Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

COVID Prison

No, I don't have it. I cough a lot but that's something I've been doing for years. Even before this coronavirus outbreak. I think I need to change my name to Luella Cough-lin. UGH!! But I don't know why that sounds so like me. But anyways, this is our second weekend here in Coronavirus prison and I am BORED out of my mind!!! If I had at least a second person here I could play some board games. Or cards. Or put together a puzzle. Either way, it'd be a lot more fun than it is now. Basically all I've been doing these days is getting on the computer, checking my messages, then to the bedroom to watch the old Unsolved Mysteries. I haven't even played music lately! I just haven't been in the mood. I have to be in a certain type of mood to sit down and listen to music. That's just how I am.

Quarantine SUCKS!!! And this complex is like a ghost town. You don't even see kids out playing anymore here. Well, really that might be a blessing. They often got too loud anyway. As it is now I am stuck watching YouTube videos that are 3 years old! Well, at least I'm learning new things. Things that other people learned 3 years ago!

I'm so bored lately, with no car to go anywhere, and this shut down, I can't even write much in this blog. So, here are some strange orchids I found on a website that look like things other than flowers...

These orchids look like ducks.

This orchid is made to look just like a luna moth.

This orchid has a doll's face.

This orchid has a baboon's face, or an old man's face.

This orchid looks like a dove in flight.

This orchid looks like an evil cat.

These orchids have monkey-faces.

This orchid looks like a cross between a frog and a bird.

This orchid has a moose's head.

This orchid has little men hanging from it's pedals.

These are absolutely 100% REAL!! Not photoshopped! Believe it or not! Orchids are pretty damn cool!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I'm Not A Number!

I really shouldn't be revealing this, but what the heck! Maybe it'll stop these INXS fans who are only adding friends to boost their numbers on Facebook. I'm not interested in anyone who just wants a big audience on social media! I do not appreciate being treated that way either! If all you're looking for is a profile to be friend #502 or whatever number, then keep looking, because I'm not going to be that one! I had to delete someone from my friends list last night on Facebook.

Well, I'll start from the beginning. This person, a woman (and that's all I'll say about her) added me to her Facebook friends a few days ago. Yes, a few DAYS. I'm getting quicker on the draw! LOL! I said OK, I recognized her name, and I think we were friends when I had my last Facebook account. She seemed like an OK person. So, I decided to give her a chance. I know, I should learn to never give people a chance! But that's just who I am. I can't change it. It's hard-wired into my brain. So, when someone adds me, the first thing I start doing is interact with them. Just to test the waters a bit before going much further. I looked at her profile and discovered, just like the majority of INXS fans (and all libtards for that matter) she is a cat person. OMG! That was my first tip-off that she cannot be a good person. Ugliest cat you've ever seen too! Another gray tabby. Just like all other INXS fans.

But anyways, I kept that quiet. Again, like I always do. It's not my place to tell people what kind of pet they should have and I understand that! But no one can stop me from thinking it. Cats make people mean and hateful. And now I have proof of that. But anyway, I left that alone. I still watched to see how this would turn out. I kept a calm head with her anyways and mostly just observed.

Well, on Friday I believe it was, she made a post and I made a comment on it. I wanted to see how she would respond to me commenting on one of her posts. Besides it was an interesting post and I wanted to see what this person was like. Well, she didn't. She didn't respond at all. Not even so much as a thumbs up or anything. She responded to the people who commented after me. So, I figured she saw my comment. But no kind of acknowledgement to me at all. I didn't think anything at first. I just figured maybe it wasn't the response she was looking for. I let that go and moved on with my weekend.

