Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

How I Judge A Real Man

Well, this is all just my opinion, but based on what I've seen so far in my life, I want to express what I think makes a man a real man. The other day, I got into a disagreement with someone on Quora. I said that men who prefer cats over dogs are not real men. I've found that to be mostly true. Most men who prefer cats over dogs are usually ugly, whiny-voiced, liberal men. Though there are some conservatives that also bears those characteristics. It's not always liberals. But the majority of liberals prefer cats over dogs. One example of a conservative that prefers cats is a guy on YouTube who calls himself Red Pill Philosophy. You can't miss him. He's a kindof ugly guy, he says he's part Cuban, but he has blue eyes. He also always has a thick, black beard and mustache, and thick eyebrows. But he also has a whiny voice. Now, I have nothing personal against Red Pill Philosophy, although he does say all fat women are hideous. Hell that's his prerogative! But I remember one time he critiqued a video of a guy who was being cussed out by an Uber driver. He talked about how that guy had a high-pitched whiny voice and the whole video was RPP making fun of this guy's voice. I listened and watched the video, and I even compared the voices of both men. And I am sorry to say, that RPP has a much higher voice than that guy in the video he was critiquing. I believe it's because he has those stupid cats all over his house.

Anyways, I was in a little disagreement with someone on Quora because I said pretty much the same thing. It's been my personal experience. But then again, the liberal world has been expanding, and I remember a time when men were really men. Anyways, this woman told me about her husband, whom she adores a great deal (obviously). She claims her husband is the best hubby in the world. Which I remember a time when ALL women said the same thing about their husbands. That was nothing unique in my generation. She told me her husband prefers cats too, just like her. But he's the kind of person who people walking down the street fear, because she says he looks like a motorbiker. My first impression of her husband (judging only on the fact he prefers cats over dogs), was he may be one of those types that looks mean, but when he talks, he probably sounds like a 10-year old boy, even though he is in his 70s.

Personally, motorbikers do not intimidate me. I've met some who were nice, and some who were mean. But looking intimidating does not make a man a real man. First of all, a man should have a manly voice. I have yet to meet any guy who prefers cats over dogs that even remotely sounds like a grown man. I got a look at this woman's husband, and I told her even, to me he looks like a tiny, bald missy-man with a long beard. Plus, he was shorter than she was. And skinnier. So, he would not intimidate me if I was to just see him walking down the road. Second, real men do not shave their heads. Though some might, most real men keep their hair. To me, a man who shaves his head is just a guy who is trying to look tough, when really he's not. Third, men should have some meat on their bones. Not obese, but a little meat is good. Fourth, a man should know how to treat a lady like a lady. Whether he thinks she's pretty or not. And real men generally do not get into fights. Back when I was in the voc school, I learned something. I learned a man is more of a man if he walks away from a fight than if he gets into one. And I believe that to be true. Only sissy men use their superior strength to gain power. I've seen men who start battles with others, and bully others, but those are not the kind I see as real men.

This woman said to me "He knows he does not have to walk into a room with 3 big rottweilers to look tough." Personally, I don't agree with that either. I don't like men who use their dogs as a status symbol. Chris Cornell had pugs, not necessarily a rottweiler, and he could scream in his videos and not sound like a girl doing it! Like Katrina said about him once. LOL! So, the size, ferocity and reputation of the breed has nothing to do with what I am saying. This woman's husband could have owned a yorkshire terrier, or a chihuahua, and I would still see him as more of a man than he is preferring cats. There's just something about men preferring cats over dogs that makes them not even seem like real men. And I have seen the same thing over and over again. It's not like her husband was the first.

Maybe it's just that sissy men are naturally more attracted to cats, but there is just something about men who prefer cats over dogs that just does not make them seem like real men. Most of them don't even look like real men. Having a mustache and beard does NOT make a man a man. I've seen a lot of manly men who did not have whiskers. And I've seen a lot of missy men who did. In fact, I've noticed it's always been the sissy men who think they must have a mustache and/or beard to look like a real man. Well, Bin Ladin had a mustache and beard and to me, he did not look like a real man. He just looked like a fool with a mustache and beard. And he was such a sissy, he used bombers to do his dirty bidding! He didn't even have the decency to use himself.

Another thing I learned about what makes a man a real man, when they do something wrong, they own up to it. Not like these libtard men who hit and run, or hide themselves. A great example of that was that dumb old Matt Burney. Remember him? LOL! He shit talked me and someone I was once friends with because neither of us liked Paula Yates. Then he accused us of being "jealous" of a dead slut. LMAO!! Then he ran and hid. By "hid" I mean he blocked us. Usually only sissy men do that. He couldn't take it that we may respond to him, so he hid. That, to me, is not a real man. A real man wouldn't have made accusations and then ran and hid. He would have tried to work it out. Of course a real man wouldn't have picked an argument in the first place, with 2 women just because we don't agree with him.

Ya know, I heard Lily contacted the moderator of one of the 2 INXS groups I am on and yelled at her for allowing people on her group to talk bad about Paula Yates. The main problem I have is Paula was a celebrity. People are going to not like her. Whether Lily likes that or not. If she doesn't like anyone talking bad about Paula, then she needs to stay off social media. Stay off the groups. Or learn to get over it. Because there are some people who are not going to like her. I am one of them. And there is nothing she, or anyone else, can do about it. I can't stand Paula. I still believe she had something to do with Michael's death. The only respect I have for Paula is she was a dog lover, and she obviously taught her kids to love dogs. But that's so far the only brownie point she's earned from me. But even though she is dead, she was still a public figure. People who put themselves out in public do not have any rights against criticism. To suggest they do, is a seriously leftist snowflake ideal. And I do not listen anyways to leftist snowflakes. Most often I just tell them to shut the fuck up! LOL!

Well, snowflakes are not real men either. Actually, the men I find to be the truest of men out there are cowboys. I have a saying going on now. Fake men love cats. Real men love dogs. Ultra men love horses! The ugliest people love cats. More handsome people love dogs. The best looking people love horses! There's just something about people who love horses and dogs that makes them the most attractive people of all. I guess it's because those people get out more and move around. Cat people don't have to do anything. They can just sit around the house all day long and get lazy, fat and ugly. In fact, I saw on Quora someone asked the question "What makes you prefer cats?" I saw one person's answer, and except for the loud barking (which even I agree I can do without), she did not list any good reasons to not like dogs. Most of her reasons were things like "dogs have big penises" or "dogs have hair, where cats have fur", or "it's fun having a miniature hunter around the house". Ya know, stupid shit like that. I personally love dogs. Dogs have buns, cats just have a big, ugly anus that sticks out like a sore thumb. The dog family is much older than the cat family, so I love having a living fossil around the house. I love it that dogs come in 6 different coat-types, 50 different patterns and over 400 official breeds where cats only come in 2 coat types, about 5 patterns and only 200 official breeds. Dogs also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With cats well, you see one cat, you've seen them all.

