Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Don't Care About Your Silly "Pronouns"

UGH!!! This is totally STUPID!!! And it goes against everything Nature created. I might have mentioned something similar to this before on this blog, but now people want us all to believe there is more than 2 genders. I was just watching a video someone did about Onision, and it was about his wars on Twitter. He refers to his wife as "they", after he mentions his wife's name. I've been hearing the same thing come from the transsexual community. It's ridiculous! The whole "pronoun" thing is silly. Sorry but if you look like a man and talk like a man, I'm going to call you "he". If you look like a woman and talk like a woman, I'm going to call you "she". I don't care what other "pronouns" you think exists. Nature made only TWO genders. That's all that is needed in the world.

Well, Onision's wife Lainey, wants him to start calling her "they", which is stupid as fuck!! First of all, just because she identifies as gender-neutral does not mean she doesn't have a gender. She'd have to get rid of the name. "Lainey" is listed as a girl's name. You can't keep that name and expect people to treat you as "agendered". Lainey is actually a short-version of the name Elaine, which is a girl's name. So I hear someone with that name, I'm going to refer to that person as "she". Another thing, Lainey has a child, which means she's been pregnant. You can't be "agendered" and have been pregnant. Only women get pregnant. Now, I never had kids, so if I wanted to I could identify myself as "agendered". But I don't want to. So, with that as well, I'm going to refer to Lainey as a "she".

Another thing, "they" indicates more than one person. In this video, it was shown Onision tweeted "Lainey did not cheat. They did not do this... They did not do that...etc" That alone sounded dumb! Like I said, "they" is a pronoun used to indicate more than one person, and since he's talking about one person, Lainey, using the pronoun "they" sounds rather inane. Sometimes I use the pronoun "they" when I want to completely cover up the identity of the person I am talking about, and since he already mentioned Lainey's name at the beginning of that post, to call her "they" sounds invalid. Now, someone like Paula Yates I might call "they", because without those fake silicon boobs, she'd look just like a man. Yet, she's had children. I think. So I don't know. Therefore, I'd call Paula Yates "they" until someone told me "that's a man" or "that's a woman".

This is why I am not politically correct. I don't want to be either. I am not going to call someone "they" unless I am covering up their identity. I actually get called a man all the time. I have people saying to me a lot "is this a man or a woman?" But you know what? I don't care! I just don't. LOL! That may sound fake, but it's true. It doesn't bother me. It's fun leaving them to ponder while I just move on. Nature did not intend for this politically correct behavior to become the norm. I don't see wolves in the wild saying to the deer they attack "oh excuse me, could you please give me a chunk of meat from your leg? I need to feed my cubs. Thank you." Political correctness is not nature's way. If I believe you to be a man, I'm going to call you a man. If you look like a woman to me, then that is what I am going to call you. I don't go for this agender bullshit, because that is not something that nature invented. It's something that modern humans invented to create more harsh feelings between people.

I don't know, maybe this is Onision's fault. Maybe he's encouraging his women to be gay. Or asexual. I'd probably turn gay if I had to be Onision's girlfriend. No thank you! They get together with him when they are perfectly normal, then they stay with him for a while and they turn gay, maybe because Onision likes gay women? Maybe he has a fetish for them. But it seems all his women turn gay after they've been with him for a while. He's always talking about what an "attractive" woman looks like. Well, I can tell you so far, that NONE of Onision's women has been attractive at all. Shiloh was not that attractive, even before he made her shave her head and eyebrows. Lainey is not that attractive, and I think that's what Onision does to his women. He makes them unattractive, until they leave him. Then they blossom right back up again.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Uncensored Groups Are NOT For Wussies

Sorry wussies. Uncensored groups are for adults. You've got to have at least one set of balls in order to enter. If you don't have them, then prepare yourself for a massive overload of butthurt. I was a little bit disappointed to find out that my old INXS group, Tim-Hutch Love, has now been reduced to a liberal group. I want to make it clear, I have nothing personal against the woman I left in charge. But when I was the administrator, I allowed free speech in that group. People could come in and say whatever was on their mind. Now, Katrina tells me it has become another group like the MH And His Life Fan Group. That is exactly what I didn't want to have happen! I really wanted it to remain a free speech group. I know Katrina really doesn't care. She told me she likes this other group better. But still!!! It kinda pisses me off that people, in what was once my group, are now being kicked off for speaking their mind! I never would have done that.

Well, that is OK. Because I have created another INXS group. But it is a secret group. You cannot find it using Facebook's search engine. I don't want a lot of liberals in there, griping about "You shouldn't talk that way about Lily's mom" and all that other bullshit when someone says Paula Yates was a dumbass bitch. It's not my fault Michael chose a brood sow to have his daughter with. So, if I feel like insulting Paula Yates, I'm gonna do it. Sorry if Michael doesn't like it, but I don't like her. She killed him. I've explained many times on here why I do not like Paula Yates. If you want to read more, go back to the archives. So, that is what my new group is for. And to ogle Michael and Timmy too. hehehe! I want to pick up where I left off at. Besides, I needed an INXS fix every day, and now I got it. I might get around to inviting family and very close friends in there, but no one else. My sis is not an INXS fan, neither is my ma. But we can also use the group to have family discussions in.

Well, I got most of the liberals and radicals blocked, they cannot see my account on Facebook. Although they can view this blog still. LOL! Really, I am still not ready for any INXS buds yet. I'm kindof enjoying my time away from them. One of the things Rosanda said to me in our last chat was that I owed Kelly Poulter a public apology. LOL! Funny. Well, I am here to say she will NEVER get one. Even if I was talking about her when I made that post (now taken down), I wouldn't apologize to Kelly Poulter! Never! The only thing I apologized for was for the confusion, seeing as how I had no idea Kelly P. was also ill at the time. Though her illness was of a different nature than the one the person I was talking about had. But no, Kelly ain't getting NO apologies from me. Not in this lifetime nor any other. Know why? Because Kelly Poulter seems like the kind of person to me that if I had apologized to her, she would handle it in one of two ways. Either she would 1. take a mean advantage of it; or 2. would just poo-poo on it saying "I'm not buying it at all!" And someone that I even remotely feel is like that, I refuse to waste any apology on. Those are 2 of the biggest reasons I never apologize to anyone in the first place anymore.

I used to freely hand out apologies when I was proven wrong. But guess what, Roger Melvin at my old apartment back in Bozeman, ruined that. Yes, I am pointing fingers or "gas-lighting", whatever you want to call it. Because it is what it is. I made a sincere apology to him for a note I left on his door. I was almost in tears because I felt so bad doing that to him, and he hadn't done anything to deserve that. So I was sincere in my apology to him. But he turned around and threw it right back in my face. And I believe Kelly Poulter to be exactly the same kind of person Roger was. So, no. She'll never get an apology from me. Well anyways, Rosanda was different afterwords, saying that regardless of who I was talking about, and all that. I just wanted the record to show that she had NO idea who or what I was talking about. But thank GOD she is over that bullshit that I owe Kelly P. an apology!! LOL! Because she'll never get it.

