Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Cuck The Tuck

 As you may already know, FOX News has fired Tucker Carlson. I am so angry at FOX for doing this. Tucker was their greatest asset. Already they are losing money because of this decision. I say it serves them right! They should lose money! Getting rid of Tucker Carlson is perhaps the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas! Of course the leftists are happy about this. On The View, they were singing that same song the leftists always sing now. I've heard it come from them so often, I'm even sick of the song...

Good bye!"

I used to like that song, until now, that I am hearing the leftists overuse and weaponize it. But Tucker is a very intelligent person. He'll figure out a way to get himself back in the media. He's well loved enough to create his own channel! But FOX wants to make sure they keep tabs on him. They now have some kind of opposition folder created to blacken Tucker Carlson's name if he ever speaks out against FOX News. Kinda weird if you ask me. Even though I've been known to do pretty much the same thing to my own foes, even with that, I admit it is a dickwad move. And if the accusations are from someone named Abby Grossberg, then I don't care to hear it!

Let me tell you why. For one thing, I've already heard her accusations that Tucker Carlson, along with several other men in the station, were spreading anti-semantic and misogynistic rumors. And frankly, I don't believe a word she says. Tucker has a wife. Why would he say anything against women? And the anti-semantic claims. People have been trying to accuse Tucker Carlson of being racist against non-whites forever! But it is simply not true! I think the real reason they got rid of Tucker Carlson is just for exactly the same reason YouTube is deplatforming Matt Walsh. Because he refuses to give into the big lie about how men can become women and women can become men, and that there is some kind of "in-between" entity that they call "non-binary". I don't blame him for that. I wouldn't go along with it either. The whole gender thing is a LIE!!!

Another reason I won't listen to Grossberg, she never actually met Tucker Carlson! Apparently they both live in totally different states. And she's never worked with him personally. So no. I'm not going to believe a word she says unless there is undeniable proof.

That is why FOX may be able to remove Tucker Carlson from their studio (even if it kills them), but they will never get him completely off the media! And they cannot change all the minds of those who love him.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Desperate Trannies

Remember, we just had a mass shooting where a trans "woman" killed 6 people at a Christian school. You know why that happened? Because trannies are getting desperate. They are now afraid of being outlawed out of this country. Several states have happily taken the initiative to make it illegal to transform kids to the opposite sex. So today's trannies are getting desperate. Desperate enough to try anything. Including threatening you and your children. Meet Tara (Thomas) Jay. He has a message for all the women out there.

"I dare you to stop me from going into a woman's bathroom". "I dare you to try and stop another trans "woman" from using a woman's bathroom in my presence". He's saying he is prepared to kill anyone who stops him from using the bathroom he has no business using. He kept saying "Its the last mistake you'll ever make". I totally hate this guy! If anyone out there ever had a shred of doubt that trannies are unstable people, who should not be allowed near guns, this should open your eyes. Mentally deranged people should not own guns. That goes for Thomas Jay. He doesn't need a gun. Its the normal people around him who need the guns. He seems proud of his threats too.

Thomas denies what he posted is a threat. Of course he does! Obama spoiled these trannies and now Biden is spoiling them. He tells them they can never do no wrong. He lets them get away with anything. Modern leftists give them all the ratification to do whatever they want. The entire leftist ideologies have now gone too far. Conservatives need to start fighting back. The problem is, judging by this video, it may already be too late. Thomas is still on Twitter (under the moniker Tranny Vs. The World) and unaware he is making threats. I would not be surprised if everyone, who has been trans-allies before, stop supporting trans people because of the threats made by this man. This man makes me want to gouge out his eyeballs in the slowest, most painful way I can.

