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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Victory Is His!

YES!!! Remember yesterday's post where Carlos Maza wanted YouTube to kick Steven Crowder off their website? Well, YouTube did an investigation and found out that Steven Crowder did not break any of the terms of use, so he's off the hook! And Carlos Maza is PISSED!!! Oh man! He's going off on Twitter all over the place with his hateful rants and rages. This is a big victory for those of us who favor freedom of speech. And an agony for the people who want to ban free speech! I love it!!! I'm looking at Carlos Maza's Twitter right now. It's a laugh-out!

And he just keeps going on and on about it all!! LMAO!! Now is a good time to tell this clown to get over it! I told him this is the thrill of victory to those of us who believe in our rights to free speech. And the agony of defeat to those who want to take that right away. People who side with the silencers are calling those of us who love our rights to free speech "bigots". I don't care!! Call me a bigot all you want to! The word has no meaning anymore. You leftists have overused it to a point it doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Vox Has Nothing Better To Do?!

OMG! This is funny! Especially coming from left-wingers. I used to watch Vox, until they went too far left. Well now there is this gay guy named Carlos Maza, who is a self-proclaimed journalist who works for Vox, and he's been attacking Steven Crowder on YouTube. Now, I like Steve Crowder. He makes some good points in his videos. He makes some good arguments. And I love his "Change My Mind" segments! That's where he gets liberals who disagree with him to change his mind about his points of view. Most of the time, the liberals cannot bring up an argument good enough to change his mind. But it's fun watching them try! I love it! Anyways, Steven Crowder mocked Carlos Maza in a recent video. He made fun of his lisp, and called out his being gay and all that shit. It was a joke! Most people on YouTube joke about other people on YouTube. Normal people can take it. But then there are the Onisions of the world who are going to gripe, whine and complain because they are being made fun of. Carlos Maza is one of them.

He brought up a shit storm on Twitter about how Steven Crowder is making fun of how he talks. Now, Carlos Maza is not innocent himself. He's made fun of Trump, Tucker Carlson, and Ben Shapiro and others, calling those who support Trump "far right-wingers" and "white supremacists". Oh GAWD!!!! People like him piss me off! It's like they can dish it out, but they can't take it themselves. And this is just common sense... if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!!! I take shit from people all the time. But I don't (normally) whine about it. And I don't because I believe in everyone's right to free speech. And I must tell you, some of the worst insults I've ever got from people have always been from leftists. Even though they claim to be the "more tolerant group". Those who say that are liars! And those who believe that are fools! Leftists are very far from being more tolerant.

Carlos Maza has been tweeting bullshit about centralists and right-wingers all the time. And now he's all bent out of shape because a centralist is making fun of him!? Man! Get over it!!! But for those who are interested, I don't get on Twitter much, but here are the tweets. Notice, this is a guy who also makes fun of himself! He even calls himself gaywonk; making fun of both himself being gay and Mexican. Normally, that is a trait I admire. But not when he gets so out of control because someone else does the same to him...

Oh my GOD!! He's going to go on Buzzfeed and embarrass himself like that!? Gotta hand the dude Kudos for that! Not many people would desire to do that and later still feel like they accomplished anything!

Yeah I saw that video, here's a tip for everyone to enjoy it... it's FUNNY!!!!!! It's supposed to be funny! Go find somewhere you can rent a sense of humor Carlos! You need it!

Who the fuck is this dude??? Adam Rippon? I've never heard of him!

Oh really? So where are all the white supremacists on YouTube? And I don't mean your meaning of "white supremacists", which is just simply someone you don't agree with. I mean the real classic meaning of white supremacists! I haven't seen them! And in my experience, those you think are white supremacists always get deplatformed.

Dude, you are lispy, and you always admit to being a queer. You make that a point in every tweet, every video, and everything you write, and even include it in your own profile name. 

Yeah, like you've really never harassed anyone unprovoked? How about on your profile where you called Tucker Carlson a "white supremacist"? Unprovoked and uncalled for!

And don't lie dude, you are one of those "monsters"!

Steven Crowder made one video of you, and called you a "lispy queer". Something you've probably said about yourself in the past. And he's a bully? Do you even know what a bully is?

Oy-vey! Why does this fool make it a point in EVERY tweet, to make sure all his viewers know he's a gay dude? So what?! You're not brave, and you're no different than anyone else!

Maybe when he said "Socialism is for Fags", he's not just referring to gay people. Ever think about that? There is more than one meaning of the word "fag". I, for one, use it to describe people who are hot-headed. Particularly hot-headed fans of something, or someone.

Well dude, it's going around. Here you are, breaking Twitter's policies of online bullying. Is Twitter doing something about it? No. Of course not. Because you're fucking GAY!!! You have gay privilege.

"just because everyone around you is mad at you, doesn't mean you've done anything wrong." Good point! And that happens a lot to people who speak their mind. I know it. A lot of people hate me because I call a spade a spade. I know my rights and I am not afraid to use them. Most people hate that. Including yourself. I survived bullying myself. And I vowed I would never let that happen to me again.

Well, at least you know how it feels. That kind of shit happens to conservatives a lot! Think of the Covington High School kids and how they felt. And those were KIDS!! You libtards should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that to kids, and you had no proof of the shit you accuse them of doing!

It sounded more like he was making fun of this guy's lisp. Everything else, Carlos also does to himself.

So they're not LGBT allies!? The LGBT community is nothing but a terrorist organization for gays. I have NO respect for the community!! And I hate that term "homophobic". No one is scared of them. As long as they keep their hands to themselves.

Again, if you can't take the heat, why don't you get out of the kitchen? If you can't handle people making fun of you, then get off the internet and go sit on your cushy easy chair and watch cable.