Well, yesterday I saw a post from her about the coronavirus. I took that opportunity to plant a ruse. Again, I wanted to see how she would respond to my comment. I didn't tell her that it was a ruse, but I wanted to see if this woman really wanted to have me as a friend, or just a number on her friends list. I made a comment and then left it. A few hours later, I checked my notifications and noticed someone commented on her post after me. I looked, and once again, this woman did not even leave me a like. So, my plan worked. I realized I was not going to be a friend to this person. When someone asks me to become their buddy on Facebook, and then doesn't make any effort at all to communicate with me, that can only mean one thing to me; they only want the numbers. They want to brag to their shit-poke friends "Hey! I got a lot of friends on my Facebook! I must be special!" Well, I am NOT a number!!! You may not believe it, but I am a person. A person who is not that damn desperate for friends. So, I said fuck her, and then deleted her.

I told you all, cats make people hateful. Though it was rather passive of her, I do consider it hateful to invite someone to be your friend on Facebook and have no intention of acknowledging them. Not that it bothers me, really. I mean that. It might have bothered me if she didn't have the cat, and we'd been friends for much longer. But she did have a cat and no dogs, so I expected we would not be real Facebook buds. It happened with Karen B. after all. I knew with her it would eventually end too. Especially after she got the stupid cat. If she had gotten another dog instead of the cat, and we were no longer friends now, I would have been MUCH more surprised and hurt than I was. But I know how cats mess up peoples' minds, so I didn't even flinch when Karen B. deleted me from her friends. It was just like poo-poo just another stupid cat fag lost. LMAO!! It proved I was right all along about cat people!

Take this chick I "met" this afternoon on Facebook named Janice Weitzel. Apparently to her, I am a so-called "Trumpanzee". LMAO!!! I saw her and a bunch of other leftist fags attacking one of my buds from Facebook because she supports Trump. I tried to clear the air in that thread, I told them that the democrats WANT America to fail, that's why they won't allow Trump to fix our country during this pandemic. Mainstream media, like CNN and NBC, and ABC are making Trump look bad by taking things out of context and people like Janice are believing the bullshit. Then, this afternoon, I noticed Janice attacked me. She told me my comment was the stupidest comment she's read all day. I asked her "Is that so? You don't read your own comments then?" She said all us "Trumpanzees" are laughing stocks now. I told her her name is a laughing stock to me. I see her name and I think of weasel for some reason. Shame that! I love weasels. And they are WAY too smart for someone like Janice.

She was basically a typical leftist. Well, I like to be able to see the person I am talking to, especially those with a high-and-mighty type attitude like Janice's. So, I went to her profile. She looks like she's in her late 30s and fat as a pig. But the one thing I especially noticed was she raises Siberian cats. Siberians are huge cats, and almost ALWAYS gray tabbies! I can't stand them! I went back and said to her "Oh you're a cat person! No wonder you are the way you are! LMAO!!" So, now that I understood what her problem is, I can see what attitude she's going to have. Janice then proceeded to attack me more harsh. I just said to her "Keep playing little player! LMAO!!!" With every comment she made, she was more and more proving my case further about cat people.

I've known for a long time cat people were evil. All the way back to the Pluba forums. It was always the cat breeders who were flighty, gossipy and obnoxious. In a word--Catty. LOL! I guess that's how the word "catty" came about. If you don't know what the word means, look it up. It's the same as calling a person a cunt or a bitch. Anyways, after I said that, Janice blocked me. LMAO!! I laughed because she couldn't handle me! She's just like every other leftist when faced with the truth. She can't listen, she doesn't have facts, and when facts are presented to her, she doesn't even recognize them. LOL!! I love it!!! Another typical leftist, Bernie-ass-kissing cat fag!!!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Killer Coronavirus

Well, I haven't been infected with it yet, but this town is on lockdown now. Almost all services have stopped. We've never had problems like this before. Even the schools are shut down. Definitely the post office and other government facilities are closed for the next week or two. Unfortunately that also means I don't get my car back because the post office will not deliver the necessary part to the mechanic. Even though it is here in town, according to the tracking. So near! Yet so far. I feel like I am running in a race, and I am ahead of everyone else. The finish line is so close I can almost touch the ribbon. Then, only 3 feet away before I reach the finish line, I collapse. And the people behind me win, trampling over me in the process! That is how I feel right now. It's maddening!! I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Everyone has their own story about how this coronavirus is affecting them. But for me, all it really means is I'm not getting my car back for possibly another 2 weeks!

