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Friday, November 9, 2018

Cat People, Dog People

Well, Katrina and I did a little Facebook chat yesterday, and she was talking more about her man, Chris Cornell. LOL!! She talks only about him lately. Well, I even admit he's a handsome guy. But his genre is just not my type. However, I did a search for him on YouTube, I wanted to get to know this man Katrina is so attracted to. Especially to see if he has moves like Michael's. Well, normally when he sings, he has a guitar strapped to him. OK one point in his favor; I love guitarists!!! I checked out his moves on a live concert. Well, being a guitarist, his moves are very limited. More so than Michael's was. But he still had some good moves. Shoot! Per Gessle had some moves and he was Roxette's guitarist! So it can be done. He just couldn't gyrate his hips around much, or take off his shirt mid-concert.

I even found a video on YouTube all about Chris Cornell. It talked about his lifestyle. I found something else interesting; he's a dog-lover. YESSSSS!!!!!!! One big brownie point, I have a lot of respect for someone who loves dogs. Then I thought, no wonder he's so handsome! I saw a picture of him with his mom and they are both holding a sweet pomeranian dog. Then they showed Chris's own dogs. He has one that looks like a rottweiler/german shepherd cross, another one that is a swiss white shepherd, and pugs. Lots of pugs! Not only is he a dog-lover, he doesn't discriminate against the size of the dog! That's another huge point in his favor! I love a man who loves dogs, large and small! He has all dogs, and no cats.

I remember once someone said in an anti-SJW group I am on on Facebook, that men who own smaller dogs are not real men. I responded with "Well, at least they're dogs! Not cats. Men who prefer cats over dogs are not real men." It's true. I've never, to date, seen a man who prefers cats over dogs that looks (or speaks) like a real man. Patrick did not break the stereotype yesterday either. LOL! 😂😂😂 Here's some more examples...

Billie Joe Armstrong, I once heard, was asked if he liked cats or dogs better. His answer was cats. Katrina also used to admire him. But she gave up some years ago when she discovered Soundgarden and saw Chris Cornell for the first time. She said Chris Cornell was much more handsome than Billie Armstrong. I think I would agree with that. Check this out...

Billie Joe Armstrong

Chris Cornell
Frankly, Billie Armstrong looks also like he's put on some weight there. He needs a dog! He needs something to take him walking every day. But Chris Cornell, he looks great!!! Also, I heard some interviews these two did. Listen to them in their talking voices...

This is an interview with Billie Armstrong. Notice his talking voice sounds very weird! Almost like his vocal chords have not yet caught up with his age and body. And he's an old man now! But that's what I've noticed about men who prefer cats. They always have a high-pitched, squeaky voice. I even heard an interview with Freddy Mercury, and everyone knows Mercury was a huge cat person! He even used to take his cats with him on tour. I heard an interview he did, and his voice was very high and squeaky too! Of course we all know Mercury was indeed gay. But gay men are usually kinda cute. Not Freddy Mercury! He was downright ugly!

Being gay though is not the same as being feminine and still being a man. A feminine man can still be attracted to the opposite sex. They're just never that attractive. But unfortunately, Freddy Mercury is gay and a little too feminine. Just the kind of guy I'd expect to prefer cats over dogs.

Anyway, now listen to Chris Cornell in this interview...

The way he talks is really manly!! I love his voice!! No high-pitched squeaking at all. Just like I would expect a real man to talk. Not like those pansy-ass cat men. Not to mention he's about the sexiest thing I've seen since Tim Farriss! OK, so I do find him a little bit attractive. LOL! But INXS are my "pets". That's a figure of speech, BTW. INXS is my thing. Soundgarden is Katrina's. They're 2 totally different genres of music. I taught Katrina to enjoy INXS, and I guess maybe she's taught me to like Chris Cornell. But finding out he was a dog person was the real clincher. And the fact he likes dogs of all sizes. I actually have much more respect for a man who loves dogs of all sizes as opposed to men who only prefer bigger dogs. Remember Dustingrey? He hated small dogs. He said he'd rather tie a small dog to the exhaust pipe of his car and drag it than pet one. I have no respect for a man like him!! That would even mean he'd drag Cornell's pugs behind his car as well. I say no. Someone like Dustingrey doesn't deserve to live!!! Dumb waste-of-space oxygen thief!!! Well, I haven't seen him in a long time, thank GOD! And I don't miss him either.

Well, Katrina still likes Jon Farriss of INXS. But I think she's already made up her mind that she is more of a Soundgarden fan than anything else. Well, we can teach each other to appreciate other types of music. And again, INXS are all dog people. Apparently even Michael had a dog. I saw him posing with Paula and family, and a big boxer was in the picture too. That might have been Michael's dog. I know Garry has a boxer. I like boxer dogs. They're beautiful! That's also the breed Dian Fossey had. Only her's was 1/2 boxer. The other half I think was labrador, because the dog had a very "labbish" face.

Dian Fossey photographing the baby gorilla Pucker. Her dog, Cindy, sitting beside her.
Yeah, you can see the boxer in her dog, a little of that, a little (possible) labrador. Maybe some german shepherd in there somewhere as well.

Well anyways, you get my point. Dog people are almost always more attractive than cat people. I think that may be why more people today are ugly. They're all cat people. Dog people now are a rare thing. But they are usually much more attractive than cat people. Besides Chris Cornell, Dian Fossey and INXS, check these out...

A familiar person to INXS fans! Helena Christensen with her dog, a miniature American shepherd.

Helena again! You can't get much prettier than her!

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Sometimes I will never understand men. I got into it yesterday with this dude named Patrick J. Colliano on Facebook. The battle was about a woman named Margaret Sanger. I said she's a racist. He says she wasn't. She referred to black people as being "like human weeds that need extermination". Hillary Clinton admires Margaret Sanger. Well, Patrick claims he hates Hillary Clinton, but for someone who claims to hate Hillary Clinton with such passion, he sure sticks up for her like a relative or something! Well, Patrick posted a link to "misquotes" of Margaret Sanger. The problem with his link is it's funny. Wikipedia gave a list of quotes attributed to Margaret Sanger. The problem with the list is it's TOO long!! How can one person be so misquoted so many different times?? Something is fishy there.

But anyways, Patrick got angry because I won't believe what he does about Margaret Sanger. He even was the first to use name-calling. Check out this post..

I'm a "moron" because I won't believe some link (that was probably written by a Hillary supporter anyway) that he crossposted. What a dumbass! And I told him so too!

It took him a whole day and a half to figure out I'm a "moron". But I figured out he was a dumbass from the beginning. I just didn't tell him so until he decided to turn this into a name-calling shit show. Remember, HE started this. I didn't. LOL!!! I really didn't want to talk to him at all. Oh well. I got to have some fun with him anyways. LOL! Well, then he really gets butthurt. Like I said, for someone who says he doesn't like Hillary, he sure is defending her religiously! LOL!

I actually did see his link, and I read it, and like I said, there's too many misquotings. Let that sink in for a minute. Either Margaret Sanger was mentally incompetent, or lousy at public speaking, or she really did say those things, and the liberals are trying to hide it because Hillary said she admired Sanger. They're trying to pretend she was misquoted so Hillary Clinton doesn't look bad. If that's true, then this Patrick J. Colliano fell right into that trap. 😂😂😂

Well, this went on for most of the morning yesterday. I always like to see who I am arguing with. I looked at his profile, and saw this...

That's him! That's Patrick. A 50-something year old nerd. Very homely I'd say. But that all aside for now. I also noticed he had one of these...

