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Monday, July 15, 2019

Stormzy Vs. Mozart

WHAT?!?!?!?!! I've got to look into this! Apparently according to this article, British schools want to replace the study of Mozart with the study of Stormzy. I've got to say a big "WTF???" I can't wait to see what's going to be next. I wonder if this also means Peter Schaffer's movie Amadeus is going to be remade in Hollywood again, and turn Mozart into a black man? I wouldn't be surprised. Of course I don't know, Tom Hulce, who played the original Mozart (and did a great job), was openly gay. But I think it was that characteristic that made him pull it off well. I mean, that laugh! LOL! When he laughed in the movie, I laughed! I've seen Mozart played by a straight man before and he could not pull off that laugh very well at all.

Well anyways, let's break down the two composers. Well, the only real composer is Mozart. Stormzy is just a piece of junk!

Subject #1: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Born in Salzburg, Austria on January 27, 1756. Taught himself to play piano at 3. Wrote his first opera at 4 years old. Has inspired many musicians since his time. Not to mention also inspired several very popular cartoon characters as well. He also inspired my Michael apparently. The majority of his music is still played today and studied in the finer universities. He is the epitome of a child prodigy. He produced all his own music, all his own words. None of which promoted violence against anyone. In fact, it is proven Mozart tried to promote peace and love in a culture where love was laughed at and an era where peace was faltering. He used his own real name in crediting his music.

Another thing about Mozart, back in the 1990s, I once saw a news clip on TV that said pregnant women who stream Mozart's music to their unborn babies have a greater chance of giving birth to babies that themselves become child prodigies. Now, I don't know if that is true or not, but it is an interesting study I heard about. And if true, proves there is just something about Mozart's musical genius that rubs off on whomever listens to it. I used to listen to Mozart when I was a teenager. My sis and mom thought I was crazy to, but I think it did me wonders. And some of Mozart's music was way ahead of it's time! Some songs were even good enough to boogie to! I could definitely see Mozart coming into the 1980s and fitting in, creating good old rock n' roll. In fact, I once wrote a story based on that concept. It was an obscure story, probably won't make it into UMG Productions in the foreseeable future. But I might reconsider. This story had Diana the mongoose in it, and I've been asked for more stories with her in them.

Subject #2: Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. (AKA. "Stormzy")

Born on July 26, 1993 in Croydon, England (a suburb of London). He admits to being a naughty child, but got A's in school. His genre of music is known as "grime" (wtf--again!). He calls gays "fucking fags". Yes I know that was some time ago, but the leftists ALWAYS look at things said in the past. I heard his song "Shut Up", and I couldn't understand a single word he says, so he has no musical talent whatsoever. He's just another one of those "grime" stars who wishes he had talent. He writes songs that glorifies gangs and gang violence, and killing cops. Is very vain and self-absorbed. He also uses a LOT of profanity in his songs. He apparently goes with the flow instead of thinking for himself.

Here's another thing...

Famous Mozart quotes:

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.

One must not make oneself cheap here - that is a cardinal point - or else one is done. Whoever is most impertinent has the best chance.

Famous Stormzy quotes:

When I'm good at something, I always try to be the best at it and claim that throne. Even in school, I never let anyone say anything to me; I would always be the smartest.

Fuck the Government and fuck Boris

You read a book, write a detailed review as proof you’ve read it, and they give you a badge. That’s where my competitive nature came out. Give me the badges! I would sit in the library all day, not ‘cos I loved reading, just because I needed those badges.

Boris, BTW, is London's former Mayor Boris Johnson, a conservative man and wanted to apply some conservative leadership. Note the difference? OK, I am totally on team Mozart. I've always been on team Mozart. He should never be replaced with a self-centered, idiotic rapper who worships gangs and gang violence and smoking pot. I looked at the lyrics to his songs, and well I am not surprised! He sings lyrics that are no different from any other rapper's lyrics. That's why rap, hip-hop and "grime" can never take the place of the classics. I can't even believe schools these days are downing the classics! Who cares that no child will likely download Mozart's music onto their Spotify account?! Mozart wrote good music, from the heart. He was trained by no one but GOD. He had no leads to follow. He was his own inspiration. Stormzy followed the lead of other bad rappers. There's no such thing as a good rapper. None of them can sing. You notice all rappers do is nothing but talk with music in the background. RnB singers at least do a little better. But today's RnB is nothing but crap! You can't even dance to it unless you like slow dancing. I don't.

