Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mystery Solved!!

Ha! I always wondered what has happened to kids nowadays. Of course there have always been bad kids, I've encountered more than I care to remember. I'd met the parents of such kids too, and almost half the time, they were never as bad as the kids were. Though I would be lying if I said not all parents were as bad as their kids. Today, video games are the most common and most popular videos on YouTube. Just about every young person wants to show off their gaming skills, as if that's some real big feat! Of course I think I solved this mystery long ago, but I think it's really video games that is making kids meaner nowadays. Just about every time I get a negative comment on any of my videos, I am almost certain the commenter is a video gamer, or at the very least, an anime fanatic. I find at least 90% of the time I am right. That's not to say every person who plays video games and likes anime cartoons is a bad person. It's just that the people who have shown me they are not good people have been under the category of being with these groups.

I figured out video games was what is making kids today so aggressive when back in the early days of the internet, Katrina used to play online video games. She got so angry, she broke my computer desk! A little chick like that, and I do mean little, getting so outrageous that she broke a big computer desk! It was shocking!! Katrina weighs 97 pounds, soaking wet!! I could lose her in my fat rolls! And she destroyed a big piece of furniture like that with her bare hands! When she did that, I said that's enough! I was not going to let her play those online video games anymore as long as she was staying with me. Katrina is normally very level-headed. This was not like her. She'd turned more aggressive, almost to a point of being a bully, when she was into those online video games. I noticed the exact same pattern among some of the trolls I encountered on YouTube and other such places, and they all are into these video games and anime cartoons.

Then yesterday, I saw a video on YouTube of people bursting out in anger, most of them were teenagers who were playing video games. They were doing things like beating up the computer screens, smashing the keyboards, yelling out of control, cussing, throwing random things at the walls and computer, one teenage kid even punched his little brother head-on and knocked him out! I saw that and I was really shocked!! I sat here and thought "No wonder today's kids are so aggressive!" I think I always knew that, but that video confirmed it. Lots of factors in a child's environment can make them go loony. But I've never seen anything like what I saw in that video with kids playing video games. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it transform a gentle, shy kid like Katrina into a raging lunatic! My guess is it has also done exactly the same thing to these other negative bigots that comment on my videos on YouTube. That's why I don't respond to negative comments. I don't want to encourage those people to come back. They are not welcome. I find they leave a lot faster when I just don't respond to them. Those people can comment all they like, but if they're seeking a response from me, they're going to have a hell of a long wait!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nevermind, New Beginning

A couple days ago, I wrote about someone who had deleted me and I figured her to be a radical, so I blocked her. I couldn't figure out any other reason why she would delete me, as I'd always been good to her. But then again, there were many people I'd always been good to who just left me hanging. Well, it turned out she thought I was including her among the people I referred to as "Yatesfags". I said no. I was not including her. She's never given me any trouble because I don't like Paula Yates. The ones who have are the ones I call Yatesfags. People like Jannah, Maria and that guy Matt Burney, they are Yatesfags. I have to use his last name because I also have other friends named Matt on Facebook and I don't want them to read this and get confused. LOL! Once again, there is a difference between a fan and a fag...

A fan says "I like Paula Yates" and is OK with those who do not and does not argue with those who speak their minds about not liking Paula Yates.

A fag always has an attitude like "If you don't like Paula Yates, then I don't like you!" or will say "You are being disrespectful to Lily", or will fuss and bellyache because the non-fan will not see the way the fag sees it.

That is the difference. If Lily thought I was being disrespectful, I am sure she would have said something to me. Of course she's a teenager. Don't count on her even thinking anything about me talking about her mom. Teens are not aware of stuff like that. And the fact that Michael chose her, that's not my fault! That's his problem, not mine. I love Michael to the moon and beyond, but it's his problem he got stuck having his child with an irresponsible brood sow. And yes, though the Yatesfags won't admit it, Paula was irresponsible. I think it was very selfish of her to overdose on drugs and leave Lily to fend for herself. Good thing Lily has Michael's brains and knew enough to phone for help. But Paula was a spineless jellyfish for doing that when she should have instead been looking after Michael's baby! A real mother, with 1/4 of a rat's brain, would have said long ago, "I'd better not do this shit anymore, I got a baby to look after and she needs me." But not Paula Yates. To her, heroin was more important than raising and being there for Lily, and respecting what Michael would have wanted for her and his child.

My apologies, I got a bit carried away there. But I always do when I think about this. Lily wound up in the hands of someone Michael did not want her to wind up with. But in the end, she was darned lucky she had him and he was caring enough to take her in. I don't like Bob Geldof in any way, shape or form, but I do have much more respect for him than I will ever have for Paula Yates!

Well, seeing as how this person never argued with me because I don't like Paula, I was not including her among the people I refer to as "Yatesfags". I know I don't make that clear enough. I figure anyone who has been following my blog long enough would know what I mean when I am talking about the yatesfags. If you're simply a fan of Paula's then that is fine. I always believe a person has a right to admire whom they want to for whatever reason. But just as I believe it is ok for someone to admire whom they want, it's my right to not agree with them. It's the people who argue with me that I call "fags". I call them that because they are hot-headed. They've all proven to be hot-headed. It's one thing to question someone why they may not like something. It's totally another thing to argue with them because they don't like the same things you do. Sometimes I may question someone why they don't like INXS, because I think they are the best band on the planet. But I'd never argue with that person. I just want to know why they would not agree with me. But even if they have no reason for not liking INXS, that's still their prerogative. As long as they don't force me from my own INXS fanhood, they're fine.

Well, I took down Friday's post, as I am glad I got to finally chat with this person. We are friends again. I gotta say I have much more respect for her now. I gotta have respect for someone who thinks enough of me to contact me. That's far more than a lot of people who've unfriended me has done. But that's what I want. If someone is unclear with something I've said, I want them to tell me. Because to me, I thought I made it all clear. The problem with people who simply copy and paste from this blog to other places is the full message gets lost. A person has to follow along for a while and really read what I am trying to say. I cannot keep on repeating in every post what was said in previous posts. That would be kindof dull, and it would require complete rehashing on every event that happened. And it would take up too much of the blog posts. Well, what makes a fan vs. a fag is now on my FAQs, if anyone wants to read them. But for those who still have a question in their mind, read the FAQs! And if you think I may be talking about you, how about ASKING ME. If I were talking about you, I'd be honest. There's no need to dodge a bullet that hasn't been fired!

Road Rage Linked to Cat Owners

Huh!! This is interesting! Road rage has actually been linked to cat owners. According to this article I found in the sidebar as today's top story. Its very interesting! Cat owners are 22% more likely to suffer out of control bursts of anger than people who do not own cats. I haven't had a cat in years, maybe that is why I am so able to keep my temper down to a minimum. My heart rate is fine, my blood pressure is perfect, and I manage to catch myself before I blow my top. Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't sometimes get angry (mostly radicals are what pisses me off), but I don't have out of control anger. And most of the people I have seen with such out of control anger has always been cat-owners. I used to have a cat myself. Even though I only had him for a little while before I decided it was time for him to go, I did notice my anger was out of control sometimes when he was living with me. Cats don't last long in my house. I don't like them in my house because they are highly destructive. Much more destructive than any of my chihuahuas ever were! Well anyways, I can't live without my dogs, so it was the cat that had to go. Luckily, I didn't fall under the cat's spell like people today seem to. I recognized the cat was the problem in the household, so I gave him away, to whomever would take him. I haven't looked back and I haven't had another cat since, and I still don't want one. Especially now that I've read this!

But this all happened before I ever knew anything that was mentioned in this article! This also may explain why people today are more rude than they ever were in the past! More people are getting cats. Thank GOD I will never be one of them. Though I did once come close, about a year ago. I had contemplated getting a cat simply because I was out of story ideas, and I'd noticed some of my best story ideas came when I had a cat around. The reason for all of this is the parasites that cats carry, it messes with your brain. It makes people go crazy. This article says that about 30% of humans are affected by this parasite called toxoplasmosis. Catfags refuse to admit the disease even exists, or that they may even be affected by it. In fact, it could even be this parasite that makes them catfags in the first place. But living that kind of life, I know a cat person when I see one. They all look the same. The men who prefer cats are very, well..."unmanly". They tend to more remind me of little boys than men. Or are very meek and mousey type men.

I remember last year when my ma and I were coming back to my place from California, this young woman in an SUV came up behind us and got angry because she wanted to go a race car's speed up a mountain highway and my ma was driving the speed limit. I thought it was funny. It's always funny when these dumbasses get angry because someone ahead of them is going the speed limit, and it forces them to. I got a good look at the woman driving the SUV. She was the kind that looked like one of those straight-A students, with the wide forehead, big eye glasses, hair back in a ponytail, beady eyes and short, narrow lips. Exactly how I expect a cat-person to look. I said to myself "She must be one of those kinds of people who has about a dozen cats at home and never had a dog in her life." She was so angry, she tried to cut my ma off. Ma has a new car, she didn't want to risk hitting the back of this person's SUV, so she slowed down. Had it been me in my van, I would have hit her car. I wouldn't have cared. LOL! She asked for it, by trying to cut me off. Some guy tried that with me once before and I didn't slow down at all. It made him angrier, but I didn't care. He flipped me the bird and I just laughed at him. I always do when someone flips the bird!! LOL! It's funny!!

