Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Very Troubling

I was browsing through Facebook yesterday, and I know I have put this subject aside, but I want to address something that a friend of mine posted on her status. This friend is a vegan, and probably one of the nicest people I've ever met on Facebook. She quoted a friend of her's who said she found it troubling that people get angry at vegans for pointing out the suffering when they should get mad at themselves for causing it. Well, let me boil down how I see vegans "pointing out the suffering". I, as an individual, have a right to enjoy eating what I like. I love eating chicken, bison, turkey, and occasionally pork and beef. If I find it tasty, that's my business. If it doesn't taste good, it isn't going in my mouth! That's how I see broccoli and mushrooms. I have been threatened and called childish names because of my beliefs and my lifestyle. I can honestly say I have NEVER threatened a vegan (or anyone else for that matter) for their beliefs, and since I have made more vegan friends, I've learned to understand where they come from, so I don't even call them names anymore. So, it isn't that they point it out, it's how they do it. Many vegans get threatening with their beliefs, as you have seen in my past blogs. And I am not a person who takes any threat lightly. That's why I had to close down the comments on my vegan/vegetarian videos. I didn't want to do it, I wanted to let the vegans have their little bit of fun, and have their say. But I don't appreciate having people threaten me for my choice of lifestyle. Threatening another person is a crime. Eating say, a chicken, is not. Unless you are a farmer, and I ate one of your chickens without your permission. But I've seen vegans break the law many times, and that is nothing to be proud of! Yet, they act like they are proud of it, and that is scary. That makes them seem like psychotics.

Name me one person that enjoys having strangers tell them how to live their lives. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone like that, especially if they did not ask for that person's opinions. And no one I know likes receiving threats from anyone for maintaining their own beliefs. That's why I get pissed off at vegans. I don't buy factory farm meats anyway, so I know no cruelty is involved in the killing of my meat. Most Montanans hunt for their own meat out in these mountains. Of course I haven't been here long enough to learn that practice myself, so I still go to the store (or the local farmer's market) to buy meat. But I always make sure it was raised humanely. I've even visited some farms here and met their animals to see that they were raised in a loving, caring environment. I refuse to purchase meat that was from cattle or chickens raised in unhealthy conditions. If I see them crammed in tiny pens that they cannot turn around in, I walk away without another word. And yes, I have done that before.

Now, killing an animal just for skins, that I don't see the point in. Especially animals that aren't eaten like foxes and mink. I can understand the anger and frustration they feel in that. I even get pissed off when I watch I Love Lucy and she talks about how she wants a mink coat, or any kind of fur piece. I always say "Leave it alone! The fur looks much better on the mink than it would on you!" My sis can attest to that! LOL! However, as bad as I feel for minks and foxes that are killed just for their fur, I also think it was wrong of that Yourofsky to break into a mink farm and release all the minks. Not only would doing something like that hurt the area's natural ecology, as the minks try to establish their own territory and cannot because they are competing with other predators that lived there before them, but also, those minks were not his to release in the first place! That's called stealing! To vegan fanatics, he's a hero. To me, he's nothing but a psychotic forcing his idiotic beliefs on others. I don't like him at all. I don't care if he is healthy and in great shape. Those factors do not mean he is a good person. Doesn't even mean he's attractive, which I don't think he is.

Killing an animal just for it's fur is one thing, that's wasteful. But killing animals like cattle, that can be eaten as well as used for leather, I don't find anything wrong with that. I saw an article the other day about animals being sentient beings. There was a line in that article that referred to cattle as being "very intelligent animals". That line made me laugh out loud! Cattle may be cute, but intelligent? They are a far cry from that! They are not as sentient as humans are. Nowhere near that. They evolved as prey animals. As such, their emotions are limited. They do not grieve for the loss of others in their herd, they do not feel prolonged bouts of depression like people do. Their focus is on only 2 things: self-preservation and reproduction. The only animals that are known to grieve for their comrades, besides humans, are elephants. Think about it, if cattle did suffer from depression like people do, they would not be interested in saving themselves from predators, and thus would go extinct. I know when I am depressed, I don't feel like doing anything. When I think about what happened to my Groucho, I always wish whatever it was that took her, had taken me instead. While Bos taurus is strictly a domestic animal, they do have some wild relatives, like the gaur (B. gaurus) and the banteng (B. javanicus), which are very close relations. Neither one of those species has time to feel depression. Their lives are focused entirely on finding food, reproducing, and staying away from predators. But when one is caught by a predator, the rest of the herd does not waste time grieving for that individual. They have more important things to do. So, animals like cattle do not feel emotions like we do. So no need to worry if we kill them for meat.

Of course I am not saying that any animal wants to be killed. I'm just saying that cattle do not waste their lives worrying about it, like a person would. That's the trouble with some vegans, they worry too much about things that shouldn't matter to us. They apply human emotions where it doesn't belong, like in cattle, because cattle do NOT feel emotions the same way we do. I wouldn't be fooled by people saying cattle have intelligence! I've seen cattle repeatedly get shocked by electrical fences. If cattle were indeed as intelligent as the vegan who wrote this article makes them out to seem, those cattle would have learned after the first shock that touching an electric fence is painful!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Road To Perfection

It's a long way to the end of the road to perfection, and everybody takes their own tour. What is beautiful to one person, may be ugly to another. I say this because I've heard yet another video crashing down on the site called "beautifulpeople.com". LOL! IMO, the site should be banished. I found out the name of the guy who owns the site. Apparently it's a dating site for so-called "beautiful people". I would surely get kicked off that site! LOL! But even when I was thin and gorgeous, I still would not need that site to verify me as being beautiful. I had strangers on the street telling me that every day! Well, the site's owner's name is Robert Hintze, and he is a long way from being beautiful. This is what he looks like:

