Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Is Carlos Maza Fired?

I heard just this morning that Carlos Maza was possibly fired from Vox. Now, I have no idea if that's true or not, but it wouldn't be a surprise! Supposedly he was fired because he just would not let go of the bashing between himself and Steven Crowder, and he kept bad-mouthing how YouTube would not ban Steven Crowder or shut down his channel. It's been more than a month now, and Carlos Maza is still going on about that on Twitter. Apparently Vox, who works with YouTube, got tired of Maza constantly bashing YouTube, who pays Vox, and they decided to tell Carlos Maza to hit the road! Carlos Maza is apparently working on some kind of deal for a severance package for himself from Vox. I bet I also know what the first words out of Carlos Maza's mouth was!

"How can Vox fire me? I'm gay! They fired a protected class person. I bet they fired me because I am gay! I deserve a severance package because I'm gay!"

Maza just ALWAYS makes it a point to let everyone know he's gay, and how people (possibly) discriminate against him because he's gay. I even decided to put Carlos Maza in one of my stories in my Americana compilation. In the scene, everyone is at a Trump rally, and Obama is there. Well, everyone is asked to say the pledge of allegiance to the flag and to face the flag in the back of the crowd. Just then, Carlos Maza pushes through the crowd to approach Obama, and says instead "I pledge allegiance to serve Obama..." Yes, I actually did see a campaign commercial once before Obama was elected into office, where stupid people were actually saying they pledge to serve Obama. It was DUMB!! So, I decided to put that in this story. Anyways, then Katrina says to Carlos Maza, "Hey dumbass! You're supposed to be pledging allegiance to the flag! Back there!" and she points to the flag.

Just then Carlos Maza does what he does best; he cries discrimination...

"Waaa! I can't believe she just called me a dumbass! I'm GAY! She can't call a gay man a dumbass!" and so on and on. I made fun of him constantly putting it out that he is gay and that the whole world is against him because he's gay. Which is not true. But he thinks it is. We dislike Carlos Maza, not because he is gay. But because he is a dumbass, who is hiding behind being gay to get what he wants now that gays have all the rights they'll ever need. It's like Jonathan Yaniv. He uses trans rights to ogle young, naked girls in private womens' places.

Well, apparently Carlos Maza has made a huge mistake. Now, at over a month, he's still rambling on against Steven Crowder and YouTube. He's attacking the hand that feeds him! You can't do that! I'd never bad-mouth my boss like that!! EVER!! Not if I'd want to keep my job. But in a way, I kinda feel a little bit sorry for Carlos Maza, now that this happened. But he did bring it upon himself! But I also know what it's like to be bullied all your life. I was bullied constantly growing up because I was short, skinny, had nappy hair, didn't talk much to anyone, and when I did talk, I always spoke my mind. People didn't like those things about me. I didn't bother anyone who I knew did not want to be bothered by me. I always stayed away from those people. I didn't keep getting in their faces every day. In fact, the only time I ever faced them was when they would approach me. But for the most part, I always tried to steer clear of people I didn't like, or who I knew didn't like me. If I had people who hated me that treated me the same way I treated them, then life would have been perfect!! I would have been able to breeze through school like it was nothing. But unfortunately not everyone is like me. Most people who hated me had to get in my face about it every day.

Constantly being bullied like that does things to you. It messes up your mind. You either become a recluse, or you go insane. Or both! It makes it hard to let even the little things go if you've been bullied all your life. Some people can overcome it, but it can take literally years of therapy. Some people are able to just brush it off and not let it have any impact on their lives. But those people are rare. And more likely did go through some amount of therapy as children. I think that's what Carlos Maza needs, is some years of therapy. He's still young, he can overcome it quicker than someone like me. So, don't wait too long.

I admit I have trouble letting things go. I still talk about people I don't like on the internet. But I've never worked for them, and frankly, I don't give a shit if they want to read my stories or not. It doesn't matter to me. So, I can afford to slam those people. But Carlos Maza cannot. He was slamming Team YouTube on Twitter, and thinking he can get away with it for long. YouTube pays Vox, who pays Maza. He can't do that! I slam a lot of people, but never the one who pays me! And Carlos Maza has got to get used to being a public figure. I don't have many subscribers on YouTube, but I do make videos that get some views, and I do write stories, so I am a public figure. I have to expect some people are going to talk shit about me. It happens. And it happens to EVERY public figure out there. Just open up a National Enquirer or a People magazine and you will see how every public figure out there is talked about. No one is immune to it. Even a small-time public figure like me. I used to get slammed by the delusional mods all the time. Not just them, but also the dirty dozen mob on the Pluba forums. Of course I was not a public figure then, but I was well-known throughout their forum. But their slamming didn't hurt me. Not at all. I admit it did take a while to get used to though. But again, I thought about that before I put myself out there. And yes, even bloggers can become famous. I did! LOL!

Anyways, Carlos Maza has some lessons to learn here. Hopefully he won't get that severance package. I don't know what Vox's rules are in that. We'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

No More Aquariums

Well, I sold my aquarium. I was so sad to see it go, as I absolutely adored having my fish. But I got so tired of spending all that money on fish only to have them die on me soon after. I could not understand what happened! When I lived in Bozeman, which is where I had my last aquarium, my fish did fine! I didn't do anything any different with this one, and I'd keep getting fish only to have them all die within the following weeks. I don't know what happened! But like one day, I would get a school of fish (I always got tetras, small gouramis and small rasboras) and usually all but one would be dead within a month. I spent a lot of good money on fish too! It upset me to no end that I would lose most of the school! I miss my fishies dearly, but it's all for the better.

I could not figure out what happened. My sis and I put our heads together one night. I told her how I keep losing all my fish. She finally figured maybe the water quality in this town is not that good for the little fish I always get. I thought about it, and figured she must be right. Maybe that's why a lot of people here who have aquariums always keep the bigger fish. Maybe they are the only ones that can handle the water quality in this town. This happens a lot in ocean towns. I remember Ocean Shores had the same problem, which is why I NEVER had an aquarium when I lived there. As much as I loved having fish, I could not have an aquarium there. The water in Ocean Shores was horrible!!! Not even suitable to drink! Let alone put small, delicate tropical fish in.