Personally, I think cats should be completely eradicated from human society. Get rid of the cats, we get rid of the diseases they carry. Toxoplasmosis is just one of them. But it's gotten a lot of press lately because we are just learning about the effects it has on people. Dogs, especially like jack russell terriers, are far more effective rat-killers than cats. In the time it takes a cat to kill one rat, a terrier could dispatch more than 100 rats! I've seen them do it! Dogs just move faster than cats, and they don't spend any time contemplating whether they should do this or not. They just get in and do it!

Well anyways, here is the link to this article: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/03/24/cat-owners-may-be-more-prone-to-road-rage.html

Sunday, March 27, 2016

OMG This Is Too LOL!!!

LOL!!! One of my friends shared this with me, I love it!! A little humor on Paula Yates. See the picture below? My sis thought that was really a man! LOL! I mean really! Look at it! Paula had a manly face. Fake boobs, fake lips, probably a fake vagina too! Funny how her kids all look like their fathers and not like her. Except for Lily and Peaches, her kids are heavy too. Paula obviously either has the fat gene in her, or someone else had those kids, and Paula just didn't want anyone to know. Either that or feeding your babies silicone makes them put on weight.

Anyways, I posted this here because tonight, I was kinda kicking around a cute idea for a new story. I was thumbing through some ideas I had jotted down many years ago for an INXS story, and came across an old idea. The story has Michael and 3 girlfriends fighting over him. They were Kylie, Helena and Paula. But I thought instead of doing that idea, how about ME and Michael and Paula. I always said what it would be like if I had grabbed Michael before Paula. I thought I could put that to work in this story. Those of us who really love and care about Michael would love it. The Yatesfags would hate it! LOL! I kissed Michael, back in '91. So, I thought I would begin the story there, only carry it a bit further. I thought about having me (well, Candi is my bad girl, so it'd be her instead) grabbing Michael and whisper to him "Meet me after the show baby" and they do.

I picture Candi and Michael sitting together on a sofa backstage, alone. Then in walks a naked Paula. I heard she actually did do that once, so this wouldn't be just simply 100% made-up. I figured out how to draw Michael, though I don't do it very well, now I have to figure out how to caricaturize Paula. I've never drawn her before, I never had the need or desire to. I can figure it out though. That won't be difficult. I couldn't possibly make her look any uglier. But from there, you can imagine what Candi's reaction would be. Just like I always said I would react, that's how Candi would react. I'd tear Paula apart if I'd caught her messing with my man! If I like this well enough, I might include it in the latest INXS compilation story book. I still need to finish the story I've been working on with Jon!! That's a good story! I definitely want to include it.

This is the same compilation I thought would be a good idea to get other people involved in, though so far, no one has contributed. But that is OK. No problem at all. I will continue to publish it as planned, with works from our own authors. No big deal. Since getting this new idea, I might go with that as well. In my last compilation book, Kooky Kritters, I had 3 stories all of different animals with funny names. It came out great!! Well, I have been planning this INXS compilation book for a while now. I just thought it would be a great idea to get other people involved in it. Give them a chance to display some of their own fan fiction stories. But if they don't want to contribute, then that is OK too. Ya know, as often as I write INXS stories, I should make them a part of our character line-up! LOL!! But nah! I'm just doing this for this compilation book.

Some subjects I write about quite a bit in my stories. All of those subjects are things that have had some huge impact in my life. I've got more stories about Mount St. Helens than any other subject. That mountain helped make me the strong person I am today. I'm a survivor! I even have INXS and the volcano in the same story, which will be included in the compilation book. And then there are other stories that take place on or near Mount St. Helens. Even one that takes place just before the major eruption it had in 1980. I put my own eruption scenes in the story. But this new thing with INXS stories, I dunno. I keep getting inspired. Story ideas have become so scarce for me in my old age, I gotta take down as many ideas as I can.

Stories that include Mount St. Helens are:

The Waking of the Volcano

The Mountain is Exploding!

A Tribute To Mount St. Helens

INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens

The Time Machine

Friday, March 25, 2016

Caught Between

oh Wow! I'm not even sure I want to write about this. How hefty is that??!! If even I don't want to write about this, you know it's going to be bad. One of my friends is throwing a party and wants me to go. It's an INXS party. I would like to go. But there are a few problems. First, I'm moving to Coos Bay. The party is in Seattle. That's a long way to go for someone who currently doesn't even have a car. Though I probably will get a car in the near future, I don't have one now. And I don't know for sure if I will have one by the time this party rolls around. I even need to make sure the place I move to will have proper buslines, or at the very least, a dial-a-ride service. My ma is coming up soon to take me to Coos Bay to try and find a place to move to. Anyways, I need to get out of this area. There is nothing here! I did find a ride service in Portland, but I don't know if they have drivers here. And it may be expensive as heck!! I don't even like taking a cab. Not unless I definitely have to. For what the cabbies cost, in a year, I could have a brand-spanking new car all bought and paid for. This place needs more services! There's no bus here! No dial-a-ride! No nothing!! All there is is a taxi company and they are too expensive! What is one supposed to do if its the middle of the night and there's an emergency?

Second, the radicals. I don't want to meet the radicals! And I don't want them to meet me. If I see a damn radical there, I might just want to come home. I actually discussed this with Katrina, that I don't want to meet up with any radicals. Her response was "Fuck them! Just go for yourself and have fun!" She is right. I would go for me and my friends, and of course INXS. But as I've said many times before, radicals ruin everything for everybody! I'd no doubt know who the radicals are. The way they probably look thinking about me now, you'd think I'd murdered Michael. LOL! Katrina should come with me. She likes INXS. But she likes Jon and JD. I'm a Michael and Timmy fan. Knowing Katrina the way I do, she would tell the radicals to fuck off. Face it, I am a recluse. The radicals will never understand me. LOL! Not that I want them to.

Third, my movie. I want to do my movie about Michael. I have been planning this for a while now, and I really want to do it. If I go to this party, it's going to cut deeply into my budget. I have to take a bus to the event, and that will make it harder for me, because I'd have to catch the bus home too. On the other hand, this would make a very interesting addition to the movie. It is a gathering for INXS fans. It is to celebrate their 40th year, even though they are not a band anymore. I want to make this a good movie, the subject being all about INXS. And maybe, one of the guys might show up. Though I don't know. I don't think they show up for things like that. But if they did, it would definitely punch up the movie some. But it probably won't be worth it unless they do show up. But it'd be great! I do want to make this the best INXS reality movie the USA has ever seen! Michael deserves to be remembered here too. And fans in the USA deserve to have something available to us that would help. I'd have to think of a way to present this in a manner that will be interesting to watch. Maybe I can do some interviews with the fans. No radicals though!!! The problem is most of the fans that I know of that are going have never had any contact with Michael at all. Well, we'll see. If I cannot think of a way to make this interesting for the movie, I might not go.

I actually do this all the time. Every time I plan something, I hesitate. I balance out whether or not I should do it. If the no's outweigh the yes's then I stay home. Either way, I am going to do this movie. I'd invite a companion to come with me to Australia (it may actually be cheaper if I did), but until someone comes up out of the blue and says to me "Hey I want to go with you!" I'm planning this whole thing for myself. Even then, I'll still plan for myself. We can split the cost of the hotel room, but that's it. Other than that, the companion is on their own. The reason for that is simple. I believe it's bad luck when one or both of the travelers cancel. I'm going, regardless. Even if it kills me. I've never flown before and I am terrified of flying, but I want to do this! At least I'd know that if I go down, then the whole plane goes down with me. I won't die alone. LOL! I like to think I am ready when GOD decides it's time for me to come home, but I am not ready yet. Let me at least do this movie!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Celebrity Chasers

Ahh I was so happy for one of my buddies yesterday. After all these years, she finally got to meet Tom Jones! HA!! Well, she'd been after getting a photo-op with him for so long, she tried twice and figured third time would be the charm. It sure enough was!! hehehe! I couldn't help but smile with her on that. I heard Andrew Farriss was going too. I wonder if she saw him? Me, I'd have just been happy to see Andrew! I personally don't care about Tom Jones, but that's me. Not saying the man doesn't have talent or anything, I think he sings really good. But I never had the desire to meet him myself. I guess because my mom already met him. She worked backstage with him in the early 70s in LA. She told me all about what went on behind the scenes with him. She said women would throw their underwear and bras on stage and he would take them and just chuck them all in the garbage can backstage. I never understood why women do that anyways!! Why waste a decent piece of clothing on a celebrity that is only going to throw it away anyways? Bras are not cheap either!

I remember a long time ago, when the delusional mods forum was up, their cover photo was a picture of JD Fortune holding some loony-ass chick's bra in his hands. I would be willing to bet my entire life on the fact that when JD took that bra backstage, it wound up in the garbage can. So, the fool who lost that bra will never see it again. Not even on JD. What a waste! But anyways, this isn't about delusional fans or mods or whathaveyou. I just think it's wonderful this friend finally got to meet Tom Jones, if that is what she wanted. I think if I had been that bolder in the past, I could have had Michael, and Michael might still be alive today. Yes I got to kiss Michael, but looking back on it now, I wish I had done more than just one simple kiss. Maybe in the long run, it might have saved his life. I don't know though. I was watching my "Remembering Michael" DVD that I created back in Reno. On that disk, I have the VH1 documentary about Michael. Martha Troup, who was one of INXS's managers, did an interview on that show, and said there were many times Michael would say "I'm out of here!" Several times apparently he wanted out of the band. But she said something kept pulling him back.

