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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Am I Really The Only One Who Is Not Surprised??

 There's a lot of talk about the royal family this week, and it's because of an interview Prince Harry and Meagan Markle did with Oprah. Some people blame Harry. Some people blame Oprah. No one really blames Meagan. Personally, I don't like Meagan. I NEVER liked Meagan! I think she's a very bad influence on Prince Harry! I don't know why he married her in the first place. Probably just to be a rebel. But Meagan moved into the Palace ready to fight and exert her "wokeness" on the royal family. From what I heard from the other side, Meagan was disrespectful from the get-go. I can believe it too. All these leftist-woke-young-black chicks are extremely annoying! Not all of them are good people. Well, wokies are never good people anyway. They just think they are. I saw this happening 2 years ago. Everything that comes out of Meagan's mouth is about nothing but race and racism. That's why I don't like her. Now, she's brainwashed Prince Harry into becoming woke.

Well, the royals won't go against tradition. And because of that, Meagan got pissed and started yelling at everyone who works in the Palace. This is why I hate the woke left. They expect everyone to just drop tradition and live woke lives. Not everyone wants to do that! Some people are hellbent on tradition. I blame all this on Obama. But not just Obama. I also blame vegans for this. They were the first ones I ever heard try to push people out of traditional human behavior and go vegan. And always when leftists don't get their way, they get angry. The vegans got angry at me when I said there is absolutely NO converting me to veganism. There never will be either. And Meagan Markle got angry at the royal family when they refused to give up their traditions and live their lives the way she wanted them to. Then she calls them racists. She brought up some bullshit to Oprah how someone was worried about the color of her child's flesh, which I don't believe for one second! I think Meagan is trying to pull a Jussie Smollett act!

Seriously though, I'm not surprised this all happened at all. I knew this was going to happen the minute I heard Prince Harry married Meagan and all the mainstream media was talking about her black heritage. I was thinking "That is so damn corny!! Who cares what race she is?!" But then I remembered race is the most important thing to the leftists. It's their life! Their oxygen. Their water. It's what leftists hold dear. But only if it means pointing out a colored person who is not conservative. And poor Prince Harry, no longer a manly man. Meagan turned him into a sissy-beta-boy! It was her idea to move out of the royal palace. She left England because she said "it's too racist". So where does she move to? She moves to the USA. Some are making fun of her choice because the colored people are always griping about how "racist" America is, and Meagan chooses to live here. Well, I said in all fairness, she did move to California, the most sissiest state in the country.

Meagan says she just wants to live her life in peace and out of the spotlight. Except when it comes to doing an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Remember how Oprah used to be strong? Now, she's become woke and complains as much as every other black liberal about racism in the USA and "white privilege" as she sits on her billions of dollars. Then acts all shocked when Meagan brings up the story she made up about her baby not being accepted in the royal family because of his skin color. Oprah was so strong, she even has interviewed Donald Trump, and they used to be friends. Well, I whole-heartedly blame Obama for Oprah's transition. I'll bet Oprah even got rid of her dogs. She used to have 2 beautiful cocker spaniels. She probably has nothing but cats now, and probably all tabbies. That's probably what made Oprah change so radically. She probably even watches anime cartoons now.

I know I know! Obama was bad and he had a dog. But the only reason he did was because his daughter is allergic to cats. I'm sure if she hadn't been, Obama would have gotten a cat instead of a dog.

Speaking of cartoons, now the leftists are cancelling Speedy Gonzales and Pepe Le Pew. This is so DUMB!!!! My dad was Mexican and loved Speedy Gonzales!!!! He used to make fun of his cousin though, Slow-poke Rodriguez. And Pepe Le Pew, I actually met a woman yesterday who said when she was a child, Pepe made her feel uncomfortable. I presumed because of the same reason leftists are trying to ban him now. They consider him part of "rape culture". She was talking about how "traumatizing" Pepe was for a 7 year old girl like her. I asked her "What the hell are you doing thinking about rape at 7 years old?!" Seriously, a normal 7-year old doesn't think about things like that! And especially does not configure the notion on a cartoon animal! I was sitting here thinking "This snowflake has some real problems she needs to deal with!"

When I was 4 years old, I was cornered, brought down and raped by 3 much older boys, and then left for dead in the woods. Even I never considered any of that when I watched Pepe Le Pew as a child! That would have been something I would have to deal with. One of those boys was about 10 years old too! Anyways, this woman responded angrily, just like ALL leftists do! She said something to the effect of "WTF are you thinking even asking me such a question???" I was going to yell back at her, but then one of my friends took the words right out of my mouth! LOL! I just watch cartoons for the fun of it. I admit some of them were awfully violent. Bugs Bunny can be a real asshole sometimes! But these are cartoons. They aren't real animals. You have to watch them and take them with a grain of salt. But these dumb leftists, they just don't understand it! They take everything WAY too seriously!!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Confronting Your Bullies

 The other day, I saw this video about a guy who, 35 years ago, went to high school and was bullied by another kid. Today it turns out, that bully became the school's superintendent. Ironically, the school now has a no-bullying policy. Most schools today have a similar policy, including a school I went to, and was mercilessly bullied at by everyone, including the teachers. I looked on their website recently and noticed now they also have a no-bullying policy. I found it a bit funny because when I was going there, I was getting nothing but bullying! Of course that all depends, I wonder if Mr. Purvis is still the superintendent of that school district? He was one of the teachers who used to bully me. He also had a couple of cohorts that followed in his footsteps against me.

