Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

OMG! It's Happening!!!

Someone please assassinate this woman!!!

Video courtesy of YouTube/The Next News Network

It's happening, the Democrats are taking the first step toward accepting pedophiles! It hasn't happened that pedophiles are accepted, but with this video you can see, the libtards have taken the very first step, making child rape legal! This makes me totally SICK!!!! I will NEVER accept child rape!!! To the libtards who want to make this acceptable, imagine if these kids were your daughters. Would you want a 40-year old stranger fondling them? I know I wouldn't allow it if my kids were in that situation. Well, I don't have kids, but I do have nieces and nephews. I wouldn't want this happening to any of them!

Again, I knew this would happen. Once gay marriage was accepted, it was bound to happen. Now, I have nothing against gays getting marriage. That's not what I am griping about. But it did open a door to now where we have to accept transsexuals too. And I wouldn't mind it so much, I've had transsexual friends. But they now want to force us to be attracted to them. I'll be friends with them, but I will NEVER be attracted to them! I don't feel comfortable having a girl who looks like a man asking me out on a date! The libtards are actually taking away our right to NOT be attracted to transsexuals!!! I can't do that. It's wrong to me. I'll gladly be their friend, but never their lover! I would NEVER fall in love with a transsexual!!! I'd rather a gay or bisexual person fall in love with me! At least they are honest about their gender. I'd still never date them as a lover.

Then came all these genders that people want to be called by. I refuse to use them!! Fuck that!! When I say "what did he/she want to see me for?" I'm not going to run down the undisclosed number of "genders" just because that person does not want to be called "he" or "she"!!! Call me a cunt if you will, but I won't do that! If I believe it to be a he, I'm going to call it a he! If I believe it to be a she, I'm going to call it a she! Especially if the name is masculine or feminine.

Then there was Bill Clinton. He raped 3 young women. So, I knew child rape was going to be acceptable to the libtards. Especially since the libtards "slut-shamed" the girls that Bill Clinton raped! I say fuck that!!! No matter who it was, no girl deserves to be raped!! And children should NEVER be exposed to anything sexual! Let them be kids!! When I was a kid, the last thing on my mind was sex, or how many genders there are, or how old should I be before I can give consent for sex. Children just don't think of those things. And it should not be forced on them by perverted libtards!!

In other news, I did a clean-out of my Facebook friends this morning. I counted how many friends I had last night, and I figured I have too many INXS fans. TOO many!!! I don't want a lot. So, I deleted some. I kept the ones I really like though. Extra brownie points if they are dog-lovers. Nothing personal against those people, I just don't want a lot of INXS fans as friends anymore. Those days are over. Most of them are fake anyways. I was friends with Flame Fortune. Actually, she was Flame Fortune's mom. Flame Fortune was a singer who was murdered back in 1991. I wonder what happened to her mom? Did she give up Facebook? I dunno, she's a mysterious type person. I've known her to block people on Facebook for no reason at all. I once saw a friend I had named Renee said she blocked her some years ago. Renee is such a sweet person too. I guess she blocks people just because she has a bad day now and then. I don't know. She's a mystery to me. But she did used to have a gorgeous dog. A samoyed. However recently, the catfags have been trying to talk her into getting a dumb cat. Just like libtards always do! They force other people to think their way! I hope FF's mom keeps her wits about her, and decides to get another smaller dog and ignore the catfags who tell her otherwise.

Friday, September 14, 2018

No! No Sharia Law For Me!

Video courtesy of YouTube/TippingPointWithLizWheelerOnOAN

Here is a video discussing how Sharia Law is dangerous and should be left OUT of the USA! The saddest part of all this is there is a woman, named Linda Sarsour who is fighting to put the USA under Sharia Law. Obama nearly went for it, and ignored the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. This act states, in a nutshell, that anyone immigrating to this country has to live by our country's laws and rules and cannot conduct any subversive behavior. See! I told you all Obama was going to ruin this country. He tried to get rid of our Second-Amendment right, the right to bear arms, and then gave guns and other military-style weapons to ISIS (a known terrorist organization) and then ignored the McCarran-Walter Act that would say no one may practice Sharia Law in this country.

Obama spoiled Americans. That's why you have gullible people saying he was the "best president our country ever had". Bullshit!! He was one of the worst we've ever had! He turned this country upside-down! I was watching some 9/11 specials the other night on TV and people were standing in the streets of NYC, watching as the World Trade Center was going up in flames. One man commented "We need to go to their country and blast them all!" Well, after Obama apologized to those muslim countries for the war, and basically set the stage for how the rest of the country sees the middle east, I wonder if that same guy is still saying that. And people today are saying Trump is bad because he made friends with Vladimir Putin.