He's not a monster. He's just a guy creating funny content. And I'm not some Steven Crowder fangirl. I like his videos, but I am not a member of his mug club. I just find his content good, and I like his ideas and sense of humor. He makes fun of fat people too. Do I care?? NO!! He has a right to say and do what he wants, as long as he is not physically hurting anyone.

Why should anyone apologize to you?! I know how libtards are! They don't ever accept apologies. Even I stopped apologizing to libtards. It's not worth it. I don't know what libtards think, but apologizing to them just makes things a lot worse.

Another in the long, sad list of meaningless news articles today's news outlets are pumping out. WHO FUCKING CARES if this guy is experiencing "mind-melting levels of homophobic vitriol on YouTube"?! Once again, EVERYBODY experiences that at some time in their YouTube lives!! LORD knows I have. MANY times!

I personally, am rooting for Steven Crowder. It'll be a battle-win for ALL free thinkers, and free speakers.

"Life-saving"? Dude, if you are looking to video games as your "life-saving" method at 31, then you have far more problems than Steven Crowder making a parody video of you.

Yes, I'd say Steve Crowder is right. Think about it, Carlos Maza, somewhere back there, placed a call to action to his fans to flag Steven Crowder's videos. That is so dumb! And that would be considered a real act of violence. You don't see Steven Crowder calling his fans into action getting Carlos banned from YouTube.

Yes, and I'll join them in targeting you! Not because you are gay. But because you are trying to take away all our rights to free speech!

And? I may get one of those myself. I don't believe in socialism either. It'll ruin our country!

And you are responding exactly the way I'd expect a person to respond whose biggest virtue is that he's gay. You're whining like a baby. You make gay men look bad!

Just because someone does not care to treat you like you are special, does not mean that they don't care about your content. You haven't been kicked off YouTube. If they didn't care about you, they would have shut down your channel.

He's not "harassing" you. He didn't come after you for being gay. He just did a parody! I'm also quite interested in hearing what you told your younger sister what the fuck "a Steven Crowder" is. As for the rest, ah shut the fuck up, snowflake!! You are indeed trying to silence conservatives. You oppose every conservative video out there and you call them all "white supremacists". We've given you your "diversity", even though you tried to silence us. You got the right to marry who you want. You got a platform that treats you like you're "special", even though you're not! So, shut up!!

Listen fool, YouTube is not your babysitter. Like I said before, if you can't take others making fun of you, then leave the internet!

If you had a thick skin as you claim, none of this would matter enough to you to create so many posts speaking out against Steven Crowder and YouTube. Just let it go!!

Why is it every dude always brings up the argument "S/he doesn't like me because I'm not attracted to him/her"??? As if this Carlos Maza is a good catch! It's always the ugliest men and women who believe that shit! Only other soyboys are attracted to their own kind. I mean really! I have gay friends and I adore them. But they are not like this whiny loser. A person doesn't demand respect. A person has to earn it. And crying like a little sissy-boy on Twitter does not earn you that respect!

I had to respond to this character. This was what I posted (scroll down)...

For posting this on his Twitter wall, I might get targeted by the LGBT community. Probably get doxxed. Well, go a-fucking-head! All it's going to do is prove I'm right about them being a terrorist organization! And if you want me fired from my job, you'll have to wait till I die!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

So This Is Pride-Month?

Well, I found out this is pride month. So now, they have a month for almost everything. Everything except white pride. LMAO!! But can you just imagine what it would be like if there was such a thing as white pride month??? These days there would be huge riots in the streets and people holding signs (black and white people, all libtards) saying "There's no such thing as white pride!" Of course these would be the same people who also say "black people can't be racists". They are so wrong too! There are many black people who are racist. I'm even seeing it on the internet. But ya know, black people these days keep testing everybody, just like all groups of SJWs do. Now, they want segregation back. They keep pushing for it, they may get it, and just like last time, it may not be in their favor. One never knows!

Well, like I always said, a person can marry who they want. If you're gay and you want to marry same-sex, I say go for it! Who a person marries or falls in love with is none of my business. You do you! I hope you have many years of happiness together. Gay marriage is all fine and dandy. I was glad they won the right to marry. I still am. I believe everyone has a right to marry who they want. What I don't like about gays today well, gays themselves don't bother me. It's transgenders I'm learning to hate the most. Transgenders, drag queens and other shit like that. Now, don't get me wrong, I've seen some trannies that were cool people. Most of them are conservatives. I watch Slightly Offensive on YouTube. That guy is a transsexual guy, but he is not politically correct. Same with Blaire White. Both of those people are trannies, but they are also conservatives. They believe in free speech, they don't care what pronouns you use for them, and they preach the truth. Not the made-up "truth" that leftists preach.

What I mostly don't like about transgenders today is how they are trying to teach kids that they can be any sex they want to be. Despite what sex they "were assigned at birth". That's why now a lot of liberal cities have "drag queen story hour" in their libraries. That's dumb! And if I had kids in this day and age, I would NEVER let them attend one of those sessions!! All it does is confuse kids, and mess up their brains. That's why we're seeing a huge surge in trannies today, where there should barely be any. Its become a trend. A fad. Basically a way to get attention and gain control. They can't control what people think or say about them, so they learned if they whine loud enough, they can get people to do what they want. And it helps if they have a reason to whine. In this case, it's being trans. Not everyone is like me, they don't want to be known as a bigot or a transphobic. I used to hate bigots too. Until the SJWs began overusing that word! To them, just saying you don't want to date a tranny is bigotry. The word doesn't mean anything anymore.

I also don't like the LGBT organization. If that even is an organization. But I heard now they are encouraging other gay couples to harass white christian male bakers to bake cakes for their weddings. The whole LGBT organization lost my support when I heard that!! They think they're being funny. But they're not being funny. They're just telling people to act like retards. That's why I don't respect the LGBT community. That's why I lost all respect for their cause. Unless I see them harass muslim bakers and not just white christian bakers, I will continue to lose respect for them. And no gay or tranny couple is brave enough to do that! Its one thing when one gay couple walks into a bakery and finds out the guy won't bake a cake for their wedding because it's against his beliefs. But when they start encouraging every gay and tranny couple to do the same to the same baker, then it becomes harassment, and I don't go for that! THAT is why I lost respect for the LGBT community. And it just goes downhill from there.

