Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why Do I Love Timmy?

hehe. I thought this would be an interesting post. I do love Tim Farriss and everyone by now knows that. I miss him more than anything. I wish he would get his butt on Facebook. Andrew and Jon did. But I once heard he hates social media. I cannot understand why. Maybe he thinks he wouldn't have as many fans as Andrew and Jon? Well, I am here. I can love him enough for everyone who wouldn't. Or it could be the evil INXS fans who are telling him not to get on Facebook. But Timmy sure doesn't know what he's missing. I would love to be able to add him to my uhh "collection" of Farriss brothers Facebook pages. hehehe! Only he can complete it.

Well anyways, I may have discussed this before, but someone asked me today why I love Timmy so much. I think she's a new fan, so I try to help her as much as I can learn all about INXS. They are a bunch of fascinating guys! I should begin an "INXS University". LOL!! Or at least begin an INXS 101 day. hehehe! Well, anyways, I thought I would go into full detail here about why I love Timmy so much. He means the world to me! I love that man with every ounce of my being! He still is, always has been, and always will be my most favorite band member of INXS. My second favorite has been known to fluctuate now and then, but right now it's Michael. But Timmy will always be #1 to me. There are many reasons why I love Timmy, and it dates back to my beginnings as an INXS fan.

I first heard INXS's music in 1987, on the bus to a pre-voc class. It was Need U Tonight. I instantly fell in love with it, especially the opening riffs. I couldn't really hear the words to the song, because of the other kids being rowdy in the back of the bus. I did hear what sounded like whispering. Later I would find out it was Michael singing in his best, sexiest voice! It wasn't until I first saw these guys in the flesh in 1990 that I became a full-blown fan. Michael was so handsome, I fell in love with him on first sight. I even joked to friends that I would one day marry him. LOL! During the video for Need U Tonight, Michael was most prevalent. I saw fleeting glimpses of the other guys, but they only lasted a few seconds compared to how much Michael was in the screen. Or they were off in the background. The other band members were not on the screen long enough for it to register in my mind if I liked any of them or not. Only Michael caught my attention at this point with his hair, his moves, his singing and his sexy voice.

It wasn't until the Mediate video came on after that I was able to get a more detailed look at the other guys. Though they were all cute, besides Michael, Timmy was the most handsome in the group. I loved his buns!! I love good buns on a man! And his were the best in the band! INXS later became one of my favorite bands, rivaled only by Roxette back in those days. Well, later I got that job with Patti and Chris, and after I lost that job my life changed completely. I gave up all those bands I had been into before I took that job. Roxette, New Kids on the Block, MC Hammer, Richard Marx, Michael Penn. All those bands. I never got back into them again. I wanted nothing around me that reminded me of my time on that job. The only reason I didn't quit on INXS then was because my interest in them was overshadowed by my love for Roxette. Back then, I loved Roxette every bit as much as I now do INXS. So when I decided I didn't want anything anymore that reminded me of my time on that job, Roxette received most of the brunt of my disgust. LOL! I have tried to get back into them before. But it was hopeless. I still like their music, but any actual love I had for them back then has now gone the way of the dinosaurs. Extinct, never to be seen in it's original form ever again.

I had seen INXS live once before I took that job, but after I had been on that job, the concert had completely slipped my mind. I took a 5-year break from INXS then. I still liked them, and their music, but I was also pursuing other interests during this time. For one thing, Batman. The stories that came out at that time were actually some of my best creations. I made up my own Batman stories. The creation of animal characters for these stories also led to the earliest beginnings of Metazoica. I especially spent a lot of time on Metazoica. It became my "big thing". I found it fascinating to speculate what modern mammals will become in 60 million years. There is a world of possibilities! I still occasionally thought about INXS, but those came only every once in a great while.