I did keep water conditioners and used them. But for some reason, I still had fish dying. Maybe there was something in the water here that those tiny fish just could not handle. It kinda made me think again about opening a pet store in this town. What if I have the same problem with that? I intend to carry some unusual fish in my store too. I wonder if Coos Bay would be better? I mean, a pet store just isn't complete without fish. And I don't want to just carry the all-purpose, run-of-the-mill fish, like platies, mollies and guppys. That is no fun!!! I want to carry as many different kinds as I can. IF I do move to Coos Bay, I don't want to rent there. The one rental company they have in that town SUCKS!!! They have some personal problems against pets I think. Mya is a companion animal, but still, it's not enough for them. The only affordable apartments in that town do not allow animals at all. Not even small, cage animals like birds.

Well, I guess I won't be getting another aquarium. Not unless I can get a store, and maybe have water sent here from other places with better water-quality. I so enjoyed having my aquarium while it lasted, but getting fish only to see them die soon after, or go missing, just is not for me. So, it's just me and Mya now. I sold the tank and stand for $100. I actually had it posted on Facebook for $200! But some guy, who was the only person that sounded serious, only had $100 in his pocket. That was REALLY low-blowing it, but I just wanted the tank gone! Before I got tempted again to go out and get more fish! Besides, the $100 I got will help pay to get my car in 100% working order! It does help! But I can't get that done until next month. See, if I had gotten my full asking price, I could have got that done today!

Monday, August 12, 2019

How To Handle An Atheist

As you may all know I am a conservative. I am also a christian. Well, I believe in GOD anyways. I follow no organized religion. Though mom wanted me to become mormon. It's just not my lifestyle to follow some organized religion because there's some things in the Bible I just cannot believe. I still have trouble with the referral to Jesus as a lion. However, I have no trouble referring to Satan as a lion. I hate lions! They're not good. Jesus was supposed to be good. Lions are evil beasts. Satan is an evil being. So, that's why I have an easier time referring to Satan as a lion than Jesus.

Anyways, for the past week, I've been going back and forth with this dude named Alan Baraka on YouTube, who is also an atheist. He said he's willing to learn more about the existence of GOD. Well, being an atheist, I felt no amount of explaining would make him change his mind about that, so I don't even try to explain my godly position with them. No, I don't believe I am GOD!!! But this Alan Baraka is no different than any other atheist. My best evidence for GOD's existence is the fact that I actually felt HIM heal me once, where nothing else worked. I was not even partially willing to convince this guy why I believe GOD really exists, because of my past experiences with atheists. But he kept nudging me to tell him why I believe in GOD. I kept hesitating though. He told me he was willing to listen to what I had to say. For that, I had no doubt. Neither did any other atheists I've encountered. But in the end, when I tell them why I believe in GOD, they always say the same thing "That was NOT GOD". I always ask them how else they can explain it.

The short story is that something happened on the AcmePet forums between myself, and a few people on a chihuahua sub-forum named Kallie, Jeri and Sharon. I was about to get a new longcoat chi puppy, and I announced it saying "I'm finally getting a good lc chi". While everyone else was congratulating me, loony-ass Sharon chimes in only with "What is your idea of a 'good' longcoat chi?" Well, she asked me a question, so I answered. I said "any chi that does not look like the Taco Bell dog is a good chi." By "good", I was referring to good quality. But Sharon was a pet person, not a show/breeder person. So, she obviously didn't understand. Next thing I know, that set Kallie and Jeri off. Kallie was one of those ADS fags, and Jeri bred Taco Bell dog lookalikes and was proud of it. I think Jeri was a little autistic. And Kallie was no different than any other ADS fag.

Well, Kallie's attacks put me on the defensive, because she kept at it, like a parasite. She didn't know when to just let it go. Then when she found she could not change my mind, she started calling me a rude person and all kinds of other names. Later, I began to feel some pangs of remorse, because I did used to like Kallie and Jeri (as much as one could on an internet forum), so I went back in the forum and just told them I didn't have anything to do with what was being said "under my name" before. Kallie did not believe I was telling the truth. Though she was right, the reasons she gave for not believing me was dumb. She was once again, comparing me and my family to her friends and family. To me, that didn't mean anything more than Kallie's family and friends are just dumb and too cowardly to say how they really feel. But Kallie still did not want to speak to me ever again. Even Sharon got involved in that. Of course I didn't like Sharon, and she was the one who got the ball rolling in this turmoil. That was the very reason I didn't like Sharon. She was a trouble-maker and everyone on the forums knew it. But me being me, I had to give her a chance to prove them wrong to me.

I don't know if that was incredibly nice, or incredibly stupid, of me, but Sharon proved everyone else was right.

Anyway, for months after I felt bad. I had bad bellyaches, I couldn't eat or sleep, I was crying all the time. Yeah, I know! I'm pathetic!!! But I was young then, and I was already dealing with the death of my grandma. Then this pops up out of nowhere. And all I did was want to share some good news with people I thought were my internet buddies. Sound familiar? LMAO!! But now, I felt bad because I felt I had to lie to get them to become friends with me again. For months, nothing worked. I tried to carry on as normal, but my body just would not let me. I was an atheist then. So, prayer was the last thing I tried, or would ever even dream of trying. But guess what, it worked! For 6 months nothing else worked. Then I prayed a little prayer to GOD, asking HIM to forgive me for that lie, and it worked! I felt better all over again. And it worked instantly. It didn't take days, weeks or years. It worked instantaneously! To me, that was my proof that GOD existed. Once I told another atheist that story and he couldn't even explain why that happened. But he was the only one.

Well, Alan Baraka is no different than most of the others I met. I knew no explanation would change his mind either, so I put off even wasting my energy. But he kept pushing. He said "If you believe in GOD, you might as well believe in Thor." I told him "I don't think I know anyone named Thor. I have never gone to church to worship a Thor." I was kindof kidding, trying to get him to go bother someone else because I didn't want to tell him anything. I mean it, I've had it with atheists. I know enough about them that there is nothing I can say that will convince them. And they ALWAYS come back with "That was not GOD". It's the same shit every time. I'm not a persuasive person. I don't feel like it's my purpose in life to convince anyone. If it was, I'd think GOD would have given me the talent to persuade people. But HE didn't, so that's not my purpose in life. And I've got to tell you, reading Alan's posts is no picnic! Has this person even heard of a thing called a paragraph? Or is that also on the list of things he doesn't believe in? He doesn't even have the decency to separate his paragraphs. Of course that may be YouTube's fault. It did that to me a few times, but it made it hard for me to distinguish his quoting me from his own commentary.