Just like all ugly, almost feminine men, he's a cat person. Ugliest cat I've ever seen too, just like it's owner. It's a damn gray tabby!! Everyone knows how much I LOATHE gray tabbies!!! Even if it is mostly white, it's still a fricken gray tabby!!! And I can't stand them. Well, anyway, I figured out that's why this Patrick is the way he is! LOL! Because he's a cat person. Cat people are always crazy, and most of them are internet trolls. I've said that many times on here.

Anyways, after finding out he's a cat person, then I knew he was actually one of those liberal hypocrites. What is he even doing on an Anti-BLM forum?? That's not a place for snowflakes!! Well, Patrick has called me every name in the book, but I maintain he's a dumbass. Frankly, I really don't care what he thinks, but really! If you're going to call someone a "moron", then you'd better be a walking encyclopedia. Of which he's not.

Anyways, it finally got to this point, where he was calling me every name in the book. This was my response to him...

Well, his response to me, was almost expected, and definitely not original...

LOL!!! Oh man!!!! I had to laugh when I saw that!! 😂😂😂 Why do men ALWAYS say shit like this just because a girl doesn't like them?! LOL!!! He only wishes I was attracted to him!! I'm not though, not even slightly. And he's never seen my pic, so I would never have expected him to be "attracted" to me. LOL!!! He's using this the same way rapists use that quote. And I would venture to say, Patrick's little comment is bordering on sexual harassment. Again, let that sink in for a minute. LOL!! I don't want a relationship!! I love (real) men, but I don't want a relationship. There's only one man I'd even consider having any kind of relationship with. And he's NOT Patrick!! I would NEVER want a relationship with something that looks like this:

That has this running around his house:

Seriously! Why do men always resort to saying "You don't like me because I wouldn't have a relationship with you" or "You only hate me because I'm not attracted to you!" LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 As if it really has nothing to do with his attitude, or (like in Patrick's case), that he really does not look like a man. He probably also has one of those annoying little high-pitched squeaky voices too. But I've seen enough court TV to know that every man who is being scorned ALWAYS, without fail, thinks the woman is against him because he refused to have a relationship with her. They always bring that up!😂😂😂 And it's ALWAYS the least attractive men on the planet. Almost as if they want the world to think every girl wants him, but none really do.

Well, after spending a few minutes laughing my ass off, I responded to him...

The difference between his comment and mine is I have seen his pic. And no, I would never be attracted to him!! He's never seen my pic. I'm not a fool! I don't post my pics for people like him to gape at on Facebook!! I know better!! I love the idea that he and I could be standing in front of each other talking, and he'd never even know it was me. LOL!!! I'm a different person in real life. I'm only hostile on social networks because of people like Patrick, and other SJWs like him. I don't even use my real name on Facebook. So, he'd never know he's talking to me. He probably thinks he would, but trust me, he wouldn't! 😂😂😂

I don't want a relationship at all. I'm not against men, but I just don't want a relationship! My mom wanted me to find a nice guy and get married. I told her I don't want to get married! I don't even want a boyfriend!! I've seen too many cases where the man is sweet and loving before the marriage, and then after they're married, he becomes a monster who beats the wife and threatens that if she ever leaves him, he'd kill her. I do NOT want to get stuck in a relationship like that! Though I think Patrick is too much of a wuss to even hurt a fly, I still would not want to take that chance. Especially since he's not even remotely attractive, thus not worth risking anything for. Especially not my freedom. I cannot tell you, and Patrick will never know, how it does NOT hurt my feelings that he's not attracted to me! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Michael Hutchence vs. Chris Cornell

Well, yesterday Katrina came over and we recorded a video. I made a third music videos collection, this time with the character from Katrina Hates You as the sole host of the show. It was fun anyways. Well, as me and my sis knows, Katrina is a HUGE fan of Soundgarden. I mean a H-U-G-E fan! She always has been. Back in the early days, she used to be a Green Day fan. But I think she gave them up, she said Billie Joe Armstrong is nowhere near as handsome as Chris Cornell!! Kinda like how I say Bono is nowhere near as handsome as Michael. Whereas other INXS fans think he is. Katrina showed me some pics of Chris Cornell, and he looked almost identical to Michael. This is eerie!!

I'd almost swear they were the same person. Or at least brothers. Shoot! Chris Cornell looks more like he'd be Michael's brother than Michael's real brother!!! Rhett looks NOTHING like Michael!!! Except maybe for the hair. And check this out! Even with his hair slicked back he looks like Michael did in the Elegantly Wasted era!

Of course in the last pic, Chris Cornell is older than Michael was in the pic on top. But that all aside, they look almost identical!!! You wanna see something else very eerie? Chris Cornell's daughter Toni even looks quite similar to Michael's daughter Lily...

It's like the Twilight Zone!! Chris Cornell even died the same way as Michael. If I were to actually believe the more "sexy" theory about how Michael died. Supposedly, Michael hung himself with his belt, while Chris Cornell used like a bungee cord. Chris Cornell's widow, Vicky also believes that he was murdered. Just like how I believe Michael was murdered. She said Chris would never have intentionally killed himself. I say the same thing about Michael. Of all the rockstars I've seen, Michael was the last one I would have ever expected to kill himself.

There is one difference, Michael died when he was 37. Chris Cornell lived quite a few more years. He died at 52. He died May 18, 2017, exactly 37 years after the eruption of Mount St. Helens. I still remember what I did on that day too! My ma and I took Mya to Salem, OR. She was still just a baby then. That was when I took this pic of Mya...

That was taken at a thrift store in Salem. And oddly enough, I've mentioned before that the day after Michael died, ma took me and my sis to Buckley, WA and we were frolicking around in an antique store. I have no pics of that day, but I did draw some from memory (for the One Day in November videobook) of what we did that day...

My sis found an old antique kaleidoscope. And I found a 1950s style western saddle. We should have brought those things home! If not just for the sentimental factor. But I didn't know then that Michael had died the day before. Yeah I know. I was indeed skinnier then!! Even though these are just drawings, they are accurate. Like I said, I drew them from memory. But anyways, it's weird that we went to this antique store the day after Michael died, and we went to a thrift store the day Chris Cornell died. Again, it's like the Twilight Zone!!

Well, Katrina said she loved Chris Cornell the same way I love Michael and Timmy. I reminded her that Chris is dead, and she is married. She said she was aware of that, but every time she looks at him, she feels like a teenager again. I remember how she used to play Black Hole Sun over and over again when she was a teenager! Anyways, she transferred her love for this man onto her character, Katrina Hates You. She even did a video on YouTube saying how much she hated 2017 for that reason.

Yes, Katrina is a big fan of Prince too. But I think she likes Soundgarden better. I didn't care for Prince myself, he didn't make any content I truly like. You notice I don't have any of his songs on my MP3 player. But then again, I don't have any from Soundgarden either. But Katrina has every album these two musicians ever made! I guess I'm not a fan of the grunge scene. Katrina loves it though. But I just find it eerie the similarities between my Michael and Chris Cornell.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Another Year For Our Angel, Michael

Wow! It's hard to believe this year will make 21 years since he left us. It still feels like yesterday though. I'll never forget that night as long as I live! If I live another 21 years, it'll still feel like it happened yesterday. The night I heard those awful words "Michael Hutchence was found dead". I can still hear them in my mind. And the same thing happened this year that has happened every year that I've been into Michael, I do a lot of crying. When I am not crying, I am always very close to tears. This year has been especially hard on me and I don't know why! One would think last year would have been harder on me. But no, it wasn't. Last year was actually different, I think because I was concentrating so much on getting that movie out. The movie is supposed to focus more on the fans than on Michael, even though the movie I made was for his honor. It was my gift to Michael, a gift showing how much he really meant to the fans. It would have been great if I could have gotten some comments from people who actually knew him on a professional basis, but that's OK. The fact that all the comments were generated by his fans was special enough. No one has ever done that before. Most people who put up videos for Michael never do any talking. Usually all they do is picture slideshows with INXS's music. I didn't want to do something like that! I wanted to do something no other fan has ever done before.

