Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Forums Failing

I remember a long time ago, I created a forum basically for INXS fans to go to if they got sick of the drama going on at inxs.com. I invited people I felt to be my friends (and some I didn't feel were real friends but just wanted to have them around and get to know them better). The forums at inxs.com were so full of drama, and everyone always complained, saying "if there was another place I could go to talk INXS without all the drama going on here, I'd go there." So I decided to try a little experimental thing, and get another INXS forum going. I said that no drama was going to be allowed there. I knew that the forum would fail. There was almost no question in my mind about that. You know why? And let me tell you, I've found this to be true all over the internet. I don't care how many times a person says "I hate drama" or "I hate negativity", I can tell you honestly, they're LYING!! People LOVE drama! They love to hear about another person's problems. Why do you think reality shows are so darned popular now? Why do you think the most popular people on YouTube are those who actually speak their minds? It's because people LOVE drama! It always draws them back.

I've seen so many forums and websites put up and then just a couple months later, failed. That's because the forum owner did not want drama posted on there. You take out the drama, you take away a person's rights to free speech. I remember on the Craigslist forums, I used to occasionally go into the arts and crafts forum. People there used to complain because things got so heated in there and so much drama. Well, one member, probably with the same thing in mind as I had when I created my INXS forum, went and created her own forum devoted to arts and crafts. I remember the forum was active for a couple of weeks, and then eventually people stopped coming altogether. The big mistake the forum's owner said was that there was going to be NO DRAMA and NO FIGHTING. Well, you gather a bunch of people together, there are bound to be some opinions clashing. I'm a person who loves to speak her own mind. I may piss a few people off in the process. But that's who I am! But what is drama to one person, may be to another person their rights to say what they feel. You take that right away, you're going to have some problems, and nobody is going to want to return to your site. I've seen so many forum owners with good intentions fail because of this. The most successful forums and websites I've seen are those that are only very slighly moderated. Some heavily moderated forums may be used for a few months, even a few years. But they eventually fail. It really takes a LOT to make a forum successful. Good advertising helps, and light moderation as well. You have to allow some drama to happen. Some people will get offended, but a lot of people will continue to hang around, some just for the drama.

I say all this because there is another site I am a member of, but I rarely go in myself, because the site owner does not like drama. Well, I got a notice recently that they are struggling with the site because so few people are visiting very often. I don't go in because I am afraid if I do, and I say something that someone else perceives as "fighting words", I'd get kicked out. And all I would be doing is just being me. You know, Katrina called me last night and I told her about the incident I had with Jeri the other night, and Katrina said "Poor you! You make enemies no matter where you go!" And we laughed. I said to her "Well, if I didn't, I'd be wondering if I was really being myself!" We both laughed some more. I've made a few enemies here, but I've also made quite a few friends. And while I can be a bitch, I can at the same time, be very friendly. There was a time, before the internet became widespread, that people actually got to know each other, face to face. I am so complex of a person, it makes me laugh when people, like these fanatical vegans, think they can tell all there is to know about me just by looking at me. LOL! It's funny because they are so far off base. They think just because I am fat that I cannot (or do not) move around at all. Well, the truth is I love walking. But they'd never be able to tell it just by looking at my Vegan Myths videos and analyzing my diet. They think every time I do have to go out that I use some kind of motorized cart. LOL! Again, nothing is further from the truth. Even though they may not show up on my videos, I do have legs and feet. And I use them. I've never even sat down on a motorized cart before. Let alone, use one to do the walking for me. That's why it makes me laugh when some dumb fanatical vegan thinks they can tell all there is to know about me just by watching one or two of my videos on YouTube. But I usually just let them have their fun. Only other fanatical vegans would believe them anyways.

Well, I've been hearing for months that it was going to snow on Halloween. Everyone who lives here said that it was going to snow on Halloween because for the past 3 years, it's always snowed on Halloween. I kept telling my friends, it's NOT going to snow. One of them asked "How do you know?" I answered "Because I'm here now." The sun loves me. I don't know why. I don't love it! I like it occasionally, but I don't love it. I surely don't love it on these cold, dry, sunny days! I'd rather it be cold and cloudy. Then my sinuses aren't so darn bad!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weird Eastern Weather

Well, so far people living on the east coast have been having a rough year. I have some friends and family that lives there now. I hope they are getting by. Although I phoned Eva, a couple of weeks ago, and she said she and the family are OK. That was before this snow storm hit. Now, I cannot get ahold of her again. She lives in a big house and they are hard to heat. I know she said she has a fireplace, and I know she will know to use it. LOL! I'm talking like I am her mother! LOL! She also still has that big dog too. She can cuddle up to it. But Eva doesn't really like dogs. As far as I know though, she hasn't gotten another cat. I don't think. I didn't ask her last time I talked to her though.

You know who is to blame for all this mess happening this past year on the east coast? I'll bet you anything Hobofart is to blame! It's karma. So they got all the snow we were supposed to get here in Montana! Well, I am glad we don't have snow yet here. That means I can go back to putting my dogs in the dog park, and I don't have to worry about going to this other side of the building and try to avoid stepping in Bella's piles if Jeri isn't going to pick them up right away. Besides, I'd much rather run into Karen and Kim (our friends here) than run into Jeri. LOL! Well, Jeri's not all bad. She just acts like a teenager too much.

Jeri's friend, the other woman in this complex named Karen, came up and talked to me about Jeri after that incident. She helped me to understand Jeri's side of everything a lot better. She told me the reason Jeri doesn't always pick up Bella's droppings right away is because she has a very bad hip, and she does not always feel like going up and down the stairs to do so. Jeri never told me any of this before! And I don't know her. I thought she was just an irresponsible person. I told Karen even if Jeri does just go out and pick up Bella's droppings later on, I still run the risk of stepping in it. Even if Jeri is just making things harder for herself. But I am used to only irresponsible people getting angry at me for asking them to be more responsible, so it's not a surprise that I thought Jeri was just being that way. She's such an angry and overly-sensitive person!

Well, after Karen's explanation, I felt the need to apologize to Jeri because Jeri told Karen she felt like I was harassing her. And I surely did not mean to make her feel that way. I took it as me just being helpful, and her refusal to take care of her dog as her being an irresponsible pet owner. I didn't know if that last time she actually saw Bella dumping in the yard or not. But Karen said she always sees it. She just doesn't pick up right away. I was like "OK. If that's her MO, it's her business." Of course if I step on the mess, then it becomes my business. So now, I owe Jeri something of an apology. But she's such an angry and bitter person (she only has one friend that I know of) I know what her response is going to be. She's going to say "That's bullshit!" But I don't care. If I do apologize (and I will), I won't be doing it for her. I'll really be doing it for my own peace of mind. I don't care if Jeri hates me. I don't want to be friends with her. I like happy, cheerful and playful people. I don't like angry, bitter, or overly-defensive people like her. I don't hate her. I just don't care to become friends with her. I am glad she and Anna get along though. Anna is so unoffensive, very opposite of me! LOL! But Anna is going to be living here a Hell of a lot longer than I am! I want her to get along with everyone. Well, I take that back, I know that guy Andy does not get along with Anna, but that's his doings.