I am totally different. I'm pretty quick to forgive people. I have the mindset that any person who is big enough to use those words "I'm sorry" deserves forgiveness. Those are two of the hardest words to use! They sound easy, but they're really not. But I do also have limits. I am not a woman of a thousand chances. For me, once an apology is given, I can forgive the person. But if what they were guilty for the first time happens again, I will not guarantee I will fully forgive them next time. I try to always be fair. I did try to straighten things out with Roger, I told him the truth. I made no excuses to him at all. I just told him that it was me who left that note on his door, and that I felt bad doing it, and that I was very sorry I did it. That was pretty much all I said to him. I never said why I did it nor nothing. He never asked me why. I didn't put any blame on him. I just said I did it and I was sorry for doing it. What Roger did after was rather childish, though I did not blame him for doing it. I felt it was basically him getting even. Since I had already apologized to him, it was unwarranted, but really, you'd have to know the kind of person Roger was in order to understand why I did not take what he said personally. Roger is very deeply disturbed. He's a man who has remained a boy throughout his life.

Anyways, I don't understand why people go into a group that is labeled "Uncensored" or "something- Against-something" and then gets all butthurt because the people will state when they don't agree with that person. They often leave in spades, calling everyone "losers" or "cunts". That's why I have an uncensored group about INXS. The people I choose to come in can come in and speak their mind no matter what. And they can do it without fear of being banned from the group. Censorship makes me sick! That is what is wrong with the world today. We're not letting people be people anymore. We want to shut other people up who do not see things the same way the populace does. Well, I will never be silenced. I won't allow it. Katrina and I actually spoke on the phone with each other the other night, she also told me that someone kept adding her to the MH and His Life Fan Page. She told them to stop it. Let me spell this out, Katrina is NOT a big INXS fan. She likes Jon and JD, and that's it. She's not a huge fan of the band like I am. And she does not care to make friends with other INXS fans. Well, she's not like me anyways. She does not dote on Facebook friends. She doesn't get actively involved with them. Like if you're feeling bad and looking for a shoulder to cry on, Katrina will most likely tell you to call a shrink. She tells me I need to be more like that, and sometimes I think she may be right. I was too doting on my Facebook buds on my last account, and I still got kicked in the ass in the end. So, maybe Katrina is right. I need to stop being so friendly and be more aloof like her.

Well, the friendly, kind-hearted, doting, reliable TimmyHutchFan is now dead. She will not rise again. Next time I invite INXS buds onto my Facebook, I am remaining completely aloof. No more patting people on the back, no more being the shoulder to cry on, no more words of encouragement from me ever again. I won't waste my time or emotional energy anymore. Once I get my puppy, that is who I am going to spend all my affectionate energies on. No more people. Unless I actually know them. I mean, I have actually met them. But people I've not yet met will never get any of that from me ever again. That is IF I do decide to accept INXS friends ever again. If one of them wants to meet, I will figure out a way to do so with them, if at all possible. I'll meet them face-to-face. But until then, I'll not accept them as "friends" again. But only as mere online entities.

Feminists Go Too Far!

I have now seen it all. Feminists are some of the most vile creatures on the planet. Take a good look at this video of a woman who shows off her period, like some kind of badge of honor...


That is so disgusting on so many levels, and it is a feminist thing. She says she doesn't think periods should be taboo. But it's not about what is taboo. This is just plain disgusting! I don't care about the taboo thing. I get the whole "women shouldn't be ashamed of their periods" thing. It is a natural process that every woman goes through. But this is just disgusting! I would not want this woman coming to my house and sitting down anywhere with that stuff running through her clothes! I wouldn't let her on my chair, nor my sofa, I wouldn't even let her sit down on my floor. If she did, I'd make her clean it when she got up!! Even in public places, like a park bench or anything like that, I wouldn't want to sit down in the same spot she did! I wouldn't want someone else's red stuff on my pants! That is gross!!

Then I also see pictures like this...

Yes, you probably guessed it, those women are indeed dressed up in fucking vagina costumes!! Most of the time when I see people in costume, it's something cute like a teddybear, or Mickey Mouse, or Goofy, or even a puppy dog, and I expect them to wave hello. But shit!!! Wearing a costume in the form of a vagina??? That's so fricken DUMB!!!! You're darn tootin' you're nasty women! That is as stupid an outfit as I have ever seen! It's an embarrassment to women! And yes, I would say the same if I saw men parading down the street dressed up like a bunch of penises! This is a feminist thing.

Feminism began in the 1920s, when women wanted to have the right to vote. So they got the right to vote. Personally, I don't care!!!!! I never go with common vote, any more than I ever go with popular opinion. I vote libertarian. How many people exactly can you say do that? Hardly anyone. Most people are either democrat or republican. Really, there is nothing a man now has that women don't have. Women now can do anything any man does. But again, I do not care! I really don't. I like being doted on by my man. I want to actually return back to the days of chivalry. Feminism ruined that too. It's feminists who killed chivalry. Though this new trend of single parent households has helped kill it as well. But feminists actually pulled the trigger.

I don't care about having equal rights. Listen, do you women really want to be treated equally to men? I mean, REALLY??? I don't. Because I am not a man. I want to be treated like a lady. Remember, men get into these testosterone-fueled rages. Women don't. I've seen women (girls mostly) strike men, still with this mindset that a man won't ever strike a woman. Well, thanks to feminists, that is not so anymore. Women wanted to be treated as equals. So, if a woman strikes a man, she should not be surprised that he is going to strike back. And again, remember, they are fueled by testosterone. That gives them more power than a woman will ever have. Like the difference between a car that runs on 4 cylinders and one that runs on 6 cylinders. No matter how fast you run it, one will always have more power than the other because that's just the way they're built.

This also means that when a man takes a woman on a date, he won't be obligated to pick up the check. A lot of men now are saying "We'll take separate checks". Although I am on the fence about this one. If a man asks a woman to go on a date with him, then I think it is the same as him offering to pay for her dinner as well as his. If he's asking to take her on a date, then he is trying to impress her. So he should pay the bill. But if she makes the date, then she should pay the whole bill. Or at least half. If it's an unintended, mutual date, then it'd be appropriate to split the bill. But see this is the kind of thing "equal rights" brings on. Whether a man asks a woman for a date, or a woman asks a man for a date, women now want equal rights, so men are giving it to them.

I've actually gotten to a point now where if I see a woman hitting a man and he hits her back, I actually laugh. It's like those old Tom and Jerry cartoons. On some of those cartoons, Jerry would often take advantage of Tom, because Tom wouldn't be able to harm Jerry for whatever reason. Jerry would play Tom like a fiddle and do the most outrageous things to him that he would never normally be able to do. Until Tom snaps. There is actually an episode like that. Several in fact! But some women will strike men believing that men are not supposed to strike a woman. But men don't think that way anymore. Me personally, I would never strike a man. Ever! I believe in live and let-live. I leave other people alone, and they hopefully will leave me alone. Everyone is happy, no one gets harmed in any way, we all go home safe and sound!

Well, you all know how much I hate radicals. These radical feminists are no different than any other radicals. From now on, I am going to refer to them as "femtards". Because that is what they are.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sometimes I Do

Ya know, last night I realized that yes, sometimes I do miss my old Facebook buddies. I actually got a recommendation for the old Australian INXS group. I was a member of that group about a year or so ago, and haven't been back since. But it's not because of any experiences I had on there. At that time, I just didn't want to be in any groups with too many members. I was not ready to socialize with people. But I did look in on there for a bit, because I do miss the mods of that group. They were great friends and wonderful people! I realized last night as I looked in on them that I do miss them. I know that sounds corny, but it's true. Rosanda didn't like them and she left there immediately after she and Nancy got into it. But now having heard both sides of the story, looks like most of the blame for that argument can be put on Rosanda. Not Nancy, like Rosanda would have you believe. I won't go into the details here, but I am glad I heard the rest of the story. And Delilah (or Violet whatever the fuck she's calling herself now) went along with Rosanda. Well like I said, Delilah is like a baby sheep. She follows along with whatever Rosanda says because she is a spineless person. To Delilah/Violet, Rosanda is right because of only one reason; because she was friends with Michael Hutchence, and that has nothing to do with the spat between her and Nancy.