Well, in other news, I am working on another videobook. This one is for the story called Growing Up Is Hard to Do. It's the first videobook I've worked on in a long time, 2 years at least! I really need to work on more of these! I'm doing the stories that are considered UMG masterpieces first. Then I will get to the other stories. This time, I am getting more voices involved because I've used up all my tricks masking my own voice. I wanted fresh new voices. I even got my sis involved and one of her friends. LOL! Hopefully it'll be done and up in a week. We will see.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

You Made Your Bed!

Now lie in it! Donald Trump is giving the liberals a taste of their own medicine. The liberals wanted to let illegal immigrants in this country. They would not give Trump the go-ahead to build the wall. They wanted to declare "sanctuary states" and cities all over this nation. Well, Trump has been more than patient with the liberals. Now, he's saying "OK fuck you all! You wanted illegal immigrants in this country so bad? You got them! You wanted sanctuary cities? You got them! So, now every illegal immigrant that comes into this country will be sent to your 'sanctuary cities'." HAHAHAHA!!! Libtards are always doing this kind of virtue-signaling to rational-thinking people. But now that Trump is giving them their way, the libtards are having a FIT!!!!!

It's been a bad month for libtards. This is so funny! I'm having a blast watching liberals get what they deserve. First the Mueller Report tries to find any sign of a collusion of Trump with Russia and the voting polls. They didn't find anything. But the liberals are still waiting. They think something against Trump is going to magically pop up, even though it's been proven Trump had NO collusion with Russia. But guess who they found out DID have collusion with Russia? That's right O-Fucking-Bama!!!! LMAO!!!!! They found evidence that Obama DID collude with Russia!!!! This is so funny!!! The libtards were so positive Trump did it! But no. Their "hero" Obama did it. LMAO!!!

Then Ilhan Omar downplays 9/11. She doesn't even know what the fuck she's talking about! She said Care was "founded after 9/11 because some people did something". What a fucking tard!!! Care was founded in 1994. She showed NO sympathy for the 3000 or so Americans who died in 9/11. But she demands we all feel sympathy for the muslims that were killed in the New Zealand shooting. Fuck her!! I told you dumb dems you would regret the day you voted that muslim rat into congress!!! She's not only unsympathetic about Americans who were killed en mass, but she's fucking dumb as a fruitcake!!!

And then they find out Joe Biden is not the nice guy they thought he was. Some chick came out and said that Biden sexually harassed her some years ago when he worked with Obama. Some have accepted that. But a lot of libtards have yet to accept it. So, what happened to the "me too" movement? Why aren't those liberals saying Biden is a scumbag? They sure were quick to say it about Kavanaugh when he was accused of raping a girl in college, many, many years ago! Which never happened, and it's been proven. Just like the dumbass SJW INXS libtard fans who mashed me after my father died, the "me too" supporters don't want to know the truth when its a conservative being accused. They just believe the accuser, even after the accused has been proven innocent. Biden even admitted he molested women!!

Now, Trump is sending all illegal immigrants to these so-called "sanctuary cities". They can commit their crimes there. Have at it! I hope they whip those dumb liberals. It may be the only thing that opens their eyes to how those illegals are not just illegal for no reason!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bye-Bye Boo-Boo

After all these years and many trials and tribulations, Vegas has been called back to Doggie Heaven. I've been thinking about him all day long. It was a difficult decision to make, and my sis almost didn't want to make it. But I told her it's what is now best for Vegas. I hated seeing him suffer. But a couple nights ago, it got worse. My sis took him out on Tuesday to go potty, and she was only gone a minute. But when she came back in, Vegas was growling at everything, and he would not stand up on his own. When we tried to touch him to comfort him, he growled and nipped at us. He didn't hurt us. He had no teeth. But it was enough to worry me.

We couldn't do anything about it right away, so the next day, he was still not walking on his own. So, we took him to the vet. Unfortunately we had to take him to a vet in Lincoln City because all the vets in Tillamook were all booked up into next week! How does that happen??? How can a vet in a small town be so booked up they cannot squeeze a little dog in until the following week??? Especially if it's an emergency! So, we had no choice but to go to a vet in Lincoln City. That vet diagnosed Vegas as having a ruptured ligament. OUCH!!! She put him on anti-inflammatory medicine and told us to keep him immobile for the next 8 weeks. So, we took him home, prepared to do what the vet said.

Well, last night, it got much worse. He started puking up the anti-inflammatory medicine as well as his regular medicine. After that he started a deep decline downward. Ya know they say a good mom can feel when her child is going to get better, or going to get worse. I began feeling the night before that Vegas was not going to get any better. So, I started talking to my sis about having Vegas put to sleep. It took some coaxing, but I talked her into ending Vegas' suffering. Believe me, I didn't want to put him down either! It broke my heart to even discuss it. But I knew it was what was best for Vegas. From the looks of him at this point, I didn't think he was going to last the night. He had puked too much, and he could barely keep his head up. The only vet we could go to was all the way in Beaverton. So, even though we had not much money and very little gas to get down there, we drove all the way to Beaverton in the dark.

By the time we got there, my sis was taking Vegas out of the car, and he went limp in her arms. I was like "I was right, he wouldn't have made it through the night." I knew then he was already on his way out. We carried him into the vet's office. The vet took him right away and carried him back to the IC unit. My sis and I waited in a room for the vet to come and speak to us. When she came, she told us that he wasn't going to make it through the night. And even if he did, he would not have a very good quality of life, and that would be the most important thing. So, I said I really believe it's his time to go. So, we said our goodbyes to Vegas, and we stood there as the vet gave him his final shot. It was sad to watch, but again, we knew it was the best thing for him.

We got home this morning about 2:30 AM. It had been a very sad night. I missed Vegas already by the time I got home. My sis and I were talking about how Vegas was as a baby. We helped bring him into this world. We remembered the day he was born. I kept pics going of him, and showed them off to my buds on the INXS.com forum. I was so proud of him. I even showed him off to some other Chihuahua breeders in the old Pluba forum that I knew. But now, he's no longer with us. It was a sudden shift in lifestyle.

Well, he's resting in peace. We ordered an urn to put him in, and I have a plan for his favorite toy, and his little pawprint. I managed to get Minnie's ashes back. But I now have a plan for Vegas's ashes. I'm going to get one of those display boxes from a craft store, and set it up as a memorial to Vegas. I didn't do anything like that for Minnie because first of all, I wasn't there to help make the decision. Second, there wouldn't be much to put in that memorial box! Minnie didn't play with much of anything. She wasn't a player. But Vegas had this Bumble stuffed toy that he absolutely LOVED!!! I thought it would be only fitting and proper to put his ashes in with his toy and his pawprint. I'm going to hang it up in my room. I bought him that toy, and he was my dog at one time, so I think I should have this. I might even put Minnie's ashes in the box with Vegas's.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

I Got My Car!!!!!!

I got myself a car yesterday, with the generous help from my sis! I went around yesterday from Salem to Portland and back to Tillamook. I love the car!! It runs as smooth as glass! It's not a newer car, it's a 1999 model. But I bet it was one of the first vehicles to have heated seats. The window locks are very cool too. You push a button and the locks are mechanical, they all go down. I just love this car! I'm still learning it though. It'd be so much easier to learn if it wasn't raining!!! UGH!! Whenever I want rain I can never have it. But now that I have a car and don't want it to rain, it rains all the time. Oh well. Anyways I am a happy girl now. It still needs some work, but I do love it. In time I'll get it all done. When I do this car will be a champ!!