Now, I heard they are accepting pedophiles in their community. That's because a lot of drag queens are pedophiles. And pedophiles is where I draw the line!! I will NEVER accept pedophiles. And any parent who does I think should be shot! Or at the very least, completely lose custody of their kids!!! I know if I was a kid, I wouldn't want some 30 year old pervert looking at me with lust in his eyes!! And I would want my mom and dad to keep that from happening to me. Unfortunately, SJW parents wouldn't prevent that. They would actually encourage it. They'd be telling their kids "Oh go ahead, let him touch your vagina! If you don't, then you're pedophobic and that's an act of violence and bigotry!" But kids really don't like it when a grown person does that. It makes them feel bad. That's what causes kids to want to become another gender. If not create a serial killer! I think that may also be why men and boys are the most common victims of serial killers. That's probably also why serial killers always come from places like California!

But anyways, you know we are approaching Armageddon when this starts happening. Yep, the end days are here. Man! The only real sin I committed to was not getting married and having kids. LOL! I'm glad I didn't. Not in today's world. A world of unsafe schools and SJW parents, scared of being called a bigot. Too many atheists, vegans, SJWs, feminazis, MGTOW, and cat people. Yep, I blame cats for all this shit. Ever since The Lion "King" came out in theaters, I've noticed the world has gone downhill. That was what made cats popular. Now, everyone wants a damn cat. Even my buddy Karen from Bozeman went and got herself a stupid cat. She lost both her schnauzers, and now she has a stupid cat. I saw her pics, and she was wondering what to name the thing. I almost suggested calling it "Armageddon". LOL! Because that is what it represents. Well, she got the damn thing, but don't expect me to ever tell you it's "cute". I don't compliment cats! There's nothing to compliment. You see one cat, you've seen them all. And they're all the same in that they make people go crazy. And I still believe cats are the spawn of Satan. Just look at how cats turn people against each other! I see it all the time from the catfags on YouTube. Only a creation from the devil would do that.

Well yes, the end days are coming, and I believe it's starting in California. Just like everything else that's bad. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

INXS Stage Left

WOW!!! I heard yesterday that Jon Farriss left Facebook. Though his page is still up. You know why he left? Apparently, some numb-nut fans posted some horrible things about him on his page. UGH!!! Now, what kind of a moron would say such mean and nasty things about Jon??? Jon is one of the least offensive people I've ever met!! The man has always been so sweet when I met him. He had to be sweet. To let DonnaG get in his space and kiss him, and he not wanting to punch her in the nose! How can anyone say mean things about Jon??

This proves my point about why I never again want to associate with the fans. I don't care if I never have another INXS fan on my Facebook friends list ever again. I do have a few on there, and that is enough. They are the few elite ones. But I haven't accepted anymore in quite a while, and most likely won't. See, some people are just not happy unless they are griping, spreading rumors, lying to others, turning the fans against one another, and just simply being mean and nasty. I put up with that on my last Facebook account. I'm not going to do it on this one. So far, I've done pretty good at becoming totally distasteful! LOL! My plot is working! It's keeping the nasty-ass fans away. I'm not sorry either! I have several fans blocked, they can't come in. The rest, well, I'm working on getting them to block me. LOL! I don't care either! This time, I actually encourage it. Let the trash take it's self out now. I already took out all the trash I can take out.

This is just totally sad that Jon felt the need to leave Facebook just because of some asshole, stupid fans that cannot turn down their negativity, and keep their own personal problems to themselves. They have to reflect all their negativity onto an innocent band member, who is just being himself.

I remember I found Timmy on Facebook once. But he didn't have a page up. It was just him. He didn't make friends with the fans either. Though I saw where a few commented on his page. I asked to become his Facebook friend once and I think he turned me down. But that's OK. I figured there was no harm in asking. The rest was up to him. When I didn't hear from him accepting my friend request, I just said, "That's OK. Just leave him alone. He probably does not want a lot of fans on his page!" Some celebs do that. They only accept people they know to be friends, and family. I guess Timmy was one of those. His page, his choice. I've never been one to force myself on others. I still love him. hehe! Nothing will change that.

I don't blame Timmy or Jon at all for not wanting a lot of fans around. And I wouldn't blame them if they just simply left Facebook. The fans are nowadays too rowdy, and too negative. Like I said before, some people are just not happy unless they are griping about everything. I see that behavior in people everywhere! And some of them can get downright relentless in their rage. Nope, I want nothing to do with them anymore! Not this time around on Facebook. Leave them in their own sorry-ass little world, to play around with their own small minds. I had enough. I'd be willing to bet my life on the fact that they were spoiled little brats as kids, probably never spanked before in their lives, and their parents (IF they were even together) did not discipline them enough because they didn't want these kids to hate them. That's what I am betting! Their parents probably gave them everything they wanted too. Like the little boy in the toy store I mentioned on here the other day.

See folks! This is what you get when you don't spank your kids! You get people like the INXS fans becoming a burden to the world like this. They are the perfect poster child for why we need to enforce discipline on the kids from an early age.

