Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Is Dying

NO!!! I don't want Christmas to die! I grew up celebrating it and I want to keep it that way. Well now because of stupid snowflakes, even the schools are going to not allow the mention of Christmas in their classrooms. I would SO hate to be a child in today's world! Seriously! And you know who is the cause of all this? Atheists! A special kind of snowflake. They don't want it to be called "Christmas" anymore. They don't want people even using the word in the classroom. You can't say "Merry Christmas" anymore. Now they want people to use the term "Happy Holidays". I even saw a video about a school principal that wanted to ban candy canes from her school because its in the form of a letter J, which stands for Jesus. That is so DUMB!!

Modern liberals make me so sick! They want to ban everything that this country was built on. Of course the indians did not worship the GOD we know, they worship the sun, which is their god. But this country would never have advanced the way it did if not for the original settler's belief in GOD. People today seem to have forgotten that. Or they don't want to face it. I'm surprised they haven't forced all white people to move back to Europe. Well, with all the damn muslims who live there now, the only way you'd get me to move to Europe is with a gun in my back! Even then, I'd probably fight it. Because I would rather be dead than live side-by-side with muslims. They don't like dogs. I refuse to live with people like that all around me! And if any of them does anything bad to my dog, I'll break their necks!

Ya know, I've been bad-mouthed by muslims who say my attitude is why muslims cannot be accepted in this country. I told him the reason muslims are not accepted in this country is because they know they are all out to kill american christians. They want to start off with killing christians, then they want to progress to killing anyone else who will not worship Mohammed. And I refuse to worship Mohammed!! It was his stupid idea to ban dogs from muslim homes. Yet he says it's OK if you want cats in your home. Fuck that!! Fuck cats! I don't want them in my home!! A home with just a cat is not a home. It's a hell. I know because I lived with cats before and I hated every bit of it. They made the house smell worse than any dog I've ever had! They get into everything and knock things over and break things. Its like having a permanent toddler in the house! Only this one never grows up.

Well, Mohammed said something about angels not entering a house with a dog in it. Well, he LIED!! I feel the spirit of my grandma, my father, and GOD all around me! They are my angels. But when I had cats, if there were any angels in there then, they sure made the house stink! The only reason Mohammed said angels will enter a house with cats is because apparently cats were his "favorite animals" and he just didn't want to have to give them up. Not because it was true. He was probably one of those nearly gay men who preferred cats over dogs, with a high, squeaky voice and a limp wrist. Back in Mohammed's day, cats were seen as evil creatures by normal, thinking human beings. So, Mohammed wanted to make cats sound better than they actually are by telling his followers that angels will accept a house with cats, but not with dogs.

Besides, if cats are supposed to be near the ranking of GOD (or "Allah"), then why are so many cat people atheists? That's something I've noticed. Every atheist I know is a cat person. Not usually a dog person. Including one of my old best buddies, Cathy. Cathy is actually an agnostic, and she is a cat person. So definitely if Mohammed prefers cats, and cats welcome angels into the home, then why don't they invite some angels into the homes of atheists to help them believe in GOD? I'll tell you why. Because angels do NOT accept homes with cats in them!! Cats are Satan's advocates. Not GOD's. Dogs are really GOD's advocates. Almost every christian person I know is more into dogs than cats. Besides, there's got to be a good reason so many more people are allergic to cats than they are to dogs. I really and truly think cats were not meant to be domesticated.

I heard Mark Twain judged peoples' character by how much they liked cats. LOL! I had no idea Mark Twain was a wussy! I thought he was something of a genius the way he wrote classic stories. But if he judged people by how much they liked cats, then he must not have been very smart at all, and must not have had many friends. Back in his day, almost nobody liked cats. And nobody kept cats in the house. Yet serial killers were a rare thing then, and so was autism.

Speaking of which, I heard Donald Trump believes in that baloney about autism being caused by vaccines. I had to go to Twitter and tell him myself that vaccines are NOT the cause of autism. The rise in the popularity of cats is the cause of the rise in autism. Because cats carry parasites that affect peoples' brains. It's even worse if there is a cat and a pregnant woman in the house. THAT is what is causing autism in kids today. But people (especially vegans) don't want anyone to know that because they don't want to have to get rid of their "precious" cats. (that's sarcasm BTW. I'd NEVER call a cat "precious").

Well, I hate it that we now have to get rid of the phrase "Merry Christmas". Now they want us to just say "Happy Holidays". Which I am fine with. I used to always use that too, around Halloween. But I use it because IMO, it covers ALL the holidays during this season. Not just Christmas. It's like saying "Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's" all in one phrase. But Christmas is one of the last holidays this season (until New Year's), so around this time of year, I usually use the term "Merry Christmas". But whether I choose to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" is MY choice, I wouldn't do either for anyone special. Too many people want to cater to others who are just not normal, thinking, rational human beings. I say fuck them! I wouldn't say anything to those people anyways!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Miracle or Just Simple Kindness?

Wow! I don't know what to think! I never would have believed something like this could happen to me. Not me! Somebody else maybe. But definitely not me!

I went grocery shopping yesterday at one of our 2 local grocery-department stores. One of the reasons I needed to go yesterday was because I needed to get some peppermint sticks for some cookies I was going to make. Every year for Christmas, it has become a tradition to make peppermint meltaway cookies. It's a family favorite. I had my portable cart (what I like to call my "little old lady cart") with me, and I had some groceries piled up almost to the rim of this cart. I always go by dial-a-ride. I don't take the bus anymore because the construction in this town has made the buses so unreliable! I never know when the bus will actually get me to my destination. Besides, when I have a shitload of groceries, it's no fun taking the bus and walking from the bus stop to my apartment, and Mya hates the sound of that cart rolling. Besides, Mary is back. And I don't like her. She's a consistent bus rider. I don't like her because she is constantly shit-talking me and Mya. She doesn't even know either of us! I talked to her for maybe 30 minutes one time, but she still doesn't know me! And she sure doesn't know Mya. And now she has even shit-talked my sis. Katrina thinks she may have the beginnings of dementia, and I don't know maybe she's right. Or she may be shit-talking me because I don't talk to her. But shit-talking someone is not a good way to get someone to talk to you. It's a great way to get even more ignored and disliked.

Believe me, I know. hehehehe!!! 😁 I'm saying though, Mary could be shit talking me and my family to seek some kind of attention from me. Any kind. Maybe because I am the only one in this town who doesn't speak to her, that's the only way she can think of to get my attention. Some people are like that. They get bothered by that one person who does not talk to them, even though everybody else talks to them, so they seek to get that person's attention any way they have to. Even by being hateful. But what Mary doesn't know is that I am an introvert. I only talk to people I know VERY well. Not to be unkind. That's just the way an introvert is.

Anyways, yesterday I went to the local grocery store and I had finished all my shopping, paid for it, and I went into the area where the shopping carts were kept to wait for the dial-a-ride bus. I don't think I looked like a tramp, I had on a nice top. The pants were used but still clean. But anyways, while I was sitting there, I saw this woman approach me from outside. I'd never seen her before, but I saw she was coming up to me. She handed me something and said "Merry Christmas" and walked back outside. I looked at the object she put in my hand and saw it was a $20 bill! I thanked her! By that time, she was already walking outside. I was stunned though. That has never happened to me before!! I didn't question it though. I live here alone, so I don't get many Christmas gifts. I get all kinds of cards from family though. But no one has ever just handed me money like that before. I mentioned this on Facebook and my mom said "The LORD works in mysterious ways!" She's right too! HE does! I sure could use that extra $20! It'll come in handy!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Michael's Statue Approved

Well, I heard this morning about Michael's statue being approved. That's wonderful!! I am actually glad to hear that. Even though it was the brain child of an asswipe, still it's awesome. I haven't seen that asswipe in a while, and I believe she deleted her Facebook account. But who cares?! All that aside, I still wanted to see this happen. Of course I haven't joined many INXS groups on Facebook. I have no intention of joining either. I'm even considering leaving one of the groups. I'm actually in too many INXS groups! I don't like that. So, I'm thinking of leaving one or more of them.