Well, in an odd twist, I got an anonymous message some time ago actually, but I just noticed it yesterday. Someone told me Rosanda is back on Facebook under a different name. I think I remember seeing that name on my list but I couldn't figure out who it was. But oh well. Stay gone from Facebook, come back on Facebook, I could care less either way! LMAO!! Rosanda is fucked as far as I am concerned now. What she did will never be forgiven by me. Like she said, the damage is already done. 😁

Shoot! I used to be such a forgiving person. But that was back when I was a nice person. I'm not that person anymore. That person wasted nearly 10 years being sweet to INXS fans. But you can't be nice to libtards and this person has now finally realized that. So the days of being good to other INXS fans is over. I still love INXS, and a very few select fans. But I am no longer a fan of the fans. I only have a few INXS fans among my friends now on Facebook. And I want to keep it that way. Besides, most other INXS fans are catfags. Especially the liberals. I only accept INXS fans who like dogs. Dog people are better in every way. Cat people are almost always liberals and act accordingly.

I remember back in the days, I used to be a fan of The Amazing Atheist. Yeah I know, he's an atheist, but I thought he was funny anyways. But then recently, I found out he's a liberal. However I also found out he's a dog-lover. Well, he's one of the few liberals I know of who is a dog person. He's still funny. But I recently unsubbed him. I'd been a subscriber of his since I lived in Ocean Shores. I don't dislike him, but what made me unsub him was he kept calling Ben Shapiro "stupid", which is a tactic used by all liberals. But Ben Shapiro is FAR from being stupid! I've been listening to his broadcast now for several months and he is NEVER stupid!!! He's only stupid to liberals and liberal point of views don't count! They call everyone who disagrees with them "stupid". But to be seriously putting the name "Ben Shapiro" and the word "stupid" in the same sentence is a fallacy. And I told him that. Anyone who takes the time to know Ben Shapiro, would never refer to him as "stupid". When he argues, he makes some very valid points. He's been able to convince me to become more conservative.

Ya know I found out recently the liberals are supposed to be open-minded. They admit the word "liberal" refers to open-mindedness. But you know what? I've never met a liberal who was open-minded. They're all very closed-minded in fact. But they are very good experts at being brainwashed! But that is not the same as open-mindedness. Open-minded means you are open to other points of view. You take other people's opinions into consideration. That's not how I would describe a liberal. Liberals are people who listen to one side of an argument and run with that. They do not bother to listen to the other side because it may prove the side they agree with wrong. That is what being brainwashed (aka; Manipulated) is all about. Ben Shapiro is not like that. He'll listen to both sides, and he says he would accept any reasonable argument to disprove what he says. He listens to both sides. That's what conservatives do. And conservatives don't argue with rage. They're the more rational class.

Well, just because Ben Shapiro does not agree with every argument liberals throw his way, does not mean he is stupid. It just means he hasn't heard an argument meaningful enough to change his mind. If you try to tell him that gender is a "fluid" thing, he'll say no. You're either a man or a woman, a boy or a girl. It is not non-binary. Because it isn't! There is no scientific proof that gender is non-binary. That's something the libtards made up to accommodate people who have a mental disorder. Some women today would rather be men. Some men would rather be women. But none of us can truly become the gender we were not given inside the womb. There is no scientific way that is possible. The liberals even want to change science to accommodate this delusion. Thus they call people like Ben Shapiro "stupid" in hopes that if they cry loud enough, science will kneel to their wishes. But you cannot change science. You can only change people (and then only if they want to change). I'd like to have a million dollars and live in a huge house by the ocean. But I don't have it. So, I have to make do with what I have. You cannot make the world give you a million dollars. If you are a man who thinks he's a woman, you cannot make everyone agree with you. Same if you are a woman who thinks she's a man. You can't make me see you as a man, because you will always be a woman. That doesn't change just because you get yourself a mastectomy and a fake penis.

What pisses me off is the people who do bend their ways to give in to liberals. Then those of us who are stronger, and don't care about being labeled "racist" or "transphobic", have to work harder to push against those libtard beliefs. The words "racist" and "transphobic" mean absolutely NOTHING to me! Because to libtards, EVERYTHING is 'racist' and 'transphobic'. I even saw a video now where someone is calling time it's self "racist". The word just doesn't mean anything anymore. It's become more of a weapon than a word with meaning. Gotta hand it to libtards! I can only hope soon the remaining conservatives learn not to make laws just so people will stop calling them "racist" or such names as that. That should not be what makes laws. Laws should be based on reason, not on what names the opposers will be called.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Katrina Hates You

Ahh!! She's here! I finally relented and added Katrina's videos to UMG Productions, with her permission of course. YouTube won't let me or her monetize our videos, so I'm putting the videos up on a paid platform. That way, anyone who wants to view them would have to pay to see them. There are mostly videos that she has up on YouTube and/or Facebook. However, there are some she never put up as well. Like all our collections, we have a few new videos unique only to the UMG Productions website and DVD. If more people could see Katrina's videos, they'd love them. She's funny! I taught her everything I know. I've even been working on a little sample video as well. I am also working on exclusive Katrina Hates You merchandise. I think she should at least have her own stuff.

The reason I am doing this is, I am thinking of quitting YouTube. YouTube cut off my monetization capabilities, and I would rather not silence anyone. Even trolls. Although I really need to practice again dealing with trolls. It's been a bit harder since my father died. I am still just a wee bit weak from that. But I do get better every day. But I already took down my Dogs videos, and now they are available at UMG Productions. I also took off the documentaries I did about animals. They are also available only on UMG Productions. But I stopped accepting troll comments because YouTube doesn't pay me any longer to put up with them. So, I had to shut off automatic acceptance of any comments. Now, on YouTube, I only accept comments that are non-hostile. I accept critiques. But I do not accept comments that are hateful or just flat-out rude and obnoxious.

Katrina's latest video "Katrina Hates Cats (But Loves Dogs)" may get a lot of catfag attention. LMAO!! But she doesn't care. Knowing Katrina the way I do, she doesn't ever give half a shit what people on the internet think of her. I do admit to helping her a bit with that one. I even added Michael and Timmy's pics on that video, because they too are dog lovers. Timmy even has a dog. I did it to illustrate that dog people are more attractive than cat people. And you should see the doozies of cat people I've seen!! UGH!!! So ugly!! Almost all of them were ugly. I probably have more cat people pictured in that video than dog people. It was not hard to find the ugliest cat people I could find. Google is full of them. That's because cat people in general are ugly. Dog people are usually always the more attractive ones. I spent too much time as a cat person. That's why I am an ugly dog person. But I am not the norm. It's only been in the past 16 years I've been strictly a dog person. No cats.