Here's the final word on the subject; If you don't want to cause anymore problems in your country, then don't get rid of the classics!!! Get rid of Stormzy! He's teaching kids it's OK to kill cops, and kill other people, and to be narcissists! Mozart was all about giving back to his community. Stormzy is all about giving to himself.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Party Like It's 2011! **With Update**

LOL!!! Ya know, I think I'm getting slammed by a monstrosity. LMAO!!

Anyways, this comes courtesy of a video about free-range children. That's about children who are being unschooled (not home-schooled). I saw how those kids were acting, they are staying home day after day, and have no parental guidance at all! The parents don't believe in setting boundaries for kids. The kids have absolutely no math skills. no reading skills, one child can bake, but has no knowledge of numerics. I don't know how he bakes anything without that! They cannot read, nor do anything. Basically the parents turn them loose and leave them to their own devices. Well normally, I would think this would hinder the chances of the children having decent jobs as adults. But the one and only thing those kids have going for them is the parents own their own business. As long as they can cut a board, the kids might have a chance at something. But they can go to sleep and wake up any time they want. It makes me think of the already declining quality of humanity going on today. This was a comment I posted on that video...

Well, this post is about a different thread on that same video. For the most part, veganism is dead! But there are still some soy-boys who cling to the hope that someone out there will make a convincing argument in favor of the vegans. One of those is something that calls it's self CutesyFace McGee. I call it an it because it doesn't look like either a man or a woman. I'll get to that in a minute. Anyways, no one knows what has happened to those kids since the video first came out back in 2010. That was one of the things Face was commenting on...

This thing said the only good thing about those kids were if they follow a vegan lifestyle. But that is not a good thing. Recent studies have shown (by non-biased sources) that veganism is not as good as it's hardcore followers made it out to be. So, I would only hope the kids did not grow to become vegans. Though I must say, the kids' mom already looked like she was a vegan. The father too, as he looked like a wuss. And only a vegan would think to unschool their children. The mom looked spacey and not quite all there during the interview, just like vegans typically do. It comes from a lack of proper nutrition. She also looked dirty, like vegans usually do too. So, my guess was those children (and parents) are already vegans.

Anyways, the person this thing was addressing responded the way I would have...

Makes total sense to me, kids should never be forced to be vegan. Just about 2 months ago, a baby was born to a vegan mother and the baby died because the mom was a hardcore vegan and did not have all the proper nutrients to pass on to the baby. So, meat is needed. At least fish and chicken, as well as milk and beef livers. Anyways, this thing replied to the poster that responded to it...

Well, I half agree with this, but I don't agree where it says it's "pretty sure they weren't raised that way." Well, I whole-heartedly believe they were. This thing has succumbed to vegan propaganda and sensationalism. But vegans are almost always unstable people. The only ones who are not are the closet omnivores. That is to say, vegans who eat some meat on occasion.

Oh man! And to think, I called MsPearlsGirl a closet omnivore. Well, her mental pitfall told me she wasn't! My sincerest apologies to the omnivore community for insulting them by implying that deranged maniac was one of us!

Well anyway, I just noticed the post it made yesterday. This was my first time viewing this video. So, I decided to set it straight about vegans...

Well! For the most part, it's true! A lot of the vegans I've known in the past (especially those who used to comment on my videos on YouTube) always seemed along the lines of someone who is autistic, even schizophrenic. Anyway none of them seemed to be on the level. That's what drove me away from being vegan. I did not want to become like them. If you still deny vegans are mentally unstable people, just look at some of the hardcore vegans like Freelee the Banana Girl and VeganGains. They are extremely mindsick people.