I don't normally say things like that lightly. I figured it out when I heard some other teachers talking just like Mr. Purvis always did to me. I've never even been the kind of student who hated any of her teachers. That's not my style. I always followed the rules. Unless there was a specific reason I couldn't. But just in his attitude towards me, I could tell Mr. Purvis was not a good guy.

One thing you will notice about bullies, they are basically cowards. I heard from an actual school bully back when I used to get on Quora. He said most people think bullies are insecure. But they're not. In fact bullies are very secure, to a point of being narcissistic. Bullying is not about security. It's about power. That's why bullies always go for the people they don't think will fight back. I gotta give props to this guy who confronted his old school bully. I wish I had done a lot more of that in my own earlier life. But I didn't know how back then. And I always thought all I would do is make them angrier, and then their attacks towards me would get worse. Like it did with Carlos Stewart. With him, I did try to do something about him, and it just made it all worse. Next thing I know, I am the bad guy for trying to stop Carlos. But Carlos was not the worst of them. There was another boy for that. A boy named Jerry Massey. He had a twin brother by the name of Jeff. Jeff was a nice guy, he and I used to talk, he never tried to strike me, he wasn't mean. Jerry, on the other hand, was like the evil twin. I could tell he was psychotic. He used to beat up girls, and he was always mean and hateful.

Another thing I noticed about bullies; kids who look evil, generally are evil. It was true with Jerry, it was true with Carlos, and it was true with a lot of other kids who would bully me. They always had this mean, evil, ugly look in their faces. I guess because they are always angry for no reason. Eventually that look gets fixed on a person's face. It wasn't just boys either. A lot of the girls also had that evil look in their eyes. Remember me talking about this girl named BJ? She was one of those girls who always looked evil. That's why I said the other girl, who her boyfriend dumped her for, was more attractive. She was a little less evil looking, even though I knew she was not very friendly. But then again, neither was BJ. And BJ used to hang around the trash of the school. Most of her friends were people I knew to be bullies. Carlos being among them.

This is probably how I became such a people-hater. I hate bullies, and even people who seem nice at first have the propensity to become bullies. I've seen it happen over and over. I wasn't always an asshole. I used to be very nice. But I found if you're nice to people, they treat you like trash.

A funny side note I was thinking about BJ the other day after writing that blog post where I mentioned her. My second year in middle school, BJ had this yearbook, where one of her friends found my picture next to another boy's pic. I did know the other boy since 6th grade, but never thought much of him. Well, BJ's friend circled both of our pics with a heart and wrote "LOVE AT FIRST FAT" then put the word "dog" next to me. I truly thought it was funny. First of all, because I thought "Love at first FAT? That doesn't even make any sense!" Showed me just how dumb BJ's friends are. Next, of course you know, I do love dogs! People call me a dog and I always say "is that supposed to be an insult?!" Dogs are truly beautiful animals. Like my My! And they're quite intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, and a lot of fun to play with. If someone wants to insult me by calling me the name of an animal, they're going to have to do a LOT worse than a dog!! LOL!! 😂😂😂 For someone who thinks the sentence "love at first fat" is grammatically correct, trying to figure out what animal he can call me that would actually be an insult, would be impossible for him. So, I just laughed that comment off.

Anyway, in this video, the guy confronts the man who bullied him as a child. Guess what happens to the former bully. He quits his job!! LMAO!!! Which pretty well proves he's still a bully and still a coward too.

Well, speaking of dogs, I said earlier this year that I was going to get myself a puppy. Well, after coming back from Spokane, and after my sis left, I invited Katrina over. She said I probably should be getting birds instead of a puppy. She reminded me how I did say I wanted some birds this year. So, she talked me in to getting birds instead of another dog. Besides, birds in these apartments, you don't have to pay a pet deposit for them! And I do love birds. I'd love to have all my birds back and thensome. So, my sis and I are planning a trip to an exotic bird expo in a state we've never been to before. I'm saving for it, and hoping to find some birds I've never seen or had before. Plus more!! I want to come back here with a shitload of pet birds!!!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Why I Don't Believe in White Privilege, And I Never Will

 I don't believe in white privilege, I don't believe in thin privilege, I don't believe in male privilege either. And there isn't a soul on this planet that can make me believe in those things either. Look at it this way; I am fat, but I don't believe in thin privilege. I'm native american, but I don't believe in white privilege. I am a woman, but I don't believe in male privilege. It's not even a personal thing. I don't think of it as privilege. I think of white people working harder to get what they want. I think of personal preference. And I believe the so-called "male privilege" is nothing more than men being more willing to do jobs women don't want to do.

