Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Let Another One Go, But I'm Not Upset

I had to let another potential worker go last night. Usually that kind of thing upsets me, because I don't like to tell someone "you're fired!" but this guy pushed the wrong button. I never would have known he was like that. He wrote me a note last night to clarify what I want. Upon first reading it, I was like OK. So I will write back to him and give him more info. But then I got to the end of the note, which he wrote "I am trusting you won't turn around and use my page on your site without payment. Don't let me regret it." All this when I already told him in the previous letter that I wasn't going to be using these mock-ups on the site! It pissed me off when he said this!! It kinda hit me like an 18-wheeler on the highway! At the very first instant, it didn't register, so I continued to write the note giving him a better explaination of what I wanted, at the end of that letter I wrote "Why on Earth would I use your page when I said I wasn't going to???" Then the more I thought about what he said, the madder I got. I almost was not going to do this, but I did. I wouldn't have felt better if I hadn't. I wrote back to him again with this message:

"Listen, let me do this, I'll just let you go. I believe that the relationship between a worker and employer is sacred. And if you cannot trust me to keep my word then there's no relationship there. I'm sorry. I wish you all the best. Please disregard my offer to accept your work. Thank you."

As angry as I was, I tried to keep a civil and professional position. I'm serious, he really burned me up with that remark. He may be a young 20-year old who does not yet know that what he says sometimes can lead to harsh consequences. I was that way when I was 20 too. And it wasn't like I didn't tell him that I would not use these pages on the site. All I needed was a visual. I only need that because my understanding of coding and anything related is so poor. I need a visual! I wouldn't ask for it if I didn't need it so much. Well, as I said in my last blog, I knew this was not going to be an easy choice. So many people have sent me such wonderful ideas, it's going to be tough to choose the right worker for the site. But this is the first time someone I was about to hire has ticked me off and I've let them go because of that. No one else has ever talked to me like that when I was about to hire them. I treat all of them with the greatest respect. Some people can feel it I guess while others can't.

It was supposed to rain today!!! But it's sunny out there!!! I hate it! I've seen the damn sun all damn week!! It has wreaked havoc on my sinuses!! My nose is constantly bleeding now!! I knew this would happen! It almost is never rainy at this time of year here. It rained last night, but this morning, it's sunny and cold, the worst kind of weather for me. The weather girl said last night we were supposed to have rain ALL WEEK!! I knew it was too good to be true. Instead we got the stupid sun!!! And I thought it was moist here all the time. Before we moved here, that's how it was. That's why I moved here. That's what happens when I move to a place. I've always been unlucky in that way! The first year, it's fine, it rains when it's supposed to. But after being here for a year, the sun starts to show up all the time. And now it only rains at night. The days are sunny, cold and dry! Wanna bet when we move to Bozeman, it's going to stop snowing? Those will be worse days, because there for sure it gets sunny, cold and dry!!! And stays that way for months.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Never Figured This Would Be Easy

I'm still in the process of trying to find a designer for my Metazoica site. I've been deleting people who I didn't feel clicked with me, and I know I've broken a few hearts in the process. Well, today, to help me make a final decision, I asked all the applicants to turn in a mockup page displaying a picture and the text to accompany, par my specifications. So far, I've gotten a couple of submissions. I got one guy who couldn't do a mockup until April 19th. I told him I absolutely could not wait that long. Much as I liked him and knew he could do a great job on the site, I had to let him go. I told him I was sorry. I have a lot of other applicants whose raw work I'd love to see. And I felt it wouldn't be fair to leave them hanging on for an answer until the 19th. Some of them are rather impatient, and want answers NOW!!!!

Well tonight, one of my favorites submitted a mockup, and he did rather well! He made a really dynamic, eye-catching website for Metazoica. I added him to my favorites on the site, and I added him to my MSN messenger. I also added him to my Facebook. I really like his work! But he hit me with a trick question tonight. After I had viewed the mockup site, and told him how wonderful it looked, he wanted to know right then if he could begin working on the site. I told him as much as I'd love to say yes, I cannot. I still have to think about the other applicants. I have to save time for them to show me their work. I hated to let him down, but I felt it would have been rude of me to just hire him without giving the others an opportunity to show me their work. And I told him all this before he made the mockup. I hoped it was clear and he understood. I told him I could not make a final choice until the end of the month. That's plenty of time for others to submit their work for me to review. Well, he backed off, saying he was no longer interested in working with my project, that he has a couple others to work on. It struck me like a lightening bolt. I thought he understood!! But I was wrong in thinking that I guess. I just want him to realize, I did not reject him voluntarily!! He rejected himself from my project! I told him he was actually quite close to winning the position. But he still wasn't interested. He said he needs a job right now. I feel bad for sure, but it's his choice. And I surely don't want to keep him from a sure job. So, I took him off my list. I hated to, but he made his choice.

