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Monday, September 10, 2012

I Never Said This Would Be Easy

I never said finding a place would be a breeze, and in fact it's been very rough. The reason is because I have Vegas and Minnie. Well, I'm going to get Minnie registered as a therapy animal. I did get her because of depression, and having her makes me feel better. Vegas would not really qualify as a therapy animal. He barks way too much! LOL! Well, he's my baby boy. I've had him since he was born. I love him a lot, and I love Minnie too. This past week, getting in touch with the people who have them has been difficult, but at least I found out why. They had doctor's appointments several days last week and the appointments are in Seattle. So they had to drive all that way and by the time they got home, it was late and they were tired. So they could not return my calls. Well, at least I know my babies are taken care of very well. I was feeling down when I could not see them. But I made up for it this weekend, I spent a lot of time with them, and got to hug and kiss them both again. I sure do miss having them with me. But the landlord here will not even entertain the notion of having pets in this house. All because the previous tenants had pets and they messed up the carpet. That is why I sooooooo hate irresponsible people. More than anything!!

Well, either way I am so glad to be away from some of the weirdos back in Bozeman. The only thing I truly feel bad about is my sis living there all by herself without me. Some of the people there have been taking their anger and rage out on her that they feel for me. But Anna, GOD love her, she's not letting it get to her. I'm so proud of her. No one has any right to take any of their frustration out on her. They want to get pissed off, keep it focused on me. But LEAVE ANNA ALONE!!! She didn't do anything to any of you! I have my fun with comments like the one I got on YouTube by one of them. LOL!! That one made my day! Especially the part about eating pussy, and "good riddance dogface!!" LOL!! I had to laugh at those! I like dogs, their faces are adorable. That is also what makes lemurs so cute is their dog-like faces. So being called "dogface" does not bother me in the slightest. If someone wants to insult me by using an animal, they're going to have to do FAR worse than that! And it's not going to be easy. hehehe! :) I've been called it all. A whale, a hog, a pig, a cow, a hippo, a horse, an elephant, even a dog. None of those bother me at all because they are all animals I love, and I find a lot of positive, good things in those animals too. There is only one group of animals that if anyone ever referred to me as them it would really piss me off. And no one would ever guess what they are, because it would be the last group of animals you would expect to be insulting to anyone. But to me, they are. Very much so!

Most of the time, I just laugh at people who try to piss me off, because it's not that easy to piss me off in the first place. Its funny though watching a bunch of butt-hurt people try so hard though. I'd been down though for the most part only because I miss my babies. But seeing them today, I feel so much better. I feel rejuvenated and happy again. Well the people back in the apartments in Bozeman all hate my guts now, but really, I don't even care. I was told about the person who sent the pages from this blog to them, and I know who it was. That is why I won't let any of this get me down or shut me up. I never allow anything that the dirty dozen starts take over any portion of my life. I've come to expect a lot of backlash when it comes to my blog, I've learned to live with it. If I lose friends then oh well! LOL! They were never real friends in the first place. Besides I am not a people-person. Never have been. At least I haven't been since I've been in the third grade. Too bad the dirty dozen didn't reveal my blog to them sooner. Actually, I thought they already knew about my blog! I went into the dog park almost daily saying "I've just been writing about this in my blog". But by the time the dirty dozen had revealed it to them, I was already almost on my way out. So :p Too bad for them. But keep getting me more views! It gets me more money. :) And yes, I am still very comfortable in my position of free speech. Anna is a strong person too, just like me. She's used to crazies. She went to school with a lot of them, as she reminded me of today. Sometimes I wish I was back there with her, because there is safety in numbers. But she assured me I need not worry. Well, if I didn't like her, I wouldn't worry. But I do, so I worry. LOL!

Well, I never said finding a place was going to be easy. I had one in my midst, I told everyone about it. It was a roommate situation, and the guy lived on 10 acres just outside of Port Angeles. When I wrote to him, he sounded like a fun person, had a cute sense of humor. He wanted to meet, so we set up a time and place and were going to meet each other there at a specified time. We made all the arrangements, I was willing to go through with it, all was ready. I was sure we would get along good with each other, but then he dropped a sudden bomb. Apparently, he did not do all the research before contacting me about being a roommate, and I didn't find out until the last minute. He told me that he'd been thinking about it and talking to a friend of his at the police station, and said so many people had been screwed over by roommates. I tried to assure him I had no intention of screwing him over. Then he was like "Yes, one person always ruins it for everyone." Again, blame irresponsible people. This sounded like the perfect setting too! It was remote, and he was hardly ever home. So basically I would have had the place to myself. More or less. And he was fine with me having 2 dogs running around. I told him thanks alot anyways (for ruining my weekend). I told him I understand where he's coming from, but I just wish he had done all that research before contacting me and making the deal. I don't need games played on me now, I need a place to stay. I got no time for games or to deal with people who don't know what they are getting into having a roommate. And I am hardly any trouble at all. I mostly keep to myself. I probably would rarely have ever left the room. Except to put the dogs out, and go walking occasionally.

My time looking for a home was put on hold, because of his offer. So I was very disappointed when he suddenly wrote saying he changed his mind. I don't mind living with my ma and stepfather, but soon they are going to be moving to Reno. I know they are. And I also know damn well that they are going to pick an apartment that does not allow pets. They always do. They are in Reno now looking at places. I know they are going to come back and say they found a place. And without even asking, I know the place they choose is not going to allow pets. I don't think I am going to like Reno one iota more than I liked Montana. One of the reasons I wanted to get away from Montana was because the summers were too hot and the winters were too cold. Reno is no better! I want to say I hope they don't find a place, but that would be selfish of me. I don't want to go there! But that is why I am trying hard to expedite finding a place of my own. And I am trying! If nothing else works, I will live in ma's van with my dogs. LOL! Really, I am serious. It's a big ol' van. Put a matress in the back and I'd be fine. It'll do fine until I can get myself an RV. Then I am really on the road!

Friday, September 7, 2012


we're soooo happy you're gone!

Thanks! I'm happy to be gone too! :P

You incredibly ugly beast. So happy we are free of your ugliness.

Thanks! You're ugly too! LOL!

You know who this is.

I wasn't sure at first, but thanks for that clue that gave you away. HAHA!! XD

Not even at gunpoint would a man be able to get an erection looking at your horror of a body.

Several men already have. In fact, 3 since I put on weight. It ain't impossible! ;P

Of course, you eat pussy anyway. (This is my favorite comment!)

LOL! And you choke on your dad's dick. ;)

Only a bull dyke would have the facial hair your carry.

And if this is who I think it is, this is the last idiot to talk about someone else having facial hair. LOL!

Now it is time to get your mentally retarded sister out of Montana.

Spoken by someone who barely talks at all. It takes a retard to know a retard. LOL!

It's gonna happen.

Seriously, is this a threat? I recommend my "mentally retarded sister" turn this in to the police. Threatening someone is a crime.

Good riddance, dogface !!

Thank you again, dogs are cute! I don't mind having the face of one. LOL! :P

GOD how I wish I had accepted his comment. But at the time, I did not see the threat to my sister. Otherwise I would have. But if this person wants to piss and moan at me, do it here, on my blog. I accept all comments. I cannot accept anonymous comments, you have to have a google account. But I do accept all comments. hehehe!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Now The Hard Part Begins

Well, I finally found someone who is willing to look after Minnie and Vegas for the next couple of weeks. It was not easy, and in the end, we were grasping at straws. But there is this nice elderly couple that my ma's neighbors know, and they have dogs. Though their's are bigger dogs. One looks like a labrador and the other looks like a mixed breed. I was a bit worried that Minnie and Vegas would not get along, knowing how they sometimes were with other peoples' dogs at the dog park back in Bozeman. Vegas is so damn ornery!! I knew Minnie would not give them any trouble though. What gets me all pissed off was how Nancy let me down. She was supposed to look after my dogs while I am here. But at the last minute, she decided she did not want to look after them. Ma knew Nancy would try something like this. She said Nancy has always been flaky. Shoot I knew that! But Nancy has also always been a great friend, I never thought in a million years she would stiff us like this when I needed someone the most. But all is well now, someone has been found and my babies are safe and sound. The only thing that worries me is that they may love my dogs so much they might not want to give them back. LOL!