Thank GOD I have plenty of toilet paper! LMAO!!! That's become the meme of this movement. People are buying toilet paper like crazy! You go to a store and the shelves are empty! Well, as a small town, we have not quite reached that level yet. One of the reasons I love living in small towns.

Some places are more affected than others. One of my Facebook buds who lives in Italy says it's very bad there. Several people have died of this coronavirus there. It's even affected people in Seattle and now Portland. So, maybe it's just as well I don't have my car back. I think this is what GOD is trying to tell me. I need to stay put until this is over. I even feel bad for the kids here. There's no school. When I was a kid I would have rejoiced! I remember how snow days were during the school year, and we would get off. I loved that! I remember when I was in 3rd grade, and it snowed, we were out of school for about a week, and I had FUN! If I wasn't watching old antique cartoons, I was outside making snow men, snow angels or sledding down this icy hill in our neighborhood. It was exciting for me! Then my second year in middle school, it snowed a lot and we were out of school off and on for 3 weeks! That too was fun!

I know exactly how these kids feel. When I was a kid, we did not have any quarantine. In fact, I've never seen anything like this! Except on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. So this is very different from snow days at home. Then at least, we could go out and play. But you can't during a quarantine. In fact, the first day of this quarantine, I saw kids out in the play area playing with each other, and I was thinking they shouldn't be out there. We're supposed to be on lockdown! But I know how they feel. They aren't out there today, and this must be driving them CRAZY!!!! If I were a child, I'm not sure I would have survived this! Not being able to go out and play with my friends. Just having to sit here and knowing I cannot go anywhere it feels the same way. Kids are different. They've also got all that pent-up energy they need to let loose of.

I once heard on a video that this virus was released on purpose by the Chinese government! You know who I think is behind that? I'll give you 3 guesses, but you'll probably only need one. That's right! The leftists! Notice how this never happened until now, just before a major election event? And after they found out Trump colluding with Russia didn't happen. WW3 with Korea didn't happen. Trump being accused of an impeachable crime did not work out for them. The economy under Trump was booming. The stock market was doing awesome under Trump. So now, they are using this Coronavirus to make Trump look bad. It even worked on my sis. Even she is sounding like the leftists saying "What is Trump doing about this?" I told her he's doing all he can, but he's already got so much on his plate. I've even heard some leftists say if she gets the coronavirus, she's going to go to a Trump rally and infect everyone there. So, this is all part of the leftists' design to make Trump look bad!

Today I was watching a video where the leftists were saying that it was because of the Obama administration that our economy now is booming. But yet they are saying the economy failing now (because of this virus) is all Trump's fault. I'm like make up your damn minds!!! Is Trump responsible for the economy or is he not??? And once more, Obama did NOTHING good for the economy. He just wants the credit for it. But then that's the leftists for you! If Obama had said "This corona virus is the greatest thing in the world and no lives have been lost". Then the leftists would definitely believe this corona virus is the greatest thing in the world and no lives have been lost. That's how dumb the left is. And they call Trump supporters dumb. Every time I hear a leftist say "Trump supporters are all dumb!" I laugh my ass off! Because I remember all the dumb shit the leftists are doing. But now that Trump wants to have a nation-wide shutdown, the leftists are crying wolf and saying "Trump is trying to kill us all!" UGH!! If only the leftists knew how to spot hypocrisy. A person could really clean-up if they could invent some kind of juice that makes hypocrisy glow like a lightbulb! We wouldn't even need security lights, just hang a leftist on your porch! Or plug a leftist into your lamp.