A baboon on the road to ugly.
The point I am trying to make here is if you are going to judge other people based solely on appearance, you yourself had better look like a God! Not like George Michael with malnutrition, like Hintze does! I get people saying I am ugly all the time. I never tell them they are wrong, LOL! But most of the people who say it either don't have pictures or videos up of themselves (which leads me to believe they must have a face that looks like a lion's butthole), or they themselves are not very attractive looking. On my video where I get my snakes shipped in, I got one comment from a guy who called himself SusScalesandTails (who I think is also a snake breeder from Philadelphia). He simply said "EWWW". Mind you, the video is not to promote hatred. I just did that video so other people, who love reptiles, could share in my excitement of getting these new snakes. I'm not saying this poster had no right to his opinion, as long as he's not threatening, and he wasn't. But I went to his channel and looked at his videos, and he looks like a child-molester! He's ugly as shit! Even Katrina thought so too! She agreed with me. All I am saying is if you expect perfection from other people, you'd better darn well be perfect yourself in every aspect. That means you'd better look like a God (not just in your own opinion! Remember I used to get told all the time I was beautiful when I was younger, and even had boyfriends coming out of my ears!) or a goddess, and then be able to prove it. You'd better not have a single hair out of place, and you'd better have a perfect voice, like one of those radio announcers, and most importantly, you'd better not drink or smoke! Just saying you look better than someone like me means nothing if you are too scared to put up your own pic on the internet. I may be ugly, but you have to give me credit for putting up my images here and on Youtube. And if you look like Robert Hintze does, you lose credibility creating a website like beautifulpeople.com.

There is an article about this guy here, and he sounds like a total jerk! He calls fat people "fatties" as if he's a person between the ages of 6 and 25 who cannot think of a more appropriate word to use. He said other dating sites are "jungles of hippos and warthogs" whereas his site is full of "leopards and gazelles". I'll tell you, if I was thin and beautiful again, I would NOT appreciate being called a "leopard"! If he said that in front of me, I'd slap his face! That remark alone would be enough to get me to delete my membership to that site! In reality, Hintze should be paying his members to join that site, not have his members pay him! And here's another pip, Hintze is from the UK. Didn't I not say they are the biggest bellyachers in the world? The most judgmental people I've ever seen in my life were from the UK. Especially on Youtube! Now, I have friends in the UK. So, I am by no means referring to them. I'm referring to the nearly 90% who are white trash douchebags like Hintze is. And he has no right to call anyone "ugly" until he gets the message that he is no God himself.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Christmas in Montana

It was great!! Anna and I got together and celebrated together. First thing I always do when I get up is put the dogs out to go potty. hehe! Well, then I had to wait for Anna to get up so we could go to her place and open gifts.My Christmas cornucopia consisted of the new iPod Touch (64 GB), an Acer Icona Tablet PC from Katrina which runs on Android, a 500-watt power stand mixer, which I have always wanted! I still have attachments coming for it too. Anna said unfortunately all she could get was the display model and it only came with the wisk attachment. I haven't tried it yet, but it is awesome! I got a sugar cookie mix that I'd like to try on it, as soon as the other attachments arrive. Well, I also got gift cards, one from ma and one from Eva, and a new set of snow tires from my father. I used the gift cards to get myself some micro SD cards for my tablet PC. I also got Anna some gifts as well. Katrina and her hubby gave her the Genie Bra. Anna said she's always wanted that! She also got a karaoke machine, the aluma-wallet, and I gave her a new laptop. When I gave her the laptop, I expected her to be able to plug it in and crank it up right away and get going on the internet. But that was not the case. When she turned it on, she discovered she had another store display model! Not only that, but the store forgot to f-disk it! So she still had the store account and customer account on it. Of which only the store account was useful and it was password protected! It made me so mad! I felt so bad because I know how Anna was looking forward to using her new laptop, and she couldn't. I could not wait for the store to open again the next day, I was going to go there and give them a piece of my mind! I don't mind paying for a display model, but at least have the decency to f-disk the damn thing before selling it to me! I was angry! Well, we did take it back and they gave us our money back to buy a new laptop. It was a different variety of laptop, a Samsung (the first laptop was a Dell), but the clerk said it was good. I once had a Samsung VCR, and I don't remember what happened to it, but I do know their TVs are good.

Well, that was the first part of our celebration. I came home then and started dinner. We had prime rib roast with mashed taters, and homemade dinner rolls, made with monkey-bread dough that Anna loves. That is our typical Christmas dinner. Thanksgiving we always have turkey, Christmas is for prime rib. The prime rib came out great! And it's dinner for the next 3 days! I always get the smallest roast they have in the store, and it always lasts us a few days. It's just the 2 of us this year. Anna and I also sat up for a while that night, watching some Christmas movies we have on DVD. We talked about what we got for Christmas and all the fun we were going to have with the things. But I felt so bad about what happened with Anna's laptop, I let her borrow my tablet PC until we could get her new laptop. But I missed it like crazy that night! I'd just gotten it, and I was dying to put my data on it! It is awesome! It can be used like a Kindle, or an MP3 player. In fact, now that I got that and an iPod, I retired my old MP3 player. I still love it, but it's lost some of it's luster, and it's sound. I cannot hear the songs the way they were meant to be heard anymore. I'm not sure what happened, I do believe I know why some of the sound is lost. I remember one day, I accidentally dropped my MP3 player on the ground, and it hit the ground with a loud thud. I was worried, but it still played. Just some of the sound was lost. Well, for the money I paid for it, it had a great run! I still remember buying that thing back in 2008 and taking weeks to fill it with songs. In fact, I was still filling it with songs this year! I bought it with a Walmart gift card that I won from one of those automobile dealers that was throwing a contest. Everyone was a winner and that's what I won, a gift card. But I was happy, I got a new MP3 player out of it, and it was the best MP3 player I ever had. I had others, fancier ones with screens, and apps, but none of them compared with this one. It doesn't have a screen, nor does it do apps, or anything fancy. Just a set of mono speakers and rubber casing, but I love it because it plays the music the way I like to hear it, in alphabetical order. It kept us entertained on those long road trips and even on short bus trips. It's had a great run! So now, I retire it graciously. I still have it, but I'm just not going to play it anymore. But with an iPod, there's still dangers. People have been known to literally kill for those! I think I remember hearing of a man in Chicago, who was walking home at night, playing his iPod, and some thug came up to him, shot and killed him, and took the iPod right out of his hands! That was all he wanted! It's scary! The guy who was killed, the thug didn't even just hold him up. He just out of the blue, shot and killed the guy for his iPod. I was in the south side of Chicago (on my trip to Michigan back in 2007), and it scared me! I hated it there! I didn't dare leave the car at night! I just hate big cities. And the thugs are the reason why.

