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Sunday, April 20, 2014

INXS Thinking About Touring Again

Well good! I am so glad that INXS is thinking about more tours. I do hope they come back to this country. They haven't since 2011, and then I had to move to Bozeman. I remember I even went so far as to purchase tickets, and had an awesome seat assigned to me. I thought I was not going to have to move to Montana until August of that year. But my sis wanted to move in June, so I wound up missing the concert. That made me mad! All I can hope now is that INXS will be touring the USA and we will both be in the same city at the same time. Or at least the same state. I miss these guys. Even Kirk, and I never thought I would say that in a million years. I still have not forgotten the way he snubbed me when I met them in Portland. In a sense, so did Tim. But it was so hot, and I had on so much hairspray, I didn't blame him for not wanting to stand and talk to me. I didn't even want to stand near myself that day with all that hairspray on. Why should I expect Tim to feel any different?

Well, apparently the miniseries, Never Tear Us Apart, breathed new life into INXS's popularity. I haven't seen the show yet, I don't think it's been aired in the USA yet. Now, Richard Lowenstein has announced on his Facebook page that he will be working on a movie of his own about INXS. I told Mr. Lowenstein I cannot wait to see his version. He and I sort of became buddies after that. He likes my spunk! I told him I heard of 3 different directors who want to create their own INXS movie, and I told him I will be watching ALL of them if possible. I want to do a little comparison watching. See which version I like best of all. Some fans said they would only watch Mr. Lowenstein's version, which is understandable. Richard Lowenstein is the one director that made most of the INXS videos throughout their career, and possibly is responsible for their popularity. But me, being the curious, and critical person I am, I want to see all creations of the INXS movie. Luke Arnold really resembled Michael and I would have fallen in love with him, had I seen the movie. But I haven't seen it yet so I don't know how well he portrayed Michael. I hope to see it someday and find out.

Well, this time if INXS does tour the USA again, I hope I am there to see it. I'll either be here or in OR. Not sure they can return to OR, and if they do, it'll probably be in Portland. Great!! Not that I believe Catsredrum or any of them will show up, I think after JD Fortune got dissed, they are no longer interested in INXS. I wouldn't think. But then I don't know. They always badmouthed Michael, saying he's just a dead guy. I don't think of Michael that way. It seems kinda disrespectful to me to say Michael is nothing but a dead singer. I think of Michael, and I think of all his accomplishments and the lovely sounds he brought into the world.

Speaking of which, Peaches Geldof passed away while I was visiting my sis back in Bozeman, and I said GOD is punishing Bob for being so hateful to Michael. Either that, or Michael is up there getting even with Bob Geldof for taking Lily away from him. I said RIP Peaches Geldof. She was 25 with a husband and child. She was also a model and an actress. But I still say Bob Geldof is being punished! I said that on Facebook too, and some of the weaker people who couldn't handle the truth deleted themselves from my friends list. I don't really care though. I still say Bob is being punished by GOD and Michael! I will always believe that. If I lose a few people who can't handle hearing that, then that is just too bad. That's what I believe, and I've never been known for giving up my beliefs for anyone. It's not like I'll miss those people, we probably hardly ever communicated to begin with anyways. And everyone who befriends me on Facebook knows I do not like Bob Geldoff!! I hate him forever for taking Lily away from Michael, which caused Michael to kill himself, which is why INXS is having problems now finding the perfect frontman for their band! Bob may love Lily, but the way he plotted to get her and keep her away from Michael, makes me mad!! I feel Michael's death was all his fault, and NO ONE can make me believe otherwise!

Actually, Peaches is the lucky one. She is up in Heaven with Michael. She's in a much better place with someone who loved her as his own. It is sad that her child will be growing up without it's mama. But I don't believe death is a totally bad thing. I used to think that when I was younger. But at my age, I see death as being just a step between this life and a new life. Like stepping on a curb between the road and the walkway.

Well, in other news, Minnie is doing fine. My sis and Minnie are still getting used to each other, but Minnie is such a good girl, she should get along fine with my sis and her friends. My sis told me she took Minnie to Yellowstone, and Livingston. Minnie loves car rides, so I am sure she had lots of fun. Roger is complaining though. Minnie does tend to bark at little noises, so we have to figure out a way that she will keep quiet, short of getting another dog to keep her company. Normally, I don't give a shit what Roger thinks, he's a lunatic anyways, and he's a dumbass. But I am afraid more people will complain about Minnie and get my sis kicked out of there, and she has nowhere else to go. But we are going to speak to the new landlord, and hopefully get this straightened out. I am going to expose Roger as a discredible person, who has been at war with my sister for years now. He is trying to make her move out, and we are not going to let that happen. The landlord should be made aware. She's new there, she has no idea of Roger's scheme to try and get my sister to move out. I could wait for the dirty dozen mob to foreword this blog to the new landlord, but they may not do it soon enough. So I am going to call there tomorrow. Minnie is my dog still, so if there is a problem with her, I should be the one to talk to the landlord about it.

**************************************EDIT to ADD**********************************

I was wrong when I said that a couple of my friends deleted themselves from my Facebook after I said Bob Geldof is being punished by GOD. It wasn't a couple of my friends, it was only one person. A woman named Julie Arsenault. And to tell you all the truth, I don't even have any idea who she was! LOL! She probably didn't know me when she asked to be added to my Facebook friends. She probably just saw I was an INXS fan and added me for the numbers. And yes, we never communicated with each other. So, Good riddance Julie!! Glad to be rid of one weak-minded individual from my friends! If others follow her, that would be great! I would rather keep friends on Facebook who know they may not like everything I'm going to say, and allow me to say it anyways, than to keep so-called "friends" like Julie and have to watch what I say every time in front of them. I don't like people like that.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Telescope and a Nosy Dumbass

Well I am back in Bozeman for a visit. My sis lost Odessa a few weeks ago, and I could not stand to think of her all alone in this little apartment with no company. I felt bad for her so I made a huge decision. Though it is breaking my heart, I have decided to let my Minnie-Muu come and stay with my sister for the rest of her days. Minnie is an active dog and my sis is an active person, so they should get along fine together. Minnie is a healthy, bouncy girl and I'm sure she has a lot of good years left in her. She should last my sis for another 6-7 years at least. She's a dog that my sis can put a harness and leash on and go for a good walk with, instead of having to put her in a buggy and walk that way.

Well anyways, I am also here with my ma, and we are going to have some fun with my sis. As my ma and I were driving in, I was looking up at my sis' window, and I happened to look over at her neighbor's window. My sis' neighbor is Roger Melvin, and he's a dumbass. He's the guy who is not happy unless he is bitching about something or someone. Well when I looked at his window I noticed he has a telescope positioned in his window. My sis said to me "You know what he does with that thing?" I answered "Spies on people?" my sis responded "You got it!" I told her I don't doubt it! That nosy-body was born to snoop. My sis told me he takes pictures of people with that telescope. He probably also uses it to snoop on people across the street in their own homes. I would not put it past him.

Yesterday when my sis and I went shopping, I saw that thing in Roger's window and I said to my sis while we were standing out there that we should really give him something to take a picture of. If he had been at his telescope at that moment, I was going to have both of us stand there and flip him off with both hands, let him take a picture of that! LOL! Or both of us stick our tongues out at him. hehehe! Either way, I was going to mock him having that thing to spy on people.

My ma is also here and she told me not to say or do anything to these people because I am here as a guest. I reluctantly said OK. But it's going to be hard! Especially in the case of Andy. If he comes near me, and he stinks as bad as he did on my last day here, it's going to take a lot of restraint not to say something that will embarrass him! Or if he growls at me or my ma, it's going to be hard not to make fun of him. I told my ma it's going to be difficult if Andy acts like an animal not to treat him like one.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

RIP Odessa

Well, it happened, and I am sad about it now. Odessa was my sister's dog, a long coated chihuahua, though most people who saw her thought she was a pomeranian. I loved Odessa as much as my sis did, because we used to live together, and she is my Vegas' mother. When my sis came back from her trip to Great Falls, Odessa got gravely ill. She was having trouble breathing. so my sis took her to the vet immediately. The vet gave her some diuretics, because she had a large amount of fluid in her lungs, and some pills because Odessa had an enlarged heart. The heart meds would have been something that Odessa would have to have been on for the rest of her life. My sis told me Odessa was not eating, but drinking a lot. That was when I got a bad feeling. But I kept positive for my sis, but I also remembered how that was what Groucho's last day was like. So, deep inside, I knew Odessa was not going to make it. My sis wanted to do everything she could though to keep Odessa going.

I kept thinking that perhaps Odessa had been bitten by a tick, they have some nasty-ass ticks in Great Falls. They have ticks that cause rocky mountain spotted fever. I keep wondering if Odessa may have been bitten by a tick there. Or maybe even a bad flea. Montana has rodents that carries the plague too. Something was different about this trip. Odessa had been on many trips before, and nothing ever happened to her. She spends one weekend in Great Falls and all of a sudden, she gets gravely ill. I don't understand why! Something happened on this trip that had a negative effect on Odessa. Someone may have even poisoned her. But my sis said Odessa never puked, and did not get as lethargic as Groucho was. On her last day, Odessa was still very responsive, and even barking. She died early in the morning, on my sis' bed while she was in the kitchen getting a drink. I'm sad. I never even got to say goodbye to her. I wanted Odessa to leave this world with the peace of mind that her baby is still with me, and very well loved.