I said this "white privilege" is something that came from Obama's imagination, because it is! Remember that post I wrote some weeks ago about this person on the Purebred snob group I am on? This patron named Ellie Lang admitted that 5 or 10 years ago, "white privilege" is something she would not have even thought of. That pretty well proved that white privilege is something that did not exist 5 or 10 years ago. But that was just one reason why I don't believe in it. Or maybe 2 reasons. I also don't believe in it because BLM is just clinging on to this theory of white privilege so they can get something for nothing and they don't have to work for it. Or, at the very least, to make white people feel guilty about an action that no white person has committed in over 150 years.

I don't believe in thin privilege either. Even though I am a fatass bitch. But I believe there is a difference between privilege and personal preference. People tend to prefer thinner people, and that's fine. I understand that. The only thing I don't like about how fat people are treated is if someone just does not like someone else, then leave that person alone. You don't like me because I am fat? Fine! You have a right to your own opinions and preferences. I don't care. But just because you don't like me does not give you the right to cause me harm by way of assaulting me. Say what you want. But keep your hands and your trash to yourself! I remember back when I lived in Bozeman, there was a story I read somewhere about a young fat woman was going for a walk ya know, to lose some weight. All of a sudden, some teenagers passed by her in their car, jeering at her, and one even threw a sack of garbage at her. I read that and I was like "Why did that kid have to do that?? Because he thinks it's funny?! That's why a lot of fat people eat so much and don't get out as much, because of assholes like that guy shouting at her and throwing garbage at her!" Now, the shouting I cannot say anything about because I am a believer in free speech. People can say whatever they want about me. That's their right. But NO one has a right to assault anyone else!

I've been fairly blessed. I go out walking and get little more than kids jeering at me, which I usually just ignore or laugh off. It works! Seconds later, what they said is usually forgotten by me. I've never had anyone assault me while I was out on a walk. I don't understand why someone would do that anyway. Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of fat people losing weight? If a fat person feels insecure, they're not going to step out of their house. And instead what will they do? Stay inside and eat to cure the pain. So, if you hate fat people soooo much, why discourage them from going on walks by assaulting them? That's all there is to that. It's not really rocket science. The only way to get rid of fat people is to leave them alone and let them go on walks.

As for black people believing in "white privilege", did you ever notice how black conservative people never believe in white privilege? That seems to strictly be a liberal/leftist thing. I was watching a video the other night, and the video was about a black guy (whose name escapes me right now) that was arrested by police for no reason in 2014. But holds absolutely NO grudges against the police today. And why? Because of a trick that he learned when he was growing up that most black liberals today do not know. When the police confronted him and told him to put his hands behind his back, you know what he did? He put his hands behind his back! He did not argue. He did not fight with the officer. He did not grab any kind of weapon nearby. He knew he did nothing wrong, but he still was polite to the police, said "yes ma'am/sir" to them, and got on his knees and complied. He was in jail for about 48 hours. But he was then released without incident. He knows, however, that if he had not complied with the police, and if he had ranted and raged, or fought and was disrespectful to the police that night, his life probably would have ended too. But his parents always told him to talk to the police the same way he'd talk to his own mom and dad. And it spared his life!

See, leftists don't do that. They teach kids to fight the police. They teach them to resist the police. They teach them that the police are always just out to get them. It's got nothing to do with white privilege. It has everything to do with black liberal people causing their own misery, and leftist parents being too dumb. If white privilege existed at all, don't you think both liberals AND conservatives would be experiencing it? But they don't. I only hear about privilege from leftists. That's why you will never hear black conservatives complain about "white privilege". And I don't listen to liberal/leftists. Because they tend to make up tales about things they don't like being all bad. I know how liberals are! When my mom and dad split up, dad went and married a liberal-leftist family. And nothing they ever did made any sense. Plus they were the biggest hypocrites I ever met. With that kind of experience, you think I'm ever gonna listen to leftists?? No damn way!!! So they can take their myths about white, thin, male privileges and get them out of my face!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Trump Acquitted For The Second Time!

 HAHAAAA!!!!! So, the democrats tried to impeach Trump again, just like they did last year at this time. They were so proudly casting their votes last year to have Trump removed from office. But in the end, the impeachment was overruled because Trump didn't do anything wrong!! HAHA!! And you'd have thought the dummycrats would have learned their lesson. Wouldn't you? Well, you guessed WRONG! Just like some stupid alien animal without the brain capacity to learn, they tried impeaching him again this year. This time, they tried getting him on the January 6th incident at the capital. They believed he incited violence. But they could not be more wrong.

I have the feeling that people like Nancy Pelosi get all their information from the stupid mainstream media, instead of her own experience. How sad must she be to just be looking for so much negativity. Ya know what they say, if you search and search for negativity, eventually you will find it. The problem is, nobody else sees it except the leftists. And the only reason they see it is because that's all they look for. Trump was acquitted, yet again, from impeachment!! And why? Because he did NOTHING wrong!!!! He told protesters to go to the capital and protest PEACEFULLY! See, if you only get your information from leftist media, you would never know Trump added the word peacefully to the end of that sentence. And then you'd be sitting there like the dumbass Nancy Pelosi thinking that Trump told everyone to storm the capital and cause a ruckus, and kill people. No, he did not! And they still want to make it sound like so many people in the capital were killed. I think about a dozen people were killed in the capital riots. And the leftists want to blame that on Trump.