Anna will be returning to Montana tomorrow. I really wish she wouldn't! But she likes it there. I sure do hope she finds a new place soon, and gets out of there as quickly as possible. I never want to go back to Montana. Only if that maniac comes to trial, because I did press charges against him. Then I have no choice. I have to go back. But I just hate Montana. Not my kind of place in the first place. I'm barely liking Olympia, but it's by far better than Montana. I'm used to Washington. I'm not used to Montana. There are some things I miss about that place, I was telling ma about Smith's. It's a cool store, and cheap! We don't have Smith's here. That sucks! In some ways, it's better than Walmart. The meat department is better than Walmart's. It's just better in many ways. Though Walmart does have more stuff.

I hope, above all, that I do get my security deposit back. Probably not all of it, but most of it should come back. The one thing they said I needed to do and could not was clean the inside door of the oven. I tried EVERYTHING!! I tried Easy-Off, I tried bleach, I tried elbow-grease, I tried it all. It would not come off for the life of me. The only thing I didn't try was a razor blade because mine was all packed. But I cleaned that place as good as I could. If I don't get it all back, I will understand. But I hope I at least get most of it. I don't think I left the apartment that dirty. But I also know what a sloppy housecleaner I am. Well, Anna's not going to have me around anymore, and there is safety in numbers. I hope she does OK. I know how the people there feel about her, even though she is generally a good person. She does dumb things a lot. I got so pissed off at her today. Because we were packing my things into the storage unit, and I had just gotten finished telling her not to put big, heavy boxes on top of little boxes. And what is the first thing she does? She tried to put a big, bulky box on top of a box only 1/4th the width of the big box. I was mad because I had just told her not to do that no more than 2 minutes before, and she went ahead and tried it anyway. I yelled at her and my father stopped me. I didn't want to stop because Anna is just stuck on the dumb shift today.

I even got pissed off at my father, because he was treating my boxes marked "FRAGILE" like he didn't even care. I have some very expensive pieces in there, and you cannot get some of those anywhere anymore. They were not all even wrapped that good in bubble wrap because Anna did that job, and she did a piss-poor job on it as well. I hope nothing got broken. I could not even check them before I left. That would have taken forever. My father was saying how we did not have time to bitch about my knick-knacks and how fragile they were. But yet, he can stand there and bitch at how much "junk" I have, and go on and on about it too. He took my big box that is clearly marked "FRAGILE" and just slammed it on the floor. He would not even let me tell him to watch out because it was marked "Fragile". He kept coming at me with "SHHHH!!" Made me so mad! If anything is broken, I'll know who to blame and I will make him pay for it.

But dad was not totally disagreeable today, but rush or not, he should have treated my things with a lot more respect. He did pay for the last tank of gas in the truck, which was nice and even bought me a drink. But still I am going to have many sleepless nights here wondering if my knick-knacks are all still in one piece! That's what I am pissed off about. No amount of sweetness is going to replace those if any of them are broken!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Again!

Well, I'm home again, I made it safely home. Before I came home, and actually we had just barely got started loading my truck with my things, Andy DiSanti was in the office and I was getting on the elevator. Well, he was PISSED!!!! LOL! He was holding a copy of my blog and he had this evil, possessed look on his face and asked me "Did you write this?!?!?!!!" I said "Yes I wrote it!" He gnashed his teeth, growled and began bumping my body with his own. YUK!!! And he had some wicked-ass body odor too!! He just basically got up in my face, growling, and bumping at me. I think he was trying to get me to hit him. But I didn't. I let him do all the raging, while I just basically stood there, almost laughing at him. He would walk out of the elevator, then turn and charge at me again. I'd be standing in there thinking "OMG! Here he comes again, hold your nose! Quick!" I'll tell you, he STUNK!!! His smell knocked me out more than anything else could have. He didn't even bump me that hard. But when he tried to grab me, I pushed his hand away and I told him, as seriously as I could, that if he ever puts his hands on me, he was gonna be done for! He gave me one last growl and backed away. LOL! I was surprised that Andy was surprised! He knew I don't like him, and he should know that was his own choice. It's his own fault I don't like him either.

The only things about Andy's little tantrum that bothered me was that he tried to put his hands on me, and most of all, that he STUNK!!! It was almost like the odor was caked onto his body, it was so gross!! I should rename him Andy DiStinky. I just wanted him away from me. I didn't want his smell to rub off on me! As soon as that animal was back in his cage, I was able to resume putting my things in the truck, so I could head on home. Not even Andy and a gallon of sweat from his body was able to ruin my happy day. I continued work with a big grin on my face and a smile in my step. Andy thought he was going to shut me up. He thought he was going to get me to erase everything I wrote about him in my blog here. But he didn't. If anything, he's just given me more power. I have free speech rights, but Andy has NO right to put his hands on me. For that, he will pay. I'm not letting him off the hook at all. Other people might forgive him, but I will not and we have it on film, him going into a rage and putting his hands on my sis. He cannot deny it now. It's been shown to the police. The police are on my side too. I even told them about my blog, and what I said about Andy, and they agree that is free speech.

Funny little tidbit, I was waiting outside some time after, my sis was going to get the car to put my computer in, and I just happened to be reading a sign that was up on the window beside me. Mike came out and saw me distracted by that sign. I think he thought I was crying or bitter or something, I don't know. But I was not feeling either. He looks at me with a bit of a sarcastic smirk, and asked me in a somewhat sarcastic tone "What's the matter?" I looked at him and answered "Not a thing." and smiled at him. The one thing that was most important over all else was I was going home. Nothing else mattered. As long as I did not smell like Andy. Well, that evening, after everything was packed up and into the back of the truck, I parked the truck at Walmart there in Bozeman, and I got a chance to call some family and friends back here at home. I told all of them about the incident with me and Andy. One of my best friends said "You should have kicked his nuts off!" To tell you the truth, that did not even cross my mind, or believe me, Andy would have been floored quickly. But then I don't know, I don't think he would have even felt it, his dick is so tiny. Any man that would even think of striking a woman has got to have a microscopic penis. He did not strike me, but I'm sure he would have.

My ma was the most pissed off. She asked me if I called the police and I told her that I went to the station after I was finished loading, and gave them the video we took. The police know Andy. I cannot discuss his background here, but it is a very interesting background! How he managed to get a place at this apartment complex is beyond my realm of knowledge!! Well, ma wanted me to call 911 because she said she "wants that idiot arrested". You know I think Andy thinks he's a gorilla! He literally acts like one sometimes, and the way he charged at me was like an angry gorilla! But gorillas are cute! Andy is not cute at all. That was the closest I've ever been to him before and he stinks!! Before he walked away, after attacking my sis with the camera, he shouted at us "LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!" I just laughed at him when he said that. As if my weight has anything to do with his being an asshole. Anna shouted back "YOU go lose some weight!" I said "Yeah, and take a bath, you STINK!!!" I don't think anyone heard me though. I was almost out the door when I said it because we were moving something at the time.