Then a couple months before Michael died, I began looking at INXS in a different light again. I was beginning to fall in love with them again. Especially Michael. Then Michael died and I was completely devastated! I fell into a deep, dark depression. And I know Michael was the cause of it because I had never been a depressed person before he died. At least not to the degree I am now. Well, after Michael died, that shoved INXS back into my sights again. I got all the albums, videos, magazines, everything I could find on these guys. I found websites, chatrooms, e-mail groups, even joined their mail-in fan club. I remember that year around Christmas, I went to a music store and found a couple of INXS video tapes. I bought them with my Christmas money I got from grandma and brought them home and watched them.

Well, of course Michael caught my attention. But then I started to learn a little more about the other guys. That was when I rediscovered Timmy. He was so funny!! This is another reason I love Timmy so much. He always made me smile and laugh. I loved his antics on stage. Besides Michael, Timmy always seemed to have the most fun performing. He was always either on a skateboard, or drinking, or clowning around, just doing his own thing while playing the music. He looked like a fun guy to be around, so I took to him. He made me feel good, somewhat giddy. I love a person who can do that, even in the midst of me being in a dark depression. That was when Timmy became one of my most favorite band members of INXS.

I remember when I lost my puppy dog Hutchess to parvovirus, the one and only thing that made me feel better was to watch my videos of INXS. I tried listening to their music. While their music did make me feel good, it was seeing them in the flesh that made me feel better. Listening to a CD is nice, but it helps more to see smiling faces and their onstage capers and frolicking. It helped me forget about my misery. That was when I say INXS saved my life. I had stopped eating and back then I was already thin. But I had a huge lump in my belly and I couldn't eat. If I hadn't watched these guys when I did, I would have starved myself to death. It was Michael and Timmy both who jump-started my life all over again. For that, they are my heroes!!

Not only did Timmy save my life, he was the start of this complete change from being a little girl to being a woman. I used to be a Timmyfag. Yes, you read that right!! I remember back in 2005, I saw a post someone made somewhere on the internet, calling Timmy things like "attention-seeking cunt" and "douchebag". I was PISSED!! I wanted to bite that guy's lips off. I was so mad, I cussed him out. I was acting like a bratty little girl. Or, like how those Yatesfags act. Well, not long after that, there was a public chat with Kirk and Timmy on Australia's channel 9 website. When someone asked Timmy how he felt about people who dis their Rockstar project and all the hateful things that were being said about them by other rockstars like I think Joe Elliott had said some bad things about them. Timmy didn't get angry. His response was "I'm sorry he feels the way he does, but it doesn't bother us. No skin off our nose." So I thought "Well if it doesn't bother Timmy, why should it bother me?" I admired Timmy a great deal after that. It showed me what a strong character he had. I truly admired that about him. And since then, I'd been working on improving my own attitude. I wanted to be like him, as strong, confident and sure of myself as he is. That is another reason I love Timmy so much.

Well, I don't want to act like some fag about Timmy. So now, when someone says shit about him, or anyone else I love, it doesn't bother me. I'd be lying if I said that sometimes I do feel hurt because Timmy doesn't have as many fans as Michael or even Jon. But again, if it's no skin off his nose, then it should be no skin off mine. I admire that in a person! So those are the big reasons why I love Timmy so much, always did and always will.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Help For The Homeless

I saw an article yesterday about a movement going on now in Astoria to put more restrooms out for the homeless in this town. They are thinking of putting more port-a-potties out so people who are homeless can have a place to go to the restroom after every other place is closed. Though there is a battle going on about that. Not many government officials in this town go for that idea because people tend to vandalize port-a-potties. I know I don't like using them because I've been to too many where people piss and smear shit all over the walls, floors and toilet seats. And there seems to never be any toilet paper in those doggone things!! There are public restrooms around, but my experience with the one in Seaside, it closes after midnight. So what if a homeless person needs to go after then?