I left him a link to a post I made on this blog about the entire story of why I believe in GOD from 2010. It's rather long-winded, but if you read all the way through, I go through the story about what happened on the AcmePet forum, and how it led to my believing in GOD in the end. I didn't think Alan would gain anything from that story, but I sent him the link to visit anyways. Even after that, he kept on. This was my last full post to him...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan1 day ago@Alan Baraka " Really? Did they say that they wanted to make you become an atheist or simply disagree with your unverified claims? "
Again, I ask why comment if you don't believe? Free speech? Yes. I have a right to say I believe in GOD. Just as you have a right to say you don't. You may disagree. I disagree with atheists. But I don't comment on their posts every time I see one say "There is no GOD". Because what is the point? It's not my job to change their minds. That would be the only reason to respond to them.
"They do have motive, that being you haven't demonstrated your claims."
Again, I ask why comment? I didn't ask for your opinion. Sure you have a right to comment, but unless I asked you to verify my belief in GOD, it just seems like you are trying to cram your beliefs down my throat. Did you comment on anyone else's comments who believe in GOD in this video? 
"You commented on this channel first my friend. "
I started this thread, yes. But again, what was your motive for responding to me? Are you saying the same things to all people on this video who believe in GOD? I can see several comments below this one that talks about GOD. Or was mine just the first one you saw and decided to comment on? Shoot! Maybe I should stop responding to you. LOL!! I wasn't talking to you or anyone else here specifically in the first place. Just to the people who posted this video.

"Did I ask you for your opinion?"
Not really your place to ask me that on my thread. But whatever. LOL!!
"We can't see gravity but we can detect it via scientific instruments to demonstrate it exists. We can't see microwave radiation either, but via scientific instruments we can demonstrate that exists too. Tell me, what method did you use to determine your god exists?" 
OK. Then let's use your logic. Suppose we can't really say Mozart ever existed either. Can we? I mean, sure there's music that is said to be written by him. Right? But he has no descendants nowadays and no one exists today that has ever met him. And no one can find where he is buried. There was no census back then to prove he existed either. But by the same token, the Bible was written, so to speak, by the words of GOD. HE had a son, Jesus, that no one knows where He's buried at either, and the only proof there is of His existence is the scriptures in the Bible. Sorry dude, but the "lack of scientific proof of GOD's existence" just seems like a fallacy to me. So many people existed before you that there is no evident proof of.
"So what if I did?" 
Again dude, apples and oranges. You have your beliefs, and I have mine.
"If you could demonstrate evolution was wrong today I would want to review the evidence because it matters more to me to learn than to be right."
Woa! I'm not saying evolution isn't real. I believe in evolution myself. I even have a whole website devoted to it.
"And we learn by studying what is true. We know things are true not because they are claimed to be true but because they are demonstrated to be true." 
Again, there's lots of things we can't feel but we know they are there. Like feelings. Like dreams. We can't feel them, and no one can prove what they dream about. But we know they are there by taking that person's word for it. Well, I feel the same about GOD.
"So, if you can't demonstrate your god to exist then why do you believe in him?"
Because I've actually felt HIM being there. Simple as that. Did you click the link? It's a long story, but it explains everything as much as I possibly could.
And yes, I do believe Mozart was real! But he fits almost all the criteria that GOD does for atheists; he had superhuman powers (in music), there are no photographs of him, no one is around today that ever met him, his powers are legendary, and he has no living descendants. He and his wife had 5 kids, 3 of which died before they were 1 year old, a 4th got sick at a young age and became unable to have children, and his oldest bore 2 children, one died in infancy, the other died at 20-something in a war before he was able to get married or have any children. So, all there is of Mozart today is his music. The only proof of his existence. Just as the only proof of GOD is the writings of the Bible. Which, you must admit, did prophecize a lot of the events that are happening today. We can all see it, especially on the actions of the left.

Well, this post was followed a day later by a very long-winded post by Alan Baraka. Again, not using any paragraphs, just 500 lines of on-going sentences and bullcrap. I didn't want to read it, and I sure did not want to commentate on it. I didn't read one line. One of the reasons why is because when he posted it, I was in the middle of a very interesting documentary by Millennial Millie, who was at a Trump rally, and showing one of the left-wingers about the contrast between people who support Trump and people who oppose Trump. Guess which was the friendlier side? Hint: it was not the opposers, where this man on the street was siding with! Even he found out it was the Trump side that was full of love and acceptance, and absolutely NO sign of racism!! It was cool! Even my sis sat down to watch it with me. Another reason I did not care to sit and read 500 ongoing lines of my own words with his responses to each and every one. Besides, this whole argument was going nowhere. So, I told him...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan21 hours ago
@Alan Baraka Dude, I'm not even gonna bother to read all that shit you wrote. I have better things to do with my time. So, I'll leave it at this, I believe in GOD, I'll always believe in GOD, no matter what. You can not believe if you want to. That's your bit. I'd rather believe now and be proven wrong after I die than to not believe now and find out after it's too late HE was always there. Now, leave me alone. Live and let live. OK.

Yep, I finally told him to just leave me alone. I don't normally do that, as I don't like to cut off another person's side. But again, this whole argument was going nowhere, and had no potential to get anywhere. Remember, we're talking with an atheist! A leftist! To them, other people having an opinion is "offensive". I was not willing to keep on repeating myself over and over again with him without making any progress. And I have tried with atheists before and they all said the same thing, and I'm not going to go on with them again. Just not going to happen! I didn't read a single thing he wrote in his last post. I just saw the amount of lines he wrote and said "No thank you!" LOL! If I had read a single line he wrote, it would have drawn me back in, and I'm not playing this game with another atheist! But I will continue to hold my belief in GOD. NOTHING is going to stop that. I almost feel sorry for Alan for writing that last post that probably took him all evening to write! But I didn't ask him to write it. My original post was only directed at the guys in the video. Not to anyone else viewing. Mr. Alan Baraka posted to me on his own will. I hope my last post got rid of him for good. If I do hear from him again, I won't read or respond to him, I'll just block him. I hate to resort to that too. But, this is coming up a little on harassment. He has a right to his opinions and beliefs, but he's trying to con me out of mine.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Deadly Idea

This is probably the worst idea I've seen in my life!!! Paramount Pictures and Blumhouse are coming out with a new movie next month, called "The Hunt At The Manor". The idea of the movie is a bunch of fat-cat leftist elites are flying off to the wilderness. They kidnap a bunch of conservative Trump supporters and take them with them. But not to vacation together or get to know each other. No! This movie is all about leftists hunting down and killing conservatives. Get a load of this trailer for the movie...