Well, this year, I won't be doing anything like that. This year I'm just going to celebrate my own way. I usually celebrate the 22nd and not Thanksgiving. Well, strangely enough this year, Thanksgiving just happens to fall on the 22nd. So, either way this year, I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving, only it won't be Thanksgiving for me. I'll still just be celebrating Michael's life. I love that man more than anything! Him and Timmy! I love him, but this year, I don't have any special plans. I'm just going to celebrate his life the same way I do every year and fuck all else.

I wish to GOD I had married Michael when I had the chance! I'm pretty sure he'd still be alive. Because I would never have let him get close to Paula! I don't believe he really loved Paula. Apparently, he would go to Nick Cave's house without telling Paula and complain about "those fucking kids" and "that fucking woman". I don't believe he had any plans at all to stay with her. I think he stayed only because he didn't want Paula to kill his child like she had threatened to. I don't know how the Yatesfags don't see how disturbing that is! Yet if I were to say anything like that about anybody (whether they knew the person or not), I would have had all the fans deleting me on Facebook, left and right. But then again, Yatesfags are nothing but libtard SJWs, and libtard SJWs are stupid. If I had been there with Michael when he met Paula, it would have been like this...

Michael and I are sitting on a sofa together backstage, laughing, cuddling, having some fun chit-chatting.

Paula walks in stark naked, showing everything!

Paula says: How can you not want this?!

Me: Excuse me! We're trying to have a private moment here!

Michael gets up and begins to walk towards her. I grab him by the seat of his pants, pull him back to the sofa and shout "Oh NO YOU DON'T!!!!!"

I angrily approach Paula, pointing to the exit door.

I shout: Get OUT!!! Michael is MINE, and you can't have him!!!

Paula refuses to leave. So, I throw a towel at her and push her out the door.

I shout at Paula: And don't come back you ugly bitch!!!

That move alone might have saved Michael's life. But now we will never know because he is gone. But I don't think he wanted to marry Paula. Paula just thought he did. But I think she loved him more than he loved her. Michael's sister said the only woman she's heard Michael say he wanted to marry was Michelle Bennett. That's why I don't believe he was serious about Paula. It's a pretty well-known fact that most men tend to be more attracted to women that remind them of their mom. While Michelle had some of the same features as Michael's mom (from the pictures I've seen of her), Paula had nothing in common with her. Michael's mom was beautiful! Michelle was pretty too. Paula, well, let's just say, she looked like a road-killed rat that had been dragged for 2 miles.

The way Paula abandoned Lily, I don't think of her as the mother of Michael's child. She's just the woman who gave birth to her. And she probably only did that because Michael asked her to. Anyone who would threaten to kill their own child, like Paula did, does not deserve the title of "mother". Michael was counting on Paula to take care of Lily for the rest of her life. Lily was counting on her mom to be there. Paula let both Michael and Lily down. And look who got Lily. Bob Geldof. The man Michael least wanted to have custody of his child.

Well, Michael's death affected me much more different than the death of any other celebrity, and I've lived through MANY celebrity deaths!! Some I even used to love, like Bill Bixby. I had a huge crush on him when I was a teenager. He died in 1993, and while I was indeed sad to hear of his passing, I got over it fairly quick. It's kinda eerie that Bill Bixby was born on January 22 of 1934. Michael was born January 22 of 1960. Bill Bixby died on November 22, 1993. Michael died on November 22, 1997. Both men I had huge crushes on in my teen years. Both men I used to fantasize about marrying one day. LMAO!! See where this is going. I got to kiss Michael, and I did write a fan letter to Bill Bixby. He never wrote back though. But I think it was because he was grieving the loss of his wife and child, because he did lose both of them shortly before I wrote the letter and sent it.

Michael to me was more than just a rock n roll singer. He was a wonderful, beautiful person and a huge inspiration to me. His death inspired me to write one of my favorite stories on UMG Productions; Gracie's Odyssey. Production of that story actually began within days after Michael died. My buddy Cairo actually began that story after seeing how miserable I was after hearing about Michael dying. I helped him write it by providing illustrations. It was easy for me to create such illustrations, a lot of it was sadness. I was feeling sad myself at that time, so basically I just put into drawings the way I was feeling. The ending result was a very fascinating story!

The main character, Davy, as a baby fawn.
The character, Gracie, in the story (who is Davy's mother) is based on Michael, while Davy is based on me. Oddly enough. Gracie loses her baby and she feels sad (remind you of anyone?) Davy loses his mother, and he cries for days. Just like me, when Michael died. Up until then in the story, Davy was a happy baby. So was I, a happy person before Michael died. I hadn't cried like that since I was under 10 years old. Then when Michael died, it was like I started crying and never stopped. Very similar to Davy in the story. There is a point in the story where he is reunited with his mother while he is still little. I WISH I could have been reunited with Michael!!! I was only reunited with him in my dreams. But then little Dave loses his mother again, and he is sad all over again and cries. Kinda like when I would dream of Michael, only to wake up and remember that he is no longer with us. Then I would feel sad all over again, and sometimes even cry. That happened more than once after Michael died.

Then there was another incident I had that was inspired by Michael. When I got Hutchess, a cattle dog puppy...

Hutchess in 1998, playing with her ball.
Yes, I even named her after Michael. Well, why not? It's an Australian breed of dog. She could represent Michael very well. Unfortunately I only had her for a short while. That's what the story was about, the story Hutchess: A Picture Diary. It's basically nothing but an anecdote story now, but it was based on events that actually happened. Most of them. For one thing, I remember how I didn't eat anything for 3 days after I lost Hutchess. I remember going to a strip mall to meet the breeder and I discovered Hutchess. I remember the dreams I had after losing her, which I do talk about in this story. I also remember how it was Michael's singing and Timmy's funny antics that got me laughing again, which put me on the road to recovery. And yes, I also remember getting that phone call from dad and how insensitive he was that I lost Hutchess. All these things are in the story. Writing that story helped heal me after Hutchess died.

And then there was the story of INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens. Gracie also makes an appearance in that story, and she takes to Michael! LOL! She does, but I don't. That's because when I completed that story in 2005, I had gotten over Michael, and in a sense, had gotten bored with him. At that time, I was beginning to look at Timmy in that special light instead of Michael. I depict that in the story too. I reject poor Michael and concentrate on Timmy. Though I still think Timmy is more handsome than Michael (he's more manly), and he's funny too. Michael can sing wonderfully, and he is a very handsomely beautiful man! I love him a lot! But sadly, he's also wimpy. Timmy is handsome, and funny, and manly. Very much a man's man!

Well anyways, this is Michael's month. So, this month I'm going to do things to celebrate his life. I'm pulling out all my INXS videos and playing them.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

If You Don't Love It, Leave It

Yesterday on Quora, I was reading a topic about people who have moved out of the USA. Someone was wondering if people moved out because of the current president of the USA. One would think so. Trump has done some good, but there are some things about him that I just don't like. He's such a big baby! He points and calls people names that don't agree with him. I thought only teenagers do that. Not men who are into their 70s. But then again, there's always Andy, from Bozeman. He called me and my sis names all the time. Of course I didn't care. He called me a cow. Well, I like cows! I think cows are beautiful animals. I remember one time Karen, our friend, mentioned how Andy doesn't call any other fat woman in the building a cow. Just me and my sis. My response to that was "Maybe he doesn't think they're cute enough!" LMAO!!

