Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

My Pet Store

 I've been wanting to run my own pet store since I was a kid. I love pets and I wanted to be able to supply other people with lovable, adorable pets. Now that I am older, and have a lot of time on my hands, I can begin my business. I'm getting my start, buying up small pets and beginning to breed them to sell. I got some birds, I got a couple rats (though I will be looking for more), I'm getting my first rabbit. I think I even got my marbled newts to mate. One has a swollen belly. Whether that means she's ready to lay or not, I have yet to discover. But it does give me some hope. Right now, I am working on taming my rats. I got a hooded rex female named Betty, and an albino male named Boo. I have a lot more I want to get, and will get in due time. I have PLENTY of time too, to begin my store. I want to also sell Duprasis, acacia rats, dormice, short-tailed opossums, and spiny mice. I'm going to get each of these animals and breed them for the store myself.

As rodents go, I especially love the duprasis. They're better, and gentler, than hamsters! They rarely bite. I had a female that was a biter, but she still produced some lovable babies! Of course I also intend to carry hamsters too. What pet store doesn't carry hamsters? Also, I'm going to carry herps and birds as well. And also I won't skimp on pet supplies. But I am going to make sure I only carry good quality supplies. I want nothing but good quality everything! Quality matters! I also have started a website. The website is going to be how I sell these animals. When something comes up available, I'll put it up on the site. I will hold the items here for the customers, and either they can come pick them up, or I can deliver them (for a small fee) to their home. I also intend to carry tropical and saltwater fish. Though that might come later, when I get my own place, because I want to devote an entire outbuilding to them.

As rabbits go, I plan to breed Netherland Dwarfs. Maybe a few more breeds too, like angoras, lionheads, english lops and flemish giants. That should keep me very busy! I also still intend to breed dogs, but not for the pet store. As more of a side-hobby as I still intend to show my dogs too. However, since kids love puppies, what I am going to do is bring my litters into the store, and allow people to pet them, and get them well socialized. I just won't sell them that way. I have so many ideas to make this pet store the best pet store Oregon has ever seen! And it'll give me something to do in my twilight years. As it is now, I have nothing to do most days, except work on my stories and stuff. While that is fun, the pet store has always been my lifelong dream. I don't even have to do very good. I'd be happy even if I just made a few sales a day. This is more a labor of love for me.

So yes, I've decided to just ignore the people who tell me not to open a pet store, and just open one. Though actually opening a brick-n-mortar store will have to wait for later. So at first, everything is going to be online. I've already got a start. I just need to keep going and not give up.

Monday, June 28, 2021

The End of Tomboys?

Well, this may be a blow. This is the only post I am making this year linked to anything LGBTQ. Because frankly, I'm getting sick of hearing about them. I want to be fair to everyone, and I don't condone beating up LGBTQ people in the streets. As long as they keep to themselves and don't get in my face! But I am through playing with them. I basically just treat them the same way I treat all strangers. I don't talk to them unless they come to me. I just walk by and go on with my day. What I am sick and tired of is them sexualizing children. They got the right to marry whomever they want, that should be enough for them. But no, they want MORE rights. They want LGBTQ characters in every new movie or tv series. They want to market books to children about how to change your own gender. They even turned Sesame Street into a gay fantasy. I'm even seeing commercials with gay people in them. I understand how they want others to accept them, but they're going too far! Acceptance isn't good if it has to be forced.

For example, NO ONE on this planet can make me put any LGBTQ characters in my stories. Absolutely NO ONE!!! When you pay to watch a movie on my site, and you've seen it, you can think whatever you want about the characters. But as the author and owner of these characters, I can promise you, there are NO actual LGBTQ animals represented in my stories. I'm not like these woke softies who are going to apologize to the world for not using any form of LGBTQ in my stories. No way. If you don't like the stories, or the characters used in the stories, then that is your problem. That is not my problem. I don't care about inclusivity. I have colored characters, and I have fat and thin characters. But that's all I got as far as "representation" goes. I have never seen any need to put any LGBTQ characters in my stories. Mostly because I market to young adults. I don't want people reading my stories and thinking it's OK to fake being gay, just because it's the in thing now. I'm a "go against the grain" kind of person.

Another thing I find annoying is these stupid pronouns. A person cannot change their pronouns. Any more than they can change their nouns or adverbs. I don't see why pronouns are such a big issue now. And I refuse to use most of them. I'll never use them in my bio, because I really do not care what someone calls me. See, if I wanted to play this silly pronoun game, I could pass as a "they/them". Because I have always been a bit of a tomboy. I still am. I never played with dolls as a kid. I preferred toy cars and trucks. But I don't want to play this silly pronoun game. If you call me she, I won't be offended. If you call me he, I won't be offended. You can even call me it and I won't be offended. I think that's silly. I grew up with he and she being singular pronouns, and they and them being plural pronouns. I also use they and them when I am talking about someone and don't want to reveal who they are. Not even their gender. But there are people who call themselves "they/them" just because they want to. They think they're being cute or original. I'm not going to use they or them if I know who I'm talking about and it's just one person.

And this thing about using trans "women" to represent real women is just sickening. When I think of trans "women" or trans "men", I think of this guy...