Monday, March 9, 2020

No Reparations For Paranoia

Well, it finally happened. I finally met some black people who actually think white people owe them reparations and they are willing to take it by whatever means they can. It was in a Facebook page I've never seen before and had nothing to do with. But one of my buds is on there and they were tearing him apart. They were mad because this friend of mine is black, and not a democrat. That offends them. These two guys were named Wesley Grady and Marty Johnson. I thought Wesley Grady was a teenager at first. He typed in ghetto language with 'wsup' and 'coz' and a lot of other shorthand phrases that ghetto rats usually use. So, I thought he was a teenager. Marty Johnson, I saw his pic, so I know he's an old fart.

Anyways, they were talking about me having "white privilege" and I didn't like that. Wesley Grady was griping because he can't get a 6-figure job "because he's black". I told him the reason he can't get a 6-figure job probably has NOTHING to do with him being black. It probably has more to do with him sounding like a low-class gutter rat. My best friend has a 6-figure job, and she works hard. She doesn't talk like a gutter rat on the job. And I have known black people who were doctors and lawyers. So, don't try to feed me that bullshit about "white privilege". If you really want something, you'll work towards getting it. That's a fact. I know! But it was mostly Marty Johnson who was saying I have "white privilege". I looked at his pic, and he's whiter than I am!

That's him on the right. He's from Los Angeles too. His first comment towards me was "Miss Candi White from Tillamook", something to that affect. So, I told him he looks whiter than me in this pic. I also asked him who the woman in this pic was, she looks very white too. He responded with "Not that it's any of your business, but that 'woman' is my wife". Oohh! Man! I know I struck a nerve with that one! He went on to say his wife is Asian. Personally, I didn't really care. But since he brought up the town I live in, I thought it would only be fair for him to admit who was in the picture with him. From that moment on, I was just laughing at him.

Then he started talking about Mya, and how disgusting dogs are, and saying I was "hiding behind her pic". He kept referring to Mya as "Fido". I just told him "Fido" is a she. I said to him "You must be a lowly cat-person. Cats are for wussies and wimps". I'd bet he is. He's surely ugly enough. I'd bet if I hung around his Facebook page enough, I'd see he has a stupid cat lingering around his house. Then I remembered having pets to people like him is "racist". Just like to him EVERYTHING is racist!! He and Wesley were mostly talking amongst each other a lot, griping about me. They were sounding like a couple of little schoolboys. Of course, Marty Johnson brought up my romances, saying I must be lonely being old and living in Tillamook. Then Wesley Grady was talking about how he used to drive trucks, and drove through Tillamook before and said it was a "small, crappy town". Marty Johnson answered with "Yes with only 8000 people, none of the men are looking for people like Candi." I just sat back, and laughed as I was watching them. Marty Johnson went on to say "How lonely Candi must be to live in such a small town as Tillamook. How sad!" I just up and told him "Some of us love small, oceanside towns where people get to know each other well, and always speak when you meet each other on the street. I don't like the big city. Too many diseases, snotty, two-faced people like you."

I am not ashamed of where I live at. I actually love it here. And I have a very nice apartment. Though I do miss Ocean Shores. I would rather be there. But Ocean Shores is a much smaller town than Tillamook. LOL! But if Marty Johnson was thinking he could get me so riled up by shit-talking Tillamook, I'm sorry he wasted his time like that. I think he's crazy for living in Los Angeles, where the democrats have ruined the city by allowing homeless people to shit and piss on the streets, rats running around everywhere, diseases like leprosy running wild. Yep, if he wants to live in that shithole known as Los Angeles, that's his deal. But to me, he's got to be coo-coo for cocoa-puffs!! LOL!

