Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Not Sure of it, But I Think I May be in Love!

I just saw a pic of Timmy's youngest, Jake, and he is such a handsome boy!! He looks exactly like his pa!! I was amazed how much he looks like him. SHIT! I feel like a damn perv!!!!! Don't worry, I would never fall in love with him like I would Timmy. He's too young for me. I just had to comment on how handsome he is and how much he looks like his pa! I'll tell you one thing though, if I could only remember what band he plays for, I would follow them anywhere!! I wonder if he ever plans on coming to the states? I do hope he forgives me for stealing his pic, but like Iceni said, I need a visual aid!! You'll have to kinda squint to see it, but if you look close enough, he looks so much like Timmy it's uncanny!!!!!

Well, maybe not too uncanny, he is his child!! Both of Tim's children are beautiful guys! But while Jake looks like his father, I think James (the oldest) looks remarkably like his uncle Jon. LOL! I know that sounds silly but I saw a pic of him recently too and he looked like Jon with Timmy's eyes. Either way, Tim has some damn good genes!!! I heard Jake also plays with a band, and I kinda wonder which one? And I wonder if they will ever be coming to the states?

I guess those are some things I could ask him that would be pretty good ice-breakers. I know he has a MySpace, and one of my best MySpace friends made friends with Jake, and told me I should write to him and say hello sometime. But I couldn't. Not under the name Timmyfan!!!!! And I wouldn't even think of adding him to my MySpace friends!! Not that I don't think I'd like him. But this same friend told me he has a thing against adding INXS fans to his MySpace friends, and I don't blame him at all! That's why I would never ask him to become my MySpace friend. If I were him, I would think someone calling herself "Timmyfan" would only like me because Timmy would be related to me. I'm sure that's what he would believe.

Anyway, I know how it feels to be judged by the actions and interests of one of your family members, and so I can understand why the children of rockstars feel the way they do about the fans. So that is why I would never even consider asking the children of INXS to become my MySpace friends. If they ask me, that's different. But I would never ask them!

I feel like a damn pervert saying I think Jake Farriss is so handsome because he is so much younger than me!! He's 21, I'm 34! Yes I feel like a pervert! That too is a long story and it starts with a job I had in 1992 with a couple named Patti and Chris. I was the nanny for their children. And I think I tried too hard to be like a big sister to those kids. NO!! I was NOT trying to be a lover to them!! Anyway, Patti said something about how I was "hiding behind her kids" and "using them as a security blanket", and it made me feel a certain way. Ever since then, I've had this block against getting too close to anyone that is any number of months, years, even days, younger than me. Even if they are of legal age. I don't even know where Patti got those ideas from!! I have my limits. I tried being like a big sister, and maybe that was my big mistake. Maybe she prefered someone who would be more like a ruler. A tyrant. Or something of that nature. I only have a few friends who are younger than me, and I've known them since before I met Patti and Chris.

I remember one time ma tried to fix me up with a guy. I said if he's younger than me then forget it!! She said he was only a month younger than me, and even that was too young!!!! I said no, I didn't want to meet him. Ma gave up looking to hook me up with a guy. So there is no way I can be in love with Timmy's children. NO way whatsoever! But, I still think this one is handsome!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Warning For MySpace Users!!!!

I want to take this moment to warn any MySpace users of a hacking device being circulated. I know this is Blogger, but my MySpace is set to private, and I am hoping the word of this will get out. I was shocked to learn recently that this site is still up and people are still using it.

There is a myspace tracker being advertised through safeprofile.com. You sign up for this account and they give you a one or two-line code to put in your MySpace page and it leaves you with a green box at the top of your page that says "I See You". DO NOT USE THIS TRACKER!!! I had this tracker on 2 of my last MySpace sites. It is not authorized by MySpace, and if you are caught with this tracker on your page, your MySpace account will be deleted with no warning!! I one day suddenly realized my pages were gone, and the one thing both pages had in common was that tracking device.

I was grateful I was able to save one of my friends from using this. I'd like to think I can save all my MySpace friends from going through what I went through losing my last MySpace pages. I had a lot of cool pics and posts on my last Timmy-Love Space, and all were lost! I was horrified! I blame safeprofile.com!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Best Reality Rockstar?