So, suddenly I am back in 2011! LOL! It had something to say about my comment...

Again look at the videos of the people I posted, tell me those people are "normal". VeganGains is so bad, he even filmed his grandfather having a heart attack, and was laughing about it. I think only psychotics do that. Then again, there is also MsPearlsGirl. I have a video of me reading off a list of things she said that was equally as psychotic. Then there is Freelee. She even always has a psychotic look in her eyes. I know that's only 3 people I can name off the top of my head right now. But that's enough to present a case that something is not right in these peoples' brains!

Anyways, let's continue. I responded again, the way I always do...

Hey! It's upfront and to the point! One case would have been easy to excuse. But if you have one person who commits the same crime 3 times, you start to believe there is a connection between those crimes and something is wrong with that person. Most especially when the case expands across more than one individual. And those individuals all have the one thing in common; they are vegans. So, there is obviously something wrong with that lifestyle. Anyways, it decides to get cynical with me (just like all vegans and psycho-sympathizers)...

Well, it wants to play games. So, I decide to play right back with it...

Hehehehe! Funny! Well, you are not going to believe this, I probably wouldn't have believed it either had I not seen it with my own eyes! This was the response it gave me...

LMAO!!!! OMG!!! I can't believe this thing said this! It's funny!!!!!! If you'd seen my troll comments video, you'd know how long I laughed at this comment! And what an opening! Actually, I have nothing against ugly people. I'm ugly myself, and proud of it! But the way this thing practically admitted it, in the middle of an argument, without me even asking!! It struck me funny!! LOL! Anyways, this was my cutesy response...

Well, I wanted to see just how ugly it is. I don't think I've ever heard anyone else admit they are ugly before, besides me. But I know I am. LOL! But I say it with glee! So, I looked on it's channel and got a good look at it's picture. This is what I saw...

OMG!! Is THAT what I am talking to now??? LMAO!!!!!! OK, let's break it down. First, look at that donkey-like face. That's not even counting the buzz-cut. Or mohawk hairdo, and eye-shadow. And what's inside that bra? Must be tissue paper. Or rocks. Because it doesn't look like there's actual boobs in there. Unless they're made of silicon. And something that looks like a rainbow flower, or butterfly tattoo on it's chest! UGH!! Dude! That's a dude! Look at those shoulders! It cut out it's bottom half probably because it doesn't want the world to see there is a penis between those skanky legs!! So, I am talking to an it! Not a man, not a woman. An it!

Well, after getting a heaping dose of this sight-killer, I responded yet again...

Ya know, like calling a big man "Tiny", or calling a bald guy "curly". This ugly thing calls it's self "CutesyFace McGee". Of course McGee could be it's real name too. But it calls it's self that because it's ugly. I get the joke! LOL!!! Well, it responded back, and let me tell you, I can just hear it's voice rising in a feverish, feminine pitch, like a spoiled little girl...

Well, you know I am going to retort! Whatever it doesn't like, I'm going to do to it just to piss it off. Just like the freaking libtards do. So, here goes...

So far, it hasn't responded back yet. But I will keep you posted. There's so many different ways it can respond. I'm going to see what form it takes. Either way, I can tell it's going to be hysterical! I say hysterical, not because it is funny, but because it is pathetically uninspired. So far, it hasn't said anything I haven't heard before. It's funny, but at the same time, rather dull and boring!!

Oh man these dumb trannies!! LOL! And this one is an insult to legit trans people!!

******************************UPDATE!! 7/12/19********************************

I heard from it again! I wondered if I would hear from this thing again! LMAO!! Well, I must say it took it long enough for it to respond to me! This was the last post I made...

Yeah, it's been a couple days. Notice it says 2 days ago right after my name. It's still hilarious! Well, this was the comment I got this morning...