Well, I am so glad to be away from that zoo! Of course not everyone there is bad, I left some friends behind. I miss Karen a lot. I also miss Dianne and Irma, and I do also miss Deb. Not so much her husband though. You know I think he has taken to growling at me too, like a dog. LOL! Lois is borderline, she's generally nice though. I just don't like the double standards there. That was basically what drove me out of there. The thing is, we should never have moved away from Ocean Shores in the first place. Now, Anna's moving back worries me. I know she can take care of herself, but still. Now that I am not there, there may be some reverse animosity aimed towards her. I gave Anna the mace can, and told her to keep it with her. But I want full reports of what is going on there as long as Anna is living there. Now that I know about the kind of people who generally live in subsidized housing, I don't want to live in another one of those kinds of projects. Not unless I can have my own exit, where I can just open the door and let my dogs run out into the yard and let them go to the bathroom that way. I don't want to interact with anyone anymore. Those kind of places are always too full of drama. And I'll be damned if I ever want to see another Kim H. Or Andy D, or any of those kinds of lunatics!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Speech

I thought I should touch up on what I believe freedom of speech is. I am still not uncomfortable in my position on free speech. I did find the post where I actually said Deb is dumb, and it wasn't a quote either. Thank GOD! Took me a while to actually find that post, it was the one where I was talking about how Deb and Mike are always griping, every time they see me, about the fish tank I sold them. I saw how I tried to sugar-coat it as much as I could, I mean, I don't dislike Deb. I know she's pissed now and probably hates my guts, but I did try to be as affable as I could about what I was thinking. I just got tired of how they were always griping about how that tank was killing their fish, and hammering it into my head. I saw that and I was like "Oh that's where she saw it!" I needed a refresher. Well, I said if it bothers her so much, I'll get rid of that piece, and I did. I did not want to hurt Deb's feelings, and I am afraid that is exactly what I did. My guess is she is contacting a lawyer about now. Its her right! But I can also contact a lawyer as well. One who specializes in free speech cases. Maybe I should contact Margie Phelps. LOL! Well, she won it for the Westboro Baptist Church, and they did much worse than I did on this blog.

Deb could also very easily start a blog about me, saying what she thinks of me. And as long as she is truthful, or at the very least speculative, I'd just chalk it all up to freedom of speech. Like she could go online to say:

"Cassandra Rivera is a fat, disgusting pig, I hate to look at her. She probably eats tons of food off the floor of her bathroom. I will be glad when she leaves here!"

Some of that may be true, some may be false, but it is possible for her to say because of free speech. And because we have free speech in this country, she can write it, and I won't press charges because I am such a believer in freedom of speech. It's like if I were to go to a restaurant and have dinner, and I find the food disgusting and distasteful. Then I come home and blog about it saying something to the effect of:

"Mavis' Restaurant serves the suckiest food I ever had the displeasure to try. I'm almost sure the cooks at that restaurant not only spit in the food, they probably take a dump in it too! Never go to Mavis' Restaurant!"

Again, some may be true, some may be false, it is mostly just my opinion, but it's possible to say because of free speech. Now slander is another thing. I have been studying this, can you tell? LOL! Slander would be if I were to say something like this:

"Mavis' restaurant does not put real beef in their burgers. They go to the homes of pet owners and steal their treasured dogs and cats, grind them up and serve them as 100% all-beef burgers."

That statement is totally untrue, and if any missing dog or cat owners near Mavis' Restaurant ever caught wind of that, and believed it was true, they could sue Mavis' Restaurant and have them shut down. Then Mavis' Restaurant could come back to sue me for writing that on my blog. That is slander, in the truest sense. There are some key words there, if you're good you'll know how to spot them. And the statements must be proven to be untrue.

Deb was angry because I said on here she is dumb, well I deleted that portion of the post. Even though I tried to say it as nicely as I could, I realize I hurt Deb's feelings, and I didn't want to do that. She was angry because I said her husband was acting like an asshole when that post was written. Well, he was! Me, my sis and Karen all heard him acting like that. He seems to have mellowed off now, but at the time that post was written, he was very nasty to me and my dogs. Well, I took down that post too, it bothered her so much. But I didn't even use their last name. So really, who is going to know it's them I was talking about? Unless they have relayed the same stories to their friends. I know several couples named Deb and Mike, they are not too uncommon names!

I'll tell you, I wish I could sue everyone that hurt my feelings! LOL! There has been many times that has happened. There has been people who have said things about me that would shame Joan Rivers! Remember McGillicutty? That turned out to be a teenage girl. But she tried to sue me once because I called her a backyard breeder and said that her chihuahuas were not very good quality. Well! It was the truth. Then she started going into the Pluba forum and called me every name in the book, said I was stupid, fat and a freak, stole one of my pictures that was copyrighted and made disparaging remarks about me and Timmy, and posted my address, at that time, and phone number. The only thing she did that I did not approve of was post my copyrighted picture. For that, I could have sued her. Of course back then I didn't know about the law that said it is illegal to post a person's private information (full address, phone number and social security number) without that person's permission. That law went into effect in 2002. I "met" McGillicutty in 2006. I could have sued her for that too.

Hobofart also comes to mind as well. He went around saying things about other people throughout YouTube, stole some other peoples' videos and claimed them for his own, calling other people horrible names, and started rumors about people as well. He never got punished for that, and apparently someone said that he has a barrage of high-priced lawyers that will back up his freedom of speech claim.

It boils down basically to this:
Did I threaten Deb or Mike on this blog? No.
Did I accuse them of doing something morbidly illegal? No.
Did I post their pictures and say something to the effect of "These people eat babies! Don't trust them!"? No, I didn't.
Those are the things that, if I had done them, would get me in serious trouble. So I am comfortable in my position.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cat's Out of The Bag!

LOL! Well tonight, Deb and her husband came and paid me a visit, a very angry visit. She was PISSED!!! She was holding a copy of this blog in her hand and was threatening a lawsuit. Well, I can tell you she is not the first person who has tried to sue me over something like this, and I bet she won't be the last either. So many people have tried to sue me over freedom of speech. Perhaps I should not mention last names in my blog, but this case reminds me so much of the case between the fallen soldier's father and the Westboro Baptist Church. As grief stricken as the father was, and as much as we would have loved to see him win his case, the WBC has freedom of speech rights, and they won their case. Same with me. People often don't like seeing their names on my blog, but I do have my first ammendment rights. They can take me to court, but it's unlikely in the end they will win. Sorry guys.

Well, Deb said that I called her dumb in this blog. I could not remember calling her that, I do say she is unfair at times, and her ego is inflated since she became the office manager. Sorry, but it's true! But I did not, for the life of me, remember calling her dumb. I figured it was probably me quoting a remark made by someone else. So I looked back. I think the "ego inflation" post was what got her bothered. So, I removed it. She still has a copy though, but that's OK. She can keep it.

I am by no means afraid of getting sued. The only thing that bothers me about this is that I might have to come back to Bozeman, and really I don't want to! Deb and everyone probably hates me by now, but at least most of what I said was the truth, or speculative. None of which is illegal. None of which will (or has ever) held up in a court of law. But if I did appear to call Deb "dumb" and not quote someone else who might have said it, I want to publicly apologize and set it straight. But I cannot apologize for saying she is sometimes unfair. Because that is the truth. The way she approached me about my dogs running from my door to the elevator, I felt really threatened! And there Ziggy is running in the yard with no one controlling him. He does have a leash around his neck, but no one is holding it. Sorry Deb if I said you are dumb, but the "unfair" comment I'm holding on to.

Another thing I won't do, I won't apologize to either Andy nor Kim because I feel my attacks on them on this blog has been completely justified. They attacked us for no reason whatsoever over many months that my sis and I have been here. They can file suit if they want to, I don't care. But they will never get an apology out of me for anything. If it's money they are after, they ain't gonna get any of that out of me either.

Facts about this case: Libel is untrue spoken words, Slander is written untrue words. Convictions that are true or speculative are freedom of speech.

Harmless, Two-Faced Creatures

I don't believe this! Today is our day to do laundry, so my sis was in the laundry room putting our clothes in the washer. Well, she told me Yvette came in, and they were kinda chatting while my sis was putting clothes in the washer. Well, my sis found out she was a quarter short, so Yvette decided to give her a quarter to put in. When my sis told me about this, my jaw dropped, I could not believe it. I was surprised Yvette would even strike up a conversation with my sis, considering the kind of things she and Kim were saying about us in the dog park the other day, how ugly we both are to them, and they are so glad to see me going. LOL! Perhaps Yvette was just an accessory to that crime. But I wouldn't put it past her. Kim has her brainwashed. When my sis and I got off the elevator after coming back from the dog park this morning, Yvette was in the 3rd floor lobby, cleaning. When we stepped out, I saw Yvette there and I started calling her a slut and laughing at her.