The other day, someone on a group posted a video of an interview with Michael. It was a bad recording, and was only a small piece of the interview. Well, I found a better version of the full interview and I was going to share it with the other people in the group. I came close! I had the link copied and I was on my way back to the group to post it. But then I stopped myself. I thought about back when I posted that full version of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong on the Statue for Michael group. I thought about how much I now regret sharing that with that group of bozos! I should not have done it! And if I'd known back then how those people were going to turn their backs on me after my father died, I wouldn't have shared it with them! When I copied that link for this interview video, I said to myself "Wait a minute! What am I doing?!" I closed down the Facebook page, saying "Screw that! They can come to YouTube and find this themselves! I'm not sharing this with anyone!"

Well, I got the video now, in my own collection. That's where it's staying. I'll never post it to Facebook. Fuck that! I'm never posting anything I have to Facebook INXS groups again. Ya know something? I heard Delilah P. (or Violet Hamilton whatever the fuck it calls it's self now) is now taking credit for that video I posted of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong. That stupid fuck had NOTHING to do with finding that video! She was originally one of the fans who complained because she couldn't find part 1 of that video, which had somehow been taken off of YouTube. I was the one who saved all 3 parts to that video. I was the one who put them together and made them a full video. I was also unfortunately the one who posted that video first on Facebook. Now, I wish I hadn't. Well, there is a special place for Delilah in Hell when she leaves this world. I just would so LOVE to punch that woman square in the gut before then.

Funny thing how I used to think INXS fans were the nicest fans of all. But no. I was wrong. Too many of them are liberals. I am also a member of another Facebook group of another rock group, and I've actually found the fans of that group are much more fun than INXS fans. They don't seem to be quite as uptight as INXS fans are. They know more how to cut loose and have fun. They also have their own little "class clown" in the group and everyone seems to have accepted him pretty well. INXS fans would see someone like that and cast him out as a troublemaker. Like they did me. I don't know. Maybe it's because INXS fans are getting too old. But they take things much more literal and much more personal than fans of other groups seem to. I think anytime you have a dead band member, the fans are eventually going to act so uptight. And even more so if the girlfriend of that deceased band member kills herself.

I still don't like Paula Yates. Nothing is going to change that. I still think Michael should not have gotten with her at all. He'd still be here if he hadn't.

Well, this morning the fans were asked what pose they'd like to see Michael's statue in. I remember when this first got started, people wanted to see Michael put up in that pose he's in on the album cover for Live Baby Live; with his arms outstretched and facing the sky. Personally, I don't want to see that pose for this statue. Think about it. This statue may be 10 feet tall. Who is going to be able to see his face if it's facing skyward? I think he should be in a pose where he's looking out into the world. Maybe something more similar to this...

With a microphone in his hands of course. But more like this than like that pose on the Live Baby Live album cover.

Well, regardless of what I think of that Statue for Michael group, I am glad to see this finally come to fruition. Of all the people who have statues in this world in their honor, few deserve it as much as Michael does. He had a natural talent for singing. That's rare for anyone. But shit! Why Melbourne??? Melbourne is a shithole!! I haven't been there myself, and have no plans whatsoever to go, but from what I hear from native conservative Australians, Melbourne is Australia's California. It's a place where the worst of the worst go to fester. So that must mean that there is no chance I will get to see this statue. But oh well! Just knowing it's there is good enough for me. Michael's sister seems to be really happy about this too, and that's what counts. She had this to say...

For sure! Her own baby doll will finally be remembered for the talented person he was! So many people seem to have forgotten how great Michael really was. People today remember the 1980s, but don't seem to remember how INXS shaped the 80s. That can certainly be visible in the Shabooh Shoobah album. In 1982 and 83, the music was corny!! To put it mildly! I remember hearing the songs from those years and they were more like something you'd hear on albums of children's songs, with someone who has a kooky voice singing. But not Shabooh Shoobah. Listen to Don't Change and try to tell me that song is not ahead of it's time!! You won't hear anything like it before 1984 at all! That is how INXS shaped 80s music.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Am I Losing Connection?

Man! On Quora, I've noticed that I'm getting a lot of shit from people for posting this one answer. LOL! The question was about what are some weird facts about animals that nobody else knows. I took some of the most interesting and unusual facts from a 2008 blog in this site (that I actually got from an old email I received back then) and posted them as my response to that question. I also added an extra one myself that was not on that list about Streaked tenrecs. Well over the past couple of days, several people have told me that several things I listed are wrong. LOL! I just sit back and smile at them, because the only one that nobody has said was wrong was the one I wrote about Streaked tenrecs. Only the ones I got off that old list. They were things I never knew of was right or wrong, but I listed them in my answer because they were the most interesting.

Anyway, people are going to see those and say I don't know shit about animals. I remember last year, Gabby Guthrie said the same thing because I said that a dog, someone claimed was a husky, actually looked more like an akita. Gabby mocked my opinion because she was an akita owner. Well, I believe whole-heartedly she was just a teenager (or an old fart who thinks like a teenager) playing games with me. That's why I have her blocked on Facebook. I'm not there to play games with kids. Nor with people who think like kids. Shoot! That was the reason I used to hate show breeders. Because the ones I used to meet acted like little kids on the playground! That's still the reason I hate ADS people too. But really, if the only indication she had that I don't know about animals is me seeing a dog, that looked like an akita, and saying so, then that's not bad. Really! I never said it was an akita. I just said it looked like one.

But anyways, all that aside. After seeing those people on Quora correcting the things I wrote in my answer, I wonder, have I lost my knowledge of animals? I really have not been keeping up with the latest findings about modern animals. That's because the new findings go against what I learned as a kid. For example, now the Malagasy carnivores have been taken out of the family of mongooses and civets. Modern scientists have found that they've been isolated long enough to perpetuate a whole new family. But I don't see it that way. I see it the way I've always seen it, that they look like mongooses, so they are mongooses. But then again, one could argue that because opossums look like rats, that they must be rats. Or that because koalas look like bears, then they must be bears. Or because lions look more like dogs, that they must be dogs. Which I know is not so. But now, because of new studies in DNA, people are finding out differences we used to think was just simply variety, now constitute these animals to represent different families.

I dunno, I will never get used to the new methods! That's why I stopped studying today's animals. I stick with my mammals of tomorrow. I'd rather do that than anything. At least I know if an animal is different, I can place it in a different group myself. I have a simple classification method I use in my Metazoic site; I separate animals in groups of Large Grazers, Small Grazers, Carnivores, Flying Mammals, and Pentadactyls (formerly primates). Although a family can be divided among those groups. For example the Metazoic kangaroo family. There are small grazers and large grazers in that group in the Metazoic. But there is also one carnivorous genus; Carnophalanger. It is Australia's top predator in the Metazoic. It reins above all else, even crocodiles. You'd never known it was related to a group of nearly 100% grazers. Unlike the majority of kangaroos today, in the Metazoic most roos are able to move their legs independently. So, Carnophalanger moves more like an ostrich. It only hops when it needs to.

