Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Late In Coming

This is a late blog post, we went to Mount St. Helens this year. As usual, the mountain was in good splendor! I always love going back there. I even went down to the Toutle River, just like I did when I was a little kid! I found an area along the highway where I could just climb down and get onto the bank of the river, and I did that, and went down and walked along the bank for a little bit. It felt like I was a little kid again! I even made a movie. I tried to find the area where we grew up at, but the town has changed and it was hard to find. But I do remember the Toutle River ran right behind our place! I sure do miss it when we don't go there. Imagine how it's going to be once we get all moved to Montana, which is next freaking Wednesday! We will be on our way there, so I will be offline for a couple of days. Though I am going to try and get the internet going at my new apartment there once I get moved in. Apparently it's being worked on. Well, we will see. And we'll see how long I last in Montana! Coming back from Mount St. Helens, we took the coastal route. Anna also wanted to go to Portland for dinner, so we did, and came back by way of the coast. We went through Seaside, and I fell in love with the town again! When I come back from Montana, I will not be moving back to Ocean Shores, or even Toutle. I will be moving to Seaside! I love it there! It makes Ocean Shores look like a ghost town!! I love Toutle too, I'd have liked to move back there as well, and be near Mount St. Helens, and the area where I was born. But I think I want to try for a change of scenery.

Montana is so underdeveloped it's not even funny! They do not have any casinos nor nothing there! But they do have a mall. That's about it. The mall is not even really that big. Though it's bigger than this one. Let's see how long I last there in Montana. Ma thinks I'll love it so much I'll want to stay there. But I don't know. Anna said it gets so dry there, she had to keep rubbing her hands with moisturizing cream. That would SUCK to have to do that every night!! Well, I do know that when I get to Montana, I will have to stay with Anna in her apartment for a while, so it's going to be a little crowded in there. But Montana is a pretty place, I will hand it that!

Well, one thing I can tell you I brought home from Mount St. Helens is a very bad cold! I am still in recovery! I am hoping to feel completely better by next Wednesday, when we have to go. I want to get a very early start on the road. There are some places I would like to stop and look at before we head out of state. Some places I have enjoyed over the years. St. Helens was just one of them. But it was a lot! Like I said, I love it there! Just like I love it here at the ocean. Which is why I think I would like Seaside even better than Ocean Shores. The big task is to find an apartment or rental home that will allow me to have both my dogs. We will see though.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Less For More

I am really cursing this recession. I think it is because of this recession that everyone is cutting corners so tight, it's difficult to breathe! Anna and I went to the ice cream parlor yesterday, and I ordered a sundae. I don't get many chances to have ice cream, so this was a real treat. Well, when I told them I would like to have some whipped cream on my sundae, they told me that it would be 50 cents extra. I said OK, then make it a lot! OK, I accepted the 50 cent extra charge for whipped cream, that was fine. Well, I got my sundae and they gave me 2 quarter-sized spritzes of whipped cream. The first thing I said was I wanted a little more cream than that. They told me that was the regular-sized spritzes they give. I asked "This is what I am paying 50 cents for?" So the young lady took the sundae and added another spritz of whipped cream. I was happy, but if I had gone with the original layout she gave me, I would have been ticked off paying 50 cents for that! I wouldn't have minded paying maybe 20-30 cents extra for spritzes that size, but 50 cents was a LOT for that!! That's why I was upset!

Seems now whenever you go to a restaurant or some place like that, you get charged more and more and receive less and less. Yet now when you are paying taxes, you have to pay so much more, yet wages seem to be getting smaller! Either that, or normal wages just are not stretching as far as they used to! This is really beginning to suck! And what the Hell is Obama doing about this?? Gas is now over $4 in many places. A few places still have it for under $4, but very few! Because of that grocery shopping is Hell on Earth!! It's just so wrong! I haven't had a raise in 3 years now. Yet the costs of everything is going sky-high! We are about to move out, and I am beginning to believe this may not be the best time to move out because of the rising gas prices. UGH! This makes me so mad! And what makes matters worse is Anna wants to go to Mount St. Helens and to Oregon, and I really don't think we can because we are going to have to save what money we have for the move. We are renting a huge truck to haul our items away to Montana, and the gas for that is going to be heck to pay for! Those big rigs only get like 8 miles to a gallon! We will have to fill up several times on the way to Bozeman.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fat People At Walmart

Yesterday morning Anna and I went to Walmart in Lacey, we needed to get some groceries, and that is where we typically go. When we get there, we start off at the produce aisle. I needed to get some things to make my potato-leek soup, which everyone here loves. We had just picked up some leeks, and I needed to get some potatos. Anna stood by the cart, while I crossed the aisle to pick up a plastic baggie to put the potatos in. As I was crossing the aisle, this mega fat woman paused in front of me, and gave me a dirty look, so I returned the look back at her. I then reached the bags and as I was pulling one off, that fat woman walked by and first of all I can tell you she STUNK!!!! She smelled just like she had shat on herself just as she was standing there in front of us. Second of all, I heard her mutter under her breath "fucken get your ass out of my way." I just laughed at her, she didn't even have the guts to look me in the eyes when she said that.