Well, the big difference between Obama apologizing to the president of the middle east and Trump making friends with Vladimir Putin, is that the middle east has no interest in changing it's ways. So, to apologize to them for the war, to me, seems a ridiculous waste of time. Like Rosanda said to me before she wussed out on me, the damage is already done. LOL! Only in this case, it was the muslims' attacks on 9/11. That is unforgivable. So many innocent people were killed in those attacks that didn't deserve to go that way. But you know what? The Russians actually had our back after that attack. The USA was awarded this memorial in honor of those who died.

That's a 100-foot high monument, located in Bayonne, NJ. It was given to the USA by Russia after the attacks on 9/11. It's a giant teardrop in between 2 large pillars that represent the Twin Towers. And liberals want to let muslims and islamics into this country. And this witch, Linda Sarsour wants to impose sharia law on everybody in this country. So dumb!! The sad part is, the liberals will go for it. You know they will! Because to say anything against it would be 'racist'!

Well, call me a racist all you want to! I don't care anymore! I do NOT WANT THEM HERE!!!!! Leave your stupid Sharia law back in your OWN country where it belongs! And while you're at it, pack up and take Linda Sarsour with it!! I refuse to be told what I can and cannot do just because I am a woman. And I TOTALLY refuse to obey a "god", who is not even a god at all, who tells me I can't have my dogs in the house, but I could have a dozen cats. Fuck that especially! Don't these stupid fuckers even realize that if Sharia Law moves into this country, militant muslims are going to break into peoples' homes that are gay, or unmarried women, or transsexuals, and take those people to be killed? Just because "it's what Mohammed said".

UGH!! I'll never figure liberals out. First they want to give gay people rights, then they want to impose Sharia law into this country. You can't have it both ways!!!! Gays and muslims do not mix! So, either give gay people their rights, OR give muslims the right to practice Sharia Law!! Personally, I'd rather that gays have their rights. They aren't hurting anyone. Sharia law states certain people have to be killed, which is not right.

But if Sharia law does come to this country, then I hope Linda Sarsour is it's very first victim! She's already broken one of their rules; she cannot protest and she cannot make laws. And I am sure she's driven a car at some point in her life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Does Trump Like Dogs Or Cats?

This is the question of the ages. Nearly all the presidents of the USA have had some kind of pet or two. They ranged from the every day dogs and cats to even an alligator! Some have inspiring notations about them. For example, it was Rutherford B. Hayes who brought the first siamese cats to the USA from Siam (now Thailand). It is reported that the King of Siam gave him a couple of specimens. However, dogs dominated the White House scene throughout history. Dogs and horses. George Washington had at least 8 dogs he was close to. Abraham Lincoln had 2 dogs, one of which was assassinated right after Lincoln himself was assassinated. Theodore Roosevelt had the most pets, with 5 guinea pigs, 2 ponies, a hen, a lizard, 10 dogs, a macaw, a snake, a bear cub, a rat, a badger, a pig, a rabbit, 2 cats, a spotted hyena, a barn owl and a rooster.

But what about Trump? He has no known pets. So far, he's the only one who lived in the White House that doesn't have any pets. Though there is a picture of him sitting with a dog in his lap. He seems to be smiling in the picture and he's holding the dog properly. And with his millions, he can have any breed of dog he wants to. As many as he wants to.

I don't think that's his dog though. But ya know, Donald Trump has a lot of qualities that are found in a lot of dog people. For one thing, he's a go-getter! That's one thing I've noticed about dog people. They are always go-getters. Another thing, he speaks his mind in no uncertain terms. And he doesn't give a shit what people think of him. He stands his ground very well. He's tough. He gets things done thus he "works like a dog". And he is quite intelligent. And just like dogs, people underestimate how smart Donald Trump is. Especially the liberals. These are all qualities that can be found in dog people.

However, on the other hand, he might also be a cat person too. He does get overly angry at people, and he tends to insult people he doesn't like. These are characteristics I've seen in cat people. The only offset is that cat people are generally liberals. And Donald Trump is not a liberal. Not by any means. So, who really knows? We won't know until he decides to actually get a pet. IF he ever does get a pet.

So, what do you think? Do you think Trump is a go-getting dog person? Or is he an overly-angry cat person?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Happy Patriots Day!!

Well, it's too soon to be happy. This is what they call today; Patriot's Day. Let's all remember those who were lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I was watching one of my disks I have commemorating this day last night. I also watched some on my Firestick. In one of those documentaries I saw a guy say "We need to go to war with them now!" And man, George W. Bush did go to war with them! Now people hate him for it. Saddam Hussein was wiped off the face of the earth. So was Bin Ladin. Of course people praised Obama for killing Bin Ladin. Before the world became a bunch of libtard pansies, they praised Bush for killing Hussein.