Lukas won. Lukas's fans must have voted more than 100 times each. And I thought JD fans were quick and slick! JD has talent and he's at least kindof cute! Lukas is by far the ugliest man in the world! Well, he's the ugliest man I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of men! And he doesn't even have a thimbleful of the talent JD has!! I dunno, maybe I am prejudice because JD has already fit in well with INXS, and I never cared for Supernova. I never even saw Rockstar: Supernova, and mostly saw the performances of those rockers through YouTube and podcasts and stuff. I never even cared who won that! There was only supposed to be one person I was going to vote for and it was a man named Robert, and apparently he didn't make it to the final 15. It was for a personal favor he was going to do for me, I told him if he made it to Rockstar: Supernova I would cheer and vote for him. But since he didn't make it there, I didn't even bother to watch that series. That summer I wasn't in the mood for enjoying myself anyway. That was the summer I lost my Groucho. I thank GOD to this day Rockstar: INXS came on before I lost my Groucho, otherwise I might have missed it too, and I love those performances! I look back on them to this day just for fun. It's a shame I didn't get the first couple of weeks worth of episodes. But it wasn't until after Wil was eliminated that recording the show even crossed my mind! Funny how that happens! Then I started saying to myself, "I don't know why I am not recording this show! I love INXS!" That made no sense so, I did the only logical thing there was to do and started recording the show! I laugh now looking back on that. I laugh looking back on a lot of dumb things I did with no cause attached to them. I'm just one of those really mysterious types I guess.

Well, I am just shocked JD didn't win!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Personal Challenge

I have decided this summer to walk every day. Both Odessa and I need to. We're both getting to be fat little cows! Yesterday we walked for what must have been about 2 miles. It was such a fun and interesting walk that I want to do it again today! I walked down a path I had never seen before, just because it looked interesting. For a long time on that path, there was nothing but trees and bushes. Now, back in Lakewood if there was a place like that I wouldn't ever consider walking there! In Lakewood, you don't know what to expect in areas like that, someone could jump you and there wouldn't be a house to run to to call the cops! But here there is no crime, and you can walk into a remote area and not worry about a thing!

Maybe, just maybe, I can also attempt to lose a little weight. Or at least if I am going to be fat maybe I can be a healthier fat person. Who knows? I only hope I can lose weight. I want to look better when I see Timmy the next time. Not that I expect him to fall head over heals over me! But I at least want to look better next time I see him. Then if I have another photo-op with him, it won't look like he's wrapping his arms around a big blob!! I also want to stick it in Kirk's face. He always ignores me, and I found out why. He doesn't like fat people. Well, he said they don't turn him on. But in truth, whenever I've met him, he seemed more to loathe fat people than simply just not be turned on by them. I always said that if I lose weight and I met Kirk again, I wasn't going to give him the time of day! The only reason (and I mean the ONLY reason) I am fat at all is because of the surgery I had. I had a hysterectomy, and the effect is the same as getting a dog or cat spayed, they slow down and bulk up. So do people. I got a little bit too comfortable then and discovered junk food. Well, I knew about junk food before, it's just I didn't have so much before then. I had a weakness for twinkies, but I only ate them very sparingly. I would have maybe one a week and that was it. I always loved chocolate!! But even that used to be a rare treat for me. When I had the surgery, I didn't have much to do for 6 weeks, my sisters and parents made sure I rested the whole time. That was when I started to take to junk foods. The only thing was, before the surgery I used to go hiking and mountain climbing a lot. So, it never showed that I enjoyed junk foods now and then. But I haven't been mountain climbing or hiking since the surgery, but I still was addicted to the junk foods. So, I just got fatter and fatter and fatter! Now, I'm as big as the side of a barn! I need to get back down again, I'm starting to notice I've been having some weight-related problems. Or I think they are weight-related!!! Been hearing for years obesity causes diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, shortness of breath, and some types of cancer. So far, the only thing I have been positively diagnosed with is my asthma is getting extremely flared up since I put on weight! So I want to lose some of this weight before anything else (and possibly something worse) happens.

Since Jon is having a baby this year, it may be a long time before INXS goes touring again. So, the next time they see me, I hope to be a completely reduced person.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Now to Answer The Other Post

This was the other e-mail I got last night about my Chihuahua website. A question like this deserves an answer.

Why is it that your website can not be accessed by typing the site in on my address line? It can only be accessed through google. You also have 2 names for your site? T.G.'s and T.G.'s & K?What's with that?

Well, to answer question #1, this person probably tried to access the site by typing in "luvapuddy.net" which was a domain I stopped after Groucho died. I stopped it because I wanted to give up breeding chihuahuas. I didn't want to go through what I went through losing her again. So I quit breeding. Now, it's back to the tripod.com domain, which is longer, and I've updated my links on my other websites.

To answer question #2, about having 2 names, I called it T&KG's a long time ago, before Groucho died. I got that name from the initials of one of my more common screen names, Tim-Kirk Girl. Tim and Kirk were (back then) my 2 favorite men from INXS. After meeting Kirk 3 times, and being terribly disappointed in him, I decided I didn't like him anymore, and erased everything to do with him. Including his place in my kennel name. So, I shortened it to just TG's, or Tim-girl's. I still LOVE Timmy!!!!!

I haven't updated much of anything on that website because first of all, when I gave up my domain name, I also had to give up a lot of disk space! So, Tripod would not let me update anything unless I got rid of some of the items on the site that were taking up too much memory. I was only finally able to do that this past month or so. Second of all, the chihuahua site is kindof at the back of my list of things to do since I am no longer breeding. If you've met some of the breeders I have in the past, you would understand another reason why I decided to give up breeding. Though I think the loss of my Groucho was a great enough reason. I just didn't want to become like one of those preppy, snobby show-breeders I have had the agony of meeting in the past!!!