Anyways, that is why I don't know much about modern animals. Not as much as I used to. I guess I've lost touch with modern studies. I still class the Malagasy carnivores in the same family with mongooses and civets today, and in the Metazoic, even expanded the family. I will always class them together. I see very little difference. I call it simple variety. And anyways, I prefer to keep going with my Metazoic animals anyways. As soon as I reach my goal of 5000 species of mammals in the Metazoic, then I will concentrate on birds of the Metazoic. I've already got a page dedicated to flightless birds in the Metazoic. As soon as I reach my goal for the mammals, I'll work on flying birds. First, I'm thinking of coming up with more Microchiropters. I should! In today's world, they outnumber the pteropods. Although I like the pteropods better. They're cuter. But I know cuter does not always mean they will outrank their uglier competitors. If that were so, then African wild dogs would outrank lions in Africa! Well, the dogs are better hunters. But they are also cuter than lions are. However, they are not as strong when they stand alone against a lion.

Well, in the Metazoic, I think I'll keep the main difference between the pteropods and microbats being that the pteropods are active during the day, and microbats only at night. We need some night mammals in the Metazoic. I don't have many. I'm trying to make tomorrow's mammals opposite of what they are today. Most mammals today are active mostly at night. Lately even some that have been active during the day are moving around more at night because of humans. But in the Metazoic, humans are gone. So, mammals can move around more during the day.

But anyways, I'm either losing touch or losing my mind. Well, I lost my mind long ago. LOL! But I am also losing touch with modern animals because I've been working too hard on my futuristic mammals. Even in my stories, almost all the animals I use in my stories are from my Metazoic site. Well, that started with the story "The Mischievous Mongoose". When that story was first written by a friend, and I used to take it to school to get other peoples' opinions of it. Most people saw it was about a mongoose and right off they'd think "It sounds like Rikki Tikki Tavi." Well, I got tired of that. So did the friend I had that wrote the story. Well, in 1994, after working on my Metazoic project for a while, I got an idea. How about use one of the mongoose species from that project instead and rewrite the whole story over again? And it worked! With the permission from the remaining family, I rewrote the story to accommodate one of the mongooses from my collection. I chose this guy...

Meet Tarboailurus, a giant mongoose of the future. Definitely NOT Rikki Tikki Tavi!! This is an 18-foot long version of Rikki Tikki Tavi. And his only prey is not snakes. Though they could take on an anaconda and win. Although Diana, the mongoose in the story, is a baby throughout the story, she does play with dangerous snakes and kills them. But in the end, she and her new friends, Jasper and Katie, meet "The Mad Anaconda", who takes Katie as his prey. And Diana rescues her.

Tarboailurus is BIG!! But it is also very fast, just like modern mongooses. It has 12-inch long canines that it uses to stab it's prey. It has retractable claws like a cat's, to subdue it's prey. It also has a long, stiff tail that is used for balance when it leaps onto the back of a large prey animal. And yes, if this animal were around today, it'd be very dangerous to humans! You couldn't imagine being chased by an 18-foot long animal that moves like lightening, with 12-inch sharp teeth and 5-inch razor-sharp claws, and sees you as prey. No human could survive that!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Who Is In Charge??

Well, another year without Michael has come and gone. I celebrated the way I usually do, by watching his videos and surrounding myself with his pics. And kissing every one of them. LOL! I love and miss my Michael so much!! Well, now I am ready for Christmas and I already put up my tree. It's simply a little artificial tree and the decorations are some that my sis gave me a couple years ago. But they work just fine! I've got some other decorations that I need to try and find. And I want to go to the local store and look for an ornament to represent this year, like I have every year. Last year's ornament was a hand-made one I got from my home teachers. The year before that I got an ornament of a border collie lying next to a package. I might hand-make this year's ornament. I'm going to get me a wood burning machine. Once I get it, I'm going to make some of my own decorative crafts. I was thinking of making a special ornament for Katrina with a picture of Chris Cornell that says "Merry Chris-mas". LMAO!! She will LOVE it!! I'll make some for my sis and my mom and stepfather too. IF I get the machine in time!! I can hand those out this year instead of Christmas cards.

Well, last night on Quora, I got into a little bit of a scuffle with someone, I think was a catfag. Someone asked the question "Why do people call their cats Mister (something) and not their dogs?" I answered "Because cat people are delusional!" Actually, I have seen people call their dogs "Mister" or "Ms". I once knew of someone who had a dog named "Little Miss". My sis Eva had a cat named "Mister Muffles". A big old gray, hairy cat. Not a tabby!! Just gray. Well, someone commented on my answer and said "Cat people are actually less delusional than dog people. We know our cats are in charge of the house and we have accepted it." I told her "Nah! That's a mental disorder if you believe that shit! The cat doesn't pay the rent or mortgage. The cat doesn't pay the bills. The cat can't even pay for it's own food or shitbox." Seriously! Cat people are fricken retarded if they believe their dumb cats are in charge!! That's like saying the 35-year old child that moved back home and refuses to work is the one in charge of the house.

Well, she responded with "The cat gets food, lodging, entertainment and doesn't have to lift a paw. While everyone else works. What does that tell you about who is in charge?" I told her "Nothing. It tells me you have some problems. My dog gets the same treatment and I don't say she is in charge. When she brings in some money, THEN she will be in charge." Honestly! You understand now why I find cat people so fricken annoying!!! Sometimes I feel I'm beginning to sound like Catsredrum. Ah but Catsredrum was probably a catfag too. With a name like that, there's very little doubt in my mind about that! Plus, I believe she was a liberal. Not so much an SJW. But definitely a liberal. Well, she was from Portland. That says enough. To this day, I truly believe she did behind closed doors, exactly the shit she made fun of other fans doing out in public.

I haven't spoke of Catsredrum in a long time. LOL! Well there's no point in it now. That forum she monitored is down now. I remember how she used to just go on and on and on about me, griping about me almost daily. Even after I left there and said nothing about her for months. Most of it was just plain hysterical bullshit. The only thing said on her forum that truly pissed me off was when one of her stupid-ass friends implied that I let my Groucho die just so I could attend a concert!! That made me madder than ANYTHING!!! It was after that that I finally just said "This has got to stop now!!" I did not want them spreading bullshit like that around anywhere. What if one of my breeder friends read that and believed it?? You know how people are! They'll believe any negativity someone says about another person. As long as they say it loud enough! So, I gave Catsredrum the same shit she'd given me for the previous 5 months. I don't think she liked that either. LOL!! Pretty soon, she and the people on that forum were referring to me as "the stalker". LOL!! I loved that. My mission had been accomplished with that! That was the same thing as them admitting they were stalking me and other fans because what I did to them was no different than what they did.

I did nothing more. Absolutely nothing that they didn't do to me. That's how you teach people like that to respect! You give them the same shit they do to you. Nothing more, nothing less. And that is what I did! And you see how much they like it. LOL! I did the same thing to Hobofart. I taught him respect! Notice he hasn't bothered me since I showed that video to his friend. The one that showed he was the one who tattled on her. Of course Hobofart tried to get even with me by reporting my blog to the people at the complex in Bozeman. LOL! That was "the best" shit he had on me. But I showed him! I stood my ground! I did not back down. Nor was I going to. Fuck Hobofart! I hope that taught him he can not overtake the TimmyHutchFan!!! hehehehe!!