But who was the idiot that went to the middle east and apologized to them for the war? I'll tell you who. It was the same exact idiot that gave military guns to ISIS. You guessed it; Obama! Well, I am not sorry. Not after seeing the videos I've seen of the attacks, and knowing what I know about them. And thanks to the internet, I know of people who lost loved ones in the attacks. I still feel for those people. Even though by now I'm sure most of them have moved on. I still salute those people because it takes a lot to overcome that. Men, women and children all over the east coast lost someone there. And no, I don't want those related to the attacks in this country!! Hillary would have let them in. The libtards would have let them in. But Trump, GOD bless his soul, is keeping them out!

Ya know, thanks to this #WalkAway movement, I'm learning more about Trump than I could have ever learned from the media. The more I learn about him, the more I like him. He really is trying to make this country great again. In fact, there is a 9/11 special coming on today, where Trump is interviewed right after the attacks. He was not president then, but he was interviewed. I want to see what he has to say. Of course it's from CNN, which is a highly-liberal channel. So, I know a lot of it is going to be edited out. They're going to keep in only just enough to make Trump sound bad (like they always do). But I still want to see it. In the beginning, I did the same thing when Trump became president as I did when Obama became president. I said "Let's see how well he does". Well I must say, he's proven he is better than Obama ever was!

Now, for the dramatic subject change============================================

And this is for the cat-people who think other cat people don't ever show such irrational hatred for dogs. I see stories like this all the time about cat people...

I read about a guy yesterday who buried his dog in his backyard. "Was it dead?" You may ask. The answer is no. It wasn't dead. It was a little shih tzu mixed dog that was about 18 years old, probably on it's last leg. The dog's name was Chico. He was originally owned by a man named Alex Dion, who passed away recently. His nephew, a man named Rick Piquard, was trusted with Chico's care. Well one day, as it was told by his neighbor Kaylee Belanger, Piquard got himself a cat. He's probably the latest victim of this internet cat-craze and decided he wanted to go out and get a cat. Well, Chico was obviously not used to cats. So, he and the cat didn't get along. So how does Piquard handle this situation? Not in a way he should have! He should have got rid of the dumb cat and let the poor dog live out the rest of his days in peace. But he doesn't. Instead, he decided to bury Chico alive in his backyard.

Here is his story...

WARNING: PLEASE TAKE CAUTION!! DOG BURIED ALIVE! PLEASE SHARE⚠️‼️⚠️‼️⚠️‼️⚠️ What is discussed below will talk about Animal Cruelty, Euthanasia and Graphic Details.
So I’m going to start this with a bit of a back story so everyone can fully grasp what has happened.
This is Chico, he is now an 18 year old shit zhu mix. Chico has been in the Dion Family for 10+ years now. Previously owned by the now Deceased Alex Dion who passed away about 4 years ago. Chico was a loved family dog who was there for Alex through his life and struggles and time of passing. When Alex passed away Chico was a piece of him left for his friends and family to continue to love and hold on to. But due to some unfortunate circumstances over the years Chico has ended up within the last year in the custody of the father of Alex’s niece and nephew. Rick Piquard. Whom for a very long time seemed to love and care for Chico. Until recently. Chico has become old and requires a bit more care than he did in the past. But nothing that would cause inconvenience.
That brings us to the past few days. Rick decided that he wanted to get a new 7 week old kitten. He brought that kitten home and decided that because of the new addition he no longer could care for Chico. So he reached out to his Ex and her Mother to ask if they wanted Chico back otherwise he was going to have him euthanized. So his ex let him know that she could potentially take him in a few weeks if he could wait. And he fought with her mother about it and was nasty through some text messages to her. Then he reached out to me to show off his new kitten.
He sent pictures and information about this new kitten. Then proceeded to tell me that he needed to get rid of Chico.
So Saturday night I went to bed. And when I woke up today I had no idea this was how my day was going to be.
I received a few messages from Rick throughout the morning about the kitten again. Around 11am I recieved a message from him stating that Chico had “passed away last night”. Obviously suspicious given the conversations the night before I began asking what happened. To which he called and explained that when he woke up early this morning that Chico was no longer breathing. And that he buried him in the woods behind his house. Marked by a stone.
After lots of arguing he finally agreed to let me go dig up the body while he wasn’t home, to have him cremated.
But the direction he sent us in and the location he described, we later discovered was on the complete opposite side of the wooded area behind his home. So after about 30-45 minutes of searching the woods we found some fresh dirt spread about. Now notice the above mentioned “placed stone”
In this area of fresh dirt there was in fact a stone to the description of the one he explained. But underneath this stone was nothing but rocks. So we began to look around again in the area near the dirt. And while walking around my Fiancรฉ heard a noise. He then noticed a small patch of fresh dirt under some brush from the woods. So we began digging with a stick only to hit a rock.
Hesitantly, I continued to move the dirt when we noticed fur. We uncovered a portion of Chico’s head. Only to realize that the rock was on top of him. I lifted the rock and there he was. Took a step back to grab the blanket when my fiancรฉ shouted. “He’s breathing!!”
And he was. He was alive. While screaming and questioning how someone could do this I hurriedly removing him from the hole. He yelped in pain, dirt in every part of him. He felt flat like a pancake from the rock weighing him down in the hole.
We rushed him to Tufts in Grafton where they took him back to see what could be done. Although after many hours Chico became more responsive and gained his spirit back. He couldn’t move his head or get up due to what is suspected to be a dislocated disk in his neck. Chico was evaluated to be malnourished, dehydrated, in shock with hypothermia as well as anemia due to the infection of fleas on him. He had matted and stained fur. And he was clearly being neglected before being buried alive.
In the end the decision was made to euthanize Chico and allow him to go home to Alex where he belonged. So surrounded by many people that loved him Chico was sent to heaven.
The man that did this has been arrested and will be charged for multiple offenses.
But it needs to be known who he is and what he has done.
So here ladies and gentleman.
I would like to thank the Northbridge Police Department as well as the Emergency staff at Tufts for all of their help in this horrible event. Extra thank you to Officer Borrelli.