See, this is what I don't like about the Hutch fans! Those like Delilah/Violet Hamilton think the only fans worth a hoot are those who have spent more than a few seconds with Michael. Everyone else is worthless to fans like her. I absolutely loathe fans like her. I think Michael would have been disappointed to know there were fans like that out there too. He believed in peace and love, and he did not seem like the type who believed he alone was INXS. Michael was a humble type person. He knew he couldn't have made the music himself, and I'm sure he would have been happy to give credit where it's due. Well, I found both of them yesterday and blocked their butts. Though they'll never know it. LOL! I too have changed my own moniker on Facebook. Delilah's not the only one who can play that game! I actually blocked several people last night, and I am not finished. I got a few more I don't care to see. I even found old Matt Burney! Oh GOD!!! Ya know, I never knew this before, but he looks just exactly like Andy DiSanti from that old complex in Bozeman! Just as fugly and every bit as much a jerk. Well, I blocked his ass too. I never want to see him again. EVER!!!

I kinda wonder if he was this "friend" that I was told I was talking shit about. LOL! Well, I will continue to talk shit about Matt Burney. He's a jerk. He's an asshole. And I am sorry to say this, but he's NOT your friend. He can never be a real friend to anyone. Remember, I thought he was my friend too. But really, he wasn't. He decided he didn't like me anymore just because I am not a fan of Paula Yates. The man is a lot like a cat; he can seem nice, he can fool you into believing he likes you, and he will keep up that charade as long as you feed him what he likes. But if you're smart, you'll do to Matt Burney what should be done to ALL stray cats. You'll grab a broom and slam his ass away from you until he gets the message to stay away! That's what I'd do. LOL! Of course Katrina shoots at strays with a pellet gun. But that's illegal to do with people. LOL! And just for the literal people, that was said in jest. As much as I would love to, I am not going to shoot Matt Burney with a pellet gun!

Read that carefully and think about it.

He is also an example of a type of Hutch fan I despise. He's the radical type. Only he doesn't seem to be radical about Michael. He's radical about Paula Yates. What I call a "Yatesfag". He thinks that just because I love Michael that I have to have the same feelings for Paula. Well, I never will. Katrina's right. Paula looks like one of them men who dresses up as women. And she killed Michael. So, I don't like her, and I never will. But that's another reason I do not like the Hutch fans. So many of them seem to have become so sensitive about those of us who just do not like Paula Yates.

This battle between myself and the Hutch fans have been going on since the days of Rockstar: INXS. I finally got a copy of my book How A Dog Girl Turned Rocker the other day, and I was reading about an encounter I had with Hutch fans in the VH1 forums. They were VICIOUS!!!! And they HATED the other men of INXS. One chick in particular, who called herself BlackLaceTeddy, was especially rude and hateful. Of course, to be perfectly honest, I was not much better with her. But I was triggered by her calling the men "a bunch of dopey old farts headbopping to the music". That comment set me off. But that was back in the day when stuff like that bothered me. It doesn't anymore. I don't even know who this BlackLaceTeddy fool is, if she has a Facebook or not. Of course, she could have been Bittertears too. Bittertears especially made it hard to like the Hutch fans. Not only that, but also made it hard to love Michael. Yes, I admit it. I blamed him for Bittertears' hateful attitude. Even though intellectually I know now he had nothing to do with that. According to Bittertears, she'd never even met him. She said she's never even seen him in concert. Bittertears was just a nasty-assed person.

But anyways, it was actually kinda fun last night looking in on my old buddies. Just seeing their names was a good feeling. So was blocking the blind sheep and radicals. Not that I believe it matters, like I said, they'll never know it. If I ever do go back into INXS forums or groups, I'm going to take Katrina's advice and just not get close to anyone ever again. I think it's best that way. If I never get close again, then I never will run into turmoil again. But I'll still discuss these people on this blog. Afterall, my family and real friends should know what is going on in my life.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hitting A Dry Run

I haven't had a video idea in days, so I'm going to make a blog post. This happens. Just like when I write stories, I have dry spells. In my case, the dry spell has lasted about 10 years now. My stories are now few and far between. Those ideas I have had I got from ideas I jotted down nearly 20 years ago. Or sometimes more than that. But in recent years, my story ideas have been incomplete. I have the beginnings, and I get the plot, but no idea how to end the story. I've always been bad at endings. I need to get back in touch with my story-writing buddies again! I lost touch with Cathy when we moved from Ocean Shores. I chat with Cairo sometimes, but he's not writing anymore stories these days because he has other interests now. Trisha is busy with her grandkids, spoiling them rotten. So, I am pretty much on my own now.

Well, as much as I love making videos, I can't do it every day, or even every week. I do it when I can think of something to talk about and that's it. I'd like to be able to keep my audience entertained 100% of the time, but I've never been one for making daily videos. My apologies to my loyal viewers. One thing that always gets hits is my Onision videos. People LOVE those!! But really, that is not the direction I want my channel to go in. I don't want to do videos constantly bashing Onision. I think the guy needs help and I hope someday he gets it. Hopefully before he even dreams of delving into another relationship! Like I said before, I hate being mean. Even to those people who deserve it. Which is why I am not just saying "Onision needs serious help!" But I am also saying "I hope he gets it soon" and I actually mean it. Unlike what other people will have you believe, I'm not an insincere person. Of course those people do not know me. They only think they do. LOL!! It's funny how people think they know everything there is to know about a person just by what that person writes on the internet, based solely on what is "popular opinion". LOL!

A perfect example of that is when someone came in here (I believe I know who it was) and tried to turn Katrina against me by saying "She sounds nice on her blog, but wait until you get to know her better. You'll change your mind." Not even realizing that Katrina knows me FAR better than he does and ever will know me. Katrina and I have been friends for over 25 years, since she was really little. And 5 years of that time was spent living with me and my sis. So, the person who made that comment will never know me like Katrina does. LOL! But it goes to show you all that people do indeed judge others based on what is written on the internet as well as what is popular opinion. Everyone except me that is. I have never been one for going by popular opinion. I prefer to get to know the person myself. THEN make a judgment. But I am also not unyielding. I can change my perception, if I were to ever meet the person I am talking about. If I meet them, and I find my online views of that person were wrong, I will often say "I have met (and/or spoken with) that person and (s)he was a very nice person." I always try to meet people in person with an open mind. But also with a lot of caution if I know them to be nasty people online. An excellent example of this would be Catsredrum. If I were to meet her in person, I would try to do so with an open mind. But also very cautiously, since she is known to say some messed-up things. But it could have been just an online persona to make herself look tougher than she actually is. One never really knows until they've actually met the person.

Now, I have to confess one thing. I've never said this before outside my homelife. But I never liked the Hutch fans. Before I go on about that, don't misunderstand me. I have known some very genuinely sweet Michael fans out there. But they are becoming so few and far between now. They seem to be getting very sensitive these days. And I don't like the popular people. I actually like those who are not afraid to speak their mind, no matter what. Those are actually the most sincere people you will ever meet. It's the ones who stay quiet about how they really feel that I worry most about. Or the people who are afraid to go against popular opinions. When I say "popular opinion", I mean like the people who want to censor those who do not like Paula Yates (for example) because they don't want anyone talking bad about Lily's mom. Well, I don't agree with that at all. I say let Lily hear the truth about her mom; good and bad. Paula Yates was not an angel, despite what the Yatesfags want Lily to believe.