Also on that disk, I have a show that did an extensive interview with Paula. There was an article out that infuriated Michael, saying Paula deserves to be slapped. LOL! Michael was pissed, but personally, I'd be all for it. Not for "falling in love and not being pretty enough". That's not why she deserved to be slapped. She deserved to be slapped for still being married to Bob Geldof, and having a child with Michael Hutchence. In the days of the Bible, and still today in some countries, Paula would have been stoned to death for doing that. Even in supposedly civilized cultures, something like that is frowned upon, though not necessarily will get her stoned, it'll still get her some hard looks. Paula should have completely divorced with Bob Geldof BEFORE creating a baby with Michael. Not while she was pregnant with Michael's child. Not that I care anything about Bob Geldof, the man is a loser lion anyways. But if Michael and Paula were looking for answers why the papers were saying she deserved to be slapped, that would be what I would put my money on being the reason that was said. And Paula herself instigated the tabloids in the first place.

Maybe I am unique among people, or maybe it's the brand of autism in my body, but the idea of stalking my favorite celebrities never appealed to me. I got to meet the guys of INXS. That's good enough for me. There are no others I am interested in having any interactions with. I've just always been somewhat lucky with celebrities. When I last visited Hollywood, my Groucho and I were both in the path of a movie being made. I saw cameras everywhere, movie-studio style cameras. I don't know what movie was being shot though. I'd never know unless I happen to see a following of fans everywhere because I don't know one celebrity from another these days. That's why I love INXS, they are unique. You got 2 extremely handsome men leading the band, one nerdy guy, one soft and cuddly guy, another mildly handsome guy, and one that is just wholesomely cute. Well, one of the two "extremely handsome" men is deceased, but the other is still there for me to enjoy. But in INXS you got a little bit of everything put together. You don't see that in any other band anywhere! I personally don't think Tom Jones is all that handsome, but my ma and some of my friends do. I think he's a cat person besides. Men who prefer cats are never that handsome. Sorry to say, but I've usually found it to be true. They almost all look dykey.

Well, really beauty is in the eye of the beholder. After looking at Michael and Timmy for so many years, all other men pale in comparison. I even came across one person this morning on YouTube who said David Bowie had beautiful eyes. All I could say was "EWWWW!!!!!!!!" I can say, with absolute honest certainty, that NOTHING on David Bowie was "beautiful"!!! The man was 100% UGLY! Even his singing! I know people who have met him, and said he was an OK guy, but I say no. I have zero interest in him. There's nothing about him that I even remotely like. I don't even like hearing about people who've met him. To me, it's all a big "so what?!"

Well, I am still waiting for my partner. I found out he went back home. I was like "WHAT?!?!" He told me he missed his home and the food here was expensive. I said "Well of course it was, you were in California! I told you not to move to California!" So, I have no idea what is going to happen now. Oh well! No big shakes. Not to me anyways. It's all up to him. Believe me, I am in no rush. He said he's coming back though next month, and he wants me to buy a car. I told him to send me the money and I'll get him whatever he wants. LOL! That's a joke, BTW. I'm not just marrying the man for his money or business sense. He's a good guy! Not sure how ready I am for marriage, I've been there once before and didn't like it. I had to get rid of a lot of my basic freedoms I enjoy. But I am thinking maybe with me being older now, perhaps I will enjoy it more. I still plan to go to Australia though. Nothing is going to stop me from making this movie. Nothing except maybe GOD HIM self. That's the only thing though. But every day I do pray to HIM that this idea works out well. To me right now, getting this movie done the way I want it is much more important than getting married. Though one has nothing to do with the other, I'm doing this movie regardless.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Bum On Movies Today!

Oh dear! I don't think I even know where to begin. I just saw the trailers for Pete's Dragon and Ghostbusters this morning! All I've got to say is "SHITTY!" I'm not even going to talk about Ghostbusters, as I've only seen that movie a few times (you can count the number on the fingers of one hand). But Pete's Dragon????? Really???? I've seen the 1970's version of that movie, I think it came out in 1977 or 78, and I love it!! That movie was the movie that inspired me to move to the coast in the first place! I loved it so much when my sis and I were kids, we went to a grassy area I used to love to play in called "the pit" and acted out the whole thing from beginning to end. Yeah the dragon looked too cartoony and dumb, but that's what I've been saying all along, animation was not meant to be perfect! That's the kind of animation I grew up watching. The way the trailer makes it look, looks more like the boy is living in the woods with the dragon.

But you watch the older version, it makes you feel the way no other can. And with the shitty directors out there today (I'd better clarify this for the radicals because radicals are dumb) I'm not saying ALL directors out there are shitty. I'm just saying there are lots of shitty directors out there now. Too many in fact!! Either the directors are shitty, or their consultants are. Because I say, as a fan of the classics, DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!! Please don't!! It'll ruin everything the original version of the movie started! I got on that trailer and said "Unless the boy is taken in by a couple living in a lighthouse by the beach, I don't want to see this!" It doesn't look like it's going to be any fun to watch with the boy living in the woods alone with the dragon. There's no sense of family, no love portrayed. And let's face it, love is what attracts people to movies. I remember I saw the movie again for the first time in years back in 1994, and a trip I took back then to Ocean Shores both made me make up my mind that I would one day move to the ocean. I've lived in the mountains and I've lived in dull valleys. But I'd never lived by the ocean at that time, and I loved it.

If it takes any special schooling to become a movie consultant in Hollywood, I'd better take the class and get over there! This is an emergency! They're running out of ideas! People there are doing nothing now but rehashing the classics and that is bad!! Not worth seeing at all. I should go with an armful of my stories and tell them to have at it! Use any of those stories to think up some NEW ideas!!

The original Pete's Dragon had a special feel to it. I loved the way it made small towns seem, like everyone knows everyone else. And the people are characters. Well, having lived in small towns, yes the people are characters! Nothing like you'd see in big cities. I found out I was not alone in this feeling. One person also commented on that video that he grew up in Maine, in a small harborside fishing town. He said that movie made him feel good because it reminded him of his hometown. I said to him I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who felt that way watching that movie. But I can honestly say that was the movie that inspired me to move to the ocean and become a beach-comber. I'm very glad I made that decision too! Best decision I've ever made in my life! Though I would feel so much better if I had my own home here instead of renting! As it is, I'm going to have to relocate to another town just because nothing is available here that I am able to move into. Nothing except what I am living in now, and with no car, it's very hard staying here. I dreaded the summer months, I still do! I'm going to go stir-crazy here! I can't even call on the dial-a-ride!!

Well, now for the subject change, I've created a new Facebook account. Though it hasn't been easy getting all my friends to migrate there. Actually it's really only a backup account. My sis was suspended from Facebook for a while because of some radical crybabies that took something she said about muslims too personally. She had to create another account on Facebook as a backup, and she had a hell of a time getting all her friends to accept her friend requests. Since I tend to speak my mind a lot too, I figured I'd better create a backup Facebook account too. So I did. I invited every one of my friends to friend me there. It'd be nice to have them all on that account too! Because if I get suspended, I can at least keep in touch with all of them there. I asked everyone, but not everyone accepted. I want all my friends there though. Just in case. I would miss them if I were to happen to get suspended from this account. I already preblocked all the radicals, so they don't accidentally add me, thus I would never have to see them again. But I want all my friends to come to this new account. Sometimes I even post from this new account too. My guess is they were just not aware it's me. Even though I put the announcement on my current Facebook page. I won't mention what my name is in case there's any radicals I missed. I don't want them to find my new account.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Things I Will Never Understand

There are so many things about people I will just never understand. I thought I would take this time to post what exactly and why in this post. Why not? Kill some time here.

1. Why do people always pick the quietest and the shyest people to bully on?
Why is that? What is a shy, quiet person going to do to hurt anyone? My guess is perhaps they think it makes them look tougher or makes them feel better. What would make someone look tougher is to bully those kids who are loud and obnoxious and annoying!

2. Why do banks charge overdraft fees when they know there's no money in the account?
I've had that happen before. What I think is dumb is when they charge the largest amount over your available balance first, then add the fee on to that, and then they process a bunch of smaller amounts, which all could have easily been covered by the remainder in your account, and then tack on extra overdraft fees for each of those charges. If you know what I mean!!

3. Why will a person forgive their favorite celebrity when they do something horrible, and not a friend who is just an average person?
Case in point, Michael Jackson. We all know he was a child molester. 3 different kids who never met cannot be wrong. One person I knew was a big fan of his too. This person also was once a friend of mine. Until I gave an opinion honestly, which I guess to this former "friend", is a far worse crime than child molestation.

4. Why do men think it's OK if they put on weight, but when they see a fat woman, they think it's disgusting?
Honestly, fat men are no less disgusting than fat women. Fat is fat is fat! I'm fat myself. I'm working on it, but I am fat! I have more respect for a person who says they hate fat people than for someone who just says "I hate fat women!" And I have seen it before. Sounds very misogynistic. Which brings me to my next point...