Well, Marty and Wesley kept throwing around how I don't have a man and that I do drugs or drink. Marty was so positive he had me fuming at that point. But the truth was, I was sitting back just laughing at him. I told him I do have a partner, and that he will never know who my partner is. He kept believing my partner was "Fido" and that I was having sex with her. I just laughed at him! Anyone who would think that has got some bad shit on his mind! No wonder he can't get a 6-figure job!! Wesley brought up the subject of Trump, and I said "He's still your president! LOL!" That was when Wesley told me something shocking. He told me he's lived through many presidencies, from the Kennedys to Trump. He's never seen anyone act out on Twitter the way Trump has. That was shocking to me. Not what he said about Trump. I know Trump needs to learn when not to Tweet! But saying he's been around for the Kennedy administration! I thought he was a teenager! But if he was around when Kennedy (either one of them) was president, then that means he's OLDER than I am!! I wasn't around for any of the Kennedys.

By this time, Marty had disappeared for a while, and Wesley had begun to calm down more. Wesley asked me if my partner is so great, why am I there disrespecting black people I don't even know? I told him my partner is at work and I got some time on my hands. Actually my partner is in San Francisco. But he was at work during that time. LOL! I just like to pretend with people like Marty Johnson. At that point, Johnson had come back saying "Come on! We all know your partner is PERMANENTLY at work! Admit it, Fido is your "partner"." and he started posting dog noises, as if that is supposed to tempt me or something. Well, I swung back with a bit of a curveball! LOL! I said to Marty "Oh NOW I get it! I know now what this is all about! You're just butthurt because I am not attracted to you! THAT'S why you keep bringing up my partner! OK, so my partner is "PERMANENTLY at work" and "Fido" is my partner. I guess, if that's what makes you feel better!" I was still laughing at him, but I think that put him in his place.

Well, I said to Wesley "Maybe I'd better go, before Marty Johnson tries to kiss me or something!" So I left! LOL! I haven't been back since. I had my fun. It was enough. But yes, I do get angry when someone tells me I have "White privilege". I have ZERO privilege!!! My dad came here LEGALLY from Mexico, got a job, married my mom, worked hard all his life, and died with honors. Whatever "privilege" I have we all worked hard for, it wasn't just handed to me. My dad faced a little bit of interference when he got out of the military, and he was trying to find another job. But he did manage to find one, and worked hard for 20 more years. As for me, I worked and paid my taxes. I don't have no privilege. That's getting something you didn't earn. I earned everything I have. And continue to. And what assistance I have, I already paid society for. I just don't take any bullshit from anyone. I even told Marty Johnson the things he hates about me, are things my partner LOVES about me. I don't sit and whine about someone else having more privilege than me! In fact, before the BLM movement, I'd never even heard of "white privilege". That's something I feel they made up just to get everything white people have without working for it.

Let me tell you something about black people too in the workplace, they are LAZY as FUCK!!!!!! They did better when they were slaves! Today's black liberals do not deserve reparations! Now, I don't mean ALL black people are lazy. Look at Candace Owens. She travels the country and gives speeches, she fights off Antifa, she helps with clean-ups. She's not lazy at all. She also doesn't sit back and cry about what happened to slaves 150 years ago! Nor does she gripe about white privilege! I refuse to pay reparations to black liberals today for their self-inflicted, misplaced paranoia!!! NONE of them lived through slavery. But they all seem to complain about it a LOT more than those who actually did live through it and the Jim Crow laws! I believe it's because of Obama. I totally blame him for it! 150 years ago, those folks were just happy to be freed from slavery! And 50 years ago, those people were just happy to be freed from segregation and the Jim Crow laws! Nowadays, they all seem to want them back just so they can have something to gripe about.

I can tell you a story about black liberals in the workplace that proves they are lazy. My grandma, towards the end of her life, went to the same nursing home twice. The first time she went there, most of the nurses were white people. Grandma was well taken care of and looked after. She was out of there in 3 months. The second time she went there, was after she fell and broke her arm, that was about a year later. This time when we took her back to that same nursing home, most of the staff were black people. The rest were brown people. Either way, none of the workers who were there the year before were there this time. We didn't think much about it. Mom supplied plenty of diapers because by this time, grandma had lost control of her "garbage". There were packages of diapers for grandma that measured from the floor to the ceiling! But one day we went to visit grandma, and discovered she was lying in bed totally naked, and she was laying in piles of her own excrement. Mom and I both saw that and were shocked. We asked why she was laying in crap. The staff stopped short of giving us an answer, and simply stated they were now going to change her sheets. But we could tell from the soiling already on the sheets that she had been laying like that for a few days.