Having been homeless now before, I know the feeling. I had to sleep in my car at night or during naps. I had to use the restroom wherever I could. Thankfully, I never took a dump outside! LOL! I made sure I emptied that chute before the stores closed. I remember one day, it was rainy and I had to put my lights on just to see through the rain. I was also very tired and trying to drive from Astoria to Seaside. But I stopped in Warrenton to have a bit of a nap before heading off to Seaside. But by the time I had parked in Warrenton's Costco, I had forgotten that I had my headlights on. It wasn't really dark at that time, so I couldn't see them very well. I just turned the car off and took a little nap for a while. When I woke up a couple hours later was when I noticed I had left my lights on. And I could not start the car. The battery had died! I went all through the parking lot and asked whoever I bumped into if they had any jumper cables. Not a single soul did! I couldn't believe it! It was raining hard at this time too. I had to go into the Costco to use the restroom. There was one guy I ran into and asked for help, and he did not have jumper cables but he thought he knew someone who had some, and he was going to get that person and be right back. That's what he told me. I waited and waited on his word, but I never saw him again. Either his friend didn't have the jumpers like he thought, or he just plumb forgot to ask. UGH!! So I was stuck there for the night. I shoulda known better than to trust the promise of a stranger!! Sometimes my idealisms about giving everyone a chance is more of a hindrance.

The problem with being stuck at Costco, as opposed to a later opened store such as Safeway, where I usually parked, Costco closes at 10PM. And that particular night, I had to wizz a lot!! I remember having to wizz on the pavement several times that night. It wasn't fun, but when you gotta go, you gotta go! And I was stuck there for the night. I had no choice. The next day was more clear and I was able to walk to this auto parts place a few blocks away and ask them if they would help me jumpstart my car. They obliged and I was back on my way to my usual parking spot in Seaside. I did not want to relive another day like that!!

Well, putting more bathrooms out and available at all hours would be a nice thing. But having suffered homelessness before, that really only solves half the problem. The other half is shelter. I slept in my car the whole time I was homeless. The car became my little house. At least I was out of the elements, it rains a lot in this area. Well, apparently sleeping in your car is illegal in this county. A person could get slapped with a fine of up to $700 if they are caught sleeping in their car. But I had no other choice. The shelter only allows you to stay for 3 days at a time. Then you have to leave for 4 days. What does a person do with a limited income for those 4 days? Remember, it's raining and cold out, and I am a lone, old woman. I refuse to sleep outdoors. I'm going to sleep where I am dry, warm and feel safe. All I had when I was homeless was my car. So, I slept in there. Well, one night I was caught doing that, and fined. I was livid! Thankfully, I wasn't charged a full $700. I was only fined $300. But still!! Tell me seriously, if I could afford a fine that large, don't you think I would have been able to afford a hotel room?! It's totally DUMB to charge a homeless person any amount of over $100!! THAT is the real problem! Get rid of that law! How is a lone old woman supposed to feel safe living in a tent? I like the rain, but I don't like it falling on me every night. I don't want to get mugged. I just want to be able to sleep when I am tired, and not have to keep one eye open while doing it. I am not used to that. So if you ask me, if you really want to help the homeless, get rid of that stupid law that says we cannot sleep in our cars!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pixar Vs. Classic Animation

I was watching a video about this yesterday, someone gave their opinions about modern Pixar type films vs. the old fashioned animation style films. I dunno, maybe I am too old fashioned, but I am getting kinda sick of Pixar-style films. I miss the way animation used to be. I don't think animation was meant to be like this modern Pixar stuff. But people nowadays want everything to look more realistic. If it doesn't, it seems nobody wants to see it. People have been too spoiled these days on Pixar-style films. And really, I don't see the point in doing everything Pixar-style. It takes no less time and no less manpower to do a CGI animated film than it does to do an old fashioned style animated film. This was all cute in the beginning, but now, these CGI style animated films are starting to get on my nerves!! There's too many of them. At least someone needs to do a few movies in the old fashioned method again. My head is ringing with all these damn Pixar movies!