Well, I was just giving her a dose of her own medicine. Yvette probably told Deb or Lois what I said, and I will probably catch it from one of them for that. But I don't care. Technically though I am still a tenant here, but not for very long now. Only a couple more days. But that's probably why Yvette was so nice to my sis. As soon as I leave here, I bet anything, she is going to be talking the same shit about my sis as she did the other day in the dog park. I didn't even hear what they were saying, I was too far away from them. But I heard it the next day from someone else. Now, when something goes wrong around here, I say "Kim did it!" or "Kim made me do it!" LOL! But like I said, they're both harmless by themselves. It's when they get together with other people that they say shit. Kim uses people as her security blanket. I find that funny. She does shit to people and then whimpers and whines because they throw her bullshit back into her face. She can dish out the BS, but she cannot handle the heat herself when it comes back to get her. Considering she is an old woman, that is funny!

I told Anna not to get too comfortable with Yvette's sudden stint of generosity and kindness. As soon as I leave here, she'll be back to doing the same shit again. Actually I do hate being so mean to Yvette. I never had a problem with her until Kim became butt-hurt that I wasn't paying any attention to her at the community yard sale. But if Yvette is going to become Kim, she deserves to get the same treatment as Kim does. I'm not interested in anything Kim has to offer, at the yard sale, or ever. But Yvette did have some cute earrings I would have been interested in. I just didn't have the money to get them. I spent only one dollar at that yard sale, and that was it.

Few people paid any attention to me at the yard sale either, but I am not butt-hurt and bitter about it. We didn't have that much stuff available. I figured those who came to the yard sale just were not interested in what we had. It happens. I know what I am looking for when I go to a yard sale. And if I don't see it, I walk on. Simple as that. My ma is a "professional" garage-saler. She knows how to "sniff them out", in a matter of speaking. If she doesn't find what she's looking for, she just moves on. But yes, part of the reason I did not even look at Kim's things is because I know her. I know how she is, she puts things out for sale that are dirty, broken or just don't work. She is the main reason we don't have the freebie table on Friday anymore. Kim is basically the main reason we don't have anything good anymore. Most of the chairs are gone from the dog park, and no one can bring them back because Kim mocked my sis and teased Jim (our maintenance guy) about cleaning the chairs. We also almost did not have a community yard sale this year because again, Kim was being a bitch to everyone at the sale we had last year. So if anything goes wrong in this place, it can be traced back to Kim. Anna, from now on when told of another one of our community benefits being taken away, should just cut through the fat and ask "What has Kim done now?!" LOL!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Going Home

Yes, I am going home! This means I probably won't be online very much for the next month. At long last, I will be going back to the coast. I've been missing it there. But by this time next week, I will be at my ma's. I will try to get back online occasionally whenever I can. It depends on if ma has wi-fi. Kim and Yvette are already happy to see me going. LOL! They told Kathy and Karen "I'll be glad to see them go, they're so ugly, I cannot stand looking at them!" When Karen told me that Yvette and Kim were griping about how ugly they think me and my sis are, I burst out laughing! They're both the last two people who should talk about someone else being ugly. Yvette has a nice face, but she's a fat whore. And Kim is uglier than sin it's self! Besides having a fatter ass than me and my sis put together. LOL! It was kinda like when I was in middle school, and Paul Casler used to say how ugly he thought I was. But if someone could be given the prize for ugliness, Paul C. would have been ahead of me by miles! He had a deformed head and bulging eyes, and every tooth in his mouth was crooked. The only reason I'm ugly is because I am fat. When I was thinner, I always got compliments about how gorgeous I was. But oh well. If Yvette and Kim are going to go around complaining about how ugly they think I am, I'll just laugh at them. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. :) Yesterday Kim and Yvette came into the dog park while my sis and I were still in there. I am sure it was meant to try and give us the high school treatment, but I could not hear a word they said. They were sitting too far away, and I wasn't paying any attention anyway. I was watching the stupid expressions on Kim's face and making fun. I was also watching Kathy's dog Casey, who is cute and funny as all-get-out!

The funny thing about Yvette, she's as old as my ma! Actually she's a year older than my ma. My ma will be 63 this year and Yvette is 64. She has one child, most likely out of wedlock, and probably knew several different "fathers" in it's lifetime. And here is Yvette, acting like an old high school wussy. I say wussy because she did not have the balls to say whatever she had to say about me and my sis to our faces. And Kim hides behind Yvette because she's a coward. If Kim had been on her own, she would not have said anything at all. Personally, if I were Kim (and thank GOD I am not!) I'd choose a different "bodyguard". Yvette is a poor excuse for one. Kim would be better off with PeeWee Herman as her bodyguard than Yvette. Yvette cannot do shit to either me or my sis. Not gonna happen. She's like a kid who acts tough when she is not around her adversaries, but then once faced with the person she is bullshitting, she runs like a sissy. I've seen her do it. Kim is definitely no better. Kim is the queen of cowardice. Not a compliment. Nowhere in history has cowardice ever been rewarded. They only get ballsy when they are around other people. But then that's true for all cowards. They get more audacious when they have their friends backing them up. On their own, they are harmless.

This whole thing adds up to only one thing. I've studied people long enough to believe this is true. Kim is bitter and full of rage because neither I nor my sis even looked at her shit at the community yard sale. Which leads me to believe the only reason Kim participated in that yard sale at all was just to get our attention. I guess she thought if she opened a booth and put out some stuff that my sis and I would pay attention and like her again. And when her little scheme didn't work out, that was when she got bitter and angry. But what Kim didn't count on is that if you mess with me, you get your shit thrown back in your face. In one of her fits of jealousy, Kim tore down a sign I put up in the dog park and put it in the poo-bucket. Deb may be gullible enough to believe Kim didn't do it. But Kim is a liar altogether so I know she did it. Or Yvette did it, and if she did it, Kim was still behind that. Now, Kim has threatened to take down that sign again once I leave here. Then the poo-bucket will just remain unemptied. She's one of the ones who will have to put up with it. I'm not coming back to empty it out. Anna cannot always do it. Kim is so lazy, she makes a slug look ambitious. And she gets fatter every time I see her. She and her dumbshit friend, Yvette, can easily empty that bucket out, they're just too indolent to do so.

As much as I am sure Kim and Yvette cannot wait to see me go, neither one of them is happier than I am to be going home. I am so filled with anxiety, I cannot sleep at night. My heart is pounding in my belly. Sometimes I find myself eating just to relieve that feeling in my belly. Yesterday, I could not stay out of the restroom all morning. Every time I think about going home, I get a feeling in my belly that just feels like knives cutting deep into my belly. It feels so good to be going back home again! Moving here was a big mistake to begin with. But I can finally say I am done with this place! Sometimes I think GOD does not want me to leave. So many things have worked against this move, such as Minnie getting ill. Costed me $75 to get her better. Not that I am griping, Minnie needed to get better. But that cut so deeply into my moving fund, I almost put off moving for another month, and I might have if I hadn't sold my chair. But I did not want it to come down to that. I was going to move home if I had to carry each and every one of my boxes on my back, piggy-back style! I might have been squashed like a bug. LOL! Some of these boxes are pretty heavy. But I am happy to be going home myself. I only wish it was today I was leaving. My ma is overjoyed about me coming to stay with her too. It's only for a couple weeks (hopefully), and I intend to spend all that time searching for a good place. I will be praying to GOD to guide me through this venture. I am sure HE will help me get to a place I need to be at.

