it meant the whole world would hate me for it. I'd rather have strangers hate me than to have myself hate me. That is the worst feeling in the world, to hate yourself like I did then! I was so upset every day, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and I had this pain in my belly that would not go away. That was how much I hated myself. I didn't hate myself because I lied to those people. I hated myself because I felt the need to lie in order to get them to like me again. Really! What's the point? It's obvious they never thought anything of me in the first place, or the fact that I didn't like the Taco Bell dog wouldn't have bothered them so. So if they didn't like me before, why should I care if they liked me now? That doesn't make sense to me, so I didn't see the point in my trying to get out of what I said to them. One of them, Kallie, kept telling me to "get over it". Well, I will never "get over it". That was a very important life-lesson learned, and one that I carry on to this day. That is why I hold fast to my opinions so stubbornly.

If I were to give in to these panther-fanatics, that would be the worst lie I could ever tell! I would really hate myself for it. I don't even give in to my friends who like panthers! I sure as hell am not going to back down to a stranger who is trying to change my opinion about panthers. It just won't happen. I have a favorite animal already, and I am very happy with them. That is why I don't feel the need to force other people to see my way about them. I am secure in myself and perfectly happy with the animal I like the most. I figure panther-fanatics, especially the ones who harass people like me and shit-talk dogs and other animals, are insecure, and not too happy about being panther-fanatics. Or generally just unhappy people. But they can be insecure and unhappy in their own world! Stay out of mine! I don't care for unhappy and insecure people. One thing I will say about these people, so far they haven't said anything about me being fat. But they will! Believe me they will. LOL! Once they find I am not going to back down, the last resort is always to make fun of my weight. hehehe!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

End The Hostility

I got a comment on one of my videos today and the commenter sounds like he and I think on the same wavelengths. He doesn't see the point either in someone being so hateful to a person they don't even know because that person is fat. Yet, I see it all the time everywhere. Not just on the internet. If a person were to actually meet me face to face, with an open mind, they might actually see that I am one of the nicest, sweetest people they could ever meet. I generally try to treat people with respect, I've never killed anyone, though I won't lie and say the thought has never crossed my mind, I would just never actually do it! It's not in my nature to be physically combative. And who knows? Maybe it's not in these peoples' nature either. Unfortunately, most people cannot get past the fat appearance. I hear people say all the time that they hate fat people because they chose to be fat, or because they have a bad attitude, and stuff like that. But I don't have a bad attitude. So, why take it out on me because you met a few bad fat apples elsewhere? I don't see the point in that. Personally, I hate fat people too who are mean and nasty to everyone they meet, like that woman I saw in the Olympia Walmart last year just before we moved to Bozeman. She stunk, and her disposition was lousy! She was the picture of what most people stereotype all fat people to be. I hated her for it! I don't know her, but I hate her! I don't even know that woman's name, and my encounter with her was luckily very brief and fleeting. But it is because of fat people like her that decent fat people like me have to work hard to change the mind of the public. I don't care if a person hates fat people, they can hate me until it kills them for all I care! But I don't like it when people compare a decent fat person like me, to trash like that woman I saw that day in the Walmart. We don't all have bad attitudes, and we don't all smell bad.

Another thing I will never understand, why some people are so nasty to a fat person, that they don't know and has never done them any harm, but just because that person is fat. I've gotten some nasty comments from people I've never met before, and could never have harmed in any way. I still remember the time this one commenter, who calls himself TsS7VEN, real name was Michael, made a comment on my video, calling me all kinds of names, like "mad cow disease" and "fat lard". He was more than hostile, he was INSANELY hostile, and I'd never done anything to him before. I never even invited him to come and view my videos. I sure as Hell didn't force him to view them. I never even saw him, or knew he existed before he came and made that comment on my video. So the only reason I could deduce as to why he was so insanely hostile towards me is because I am fat. Like I said, I don't care if he hates fat people, but what is the point in being so irrationally hostile towards a fat person you don't even know? I could see it if I had done something bad to him, but since I didn't (not until after he attacked me first anyway) I don't understand people like him.

The only thing I can think of that would make a person like that attack an innocent person like me, would be because he is an unhappy person in real life. For the most part, if I don't like someone, I leave them alone, and make no contact with them whatsoever. The only thing that would make me just lash out at someone for no reason is usually because I am not happy on the inside. So, it's my guess that is why this person decided to attack me that day. Maybe he was having a fight with his mom or something, or a sibling, or a girlfriend (IF someone like that can actually find a girl foolish enough to be with him)? Who knows? I always try to look at things from an analystic basis. hehehe! Well! That's the only way I'll ever really understand people. People like TsS7VEN though are so closed-minded, I couldn't expect him to change. So, I just blocked his butt. It was my way of saying to him "don't ever come back to my channel again! You're NOT welcome here!" I'm not a fat person with an attitude. It's people like him who has the attitude problem.