What she said did not bother me. Her attitude bothered me very much. Because fat people already have a bad reputation for being just like her. She is the exact picture of what people think of fat people. She smelled bad, and she had a bad attitude. I wrote about this in Craigslist's Rants and Raves. I'm a fat chick myself, as is Anna. I have nothing against fat people. I don't hate on this woman because she is fat. I am hating on her because she gives decent fat people, like me and Anna, a bad name. We take baths, we don't smell bad, and I am always nice. I don't pick out random strangers in a grocery store, or anywhere, and just be rude to them. I always try to be nice to everyone. The only people I am hostile to are those that deserve it, the ones that start it with me first. And if this fat woman was upset with me because I gave her dirty looks, then she should have thought about that before she gave me those looks. You can't give someone who doesn't know you dirty looks and not expect to get them back.

Unfortunately, it is fat people like her that everyone judges all other fat people against, and that is very calamitous. And all it takes is one bad fat person to alter the minds of the masses. This was how I addressed this woman on Craigslist. Though I really don't know if she will read it or not. But I got several personal responses about it.

Fat Chick At Walmart (Produce aisle)

This morning my sis and I went to the Super Walmart in Lacey, we were in the produce aisle, as we had just got started, and this mega fat woman came up and was going to drive her cart between us. Well, I had to get a bag of potatos to bring home to complete my potato-leek soup. Well, this fat woman gave me a dirty look and I returned the look back at her. Then I allowed her to go through, while I got a bag to collect my potatos. As she passed by, for one thing I could tell you she STUNK!! She smelled just like she had shit her pants, right at the time she was standing in front of us. Then I heard her mutter under her breath as she walked by "Fucken get out of my way!" She didn't even have the decency to look me in the eyes when she said it, and probably thought she was saying it at a volume that I could not pick up.

What she said did not bother me, but her attitude. I have nothing against fat people, as I am a fat chick myself, as is my sister. But it's fat people like this woman that gives decent fat people like me and my sister a bad name!! I see fat people like her and it reminds me of why there are so many out there that hate fat people, and judge us so harshly. Girl, if you are reading this, please do us decent fat girls a favor and take a shower! Stop going to public establishments smelling like you just took a dump on yourself!!! Then do something to work on that attitude of yours! Fat people already have a bad reputation for being bitchy! Us decent fat folks don't need a bad fat apple like you to reinforce that stereotype and make it worse! Get a job! Get laid if you can find someone who will lay with you in spite of your bitchy attitude. And if you are just pissed off at people because you've been bashed by fat haters, then either learn to accept it, or do something about it. Like me, I'm fat and I never stop smiling! Besides that I am always nice. I even let you go without kicking your butt because I preferred to laugh in your face than let you ruin my day. But every action you put out there, defines you as a person, and whether we all like it or not, in the eyes of others, it defines all fat people!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Return The Snake!!!"

Oh boy! Today's first episode of Judge Judy kept me on the edge of my seat! A mother and son were suing a friend and her son for the return of a snake that the other woman was asked to take care of. At first, it looked like the first little boy was not going to get his snake back, and he started crying right there in the courtroom. The mother kept looking at her little boy with sorrow in her eyes. She kept trying to convince Judge Judy that she tried to contact the other woman to get her child's snake back. But Judge Judy was not going to hear about it, and said she should have sued the other woman sooner than a year later, and that the other woman's own child was already attached to the snake. I began to tear up for the little boy who was the original owner of the snake, because he was obviously attached to the snake. But Judge Judy is always fair. She asked her bailiff to escort the first child out while they continued.