As for Kim and Yvette, well, they will soon get what's coming to them. My ma has been alerted to the goings on around here. No, I don't go crying to my mommy! LOL! But she and I have been chatting every night for a while, and I tell her about all that is going on around here. It's all I can really talk about now. But my ma is very offended by this universal resentment towards my sis here. My ma is one person you don't want to piss off. And if you offend me and my sis, you offend my ma. I'm serious, and I've seen this happen over and over again, if you offend my ma, bad things will happen to you. It may take a week, a day, it may take a year or ten years. For some reason, my ma has this curse about her that people who have offended her in the past have had bad things happen to them in consequence. The latest thing was when she worked at the Ramada in Ocean Shores. Before she was let go of that job, they treated her nasty, and the reason they let her go was so frivolous. Well, their biggest contract at that hotel was with the military. The boss there always talked about how he did not want to lose that contract. But within a year of letting my ma go, the military discontinued the contract and the Ramada there lost them. I was like "Wow!" And that was sure not the first incident like that! I've never seen anything like that! And I never really believed it until that incident happened. On top of other incidents my ma told me about. Maybe it's a curse, maybe it's GOD's doing, who knows? But all I know is that it has been consistent for many years. Even happened to my father after they got divorced.

Well, my prayers go out to the people who are (and will be) affected by Hurricane Isaac. It's not as bad as Hurricane Katrina that hit the same area 7 years ago today. But still a hurricane is a hurricane. They do damage. Isaac could be a lot worse. Just stop worshipping panthers and all this will stop! GOD is angry at the world now. The WBC likes to blame gay marriage and acceptance for disasters like Hurricane Katrina. The funny thing is, the area of New Orleans that got the worst destruction from that disaster has the lowest number of gay people per capita. And knowing southerners the way I do, probably no one in that disaster was accepting of gays or gay marriage. But I'll bet you anything the majority of the victims of Hurricane Katrina were panther lovers and possibly fanatics. So once again, the WBC is wrong in their judgements. Like they always are! LOL! Stop putting money into panther charities, stop seeing panther movies, stop worshipping panthers PERIOD!! Get back to the one we should be worshipping in the first place, and that is GOD. All this destruction will stop.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Panther Fanatics Are Going To Hell!

Panther fanatics are going to Hell! Now, I am not talking about if you just like panthers, and are OK with those of us who hate them. I'm talking about those who act like they cannot get along in a world that does not have panthers, and hates those of us who hate panthers. I encountered someone like that the other day on one of my videos, and I made a video about them. This person left a comment, but I did not read it, and wound up deleting it. But I went to her channel, and I noticed a lot of people called her "Tiger". So I knew she had to be a panther fanatic. Well, she is a disgusting, Hellbound sinner, who rejects GOD so she can worship panthers. When she dies, Hell will open it's gates wide for her and suck her in.

At the risk of being hated and called a hateful christian, I made this video, somewhat parodying Fred Phelps of the WBC, and making some corrections to his preaching. I truly believe it is panther fanatics that are dooming the world!

LOL! You know a week later and I hear this, I have to laugh myself! I sound just like that dickhead!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Eat One, Kiss The Other

This is a question most vegans ask those of us who eat meat. Because we can keep dogs and cats as pets and eat pigs, chickens and cows. They ask us how we can love one and not love (thus eat) the other. It's their logic, not mine. LOL! The fact of the matter is, I love them all. It's just that dogs and cats we put higher up above those animals we eat, because they live with us, and especially in my case, they become a part of our family. My dogs are my kids. That's how I look at them. Pigs, cattle, and chickens I don't think of as family. I don't keep them as pets because I consume them. It doesn't mean I don't like them, it just means that to me, eating them will never measure up to what it would feel like eating a dog or cat. If I didn't like pigs, chickens or cattle, believe me, I would not be eating them! I hate spiders, I don't want to see one on my plate! I hate panthers, I shudder to think of one being on my plate. I just don't think of pigs, cattle or chickens the same way I think of dogs and cats. I'm not in Korea or China where they eat dogs and cats and keep chickens, cattle and pigs as pets.

The vegans can think what they want to, but my dogs are my family. I could never see a dog as prey. But I have learned over the years not to get close to cattle or pigs or chickens. The vegans can think that way if they want to, but I won't. No matter what they throw at me, those animals will always be prey animals, meant for consumption. Never to be thought of as "friends" or beings as "sentient" as we are. They won't change that. Nothing will change that! LOL! I could have a heart attack tomorrow and by Friday will be consuming meat again. To me, a meal is just not a meal without meat. And meat tastes good to me. Another thing that pisses the vegans off is that they think it is somewhat psychotic for those of us who eat meat to end a cow's life just for a few minutes of pleasure. Well, it isn't just that "few minutes of pleasure". The nutrients from the cow go back into our bodies, and it nourishes us as well. It's not just a few minutes of pleasure and then all over. When I eat a piece of meat, I'm full for the day. So, it doesn't just last a few minutes.

There are some animals that I just cannot think of as food. I will never eat any primates because I feel that is cannibalism. Even to eat lemurs I would feel that way. I'd never eat dogs because I have dogs in my family. I don't eat cats because some people (including my sis) keeps cats in their family. I'd think any carnivorous animals would be too greasy anyways. Because I keep dogs in my home and some people keep cats in their home, if I were to kill any dog or cat, even accidentally, I'd feel like a murderer. But nobody keeps pigs, chickens or cattle in their home. Unless they are crazy! You cannot even train a pig to use a litterbox. There are also some animals I keep as pets and consider friends that I also eat on. For example, fish. I keep fish (or I did, and I will again) mostly small tropicals. But I would also eat salmon and tuna given the opportunity. I know they are not the same, but they are in the same class of animals. They are all fish. Of course that is a lot like comparing a dog to a cow. Both are mammals, but not in the same family. Not even in the same order.

Well, last night my sis and I played a dirty trick on Kim Hedges. When we went out to the dog park last night to put the dogs out one more time, I was going to pick up the dogs' droppings when I noticed the sign I put up in the park had been put in the poo bucket. I was a little bit angry, because it was my sign, and I was the one who paid to have it laminated so people would be reminded to empty the bucket every now and then. When I saw that my first thought was Kim did it, because she is usually the last one to use the dog park at night before we do before we go to bed. So I took the sign out and I said "Two can play her little game!" So I came back up here, pretending to pick up my garbage to take out to the dumpster, and I went down to Kim's apartment and grabbed one of her decals that she keeps on her door, and I took it downstairs to the dog park. I put it in the poo bucket, smooshed it in good, and left it there, knowing Kim would be the first in there and would see it. I told my sis that if anyone asks her anything, just play dumb.

Well, I saw Kim leave with Yvette around 7AM like they always do, but she came back in around 15 minutes later. Usually she stays out there for 30-40 minutes. She came in early today. LOL! She must have been pissed! Well, I wanted to teach her a lesson about what it feels like to be disrespected. I was mad when I saw my sign was dumped in the poo bucket, a little bit anyway. But then I thought "Well, it's just a sign!" But still, it's the principle! Kim is so disrespectful anyway. I wanted to give her a bit of her own medicine. Well, my sis and I played dumb while at the dog park, and pretended that we did nothing and knew nothing. Apparently the sign was dumped back in the bucket again, even though I know I took it out last night. Kim and Yvette had to have done it! When we got in though, apparently Kim had complained to Deb because Deb cornered us, and asked us if we knew anything about the decal on Kim's door winding up in the poo bucket. Again, we played dumb and said no. At first. Then we got into the elevator, and Karen was with us. She looked at us straight in the eyes and asked "Did you girls do it?" I told Karen I would explain when we got upstairs.