I used to be that way. I used to believe in withholding the truth to spare someone's feelings. But I found that was a terrible mistake. People need negativity sometimes. If you never point out a person's bad points, how are they going to learn? I faced that when I used to have a chihuahua forum. People would come in wanting to breed their ugly Taco Bell dog lookalikes and the last thing we need in chihuahuas is specimens that say the Taco Bell look is the best way to breed for in chihuahuas. I held my tongue, but I was not happy with the results I kept seeing from the people in that forum. That was a reflection on me and my own learning process! Even though I had no connection with these people, other than the forum. But the fact these people were breeding dogs with bad legs, long noses, bad bites, and even crossing breeds, it was still a reflection on me. I didn't like that. It told people I wasn't doing my job. So, I decided from then on I was going to always be honest no matter what. And yes, I have lost friends because I am so honest. Even to a point of being brutally honest. Most people especially hate it when you are brutally honest. They call it "negativity". I call it "Something that has to be said for the good of all concerned". Shoot! I even prefer people be brutally honest about me! I'd rather have honest than nice. Trust me when I say I can take it. LOL! I'm very thick-skinned. Normally. I'm still in the process of healing from losing my father. But I am getting better day by day.

I am back on Facebook, but I don't want any INXS buds right now. Now, I am only back on for very close friends and family. That is all. Though I am back on groups. One group I am on is uncensored, which is what I like. The people act like a bunch of rednecks, but at least they are people like me, who are not afraid to speak their mind, and they don't get banned for it either. I remember my first day there, someone was telling me about banned words (from Facebook), and I said "what about the word fag?" He said that was a banned word and added "you might want to remove that". I thought I did remove it, but apparently I didn't. But I didn't get banned for it either. They thought I did though. One guy asked me after I hadn't been on for a while "Are you enjoying that suspension?" LOL! I told him I wasn't suspended. And I wasn't! LOL! I was still there. The fact is, I've used the word "fag" on Facebook before, and nothing happened. I've called the Yatesfags "Yatesfags" right to their faces and didn't get banned. I guess the word "fag" isn't strong enough. Or they know some countries use that word to describe cigarettes. Some people from Australia said I was making fun of gay people when I use the word "fag". I said I thought the Australians would be the first ones to get that joke! I can see Americans making the assumption, but I thought the Australians would be the first ones to understand the connection I made between fire and angry fans. They're the ones who call cigarettes "fags" themselves! LOL!

So to American people, I call angry fans "radicals". To Australians I call angry fans "fags". LOL! That's not censoring. That's making an adjustment to another culture.

I don't know, I'm American. I should always use American terms. But I started this because of INXS, and INXS are Australian. So are most of their fans now. So I use an Australian metaphor around them. I actually got that from Encyclopedia Dramatica, which I think is not there no more. I don't know I haven't been there in quite a while. I lost the link to my page on there. I used to read it when I was down and needed a laugh. I really mean that too. I liked it! LOL! Well, my dad's favorite expression was "smile and the world smiles with you". So, I try to always smile, even when I am feeling down. I'm currently still on the emotional roller coaster. I don't expect that to change soon. But everyone has their own patterns of mourning. I guess because I know and understand that, that people think I am faking my grieving process. But no, the only reason I know it is because I've been there before. Several times. The last 2 times I've lost individuals I love, hasn't been any different than it is now. That's why I expected this to happen. I just need to stay away from these damn social justice warriors when I lose a member of my family or a close friend. That's why I don't want any INXS friends now. Probably never will. I may rejoin some groups, but I don't think I'm going to even try to make any friends with anyone anymore. Except maybe the people who actually spoke with me, instead of acting like the dumbass SJWs and jumping on the anti-TimmyHutchFan bandwagon.

Katrina, wise beyond her years, tells me I need to tell people to fuck off more often. Go back to the "get them before they get me" mentality. My oldest sis says I need to stop associating with liberals. But I guess I refused to believe most of the people I called "friends" were indeed liberals. But they were. I didn't want to face it, but it is what it is. It cannot change. I know the saying that goes when most people don't like you, then the problem is you. But that's only half true really. Sometimes, we pick the wrong kind of people to hang out with too. That was the case for me. I picked liberals, and I don't fit in with liberals. The real problem is I am a unique kind of person. Maybe even one of a kind. It takes a special kind of person to understand me. I've been having fun in this uncensored group. I don't know who I like yet though. But at least there are very few liberals on there. I tend to always find them out. LOL!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

We Have A "Thing"

Katrina and I decided to have some fun last night. In minutes, we were laughing. It all started when some catfag, who calls herself Tricia AW, came to my channel and commented. I went to her profile page, and it looked like one of those trolling profile pages that was just slapped together in a hurry just so she could troll anonymously. I don't even believe Tricia is her real name. I kinda got the feeling she is one of those liberal, SJW INXS fans who think I believe cancer is a joke. Though I am not sure, but she sure does sound like one of them. I wouldn't put it past them! LOL! But not only did she attack me, she also attacked Katrina. This was the comment she left on my channel:

Hmm, I had no idea that the only requisite for being a canine-radical is to say negative things about cats. LOL! Like cats and dogs are the only 2 animals in the world, and if you like one, you don't like the other. LOL!! Right off the bat, I could see how dumb this person is. Perhaps I am a lemur-radical. The only problem is, I don't give a shit if other people don't like lemurs. Therefore I don't argue with them about it, and that's what a radical would do. As long as they don't try to change my mind about lemurs. Well, this was my response to her:

And she is. I cannot thank her enough for the many times she has helped me out. But for us, it's a two-way road. She helps me out, I help her out too. Katrina though HATES cats!!!! They've nearly destroyed her property many times in the past. She hates cats even more than I do. She hates them so much she shoots at them with a pellet gun. There's no talking her out of that one. She is a cat-hater for life. LOL! She has this $50,000 car, the strays around her house completely destroyed the convertible top and she has had to have it replaced a couple times that I can remember. One time, one fell through the roof and got stuck in her car when it had a rip in it, Katrina said that cat was in there overnight (at least) and pissed and shit all over the back seat. The strays shit on her driveway and buries them so no one can find the shit until they step on it. The strays scare the birds and squirrels that come to her feeder. Oh yes. Don't ever mention cats around Katrina! LOL! She can't stand them. Her oldest daughter took a liking to cats and wanted one, and Katrina said "Fucking Hell NO!" LOL!

Well anyways, our little visitor last night just seemed to come in and announce how much we spread hate. This was her closing argument:

And this was my response to her:

But since Tricia AW decided to include Katrina in her attack, I thought I should let her know. So what did I do? I called her on the phone (once she was done with dinner) and let her know that Tricia was talking about her. So, she goes into my channel and this was her first comment:

LOL! Basically an "Asshat" is the same as saying "butthead", and I told you all Katrina had the Beavis and Butthead influence! LOL! So, on that note, she and I decided to have a little bit of Beavis and Butthead-style fun at Tricia's expense. All I could say in response to this was she was using Butthead's laugh, and I was supposed to be Butthead.