On first glance, you'd think this is a rat or a mouse. Right? It looks like one. Round, naked ears and a naked tail, with clawed hands and feet. One could really be fooled by this animal's true identity. In fact, their english name is marsupial "mouse". But guess what. It's not a mouse. It is actually a true marsupial. But they got the name marsupial "mouse", because they look like a mouse. This one is a brown antechinus, which is their non-english name. This is what I think of when I hear trans "woman" or trans "man". They can look like the opposite gender all they want to, but they will never be that gender they see themselves as. Any more than this little guy will ever be a real mouse. And now, we are being forced (and in some cases, coerced) into playing along with these confused misfits. In Canada, you can actually be fined and jailed for "misgendering" someone. Not acceptable for those of us who don't care to play along.

Most of the time, when I see a child who is actually a little boy, but says he's a little girl, I think it's mostly the fault of the parents. Particularly the mom. There is a case of a little boy, who the mom wanted so badly to be a little girl, that she forced a girl's lifestyle on him. When he got older, he kept telling his mom he didn't even want to be a girl, but she kept pushing him to be a girl. I feel sorry for that child. And most of this shit about gender roles came from a guy named John Money. For those who do not know, John Money is a man who gained custody of 2 twin boys. One of the twins was raised as a boy, just like he should have. But because of a little error in circumsizing the other twin boy, John Money decided to raise the other twin boy as a girl. That little boy grew up miserable and wound up taking his own life when he was in his 30s.

People who are trans, or trans-supporters, will tell you trans people take their own lives because they don't feel accepted. I don't believe that to be 100% of the case. I believe they take their own lives because they hate themselves. That's why they want to become trans in the first place. They don't like the body they were born into, so the first step they take is changing their whole personality, and when that doesn't satisfy them, they take their lives. The leftists don't want to see that, but I believe that to be true. Sad as it is, it's closer to the truth than someone saying they kill themselves because they were not accepted. If you're proud of who you are, you stop giving a shit if other people accept you. And liberals are generally not proud of who they are. I know. Up until a few years ago, I was a liberal. Acceptance meant a lot more to me then than it does now!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sis Is Wise!

Well, my sis is on her way home after spending nearly a month here. Mya really misses her too. I mean REALLY misses her! I was talking to my sis on the speaker phone and after I hung up, I heard what sounded like an old man laughing deeply outside my bedroom window. At first I thought it was a kid playing around. But no other kid sounds were heard. Then I thought it was one of my diamond doves because I heard a soft coo and then "AH-AH-AH!!" But then my doves have never made that sound. And they aren't supposed to. It took me a minute to realize it was Mya, howling in her own unique way. When I went back into my bedroom, Mya was panting, running in circles on my bed. Then I took her and put her on the floor and she ran around the house, excitedly. She was panting and whimpering too. I knew then, she was looking for my sis! I mentioned my sis, and every time I mentioned her, Mya would look around and whimper some more.

Well, I had to put her out to go potty. The instant I opened the door, she ran out as if to be looking for something. I said "You really miss your auntie, don't you?" Her face would really light up then. I had to remind her that her auntie had to go home. When we got back from going out, Mya laid down in the middle of the living room, softly howling to herself. I felt so bad for her. But I couldn't help her. Just give her some loving.

Well, while my sis was here, there was an article trending. It was about a therapist (whom herself needs therapy). Her name is Dr. Aruna Khilanani and she spoke at Yale one day and told the students there that she actually fantasizes about killing white people. No real reason for doing it, she just wants to do it. Here is the racist murderer herself...

A lot of people were angered by her comment. I said I fantasize about shooting a hole through her fat lips! That was when I was banned from Facebook for 7 days. But again, not sorry! If she can talk about fantasies of killing white people, I can say the same thing about killing her. She even said she'd have no remorse in doing it. That means she'd kill the white person, then move on with a smile to kill another.

How does she think that makes the white students who attended her assembly feel? I'd be scared. I would not be able to trust her. Let alone want to be in the same room with her! If she killed all white people she saw, that means she'd take away my mom, my stepfather, my little brother, and my Timmy! I wouldn't want that to happen. My mom and stepfather are the only parents I have now, that my dad is gone. And I do love my family, and Timmy. I'd be furious if anything happened to them at the hands of this psycho-chick! And now this chick is saying all white people are psychotic, natural-born killers. Well, if that's true, then why is it blacks who are committing 50% of all crimes? First blacks, then latinos. I should be offended by that statement, because I am latino. But I'm not. Because sadly, it's the truth. But you mention blacks commit 50% of the crimes in the USA, especially to a leftist black person, and they get outrageously angry! They get more angry than what is normal. I can literally put my finger on 100 videos I have seen where black people get outrageously angry over almost nothing.

So, why doesn't this woman say she wants to kill all black people? Surely, if she'd replaced "I want to kill all white people" with "I want to kill all black people", she would have been hella-scorned, had her license revoked, and banned from speaking at any University ever again. Well, she got the scorn alright, from people all over the internet. But as of this writing, she hasn't been banned from speaking (although I don't think many universities are going to invite her over ever again), and her license has not been revoked. Maybe that's why she doesn't say it. Or maybe she won't say it for the same reason the leftists let black criminals get away with anything, because she feels sorry for them.

My sis almost didn't believe that anyone could say anything so cruel. She believes the media blew up what she said, once again, to turn the races against each other. I thought about that for a second, because that indeed is the normal agenda for the mainstream media today. I figured she must be right. This woman's words were probably exaggerated. Maybe she didn't really mean it the way it came out. But it still made me angry. To think this woman can just wipe out my family like that and not have any remorse for doing it. And no reason to do it. Just because she feels like it. But I still think she is the one who is psychotic!