Well, I don't mean to say their lives were less important when I say that more people were killed in the BLM riots last year. Not to mention a sweet little puddy that was also killed! I think something like 38 people were killed by BLM that summer alone. And that's just counting the bodies we know about. There were like 10 sacks of chopped up people in Seattle Harbor that summer that we cannot really pinpoint to BLM, but it's too much of a coincidence to downplay the fact that they could also have been victims of the rioters. That would raise the total of murders WAY above those killed at the capital. And the leftist media back then still called those "peaceful protests" and didn't allow any action to be taken against them.

But let's all face it, if you are a black person who is supporting BLM, you're not very bright anyway. BLM doesn't want any good for black people. They want black people to continue to see themselves as victims. That's the basic premise the organization was built on! You take away their oppression, then they feel they've lost everything. They need to feel oppressed. That's their "oxygen". LOL! Me personally, I can't live like that. I like to feel happy. I like to feel a sense of accomplishment. Even if it doesn't gather the attention of other people. Impressing other people has never been my goal in life. Admittedly, it can make me feel good when my friends are happy with me. But in all honesty even if I don't receive any acclaim from them, I'm happy anyway. Because that's just who I am. As a loner, I don't look to impress anyone at all.

Well anyway, now that Trump was acquitted, Nancy Pelosi is already looking for another way to have Trump incarcerated! Oh man! Watching Nancy Pelosi is like watching a bird try to fly with a busted wing! It's pitiful, almost to a point of being downright sad, to watch. She always tries and says "This time I've got him!" But each attempt she makes turns out in failure. The last impeachment (just like the first one) was nothing but a waste of time and taxpayer money! Now, she wants to continue poking the bear, even though he's no longer in office. She's just simply going to keep on wasting her life away, trying to find some way to convict Trump, until she finds someone who actually agrees with her and convicts Trump. And she apparently does not care if she looks like a fool while doing it either!

Thank GOD I am not a leftist!!! I wondered why all that shit happened a few years back. Well now I know! It was to drive me away from the left, which is where I was heading then. I guess I can really thank the SJW INXS fans for that! It's about the only good they've ever done before. Now, the old "statue for Michael" group is nothing but a big joke among INXS fans. Shoot! I told them to fuck off long ago. I'm sure glad I did too! The mods there are just as clammy and phony as Nancy Pelosi is!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Goes To---Black Lives Matter???

 Before I get into the actual post, I want to first say that I do not put other peoples' pics up here for anyone to go and threaten. If you want to talk about them here or on my Facebook, that's fine. Or if you want to talk to them yourself, you can visit their Facebook page. But please DO NOT THREATEN OR HARASS ANYONE I POST ON THIS BLOG!!!! You can talk to them without making threats. But to have some of my readers go to that person and actually threaten them with harm, I am not all for that and I do not approve of that! One of the things as a conservative I always pride myself on is in not threatening anyone. That is not my intention in posting about people on this blog. If you are going to do that then please do not read this blog.


Anyway, guess which organization has now been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I'll give you a hint...

1. They are NOT peaceful.

2. They have done NOTHING that is constructive for nobody.

3. They are the true racists, fascists and segregationists.

Did you get the answer? If you guessed the phony-baloney organization "black lives matter", then you guessed correctly. I know Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, for doing basically nothing. I know Trump was nominated 3 times for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020, for making peace with the middle east. But unfortunately he did not win because of the bitching crybabies of this country. But he was nominated 3 times by 3 different countries. And now, they want to nominate black lives matter for the Nobel Peace Prize. That's the joke of the century! Yeah, let's all lower the value of the Nobel Peace Prize by giving it to Obama, and then let it's value continue to go into the gutter by nominating black lives matter. So what has black lives matter done to deserve this prize? Nothing except maybe this...

And the biggest, most vile, sin anyone can commit, the killing of this sweet, innocent puppy...

Black lives matter wants us to remember George Floyd and say his name. I say fuck that!!! I want these murderers to remember this puppy and say her name!!! They're lucky I wasn't there. Because if I was and I thought for one second that puppy was being abused, I don't care how many of them would have surrounded me, I'd have got out of my car and demanded these muggers hand that baby over to me!!! For this reason, I will NEVER forgive black lives matter!!!! And I sure as Hell don't believe they deserve any kind of peace prize whatsoever!!! They need to apologize to the owner of that baby and pay for the family's pain and suffering!!!

The leftards are hiding the fact this waste of a human life killed that baby. But I won't hide it! And I won't ever forget him! If he dares try that with my baby, he's gonna be a dead duck and I mean that! Fuck George Floyd! I don't give a shit about him!!! I care about that baby in the pic! May she RIP in doggie Heaven with GOD protecting her. Hopefully she will meet my Groucho and the two of them can play together until I get there and join the game.