Honestly, if someone is going to use an animal to insult me, they're going to have to do a LOT worse than that!!! It's not easy though. Most of the animals people associate with being fat are animals that I love; whales, elephants, pigs, cows, hippos, etc. Pick an animal I don't like, and see what happens. I'll tear your lungs out! LOL!

Anyway, back to the subject. Sometimes I feel like getting on Twitter and acting the way Trump's mama should have; telling him it's not mature to call people childish names like he does. Even I am trying to cut down on that. It doesn't stop me from telling the truth though. But the truth can be told without name-calling. Actually, I really do not call people names that much! Once in a while, I may have a little slip-up, but nothing like what Trump does!! He could make Joan Rivers blush.

Anyways, there's a lot of people who moved out of the USA, and it's not because of Trump. In fact, only one person who commented on that post admitted to moving out because of Trump. Most others moved out before Trump was even considered for the presidency. They are the ones that moved out for more legitimate reasons. If I left because of the presidency, I would have moved out when Obama took office! If I had known what the country was going to become because of Obama, I would have! Well, I did know in fact! I did know Obama hated the USA, and that he was going to divide the country. I knew that back in 2008. The libtards don't see it that way. They think Trump is the one who divided this country. But no, this divide predates Trump's election. It started with Obama.

Well, I haven't moved out yet, though I have been considering it. Most of the people who moved out of the USA did so because of the current health care system. Doctors are more interested in getting their money than they are if their patient lives or dies. That's true! They also moved out because of the current education system. It's too expensive to go to school here in the USA, and there is no guarantee once you graduate that you're going to get a job in that field. About 100% of the people who left the USA did so for those reasons. The second most popular reason I saw was because Americans these days are too easily offended. About 50% of the people said that. That's another one that I agree with 100%. But then some of the people who said that also moved to Australia. I don't think it's any better there. In Australia, they don't have free speech rights. And very few people I've seen from there actually do have a sense of humor. Most people though moved to Europe or the UK.

Well, I've met some Europeans I like, and I like a few people from the UK. Though I don't think the UK has free speech rights either. And the majority of people who now live there are muslims. I can only think of what England did to my Michael. But that was because of Piers Morgan. Ben Shapiro put him in his place, and I like that!! LMAO!! I don't like the health care system here either. That's what I truly believe killed my father. He had a chance to go somewhere and get better, but his insurance would not pay for it because it wasn't FDA approved. UGH!! I don't like the education system here either. It seems now they are making useless subjects more important, like gender studies. I don't fricken care for gender studies!!!!! GOD made only 2 genders. That's all anyone needs to know about!! Save the mental health classes for people who want to become psychologists.

Well, I don't want to move to the UK, and I sure as Hell don't want to move to a communist country like Australia! But if I were going to leave the USA, I think I'd probably want to move to Japan. The people there are smart, and their technology is more advanced than ours is here. They also have unusual animals available as pets. That would be a fun place to open up a pet store!! I don't speak the language, but my sis does. Sort-of! She's getting better at it. She can do the translating for me. I would move to northern Japan, where it's cooler. I still don't like heat.

Well, that's if I wanted to move north. If I were to move south, the place that most attracts me is New Zealand. I have several friends there. It seems like a nice, peaceful place, surrounded by the ocean and mountains. And Antarctica is not that far away. I might see some penguins, or even leopard seals, which are some of my favorite animals. However, if I were to move out of the country, I'd have to wait until my mom was gone. I can't move there now. I'd never see her again. One person talked about getting her citizenship in another country, and they told her she had to turn in her passport. She could never live in the USA again once she is a citizen in the country she moved to. I thought that was kinda sad! Especially since that person still has family in the USA. But if that's the norm, then I think I'd better wait. But it may happen someday. Maybe.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

"The Front Hole"

LOL!! Check out this video of Ben Shapiro...

LMAO!! Oh my GAWD!!!! What today's libtards won't come up with!! Now, I think they've gone too far. And I cannot tell you how many times I've said "they've gone too far". But it seems each day, they come up with something that is stupider than the last thing. Now, to accommodate trannies, we have to start calling a woman's vagina "the front hole". Oh my GOD! I refuse to call my vagina that! Absolutely REFUSE!!!! I won't do it! It is what it is. Until we hear scientists calling it that regularly, I won't use that word. And no scientist in their right mind is going to use that word just to satisfy a normally small minority of people with a mental disorder.

Well, the sensible people are laughing at this. One guy on a video commented "I command the penis be called a front hole on a stick", which made me laugh out loud. I mean seriously! Why are liberals so stupid?! They think they're smart, but they're really not. Only to other liberals are liberals smart. The rest of us, including libertarians, are always laughing at them.

I got a funny comment yesterday on YouTube by a tranny named Amelia Winchester. Actually I got several, but I wasn't really paying attention to them. That is, I didn't take them to heart. It was just a butthurt tranny who thought it could make me feel bad by calling me names. But I am not like that. I basically just laughed at it's comments. I especially love it when a troll tries to attack me on more than one video! Almost as if they think the more often they tell me I suck, that I am actually going to believe it. In one, it called me a "transphobic bitch". LOL!!! I don't know where these libtards got the word "transphobic". I'm not scared of transsexuals. I have nothing against those who are legit. It's the ones that are doing it just because it's a fad now and is acceptable that I don't like, which is undoubtedly the kind this "Amelia Winchester" is. That's like making fun of people who actually have a mental disorder. And I don't go for that.

Well, the way this thing Amelia Winchester attacked me, across 3 different videos, tells me that it has a guilty conscience. So, no doubt in my mind IT is transsexual for no other reason than because it's a fad. I wish I had kept the comments it made. But unfortunately, I am not paid to put up with trolls anymore. So, I deleted it's comments.

You notice I keep calling "Amelia Winchester" an "it". LMAO!! Well, like my best buddy Katrina says, don't get confused with the number of pronouns these people try to put on all of us, just call a queer or transsexual an "it" and let it go! So, that is what I do now. I'm not going to go down the never-ending list of pronouns these stupid libtards want us all to start using. No way! Such words as "ze", "zem" or "zhe", you know why those "pronouns" were invented? They're making fun of the German language. That's what I heard. That would especially make Katrina mad, cuz she's German. She doesn't have an accent, but her father sure does. He says "he" and it sounds like "ze". When he says "them" it can sound like "zem". So, that's why I refuse to use those particular "pronouns", because it's making fun of how someone else with an accent talks. I can't believe libtards go for that!

So, how would the libtards feel if whites started saying "don't" like "dunt"? Like on I Love Lucy. And she did it to make fun of Ricky's accent. But that was different, that was comedy. I don't mind it, and my father was Spanish, and had a Spanish accent. He did sometimes say "don't" like "dunt". I'd be surprised if the libtards of today didn't already start complaining because Lucy made fun of Ricky's accent that way on that show, and they made comedy out of it. But then again, when you start using the German's accents to create new American "pronouns" for queers, I guess you have no room to complain about a 60 year old sitcom making fun of someone with a Spanish accent. On the other hand, since when have libtards NOT overstepped their boundaries? Give it about 5 years, libtards will start to complain and have I Love Lucy taken completely off the air. Wait and see if I am not right!