Take for example Charlotte's Web. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid. But back then it was cute. This was the vision of Charlotte that I grew up with:

Now, that is cute. She has a nice smile on her face, and she looks friendly. This is the way a cartoon spider should look. But this is the modern CGI version from the 2006 release of Charlotte's Web:

EWWW!!!! I'm petrified of spiders! I can't even look at them in books. I can't even touch a page in a book that has a picture of a spider. She may be smiling here (I think?) but it doesn't look like a cute, friendly smile. In fact, it downright creeps me out! But this seems to be the kind of shit people want to see today. This is why I miss the old fashioned style animation. And you gotta admit, the old style animation was a lot cuter!!

Back then, the animals were cuter and looked a lot more innocent. That is the way animation should be seen. The way it was originally meant to be seen and enjoyed. Animation, like it's seen in this scene from Bambi (from 1942), takes me back to my own innocence as a kid. Of course I still like to hold on to that kind of innocence. But cartoons today are no longer like this. Maybe it's the video game or anime influence, but everything was much better, animation-wise, back in the days of Bambi. The animation was better, the backgrounds were better, the music was better. I wish I could travel through time and go back to that day when animated cartoons were still cute, innocent and fun.

But these days, people would be more concerned about the way these animals look. They want the animators to display every hair on the animal's body, every shadow that is cast on them in every scene, they want the big, cute eyes but they also want the realistic looking skin and fur tones. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but IMO, animation was not meant to be perfect. There is something about adding huge, cartoony eyes to perfect looking skin and fur tones that to me looks kinda creepy!

In fact, all those imperfections make these characters look creepy!! That kid on the bottom left, I wouldn't want to see that lurking in my yard! It'd scare me to death!! Looks like a troll. The woman above it doesn't look much better either. But this is what people today want to see. I can't for the life of me, understand why. Maybe, as I said before, it's the anime and video games that are out now, with realistic movement and creepy glares. Maybe it's because people nowadays are becoming too savvy to science and realism. I don't know, I can't explain it. It's one of the many mysteries about people I have yet to understand. Probably because it's not really a true part of human nature. It's just something that people have only recently become so innate to.

Of course there are some old fashioned style animation that I would never watch, but it's all modern stuff. Like Family Guy for example.

This may be considered old fashioned style animation, but they still look creepy. Compared to like say old Disney animated style people, who are still old fashioned, but at least they looked cute.

It's realistic-looking, without being TOO realistic-looking. And the little imperfections make the characters look cute in this style. And what about images like this in modern cartoons:

In my days, babies were not drawn this way. Babies were meant to look innocent and cute. Like this:

In fact, the cutest cartoon characters were all drawn based on the proportions of a baby; ie. big head, big eyes, chubby bellies, short, chubby legs and arms, and almost no neck. It also usually helps to add eyelashes too to add to the cuteness.

Even I take this kind of thing to heart when I create my own baby characters for my stories...

But it seems no one wants to see babies who look like that anymore. And is it my imagination or does Stewie really look like that kid from Hey Arnold?

They both have the same dumb-shaped head.

Friday, October 16, 2015

No It All

Oh LORD!! Humanity has finally lost it!! It's been building up for years. Now, we are in the darkest depths of humanity. That stupid grumpy cat is out on tour! Apparently. I heard about that on the news last night, and I was like "Oh who CARES?!?!?!" Then I heard it was in Portland, and I was grossed out saying "What?!?! It's here in MY state?!?!" Sure enough, the streets outside were filled with the dregs of humanity ogling that stupid, ugly beast! I never knew there were that many from the cesspond in this state!! I mean, I knew Catsredrum was that foolish, but I didn't think many others in this state were!! Seeing all those cunts who lined up outside the display just to see a stupid cat that has done nothing to deserve fame just makes me lose all faith in humanity!!