What surprises me is that he has not been banned from TikTok or Twitter for his threats. Apparently on TikTok, some people have found out who he is and where he lives. He lives in Kansas. They have called the police on him for the threats he made on the videos. People like him seem to forget that, trans or not, a call to violence is NOT protected under free speech rights. I looked on his Twitter and all I see are all kinds of complaints and "whataboutisms" that leftists always use in their arguments. And they say conservatives do that. Well, maybe we do. But we have good reason to. Because it's seemed the leftists can get away with things others cannot. Yet there is not one single thing the right-wingers can do that leftists cannot. It makes no sense. And that is why conservatives are always throwing in the "whatabouts" in their arguments. But leftists have no reason to use that argument. They just think they don't have rights that we do. But I think the videos this tranny puts out is proof enough that they do indeed have special rights. The videos are still up. Whereas if a Christian man had said anything similar to this, that video would have been removed right away, and a SWAT team would have stormed the house of the poster.

Well, I've let bullies like this guy get the better of me for too long. I put up with all this bullying shit when I was a kid! I'm not going to allow myself to be bullied as an adult. I said to this guy if he threatens my family, it'll not only be the last mistake he ever makes, it'll be the last time he ever sees daylight! He's not afraid to die? Neither am I. And I will protect my family at all costs. If he can protect his dumb little tranny "friends", then I can for sure protect my family! And conservatives all carry guns! And have for all our lives. We can draw faster than this jerk can turn his head! He'll be down before he even has a chance to reach for his gun belt. You don't mess with conservatives. You never know what skills they could have.

Like I said though. It may be too late. We should have stopped this a long time ago! But other people were afraid of being called fascists. Or nazis. Or bigots. Or transphobes! Which is the silliest name of them all. That's why names never bothered me. Besides, the leftists have overused those names to a point where they mean nothing anymore. Someone calls me a bigot, I just laugh at them. Someone calls me a "transphobe", I first laugh at the word, then I laugh at them! It's just like washing socks to me now. I'm not afraid to fight back. I'm not afraid of the words. Actually, I never was afraid of the words. They are just words, after all. Sticks and stones, etc.

Monday, April 17, 2023

The Legendary Courage of Riley Gaines

I have a distinctive feeling this young girl will go down in history! Riley Gaines is the female swimmer who lost her #1 position to a man!

Well, recently she has taken to going around the country to save women's sports. I must say her courage is very inspiring! I know her parents must be proud of her. She's even gone to San Fransisco State University which is the most leftist city you can visit. The students there did not like Riley speaking out against Lia Thomas taking her first place spot away. Like the leftists always do, they attacked her, to a point she needed police escorts. But even they did very little good. She was banged on the head by a man wearing a dress. I cannot blame her for being scared. Those nutters are crazy! I only hope it doesn't discourage her from keeping up the fight. I'm with her in spirit. So are a lot of other conservatives who believe men taking over women's sports is wrong!

As I have stated before, I am not even into women's sports. I would not advocate for them at all, except now they have allowed men to compete against women, and I just think that's totally wrong! Especially in the case of Lia Thomas, who transitioned just so he could beat real women out of their own game. It made me angry to hear he did that. So now, I am joining in this battle against trans-"women" in women's sports. Pretty soon, if this is kept up, women will have nothing that is just ours, and ours alone. We'll have to share stuff that was traditionally only for us, with biological men. And it seems there is nothing women can do about it. Or there wasn't. But look what allowing trans-"women" in real womens' spaces has allowed; 3 women were raped in a woman's prison by a man who claimed he was a woman. Women have lost their first place positions in women's sports. Biological men are ogling young girls in women's locker rooms. Men are invading women's restrooms, and several times I've heard of women getting raped by them. It's an awful time to be an active woman now. It makes me angry at this world. And it's all Biden's fault!

Men are claiming to be women now because they get pats on the back for it on Twitter and TikTok. Those imbeciles call them "brave". Well, they're NOT brave. They're actually the most cowardly people of all. There is nothing brave about claiming to be the opposite sex. Any child can do that. They do it in play though. They don't do it to change their lives, no matter what the leftists say. The real brave people are the people like Riley Gaines, who go against the violent leftist mobs and say what they really feel. Believe me that takes a lot of courage! Courage that no tranny anywhere can ever even dream to match! As a person who speaks her mind a lot, I know the kind of bravery it takes. A regular tranny would fall apart under that kind of pressure. You have to be prepared that it could get you beaten, and not many people are willing to have your back. You have to be prepared that a lot of people will hate you for it. Even those who you might think are your friends. That's why I say I do not have friends at all. And proud of it! The more human friends you have, the bigger an ass-kisser you are. So, I don't want human friends. I'm perfectly happy just having my family and pets around.