I remember back right after I moved to Bozeman, some teenage chick on YouTube didn't like it that I said lions are ugly. She said to me "Hey you're pretty ugly yourself, just like all dog people." LOL!! I really couldn't say anything then because first of all, I'm not saying she was wrong that I am ugly. LOL! But back then, I had not really done any comparisons that would prove whether she was right or wrong about all dog people being ugly. But I will say this; she did inspire me to dig deeper into that theory. See, sometimes even teenagers can be useful! LOL! But my research proved exactly the opposite of what she was saying. I found more dog people to be attractive, and less cat people to be attractive. In fact, NO cat person is anywhere near as attractive as any dog people I know, or have seen. Like I said, having cats turns men into women and women into men. And it's actually kinda funny! Catfags always see cats as these "sexy, sensual" beasts. LMAO!!! Perhaps that is what makes cat people so ugly. They get cats because they are too unattractive to get the opposite sex to fall in love with them. That's probably why catfags are so hateful towards people who don't like cats. Because maybe they believe their cats are the equivalent of the spouse they cannot get.

Now, I am not talking about people who only have cats because they have too many health problems to handle a dog. Those people don't count. It's not really fair to put them under the same cloud of judgment. I'm talking about people who only get cats because they cannot stand dogs. Those are the people who are usually not attractive. I don't know what it is about cats that makes people so unattractive. But just about everyone I've ever seen that is a certified cat person has been ugly asf! Almost 100% of them were. Including that teenager who said I was an "ugly dog person". Yep, she was ugly too! She looked just like a chimpanzee. I saw one of her videos. They were only a set of still pics posted as a slideshow, but I saw her. If you want to know what she looked like, picture a chimpanzee in a long, black toupee. That's what she looked like. I remember her name was Kristi, and she had a video about saving the amur leopard. But I don't remember what her screen name was.

Well, I hope to have Katrina's merchandise up by tomorrow in our UMG Productions store. I just finished creating the design. So, watch for them! And if you want to check out Katrina's page on UMG Productions, go to this link:

Katrina Hates You

Saturday, March 23, 2019

New Movie Improvements

WOW!!!! I've been working on this movie since Wednesday, non-stop and I am EXHAUSTED!!!! I advise anyone to not cross me. LMAO!! Well, I'll just stay away from social media today. But I am finally finished with this movie!!! It is sort of a remake of the Timmyfan In Montana movie. Thank GOD I still had the original clips. But when I looked back and looked that movie over, I did not like it! Besides, it was way too long! And had so many meaningless scenes. So, I took all those out and just kept up with the subject of the movie; apartment hunting. I also threw in a few stray scenes. But I think I improved it.

Back when the movie was first made, in 2009, my skills as a cinematographer were not completely honed in. But lately, I've been doing a lot better in editing for my YouTube films and other movies I've made recently. So, I decided to put that to work cleaning this movie up. I think I made it 1000% better. I took out a lot of boring scenes, scenes that mean nothing to the movie, and a lot of long, silent pauses. I also cut out nearly an hour of this video. It's just slightly longer than 2 hours now. I even added a bonus comedy clip at the end, from one of the leftover clips that I didn't use in the actual movie. But I knew I could make something funny out of it. Consider it a bonus clip. It's funny. I've been doing that a lot lately with my movies. I remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Disney did the same thing at the end of it's movies. You have to watch past the credits to see them, but sometimes they were funny. Like the clip at the end of Hercules. The clip at the end of Brother Bear was sad and a little brutal. But the clip at the end of my movie is funny! I think, VERY funny!

Well, I will have the video available for streaming, probably tomorrow. But I will have it available as a DVD tonight. No problem.

I almost lost my DVD provider. The man is kindof a dick, but oh well. Some big business tycoons usually are. I maintained my professional position though. And I'm not really saying he was rude, it's just his messages leaked with anger and kindof snobbishness. I don't want to speak badly about an associate though. I will continue to use his service. But I must tell you, it's not as good as Kunaki. At least with Kunaki, they didn't nickel and dime you on everything. That's why I had to raise the cost of my DVDs. They used to be only $14.99. Now, because of costs, I had to raise it to $16.99. I didn't want to, but I had no choice. This company even charges for customer service. And believe me, you don't even get enough customer service to make it worth the $25 he charges! He doesn't even give refunds. I wouldn't even associate with this company if I didn't have to. I never had the problems with Kunaki as I am with this company. But Kunaki only keeps my videos on file for 180 days. With no sales, they take the DVDs off. I cannot have that. I don't expect to get any sales. So, I need a permanent solution. It's either this, or I make the DVDs and store them in a warehouse.

Well, next year my sis and I have a bit of a solution that just might work. I'm going to give it a try, but it's going to take some money. A lot of money! And I have to put off the idea of the pet store for a while.

Yesterday I said to myself I'm going to finish this movie, even if it takes every part of my waking hours. And believe me, it did! I didn't finish it yesterday though. But I did work on it until I could no longer keep my eyes open. All in the name of being funny. Who wants to sit through 2 hours of boring movie!!?? So, that's why I made it funnier, and shorter. Well anyways, if you are interested, you can go to the link down below to view, or purchase, this movie.

Timmyfan In Montana

Saturday, March 16, 2019

AHHH!!!!!!! I Am Finally Done!!!

I am FINALLY done with my documentary DVDs! And they are now available on the UMG Productions site. What took forever was the Kangaroo documentary. I wanted to do a full-length documentary of kangaroos. I have a full-length documentary already about Madagascar Lemurs. So, I thought why not do a full-length documentary about my second most favorite group? I had to wait for Katrina to get off work to come over and record with me. I wanted 2 narrators. I wanted it to be funny. Knowing how Katrina was so influenced by Beavis and Butthead, I knew adding her on as a narrator would make the movie funny, as well as educational. That's the trademark of my documentaries. They are funny as well as educational.

The kangaroo documentary is the last one in the series. I also have them available as well as a DVD. The same thing with the dogs series. Those were based on the posts I made on this blog. Now I have them all in one collection that is available on the site now. For anyone who would like to check them out, here are the links...

TimmyHutchFan Documentaries: All About Animals

TimmyHutchFan Discussions: Dogs

Now all I have to do is create little sample videos. Those will be pretty easy. Once I can get a good idea. I think I have one for the All About Animals series.

************************SUBJECT CHANGE*****************************

My heart does go out to the victims in Christchurch, NZ. Apparently some eco-terrorist attacked a muslim mosque. Now, I know I don't care for muslims very much. I've never forgiven them for 9/11. The liberals might forgive them, but I won't. But this attack is a shocker. Some people said the shooter was a far-rightwing radical. But then he said he was not a supporter of Trump. But the thing that gets me is people are blaming Trump for the attack. Well, you know what I think, I think it sucks how people are pointing their fingers at Trump and Trump's supporters. The person who did this admitted he's not a Trump supporter. But they blame Trump because the person who did this was a far-rightwing radical who admires people like Candace Owens. I like Candace Owens. That doesn't mean I am going to go shoot up a group of people. That's terrible!

This is what makes me sick about leftist liberals. They all believe in "guilt by association". They are so DUMB!!! I remember before Trump became president, this woman I was friends with went catshit loony and started aggressively deleting people from her friends list. The reason? She didn't want anyone who would be voting for Trump among her friends. She even deleted me. I never was going to vote for Trump. Anyways, this woman had a friend who goaded her to do that, saying "People who like Trump are racists, homophobic, xenophobic, rapists and they need to be eliminated", and this friend's philosophy was "that is a fair assessment", which I also believed was stupid! What a dumb friend this woman had!!! I'm glad I don't have dumb people like that as friends. I mean that would be like me saying "if you like panthers, then you must love to murder, eat and mutilate other animals for fun".

