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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scoffers and Mockers

LOL! Another rant about the Westboro Baptist Church is coming your way on my site! I saw another video about a guy who wanted to interview them, and he was very respectful and nice, just asking them about their signs and beliefs. He started to throw some pretty harsh questions at them, and they stopped talking to him right away, calling him a "mocker" and a "scoffer". He didn't even give them that mocking tone that comes with people who are really mockers and scoffers. He was just asking them about their beliefs. The WBC was just upset because they have no answers for all their beliefs. They preach nothing but hate and everyone knows it, including themselves. UGH!! These people sicken me every day of my life! But I find them so spiritually inaccurate that they fascinate me as well. LOL! That does not mean I like them! But that's why I hate them so much and watch them on YouTube. I only watch interview shows with them, I never watch their preaching videos or music videos, which apparently they do have up on YouTube.

If you ask me, the only scoffers and mockers in their midst is themselves! You back them in a corner, they just give you that psychotic grin and tell you that you're going to Hell. Every time I hear them say that I think to myself "How the Hell would they know who's going to Hell and who isn't!?" Have these people even learned the 10 commandments?? Probably not, they seem to have broken a few on the way.

1. Honor only one GOD.
2. Do not worship carved images of anything on Earth, Heaven, or the seas.
3. Do not take the name of the LORD in vain.
4. Keep the Sabbath day Holy.
5. Honor your father and mother (kinda conflicts with commandment 1)
6. Thou shall not kill.
7. You shall not commit adultery (Shirley Phelps has a child out of wedlock and has been divorced once before).
8. Thou shall not steal.
9. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor (the WBC does this all the time. Every time they say someone is going to Hell, when they have no clue!)
10. You shall not covet your neighbor's belongings (Really??? I do that all the time! Like I see someone with an ipad, I say I want one like it!)

I wonder how one gets by without breaking commandment #10? This is where I think the translation of the Bible went wrong. It also says the LORD is a jealous God. I don't think GOD feels jealousy! HE is supposed to be perfect. Someone who is perfect does not feel jealousy! That is an IMperfect emotion! I think I agree with most of the interviewers who say the WBC is not doing a good job at all getting their word across. Fred Phelps compares himself and his cult to Noah and the Ark. But I don't believe Noah went around telling people "GOD hates you!"

One of them has a daughter named Loren who was kicked out of their church for pointing out their hatred and hypocrisy. And LORD knows the WBC is full of hypocrisy! It's OK for them to spew messages of hate and harass the families of fallen soldiers, they call it free speech. But when someone confronts them about their sanctimonious belief system, they call that person a "mocker" or a "scoffer" or a "rebel" and tell them they're going to Hell. Loren said before she was kicked out of the WBC, she stood there in front of her father begging and pleading with him to let her stay. She said her parents stood in front of her, watching her cry her eyes out, and they started laughing at her! How weird is that?! I thank GOD I never had parents like that. I feel bad for Loren, but at the same time, I think she did the right thing! She's better off without that so-called church.

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