I am no doubt in Club Gaines! Lia Thomas can go suck dick for all I care. Katrina and I are doing our part to fight the leftist mob. Right now, we are blowing up in the face of Jeffrey Marsh. Dylan Mulveney is next. Dylan has ruined Budweiser's career! I don't even drink beer. I think it all tastes like piss water. But if I did, I wouldn't put any more money in Budweiser's pockets!!! Most people who do drink beer are conservatives. So, it was a dooming idea for Budweiser to spit in the face of their biggest supporters by getting Dylan Mulveney to sponsor their products. Nike is a lost cause. But Budweiser surprised everyone. Now, no one is supporting them.

If you want to join us conservatives in the fight against allowing men in women's spaces, Riley Gaines has begun a page where you can show your support. Go to Riley Gaines | Save Women’s Sports | Official Website | Riley Gaines and show some love and support.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Mass "Genocide" That Isn't

 I swear leftists are so DUMB!!! They make me want to scream! Or slap some sense into them. Now, they are calling us being against transgendering children some kind of mass "genocide". WTF?! That's an offense to people who have really suffered genocide. There's nothing genocidal about not allowing little kids to transition to the opposite gender. Being trans is not genetic! It's learned behavior that, when left alone, will fix it's self with age. It is much more genocidal to actually transition children than the other way around. Transitioning kids takes away their ability to reproduce properly, which is what genocide is. It's the forceful depletion of an entire gene pool. There is no gene pool that I know of, outside the imagination of leftists, where everyone is trans!

Let me tell you, Hitler killing Jewish people was a mass genocide. Killing of Indian tribes was a mass genocide. Killing of endangered animals is a mass genocide. Even killing of slaves would be considered genocide. Stopping kids from mutilating their own bodies is not genocide! It's protection from genocide. There are people out there who should not even be parents. Those are the ones who don't really give a shit about their kids. Or they see their kids as social media pawns. You can always tell those parents apart from others because they get on TikTok and show off their "trans" kids. Those kind of people make me sick! I don't like them. That's why I am getting so sick of trans people!

It was fine when all they wanted was to live their lives, love whom they love and be happy. I was fine with that. But now, they are demanding special treatment. Remember Sam Brinton?! That ugly SOB who has a fetish for having sex with dogs? Remember how he knowingly stole the luggage of 3 other women? He has now managed to strike a plea bargain so he would not be thrown in prison. Now, if he was a normal human being, he would have been put away for several years. But because he's a trans idiot with a fetish for dogs, he was able to plea bargain with the judge. And the judge (no doubt a leftist) fell for it. So the judge is going to let another criminal back on the streets to do his crimes over again.

I saw an article this morning that a friend shared with me, that was about four Walmart stores in Chicago closing down. No one will say it out loud, but it's because of the constant thefts and shoplifting going on in those stores. No one will say it except FOX News. Which is why the leftists need to start watching FOX News. But they refuse to. Without it, they don't get the full story. Only the leftwing media's side of the story. And as we all know (from watching Tess Obrien) the leftists are LIARS!!! But that's why leftists are so dumb. Because they only hear the left side. The leftist media is not going to tell you Walmarts are closing down all over the country because of thieves and shoplifters. They will more likely blame Donald Trump or white people. They won't admit it's because the District Attorney is so soft on criminals.