Well, that was my Christmas. I had fun, LOTS of fun. Hope all my faithful readers did as well! Also remember the reason for the season. Not just the gift-giving, but also remember Jesus who gave his life for our sins as well (for those who believe in Him).

Friday, December 23, 2011

No White Christmas in Montana

Well, I had hopes of a white Christmas here in Montana, but my sis says there won't be one. I also checked Google Weather, and it says Sunday (which is Christmas Day) will get up to 40 degrees! That SUCKS! I said to Anna "I told you Montana would not have a white Christmas once I move there!" Anna thought I must be jinxed or something. I told her no, the sun just likes me! It won't leave me alone! Ocean Shores never had as many sunny days as it did once I moved there. And apparently Montana has always had a white Christmas until I moved here. Usually I am let off the hook for the first year I am in a new place. But not this time! This time the sun isn't going to give me any breaks! And I hate these cold, sunny days! They're even colder when it's clear out. And when I say it's cold out, I mean it's COLD out! Bitterly cold! I'm not used to getting chills like this! Of course our friends tell us we haven't seen anything yet. It gets MUCH colder than that here! I believe it! I feel sorry for those people who are still doing that bell-ringing job! Yesterday the sun was out, but it was so cold, my lips froze! Even in the afternoon.

Well, when I moved here, I fully expected to see a lot of snowy days. I've been hearing for years about Montana winters. Anna told me when she moved here back in January, it snowed almost daily. But since I've been here, it has snowed (or rained) only a few days. I can actually count the days we've had no sun on the fingers of one hand! This place SUCKS!! I hate it here! I want to go back to Washington!! Or at least to Oregon. I'd even settle for that right now! But Anna had to go back to school here. Bummer! And I don't even know if she's going to be getting a reliable job in the field she wants to study. But I am here for moral support anyway! Shoot! Both of us know Anna will drop out anyway. Why not quit now and cut out the middleman?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Atheists Celebrating Christmas

I always wondered, how and why do atheists celebrate Christmas? Pretty good question, all it needs is a reliable answer. Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating the birth of Jesus, who is our savior. I've seen some atheists who do celebrate Christmas, but what does the holiday really mean to them? I admit there are some things in the Bible I do not understand, but I do believe the story of Jesus. So I am not an atheist. But I don't go around pushing my beliefs on others. If a person does not believe in GOD or Jesus, I'm not going to tell that person that they are going to Hell. That's not my business! I remember when I was a teenager, my ma tried the Jehovah Witness faith for a while. And as you may know, they do not celebrate Christmas. Ma said that first year that there will be no celebrating Christmas in our house. To someone who grew up celebrating Christmas every year, that was rather strange! But Anna and I beat ma's system that year and had a little celebration of our own, and bought each other gifts and exchanged them anyway. We just didn't give them to each other on the 25th. Instead, I believe we celebrated on the 22nd. LOL! Ma never knew about that little party we had that day. I just couldn't not do the traditional Christmas things. The only thing Anna and I could not do was have a special Christmas dinner. Ma would have had a fit!

But anyway, Jehovah Witness faith is one thing, but how do atheists celebrate Christmas? And why? I have a few theories. Maybe they celebrate their own holiday. Perhaps they call it "athemas"? hehehe. Or since almost all vegans are atheists (who also try to push that on others) they probably celebrate "veggiemas". Or PETA supporters probably celebrate "newkirkmas", since that donkey-faced bitch is their god. That's my theory for how atheists celebrate Christmas. Or maybe they just like the holiday because of the gift-giving. Or maybe they just celebrate it because their peers do. But I have seen some atheists aggressively shout out against GOD. They don't believe in HIM, so they don't want others to either. Well, I have news for them, no atheist anywhere has ever been able to convert me into a non-believer, and none of them ever will. Because I know what I felt the day I really "discovered" GOD. HE helped me where nothing and no one else could. And I have not felt that bad since then. That was now 10 years ago.