Well, at least Odessa is out of pain, and no longer blind. The night before she died, I was thinking about her, and I started to cry. I cannot explain it. I think I just knew deep down inside that Odessa was going to die. But I kept telling myself "No! She's going to be OK." But inside, I think I knew she was going to die. I just never suspected that it would be that soon. And I didn't expect her to die on my sis' bed. I kinda expected that my sis would have to have her put to sleep. That would have been better for Odessa. But I know how my sis felt. She wanted to try and save her. Putting any pet to sleep is not an easy choice to make, but we do it because we don't want to see our baby suffer. It was hard for me to have Groucho put to sleep. I so badly wanted her to come home. But at the same time, I knew it was the better thing to do for her. My sis was going to do the same with Odessa if she hadn't recovered. There comes a time though when we have to say "I can't do anything else for this dog. I have to let her go." It's never easy, but it becomes necessary sometimes. And I would have preferred Odessa had been put to sleep instead of suffering with breathing problems all last week. But I am not mad at my sis, because I know how hard it really is to make that choice. Especially since Odessa was her best friend. My sis doesn't have another dog to lean back on. It may be a while before she does get another one, but I told her a rescue may be the cheapest and easiest way to go.

I feel bad for my sis, because I know how much she loved Odessa. And when I called her on Friday, just a couple days ago, she was telling me she cannot even stand to look at Odessa now. And I knew that was bad. But she felt that way because Odessa is just not the same dog she was when she left for Great Falls last week. She was no longer licking her, eating, active. Odessa has this thing where if she is excited, she twirls in a circle, which is so cute. My sis said she's no longer doing that. And after this, I bet Kim Hedges, Andy DiStinky and Roger Melvin are all having a good laugh over Odessa's death. I remember when Andy lost Angus, I felt bad because Angus was gone. Karen demanded I feel bad for Andy. But I couldn't. For one thing, I hate that idiot. Another thing, I don't believe Andy loved Angus. Andy doesn't love his dogs at all. He tries to run over them with his car. He took them out to the dog park and left them there all day so they wouldn't be under his feet. He once locked Lou (a westie) in his apartment overnight, with no food, water and no way to go to the bathroom. He didn't care. It wasn't until he was yelled at by several residents in that building that he decided to get Karen to take care of his dogs when he wasn't around. But I feel confident in saying he would never have thought of that had he not been yelled at!

Well, I was worried about my sis last night and so I called her. She was staying with a friend of her's last night. When she told me that, I felt better. Because I did not think she should be alone last night. She needs time to adjust to life without Odessa. It took me a year to get used to the fact that Groucho is gone. Some people take less time to get over the loss of a pet. Maybe my sis will be better in a couple months. Who knows. I suffer from depression, she doesn't. I remember after I lost Groucho, the dirty dozen were telling me to get over it, especially Rhonda (the Watcher) was basically telling me I had no right to mourn Groucho for so long. Rhonda Booth is the biggest dumbass whacko on all the internet. And she's a coward. NEVER let anyone dictate how long you should grieve over your pet. Some people take months to heal, some people take a few weeks. I know of one person who said her mother lost her dachshund and grieved for over 20 years. That was back when I was in high school. But I kinda wonder if her mother is still grieving over the loss of her dog. But it goes to show, some people never recover over the loss of a pet. But my sis is strong. I know she will eventually want another pet. But the choice is for her to make. No one else. When she is ready for a pet, she will know it.

In another note, I also heard Fred Phelps passed away. He was the founder of the WBC. I don't even like calling the gathering he created a "church". I also heard that his own church estranged him before he died. And Steve Drain said "I don't know what that means" when a group of protesters held up a sign that said "We're sorry for your loss". LOL!! What a dumbass!! Well, I like to think Fred Phelps has seen his judgement day, and was told by GOD "You are not eligible to enter this gate" and turned him away. So now, Fred Phelps is now in Hell where all his bigoted kind belongs. I hope he burns, suffers and fries up to his eyeballs!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Roommie, Old Roommie

Well, it's been 2 months since I moved in with Donna. I still say she is a very sweet person, and kind and considerate. She is still a LOT better than Patti. Patti is a low-class, dog-pound-bound, hateful brat compared to Donna. Really, there just isn't enough words in the english language to describe how much better Donna is than Patti. There is simply no contest! There couldn't possibly be a worse roommate than Patti! Look at all the shit I endured during my 4 day stay with Patti. I was poisoned, bullied, teased, harassed, had my freedom taken away, Patti would have tried to control me if I had let her. And Patti's way of teasing was not even cute. It was like how a bully teases the shyest kid in the school. But Donna is so much better. Donna does none of that. I haven't yet been poisoned!! I don't know what Patti did, but she did something, because my third night there, I got sicker than I'd ever been in my life. And Patti was complaining because I had to use the bathroom a lot. I was so sick, the toilet got clogged that night, and I asked Patti for the plunger. Well, instead of telling me where the plunger was, Patti fussed, and kept repeating how she had lived in that house for 10 years and that toilet never had a problem.

I kept asking Patti where the plunger was, and she didn't tell me. She just told me to go back in the bathroom and look for it. So I had to look. I looked for it before I asked Patti where it was, and I did not see it in the bathroom, and I knew it couldn't have just walked in there while I was in the kitchen talking to Patti. Patti was especially bitchy that night, that was the night after we had gone shopping and I spent $40 on groceries for her because she had no money and I felt sorry for her. One would think she would have treated me nicely then. But no, she was mad probably because I did not buy this $15 bottle of booze she wanted so bad. It wasn't until I went out there a second time to ask Patti where the plunger was that she eventually told me. She still fussed because she heard me using the bathroom brush to clean the seat of the toilet. She thought I used the brush as a plunger. She kept on that subject for about 5 to 10 minutes. I just kept asking her "Where is the plunger?" Then she started accusing me of flushing things into the toilet that I wasn't supposed to (and knew better not to). I should have made her feel guilty by saying if I had used the brush as a plunger, it'd be all her own fault because she wouldn't tell me where the plunger was! I said to her "I'm gonna ask you one more time; Where is the plunger?" Patti turned her head to avoid looking me in the eyes and finally told me where the plunger was. I said "Thank you!" and went to get it and fixed the problem in the toilet.

Donna is nothing like that. I asked Donna for the plunger one night, and she just gave it to me. She didn't fuss, she didn't accuse me of flushing something I wasn't supposed to, she didn't even question why I needed it. She just handed it to me and asked me if I need any help. I told her no, I had it all under control, and she was fine with that. When I was done with it, I just gave it back to her and I haven't needed it since. But that alone proves how much better Donna is than Patti. I was thanking GOD for helping me find Donna, and getting me out of Patti's house! Actually it wasn't Patti's house. It was her brother's. But her brother is as loony as she is! He never even asked to hear my side of the story about why Patti had such a problem with me. So she could have told him anything and he'd believe it, even if it was not the truth, which I am sure most of it wasn't. But that's OK! As long as it got me out of there and away from Patti, I don't care what she told him.

Actually, if Patti wasn't living in that house with me, I would have loved it there! I could have done some cute things with that house. It had a separate area upstairs I could have stayed, and gave the downstairs to ma. The kitchen was huge! The living room was big, and had built-in shelves I could have put my knick-knacks on. There was plenty of room for a big fishtank in that living room! I could get some nice furniture and put in there. The only thing wrong with the house, was Patti. My first night there Patti kinda jokingly said to me that one of us should win the lottery and buy that house and let the other one rent a room in it. The thing is, if I had won the lottery, I would have bought that house and kicked Patti's butt out! I wouldn't have even given her 24 hours to get out. I would have told her she has 30 minutes to pack what she could, including her mangy cats and dog, and leave the property. And if I'd seen her after that 30 minutes, she would be shot through the head as a trespasser. That would have been doing the world a big favor! That is how much I loathed Patti after staying with her for 4 days. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Wild horses couldn't get me away from her fast enough! But I don't feel any of that with Donna.

Donna and I have a lot in common. We both love animals. We enjoy puzzles and card games. She likes doing yard work, and I used to. Until I developed a fear of spiders. I like gardening though and so does Donna. We both have had several different breeds of dogs, and we both hate show breeders! LOL! Donna said that show breeders are just a different kind of people. Not like the average. Now, I have met some very lovely show breeders, but they are very few and very far between. And I am not even talking about cat breeders. Shoot! They're worse than a lot of dog breeders I've met!! Dog show breeders are bad enough! After my experience with John Cippolina, Bischi, Rio Bellon, and some non-chihuahua show breeders, I don't like show breeders at all now. Made me not want to breed to show. And I said if I can't breed for show, I won't breed at all. So both my dogs are spayed/neutered now. I don't want to breed dogs now, besides that I don't have time to.

I hated how when John C. and I were having some problems, all his stupid, show-breeder friends were saying he was right and I was wrong. Looking back on it, I don't think either one of us was right. I mean, I didn't need to fill out that survey that made John so angry. But I did it for fun. I forgot show breeders don't like to have fun. But at the same time, John had no business getting so very angry at me like he did. I found that to be almost hysterical though. About a couple years before, a group of show breeders said that I got incessantly angry over little things. Well, I was in my 20s then. I have yet to meet any 20-something year old that doesn't get incessantly angry over little things. But John was in his 60s. He should have known better. But you can tell a lot about a person by how they act in anger. Especially someone as old as John C. His actions told me he is someone I would not like associating with at all. And if he does come near me, grab a baseball bat and don't stop swinging!! I get angry myself sometimes. I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But I am still younger than John C, and I've learned to control it very well. I admit it took me long enough to learn how to control it, but I learned. That is the important thing. I even kept my cool when John and all his dumb friends were attacking me like a group of sharks.