Actually, it's very hard to insult me. I have a lot of tolerance. I was only weak for a bit after my father died. That was all. Like I told a friend today, I think I am back to my old self. But I am a little bit more wary. I deleted some INXS fans from my friends on Facebook. I just don't want too many of them. Besides, I have Mya. She helps me a lot! She helped get me back on my feet after my pa died. She picked me up where everyone else brought me down. She makes me happy again! In that respect, I guess she has earned her keep. Just by being here. No catfag can ever say that and mean it. Unless it's their mental illness talking.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wow This Year Is Different!

Ya know, usually I think of something special to do for this day. Every year I think of something special. Last year I released the INXS compilation book on UMG Productions. Since then, I've given a few away. Well, one is still on hold. Mostly to my real INXS buddies. Not the phonies. The REAL ones. LOL! Well, I don't have contact with the phony ones anymore. I've blocked all of those. They may purchase a copy if they want to, I can't stop them from doing that. But I'll never give them a copy. Well, funny thing, I noticed Rosanda is not on my list of blocked people anymore. She must have deleted her account. May even be on Facebook under another account. Believe me, I didn't unblock her! I would never do that! LOL! Oh well. As long as I don't have to see her again, I could care less what name she's now under. And I do NOT go in that Statue For Michael group at all. I have no interest anymore. I was told I'm not blocked from that group. Well, I say I blocked myself from that group. I truly and seriously have zero interest in going in there.

Like I said, I'm keeping all contact with INXS fans WAY down. I actually like it better this way. I like celebrating Michael my way. I don't want other fans tarnishing that view. I'm free to just be me and remember Michael the way I want to. Yeah I know I am more of a loner. I'd rather do things either by myself or with family. I also have some close friends I do things with and I enjoy that. Friends that I actually know offline. Regardless of what others may think, I do have friends in real life. Mya being only one of them. Though she is my bestest friend in the world! I even think I'm beginning to get too many Facebook people on my friends list who are INXS fans. I'm going to delete some soon. One thing I am not accepting this time around, I'm no longer accepting people who do not speak english. The main reason is because they are always posting these memes that I cannot have translated. So, I have no way of knowing what they really say. That gets shitty after a while. I've got nothing personal against those people, but I like to laugh with my friends. If they post something funny and it's not something that can be translated, then I'm not going to enjoy it like they do.

Well, I'm always getting friend requests from people who hide everything on their page. Most of the time I accept just to see what they got on their page. Then I find out everything posted on their page is in some language I do not understand. I'm going to start accepting those less and less. I want to know if the person I am accepting can actually communicate with me or not. That's my proposal for the new year. Things are going to be changing even more with me.

I just recently found the Facebook page for someone from my church that I've taken quite a shining to. She brought some cupcakes to the last meeting for the business course, and let me tell you, she makes the most AWESOME chocolate cupcakes I've ever tasted!!!!! She makes them from scratch, and they are GOOD!!!!! I told her I've never had chocolate cupcakes like those before. They had so much flavor in them! She gets most of her ingredients online, so they are good quality ingredients. She's going to this business class to learn how to run her own cake/cupcake business. She'll make it! If she keeps on making cupcakes the way she does!! I've got to say, I love what I had last Sunday!

Well, usually I do something special for Michael's day. Last year, I completed the compilation, even offered a discount, I offered a discount on videobooks. The year before that I offered free ebooks. I've made videos about this day and offered them for viewing. Well, this year I decided to do nothing. LOL! I just couldn't think of anything original this year. Besides, it's not like this year is that special. The only thing special about it is it still feels like it all happened yesterday. I can still hear that MTV news broadcast today as clear as it was then. I can still feel my reaction to hearing it. And of course, I still feel sad about losing Michael. I still miss him like everything! It's just hard to believe it's been 21 years. Well, next year it will be 22 years since he's been gone. And 22 was his number I believe. So, that should be celebrated. Maybe I'll offer a discount on videos on my site again.

I remember when my father died, Kathy went back to Washington to have a little get together with friends and family. I couldn't go because I didn't have a car. But I did tell Kathy to have fun. I remember right then Stephanie chimed in with her usual snarky attitude, "'Have fun'? What do you mean 'have fun'? Tell me how are we supposed to 'have fun' when a loved one is gone?" I maintained my calm, even though inside I was burning and really did not want to talk to Stephanie at all. But for Kathy's sake I told her what I meant. I said "Have fun celebrating his LIFE. Don't you think his life is worth celebrating?" She never responded. She was just being a dumb ass, like always. But that is also how I look at this day. I celebrate Michael's life. Not his death. I celebrate a life that had big accomplishments in such a brief period. I celebrate a man who paved the way for the music industry in the 1980s. I celebrate a man who had such sensual, sexy moves he made the women in the audience swoon!

I still defend Michael viciously. I get mad when people compare him to a feline. Shit the only thing "feline" about Michael was he could make a feline jealous with his moves!!! Fuck felines!!! Michael moved more like a fox!! With the agility of a monkey. LOL! I know animals better than the other fans. I'd never compare Michael to a feline. I know better! I've been studying animals for 40 years now. The best way I can describe Michael's moves (if I was going to compare him to an animal at all) is he moves like a fox!

I have several stories inspired by INXS, and especially Michael Hutchence. I've mentioned them here before. Some of them mention INXS, some of it is just symbolic. But no matter what, those stories are indeed inspired by Michael in some way. Those were the stories I put the most feeling into. My personal favorite is Gracie's Odyssey. The story where Gracie is living in a zoo and has babies. One of which she becomes deeply attached to. That story was began within days after Michael died. It was inspired by how sad I felt after Michael died. Cairo and I started the story in 1997, and I have written and re-written that story until today it is perfect. It has become one of my favorite stories. A true masterpiece! One of these days I'm going to turn it into an actual movie. Not accidentally, Gracie also appears in the INXS Goes to Mount St Helens story, this was long before she has Davy, so he's not in that story. And she takes to Michael like a dog takes to it's master. LOL! That's something more like I would do. It kinda symbolizes how I instantly fell in love with Michael when I first saw him.

Gracie's Odyssey actually has 2 versions. The original (which Cairo started in 1997) begins in 2015 and Davy is taken away from Gracie as a one month old baby to live in a small private zoo in Sydney, and the next time he is seen he is 6 months old and in a cage in the zoo, greeting guests. In that one, he is not reunited with his mom, Gracie, at all. Instead, he is sent to a group home for wayward wild animals and he fits right in with them. He even has a bit of excitement when he saves Kathy, the kangaroo, from a bobcat attack. That one I did not make available because of how fast he goes from being a teeny 1-month old baby to being a 6-month old sub-adult. It's a little too fast for the reader to keep up with. So, I went with the second version that I actually thought up a year later. When he goes to live with Lisa and her father, who live in a house close to the zoo in Sydney. In that one, Davy is kept little for a while longer, and is reunited with his mom twice. Once while he is still a tiny baby. The next time when he is about a 6-month old adolescent. The first time, he wants his mom to stay. But Lisa refuses to give Davy up. The next time they are reunited, Davy refuses to go with Gracie and goes back to Lisa instead.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. There is no real reason for having 2 versions of the same story. It's just I was not satisfied with the first one, so in 1999 I did the second version and made that one available on the site. It's OK with Cairo. He didn't mind me changing it a bit. I still give him credit for it because even in the 2nd version, I still use a lot of the scenes he started with. They were his ideas, so I still keep his name in the credits.