I've met a lot of Trump supporters, none of them were racist, homophobic, xenophobic rapists. In fact, the worst people I've ever met were liberals. They are the ones who react to conservatives with violence, anger and harshness. And the poor conservatives are always like 'WTF????' I even saw a documentary about college students who talked about how liberals say "it's OK to make conservatives not feel welcome on our campus". You never see conservatives saying that. Or I never have. And liberals say conservatives are violent. I want to know where these "violent" conservatives are. I've never seen them. It's always the damn liberals who act out in violence. If anything, it's the conservatives who are the gentle, accepting party. They are also the smarter ones too. The liberals are the stupid ones.

You know what's funny about that? One time on Quora, someone asked the question "Are liberals smarter or are conservatives smarter?" One person's answer was "I worked at the polls one year, and the liberals knew right where to go. The conservatives would always ask where is the republican poll?" I read that and I figured there had to be more to that story than what he was telling!! I have the feeling the Democrat polls were clearly marked while the Republican polls were not. I don't know that for sure, but after meeting the conservatives I've met, I cannot imagine them being that stupid! I would have had to be there in order to know that for sure, but I have a distinctive feeling that's how it was! Almost all the liberals I've ever met were the dumbest of the dumb. That's why I make a mockery of them on this blog, and I have such fun doing it! I mean really. An intelligent person would not be harassing someone they don't even know, calling them names or physically harming them.

I may actually be the exception where conservatives go, I hate people so much. I've been called "scum", "evil", "vindictive", "dumb fat bitch", "stupid" "a horrible person". You name it, I've been called it. LOL! Well, the "stupid" and "dumb fat bitch" is nothing. They were usually said by people who could not admit I was much smarter than they are. That seems to be the way it always is. You notice the people who throw around the word "dumb" and "stupid" are always people who themselves show they have the lowest IQ? Especially when they call someone smarter than they are "stupid" or "dumb fat bitch". If they had a higher IQ, they wouldn't need to call someone else names. LOL! But I do admit to being a horrible, evil, scummy, vindictive person. Simply because I hate people. And I hate cats too. But that's a different story. LOL! My first impression of any person is I hate them. Unless they are family. I love my family. Those who are still family anyway. Only when they prove otherwise do I think they're OK and then I stop hating them.

Well, that's what happens when you've been let down too many times by people. Especially people you thought were friends. That's why I thank GOD for my family. And wonderful lifelong friends I have like Katrina. She's young enough to be my daughter, but she's a damn good buddy. I have another friend who is younger than me who has a child older than Katrina! LOL! My friends may be few in numbers, but they are the best of the best! Quality over quantity, I always say.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Another Petition to Sign

OK, so I was watching a video and someone mentioned about a transgender person desecrating a statue of the virgin Mary because the Catholic church was protesting "drag queen story hour" in book stores and libraries. This is a new trend going on now. Something the LGBT community made up as part of their "take over the world" agenda. They are starting with kids now. You know, this is how I know that being gay/trans/queer is now nothing but a fad. When a group like the LGBT community starts indoctrinating small children (as young as 3 years old) who should not know anything about sexual preference, you know they're gay just for attention and not because it's their natural sexual preference. But there is an even bigger problem, the violence and blatant disrespect these people are now showing the world. Now that gays/trannies/queers have all the rights they would ever need, they want to push it to the limits.

And to think, I used to be a supporter of the LGBT community!! UGH!! Well, I still support their right to exist. I still support their right to marry whomever they want to. But I will not support them luring children into their lifestyle. That is where I draw the line! Kids should remain being kids. The sad thing is, this is what creates these little confused children. And parents forcing this bullshit on kids. Yeah I used to support the LGBT community, until they started getting ridiculous! I used to support PETA. That doesn't mean I still support them today. PETA started acting silly and now so is the LGBT community. So, I no longer support them. It's like that saying that goes "give them an inch". We gave it to them. The LGBT people are now taking a mile. When they start preaching their bullshit to kids as young as a year old, that is when I say it's time to stop the support!! Because the next thing you know, they're going to allow pedophiles. They say they won't ever accept them, but in some circles, they already are accepting them! That is unacceptable to me!

I know I said I don't like kids. I still don't. LOL! But at the same time, I don't think they should be robbed of their innocence. Gender confusion brings on thoughts of suicide later on in life. I don't want to see that take over. Besides, transsexuals are never very attractive. LOL! Transgender "men" still have a vagina, and transgender "women" still have a penis. I know I don't want to have sex with someone with a vagina! I don't want to fall in love with someone with one either. To me, that's gross! I understand there are lesbian women and gay men out there who are attracted to the same sex, and that is fine for them. But don't force it on me! I would be absolutely furious if I was dating a nice-looking man, and he turned out to really be a woman inside!!!

So, you can see where I am getting at with this. I don't want to see another generation of gender-confused people. Let's leave the kids alone and let them grow up in their own time. It's bad enough we got channels like TLC that is glorifying this kind of bullshit! If you ask me, TLC needs to go back to having cooking shows and nature shows. Get rid of this Desmond Is Amazing bullshit!!! It's hard knowing there are women like his mom in the world that is having children and abusing them! So I say, go sign that petition!! Here is the link:


Friday, March 8, 2019

Good News for Beavis and Butthead Fans!!!

I've finished it!! I finished uploading all my Beavis and Butthead episodes online!! YES!!!! I even got some new ones. This is a good thing for B&B fans. You try to upload any of those episodes to YouTube or some place like that, and it will immediately be censored. Or even taken down. But I now have found a platform that will always allow me to save them online. LOL! I'd also like to make all these videos available to other fans.

I have almost every episode of Beavis and Butthead available. Well, except where Beavis pretends to be that Cornpolio dude. I don't like those episodes so I never saved them. But I have 99% of all the Beavis and Butthead episodes, with videos included in place. There are 2 sites out now that offers the episodes of Beavis and Butthead, but NONE of them include the videos. Even the Mike Judge collection doesn't have videos in each episode. Sad as that is. Some of those were the funniest scenes in the episodes. These episodes are UNCUT!!! I am happy to offer these episodes to anyone. They are in 2 folders on 2 websites. One is accessible with a link, the other, I have to add your email address to allow you access.

However, there is a catch. I am not going to give the web address to just anyone. First, you have to make a donation to this website. And no, I am not charging for the episodes! Once a person has access, they can go in and download (or watch) as many episodes as they want to. What you are paying for is the link. Nothing more. And I consider it more of a donation. So, for as little as a $10 donation, I will allow you access to the first episodes of Beavis and Butthead. So, if you're interested, click the link below and donate today!

Also included will be directions you can use to access the rest of the episodes. But you have to find it. It is on that site though. Kinda fun really. Like a scavenger hunt.