But looking at all this, do you really think BLM deserves any kind of peace prize? NO!!! Trump did. He did something constructive for this country. BLM hasn't done shit for anyone!!! They got all those billions of dollars in donations. Not one cent has gone to helping black communities, poverty, black schools, stopping black on black crime, black university students, or scholarships for black people. I'd have a lot more respect for BLM if they did more constructive stuff that actually HELPS black people, and not just pay for riots that commemorate black criminals! Instead all BLM does is make black people look worse. They are literally proving the stereotypes against black people to be true. This is what is causing a great divide in this country! It pisses me off!!! And just having that stupid BLM organization nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, well, it devalues the whole meaning of the award. And I think leftists just nominated BLM to spite Trump correctly deserving the peace prize award.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

HAHAAA!!!! So The Saga Continues!!

 Remember Rhodonna Wright from a couple nights ago. Well, I heard from her again! LMAO!!! This is too funny!!! She sent me a PM through Facebook. I'm still trying to decide if I want to give her a break and take the last post down. We'll soon see about that. Anyway, this is what she wrote...

It's so pathetic that you couldn't be woman enough to talk about me on Facebook Cassandra Rivera, you had to post about me on your blog Timmyfan or whatever that thing is... How small of a "woman" you are that you felt the need to insult my looks, First of all I don't care what you think, you just proved how shallow and ignorant you are... I'm glad you lump all of us "leftists" in one category, but anything is better than being a rwnj...Anyway I'm gonna need you to take that "story" about me down, or I will get a lawyer and make you take it down... Since I know your real name, it will be so much easier to find you... You are ridiculously ignorant and in love with a singer that died years ago, and you call me pathetic? So anyway bye Candi or should I say Cassandra🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 you have a great night 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Well, first of all, let me say thank you for the view!!! LOL! That'll look good on my report. Let's see, let's break down what she says here...

It's so pathetic that you couldn't be woman enough to talk about me on Facebook Cassandra Rivera,

I did come to you, but you ran and hid like leftists always do. And my friend deleted the post. So, the only thing I could do was come to my blog. Besides, I like to show off dumbasses like you to my friends and family. And yes, they look in here too. 😛😛😛

you had to post about me on your blog Timmyfan or whatever that thing is...

So she doesn't know what a blog is? Ummm, OK. Just about every business, big and small, has a blog these days. But what the hey, that's on her to not know what a blog is. LMAO!!

How small of a "woman" you are that you felt the need to insult my looks,

Heck yeah!!! LOL! Because when I saw your face, the first thing I thought of was this guy...

Now tell me, doesn't that look just like Rhodonna??? LMAO!!! The resemblance is just uncanny!

First of all I don't care what you think,

Oh boy! I wish I had a nickel for every internet dumbass that has said this to me!! 😂😆😂 Apparently missy, you DO care! LOL!! Look how threatening you get in your message!! Especially toward the end. If it didn't bother you, you wouldn't have got so angry. Wouldn't you?

you just proved how shallow and ignorant you are...

So what?? I'm a grown-ass woman who is having some fun.

I'm glad you lump all of us "leftists" in one category, but anything is better than being a rwnj.

And it must suck to be you darling. UGH! I'm glad I'm not a leftist.

Anyway I'm gonna need you to take that "story" about me down,

In your dreams!

or I will get a lawyer and make you take it down...

Neither you nor your lawyer can make me take it down. Even if you succeed, I'll still just put it right back up! It won't stay down forever.

Since I know your real name, it will be so much easier to find you...

Soooooo, what are you going to do to me once you find me? And you'll have to act fast. I go between family members a lot.

You are ridiculously ignorant and in love with a singer that died years ago,

Yeah. So what?! Wanna make something out of it??? That singer was my friend. And we were friends since before he died. Do I need to stop being friends with him just because he died? Do I need to stop loving him? I don't think so. But again, you believe what you want to.

and you call me pathetic?

Well, looking back on the post I wrote about her, I'm trying to find where exactly I said she's "pathetic". Hmm. Interesting how she reads into things that isn't there. Kinda like she says in this post she made on her page that she directed at my friend...

LOL!! Plus she also brings up other people "playing the victim" here as well. That was what made me leave the laughing emoji. It's so ironic coming from someone who believes in that black lives matter organization.

Anyway, this was the last post...

So anyway bye Candi or should I say Cassandra🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 you have a great night 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Call me whatever you like, sweetheart. I really do not give a shit. And I am not going to threaten you either. No need to even if I wanted to. I've had my fun. But ya know, I don't threaten ANYONE. I never have. I'm not like you. Not even you are worth going to that much trouble. Besides I believe in freedom of speech. I think you'll find your lawyer would have to agree with me too. LOL! But go ahead and call him. Or her. LOL! I'll be more than happy to tell him why I wrote that post. And I'll do it just for you honey. Have a nice night yourself.  😁😁😁

Anyway, am I going to take the post down? Most likely not. LOL! I see no need to since I did not threaten her or call for violence. I'm not a leftist afterall. hehehe!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Remembering The Challenger

 I remember this day back in 1986, that was the day the Challenger launched and also sadly exploded. I was in middle school, and it was probably my worst year in middle school. I was also the only kid in my class that had any good sense.