Oh yes! In other news, you all remember my Bose Wave radio I was selling? The one Robert Marsh never even came to see, yet he said it "has issues"? LOL! Well, someone came and bought the radio. It was a nice little old lady who had a Bose of her own for years, and it stopped playing CDs. She came over, tried it, loves that the CD player worked very well, and the radio was crisp and clear-sounding, she bought it on the spot! So much for my Bose "having issues"! LOL! Well, Robert Marsh can go screw himself. Dumb as he is, he'd probably not know how to. I thought about going back to that post and taunting him about it, but nah! That'd just make me look bad. So I'd just come here and boast a bit. LMAO!!! 😆😆😆

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke

It seems all the media is "getting woke" these days. We see it now in a lot of Gillette's new commercials. There was one where a father teaches his transsexual "son" to shave for the first time. A lot of people are up in the air about that commercial. Women's sports are also making it illegal not to accept transsexual "women" to compete in their competitions. I say fuck all that!! We need to stop this foolishness of "getting woke". It's not helping anyone or anything! This is why I fear reincarnation. What if I come back as a girl, who is straight, and I fall in love with a guy, or a rockstar or a movie star, only to later find out it was gay or not a real guy?! That would totally SUCK!!! I'd be confused about who I can fall in love with! I don't want to fall in love with a fake "man" who was born with a vagina! My spirit won't allow it!! I'd want to be able to marry and have kids of my own in my next life. Maybe in my next life, I won't be so damaged against having kids. When I was a teenager, that was all I talked about. Then that job with Patti and Chris messed that idea up. I saw how diabolical kids can really be, and it turned me off to the idea of having kids and even getting married.

But this "getting woke" thing is really taking it too far. I heard about the new Disney version of Aladdin. I heard Jasmine has become a feminazi. I was watching some reviews others did of this new version. I'll take their word for it. I was not a big fan of the animated Disney version of this movie. I don't think I'm going to like this live-action animated version much better. In fact, I think it'd probably be worse. You ever notice how today's movies are all about colored people being the good guys, while the white people are always portrayed as the bad guys? Well, there were always movies like that, but nowadays they want to make every hero in every movie either colored, gay or trans, and every bad guy in every movie now is white. It's like they want to show the world that white people are the bad people. The oppressors. And colored people are always going to be the heros.

Now, I have nothing against non-white people. Though I am not fond of muslims at all because they believe cats are good, and dogs are bad. And they bomb people and buildings. But if they want to make the heros all colored, then that is fine. But don't make every bad person in every movie a white person. White people are not that bad. While there are some bad white people, they're not ALL bad. And making trannies out to be good guys, not true! Trannies have proven to the world that they are just as dangerous as radical islams. That's why I won't accommodate them. The worst thing they do is preaching their idiotic ideas to children. If I had kids in today's world, I would NEVER allow a tranny or a drag to tell them they can be the opposite sex if they want to. No way! I would not let them go to any "drag story hour". I would not let the schools tell them just because I might have a tomboy, that she may actually be a boy in the wrong body. Hell NO!! I wouldn't let them destroy my kids' minds!! Preach that bullshit to the stupid peoples' kids! Not mine!!

I heard some jerkoff named Don Lemon is responsible for all this shit. He's the one who is telling Americans that all white people are bad, and the dumb goons are all falling for it. Of course they're going to believe him. He's a black, gay dude who believes all white people are bad. In 2018, he said in an interview and I quote...

"So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right. And we have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban on — they had the Muslim ban. There is no white guy ban. So, what do we do about that?"

The whole paragraph is one big contradiction! First, he says "we have to stop demonizing people",  and then he says "the biggest terror threat in this country is white men". I think it's a good thing we have the muslim ban. Muslims are no good! Like I said, they think dogs are bad. Thus they also believe christians are bad. It's the muslims who still actively kill people. Not the christians. And does Don Lemon live in an all-black neighborhood? No, he doesn't. He lives in a predominantly white neighborhood. That's because predominantly black neighborhoods eventually turn into ghettos that are unsafe for a rich dude like him. Black people (especially modern black libtards) cannot keep from fighting one another. They love kicking other peoples' asses. They also love to destroy other peoples' property. But Don Lemon basically admits to being a racist. He obviously wants to bring back segregation. Yeah, bring that back. See how far black libtards get in that. But don't complain when you cannot get jobs. Most big businesses are owned by white people. Especially white men.

I saw one video where a guy says he's afraid now to see the live-action version of "the Lion 'King'". He's afraid Simba is going to be turned into a gay lion or something like that. LOL! Its some new agenda. They want to "normalize" gay and trans. So, I guess this is the reason they wanted to "redo" these movies. Just so they can rehash all the characters into some gay, tranny, queer, black, hispanic, robots to go along with the radical left ideas. Oy-vey!! That is so stupid!!!

Now, I understand the CDC (I think it was) has now taken "transsexual" off the list of mental disorders. Another move to satisfy the radical leftists. Well, they will never convince me that transsexual is anything other than a mental disorder. Because it is! It is NOT normal! Even a former tranny, named Walt Heyer, admits that transitioning was the worst mistake he's ever made. He was born a boy, became a girl, transitioned into a woman, and now he's back to being a man again. He totally regrets transitioning. He also tells us the LGBT community is lying to us all. Again, it's part of an agenda. But I will never believe transgenders are normal. They only make up less than 1% of the world's population. And that's not homophobic or transphobic to say. It's the truth! The numbers you see today are because of bad parenting and bad schooling. Libtard parents and schools encourage kids now to become the opposite sex. Or they want kids to "choose their own gender", which is VERY wrong!! All that does is confuse kids. It's child abuse of the worst caliber! It just gives them life-long suffering!

In other news. Well, so Rhett is banned from the Statue for Michael group. I wonder why? I wonder if Tina is banned too? Is it because Rhett asked why Melbourne was chosen instead of Sydney? Oh well, who gives a fuck! I told Rhett I'm not in that group myself. I have no desire to be in that group either. The last time I was in there, the mods ran it like it was a first-grade classroom. And I can't stand Kelly Poulter! She could die tomorrow and I wouldn't give a shit. Kelly came into this group I am in and said bullshit. I dunno. I didn't see what she posted, I only got what the mod captured on her camera. Kelly got in there and started telling lies, and Nancy told Kelly to stop lying. I said "Kelly has always been a liar! That's nothing new!" I shouldn't talk about people I have blocked, but I just could not help commenting how Kelly has not changed in the slightest. She's the biggest liar I know in the INXS community! I don't believe she had cancer at all. Like I said, she just said that to get attention and sympathy from her friends. Well, fuck her and all her friends and her lies. She can have them! I sure as Hell don't want them!