This makes me sick!! To think that piece of shit kid killed a sweet, innocent dog for a stupid, dumb useless cat!!! You wonder why I hate cats and cat people so much?! Incidents like this is why! Yes I blame the cat too. Cats are known to make people go crazy. You can't get much crazier than this guy. And he looks just like one would expect a man to look who prefers cats over dogs...

He looks gross! He looks like he really has a vagina between his legs!!! And you want to see something funny? Look at this...

I guess he thinks if he takes his shirt off that it'll make him look more manly. But it doesn't. He still just looks like a wussy with no shirt on. Any man who cannot even handle a dog is no man! Want to see something equally as funny? I wrote a comment on this article on Facebook. And man!! A lot of catfags got butthurt because I blamed him getting a cat for burying his dog. Well! That's the way it was told in the story. Yes, I do blame the cat too. If this thing had never brought the stupid cat home, the dog would still be alive!! I blame both the cat and this fag for that!

Anyways, here's me and my "admirers". LMAO!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Man!! These people really love me don't they?!! Ah! But you know what? I couldn't give a shit less. UPDATE: It looks like Brittany Harper has even blocked me on Facebook. LMAO!! Like I am going to care. I don't even know any of these people.

Believe me, I'm not angry about those people hating me at all. This isn't about making friends. This is about getting justice for this sweet little baby who fell victim to an idiot wussy who fell into this internet cat-craze, and took it out on this innocent baby who deserved better than to have been thrown over for a stupid cat! Chico was probably a lot more handsome than the dumb cat too. I'd even wager the man got a damn gray tabby cat, which IMO are the ugliest cats in the world. What kind of person could bury this sweet face?!

RIP Chico. You deserved better. And to this Rick Piquard, I hope you die a horrible, agonizing death. Worse than the death that Chico suffered through. We should take that dumb cat away from you, stab it with a knife and make you watch us as we do it! That'd serve you right!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Another Melted Snowflake!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes! My plan is working out great! Another snowflake blocked me on Facebook. Well!! She deserved my wrath!! She called my Michael a lion! Some joker by the name of Lopez Michelle. Or Michelle Lopez, whatever the fuck!! I don't give a shit either way what it's name was, it was nothing but a snowflake! I told her anyone who would say Michael is a lion (or the female version of a lion) is nothing but stupid! She was TRIGGERED by that statement, as I knew she would be. Oh man! She kept going on about how I need help and told me to shut up. Yet, she was the one who kept going on and on and on. I only said two more things to her. I told her "I'll defend my Michael like a momma bear. Don't call him a lion! Lions are EVIL!!!" And then I showed her this...

LOL!! Well, she lost it after that! She even went so far as to get threatening, posting a meme saying some shit to the effect of "Don't fuck with me! The last bitch who tried that is now under a house". I just laughed at her. What the fuck does she think she's going to do to me? LMAO!! She cannot do shit! I told her to "Shut up snowflake!" So she did the only thing she could do; she blocked me on Facebook. I said "Good!!" Remember this...

Yup! I'm a badass! I'm sure as hell not friendly anymore. I gave that shit up when I found out it wasn't getting me anywhere on Facebook. I was friendly in 2016 and before. But this is 2018, and I've learned a few things about Facebook "friends" over the last couple years. LOL!! I still have my real friends and family on Facebook. And I have my Mya-moo!! So, I don't care if this Lopez-bullshitter chick has me blocked. Has no effect on me at all!