Well, as usual, I hate telling lies. I began to get a nagging feeling in my belly, so I thought I'd better just get back to the office and tell Deb everything that happened. I told her about my sign ending up in the poo bucket and that I did it to teach Kim a lesson. Well, the whole thing was caught on camera, wow! LOL! So Deb said she will find out who put my sign in the poo bucket because that is bullshit. I just could not deny it. I could not "play dumb" because that is just not in my character. I prefer to be whole-heartedly honest and just take my punishment like an adult. Well, Deb found out the culprit was not Kim (it must have been Yvette then) so she told me to get Kim's decal out of the poo bucket and put it back on her door. She said if Kim ever finds out that we did it, we could be sued for destruction of personal property. At first I thought "Let her sue me. She has 2 weeks to do it. Then she'll have to try and find me on the coast." Not only that, but I could also countersue her for slandering me and my sis behind our backs. But then I thought about it, and I was afraid Kim might also try to sue this complex, and I cannot let that happen. Not because of me! So I went and got it out of the poo bucket, cleaned it up just a bit (enough to get most of the particles of crap off) and just put it back on Kim's door. I didn't reveal that I took it off, I just put it back. LOL!

Well, it obviously bothered her that we took it off, and so that is what I wanted. I wanted to piss her off some. My goal was to teach her what it feels like to be disrespected and I guess I did manage that. Of course one incident won't change Kim, I know that. She's never, in her entire life, been taught how to treat people right and she's 51 years old! She does not know right from wrong. She even does shit to people she supposedly respects. Like the woman that gave her Emma. Kim used to talk shit about that woman too, and about Karen too. I'm not the only one she has shat on. But it still felt somewhat good teaching her a bit of a lesson. If she's expecting any form of apology, she's going to have a long wait. I'm not doing it. I won't deny I took the decal off her door, but I won't apologize for doing it. Now, Kim and I are even, and I can start to work on forgiveness. I will never forget what she did to us, but I will try to work on forgiveness. My ma said we have to let it go, otherwise it will eat us up inside. I've forgiven many people before this one, I can do it again. But Kim does not have to know it. I once heard a saying that went "forgiveness is like releasing someone from prison and finding out the prisoner is yourself". After what I did last night, that really fits. I did feel like a prisoner of anger and rage. I need to get over it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

American Prejudice

Sometimes I look at how many Americans react to some stimuli and I think I can understand why a lot of outside countries don't like Americans. My 2 partners for Shine Corp. are from India and the difference between them and Americans is like night and day. It's unbelievable! Those people from India, Pakistan, the Philippenes, they are the MOST caring people you'd ever meet! Americans are quite the opposite! And I hear a lot of bad talk about people from those places! Mostly from other Americans. When I told my partner that I am on a low income and why, he was so nice, he wanted to help me out! Americans just gripe because they think you are lazy or uneducated. They don't do anything about it, they just gripe. That's the favorite pastimes of Americans I think, griping. Too busy thinking about themselves to spend any time thinking about how other people feel. Believe me, I don't get that from my friends in India, Pakistan nor the Philippenes! They are nice people.

Now, my partner in India is helping me out the most. And all I have to do is secretarial work. He promises to make me thousands of dollars by this time next year. We will see. But it is a mighty fine ambition! I'm loving this idea more and more. If it all works out, I may be able to move into my own home before too long! Then I can live wherever I want and have as many pets as I want. No restrictions. No extra deposits, nothing! Just me, my dogs and I. Maybe even some horses.

The Indians are willing to help, but the Americans all they want to do is complain. I see it all the time on the Bozeman Rants and Raves on Craigslist. They gripe about how low income people are "sponging off other Americans that have to work for what they have". HA! Well, poor folks work hard too. Just because they are poor does not mean they are being lazy. I work doing odd jobs for people. I work as hard as the guy who may make $25 per hour. I hate it when those people gripe about others who are not as "rich" as they are. But it happens all the time among Americans. But it's funny how it does not seem to matter to those I know in other countries.

So is this what it means to be an American? That's ridiculous. Makes me want to move to a remote island somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Possibly live out the remainder of my days there. My one big issue is how much Americans complain about people who are different from them. I've seen this to some extent in other countries too (UK and Australia are almost as bad in this department as Americans) but America, being as developed as it is, you'd think the people here would be more caring, kind and considerate. But no. They aren't. Seems the countries Americans consider enemies have been the ones I've found are the most compassionate.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this country. What I hate are the people in it. How they have forgotten how to have compassion for one another. They have just as many beggers on their corners in India as we have in America. Maybe even more so. Yet my friends and partners from India want to help me to a more stable income. And they aren't even asking me to do much for it, except help them. The job they give me is so easy, a child can do it! My partners are not even one of those poor people you might think of when you think of someone living in a village in India. They come from a more wealthy part of the country. They went to college to learn how to do what they do. They live in houses, not huts. So, it's not like they are poor. They're just very compassionate. Nothing like wealthy Americans, who care more for money than they do people, and those who do not have as much money as they do, they look down on them as scum.

Well, I hope in all Heaven's honesty that my partner will be making me thousands of dollars a month by this time next year. It'd be great!! Even the extra $100 I'll be getting these next months will help me out considerably! Especially with a new rental that will probably be taking away more than 50% of my current income. I don't know, I've looked at several. I found some cool places in Aberdeen, Raymond, Coos Bay, Westminster Bay, and even Friday Harbor. I visited Friday Harbor once and I loved it! Even Karen said she would be pea-green with envy if I moved to Friday Harbor. I loved it there, and they have a lighthouse! I love lighthouses. It'd be awesome to see that shining into my window every night, and hear the moaning of the foghorn on unclear nights. I'd love it!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Panthers Are Dooming The World

I've said this before in one of my last posts about the Westboro Baptist Church, actually then I was joking! But there may actually be something in what I said! Panthers may actually be dooming the world! I'm not just saying that because I hate panthers either, but because I've done the math. Remember that Animal Planet program, Panther Diary (you may know it as "big cat" Diary). It first aired in 1996. Two years later, huge natural disasters (and ground-breaking manmade disasters) began to happen.Volcanos became more active all over the world, the death of Michael Hutchence (who named his daughter "Tiger" and then a year later, killed himself), and the first F6 tornados were recorded. All because of panther fanatics. The WBC likes to blame gay marriage and acceptance for that, but gays are NOT universally accepted. Panthers are loved by almost everyone, and their popularity seems to be even worse since that diary show came out on Animal Planet. Another thing to remember, in 1994 The Lion King was released by Disney and was extremely popular, probably more so than Bambi. A year later, ebola broke out in Africa, where the movie would have taken place. That same year, bubonic plague also broke out in India. All because of panther fanatics. Gay marriage is not accepted in those countries. Gays are probably unknown.

Panthers always seem to take the stage everywhere on every nature show, which is why I don't watch nature shows anymore. You cannot turn on any nature show and not see some kind of panther, which is one reason why I love lemurs. You can watch a documentary about lemurs and not see any panthers at all because there are none in Madagascar. There are fossas, which I think are cool, but they're not panthers. They're mongooses. I always loved mongooses ever since I was in middle school. I used to love panthers too (I had sinned!) until I kept seeing their faces every time I turned on the TV. It got old and boring after a while.

Look also at where all these disasters have been happening. The 9/11 attacks in NYC and Washington DC. NYC is full of cat and panther lovers. Fewer people actually own dogs. Gay marriage was not accepted when the attacks occured, and gays were barely accepted into society then. Bin Ladin probably had never even heard of gay marriage at that time! But by then, that Panther Diary show had been on the air on Animal Planet for 5 years. I think GOD was angry that the world was becoming fanatical about panthers. And the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, an area of tiger worshippers. Maybe tiger-worshipping was the cause of the tsunami. GOD is angry because tigers are loved there more than HIM. In fact, panthers seem to even be more popular than GOD everywhere, and I think that makes GOD angry. I'm sure most of the atheists I've encountered are also panther-loving fanatics. All the victims of these disasters, I'm not sure all of them were accepting of gays or gay marriage. But I am pretty positive that the majority of them were panther lovers, and possibly fanatics.