5. Why do some fat people make fun of others?
Do those people not know they too are fat and making fun of other fat people? Do they do it because they think it makes them look "cool"? Do they do it because it makes them feel better? Do they think they are, in some way, "helping" the other person? Do they themselves think they are exempt from name-calling? Which again brings me to my next point...

6. Why are bullies surprised when their targets fight back?
I have actually encountered this before too. One boy when I was in high school, not only harassed me, but also one of my friends. Not only this friend, but also her sister too! Every day, for 2 to 3 hours a day. He was a real bully! One day my friend and I got sick of him and decided to get even with him, so we spent 2 hours verbally bullying him. He didn't like it either! Funny thing was, this boy was fatter than I was. LOL! So, why was he surprised my friend and I were finally fighting back?

7. Why do people say they hate liars and hypocrites?
Lying and hypocrisy is actually a part of human nature, because people are not perfect. I am totally honest with people, as honest as I can be! I'm not saying everything that comes out of my mouth is 100% the truth, but I am as honest as I can be with people. I do speculate sometimes. But I have lost friends because I am honest too. Sometimes people may forget that others lie to spare that person's feelings, which I think is a big mistake, but others do it. Instead of saying to people "I hate liars and hypocrites", maybe people should rephrase that into "I hate people", or "I hate liars and hypocrites when what they say does not pat me on the back!"

Well, those are a few things about people I will just never understand.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Update To FAQs

I added an update to my FAQs section. Since radical people are dumb and I will probably forever have to keep explaining what constitutes a "radical" to me, I decided I had better put up what the difference between a radical and a fan is in my FAQs section. So, it is now there permanently for all to see. I still hate radicals!! I can sound passionate about radicals. Yes it's true. But I've always had nothing but bad experiences with radicals in the past. I love INXS, but I don't consider myself a radical INXS fan. I don't care if there are people out there that agree with me whether or not INXS is the best band in the world. Because to me, they always will be. That's all that counts in my book. That's the end of the relationship I have with INXS. I love the guys, I love the music. That is IT. I don't feel it is my personal responsibility to convert non-fans into fans. If I share my love of this band, and it does happen to convert a non-fan into a fan (it has happened before with me), then that is great!! But one thing I will never do is cuss and cry because someone says to me "INXS sucks dick" or something like that. That is what a radical does.

Sometimes, I might question someone who says that. I might ask them "What makes you say that?" but that's it. Their opinion is just that: THEIR opinion. We all have a right to it. A lot of people may think I am a bitch now, but that's just their opinion. LOL! Let's face it. People are the biggest wussies on the planet! I mean that! To them, if you don't agree with them, you're a horrible person. If you are honest with them, you are a horrible person, or you are crazy. Of course I love it when people say I am crazy. LOL! Because I AM. I don't deny that at all! Recently I posted something on Facebook that said something to the effect of "The only people that get mad at you for telling the truth are the people who have been lied to all their lives". Unfortunately a lot of people fall under that category. My parents did not lie to me. But society has. My parents taught me to treat people the way I'd want to be treated, and I do. There is no greater way of showing someone you care than to be honest with that person. They may not see it that way, but that is what I feel. Much as I hate people, I always treat people the exact same way I would want them to treat me. If I go offtrack, then I expect to get the same from others. It's a two-way road. I hate radicals, more than any other kind of people. Well, irresponsible people too, but they kindof fall under the category of radicals. But I'd expect them to hate me back, which is fine by me.

I am also not politically correct. That's something the radicals invented. I call a spade a spade. I don't call it an "upside down heart". I don't sugarcoat anything. All my friends know that. There are some exceptions. For example, I am 1/4 Cherokee, I do not call the native Americans "Indians". That's kindof confusing. I call the people from India "indians". As I understand it, it was Christopher Columbus that began calling native Americans "indians", because he thought he was in India when he landed in America and saw the people. So, that is where I try to be politically correct, but it's still for my own personal reasons. To be less confusing. Yes there are native Americans who call themselves "indians", but I just don't believe that is correct terminology. I also never call black people "niggers" because that is just an ugly word!! Though I know there are black people who call themselves that. I leave that to them on purpose, because even though I am not a white person, they would still look at me and take it the wrong way. I do usually call them "African Americans" though. But not all of them have roots from Africa. My best childhood friend didn't, and she was dark-skinned.

Well, I do try never to become a radical myself. Even with things I love like INXS and animals. That would actually be kindof hypocritical of me! LOL! The only people I exempt from labeling them as "radicals" are very close family and personal friends of the band. Sometimes I even have a hard time believing friends unless I know them and trust them myself. Like I know Michael has family on Facebook. If someone shit-talks Michael in front of them, I would expect them to stand up for him, simply because family should ALWAYS stand behind family! I'd do it for my family. I also know some of the people I know on Facebook are close friends of Michael's too, and I'd expect them to stand up for him. Though I think most of them choose not to. That's their choice though. As long as the opposer is not saying things like "Michael gave Paula an STD, forcing her to be hospitalized" with no proof, I probably wouldn't say anything either. Now, when I say friends, I mean actual friends of Michael's. Not friends of friends, I don't care what they say or think. That is to say people like Jannah, who is only a mere friend of a friend of Paula's, and probably not even really that outside of Facebook. She only knows what this (highly biased) friend says to her. She wouldn't know the whole truth. Which is why I do not listen to friends of friends. I believe Michael's sister FAR more than I believe Jannah. His sister was there. Jannah is just a radical fag that believes whatever Paula's friend told her.

I have a father who is a retired police officer, and a cousin who is still a police officer, and another cousin who is a lawyer, I have law instilled in my brain. LOL! I always say if it isn't admissible in a court of law then I cannot go along with it. And hearsay is not admissible. So, I tend not to listen to friends of friends, because then it turns all into "Well she said this" and "She told me this is what happened", and blah-blah-blah. I am very jaded, I have limits to what I will believe, and I do know someone who met Paula Yates and described what her encounter with her was like firsthand. So, I tend to believe that. All I can believe is what someone sees with their own eyes. Not what someone was told what happened.

Well, I admit I am passionate about radicals. They ruin everything for everyone and that does tend to make me angry, which is why I look at radicals with such passionate hatred. Hey! They do the same to me I am sure. But I thought I should post that I've put on my FAQs what to me makes a radical a radical, and why I feel that way. Not that I truly believe all viewers are going to view the FAQs, but they are there in the top bar.

Friday, March 18, 2016

What School Didn't Teach Me

You may not believe this, but I learned a lot more watching television than I ever learned in school. I was watching a video once by a guy on YouTube who calls himself Red Pill Philosophy. The guy is a dickhead, but I kinda like him! He makes some good strong points in his videos. I know better than anyone people who are honest and speak their minds are often seen as assholes. LOL! Anyways, in one of his videos he talked about how schools don't teach kids anything. About the only thing I really learned in school was how to HATE people. I'd see the kind of people my age in schools and even walking home from school, and then I compare them to animals. I'll tell you all, a dog barking at me scared me a LOT less than seeing a 7 year old riding his bike next to me. At least the dog had it's reasons for barking at me, and I knew that. But people shouting obscenities at me for no reason at all, I couldn't see the point in that except maybe a desperate attempt to get my attention and get an angry response from me. But I don't even understand that.

On Judge Judy today, there was this 21 year old boy who did not even know the difference between "maternal" and "paternal" grandparents. LOL! To which, Judge Judy answers "Stay in school!" Of course a 21 year old can go to college and learn more than he could in high school, but I can tell you, I never learned the difference between those two words in school. Ever! It was never discussed in school. I actually first heard the terms "maternal" and "paternal" from nature shows.  Then it was a case of process of elimination. Like for example in a group of gorillas. The male was often referred to as the "patriarch", and the dominant females were referred to as "matriarchs". So naturally I assumed that in that sense, "matriarch" was referring to anything to do with the dominant females, aka, the mother, while "patriarch" referred to the father. That wasn't something that school taught me. That was something I learned growing up watching nature shows all the time. While other kids my age were watching Sesame Street and Romper Room, I was watching the Wild, Wild World of Animals, World of Survival, and New Wilderness. Those were my shows.

Now, I would occasionally watch Sesame Street, I still have collections of classic skits from the earlier days of the show. But I did not watch it all the time. If I found a nature show that looked even more interesting, I'd tune in to that instead. And even within Sesame Street episodes, I would see little movies about animals with music introducing them, and that made it fun.

I learned to love animals when I was a young kid. I can remember when I was 3 years old, in preschool, I think this was the first pleasant encounter with an animal that I can remember. One of the teachers brought in a tiny little toy poodle dog. It was so little and so cute! It looked at me and seemed to smile. That made me feel happy. I begged my parents to get me one like it, but they never would. At that time, I remember we had a big, clunky english setter dog. I hated that thing. It kept jumping me every time I went into the back yard. The little poodle was not like that! So, I learned to love smaller dogs. At that time, we also had an old stray cat that would come to our door and beg to be let in. I really liked cats when I was a kid. Of course I grew out of it. Well, that was one time school did come in handy. But that was preschool. That wasn't like high school or middle school or anything like that.