My question is why is it every time the band, or the statue is brought up, all the fans get into a tizzy??? Can't they just let the band be?! If they don't want to contribute then that is their right. What is the fucking problem??? Geez! People have a tendency to always piss me off no matter what they do! I want to stay on this group, but every time the band is brought up, it gets to be like World War 3. See, this is why I want nothing at all to do with the fans anymore. Besides the fact that they are all libtards.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Copyright Claimer

Onision has been at it now for some time. He apparently is getting desperate. Onision is so scared now that people are going to reveal the truth about him and his wife, that he is now going around and claiming other peoples' videos as his own. One would think he would only be going after the big channels. But no. You'd be wrong. He is even going after the small channels, like mine. I mean, I don't ever expect to get that big on YouTube, and in fact I've stated many times I am not there for the views or the number of subscribers. I'm on YouTube because I enjoy making videos. And I must admit, it has taught me to make much better videos over the years I've been on YouTube. But for Onision to claim my videos about him, and me having less than 600 subscribers, it proves he is desperate.

Well, I make nothing on my videos. My big money is actually made here, on my blogs. The videos I can keep from being monetized simply by turning on age-restriction. But Onision cannot claim monetization from my blogs. He can probably have this blog taken down (good luck with that!), but I can always ALWAYS create another blog. I can even save this one and put it back up. Onision is just doing this because he is getting desperate for money. And I can even tell you why he is getting desperate for money. Because he's in deep shit with Washington State's Department of Forests and Wildlife.

Currently, Onision owes Washington State over $150,000. Because the dumb fucker rented a bulldozer to destroy a small lake that was out back of his new house. He cut down trees he wasn't supposed to. He bulldozed bushes and shrubs that he wasn't supposed to. He pushed all these things into a small, natural lake that was there. He thinks just because his house is closest to the little lake, that he can do whatever he wants to it. But the lake is not on his property. It's outside his property line. He lives in a gated community. He doesn't really own the land. That part of the land is owned by the state, and now Onision has destroyed it. The state is onto his ass now. And you know what Onision is doing to get out of it? He's blaming the whole thing on his neighbors. He's saying they are the ones who told him to do it.

Seriously! Onision is living proof of how stupid the world has become. I wonder if he stays up at night, thinking of these things to say in his videos to make himself look innocent! That's time he really should be using to sleep, and relax his brain. His brain needs it. Because staying up at night, trying to think of lies to tell that would make him seem innocent, is literally killing his brain! It's not good for him. Someguy was right. Onision is a man-baby. He needs to learn to take responsibility for his own actions. But he won't. He'll always find someone else to blame for his faults and failures. Always someone other than himself. And even if I did believe his "my neighbors made me do this" story, does he really have to do everything people tell him to?? Hey Onision, if you're reading, go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge! Do it! NOW!!! I bet that goon would actually do it!

Onision frauds everyone. He's frauded his former girlfriends. He's frauded the IRS. He's frauded patrons. He's frauded viewers out of money he said was going to charity. And now, he's frauded Washington state!!! My home state! Onision pisses me off! I have to wonder how long is it going to take before he is finally thrown in jail? He could be put away for a long time. He still has to go to court for the environmental destruction act he put on. Maybe this will be the final thing that lands him in prison. But knowing Onision, he'll figure a way out of it. He'll throw his neighbors under the bus. I just hope the prosecutor does not fall for that story! Onision needs to learn. His mom didn't teach him well. He needs someone to do that for him! Sadly though, I have the feeling Onision is the type that never learns.

I did not want to turn my channel into an Onision-bashing channel. I don't make videos to do that. But Onision is tempting me to do it. Onision is just an awful person. He makes fun of a girl who has a serious eating disorder and cannot help how she is. He punishes his girlfriends for smoking medical marijuana. He abuses his animals. He killed a pet turtle he had by roasting it alive. He calls himself an environmentalist and then destroys a natural environment that's not even on his property. He calls himself a feminist, and then makes his wife turn gay. Now, he's going all over YouTube copyright claiming other YouTubers, big and small. This idiot just cannot stop with the stupidity. His problem is he's just scared of the truth. Just like all libtard SJWs!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Playing Games With Sellers

OMG! Some people are just too dumb to live!! I don't even know this guy, but I already don't like him. This guy's name is Robert Marsh on Facebook. Apparently he lives in Cloverdale. It's quite a ways from here. It's halfway between here and Lincoln City. Well, back on Saturday, I put some items up for sale that I have that I can part with. Though I am not that anxious to part with them. I'm only selling these items because I want some money to get my car fixed. I'm sure it's going to come to a lot. But I sold only one item so far, that was a portable DVD player. The only reason I sold it is because it doesn't play my DVD-DLs and I want a portable that does, as I have a lot of DVD-DLs. Also known as DVD-9.

Well, I think I am asking fair prices. I've even decided to part with my fish tank. It comes with a stand, lights, plants, gravel, filter, powerheads, I'll even throw in the fish. To sell that one breaks my heart the most! A couple came by interested in the fish tank, but discovered it was bigger than they anticipated, so they turned it down. But the filter is brand new, the heater is brand new, and the stand and lights are all brand new too. The only thing that is used is the fish tank it's self. The whole set up wound up costing me over $500, but I am sacrificing it for $300. I don't want to go too much lower, as most everything is new, and it's a 65-gallon tank. Which I did mention in the ad I posted.