But show breeders are not like I am. They're like children who've never had a childhood. They take everything too seriously, they don't have fun for nothing, sometimes I wonder if most of the people who grew up to become show breeders have had some severe human-related traumas in their life. That's very possible. Like maybe John C. had a stepmother who molested him as a child, or maybe a father who did not spend any time with him at all and just rejected him. Or, it could have been the opposite case, maybe his mama suckled him for too long that it went to his head, or his daddy maybe let him sleep in the bed with him for too long. I don't know. Who knows what goes on in the mind of show breeders. Like Donna said, they are a different kind of people. I've only seen show breeders make friends with no one else but other show breeders. They don't make friends with simple pet owners like me. Maybe they might have a friend or two that fosters pets, but that's it. And I doubt any of them has any friends that don't own any animals at all. That is why I would make a lousy show breeder. I'm a fair person, I love to have fun, I don't reject a potential friend just because I don't agree with their lifestyle, and I don't hate anyone. Even someone I don't like, I still manage to keep my cool with them. I kept my cool with Patti, even after she said I was being kicked out. But then again, that was a happy announcement. Not maddening. What would have pissed me off is if I'd had to stay there with her any longer!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cutting Videos, Phase 2

OK, I cut out some of my videos. I didn't realize I had so many videos that were responses to trolls and haters! I looked on my video page, and I noticed I now have less than 130 videos. So, I must have cut out almost 20 videos!! I even had to get rid of the Ogre Rants videos, and the video response I made to Hobofart! UGH!! And those were some of my most favorite response videos. Not just that, but I liked reading other peoples' responses to those videos. Many of them were people who, themselves, had been victimized by the fart. He mostly seems to target juggalos. But apparently he doesn't take well to INXSaries either. He's still out there, still targeting me. Any time I see someone talking about my boobs, (or tits in his language), I always assume it's him. The latest was a couple weeks ago someone got on my Fat People Sucks video response and it sounded like him, so I said "Hello Hobofart. Took you long enough to find this place again!" Unfortunately I had to take that video down as well. That was the one video I put up that I said I was going to accept ALL comments on, good or bad. And I was loyal to my word. I was threatened, harassed, called every name in the book, and hounded on that video by bigots. But I stayed cool and still accepted every comment.

One of the biggest things I always got was that people assumed I eat a ton of food (even cannibalize other people) just because I am fat. I love how people who have never been fat before always assume every fat person eats every meal at McDonald's or something like that. Not every person who is fat eats even one meal at McDonald's. I never eat at McD's. I cannot afford to! I do all my eating at home. You know, Supersize Me was a good movie, and Katrina and I both saw it and thought it was funny. But sometimes I wish it had never been made. All it seemed to do is create more misconceptions about people who are fat. Like all fat people are such because they eat 3 times a day, every day, at McDonald's. Or that all fat people are only out to sue companies like McDonald's for "making them fat". And my all-time favorite: Fat people are raising the costs of medical care. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!

As far as I know, cannibals only inhabit some parts of the Amazon, the Dominican republic, and the islands of Java and New Guinea. I am not from either of those places, and have no desire to eat a person, even if I was. I don't make enough money to be able to eat every meal at McDonald's every single day. Besides I enjoy cooking. So I would rather take my meals at home. I am not one of those sue-happy nudniks who blame the very rare occasions I do go out to eat for me being fat, nor do I want to sue the restaurant I visit for me being fat. Going out to eat is my own choice and I am old and mature enough to realize that. I am also old and mature enough to know that it is not the fault of the restaurant that I am fat, and I don't need the help of some skinny bigot to tell me that. For that matter, I also recall someone calling 911 because Burger King made her burger the wrong way, and that person was not fat.

My favorite has always been that fat people are raising the cost of medical care. This line ALWAYS makes me laugh!! Now, thin people are using that as a scapegoat to hate on fat people. And I truly believe that's all it is is a scapegoat. I don't believe it is the only reason they hate fat people. But every bigot uses that now that it has been mentioned on Supersize Me. There have been bigots against fat people for as long as I can remember. LONG before the so-called 'medical cost crisis'. And there ain't a single person on the planet that can ever make me believe that kids/teenagers make fun of fat people just because they are concerned about the costs of medical insurance. Nor can anyone get me to believe that people hate fat people because they are concerned about our health. I actually have much more respect for the punk who says "Your looks disgust me" than I do for some idiotic jerk that says to me "I hate fat people because they are raising the cost of my medical insurance!" You know that is untrue! They know that is untrue! And any fat person with an ounce of brains knows that's not true! There are just as many other factors in the rising medical costs. How about smokers? Drinkers? Drug-addicts? Alcoholics? Then there is one that no one ever thinks about, how about simple technology? Yes, those lasers now being used for surgery cost more money. That gets passed on to the patient. That's all that I believe is the cause of this increase in medical insurance costs. Nothing but simple technology, inflation, and know-how. Yet, because it was mentioned on Supersize Me, all the bigots believe it to be true. Any kind of bigot is ignorant, that's what makes them bigots.

I hate bigots of all kinds, no matter what they are bigoted against. But I think they are there because humans are just imperfect. Humans have to hate something, and right now, being bigoted against fat people is the last acceptable prejudice. But it's still bigoted. But hey, if I can hate panthers, then I guess it's acceptable for other people to hate fat people. And let me tell you, the way people talk about me because I am fat is really no different than the way I talk about panthers of all kinds. So, not a total loss. lol! Society seems bound and determined to force panthers on me. Like this commercial for Cadbury Creme eggs. It's set up like some kind of competition. The commercial is OLD!!! I remember when it first ran on TV Land back in 2000, there used to be lots of animals. I remember there was a pig and a hound dog, and a llama. Now, they have cut and edited it, and like everything else cut and edited, the commercial SUCKS!!!!!!! Now, all they show on that commercial is this stupid lion and a dumb cat. Almost as if the person who edited the commercial wants to put it in everyone's face that lions and cats are related. But the llama is still in the commercial and still cute!

The problem I have with movies, TV shows, and commercials glorifying panthers, especially putting them in the same light as house cats, is people are now beginning to believe that things like lions and tigers are nothing but big house cats, and that is not true, and can lead to bad trouble. I remember on my ED page, which someone else wrote, they said that some kind of conversation was had with me (which I do not remember, but they somehow remember it so....) saying that a panther would make a better pet than a dog. They called it "a lulzy conversation". I said "No, that was not a 'lulzy conversation'. That's something that you truly believe." Judging by the actions of other panther fanatics, I really think they truly believe the bullshit they are spewing about panthers making better pets than dogs. I'd challenge them to keep a dog in their home for a year, and a panther for the next year. See exactly which one they can cuddle with each night, which one they can feed without having their arm bitten off, and which one they can put on their living room floor with a rambunctious child. And when I say panther, I am not talking about any house cat. I'm talking about the big, ugly, obnoxious, flabby-bellied, cat-like animals I call panthers. What do you think will happen after that year with a panther? The fanatics would probably be eaten before the year is up if they try to keep a panther like you could a dog. But I'll tell you, like Nick Crews said, nothing would be funnier than seeing a panther fanatic get killed and eaten by some kind of panther. See if they still stand by panthers after that. LOL!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Video Removal

I usually hate doing this, but I am thinking of removing some of my videos from YouTube. The reason is because I have been spending the last 2 years trying very hard to learn to ignore negative people, and the videos I have in mind to remove are video responses I made to negative people. I accept all comments now, but I only respond to people who are not negative, and I only block people now who are so hateful that I feel they belong in prison rather than on YouTube. Those are not just negative commenters or people I just disagree with, they are the true haters and bigots. I still won't respond to them, I've even gotten to a point now where I don't even talk about those kind of people here in my blog, because I do not want them to have any more publicity than they deserve.

One video where I get the most haters, I never even stopped accepting negative comments on, because it was one video that, before I had it put up on YouTube, I promised myself that I was never going to reject any comment made on that video, no matter how hateful or nasty it sounded. But I still block haters and bigots. And yes, I've even gotten threats. I just block them and take their threats with a grain of salt. I can afford to now. Besides, what are they really going to do to me? LOL! They don't know where I am. I have mentioned here I am in Reno, but no one really knows where. And they never will, not as long as I am here. Reno is a big town, lots of outlining towns too. The only people who know where I am are family members and they are the only ones who need to know right now.

But yes, as part of this new regime I have of ignoring trolls and haters, I am taking down these videos. They will no longer be available after tonight.

I am going tonight to a cake decorating class, something I've always wanted to do again. Actually this will be the second time I've taken cake decorating. The first time was when I was 12 years old, and 150 pounds lighter. LOL! I remember back then, I made a nearly perfect likeness of Charlie Chaplin on a cake, and I took it home to show my father. But when we got home, and opened the door to our Volkswagon bus and I was getting out, wouldn't you know it, the cake fell and splatted face-down on the ground! UGH! I was so mad!! I never did get to show it to my father! Well, I am hoping to learn more here. Maybe I will advance to creating flowers and stuff. That would be awesome!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Study Of Genealogy

I have always been interested in genealogy. I remember when I was a kid, I would meet someone and they'd give me their last name, say it was Smith, and I would be analyzing it, saying "Oh that's Scottish, isn't it?!" And then I would get excited because I learned a new thing. One thing that has amazed me in my ma working on our family genealogy, that up until about 200 years ago, my ma's family was all royalty. Funny that, I always felt like royalty! There is even a line that links my family with the current Queen of England! I see that, and I think, "My goodness! If only we hadn't come to this country, I could be queen very soon!" Wouldn't that be fun?! LOL!! But the line was broken when my ancestors came to this country back in the 1800s. Dammit!