Half of the things I learned in my later school years, I don't even need right now! For example, I never understood the reason why history is mandatory to graduate! What the hell was I supposed to learn from taking history?? So I know the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, big deal!? So far that is not knowledge I've had to use in the adult world. And how could I forget the day when we celebrate it every year on July 4th?! And what about the Civil War? What the hell was I supposed to learn from that that I need in my adult life today? Nothing so far! Or World War 2? What am I supposed to take from that experience? Nothing! Except that people are assholes! But I did not have to take history to find out people are assholes. All I had to do was just look around and see how people were acting.

Now, school would have been much more useful had it taught me things that I did need to know, like how to understand why people do what they do. I know why I do what I do, I was brought up this way. I was taught to treat people the way I'd want to be treated. But I cannot believe for one second that other people were brought up to be assholes and pricks! One guy who used to bully me in middle school, his father was a strict disciplinarian, all the teachers knew it. But he was one of those kids who would bully me all the time, and as far as I knew, I never did anything to warrant his attacks on me. I'd never said 2 words to him or about him in fact. Not to his face nor behind his back. Until he started bullying me, he was one of those kids I never even gave a second thought about. I told one of the teachers about this kid's actions against me, and the teacher knew that boy's father would not like to hear about him horsing around in school like that. So, I couldn't understand why this boy kept harassing me like he did in school. Except that maybe I was easy prey because I was this shy, quiet kid who kept mostly to herself.

Well again, go try to figure out people!! I surely never will. LOL! It's bad enough I am stuck in this body. I think GOD intended at first to make me an animal. A monkey I think. LOL! But at the last minute, for reasons known only to HIM, HE made me a human. UGH!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Loyal To Michael

When I first saw Never Tear Us Apart the movie back in 2014, it had a huge impact on me. Before then, I considered myself nothing more than a casual fan of Michael. That is, I loved INXS, and I liked Michael's singing. But his sexual appeal did almost nothing for me back then, because I only had eyes for Timmy. That was IT. Back in 2005, when Rockstar: INXS was going on, I forced myself to forget about Michael. Timmy took up most of my attention by that year. I mean let's face it, Michael was gone, Timmy is still here. I could enjoy Timmy far more than I could enjoy Michael now. Meaning absolutely no disrespect to Michael, or to his method of performance. Its just, well, he was gone, and I felt I had come to terms with that finally this year. Before then, the mere thought of Michael was enough to make me burst into tears, and I cried at least once a day for him since hearing of his death. I did not cry for Lily, or the band members, or anything else. I cried for Michael. I cried because his death was so senseless. It never would have happened had he not gotten in with Paula Yates!! It was a total waste!! I was left with this overwhelming, sorrowful feeling that I should have grabbed Michael when I had the opportunity! I never would have even let him mention Paula's name in my house! It would have been forbidden! And I would have tore Paula Yates apart like a weed whacker to an old rag had she tried to lay her hands on my guy! Hindsight is 20/20!

Well, I can basically do anything I put my mind to. In fact, I was so good at making myself forget about Michael, in 2010, there was even a time that I would tell you I did not like Michael at all. There is even a pic I have that was part of a tour guide, where I found scratch marks all over Michael's face. Looking at that after seeing that movie, I was like "Wow! Did I do that??!!" But it could only have been me. :( And knowing there was a time in years past that I didn't like Michael anymore. Part of it was because of the fans (or rather, fags) I had met. Like this one who called herself Bittertears. Well, in all fairness, I did try to be friends with her. But there was just something about her that I did not like. I could not put my finger on it. Not for months anyways. Then when I wanted to create a forum for people to come in and lust over the guys, I invited Bittertears to join me. I did so partly because I thought she would enjoy it there, and also partly because I wanted to get to know her better. She never joined though, which is really fine by me. But then she accused me of "spamming" her inbox with invites. Well, as far as I knew, I only sent her one invite, maybe two. It was an RSVP, if she didn't want to join, I wanted her to tell me, but she never said "Dee, I don't want to join your forum." I would have been understanding and just backed off then. But it wasn't until she accused me of spamming that she finally said anything, and her delivery was not called for. She was a Hutch fan and I was a Timmy fan. She had scolded me some months before because I said I was more of a Timmy fan than a Michael fan. In fact, I still am. But I do love Michael now too.

Well, I haven't seen Bittertears in years. Not that I miss her at all. In fact, not having seen her in years is part of what has made me revert back to loving Michael again. As far as I know, she doesn't like social media, so I don't think she'd be on Facebook. Even if she was, I'm only on a couple of groups now, one is a secret group, the other is my own group. So, it's not likely we will meet again either. Besides that, I am not taking in anymore friends. Not for a really long while. I have one person, who is a temporary friend. But that's it. She's going to be the last for a long while. After my business with her is over, I'm going back down to under 300 friends. I mean, she's a nice enough person, but I want to limit myself to only a few really good friends. And them being mostly people I know, or are acquainted with, pretty well. Or I like them and I want to get to know them pretty well. Now that all the radicals are gone, it'll be so much easier. To the person who crossposted my blog post to the MH and his Life fan page, Thank you!! You made my job so much easier! :) Everything truly does happen for a reason.

Of course those were people, many of them I asked to become my facebook friends. But who'd have known they were radicals? LOL! Like I said, go try to figure out people. Well, I haven't asked anyone to become my facebook friend since I was let go from there. Most of the people who became friends with me after that were people who sent me requests. But I still hate radicals and I still hate Paula Yates!! I call her "the beast" now.

Anyways, I continue to carry on the legacy of Michael. I still love Timmy, and I'm back to doing my Timmy-squeals. One of my friends told me it makes her laugh every time, so I continue to do it for her. LOL! I enjoy doing it anyways. It's a great stress-reliever. Plus it kindof strengthens my love for Timmy. I do that, and I kindof picture Timmy standing there looking at me like he did when I met him in Seattle back in 2006. The look he gave me was enough to make my heart drop! Nice, big smile. I mean, the kind of smile that made his face wrinkle up and his eyes squint. I loved it!!! It looked sexy!!!!! If I were a dog at that time, my tail would have been going crazy, and I'd have been twirling around in endless circles.

Well, I just want to assure everyone reading that any mixed feelings about Michael will NEVER happen again!! Ever! No number of radicals will ever again change my mind about how I feel about my Michael. I should not have let it happen the first time. Oh well, my interest in Michael was already on it's last leg anyways. But I can assure you all that will never happen again!! It happened once, and I know what it feels like. It's never going to happen again! I'm going to continue loving Michael forever and ever and NOTHING is going to stop that! Neither is anything going to stop me from going to Australia. I always wanted to visit, and if nothing else works, I'm going to see wild kangaroos hopping around in the outback before I leave this world. I want to see a numbat, if I can! I think they're adorable!!! It'd be cool to see a bilby too! Or a quoll. Or hear kookaburras calling. Or see all the birds I've only ever seen in pet stores for thousands of dollars flying in vast numbers in the wild. Or see a platypus swimming in the river. Or see a colony of flying foxes in a tree. So many things I want to see while I am there!! On top of doing my movie. The movie is my crowning feat to Michael. This movie is going to be how he is going to be memorialized in my soul. Nothing on earth is going to stop me from doing this. I stood up to the delusional mods. I can stand up to adversaries to this.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A New Idea

I just got a new idea for my movie that I want to make in Oz. I want it to be focusing on Michael Hutchence. I know I said I want it to be mostly me sitting in front of a camera and read my story from beginning to end. But I want to can that idea for the most part. I'm going to title this movie "One Day In November... The Movie", and I will still read the story, but there's going to be more movie in between. I got some cute ideas I don't want to post on here, due to nosybodies possibly reading! LOL! But the ideas I have, if I can make them come to fruition, will make this movie spectacular!!! I can hardly wait myself. I get goosebumps right now just thinking about it. I even have some comedic ideas to put in there, like me trying vegemite for the first time. LOL! Well, I did the cinnamon challenge once. I failed, but I did it! hehehe! I figure if I can do that, then me trying vegemite for the first time might make for a funny scene. If I like it, great! I'll say so. If I don't like it, then it'll just be funny to get my reaction on camera. But if I like it, Americans can be assured it's delicious. I'm as picky an eater as they come!!

The beginning of the movie will be me sitting in front of a camera reading the story, or beginning to, then it switches to the actual movie. It's going to be a reality-type movie, which is what everyone these days mostly loves. Kindof like the Blair Witch Project, or Jackass, the Movie. No outrageous stunts though. This is going to be all about Michael. Nothing else. Not really about me, not just about my trip to Australia, but mostly about Michael. I'm going to offer this movie on the UMG Productions site for rent. I'll give my most trusted friends a freebie. But no one else. I'm going to put it up on YouTube, but only on private setting, that way only people I choose will be able to see it. I don't want radicals to view this movie. If they want to see it, they can rent it. First things first, I'm working on making myself look good for this movie. Been doing my treadmill workout every day, twice a day now. Already I've noticed my belly has gotten a bit flatter. Not much, but I am noticing it getting flatter. The more I do this workout thing, the better it'll get! I don't intend on looking like a landwhale in this movie!! Much as I love whales, they're on their own! LOL!