As I pointed out in my last post, lions are evil! Even the Bible it's self says so. 1 Peter 5:8
"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"

But libtards don't believe in GOD or the Bible. They don't even believe in facts. But whom am I describing here...

He is powerful. He is deceptive. He kills for fun. He is sadly and notoriously charismatic.

Besides humans in general, you'd believe this is describing a lion. Lions are powerful, even I must admit. They are deceptive, they blend in with the grass and disappear so their prey does not see them, and then they can pounce, unknown until it's too late. He kills for fun, lions kill hyenas, leopards, wild dogs, cheetahs for no other reason than to eliminate competition for food. They are sadly and notoriously charismatic. Not in a cute way, like Michael! But in the most evil way I can think of; because they do kill everything. I see it all the time with panther fags on YouTube. They always root for the lions. Even if it is killing for fun. However, in that sentence I was not describing a lion; I was actually describing Satan. (John 8:44; Ezekiel 28:12-15; 2 Corinthians 11:14) Strange how all the things crazy people love about lions are also things found in Satan and we hate these things about him.

I don't often quote the Bible on this blog. It's been years since I've done it. But this is to prove a point that lions are indeed evil creatures. Cats are no better really! LOL! I heard the Israelites hated cats, just like the Egyptians hated sheep. That's why the ancient Egyptians all died off and the Israelites are still alive today. They traded a creature of many uses; the sheep, for the favors of a totally useless creature; the cat.


I'm glad to see another snowflake gone!! LOL! Let's hope more get gone in the future. But you notice how she got threatening? Again, that's the same behavior I see all the time in libtards. I did not threaten her in any way. I just said anyone who would call Michael a lion (or a female lion) is stupid. But that's OK. I'm not mad about it. Trust me I'm not. LOL! She's just doing what libtards typically do! And I love how well it proves my point!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Why I Don't Like "The Lion 'King'"

Most people today seem to love Disney's movie The Lion 'King'. Most people do. But I don't. I hate it in fact. In fact, I don't like any movie that glorifies panthers. Especially lions. I don't like The Lion 'King'. I don't like Kung Fu Panda because of that dumb tiger. I only like Madagascar for the lemurs. I like Ice Age, but the only character I don't like in those movies is Diego. Sid is annoying but he's funny. Diego is just annoying. Nowhere near funny!

Picture this. Sometime in 1996 I asked my sis to show me that movie. I said "Let's watch The Lion 'King'." She looks at me perplexed and asks me to repeat what I said. So I did. "Let's watch The Lion 'King'." My sis is confused. She knows I can't stand lions and I didn't think I'd like the movie.

"Are you sure you want to see it?" she asked me.

"Yes." I answer. "I want to see it."

So, she puts it into the VCR (which is all we had back then) and we watch it, both of us from beginning to end. The thing is, I'd condemned the movie before I ever really saw it. I don't want to do that for anything. I've always wanted to see things from both sides before I say I don't like it. That goes for movies. That goes for people. That goes for food. That goes for ANYTHING. I want to try it before I condemn it. So, I wanted to see what I'd been condemning all those months since the movie was released on video.

Well, just as I predicted, I didn't like the movie. Besides the fact that to me, calling lions "the king of beasts" is nothing but a big joke, I did not like how hyenas were portrayed as evil in the movie. The hyena pride was totally ostracized and depicted as dark and evil. Pretty much like how they are perceived in real life.

Actually the opposite is the truth. Lions do kill hyenas for fun. Any biologist will tell you, when a lion kills a hyena, he is not doing it for sustenance. He will never even eat that hyena. He kills the hyena because he wants to eliminate competition for prey. I actually saw a documentary where a female hyena was quietly walking to her den to tend to her cubs. On her way, she had to pass through the territory of a nearby pack of lions. Well, the male lion got up and mauled and killed the female hyena. The female lions gathered around the male with his murdered game, and seemed to be praising him. They didn't eat the hyena, they just killed her. And now her cubs are orphans. Whether you like hyenas or not, that is unfair. And I don't like anything killing for fun. The hyena was not bothering anything. She wasn't going after the lions' cubs. She was just heading back to her den to tend to her own cubs.

Also, hyenas are not the stupid, dirty scavengers that the movie The Lion 'King' makes them out to be. In fact, lions more often scavenge hyena kills than the other way around. I once saw a clip of a lion eating a buffalo carcass. The lion had a broken paw and could not hunt for himself. He was surrounded by hyenas, and I'd wager the hyenas were the ones that actually killed the buffalo. The clip said the lion killed it, but I highly doubt it! Even a healthy adult male lion cannot kill a buffalo by himself! What makes these people think a lion with a broken foot is going to be any better at killing a buffalo? Especially without other lions assisting him. So, I truly believe it was the hyenas that killed the buffalo initially. The lion just took over the kill, as always happens. The hyenas were just trying to reclaim their prize.