Well, I don't see any reason to change nature just to accommodate a minority, that needs to remain a minority! We don't need anymore fake trannies or queers. I totally blame the present-day school system for cramming bullshit into children's heads that they can be born one sex and become another. Like I said in my video, it's impossible for a mammal or bird to change from one sex to another. And when it does happen in the animals that actually can transition, it is extremely RARE, and usually only happens in single-sex environments. We don't have that problem in human society. What we do have are men who do not want to be a man, do not want to reproduce, or do not want to live with a woman in a married state. THAT is what we are lacking in.

But then again, I really think Armageddon is coming. Maybe in another 100 years or so. You know humankind is doomed when pedophiles are accepted. You know the world is gonna end when people worship cats and not GOD. Shoot! It happened to the ancient Egyptians! You know we're heading for extinction when you are forced to accept transsexualism as a fad. Yep, humankind is doomed, and I think it's too late to save it.

Friday, October 26, 2018

INXS Fans Falling Like Flies

This is what I hate about getting older, we start losing everyone. Well, I heard today about 2 INXS fans that have gone to the great beyond. One I didn't know at all, and the other I have seen before but always thought she was kinda weird. Though I didn't like her too much (or maybe not at all), it's still kinda sad she's gone. The main reason I say that is because I sit here wondering who's going to be next. I've heard of 3 INXS fans who have passed this year, one of them I liked a lot. I was truly sad when she died, and now these two, who I didn't know very well, or at all, but I still say it's kinda sad they're gone.

Looks like this may be a bad year for INXS fans. However, they are the lucky ones. They are with Michael now. I have a distinctive feeling he waits to greet every INXS fan that enters his realm. I wouldn't even call it Heaven. Maybe it's just like Michael's castle. LOL! I'll probably go there myself when I am ready to leave this world. Though I don't know if Michael would readily accept me. He might just kick me out. I dunno. I tried being nice to his remaining family. I don't dislike them, I got a lot of respect for them in fact. But lately I've noticed they are kinda distant. They don't seem so eager to make friends with the fans anymore. Well Christina, I like her and all, but bless her heart, she accepts fans in her Facebook friends and deletes them a few months later. That's why I don't ask her to become my friend anymore on Facebook. Well, that's just me. I only ask someone to become my friend once. And that is all. If they delete me, I just chalk it up to them not being interested, and so I never ask them again.

I found Timmy's Facebook page! Someone quoted a post he made once and I found him through that. And yes, I did send him a friend request. However, I don't think he accepted it. LOL! But, I am not bitter about that. I didn't expect him to accept my request at all. I just asked him for the hell of it. Besides, I know even people who are famous would prefer only having people they actually know among their friends. I've said before I am not friends with Timmy. Not that I wouldn't be if he wanted to. But to me, a friend is someone who I exchange email addresses or phone numbers with. Timmy is a wonderful person, but if he doesn't want to be friends with me, that's fine too. So, after I never heard back from him after sending him a friend request, I just said "OK. That's very well. So just leave him alone now. Let him have his real friends there." I still love him and think he's the greatest. LOL!

Shoot! I've been a Timmy fan now for 13 years! I've been a Michael fan for about 25 years though. Not counting the 5 years I was not an INXS fan. I remember that. From 1992 to 1997, I was not a big fan of INXS. I remember in 1996, hearing about Michael being arrested on an opium charge. When I heard that, I was disappointed, and I said "Boy! I'm sure glad I'm not a fan of his anymore!" Yes, I was a little bit angry. But the years surrounding that were different. In 1995, I just blurted out one day that Michael was undoubtedly going to be the first one of the band to pass on. To this day, the fact I even thought that creeps the Hell out of me!! But it's like it just came to my mind like a flash! I don't know what got me thinking that in the first place. It just came to me like a snap of the fingers. It was gone just as quickly, and I never brought that up again. Not for a couple years yet.

Then in 1997, 2 months before he died, I began having lovey-dovey feelings about him again. They started off slowly, like a lone ember from a fire. Then, it gradually started to grow. The reason I know this is because I had an old dust-covered pic of him pinned up next to me on my sofa, and I brushed it off and started looking at it again with growing interest. Before then, the most I ever gave it for the previous 5 years was less than a quick glance. But now, I was looking at that pic and seeing Michael started to make my heart start beating a little faster.

This is going to sound rather strange, and I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't experienced it. But I just have no other explanation for those events. I wonder if I was somehow communicating with Michael through that picture. I kept it in that room with me, even though I'd thrown away all my other pics of other bands I liked before. Even when I was living with Patty and Chris in that nanny job that didn't work out. I kept my pic of INXS over the bed in the room I was sleeping in there. I got this overwhelming feeling like Michael was my protector. LOL! Well! That's how I felt! Having his pic over the bed I was sleeping on there made me feel safe. Safe in a house full of people I barely knew when I moved in. Safe even when I had to pack my things and move out. And oddly enough, I was not even the biggest INXS fan then. I had been to one of their concerts, but I was more into Roxette then than INXS. I had been to a Roxette concert too!

I still miss INXS. I heard Timmy is filing a lawsuit against the boat company for that accident that happened to him 3 years ago. I say you go get 'em Timmy!! I hope he wins. But he's suing on the grounds that he wanted to do another tour, but can't even play the guitar anymore because of his bad finger. Man! I know how that feels! When you break something and it causes you to not be able to do what you did and enjoyed before. I busted my kneecap last year, and there's some things I cannot do anymore. I cannot climb stairs anymore. When I do, it's painful! But oh well! That's life. At least I got my Mya girl! And I just love her to pieces!!!

Did you know there is a girl named Whitney Wisconsin who makes videos of herself having sex with dogs??? OMG!! I can definitely say I've seen it all now. Well, I've never watched her videos, but I have seen other people doing reaction videos to her videos. She actually fucks dogs!!! That is disgusting! She even made a video about why she thinks women should have sex with their dog! Man! She gives dog-owners a bad name!! I love my dog, but not THAT much!!!!! To me, Mya is more like my child. Whitney also made a video where she is crying and saying how she cannot live a normal life because the public looks at her and says "There's the girl who likes to fuck dogs!" She says she cannot even get a job. She's had a couple, but always got fired because people who watched her videos would report her to her manager as the woman who fucks dogs on YouTube! I'm surprised that she is surprised! What does she think is going to happen when she fucks animals?! Nobody wants someone like that around! I know I wouldn't trust her with my dog!!!

UGH!! Well, enough of mentioning Whitney Wisconsin! I get sick just thinking about her. But really, this is why I don't want to become popular on YouTube. I make videos because I enjoy it. Not to get views and comments. Though it's good when I do get views and comments, it's just that is not my goal when I make a video. But I've seen popularity ruin peoples' lives.

Anyways, that's all I have to say. Gotta go to bed now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Minnie's Urn

Well, I got Minnie's urn yesterday. It's beautiful. It's just waiting for me to receive her ashes. I love that little baby so much! I miss her so much. I've been crying off and on for the past few days. Every time I'd watch a tv show or something that would remind me of her, I'd start crying. I still cannot believe she's gone. I should have had my sis take her to the vet while she was here. She was so skinny!! But she's always been thin. She never puts on weight. But she ate like a horse! But this time, she was skinny enough that I could feel her bones, and see them. I was worried. I knew something had to be wrong. Even though she had the energy of a puppy and was still eating like a horse, I just knew something had to be wrong. I didn't think I'd ever be able to live with myself again.