Well, this year, Michael's day happens to fall on our Thanksgiving day. So I will be having all the usual things for dinner; turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies. It'll be traditional. But I'd rather celebrate Michael than anything else.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Celebrating Michael, 2018

Well, today was the 22nd in Australia. Tomorrow it's the 22nd here in the USA. I decided to spend today celebrating Michael because he was born in Australia and died in Australia. Even though I am not in Australia myself. I wanted to watch some INXS videos, like I do every year. This year, I know I haven't posted much about Michael on this blog. But I am always thinking about him. I've kept my conversing with the fans very low. I don't want other fans marring this day for me again. Not like what happened back in 2016! Well, I'm all better now that I have Mya. Though I still grieve my father now and then, but I am getting more used to him not being around. Still have dreams about him though, that make me sad to wake up.

I often wondered if Michael's daughter has dreams about her father. I don't know. She was awful young when he passed. She barely got a chance to get to know him. Of course I only met Michael once, and I still dream about him sometimes. The funny thing, whenever I dream of Michael, or any of INXS, I always see a bus somewhere in my dream. Maybe because they spent most of their time on buses when they were in the USA. I dunno. But I will say when I saw Michael in person, he had the sweetest smile. That's why it was so hard for me to believe he'd ever kill himself. But then again, when I saw him, it was before his accident. I never saw him after his accident. I wish I had! I wish I could have had some communication with him when he was struggling with depression. Maybe I could have done something for him that would have helped him.

Well, I know all of Michael's friends and associates racked their brains over what could have happened to derail the situation. A lot of people blame Paula for what happened. If Michael did kill himself, I think the situation with Paula may have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. In some ways I do blame Paula too. I mean really! Why couldn't she take a trip to Australia when Michael requested it??? What the fuck was wrong with her?? Bob Geldof had no say in whether or not Paula took Lily to Australia! Only his own children. But apparently, Paula did not want to "split the girls up". UGH!! Bull shit!!!! Paula sure did make it there quickly when she found out Michael died.

Some people, like dumb old Matt Burney, didn't like the fans blaming Paula for Michael's dying. He said people only blame Paula because Michael and Paula were together. They argue if he had been with Helena at the time of his death, then people would be hating on her. I don't know if that's true for any one of Michael's fans. It was the battle between Paula, Michael and Bob that broke Michael as a person. Yes, I do blame Paula. Maybe she wasn't the one who tipped off the press, but it was her breakup with Bob Geldof that brought on the tabloids. Michael just happened to be in the middle because the english liked Bob Geldof better. I don't know how anyone can like Bob Geldof over Michael Hutchence!!! Just like nobody could see how Michael could prefer Paula over Helena. Michael is much more handsome than Bob Geldof, and a much better singer!

Michael chose Paula, ok we've already established that about 1000 years ago. I think it was more because he wanted a family right away. He's like most young men. I think he wanted kids and wanted them immediately. Paula already had 3 kids then, so Michael wanted to settle with her because he wanted a lot of kids. He was getting up there in years. As for blaming Helena if Michael had killed himself while they were together, well, that depends on how it would have happened. That'd be like blaming Helena because of the conflict with Michael and that cab driver in Denmark. I don't blame Helena for that. If Paula had been there instead of Helena, I wouldn't have blamed Paula for that either. That wasn't Helena's fault. That cab driver did not have to react to Michael like that, even if he was being a little rowdy. But face it, if Michael did kill himself, it would have been because of what was being said in the tabloids. They were horrible and relentless with Michael! And why were they so relentless with Michael? Because Paula left Bob Geldof for Michael. Michael may or may not have had any control over that. But both Michael's father and band mates say Paula had been desiring to get her hands on Michael since 1985. It was some kind of legacy she had. But Paula did have control over that. She did not have to leave Bob Geldof. Michael could have had his child with Helena instead, then Paula could have stayed with Geldof where she belonged.

It's got nothing to do with Helena being "prettier" than Paula. It's got everything to do with the fact that Paula had to leave Bob Geldof in order to seek a relationship with Michael. Helena was unattached, so Michael should have went on with her instead of getting involved with a woman who was already married to someone else. Someone who would get the whole of England riled up against Michael. I think when Michael got into that relationship, he had no idea what kind of hornet's nest he was stirring up. He didn't think about that. He thought the people of England loved him. I'm sure he never imagined they would turn on him like they did.

Well personally, I believe Michael was murdered. But if I did believe the suicide stories, yes I would blame Paula and Bob in part for what happened to him. And I don't care if it hurts the feelings of Paula's fags. Shoot! I already blame Paula and Bob even if Michael was murdered!! Who would have sent his little minions to kill Michael? Bob would have! And why? Because Paula left him for Michael. It goes all the way back to square one.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Teacher Crushes

OK, here's going to be another teacher post, like yesterday's. Only this one is about teacher crushes. I was watching a video by a person on YouTube who calls herself Strange Ӕons, and she was looking at a site for kids to post about their teacher crushes. She was reading some of the posts, and saying how "creepy" the words were. Keep in mind, most of the posters on that group are KIDS, usually middle-school kids, between 12-15 years old. This is the age where their hormones are in 24-hour overdrive. When I was in school, teacher crushes were a normal part of growing up. The teachers did not take them seriously, unless the crush got out of hand. Most kids did not take it out of hand. Usually, it was something that happened when they saw a good-looking teacher, and they would get over it just as quickly as it began. It's a thing called Puppy-love.

I remember one such crush when I was in middle school, I had a huge kiddie-crush on my science teacher, who would later become my history teacher. His name was Mr. Pennington. He was a living DOLL!!!!! If you've ever seen the actor David Huffman (he played David Johnston on the movie St. Helens), that is what Mr. Pennington looked like. Only he had brown eyes.

David Huffman (1945-1985) in 1983.
Not only was Mr. Pennington a beautiful man on the outside, he was also a beautiful person on the inside. He was very gentle, caring, compassionate, a real gentleman. My 13-year old self probably looked upon that as equating to a sexual interest, but intellectually I knew it wasn't. I did enjoy going to his class every day, and seeing him just because he was so handsome. I knew he was married and did not see me as any more than a student, but I did used to fantasize about at least kissing him. I never did though. I was way too shy to actually do that. I never told him any of this though. I only told a select few students about this crush I had. The others I was afraid would relay it back to him. So for the most part, I kept it all to myself.

Well, that was the one and only time I can remember having such a wild crush on any of my teachers. There were others that I looked at with infatuation, but never any others to the extent I looked at Mr. Pennington in. One that came somewhat close was the high school librarian, Mr. Keith. He too was a sweet, gentle person, and quite handsome. But, looking back now, I believe he was also gay. He was still quite handsome though. But like I said before, it does no good for a woman to fall for a gay man. But what the hey! I can surely dream. LOL!! Anyways, I just crushed on these teachers. Nothing serious ever came of it. Nor did I intend for anything serious to come out of it. It's just something that kids do once they reach puberty, and it's normal, and not over-all a bad thing.

Well, as I was watching Strange Ӕons' video, and heard her as she read these posts by kids crushing on their teachers, I was shocked to learn that today's people see that as being sick, psycho behavior. UGH!!!!! She was talking about how all these kids need help. I was like "Why do they need help??? This is normal for young teens!" Like I said, this is the age where a child's hormones are going crazy, it can drive a teenager crazy. But I look at teacher crushes as being no different than rockstar crushes or movie star crushes. It's something that comes on suddenly, then goes away. Usually. I've even admitted that there was a point in my life when I said I wanted to marry Michael Hutchence. And now I say I wish I had. LOL! But I never believed it was actually going to happen. Anyone who reads this blog and thinks I believe it was is nothing but a fool! But when I was younger I did believe I would.