I remember hearing about this on the news and feeling bad for the 7 people aboard that flight. As the days went on, I remember hearing about it more and more. I heard the cause was due to some frozen O-rings. NASA was warned against launching that morning because it was too cold. But I believe it was because President Regan was going to be there that day they decided to launch anyway, which was the dumbest idea ever! Regan could have come back another day. Or later on in the day when it would get warmer. The safety of the astronauts should be of prime importance. I guess even a genius corporation like NASA is entitled to make some mistakes. But that one cost 7 people their lives. One of which was a school teacher. She volunteered to go on this trip and her students were watching the event from their own classroom, cheering her on. I can only imagine the look of shock on their faces when the rocket exploded.

I also remember the students in my class talking about it and actually laughing about it. I was mad! So was my teacher, Mrs. Andrews. She asked how anyone can watch the video of the explosion and laugh. I wondered the same thing. But then again, these were the same kids who thought it was funny that Carlos Stewart would assault me every day in class. So, it's not a really big surprise they would think the death of 7 innocent people just doing their jobs was funny. Mrs. Andrews likened it to the video games back then being too violent. I didn't play video games back then, and I was the only kid to show compassion towards these astronauts. That's probably why I have a lot of compassion today, because I did not play video games. I notice a lot of the nastiest trolls I've ever met on YouTube were all video gamers, and also heavily into anime. So, those two things do something to ruin kids' brains. But back in 1986, we did not have the volume of anime cartoons back then that we have today. But also, I noticed kids these days are worse than they were back then. I don't know if Carlos was a fan of anime.

I never did find out what was Carlos's problem with me. I never did anything to him. All I know for sure is my father and I went to a small convenience store on base one evening, and I saw a girl I knew there named BJ. I knew her, and knew she was OK, but we were not really friends. But my dad insisted I go say hi to her. I didn't really want to, but I got out of the car anyway just to see if she'd recognize me. I saw her waving passionately at someone. She was looking my way from inside her car, so I thought she was waving at me. I did what I always do in a case like that, I stood still and waited to make sure she was waving at me. Then I saw Carlos Stewart approach her car, then I figured she was waving at him, so I walked into the store to catch up with my father.

Well, I don't really remember if it was the next day or 2 days later, but very soon after that evening was when I began having problems with Carlos for the first time ever. I'd seen him in class for 2 years before then, never had a problem with him before. So, I never really gave him a second thought. I often wondered if BJ said something to him about me. I also noticed around that time BJ's attitude toward me changed as well. I never considered her a friend, per se, but I thought she was a nicer person than what she was showing towards me now. BJ was one of those uber-popular girls. I think she got angry with me because I said another girl was more attractive than she was.

Well!!!! It was TRUE!!!!

Maybe BJ told Carlos I said that and he didn't like it. Or maybe BJ lied, and told Carlos that I was gay. LOL! Well, I am not gay. I just call them as I see them! Gay was not as well accepted back then as it is today. But I can surely tell you I was not gay. The other girl did just happen to be more attractive than BJ, and BJ's boyfriend dumped her for the other girl. Not my problem! LOL!

Carlos's rampage started small enough at first. He called me names, made fun of my drawings. Which, as anyone can tell you, is fine by me. Some people don't like my style of art and that is OK. And Carlos didn't call me any names I'd never heard before. So, when Carlos found out I wasn't getting mad enough at him for those little things, he started assaulting me every day in class. And the other kids thought it was funny. Especially Jason Ellis, Perry Barnes, and Mark Lewis. Which was a shame, because before Carlos began this tirade against me, I actually liked Mark Lewis. I thought he was cute. And he used to make me laugh. But one event would turn me off Mark Lewis (and boys in general) forever.

I had had it with Carlos's assaults and downright degrading me. Yes, I said BJ was ugly. But not EVERY single day!!!! If that was the hair stuck up Carlos's ass, he was carrying it way beyond what I had done to anyone. And I never assaulted BJ either! Carlos would grab whatever he could and throw it at me when he thought I wasn't looking. He'd get pebbles from outside, or he would chew off the metal tips of pencils, or he would bring little pieces of glass from art class, that was doing sand-blasting at that time. Those were the kind of things he would just randomly throw at me. He didn't throw them at me for me to catch either. He was trying to harm me. He actually revealed that one day in front of the whole class, and they still laughed about it.

Anyway, I told all this to my mom, dad, sis, a few friends, etc. My mom was the one who decided to do something about it. She went to the school to ask my teacher if it'd be OK if I defend myself against Carlos. She was shocked to hear Carlos was throwing metal pencil ends and glass at me. When Carlos was confronted about it by the teacher, he decided to play dumb. And because he played dumb, so did all his fuckwit friends. Next thing I know, I am getting mocked for telling my mom Carlos was throwing glass and metal at me in class. It was the glass and metal I mentioned that got them going crazy. But like I said, I call it like I see it! And it was metal pencil tips and glass he was cracking up and assaulting me with. Even kids who were not involved in this got themselves involved just to laugh at me. My only regret is in not saving the shards and pieces Carlos was throwing at me, so I could show the teacher some proof. As well as the rest of the kids.

My dad, as a cop, could have also got Carlos's DNA off those pieces too, so we'd know for sure those things were not made by me!