We went to visit her regularly after that, just to see how she was being cared for. About a month later when mom went for a visit, she noticed grandma was unresponsive, and didn't even recognize her. Something was bad wrong! Mom approached the nurses and asked them if anyone has called 911 because something was terribly wrong with grandma. One of the staff said they called 911 about 2 hours before, but so far no one has arrived. So mom took her phone out and said "I'll call them myself!" So she did! And they came right away. While the paramedics were there, mom asked why they didn't come sooner if the nurses there called 2 hours before. The paramedics said no one called 911 from that location that day! So, the staff lied to my mom. Well, their lies cost my grandma her life. She ended up with sepsis, and died a month later.

I didn't even really think about this again until I saw this article about an elderly man in a nursing home who was having problems breathing. The nurses at that home were also almost all black liberal women. Check it out here! You'll notice it's the same story, the patient is white and the nurses are all black. I'm almost tempted to believe it's the same nursing home! But this was in Georgia. My grandma was in Washington. You notice how these black women are always becoming nurses, and they simply do not care? That's scary. I'd rather die than be put into a nursing home like that.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Bill Clinton: Too Little Too Late

I saw an article the other day on Facebook that one of my buds posted, and it was about how Bill Clinton (AKA, Bullshit Clinton) is sorry for ruining Monica Lewinsky's life. I say too little too late. Clinton also stated that he had sex with her because he was suffering through stress. WTF??? Is that supposed to make it right? I can just picture Clinton trying to justify that! "I felt stressed so I had to have unsolicited sex with a minor". I knew he was bullshitting back in the 90s, and I have not changed my mind 20+ years later!! I didn't believe him when he said he did not have sex with "that young girl".

You know what's funny? I remember seeing a clip on one of those tabloid programs, I think it was a show called Hard Copy. They took some kind of poll right after Bill Clinton was inaugurated. It said something to the effect that more women were having dreams of having sex with Bill Clinton. Their theory as to why that was happening was because they said "we finally have a handsome man for our president". LMAO!!! I was a young woman back then and believe me, I did NOT find Bill Clinton the least-bit attractive. The dude looked to me like a fat-ass pig in a cheap tuxedo and a wig made of mummified mammoth-hair. I personally thought they were having dreams like that about Bill Clinton because the man was an evil sex-fiend, and their dreams were trying to warn them.

What difference does it make anyways? He already ruined her life because he fucking lied. I used to think his wife Hillary was a victim and that she was going to divorce him. But no. She still stands by him even though he lied to everyone. Including her. But really, I find she and her husband are no different from each other. She is a liar too, and she cannot seem to get over losing the presidency. She and Bill Clinton are two peas in a pod! Hillary, along with Obama, both colluded with Russia during the 2016 elections, and lied about not doing it. Instead, they decided to pin that on Trump. Well, I heard Trump is fighting back against CNN for spreading such lies. He also needs to go after Obama and Hillary.

These are the things in life I am the most sure of:

Bill Clinton did rape Monica Lewinsky
Trump did not collude with Russia
We did not cause climate change
Cats make people ugly (inside and out)
Epstein did not kill himself
Trump will win 2020's election

Those are things I am 101% sure of. Oh yes, and one more thing...

I sure as hell am not getting my car back this week.

But that is not a good thing! My blasted car had to be taken back to the mechanic. Back in December, right before we left for Las Vegas, I took my car to the fairgrounds to let Mya go potty. It was acting weird on the way there, but it was riding very slow on the way back and I could not move the steering wheel. I thought all it needed was some steering fluid. Then my sis and I took it the next day to an auto parts place to pick up some steering fluid. But when I looked into the vessel for the fluid, it was full and didn't need anymore. So after that, I took it to a mechanic here in town that works on foreign cars. They said the car needed a new alternator. They gave me a price for the alternator and I had to fill up one of my credit cards to pay for that. They charged my car and sent us on our way and we said we'd be back when we manage to save the money.