Well, then Katrina responded to when Tricia said "You and Katrina do have a thing going on":

LOL!! I knew what she meant too. Again, the Beavis and Butthead influence there! She's stuck on that stuff! I had to favorite that comment! Made me laugh so hard!! This was my response to Katrina:

Katrina also responded to when Tricia said "birds of a feather". This is what she said to that:

Again, I knew what she was getting at. LOL! I was laughing so hard at this point, my eyes were tearing up! But I responded to Katrina anyways. This is what I said:

LOL!! Ahh Katrina!!! She is something else! Yeah I know, we're horrible! But we have so much fun being like that! She didn't respond after that, I guess she and her husband wanted some "alone" time. That's OK. I'm sure she'll get to it. But anyways, that was the little bit of fun we had last night.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Pet Peeves With Vlogs

I like doing vlogs. Vlogs basically are video blogs. I get on camera and talk about my life or some other subject that comes up, like when I talked about Onision chaining his girlfriend to the wall of his basement. But anyways, I've seen some other peoples' vlogs and I've noticed not everyone does them in a way I would want to see them done. Some of the worst mistakes I've seen people make with vlogs are things I want to talk about here. These are things people should NEVER do in vlogs!!! This should be like the Golden Rules of Vlog Creating.

This is my #1 pet peeve with vlogs!!!! If you are going to do a video blog, NEVER use background music!!! I was once subscribed to this woman (I was also once her friend on Facebook) named Linda Memphis on YouTube, and she had her own variety of vlogs. Well, I am not her friend on Facebook anymore (that's her fault too), and I unsubbed her on YouTube after I found out she unsubbed me. LOL! Well, long story there. But to be honest, I did not really enjoy her videos anyways. The main reason I didn't like her videos much is because she always had to have that stupid background music!! And the music was almost as loud as her talking! If you absolutely MUST have background music in your vlogs, then at least have the decency to make the music barely audible! I often click out of vlogs where the music is too loud. And really, if you feel you have to have background music in a vlog, then your video must be pretty shitty anyways. Which brings me to my next pet peeve...

2. Talk only about things I (as a listener) would find interesting.
While I found Linda Memphis' Tom Jones video to be interesting (it was the most interesting in her video line-up), I have seen other vlogs where people talk about "I got up this morning, I cleaned my teeth, I took a shower, I ate breakfast..." and blah-blah-blah. I don't care to hear about how you get ready in the morning or how you prepare to go to bed at night! Skip that bullshit and get to the real story!!! That's why I clicked on your video to begin with!

3. Some vlogs are too long!
It's different if you are writing a blog, but doing a 20-minute video blog you'd better have a damn good story to tell!! And do more editing in your vlog! Leave out the "umm"s and pauses and little slips of the tongue you have while making your video!

4. Leave out the stupid cats!!!
I know *most* people on the internet like cats nowadays. But that doesn't mean all of us do. I don't care to see your dumb cat!!! Especially if it's a damn gray tabby! If it's a dog I'd love to see it though. But if its a dumb cat, no, I don't care to see it! I'm sure as Hell not going to tell you your dumb cat is "cute"!!! Because most likely, it won't be cute.

Well, those are my biggest pet peeves with vlogs. If everyone followed these rules, vlogs would be a lot more enjoyable.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Mourning" Sickness

Well, this is a new thing I read about this morning! It's called "mourning" sickness. I've heard of morning sickness, but never mourning sickness. But apparently, it's when a whole mass of people feel sadness over the death of some public figure. While we all feel sad when something bad happens to someone, usually whether we know them or not, I think this term refers to just a deep, melancholy feeling that spreads. The term was coined in 1996, and became more prevalent when Princess Diana died a year later. I'll tell you one thing, I hate the English press! I heard that's why the car crashed that killed Diana, and I know for damn sure that is what made my Michael go over the edge and kill himself. Don't the English know when enough should be enough?! Or are they really that ignorant?

I personally felt nothing when Princess Diana died. Nothing at all. It was just another in a long line of celebrity deaths that happen every year. But I never felt anything for Diana when she got married, when she had kids, when she got divorced, I never followed her life, and so I never felt anything for when she died. I'm not saying I am happy she's gone, I'm just saying that her death meant nothing to me. My ma even got sick of hearing about nothing but her death and funeral for 4 weeks after. It seemed that was all over the news. And all I could think of was "I'm missing my TV shows!" That meant more to me than Diana's dying. LOL! That may seem heartless to most people, but that's the way it is with me. If I don't know the person who died, or I never cared about them, I'm not happy, but I'm also not sad they are gone. I'm just aloof and indifferent. That's just the way it goes.

Well, it's a good thing I didn't mourn over Diana's dying at all. Because just a couple months later, Michael Hutchence died. And you can believe me when I say I cried like a fountain. It was days before my handkerchief was dry again! LOL! I don't know why, but up until around the time Princess Diana died, I hadn't thought anything of INXS. In 1996 I heard about the opium charge brought against Michael, and I remember thinking then how glad I was that I was no longer an INXS fan. I don't know if it was Diana's death that triggered a renewed interest in INXS again. That would really be hard to determine now. Though it is highly unlikely as I wouldn't have seen the connection back then. All I know is, around that time I began to look a little more often at this dust-covered picture I had of them. Whereas before that time, I hadn't even given it a second glance.

I can see Diana's death being covered in the news, and even her funeral. But why the hell did it have to drag on for 4 weeks after???? That, I have trouble understanding. Who cares!?!? How long does it take to announce "Princess Diana died today in a car crash"? What more is there to say? Hundreds of people apparently witnessed it. It should be just like this; Day one: Princess Diana died today in a car crash caused by the lousy English paparazzis who don't know when to back the fuck off! Day 2: Say nothing. Day 3: maybe announce there will be a funeral service for Princess Diana. Day 4: Have the funeral service and cover it on the news. That is all! That's all that needs to be announced. Don't drag it on for 4 weeks! That's what Michael's death was like. And frankly, it was enough for me. I didn't even watch Michael's funeral. Someone I love and cared so much about (I did want to marry him) I can never bring myself to attend his funeral. Let alone watch it on TV. That's just how I am. I know it's weird, but that's just how I am.

To this day, I still have not seen the whole funeral for Michael. Funerals are too final. Like they're gone for good. I don't really like thinking of Michael that way.

Well, Michael was my sole contribution to "mourning sickness". So far. I mean, I don't weep for people I don't know or don't care about. Uhh unless it involves cancer, but that's because cancer SUCKS!!!! I wish cancer would be totally eradicated! Plus, it killed my pa. How can I get over that? But as long as we have cars we will have car crashes. They totally SUCK, but it seems you cannot get anywhere nowadays unless you have a car. And anyways, Diana's death was more because of the paparazzis. I put the blame on them. They need to learn to back the fuck off there in England! My ma still wants to go there. I'm telling her she'd better be careful because the people are just obnoxious!

I used to want to visit the UK. I heard stories about it, and I've seen pics of it and it almost looks like a dream world. But I meet people from there and it's just like I hope I never go there! If I do, I hope to GOD I never meet anyone there. That's the last damn thing I need now!! LOL! Though I do have a couple friends there. That's it, just a couple. And they are nice. But so far, they've been the only ones I've met that were nice. No others outside of them. But then they are not influenced by this radical, Paula Yates bullshit. In fact, one of these friends even said she met Paula Yates, and said she was bitchy and she hated her. LOL! So, she's by far not a fanatic!! That would be the only kind of English person to meet.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I Hate It!