I kinda have to wonder, why did it take this thing 2 days to respond? Did it need an extra charge because I was too harsh? Ya know what I think? I think this thing is in love with me. Well, I would be flattered, but I am not attracted to transgenders. Sorry. I don't want to get together with someone who is not even secure in their own gender. Not gonna happen! I don't need 2 confused people running around in this house! One is enough, and that's me! In fact, I am writing a story now about dating trannies. It's part of the Americana compilation book I am writing for UMG. The one where Brittney is tricked into dating a woman who thinks she's a man. I'm writing that so people reading it will especially know that it's OK to reject a transgender date. It's not transphobic. It's so villainized now. But it is unnatural. Our goal should be reproduction, and filling the next generation's head with truth and facts. Not with this tranny garbage libtards are trying to push on them!

Anyways, I told this tranny what I was thinking...

And yes, I provided it with a link to this blog post! LMAO!!! I wonder if it responded now because it missed me? LMAO!!! Anyways, I am totally expecting it to hit me with "you're a transphobe!" next time it comments. See if I am not right. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Open Letter To "Poor, Unfortunate Souls"

Disney (in the form of a lesser-known company called FreeForm, owned by Disney) has responded to the #NotMyAriel that is going around now. I have their response here...

OK, let me say this, the "poor, unfortunate souls" could be just a jab at Ursula's song. But still it's a very unprofessional way to respond to the people who buy the tickets and merchandise put out by the company. I know if I had ever said anything like that to a customer of UMG, my supervisor would have had my ass on a platter! I would not have ever dared talk to a customer like that! Even if they are hostile to you, you still have to respond professionally. And as for the insert note they enclosed, well, let's break it down a bit...

OK, so how come Aladdin had to become woke with "cultural appropriation", with crap actors, but The Little Mermaid doesn't have to. They have to follow modern cultural norms in the case of Ariel. I just cannot wait to see who plays Prince Eric.

The original writer of this story was around in the 19th century, from 1805 to 1875. I really could not find the demographics for African immigrants in Denmark for that time period. But I did find a couple charts that go back to 2014. This is what I found...

The bottom (gray) line shows non-western immigrants in Denmark and for the past 5 years, the numbers have remained under 50,000. But that's since 2014. Well, according to this article, 2015 saw the largest immigration of Africans to Denmark. The story "The Little Mermaid" was written and published in 1837. You can imagine there were almost no immigrants of African descent in 1837. Not enough to constitute a story anyways. So while yes, there are black people in Denmark, it is rare, and it is too new.

Yes, but they are almost never pretty. Who wants to see a dark-skinned, red-haired Ariel??? I would think to bear the title "princess" one would have to be pretty. The purpose for it is reproduction.

I don't think anyone is denying how talented and gorgeous Halle Bailey is. I'm not. But the original Disney character Ariel has now been known, and marketed, with the same appearance for YEARS now. It'd be like me now marketing Katrina who has looked like this since 1999...

Into this...

It doesn't make sense. If you are going to change the whole appearance of the character, you might as well make it a whole different character, and a whole different story. But I guess that's too hard for the young brains of today's Disney producers to grasp. And face it, your goal isn't really all about Halle Bailey being "inspired"! Your goal is to cave into the dumb, woke, SJW-libtard propaganda!

Anyways, let's move on...

Oh boy! And I have news for you...about YOU! You lost my respect with the release of the Lion "King" back in 1994, with your erroneous portrayal of hyenas being cowardly, evil scavengers and lions being "all good" beasts. But with this remark, you've lost me completely. I will NEVER buy tickets for, watch, or purchase, stream any Disney media ever again in my lifetime! Like I said, if I had ever treated a customer to UMG the same way you are treating your customers now, my supervisor would have had my ass! I'd have been canned. Even now, with my supervisor retiring, I would never talk to the customers the way you just did! I maintain the original terms of service for my company. Why don't you? Or is this how Disney has always been?

Something to ponder.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Democrats = 0, Republicans = BIG WIN!!!