I drove me and my sis home, but the car died on the way and we couldn't move it any further. We were stuck in town. A couple of nearby restaurant workers helped us get into a parking space. I had to keep the car there overnight! I said I would get my own battery charger the next day and drive the car home while my sis takes the car rental back to the house. After we got back from picking up the rental car for the trip to Las Vegas, I sent my sis to the house to pick up all our luggage, while I took my battery charger and tried to bring my own car back and park it in my own parking space again. The first time I tried to just charge the battery to get the car started. It did start, and so I unhooked the charger from the battery. Right after I did that, the car died again.

Well, I didn't want to just leave that car there for a week while we were in Las Vegas, I'd never enjoy it! I'd be worried my car would have been towed away by the time we got back. So, I hooked the charger up to the battery and ran the car all the way home on the charger. Hey! It WORKED!!! I was able to drive the car all the way home on the charger's power. So, I parked my car in my assigned parking space and left it there. Then off to Vegas we went. But I said I was not going to run that car again until it's time to take it to the mechanic.

BTW, I finally got our Las Vegas movie up on UMG Productions! It came out GOOD!!! It was a thrill all the way, and at times, even funny. Check it out here!

Well, I got an appointment with the mechanic this past Thursday, the 5th. I knew I was going to have to use my battery charger all the way to the mechanic again, just like I did to bring the car home back in December. I was kindof scared to do it because the mechanic may be too far and I didn't want to burn my charger out. It's a good charger. One of the best available! I hooked it up once again to the battery and drove it all the way into town. Don't ask me how I did it!! I'm not sure I even know myself! I did see smoke at some points during the trip. But I managed to make it there OK, and my charger is still in one piece. I took the dial-a-ride home, the driver was very nice too. I'd met him before. His name is Gary. He told me he's had this same problem before too. We were talking a lot about cars on the way to my place. He kinda put my mind at ease. Anyways, he made me forget about my worries while I was riding with him.

Well, last night I found out what was wrong had nothing to do with the alternator. It was fine. The problem was with the fan belt. It had broken because one of the pulleys that attaches the belt to the fan was also broken. OMGoodness! So today, I did not get my car back. The mechanic is still trying to find that part I need. He could not find it here in this town. But he said he has some associates in Portland who might have the part. So now, I've got to sweat this out all weekend. But I didn't want to bother him again today. But if I don't hear from him Monday by noon, I'm going to call him again. I need to know if this is going to be a fixable thing, or if I'm going to need another car. Well, I'm trying to keep positive while I wait.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The "Rock" In Roxette

Wow! This is a first! Or anyway a first for a long time! Over the past 2 weeks, I've had 2 dreams of Per Gessle. Before this year, the last time I dreamed of him was back in 1991, when I was very much in love with him. But I haven't dreamed of him since. Not until this year! Geez! I wonder if this is the beginning of me getting back into him again. With the death of Marie Fredricksson, it's pretty safe to say Roxette is dead now. She was the main vocalist. Although I concentrated more on Per Gessle, because to me, he was the handsome one. I always had a thing for guitarists. Like Michael Hutchence, Per Gessle had his own moves that were as sleek and sensual as Michael's. Which is not bad, considering as a guitarist, his moves would be more limited. But I thought he pulled them off well. But he had his own style, which is what I like. Just like Michael had his own style.