Someone even suggested I go to that little Indian restaurant that Michael went to his last night with his pa. I might try that, but frankly, I don't like Indian food!! It's too hot and spicy for me. I'm 1/3 Mexican and I don't even like hot and spicy Mexican food!! I always get the mild. But mild Mexican ain't got nothing on what the Indians call "mild". I went to an Indian restaurant in LA, and I asked the waiter what the mildest item is on their menu. They told me they had mild chicken curry. So I tried it. But I didn't like it. Even their mild was too hot! I'm not an ethnic foods kind of person. I might go just to check out the waiters though. Indian men are some of the most handsome in the world, IMO!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Whew!! I Think I Am Done

I just finished a massive cull on Facebook. Believe me when I say it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do on Facebook! I haven't felt this bad in a LONG time!! Some people I may even have culled out by accident. Such was the case with one person! LOL! But I got that one person back. hehehe! She was a good sport about it too. This was not easy!! It was tough trying to figure out who should stay and who should go. Because of the couple of people who unfriended me that I thought were loyal friends, I could not let recent communication be a deciding factor. Even if that recent communication was seemingly "friendly". Most of the people I have left are people that I really, really, REALLY love and trust, or people I want to get to know a lot better. If the ones I want to get to know better decide it's not going to work out, or if I decide, they'll leave I'm sure. Anyways I am glad that's over! Now is the point where I start all over.

I like to think of myself as being a very loyal person. Very trustworthy. Very forgiving. I tend to ignore the drama going on with anyone I consider a friend, as long as that person has always been good to me, there's no reason for me to get involved in the dramas that go on. The sad thing is that if you are that way with the wrong kind of people, they will take full advantage of it. It's tough though to find the right kind of people, because someone who can seem nice and friendly could possibly just be putting up a front. To your face, they could be saying "Oh Dee you are so funny and cute!" But behind the scenes, they're probably thinking "Dee is a stupid bitch, I hate her so much! And her Timmy squeal gets on my nerves!" That's why if I have a problem with someone, I'm going to tell them. And I have MUCH more respect for people who are not afraid to tell me how they feel about me. Kinda like on YouTube, when I get commenters saying "I hate fat people because they are disgusting!" I have actually a lot more respect for that person than I have for the person who says "I hate fat people because they cause my insurance rates to go up!" I have zero respect for someone who says that because I don't buy for one second that they are grouping all fat people into one category and calling us names because they are concerned about the cost of health care. Otherwise teenagers wouldn't do it. Really, anyone who knows anything about obesity wouldn't do it. But that's another story.

I dunno, sometimes I think I need to stop being so loyal and trustworthy. A lot of people don't deserve it. But I can't stop. This is who I am. I love the idea that I can help some person in need feel like I'll always be their friend no matter what. I like the feeling I get when I hear a person say "I have had a hard day, and Dee, you made me feel so much better!" I like to think I can be the one who understands how they feel when they're going through a rough time in their lives. I've had many of them myself. I like to think that when I do my Timmy thing, I've made someone smile, even if just for a moment. I like to laugh with my friends, even cry with them. I like to offer prayers and well-wishes to those who need them. I love to post pics of the guys that make my friends happy. I just can't change!

Well, it has literally been years since I did a cull. I normally hate deleting anyone. There have only been a few times in my life I've ever done it. This really is the best thing I've ever done! I'm now hearing from people I thought were long gone! I am grateful to GOD for the people who have deleted themselves. They saved me the trouble of trying to figure out who the radicals are! Good riddance! Don't ever think of coming back either! I don't want radicals among my friends. And if they're thinking "She's a crazy bitch!" I'll just say "Thank you!" I'm an artist and a writer, I'm supposed to be crazy. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a good artist of any kind that isn't crazy. I'm more offended if someone says I'm not crazy than if they say I am. LOL! If I ain't crazy then I ain't a worthy artist or writer! Simple as that. I remember one of the guys who deleted himself from my friends said he was a writer, but at the same time, implied he was a normal person. Well, if that was really the case, then I don't want to read his stories! I've read stories from so-called "normal people", and believe me, they are BORING! Well, his thing was zombies and I am not into that myself anyways. My best stories were all written whenever I just turn my mind loose and let it run wild. But then I've become quite famous for my slapstick humor.

However, maybe some people are just not really aware how crazy they are. Maybe they only see it in others because they haven't come to terms with their own craziness. I came to terms with mine back when I did the UMG style Batman stories. Up until then, I thought I was "normal" too. But I found my stories were a lot better when I let my crazy side take over. That was when I always wrote the best stories. Some of them became masterpieces. I was never more crazy than I was after Michael died. That was when I wrote my best story of all. One that took me years to complete, literally! The idea was there, but I did not really complete the story until 2012. The only kind of stories I could see a normal person successfully write would be an autobiography. Surely NOT a fictional story! You need to be crazy to write good fiction. It's almost an unwritten requirement.

As for art, my thing is mostly cartoon caricaturist. Mostly animals. Like I said, I connect better with animals. Actually, I can do most anything I put my mind to. I've even done painting. I don't do it very well, but I figure I could with some practice. My paintings are not too bad really. They do need work, but all-in-all not a bad  beginning. But you can compare my temperament to Van Gogh. Or Picasso. LOL!! Yup, there I go again comparing myself to Van Gogh and Picasso! Well, I don't paint like they did, but I do have the artistic temperament. LOL! What I wish I could learn to draw very well is men!! I can draw women with no problems. But I can never draw men! The only reason I do women so well is because I was my own model for a long time when I was younger and thinner. When I do try to draw men, I tend to make them look too feminine! Even the guys of INXS. Or somehow I just don't make them look right. I need to work on that.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Special Video Blog

A special message to everyone.

Special gift to my friends. I've always loved doing video blogs. This is one I've put together for this site. I'll have a shorter version up on YouTube, but this one was made specifically for this blog. This one is different because I added a song to it, Don't Cry For Me Argentina by Madonna. I'm not a fan of Madonna, but this is a good song, especially the snippet I included in the video. I don't want my friends to worry about me. Just understand me. That's where I am coming from. This isn't designed for the radicals, this is for my friends who have stuck by me to this day. I'm still working on a massive cull-out. Nothing personal against the people I cull out. I just need to lower my numbers to those most trusted friends. I'm trying to get down to under 300, I think that's a nice manageable number of friends for someone like me. Again, it's the wild animal effect. Usually when a wild animal is brought into captivity, it attaches it's self to only a few people. I need to find those few people. And I'll never find them if I have 400 fair-weather friends. So, I am grateful for the ones who culled themselves out.

I'm a loyal person. Always have been. I don't get involved in bullshit stirred up by other people. I stand by people I like no matter what drama goes on or what they've done. I'm just not like that. I always hope that others would be the same way about me. But let's face it, I'm too complex for most people. Too spontaneous and too unpredictable. Well, those who have stayed by me will be rewarded. I will see to that, in a great way! I have still yet one good pic of Michael that I've never shared online. It's never been online. It's been in my safe, tucked away. Maybe I will share that pic with those people. And ONLY those people. :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

INXS Fans Unite!! (I Hope)



OK, I admit after the post I made a couple days ago I'm not the best candidate to speak of this. But I was not trying to make a mockery of that person. Whether you believe it or not, I cannot make light of mental illness and depression because I have been down that road myself. That is why this pisses me off. Besides the fact that I care deeply for Michael. I loved that man! I always did! The fan who sent me this told me that this was aired on TBS. I want to write a letter of complaint to the company that puts shit like this out! This has to stop! I don't have any idea how long ago this was made, I don't watch Family Guy at all. But this isn't the first time I've heard of people mocking my Michael! Someone once mentioned somewhere there was an episode where this kid took a leather belt and tied it around his neck. The father remarked about Michael in that episode too.

Well, since I now have everyone's attention on this blog, I just thought I would announce this. And you should know how I speak my mind by now. You know damn well I'm going to say something!

This Is Not Easy!!

I did a massive cull last night. Still working on it today. I cut out nearly 100 people from my friends. LOL! I'm trying to figure out who to keep and who to let go. I don't want to say delete, as I am not doing this out of malice. This isn't easy, I'm telling you!! I have to go back and look at who has communicated well with me. Though that is not necessarily the finalizer. Some people I thought were trustworthy packed up and left themselves. One person was even friends with my sis as well. Funny that. She didn't even have anything in common with my sis. I honestly don't know why she asked her to become her friend. My sis is not an INXS fan, just so you all know. LOL! Oh well. But the point is, this is not easy! I also left most of the larger groups. Just for now. I really want to keep my own friend count down to a bare minimum. I think that is what is best for me. It's either that or give up Facebook altogether. I can't really do that. My family and closest childhood friends are there. Took me forever to get back in touch with my childhood friend, I don't want to lose her again!!

I just don't think I am ready for a lot of human contact. I may never be ready. I just don't understand people. I probably never will. Animals at least are much easier to understand. And really, I don't like people! I don't even like myself half the time. LOL! That's a joke, BTW. But I am unpredictable, and it is because of that that I think it's best I stay in my own little circles. I am still in some groups, but they are small and intimate groups. I'm still in my own group. I have to be there! That's where I go to post my favorite pics of INXS, and share them with other fans. This is actually the best thing I've ever done. Believe it or not! Now, I am seeing posts from friends I haven't seen in quite a long time! I couldn't see them because they were taken up by a bunch of useless posts from other people who have contributed nothing (or not much) to my Facebook page. Well, I always say everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, and this proves it. Maybe I will get closer to those I still have. Maybe I will learn to trust people again. But don't count on it. Like I said before, I will just never understand people. It's hard to trust something you don't understand. But the people I will keep around are people that I have some amount of respect for.