Judge Judy turned to the other mother, who was holding the snake, and told her that if she wanted the money that the first mother owed for her taking care of the snake, then she had to return the snake to it's original owners. Otherwise, they could keep the snake and get no money. The second mother had a hard time figuring out which she wanted more, the snake or the money. Just then a commercial break came on. I sat here chanting "Return the snake! Return the snake!" I still felt bad for the first little boy. At the same time, I also knew that if the first mom had filed a police report when she could not get ahold of the other mother, that at least could have provided some proof that she had made some attempt to get the snake back! The police themselves could not do much, but the report would have provided some proof that she at least tried.

Well, when the commercial break was over, we finally heard that the mother decided to give the snake back to it's original family. I was so happy! Everybody in the courtroom audience also cheered. I could not wait to see the little boy commenting at the end of the show. He was so happy, tears were still in his eyes, and he was still trying to catch his breath, but in between sobs he said "Thanks Judge Judy!" With the biggest smile on his face. I'm glad he got his snake back! The other mom can get her own kid his own snake. I'm sorry he was attached to that snake, but the snake belonged to the first little boy. It's one of the best cases I've ever seen on Judge Judy, with one of the best endings. I knew she would come through, and not let that little boy down. Gotta love Judge Judy!!! Even though she does not care for snakes. Hey! That's understandable! Some people don't like snakes. But others, like me, do like them.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Internet = Serious Business?

I get this a lot, when I am quoting what people say on the internet. On one video thread on YouTube, I was describing people who threaten others over the internet, and the person I was speaking to told me he does it because "it's fun". He then proceeded to imply that people who take what others say on the internet so seriously are idiotic. Um, excuse me, whether it is on the internet, over the phone, or face-to-face, threats are not acceptable! I take threats seriously, unless I happen to know the person and I know they are kidding. But I cannot afford to not take any threat seriously. People can laugh and scoff because I do, I don't care. But I take all threats seriously, whether they are delivered on the internet, or to my face. Wouldn't you? If not, I might suggest you read up on how many people have actually carried out threats of violence that started off as "simple little innocent comments on the internet".

I remember back in 2005, someone who I once considered an internet buddy turned on me because I said her chihuahuas were very poor quality and should be kept only as pets, and not bred. She was a teenager on my old chihuahua forum, and at one time I did like her, and I wanted to help her because I thought she wanted to do the right thing by the breed. We had been e-mailing each other back and forth, on and off for about 2 years prior to this "break-up". I didn't tell her that her dogs were very poor quality chis until early in 2005, when she got a chi puppy from a pet store that she named Chloe, and I said it looked more like a GSD puppy, not a chihuahua. Well, that pissed her off, and she got belligerent. I told her not to take it the wrong way, but she still insisted that she had the perfect specimens of chihuahuas (all Taco Bell lookalikes). I realized that it was partly my fault! I should have told her on day 1 when she first wrote to me that her dogs were poor quality. But I was trying to be subtle, and ease it into the conversation when she would become a little more comfortable with me. Unfortunately I found that did her more harm than good. Well, she got belligerent, and I admit I got a little bit belligerent (though my aversion was nowhere near as bad as her's as I always try to remain professional and tolerant), and she started cussing and talking shit about me and my sis, and she also started calling in some of her cronies to come to my forum and tell me what a rotten, cruel person I am, and blah-blah-blah. Then she got cynnical, and taunting, and so I banned her from my forum. I also wrote about it on my chihuahua blog the next day, telling people to watch out for this person.

Well, like 2 days after I wrote that blog, I got an angry message from her on my MSN Messenger, saying "The police are on their way and I have every intention of filing a police report if you don't take that blog down!" and again, blah-blah-blah! LOL! Oh yes, I was laughing at her! Then she called my home. Anna answered the phone, and said that this person sounded really angry, and was telling me she has a police report filled out and a case number, and all that BS. I kept telling Anna to hang up on her, but she wouldn't. Then I said "Well, if it'll get her off my phone, I'll delete the post!" so I did. She wasn't satisfied with that, and wanted to end the buddyhood with me by saying "Yeah, you're a responsible breeder alright, living in your little trailor with your 2 fucking dogs! Good bye!" and hung the phone up! LOL! I didn't delete that post as any favor to her, I'd have kept it up if she hadn't called and screamed in my sis's ear! I deleted it to get her the f*** off my phone! She was annoying, she had an annoying voice and everything. Well, I wrote a follow-up story telling my viewers why I took that post down and mentioning the very "classy" quip she gave me as her closing argument. Well, the next day I heard from her again in an e-mail. She was telling me she had called the police on me, and was now threatening a lawsuit against me, and telling me that the police said I cannot talk about her or her dogs. She did apologize for her closing argument over the phone the day before, so that was why I took down the follow-up post. That was a favor in turn for her because she said she was sorry. But, I also decided to do some research of my own. I spoke to a sheriffs deputy, and he told me that there was no way she could sue me, or have me arrested unless I made threats of physical harm to her. Since she was out of luck in that department, because I never make threats over the internet, and everything I said about her was true, and it was all on my forum for everyone to see, I found out I never had to delete any of my posts, because they qualified as free speech. She had the option to ignore me.