Well, in other news, it snowed last night. We are apparently expecting more snow too. I hope we have a bunch of fresh snow for Christmas. I'd love to experience a white Christmas for a change! I never got that back home. Anna said the chances of getting one here are very good. I remember back home though, it never snowed on Christmas. We've had it snow the day after Christmas, and we've also had it snow the day before Christmas, and then be all melted away by Christmas morning. But we've never had it snow on Christmas! That sucks too! And in other news yet, I finally finished that St. Helens story! Thank GOD!!! And if I do say so myself, I think it came out pretty darn good!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Timmyfan Is An Idiot

hehehe! My online "spy" again. hehe! Anyway, is Timmyfan really an idiot? Well, everybody says it, but no one has been able to prove it. That's because they are going by an online persona. I am far too complex of a person for anyone to judge that way. And most of the people who say that are just angry because I will not bend my ways of thinking to satisfy them. I have a lot of live personal experience. And most people who have sat and talked with me for any length of time would disagree that I am a true idiot. I am like any person, or culture. I have my beliefs, and I won't back off them. Only if my beliefs would physically hurt another person (or a dog) would I reconsider my position. But that's my choice. I know enough to know that my beliefs are my business.

I will not say that I have never done anything stupid. But show me a person anywhere who has not at any time in their lives. The important thing is that the stupidity not be repeated. Most of my, what I like to call "blond moments", come when I am either not paying too much attention to what I am doing, or when I get too curious. I am a very curious person, and I tend to question EVERYTHING! That's how one finds out about something, they ask. I ask a lot of questions if there is something that sparks my interest. Yes sometimes I may throw in a little sarcasm, not to be taken personally. It's just how I am. I find even at my advanced age, I'm still learning new things. I like that too. It's fun to learn something new. I like asking questions and getting answers, but I don't like people who force their beliefs on me. That is when I start head-butting with others. You can give me facts, and you can say "I think this" or "I believe this", and I will accept it. But you cannot tell me "If you don't think my way, you have no taste" and/or "you are insane" or "If you don't believe what I believe, I'll kill you" and/or "your whole family." It's when I get remarks like those that I push thier beliefs away, and even form a block against them. That's one of the biggest reasons why I do not like panthers nor panther-fanatics. Besides the fact that I find panthers physically repulsive. I mean really. Take away their spots, stripes, and features like the mane on a male lion, and what have you got? A big, fleshy, flapping, disgusting NOTHING. To me, a panther is about as attractive as I would be seen naked by a fanatical vegan. LOL!

Well, if being an idiot means I will not mold myself to fit the populace, then I guess I am an idiot. I like myself the way I am now. I love being different. I love being myself. People have tried to dampen my self-worth by saying "You love being a fat, ignorant [insert another insulting adjective here]?" I emphasize "they tried" because they do try and try hard. But it never works. I like who I am. That's because I see myself for the things I have accomplished in this life. Not by what I look like, or by what I can tell people that they would want to hear. Actually, my looks are the very last thing that is (not so) important to me. You cannot judge a book by it's cover! If my appearance was more important to me, believe me, I would make myself look a LOT more attractive! That's why a person can say I am ugly and it doesn't bother me. But for me, my entire emphasis is on how I am and what I have accomplished, not what I look like. I hope to improve on the things that have made me what I love about myself. For one thing, I would love to be funnier. I've been watching some stand-up comics on YouTube, and trying to have it rub off on me a little. It's a start. When people tell me I am funny, or I make them laugh, it makes me feel good, and it encourages me to make myself better. I like to go beyond the normal, run of the mill jokes. I like things that are very outlandish and would make me laugh for days on end. That is the center of my existance, laughing. I do it all the time. I've even made some people mad because I laugh so much it frustrates them. Even my sis Eva thinks I laugh too much. I laugh where she gets pissed.

I remember when I was a kid, and I went to this private school. The kids all HATED it that I laughed so much! They would get angry at me. I laughed when I got in trouble, I laughed at what was for dinner, I laughed at the sunrise. I would always laugh at everything, and they all got angry because I did. These days I am a lot less giggly, but I still laugh at a lot of things I probably shouldn't. I remember back in 1989, I laughed for a whole week without stopping, all because of a TV show I saw that I thought was funny. The only reason I stopped laughing was because something happened that made me miserable. I lost something I loved in a storm. I was sad then. Sort of ironic. I went from being as happy as a person could be, to being as sad as a person could get, almost in a quick flash.

Friday, December 16, 2011

No More War!

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! The war is now officially over. It's a shame that so many young soldiers lost their lives in this senseless war! But it's now over! I wonder if now that means that our gas prices will start to go down again? I miss the days when gas used to be 99 cents a gallon! I could fill my gas tank with only $10, and it'd carry me around all month! This $3/gallon gas really SUCKS!! And gas has not even changed it's chemical composition! You know why the war started? I'm not sure anyone really does. I've heard conflicting stories about why. One of the biggest stories was that Saddam Hussein had threatened to bomb George W. Bush's house  and kill his children. That was what I heard from one individual (I don't remember who said it). I wish I had the power to begin a war with the people who have threatened me! LOL! But I don't. All I can do is act in self-defense if any of them decide to carry out their threats. And I will. I may be fat, but I can move pretty darn fast! Like a grizzly bear! They may be fat, and a person may believe they can outrun, or outkick them, but you can't! They are bigger and much more powerful and they can move pretty quickly when they want to. Well anyway, I'm glad this war is over. So far, WW3 and the world has not ended yet! Quite a bummer! LOL! That's a joke, BTW. Although it would be cool to start over. Now, begins a huge baby-boom!

I believe in reincarnation, and I believe all those young soldiers will be coming back to finish unfinished business. Perhaps in a different body, and with someone else. As reincarnation goes, I believe this must be my first time around (as a human). I believe I must have been reincarnated from an animal's spirit. And people say animals have no spirit. That's what I've heard, but I also hear of people who sometimes see their pets after they have died. Not sure if it is wishful thinking, or greater forces at work, but there is surely something there! I remember when I was a teenager, I grew up in a family that did not like animals. I was the only one who really did. My ma joked with me one time thinking that if she believed in reincarnation, she would swear I was an animal in my former life. I wonder if she is correct? LOL! I don't know, you discuss subjects like this and tell people what you really think and they'll think you're nuts. Not that they would be wrong about me! LOL! I'm as nutty as they come, and proud of it!