Seriously folks, it is just a dumb CAT. An ugly, lazy beast! It doesn't care if you love it or not. It does not love you back. And it did not say or think all those things those memes make it say. Because it's just a cat. A stupid, lazy-ass, brainless CAT!! It doesn't think, it doesn't feel, it doesn't love, and it sure as Hell doesn't care if you love it. All it thinks about doing is eating, sleeping, farting, pissing and shitting. Then it goes back to sleep again. Apparently it also has a book out now. Anyone who buys that book, I'm staying FAR away from! I don't want to know those people. They must be boring people with pathetic lives to want a stupid book like that.

Seriously, am I truly the only NON delusional person left in the world?? I want nothing to do with this stupid grumpy cat. I refuse to buy the book, and I won't let anyone who has it in my house. I will not allow anyone to watch that grumpy cat show on my television. I never even save any of it's pics on my computer, and I am NOT a member of it's "official facebook page". It's just a stupid cat, who has done nothing for fame. Just been born with a birth defect that someone on the internet decided to capitalize on. Like I said before, if I am a fan of anything to do with that grumpy cat, it would be the first person who created the first meme of it. That cat had nothing to do with that. Yet everyone treats it like it did. Seriously, it makes me want to get out of the human race, seeing what it's become! We're making stupid cats into celebrities, and they don't even deserve it! I refuse to look at a cat as anything more than just a dumb, lazy animal. I don't even want a cat anywhere in my house!! At all.

Ya know I told my partner when he gets here and our lives get better, I want to start building up my family again. He thought I meant children. LOL!! I told him "oh HELL no!!" There is 2 things I don't want anywhere near me. No kids, and no cats!! My family is going to be all dogs and birds, and maybe horses too, depending on where we live. Another thing I don't want to do is leave the coast. Whether we live on the east coast or west coast, as long as it's not down south where it gets too hot. But I must stay on the coast! I want to be able to walk to the beach again. I never again want to forget what it feels like to have sand between my toes. My partner says "I will take care of that." I hope he can!! He is a hard worker, that I know. So he will succeed in everything he does.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cecil's Killer Not Guilty

HA!! Stick that up your lion's ass!! The man who shot and killed Cecil the lion was not found guilty. So he doesn't have to face any punishment. Good! It was just a dumb lion!! If the courts find him not guilty, I hope it puts this whole controversy to rest. Unfortunately the pantherfags will always find something wrong with this and continue to torment the man. I hope this man is prepared, and develops a thick skin. Now, the lashings are never going to stop. Of course I still don't agree with trophy hunting, but most of the people who were upset about this kill were only angry because their "favorite animal" was hunted down. I hate lions. I don't care that there is one less in the world. Lions are the panthers that I hate the most.

Someone named Alberto posted a comment on the lions vs. hyenas video yesterday. He thinks all women should love lions. YUK!!! The very thought of it makes me physically ill. But in that thread, it did seem that it was mostly the men who hated hyenas. Including Alberto himself. This was his comment:

i tough women would hate hyenas more, as lions are noble like handsome tall man hero while hyenas are like treaterous bitch back stabers whom women hate more because it remind them of other women who talk in their back

Well, as a woman, I was repulsed by this comment. But I managed to keep my cool. I usually do!! I tell you, I trained myself pretty damn well! If this had been 10 years ago, I'd have probably ripped his ears off! LOL! But I am not like that anymore. This was my response to him instead:

+Alberto Humova As a woman, I see lions as lazy, clumsy beasts who use their size and sheer bullying to get what they want. These are not qualities I look for in a man. A man who reminds me of a lion, I stay away from. Now a wild dog is different. Though I know this video has nothing to do with wild dogs. LOL! But dogs are smart, athletic, brave and good protectors and providers for their families. Those are indeed qualities I look for in a man. 