Well, I feel a little better now. At least I am laughing again. You know what got me started laughing again? This quote by Tess O'brien: "'We're huge fans. I'd say we're probably the biggest because there's some people that claim to love him but only like a few of their songs.'" LMAO!! Too funny! I never knew Tess O'brien had a sense of humor! Yeah, the "two biggest Hutch fans" who've NEVER even been to an INXS concert in their lives. Oh wait! Tess O'brien was. Before she was born, LMAO!!! That doesn't even halfway count. I've been to several INXS concerts, 1 with Michael, and 5 without. At least I got to see Timmy. And I got to kiss Michael too. And every time I was standing there, pumping my fists in the air, and singing. Which is more than Tess O'brien can claim. But I thank Tess O'brien once again for making me laugh. Why didn't Claire Aisha stop her from saying that bullshit?! Oh yeah. Because Claire Aisha is a dumb ass. Thank GOD I don't live in Australia, I'll never need her law services. I wouldn't want someone that stupid representing me in a court room!

Yesterday on Dr. Phil, I heard him talking about white privilege. White privilege is nothing but a bunch of bullshit! It doesn't exist! But colored people think it does. Hey! I'm colored! Why don't I believe there's such a thing as "white privilege"? Oh yes. Because it's not true! Or I'm not "colored enough". Fuck that!! Absolutely FUCK that!!! A black person fails to get a job, and a white person gets the job, the black person blames white privilege. He doesn't blame his own lack of skills, no. We can't blame that because that would be racist. We have to blame it on "white privilege"!! UGH! Some people make me sick!!

One guy brought up that black people could be driving along on a road, and suddenly get stopped by the police, for no apparent reason. Well, statistics show that black people speed more often than white people. Now, I cannot say I cannot be accused of speeding myself sometimes, though I usually do it unconsciously. It's funny, I've always found in a new car, 50 mph can feel like 35 mph. And 60 mph can feel like 40 mph. It's so weird. But that's the "new car effect". That's what I call it. I don't know what it is about new cars that cause that effect. Maybe it's because their shocks are so new you don't even feel the bumps on the road? I don't know. But something about a new car makes them feel like you're going much slower than you actually are.

Anyways, black people are more privileged than white people. I don't know how it is they don't see it! Their communities are under-patrolled by police, all because Black Lives Matter griped and bellyached about how police are killing black people "for no reason" (so they say). I call bullshit. Companies get a subsidy for hiring black people, so they more often get the jobs they apply for, as long as they're qualified to work those jobs. But there's a problem. Black people are also more likely to commit crimes, and also more likely to drop out of school. That's not to say ALL black people do those things. But it's known that they are more likely to do those things. Plus, a lot of them were raised in single-parent homes. Now, any person, of any race, can be raised by a single mom and do just fine. My best friend growing up was raised only by her mom, and she did just fine. However, her brother did not fare as well. He raped my sis. When my mom found out about a year ago, she wanted to kill him! I didn't even know about that myself. He told my sis that if she told anyone what he did, he was going to beat her up. So, she kept silent about it for many years.

My sis should have told anyways, regardless of what he said! That's why he did it to her and not to me. Because he knew I would tell. Back in those days, my sis was more timid. Especially when it came to boys. But by the time my sis finally told her story, it was too late to have done any good. That boy is a grown man now, and married with a family. But I am not his friend on Facebook. I wasn't even his friend when we were kids. It was his sister I liked. Not him. And the reason I didn't like him was because of his nasty attitude and the way he disrespected girls. I realize that's normal for young boys, but it was the way he disrespected girls that I didn't like. It was almost at a psychotic level.

I'm shocked he didn't turn into a serial rapist or a serial killer. That was the path he was heading down. But see, that's what BLM is fighting against. They want to see less black people in prison. Well, if they want to see less black people in prison, then direct them to STOP committing crimes!!! This is why I hate groups like Black Lives Matter. They're USELESS!!! All they do is protest when a black person is arrested or shot by the police, or grumble when a black person fails in life, or whine when a black person is taken down by a white person in self defense. They're not solving anything!!! All they are doing is griping! And since when has griping gotten anyone anywhere?! When has griping ever worked? I admit to gripe makes you feel better. It feels better to get it off your chest. But to go out and protest just because you feel bad, it does no good. And people today are getting sick of the crybabies this world has provided.

I once saw a vlog by a guy, and yes the guy was black and he was very much against BLM, and I have to quote him what he said about BLM. He said "White people gave black people freedom. Black people gave white people n***ers!" The guy was so funny. I loved his vlog. He was so right about that too! There is a difference between black people and n***ers. OK, I'll call them "the n's" for the sake of this post. A "n" is the kind of person who does nothing but gripe and grumble and thinks people today owe them for what happened 100+ years ago. A decent black person ignores that shit and says "that was then. This is now". And takes responsibility for his own actions, and looks at himself and figures out why he is failing, and does something about it. Something besides grumble about white privilege.

If you ask me, what BLM needs to stop doing is griping and complaining about black people failing everything, and actually get out and do something to fix the problem! And I don't mean go out and shoot at cops! I mean tell your people to STOP COMMITTING CRIMES!!!! If you don't want to go to jail, don't do something that's going to put you there. Raise your own money (don't steal it from others) to finance college scholarships for black kids. Give them an incentive to stay in school and complete it. Yes I've heard some BLM supporters say they were going to steal money from people who didn't want to donate to them! There was a guy in a video about a year or so ago, who would knock on a white person's door and say "I need some money. And if you don't give me some money we're gonna take it from you!" Some lazy-ass gay black dude did that and he had a group of libtard thugs with him. Both black and white. That's no way to get donations!! That's a way to get yourself arrested, which is what BLM wants to try and avoid! But if you encourage people to commit crimes, then that is no way to avoid getting arrested. And it gives your organization a bad name.

Shoot! I know if someone came to my door and demanded I give them money, I sure as Hell am not going to do it!!! Wash my car (if I had a car), or clean my bathroom, or take my dog for a walk if you want money! Oh wait! I wouldn't trust one of them with my dog! Or take me to Portland to shop when I need it, and then I'll give you money! But don't come pounding on my door with your libtard thugs, and say "I want you to give me some money. And if you don't, I'm gonna take it from you!" You do that and all you're gonna get from me is an introduction to the business end of my hunting rifle!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

RIP Minnie

My Min-Min had to be put down today. My sis and I just spent 3 weeks together, and in the middle of that, her new car broke down. It took longer than it should have to get it back, and I knew there had to be a reason for that. I am one of those types of people that believes everything in this world happens for a reason, good or bad. We don’t always have the answer right away, but eventually we will get the answer. Well, I believe this is why my sis’s car broke down. I believe GOD was ready to take Minnie, and HE wanted to allow me to spend as much time as I could with her.

Well, I’m glad I was able to. The last dog we lost, Odessa, I never even got to see her before she died in 2014. I was living in Reno and my sis was living in Bozeman. So, I was a long way from her when Odessa died. And it happened in the middle of the night, so I never got a chance to say good bye to her, and to this day, I still feel bad about that. But at least I got to spend some time with Minnie before she passed, and I got a chance today to say good bye to her before the vet gave her her final shot.

Well, I was out with some friends when my sis called and told me she was going to put Minnie down. It was her decision, since it was her dog, I left the final word up to her. But Minnie was, at one time, my dog. I let her go live with my sis after Odessa died and my sis was feeling lonely. It was a tough decision, but I did it because I wanted my sis to have some company. I know how it feels to lose a pet and feel so alone. And I could not physically be there with my sis, so I sent Minnie to her place to keep her company. And Minnie knew my sis and liked her, so there was no adjustment period between those two.