Hyenas are also not cowards. They just know their boundaries. Hyenas are no more cowards than lions are. Lions are the worst kind of cowards actually. They are the kind that bullies other animals. That's why I refuse to acknowledge lions as being "the king of beasts". And in fact, I laugh at people who actually believe that bullshit. There is currently a video of a female lion with her cub being attacked by a group of wild dogs. They called the female lion a "hero". Well, she's not so much a 'hero'. She's just doing what she's supposed to be doing and that is defending her cub against any threat. But with the dogs, the lion was not in any danger. Neither was the cub. The dogs were not interested in eating her or the cub. The lion in fact attacked one of the dogs. The thing I found most astonishing in the video was how one dog was attacked pretty bad by the lion, but got himself back up and continued fighting the lion. The dogs were defending their own pack and their own territory. They may have had a kill nearby that they didn't want the lion to discover. Or maybe the dogs had pups of their own to protect, or maybe even a pregnant female. Usually the dogs would not go near a lion unless they really had to. So, there must have been a good reason for them to try and get this one to move on.

She was no "hero". The dogs were the real heros if anyone! A hero is when someone stands in the face of danger for the sake of others. The lion or the cub were in no danger from the dogs. The lion is bigger than the dogs. It seemed silly to me that people were calling the female lion "brave" or "a hero", against the much smaller dogs. That's like a chihuahua attacking a bobcat. The bobcat is in no danger. If it fights off the chihuahua, that doesn't mean the bobcat was a "hero" or "brave". The only hero in that scenario would be the chihuahua, for standing up to the bobcat and chasing it off. Even if the chihuahua gets hurt in the process. That not only would make the chihuahua a hero, it'd make him a legend!!!

Well anyways, there was one commenter in that video that did not like it that I was rooting for the dog that was attacked by the lion and got back up fighting. He tried to convince me that the lions are "king". I just laughed at him saying "Dude, you really believe that bullshit?! How old are you? Do you believe everything you read in children's stories?" I've said it before and I'll say it again, lions are no more the "king of beasts" than I am the queen of the world. The SJW libtards better be grateful I'm not queen of the world and hope that I never am. LOL! Lions are more like the coercer of beasts. Not the king. They're more like bullies than anything. Think about it...

  • Lions kill hyenas, cheetahs and leopards for amusement.
  • Lions steal kills from other animals more often than the reverse.
  • Lions are lazy animals.
  • Lions are not heros.

Next thing you know, lions will be farming other animals for the purpose of hunting for them. Oh well they'll never do that because lions are dumb. Too dumb to even think of farming other animals.

Well all this is why I don't like The Lion 'King'. All the animals in the movie are grossly misrepresented. Especially the hyenas! The lions themselves are also misrepresented, but for them it's in a good way. They are perceived as "heros" in this movie too. But that is so not true! Lions are totally evil! That's why I refuse to call lions the 'king' of anything. That's why of all the types of panthers out there, lions are the ones that I hate the most. I hate all panthers. But lions are the panthers I totally cannot stand. When Simba's father died in the movie, I cheered! I was laughing at that. It wasn't like when Bambi's mom died 50 years before. When I was a kid, I saw that and thought it was the saddest thing I ever saw. But Simba's dad was nothing but a lion. Not as innocent as a deer. So, I laughed when he died in the movie. It was like saying good bye to Satan.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"Theybies" WTF????

WARNING: What you are about to see may make you gasp with the unrivaled stupidity about to be displayed. It may make your brain feel like jello, it may make your blood pressure skyrocket, you might have an incessant need to vomit, and it may make you have an impending sense of doom for humanity.

Video courtesy of YouTube/SJW Central

I was watching a video and Tucker Carlson did another one of his famous interviews with Cathy Areu (also known as "Crazy Cathy"). Cathy is the libtard to end all libtards. She attended the Florida State University. But looking at her interviews, I've often wondered, what the hell did she do with that education? Her parents wasted money getting this person through the university!

Like all libtards, she only speaks for the rights of minorities. Especially when it comes to those who cannot identify their own gender. Well, this time she has gone too far. She wants to change the name of "babies" to "theybies". That sounds so STUPID!!! But she wants people not to gender babies. She wants us to let the babies gender themselves. She said something to the effect of "When a baby is 4 years old, they can pick their own gender". UGH!!!!! Talk about a dumb idea. This probably would qualify Areu for handicapped parking. If I were her, I would look into that.