Another thing that is hard for me to let go of is dog-lovers! One person told me I can delete her and I said it's hard for me to delete dog-lovers! Seriously. Dog-lovers is such a rare thing these days among INXS fans. Cat-lovers are a dime a dozen. Now, I am not saying I don't appreciate my friends who do like cats. But dog-lovers are very rare and a treasure usually when I can find them. But if this person wants to delete herself, she can. It's OK. All I ask is that she kiss her baby for me one last time. I miss my own dogs!

I wanted a puppy. I had begun saving for a puppy! But I did a chat with my sis last night, and I need to finish taking care of the dogs I have with her. Vegas needs his teeth cleaned. So, I must take care of that. I promised to pay half if she takes care of the other half. Well, this is what being a mommy is all about, even a doggie mommy. We make sacrifices. What a shame!! I still want to get a puppy sometime down the line. But I did some tall thinking last night after I had that chat with my sis, and I am thinking perhaps I'd better wait. I also want to take a trip to Australia for a movie I want to make. If I get the pup before I go, I'd have to have someone here to watch it, and I still don't know anyone here. I have quite a few breeds in mind that I want, I won't mention them here. I intend to make the announcement when I get the pup, and I don't want to say I'm going to get one breed and wind up with another. Don't worry dog people! I know what I am doing. I know my breeds! LOL!

As for my movie in Australia, well, hopefully that will be out next year. I know exactly what I am going to do and how I am going to do it. I don't intend on going there and making this movie while looking like a fat ugly old crone!! I'm going to have myself made up, and looking like a real actress! heehehe!! Well, most of the movie is going to be myself sitting in front of a camera reading my story, but I've also got an idea to put a few little surprises in there. When I make this movie, you're going to see an all-new me! Hopefully by then I'll have lost some weight. One thing I don't want to do is go there and contribute to this stereotype of a "fat American tourist". I also hope to bring home some souvenirs. Maybe meet some kangaroos. I'll try to get them on film. LOL! As for availability, now it's a toss-up, whether I want to put this movie on YouTube or just on UMG Productions for rent.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Tough Decision

I don't know what is the right thing to do now. Hmmm. Looking back on some of my actions on Facebook, I'm thinking I am just not ready to associate with people yet. And no, it's not  just because of what's been happening over the last week. This kind of thing goes on all the time with me. I'm thinking of just deactivating my account on Facebook. Not deleting it, just deactivating it. Or maybe if I keep it, just keep around those INXS fans that I really REALLY trust very well. And of course family and personal friends. Let's face it, I will never understand people. Ever! This is a tough decision. I'm either going to do one or the other. This will lower me down in the number of friends quite considerably, but that's OK. I always said I would much rather have 1 or 2 good friends than 400 fair-weather ones. Really, I don't want to lose Facebook, because that's the only real way I can chat with my family now. Except by phone. So, most likely, I'm just going to do a mass clean-up. Nothing personal against those people I delete. I just need to close my Facebook account to outsiders. At least until I think I am ready. I have no idea how long that is going to take. I may have to also drop out of groups until I am positive I am ready.

Again, think of me as a wild animal. A wild animal that has to be acclimated to people a little at a time. I think for my own sake, it's best to keep just a few close friends around until I learn to understand and trust people again. I've always had trust issues with people, and I thought I was rehabilitated when I joined more INXS groups over the past couple of years. Maybe my having too many friends just went to my head and it was confusing to me. Maybe. Mind you, I am not making excuses. Just saying what is real. I'm going to stay in my own group, Tim-Hutch Love, but that will most likely be it. Anyone wants to contact me, they can do so there. But my friends can contact me any time they want. Those that remain. I will also keep family around and my closest friends. But I am going to reduce the number of INXS buds on my Facebook. For the time being.

I think my mind is made up, this is what I am going to do.

The Last Thing

OK, I took down last night's post. Relax people. I was just speculating. I didn't mention names so I was not meaning to hurt anyone. One of my friends, one of my most loyal friends, confronted me about this. I don't want to upset her, because I like her a lot. I like her even more now actually! She's earned my respect very well. And really, I was not trying to be vindictive. If I was, I would have mentioned the person's name and posted her pic. But I didn't want to go that route. However, I don't always know when I am being vindictive. I see other people doing things, and I believe it to be OK. Just saying, not making excuses or anything. Well, the person who told me, I like her a LOT. The last thing I wanted to do was upset her, so I took last night's post down. I am at peace now.

I'm an introvert, I don't always know when I hurt someone else's feelings. My feelings are not easily hurt, so I often think other people are as hard-skinned as I am. I usually laugh in the face of adversity, that's how I am. Think of me as being like a wild, undomesticated animal. I do what I do, if you play with me, I may get a little too rough, but I don't know I'm hurting you. Not unless you tell me. I commend this friend for confronting me on this matter like she did. I'd have more respect for people if they came to me themselves and told me how they feel. But most people don't. Especially on the internet. They just turn and walk away without saying a word. Or, in the case of Facebook, just delete you without saying why. It doesn't help me understand them at all. At least if I delete someone, they're going to know why I did it. One person I deleted recently, I sent her a PM before I did it to a link to this blog where I discovered she had slammed me behind my back. I'd have preferred she'd have slammed me to my face. I'm still going to avoid the person I spoke of last night at all costs. LOL! I still want to go to Australia though. I want to do this video! It's something I've never done before. And probably will never have the chance to do again.

Like I said before, I may be an introvert, but I am not an evil person. I have more respect for people who tell me how they feel when I do something, right or wrong, than I would have if someone just slams me behind my back. Who likes being slammed behind their back? Yes I talk about people on this blog, but my blog is open. The comment section is a free-for-all. If you have something to say about one of my posts, you have the option to say it. You won't be blocked, your comment won't be deleted. Just say what you feel. I won't always respond. I don't even guarantee it will be read by me. LOL! Cuz that's just how I am. Usually I respond only to comments that are not anonymous. And I don't cover-up either. I'll come right out and confess. I was brought up to always tell the truth, no matter what. But believe me when I say it's not always easy to be honest. But John Lennon was right, it does get you the right kind of friends. Even he has earned my respect too. I never considered myself to be a fan of John Lennon. But he does have more of my respect now that I know what he's talking about. LOL!

However, I want to keep these up. Because I thought they were funny...

The radicals viewing my blog before.

The radicals viewing my blog now.
And if you don't like what I say online, send me a PM. I may not respond right away, but I do eventually respond. I don't always stay on Facebook for long. I pop on and off of Facebook like Christmas lights. I may be there one second, and not there the next.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Did You Ever Notice?

Did anyone ever notice how today's movies suck?? You know the last movie I ever saw in the theaters was A Night At The Museum, and I didn't even want to see that movie. I wanted to see the live-action version of Charlotte's Web. But I was with a group of people and I was outvoted and forced to see what they wanted to see. But the last movie I voluntarily saw in the theaters was Jackass 2. I enjoyed it. Though I don't know if it really qualifies as the same kind of movie as Charlotte's Web, it's more a reality-based movie. I grabbed Katrina that night and asked her if she wanted to go see this movie with me, and of course she said yes. She loves Jackass!! But that was the last movie I saw voluntarily. I saw Happy Feet too, and it was OK. Not great, but OK. I thought I would like it better because I'm such a lover of penguins and seals. But let's face it, movies today kinda suck! I think personally it's because today's directors and producers don't have what it takes to make a good movie. Movies started going downhill in 1999, and have never recovered. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some good movies from that era. But nowhere near as good as they were before then.

Sometimes I want to look up to the heavens and ask "Michael baby, are you upset that the world is going on without you so you're putting a curse on the world today?" Look at the things that have happened since he's been gone. Major volcanic eruptions, major tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, bad movies, bad food, etc. The world is obviously cursed for some reason.

Anyways, I saw a video today about some of the worst movies that were based on actual events. One of those movies was an animated film about the Titanic. Strangely enough, it had mice as passengers instead of people. Well, there were a few people, but they were set off with a bunch of mice who dressed up and acted like people. Why do so many cartoons have mice as one of the main characters? Is it because they are small? If you ask me, there is no place for mice in a story about the Titanic. And there are enough movies being made with love in the plot. That may be why today's movies suck so much. All the stories center around love, and the directors have run out of ideas. Love scenes can only be strewn about in a topic just so many times before it becomes too predictable, and boring!! If you notice, just about every movie has someone falling in love with someone else, or is married to someone else, there are so few places for love scenes to go now. The only thing I haven't seen anyone do in any movie is have a gay person fall in love. That's something that should be done, I think. At least it is something that has never been done before. Not in any major motion picture anyways.

OK, so I know it's not funny, but it would make an interesting movie!