I asked everyone to submit a mockup, it'll help me make my final choice. This has not been an easy, or even a restful, journey. I hate telling people I am not interested in their services. Especially when someone has so much potential. I just sit here wondering how many more people are going to react like that one did before I make my final choice?? LORD have mercy!! I may have no one left to choose from and I'll have to continue to do the site myself. UGH!!! Oh well, I've managed this far. But it would have been nice having the site professionally done. I'd just rather not post the job on a place like elance, they don't allow you to ask for mockups. And I am sooooo poor in figuring out internet language, I need a visual aid just to understand. I don't want to risk hiring someone like the guy who did the UMG website! I won't go through that again!!!! If I remember correctly, he wouldn't even do a mockup.

Well, in other news, one of my Facebook buddies told me about Joan Rivers saying shit about fat people in general. I made a video telling her what I think of her saying that (fun or not), I told her to kiss my ass. Well, I was never a fan of her's anyway, but the comment she made on Twitter just downgraded my opinion of her. Well, it struck a chord with a couple of Joan Rivers fans already, LOL! I have the feeling there will be many more! hehehe! Oh well. Like I said in an earlier video, it just goes in one ear and out the other! hehe!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Loss of Thought

I don't know what to do. I have been in the midst of hiring a professional to redo my whole Metazoic site, particularly the Meet The Mammals section. I want to make that section a little more streamlined, and I tried to do it all by myself. No such luck!! I suck when it comes to programming! So I noticed Yahoo has joined with a site called Odesk. It seems to be a good site where you can find professionals and hire them for a specific job. I set a rate and got several responses. I can only spend so much on this project. It's not like the UMG project where there was nothing but books to purchase (the site is still down and I'm thinking of moving it to a different server!) But I only have one page devoted to selling some things, and even that is just a hobby. I haven't sold anything yet, and I really don't expect to. Not saying I couldn't fulfill my obligation to, but that's not entirely what Metazoica is all about. It's a virtual zoo. I take donations that keeps the site up and running. That's also the extent of it. I will also have a members area in the future, to showcase videos and even video games depicting these mammals. That's something I've always wanted to do. But that comes much later. Right now I want to just add a few simple features to the site. I have eliminated a couple of people for whatever reasons. Mostly because their quote was too high, or they didn't have the skills I am looking for. I cannot spend too much on this site. However, I have one worker who has offered to redo the whole site for $350 and I am almost considering taking him up on his offer. But then I had another person tell me that programmers from India don't know what they're doing. I wasn't sure whether to take his word or not! My last programmer was from Pakistan, and he didn't seem to know what he was doing, and he abandoned my project! So, I'm not going to pick someone based on their location. It could have been some kind of hijinx or bitterness even. I don't know.

There's another guy that has applied and he also sounds great! He can do this project and I like his prices on animation. I might also consider him, if nothing else, for the help in animation! I did tell him in the future I plan to have movies available about some of the more interesting mammals on the site. He can do movies at $300 each! Not bad!! Well, that's one of the better prices I've seen for animated movies. I wonder how the movies would look at that cost?? Of course whoever does the movies would have to be able to add furry textures on the animals. I wouldn't want it any other way. And I'd want exceptional quality. Oh well, not now. Later!

This is a very tough choice, though I think I am going to go back and eliminate some more workers. I hate that part!! I know how Timmy used to feel on Black Wednesdays when he was doing Rockstar: INXS. Eliminations are always difficult! I hate to destroy a person's chances of a job. But I want someone who can really make me smile with this work. I even spoke to one of the applicants last night, and he sounds good too! UGH!! This is not going to be an easy choice. But it's something I have to do. I want to narrow the field a little more. I want to make the right choice. This time, I'll let instinct do the thinking. hehe! I don't want another worker like the one that did the UMG Productions site!! I want someone who will always be there when I need them, and do what I want them to do. That last guy, he never even removed those banners I kept telling him I didn't want! They were an eyesore!! I want someone who can do a better job, and make Metazoica a real eye-catching site. Maybe I'll go with the guys who wanted to revamp the whole site. That would be a nice switch. Like I said, this isn't going to be an easy choice! What to do? I don't know! Someone's going to get this job. I know the others will have other work sources, so I guess I need not worry about that. I'd like to give some young sprig starting out a chance too. hehe! That'd be good on them. Ohhhh but this is one of the hardest choices I've ever had to make.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stand Up Against Fat Discrimination