I don't really get the jist of it, but I heard that is what this movie is all about. This is such a bad idea on so many levels! Especially given how insane the leftists have become! And how violent leftist groups like Antifa are! You know what is going to happen. Leftists are going to see this movie and it's going to give them ideas about what to do with conservatives. Every time I watch a conservative on the street video, the leftists who are interviewed always wind up walking away when conservatives get into the tough questions. The questions no leftist can answer. See, this is exactly what happens when communication stops, people get violent.

There is a big fear now that leftists want a civil war to come. Can you possibly imagine what it would be like if this movie were all about conservatives hunting leftists? The movie would be pulled before it ever reached the theaters. But since this is a movie about leftists kidnapping and killing conservatives, they are going to let this in the theaters. I'll tell you, I need to get to Hollywood as fast as I can! I'm sick of PC movies! I'm sick of movies where conservatives are portrayed as the bad guys. I'm sick of seeing films where white people are thrown off to the wayside. I don't mind diversity in films, but at the very least, make the films good.

Surprisingly my mom likes these new Disney remakes. I was shocked when she told me she saw the Aladdin movie and loved it. I was remembering what I heard someone in a video say about the movie and it's characters, and they said the new Disney directors made Princess Jasmine a feminazi and Aladdin was made to be kindof dumb and totally lacking character. That's not good! That's dumb in fact. And I am shocked my mom liked that movie. I wonder if she will see this movie and say she likes it too. My mom is not even a liberal. She's as conservative as they get! That's why it was so surprising to me that she likes these new "woke" Disney movies. I tried to tell her what the movie industry is trying to do now. I don't think she believed me though.

Well anyways, this movie is a terrible idea! I'm not going to see it. I hope no one in my family will go see it. Most of the conservatives I know said they would boycott this movie if it made it to theaters. But because the left is full of crazies, it's a scary notion to put this movie out at all! Some radical leftists will see this movie and want to emulate it in real life. It's very sad and very scary! I don't want to see any conservatives hunted down like animals. But this is where this country is heading. We are living in extremely dangerous times now. The left is catshit loony, and to avoid them, the right are being silenced. It is truly a very sad state of affairs. If you ask me, it is NOT "brave" to be gay or trans. It is not "brave" to be black. It is more brave now to be a white christian man and be proud of it. Even colored people who are conservatives are more brave now than someone who is coming out queer and liberal.

It's getting to a point now where even liberals want to disassociate themselves with leftists. And I've been shunning liberals. Well, there's different levels of liberals. There are classic liberals who do not approve of what groups like Antifa do. Those are generally libertarians, or centralists who lean left. Then there is the far-left liberals who are Antifa and other terrorist organizations. Those are the ones to beware of. Those are the ones I am talking about when I say "libtards". Because they are tards. They're stupid! And they have no morals whatsoever. They don't care who they hurt. They'll even attack their own kind. That is what is wrong with the far left.

The shootings that happened this past weekend, the left blames Trump for all that. Even though none of the shooters were Trump supporters. The El Paso shooter is an eco-terrorist who agreed with a few right-wing ideas, but the majority of his beliefs were far-left leaning. But the leftists concentrate mostly on his few right-leaning ideas. The shooter in Ohio was a far-leftist and socialist and a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. The news media doesn't talk about him at all. He killed 9 people, one of those being his own sister! Shows how little the left thinks of it's family. To me, my family is the most important thing in my life! I'd NEVER go against my family! Because in my experience, family is always there. Whereas friends come and go. Friends will never replace family! Not to me. I have some friends and I do love them. But my family means more than anything to me.

Michael Knowles said what the left is doing, by calling conservatives "racists", "fascists", "bigots", and stuff like that, they are projecting the evil in themselves by putting it on conservatives. That is why they call us every name they can think of that's bad. Because they are calling us everything that they are. Knowles believes next the leftists might start calling conservatives "baby-killers", which is the worst name he can think of to be called. In reality, the left are the baby-killers. Not the right. The left believes in abortions. The right doesn't.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Blair White vs. J. Yaniv

Oh man! This is good! I watched the whole debate yesterday between Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv and Blair White. Blair White ripped him a new one! It's funny! I suggest watching this, it's long but it's GOOD!!!

I want to highlight some things I remember about this debate. It took me all day to finish watching it because I had an appointment in Portland yesterday. It took hours to finish. But I finished watching this debate last night when I got home. I like Blair White. She's a tranny, but she is one who commands a lot of respect. She did it for the right reasons, unlike Yaniv. And she went about it the right way. This is the difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals would say "Yaniv didn't do anything wrong", whereas a conservative like Blair White, would say "He lies. He ogles girls who are too young to be hit on by a 35-year old. He's obsessed with tampons and pads. He takes pictures of girls in their most private places." Then the liberals would argue "Is that all bad?" because liberals are DUMB!!!!

This debate begins with Blair mentioning how Yaniv said he was "hotter" than Blair. What do you think? Is Yaniv more attractive than Blair? I don't think so! Not even slightly! Blair is definitely hotter than Yaniv! Even I am hotter than Yaniv! Even my dog's butthole is easier to look at than Yaniv's face. I said in the video Yaniv makes me want to puke I hate him so much! I can't stand him. I can't even stand looking at him! And the SJWs thought the Covington High School kids had slappable faces??? Look at Yaniv! He smirks throughout this video, and it makes me want to slap him! And in the end, he still thinks he did nothing wrong!

I also found out that it also takes almost nothing to become trans in Canada. According to Yaniv, all you have to do is go into the court office, fill out a one-page form, turn it in, then suddenly by law, you are trans. Nothing else. No going to actual court. No doctor's exams, no therapy sessions, No nothing. All you have to do is say you're trans then suddenly, you're trans. And that is the problem. Even Blair White says that's a problem. Because of people like Yaniv who abuse the system. This is what I stated in my last 2 blogs about Yaniv. More needs to be learned about what makes transgender people think the way they do before we give them "protected class" rights. And people like Yaniv makes that a wake-up call. I always said he's going to ruin EVERYTHING for all trans people! I feel bad for the legitimate trans people who have someone like this ruining the reputation for them. This is why I HATE irresponsible people!!!!

At one point, in the last half of the video, Jessica Yaniv goes and gets a taser gun and flashes it at Blair White saying "I don't want to have to use this in my own home". He then proceeds to say "This is illegal in Canada by the way." Blair sat there with a look that was half perplexed and half angry and asked "Did you just now think you were being cute?" Yaniv responds with "Just saying". OMG that is pathetic!! That on top of the way he threatened reporter Dan Dicks with pepper spray! For what? For asking a question? For asking for the truth? How stupid!!! Yaniv is not only ugly, he's dumb too! A taser and pepper spray (which is also illegal in Canada) are to be used for personal protection. Not for some whiny little tard who can't handle the truth and wants to silence everyone who disagrees with him.