I truly believe that same person came into the Pluba forums under the name Mcgillicutty, lied about her age, lied about her being a man, either that or lied about knowing me, just to be an anonymous asshole. One way or another, she LIED! Which is not unusual for this person. I totally doubted she even got the police to accept her complaint for any other reason except to maybe just get rid of her and to get her to stop annoying them with such petty bullshit! I mean really! What police man, in his right mind, is going to give a rabbit's ghost of a shit what I say about her dogs??? My father and one of my cousins are police men, and I can tell you, they wouldn't care! But you notice, even the sheriffs deputy I spoke to said that you can be arrested for emailing threats of violence. I kinda think the reason Mcgillicutty did it was to get me to threaten her on the forum, so she really could get me in trouble. If that was her ambition, it didn't work. I don't believe in making threats I have no intention of carrying out. Doesn't mean I didn't wish I could slap her face raw, it just means that I don't believe in making threats over the internet. I don't think it's "fun" at all. It makes the person posting the threat look like a low-class dumbass.

I think people who make threatening comments over the internet are fulfilling some kind of twisted fantasy to "get even" with society in general. And unless you know the person on the other side of the screen, how do you know that person won't in some way carry out those threats? You never know! That person making the threats could be in a position to hire a hitman to hunt you down and kill you. You really cannot tell if someone will or won't do that. That is why I take every threat seriously. I don't care about people calling me names and stuff like that. But when someone says somethings to the effect of "I want you to die" or "You need to die" or "I'm going to hunt you down and shoot you" or anything to that effect, I take those as threats. It's not funny, and it's not cute.

I think I've really learned how to laugh at some people. I came home from a long day, to find someone who calls herself ifartinhats has sent me a video response to my Fat People Suck video. They claim they are right and I am wrong. LOL! I watched their little video, and it was hilarious. They were just a couple of teen and preteen girls, calling me "you big, fat bitch" and responding to every little thing I said in my video. I accepted their video response, but deep inside, I think they might be vegan fanatics. Not quite sure just yet. I need to do a little more research on this user. If I find she is a vegan fanatic, down her video goes! I'll add it to my favorites though. LOL!  I thought it was funny, how they were calling me every name that deals with fat, and making comments about me being fat, and blah-blah-blah. To me, it just goes in one ear and out the other. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden is Dead!!

Great news! For the time being. Bin Laden has finally been killed. Though a lot of my buddies are saying not to celebrate too long, because it won't be long before someone more powerful takes charge of Al Queda. While I cannot get away from that possibility, I say let's live in the moment! We've waited long enough for it! We cannot think about the future just yet, now we need to relish the present. Once the celebration is over, then we can think about the future. I know this is not completely over. That would be hoping for too much! But I'm going to bathe myself in the victory that is now ours! Justice has been served for those who were killed in the 9/11/01 disaster!! Those people can finally rest in peace. I know Eva stated she lost a dear friend in that disaster (just don't ask me what the person's name is!) I don't even know if the person was a man or a woman, but I do know that person, along with thousands of others, can finally relax in their places in Heaven, knowing that the one who caused their fate has been dealt with. An eye for an eye!

Celebrating aside, I also cannot help but wonder what will happen next? I remember after 9/11 happened, those associated with the attackers said they were going to target 7 more major US cities. Seattle might be among those that are next. No doubt Washington DC might also be among their future targets. I would also say Los Angeles might also be a target. Of course here, I am just speculating, I have no clue what is going to happen next. Just saying this is what the attacking countries were saying after 9/11, and listing some major US cities that could become potential victims. Watch out! There are no major cities though in Montana. I don't think Montana will become much of a stop for Al Queda. There's not even an air port.

Well anyway, I hope it doesn't happen at all. But we just cannot afford to celebrate too long. While I do not agree with the way the message was sent by some of my buddies, I know we have to think about what is going to happen now that that jerk Bin Laden is dead. Well, I am faithful to my friends, but a lot of peoples' feelings were hurt by those who were attacking America. This is why I don't discuss politics that much. But this was a big thing in the news, and we've been waiting so long for this moment!