Ahh! Don't you just love the liberal-atheist generation? I was discussing this on Quora last night. Now, instead of saying kids are innocent, they say they're ignorant. Instead of calling teacher crushes "puppy love", they call it "reverse pedophilia". Instead of thinking this is something that will just pass, they think "this is sick and this person needs help!" UGH!! Atheists make me sick. How do I know Strange Ӕons is an atheist? Because I saw Mr. Repzion comment on one of her videos. And he NEVER comments on videos by people who are not atheists. I know really this subject has nothing to do with atheism, but I'm just pointing out that I see this kind of attitude all the time from people who admit to being atheists. So, it must have something to do with that. Atheists are the unfortunate people who don't believe anything they cannot see or touch. They have a very black and white view of the world. This whole thing is the very definition of having a black-and-white outlook.

That's why I am not an atheist anymore. I'm a lousy one. I see the world in all shades of color. As an artist, that's my job.

Well, if you're a child experiencing a teacher crush, don't worry. It'll pass. Just keep in mind, your teacher only sees you as a student. Not as the man/woman he (or she) always wished they had. Those cases are very rare, and most teachers will not give into those feelings. But this is something that should be expected from kids, and it's part of growing up. Often the very first crush a child will have in their lives will be on the teacher. It's nothing to worry about, and it does not usually mean your child needs help!! Not unless it gets out of hand. But most kids get over it quickly.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Mean Teachers

Ever have one of these? I've had a few mean teachers in my day. Sometimes, it can be a good thing. Sometimes it molds you into a stronger person. Sometimes a teacher who is factual can be mistaken for just being mean. Just like me. Only I'm not a teacher. But I am often mistaken for being mean by people who cannot handle the truth when I give it to them. Of course those people ain't seen nothing yet. I can be unbearably mean, as I am proving now on Facebook. LOL!! Well! It's what they wanted. I'm just giving those people the opportunity to be correct, for once in their pathetic lives! But I am only mean to INXS fans. No one else.

Between me and those reading here, that is not easy. It's hard being so mean and hateful to people I once considered "friends". Even though we're not anymore. And I don't want them back as friends! So, that's why I've got to maintain my nastiness with them. Of course I've got most of those people blocked. LOL!

Anyways, yes I've had a few mean and nasty teachers in my day. I remember in kindergarten, that teacher was so nice, I really liked her. Then I went to first grade, and that teacher was a female lion from Hell! I do not remember her name now, but that was when we lived on the military base. I remember that teacher used to LOVE--I mean she really seemed to get some passionate jollies--out of sneaking up behind the children when we weren't looking, grab us by the back of our neck, jerk us around to where we were looking into her big, evil, black eyes, and yell in our faces! Every time she did that, the child would start crying because she was so quiet, and so harsh, it'd scare the living crap out of us. I think she purposely wore soft-soled shoes just so she could be as quiet as possible when she snuck up on the child. I used to see her doing that to the other kids, and I always hoped she would never do that to me.

One day, I was crouched on the floor, looking for something buried somewhere in my pig's hole of a desk. I don't remember now what I was looking for, but I was looking for something. I was concentrating so hard on that, I didn't even notice the teacher was sneaking up on me. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind by the nape of my neck, and flipped around. I started screaming as loud as a 6-year old girl could muster. I was screaming like I was being tortured! I'm pretty sure my heart skipped several beats when she did that!! I was scared out of my mind!!! I was so scared, I was unable to sleep at night with the lights off for many nights after that. All I could see in my mind was that teacher, grabbing me by the back of my neck as I stared into her big, dark, evil eyes! Well, I must have screamed loud enough that it must have caught the attention of the principal, because after that, I never saw her do that to another child again.

It's funny, if that teacher had done that to me now, as a 40+ year old, I'd most likely punch her in the face once she got me turned around. I flip so easily now. Must be a thing that runs in the family. My mom, at this age, also flipped out easily at sudden sounds or sensations. She told me when she used to work at the PX as a cashier, there was this woman, who was a co-worker, that always snuck up behind her too and would grab her. She told me every time she did that, it'd scare my mom nearly to death. Well, my mom warned her the first time she did that, never to do that to her. My mom told this co-worker she had this natural instinct to hurl her fist at something grabbing her from behind. So, that woman was well-warned. The supervisor even heard my mom tell this co-worker that.

Well, that co-worker just wouldn't take the hint. One day, she did that again when my mom wasn't expecting it, and mom turned to her and punched her right in the face and that co-worker went down! The supervisor was standing right there too, and she told that co-worker "Well, you were warned!" LOL!! I often wondered if that co-worker was the same person that was my first grade teacher. Unless there's 2 humanoid lions from Hell out there with the same bad habit of grabbing people when they're not looking!

Anyway, that was probably the meanest teacher I ever had. There was another one that was not quite as mean, but definitely would not win teacher of the year. But at least he never put his hands on me. That was old Mr. Purvis, from when I was in 7th to 9th grade. He never touched me, but he was mean enough without physical contact. Most of his abuse was verbal. He absolutely HATED my animal drawings!! Which I normally do not mind, but he was so brutally angry and abusive in the way he would display such hatred towards my drawings. I remember one day, I was in the office, trying to get something on my schedule changed. But I was there for several hours, I had read every magazine through and through before I finally just took out a sheet of paper and began drawing some pictures. I was not hurting anything, just drawing some pictures.

Mr. Purvis's office was next to where I was sitting, and he came out of his office, saw me drawing pictures and said "Put that away!" I could not understand why he was saying that. I thought, for a minute, he must just be joking around or something. So, I continued to draw. I even chuckled at the thought that he might be just teasing me. Mr. Purvis came back about 10 minutes later to head back to his office, and he saw me drawing again and angrily stated, "I told you to put that away!" Now, it was getting more serious. He sounded less like he was just being humorous and more like someone who was just being a nasty-assed jerk. I asked him "Why?!" He stopped in front of his door, slowly turned to me and said "Don't ask me why! I told you to put that away! I'm sick of your animals!" and he quickly ducked back into his office.

I sat there for a few minutes, very much stunned. I never heard an adult talk like that to a child in my life! Especially a teacher saying something to the effect of "Don't ask me why!" And really! I don't mind people not liking my drawings, that's part of being an artist. Some people will like your work, while others will not. That's just the way it is. But for someone to show such blatant, irrational hatred towards cartoon animals--ANIMALS!!! Animals that are not even real ones. Let that sink in for a minute! To show such hatred like that, the way Mr. Purvis did, it almost makes him seem more than a little psychotic! More like he could cover the whole Western State asylum!

Well, in all honesty, I cannot say much. I used to feel the same way about Elmo, that annoying little red fiend from Sesame Street. But then one of my friends pointed out to me "You know he's a piece of CLOTH. Don't you? A piece of CLOTH with someone's hand up his butt and doing his voice for him." That made me look at that in perspective. After that, it seemed silly to hate Elmo with such passion. LOL! Now, I even look back at that and laugh.