During the whole debate, Yaniv totally denied he did anything wrong, and that "someone else hacked into his Twitter account and sent those messages to young girls". When it has been proven he has been sending those messages himself dating all the way back to 2011. And he smirks the whole time he's saying it. Blair White doesn't believe him, and neither do I! I never believed it. He's been arguing that for days, and I've been saying from the beginning "I know he's fucking lying!" Anyone with the IQ of a slug knows he's fucking lying! He knew damn well he sent those messages. Blair says he's not only lying, but he's just got this creepy aura around him. Yes he does! Just the way he is smirking throughout the video is creepy as Hell!

Blair even said if Yaniv said he likes puppies she would begin to hate puppies because she doesn't want to be like Yaniv at all. I say, don't blame the puppies because Yaniv would say he likes them. Besides, Yaniv is ugly enough that he's more likely a cat-person. A dog-lover would not look like Yaniv. A dog-lover would look like Chris Cornell. Or Michael Hutchence. Or Kit Harington! 💖💖💖 Besides, Yaniv calls himself "Trusted Nerd". Nerds are almost always cat-people.

Damn! I feel like a perv looking at Kit Harington with lust! But he is just SOOOOOOOOO handsome!!!!!!!!!!

In the end, Blair White told Yaniv that he is setting trans-people and trans-rights backwards. He's not doing anything to help trans-people. He's ruining the reputation of trans-people. Again, Blair is right! I've been saying that for the past 2 weeks! I know we are not supposed to judge a whole community by the actions of one bad apple. But all it takes is one bad apple who abuses the system, and the whole works is ruined! Everyone is going to judge all trans people based on what Yaniv has done. Sadly, Yaniv is not the only one who does shit like this. He's just the one getting the most attention now because he is using trans-rights to sue business owners into shutting down. It's wrong! But it's getting him the attention he wants. And maybe even some he doesn't want. But what gets me is how he is using the system. He's using his rights to overthrow everyone else's rights. That's wrong! And I can't believe Yaniv can even live with himself and do that to other people! Not only is it wrong on all levels, it's selfish and cruel!!!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Straight Pride Month

My month! I am a straight woman, and proud of it! I say there is nothing wrong with being straight. Just like I say there is nothing wrong with being gay. As long as it isn't for perverted reasons. Not saying all gays are perverted, nor all straight people are perverted. But with the Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv case, it still has me worried. He's not even a gay man, sadly. He's just a pervert who is using transgender rights to gain access to private women's areas. I still say we need to learn more about transgender people before we let them have any rights. But we can't because the leftists will cry "transphobe" or "bigot". This causes anyone who publishes reports about the truth to take down their published findings. It doesn't force them to, but because the leftists cry so hard and loud, and because they tend to want to put people with opposing opinions in danger, people cave into them. That's very sad! If we don't learn new things, we can't grow as a society. Until we learn more about what makes transgender people tick, I will refuse to accept all but those I feel are not trans-trenders. And I don't give a shit what the leftists say! Trans-trenders unfortunately are out there, and they outnumber the real transgender people now, 1000:1.

Real transgender people are the ones who were actually born not knowing their own gender, WITHOUT parental coaxing! That is, their parents did not expose them to anything that has anything to do with transgenderism. Not like simply girls who prefer boys toys and games. I was that way myself when I was growing up. I didn't play with dolls, whereas every other girl I met did play with dolls. That's why Deanna and I became almost instant enemies; because I didn't want to play with her dolls (and, according to her, I asked her mom for some drawing paper and a glass of water). WELL!!! I didn't have my own drawing paper!!! Neither did Deanna. And it was hot out that day, in all fairness. But anyways! I still say more needs to be learned about transgender people before we give them any special rights. Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv is the perfect example of why. Like someone put it in a video; Jonathan Yaniv is not "the canary in the coal mine", he is a group of dead miners. He is the embodiment of everything I've feared about transgender people since the beginning. He is what happens when you give trans people special rights. He is the danger everyone ignored. I say the leftists need to just SHUT UP and listen to these opposing opinions about transgenders they fear so much. And we need to learn more from totally UN-biased sources.

But anyways, back to straight pride. I heard so many people, back in gay pride month, gripe about how straight people don't have a right to be proud of being straight because they were never oppressed. Well, apparently today they are the most oppressed group on the planet. People today hate straight people. Especially if they are male Christians. That is a dangerous facet of our modern society. Now, male Christians are persecuted. The sad fact of the matter is, gays were persecuted and scorned because they are unusual. People fear things that are different. Even other people. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being different. I'm a "different" person myself. I've been persecuted all my life because of it. I think different, I do different things. But I love being different. It's what makes me who I am. When I was a kid, I always wondered why I didn't have many friends. I never understood until I got older and realized how different I am from other people. But I am different without being gay. But it's a great example of how anyone can be 'different' by society's standards. Now, it doesn't even bother me at all when someone says "Hey! I don't like you!" whereas when I was a kid, it would hurt my feelings immensely, because I did not understand why they felt that way. Now, I know.

Some people will say "It's not because you're different". But in all honesty, all reasons I've ever heard stem from that. Do I feel "oppressed" because of it? No. I don't. I did when I was younger. But now I realize it's not so bad being different. Some of my best works have come out because I was different. The majority of great artists are 'different' people. Even my Michael. I didn't think I did anything wrong at Deanna's house when I asked her mom for a few sheets of paper. But Deanna did. I didn't think I was doing wrong when I asked her mom for a glass of water. But Deanna did. That's just how I operate, when I want something I always think there is no harm in asking. If they say yes, then OK. If they say no, then nothing is lost. Except a possible fair-weather friend. LOL! Which is really no loss when you think about it. If you don't ask, you get nowhere and nothing. And you're always left wondering. But we are all 'different' in different ways. No 2 people are really alike. For example, Michael was likable, but I am not. Because Michael (apparently) loved people, even though he was shy. Me? I'm shy because I don't like people.