Yesterday when I ran into Karen (my friend here) and Kim, Karen is all of a sudden now sweet on Andy. First she didn't trust him, now she is sweet on him. I love Karen a lot, but I wish she would make up her mind! I told her Andy is the only person in this complex that I know I don't like at all. She said to me there is no reason for that, and I said "Oh yes there is" I told Karen how he growled at Anna one day when she went to the laundry room. Karen looked puzzled and said "He growled??" I said "Yeah." That was strange to me too, but I didn't do it. Karen asked "And who did that hurt?" I answered, "It's disruptive." I know how Andy "growls". It's not a cute little growl like Curly did on the Three Stooges. Andy is loud. Let me rephrase that. Andy is L-O-U-D!!! I'm surprised Karen didn't hear him. I'm surprised I didn't hear him!! But I have heard him growl at me and Anna in the dog park. I just wish Anna would quit responding to him! As long as she does, he's just going to get louder and louder with her. I totally ignore him, and it drives him fucking CRAZY!!! LOL! I don't look at him, I don't respond to anything he does, I never say 2 words to him. I just totally ignore him. I wish Anna would do the same. Yesterday when I was at the dog park, and he came in, he did just about anything to get me to respond, but I wouldn't. I just looked away, and made out like he wasn't even there. It drove him nuts too! LOL! And that's even funnier than any verbal response I could have given him.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Round 3 With Bella's Mom

I finally found out Bella's owner's name! Her name is Jeri. I should have guessed it would be some masculine name like that! LOL! She's not at all lady-like. I've actually known several women named Jeri and they were all like that. Well, I ran into her again this afternoon taking my dogs out. There is a huge window on the staircase, and I saw Bella from there, and I didn't want to put my dogs out with Bella for fear she would attack them. I stopped on the stairs when I noticed Bella was out there, and Jeri called up to me and said "could you wait a minute?" I told her to take her time, and I waited with my dogs there on the steps. Well, I happened to look down and I noticed Bella took a big dump in the yard. I figured Jeri would go out and pick it up, like she said she always does. But she didn't. She just realed up Bella and started heading for home. She said "Thank you" to me and I said "No problem." Then I said to her "Just to let you know, Bella took a dump in the yard." At first she did not hear me, so I repeated myself. Then she asked me to repeat it again, and I did.

Well, this was where she flew off the handle. She said "Thank you very much for telling me." I said "You're very welcome." Mind you, I was very polite to her, and I was just letting her know. Well, then Jeri said to me "I really wish you would stop worrying about it, because you're really making me SICK!" I told her, "I was just letting you know, in case you didn't catch it." Then she points her finger at me and said "And let me tell you something young lady, if you continue to harass me, I'm going to have you reported and kicked out of here." I matched her attitude with one of my own. I said to her, "You know what, you need to lighten up! I was just trying to help you." Jeri then says "Whatever!" Then she goes on about how she's having surgery (I suppose to play on my sympathies) I told her "I'm sorry you're having surgery, but you still need to take care of your dog..." I was going to add "Or get someone else to take her out for you." But she interrupted me. She kept going on calling me 'baby' and 'bitch' and telling me to shut up. Every time she told me to shut up, I kept telling her to get over here and make me shut up. She said "Oh I'll make you alright!" I told her "I'm right here! Make me shut up!" I wish to GOD she had tried to lay a hand on me! I'd have ripped her another butthole!

Well, she clambered down the stairs calling me every name in the book, and I just stood there and smiled, and I told her "Just so you know, I will be telling Lois that you are not picking up after your own dog." She answered, "Oh you just go right ahead!" And I told her "Don't think I won't!" I saw it with my own eyes, Bella took a dump and Jeri did not pick up after her. She shouted "Go and tell whoever you want, bitch!" I said, "You bet I will!" then she said "Good bye, bitch!" I reminded her that I would be telling Lois about her. Then she repeated "Good bye, bitch!" I just laughed and said "good bye!" LOL! Then she said bye one last time and slammed the door. All that time I was wishing I had my camera, this would have been great footage! Damn!! I never have it when I need it. Should I have told Jeri that I love being called a bitch? hehehe! Bitch means "beautiful, intelligent, talented, charming and horny", so I love being called a bitch. That wasn't the only thing she called me though. But notice I never once called her a name. Never!! I refused to stoop to her level of intelligence. I won't say that some monikers didn't cross my mind, but I refused to call her names and lower myself to her level. I actually had to stop myself from saying them a couple of times. LOL! And I was genuinely trying to be helpful. She just got angry because I was reminding her that she did wrong.

Well, then I put my dogs out in the yard. Shortly afterwords, Anna came out with Odessa and put her out. I told Anna about the incident with Jeri. Another resident, Karen (not the one I used to meet at the dog park, she owns Shadow) overheard what I was saying. So, I told her too. I knew she and Jeri were friends. Karen said "I wouldn't worry about it." I asked her "Why? Is Jeri not right in the head?" Karen amusingly said "Aren't we all?" LOL! I told Karen I was only trying to help Jeri, but Jeri is an asshole! I hated to say it, but it's true. She's as bad as that guy Andy. I'd love to see her report me and have me thrown out just for telling her that her dog took a dump out in the yard. I remember Sharon tried exactly that same thing once. I remember one time, Cora, who is Sharon's german shepherd dog, took a dump in the dog park. Well, Kim saw her do it, and Sharon was not in the park at that time. So, when Sharon came to pick up Cora, Kim told her that Cora took a dump in the park and pointed out where she had done it. Well, Sharon got pissed off at that, and threatened to file a restraining order against Kim for harassment. Well, Kim telling Sharon that her dog took a dump is not harassment! I think Jeri needs to learn that too. LOL! But let her try reporting me! I told her to go for it! LOL! See how far she gets. I'll file a report against her for calling me names and telling me to shut up. LOL! Which I cannot really, because it's free speech, but Hell, if she wants to persue this, I'm ready. I think I could get her for [close to] threatening me when she said she'll make me shut up. LOL! BWAH!!

I wish she had put her hands on me! I really wish she would have!!! I just hate though arguing like that with such an old woman. I sometimes feel like I'm arguing with my grandma! She must be in her 70s, and she acts like a teenager. Or a 20 year old. And she did start it. I was just being helpful. I had no idea if she knew Bella had dumped or not. I was perfectly willing to be friendly. Well, I won't try that anymore! Now, whenever I see her, I'm going to keep giving her Hell about her dog. Especially if I see her not picking up after it. And yes, I will tell Lois that Jeri was the one not picking up after her dog.

Now This Is What I Mean!

Last night, I was feeling especially creative. I finally figured out how I can do caricatures the right way. I decided to just try doing them all on the computer. So I opened up my Paint Shop and went wild with the shapes! If I do say so myself, I say they came out pretty darned good!!! And this method is actually easier than sitting down to draw each individual picture. Took a long time though to get each picture just right, but I managed it, and I didn't have to waste any paper doing them. Leastwise not until the time comes to actually print this book.

Anyway, as I was taking a break from drawing, I looked around the internet at my e-mails and messages like I usually do. I went back to YouTube, it's usually the first place I go to check messages because I want to get my visit there overwith for the time being. Well, I noticed I had 2 messages. One at least I can almost always assure myself will be posted on one of my vegan videos. Well, this time there was 2. One on each segment, both by a person who calls himself ddcasil. He claims he is from the USA, but I highly doubt it! No one from the USA, except me, would have been up at that hour. More likely he's one of those teenage bellyachers from the UK. They are so common on YouTube. Well, he wasn't all bad, he was kindof creative. But even a fanatical vegan at his most creative is nowhere near as creative as I am. His first message on my first vegan myths video was this:

"who looks healthier the vegan or the obese clown?"

I thought this was kinda funny. I mean, it's the first time someone has ever called me a clown. I like it. Clowns are supposed to be funny, and I think I'm right in saying I'm a pretty funny person when I want to be. So, I decided to jab back at him:

"Answer: The obese clown. LOL!!"

I personally have never seen a vegan I thought looked healthy. Fanatical vegans though are brainwashed. To them, pale, bald and wimpy is healthy looking. But not to me. I'd rather look like I look now than to be a pale wimp with no hair. I have no problems for someone my age who has been obese for the better part of 8 years. I admit though I could stand to lose a few pounds here and there. But I am happy with the person I am. These vegan fanatics will never succeed in making me think otherwise. Besides I just never care what vegan fanatics think anyway. The reason I am writing this blog is because I want to show you all what happened next. hehehe!