Well, one thing I noticed, even Mark Lewis joined them in jeering at me. That was when he showed me his true colors. And I didn't like what I was seeing. Up until then, I thought Mark was a nice guy. But when he took Carlos's side against me, I wanted nothing more to do with him. That especially became finalized when I found out Mark was STILL talking about it all to kids in high school!! These kids sure as Hell had nothing to do with that incident. I said after learning that, that I will NEVER forgive Mark Lewis for that. It's one thing to keep bringing it up when we were in middle school, to Carlos and his friends. But to bring it up in High School, after the whole incident was over, and the kids Mark was telling it to had NOTHING to do with that. No, I was never going to forgive Mark Lewis for that! That was proof enough for me that he was not a good person.

So, the same kids who did all that to me, for no good reason, it didn't surprise me in the least they would think the Challenger disaster was something to laugh at. I cannot help but wonder if those kids still laugh over things like that.

A funny footnote to this story is my second year in high school, I used to spend almost every day in the library after lunch break. Mark Lewis would also be in there with some kind of chess club. I remember one day he was in there, and he and I locked eyes for a few seconds. He smiled at me and nodded his head as if to say hello to me. But I didn't return the greeting. I still didn't trust him! I was thinking "Yeah man, act all nice now. But underneath that smile, he's waiting to tell lies to these students about me and Carlos again! No thank you!" With me, once that trust is lost, it's almost impossible to get back. I don't forgive easily in some cases. Especially when it comes to some idiot boy assaulting me. I didn't trust Carlos either. But in high school, I hardly ever saw him. He and Mark did not hang out with each other as much as they did in middle school.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Another BideNutcase!

And every bit as delusional as that old bag! This one's name is Rhodonna Wright and she was friends with one of my friends. I won't mention that friend's name though in this post. BTW, what the fuck kind of name is Rhodonna??? She must have weird parents. Or her mom must have been drunk when she named her. Well, the only positive thing I can say about this person is she's polite. She referred to me as "ma'am". So that's not bad. But my goodness!! I've seen it all from these Biden fags, but this woman opens up her mouth and nothing but bullshit spills out. But honestly, it ain't nothing I haven't heard before from them. It's all the same talking points. I managed to save a little bit of the conversation before my friend deleted the whole post.

First of all, I usually like to see whom (or what) I am talking to. All leftards look the same. They're usually ugly, with big glasses, milky-white skin and buzzcuts. Well, Rhodonna did not disappoint me at all! LMAO!! These are some pics of her I saw on her page...

Well, she has squinty glasses here, but you get the picture. Not all of them I guess wears big rimmed glasses. But the important thing is she's wearing glasses, like all leftards do. Not to mention, she is ugly and has a buzzcut. But this is actually an old pic, from 2017. Here's one from last year, 2020...

She's got longer hair here, bigger rimmed glasses, and slightly more ugly. She looks like an old tortoise here! Honestly! I'm not even just saying that to be mean. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw her face! I mean really! Look at this pic and try to tell me they don't look like twins...

Well, the tortoise has a smaller nose, but the rest looks like Rhodonna. Oh well, enough of that. I'm not here to rag on her looks. Just showing off once again, that ALL leftards look alike. I won't say Trump is any better looking, though he does throw some beautiful kids and grandkids. It makes me wonder if the leftists have a bit of jealousy because Trump supporters/patriots are better looking than they are.

Even the dude on the far right with the big-rimmed glasses looks better in them than any leftist I've ever seen! But anyways, here's my encounter with Rhodonna.

It started with this post on a friend's wall...

Apparently those stores have stopped selling MyPillow because well, here's what Rhodonna said...

Notice right here, right now, Rhodonna was the first one to bring up politics. Because this is what I said that got this particular thread going...

I was talking about the stores black-balling people. And how I think that is unprofessional. This is all I said at first, and I was content to let it go at that. This was my friend's response...

I can believe this because for the past 4 years, I've seen nothing but leftards trying to get conservatives banned left and right from everything! And for doing nothing except being conservatives. People like Rhodonna do not believe it happens more to conservatives than to liberals, but indeed it does. Liberals control Silicon Valley. Everyone else knows it. That's why they are a lot less forgiving toward conservatives. I'm not saying banning liberals doesn't happen, I'm just saying it happens more to conservatives, and for almost no good reasons at all. Here's an article to shed further light into what this subject is about. Tap the pic below...

Twitter apparently does not want anyone claiming the election was a fraud. Nevermind that the leftists have been talking about Trump colluding with Russia for the past 4 years all over Twitter. Nothing was done then. Twitter just said "Oh that's free speech! They have a right to talk about that!" Well, by that same standard, I can indeed say this election was rigged!! Why else would the liberals completely close off the office to right-wingers while they count the votes??? Twitter calls it "misinformation". And Trump colluding with Russia has been proven false and Twitter still allowed the leftists to talk about that. Such hypocrisy coming from the left!!

Anyway, this is what my friend says next...

Yes they did! The left is always changing rules so they can come out ahead! This was Rhodonna's response back...

So she believes the lawsuits Trump brought up were dismissed. I wonder how she feels about the democrats in office now carrying on with Trump's impeachment? I'd be curious to hear her response to that. Should that be dismissed too? Because Trump honestly did NOTHING that is an impeachable offense. But even though he is out of office, the democrats still want to see him impeached, for NO REASON!! I just want to tell them to leave the poor man alone and let him enjoy the next 4 years in peace!!! Well, this was my friend's response to her question...