But what I don't like about the gay community is when they try to force everyone to be gay, queer or trans. I heard from a commenter on YouTube, he has a niece who was born christian, accepted gay people, but was never gay herself. She loved boys only. Then, when she turned 15, she made some gay friends, and all of a sudden, she was telling everyone she was gay. Never been gay before until she met these gay friends. Then suddenly she decided she wanted to be gay. That was sad! Apparently these gay friends of her's beguiled her into it. This is not an isolated story. This is happening under peoples' noses everywhere. Kids are "turning gay" just to be accepted. Because now, it's wrong to be straight. That's dumb! That's why I am putting up symbols that I am a proud, straight woman. I love it that I fell in love with my INXS guys. And that I like guys and not other girls. I can say some other girls are attractive, but that does not mean I am in love with them. It just means if they were to ask me that I would say "yes, you are an attractive person". But all over, I love men. I'll always fall in love with only men. I've never been in love with another woman in my life. Don't listen to the trolls who seem to wish I was gay! LOL! I actually get that a lot. Doesn't bother me, but for a long time, I wondered why everyone believed that. Katrina once told me it's probably because I have a low tone in my voice. I sound "manly". LOL! Even as a kid I had a low voice!! When my sis and I would record our voices on tape, I always sounded like a little boy. However, I don't have a penis. LOL! Not even close!

Well anyways, happy straight-pride month! I'll be posting more as the month goes by!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Parents, Get Wise!

Over the past week, I've been seeing so many young people coming forward against Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv. You know, the guy who thinks he was a woman that talks about tampons all the time. Someone finally confronted it about wearing tampons and pads...

HAHA!! This is so funny! Finally someone brought this up! What has it been using as pads since it was 13? I've been saying this myself. J. Yaniv is not a woman. It's not even a real tranny. It's not even a gay man! It's just a man who wishes he was a woman. It is a very ugly man too. Not at all attractive! I do not believe it ever had a girlfriend out of anything but sympathy. And sympathy is a very poor substitute for love. And it's 35 years old, still living with it's mom. And where is it's father?? Probably never been there for it. It is an ugly man, and makes an even uglier "woman". And guess where it is getting it's encouragement from...

Meet Morgane Oger. This is the first transgender person elected in Canada. It wouldn't be a bad-looking man. But it doesn't want to be a man. Just like Yaniv, it wants to be a woman. As a "woman", it is homely as fuck!! Is it any coincidence that it's last name is spelled like "ogre"? This is the thing that is encouraging J. Yaniv to sue young, migrant women who are trying to make a living in Canada. Oger eggs him on. 

See people, this is what happens when you vote with your feelings. You get people like Oger into office who also go with their feelings. I'm not saying feelings are a bad thing. We all have feelings. But it's bad when it invades the rights of other people, normal people. People who make up more than 99% of the population. It's OK to be different. I'm different myself and I love it. As an artist and a writer, I see it as my duty to be different and a little bit weird. But weird in a cute way. Not in a freaky, and invasive way like J. Yaniv.

People like Morgane Oger do not see what J. Yaniv is doing. It apparently has not noticed that Yaniv has been making all transgenders look bad. We need to all STOP giving trannies any rights!! Because as long as we do, any person can go on taking rights away from other people. I would be happy to have trannies all locked up in an asylum! They need to be studied a little further before we can let them out into society so we do not get anymore trannies who are like Yaniv, and only claim to be "women" so he can get into women-only places and ogle naked young girls. Or infiltrate women's only sports and beat out other biological girls. Someone said in a video "What's the point then in having women-only sports?" I agree! What would be the point in having women-only sports if you're going to let biological men compete against biological women? It makes no sense. You notice the list of trans-"women" in sports is a lot longer than trans-"men". That says something right there. Something that we should all be paying attention to, instead of focusing on "trans rights".

See! And people would call that last paragraph "transphobic". Personally, I don't care!! I'm just now finishing the story for my Americana compilation story, where Brittney is on a date with someone she thought was a guy, but turns out to really be a girl. It'll be going in the book soon. It is not transphobic to ask these things. It is not transphobic to call out someone who lies. It is not transphobic to call J. Yaniv what it is; a pedophilic creep! None of that is transphobic! I still say they need to be locked up! Yaniv is not a woman, in any way, shape or form! It says things I, as a real woman, am embarrassed to even read!! Like this post...

And if it was a real woman, it would already know this stuff at 35 years old (I would hope). He was asking this from a 14 year old girl! I'm embarrassed to even read this! This thing has no shame whatsoever! And this Yaniv character is exactly what embodies everything I've ever feared about trannies! This is what I've always been afraid of, since trannies have been accepted. I don't mind gays, I don't mind queers, I don't even mind the real trannies. Like Blair White. What I fear are people like Jonathan Yaniv and Terry Miller, who use transgender rights to overthrow women's rights.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a feminist. But I believe in equal rights for ALL people, and I do not believe any LGBTQ claimant should have rights that trumps anyone else's. Just like I don't believe women's rights should overthrow man's rights. Too many low-class women take advantage of it. It reminds me of Tom and Jerry. There was an episode where Tom was going to inherit $1 million. But he wasn't going to get any of it if he harmed a mouse. Jerry took full advantage of that to test Tom's absolute limits, and was more aggressive than ever with Tom. Even to a point he was almost bullying Tom! This is what I think of when I see trannies like Jonathan Yaniv! He's pushing normal people as far as he can because he knows he can do it, and he knows they can't fight back. Because his rights trump everybody else's as a top-tier "protected class". And it's not transphobic to point this out!!!

I say more needs to be learned about transgender people before we let them out into society. You may think that's horrible and "transphobic" of me to say, but I say this is getting out of hand! We have too many men claiming to be women like Yaniv, for self-gratification, and taking others' rights away. We need to know exactly why real transgenders are claiming to be a gender they aren't. Maybe something at an inner level in their brain. Then we'll know the difference between someone who is truly a transgender, and someone who is just a man claiming to be a woman for reasons like sexual perversion and athletic satisfaction. But I can tell you, Yaniv is NOT a real transgender person. It is nothing but a pervert. It doesn't deserve ANY rights!!!! Again, that is not transphobic to say! It should be absolutely necessary to do tests on so no one else is put in a bad position because trannies demand more rights than an average person.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

There's No "P" in Hamster

OMG This sounds so fricken familiar!!! LOL!! There is a story on Twitter of a young worker, who is in her late 20s, and she was asked to write something by her boss at work. The writing required the young lady to write the word hamster. You know, those little rodents that look like mice with no tail. Personally, I hate hamsters. I think the world can do well without them. I prefer rats. But this 20-something year old worker was supposed to spell the word hamster in something her boss asked her to write. Carol Blymire tells the story from where she works. This story is not only funny and familiar to me, but also sad. Sad in a way this is where the millennials are heading. Sad, but not surprising!