On my second vegan myths video, this person made 2 comments. His first one was once again directed at my looks (as they usually are by all fanatical vegans):

"why would anyone listen to this fat mess"

Notice he never uses proper grammar skills. I always felt if you want to be taken seriously, then write like an adult. Though I usually ignore grammar unless it's from someone like ddcasil, who no doubt is out to show others he is somehow better than me. Like I once told someone else, I only look for perfect grammar from people who think they're perfect, and the people who especially match that description are fanatical vegans. That's why none of them have any friends or subscribers on YouTube. Or they don't have but a few, and usally all of them are other fanatical vegans. Well again I decided to have some fun with this chap. I responded:

"Because I know more than you do. :)"

Yep! ddcasil is dumb as dirt! Just like all other fanatical vegans. He was a little more creative though. Just a little bit. But as usual, I am even more so. And I don't need the help of TV shows or movies to give me ideas like most of them do. I sure as Hell don't need Pokemon's help! Well, it was this next comment from ddcasil that triggered possibly the most ingenius comment I ever thought up. On my second vegan myths video, his last comment was:

"did she say that an apple is bitter? hahahaha"

Now, mind you once I put up a video on YouTube, I almost never watch it again. Because I want the number of views to be those of other peoples'. I wish YouTube only counted original views, instead of repeated views, but it doesn't. So, I don't watch my videos once they are put up. But I don't remember saying in that video that apples are bitter. So I watched it. I remember around the time Gary Yourofsky talked in his video about putting an apple and a bunny in the crib with a child, and before then had talked about how humans are naturally strict herbivores, I was talking about why vegetables are bitter to children. And many of them are because they started off in the wild as toxic. There is no denying that. The vegan fanatics do though. Vegan fanatics are much worse than pet people! That's because the fanatics are always in denial. Anyway, here is where the genius comment comes in! My response to ddcasil's last comment was both standup-comedy quality and well-thought-out. If I do say so myself:

"What's stupider than a NON-vegan NOT saying an apple is bitter? Answer: A vegan calling an apple a vegetable! LOL! Hello pot. Meet kettle. ;) :P"

heheheehe!! Well, he said it! I never said an apple was bitter, but by him making that observation, he was indeed calling an apple a vegetable! LOL! That's one fanatical vegan who could never truthfully claim to be smarter than I am! LOL! That is always so typical of fanatical vegans. I've come to recognize fanatical vegans by these simple little phrases:

"your stupidity" (sometimes they spell 'your' like 'you're').
"do research"
"fat and ugly"

LOL! And other such kinds of phrases. For those vegan myths videos, I did a lot of research. (OK, maybe not for the speciesism thing! But for that I made another video). The trouble with fanatical vegans is no matter how much research you do, they are going to keep saying it's not enough unless you actually mention something they want to hear. And it has to be told their way. They don't want you to tell people that we need meat. They don't want you to tell people that dead animals cannot feel themselves being cut up. They don't want you to tell people that veggies like cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts were toxic until we domesticated them. They don't want you to tell people that beef farms do not keep cattle penned up 24/7/365. They don't want you to tell people that more animals get killed each year through the harvesting of vegetables and fruit, either directly or indirectly. They want you only to tell people that animals are being tortured, that we don't need meat, that a cow is at the same level of importance as a human, and more important than a wild animal, and that we did not have to domesticate some varieties of vegetables to make them non-toxic. That is why I never listen to vegan fanatics. I got one guy the other night commenting on my video and griping about what I said, and demanded to see proof of what I said in the form of websites and written material. Well, I went to his channel and I noticed he is a PETA supporter! LOL! How ironic! I basically said to him to look at my blog, I have links here to those places I researched to make that video. He kept saying my video was based on opinions only and that nothing I said was based on truth. I told him that if he believes PETA is honest, and I am not, then I KNOW I am doing something right!! LOL!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Too Many "ism"s

I just saw and favorited a video on YouTube, and it's a cartoon from 1948. It was a good cartoon to watch, it talks about us having freedom to do whatever we want, and to make whatever choices we want. Nobody appreciates that as much as I do. I am a total free spirit. You'd be pretty hard-pressed to find someone who takes as much advantage of freedom as me. The only people who come close are the Westboro Baptist Church. The only difference between them and me is that I actually appreciate those people who died to make this country as free-willed as it is. I bless the soldiers in my prayers every night. I thank them for giving their lives for this country, and hope they return to this world to have another good life again. See, I believe in reincarnation. hehe!

One of the things that is pointed out in this cartoon I saw is that there are too many "ism"s. I so agree with that! And these days, people have carried them too far! When I talk about ism's, the first one that comes to mind is racism. We still haven't licked that one yet. Moving here to Montana, I find that a lot of people are full-blown racists! Look at the Craigslist Rants and Raves! Especially in Billings. There was one guy who went ballistic with a black guy that posted. It was crazy!! Of course having been to Billings, I can tell you honestly not the friendliest people live there. The people are a lot more stand-offish than they are here. Well anyway, racism was just the beginning of all the ism's. It goes all the way up to the latest (and most useless) one, speciesism. And yes, I found out "speciesism" is real. I still just don't think it's necessary in our culture.

I will admit that the hatred between humans should not be going on. I do wish to see a day when racism is eradicated completely. In fact, ALL hatred of certain groups of people should be ended. I'd like to see racism end, or homosexualism, or feminism, or even obeseism. People need to start just treating other people like people. And if you don't like someone, or a group of people, stay away from them! That's what I do. Animals do it, why can't we? You don't see deer approaching wolves. That's because deer don't like wolves. Deer know to stay away from wolves, and they do it because they don't like them. People can learn a great deal by watching animals.

Well, the thing is, we need to let up a little on these ism's that take away our basic freedoms. I'm all for ending racism, but people have carried it too far! Such is the case of this classic Tom and Jerry cartoon from 1940. Here it is in it's full form: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nEZwSZrbUw. The last time I saw this cartoon was back in 1995. You would not see this cartoon today. Know why? Because of the weak-minded crybabies that believe the woman in this cartoon is a stereotype of black women. I guess they think it paints the picture of post-slavery black people still working like slaves. I like this cartoon. And I think the woman is great! People who would take her appearance in this cartoon as offensive need to learn to get a grip and just have fun in life. She's also "painting a stereotype" of obese women, but I'm not griping about it! It's just a cartoon! It is cases like this where I think people are carrying this "racism" thing TOO far!! This would be where I draw the line at. That woman made several appearances in the early Tom and Jerry cartoons, and I thought she was funny! I don't even watch these cartoons anymore because they cut her out of most of them now! I just think that's dumb!

Now, people have made an "ism" about everything. You can't walk or breathe anymore without someone making an "ism" against it. I'm not asking to eliminate all of them. Just eliminate those that are taking away some of our rights. I think we should begin with the most useless "ism" of all: speciesism! That's the one the fanatical vegans like to throw around too much, and it's part of their ploy to get people to stop killing animals for food. I love animals, but some animals were made to be eaten. That's the law of nature. No reason behind it, that's just the way it is.

Round 2 of "I'm The Boss"

Well, this morning I took my dogs out to this field again, and this time I took my camera. I fully expected to run into that woman with Bella again. Well, I did not see her out in the yard. But I ran the camera and talked a little bit about her. I told about how she went all ballistic because I confronted her about the piles of dog crap in that yard, and when she did it told me I must have struck a nerve with her. Made me think perhaps she was indeed the one who has not been picking up after her dog. Well, I was going to capture her bitching at me again (as I am sure she would have) and I was going to have it on film. Well, I got something even better than that! A lot juicier. She did not come out into the yard, but when I was about to bring my dogs back into the building, I noticed Bella at the door looking out at me and the dogs. I didn't see that woman at first though. I did notice the leash attached to Bella's collar. The other end of the leash led to the stair case. Then, I noticed that woman peaking from behind the wall and drawing her head back, like some kind of turtle. I thought to myself "Oh this is perfect!" and I whipped out my camera, and caught her and Bella on film.

Bella's a cute little dog, but she's mean as Hell!! Don't let that cute face fool you! When I saw that woman hiding behind the banister, I laughed so hard. It was so fricken funny!! She's scared of me now! LOL! Now I know for sure I struck a nerve with her. But I will always call out irresponsible people! I don't care how pissed off they get at me, or how scared. Irresponsible people hurt everyone. If our landlord could have seen the piles of dog crap left out in that yard, she would never allow us to use that area again. And I don't want to go to the dog park when it's -30 degrees out there, and possibly blizzard conditions, which is very common here in Montana during the winter. So I don't want that privilege taken from me. At first I had no idea who left their dog's droppings out there. Now I know for sure.