We have lots of British and European royalty in my background, more than I would have ever imagined. More than half was English/French royalty. Sheesh!! And I always said the French are assholes. lol! Can't say that no more. Well, I can when it comes to me, I am something of an asshole. At least I know it. My ancestors are not confined to England and France though. There's a lot of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, Ukrainian, Danish, Russian, Hungarian, and Swedish lineage too. It is the Scandinavian lines that seem to interest me the most. I always knew we had some Scandinavian in our background, because my ma and I were both born with blond hair, which turned dark later on. That's a characteristic that only occurs in Scandinavians and Germans. I learned that long ago, so I knew there had to be a link to our background and Scandinavian lineage. I think that is why this part of my heritage interests me the most. We have not only Germans in our line, but also Danish, Swedish and Dutch. Which is cool! That is what gave me and my ma the light hair we were both born with, which later turned dark. Though mine is now a peppery color.

I believed it, but my sis didn't, because she wasn't born with blond hair like my ma and I were. Well, my sis takes after my father. She has his hair and he is Hispanic. Dammit I miss my pa! I love being here with my ma, but I miss my father like everything! I do hope I get to see him when he is on his way back to Washington state. I know he said he was going to stop in Bozeman to see my sis. I hope he stops here too. This place is more fun than Bozeman. Reno has everything. Bozeman has nothing. But my sis seems to be getting along there. She's even spoken to this one woman that I could not stand. Helga! I hated that woman when I lived in Bozeman. Well, she acted like she owned the complex. And she hated animals. She used to gripe about our dogs. Now, she apparently has developed some kind of interest in Odessa.

I heard Roger has become as bad as Andy. Now, he gets on everyone's case. I used to like Roger, but after the stories that I've been hearing from my sis, he seems to have gone completely crazy! Not that he wasn't loony before, but he was not as bad back then as he is now. So now, Roger is the one who thinks he owns the place. And I do hope the dirty dozen mob forwards this post to the people at that complex in Bozeman, but I still laugh at Roger! LOL! Roger apparently thought somewhere back in this blog, that I said I loved him. I know he is not educated enough to know there is more than one kind of love. When I said I had enough love and respect to tell Roger the truth, he thought I meant that I loved him like a woman loves a man. LOL! That is what I think is funny. I actually meant it more in a biblical sense, like you are supposed to love your neighbor.

I don't like Roger like that! LOL! Can you imagine me with Roger as a boyfriend??? Roger is the kind of person who is not happy unless he is bitching about something. He is worse than me! He bitches about the sun coming up, he bitches about the moon being round, he bitches when the pavement is too hard for him, he bitches because his underwear is the wrong color, he bitches because the person walking in front of him is swaying their hair and he is not. I don't even want him as a friend, much less a boyfriend!! My sis has a friend there that she describes as being wonderful, and she sounds great! But she said that this friend says Roger gets on her case too. That does not surprise me at all. Apparently now he is there getting on everyone's case. No one likes him anymore. My sis even told me about Roger removing the billiard balls from the pool room, so no one can play pool after a certain time. Roger's apartment is a LONG way from the pool room, there is no way people playing pool there can possibly bother him! If Roger were my boyfriend, the relationship would never last! Because he would be bitching and bullshitting around, and acting like an asshole to other people I care about, and I would have to smack him shitless! I wouldn't be able to tolerate those antics for very long, and I am not a violent person.

Well, Roger has been doing shit to my sis (he's lucky I am no longer there), he got especially rigid with her after writing that message to me that I did not accept on my video. I had no idea Roger was such a big fan of Justin Bieber! LOL! Well, Karen told me not to tell my sis that it was Roger who wrote that comment, but at that time, my sis had been having so many problems with him, I thought it was only proper to tell her. Sorry Karen. Roger was doing all that shit trying to make my sis move. Well, thank GOD his strategy did not work. My sis said she will move when she is good and ready and not before. Now, I hope she stays there forever, just because I know her being there pisses Roger off so much! LOL! My sis aught to play Justin Bieber tunes really loud just for Roger. hehehe!

Well, so far, no one in that building has come forth in an attempt to sue me for what I wrote in this blog about them. I knew they wouldn't! Because I have my free speech rights, I know that and they know that, even mcgillicutty knows that, and she is the one who most likely told the people in Bozeman about this blog. I know, especially after I figured out who mcgillicutty really is; Sara Weiler. The teenager who was jealous because my Vegas is much cuter, and smarter, than any of her dogs. Well, the person who faxed the blog to the office told them to give copies to everyone there that was mentioned in this blog, and that sounds like something Sara would have said. Or something she would have wanted to have done. But unfortunately for her, I was already on my way out of there at that time. She would also want to see me sued. I am not afraid of being sued, because I know they cannot do anything! I watch enough of court on TV to know NO ONE has EVER won in a lawsuit claiming slander. That's because there is a fine line between slander and freedom of speech, and I never cross that line. Shoot, I get people calling me all kinds of names, I never threaten to sue them. I get slandered all the time too, I never threaten to sue. One has the option to ignore and move on, and that is what I do. Or sometimes I toy around with people if I am in the mood. But really, lawsuits are for wussies. Only the weakest individuals threaten to sue people over things written online. Sara has threatened to sue me before, and back then the internet was still rather new, and I called someone to make sure if she can do that or not, and they said most likely not. Because I did not threaten her or cause physical harm to her. But as far as informing the people in Bozeman about this blog, I have no regrets. I thank GOD for all that. I just wish I had stayed there longer, especially since I could have made fun of Andy's body odor every time he talked shit about me or my sis. As for Sara, I would do all that pissed her off all over again if I had the chance. I would not change anything or hold anything back. The only difference now would be Sara would have made that so much easier to do, knowing how she is. hehehe!

I am such that even if the WBC were to put on their website that I am going to Hell, I still would not sue, because that is just their beliefs. It doesn't mean that it is so. All my friends think I am wonderful, and so does my family. And to me, that is all that matters. I couldn't care less what strangers think. So. go ahead and sue. Or try. In fact, call Judge Judy. I really like her! She tells it like it is! But knowing Sara the way I do, she would probably turn around and try to sue Judge Judy for saying something that would hurt her feelings. Judge Judy, knowing her the way I do, would most likely look Sara in the face and give her one of her famous sayings that I love the most; "Get over it!"

Speaking of funny sayings by Judge Judy, about 6 months ago, I heard a line from her that I concluded to be the funniest of them all, and I've heard them all coming from her! I still laugh thinking about that line to this day! And probably will forever! It was this case between this Italian man and a woman and the man was fidgeting because the judge hadn't gotten to his claim yet. Judge Judy told him to stop fidgeting, She said "I want you to just stand there like a mummy until I come to you!" LOL!!! The reason I laugh about that line is because I would swear I made it up myself back in 2008 on this very blog!! And it seemed like Judge Judy got it from me. I was then talking about this guy who Catsredrum, or one of her cronies, is always seen with. Well, every time someone from her forum mentioned they saw me at an INXS concert, and were sitting close to me, I always remember seeing this big, muscle-bound dude who always just stood there like a mummy. He never smiled, never spoke, never participated in head-banging to the music, he just stood there like a mummy. And that was how I described him in this blog. And I forgot about that until I saw that episode of Judge Judy and she used that phrase! LOL! Made me laugh because I would have swore she stole that line from me!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keyboard Warriors

Don't you just "love" these types. I call them keyboard warriors. They are people who act tough over the internet or over the phone, and in real life they are complete wussies. I'm not that stupid! I don't make threats over the internet. Like I said to this one viewer on YouTube, who calls himself Nick Crews, some people are all talk. TwiztidAsh is among these. She talks tough and makes big threats over the internet, but I would be willing to bet she's not as tough as she talks in real life. People who make threats over the internet usually aren't. I'm no fighter, not unless I have to be, but I don't make threats over the internet. And the only time I would ever hold up my fists and hit someone is if they are beating on someone I love. I usually don't care what someone does to me, but if they are harming someone, or something, close to my heart, I can be pretty aggressive. I don't threaten, I just act. I may be fat, but then so is a grizzly bear. A grizzly bear can run faster than a horse, and can be on top of a person swiftly and silently, and knock that person down to the ground. Now, I am not saying I can run faster than a horse, but like the mighty grizzly, I can seem clumsy and even docile one minute, and hell on earth the next minute.

When I say hell on earth, I don't mean over the internet. Over the internet you can't do anything. I'm talking face to face. When I was leaving Bozeman, and Andy (and his body odor) attacked me in the elevator, actually the worst thing was his body odor, lol. I didn't do anything to him as he was attacking. I didn't feel threatened. Like I said, the worst thing was his body odor. He did try to grab my arm and I slapped his hand away and told him not to touch me. He didn't do anything then, he just walked out of the elevator and charged back in again. I still did not feel threatened. I just held my nose until the door closed. LOL! But, if my sis or my dogs had been in that elevator, or I had been holding my Timmy pics, and Andy did something to any one of them, the whole story would have been much different. I probably would have gone to jail, because I would have tried to kill him. Shoot, if I'd had a gun with me at the time he attacked me, he'd be dead right now, because I would not have hesitated to use it. That is no threat. If I'd had a gun, and Andy would have left me alone, I would not have used it at all. I only would have used it on him if I had it and he charged at me. But as it was, the only thing bad about his attack on me was how much he stunk up the elevator. LOL! And you know months later, after I moved away from Bozeman, my sis said Andy still has that bad body odor! LOL!