Here is the full story...

Here is a hopefully short synopsis of something that happened this week that I still don’t understand (1/?)
In office space near a client, a young woman was meeting with her boss. She was (by my estimation) in her late 20s.
The boss (also a woman) was giving her feedback and reviewing edits she had made on something this young woman wrote.
They had been speaking in low tones, but their volume got louder toward the end of the conversation because the young woman was getting agitated about a particular edit.
That particular edit was correcting the spelling of “hampster” to “hamster”. Apparently she had used the phrase “like spinning in a hamster wheel” in this draft (presumably) speech or or op-ed.
The young woman kept saying, “I don’t know why you corrected that because I spell it with the P in it.” The boss said (calmly), “But that’s not how the word is spelled. There is no P in hamster.”
Young woman: “But you don’t know that! I learned to spell it with a P in it so that’s how I spell it.”

The boss (remaining very calm and professional), let’s go to

and look it up together. 

(mind you, this is a woman in her late 20s, not a 5th grader)
The young woman insists she doesn’t need to look it up because it’s FINE to spell it with a P because that’s HOW SHE WANTED TO SPELL IT.
The boss says, “Let’s look over the rest of the piece so I can explain the rest of my edits.”

They do, and I can see the young woman is fighting back tears.

The boss is calm, cool, and handles this with professionalism and empathy.
Boss says, “I know edits can be difficult to go over sometimes, especially when you’re working on new kinds of things as you grow in your career, but it’s a necessary process and makes us all better at what we do.”
Boss gets up from table and goes to her office and the young woman can barely hold it together. 

She moves to another table in the common workspace area, drops all her stuff loudly on the table top, and starts texting. 

A minute later, her phone rings.
It was her mom. She had texted her mom to call her because it was urgent, and I’m sure her mother maybe thought she was in the ER or something.

She bursts into tears and wants her mom to call her boss and tell her not to be mean about telling her how to spell words like “hamster”.
The mother tells her that her boss is an idiot and she doesn’t have to listen to her and she should go to the boss’ boss to file a complaint about not allowing creativity in her writing.
The young woman kept saying, “I thought what I wrote was perfect and she just made all these changes and then had the nerve to tell me I was spelling words wrong when I know they are right because that is how I have always spelled them.”
She then went on (still on speakerphone) to tell her mom I’m very great and office-inappropriate detail about how hungover she was and what she and her friends did with some guys the night before. Mom laughed and laughed.
The colleagues in and around the workplace kept looking at one another and some even put earbuds/headphones in/on. It appeared as though this was a regular thing with her.
She ended the conversation asking her mom how she should bring this up with the boss’ boss. “I mean, I always spell hamster with a P, she has no right to criticize me.”

She walked to the office kitchen for the rest of the call so I don’t know what happened next.
I don’t know what to think about this whole thing. If the young woman is neuroatypical, it seems as though the editing process might be something to approach in a different way.
But I don’t know what her situation is/was. Based on the way her mom spoke to her and they way they spoke to one another, it seemed as though his young woman had never been told she was anything but perfect by family.
And that kind of child rearing is quite difficult on people when they grow up, and frustrating for professors, teachers, bosses, and colleagues of people who were raised that way.
I don’t have any great summary or call to action on this, other than to say it was odd to witness and made me feel sad (I don’t know if that’s the right word) for this person as she loves through life.
Getting edits and corrections on things at any stage in your career can make you feel insecure and dumb, no matter how long you’ve been writing.
Her boss seemed as dumbfounded through the conversation as I was in overhearing it.
I think I was most perplexed by the insistence of wanting to spell something the way she wanted to because SHE WANTED TO, ignoring the fact that there are rules and dictionaries.

And seeming offended that anyone would suggest the use of an outside resource as reference.
This happened earlier in the week and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
Again, if there is some sort of learning challenge or if this is someone who requires a different kind of coaching, that’s one thing. And I hope she gets it.
But it seemed more like someone who has never been told no, or that she is anything other than 100% perfect and amazing and can do no wrong. And that is going to be exhausting for anyone in her orbit.
I asked a colleague about it, and he relayed a story about the time he gave an early 20something feedback on a writing assignment. 

The young man quit the next day and had his parents call to tell him what a terrible boss he was for “correcting work that didn’t need corrected.”
I worry about how kids are being raised sometimes. I really do.
Anyway, that’s all on that thing that happened. I hope she gets the help she needs because life in Washington, DC is going to be very hard for her if she wants to argue about hamster being spelled with a P.
And, again, I want to be clear: if this woman is neuroatypical or has learning differences, I truly hope she is given workplace coaching that will help her succeed and thrive.

But if she was just raised to think she’s always right? Hoooo, lord.
Again, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this! This almost 30 year old woman called her mom to settle the differences between her and her boss??? Now, I really cannot say much, at almost 50, I still seek my mom for advice on some things. But she's had more experience with people than I have! And she's smart enough to give very good advice. But I don't go to my mom because I can't spell a word and my boss is trying to correct me. A normal individual does not do that! And I haven't gone crying to my mom since I was in 4th grade. This woman spelled hamster with a P, because she wanted it to be spelled with a P. And she didn't care what the dictionary, or professionals, or anyone else said about it, and the fact her boss was correcting her mistake, no matter how diplomatically, it still drove the young worker to tears.

The sad part is, the mom called the boss an idiot and told the 20-something year old to go to the boss's boss and file a complaint. The 20 year old woman asked her mom how she should go about filing a complaint. I wonder if that girl still even has a job. I mean, I'm sure the boss still has her job. But I would fire that worker for sure. She's too emotionally unstable. To cry over being corrected. This is what today's kids have become. And it is sad.

This reminds me of Sara, the little teenage girl I knew back in the earlier 2000s. She had this friend named Lindsey, who wanted to cross pomeranians with chihuahuas and sell the puppies. I told Lindsey how wrong it was. I was very diplomatic. I had nothing personal against Lindsey. But Lindsey reacted exactly the same way this worker in the story reacted to her boss correcting her on how to spell hamster. I'm almost tempted to believe this is the same person. Or maybe it was Sara. Sara would be almost 30 now. But either way, the attitude is exactly the same. And I am wagering it's probably for the same reason; because they were never really parented in their childhood. Just like in spelling, there is a right way and a wrong way to breed. Mixing breeds without just cause is one thing that should never be done. But no one who is mixing breeds today is doing it for a good reason. They're doing it for no other reason than to cash in on this hybrid vigor.