I really feel sorry for this woman. More than anything. She must be in her 70s, and she acts like a 5 year old the way she hid behind the banister. I don't know if she thought I could not see her or not, but this was funny! At the same time I could not help but feel sorry for her. I'm about half her age, and I don't hide from her. I walked out on her and Bella in the yard yesterday, I never hid from her, and when she started bitching at me, I bitched right back. Personally, I thought that was over with, but she has held that grudge like some teenager who has nothing better to do. Me, I have bigger things to worry about than her. I'm still in the process of trying to finish this story. Like I said earlier, I am not that great at drawing caricatures, and this story requires it. So I have that on my mind now. Not what some wierd-ass woman who cannot take responsibility for her own dogs thinks of me. And besides, I cannot stand irresponsible people! I've said it before, and I will say it again and forever!

I've had nothing but trouble because of irresponsible people. A lot of apartments and rental homes do not allow dogs because of irresponsible people. It's been Hell trying to find an apartment back on the coast! Walmart does not have layaway anymore because of irresponsible people. Although I am glad they brought it back just for Christmas this year! Show breeders are always so hostile because of irresponsible people. Believe me, if show breeders were to be actually the nicest people you could ever meet, I would not loathe and disrespect them so much. But very few of them actually are nice. Everything bad in this world has happened because some idiots did not take responsibility for what they did or whatever decisions they made. So, I will always call out on irresponsible people.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"I'm Checking On You"

There is this old woman who lives in this complex, on the first floor. She's usually an OK person. Well, about a week or so ago, I went to put my dogs out and I noticed there were piles of dog droppings in the yard. With winter approaching, I don't go to the dog park anymore, so I take my dogs to this corner field to let them relieve themselves. Now, mind you I have no idea who left those piles of dog droppings out there, but when I see them, I get pissed because it tells me that someone is not being responsible for their dogs. And I hate irresponsible people! I believe all irresponsible people should be horsewhipped. I was not accusing anyone, but I saw that woman out there with her little dog, Bella, and I asked her (as I would have anyone else) "are you going to pick up her droppings?" I was just making sure. She answered "If she was going to do something, I would definitely pick it up." I was like "OK." For me, that was the end of it. Then she looks at me and asked "Why? Are you checking up on me?" At first I thought she was being a little bit sarcastic, I watched her face and looked for any hint of a sarcastic smirk. I decided to play along, in case she was being playful. I smiled and answered "Well, yeah maybe." Well, that made her angry and she said "I don't need anyone to check up on me." I just told her "That's fine!" And happily went about my business. I supposed she thought I was accusing her, but I could not because I didn't know who had been leaving their dogs' mess and not picking up. But judging by her reaction to what I was saying, I think I struck a nerve, deeply! Perhaps it was her who had been leaving her dog's droppings out there. I just didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to accuse. After she went back in, I just burst out laughing at the whole situation! You all know how I am. :)

Well, the other day, Anna and I had returned from a trip to Butte. I told her to go ahead and put the dogs out, and I would put our stuff we bought away. So she did, and after I was finished, I went out to meet her in that same field. Shortly after I got there, that woman with Bella came out. The first thing Bella did was attack and bite my Vegas, causing him to squeal. I was angry, and I shouted at Bella to leave my baby alone! She did. LOL! I had just told Anna about my incident with that woman a few days before. Anna knows how I can get and she also knows that woman. She said "usually she's not that bad". I said "I know." Some of the people who live here are pretty messed up. So, I just take what they say with a grain of salt, which is why I didn't blow up at that woman. Not even when Bella attacked Vegas. I've been told that you cannot trust either Bella, or her companion's dog, Shadow. They both tend to attack out of the blue. My friends told me they do not trust Bella or Shadow. Now, I understand why.

Well, this morning when I took my dogs out, that same woman was out there with Bella again. I don't run into her very often, really. Maybe about once a week I might come across her, but so far, that's been the only average. This time, Vegas started to go for Bella, and I told him a very firm, "NO!" I told Vegas to stay away from that dog. He did. Minnie started to squat and take a dump, and that woman said to me "Are you going to pick up your dogs' droppings?" I smiled and said to her "I always do!" She started rambling on about how I was checking up on her, so I believe she was trying to piss me off with that question. But she failed in that endeavor. I'm not as sensitive and messed-up as she is. I quit getting pissed off at the little things when I was in my 20s. LOL! She kept mumbling and going on about how I was checking up on her and all. She said "I don't appreciate being checked up on! You mind your own dogs and I'll mind mine." I reminded her "I was just making sure!" Again, I was not trying to accuse anyone. Then I said to her "And speaking of things not appreciated, your dog bit my dog the other day!" She said "Oh really?!" I said "Yep." Then she mumbled something else, I didn't really hear what. The whole time she was talking, she never looked me in the eyes. I was waiting for her to so we could have an intelligible conversation. I could barely make out what she was saying with her looking away and mumbling. All I could make out was "I don't like being checked up on" and blah-blah-blah. So I just laughed at her.

Afterwords, her friend came out with Shadow, and Shadow immediately started to go after my dogs. Thankfully her friend was able to hold Shadow back. The two of them got to talking about me, I was sure, because I heard the older woman say something to the effect of I'm the boss, and I was like "Oh yeah, give me that position!" LOL! And the younger woman was looking my way. Then as they left, they were talking about being the boss and supervisors and stuff. I just laughed and I shouted at the older woman "I'll be checking up on you!" and I laughed some more. I was being sarcastic, as they were, which was fine with me. I'll say one thing about my encounters with the fanatical vegans, now I've learned even better how to deal with people like that. I just laughed at the whole situation, I said to myself "Ehh, just a stupid old woman who can't take responsibility, and she's getting pissed off at me because of it." I think I will ask her everytime now if she's going to pick up after her dog, just to piss her off more. She was actually kinda fun to piss off because of the way she just flies off the handle. I think maybe I should make a movie of this.

Friday, October 21, 2011

If I Were On My Death Bed

I just saw a video from a guy I am subscribed to on YouTube about this subject and I thought it would make a very interesting topic for this blog. If I were on my death bed now, what would I be thinking? I think the first thing I would be thinking about is what have I accomplished in life? I have no kids. I did try marriage and didn't really like it. I think my greatest accomplishment in life is my Metazoic project. There is no other like it. I think of these animals the same as modern animals. Also my stories are an excellent accomplishment. Working with UMG Productions the way I have, I am honored to have them think of me as one of their leading illustrators. I must have been the illustrator for at least about 200 stories! And it was fun! I've also collaborated with other creators to help think up different plots to these stories. That too is an amazing accomplishment, and helped to build up and strengthen some great friendships. And I used to love getting other peoples' opinions on my stories. Though my boss does not want me reading any reviews that come into the site. Because she said I would be too tempted to respond, and she doesn't want that. She wants readers to feel comfortable rating and commenting on each story.

Anyway, I think everyone who is on their death bed would be thinking about their life's accomplishments. And for each person, it'd be different. But those are mine. Another thing I would be thinking about, since I am a firm believer in reincarnation, I think I would wonder what my next life is going to be like. Kids today have it so much rougher than they did when I was a kid. When I was a kid, kids were still considered innocent. Today's kids are far from that! It's sad really. Especially now after the age of about 4, kids start getting more diabolical! That's among one of the reasons I chose not to have kids. When I was a teenager, I wanted kids more than anything. Then in 1992, I took a job that would forever change my mind about parenting! It was a babysitting job, and the kids were little hellions! Their mom worked as a secretary in the military hospital and the father was in the army. But they let their kids get away with murder!! Most of the things they let their kids get away with I was never allowed to get away with! I would have been pulverized by my parents! Yet they never got disciplined. Well, I remember the kids said a bunch of things to their parents about me, half was untrue, the other half was taken the wrong way, and that got me fired. The parents would not even let me explain my side of the story. None of it was anything serious, I mean, I never laid a finger on either of those kids. But one of the things I was accused of was swearing in front of the kids, and telling them not to tell their mom. Well, that was taken the wrong way. Yes I said "damn" and "shit" in front of the kids, and yes I said (comically) "don't tell your ma I said that!" But frankly, I didn't care if they did tell her or not. I was just being silly at the time. But that was the kind of thing I was accused of.