Another comment from a person who commented on my Fat People Suck video gave me a little bit of an insight as to why fat haters are so irrationally hostile. This person calls himself peterwall66, and this was the comment he made that I actually preserved:

"I cant believe how many fat people responded to fat people suck, whinging, moaning and making excuses," its discriminaton" aw... Fuck you! Its disrimination to have to in my sight."

If you can get past the grammar and spelling errors, I guess what he is trying to say is that fat people are discriminating against him by just him looking at us. That doesn't really make sense, but then again, it's normal for hatred not to make sense. So little is really known about obesity that it's not even funny, even though it is a growing epidemic. And it's a shame that people like this poster act solely on hatred and ignorance. Judging by how this person types, and his use of cuss words and stuff like that, I can tell he is probably a drinker and a smoker. You all know what I say about drinkers and smokers. I say that if you are going to hate on fat people, you might as well hate on drinkers and smokers too. In fact, I would say drinkers and smokers probably deserve more hate than fat people do, because aside from the common complaints I hear from fat haters about fat people smelling bad, and are unhealthy, smokers and drinkers do something that no fat person has ever done (because of their obesity): smokers and drinkers kill other people. I've never heard of a fat person killing another person just by them being fat. But smokers blow cigarette and cigar smoke at other people, and that can kill another person in the long run. Second-hand smoke is known to be just as deadly as if that person were a smoker themselves. Smokers will even smoke infront of their children, which makes those kids suffer breathing problems (and many other problems) later on in life. I remember my ma used to smoke, and it caused me to develop severe car-sickness. Don't ask me what the connection was, I just know I never got car-sickness until after ma started smoking in the car. And drinkers, how many people are killed each year by drunk drivers? About 13,000 (in America). How many men who beat up their wives are drunkards? Almost half. How many bar fights are there every year caused by drunkards? Most of them are. How many drunkards open their mouths and sound like idiots? All of them do! Fat people only hurt themselves, no one else. As long as a hater leaves me alone physically, they don't give me any real reason to hurt them. All in all, 80,000 deaths a year are caused by drinking. Though that seems like a small number (compared to the 300,000 deaths annually of obese people), that number is not counting the thousands of people who are killed by drunks.

I used to know someone in a forum that made fun of me because I am fat, but then that same person turned around and was so tender and sweet to her friend who was also fat and an alcoholic. She said her friend was fat because she was an alcoholic, and alcoholism is a disease that the person cannot help. I was like "Yes she can help it!" As far as I know, no one has ever forced a person to become an alcoholic. Alcoholism happens when someone cannot control how much they drink. That is usually brought on by a lack of self-control. It can be helped. It cannot be stopped once it's begun, but it can be avoided before it gets to that point. Alcoholism is just as much a disease as obesity is. I'm fat for a number of reasons, but the main reason (without getting into a lot of detail) is due to a surgery I had to correct a "family curse" as I call it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Idaho Falls Up High

I just came back today from a trip to Idaho Falls. Anna has been wanting to go there for a long time, I haven't, but I went anyway, simply because it's been years since the both of us had a vacation together. This was supposed to be Anna's birthday present from me, and going this weekend was kindof a spur of the moment thing. I actually enjoyed myself, and I didn't think I would. I haven't had much interest in going to Idaho, except for maybe a few things, but to see Idaho Falls was not among those things. I mean really, I can see water falls here, and in WA state. Idaho Falls is nothing really special to me. Now that I've been, I actually think it's a cute little town. It's a lot bigger than Bozeman, but not BIG like Seattle. It still has somewhat of a country feel to it. The falls themselves are located right in the city limits. Anna wanted to have her pic taken right in front of the falls, so that is what we did.

Not only did we go there and see the falls, we went souvenir shopping. I got chihuahua everything! I got a chihuahua magnet, I got a t-shirt with all our dogs on it, I also got a book about why dogs are better than cats. LOL! As if I need a book to tell me that! Dogs are WAY better than cats for so many reasons! I bet that book got a lot of negative feedback from the cat fanatics. That's why I bought it. Besides, I wanted to see what makes dogs so wonderful to this guy. It turns out his thoughts about dogs are much the same as mine. There was one page in the book that I found particularly interesting, and I swear to you all now, I never saw this book in my life! But there is a chart on there about which animals are the best at getting along with humans, and guess what the second runner-up to dogs was? It was LEMURS!!!!!!! I knew there was something about lemurs that I loved!! Besides the fact that they are cute, great singers, and superb athletes. And they aren't horse-faced like a lot of human athletes. Of course on animals it makes no difference! Horses actually have cute faces. But the lemurs (black-and-white ruffed lemurs to be exact) are the second best at getting along with people. That's cool to know!! And it gives me some hope. I'd LOVE to have a lemur for a pet! They're still my number one favorite animals of all time. And black-and-white ruffed lemurs are some of the prettiest of all lemurs! Next to sifakas, which I couldn't have as a pet.