I would have e-mailed this person back as well, but I believe the e-mail address he gave me was a bogus one. I don't know, the screen name for the address was "johndoe", and it was addressed to one of those freebie e-mail sites. I could only speculate it was a bogus e-mail, so I didn't even try to answer this one. Besides, I sort of believe this person, and the person I wrote about last night (who sent the angry e-mail saying how horrible my website is) are the same person! And I still believe that one was one of the people of the delusionalfans forum. I knew they would try this now that I am no longer at inxs.com. It's a ploy to get my IP address, so they can track me all over the internet again.

Can you tell I have some serious issues with trusting people? hehe!!

Looks Like the Delusionalfans Forum is Back!

Either that, or this is mcgillicutty, who was actually a teenage girl named Sara. I don't know. I got 2 messages tonight alone about my chihuahua website, both people seemed to have a bad chip on their shoulders. But hell, I don't care. But look at what this one has to say in this e-mail she sent me tonight:

Lady you give dogs a bad name. Your website (what parts of it are working! and what words are spelled correctly!) is supposed to be discussing Chihuahuas. You've discussed falling in love with 2 men from INXS, how you wanted to follow a dog to the grave, and your severe depression. Have you even ever met the guy from INXS? Have you ever heard of "dating" someone before falling IN LOVE with them? Granted your dogs are beautiful, but I don't think someone in your mental condition should be breeding dogs. You definitely give dog people a really, really, bad name. As a matter of fact, I'm using your website and the information on it in my research paper for college for my non-credible source. Thanks at least for that.

Well, let me break it down here. First of all, it's my website. Not hers. I can put what I want on it. I do have a page devoted to INXS on it, but it was my choice to put that up. I have INXS pages on all my websites. Not unusual, they are my favorite band.

and what words are spelled correctly!

Anyone else want to do a spell check on the site? I used Google Spellchecker when it became available, but I may have missed some words. Oh, and I think "and" should have been capitalized after an exclamation point in that sentence.

is supposed to be discussing Chihuahuas.

Once more, it is MY site, not her's!

You've discussed falling in love with 2 men from INXS

Yes...what of it? Actually now you can narrow that down to 1 man from INXS.

how you wanted to follow a dog to the grave, and your severe depression.

I still admit to having those feelings about Groucho, because she didn't deserve to die. I have no shame in admitting that I would gladly have given my life to save Groucho's. She was my baby.

Have you even ever met the guy from INXS?

This sentence here sounds just like the people of the delusionalfans forum. And the answer is still the same: YES, I have met the guy from INXS. Have you?

Have you ever heard of "dating" someone before falling IN LOVE with them?

Kinda sad that this person believes there is only one kind of love, and only one method of falling IN LOVE. No, I haven't heard of that, nor would I believe it to begin with. Because there are other ways of falling in love. There is such a thing as love at first sight.

Granted your dogs are beautiful

Thank you.

but I don't think someone in your mental condition should be breeding dogs.

Spoken truly like someone who has never met me, and probably never met other dog breeders. Many of the ones I have met were not very mentally stable when you look closer at them. And in fact, I have been checked many times before, by people who know more about "mental instabilities" than this young child, and none of them found anything wrong with me.

You definitely give dog people a really, really, bad name.

If I, loving my dogs like others love their kids, being totally honest, and correcting my own problems, give dog people a really, really bad name, as she implies, then thank you. I'll take that as a compliment!

As a matter of fact, I'm using your website and the information on it in my research paper for college for my non-credible source.

If my website is so horrible to her, why would she even offer to use it as a source at all? Good, bad or otherwise?

She can also tell her teacher (IF she's not afraid to) to go ahead and look up all the info I got on my site to see if any of it is credible or not, and I am sure he (or she) will see that everything I put on my site is truthful, and highly credible. Top breeders themselves have told me that. Loving INXS does not make me non-credible. That's as dumb a statement as if I were to say she's going to college because she's stupid! But someone like her is not likely to ask her teacher to do that, because she wants to think I am wrong in everything. But hey! That's her opinion, and she has a right to it. I will just say, I am sorry she feels this way. I get it all the time that there are parts of my chihuahua website that aren't working, but I cannot really figure out which parts are not working. Maybe she can create a better website that discusses nothing but chihuahuas. Much as I love my chihuahuas, they are only one part of me. My chihuahuas site is also a site devoted to ME. Naturally enough, when I have a story to tell, I will tell it on my site. And I gave up breeding after Groucho died.

I would have e-mailed her back, but if this really is the people of the delusionalfans forum, or mcgillicutty, they have ways of tracking people through ISP numbers, and I don't want them finding where I live!! Yes, they can actually get IP numbers from e-mails, and I won't give in to that! So, I will respond to it here.

Personally, I think this all proves correct, my theories I placed on this blog titled "Generation X" on here.