Well anyway, after seeing how ticked off the parents, and the kids, got at me for minor things like swearing and being silly, I was like "Is this how today's kids are? They lost all their fun?" It was at that moment I decided I did not want kids at all. Kids don't laugh like they used to, and they are not at all innocent. I'm sure those kids were exposed to cussing from far more people than me after I left, and I never even said any of the really bad words in front of them. Nothing like "fuck" or "cunt" or anything like that. So after that job, I lost my taste for having kids, and in fact, I don't even like kids that much anymore. So I don't want any. I have my nieces and nephews and they are good enough kids for me.

But if I were to come back, what kind of person would I be in my next life? I wonder if I would be pretty much like I am now? Or if I would be a very different person. I will tell you one thing though, I hope to GOD I am not a fanatical vegan in my next life. And I hope I never meet anyone who is. Seeing them online is one thing. Seeing them in real life would be totally different! They actually kinda scare me, because they're so crazy. That's putting it mildly. LOL! They are insane, warped, brainless robots who might kill you if they see you with no forethought or hesitation. :) That's because they are incapable of forethought. That's knowledge I'd like to carry with me into the next life. But I don't really know if we can really take anything we learned with us to the next life. I always thought when we're born, our minds are an empty slate. Fanatical vegans are out to convince the world that those of us with a mixed diet are nothing but evil, fat, lazy drones. I think it'd be cool to keep the knowledge I have about fanatical vegans with me into the next life. After all, forewarned is forearmed. :)

Another thing this person talked about in his video, is he going to die of something stupid or not? LOL! He gave a car crash as a visual. The only way I can think of a car crash being a stupid way to die is if he crashed while texting or drunk or something like that. Because those are preventable ways. The fanatical vegans all think I'm going to have a heart attack and die that way. LOL! Well, I hate to disappoint them, but my family has very healthy hearts, and no one in my family was a vegan. My great aunt lived to be 102 years old and she ate meat every day of her life! No problems. My great grandma lived into her 80s, not a vegan, also ate meat and dairy every day of her life. She did die of pneumonia, but that has nothing to do with not being a vegan. In fact, I read that the vegan's favorite protein, soy, actually makes respiratory problems worse. That's why I won't touch it. The only person in my family to ever have any health problems was my grandma, and she spent the first 50 years of her life as a vegan. She had anemia, she had all kinds of heart problems later on in life, and her mind was not all there (just like the fanatical vegans). Just makes me wonder, how am I going to go? I know how I want to go, I want to go peacefully, in my bed, with my dogs by my side.

I'll tell you if I do go before I get back to the coast, then and only then, will I curse GOD's calling! Because if I have to go, I want to go in my dream house by the beach. Maybe even with an ocean view! I should never have left Ocean Shores! I miss it so much!!! Well anyway, there's how I think about my ultimate demise. Boy! This post went around in circles, but each idea was connected with each other some way.

Story Tweaks

Well, here I am, I am trying to finish this story. It's taking longer than I expected. I haven't been working on much of anything new lately because of the move. I've been putting it off. But my partner is building a new website for UMG Productions, and I would like to have a new story up. I don't want to have him build this whole new website and then not have anything new and different to put up. This story is funny too. I cannot wait to finish it and put it on the site. It's sort of like the Wizard of Oz, with a comical twist. Instead of a girl named Dorothy and a dog named Toto, I have Gracie and all of her buddies getting swept up by a tornado. And instead of the land of Oz, the tornado takes them to the land of Gargantua. Instead of munchkins, they meet giants. But not just any old giants, they are all long deceased actors and actresses. Like Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Eddie Cantor and more. That was why I had to learn to draw caricatures. I'll tell you though, I am not that great at it! I think I did fairly good though. At least they look like what they are supposed to look like. Well, I'll let the public decide.

I've had to do a bit of tweaking on this story, like several others, but I think I made it funny enough. Now my task is to have it put together with the words and the actual story and all. At first I was going to have just simple random-looking giants. But then I thought about it and decided to make the giants look and act like old movie stars. I thought it was a great idea at the time (the story was originally written in 1996). Even when I wrote it back then, I was not that great at drawing caricatures of old movie stars. But I managed! Don't ask me how, as I had nothing back then to go by. I just did it because I thought it would be funny. These days I have the internet and all to find old pics like that that I need to go by. I think I got it to work.

I plan to do a lot of tweaking. Some of the stories from the past need some serious tweaking! Next I plan to do up the Mount St. Helens story. I remember when I did that story, I got into my first chat room ever and talked about it. The way I described it, everyone said that it sounded a lot like the movie, St. Helens. The movie that starred Art Carney and David Huffman. So, I don't want that, so I have to redo the story. I remember in order to do that story right, I had to look at a lot of pics of David Johnston and Harry Truman. I hadn't seen them since I was a kid! LOL! In doing so, I happened to notice that David Johnston was kinda cute. I didn't think much about him when I was little. I was too little. But now, I think he was cute. Harry Truman should be the center for any Mount St. Helens story! He was the man who refused to come off the mountain. I think when I tweak this story, I'm going to make it child-friendly. Though with Harry Truman, that's going to be a bit tough! The man cussed his way through life! LOL!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Pick On Kids?

I wonder why it is when a child makes a video and puts it up on YouTube, it goes viral and becomes the subject of controversy and hatred? First it was Jessie Slaughter, now it's a chick named Amber Cole. People say "Oh this should not have been done by a 14-year old!" I mean really. Don't sit there and try to tell me you didn't have those kind of urgings when you were 14. I don't know of a 14-year old that didn't! Unless that person was from a very religious family (like I was). But in all honesty, how many of these people, who are sitting at their computers calling Amber Cole a "whore" or a "slut" or a "ho", can really claim to be religious? Now, I admit my ma always told me never to let a guy do me until I get the gold band on my finger, and I followed that advice my entire life. Then when I got married, I didn't want to do it because I hated the feeling of "you know what" going up "you know where". It didn't make me sick, it was just painful as hell!!

As I understand it, Amber Cole just did it with a boy to try and get back at her ex-boyfriend. But I don't think she meant her escapade to be filmed and then put up on YouTube. I haven't seen the video, and I don't want to! Anyone who does, I'd say is a pervert!! Stuff that one in your shoes you viral-video-viewers! I just heard about this young girl last night when I saw a video from one of the guys I'm subscribed to. But I wonder, why do people insist on hassling children on the internet? That's supposed to be against the law! So why aren't these laws being enforced? I don't hassle anyone on the internet, unless they start their shit with me. But to harass a child because someone put a video up of her having sex, that's silly. Doesn't make sense to gripe and fuss on the internet over something like that. I say if you are going to hassle anyone, hassle the kid who took the video and posted it on the internet without that girl's consent. Hassle the parents for not raising their kid up right. Don't blame the child for that, she doesn't know any better! Parents today are just not teaching kids any sense of moral values. How can they? I believe this is a sad commentary to our struggling economy. Parents cannot teach their kids, they have to work. And many homes are single-parent homes. Now, I am not saying that a lone parent cannot train their kids well, but if a single mom has say, 5 kids, there is no way in the world she could bring all 5 of those kids up right, especially if she has a job.

I once worked for a woman who had 3 kids, and she was on welfare. She was a lone parent too. I remember her kids doing some very outlandish things. I don't think she was consistent with them either. I remember babysitting them once, and the kids going out to play and not returning for hours. Then, when I went looking for them, I came across a guy who said the kids had been playing in his yard, and took a dump in his flowerbed. He yelled at me. I told him I was not the one to yell at, I was just a babysitter. Not their mama. He told me "You'd better start watching them more closely then!" I yelled back that I had been looking for them all afternoon at that time, and that guy just huffed and turned away from me. But I knew those kids' mom, and she was a party animal, and stayed out most of the time. I remember one time she was gone for 3 days, and I could not locate her. Even her boss was looking for her because in that 3 days, she hadn't reported to work, and never called. At one point, she called from a friend's house, and I asked her when she would be back, and she kept saying "Oh, I'll be back later." But she never returned. So for 3 whole days, I had to be those kids' mom. I wonder what would have happened had I not been there and she took off like that? When she did come back home, she was drunk, and slammed on the sofa, and slept for the whole following day.