A 4-year old CANNOT gender themselves!!! I don't care what the libtards say! 4-year olds don't know shit about gender. Just because a boy likes to play with another little boy does not mean that little boy wants to identify himself as a girl. Just because a little girl wants to play with another little girl, it does not mean that little girl identifies as a boy. Liberals today are brain-dead! But then that's what liberals do. They take things out of context, in this case a baby playing with a same-sex playmate, and they think that means something it's not meant to mean. Kids have been the same since I was a kid. Boys always played with boys and girls always played with girls. It was never taken as a child who wanted to identify as a different sex until today's libtards made it to mean that.

Most of those boys I used to see playing with other boys I would bet grew up to marry women. Same with the girls who played with other girls. I'd bet the majority of them grew up marrying men. Crazy Cathy is also the one who wants to make it mandatory for parents to "ask" their babies if they want their diaper changed. She goes way too far sometimes. Sometimes I just want to punch her in the face and tell her to shut up!!

I recently saw a video of a teacher who read a story in class about a boy who identified as a girl, she was reading this story to a group of 6-year olds!! Most of the children in the class went home so traumatized and confused, the parents had to get involved. It makes me wonder what this world is coming to when kids as young as 6 is being subjected to this new 'agender' culture. For this reason, I dread reincarnation!!! I believe heavily in it, but I totally dread it! I could wind up with a parent like Crazy Cathy! Who would force me to pick a gender at 4 years old, and wouldn't even refer to me--her own child--as a girl! Or I could be born a boy and she'd make me wear dresses.

You know, I used to know a woman like that back when I used to go to those computer classes back in the mid-90s. She had a baby boy. But every time I saw him, he had long hair, in braids, and sometimes she would have him in a dress. Man!! I felt bad for that little boy!! Yesterday on Quora, someone posted a question saying she sent her 12-year old boy to school in a dress to disprove the gender stereotypes, and then she was surprised when he came home saying he didn't want to go back to school anymore. A lot of the people who answered hoped she was just trolling and that that never really happened. But were like "if it did, I hope your child is taken away from you!" Everyone, including me, were angry that this mom was forcing her SJW agenda on her child!! That is going to haunt that child for the rest of his life. He's going to become known as the boy who came to school in a dress. One person stated that "Years down the road, when one of his friends is drunk, shooting up drugs, spent time in jail, molested his children, and lost his family, he will still look back on your son and think 'at least my mom never sent me to school wearing a dress'!"

I could wind up with a mom like that! That would be HORRIBLE!!! I would love to see SJWs outlawed in this country! But unfortunately, as long as there are liberals and as long as there is a left wing, we will always have SJWs! That makes me mad!! Thank GOD a lot of former liberals are turning to becoming conservative! I would love to see at least a 99% conservative country here in the USA before I die. That would be awesome. Then I might not have to worry so much when I am reincarnated. I would want to choose conservative parents. I said on YouTube in a comment that I want to come back in my next life as one of Ben Shapiro's grandchildren! I can see he's raising his children right.

Here's something for Crazy Cathy; I REFUSE to call babies "theybies"!!! I'll NEVER do it! And there isn't a person on the planet that can make me!! You need to shut your mouth woman! Mind your business!! You raise your messed-up kids your way, and leave all the other parents who want to actually parent their children, and not abuse them, alone!! And yes, imposing all this SJW, gender bullshit on a child is indeed ABUSE!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Australia's Stupid New Rule For Nurses

Video courtesy of YouTube/The Red Elephants

Well, ever since meeting Matt Burney and Claire Aisha, I've known that Australia did not have any free speech rights. I mean, they used to get triggered by me not liking Paula Yates, and they could not accept that I didn't. But this video further proves how retarded Australia has become. And to think, I used to want to move there!! UGH!! That would never happen now. I'd be screaming to get out of that country!

Now, in Australia, if you are a nurse about to treat a colored patient, you have to apologize to them for being white. If I were a patient, I'd say "I don't care!!!" If I were a nurse, I would say "I'm not going to do it!" I mean really! This is how GOD made me. I'm not perfectly white, I'm not that colored. But I would refuse to have someone apologize to me for their own skin color. And I wouldn't apologize to anyone for being who I am! I don't care if I would be fired! If they are making that mandatory in Australia to apologize for something as dumb as that, then being a nurse wouldn't be for me anyways.

Oh boy! I'm so glad Michael is not around to live through this! But I feel bad for Timmy!

I don't care what "color" my nurse/doctor is! As long as they can cure me or help me feel better. Though I do have to say, I've seen some white doctors who were bitches, and I've known some black nurses who were slackers, and I've known some mexican nurses who were insensitive. But I never made the connection that it had anything to do with skin color. If you want nurses and doctors to apologize for anything, apologize to me for being a bitch, or a slacker, or insensitive when I needed your help! I don't care about your skin color!