There is a new group on Facebook, and I'm hoping all who have weight issues will join me in this group as well. This is a group about standing up against fat discrimination. Even if you don't have weight issues, please join, and show you support fat acceptance. Fat people are being discriminated against all the time, for jobs, medical insurance and even having fun in amusement parks, movies that have seats made only for skinny folk, and we cannot even go on a helicopter ride because they tell us we're too fat. If you are sick of this, if you have relatives that are overweight, or friends who are overweight, or if you yourself are overweight, and you're just sick of the discrimination just because you weighed a few extra pounds, join this group on Facebook! If you are sick of going out of your house and you can't go a single block down the road without some jerk calling you a fat name, join this group. It'll give you some support. If you are trying to lose weight, this group will give you words of encouragement, and even show you the best way to lose weight. If you are a jackass who gets his jollies making fun of fat people, don't join! The group leader warns you will be deleted. But I urge anyone who has a friend, family member, or who is themselves overweight, to join this group. You'll be glad you did!! Here's the link:


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweepin' The Clouds Away

Well, today we got a big surprise, it's sunny today, and it was supposed to be raining. Well, I want to say happy St. Patrick's Day to all my viewers. My ma traditionally celebrates this day with a dinner of corned beef and cabbage. She's almost 50% Irish in background, so she kinda grew up with her grandma carrying on this tradition. Oh boy! I personally HATE corned beef and cabbage!! Funny eh? I guess the Irish genes are just not that dominant in me. hehe! That's a joke BTW. I definitely have those well-known characteristics, I am a little bit sweet and a little bit salty at times. In my case, more than ma's, I have a lot of characteristics thrown together giving me a balance in my temperament.  I'm almost 50% Mexican, so I have a lot of that Latin temperament as well as the Irish on top. I also have the rather hot temperament of the Scottish as well. A lethal combination. But I also have some Scandinavian softness added to my background. It's probably that that prevents me from completely flying off the handle and staying that way. But then it's run over again by the French/Italian in my background, which can also be quite temperamental. I get angry, but I get over it rather quickly. Sometimes when I blow up at someone, I usually think back and say to myself "Oh GOD how I wish I hadn't done that!" LOL! Sometimes when I get pissed, I can really get PISSED!!! That's when I do the things that has me wishing I hadn't done them in the afterthought. hehe! I'm still working on cooling off. Well, today I am celebrating with making some mint-chocolate cookies. I found some Andes mint chips in a store, and I thought that would be cool made up in a batch of my famous deep chocolate cookies. Where I usually add chocolate chips to that batter, today instead I am going to add mint chips. It's gonna be GOOOOOOD!!! Yes I admit it, I like to splurge in sweets once in a while.

Well, I found out Hutch's Strangest Party is going to be sending condolence cards to Timmy's wife, Beth. I think that's a very nice thing to do and I would love to send her a card myself. So I will definitely be a part of this. I never met the woman, and I barely know Tim! But shoot, I cut my hair for people like her. I feel like I need to do something great in addition to cutting my hair. Cutting my hair was a radical change for me! I'm so much more used to having it long. Well, last night, I had Anna dye my hair, kinda turning the clock back a little. As if that's some big thing!! I've been gray since I was 10 years old!! My ma was an early grayer and so is Anna. She just doesn't have as much gray hair as me. Everyone seems to like my hair better short. Maybe I should keep it this way.

I also got another interesting e-mail, from the so-called "Better Breeders Corner". Apparently their forum has been hacked. Looks like karma is rearing it's ugly head for them! I can only look at that message and laugh. Well, I laughed for a while, then I tossed it away. I don't ever go in that forum, and have no interest in what happens to it or anyone else in that forum. Well!! I do have a few buddies in there, and I do care about my buddies. But the rest I couldn't care less about. Most of the people in there are the dirty dozen mob. And they like to look up other peoples' personal info and put it on the forum. Ya know, the time and effort they put so much into poking their noses in other peoples' business, would be so much better spent doing something useful, like I put some of my time into helping out with Leukemia awareness. Oh but look at whom I am talking about. Most of the dirty dozen don't even know how to hold scissors, much less how to use them. And I doubt they care anything about leukemia awareness. If it doesn't affect their cats or dogs, I doubt they care about it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Timmyfan: The Night After

I put this video together last night, it adds a bit of comedy relief to my "cutting my hair" video. I haven't had short hair in over 15 years, so I thought I would play a little on that, and show what I was first thinking when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time after cutting my hair. This is strictly for comedy, nothing else. I'm not trying to make fun of people who are bald or have short hair. I'm sure not making fun of Timmy or anyone with leukemia. My sis Anna almost ruined this video because she took my whining too seriously. That's how it is in this house. hehe! Anyway, hope you all enjoy it. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tim Farriss For Leukemia Awareness

Tim Farriss sports a new look with his "hair-dresser". He shaved his head for charity. He did it for leukemia awareness. He did that, and is asking for sponsors in his cause. I could not give any money myself, but I did what I could to show him I am backing him up in his quest. I cut my own hair. I made a video of the event myself and placed it on YouTube. My hair was growing, it was down past my hips. To cut it was a huge sacrifice on my part. I wanted to let it go down to my feet! But I wanted to support Timmy in his cause.