Anyways, there are enough movies about love. Cannot really blame the directors of today, love usually is what people like to see in movies and in books. Some of the spiciest novels involve romance of one kind or another. Very few of my books involve romance. Most of them centers around family. I do have some where some of the characters fall in love, even one where a couple of them gets married. But I think every love scene has been created in every movie now, to a point where it has all become kindof cliche. That's why so few of my stories are about love. But I have not completely left out the subject of love in my own stories. Look at the story about the marriage between Candi and Leopold. Then there is the St, Helens Tribute story, where Candi, as a 17-year old groupie, develops a teenage crush on David Johnston. Even the INXS story, where Candi develops a crush on Tim Farriss. I didn't include Leopold in that story, as her marriage with him would have happened after that story took place. Instead, she just acts as a caregiver to this group of animals.

Anyways, the point is this is the kind of thing people want to see. I notice a lot of movies that did not do well in the theaters do not involve love. I think by far, the worst movie I ever saw was Deep Blue Sea. My sis and I went to see that movie while it was still in the theaters, and it was so bad, we were the only ones in there to see it. I thought it was going to be somewhat like JAWS. But it wasn't. The sharks kept killing one person after another, after another. Not too much action between those killing scenes either. They were too close together. I saw that movie and I said "I could have done this movie better". LOL!! But it was a fun day out with my sis. But since that movie came out, I noticed movies have been getting worse.

Maybe part of the reason movies with love scenes are so bad now is because we're getting new directors who have no real idea what love really is. So they're taking ideas from previous movies with love scenes and applying them to their own movies. That's my theory. This is the problem with kids coming from single-parent homes. They don't know what love really is. That's something that cannot be learned in school. So it affects adults, not only in their love life, but also in their careers. I guess it is true that it takes more than love for a child to raise it.

I love to write stories, but I think I missed my real calling. I should become a movie director!! LOL! I have a couple of stories of my own that I would love to put into movie form. The story of Gracie and her baby is one of them. The problem with that story is that people today would see it and think it's a rip-off of Finding Nemo, even though that story is much older than Finding Nemo. That's just a case of great minds thinking alike. The original version of that story is quite different from the version I have on the site. But even the revised version is older than the movie Finding Nemo. I put Lisa in that story originally in 1999. But the scenes were perfected in 2004. But they were by no means based on Finding Nemo. I say "perfected" because it used to be a lot longer and a lot more dull, according to my sis. So, I took out a LOT of pointless scenes. But that's what you do when you write a story. Or even a movie. A lot of scenes get deleted in movies because they were pointless and add nothing to the movie. Same with stories. But a lot of the movies today are just pointless.

Links to the stories discussed in this post:

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day

Oh Wow. Now I've heard it all. Women get an international day all to themselves. I love being a woman, sometimes. LOL! It has it's good points and it's bad points. Last month I swear I got PMS. That's one of the things I hate about being a woman. Women also put on weight faster than men. So there's another thing I hate about being a woman. I'm one of few women that doesn't give a shit about this feminist movement, so that makes me somewhat unique among women. But then I am always unique. I'd prefer to be a lady, rather than a feminist. I was brought up to act like a lady, so I try. I can be a bitch too, but it's only skin-deep. LOL! I'm sure being a man has it's good points too. They don't have to pull their pants completely down to take a wizz in the woods. Did I say "wood"? LOL!!

Well, a lot of women have gone on to do some magnificent things. My #1 hero is Dian Fossey. I look up to her as a source of strength. Yes, I learned a lot of my strong points from her. She battled for what she believed in. She even laid down her life to save mountain gorillas from extinction. If I had to go by a manmade tragedy, I'd rather it be as I was fighting for what I believe in too. I've been an admirer of Dian Fossey's since 1988. I could not wait to see Gorillas In The Mist when I would see the advertisements on TV, before it was in the theaters. I read her book from cover to cover, several times. I love it. When I was thinner, I thought I even looked like her. IMO, she was the greatest woman ever to walk the earth! She did not succeed in stopping the poaching of mountain gorillas, as I hear it is still going on today. But she did slow it down, and she did bring awareness of what was going on between the gorillas and people. For that, I admire her. And I will always admire her.

However, she is the only woman I admire. Well, unless you count my family. I admire my sis because she is a great sis! She ambitioned to lose 100 pounds and she did! My sis has made sacrifices for me too, and I admire that. I admire my ma because she too has made sacrifices for me and my sis. She has also changed through the years, and she never stopped loving me and my sis. I even admire my stepmom, she kicked breast cancer's ass! She cleared that hurdle. I admire that. I also admire my friends. Now, I can honestly say I've got the most loyal friends ever on Facebook. Oh yes! I got down to 401 friends. I expect the numbers will still drop. But for now, it's good to find out how many real friends I have! Some of my friends are worried this will get me down. I tell them no. Please don't worry about me. This is my job. It's what I do. I keep everything honest. If I lose so-called "friends" because of that, well, they were not worth keeping in the first place anyways. But I love my friends for their concern.

At the same time, I understand how hard it is for people to stay loyal to a person like me. I'm an honest person, sometimes brutally honest. And I have lost friends over the years because of it. It comes with the territory. LOL! I fight for what I believe in, and many people find that intimidating. They can't take it so they leave. But I won't change. I've been on the other side before and it was the worst feeling in the world!

Anyways, Dian Fossey is about the only famous woman I can think of that is worth a mention. I don't take well to female singers or musicians. I'm not saying they cannot be good musicians. I'm just saying I don't take to them very well. There are a few I like so, I can admire them. But IMO, and this may not be popular opinion, music is mostly a male-dominated occupation. Or it could be just because I am a woman, looking at the good-looking men in rock n roll, I take to them quicker. But there are some songs sang by women that I do like, and I've got them on my MP3 player. But as singers themselves, I am not into them. Even when I was a fan of Roxette, it was Per Gessle I admired. Not the woman, Marie Fredriksson I think is her name. I don't take to female TV personalities. Some look nice (as women go), and are nice people I'm sure, but I just don't take well to female celebrities. Again, it could be because I myself am a woman.

Now I wonder if there is an international men's day. Gender equality. LOL! That'll be the day to celebrate my men of INXS. Well, I am always celebrating them anyways. I love those men! They are the greatest!

Well, the saga continues this morning. One of the Yatesfags tried to join my group last night. I rejected her because I don't believe her to be an INXS fan. But I have the feeling I am going to be antsy about letting any new people in there for a while. This girl, I'd seen her before, and she was one of the radicals. So my guess was she was going in there just to stir up shit. If she wants to stir up shit, she can do it here. One of my friends pointed out she actually likes small, intimate groups like mine. So maybe my group growing larger would not be such a hot thing afterall.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodie! How Exciting!!

My last post was crossposted to the MH and His Life fan page. Good!! I'm glad! Go ahead and post this one there too. Ya know you people can post comments on my blog. There is that capability. Ah heck! They won't do it because they're spineless. And chances are I probably won't respond.

Anyways, I wanted to touch up a little bit on what I was thinking when I wrote that last post. Someone I know and love dearly was bullied on one of the groups for having her own opinion. I won't say who, but it doesn't matter to this story because I have seen it happen all across Facebook. I will forever stand up against bullying, and also will stand up for free speech. If it upsets people that I was upset hearing about someone I adore being bullied, well then that's the problem of those people. I suspected the bullying to be from "Fag Central". But I was not sure. I just wondered because I myself was harassed for having my own opinion. I was also banned for having my own opinion too, and I believe that to be a violation of my rights of free speech. Not only that, but they posted about me on the group AFTER I was kicked out, and also on a group that I was not a member of, never had been a member of, and never wanted to be a member of. I am not an evil person. They could have said what they wanted to say while I was in there. Or they could have said it on this blog. The comments are open, even to anonymous commenters if they wanted to stay hidden.

Yes, I said that the mods there acted like dictators. Because they DID! I know these people hate honesty, but I'm gonna say it whether they like it or not. I'm always honest with people, I believe that to be the way to be. I expect the same thing from them. As for my hatred of radicals, there is a BIG difference between a radical and a fan. I am an INXS fan. I've had people say to me "INXS sucks" and "I don't like INXS" and "INXS bites". But I don't care. That's their opinion. That's not my opinion. That's what makes me a fan. I've said this before, radicals are the ones like the mods in this group, that kick people out because they don't like the same things the mods like.

I wondered why when I looked in on my Facebook page today I was missing a lot of friends. This has to be some kind of record. LOL!! I went from 412 friends to 403 friends in one night. LOL! The numbers will probably keep going down. But hey! That's my job. I know I did my job well when I start losing friends. Like I've said, I'm not a politically correct person. I will voice my opinion, especially on my blog, because I feel I have to. And I will always stand up against bullying. I was bullied as a child, so I know what it feels like. I find even as an adult, there are still bullies out there. If I see a friend being bullied, yes I'm going to react. I'm not trying to be hostile. I just feel the bullying should stop. Once it does, I will stop speaking against it. But unfortunately this is a big world and people are cruel. So, it looks like I will always have to stand up against bullying.

As for calling the MH and his Life fan page "Fag Central", I did not mean EVERYONE in there are radicals. There are (or maybe WERE) still some people in there that I like and that I remained friends with. But then the mods began acting more like dictators. And I really do not care to go back or have anything more to do with that group. Some people have dropped me as a friend and I am fine with that. Believe me. Those that are still among my friends, thank you. I will continue to love my most loyal friends. Those who stay with me, you're awesome!! I must say, you are the strongest of the strong!!