Oh man! I am so glad I left the democrat party! I guess that's another thing I can thank the INXS SJWs for. But at every turn, the left (which the majority of them are democrats) make themselves look bad! Especially that Antifa. Even some leftists are losing respect for them. I'm not a violent person. I can never join Antifa. I'm not violent, I just sound like it online. LOL! Normally, I avoid contact with strangers when I can. I used to be a liberal, I used to would side with Antifa. But back before Trump became president, I noticed a pattern among the democrats. I had one say "If you're voting for Trump, then delete me from your friends". That woman was a jerk! But she was what became the norm among Trump haters. She was just the first one I saw. I've seen the same behavior in other Trump haters since. That woman went catshit loony and just deleted all her friends, except for the idiot that lured her into that mindset. She even deleted me! And I wasn't voting for Trump. I never even did anything to that woman. And she had a LOT of friends who were real friends that she just brushed off. I saw where one of them wrote how she was there for this woman when she was in the hospital and even at one point supported her. Yet, just because this friend liked Trump, this woman was totally willing to drop her as a friend.

After Trump was elected, I saw similar behaviors in people I thought would never be like that; the INXS fans. They became like that in a round-about kind of way. Only with them, it wasn't that I would vote for Trump, but because I didn't like the [then] moderators of the Statue for Michael group. It started when Kelly P. announced that someone (me) had one of their moderators on ignore. She was hinting towards me. But what she didn't know was that I'd had him on ignore since before that group was created, and I saw no reason to take him off ignore then. I was there to support Rosanda and her idea for the statue. Not him. And not Kelly. I didn't care about them in any way, shape or form. That's how I usually am with people who are not on my friends list. LOL! I'm like that again now more than ever. But anyways, I was still recovering after my father passed from cancer when Kelly P. spread rumors about me. Kelly has been trying to destroy me ever since the days of the Switchboard. She discovered my one weakness at that time, my deceased father and the accompanying emotional rollercoaster and she took advantage of that. Or she tried to. I had other things on my mind, I was in no mood to listen to her. Then, when I didn't bite her bait (her own fault) she spread shit about me behind my back.

Well, no matter how friendly and supportive I was with the people I considered friends back then, they still believed Kelly's bullshit and went with it. Once I got over the initial shock, I began seeing a real pattern among liberal snowflakes. The way they treated me on Kelly's say-so, was exactly the same thing I was seeing in the media being done to Donald Trump. It made me think "Is this how liberals really are? Is this really what they do?" Because if lies like that can be spread around about me through the liberal SJW INXS community, then I figured that Donald Trump must be misrepresented in the media too. I began to notice how easily liberals are manipulated and swayed. This is what I generally was! I didn't like it. So, I stopped being a liberal. I began to study the conservative side, and noticed how UN-like the INXS SJW fans they were, and I decided that is what I want to be like. The only catch is conservatives get called "nazis" and "racists". Well, I was called a "cunt" and "vindictive" by the snowflake INXS fans who sided with Kelly P and Tess O'brien. So, what's a few more names? None of them actually mean anything anymore. Name-calling means nothing to me anymore. Most of the name-callers are always liberals anyways, so their attacks mean nothing to me anymore.

I don't think my dad would have liked Trump. I know Kathy and her family didn't because they were hardcore libtards.

Ya know what's funny about that? My mom and I, on a trip to Bozeman, were discussing Kathy keeping my dad's things after he died. I wanted something of my father's! But mom wanted to figure out a way to ask Kathy to send something of his to me and my sis. So, on the way home, to occupy our time, I thought about doing a little role-playing. I told mom to pretend like I was Kathy sitting next to her, and show me what she would say to Kathy. Mom played along. She was very straight-forward as she always is, but polite. I gave her an A+ for her performance. But I told her "I have no idea how Kathy is going to respond. But she is a liberal. Remember that! You know how liberals are!" However I was hoping, for once in her life, Kathy would behave like an adult, and not like the scared little sissy like she always did. I think the only reason Kathy had children at all is so they can fight her battles for her. And Stephanie was not even that good at it! LMAO!!! She said something to the effect of "I'm gonna slap you with a harassment lawsuit so fast it'll make your ignorant head swim if you don't leave my mother alone!" Yep! Typical libtard, Antifa, SJW snowflake response! My mom was not even "harassing" Kathy. That was when I called Stephanie an idiot, and said "sue her for what?? For asking Kathy to give us some of our dad's things??" I told her to "bring it on, bitch!" I knew she couldn't sue my mom! She probably knew it too. She was just trying to intimidate us, just like Antifa does.