A few days after Lindsey left the chihuahua group, Sara developed a bad attitude as well, and she also began acting like this young worker in the story. Sara even went on to play Mcgillicutty on the Pluba forum. Obviously Sara was still butthurt. LMAO!! I flat-out called Sara a backyard breeder. Because she didn't want to learn. I was still learning at that time myself about how to breed the right way, and Sara and I were buddies then, and she did seem to want to do the right thing in breeding. So, I shared what I learned with her as well, by way of the group. But Sara got to a point where she didn't want to learn anymore. She thought she knew all there was to know about breeding chihuahuas. While she was good in picking up about health-testing, she was still breeding low-standard chihuahuas and getting her puppies from backyard breeders and puppymillers.

But there are right ways and wrong ways of proper breeding, and Sara and Lindsey just didn't want to learn how to breed the right way. Like the girl in this story, they wanted their method of breeding to be the right way, so they kept on doing it. But doing something over and over again does not mean that it will make it the right way. That just means you'll be doing the wrong thing over and over again. Like putting a 'P' in hamster. Spelling it with a 'P' over and over won't make it actually happen! Instead of changing the majority of people who spell hamster the right way, just change the way that worker spells it, until she is spelling it the right way like everyone else. But these millennials don't ever learn that! And it's the fault of the parents. In the case of this worker, my guess is it was the mother. Probably the same with Sara and Lindsey, as I doubt either one of them had fathers in their lives. At least, not the biological father. A father figure probably came along for them later on. But this is why a father is very important early in a child's life.

There's a line in the movie The Color Purple where it is stated "I've never known a child to come out right unless there's a man around. Children gots to have a pa." Makes little sense spelling it out, but the idea is correct. Someone like me, who has had her father in her life from the beginning, can honestly tell when I'm around someone who hasn't had a father from day one. Not sure if abusive fathers count. But anyways, we're today seeing the results of fatherless families in today's world. Kids are more angry and violent than ever before. Kids are more confused than ever in every aspect. And kids think they know more than the adults and professionals. It's sad and sickening.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Love It Or Leave It

Ilhan Omar is a stupid, whiny cunt! And no, I'm not just saying this because she's a muslim! I'm saying it because it's true! While yes, I do have a thing against radical islamic muslims, I dislike Omar because she is such a dumbass! It makes me wonder how she got elected into congress with her being so dumb! But then again, look at the kind of people who voted her in. No one but the dummycats would vote for something so brainless! If you want to get a good idea of what I am talking about, and more examples of how dumb the dummycats are, google Erica Thomas. She's about as dumb as they come. In fact, I made a video about what I think of her case. I can only hope that Eric Sparkes wises up and leaves the dummycat party soon. Maybe this incident with Erica Thomas opened his eyes a little. Baby-steps man. Baby-steps.

Anyways, Omar has now proclaimed "white man are the most dangerous people in America" and they are "to be feared". UGH!! I call complete and utter bullshit!! Omar will say any stupid shit just to get the heat off of radical islamic muslims!! But the fact of the matter is, white people today are nowhere near as dangerous as radical islams. Except for maybe the members of Antifa, who are now considered a terrorist organization. But the average white people you meet on the street, most of them are going to be decent people. Take note, I said most of them. Not all. I've known some white people I wouldn't give the time of day to. But one thing I can tell you I don't see very often, and that is white people doing drive-by random shootings. I don't see a lot of white people flying airplanes into skyscrapers in New York. Or any city for that matter. And it's the white people that are to be feared??? Give me a fucking break!!!!

Personally, I think this whole thing is nothing but jealousy at work. Omar is angry because a white man is now in power, and he's doing a lot to make this country great! He's keeping his promises. And the last president, Obama, was a muslim, and didn't do shit for this country in 8 years he was the leader. His only accomplishment was bringing in subsidized health care. And he didn't even start that! It was just called Obamacare because it came to fruition during his term in office. But it was actually Ronald Reagan (again, a republican) who originally brought up that plan. He just couldn't get it approved in congress during his term in office because of the dummycats in office at the time. And people think the dummycats are the more accepting and reasonable class! Well, really the only people who think the democrats are accepting and reasonable are other democrats! The republicans and libertarians can see right through their bullshit.

Ilhan Omar has done absolutely NOTHING in congress except complain and gripe about how awful America is and how "racist" we are. Omar's whole family was saved from the ravages and war in Somalia, and brought to America as refugees, and she is now a citizen. If she and her family hadn't come to this country, they could have been killed. But radical islamic muslims don't value life anyways. I guess Omar would rather be dead, judging solely by the way she slams this country. Well Trump, almost playing like Omar's babysitter, finally got sick of her bitching and moaning and said "If you hate America so much and you prefer another country, why don't you go there, fix their problems, and then come back and do the same for this country." Omar has had it so cushy in this country for so long, she's forgotten how great it is here, compared to where she came from. Maybe she does need to go to Somalia and see once again how rough it is there. Then see if she still complains about America being an evil place.

Well, Omar did not like even remotely being told to go back to her country. Just like all dummycats, she took that as being a racist remark. I personally do not feel that was racist for Trump to say. Only the dummycats will believe that's racist. But they call everything racist, so it really doesn't matter what they think. I think Omar's remarks about white people in general being dangerous, as well as all the shit she talks about America, is indeed racist! So, why doesn't she go back to Somalia and fix things there?? I used to hate America too. Then I got online and met some people from the country I wanted to move to, which was Australia, and I didn't much like them. Australia seems to me like a communist country. I'm not interested in moving there anymore. The only good thing about Australia it seems is the animals. And INXS. But that's it. I wouldn't go there for any other reason.

But why doesn't Omar go back there? I'll tell you why. Because she wants to turn America into Somalia. That's why! I say fuck that!! Leave Somalia in Somalia! I think there really needs to be much stricter laws in acclimating to American culture if you're going to live here. But to even suggest something like that today is considered "racist". Again, this is because SJW dummycats have colored people so convinced that Americans are inherently racist, they'll see it in things that are not racist. But if I were to move to Somalia, I'd do as the Somalians do. But I live in America, so I do as Americans do. So should Omar. So should ALL people who move here from other countries.

Right now, moving to Maine is looking better and better. Although I heard you can now get arrested in Pennsylvania for misgendering someone. Again, I say that's bullshit!!! I'd be happy in Maine as long as it doesn't become a part of Canada.