Nick Crews is a new subscriber of mine, and dumb as a bucket of rocks! He doesn't even know what a panther is! LOL! He thinks a panther just means a black panther. He also says the info I know about lemurs I learned only from Google. What this little moron doesn't know is I've been studying lemurs for nearly 30 years. LONG before there was Google. But I let him have his little idiotic beliefs. This is another method I have of combating keyboard warriors, just let them have their beliefs. I don't try to correct them, I don't argue with them, I just play along with whatever they say. It's pointless to try and argue with them. That's one thing I learned over the years of being on YouTube. Now, last week I did something I know I should not have done. I spoke to a vegan. I usually don't speak to vegans unless they are in my circle of friends. Though sometimes I read from my vegan friends' friends just to see what they have to say, but not very often. He said I would benefit from a vegan diet, it clears the mind. I said to him no thanks. I've seen "clear" vegan minds, I'm not interested. I have enough problems keeping my mind sharp for writing. And vegan minds seem even more messed up than non-vegan minds. Well! Vegans are biased. To a vegan only another vegan is going to be good at anything, even though there are lots of very good, best-selling non-vegan authors out there. But I don't normally speak to vegans because once you respond to them, others will follow and start harassing you again, and I refuse to get into a debate with vegans because I eat meat. I'm not going to keep explaining myself to them because I don't feel the need to. I eat meat because I like it. I don't need any other reason for enjoying a nice steak or a chicken tender. Especially when I see vegans out there who own cats, the most carnivorous animal anyone can legally own.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate kitty cats. I still have memories of this one I almost took home from the vet in Port Angeles. I still love Siamese cats. I also like hairless cats. Though I think Persians are a pain in the butt, I also think they are cute. There is this commercial on TV now for odorless cat litter and at the end of the commercial there is an exotic shorthair (a short-haired Persian) and I always say how cute I think that cat is. But I still have hatred for strays, who kill birds and small animals and have caused extinctions of wild animals in some areas. I don't want a pet cat personally, but I don't hate them anymore. That one at the vet really made me see, if I can think about that kitty the way I did, there's still some kitty-love there somewhere. Now, the only cat owners I question are the vegans, who are all cat owners. Seems only manly vegans own dogs, and no vegans own rabbits.

Another keyboard warrior is someone I got on my fat people video about 3 or 4 years ago, and he calls himself smokeysmurf420420420, he's a marijuana addict. The funny thing about him is he called me names like "fat" and "ugly". Back then, he had no videos or pics up of himself, which is usually the case for people like that. Well, recently I found out he now has videos up of himself, that is how I found out he's a druggie. I saw his face, and boy!!! He is ugly himself! He's at least as ugly as I am. Maybe uglier. He looks like a child molester, and he's got yellow eyes too. UGH!! I wanted to post a picture of him on here, but for some reason, this computer won't let me. I will post soon enough. That's why now I laugh at people who say I am ugly, when they don't have any pics up of themselves. I always say those people had better look like a god themselves. Well, smokeysmurf is no Adonis! He's ugly as shit!
*******************************************EDIT to ADD********************************************

UGH!! Tonight I found out Nick Crews is nothing but a damn kid!! And to think I was beginning to think he had some credibility. Admittedly not much, but maybe some. But no, he has no credibility at all because he is a damn kid!! Not even a teenager. I hate banning people from my channel. I've gotten to a point where I only ban people who act so hateful and mean that I think they belong more behind bars than on the internet. Nick was not like that at all. He was actually quite calm, and I guess as nice as one could expect from a panther-fag. I'd never seen him until tonight, and only then because I got bored. I don't get involved in other peoples' videos anymore. But I was a little PO'd when I found out I was dealing with a damn kid! He's lucky I'm not his mama! Well, obviously his own mama doesn't teach him any manners. That's the unfortunate thing about kids today. None of them have any good manners.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Roommate Made In Heaven

Well when I last blogged I spoke of my move to Reno, and I made it with no problems. Thank GOD! But as usual, the hard part of moving to any place is finding an apartment. I looked around town for several possibilities, but with my limited income, it was hard to find something I would be comfortable in. One little rental home I found I would have been happy in, and I could have fixed it up really cute, but the bathroom leaves much to be desired. The bathroom was small, and the bath tub was HUGE!!! It was so big and wide, it overlapped the toilet seat. So if I needed to use the toilet, I would have had to partially sit on the edge of the bathtub, and that would have been uncomfortable. You can probably tell I really enjoy my relaxation in the bathroom! I LOVE long showers! Or a bubble bath. And yes, I do enjoy my loo. hehe.

By about my 5th day here and not finding anything, I looked in the Nickel Saver ads. I found a few people looking for roommates. I said I would take moving in with another roommate if I had to, like I would have no other choice. But at the same time, I remembered how it was living with Patti. But also, I remembered that Patti was a lunatic. Not all roommates could possibly be like Patti! Well, I called the first roommate and she was a 77 year old woman named Donna, and she loves animals. I asked her if she allowed animals and she asked me what I have. I told her I have 2 small dogs, one a Chihuahua and the other a papillon. Well, Donna also has a Chihuahua that is 13 years old, and has congestive heart failure. But she was anxious to meet my dogs. I didn't take them at first because I thought she should get to know me as a person. THEN get to know the dogs.

Donna and I have a lot in common, she's a loner and so am I. Both of us have had our fair share of nightmarish roommates. I had one, and that was Patti. She was enough! Donna had one that was a schizophrenic and would sit and talk to herself in different voices. That is kinda scary, but I also lived with Patti and she would do almost the same thing. Well, Patti would sometimes start talking to herself, not really in different voices. More than anything, Patti was pushy, bossy and crazy. I mean crazier than I am. Donna is just the opposite of that. She is sweet, generous and kind, even though she is a loner, she is still a very sweet person, and I enjoy staying at her place. And she loves the dogs too. Patti said Minnie and Vegas were adorable, but I don't think she really liked them. She had a big-ass dog. Ugliest dang mutt you ever seen in your life!! Ugly, just like Patti was! And another thing that makes Donna better than Patti, Donna has had children, and has grandchildren. This alone, makes her a lot more patient and understanding than Patti was. Patti never had kids. More likely, Patti drank and drugged her way through her youth.

Now, I am not saying that having kids makes a person a better person. It depends on the parents. But Donna is such a nice person, I'd bet she was a wonderful mom to her children. The only bad thing she does is smoke, and when she does I can smell it throughout the house. I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so I cannot really tolerate too much of it. But I like Donna, so I am willing to accept little things like that. At least Donna was completely honest before I moved in. Patti was not honest at all. Before I moved in, Patti said she liked comfort food, she only drank occasionally, and never told me she did not use the dishwasher, or did drugs. I still have no proof of her doing drugs, but it kinda goes hand in hand with her attitude and drinking booze, which I know Patti must have done FAR more of than she ever let on. After she found out I was not going to buy her the bottle of booze she so badly wanted when we went shopping, she got mean and nasty. That was when her attitude went downhill. But I was unfortunately nice to Patti, even after she told me I was being kicked out. But I thank GOD for getting me out of her place when HE did! Who knows what would have happened had I stayed any longer at Patti's. But Donna is 10000-billion X's better than Patti!! I was thanking GOD for helping me find her last night. I've been living with Donna now for 2 weeks, and no problems, so I know the problem at Patti's wasn't me. The problem had to be her.

Another theory, Patti used Craigslist. Donna didn't. Donna used the Nickel Saver. Nickel Saver ads you have to pay for, so those people know what they want. Anyone can put an ad in Craigslist for free, that means any loony like Patti can place an ad, whether or not they are serious about getting a roommate or anything.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Move

Well, this year living in an RV has been interesting. Now, my family wants me to move on. My ma has invited me to move to Reno and I have decided to take her up on her offer. Though I have no intention of staying there permanently, it'll do for now. I was so excited before moving into this RV, and there have been times I have enjoyed it, but a lot of bad things have come out of it too. The worst is the dampness and mold that grows when the weather changes. I used to be very flexible, and move with the ease of a lemur. Now, I can't do that anymore! My left arm has gone bad. The only time it feels good is when it is lying perfectly still. It hurts worst of all when I try to bend it backwards like to scratch my back. I can't do it anymore. And I think it's because of the dampness in that trailer. Plus there are other things I have learned I don't like about it. So, I am packing what I can and moving out. I may have to leave some things behind, hopefully not too much stuff! I am hoping against all hope that the dry climate in Reno will help my arm regain flexibility, like it did my ma's leg. If not, I may have to have surgery.

The worst thing about this move is I am going to miss Port Angeles. I love it here! This has been the friendliest town I have ever moved to in my life! The people here are so nice, gentle, always willing to help out a stranger. I never lived in a town like this before. Toutle was nice, though the people were more standoffish. Lakewood I hated with a passion, the people were rude and low-class mental-midgets. Olympia was not bad, I would say about average, half the people were OK, the other half were rude. Ocean Shores was OK too, but the people there were more quick to laugh at a stranger with a problem than help them out. Especially the rich folks that lived there. Bozeman was about like Lakewood. Only about 1% of the people I met in Bozeman were the friendly types. But here in PA, the people are so nice and friendly, I've never seen anything like it. I am going to miss this town.