Of course hyenas are not dogs. They just look like them. But they do seem to be very brave. Imagine a man who has the same qualities as a lion. I wouldn't want a man like that in my house or in my family!! You wake up and say hello or try to kiss him, he snaps and says "Get up and get my breakfast! I'm starved!" He sits down to eat, you try to make friendly conversation with him, and he says "Shut up and let me eat!" Then he grumbles because he has to go to work. He gets to work and walks off the job saying "I don't feel like doing this shit today!" Comes home, parks himself in front of the TV, demands you make him some snacks, even though you are pissed off at him for walking away from his job! You try to reason with him, and he stands up and starts roaring, slapping, and pushing you down, still demanding you get him some snacks. THAT is what I imagine it'd be like to be with a man whose got the same characteristics as a lion. Not my idea of a good man!

Of course a lion will defend the female, but probably only because if she is taken by another male, then the first male will have to fend for himself and get off his lazy butt and go to work with the rest of the bachelor lions. No joke!

Now, how about a man with the same qualities as a wild dog. You wake up in the morning, you and your mate kiss and greet each other. He goes to take a shower, and then comes out to help you make breakfast. you both eat and make conversation, then he kisses you and goes off to his job. He puts in all hours he is supposed to for the day, comes home and helps with the kids. Then he helps with dinner, listens intently while you and him have a conversation over dinner. He helps with the dishes, you both put the kids to bed, kiss them goodnight, watch a little TV while cuddling together. When you get tired, he helps you up from the sofa, helps you up to your bedroom to give you a goodnight kiss and you cuddle together in bed. That would be my idea of a man with the same characteristics as a wild dog. Wild dogs are always affectionate with each other, and their young. And a dog will protect you, with everything they got. Even a small dog. That's my idea of a good man!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fans Vs. Fags

I thought I should write about this. I've been talking about fans vs. fags for a long time now, but I realize I never got around to explaining the real difference between the two. There is a very big difference. You know it when you see people in these categories. Most of the "fags" I would wager are young folks who have not completely come to terms with their own interests. Usually they are under the age of 30, but some can be up to 35 years old. It is probably controlled by genetics, or could be upbringing, but the age of the "fag" depends on their level of maturity.

I've met all kinds of "fags". Some of the biggest have been veganfags, catfags, and Yatesfags (recently). You can call them whatever you like, they are known universally as "fags", "tards", "maniacs", "radicals", "militants", whatever you prefer to call them. I call them "fags" usually. Now, by calling them "fags" I am in no way making fun of gay people. Originally, a "fag" was what you call a stick that is used to start a fire. So, IMO, this is the perfect word to describe the lifestyle of these radical fans. Fags, just like fans, come from many different genres. As I pointed out, there are veganfags, which are radical vegans, catfags, which are radical cat people, and Yatesfags who are those militant Paula Yates fans. There are other kinds of "fags". "Religionfags" or "Christfags" are what I also call radical christians. There are also INXSfags, even Hutchfags, and yes, there are dogfags too. Everything that has fans will also have fags too.

I try very hard not to gain "fag" status, but to just have my own interests. Fags are usually followers. They are people who pick up their interests and behaviors from others. Most of them outgrow their militant lifestyle by the age of 40, unless there is an underlying mental disturbance. Fags do not make good friends, because they will dump you if you say what they consider one wrong word against the object of their interests. As an INXS/Tim Farriss fan, I've seen INXSfags as well. Not that I like that type. I try to stay away from them. I love the fans, but I don't love the fags. Yes, there is a difference. A fan is someone like me. A fag is someone like those Yatesfags I wrote about a couple weeks ago. I took that post down though. Maria said she wanted to move on, and I agreed. Not that it changed my mind about the Yatesfags. I didn't delete the post either, I put it back in draft. I can whip it back out any time I want to, and I will if those damn Yatesfags ever bother me again! Besides, it's important to me to remember their names. That way I don't even accidentally try to be friendly with any of them. Knowing how my mind is, I'd quickly forget their names, and that's a no-no. I don't want any friends that are radicals. They can go off and make friends with their own kind. Come back to me when you grow up! Even then, I won't buy. Once a fag, always a fag.