In other news, I had to change my DVD carrier at UMG Productions. I had no idea Kunaki deletes everything after 180 days of no sales. I don't ever expect to sell anything, so I don't expect to go through 180 days with any sales. So, I had to switch to a better provider. I switched to Trepstar.com They are more permanent. I think. I didn't see anything on their site about deleting after not selling anything for any amount of time. I only really offer DVDs on the UMG Productions site for those who want physical copies, instead of simply streaming on the site. Though that is also available.

Ya know, I've been thinking of something. I want to try something with my YouTube videos. I might put them on disks and offer them available as DVDs on the UMG Productions website. I might even go so far as to add some videos that I never put up on YouTube. For a while back in 2014, I made some mini documentaries. I added comedy to knowledge. But there's some I never got around to putting up on YouTube. I might complete them and put them up on UMG Productions, and even make them available on DVD disks. Might be worth a try. I'll give it a shot!!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Attacking Deceased Musicians

So this morning I looked around my Facebook and I found someone mentioning how Michael Jackson's music was going to stop being played by radio stations because of the allegations about him being a pedophile. Well there is no denying he did rape little boys, 3 boys admitted to it while Jackson was still alive, but were silenced by his publicist after he died. But to say that his music is no longer going to be played now because of those claims??? Oh man! The SJWs are going too far with this one!!! See why I absolutely HATE SJWs??? This is also why The Cosby Show stopped being played on TV. Now, the only way you can see it is to get the DVD set. And even that is no longer available. You'd probably be lucky to find a used set. But that show was FUNNY!!! I don't care what rape charges were brought on to Bill Cosby! Those shows were funny!! Just like Michael Jackson's music was good!

I'm not a fan of Michael Jackson, never was, never will be. But let's face it, the man was slopping over with talent. He has some great songs out there. Just because I don't like MJ as a person, does not mean I can't like his songs, or admire his talent. Talent and personality are 2 different things. So what is accomplished by not playing his music on radio stations?? What does it fix?? Absolutely NOTHING!!! His music is still out there, and people who like it are going to listen to it no matter what the radio stations do, or what the SJWs say! A lot of upcoming generations are going to hear his music and enjoy it. As well they should! You're never going to find talent like that in any of today's artists or musicians!

Geez! And here I thought the SJWs were going to start pushing for pedophile rights. Seriously though, I hate pedophiles as much as the next guy. But it's too late to do anything about MJ. He's gone. Dead and buried. Let all this rest! We keep denying peoples' talent because of something that happened ages ago, then we're going to have nothing left of the classics. I have to put up with enough shit now that TV stations took off the antique cartoons. Is the music from the 1980s going to go out the same way? Keep this up and everyone will want the 80s back. But we won't be able to bring them back completely, because everything we saw in the 80s is going to become unavailable. And it's all thanks to SJWs!! I can't even believe they are now attacking MJ. TEN YEARS after his death!! Saying things like because he raped children, they are going to stop playing his songs and videos.

UGH!! People!!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

One Girl's Belief Is Another Girl's Myth

As many know, I am a member of a purebred dogs group. I love purebred dogs. I've always loved purebred dogs. I find them so fascinating! When I am in the market for a dog, you can bet it's going to be a purebred of some kind. Other people may like mutts, but I am not one of those people. Sure there are some very interesting mixes out there. But these days, most mixed breed dogs are ugly. Because they are either half poodle, or half labrador, or half pit bull type, and none of those breeds makes a good-looking mixed breed. At least not in my experience. I like the more unusual mixes myself, like dogs that have absolutely NO pit bull types, no poodle, and no labrador or golden retriever. In short, no mixes that are too common and often too ugly. But I would still never own a mix. My mom likes mixes. She has a friend who last year, raised a litter of poodle/labrador crosses. My response was "As if we don't already have too many of those mutts!" I tend to like mongrels better that are mixed with more unusual, and less common breeds. Like the other day, I saw in a group, someone posted a picture of a Koolie mixed dog. Koolie is an Australian breed of herding dog. They're not usually found in this country and only recognized by their parent club in Australia. Even the ANKC does not recognize them.

Anyways, I also am friends with a lot of purebred dog enthusiasts. I love looking at their puppy pics!! Well, one of my friends just got a couple of Toy American Shepherds. Basically toy-sized Australian Shepherds. They were so damn CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking for a playmate for Mya. She needs one. I might turn to getting her a toy shepherd puppy. One like this...

Though I want a blue merle, I like that color in Aussies. Well, being a part of a purebred dogs group, one thing I've found is that Miniature American Shepherd fans totally deny the existence and authenticity of the toy American shepherds. I wonder why. How can they deny something so adorable? I truly want one myself. But it could be like the same reason I totally deny the existence of the American Bullies. American Bullies is a new breed, created by someone who mixed pit bulls with bulldogs. Many people now consider it a breed. Everyone except me. Even with UKC recognition, I still deny their existence as a breed. They are the Bigfoot of the canine world. But in my opinion, something like this should never have been bred...

I mean really! Look at that thing! It can barely get it's belly off the ground!!!! This is one case where a breed should never have even been created. I wonder what fartknocker dreamed this breed up. He must have been on dope or something! This is why I totally deny the existence of American Bully dogs. They should not even exist. Besides, we already have too many damn bully breed dogs! We don't need anymore! It's not like we still do bull-baiting these days!

Well, I have absolutely NO interest in bully breeds. I don't get pit-bull types (which is why I don't adopt from shelters) I don't really like pit bulls that much. I'd be scared to death if I saw one, and worried for Mya's sake! That's why I believe it'd be safer just to stick with getting her a toy American Shepherd. Besides, they would have the same energy level as Mya has. And I just love looking at them! They are sooooooo fricken adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Liberal Hypocrisy

Wow! I know I mentioned this before on here, but liberals are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet!! Yesterday I saw a video stating that all but 4 of the democratic party voted to allow newborn babies to be aborted (or put to sleep) if the mom so desires it. Among the dems who are in favor of killing newborn babies was Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. Yes, Bernie Sanders. The one who got the favors of democrats in the last election, but he dropped out. The man is EVIL to the core!!! I think anyone who votes to allow newborn babies to be killed without some kind of punishment to the parents is as evil as it gets. A mom can just let her baby die if she wants to, for no other reason other than she is depressed. The baby may be perfectly healthy, but she can still have it killed after it's been born just because she is depressed. Um, hello! Women usually get depressed after having a baby. To go from having someone else inside your body for 9 months to suddenly not having, can cause depression. It's called post-natal depression. Not all moms get it, but some do. It's no reason to kill a baby. She will get over it. But once that baby is dead, it's dead.

I think I remember hearing somewhere that a mom can even have a baby up to 5 years old killed if she wants it. Oh GOD! It's happening!!! Next thing you know, a mom can have a kid up to the age of 18 killed just because she cannot handle it. Then most teens will be killed because teenagers will always be teenagers. They're going to defy their parents. It used to be we feared just getting spanked when we misbehaved. Now, if a mom feels her kids are too much trouble, the kid has to fear being killed! To these moms who want to kill their newborn babies, haven't you ever heard of something called adoption??? Lots of wannabe parents are just waiting to have a child to adopt. Not fair to deprive them of that pleasure of taking your baby if you don't want it. Why kill it?? It seems like such a waste of 9 months!! I'd never do it. I'm sure glad my mom didn't believe in abortions. I wouldn't be here. She really didn't want anymore kids. She miscarried 2 before she had me. So, she stopped trying. But then I came along.