Ya know, a lot of things have changed since I've gotten older. And especially since my pa passed away. I look back on the posts I made in this blog in the past and I think how irrelevant a lot of my thoughts were back then. Even those as recently as 2015. Things that mattered to me back then just don't seem to matter to me anymore. Things I used to have fun doing back then I don't seem to have as much fun doing anymore. I'm even getting to a point where writing blogs is not so enjoyable to me anymore. As I said in my last 2 posts, I've been having much more fun now making videos. I saw a video last night and the guy said that the rare type of YouTuber is those that are only on YouTube because they just love making videos. That's me! I didn't know that was a "rare kind" of YouTuber. I thought that's why all YouTubers are on that site. But I guess not. Some are indeed on there to make money. I've made some. Not as much as some others, but I have made some in my heyday.

Fact is, I was never on YouTube for the views, subscribers, ratings nor the comments. I have less than 400 subscribers. I may never even see 400 subscribers on my channel. I have a few videos that have more than 500 views, one even has had over 100,000 views. But on average, most of my videos receive less than 200 views. In fact, most of them are lucky to even see 200 viewers! But I never cared. I now have over 200 videos on my channel at YouTube. And I do it because I just love making videos. Simple as that! Don't misunderstand me, I do enjoy it when I get new subscribers and comments on my videos. But I am just saying those are not the only reason I am on YouTube. Believe me, if it was the only reason, I'd be saying "Like and subscribe" after each video. And I don't. Though sometimes when I am looking for other opinions on a subject, I will encourage people to leave me a comment. But even those endings are rare for me. I just like doing my own thing.

Anyways, I just hate being so mean! LOL! This morning, I noticed on my Instagram I got a notification from that Statue For Michael Hutchence group. I was like "Why am I still getting crap from these people?!" Then I wrote to them "Why am I still seeing this shit? You dumb bastards kicked me off your shitty group, remember? Fuck this!" LOL! I've been hanging around Katrina too much lately! I'm starting to talk like her now! She always ends sentences about things she doesn't like with "This sucks" or "Fuck this" or even "Fuck you!" Sentences about things she does like she ends with "cool" or "Awesome" or sometimes even "Oh boy!" I know this girl like a book! She hasn't changed at all in the past 20 years! But anyways, I kinda felt a little bad writing a comment like that, because at least one of those people was my friend at one time, and she was a decent friend. I just think, like I said in my video, that her mind went crazy when she became close friends with that radical Yatesfag, Vincent Lamaro! I still don't like him! I want nothing to do with him, and you know what? Katrina believes that is why this Kelly Poulter is so obsessed with me. She brought it up once before publicly, in that group, before I moved into the shelter, and I did invite her to PM me. But she was too much of a coward to do it. One thing I noticed about Kelly P, she has to have everyone on her side. She's so dependent on her friends to stand by her side and defend her. That's why she would not PM me about blocking Vincent. That's why she brought it up publicly in the group. Because she wanted to get her friends all on her side and wanted to make sure they all stayed there.

I am totally the opposite. I do not depend on my friends that much! That's what makes me so strong. Usually! LOL! But I've never been a clingy-type person like Kelly Poulter is. I love my friends and I communicate with them. But I do not count too heavily on them to come to my defense. I can pretty much take care of myself. Normally, I do it very well. But my immunity was weakened after my father died. I was the same way after Groucho (my dog) died, and also after my grandma died. If this drama had happened before my dad even fell ill, like back in 2015, I'd have just laughed it off and moved on. I would have just said that they were just a bunch of social justice bitches and sent them packing with a "fuck off". That's why I decided to leave Facebook. I need time to heal. I'm also working on getting a puppy. The puppy is going to be THE most important part of my healing process. It's actually quite embarrassing when your friends know you as "the strongest woman they've ever met" and you let a bunch of shithead liberals run you from Facebook. That is embarrassing as fuck! And that's not normally how I am!

Well, if it is indeed true Kelly P. does have cancer, I do hope she makes it. Yeah, I'm even questioning if that is really true. But I do hope she gets better if it is, and I hope she takes that as an opportunity to grow up. Stop letting her friends do her thinking for her and start standing on her own 2 feet. Like Katrina said in one of her videos, you can't keep running home to suck your mama's titty every time someone insults you. LOL!! I love Katrina's videos!! Check them out!

Katrina Hates You's videos

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Longest Time Away!

Except for the times I didn't have a computer on me, this is the first time I've been away from my blog for so long! LOL! But I am still here. I've just been making more videos than writing blogs. I've been like a kid with a new toy! Because I got a new toy. I got this new video editing program, and I've been having some fun with it. Now that I have it, I've been able to slow videos way down, or speed them up, I've been able to stop videos as well, and make them go backwards too. So I've been having fun! I can do all kinds of things now with videos, and so I've been making more videos and trying to learn all the little tricks I can do with this video editing software. So that is why I haven't been writing more blog posts lately. But I have been having fun! I plan to do more nature videos as well. I also want to make more full-length movies as well. I know for sure I want to make one of the day I get my puppy. If the breeder will let me, I'd love to film the process of picking which puppy I want. I want to put that in the movie. That is the fun part of picking a puppy! I can already imagine my face is going to be like that of a kid in a candy store!

I'm going to get one puppy this year, and another one next year too. LOL! This apartment complex allows each tenant to have up to 2 pets. So I am going to take full advantage of it. I'll get this one now, train it, raise it, train it to my specifications, and next year get another puppy, and the older one can help raise the newer one. That's my plan. Maybe even, as an adult, the older dog can kinda take the newer one under his/her wing. Been in touch with some breeders, and I will be ready to get my baby by the beginning of June.

Anyways, I've even shared this software with Katrina. She had a cute idea for videos too. If my sis wants this software, I can share with her too. I'm trying to help Katrina learn how to use this program. At the same time, trying to learn it myself. She's using her character from UMG Productions to do these videos. People love drama. So, I told her to make her videos dramatic. She's like me, she hates political correctness, she's got the Beavis and Butthead influence, she's cute and funny, so I think she could do good making videos. But I know she cannot do it every day. Only for a little while as she is still off on maternity leave. Although she said she is getting more hours at work. That makes her happy, because she is not used to being cooped up in the house all day. She even said she's put on 30 pounds that she needs to take off.

I also discovered Dailymotion, and they allow you to put up pay-per-view videos. I like that! And lately, I've been using Pivotshare. Don't get me wrong, Pivotshare is a good site. But they charge per minute. Dailymotion doesn't. The only thing I don't like about Dailymotion is the time limit. They only allow you to post up to a 60-minute video. They need to fix that. Some of my movies are longer than that! Like my Montana movie. I might even do that movie over again in HD, now that I have this software! I recommend it if you love making videos and like using special effects! It's from Cyberlink, it's called Power Director and they got version 15 out now. I love it! It does a lot of cool things with your videos!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Back To Video Blogs

I'm still here, just so you all know. I know it has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. That's because I've been having more fun creating videos. I am actually beginning to enjoy making videos now more than writing blogs. People reading words on a screen seems to cause them to misinterpret what is being written, or they make assumptions about what I am writing about. But in a video, it's a totally different story. In a video, you can say things, even sarcastically, and people know by your expressions and tone of voice that you are just being sarcastic. Whereas if the words are just written, they assume you really mean what you are saying. Shoot! That's why I miss having video comments allowed on my videos on Youtube. Not that many people really used that feature, and the last ones that did were a couple of teenagers who wanted to bash me because I'm a fat chick with her own opinion on why fat shaming does not work. But even then, I accepted their video comment because they had a right to their own opinions!