Well, Minnie has been on heart medications for quite some time. But when she was visiting here, the thing that bothered me so much was that she was so skinny! We joked about it, calling her “Skinny Minnie”. But I was really worried. She had absolutely NO meat on her bones! I told my sis she should start giving Minnie puppy food. Well, I thought it was just because she was eating and running around too much. But when my sis took her to the vet, the vet said her kidneys were not functioning like normal. That’s why she was so skinny.

Well, the other day started like normal. My sis went to work, Minnie and Vegas (her 2 dogs) were fine, playing together, eating, taking meds, etc. But suddenly that night, Minnie collapsed. My sis called and told me what happened, and said Minnie was very lethargic. It just came on all of a sudden. One minute she was eating some cheese, the next minute she was down and not getting back up. So, I told my sis maybe she’s just tired. But she said she was going to take Minnie to the vet the following morning if she didn’t improve that night. Well, she didn’t improve, and that’s when my sis took Minnie to the local vet.

Well, the vet diagnosed it as being a liver problem. So the vet wanted to keep Minnie there overnight. Minnie was kept alive on IV fluids, hoping she would be OK by the next morning. Well, this morning, my sis got a call from the vet who said Minnie was not improving. She didn’t respond to the medication. So, my sis called me so we could make that big decision together. I told my sis that I wanted to leave it entirely up to her, but my advice was to not let Minnie suffer for too long. It’s hard to let go, but as sad as it is, sometimes it’s necessary to let them go. I struggled with this when my Groucho died in 2006. But it’s better to end it than to let them go on suffering. It’s selfish to let them suffer in pain.

Well, I had an appointment this morning to go out with some friends and get some things done, in fact, we were on the road back to my place when my sis called me and told me she’s decided to put Minnie down. She was completely unresponsive today. I’d told her before I left that I wanted to say goodbye to Minnie if she decided to do that. So, she called me and allowed me to say one final farewell over the phone to Minnie before the vet gave her her final shot. So, I did. I said goodbye to her and told her I love her. The friends I was out with told me this was the reason they don’t have pets anymore. I told them I have no option to not have pets, since I have no kids. Pets are my only kids. But the sad thing about that is, pets never last as long as kids. Minnie was 13 years old this year. Imagine losing a child who is 13. Even though we’ve got to account for dog years I know. But still!! That’s 13 years of our life spent with that dog, caring for it, loving it, getting to know it. And then suddenly, they’re gone.

Well, I’m going to miss her. As of this hour, I am still in shock. Though I did tear up a little. I have yet to really cry out loud. I opted to have Minnie’s ashes sent here. Damn! What the hell am I going to do with them? I need an urn. I want to keep the ashes of all my pets from now on that pass. When I am able to move into my own home, a home I can keep and live in forever, and not have to pay rent anymore, I want to spread the ashes of my beloved pets in a special garden I intend to have, with real flowers. And every time I visit the garden, in a sense, I’ll be visiting my pets.

RIP Minnie
(8/16/05 ~ 10/18/18)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Ugly Truths of Life

I saw a topic like this on Quora, and I thought it'd make an interesting blog post for today. I saw some very interesting things that other people listed, and I've always known to be so true! Most people today want to cover up their own little ugly truths. But they are all there, even though most people try to deny them. I claim no rights to these, they belong to their respective authors. I'm just listing the ones I read that I can relate to. These are my favorites. But some ugly truths that I personally have known to be true are as follows...

1. Looks really do matter.
I've heard people say looks are not everything. But let's face it, looks really do matter. People always judge you by how you look. That's what makes them either want to get to know you, or to stay away from you.

In contrast I say this...

2. Sometimes the ugliest people have the biggest heart.
Though most people are judged by others on how they look, don't turn away from the person who is ugly. Sometimes they are the kindest people you will ever know.

3. No one really cares about anyone.
No matter how nice a person may seem, the ugly truth is no one really cares about you. Most people have problems of their own to work out.

4. Real friends are almost impossible to obtain.
People meet each other all the time, and they may seem nice. But unless you know them really well, they are not your friends. I learned this long ago! Not everybody is interested in becoming your best friend. No matter how nice you are to them.

Shoot! That's why I am not trying to make friends now that I am back on Facebook. I don't want fake friends anymore.

5. We're all going to die. No matter how healthy we are. And we don't know exactly when.
The truth is we are all going to die one day. I'm grateful I'm over 40 now and I'm on my way to 50. But I have no idea if I really will reach 50. I may be out walking Mya and get hit by a truck. Life is indeed fragile!

6. Poor people are always ignored.
It's true. Even good people reject poor people. It's just a fact of life.

7. People hate honesty. Especially if it's about them.
This is one of my biggest things about life. I always try to be honest. Even if it means I have to hurt someone's feelings to do so. But sometimes I feel the truth just needs to be said. Like Ben Shapiro always says, facts don't care about your feelings. Nobody likes the truth, when the lie is more comforting.

8. All over the world, very young girls are being forced into marriage to older men, children are being whisked away from their families, people are dying of cancer or other diseases, mothers are having their child die in her arms and she can't do anything about it. Yet, a lot of people still get inhumanly angry because someone won't use their preferred pronouns!
This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves about this world! And it really chaffs my ass! We have so many big problems in this world that needs to be fixed. We have homeless veterans, little girls who have their vagina literally mutilated so they can accommodate a man-sized penis, people starving and dying, mothers caressing their dying child that cannot be saved. And yet, people in this country, who want to identify as a different gender, are griping like hell because others refuse to use their proper pronouns. Personally, I think it's more important to feed a starving person than to consider identity politics.

9. Everyone takes a dump once in a while.
No matter how tough or intimidating someone thinks they are, eventually they'll have to let one go. Remember that next time you meet someone intimidating!

10. Life is simply not fair.
So, suck it up and move on. Took me a while to learn this.

11. You aren’t doing it because you want to, you’re doing it because other people are. 
You’re being a fake person. Right now. You don’t want to “succeed” because you do, but because other people have told you you should. You chuckle and whoop the exact same way as everyone else in your culture does. You are a good little society person. A good little sheep. Baa!

12.  Every one of us will eventually be forgotten and leave no trace.
This may be an ugly truth to some, but for others, it may be a relief. The Universe is right now reducing itself toward a state of thermal equilibrium, or maximal entropy. In that state, all the information about every human that has ever lived will be dispersed to the point of unrecoverability. That includes the most famous stars now to the poorest beggar. With an upper limit, then, it’s only a matter of likely much less time before we are all someday forgotten to the World.

13. Some people take special interest to know your personal stuff to use it to their own advantage by manipulating you through your weaknesses. Be smart in dealing with them.
I have learned this over the past years. So, I pretty much keep my biggest secrets to myself. Yes, there are things I haven't even written about on this blog that have happened to me. I only write about the things I've experienced that were not really so bad on here. The really bad stuff, I keep to myself.

14. At times, even your parents, siblings, spouse, children become selfish and only look after their own gain. If you have generous people around, you are really blessed.
I have one. I call her "sis". She is the kindest, most generous person I know.

15. Being a good person means you suffer. 
That creativity is undervalued makes sense. Some creativity is detrimental, and it's hard for most people to assess good ideas at the time. What's truly disturbing (and mostly unrelated, because creative people are not always good and vice versa) is that, the better a person is, the more unlikely it is for that person to have material success. Work ethic and talent and drive all make it easier for someone to make it to the top, but the impact of moral pliability (or, more frankly, amorality) is 10 times as strong. Good people are taken advantage of, constantly, and generally too restrained to do what it takes to acquire power.