See, Stephanie, Jennifer and Kathy want to forget that my dad was my dad! They wanted him to forget he had any daughters at all. That's why they moved him to Arizona. That's why Kathy kept on pestering him to move to Arizona. And to be honest with you, I totally believe that is what killed him, was moving there! So, in a sense, Kathy killed my father! That's probably also why we haven't heard from her. See, my sis and I were perfectly willing to continue accepting Kathy and them as family. But Kathy wrote herself off that list. And I knew that was going to happen. Kathy never much liked me and my sis. I totally knew we were never going to hear from them again once my dad died. I knew that LONG before dad ever even fell ill. Kathy was not a good choice for a mate for my father. I only accepted her and her children because dad loved them. Nothing else. They're not my type. They're too preppy! They're too snotty. And they're libtards, and libtards are mean and hateful.

The odd thing is, after I left Bozeman and my sis didn't want to move back in with me, I was going to start a sort of sister-type relationship with Jennifer and Stephanie. Well! They were in WA state, and I had no other sisters, and I wanted someone else I could look up to. Someone older, who is a sort of sister-figure. Someone to go out and have fun with, like I did with my own sis. I thought then would have been a good time to get to know Stephanie and Jennifer better. Boy! I'm glad I never pursued that!! I am SOOOOOOOOO glad!!! It would have been hard anyways, they blamed me because my sis wanted to stay in Bozeman. They said I "abandoned her". LMAO!!! When my sis was here last time, I told her I believe Stephanie and Jennifer tricked her into saying a bunch of shit about me, just so they can hold that against me. I picture their conversation to have gone something like this...

Jennifer: Your sis is such a dumbass to leave you in Bozeman on your own!
Sis: Yeah, well she was happier here in WA.
Stephanie: Still, I think she shouldn't abandon you in Bozeman.
Sis: Well, she'll be happier here.
Jennifer: But you don't really want to be in Bozeman all by yourself, do you?
Sis: Well no. But I can deal with it.
Stephanie: So she pushed you to move there and now she's just leaving you in Bozeman, that stupid, obnoxious bitch!
Meanwhile my sis is thinking "I moved to Bozeman to get away from you guys! But I don't want to tell you that!" Thus, I had to tell them after dad died.

Yep, after dad died, and Stephanie accused me of lying to her (about what??) I told her the truth! I told her part of the reason my sis left WA state is because of her and Jennifer. It happened when my sis wanted to take a cosmetology class, which she had to give up, again because of Jennifer. Wacky-ass Jennifer had a friend in that cosmetology class, who would keep on telling her things my sis did in that class, in turn Jennifer would tell dad, and dad would yell at my sis about it the next day. My sis finally got sick of it and left the class! But she never lost the desire to take another cosmetology class. She just could not do it there because of Kathy's family. To this day, she still hasn't enrolled in any cosmetology classes.

But see, that is what liberals do. That is why I am no longer a liberal, and not a leftist. You might say, I left the left before it became a thing. Again, thanks to the INXS SJW libtard fans! I'm grateful to them for showing me the light!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Black-washed Little Mermaid

OMGoodness!!! Quoting TheAmazingLucas. LOL! He's one of my regular commentators that I watch on YouTube. But anyways, now The Little Mermaid is going to get a live-action remake. UGH!! I don't know whether to laugh, faint or do a face-palm! Guess who they are casting as Ariel. It's a young woman named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry). Some fans are angry and some fans are happy. Well, I guess you can see why when you see Bailey's pic...