Well, I just wanted to write this quick note. We have to finish our Christmas shopping today. We're going to try and take the car, hope it all works out. I am also almost finished with this story about Mount St. Helens. I've been trying to work on it, but it's not easy. I have to be in a certain mood to work on a story. But this one is turning out much better than the original version. We'll see though.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That Darn Car!

LOL! I don't have a cat, but I do have a car (reference to the movie "That Darn Cat") It's just not used to this weather, and neither am I. I had to quit my job. I wasn't going to until this last week was finished, I was supposed to work on Saturday as well, but I couldn't. I was also hoping the car would be fixed by Friday night so I could work on Saturday! But no, Friday night I had to walk home because I still could not get the car started. My boss was PISSED! Because I told him I was going to finish last week. He demanded an answer Friday morning. I was going to wait until that night to tell him, but he said he needed to make out the next week's schedules. I assumed the car was going to be fixed that night and it would run again. But no. So I had to tell the boss there was no way I was going to be able to make it to work Saturday either. He was disappointed, and I apologized. I couldn't help it! It was the damn car's fault! Well, since that tow truck driver got it started again, it's been working alright. Though I had to go to the library yesterday, and once again it would not start. However, I did manage to get it started again, by using my battery charger. I finally convinced Anna to get roadside assistance added to her insurance. It's going to cost $5 a month extra, but out here in Montana, it'll be quite useful! I'm sure this will not be the last time that car decides not to start.

I guess now that I am not working anymore I can reveal what my job was. I was bell-ringing for the Salvatian Army. The guy I worked for called himself "the captain". He seemed like a fun guy, a lot better than the one I had in Lakewood! But there were some things I didn't like about this guy, as opposed to the guy I worked for in Lakewood. The supervisor of Lakewood's Salvatian Army bell-ringers was rude, but he never griped about me sitting down to ring the bell, or stand inside the store. The captain did bitch about that stuff. And this is Montana! It gets colder than a son of a bitch out there! MUCH colder than Lakewood got! You'd think this supervisor would have been a little more understanding about us standing inside to do our job! But no, he'd bitch about it. He fired Anna for that reason! Of course he gave her a second chance, which was cool. But still, he said if he ever caught us sitting down, or inside the store again we would never work for him again, EVER! Which was fine with me! I never intended to apply for this job again. I worked 40 hours a week ago, and I only got $190. So, this job does not pay like I would want it to. Definitely not worth standing outside just to ring a bell. Of course no matter what he would say, I had every intention of standing inside the building if it was going to be -30 degrees outside. I'm not used to that kind of cold. And if he would have fired me for that, then I would not have cared. As for sitting down, who cares?? The most action you're doing is ringing a bell! As long as I am ringing that bell, thanking and telling people to have a merry Christmas, what does it matter if I am sitting down, standing, or lying on my back for that matter? I never saw the point in standing up to do that job. If it required a lot of moving around, that would have been different. I'd say "OK, I have to stand up to do that". But the most action you're doing on that job is tinkering a tiny bell back and forth. And I was so upset last Friday because of that darned car, I kept dropping the bell! LOL! I was such a butterfingers that day! LOL!

Well, in other news, INXS were apparently great in Paris. I'm just glad they made it out of there without getting mugged! One of my Facebook buds became one of the first fans to meet Ciaran Gribbin. Ya know, I like that guy! He has a Facebook page, and he interacts with the fans. He talks to them, he "likes" their posts and comments. He's different. He's definitely not one of those uppity celebs that doesn't even seem to acknowledge his fans. I like him. I haven't even met him, but I like him already. I hope INXS KEEPS HIM!!!! I love INXS still, and I always will, but I am getting a little bit sick of them changing lead singers. A band isn't supposed to do that! They go through singers like most people go through underwear! Timmy once said that INXS has become it's own tribute band. OK fine with me! But even tribute bands stick with one lead singer. INXS needs to settle on someONE, or figure it's not meant to be, and retire. I feel like the summer of 2005 is now wasted because JD is no longer with them. It's upsetting! That was the best summer of my life! I still watch Rockstar: INXS and get all giddy. But sometimes I find myself crying during the episode where JD is elected the new lead singer. I figure "What's the point now?" Makes me so mad! I love Timmy, and once the words "JD, you are right for our band, INXS" made me laugh out loud! But now, I watch that episode and I cannot help but think that whole series was such a waste! Who'd have thought, ey?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

INXS in Paris

Well, I heard from Ciaran this morning and he said INXS are going to Paris. EESH!! I hate Paris!! I heard Paris has the highest crime-rate in the world. That's enough to keep me out of there! So all my friends attending that concert (and INXS themselves) I hope they don't get mugged there! I just hope they have fun, and be careful! Not surprising the crime-rate is so high. I've never met anyone who had as bad a temper as the French do! Must be the heat. I know heat makes me go crazy. That's why I want to go back to the coast. I mellowed out considerably after living there a couple of years. Besides, I've had it with this complex. Too many freaks and wierdos here. All except our friends. But then I don't make friends with freaks either. Actually the only person in this building I truly despise is Andy. He growled at Anna once. Yes! He growled. When I told Karen that, she looked at me funny and said "He growled??" I know it sounds wierd, but I didn't do it! I'm pretty sure she relayed the message to Andy and he denied it (like he denies he's an evil person). Apparently his attitude has changed, and people here are starting to like him again. Well, evil has a lot of appeal. Satan was a very charismatic angel before he got kicked out of Heaven. Everyone liked him and he was apparently the most beautiful angel that ever lived. But he was evil! Andy is not at all beautiful, but he is evil, and I don't trust him! Other people here may allow themselves to be fooled by his "new-found attitude". But I've always prided myself in not allowing myself to give in to evil. So when he's around, I don't even talk to him. I barely look at him. And once I get my kindle, it'll be much easier to go to the dog park and ignore him! I'd be too engrossed in reading to listen to him. hehehe!