I did respect those teenagers for putting a video up of themselves bashing me though. Not many trolls do that. Most of them go trolling and bitching about how someone else looks and they have no pics or videos up of themselves. A couple days ago, I finished off a battle with this guy who called himself The Blythonian. He's from England. But he was bashing me because I love dogs and I hate cats, so he's a catfag. He hates dogs and thinks everyone else should too. But I cannot help how I feel. Cats are the spawn of Satan. Dogs are not. Look at how cats turn people against each other. I even saw it when my sis and I had cats. We had a cat that had kittens, and I actually grew to HATE those damn kittens!! Because they kept tearing up the house! They kept bringing fleas into the place. I couldn't wait to get rid of those damn kittens! I said I'm going to find whatever homes I can get for them, and I don't care if they are good homes with loving families, or bad homes where the takers feed them to a pet python, I just wanted those damn kittens OUT of my house!! My sis didn't like me saying that, and we almost got into a fist fight because I said that. That is a good example of how cats turn people against each other, which is why I will always believe cats are the spawn of Satan. Not real animals, but demons in disguise. Satan often comes in the form of something cute and overly friendly, so much so that people want to turn against others who don't like them. And ask any catfag why they like cats and they will all tell you "because they are so cute and sweet". It is said that when Satan comes, he will turn man against one another and all things good. Well, cats have done that. You should see some of the nasty comments I get from catfags on YouTube. And ALL of them are for nothing more than because I don't like cats. Also all those same people will tell you that they don't like dogs. And dogs actually love us. There is no logical reason not to like dogs.

I love animals. Not demons. So I don't like cats.

Anyways, The Blythonian began talking loudly about how fat I am and how ugly I am. And not just me! He began to attack Michael Hutchence too. He called Michael ugly and a philanderer, and called Lily Paula's "bastard child". Those were HIS words! And like I always do, I go to his channel to try and observe how much better he looks than me or Michael, knowing he's from England, I don't expect to find much. But I do notice he doesn't have a single picture or video up of himself. So, that night when he tried to bring that shit up again, I told him to shut the fuck up! I said I noticed he doesn't have any videos of himself on his channel so he's obviously hiding something. I told him at least I have the guts to put my ugly self on the internet! I have zero respect for anyone who comments so harshly about how bad I look, and yet they do not show their own faces online because those people are nothing more than a troll. It's like "grow some balls, put up a picture or video of yourself, THEN come to me about how ugly Michael or I look!" And I'll tell you, that troll had better look like a goddamn fucking Adonis!!! Because my Michael is damn-near perfect!

Well, I never heard back from The Blythonian, so I assume he could not handle the challenge. But seeing as how he doesn't like dogs, and he prefers cats, I guess I can safely assume he looks very similar to this...

Or since he's also from England, chances are he probably more looks like this...

Either way, neither one is as good looking as Michael was.

Anyways, I've been having fun making videos over the past week or so. I did one video about the radicals, and why I hate them.

The beginning of this video is rather disturbing, so watch with caution.

I also did one about a pitbull type dog attacking it's owner, and in this one I describe why sometimes I can understand why some people don't like dogs. Though I like dogs, and even pitbulls, what I don't like is bad owners and backyard breeders and puppymillers who breed the dogs that do this kind of shit.

But what has become most famous now are my videos where I talk about Onision. He is a hot topic now. Well, Onision is a radical! And I can't stand radicals! He really burned me up when I found out that he made some girl sign a contract. Not a job contract. But a dating contract. Kindof like a prenup contract. Coming from a feminist, I'd say that is very wrong! No one should sign a "dating contract". I told Onision if he had made me sign a contract before accepting me into a relationship, I'd tell him to shove it up his ass! Especially the fact that he would not let the girl see her family except on holidays. I wanted to rip him a new asshole! Yes, I was triggered!

I had to say something! I barely ever watch Onision's videos. Not much he puts out is worth watching. But ever since Katrina brought him to my attention, I've felt the need to see these and respond to his actions. I have another response video to his pedophile test, and you can see that on my channel.

One last thing; to Michael, Happy birthday boo!! Love ya!! Here's 57 kisses for you!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Angry Millennials

My goodness! And people thought I was an asshole? Wow! And I have nothing to do with this. This is a thread from a video of a guy who is doing the census. No one likes the census, I admit to not wanting to do it myself! But I also know the people who go door to door, taking the census are just doing their job. They have no control over what the government wants. I never wanted to delve into peoples' private lives!! No way! But this was back in 2000 in a small town. I needed a job, and this one was available. But anyways, I made a comment on this video some guy filmed of the census people coming to his house. Yes, I know I probably should have not commented at all, but sometimes you just cannot help it!

Well, the next thing I know, I am getting smashed with a bunch of those over-privileged, internet brave, foul-mouthed millennials my sis has been telling me about. Really!! As if I had any control over how to do the job! I don't know why these people are coming after me over a job that I had almost 20 years ago! Just a bunch of keyboard warriors who just want to kick someone in the gut because they have too much time on their hands! Or because everyone else is doing it. They're talking at me as if I had that job yesterday, and that I had control over what I had to do. I just don't know how else to say it, they're griping to the wrong person. I only had that job once, and that was back in 2000, and I only had it for a couple days. Makes no sense to complain to me, I don't know what I could have done about it. Besides I had a family to take care of. I needed a job, ANY job! It's no different than someone who takes a job flipping burgers for money. Katrina was living with me and my sis at the time, so I had to make sure she was fed and clothed.

Here's an example of some of the hate-filled comments I got on that thread.

My response: Like I said, it's no different than someone flipping burgers for money. Why else would anyone take any job? Money is not going to just come to you if you ask. So, I had to take whatever job I could get. I had bills to pay.

Here's another:

LOL!! I had to laugh at this one! My response is: Well, I really wanted to supervise the launching of the rockets for the United States Space Program, but the census job came along first. Sorry dude, but the bill collectors would not wait for their money!

And to the literal people, that was SARCASM!

There was one that shit I cannot post! I unfortunately blocked him before I saved his comment, but he was trashing me as a person and then said something to the effect of "You want respect for doing that job? Cry, cry, cry, waa, waa, waa! Well fuck you too!" I remember his name was Roger, but don't remember his last name now! Bummer! I tend to block people who sound like they belong behind bars, and he was one of them. I told all these people to leave me alone! I had nothing to do with the job description! I just did what I had to do to take care of my family! Geez!! Now you all can again see why I hate people! Especially these damn keyboard warriors!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When And How To Be Honest

OK, let me first point out, I am not a liberal. I am not a democrat. I speak my mind too, and yes I have been through drama because of it, so I know how it feels. But Katrina showed me a video of a man named Onision. I just have to say something. I don't care for the guy, and yes I also am known for being something of an asshole too, and I am not exactly calling him a pedophile. Though I do believe, in a small way, he is one. I mean really, he married a teenage girl when he was almost in his 30s! There's something about it that doesn't sound right to me. Anyways, the video was Onision giving people his opinion of their bodies. Well, he says the girls asked for it, so he gave it to them. Yes, I will also give my opinion, and especially if people ASK me! I will give them my honest opinion. And I too say don't get angry at me if you ask me for it and I give it to you. That's what I do. I am an honest person. But my opinion is just my opinion. I do not state it as fact. The only "fact" is that it is my opinion. Opinions are not facts. It is just how one person sees the world, whether it is me or Onision, or anyone else. I think some INXS fans are stupid for thinking I think cancer is a joke, especially since they knew cancer killed my father. But I am sure they don't agree with me that they are stupid. But that's their opinion.

Yeah I know! I just had to throw that ball in the park one more time! LOL!

