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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I'm Not A Number!

I really shouldn't be revealing this, but what the heck! Maybe it'll stop these INXS fans who are only adding friends to boost their numbers on Facebook. I'm not interested in anyone who just wants a big audience on social media! I do not appreciate being treated that way either! If all you're looking for is a profile to be friend #502 or whatever number, then keep looking, because I'm not going to be that one! I had to delete someone from my friends list last night on Facebook.

Well, I'll start from the beginning. This person, a woman (and that's all I'll say about her) added me to her Facebook friends a few days ago. Yes, a few DAYS. I'm getting quicker on the draw! LOL! I said OK, I recognized her name, and I think we were friends when I had my last Facebook account. She seemed like an OK person. So, I decided to give her a chance. I know, I should learn to never give people a chance! But that's just who I am. I can't change it. It's hard-wired into my brain. So, when someone adds me, the first thing I start doing is interact with them. Just to test the waters a bit before going much further. I looked at her profile and discovered, just like the majority of INXS fans (and all libtards for that matter) she is a cat person. OMG! That was my first tip-off that she cannot be a good person. Ugliest cat you've ever seen too! Another gray tabby. Just like all other INXS fans.

But anyways, I kept that quiet. Again, like I always do. It's not my place to tell people what kind of pet they should have and I understand that! But no one can stop me from thinking it. Cats make people mean and hateful. And now I have proof of that. But anyway, I left that alone. I still watched to see how this would turn out. I kept a calm head with her anyways and mostly just observed.

Well, on Friday I believe it was, she made a post and I made a comment on it. I wanted to see how she would respond to me commenting on one of her posts. Besides it was an interesting post and I wanted to see what this person was like. Well, she didn't. She didn't respond at all. Not even so much as a thumbs up or anything. She responded to the people who commented after me. So, I figured she saw my comment. But no kind of acknowledgement to me at all. I didn't think anything at first. I just figured maybe it wasn't the response she was looking for. I let that go and moved on with my weekend.

Well, yesterday I saw a post from her about the coronavirus. I took that opportunity to plant a ruse. Again, I wanted to see how she would respond to my comment. I didn't tell her that it was a ruse, but I wanted to see if this woman really wanted to have me as a friend, or just a number on her friends list. I made a comment and then left it. A few hours later, I checked my notifications and noticed someone commented on her post after me. I looked, and once again, this woman did not even leave me a like. So, my plan worked. I realized I was not going to be a friend to this person. When someone asks me to become their buddy on Facebook, and then doesn't make any effort at all to communicate with me, that can only mean one thing to me; they only want the numbers. They want to brag to their shit-poke friends "Hey! I got a lot of friends on my Facebook! I must be special!" Well, I am NOT a number!!! You may not believe it, but I am a person. A person who is not that damn desperate for friends. So, I said fuck her, and then deleted her.

I told you all, cats make people hateful. Though it was rather passive of her, I do consider it hateful to invite someone to be your friend on Facebook and have no intention of acknowledging them. Not that it bothers me, really. I mean that. It might have bothered me if she didn't have the cat, and we'd been friends for much longer. But she did have a cat and no dogs, so I expected we would not be real Facebook buds. It happened with Karen B. after all. I knew with her it would eventually end too. Especially after she got the stupid cat. If she had gotten another dog instead of the cat, and we were no longer friends now, I would have been MUCH more surprised and hurt than I was. But I know how cats mess up peoples' minds, so I didn't even flinch when Karen B. deleted me from her friends. It was just like poo-poo just another stupid cat fag lost. LMAO!! It proved I was right all along about cat people!

Take this chick I "met" this afternoon on Facebook named Janice Weitzel. Apparently to her, I am a so-called "Trumpanzee". LMAO!!! I saw her and a bunch of other leftist fags attacking one of my buds from Facebook because she supports Trump. I tried to clear the air in that thread, I told them that the democrats WANT America to fail, that's why they won't allow Trump to fix our country during this pandemic. Mainstream media, like CNN and NBC, and ABC are making Trump look bad by taking things out of context and people like Janice are believing the bullshit. Then, this afternoon, I noticed Janice attacked me. She told me my comment was the stupidest comment she's read all day. I asked her "Is that so? You don't read your own comments then?" She said all us "Trumpanzees" are laughing stocks now. I told her her name is a laughing stock to me. I see her name and I think of weasel for some reason. Shame that! I love weasels. And they are WAY too smart for someone like Janice.

She was basically a typical leftist. Well, I like to be able to see the person I am talking to, especially those with a high-and-mighty type attitude like Janice's. So, I went to her profile. She looks like she's in her late 30s and fat as a pig. But the one thing I especially noticed was she raises Siberian cats. Siberians are huge cats, and almost ALWAYS gray tabbies! I can't stand them! I went back and said to her "Oh you're a cat person! No wonder you are the way you are! LMAO!!" So, now that I understood what her problem is, I can see what attitude she's going to have. Janice then proceeded to attack me more harsh. I just said to her "Keep playing little player! LMAO!!!" With every comment she made, she was more and more proving my case further about cat people.

I've known for a long time cat people were evil. All the way back to the Pluba forums. It was always the cat breeders who were flighty, gossipy and obnoxious. In a word--Catty. LOL! I guess that's how the word "catty" came about. If you don't know what the word means, look it up. It's the same as calling a person a cunt or a bitch. Anyways, after I said that, Janice blocked me. LMAO!! I laughed because she couldn't handle me! She's just like every other leftist when faced with the truth. She can't listen, she doesn't have facts, and when facts are presented to her, she doesn't even recognize them. LOL!! I love it!!! Another typical leftist, Bernie-ass-kissing cat fag!!!

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