In Port Angeles, if you are having trouble out on the street, a stranger will stop and ask "Are you OK? Can I help you out?" Whereas in Lakewood, a stranger is more likely to say to you "What's your problem?" and pass you by. My father wanted me to move back to Lakewood, and I said I would rather die than move back there. I hated the town, and I hated the people there. The only good thing about that town was this little donut shop a few blocks away from the Lakewood Mall. It is THE best donut shop I've ever been to in my life! Even better than the big chain shops. Their donuts are nice and moist, almost with a creamy texture, with a crunchy outside, and the icing comes in many flavors, even orange and cherry, which are my faves. I'm going to be sure and stop there on my way out! No other donut shop I've ever been to has been even half as good. But that's the only thing I love about Lakewood. Nothing else.

Bozeman was the only time I ever lived outside this state, and I missed Washington so much the whole time I was there! I couldn't wait to come back. I might be just as at home in Oregon, after all there isn't much difference in climate, and Oregon has the ocean on one side. But for the sake of my shoulder and Vegas's leg, which also develops arthritis now and then, I am going to give Reno a try. I know Reno gets HOT! That is one of the cons I figured. But Reno also has everything, including casinos. There's even a store that I saw while I was visiting there, that specializes in selling puppies. I'd love that! At least I can get a puppy-fix while I am there. Maybe they will even hire me to work there. Who knows?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Batman Fan Till The End

Hey, I admit it, I am a Batman fan. Always have been. Well, ever since I first saw the Batman movie from 1989. I loved it. My first boyfriend took me to see that movie and even bought me a hot dog. I had fun that day, like I always had with him. Those of us who are fans love Batman, he's not like Superman, he has no super powers. He doesn't have x-ray vision built in. He doesn't zap his enemies with a laser beam. He just has strength and wit. I even used to have some Batman collectibles, and comics a mile high. I recently found the first Batman comic book for $1. Back when I was collecting his comics, I heard one would have to shell out $80,000 to buy that one. But I once saw it on ebay for $1! I should have got it! It would have been awesome if I had! But at that price, it was probably in very bad condition. Batman has always been a source of inspiration to me, he's even inspired me to create my own versions of Batman stories, using UMG characters instead of people. They are just crazy enough to be entertaining, and some of the best and funniest stories I've ever written.

Also, did you ever notice how when any Batman movie is made, Robin becomes the teenage heartthrob? The girls always love him. LOL! There's something about him. But for me, Batman was my hero. I like Robin too, but Batman is the living end for me. Or whatever the hell the kids these days are saying. Also, I'd like to focus on what makes Batman so irresistible to me. It isn't his strength, or mysterious character. It isn't his looks and thinking about what such a man would look like if I were to see him in person. It isn't his wit. The one thing that makes Batman so irresistible to me is the colorful menagerie of villains he always battles. I want to talk about some of my favorites on here, and why I like them. I have several favorites among Batman's foes. The reasons I like them differ quite a bit. But most of the reasons are ones that I can relate to.

Everyone knows and likes the Joker. He somewhat defines Batman as a super hero. And let's face it, whenever a movie with Batman battling the Joker comes out, it is hugely successful. The Joker was Batman's first foe, he was there at the beginning, and he'll be there until Batman's comics are no longer kept alive. I like the Joker because he is so insane he's funny. Kindof like me. Only I don't want to kill anyone. The Joker is so well-liked, he even now has his own comic book, devoted entirely to him. There is a song, an old song, and I have it on my MP3 player, and my ipod. It's called Queen of Hearts by Julie Newman I think is her name. Anyway, there is a part in that song that goes "The joker ain't the only fool" and every time I hear that line, it makes me think of the Joker and Batman dancing to this tune. LOL!! Told you all I was a little bit crazy!

Mr. Freeze is another one of my favorite villains. The reason I like him is because I can really relate to him in so many ways. He became dependant on the cold after his wife passed away, it was his way of coping with the loss. When I lost my Groucho, I became the same way. Well, maybe not so much dependant on the cold, but I dealt with her loss in just as bizarre a way. My first reaction to such a major loss was most of my voluntary functions slow down, and I spent a lot of time sleeping. I didn't want to eat or drink anything, I didn't want to go on walks, I didn't want to listen to music, or watch TV. All I wanted to do was sleep. Ya know, pretty much the same thing happens when I get into any traumatic situation. I became the same way when I moved in with Patti. It was supposed to be a happy time, and I kept telling myself it would be. But I was going into something new with someone I didn't know at all. I'd never had a roommate before, outside of family. And to suddenly become a roommate with someone I had never met before, and who was crazier than I was, it was traumatic.

Two-Face is another villain that I really love. For pretty much the same reason I like Mr. Freeze. He was once a handsome person, who became deformed after an accident. It brought out trauma that had been happening in his life. Same with me. I used to be gorgeous. Look at me now. I am an ugly, pathetic shell of my former self. It's brought out the worst in me. And I think people treating me like shit because they think I am ugly too has made me an angry, bitter old bitch. But sometimes I take it with a grain of salt. I mean, I know I am ugly, but I also know I cannot do anything about it. I just have to live with it. But I didn't become ugly after an accident. It was some meds I was on that made me get fat, grow hair, and become ugly. And when I say grow hair, I mean in the wrong places. It took hair from the places I wanted it, and put it in places I didn't want it.

The Riddler is another villain I always liked. In fact, he was always my favorite. I liked him even better than the Joker. Actually, I think it could be a tie between the Riddler and Two-Face. Writing a story with Batman battling the Riddler was quite a challenge for me, and I loved it! The Riddler is witty and funny and he gives clues to his crimes in his riddles, but you never really know what he's going to do. That's why I find him more fascinating than any of Batman's other villains. I used to have tons of comics of Batman battling the Riddler. They made up the majority of my collection. When I get my own home, I'm going to paint my bedroom wall green with question marks all over it. I'd love that! Then I am going to do all my videos that I put up on YouTube in that room. Just because. I can't relate to the Riddler, I am not that smart. But I am devoted to him because he has a unique character.

You would think as much as I like the Riddler and Two-Face, I would have loved Batman Forever. But no, I didn't like it all that much. It was funny and I loved Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face. But the Riddler himself kinda bothered me. He had all this Riddler memorabilia before the Riddler was supposed to even exist! That didn't make sense to me. It's like me having pictures of Vegas that were taken before we even got Odessa, his mom. The memorabilia should not have been put into the movie until after the Riddler character was created! There's a scene where Jim Carrey (or Edward Nygma) was on the computer trying to come up with a persona for himself, surrounded again by all the Riddler memorabilia. And every time I see that scene, I think to myself "Jesus, just look around you! It's already all there!"

The Mad Hatter is one of my minor faves among Batman's villains. He is not really given his due credit, or immortalized as much as the others I've mentioned. But I do like him. I've written 2 stories of Batman battling the Mad Hatter. The reason being is because I have Uncle Martin himself portraying a role as the Mad Hatter. But he's never given much airtime. I mean, he rarely made an appearance on the animated series. There's never been a Batman movie with him in it. Yet, I think of him enough to write 2 stories of Batman battling the Mad Hatter. Even though it's not the familiar comic book character himself. I had a couple of comics in my collection of Batman against the Mad Hatter. But actually, those were created few and far between. I am hoping to someday see a movie devoted entirely to Batman battling the Mad Hatter. That would be great! And it would be a change of pace.

Now, some Batman characters that I don't like very well are the Penguin and Catwoman. Catwoman is very popular, but to me, she's nothing but a cat-fag. I don't like cat-fags. The Penguin, well, I do like penguins, and birds in general. But the Penguin is kinda dumb and delirious. I never seem to get into any comics or motion pictures solely with him in it. Though it's not so bad if he makes an appearance with other villains that I do like. But I like him better than Catwoman.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Popular Kids

OK, not really kids, but anyways, I decided to write a post about why I hate the so-called popular people. I was thinking about this the other day, because someone told me some INXS fan was bullying them. I don't doubt it! INXS fans are just as bad nowadays as U2 fans have always been. It seemed to all start when Rockstar: INXS came on the air. Of course I've always known about INXS fans who were bullies, but back then I think it was all the work of one single fan, and it just grew from there because of that fan's popularity. You ever notice how the most popular people are the ones who become the biggest bullies? Well, I've always found that to be true.

I'm thinking back now to when I first signed on to Facebook. I gained a few friends when I announced that I was signing on. One of those people was a woman I had met a couple times before. She calls herself Duran2INXS on the forums. Her real name is Cindy. I was shocked that she even asked to become one of my Facebook friends, because one thing I know about her is she is a DonnaG supporter. She was nice when I met her in person, but after DonnaG and I cut out the friendship, I fully expected her to take DonnaG's side and not have anything to do with me anymore. Which was really fine with me. But it was a shock to me that she even asked me to add her to my Facebook friends. I thought about it for a few minutes before I added her, because of the fact she is a DonnaG supporter. At first I was going to deny her request, but then I thought about it and decided (against my better judgment) to add her anyways. I thought I would just sit back and see how it goes. If she asked me in the first place, I figured maybe she wasn't as shallow as I thought she was.

A couple of months passed and I hadn't heard anything from her at all. And then suddenly, she deleted herself from my Facebook friends. This, I so totally expected from her. I counted on it so much, I knew who was gone before I even checked my list to see who was missing. Back then it was easy to tell because I didn't have a lot of people on my list. I only checked my list to make sure I was right, and that it was maybe not someone I truly liked. I didn't want her coming back to me, and I did not even care to see anything she would post on Facebook, so I blocked her butt. Now, I don't see anything she posts at all. Her name even gets blocked out when someone mentions her in the comments, which is awesome. I do kinda wonder though if she still supports DonnaG. I can tell her truthfully that DonnaG does not really like her. The only reason DonnaG has anything at all to do with her is because she is a friend of INXS's. DonnaG told me this herself when we were staying at the hotel in LA together. The only people that DonnaG associates with is people who are friends of INXS's because she wants to get into Jon's pants. Average fans, like me, she spits on. I could never be like DonnaG. I have friends, and I like them for who they are. Not for what they can do for me.