Well, Mr. Purvis even acquired a gang of teachers to do to me exactly what he did. One of them was Mr. Ninnis, who began as Mr. Purvis's regular substitute teacher, but later became the regular math teacher. And Mrs. McCollough, the home economics teacher. Funny, my sis took Mrs. McCollough's class, and she said she never had a problem with her. A friend of a couple of my friends said Mrs. McCollough was a bitch. I couldn't believe her though. Not until I got to know Mrs. McCollough. Then, I figured out that person was right. She was just like Mr. Purvis in a female's body. She was as mean as a rattlesnake! One incident I remember there was some free time after our project in class was done, so I took that time to draw some pictures, like I usually did. Mrs. McCollough apparently didn't tell me that there was some kind of "no-artists better than me" policy in her classroom.

Well, when she caught me drawing pictures of my animals, she shouted at me in almost a screaming voice, "Put the drawing away!" She shouted it so loud, the whole class fell silent. I think everyone was as shocked by her behavior as I was. I heard several students ask her "Why can't she draw pictures?" To which Mrs. McCollough answered "She doesn't do her work when she draws pictures." Which is the same shit Mr. Purvis always spewed! That remark alone was how I figured out Mr. Purvis and Mrs. McCollough were in cohoots with each other in some kind of malediction against me. A lot of the students got heated by that action from Mrs. McCollough, I heard them whisper how mean and nasty she was and "what a bitch!" I sure did agree with them. I mean really! Again, I was not hurting anything and all my work for that period was DONE!!! Mr. Ninnis was no better.

I HATED it when Mr. Purvis had Mr. Ninnis as his substitute. I remember one time, I was having a problem understanding something on one of my worksheets for class. I raised my hand for assistance. Mr. Ninnis never responded to me. I had my hand raised for 30 minutes one day! Even Mr. Purvis didn't ignore me that much! Several times, I saw Mr. Ninnis look at me while my hand was raised, and he still never responded! Well, I figured I knew how to get his attention; the same way I'd get attention from any of Mr. Purvis's little goons; I'd just sit there and draw pictures. So, that is what I did. I admit, I brought this on myself, but it backfired. Mr. Ninnis saw me drawing pictures alright. But by then, I was so deep in concentration on that picture I was drawing, that when Mr. Ninnis caught me doing it he shouted "UHH-UH-UH! You're not supposed to be drawing!" It resonated in my ears so loud, it scared the shit out of me!! I almost released some pressure from my bladder at that instant!!! LOL! I had to catch my breath there for a minute before I finally sunk back into reality. By that time, he had headed into the office that was right behind me.

Well, I was going to let him pass me again over my dead body! When he came out of that office, I was ready and I stopped him, and finally got the assistance I needed to complete this worksheet. That one worksheet took me 2 days to complete! All because Mr. Ninnis was a self-centered asshole! I was actually glad when he was gone and Mr. Purvis came back. That's how bad that was!! LOL!! Never, in my wildest dreams, would I imagine I would be grateful Mr. Purvis was standing before me again!!

Well, those were the meanest, nastiest teachers I can remember. Most of the time, I loved my teachers--in a biblical sense. I was never in the habit of hating my teachers in school. I always know they were just there, doing their job. Those mentioned in this post were the exception. Those were the teachers I had that abused their authoritative power. Still, they were thankfully very few, and far between.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Call Me A Racist

LOL!!! Ya know, I used to think being called a racist is about the worst thing anyone could call me. I'm definitely not a racist. I'm not even 100% white. I'm more hispanic than anything else. My dad was Mexican. So, I have no room to be a racist. I'm not even racist against whites. I'm only "racist" against people who are assholes. Including myself, LMAO!! I sometimes use racial slurs, but generally it means nothing. It does not mean I'm racist against a certain color of people. It just means I'm against those low-class, non-thinking jerks with only one brain cell in their heads who give the meaning to those slurs. I also say fuck them! I hate jerks!!

But nowadays, I laugh at being called a racist. Because now everything is racist to the libtards and SJWs. And I do mean everything! I think when they start pointing the finger at things that don't even know the meaning of the word "racist", it's becoming a joke. It cheapens the meaning. That is exactly what today's SJWs are doing. They're turning everything into race-baiting. Again, another stupid legacy left to us by the Obama administration! GOD! He makes me so MAD!!! Obama indeed ruined this country!! Racism was almost dead until Obama became president! Now with him having called any opposition against him "racist" and now with Black Lives Matter and their insipid and annoying campaigns, people nowadays are becoming racist again. And we don't even need colored people to point that out. People are becoming racist again, and black people are pulling the trigger!

This is exactly what I have against Black Lives Matter. They're not out to help black people. They're out to make them worse. Black people have always been somewhat annoying with their attitudes and violent behavior. Now, I'm not saying ALL black people are like that. But like the liberals especially, who argue and argue continuously, call other people names, physically attack others, and are generally bossy and pushy, they are totally annoying!! And it's because of the bad ones that the good ones also get a bad rep! Black Lives Matter wants to make them more violent by telling them to go out and punch people saying "You've got hands. Use them!" They keep that up and no one will ever trust black people again!

But what I find most annoying is how everything today is "racist". UGH!! I hate today's world so much! There's no getting away from it. Everywhere you go now, there's going to be double-standards. People say white people are racist, but black people cannot be racist. Liberals say if you're not gay, you're a homophobe, but then they want to let islamic muslims in this country, who will kill all gays and transsexuals. The liberals do not call them "homophobes" or "transphobes". And if anyone speaks out against islamics, then we're labeled "islamophobes". Of course I proudly would wear that title. I readily admit I don't want islamic muslims in this country!! No way!! We can do without their shit here! A lot of people think the worst thing now is to be called a "something-phobe". Not me! I just think it's stupid. I'm not scared of transsexuals or queers. I don't blame them for how they are, I blame their parents mostly because I've seen parents put the pressure on their own children to think they are a different gender than they really are. Though I am scared of islamic muslims, as everyone should be! They have proven, time and time again, that they will kill Christians, single women, gay people, transsexual people, women who've been raped, all without mercy.

People today also think the worst thing is to be called a "racist". Well, don't be too upset by that. I'm not. Like I said, I laugh at being called a racist today. Because it looks like I am not alone in that...

This flower pot is also racist

This stove is racist

This blender is racist

This water cooler is racist

This chair is racist

This picture stand is racist

This coffee table is racist

This sofa is racist

The TV is racist

This dog is racist

This cat is racist

This rabbit is racist

This octopus is racist

This bushbaby is racist

This bird is racist

See! Everything in the world now is racist. And don't they all just look so evil that now BLM is going to want their followers to "use their hands" and punch them?! As so fucking stupid that sounds, it even makes my hands feel dumb just typing that! So, if someone calls you a "racist", then apparently, you're not alone.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Nice Surprise

Well, I probably should not say this but I got a very nice Christmas gift for Katrina. I'm having it sent to her since she won't be here for Christmas. I don't want to give the surprise away, but really I don't think she'll be here between now and Christmas. She doesn't get online very often. And when she does, her visits are far between. Unless she has a day off from work. That girl is a hard worker. If she's not at work, she's working on the ranch or with her kids and husband. But this surprise might make her slow down a bit. LOL! Trust me, Katrina--if you're reading. You're gonna LOVE it!!! Anyway, I can't wait till she gets it and calls me (as I hope she does) and says "Did you give me this???!!!" hehehe! I know she'll love it!