The point is, she didn't raise those kids. I don't know if anything changed after I left there, but I do remember the mom was gone most of the time, and when she was there, she was either drunk or too lazy to do something with her kids. That's why I think kids should have both parents in their lives. Because I would not be surprised if either one, or maybe even all those kids, turned to drugs, premature sex, or even criminal behavior when they got older. The last time I saw either of those kids, or the mom, I was on a bus, and we were still friends, so we exchanged phone numbers. This was 3 years after I had to quit working for her. She never phoned me though. I liked those kids, I would have hated to see them turn their lives to something negative. But I also realize it would not have been their fault. I feel the same way when I hear of kids having problems on YouTube, especially with the trolls there. And I know the trolls on YouTube can be evil, nasty creatures. Some of the worst ones don't have any videos up of themselves. Not all the trolls are like that, but most of them are. I've seen some that actually did have videos up of themselves, showing their own faces and stuff.

Well, people can be very cruel, and kids cannot handle that. I can take name-calling. In fact, I relish it! Especially if they are vegan fanatics, I love their name-calling. They don't realize it, but when they call me names, it just proves that I have given them a strong argument that they cannot disprove. Like I always say, a person knows they've lost the battle when they have to resort to name-calling. That's why I laugh at them, and why I do not feel ashamed of my "Vegan Myths" video like they think I should. Because more vegan fanatics have proven over and over again that I am right in debunking their beliefs. I remember one guy was even bold enough to accuse me of "trolling vegans". LOL! I told him, several times, that was my channel, and I'll put whatever videos I want on there, and it would not be trolling. He doesn't have to watch my videos. I don't recall ever asking him to. I ask no one to watch my videos, ever. I never have. I think people who do that are spammers and deserve to have trolls hassle them. But I just make the videos and put them up. It's the other person's choice to watch them if they want to. Regular viewers who say they love my videos, I always tell them to keep watching. But that's as close as I ever get to inviting anyone to watch my videos. And I save that only for people who have said they love my videos, and I feel that they have actually meant it. I've had a few people (mostly vegan fanatics) say in mocking tones that they love my videos, then they turn around and call me names. That's how I can tell they are vegan fanatics, LOL! But I can tell when a person is really sincere, and I always like hearing from them on my videos.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jealous of an Animal

Someone on YouTube, undoubtedly some dumb teenager, accused me of being jealous of cats because she said cats are cute. LOL! That struck me as funny. I just told her "My dogs are even cuter." Although what I wanted to say is that if there is one thing that I am not, it's jealous of a cat! Why should I be? Cats are vermin, and IMO they are stinky, disgusting little animals. I don't even like their larger counterparts. I think panthers are the most disgusting of all mammals. Makes me physically sick to look at them. When I tell people that, they think I'm joking, but I am absolutely not. I'm never more serious in my life. I especially don't like large felines (except maybe snow leopards). But lions, tigers, and NON-snow leopards, I think they're much uglier than cats. I'm writing this blog though because until today, I've never even heard of anyone being jealous of an animal. I thought this would make an interesting topic for this blog.

There are some animals that I envy, but cats are certainly NOT among them! What have cats got going for them that no other animal does? Nothing that I can think of. They're good tree climbers? So what?! Lemurs are even better, and they don't have claws to help them either. Cats can leap 3 times their body length? Again, so what?! Lemurs can leap 10 times their body length! Klipspringers can leap 20 times their body length. Now, that's impressive for mammals! Cats are cute? Again, so what?! LOTS of animals are even cuter and have much more charisma. Look at otters, meerkats, back to lemurs, seal pups, penguins, fennec foxes, I could go on and on and on! Cats cannot swim very well, they don't seem to have much fun, they cannot sing (some of the ugliest sounds in nature come from members of the cat family), and they're always getting run over by cars! It's true! I now see more dead cats on the road than squirrels! So, what's to be jealous of cats about?

I'll tell you though, if there was an animal I would be jealous of, I think it'd be otters. Otters are cute, chocked full of charisma, they can swim very well, and they seem to have more fun than any animal on Earth! Even as adults the animals seem to always have fun. Check out this video I found of common otters at play:

That is why I would envy an otter. Those little guys are too cute!! I might even say I envy weasels for having such funny relatives! As for cats, they play a lot when they're kittens. But even when they're playing, they don't look like they are having as much fun as otters. Cats look more serious than otters. I'm about as jealous of a cat as I am of this piece of paper I'm about to throw in the garbage! LOL!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creative Fat Jokes

I love a good joke as much as anyone, even if they are directed at me. Well, last night I was thumbing through Youtube and I found this video of a very large black guy harassing a couple of white people, one of which called him the "n" word. You all know what I mean. The black guy must have weighed about 600 pounds!! Even I looked at him in amazement! I left a comment saying:

"Man that dude was big! He makes me look skinny!"

And well, he does! The guy is HUGE!!! Take a look for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_42_TFPuX0 But that is not why I am writing this. I am writing this because I saw probably the funniest... No wait! Let me rephrase that....I saw unquestionably the funniest fat-related comment I've ever seen in my life! And believe me, I've seen them all. Or I thought I did. It was a comment made by someone who calls himself MrCodgamer1234, about 4 days ago. This is what he said:

"6 Levels of fatness
1. Big
2. Healthy
3. Husky
4. Fluffy
5. DAMN!
The guy is OH HELL NO"

LOLOL!!! I had to laugh when I saw this comment! I even gave him another thumbs up! I really wish people would get on my channel and say stuff this funny! This was my response to this guy:

"@MrCodgamer1234 Now why don't the fat haters that get on my channel ever post anything this creative???? All I ever get are the dumb-as-shit fat haters."

It's true too! I get only the stupidest fat-related comments by people who don't even have a half a brain cell between them to come up with something creative. All I get are comments like these:

"fat troll"

"mushrooms are disgusting...LOL
being fat ugly pig like you is disgusting!"

"Fat bitch"

"Fat ass"


"your fat"

None of those are creative. They're things I've heard almost on a daily basis for many years! They're nothing new. I wish to GOD I could get some people with a lot more imagination making comments on my videos. I dunno. Maybe it's that I have too much imagination, and I expect everyone to be more like me. Even the comment about the wild snorlax has gotten old. I see that comment now every time I see a video about a fat person. Besides, I finally found out where these kids got that from. It's a damn character on that stupid Pokemon show! And I hate Pokemon! I hate all anime in fact. When I was a kid, I used to like Mapletown. But now that I found out it's anime, I've lost my taste for it. Kids today live it. And I used to get laughed at because I loved cartoons like Fat Albert and Groovy Goolies. BTW, someone else already made the reference to Fat Albert on that video. But I think that guy qualifies as even bigger than Fat Albert.

Anyway, I wish the creative fat haters would get on my channel and make some comments, and stomp out these uncreative fat haters. I don't mind name-calling, but I like it much better if the jokes were actually funny. I've seen some uncreative fat haters that were just evil, and those people I usually just block out. I got one the other day that commented on my Vegan Myths video, and he was just plain evil! He even went so far as to claim he was not a vegetarian, and said that I give all non-vegans a bad name. Well, I saw through his little scheme instantly! He was obviously a vegan fanatic, he was just hiding it so I would not call him a vegan fanatic! But I can tell vegan fanatics miles away (usually). If he wasn't a vegan, then my video would not have been any issue to him. And no other non-vegetarian has ever complained about me standing up for their rights to choose their own lifestyle. So, this guy was definitely a vegan, and a fanatical one at that. Don't try and tell me you're not a vegan buddy! Or maybe, keep trying. I'll just laugh at you. But I blocked him. He was evil! After his comment about me giving all non-vegans a bad name, I just told him "Allow me to invite you never to return to my channel again." Then I blocked him. For all I know, he could have been MsPearlsGirl in disguise, now trying to convince me she's not a fanatical vegan. LOL!