This politically correct bullshit is getting out of hand! Now, the libtards are making it illegal to be white! That same thing is happening in this country. Whites have to suffer when a colored person fails. Whites get blamed when a colored person can't get a job, can't succeed in a business, or can't do good in school. Well, here's a piece of advice for those people; how about taking responsibility for your OWN actions and stop blaming other people for something that really has NO impact in your life!!!!!

Yeah, I know, I blame the SJW libtards for a lot of things. But the experience I had with them did change my life, both good and bad. I got Mya out of it! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ And Mya is the best thing that happened in my life in the past 10 years. But at the same time, because of them, I don't want to make friends with INXS fans anymore. I don't blame myself for that because I didn't do anything wrong. They were SJW libtards doing what SJW libtards do. And I've seen the same behavior in many other SJW libtards. Not strangely enough, at least 50% of those people are also from Australia. I fear going to Australia! It must be like going through the middle eastern countries! The very thought of it is scary!

Well, the only reason I would have ever gone to Australia would have been to see Michael's memorial. But when I found out Michael's ashes are not even at that memorial, I changed my mind. Why go all that way just to view a highly-adorned rock? But I heard his ashes are at a smaller memorial in a Los Angeles cemetary. Of course that would mean I'd have to go through that communist shithole that is California. But I don't have to talk to anyone except Michael. And I don't have to go through San Francisco.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Another Crazy California Law

For those who live in the crazy state of California, I have some news for you. You all are getting another crazy law. Now, you have to watch your water intake. That's right! Your government is now going to be watching how much water you use every day! How do you like that? Well, this is what you all get for electing a damn democrat for governor. I heard this last night on a video, which quoted a regular news network. Check this video out...

Video courtesy of YouTube/Next News Network

I'm sure glad my family moved away from California years ago! I could not live there! Such a backward state! I mean, they will allow homeless people to throw used hypodermic needles on the streets, and take a dump on the streets, but they fine you $1000 for using a plastic straw to drink your drink in a restaurant??? That doesn't make sense to me! Not at all. If the state is going to ban plastic drinking straws because "it's bad for sea life", then why not ban hypodermic needles being dumped in the streets too? They could just as easily wind up in the ocean, harming sea animals. They could also puncture someone's car tires. Oh but this is California. They've never had to follow any rules except their own. And I guess they feel to ban hypodermic needles is "racist" or "bigoted".

This guy points out (and I agree with him) that the leftists are going to drag our country back to the dark ages. I hate to say it, but he's right. People today are getting sick of the violence, the rages, the crybabies. We are getting sick of the leftists crying "racist" to everything, including things that are not racist! We are getting sick of the entitlement people today feel. We are getting sick of these people who want to say "Fuck your laws" or "fuck your free speech rights"!

You know, I totally predicted this, back in 1993. The instant Bill Clinton said he was going to ban parents from parenting their children. He said he was going to make it illegal to spank your kids. Then it became illegal to say "no" to your kids. People started talking about "negotiating with kids". Instead of saying no, you had to say "let's see how the day goes. If you're good I'll buy you that toy". And then most parents would get the toy for the child even if it was being bad. One of my friends (it was Eva) had her first child in 1994, and she said "No government is going to tell me how to raise my child!" He grew up getting spanked when he did something wrong, and told no when he couldn't have what he wanted, and only rewarded when he was being good. He grew up nicely! He is now married, raising a child of his own with another on the way. He has no sense of entitlement, he works, doesn't take any hand-outs, looking to start his own business in the future too.

Now, I will admit, that too many spankings and too many times saying "no" is not a good thing. That might cause a child to become a little too angry or stressed. But when a child does something wrong, they need to have that fear of authority put in their soul. Otherwise, you'll have kids grow into the entitled jerks they are today that say "fuck the law", and then go and commit crimes against other people. I think I was spanked too many times. I was spanked for defending myself against my sister's attacks. That could be why I turned into an angry, bitter adult. My sis would attack me, and I'd defend myself and then she'd go running to ma and pa saying that I attacked her. I remember one time I scratched my sis by accident, and it showed. This time it was just an accident. But my father saw the scratch and he called me to him and almost literally tore me apart!!! But then dad didn't want to listen to my side of the story. That's the one thing my parents did wrong with me and my sis. That's why before I ever condemn anyone, I always get all the facts. The draft section of this blog is littered with posts I started, and then put away because I didn't have enough facts to post them publicly.

I even started a hateful post against Hillary Clinton yesterday. But put it away because I couldn't get enough of the facts from reputable sources to prove what others were saying was true. I hate Hillary Clinton! But I would never post anything incriminating against her without having ALL the facts first. That post is now currently in draft. When I can find enough good resources to back up the claim I was writing about, then I will post it. But if it never comes, then I will never post that post. That actually happens behind the scenes of this blog, much more often than people think! LOL! They think I just type and post. But no. I get facts first. I may not always reveal my sources, but I always get the facts before I post.