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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Generation X

Geesh! I cannot believe the total lack of brains in today's teenagers! I go into YouTube and I feel like I'm being surrounded by morons! Too many damn teenagers with no life! Last night I came across one who totally misconstrued a comment I made on a video. He found lion's and sheep's buns attractive, then he shit his pants because I didn't! I guess he's just a typical panther-lover. He's not the first one I ever met like that. Every panther-lover I've ever met was like that. For some reason, they feel the need to aggressively defend the feline race. Why I don't know, what have felines ever done for humans? They don't even protect our homes. At the same time, I've found all cat-people to be nothing but hypocrites. Many of them say they don't like dogs because dogs kill people. But they somehow seem to forget about the thousands of people who have been killed or seriously hurt by large felines. And at least dogs have an alibi for killing people, and it's called irresponsible owners and breeders. The dogs don't do it, the owners and breeders do it. Most of the maulings I've heard of by dogs have been done by pit bulls, rottweilers, german shepherds, and doberman pinschers. If not those breeds, it's always (and more often) mongrels. The purebreds I mentioned have a reputation of being bred by people more interested in breeding dogs for fighting and that's not a good thing anyway. They are irresponsible people who give those breeds a bad name because they only breed dog fight winners that are very aggressive to begin with anyway. Then there are the mongrel breeders who think they can take 2 faulty purebreed dogs of different breeds and breed them together to create pups with better temperaments than the parents. But that is sooooo not true!! Don't believe anyone who tells you mongrel dogs live longer, have fewer genetic diseases or better temperaments than purebreeds because none of that is so!

However, when a tiger, lion or leopard attacks a human, there is no one to blame but the tiger, lion or leopard because they are hard-wired to attack anything that moves. And more people are killed by panthers of any kind than by dogs of any kind. But yet, panther-lovers are blind to those statistics. They are hypocrites!!! I like dogs, but I am not blind to the number of dog-attacks there are, or how bad they've been. But sensible people don't judge a whole race by the actions of a few bad apples, especially when my chihuahuas would never attack and kill another person!! At the worst, they might just nip their ankles. Even then they don't bite hard. I don't blame dogs because I don't believe dogs kill people, only people kill people!! I won't even say all teenagers are bad just because of the mindless pricks I've seen on YouTube!! But now I can see why they call this "generation X". Some of these teens give a whole new meaning to the term. They think they can say shit to anyone just because they can't see faces over the internet. Maybe they do it to make themselves feel bigger, a satisfaction they can't get with anyone in real life. My guess is always people push them around all over the place in real life, so they take their frustrations out on people on the internet. Like when I was their age, I took my frustrations out in my drawings and stories. But at least I never shit-talked anyone in my drawings and stories.

I'm the type of person that I don't make threats over the internet, and if I have something to say to someone, I say it to their face. I also don't believe in censorship. I don't tell people on the internet to shut up. What's the point? If I can't make someone shut up, I don't tell them to. And how can you make someone on the internet be quiet?? When someone tells me to shut up on the internet, I always challenge them saying "What will you do to me if I don't?" That always leaves them blundered. hehe! Seems I'm the only one on YouTube who makes any sense among those teenagers! I'm not even a teenager. I'm going on 34 this month. I've forgotten much more than any of these teenagers will ever know!!

With all the goings on in YouTube, I'm almost afraid to release my stories out to the public. Most of them were made with teens and young adults in mind. Especially since I am allowing comments to be made on each story on my website. The good thing is that not just anyone can come in to the site and post a comment. They have to have purchased or downloaded the story first.