Last year, that movie about panthers, called "African Cats" came out in theaters on Earth Day. Shortly after the previews for that movie first came out, the Japanese tsunami hit Japan. Now there is a "World panther day", and in consequence, this year, the whole USA is in the worst drought in 30 years. All because of panther fanatics. One thing I've noticed, if you hate panthers, as I do, you are shunned and scorned by the fanatics. The Bible says to love one another, but panther fanatics hate people who hate panthers. I've never known any animal that has such power to turn one person against another the way panthers do. Remember when I said on here that TwistidAsh threatened to "punch me in the face" because I hate panthers? That's just an example of what panther fanatics are like. I'd still love to see her try to punch me in the face. LOL! GOD would punish her for sure! If I am right about this, and I am pretty sure I am! Besides me kicking her in the face after pinning her to the ground, GOD might give her an early heart attack. Who knows? But it's just a sample. I get into fights with panther-fanatics all the time because I hate panthers. I've even lost buddies over it, over and over again.

You know why panthers are so "beautiful" (in the eyes of other people)? GOD did not give them their spots and stripes. Satan did. He did that to appeal these evil beasts to the eyes of the public. Those of us who worship GOD hate panthers, because GOD hates panthers. That is why HE has tried to make them die off, because HE hates them. But humans will always be around to interfere with GOD's plans. Giving to panther-related charities, trying to "save" panthers from extinction, and rehabilitating captive panthers. I think that is why GOD is so angry now. It has nothing to do with the acceptance of gay marriage, or gays being accepted into society, because they are not all accepted, and acceptance of gays only just began a few years ago. All these disasters have been happening for much longer than gays have been accepted. So the Westboro Baptist Church is all wrong. It's not gay people that should be persecuted. It's panther-fanatics! I'm glad I stopped liking panthers early in my life! I may be fat, but I am still alive and healthy.

Yes, I know what you are thinking "Lemurs are dying out too". But there is a difference as to why lemurs are dying off and why panthers are dying off. Lemurs are being killed by humans. Panthers are naturally being eliminated. Many varieties of panthers have low sperm count. Humans did not cause that. That is GOD's doing. That is why panthers are dying off in the wild. They would be dying off whether humans were here or not.

GOD does not mind gay people. Don't listen to Westboro Baptist Church.
GOD hates panthers. GOD hates panther worshippers and fanatics.
Panthers were created by Satan, not GOD. It's a sin to be a panther fanatic.

I Should Have Guessed!!!

For the last 2 days, my "Diets Don't Work" video has been getting more views and comments than it has since I put it up! Most of the comments have been far too negative to post, and again, I don't want to give the trolls any attention. I'm still training myself for that! LOL! Well, this morning I got another negative comment on there, I saw the word "disgusting" and decided it was too negative to post. I didn't really read the comment, I just deleted it. I thought that video has been getting a lot of hits lately, and out of curiosity, I went to the latest commenter's channel. I looked at some of the comments posted on his channel and noticed a lot of them mentioned veganism, and that set off the biggest red flag!!! I knew it!! Or I should have known it!! This person is a vegan! That was one of those "A-HA!" moments. I should have guessed all the negative people posting on that video had to be fanatical vegans! I should have guessed last night when someone posted a comment saying "The reason you are fat is because you eat shit food". His comment wasn't too negative, so I accepted it. I accept criticism, I don't accept negativity. I'm still trying to teach myself to avoid drama. I'm going to be living on my own, without my sis or Karen to confide in (too much). I want to learn to avoid drama and negativity, and so YouTube is a great way to teach myself about all this.

I should have seen ahead of time that the damn vegan fanatics would be trying this. I think it started back when one of my vegan buddies posted a pic on Facebook of a sign by JD's Restaurant that read "You don't need teef to eat our beef". I thought it was funny! Me being a redneck and all. I'm sure it was a play on words to make it rhyme and all. But the fanatical vegans were like "Teef? What the fuck is teef?" And saying the person who posted that sign was stupid. In essence, they were taking it FAR too seriously! For all they know, the person who posted that sign may have been a college scholar! I wrote that I think the sign is funny, and it's a shame some people have no sense of humor. I'm glad they are not my friends or family! I hate to be around people who are that serious. Serious people always look at me like I am a moron because I've never been that serious myself. I like playing around. I love to have fun, laugh and joke with people. Life is too short to take everything so seriously, although I think vegans think they are immortal.

Well, I usually just tell vegans to go fuck themselves, I'm used to them now. I'm used to their ways. But since they have decided now to invade that video, I've decided to close comments on there. Any video the vegans decide to invade will also have the comment feature removed. I'll not have them clutter up my channel with their negativity. If they want to debate like human beings, that's fine. But I'll not have them posting asinine comments, threatening my family, or spewing bullshit all over my videos. I watched a video yesterday, from a guy that HATES Onision, a militant vegan. I hate Onision for that same reason. Well, the guy said he finished a nice, juicy steak and said "My food shits on your food!" So perhaps it was vegans that inspired the term "bullshit". You are what you eat! LOL! We eat cows, cows (and bulls) shit on grass, vegans eat grass. LOL! To put it in simple terms. So thus anything that comes out of a vegan's mouth has to be nothing but bullshit.

But there are friendly vegans and vegetarians too. I have to give them props for that. But for every one friendly vegan/vegetarian, there are 20 that are not at all friendly and spew bullshit and negativity. Those are the ones that make vegans look bad, and those are the ones that keep me away from becoming a vegan in the first place. They just make the lifestyle look so unattractive. I don't want to become that. So I don't go vegan. They're always saying how much better-looking vegans are than those who eat meat, but it does no good to be attractive on the outside if you're so ugly on the inside. By that I mean being so ugly and hateful to other people. I try to always be nice, even though in some of my rants I can sound like a bitch. LOL! Sometimes in fact I think I am too nice for my own good! People tend to take advantage of nice people. That's why there's a saying that goes "Nice guys finish last". The same goes for gals. But I sooner listen to someone who is friendly than someone who is nasty. And in fact I am still trying to learn to ignore the nasty people who comment on my videos. It's a good start anyway.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Roommate Or Not Roommate?

About a week ago, I put an ad on the Oregon Coast Craigslist, looking for a place to live. I was hoping I could get a response from someone renting out a small beach cottage, or some small basement apartment. Well, I think I did find something. I finally got a response to that ad this morning. She's willing to let me keep both my dogs and she says her apartment has a very nice view of the ocean and the bay. I think it would be awesome. It also has it's own private enterance, which is really nice! So it's private all the way. I like that idea. She sent me an apparent link, but when I clicked the link, it just took me back to my own ad. So I am still waiting to see the place. The way this person described it makes it sound like a roommate deal. Like she's looking for a roommate. I've never thought about living as a roommate myself. I generally like to keep to myself. But I guess it wouldn't be so bad, as long as I have my own entry way, and I can just open the door and let the dogs run out and do their thing, and as long as she lets me live my own way and does not try to tell me how to live. If I want that, I'd go live with my father! LOL! I have limits to my tolerance of being controlled. I realize it's this person's property, but the space I am paying for is MINE! That is why I refuse to live with my father until I can find a place. He likes to control people and I hate being controlled. My father wanted to tell me when to go to bed, when to get up, what to eat and when to eat it, and I don't like being told all that! He didn't even like me staying up at night to watch TV.