It wasn't until after I recorded this video and put it together that I found out the reason Tim was going for this event. His wife, Beth, also has been stricken with leukemia. I cannot tell you how sorry I was to hear that. I told Tim my thoughts and prayers are with him and his wife as well. Hope she can get better. I truly do. Also, I am hoping to hear something about another friend who was striken with cancer, and hope all is well with her. I haven't heard anything from her in about 2 years, and I have been quite worried about her. So I did this for her too.

I have said in the past that if Tim ever became bald and weighed 300 pounds, I would still love him!!! LOL! Well, I know he doesn't weigh no 300 pounds, but now the little bald guy comes out. And I think he's just as cute as a button!!! I want to kiss his little bald dome!!! hehehe!! He looks better than me! My hair hasn't been this short since I was in high school! And I was skinnier back then! I look terrible! But, it's for a good cause. It's the best I can do right now. Anyone who would like to support Timmy in this venture, go to this link: http://my.imisfriendraising.com.au/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=343735&langPref=en-CA

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cages Now In The Making

Well, I've got some cages now in the making! This first one I am working on will be for birds. Finches and softbills mostly. I bought my stuff for the cage when I went to Oregon last week. I bought wooden planks, screws, hinges, clasps, wood glue, silicone, and some other things. I had them cut the planks right there in the store. In my little car, I had no idea how else I was going to carry them home. The next day, I discovered I needed a sander, I had a lot of splinters in the wood! So I went and bought a sander. It's a nice one! And sanding was the easy part! That was the fun. I spent 2 days sanding every piece of wood I had. Including the scrap wood, which I know I can find some use for. Next I had to screw each piece together. My father lent me his drill and bits, and I tried to use them. They kept breaking! I couldn't figure it out so I went to the hardware store here in town and I asked for the strongest drill bits they had. So that's what I got. I came home and started using it and it worked like a champ! Now I was happy, I could drill the holes to screw in the screws, and now I have made a half a box.  But then I realized my shorter planks to go on the ends, were too long! I hadn't counted on that so, I needed to cut them down. I was going to go to the local lumbermill and ask them if they could cut it down for me. But my father came up yesterday and said he would do it. I asked him if he could cut a perfectly straight line and he said yes. So I said OK.

We went out with my father and stepmother yesterday. While I was out with my pa, he asked me what I will be putting in this cage and I said birds. He said "Are you going to have a lot of birds like you did when we lived in Toutle?" and I said "For sure!" He told me not to get any birds. He argued that birds carry diseases and stuff. Shoot! Cats carry more diseases than birds do, and stepmom always has to have a cat! I just stuck my tongue out at him, I wasn't in the mood to argue with him about what I can and cannot have!! The man still believes he owns me. He still thinks he can tell me what I can and cannot do. Typical father I guess. I never get birds that are big and noisy, like macaws. I'm not interested in them. I like little birds, like little finches and softbills. I'm thinking a few pairs of gouldian finches for this cage. Along with maybe some diamond finches, or perhaps shaft tail finches. Maybe put in a couple of diamond doves as well. Make this an aussie cage! hehe!

Well, father was wrong about his being able to cut a straight board!! The boards came out a little bit crooked!! My own fault!! I should have followed my first instinct!! DOH!!! But anyway, the bottom is almost finished and it weighs about 100 pounds!!! But hey! The foundation must be solid. All I have to do is put the wheels on the base and it'll be done. Then I can make the frame. The frame will be made up of 2x4s. I'm thinking of putting a solid back on the cage. That might look better. Then the front and sides will be made up of acrylic. I got some price quotes on acrylic and I will soon be ready to put that in. I'm even thinking of finishing off the cage with a coat of paint and even stencil a little design on the frame. Maybe some birds and leaves. It'd be cool!!!

Later, I will be making the lid, and I will have to install some lighting fixtures, which is easier than it sounds. I'm going to put in some UVA and UVB emitting lights, which are important to the health of the birds. As well as heat bulbs. So I need to install fixtures for both. Since these are all grass birds, I should simulate a grassland environment. Petco often sells terrarium grass. Let's see what happens! Next cage I am going to build needs to be perfect. I will be creating a cage for day geckos. Their cage will be recreating a rainforest environment. I'll be installing a sprinkler system in that one so it needs to be perfect. No gaps, no holes, no mistakes! Then maybe another bird cage. One for small waxbills like St. Helena's. They're cool! And Cordon bleus which are really pretty! Maybe purple-cheeked waxbills too. And if I can find them, pygmy doves. Those are very hard to find though. I've only seen them available once and that was 10 years ago at an exotic bird and reptile expo.

Well anyway, that's been my week. That is why I haven't blogged much this past week, been so busy.