I don't like blocking people really, but when I think they are behaving in a way that may lead up to them being threatening, I block them. If they show the signs of being the kind of person that is just coming to my channel to gripe and complain, I usually block them. Not always though. But then, I am doing them a service. I'm telling them that if they don't like my channel or videos, then don't come back! Simple as that. And I help them out by blocking them. That should give them a great head start in not returning to my channel! If I don't like someone's channel or videos, I don't comment and I don't return. Anyone who does otherwise can't be right in the head, IMO. Or they like subjecting themselves to torture and drama. I personally don't like drama queens, so I block them.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peter Shaffer's Amadeus

Oh boy! I went to see this live today, and I loved it!!! It was a great play! Not like the one I remember from when I was a teenager, but it was still awesome!! The cast and crew were a group of great actors and actresses. But like I said, it was very different from the version I remember seeing when I was a teenager. But then that was a different time and place. That was 1987 in Vancouver, WA. I remember ma and pa letting me have only a half day in school so I could get out in time to go see that play! It made me feel special. Just one of those things ya know, where a kid thinks to themself, "Wow! This is such a special occasion for me, my parents even let me skip school!" And boy! What an amazing play it was too!! Most of the actors back then were young, in their 20s. All but a couple of them. I remember having a crush on the man who played Antonio Salieri. He was played by a man named Tom Hammond. I also remember having a crush on another man, the one who played Count Franz Orsini-Rosenburg. He was played by a man named Rocco Dal Vera. And he was a young man!!! Not an older man, like what you see in the movie, or like I saw today. He looked back then like he was in his mid-20s. He may have been too.

I kindof expected to have a crush on the man who would play Mozart. I sort of expected him to look a lot like Tom Hulce, who portrayed Mozart in the most honest way I've seen to date on the movie. But he did not look at all like Tom Hulce. He was a man named Kelley Ray and he was short, fat, bald and dumpy. Not a very attractive man at all. Not like Tom Hulce anyway. He was cute if you like short, dumpy, bald men. Then there was something in the play (both from the 80s and today's) that is not present in the movie, it was a couple of Salieri's venticelli. They were like a combination of court jesters and announcers. The play I saw in the 80s had 2 men playing the venticelli, and one of them, named Daniel Renner, was the cutest man on the stage that day!!! Gorgeous eyes! Gorgeous hair (in his picture in the program)!! Truly a handsome man. Well, today's play had 1 man and 1 woman playing the venticelli. The woman looked like me, and the man was gay. In fact, half the men in today's cast were gay! The man who played Salieri, Mozart, Emperor Joseph II, and the male venticello, they were all gay! That was something that the play I saw back in 1987 did not have. Though I could see a gay man playing Mozart (Tom Hulce was openly gay himself), but gay men playing the emperor and Salieri, well, let's just say that took some getting used to. But no matters, they were pretty good actors.

The only thing that really bothered me about today's play was that Salieri did not have a ponytail and the guy who played Mozart only wore his wig in one scene! Salieri ALWAYS has a ponytail! In every play I've seen him in, and in the movie, Amadeus. I remember even Patrick Stewart playing Salieri in a mock court show, where modern lawyers and the modern supreme court tries to decide if Mozart was actually murdered, or if he did die from disease. It was called 'The Mozart Inquest", and I used to have it on video tape. But even in that show, Salieri had a ponytail. In today's play, he didn't. I wondered if that was part of some new script. If this were really the 1700s, those guys would not have been without them! Mozart also always wore a wig. In the movie Amadeus, the only time you see him without one is when he is in his home. That kinda bothered me. Because without the wigs, they looked fake. Not like they were supposed to be performing characters from the 18th century. Today, Mozart only wore a wig once, and it was in his opening scene. One thing I will give today's portrayal of Mozart credit for, his laugh was exactly like the guy's on the movie! Made me laugh every time!

Another thing that really bothered me, Kappelmeister Bonno was missing! He was not in today's play. I wonder if that is how Amadeus is now being depicted. He was actually a part of the actual court. I cannot see him not being in the play. I wonder if they did that to save time? I remember when I went to see the play as a teenager, he was played by an older man, much older than any of the other cast members. He was also cute and funny, like most old men are. LOL! I remember in one scene where Mozart was talking about Italian singers being fat and stupid, Kappelmeister Bonno stands up and says "Gratze seƱore". Everyone in the theater laughed, including me! But in today's play, they didn't have the Kappelmeister. I wonder why? I guess they eliminated him because he really does not say much. He didn't in the movie, nor in the play I saw in 1987. Oddly enough, he was mentioned in the scene where he died, and Salieri was asked to take over the role of Kappelmeister.

I still say NOBODY, throughout the course of history, has ever portrayed Mozart as honestly and effectively as Tom Hulce did. And no fooling there! If the images I've seen of Mozart are truly accurate (hard to tell, since all of them are paintings), Mozart was quite an attractive man! Check this out, compared to Tom Hulce:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hypocrisy and Contradiction

This is a big subject. People constantly calling others "hypocrites", I hear it all the time, I see it all the time. It's a big thing in INXS fanhood to call someone else a hypocrite. I also hear people say "I hate hypocrites!" I wonder sometimes, do those people realize when they are saying that that in essense, they are saying they hate people, including themselves. It is actually a part of human nature to be hypocritical of something. That is not at all new or different. We all say we're going to do things that we never do. There was an episode of the Brady Bunch like this, where Greg wanted to live by everyone's exact words. He found out pretty quickly that those were very hard to live by. It's because we're only human. Humans are imperfect creatures. Every time I hear someone saying that they hate hypocrites, I always think of this. Because NO human I've ever seen lives completely up to their exact words. In fact, I would love to meet a person who does. You show me a perfect human being and I'll show you Jesus rising again from the dead.
I admit it, I am something of a hypocrite. I used to hate hypocrites myself, until I found out that it is natural for humans to contradict themselves. My style of hypocrisy though stems from me just being one of those types that looks at both sides of everything. There is good and bad in everything out there, and I prefer to just focus on both sides, instead of entirely on the negative or entirely on the positive. For example, I hate show breeders. I know that not all of them are bad though. Just those who demand respect for no purpose except that they have been breeding (and showing) for some number of years, and treat newbies like shit and stomp on them. Those are the show breeders I hate the most. They're annoying anal warts!! As much as I hate show breeders, I also understand how important they are in preserving their breeds. Believe me when I say I take a sigh of disgust when I am forced to look at their positive side. But it's there, there's nothing I can do about it. But I know I cannot sit here and say that show breeders are 100% bad, and do absolutely no good, when I know that isn't true. That's just why I hate so much going into pet forums, and why I refuse to spend my time at dog shows anymore. I haven't been to a dog show since Vegas was a tiny baby! I said it was the last one I was ever going to go to! I didn't like the way this one guy, whom I didn't even know, was looking at me and Anna. He looked at us like he wanted to kill us. An absolute perfect stranger, I never said 2 words to him at all, and he was looking at me and Anna like he was a hungry tiger and we were the steaks! For no reason at all. But I saw Rio B. talking to him earlier, and she must have said something! She barely knew us herself to be talking about us to anyone.

But anyway, that is the reason I hate show breeders so much. They think they know all there is to know, and they judge everyone. Even though (and especially if) they don't know the person, or don't know the person very well. But they hate it when the same thing is done to them. Being famous on the internet now, I've learned pretty well to deal with people talking about me behind my back. It does not bother me like it used to. All of the things said about me are nothing but rumors anyways. And a lot of the things said about me makes me laugh! Those people try so hard to piss me off, but their lack of knowledge about me personally just makes me laugh! I don't reveal everything on the internet. Keep that in mind.