My favorite thing that I got was this shirt that has a picture of all our dogs on it. Actually, they aren't really our dogs, they're pics that the business had of chihuahuas and papillons, but they look exactly like our dogs. Though all I could really find of a papillon was a silhouette. But it works out beautifully! We also went to Petsmart and Petco there, I always like to check those places out. They had a puppy adoption event going on at Petsmart, and I saw the cutest little puppy there. It was an australian shepherd cross. Truth be told, I think it was crossed with St. bernard or Great pyrenees. It sort of had that look and bone structure. But it was a darling pup anyway! I still have a big affection for Australian shepherds, even though I would never own one now. I needed a puppy-fix anyway. So, I was so glad I stopped off there when I did. I got to hold that puppy, she was so soft and so sweet!! I'd have taken her except for 2 things: 1) I already have 2 little dogs, and 2) I'm not one for owning mixed breeds. Some mixed breeds are cute, and I respect those that like them, but mutts are just not for me. I like purebreed dogs, because I know what I am getting. I know what the pups will grow to look like and how big they will get. See, if I am right, and that pup does have great pyrenees or st. bernard in the background, it's going to be a huge, rough-and-tumble dog that I just cannot keep in a small apartment. Of course there is one man here, named Mike, who owns an enormous dog that is half pyrenees, golden retriever and german shepherd, but that's because he's too dumb and stubborn to open his mind to the world of the smaller dogs. His dog, Rain, attacked Vegas once, and I wanted to toss that old man off his wheelchair and onto his ass because he just sat there like an idiot, and didn't control his dog! Unfortunately it's against my principles to slap an old man! But I almost lost it and did it anyway, especially when he smuggingly bragged "I had it all under control". He didn't have it under control! All he did was sit in his wheelchair and did nothing at all but watch with a contented grin on his face. Karen was the one who pulled Mike's dog off of Vegas. Mike didn't even so much as call off his dog. If Vegas had been hurt, Mike would have heard from me! He might have even got it from me! To this day, I can't stand the sight of Mike or his dog. Every time I see Mike, I want to slap his face so hard it hurts me!!

Well, I am trying to get over my anger towards Rain, but I don't think I'll ever trust Mike again. Mike has the mentality of a naughty teenager. He picks on little dogs, and is rude to everyone he sees. He's dim-witted and mindless, and yet he brags in such a way that you know he's talking through his ass. He'll bring up things like "Oh I remember when I went to war in Viet Nam and we beat those dinks...." blah-blah-blah! Yes, he always uses racial slurs. I can't stand him! And he follows Karen around like a puppy dog. Karen hates it when he does that too. She doesn't ask for him to follow her around, he just does it. Like an attached little brother who cannot let go. And truth be told, I doubt he ever served in the military! I think all those stories he told was perhaps told to him by someone else, probably by a friend, and he's just repeating what he's heard and memorized.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I finally found a name for someone who hates kids. We're called misopaedic. LOL! That's me. I am much more misopaedic than paedophilic. And I don't mean the criminal-type pedophile. It makes sense, I mean a misogynist is someone who hates women. Makes sense that a misopede is someone who hates kids. I hate kids. My first impression of a kid when I see one is that they are evil, disgusting little people. Of course I would never hurt a child. But I'd prefer they leave me alone than approach me. Never in a million years did I ever think I would turn out this way. I used to love kids when I was younger. But kids today just are not as innocent as they used to be, and many today are raised the wrong way. I've met some nice youngsters of course, but the majority of kids today have no manners at all, and are evil animal abusers and cruel minded. Unless I know the child better, it's easier for me to lump all youngsters under the category of being cruel and evil beings. So that's why I classify myself as a misopede.

I remember when we used to visit my grandma in Leesville, back when she used to live there, the head of the park where she lived was a man named Jimmy, and I remember he hated kids! He used to give me and my sis dirty looks when we would go into his shop. He would never talk to us, even when we would talk to him. I asked my grandma what his problem was and grandma said that he doesn't like kids. I asked her why he didn't like kids and her answer was that he never had any of his own. I guess that would cause a person not to like children. But me, I didn't have kids because I don't like them. For me it was the opposing reason. When I was a teenager though, having kids was all I thought about. That was before the incident I had with kids in 1992, and it hasn't improved since then.

Well, this is me. I hate kids, I hate 20 year olds, I hate show breeders, I hate fanatical people, I hate stuck-up people, I hate irresponsible people. Face it, I just hate people. Sometimes I wish I could change species. I'd rather be a lemur, or an otter. Those species have the most fun, and always seem happy. There are only a few people I truly like, they are my friends and family. That's all that really counts to me. Though I do have friends from all walks of life. I even have friends that are panther-lovers. But they are not panther fanatics. They accept the fact that I hate panthers and that nothing anyone can say will ever change that. Because so far, nothing has. That's because what I like is my choice, no one else's. And I hate people who think it is their right, and obsession, to push others like me to think the way they want us to. If I want to talk to someone who is going to take away my freedom of choice, I'll talk to Obama! Not some random nut panther fanatic whose name I don't even know, and who's afraid to show their own face to me, on the internet.