That's another thing I want so badly, a kindle! Ma asked me why I want a kindle and I said because I want to be able to carry my stories around, show them off, and when I am at the dog park and that Andy comes in, I can turn him off by turning my books on! hehe! I want the new kindle fire. With that, apparently you can read books as well as watch movies. That's awesome!! So the kindle fire is one of the things I have on my wishlist. That and an ipad. But one thing at a time! Get the kindle first, then I'll get the ipad. I cannot wait! I want all this good shit now! LOL!

Well, in other, older news, I got the car running again. I was going to have it towed home yesterday. The tow truck was there and everything, and the car was all hooked up and ready to go. But the guy who was going to tow it managed to get it started! I asked him "How'd you do that?" He showed me the trick to getting it started, if there's something wrong with the starter. He said to put the car in neutral, then push it, and throw it into park. He said that kindof starts the motor. I'm still going to get that starter fixed. I know it's the starter. It has to be! Our friend Mike, who is a certified mechanic, he thought it was the battery, but I didn't think so. If it was the battery, the lights would not work, and we would hear no noise at all. The car still bleeped when we turned the keys, but no sound would come from the engine. Also, the headlights still worked. So, it wasn't the battery. I'm just about positive it's the starter. The car is running now. I managed to start it several times yesterday with no problems.

Well, I found out why the person who was supposed to pick us up the other night never showed up. Apparently he was ill. Well, I hope he gets better. I'm not angry at all. Actually, I rather enjoyed walking home. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it hadn't been dark out at the time though. But nothing happened, and I had a nice walk, so I'm not angry. If something bad had happened, like if either I, or Anna, had been mugged, I would have been angry. VERY angry! But nothing did happen. I just cursed the car, not our friend. Well, I'm trying not to run that car so much now. Not until we can replace the starter. I remember this same thing happened with our last car, the Topaz. The starter gave out. I wish I had known about that little trick back then, I probably could have got the car started. We had just had a new starter put in too! Spent $200 to have that new one installed, and it gave out. In the wrong place and at the wrong time too! We were parked on the beach at the time, and a high tide was coming in. I didn't know what else to do but leave the car there. And it wound up underwater. Ma joked with me about that for a long time. But I felt bad! Especially with a new starter, it should have worked again! I hope that does not happen again.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Vegan Video Comments Are Now Permanently Closed

It's true! I have now closed all the comments sections to all my vegan videos. Any video I have relating to veganism. I've been saying ever since I reopened the comments sections, that the first person who posts any threats to me and I will close out the comments sections of those videos and I will NOT reopen them again! I don't mind their name-calling, but I don't tolerate threats! Today's threat came from someone who calls himself "evertyhingtruelygood". It was probably a teenager, some irresponsible kid who did not take my warnings seriously. I also mentioned that anyone who posts veganism crap on any of my other videos will be blocked and reported. They had their chance. Like I said, irresponsible people ruin everything for everybody, and now because of this one, I had to close out the comments section of all my vegan videos. Not sure how the vegans will react to that, some may praise this kid, some may curse him. But no matter what, now that I have given them a second chance, and they blew it, the comments section will remain closed for good. I told them not to even ask me to open the comments back up again! I won't do it!

Oddly enough, I'm surprised it took this long for a nazi vegan fanatic to post any threats! Usually that's normal for them. And just so everyone knows, no I did not close the comments because I am "afraid". Some vegans said that before. No, this time I even gave the name of the person who posted the threat, telling all the vegans that wish to comment that they can thank him for the comments section being closed now. I wasn't ever going to close it again, until this would happen.

Well, in other news, I quit this job. I was going to go until the end of the week, and my supervisor was a little angry. But our car broke down. I can't move it, and now I have to concentrate on getting it fixed. I was in such a rotten mood today, it hurt my lips to smile at everyone. I probably gave some people a half-assed smirk, instead of a full smile. That's how bad my mood was! The whole business with the car just had me so upset! Then the guy who dropped us off at work (both me and Anna) was supposed to come and pick us up, and he didn't. He never showed up! He completely forgot about us, so Anna and I had to walk home from the stores we were working at. Luckily it really is not that far either way. The walk actually did me some good. Got my mind off the car trouble for a little while. But all the way home, I was cursing that damn car!! Now, we have to figure out how we are going to get it fixed!

It just came to me, LOL! I think I should post the threat this kid made! DUH! This is what he said:

"TimmyGal, you're the most ugly thing I've ever seen. You were cursed by a God. I hope God sends one of his archangel's down from heaven to murder you. TimmyGal, I hope someone cuts your head off, and then we can all take turns kicking it around, whilst we spit, and piss on it."