16. People, abstractly, like the idea of "creativity". They don't like creative people. 
This is especially true of aggregates. Because most people are morally weak and herd-like in choosing who to support and promote, and who to reject, we have a system that favors reliable mediocrity over creation and general advancement. We'd probably have 15% annual GDP growth, worldwide, instead of 4%, if the most creative people were valued instead of made into pariahs. As a species, we're capable of producing people with the talent to solve our biggest problems, but incapable of promoting them to positions where they can use it.

17. Most people are morally weak and will fail you for any reason, or no reason.
I'm not talking about buckling under extreme pressure. Most people, if you fall into bad times or drop in social status, will ditch you when you need them the most, even if what you need (someone to stand up and defend you, or an introduction to someone who can help you) costs them nothing. And by "most people", I mean 90%. Calamities like the Holocaust can't be blamed entirely on the truly evil 5% of humanity. The inaction of the middling 90% is, in my opinion, much more to blame.

18. People will talk behind your back. Make sure to give them an interesting topic.
That's the reason I keep blogs in the first place. Might as well give them something to talk about if they want to talk about me. LOL!

19. One of the cruelest things you can do to a person is to pretend you care for them more than you really do.
This is why I genuinely care about my friends. Sometimes I think I cared too much! Caring too much though I've found can get you in trouble. That's why now I am cutting back on that.

20. People won't always tell you how they feel, but they will always show you.
Pay close attention to how people respond to you.

21. If someone is stupid enough to walk away from you, be smart enough to let them go.
I hadn't learned this until quite recently.

22. The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.
I should have married Michael. He might still be alive if I had!

23. It takes time to make someone respect/like you. But reverting it is extremely easy.
That's why I am not here to make friends. I'm here to give my opinion on subjects. If I were trying to make friends, believe me, I'd keep my mouth (or keyboard) shut more often.

24. Do not be proud if everyone wants you, cheap items have many buyers.

25. All religions are man-made.
This is why I have no religion. And I prefer to stay that way. I believe in GOD and I worship HIM in my own way.

26. There is no such thing as "equality".
This kinda goes under the "life is not fair" category. People today all want equality. But no such thing exists in nature. It's something people in civilization have to fight for. But I believe some are fighting for this reason just so they can take away the rights of others.

27. You cannot please everyone. 
So don’t try to. It will make you miserable. I learned this when I was in 6th grade.

28. Most arguments are pointless.
Will it matter in 5 days, 5 months, 5 years? Probably not.

29. Reading a good book is one of the best investments you can make.
If someone thought it was important enough to write down, it’s important enough to read.

30. Your intention is what matters the most.
A well-thought out gift is worth more than any amount of money.

31. Every cliche contains a profound truth.
We have heard them numerous times, but the wisdom is always there.

32. Perfection is impossible in an imperfect world. 
Chase progress instead.

33. Some people are simply the wrong match for you.
This makes me think of the INXS fans I tried to make friends with on Facebook: If someone makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure every time you’re with them, for whatever reason, they’re probably not close friend material. If they make you feel like you can’t be yourself, or if they make you “less than” in any way, don’t pursue a connection with them. If you feel emotionally drained after hanging out with them or get a small hit of anxiety when you are reminded of them, listen to your intuition. I always felt like I couldn't be myself with most of them, and it turned out I was right. I have most of them blocked now on Facebook, and it makes me feel free! Even though I am not completely myself anymore.

34. We all have the same problems.
My problems are the same as your problems. You might be dealing with some big shit, but you’re not alone. That broken relationship, that person who just got dumped, person that passed away, rejection letter you got or redundancy you were forced to take is happening to many other people, at exactly the same time.
Knowing your problems are all the same is how you stop yourself from getting stuck and feeling sorry for yourself. All your problems are simply a process that you have to deal with.
This process is part of the human experience and it’s what you were forced to sign up for when your parents decided to have sex and create you in the first place. Life is a struggle and it will always be one.

35.  Complaining is a Fucking waste of time.
It achieves nothing and is for cry babies who don’t want to face the harsh truth: we’re in control of everything that happens to us. Meaning: we’re in control of how we interpret all events.
Complaining is a disease that carries an antidote called “Freaking stop it, now, please.”
No one likes a complainer and it’s only making you get stuck in your head instead of charging forward towards your goals and doing something which is cool.

36. Uncertainty is a natural instinct of life.
No matter, how hard you try to plan your life. But it always takes an unexpected turn which you have never ever dreamt about. And the ugliest reality is that you need to walk on that turn despite having unwillingness about it.

37. Realistic Goals Are Harder To Achieve Than Seemingly Impossible Ones
“Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for ‘realistic’ goals, paradoxically making them the most time and energy-consuming” — Tim Ferriss (not my Timmy).

38.  We Focus More On Others Than Ourselves
I admit this has always been my problem. Much of what we do stems from our need to be liked and accepted by others. It’s hard-wired into our brains. Disapproval from our social group had serious repercussions in the past. Survival was difficult. Death was a likely consequence if you didn’t have others to support you out in the wilderness. That’s the reason we do our best to look good in front of others. Having a high status ensured that you had the first choice of meat and mate. It’s why most of us still go out of our way to impress others. But the pursuit of status is killing us. Because the overt pursuit of status is a low-status activity, we signal our worth and value to others by acquiring possessions. Those who spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need aren’t entirely illogical; they are just misguided. Rather than change what everyone thinks about us, we would be better served if we worked more on ourselves. Create value, and the world will notice you, slowly but surely.

39. Negative Thinking Leads To Positive Results
“Nothing happens to the wise man against his expectation” — Seneca
Much has been said about the power of positive thinking in recent times. We are taught that optimism and affirmations are the key to leading a happier life. Except that doesn’t always hold up.
The ancient Stoics thought that this practice invited passivity into our lives. Such thinking encourages us to simply hope for things to get better instead of taking concrete action. And so, they went the other way.
They regularly conducted an exercise known as premeditatio malorum, which translates to a premeditation of evils. The goal was to imagine the worst events that could possibly happen to them and then figure out the best way to prevent such an occurrence.
That’s the power of negativity. We are primed to avoid pain and discomfort. It makes sense that we take advantage of this inclination to give us motivation to act. Rather than deny the harsh realities of life, we should acknowledge them and take the driver’s seat.

40. Good deeds are often forgotten.
People will forget the good you did to them, once they no longer need your help or support. But you are defined by how you behave with them not otherwise, so hold on to your character.

41. Money matters a lot.
I know lots of people say that money does not matter but most of those people are the ones who have money. But money does matter, it changes how you live, it changes how you complete your responsibilities, it helps you ward of some issues from your life and makes you happy.

42. Some people hate the fact you’re the real you, instead of following the same habits other people are using.
I think this was my problem with the SJWs.

43. No matter how sweet and kind you are, there will always be people who will still say "this tea doesn’t have enough sugar."

44. Girls do like bad boys, same as boys do like sluts.
This is a very sad truth, because girls who marry the "bad boys" often wind up in a coffin before their time.

45. Stereotypes are there for a reason.
Though people like to pretend they don't, we all stereotype others. Most women will feel a bit uncomfortable when a big black man walks toward them. I don't like islamic muslims because they have a history of killing innocent people. There are people who still cringe when they see a transsexual person. Fat people will always be seen as lazy, stupid people who overeat the wrong foods. Stereotypes are there, and there's nothing anyone can do about them.