Anyways, the hypocrisy is that these same people who want to allow killing newborn babies, feel bad for kids at the border who were separated from their moms because their moms didn't come into this country legally. They are crying the loudest now because kids are being separated from their parents while the moms have to be deported back to their own country. So, what is the difference? The only difference is the newborn baby is younger. They still want their moms to love them. I think it's just a ploy dreamed up by far leftists to fuel their anti-border-wall propaganda. Fuck that!!! I say if you can feel good killing a newborn baby, then you can feel good separating a mexican child from it's mother at the border. And don't give me that bullshit that illegals are good for our economy. Like my mom said, if they are so good for our economy, then why didn't they stay in Mexico and build up their own economy? It's nothing but a guilt-trip. A guilt-trip the democrats have been using for years.

I just don't understand why these dumb democrats don't see the connection. Maybe it's just the white babies they are trying to eliminate. That would make sense since the USA doesn't seem to like white people anymore. I just think it's stupid!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Once Again, A Reminder

I see INXS fans have not changed. They're still a bunch of whiny little libtard bitches. They always were and always will be. Liberals only change when they have their eyes opened. For some, that is not possible. There was some talk about other INXS fans causing a lot of drama on other groups. A word of caution to new fans: Be careful what groups you join! There are a lot of INXS-related groups I know of to cause drama. That is why I am only a member of 2 INXS groups. They are the only groups that I really trust. It used to be that I'd join any INXS group on Facebook, just because it bears the name "INXS" or "Michael Hutchence". But don't do that! Even if you have been invited. Just say no to INXS groups on Facebook! Don't make the same mistake I did. There are literally some INXS groups on Facebook that thrive on drama!

One way to tell which groups thrive on drama, is to look out for certain members. Maria (Florence) How is one of those people. Kelly Poulter (Austin) is another. Tess Obrien is another. Claire Aisha is another. Rosanda Herbert is another. Though I think she is no longer on Facebook. Kelly Carter is another. Jannah Redouane is another. Matt Burney is another. Those are all people who love to cause drama, and are highly manipulative. They thrive on it. They live for it. So, if you see any of those names in the group, LEAVE AT ONCE!!! And don't fall for their "nice" act. They are all truly evil people. Remember, Tess Obrien accused me of raping her. LMAO!!! She's so lucky I'm not living in Australia. Her ass could be sued over an accusation like that without proof. Believe me, I wouldn't have hesitated to sue her either! And I wouldn't have done her the favor of using her dumbass friend, Claire Aisha either. I'd pick an attorney that actually has a brain. Free speech does not include false accusations of criminal behavior. But I do thank Tess for that. That could be proof that her ex-husband actually did not abuse her. She's just telling people that to get sympathy.

Also remember, Kelly Poulter (Austin) faked having cancer just to get sympathy and attention. So, those people love drama. And be wary of anyone who follows any of those people. Maybe not all of them might be bad (and I emphasize the word maybe), but most people who would associate with them may act just like them. Ya know the saying, Birds of a feather. Like that "catfag addict" said on my channel. Shit! I wish I was more like Katrina!! I wish it was a true case of birds of a feather!!! Katrina lives in a big house, on 20 acres, and makes 6 figures per year!! UPPER 6-figures!! But she also works 70-80 hours per week. That's why she's not on the internet much. That's why I don't see her much. The truth is, Katrina probably wouldn't really be friends with me, if not for her family. I was still associating with her father for a while before he moved back to Europe. But I also helped bring her up. Katrina does not care what people on the internet think of her. I'd have been much better off in the past if I actually were more like her. Well, I brought her up, and now she's taught me something. Something very valuable. She taught me to be more aloof with INXS fans. If they genuinely like me, then OK. But if they're just faking it, fuck them. Forget about them. And I realize yes, I needed to be doing that all along. My problem has always been I get too emotionally involved with people on the internet. So, that's why I stopped that.

Katrina has quite a few friends without being online. I admit I am not fond of some of the people she is friends with, but it doesn't matter to me. If she likes them that's all that counts. But she does not ever feel the need to make online friends. I don't go out much, and I have trust issues with people. Always did. So, I am not as sociable as Katrina is. Back in the day, the INXS buds were all I had. But I realize now that was foolish of me. No one really knows anyone on the internet. Until we do, we cannot say for sure if we are friends or not. All my sisters have been encouraging me to get out and meet more people. But let's face it, I just don't like people. But I can tell you this much; it's not always easy being so aloof with people I used to consider "friends". Sometimes I even have to be unfriendly with some. Even that is not always easy. But it is necessary. It's necessary to prevent 2016 from happening again.

Shoot! That's why I got Mya. LOL! Mya is one I truly consider to be my best friend. And she is! She is truly my best friend and I'll never be ashamed to admit that. She'll never ask me for anything. She'll never judge me, even if I do wrong. She will never tell lies about me behind my back. She'll never connive me. She'll never follow blind sheep. All I have to do is call her and she'll come. And she always comes to me with a smile. I love her so deeply! The other day on a purebred dogs group, someone asked the question if we ever look at our purebred dogs, and think about the money we spent on them, and realize it's the best money we ever spent. My answer was "Every second of my life!" She was the best money I ever spent. And I would do it again! I got horribly angry at her this past weekend for breaking my portable hard drive. But I got it fixed and I am well over it now. Katrina helped me in that too. LOL! She knew I could never stay mad at Mya. Tell me, there are not many humans that would ever be as honest as Mya. Certainly not among the millennial crowd. Katrina is different because she was raised by people who really cared. People who did not want her making herself the world's problem.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Two-Part Post

OMG!! I had forgotten about this!!! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 I read a post last night that I wrote a couple years ago, when I had that turmoil on Facebook right after my dad died. It was about Tess O'brien. It was about her telling everyone that I raped her. LMAO!!! That's soooooooooo fricken funny!!! She told everyone that I raped her. She lives in Australia and I've never been there, and I live in the USA. I wonder how I "raped" her? With a submarine?? Or maybe it was with that train that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to build going from the USA to Australia. Ya know, to eliminate air-travel?! Tess O'brien is so DUMB!! It is unbelievable she is even still alive. I feel sorry for that kid of her's!! I truly do!! To be raised by such a dumb woman is going to wind up being detrimental to that child's growth!! But I dunno. Maybe the kid is smarter than it's mom. What would be even funnier is finding out how many people believed that bullshit, and who. LMAO!!! I have the feeling one of her believers is a big, dumb goon named Matt Burney. He's probably the one that instigated the idea. Seriously though, I'm no rapist. I can't even believe Tess O'brien thought that one up. And even if I was a rapist, do you think I'd actually want to rape something that looks like this....

If I was a rapist with sense, I wouldn't touch that thing with a 50-foot pole!!! My dog's shit looks better!! Maybe if I were a blind rapist, I'd want to rape that. But that would be the only way I would even think of touching that. It'd still be gross, even if I were blind. LMAO!! I'll tell you, I've coughed up and spit out things that looked better than that thing! I realize I'm no great-looker myself, but at least I'm not as bad-looking as Tess O'brien!! 😂😂😂

The only good thing about looking at this buttwipe, is that she'd be so easy to caricaturize. I could write her into a story, where she rapes the animals. Then the animals take one look at her and run away screaming.