Heck, I don't care if he thinks I'm ugly. He is most likely a dumb fanatic that thinks anyone who is not a vegan is ugly. Doesn't bother me. But then threatening to murder me, cutting my head off to kick it around, and piss and spit on it, that's going way too far! That is why I closed the comments. Of course if I saw him coming at me with a knife to cut my head off, I'd kick him in the nads. Then while he is on the floor, moaning in pain, I would take him and tie his hands behind his back, and his feet tied to his hands, turn him over and sit on his chest, take a PVC pipe, and a bottle of Listerine, jam the pipe in his mouth to hold it open, then I would gargle with all the Listerine and spit it into his mouth! Then I would make sure he'd swallow it! I'd make sure it's the kind that stings too! No killing involved! I'd want him to be alive while I'm spitting Listerine into his mouth! Make him suffer. And make a movie of it too. hehehe!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


You know I have a friend whose family lives in Nairobi, and every year she goes there and stays with them for the holiday season. I was watching some videos on YouTube, and they showed  packs of African wild dogs with their prey. Those are some brave dogs, let me tell you! I've seen them stand up to lions before! Well, lions have some advantage over all other animals, because they say it's the lions you don't see you should worry about. But these dogs are brave. I've seen a video of them standing up to lions and driving them away! I'd love to see packs of wild dogs doing their thing in the wild. I wish we had animals like that here. We have wolves, but wolves are nowhere near as spectacular as African wild dogs!

I'd love to someday go on a safari! Preferably a safari in Australia's outback. LOL! I would say an African safari, but with my shitty luck, I'd never see any wild dogs! Probably I'd go there and all I would see are some dumb lions, or a stupid leopard! No wild dogs. That would SUCK!! Then I'd be pissed because I wasted all that money and all I would be forced to watch are some dumb panthers! And if I wanted to see them, I'd stay at home and watch them for free on TV. And I don't even do that. African safaris run around $20,000. If I am going to spend that kind of money, I would want to see something rare, something I don't see (or hear of) every day to a point it gets sickening. These people who have videos of wild dogs, they should play the lottery! I'd bet you they'd win! If they're lucky enough to see a pack of wild dogs, they'd be lucky enough to win the lottery! I wish that would be me though!

I think they're kinda cute! Take away those odd markings, and I'd say that's one of the cutest faces I've ever seen! And they are brave! Much more so than hyenas! Unfortunately they are becoming extinct. I don't know why. Here, wolves are thriving! More wolves have been spotted here than cougars.

Well, in other news, Anna is quitting this job today. The winters here in Montana are just too brutal to stand outside. And the boss fusses when we stand inside. And I totally refuse to stand outside when it is going to be -30 degrees out there! I'm going to quit too, but not yet. I'll quit maybe after next week. If not this weekend. I hope he will let Anna quit. If not, then Anna can screw up and make him terminate her. That's what I'd do! The boss said if he ever caught us sitting down, or inside the store again, then we would never work for him again. LOL! So that would be one way Anna could be released from this job. Well, unfortunately I'm the one who has today off, and it's Anna's birthday. She should have got today off, not me. Well, as promised, I will make her a cake. Hope she likes it. She also wants a trip to Idaho Falls, and I cannot give that to her now. For that one, she will have to wait.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dee The Snowgirl

Ohh man! I never have any time for myself anymore. I have this job hanging over my head! I am trying to work on this one story so I can put it up on the UMG Productions site. It's a story devoted to Mount St. Helens, and I have appearances being made by Harry Truman, David Johnston and later on, Reid Blackburn. I also have Bandit and some of her friends and Candi (me) in the story. hehehe! Though in this story, Candi is a 17-year old with hormones raging, and she follows David Johnston around like a rockstar groupie! LOL! Actually the original story depicted these characters in a totally different manner. When I first wrote this story, and I described it in one of the first chatrooms I've ever been in, everyone said that it sounded a lot like the St. Helens movie (from 1981). Probably because I just had Harry Truman and David Johnston in the story. But I am tweaking it a little bit. I've made Candi this teenage girl, who sees David Johnston the way modern teenagers see Justin Bieber. She becomes the first ever volcanologist groupie! hehee! Well, let's face it! Johnston was a very handsome man! If groupies ever existed for scientists, he would have had a swarm of them shadowing his every move! I got the idea for this remembering how I was when I saw Tim Farriss at the taping of Rockstar: INXS. I thought this would make an interesting first! I am trying to make it as far unlike the movie St. Helens as I can possibly get it to be, and still keep the characters. I am rather proud of the job I am doing too. The drawings are coming out spectacular! The people look exactly how they should. I notice I do MUCH better likenesses when I am not even trying to draw the people I am supposed to draw. Instead, I trick my mind into believing that I'm only drawing a guy who looks like David Johnston! LOL! Then the drawings come out looking exactly like him.

I remember when I first wrote this story, back in 1997. I had to stare at pictures of David Johnston, Harry Truman and Reid Blackburn for hours and hours on end, so I can capture every little detail. It was then I discovered how very beautiful David Johnston was, and I thought that would be a good angle for the story, have Candi fall in love with him! But no, after hearing a couple times from people I described the story to, saying that the angle was too much like that of the movie, I decided I needed to fix that. I remember I started this story in April of 1997, and I had to have it finished by May 18th. Incidentally, the new Johnston Ridge Observatory was also to be completed that very same day. So I finished that story at the same time the observatory was completed. I didn't even know they were working on an observatory then! Until I heard on the news that it was finished, and now you can look down the throat of the volcano! You can stand in the same place Johnston did when he was taken by the mountain.