What ticks me off about the way Onision did his video, is he is dealing with young girls (and possibly young boys). OK, it's one thing to give your most honest, brutal opinion. But what he did was attack children. You are not dealing with adults. You say to an adult "Hey. Your body looks like Shrek's body. You should go on a diet. I would suggest veganism." What's the worst they are going to do? Probably punch you in the nose. But you say to a child, especially one that has been looking up to you as a hero, that her body looks like Shrek's and you find her "disgusting", well, you're going to scar that child for life. What he should have done was think. Think about the person he was talking to. I may be an asshole sometimes, but one thing I have never said to anyone is that I think they are disgusting or ugly or anything like that. Well, usually when I call someone "ugly", I mean it as in their attitude. Unless I am talking about Paula Yates. I never met Paula Yates, although I do know someone who has. So, I can't judge on her personality. But I can talk about how she looks. Yes that is fair, because she is a celebrity. No matter that she has children out there. She put herself out there, just like me. It's like the shark scenario. You go in the ocean, and you may get attacked by sharks. The sharks do not care about your rights, or your children. All it knows is that it is hungry and you are potential food. But you put yourself in a situation where a shark can attack you.

But really, you've got to think of the person you are talking to, especially if they are children. You can be honest without being a jerk. You could have left out the mocking overtones; calling the child "disgusting" and saying she looks like Shrek, and instead just said something to the effect of "I think you could be super cute if you would lose some weight." And leave out the vegetarian-vegan advice! No one asked you for that and you have no right to tell them what to eat!! There are ways you can eat even red meat and still lose weight! Katrina said that if she ever meets Onision, she's going to kick her 3-inch high heel shoe up his butt and pull it out slowly. Those were her words, not mine! LOL!! But she said that people like him are the reason she won't let her kids post pics of themselves online. She doesn't even post pics of her kids online! She told me she never will either. Just to me and my sis, that's it. And her messages are always private.

Well, since Katrina showed me this video, I did a little research of my own. Someone said in a video that one of the girls Onision posted in his online video was the 13-year old little sister of one of his subscribers, and the subscriber asked Onision to remove her picture from the video and Onision wouldn't do it. The fact that Onision used a child's half-nude picture in his video is bad enough, but since the sibling asked Onision to remove the picture and he wouldn't, that kind of thing pisses me off more! Now, I confess to using other peoples' pics in my videos, I recently did a video and put some pics of Tess Obrien in it. But she is a grown woman, and I did not attack her child! I draw the line at attacking children, especially now that I am in my 40s. The video is still up, but no one has asked me to take it down yet. If they did, I might. But hey, it's doing pretty good on YouTube. Onision says these kids posted these pics on his forum under their own will. But he should have said no. If that were my forum, I would have said to the first person that posted pics of themselves half-naked not to do that or they would be banned! Especially if I even suspect it's a child. Onision uses the excuse that "most of" his fanbase is between 18-25 years old. The problem with that is he's going by the stats on YouTube. You can't go strictly by that, because kids lie! Believe me they do! Some get on YouTube to view adult videos! So, they lie about their age. I've heard one person admit that before. Long time ago, some guy who calls himself JackSpicer2311 admitted he said his age was 25-30 on his YouTube profile because he wanted to watch a video of Saddam Hussein's execution. He was really 15 at the time. I saved that video before he went and made it private. I won't post it here, out of respect for him, since he made it private, but anyways, it proves that kids often lie on their YouTube profile so they can watch age-restricted videos. Something to think about, Onision.

Just a few words of advice, not an attack. I'm not a fan of Onision's, never was subscribed to him, he always seemed a bit too edgy to me. But I cannot hate the guy. I won't jump on the bandwagon, I know what it's like myself to have so-called "friends" abandon me. Though I have to say none of them ever met me personally. I pray to GOD they never do either. But if they did, and really got to know me, I'm pretty sure their hostile opinions of me would change. Heck! We don't want to do that, now do we? LOL!! But one thing they can never accuse me of doing, is saying to a child she is disgusting or she looks like Shrek, or some kind of shit like that.

OK, I saw a post from back in 2009, and this yankovich kid did pester me, but he was one fat kid making fun of another fat person. He deserved it. It was more like an eye-opener for him. And I wasn't even in my 40s in 2009! LOL!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Timmyfan Rides The Great Wheel

I finally did it! I finally made my video riding the Great Wheel! I think it's one of my best video creations! But that's my own opinion. Check it out yourself. I actually filmed this in 2013, when I was living in Port Angeles. I had to ride the ferry at one point in the video. But it made for an interesting part of the video. Anyone who wants to travel to Seattle, this makes a great attraction to come and visit.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well thank GOD 2016 is closing. But it could not seem to resist taking one last 80s icon before it closed. It took George Michael on Christmas day. Katrina was saddened by it because she likes him. I'm a little upset about it too, but not devastated. So many celebs fell victim to 2016, this year will always be remembered as the year we lost many celebrities. For me, it wasn't the death of the celebrities that mattered. I stopped crying for dead celebrities after Michael died. After that, no other celebrity death meant anything to me. Michael was my world! My everything. But it was the death of my father that tore me up the most this year. I'll never forgive 2016 for taking him from me. The only thing I am grateful for is that this year did not claim my Timmy!! I was worried though!

I read there was a GoFundMe campaign going on that someone set up to pay this year to leave Betty White alone. Oddly she was the oldest of the Golden Girls, but she is also the only one who is still alive. She is in her 90s though. She just might make it to 100. Maybe even beyond. I miss my pa though. I knew holidays without him was going to be the hardest. It was! The pain was a bit eased up with my sis and the dogs here. Especially the dogs! I even made a video of our holiday! I made it into a movie. Check it out! https://youtu.be/x2pbgkAZzsU

I hope to also make a video when I get my puppy. Like the one I made when my sis got her puppy back in 2000. Only better. But a lot of that will also be up to the breeder I plan to visit. I don't want to include scenes with the breeder, or their house, unless he (or she) is OK with it. I'm not that kind of filmmaker! But I can include scenes of just myself, and later on I can put the puppy on film. I plan to make a weekend of it. It'll be fun! I hope! I don't want anything ruining it! Now, I can hardly wait to get my pup! I can be a happy girl again!

This year has also taught me who my real friends are. I've found most of the people I met on Facebook are not that at all. But then again, most of them were liberals. I hate to say it but a lot of INXS fans are liberals. Well, I know I am probably the most hated INXS fan out there now, but you know what? I really do not care. Truly, I don't! I've been told all my life that I am not very popular, and when I was a kid I admit it, that did bother me. But believe me, it doesn't anymore. I actually like it that not a lot of people like me. I'm happy to say that most of my friends are non-humans. Hey! At least animals do not judge you, they don't turn their back on you when you're in mourning, they don't do what the "popular crowd" is doing just to fit in. The only animals that are likely to stab a person in the back is a cat and I don't have any cats! No plans to get one either. I keep watching videos and movies of people who are betrayed by their human friends, and I've had it happen to me more times than I care to remember, so believe me, I am happy that no person likes me. I just don't like them going around telling everyone that I think cancer is a joke when they are fully aware I lost my pa to cancer! UGH!! Stupid people!

Seriously! Do you think a hyena is upset because it's the most hated animal on the savanna? Do you think a tiger is depressed because the other animals in the jungle hate his guts? Do you think naked mole rats are sad by the fact that humans think they are ugly? My guess to all these would be no. No animal is upset by this kind of thing. It may be traumatizing to a child, but not to me. Of course these animals would not be upset by false rumors being spread around about them either. We tell stories to our children with these animals all the time, the animals don't care. A person can learn a lot from watching and studying animals. In a lot of ways, animals are indeed smarter than humans.