Some people are complaining because Halle is an unknown actress and singer whose career got started on YouTube, when Beyoncรฉ discovered her and her sister's singing talents. I personally don't care that she is an unknown. Disney's whole history was built on unknown people voicing characters in their cartoon movies. No one knew the actress who voiced the original Ariel either. Go back to Snow White, and no one knew the actress who voiced her either. She was not famous at the time. Now, don't get me wrong, Halle Bailey is an attractive girl. I looked for her voice and found out she does have a nice singing voice. But to cast her as Ariel??? It makes me want to do a facepalm and ask "Why!?" Remember the classic Ariel? She looked like this...

How similar is Halle Bailey to this? Aside from the vocals, I can't see Bailey pulling off a convincing version of the classic Ariel! It just cannot happen. At least if you're going to rehash the classic Little Mermaid movie, then find a young, white, red-haired teen to play Ariel. Otherwise, can Ariel altogether and have Halle Bailey play a totally different mermaid. Make her her own character, and give her a different name. Otherwise, you're just ruining the whole history of the movie. She'd have to find a black prince to fall in love with (because ya know, most black women don't fall in love with white men). The cast is full of comical mistakes, IMO. For example, someone named Awkwafina is going to play Scuttle, the sea gull...

Not only is she the wrong race, she is the wrong gender! Scuttle I believe is a male sea gull! I looked everywhere to see if Awkwafina is a transgender, but she's not. Her real name is Nora Lum. Not exactly sure how she's going to work out playing a male sea gull. And anyways, guess who plays Ursula.

Not only is she white, but she's also still a fat chick who plays Ursula. Well the original Ursula was fat too. But still in a way presents a stereotype, of fat people being bad people. But anyways. You can clearly see what is going on here. They are pandering to SJWs. They don't intend on changing the original script, they are going to just use it and someone quoted this and it sounds good; "tokenize" the black community. He said "If you're black, you should be offended!" Yeah, you should! This is really a slap in the face at black people. Now I really do wonder who is going to play Prince Eric? Or maybe no one will play him? Maybe due to feminism demonizing the patriarchy, they are going to completely remove Prince Eric? Shoot! Maybe they will make Ariel a feminazi too? Just like they did Princess Jasmine, and that other character in that one other movie I saw a deleted scene from. Some guy offered her a ride or something, and she looked at him and he said she should smile more. Then she went up to him and threatened to harm him if he didn't give her his bike. That scene. It was deleted from the original movie, but it said enough about the movie to make me believe now men are going to be discounted in movies from now on.

I say fuck this SJW bullshit! My stories are staying the same as always! A few improvements have been made here and there. I mean, when you get a book from UMG Productions, in most cases, they are the original versions. But some have had a bit of a make-over over the years. But not this drastically!!! And not for SJW/woke reasons! I will NEVER give in to the SJWs!!! Again, I won't allow it! My spirit won't allow it! Ya know, I thought this movie was going to be so woke, that Flounder was going to make an appearance as a stupid cat instead of a fish! Like that Spongebob cartoon that has a squirrel that lives underwater with them. It's dumb, but then so is the idea of changing Ariel into a black chick, and Scuttle to be voiced by a woman! So, I thought for sure Flounder was going to be turned into a cat. Thank GOD there's no plans for that. Hopefully he will remain a fish. But he is voiced by a boy I don't know anything about, Jacob Tremblay.

The only other white person besides Ursula. And probably only such because he doesn't actually appear in the movie. He's only voicing. I personally think this was the new Disney's agenda all along. I think the only reason they wanted to make live-action movies is because they wanted to turn all the characters black, colored, gay or trans. I wouldn't be surprised if that's always been their motive! Personally, I think Ursula should have been a trans "woman". That would definitely add to the scare-factor!

Well, Halle at least does have a nice voice and she is an attractive girl. If you want to hear her singing, I found this on YouTube...

Video Courtesy Of YouTube/ChloexHalleFan

Friday, July 5, 2019

Ted Wheeler Needs To Go Bye-Bye!

This is the scum that makes excuses for Portland's Antifa members...