You can see here how republicans are nothing like democrats. She said she would still buy Garth Brooks' music if she was a fan of his before. Where other conservatives have apparently given up on him. Democrats are nothing like that! If you did anything for Trump, you're nothing but dead to them. I even heard some leftists were trying to get the lawyers who wanted to defend Trump disbarred. For no reason either! They were just doing their jobs. In the eyes of the democrats, the only wrong-doing they did was defend Trump. But to them, that is a capital offense. I mentioned this before, the democrats have been doing everything they can to get Trump out of office, and they will do underhanded things to accomplish it. I might actually agree with Rhodonna's claims if the leftists in office hadn't tried everything possible to get rid of Trump for the past 4 years! It's like, when one thing they tried didn't work, they'd try something else. Every time I turned around, they were trying something different, thinking it would get rid of Trump. Its like all the signs were already out there, this past election was indeed rigged!! Nothing else they tried worked, because Trump is as clean as a whistle!

I don't understand how leftists don't see that. Maybe they're all wearing the wrong kind of glasses. Or they all have very poor instincts.

Anyway, this was Rhodonna's response...

Well, this was the post Rhodonna did that is probably the most interesting. It started like this post from my friend...

This was Rhodonna's response to that...

Hmm, here she is talking about people "playing the victim" when they get put in Facebook jail. I've been there a few times myself, and yes, I've questioned it. Because I see people on the left posting MUCH worse than what I posted that got me in Facebook jail. But you'll soon find out why I see the words "playing the victim" coming from her face as being hilarious, as well as ironic.

It seems she is one of those who thinks it was Trump who divided this country. Like I've said before on here, it was not Trump. It was Obama. Obama stepped into office ready to divide this country, just like Biden is. I knew something was wrong with Obama the minute I didn't see him stand properly for the pledge of allegiance back in 2008. Even Hillary Clinton did it better than him! Of course, thanks to him, I'm sure Hillary Clinton would not do it right anymore. Like Colin Kaepernick. He kneeled for the flag back in 2015 and he was the only one who did then. Trump wasn't even president back then! He says he did it because of the racism still practiced in America. Funny how that was in nobody's mind until Obama became president. So, don't tell me it was Trump's administration that divided this country!!! This was my response to Rhodonna's last sentence...

This is where it gets ironic with Rhodonna talking about other people "playing the victim"...

This whole ideology about "white privilege" is nothing but based on the victim mentality!! And here she is complaining about it 😆😆😆!!! The reason racism seemed to become more popular under Trump's administration is mostly because of the leftists. It had nothing to do with Trump! Or very little!! It's because Trump is white, and only marries white women, and the leftists got butthurt because Obama couldn't run for a third term! Trump never brought up skin color. Obama did. Another cause for racism is black lives matter. That phony organization that pretends to do good for black people, when really they do NOTHING for black people!!! They only favor black people who are killed by cops. Well, if black people would stop resisting arrest and breaking laws in the first place, they wouldn't have so many deadly encounters with the police!! Black people cause their own misery. White people did not do that to them. This was my response to Rhodonna...

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the rest of this conversation. But I'll tell you how the rest of it went. The laughing emoti was left by Rhodonna while I was waiting for her to tell me what Trump ever did that was racist. I was still waiting. She demanded answers earlier from my friend, so I wanted her to be the first leftist to answer properly what Trump has ever done that is racist. Normally, the only answers I ever get from leftists are "Look on Google" or they can't recall anything right off hand, or they talk about the border wall or the muslim ban. Neither one of those things is racist. Trump put America FIRST on his list of priorities. That's why the left hates him, because they hate this country. The border wall would be a good thing. Trump didn't build the wall because he hates Mexicans. He built it there as a barrier to keep Americans safe from the druggies that come across the border illegally. And the muslim ban, that's not a bad thing either. He didn't ban muslims. My partner is a muslim, and he was welcomed here with open arms. Including mine! Trump didn't ban all muslims. Just the radical extremists. Just like Rhodonna was calling Mike Lindell earlier because he disagreed with the election results.

Just like the border wall, we don't put locks on our doors because we hate the people outside. We lock our doors because we want to keep the people safe inside. Biden now wants to tear down that wall and allow all those drug-related gangs into this country illegally. Thank GOD the supreme court voted against it!!

Well, later Rhodonna responded exactly the way I expected her to respond. She said some horseshit about "your comment is not even worth responding to" and blah-blah-blah. I was laughing my ass off because that's what leftists ALWAYS do when I ask them the tough questions! They can't answer! They can't answer because they know they don't have any answers! They know everything they've been brainwashed into believing is a lie. But instead of admitting they lied, they turn away with their tail tucked between their legs! 😂😆😂😆

HAHAAAAAAA!!!!!! I love it!!! I love it so much!!!! The only thing that would have made my night even better would have been if Rhodonna had blocked me on Facebook!!! That would have been absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!!! 😂😂😂 But as of this morning, she hasn't blocked me yet. Bummer!