Ya know, I actually just gave myself a cute idea for a movie! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 Watch for it on my YouTube channel!

Speaking of YouTube, guess who is back again!! It's Alysin Chains. Or excuse me, "Chainz"!! The new Hobofart. The only difference is this one is a catfag. Check out the little love-note it wrote to me...

Now, before you go thinking "TimmyHutchFan, that doesn't sound so bad" let me tell you something about little miss Chainz. When she says yes, she really means no. When you read this person's messages, you have to think in opposite terms. Basically this is nothing but a bullshitter. The only reason I am just now realizing it, well.... I've really known this person was a bullshitter all along. I just don't usually judge someone by how they act when I first meet them. But this person has been very consistent to a point where I am believing my first impression of this person was correct. So, when I read this comment, what this person is really saying is "I know exactly why people attack you, and it's not for no reason!" This was my only response to this comment...

And I am! I think the next time I see this person, I'm going to have a bit of fun with her. Him?....It! Whatever it is. I might just create a video just to have some fun with it. I knew this person was going to come once I put up my Veganism Is Dying video. She is so predictable!! LOL!! I knew that video would draw this person in!

Most of the time, I know why I am "attacked". It's because I speak my mind. People don't like it when someone speaks their mind. Especially liberals. But do I care what liberals think? No. I sure don't! I stopped caring about that long ago. Most of the time now, I just laugh at them. I like to share those laughs. I'll let you all know when I see Alysin Chainz again and how the outcome of that goes. But be ready, it's going to be about cats. Maybe my next video will be titled "Why I Don't Like Cats". That should draw this Chainz person in for sure! 😂😂😂 Like I said, it's a catfag. It cannot help bringing up cats every chance it getz! LMAO!!!

But then again, I don't know. Now that it knows I'm onto it, I may never see it again. Maybe it only likes the surprise sneak attack. Oh well. I'll be waiting. 😉

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Left Has Gone Too Far

By now, everyone has heard of Jussie Smollett. He's the guy who proclaims he was attacked on the streets of Chicago by a couple of guys wearing MAGA hats. He said they called him the "N" word and told him this is MAGA country while he was on his way home from a Subway store to buy a sandwich. He said he was on the phone with his boss when he ran into the guys. A security camera nearby caught him walking down the road, with his sandwich. Then it caught him walking away, with his sandwich and a noose tied around his neck. You're probably thinking we should feel bad for this guy right? It's terrible if that happened. The key word there is "IF" it happened. But I'm not sure whether to label the outcome fortunate, or unfortunate. Surprise! He was never attacked by anyone wearing MAGA hats.

From the beginning, a lot of people were suspicious of his claims...

  • The fact that he waited 45 minutes to call the police.
  • The fact that the police asked to see his phone and he wouldn't let them.
  • The fact the police were going to check the surveillance cameras, but Smollett told them not to.
  • The fact that they were in the middle of an arctic blast.
  • And finally, the fact that Chicago is NOT MAGA country.

Well, nobody could find these alleged attackers. But now I heard they have. Two guys who said that Smollett paid them money to mug him. I've got to hand Jussie credit for one thing; he's sticking to his story! That's because the libtards believe him and are encouraging other libtards to report things like this. This is exactly what the far-leftists want. They want people to make false claims against Trump supporters. They want to paint all Trump supporters with the same stereotype that they are racist, homophobic brutes who actively seek out such victims to violate their rights.

Well ya know what? Fuck that! Liberals want everyone to think that they are these suppressed victims who are targeted by conservatives exercising their white/male/christian privilege. Fuck you liberals!!! Go to Hell!! Oh wait! They don't believe in Hell. So then, go crawl into a slime pit and drown yourselves!! Liberals are not the victims here. It's becoming more and more clear that it is the conservatives, the Trump supporters, that are the real victims in today's world. I don't even like Trump, but you have to admit, his supporters have not been acting like the bad guys. It's always been the liberals.

I've never, in all my years, EVER seen a Trump supporter kick someone out of a restaurant for wearing a Hillary Clinton t-shirt. I've never seen a Trump supporter call anyone racist names. I've never seen a Trump supporter tell a liberal to leave their store because they are a liberal. I've never seen a Trump supporter spit in anyone's face for being a Hillary supporter. I've never seen Trump supporters hold ridiculous marches to show their disapproval of Obama. I've never seen a Trump supporter assault anyone just because they supported Obama or Hillary. All these things that the left claims Trump supporters do, I've never seen them do. I've seen the leftists do plenty of the stuff they claim Trump supporters do though. Plus, they accuse Trump supporters of being "racist, homophobic, xenophobic nazis". Then they say it's OK to go out and "punch a nazi". Never once have I seen a Trump supporter punch a liberal. If you ask me, I would be much more embarrassed to be a liberal today! They make up junk against Trump supporters just to make them look worse than they really are.

I'll tell you, if I ever come across a liberal who was beat up by a Trump supporter, I will buy that liberal a car! Brand-spanking new car!! No strings attached. All you have to do is show me a video of a [confirmed] Trump supporter beating up a liberal for no reason other than because that person is a liberal. And it cannot be staged! I'll do it! I'm a woman of my word. I want to see the video, because every time I hear a liberal gripe about "violent Trump supporters", I always wonder "Where are the violent Trump supporters?? I don't ever get to see them!" And believe me, it would be fun to see a Trump supporter beat up a far-leftist!!! I'd love to see it! But I've never seen one in my life! It was the leftists who established the KKK. The guys who lynched Emmett Till were democrats. And Theodore Roosevelt, who was a republican, was totally against lynching people of other races. So, you tell me, who are the bad guys?

It was also the stupid democrats that voted Ilhan Omar into congress. I'm telling you, the liberals are going to rue the day they elected that muslim into American congress!! Mark my words on that! They are going to rue the day!! Hopefully, Trump will be able to get that muslim out of congress. It may be happening. She tweeted some anti-semantic posts. She's denying she did it, but she did. She issued an apology, but liberals don't know how to apologize. Omar's was no exception. It was very half-assed! Muslims have NO place in American politics. Do these dumbass liberals not remember what happened on 9/11??? Are they now going to pretend that never happened? Muslims HATE Americans!! Get that through your head! They HATE us!!!! And Ilhan Omar is no different!!

Ya know it's funny. When the WBC said "thank GOD for 9/11" everyone was against it. Now, they want the very same people who committed that act represented in our congress. I think the WBC should go to New York again now and see how people would react to them saying "Thank GOD for 9/11". Would the New Yorkers be in favor of it? If not, then they are a bunch of hypocrites!! I normally do not agree with the WBC holding all those signs in public, but I would LOVE to see how the people of NY would react to them now saying "thank GOD for 9/11"!! The reaction would be very interesting to see! Maybe I should try it, and see what happens. Believe me, I am not grateful for 9/11. I'd do it just to see how the libtards would respond to it.