Well, I know I don't like California, but I have been praying for those caught in these wildfires. A friend of mine told me the cause was a campfire that got out of hand. Seriously, California is going through a drought!! Who the hell in their right mind would build a fire in a place where there is a drought??!! People can be so fricken stupid sometimes. And I heard 50 people have lost their lives due to these fires. Oh boy! I sure hope my (former) friends there are OK. I know, we're not friends anymore, but still. I think about them. One of them did give me an INXS t-shirt, and I love it. I don't know if she or her family have been affected by this. I hope not. Besides, friends or not, in GOD's eyes, we are still brothers and sisters. So, I am thinking about them and praying for them.

Yeah I know I'm the most hated INXS fan now on Facebook. LOL! I know a lot of other fans hate my guts. Even some of my former friends have blocked me on Facebook. But that's OK. I do not blame them at all. Afterall, I'm not trying to be liked on Facebook anymore. I do not want to make friends with INXS fans again. I truly don't. I have a few, the most loyal of friends, and I'm trying to keep my affiliation with INXS fans WAY down. Down to a bare-bones minimum. You notice the INXS groups I am on on Facebook, I don't visit very often. When I do, I never share any of my pics publicly. I don't want 400 or so INXS friends this time around. Especially since the majority of them are going to be fake "friends".

So true. And like snakes in the grass, you never know when they'll strike until it's too late. No matter how nice you are to them. Of course, I think Tess Obrien didn't like me because I don't like Claire Aisha. I told her in a PM to watch out for Claire after Tess told me she doesn't like Paula Yates. I warned her that Claire was a Yatesfag. Of course as weak as Tess Obrien was, Claire probably talked her out of those feelings she had about Paula. Shoot! That's why Claire Aisha doesn't like me, is because I am not a Paula Yates fan, and she could not change my mind. Once my mind is made up that I don't like something, I don't like it. Until I find a reason to change my mind. But someone as dumb as Claire Aisha is not going to be capable of making me change my point of view. Only I can do that. And I would rather take advice from someone I trust 100%.

I still don't like Paula Yates. I don't even consider her the mother of Michael's child. Just the woman who gave birth to her. That is all. Though I think Paula liked dogs, I think she wanted dogs more than she wanted kids. But she taught her kids to love dogs. That's one thing I can give her good credit for. But so far, that is all. I cannot unwrap my head around the idea that she abandoned Michael's child. Just when Michael was counting on her to be there and take care of her. Instead she overdoses on drugs and leaves Michael's child to be raised by Bob Geldof, the one person Michael did not want to raise his daughter. Nope, I have NO sympathy for Paula Yates! When I hear someone talking about how sad it is that Paula Yates is gone, I say "Who cares?!" Because I sure don't!

Now, VH1 redid that documentary about Michael and added Paula's story to it. I still say who gives a fuck?! Bring back the old version of that documentary. At the end when their manager talks about when she got the call Michael was dead, and she is crying, then I start crying. It's heartbreaking. Then now they start talking about Paula Yates taking her life and I stop crying and I am like "WHO CARES!?!?!?!" I don't watch a documentary about Michael to hear about Paula Yates!!! I could care less! I don't want to see her! I want to see my Michael! I don't even care to hear about Bob Geldof! Fuck him! And to this day, I still believe Bob Geldof had some immediate connection with Michael's death. It just cannot be proven now because Michael was cremated. Sadly. I wish he hadn't have been cremated. I wish they had just buried him. I heard his ashes are not even at that big memorial in Sydney. That's really sad. That's why the idea of visiting that memorial no longer appeals to me. After I heard that I was thinking "then what is the point in going there?" To sit there and talk to a rock??? Admittedly a highly-adorned rock, but still nothing but a rock! It's not the same thing.

Well, I have my own way of celebrating Michael. And I've been doing it all month. I love that man more than anything in this world! I'll always celebrate his life. I still say if I had married Michael he'd still be here. I should have when I had the chance! Instead of that just being a jest to relay to friends in fun.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Funny Gummies

I'm currently going to a class to bone up on some business skills. One of the subjects today was how can we (as business owners/runners) keep our customers loyal and spread the word about our business. One of the ways most people suggested was to allow the customers to write reviews for our products or services on our site. There are some people who actually read reviews on Amazon just for the fun of it. A couple who attend the class said to go to Amazon and look up "sugar free gummy bears". They said it's the funniest thing you'll ever read. So, I came home and just out of curiosity, I went to Amazon's website and looked for sugar free gummy bears. I did see some very interesting reviews. Well, I decided I'd post some of the funniest here. I'm not going to post their names myself. But you can find these reviews on Amazon.

Someone asked this question:

Will my butt regret me eating these?
I wondered why someone would ask this. I'm not a fan of gummy bears at all, with or without sugar. I read the answer.
Not at all. There is no Maltitol in these, so there is no diuretic effect. They're sweetened with Stevia, rather sparingly at that, and so are a little weak on flavor, but they grow on ya. 
Hmm. This is getting very interesting. So I looked further into this. Another review for a different brand went like this...

November 13, 2017
Verified Purchase

Wow! This is interesting. It seems this particular brand of sugar free gummy bears causes a massive anal explosion! I kept reading more of these reviews and had a wonderful laugh!

March 6, 2017
Verified Purchase

October 31, 2017
Verified Purchase
Just a forewarning these are not your normal gummy bears...

These are unholy demon bears. I was sitting on the couch with my wife snacking on these. They taste amazing! The bears are deceitfully gummy and the flavor is spot on however, about 20-30 minutes after snacking on about two handfuls of this tasty treat I had to promptly run, and I'm not kidding when I say run, to the bathroom. I almost couldn't get my pants down fast enough. What came after I sat down was something between a demon fire hydrant and an all out chemical assault on my poor toilet. The noises that my stomach made sounded like the gates of hell being thrust open by an army of darkness.

If you are looking for a great laxative look no further! These bears will cleanse your bowls in a way that you won't soon forget. Pranksters also needn't look any further hand these out to your unsuspecting victim and then bask in the groans of sheer pain and anguish coming from their bathroom.

If you just want some tasty gummy bears DO NOT BUY THESE. I am writing this review from my toilet which I have been residing on for about the last thirty minutes unleashing the hell fire flood that these gummies WILL make happen.

The only way I would buy these again is for a prank or if I was utterly stopped up and could not find relief with other less violent laxatives.

5.0 out of 5 starsSECRET WeaponJanuary 9, 2018Verified Purchase 
Did exactly what I hoped. Within 30-45 minutes I have never seen a group of people ready to kill each other for a toilet! Great party snacks 

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat tasteMay 4, 2017Verified Purchase
These taste amazing. Then your colon will get raped from the inside. You will wage Armageddon on your toilet. Believe the other reviews. 

5.0 out of 5 starsWilly Wonka's revenge.August 5, 2017Verified Purchase 
Great taste but beware, eat too many and you will Willy Wonka's revenge. Best to eat no more than 10 at a time. Good cure for constipation, I guess. 

5.0 out of 5 starsFive StarsDecember 16, 2017Verified Purchase 
My colon has never been cleaner thanks to these laxatives! 

And probably the funniest review of all, how to get revenge on that annoying co-worker...

5.0 out of 5 starsGood productAugust 16, 2017Verified PurchaseA co-worker was going into my resident's room and eating all of her food without asking or even saying thank you. So I got her some of these gummy bears and told her to let him eat all he wants. I don't know what they did to him. But we noticed that now when he walks, his butt whistles. 
So, a very good rule of thumb, if you're constipated, then just buy some sugar-free gummy bears and quickly get unconstipated!