Another person came by to look at the projector I have. I'm asking $10 for it. I actually bought it back in 1996, but I never used it. I bought it thinking I could do wall murals for people. But that venture never got off the ground. So, I never got to use the machine. It requires a bulb, which I also never got. The bulb cannot be anything but a 75-watt bulb. No more, no less. And those are not very common. Well, she discovered it wasn't exactly what she was looking for, so she passed it up too. The projector has never been used. It's never even been out of the box. So I cannot tell anyone if it works or not. I assume it would, since it's never been used before. Most people though, when they think of a projector, usually think of the ones you see now in stores, or one that uses slides. This one isn't like that. It has a window on the bottom where you slip a picture, or a small 3-D item, and it projects that image onto a screen, or the wall.

Another item I am selling is my Bose Wave radio/CD player. I'm selling it for $100, which is a very fair price for a Bose!! Even if it is a few years old. That was what this Robert Marsh was inquiring about. The Bose works beautifully! I'm not selling it because I want to. I'm selling it because I need to get my car fixed. The Bose is only slightly used. I really only use it around Christmas, when I play my Christmas CDs. That's why I feel I can part with it. But again, I am not overly-anxious to part with it. But I feel if a person really wants it, they will pay $100 for it. I cannot let it go for less than that.

Well, Saturday night, I got a message on the post (not in PM) from this guy. The conversation went like this...

He thought my Bose was a DVD player. I WISH Bose made DVD players!!!!!!! Like a portable DVD player from Bose would be very nice!!! But it's not, and they don't make them. I had 2 DVD players available. One was the portable, and the other is a multi-region DVD player. The only reason I am selling the multi-region DVD player is because I don't like the way it plays my homemade DVDs. They keep going out of synch after a while of playing them. But if a person is only using it to play store-bought DVDs, it works beautifully!

Anyways, then he asks me (twice) if he can come look at it tomorrow (yesterday). I told him I would have to let him know Monday, because one other person asked to view the Bose on Sunday. I waited and waited for that person to show up, and they never did. So, around 6 PM after not seeing or hearing from the other guy, I wrote back to Robert to let him know the Bose is still here.

Just as promised, I let him know. I like to let everyone know who shows some interest. I don't like being left hanging, so I don't like to leave others wondering. Well, later last night I heard back from this guy...

Well, the first thing I am thinking here is "What a dumbass!!!" I said only one person showed interest. And he automatically assumes the reason it was "passed by" is because it "has issues". If he's just not interested, then fine. But don't go telling everyone a radio, which he's never even seen or tried, is "passed up by a few" because it "has issues". Frankly though, with a mentality like that, I'm glad he doesn't want to come view it. I wouldn't trust someone like him in my house! He might steal my radio! But this just shows how stupid a lot of people are. And really, I don't believe he was ever serious about getting the Bose. I normally don't react this way when someone just isn't interested, but the way this guy did it, out in the open, it made me mad. Who knows how many people are just going to read his response, and believe what he says is the gospel? You know how people are! Especially liberals! And this state is full of them. But I was still polite in my response...

Honestly! And you wonder why I don't like people. Is there really any doubt why now?

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Milkshake Landing

People piss me off! You know what I heard this weekend? I heard that Burger King was going to sell milkshakes to throw at conservatives. I also have been hearing that the leftists have not only been throwing milkshakes at conservatives, but also bricks, urine and soda. And the left says conservatives are hateful and violent?? Oh well, they consider free speech "violence". They need to get over that one. Speech is not violence. I've been called fat for years now. Do I consider it "violence"? No. I do not! A person has a right to say it if they feel like it. Though personally, I don't see the point, as I already knew I was fat. LOL! But someone certainly has the right to say it. As long as it doesn't lead to violence. I mean real violence!! Not what the leftists consider "violence". And I can tell you, it has led to real violence before. Mostly by people who most likely were leftists themselves.

You can always tell who is a leftist, they are only "brave" when they are with friends. They will never attack a person when they are alone. I used to know a lot of kids like that. Mostly in middle school and high school. But now, leftists have a gimmick going now. They say "Go out and punch a nazi". "Nazi" to them, is just someone they don't agree with. Particularly if they are a white christian man. Well, I'm not a white christian man, but I am a conservative. Someone the leftists would refer to as a "nazi". Well, they'd better watch out, because this "nazi" hits back. And I can hit back pretty hard! I prefer not to, but if I am walking somewhere, or sitting somewhere, minding my own business, and some random asshat just comes up and throws something on me, or assaults me in any way, I'm not going to just sit there and take it! I've done too much of that in my lifetime to allow that to happen again!

I've often wondered how the leftists would like it if conservatives started all fighting back. Conservatives are generally very level-headed. But we are only human. If the leftists keep poking the bear, sooner or later, they're going to get beat up. Then I think a war will break out. I wouldn't be surprised! But the leftists now keep asking for it. Pretty soon, they are going to get it if they don't stop harassing conservatives!! They can call us "nazis" all they want to, but they need to learn not to touch! Leave us alone and we will do the same to you. And think about this, conservatives carry guns, and we are not afraid to use them. If the leftists really want to go that far, we conservatives can start using those guns for protection. The leftists won't like it. But we don't like leftists getting in our personal space, and attacking us when we are doing nothing but exercising our rights to free speech.

Shoot! Imagine if a conservative, who has had enough of the leftists, were to actually shoot a leftist? We could make our slogan "Go out and kill a commie!" It'd be all over the news. We'd be getting threatening messages, phone calls, death threats left and right. It'd be a mess for whomever does it. But the leftists are now pushing conservatives to want to band against them like that. Who cares if it's going to be on the news?! Maybe it'll discourage other commies from harassing conservatives.