Ohh speaking of show breeders and pet forums, I wonder if that person who posted the link to a post on here is going to post the link elsewhere too? That is, IF that wasn't me!!! I don't even remember if I may have changed the link on my Craigslist profile or not. Anyway, I hope they do! I encourage everyone who comes in here to post links to this site, or any of the posts, elsewhere! It gets me more views, and I like that. I was so excited this past weekend when YouTube asked to monetize one of my videos. It's the video titled "RE: FAT PEOPLE SUCK". YouTube asked to monetize my 2nd Vegan Myths video, but I couldn't accept that one. You cannot have anyone else's face in the video, and I do have clips from Gary Yourofsky's speech on there. So that was a bummer I could not monetize that video!! I bet I could make hundreds of dollars a day just from that video alone! Now why my "New Friends Arrive Today" video has not been asked to be monetized is absolutely beyond me! It was the first video of mine to ever hit 10,000 views! None of the other videos that Youtube wants to make partner, has even come close to hitting that mark yet. You know who I have to thank for that? The trolls and haters! Yep, even in a happy video like that one, trolls and haters have to interfere and leave hateful comments. LOL! Of course some of them got deleted. I can't let Katrina see those, she'll try to rush to my defense and I don't want that! The trolls and haters are actually what ups my views. I even reopened my vegan videos to comments again. I closed the comments before because a lot of the fanatical vegans got too ugly and some of them even threatening. Well, when Youtube wanted to make my Vegan Myths 2 video partner, I said "I think I should reopen the comments section again". But I also warned that if any vegan fanatics get threatening again, the comment sections of those videos will be closed again. And this time, I won't reopen them.

I realize people get frustrated, and say a lot of nasty shit because they cannot get their way. But there is absolutely NO need for threats! I don't mind name-calling, but I don't accept threats! You can't in today's world because you have no idea if the person on the other side of the line really intends to carry out those threats or not. And I hate fanatical vegans! Almost as much as I hate show breeders. I've come to the conclusion that not all vegans are bad. But there are those who are in it for compassion, and those who are in it for egotistical reasons. The fanatics are definitely NOT in it for compassion. I've seen them claim they are compassionate, but they're really not. Like I always say, talk is cheap! And actions speak louder than words. And if talk is cheap, then vegan fanatics must get their's wholesale! LOL! But yeah, fanatical vegans are NOT in it for compassion. They are in it so they can look down on non-vegans and say "I'm better than you because I am more compassionate! And you're nothing but a fat-assed bitch who will never amount to anything!" IMO, you cannot call yourself "compassionate" if you are making fun of another person and telling them they will never amount to anything, or that they are stupid, etc. The two things just don't go hand-in-hand. But that's why I hate fanatical vegans, because they are all like that. And just because you do not agree with someone does not mean that they are really "stupid". Only stupid people think someone with a different opinion or lifestyle is stupid. I don't like show breeders, but I don't think they are stupid people. They're just overly judgmental people. I can't really say the same for fanatical vegans, because they are stupid people. In accordance to when I said only stupid people think someone else is stupid just because they don't agree with them. I don't like how the Chinese love to see animals suffer. But I don't think the Chinese are stupid people. I just don't agree with their lifestyle.

Look anywhere on YouTube, and you will see how the people in China treat animals. It's abominable! For one thing, they feed the predatory animals in their zoos live prey and allow spectators to watch. And they don't kill animals they use for fur before skinning them. They just knock them out and skin them alive. And I've seen them throwing rats, that are fully alive and capable of feeling, into a pot of boiling water. I don't agree with their lifestyle, but I don't think they are stupid. There is a very big difference between not agreeing with someone, and that someone just being stupid. I would hope the fanatical vegans could see that difference, but no. They cannot. Because they are crazy, fanatical lunatics who have no capacity to think for themselves. So they attack anyone, like me, who has a mind of their own. I wouldn't even call me stupid! My IQ has been measured at 140. That's above average. I don't think it's a genius level, but it is above average. What I don't know, I'm pretty good at figuring out.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on human nature and stuff. I've been trying to find myself an apartment back on the coast, because I want to move back there again. I miss it so much!!! It's been difficult though. Nobody seems to allow dogs, and that sucks!! It's such a waste to move close to the ocean and only be allowed to have a cat! You can't walk a cat on the beach. You cannot really have any fun with them at all. So it's such a waste when I see ads for beach apartments or cottages that say only cats are OK, but not dogs. It's annoying and frustrating!!! Makes me want to choke the landlords! LOL! That was a joke BTW, but seriously, it is frustrating and it is such a waste!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are We Only Normal?

I sometimes wonder if my sis and I and our closest friends here are the only normal ones in this building? Or is it the location? Maybe everyone in Bozeman is normally like this? But there is this woman, named Jane, who lives here in this complex, and she does some weird-ass things! I usually like people who are a little bit wacky, but this woman needs some help. She likes to tell people she is one of the world's greatest dog trainers. According to my friends, she has never been educated in dog training at all. She does have 3 tiny dogs, all of whom are old as dirt, and skinny for their size. You can feel their ribs. And Jane has told Deb (one of my buddies here) that her dog looks sickly. Deb's dog looks perfectly healthy to me! And his ribs are not sticking out either. But Jane likes to believe she is the world's foremost authority on dogs.

I heard Jane's called the police on so many people so many times that the police told her never to call them again. LOL! The police said that they were going to start fining her when she calls. Another weird-ass thing Jane does is she chews her dogs' food for them and then spits it out into their mouths. Disgusting!!! That's probably why her dogs are so "ribby". When I heard she does that, I was like "Hello? Ever hear of putting water in your dogs' food?" If her dogs cannot chew their own food, she should try that. Or get the dogs food that comes in smaller chunks. Dogs really do not chew their food, they are supposed to swallow it whole. Another wierd-ass thing that Jane does is she picks up her dogs' droppings and sniffs them! She claims that's the only way to tell if your dog is sick or not. This woman is obviously too weird for me! After hearing about all this nasty shit she does, I'm not sure I want anything more to do with her! Sure she seems nice, but this stuff is nasty! And I don't think I want to see her when she does all this! And she will do it in public! Think nothing of it, she will do it in public with everyone looking.

Well, Sharon loves Jane! I always knew Sharon was wacked in the head. I could tell just by the people she hangs out with! That Helga for one thing. That woman I always refer to as "that wacky woman", because that's what she is. And that Raymie, the woman who threatened to break Odessa in half. Everyone knows that woman is wacked in the head too. But she is that way because of a stroke. So, she really cannot help it. But Jane is a vegan. And according to the vegan fanatics, you never will suffer a stroke if you are a vegan. LOL! Your mind just goes wacky.

Actually to reiterate that, if you eat a lot of potatoes you will never have a stroke. And I LOVE potatoes!!!!! I prefer them baked. But I read that in Woman's World magazine. I love those magazines! They have shown me a lot of things I didn't know before. For example, the thing about acupressure. Using that, you can get rid of sinus problems, belly aches, and insomnia, just by rubbing different areas of your hands. I think I will make a video about that soon. I did a video this past weekend about how to boost your self-esteem, and it was based on what I read in one of those Woman's World magazines. Of course they were methods I already used, but to find the methods I've known for years in a magazine, well, it proved to me that I know more than I thought I did! But then I always go by sheer instinct. I do what works well for me and that's it. I don't care if people oppose it or laugh. At least I don't go around sniffing my dogs's poo! LOL!! Or chewing their food for them and spitting it into their mouths! YUK!!!

I mentioned in my latest video about how I can be struck by trolls and haters and still keep on laughing and smiling and just being myself. I never let them get to me because there are things that I have that they will never have, and those are mostly the good memories and fun I have of good friends and family, and of Tim Farriss. Plus I've accomplished quite a bit! I am especially proud of my Metazoic project. I put a lot of work into that, and some World-renouned scientists have praised it. That's something I never expected when I started this project! It's just a bonus. But I have achieved it because I am so dedicated to my project. I have to say, Metalraptor played a huge part in getting me more motivated about my project. So I have to give him some of the credit too. Family and friends also played a large role in that too, because they believed in it. That may sound corny, but it's true. Some of my friends even inspired it. Particularly those who I worked with in the UMG Productions studio. There is nothing like writing stories in the manner of Dr. Seuss. LOL! I don't mean with the rhymes, but with the hypothetical creatures. Like in his ABC book.

Well, some people may scoff, or say "that's not so great", or even say I'm delusional, but the accomplishments speak for themselves! They are things I am particularly proud of. And NO troll or hater could ever possibly take those away from me. They can only dream of taking them from me. LOL! :)