Speaking of blaming Donald Trump. Alvin Braggs, the current manager of NYC who was chosen just because he was black, has found a way to have Trump arrested. Trump went peacefully with no resistance whatsoever. The crime? Giving hush money to a prostitute. Now, since when is giving someone hush money illegal? The DA thinks she was given money to not talk about Trump colluding with the Russians. So, the leftists have finally done it. But you know what? I'm not worried. Not at all. Like I said, giving someone hush money is not a crime. And it's already been proven that Trump did not collude with Russia. But Clinton did. So why don't they go after her? For the same reason they won't arrest Sam Brinton. Because she's a leftist with a fetish. I knew there was something about that Alvin Braggs that I didn't like. And despite what Susan Burklund thinks, it wasn't just because he was black. It's because he's a jerk who only sees corruption in Trump, just like Susan. But is too scared to arrest the real criminals that invade the streets of NYC.

Trump handled his arrest gracefully, even though he did nothing wrong. I must say I am proud of him for that! He did a lot better than that goon, George Floyd! Now I have even more respect for Trump! I don't care what the NY courts think. Next election, I am going to vote for Trump. No questions asked. If he's running, I'm voting!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Trannies With Guns

OK I always wait until things have calmed down before I write anything about it. This is about the shooting in Nashville. The shooter was a trans "woman". Still a man, just a man who wears a wig, make up and a dress. As a real woman, I don't even wear dresses. In this case it was a man who thinks he's a woman, shooting up a Christian school. Of the 6 who were killed, three were children under 10 years old, and three were staff members. Then the tranny killed himself. The sad thing is, this is not the first time this kind of thing happened. I remember a few years ago, there was another trans "woman" who carried an axe into a convenience store swinging in Australia. This is how we can be sure people calling themselves trans "women" are not real women. Mass shooters are almost exclusively male. And there is a biological reason for that.

Now I hear that the day that happened, was some kind of official "trans day of vengeance" or something to that effect. I also saw where only a week before that happened, Cenk Yugar from TYT said in his podcast that he's totally against anyone having guns. With the exception of trans people. Fuck that! The rest of us need guns to protect ourselves against trans people especially! Only allowing trans people to be armed is an extremely dangerous way to go! Judging especially by the way ol' Johnathan Yaniv acted with weapons! He used them hap-hazardly against people who he just disagrees with. Not against anyone who would attack him physically. That's what dumbass anti-gun people like Cenk Yugar want for trans people. NO ONE with a mental disorder that bad should be allowed near a gun! Cenk says "they need it in case some 'right-wing lunatics' confront them". Well, I've never met a right-wing "lunatic". They may be out there, but I haven't seen them. The real lunatics have always been on the left. And anyone who thinks they are something they really are not, is definitely a lunatic!

There should NEVER be a trans day of vengeance! Unless it's something like April Fools day where trans people get even with normal people just for fun. But only in FUN. Not to kill or anything bad like that. And NO child is trans on their own. So, leave kids out of it! My prayers are forever with the families of the victims in the Nashville shooting. Not the shooter himself. I don't care what happens to his soul. He made the choice to shoot up a school he had NOTHING to do with! And he killed kids! That's totally wrong! And I'll bet when Cenk Yugar heard about the shooting, he laughed and cheered for the shooter. After all, he was the one who said a week before the incident that trans people are the only ones who should have guns. No one else. No doubt he inspired that event. This is why I stopped watching TYT, and I'm glad I haven't looked back!

Though I heard Anna Casparian is beginning to have a change in attitude. Well, she wouldn't be the first of the panel to change. Dave Rubin used to be with TYT, and he changed his mind after finding out what hypocrites the leftists are. He left the left. I'd like to think Anna Casparian is seeing the same light. Especially after this shooting incident. I don't see how anyone with a heart can hear of the shooting in Nashville and feel good in any way about it. It makes me sick! It makes me think we should never have allowed trannies to have their own way. They don't deserve special treatment. I liked the world better when they were staying in the closet. I've already stated I would never allow them in my business. I'd not even allow them in my house! Just like a pit bull, they may snap at any time. I'm not going to deal with that. I'm not going to call someone with broad shoulders and looking like a linebacker "ma'am". Not gonna happen! If they walk into my business and behave like a normal human being, I'll gladly serve them. But not if they come in demanding I call them by a pronoun I am not familiar with or don't see in them. And I've really only seen a small handful of trannies that would have me fooled.