Seriously, this has to stop. People need to grow up. But you know what I blame for all this shit? I blame the X-generation for not actually enforcing discipline on their kids. Those kids, now grown people, still act like children. They haven't learned to grow up. I once heard a story about a woman who took her little boy to a toy store to get a present for another little boy who was having a birthday party. The little boy wanted a toy for himself, but the mom said they were shopping for the birthday boy today. The kid fussed and fussed until the mom gave in and bought him that toy instead. Her reason for giving in? She didn't want her little boy to hate her. And today, you are all seeing the results of that kind of "parenting". You see it in modern leftists. They are the little boys in the toy store who are supposed to be picking out a present for someone else. And they get fussy when they don't get something they want for themselves. So, they act out, and say they hate us conservatives, thinking that will make us give in.

Unfortunately, that is only going to get worse. Its sad too! I can remember a time when most people were respectful. We always agreed to disagree when we had differing opinions. No one got assaulted for having different opinions. This, unfortunately, is the legacy Obama left us. Liberals were never this bad before Obama became president! And Obama was the laziest president we ever had!! He didn't do nothing! And now, he wants to take credit for Trump's success in opening thousands of jobs. And of course, the libtards are accommodating Obama's claim! Naturally! Well, Obama had nothing to do with opening those jobs up! Obama is just jealous. That's all it is! He knew he didn't do shit for this country, so he's trying to take credit for someone else's hard work and success!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another Very Handsome Dog-Lover

Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!! I just knew it!!!! Perhaps the most handsome man around today in the movies also confessed to Buzzfeed that he is a dog-lover. Normally, I wouldn't take anything Buzzfeed says seriously, but I had a feeling about this. It's Kit Harington. I always said he reminds me so much of Michael, he would have been perfect to play Michael in the next INXS movie!!! Other people choose Aiden Turner, but not me! When I first saw Kit Harington, I said he must be Michael's long lost twin! He even has Michael's pouting lips!!

The long list of good-looking people who prefer dogs keeps growing!!! Buzzfeed asked Kit Harington if he preferred puppies or kittens. To which he replied "puppies". YESSSS!!!! I knew it!! As handsome as Kit Harington is, I knew he had to be a dog-person!!! Though the director of Game of Thrones wanted to make Jon Snow gay, I know that's not the real Kit Harington! He has a wife. And he loves it when his fans have a crush on him. So he said. LOL! I almost feel like a perv saying I am in love with this guy myself, I was approaching my teens when he was born (1986). But who cares?! My respect for him now has increased 1000-fold!!! He proves my point! You want a handsome man, you look for a guy who prefers dogs. You want an ugly man, you look for a guy who prefers cats. Even Aiden Turner is a dog person too, and other INXS fans think he's handsome. Which is cool! I have no problem with that. But I'll stick with my Kit Harington.

If he lets his hair grow longer, I'd swear he looks like my Michael! If he were to portray Michael in the movies, he wouldn't even need much make-up!

There was an article that was posted on one of the INXS groups I am on, and it's about Michael's grandnephew looking like him. I don't want to post his pic, not without his grandmom's permission, as he is not a public figure, but still a minor. But I can post the link to the article.

Personally, I don't think he looks that much like Michael, as he is once removed. He is however a nice looking kid. He's only 16 though. Michael was not even that handsome in his early days. I saw Michael on Simple Simon, he was 17 then. He didn't look all that handsome to me. It wasn't until the Kick era when he really blossomed into the handsome man he was when I first saw him. In the article, the grandnephew is holding a cat though. He needs to get rid of that thing fast!! Otherwise he'll grow into a sissy boy. I think Michael's mom must have been a dog person too. I saw several pics of her with a dog that Christina posted. One of them looked like a scottish terrier. That's one of my favorite breeds too. LOL! Their mom was a gorgeous woman too. Of course I don't really know if the dog belonged to Michael's mom or his sister. Oh well. They're both gorgeous women.

I remember one time on one of the groups, it was brought up again who should play Michael in the next movie. Most people said Aiden Turner. I said he looks too rough. He looks more like Richard Ramirez than Michael. Michael was rough-looking, but he also had a certain innocence to his eyes. Aiden Turner lacks that completely. But I do have respect for Aiden Turner as a dog-lover. He can't be bad with that on his plate. I agreed to Kit Harington. Then I remember saying to myself "It'd be kinda funny to find out Kit Harington is a cat-person, while Aiden Turner is a dog-person! And here I said he's better looking than Aiden Turner!" LMAO!! Well, I no longer have to worry about that! And Kit has the rugged look with a sweet innocence in his eyes. Just like my Michael! That's why I say Kit Harington is a better choice to play Michael.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Every May 18th Now

I have 2 things to celebrate on this day. Or rather, the best word may be commemorate. They are not exactly happy events. One is just an awesome event. The other is a very sad event. But I cannot let this day go by without at least an honorable mention to 2 of my favorite things today. Today is the 39th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. That was an awesome event. But I say I commemorate this day because 57 people did die in that eruption. That was a sad side effect. Of course my heart goes out to those families that are left behind today. The eruption was very awesome, as events go, and it helped shape NW history. It was not a big eruption as volcanic eruptions go, but it was an awesome eruption. You can see the details of it in the video here...

I still remember it, even though I was a kid. I am a bit of a survivor though. Though we were miles from the actual eruption, we still were affected by it, just like everyone around us was. Many people believed the mountain would never actually erupt. But one person did. He knew from the beginning it was going to blow up. That was David Johnston. He knew it would blow, and he also knew the eruption was going to be a violent one. Unfortunately, he was working there the morning it happened and he got caught in the blast. No one knows for sure if he died, though now he is presumed dead. But he was never seen again after the eruption. That's a shame too! He was a rather nice-looking guy.