I am still trying to decide. I'd love to just move into a new place from here. It'd be great!! Then I don't have to leave my dogs with anyone. Not that I don't trust Nancy, but she has cats. My dogs are not used to cats. Leastwise Vegas isn't. I don't know about Minnie. I do know once Sharon's cat (my neighbor here) was out in the hallway, and I was walking to my apartment with Vegas and Minnie on their leashes, and Minnie wanted to just go after that cat! If I hadn't had her on her leash, she would have been gone! She'd have chased that cat all over the building. There's a reason why I don't have cats, and that's mostly because I am not a fan of having cats in the house. They're dirty animals! They carry fleas and are one of the biggest carriers of ringworm. Apparently it's in their urine, according to the vets I spoke to when I used to have cats. I remember one time someone laughed at and made fun of me because I brought that up on the Pluba forum, but I was only repeating what the vets told me. Made sense too, because you never hear of ringworm in dogs, and when I had cats, I did contract a small case of ringworm on my lower leg. I managed to get rid of it, but every day those cats lived with me, I feared a relapse. Though it never happened again. So I don't know. I still don't want to take a chance. And cats like to step into their litter box, and then put their dirty, stinky feet on your clean kitchen counters. That was another thing I hated about having cats. And you cannot really train cats not to do something like you can dogs.

So who says cats are not disgusting?! Those are the main reasons I don't have cats and I don't want any either. I am downsizing everything, so I am trying to sell all my big items. I sold my fishtank to Deb. She wanted dibbs on it first. So I said "OK, if I decide to sell it, you will be the first to know." So I decided to sell it. Well, now Deb is griping because when she put her own fish in that tank, they started dying. Last Wednesday, Deb was talking about how her fish were not doing so well, and scratching themselves on the rocks in the bottom of the tank. Well, that sounds like the first sign of a disease called "Ick". I told Deb the tank came with some Ick cure, and it's in the drawer set that came with the tank. When fish are scratching themselves on the rocks, they are itching, that's the first sign you see with ick. Then, it's still early enough to treat them and get them cured. Deb had the cure right under her nose and didn't see it! And every time Deb or Mike sees me, they talk about the problems they have had with that tank since I sold it to them, as if that's my fault. Not my fault Deb won't use the ick cure I gave her! It came with the tank. She essentially didn't need to go and buy anything. She just needed to open her eyes and look. I basically just ignore them when they start talking about the tank. At first Karen said "Well maybe Deb didn't suspect it was ick" and I said "In a stressful situation, that would have been the first thing I would suspect." My fish did fine in that tank, and are still doing well with their new owners. No cases of ick since I got that medicine.

Well, now I am trying to sell my chair. I got one person, he sounded like a teenager, who seemed interested in the chair yesterday. When I called him at the number he gave me, he said he would be right over in an hour, and then never showed up. I hate when people do that! But then that's life. And he sounded like a teenager! Teenagers are never reliable! My sis said to just leave the ad online until it gets sold. Well, hopefully today's prospect is more serious. I set a time for her to show up here, and hopefully I will be seeing her today. I love my chair, but it's too big for a one bedroom apartment. So we will see.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flipping Around In Phillipsburg

Well, my sis and I had our last road trip together, we went to Phillipsburg. At first I wanted to go to Virginia City, which is a small ghost town here in Montana. I remember ol' Kim talking about it several times, and making it sound so interesting. But when I actually looked into the place, it did not seem too spectacular anymore. I shoulda known Kim was full of shit! It would not be the first time either. So I said let's just go to Phillipsburg. There's more to see there. Lots of gem stores, and mining places, and one of the best candy stores in this state. It's called the Sweet Palace. They have the best hand-dipped chocolates! So I brought some home, but by the time I got home, I found I had a gooey mess in the box! I'll still eat them anyway. LOL! It was mostly my truffles that got melted and ran all over. I can always get them again. hehe! On the way there, we stopped in Anaconda to have dinner, and the place we found was like a casino. Gordon Ramsay would have had a fit in there! The carpet needed changing real bad, the walls and doors were disgustingly covered in layers of previous customers' grease and jelly, there was dirt everywhere, and even the "clean" tables still had grunge on them from other customers. My sis and I had a terrible time trying to find a place to sit.

That place really desperately needed a make-over! The food was not even that great. The mashed potatos had been microwaved and had rubbery edges. Then the second set of mashed potatos (after I sent back the first set) was cold in the middle. The best thing about the meal was the chicken strips, and how can you mess that up? When I got home and described our outing with Karen (who was raised in Anaconda), her response was "Was it also a truck stop?" I said no. And she said "There's your trouble there. The casinos that are also truck stops are the ones with the best food." Usually casinos back home have great food! But this one didn't. I guess it was because it wasn't a truck stop. If I ever come through Montana again, I'll have to remember that. Though I don't see myself coming back here in the forseeable future. I just don't like Montana! My sis and I have already begun packing my things into boxes.

Recently, Andy had a falling-out with Karen, because he was being a real jerk to her the day before. Not that it would have been the first time, but he screamed at her to shut her dog up, and I guess he threatened her dog with bodily harm as well. Karen told Andy that if he ever harms her dogs again, he's going to be fucked! Andy apparently told Karen that after he screamed at her the day before, he went to the office and filled out his own 30-days notice that he's leaving too. It's probably nothing more than a copy-cat resignation because he knows I am leaving, but Karen has hopes that he really is leaving. I hope so too, because I am afraid he will hurt Anna or Karen someday. I just hope he does not plan to follow me where I am going! Karen said most likely, he will have the office rip up the paperwork. I'm not too sure he's brave enough to leave here. And while Andy was standing there talking to Karen, I saw him rubbing his dog's genitals! Now that was sick!!

The difference between Andy's lease termination papers and mine is, and Andy may not even be aware of it, that Lois is not the only reason I am leaving. I've been trying to get back to the coast since I got here. In fact, I didn't even want to leave the coast in the first place! I knew I was not exactly going to love Montana! I'm a beach person. There are no beaches here. I'm a virtual prisoner here. The only reason Andy would be leaving is because he and Karen had a falling-out, and he started it to begin with! Just like he starts every battle that goes on in this place. Even my sis is talking about leaving this place. She's anxious to go to Missoula and live there. I told her to keep trying to find a place, and she said she is. I told her she may have to lower her standards some, but find a good starter home and move there. So she's trying. Anna and I tried to find an RV to live in for a while, and we thought we had one.

Well, that started out when I was looking for an RV and I was going to live in it for a while. I got one response from someone named Crystal. I posted an ad on Craigslist, asking if anyone had an RV for sale and if they would accept a small down-payment and monthly payments until the RV was all paid off. In the ad, I mentioned that I was on a fixed income, and could not afford much, and I was very interested. Well, Crystal was the only one to respond, the RV was old, but had a new engine, and everything worked the way it was supposed to. I was interested, then I thought about my sis. She wants to continue nursing school, and there is a good 2-week course in Billings for a CNA certification. So I thought I could give the RV to her and she can live in an RV park in Billings for a while while she completes the course, and then she can move on to an RV park in Missoula and practice her career there and get settled. So I told Crystal about my sis and gave her e-mail address to her. Apparently she contacted Anna and they talked for a while. Anna too is on a fixed budget, and cannot afford much. But she was really interested in the RV.

The RV was old, it wasn't like it was a new model, and Crystal was asking just over $4000 for it, and she said she was willing to accept offers. So Anna wrote to her and discussed the payment plan, as was originally mentioned in the ad. She offered Crystal $500 down and $250 a month. Crystal was not too happy with that offer, and all of a sudden, she began to mention something about how she was not really willing to do monthly payments because she's afraid of scammers. Um, DUH!! The ad said we are on a fixed budget!! And it said we are looking for someone who will allow us to make monthly payments. Why respond to the ad if you're just going to back down?? Why get someone's hopes up like that only to drop the deal because you are not impressed with the offer?? Especially since the ad clearly stated that we are on a low income! Anna is NOT a scammer! But if you ask me, Crystal is a scammer! I don't think she ever intended to sell us that RV. I find it kinda interesting how she never mentioned she was afraid of scammers until the last minute. If we were someone writing and saying we are overseas, or something like in Nigeria, I'd think Crystal had a point. But we are local, we were willing to come up to see the RV in person, the problem was Crystal could not think of a good time for us to come up. And we had the cash in hand for the down payment. She backed out of the deal, we didn't. And in today's economy, I'd say a $500 down payment is very fair. Most car dealers are willing to accept that for a car worth $4000.