Well, I have limited time to work on this story now. I have to go to work and it's not that easy sitting there, drawing (during my breaks) when you have a dozen thick shirts on! I can barely move my arms! Well, Anna and I are doing this job. I feel a little bad that she has to work on her b-day! But I will have a very nice surprise waiting for her when she gets home. She'll love it! This job is beginning to get to me! Even though I am fully aware it is my own fault! I signed on as a full-time worker! But now, my boss is telling me he does not like me to sit down! Why the Hell not??? It's not like I am doing much! I'm not reaching over anything. I'm just standing there, thanking people and telling them to have a Merry Christmas! I can do that just as good sitting down as I can standing up! I usually sit down anyway, I don't care if he sees me or not. Last weekend, he caught Anna standing inside the store and he about went into a conniption! But it was very cold out and the wind was blowing. He doesn't want her or anyone standing inside the store. Easy for him to gripe! I bet he sits at a desk inside a warm building all day long. If the wind wasn't blowing, I would have agreed with him. But the wind was pretty fierce, so I was glad Anna got to stand inside! It's a lot better than fighting that darned wind! I told Anna, that if I ever have to work on a day when it's -30 degrees out there, I'm standing inside the store! I don't care what the boss says! If he fires me, then he's just gonna have to fire me.

Well, the cold can be beat! I'm doing pretty good with putting on a dozen thick shirts and pants, and I have hand and foot warmers that I also use. But let me tell you, walking around in all that, or doing anything at all! It's difficult! I feel like I am going deep-sea diving! All those clothes on, must add at least another 100 pounds to my already over-extended weight! Now I know how it feels to weigh 400 pounds! I have a new respect for those big guys on Operation Repo! It hurts my back! It also hurts my legs! And I stand out there and I feel, and probably look, like a snowman! The kids all look at me like they want to put a carrot on my nose and 2 pieces of coal for my eyes! So I leave the house every day singing this song (to the tune of Frosty the Snowman):

Dee Dee the snow-girl
has to go to work today
It says it'll snow, but Dee Dee goes
and stands outside like a ho----

Oh, Dee Dee the snow-girl
has to wear a dozen shirts
Tugs a backpack 'round, and smiles like a clown
and her boots make her feet hurt!

Well, one thing is keeping me going. That is the fact that this job, if I can keep it, will only last until Christmas Eve. If he fires me before then, that's fine too! I actually have another job waiting for me! And it is an inside job too. I told the supervisor of that job that I cannot do anything until this job is finished. Frankly, I will be glad when it is finished! I'm just not quite ready for it to end yet. After this week though, I will be.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kindness Still Exists

I recently got a new job, it's just a temporary job, and it really does not pay much. However, it requires me to stand (or sit) out in the cold for 8 hours a day. It's my own fault! I'm the one who wanted to put in for full time instead of part time! But it's worth it. This is our first Christmas in Montana, and I want to make it special. It may be our last one too. Don't know for sure. Winter is much better here than summer. But I do still want to get away from this complex. I imagine Anna and I just living alone in a little mobile home or something like that. Perhaps in a park. It's not too bad here, I mean I love our friends, but there's also a lot of freaks and wierdos here that I am just getting fed up with! I can tell you all, I finally snapped the other day, wishing that more responsible people lived here. I was cussing everyone out, and running around the apartment just raging about the dumb, stupid, irresponsible people that inhabit this complex. Not all of them are like that, but even going to the dog park has become something of an insurmountable chore because this one resident that commonly goes there has allowed his dog to turn viciously on the others, and I am scared it'll one day lose it's head and attack my babies. Then that guy will be blaming Vegas and Minnie, and possibly hurting them like the way he tossed Brandie, the landlord's dog. He blamed Brandie for that attack, and it was his dog that started it! Not Brandie. My buddy, Karen got bit in trying to rescue Brandie. I saw the bites on her hand, and thought she'd been laid into by a lion! Seriously! I thought her hand had been partially eaten off! And this guy Rory, whose dog attacked Brandie, he stands there like butter won't melt and said his dog didn't start it. Bullshit! But he's an example of the kind of irresponsible people that live in this complex! They make me so MAD!!! Karen said he came into the park, and his dog's hair was already bristled up, like she was looking for a fight. If Rory could not tell that, then he doesn't deserve to have a dog! And yes, I agree there are instances where I will say someone does not deserve to have a dog. But they are only because I feel the person who owns the dog is not responsible. Not for some silly reasons like I have been accused of, like because I love INXS, or because I don't believe in purposefully breeding mixed breeds for the sake of making money or giving in to popular demand. It wasn't until the landlord nearly chewed Rory's head off that he finally realized he needs to control his dog, and not go into the park with his dog's hair bristled up in anger. Anyway, I digress (after a 10 minute lecture).

Anyway, I was at work this past week and just before my lunch break came around, a random stranger came to me, and handed me a cup of hot cocoa. I was so thrilled! I could not thank her enough! And I thought kindness was dead! That is until I saw her and she gave me that life-saving hot cocoa! It was COLD that day! She wasn't a woman my age, either. She looked like she was no older than 25. If kindness in any form still existed in this world, the last place I would ever expect to find it would have been in a 25-year old! But there it was! This sure would not have happened in Washington state! I guess the people here in Montana are friendlier than in Washington state! Well! In all fairness, Washington state used to be nicer before the Californians began moving in in such heavy numbers. When I used to do this kind of job back in Tacoma, people actually used to give me dirty looks! Now here, I have seen some people who look at me with indifference, or even don't pay any attention to me at all, but I can honestly tell you that I have not yet had anyone give me dirty looks. Looks don't bother me, I just match their's and give it right back to them. But back in Tacoma in Washington, some people would look at me like they wanted to kill me! And knowing the people in that town the way I did, there was no doubt in my mind they were capable of that!

What makes this job most enjoyable are the parents who teach their kids all about the spirit of giving. That's what makes this job worthwhile. I saw a parent who's child wanted so bad to give, and begged her mom and begged. But her mom did not listen, and just walked away. I sat there and said "I like the parents who teach their kids the value of giving a lot better". No, I am not begging for money on the corner! This is a different kind of job. A real job, and even though the pay is small (minimum wage) it's still pay.