But the reason I do not like the popular people is much like why I do not like Cindy or DonnaG. Because they shit on the lesser people like me, who cannot offer them anything or do anything for them. The only thing I can offer anyone is true, pure, unbridled friendship. Some people are satisfied with that, but a lot of others are not. This is a trend I often see with the popular people. They want more than just a simple, honest-to-goodness friendship. For example, the popular people wants everyone to agree with what they say and what they do 100%, no matter what it is. If you disagree with them, even slightly, on any one subject, they drop you like a sack of rocks. I cannot live like that. To me, that is a passive form of bullying. Or controlling. Like they are saying "I'll be your friend as long as you don't give me your opposing opinion." I've blocked a lot of the popular people on Facebook because I don't want them asking me to become my friend on Facebook. It's a kind of defensive strategy with me. Like "get them before they get me". I also take friendship very seriously, even on Facebook. To me, they are friends too, and deserve to be treated as such. But if I disagree with someone, I will let them know it. Doesn't mean I don't like that person, it just means I don't agree with what they say on that subject. I even have these kind of disagreements with family. We each just give our opinions and move on.

I hate to be controlled. I admit I do have a few popular people among my friends list, but they are stronger people who accept me the way I am. I have one friend for example, that supports PETA. I hate PETA with a passion, and I will not support anything PETA does. Nor will I support anyone's interest in PETA. It doesn't mean I don't like this friend as much as my other friends, it just means that I will not support PETA. Thankfully this friend knows this, and is OK with it. That, to me, is the trademark of a real friend. Not someone who only pretends to like me because I could give them something, or because I am friends with someone they support. Unfortunately the latter forms are more common in this day and age. I don't consider them friends. They're nothing more than friendly acquaintences. I was never even DonnaG's friend. I didn't consider her any more than the same, a friendly acquaintence. I was mistreated by her too much to consider her a friend. Especially when she talked her stupid cronies into opening up the delusional mods forum, which strangely enough, is not on the internet anymore. I know DonnaG was behind that forum! She denies it, but I know she was behind what those people there were doing. Because they mentioned things only she knew, or that only she was exposed to. Also, they never once attacked her on that forum, and she is a much more delusional fan than I ever was. In fact when we were in LA together, every time I tried to snap Donna back into reality and tell her she will never get Jon to marry her, she would tear my head off. I was the one with my head in reality on that trip. Not DonnaG. Yet the delusional fans forum never attacked her. So, that alone said everything.

I remember I decided to launch a counter-attack against the delusional fans forum when one of them started to accuse me of killing my Groucho on purpose. That person was lucky she did not say that to my face, I'd have belted her one upside the head and put her on her ass on the floor. You can accuse me of a lot of things. You can say I am crazy, you can accuse me of trying to get Timmy to have sex with me, you can even accuse me of being a hypocrite. I don't care! But one thing I will not tolerate is someone accusing me of killing my pets! That crosses the line. That would be like if I had accused Catsredrum of raping her 13-year old niece. Well, ANY accusations without proper proof is bad, but to me, accusing me of killing one of my beloved pets is totally crossing the line. Even implying that makes me madder than anything. I love my dogs, I would NEVER let one of them die so I could attend a concert. I would have given up going to that concert and meet-and-greet completely, if I thought it would have saved my baby's life.

What got me about that as well was how many of my so-called "friends" actually believed them. You wonder why I hate people so much? That's why. People are so dumb, they will believe anything some evil person says about another without asking the person who is being slammed on. See this is also why I don't want to become popular, and also why I want nothing to do with the popular people. They are the biggest malefactors of spreading gossip, and believing in it too. I admit I say more in my blogs here than I would say in real life, but that is why I have blogs. This blog is my ranting place. But really it only constitutes about 1% of my life (IF that much). This is how I am able to keep calm in the face of angry people, or hateful people. I write about them here. I could say everything I say on here to that person's face, but then that person would be bringing it up in my face for the rest of my life, even after the feeling has gone. And yes, it does go. So I rant on here. Writing about it helps me get over it. I am still currently working on a story that I have Patti involved in. Its one of my revenge stories, and I intend to tell most everything in this story, only this time, explain it with pics.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Birthday Trip to Vegas

I was watching my sis's video about her trip to Las Vegas last night. One thing I remember about that outing was that I could not go. It was supposed to be her 40th birthday outing and I could not go with her. Did you ever spend months planning something very special and set a date, get everything ready and paid for, and could not wait to do that something, and then the day you are supposed to do that something, something else happens to ruin all your plans? Well, that is what happened on that trip to Las Vegas. The day before we were set to leave, I had a headache. Nothing major, just a headache, and feeling a mite sluggish. But the day we left for the trip, I woke up with a nasty-ass cold!! At first I thought nothing of it. I am a fighter, I thought for sure I can still go on this trip, even though I had a cold. I wasn't about to let a cold stop me from going on this trip! We got in our car, drove to the car rental place, packed all our things in the rental, and headed off on our road trip to Vegas. I could not wait to get down there!

Well, as the drive wore on, I began feeling worse and worse. I started sneezing, coughing, my head hurt, my eyes hurt, I could not stay awake, all my energy was drained, and I had a stuffy feeling in my head and chest. When I would cough, I would cough up junk. It was not the runny stuff that is easy to cough up. This felt more like trying to cough up a gum drop. We had gotten as far as Salem, OR and I told my sis I just could not go on any longer. So, she had to drive me all the way back to Ocean Shores. I felt bad because I was going to try and make it. But I just couldn't. It was dark when we got back to Ocean Shores, and I had to take all my baggage out of the trunk. My sis gathered some more of the things she wanted to take with her and went off to Vegas on her own. I allowed her to go and enjoy herself, and just not think about me. Think about this as the perfect weekend she never got to have, and I was giving to her as her birthday gift.

Well, she made a video of her trip to Vegas. One thing she kept saying repeatedly was that she missed me, and that she was sad because I was not there. For a second, she mentioned, she even wanted to kill herself. That was only her thought for a second, she is not normally suicidal. I thought about what she said, and I think about how things are now, and I get a little sad because now, she has left me. We don't have that opportunity to do things together anymore like we used to. I'd been living with her for so long, now that she's gone, I'd like to have her back. Sitting alone in that house at night gets pretty dang lonely sometimes. I've run through every movie and series that I have, over and over again. I am bored now with playing DVDs. It especially gets lonely at night, when there is nothing else to do, and the only company I have is the dogs. I know my sis knows the feeling, because she seems to have felt the same way in the video.

That's one of the things I now talk about with my counselor, how I crave company sometimes when I cannot get it. I said that if this separation had happened when I was in my 20s, things would have been different. I would have been able to adjust to it much better. But now that I am getting older, and have no companions available at all hours (I am not married or anything), it gets rather lonely. And scary! When I first moved into this place, I had fixed myself some dinner, and I was eating. Well something distracted me and I choked on a piece of food. I could not breathe! I got up and performed an act of self-Heimlich maneuvers on myself and got my windpipe cleared again. But I keep thinking about what if I hadn't been able to do that? What if my throat hadn't got cleared up? I'd have been dead and the dogs would be trapped there alone! No one would have been able to get them out of there, and eventually they would have died with me. That's sad and scary to think about. Things I didn't really worry about when I had family living here.

I asked my sis if she doesn't miss living together even just a little bit, and she said she only missed me when we used to take trips together. That was fun. But I find it hard to believe she doesn't miss me any other way except for the trips we used to take. I thought it was moving to Ocean Shores that made us grow apart. She said it was before we moved to Ocean Shores. But that cannot be true, because we lived in Ocean Shores when she took that that trip to Vegas. If our relationship had grown apart before then, she would not have missed me at all to the point where she wanted to kill herself! When she was visiting here last Christmas, I wanted to know what grew her farther apart from me, and she basically said I bullied her. I asked her to reiterate, because I don't recall ever bullying her. Today we started talking in chat about bullies, and I told her what a bully is. Patti was a bully. Patti did things to me that I would never have done to anyone else. She even decided she didn't like me because we don't eat the same things. I think she also blew her top because she wanted to buy a bottle of booze and I would not pay for it. I couldn't!

If I had been a vegan, I would have understood Patti not wanting a roommate that doesn't eat the same things she does, but I am not a vegan. Vegans tend to be preachy and pushy and I am not that. I don't even want a vegan living in my house! If I'd had kids, the instant one of them told me they are going vegan, I would say to that kid, "OK fine. But get out of my house! I won't have no vegans living here!" I'd even help that kid pack. If I take in roommates, one thing I won't allow is a vegan. Since vegans don't believe in killing any animals, they'd probably bring in fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, lice and all kinds of other parasites, and simply moving them outside will NOT keep them away. A vegan can go live with another vegan and share their parasites with each other, they won't be welcome to stay in my house. One thing I especially HATE with a passion is cockroaches. I see one in my house and I am OUT! I thought I saw one last night in my house, I killed the damn thing. But it turned out to be just a large beetle. But cockroaches will drive me out of a house quicker than anything. I won't even visit a vegan in their house for fear of the same thing.