In the article linked above, she's holding up a picture of him. She also got to meet with the student who, like me, has referred to Johnston as a "Mount St. Helens hero". That student, whose name is Mindy Brugman, is taking part in the production of a book titled 'A Hero On Mount St. Helens', with the main author, Melanie Holmes. I remember back in 2012, I called him a St. Helens Hero. Because he was. He saved lots of lives, by keeping as many people away from the mountain as possible. He was, in the truest sense, a hero.

Now, onto case #2. Today is also the second anniversary of the day Chris Cornell got his wings. That was a very sad event. I remember what I was doing that day. Ma was visiting, and I had just gotten Mya. She was still a teeny baby. Well, thanks to Katrina, I've gotten to like Chris Cornell a lot. I've even put a couple of his songs on my MP3 player now. Well, I always thought he was kinda handsome, because he reminded me of my Michael. He even knew how to shake his hair around like Michael did. Even though they both have totally different singing styles. Chris Cornell has blue, puppy-dog eyes though. Michael has sweet, soft, brown eyes. I always say Chris Cornell has puppy dog eyes! LOL! Because they remind me of a puppy's eyes; almost pleading to be picked up and hugged. Chris Cornell was obviously 100% a dog person too. LOL! He even has a song that is titled "Call Me A Dog", and he worked with a group called Temple of the Dog. Plus, he had several dogs (and no cats). I even saw a picture of him with his mom once and she was holding a sweet, solid black pomeranian. So, it's obvious he was a born dog-lover. That alone to me, makes him an awesome person. He didn't even care about the size of the dog, unlike some men who think they can't be a real manly man unless they have big dogs. But I have a lot more respect for a man who loves dogs so much, he even loves the little ones.

That's Chris with one of his pugs.

He also had the prerequisite big dogs too. I know he also has what looks like a rottweiler/german shepherd cross

And also one that looks like a white swiss shepherd (formerly known as "white german shepherd").

Here's his daughter Tony with another sweet pomeranian...

And check this out! Chris Cornell in just the last few minutes increased my respect for him 1000 fold! He also loves lemurs...

And yeah, he had a cat once too, but that was back when he was a teenager, living with his drunken father. I'm sure he grew out of it. But anyways, one of my favorite songs he did, he did it with his other group, Temple of the Dog. It's a song called Hunger Strike, and it is hauntingly beautiful! I also got the video, and I will share it here. What attracted me mostly to the video is this awesome lighthouse! My family knows how much I am fascinated by lighthouses. Anyways, listen to this song!

This Response Says A Lot!

OMG remember my last post about my top posts on Quora? The last post I put in that thread was where I talked about Tracy from the Puyallup Fair. This comment was posted a few months ago, but I just noticed it today when I went to collect that post.

It's interesting to meet someone who was actually there to witness the goings on that day! I wonder if he was the guy who was behind the counter. He was quiet the whole time Tracy and I were arguing, he did not get involved at all. Unlike the short, fat, dumpy woman with the long, black, stringy hair. The only person whose name I knew was Tracy. But look at what he says in his comment. He said that Tracy shorted him $40 out of $100 because "there's a new fee". LMAO!!! "A new fee" for what??? For disagreeing with Tracy?? OMG!! I knew when I met her that Tracy was a dumbass. This comment just confirms it!! LOL!!

Well, it's good to know I wasn't the only one who thought Tracy was a crazy bitch. This comment also confirms another thing. Remember when I said I believed (with all my being) that Tracy lost my jacket on purpose just so she could get money from my paycheck? I believe this comment also sort of confirms my hunch. This kinda proves that Tracy was in the habit of stealing money from her employees. To take money out of someone's paycheck, and chalk it up to being "a new fee" and not even tell someone what the fee is for, it seems kinda sinister to me. I knew there was something evil about Tracy! I just knew it!! I told you all, I'm a pretty damn good judge of character. Thank GOD it couldn't have been that much she took from me, and I never went back again. But now a family friend, Nancy, has been working at the Puyallup Fair for several years. She goes back each year and works for the concession stands. I remember telling Nancy to watch out for Tracy, she's evil! Though Nancy gets along with everybody. Tracy is not someone you really want to make friends with. She seems like the type that will sweet talk you to your face, all the while feeling your back to find a place to stick a knife. I wouldn't trust Tracy as far as I could throw her!

I think I should go to the Tacoma area Craigslist this year and warn everyone who would possibly get involved in a job there, not to. Though I don't know if Tracy still does stuff like that now. She'd be in her mid to late 50s now. Maybe she's grown up? But that's a longshot. People like Tracy I don't think ever grow up. If she was that way at 30, she's not going to change much at over 50. I remember meeting a woman who worked at the fair every year too. This was around 1999, and I asked her if Tracy still worked there. She didn't know at first whom I was talking about. I told her I worked for the Puyallup Fair one year and the rides and concession stands were run by Tracy and her family. I said she was a short, scrawny, red-headed scarecrow. The woman cracked up and said "Oh yes, I know now who you're talking about!" and said yes, Tracy was still there. I told her I would never work there again. She said "Well, it's only for one month."

Well, now I would warn that woman that Tracy steals money from her employees and says it's because of "a new fee". But she won't tell you what that "fee" is for. She didn't deserve no fees from me! I never wanted that job. But now I know for sure Tracy did lose that jacket on purpose, just so she could keep part of my paycheck. Well, she's going to have her maker to answer to for that one! Oh wait! I'm pretty sure Tracy is a libtard. She doesn't believe in GOD. Well, that could make things worse for her. When she tries to get into Heaven, GOD will know who she is. HE will say "No, you can't get into Heaven. You did not accept me as your Father, nor did you accept Jesus as your savior. You were greedy, and you mistreated all who came in contact with you." Then I imagine HE will condemn her to Hell. Well, that's just where Tracy belongs! It'll be too late for her to change. So, all I can say to Tracy is enjoy that eternal bath of fire! You got what you deserved!