I think I'm beginning to look at Per Gessle again because of Marie Fredricksson's passing last December. It made me realize I'd better enjoy him while he's still here. He's the last of the great rockstars I was into back in the early 1990s that is still around and still making music. But when I start having dreams of me kissing him, that is surely an early sign of something!!! I did try to get back into him before, right after Michael died, but it didn't work. I thought back then it would work, but it absolutely didn't. No matter how hard I forced myself, I could not get myself to see him the same way I did back in the early 90s. Now, he looks like an old hound dog. LOL! He's still handsome though. I saw a video of him that was taken a few weeks before Marie Fredricksson passed away. He looks good and sounds good. He also still has the bad afro. Back then, that was one of his cutest features to me.

I've stated on here many times before that Roxette was one of my favorite bands still. Right up there with INXS. Part of the reason I put them in the same class with INXS is because they had their own unique sounds, and Per Gessle also had his own unique moves. The one signature move he had that always used to drive me crazy was he would pluck his guitar and slowly raise his arm in the air, sometimes twisting his body around. That used to make me go NUTS every time I saw him doing that! I loved that! To me, that was very sensual and sexy.

Ya know, I kinda wonder how Roxette fans are. I've seen how INXS fans are, and lived through it, and frankly don't like it! But I wonder how Roxette fans are. Now that Marie is dead, they might be as bad as INXS fans. That always happens when a band has a deceased member. I remember chatting with other INXS fans the year after Michael died, and back then they used to be nice and friendly. Then when Paula died, I began to notice a change in their personality. I noticed INXS fans started to become more hateful. That was also about the time I began to notice all INXS fans were owning cats instead of dogs. Cats make people mean and hateful. So, I think that's why INXS fans are such cucks now. But I wonder how Roxette fans are. I guess it depends on several factors.

One, is if every Roxette fan absolutely adored Marie Fredricksson. I can check that. I admired her singing a great deal. Although the reason I watched their videos was because of Per Gessle. I wanted to see him. But that's just me. Marie was pretty and had a very nice voice, but I am not gay. I couldn't find her as attractive as I did Per Gessle. I didn't love her the same way I loved him. Nowadays INXS fans think you're "hateful" if you don't like Paula Yates. But I don't like Paula. I never did. I see no reason to change that now just because she's dead. People argue "She's Lily's mom!" Well, that's not my fault!! Besides, she's also the mom who said if Michael ever left her, she would kill herself AND Lily!! And she's also the mom who abandoned Lily, leaving her to Bob Geldof, who Michael did NOT want to have his child! That doesn't sound like a good mom to me. So no, I don't like Paula Yates! Anybody can have a child. Helena could have had Lily! Just because Paula had Lily does not mean she was a good mom! When a man does things like that, you call him a sperm-donor. Not a father. Paula was nothing but an egg-donating incubator for Michael's child.

I don't know if Roxette fans are all cat people though. That could also be a good indicator of the character of Roxette fans. I once heard there is a stigma going through the INXS community that anyone who has met Michael personally MUST get a cat. I even heard one stupid person say she met Michael one night, and the next day went out and got a kitten. I don't see the connection, and it sounds dumb to be forced to get a cat just because someone meets Michael Hutchence. I kissed him, and I never ran out and got a cat the next day. That's stupid!! That's dumb! And it makes absolutely NO sense! But it does show how very stupid cat people really are. Like I said, cats make people mean and hateful. And now, I have proof. My sis even believes me now when I say that. I hope my mom does too. Having seen how Kim Sabo and Karen Boegli act and they have cats now. But it's not just those two. A lot of INXS fans are catfags too, and they are also bullies. There is a LOT of bullying in the INXS community now. I totally blame the catfags simply because cats mess up peoples' minds. Back in the late 90s, when INXS fans still had dogs, I can honestly say I never saw this much bullying among the fans! Now that every INXS fan has cats, I'm seeing nothing but bullying among the fans. It's become commonplace. I blame the cats! Totally blame cats.

That would be an indicator of the temperament of Roxette fans too. If most of them have dogs, then they may still be decent people. But if most of them have cats, then expect a lot of bullying to go on between them. I might join a Roxette group just to check out what the fans are like.