Well, it seemed my sis accused me of trying to run her life, and I never did that. I am not like that! When my ma was living with me for a few months, even she was impressed that I did not butt into her business. That is just not how I am. I never was. I do what I do, I help people, I said my sis was more than welcome to join me in a project, or a trip, I try to help people make good choices by giving my opinion, but I was never a bully about it. I never said to anyone that if they don't do what I say I was going to kick them out. I never said that to anyone in my life. I remember in my old Chihuahua group, I kicked one person out after we had a spat, but it wasn't because she would not do what I said, or didn't listen to me. It was because she was saying shit like I don't deserve my dogs just because I don't agree with mixing breeds on purpose, and I felt that was totally disrespectful and uncalled for. Actually, I was just going to suspend her for a few days so she could cool off, but her friend said she was not interested in coming back to the group, so I said OK. That girl thought I kicked her out because she could not see things my way, but she was totally wrong. I never would have kicked her out at all if she had never said I don't deserve my dogs for such an asinine reason as what she said it for. I don't even dislike that person. I just think she needs to get her values straight. People like that, just because you don't agree with them, and let them know it, they think you are either attacking them or being negative.

But I digress. Anyone who thinks I bully them, look at all my posts on here about Patti and compare what I did to them as opposed to what Patti did to me. Patti was a real bully. I am not. I don't even like confrontations. I just give my opinion, and the listener can take it or leave it. Fine with me. But I am going to give it, in hopes the listener can think about what they are doing before they do it. But I would never bully someone just because we disagree. I will stand up for myself and agree to disagree, but I don't have the attitude like "it's my way or the highway." That's just not me. And I don't bully.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Typical Vegan Bullshit

Oh GOD! Vegans are the dumbest creatures the world has ever known! LOL! One of my vegan buddies on Facebook posted something about soy milk, and it said something to the effect of milk coming from beans. I said it's disgusting. To me, the thought of "milk" being processed from beans is indeed disgusting. I'll never drink soy milk. It's not even real milk. Well yesterday, after thumbing through a bunch of posts in this thread about the dairy industry killing cows and calves, I wrote on this post that having cats in your home is no more vegan than drinking milk. Well, one of this friend's stupid vegan followers, who calls herself Kristin "HazCats" (remember what I always say about people named Kristin), wrote to me about my "disparaging remarks" about vegans owning cats. She told me she is one of the biggest advocates for spaying and neutering cats, and then she says when shelters are full of cats, what is she supposed to do about that. She also believes cat owners who let their cats roam free are negligent owners. She also said it makes her sick that she has to buy food for her cats that is made of "dead animals". She also mentioned my comments were gone. She figured either I deleted them or this buddy did. I told her this buddy must have done it, because I didn't. I have no shame in saying I think vegans who keep cats are hypocrites.

Now, I will say this, I don't hate cats anymore (their faces remind me of lemurs), and in fact when I took Vegas to the vet a couple weeks ago, there was a birman cat there that was available for adoption. I fell so deeply in love with it, I almost thought about bringing it home. Of course I didn't. I couldn't if I wanted to. But birmans are like longhaired Siamese, and I think they are gorgeous! I know cats are carnivorous animals, which is why I think they are the wrong pets for vegans. If a person wants to go full vegan, they should get a pet that is completely in tune with their lifestyle. Like rabbits, or parakeets; you know, something that does NOT eat meat. Then vegans don't have to get ill buying meat-based food for their pet. And they don't have to deal with an animal that is going to kill wildlife onsite. This Facebook buddy (I am not trying to degrade her), has posted several statuses on her wall about her cats killing small animals. She is not always going to be able to stop them from doing that. In my opinion, if a person complains about other people eating meat and drinking milk, and they keep cats that kill wildlife, that sounds very hypocritical to me. And people like Kristin, who keeps cats and defends the fact that they kill wild animals, I don't know. It sounds to me like she has some secret blood-lust that her own diet is not satisfying her with. Like maybe Katrina was right.

Well, I told Kristin all this yesterday in my response. Today I came back to the library to look for something, I thought I might as well look to see if she responded. I wasn't really going to come here today, but I needed to look up something online that I could not find any other way. I noticed, after I read a response from a friend I also chatted with yesterday, that Kristin did respond to me. It was long-winded, but that's OK. I didn't read past the first sentence, because the first thing I noticed when I opened up the message, was this note: "You cannot reply to this conversation. Either the recipient's account was disabled or its privacy settings don't allow replies." Looks like she's blocked me. LOLOL!!!!! Well, the first sentence, which was all I read of her message, said "Your argument is weak." Which was exactly the response I expected from a dumb vegan like this one. It's nothing I haven't heard them say before. But since she cut off my ability to reply, I didn't think it was worthy of reading further, so I just deleted it. This is why I stopped responding to negative posts on my videos and no more on this blog, because if I had responded to Kristin, I would have felt like I was saying she is right, and I know she's not. Vegans always think they're right about everything. I don't know what the rest of her message said, but again, it's probably nothing I haven't heard the other vegans say before. So, most likely nothing more than "blah-blah-blah-blah!" I also stopped blocking people on my channel. I got so sick of doing that! I don't like shutting people up. The only people I block now are the ones that get so outrageously angry, I think they need to be behind bars, not on my channel. But I just don't reply to negative comments anymore.

I kinda wish I had read the rest of Kristin's response, it might have been fun to respond to here. That would have made today more fun! But aside from that, this month sucks! I'm going through some real hard times now. Vegas' vet visit has really messed me up this month. On top of that, I haven't heard from my father. I hope he's not mad at me.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Pledge Allegiance...To Obama???

OMG! I think I have come up with a good name for Obama. I now call him "the Narcissist". Oh dear GOD!! And there are still people out there stupid enough to believe he is the best president we ever had. Oh GOD!!! How can they say that?? Well, I guess I know. Obama has a lot of celebrity supporters. For a lot of people that I can put my finger on now, that's good enough for them. Nevermind the idiot is a muslim, he's lied on more than one occasion, he does nothing but take relaxing vacations on our tax dollars, and he is now trying to alter our constitution to take away a lot of our rights as American citizens. Now, he is going to have people alter the Pledge of Allegiance so that people will be pledging to him instead of the flag! UGH!! No wonder Obama was the only person, before he got elected, who did not properly salute the flag when everyone else at the ceremony said the Pledge of Allegiance. He doesn't want anyone saying it to our flag in honor of our country. He wants people to salute him instead of the flag!!

This act reminds me a lot of how Hitler handled his leadership. Hitler also had everyone in his country salute him with the "Heil Hitler!" Obama is doing the exact same thing to this country, and there are still people in this country (and beyond) that think Obama is the greatest, even knowing this. The libtards (as my sis calls them) do not see all this shit Obama is doing. The reason? Because Obama's publicists hide his undoings very well. It was like when I was in the voc school introducing everyone to UMG Productions, I publicized them very well, and UMG Productions was in it's heyday back then. It's only when people call Obama out on his lies that we hear about what is really going on. Some of Obama's supporters say "well, it's because people won't let Obama do his job that nothing is getting done." Well, if I were Obama, I would ignore all the media shouting at me to get things done and just DO IT!!! People say shit about me too, I just do what I do!

Do you think people calling me ugly (as if that's a bad thing) or fat, or cussing me out is going to stop me from doing what I do?? Hell NO! It hasn't so far and it never will! I always take what people say about me with a grain of salt. I never let it get to me. Remember Mcgillicutty? Remember CosmicWheeler? Remember spkenn36? Remember Hobofart? They all have one thing in common. They all tried very hard to make me stop doing what I do by calling me all the names they could think of. Of all of them, spkenn36 was the most pathetic. He was the least creative. But anyways, they all used name-calling tactics to try and shut me up, and it didn't work. That's because I do not ever let name-calling, threats, or anything like that work on me. In fact, it just made me laugh even louder at them. I tell it as I see it, and that's it.

I say what I feel, and I call it as I see it. I expect other people to do the same with me. I've gotten to where I don't even give a damn. Not since that incident on the AcmePet site. I used to correct people who said things about me that were wrong. But you know what I've found over the years? I've found that the more you try to convince people that the rumors about you are incorrect, the worse it makes you look. People are gullible and are always going to believe just what they want, whether it is correct info or incorrect. That is why I ignore forums and shit. And if anyone believes the bad things others say about me, then I don't want to know those people. They have no business being in my life. I will admit that yes, I have lied online to protect my secrets that I don't want anyone to know. And I don't mean my real age!! LOL! I don't care if someone knows that. Or my real name, or even my real address. I'm talking about MUCH bigger secrets that only my closest friends and family knows. I haven't even mentioned them on this blog. Or any blog for that matter. Although some you can find out in a couple of my autobiographical works. And anyone who has asked me about those kind of things, yes all they will get is cover-ups and lies because I feel it's no one's business but mine!

Anyways, if Obama thinks I am going to say a pledge of allegiance to him, he's got another think coming! If he thinks I am going to serve him, he's sadly mistaken! Obama should be busting his butt for us! We should not be obligated to serve him! But what has Obama done for us as a nation? Hardly anything. And don't blame the people because he hasn't done anything. One of the first rules of leadership is EVERYTHING is your fault. I don't care if Bush started it, Obama is in office now, not Bush! So it's Obama's fault our nation is still in the toilet, and not getting any better. So to all Obama's supporters, don't give me the usual bullshit that "Bush started it! Bush left this country in ruins!" No way! Bush is no longer in office, we cannot blame him. The ball is now in Obama's court. It's his serve. And he hasn't done a damn thing!!

Well, after today, I am rarely going to be getting on this site. I may get on some times, when I can make it to the library to type a blog post. But I have fixed the comments section of this blog so now it can accept all comments, even anonymous ones, and they no longer have to be approved. At least until I can get on here permanently again.