Fags are pretty much nothing more than very insecure people. That is why they behave the way they do. They are insecure knowing not everyone is going to like the same things they do, so that is why they feel the need to battle with others. To the fag, not agreeing with them is the same thing as being against them as a person, and it scares them. Much like the attitudes you see in street gangs, or social dictators, people like Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Fags often think they know everything there is to know about the object of their desire, and blindly attack or fight and call the other person "biased" that knows more than they do. Really, they are not as knowledgeable as they think they are, and more often are full of bullshit.

Anyways, there are differences between fans and fags. BIG differences! For example, I'll use the Yatesfags...

1. A Yatesfan will say "I admire Paula Yates. But I still like you even though you don't like her."
A Yatesfag will say "If you don't like Paula, I don't like you!" Or will see something like my pictures where I cut her out and say "you're just jealous!" or "You are fucked up in the head for blacking her out!!"

2. A Yatesfan will understand that some people don't like Paula.
A Yatesfag will say "You're being disrespectful to Michael and [Lily] his daughter by saying you don't like her!" or they will think you are "jealous" of Paula and that is the only reason you don't like her.

3. A Yatesfan will just say "Well, I like Paula" and leave it at that.
A Yatesfag will argue, kick, fuss, cuss you out, or throw a tantrum because you don't like Paula.

4. Fans carry no grudges.
Fags will carry a grudge forever until they learn to understand the world better and they come to terms with their own interests.

5. Fans are aware of their reasons for liking or not liking something.
A fag won't leave you alone until you agree with them.

6. A fag will pull out every guilt-trick in the book to make you feel bad about not liking the same thing they do.

Yes, some might argue that Michael was a Yatesfag. But I think his primary concern was in trying to get the press off their backs, not to make the paparazzi's like Paula or him. When Paula put herself out in the public eye, she set herself up for lashings and hatred from the public. Whether she is innocent or not. Not everyone is going to be her fan. There's some who will like her and some who will not. I took the same risk when I began putting up videos on YouTube. I didn't expect everyone who saw my videos to enjoy them, or even like me. But I don't pay the haters any mind. I just ignore the haters, let them go on with their hateful lives and thank the people who do enjoy my videos. Though I admit sometimes I miss having fun and trolling the trolls back. But I don't do it. Shoot! Then that would make me my own fag. LOL!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Amy Lee Is No More?

Hmm, I wonder. I just tried to click on her blog link and it's no longer available. What do you all think happened? Did she finally realize what she was doing is wrong? One can only hope so. Actually, I don't hate the woman. I just feel sorry for her. She is living in an imaginary world. My biggest fear is that someone would believe all the things she was saying. And for a while, it seemed a lot of people did! That was wrong! Especially since she was doing things like accusing famous rock stars of raping children. That's not right! She could get them in serious trouble for that! And she put herself in a great position for a major lawsuit! That kind of accusation could tarnish the image of the stars she was talking about.

She also has said things like Michael never had a daughter and never had sex with Paula Yates. Well, I don't know how she can look at Lily and not see Michael's face. She looks every bit like him. And she has a great figure just like Michael did. All of Paula's other kids are overweight. So, I know Lily did not get her good looks from Paula. There was none on her side to inherit. Everything good about Lily, she got from her father. And she is a beautiful young lady. But apparently Amy Lee did not believe Lily exists or something. Or she'd never seen her. Because if she had, she would not have said that she wasn't Michael's baby.

Well, I would like to think Amy may have come to her senses and seen the err of her ways, but I am not so sure. She probably has another blog out there somewhere and she is probably doing the same shit she was before. I swear she honestly believed all the things she wrote. But that's not even the sad thing about it. The sad part is there will always be some fools out there that will actually believe her too. The careers of some famous rock stars are at stake once this happens. I was serious when I said she should forget about this blog stuff and just take to writing fictional novels. Particularly I think she would be great at writing mega mystery type novels. She's great at picking out patterns in things. I mean that too. Take it from me, I can spot this kind of thing in people. I have a knack for it.