Look at that face! The dude looks like the typical, soy-eating, cat-loving, whiny libtard bitch. He doesn't even look like he's a real dude. In fact, you know who he reminds me of? He reminds me of this ugly motherfucker...

Only difference is the latter one looks older.

Anyways, Ted Wheeler is the mayor of Portland who makes excuses for Antifa's behavior. He believes Antifa is standing up for the rights of minorities. Well, I do not agree with him in the slightest! Antifa is not a good organization and they need to be stopped! They are nothing but bullies. They are either going to go too far one day, or they are going to fuck with the wrong person and get killed. Frankly, I'd love to see that happen! But you know what? There is a gun club that is now open that is specifically for training members of Antifa how to use firearms. That is extremely dangerous! It's been a good thing so far that Antifa are not gun enthusiasts, and so they do not use them nor do any members of Antifa own them. However, establishing a gun club specifically to train Antifa members to use guns is a VERY bad idea! It's the worst idea in fact in a long, sad, dangerous history of bad ideas! That's like sending scuba divers into a tank filled with hungry great white sharks! Antifa are so mentally unstable, there is no doubt in my mind they will shoot at anything! And I do mean ANYTHING!! A lot of innocent lives will be lost if Antifa ever decides to arm themselves with guns! I've seen what damage they have done without carrying guns. I can just imagine things will get 10 times worse if they did have guns!

Does Ted Wheeler care though? No, he doesn't. He's a damn democrat. The democrats have completely ruined our economy here in Oregon anyways. Remember the law being passed in Salem now that a white person cannot call the cops on a black person? You know how stupid that law is, and how quickly it got passed at the capitol. I always said, if we lose Trump, and this country ever gets another democrat for president, this whole country is going to be in trouble! Very big trouble! They are going to finish what Obama didn't. Only because he ran out of time. This country then is totally going to suck! People think Trump is this horrible person. But he's not. Even I've gained a lot of respect for him over the past 2 years. He's the first president we've ever had that has kept all his promises. He's the only president that has had the best ideas for making this country great. Shoot! That's why the libtards don't like him! Because he does what Obama was too dumb (or lazy) to even think of doing! Trump is getting it done! But I fear when he leaves, and we get a damn democrat for president, this country is going to go to hell fast! The mayor of Portland is just a sample, and the idiots that passed that stupid black privilege law in Salem!

I say fuck that law! I don't care what color a person's skin is, if they look suspicious, I'm calling the cops on them! It's easier to call the cops than to confront a potentially dangerous person. And the excuse that stupid black woman gave for fearing the cops being called on her was so dumb! Just because she was scared because of all the black people who have been killed by cops. That is nothing but horseshit! A lot of white people have been killed by cops too. I don't ever hear about them whining about the cops being called on them. They are smart enough to say to themselves "Well, I guess I have been acting suspiciously." And then explain why they did. They don't up and say "Oh I'm so scared of someone calling the cops on me because of all the white people who have been killed or brutalized by cops!" If black people would stop breaking the law, and then acting like apes when they are confronted by police, they would never be killed or brutalized by cops at all. And if they are innocent, their ordeal would end quite quickly! So to hear this black woman saying she was "scared of a white woman calling the cops" on her and then pass a stupid law saying white people cannot call the cops on a black person, it just makes me hate people like her. That means, she (or some other black thug) can break into my house and brutalize me, but I cannot call the cops on that person because I am too white?! Fuck that!!!

Obama is trying to take credit for Trump's accomplishments. The libtards are stupid enough to fall for it, but not the conservatives. Obama cannot fool us, that's for sure! The libtards hate us because we are not going to lie and say yes Obama did good for this country and Trump is stealing his victory. No way! We know the truth! And Obama didn't do shit for this country! I never liked that guy! And after 8 years of tolerating him, I haven't changed my mind!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

A Cool Idea!

I was watching some videos about what happened to Andy Ngo last weekend, and I suddenly got a cool idea! I'm going to have UMG and all their friends join in this political debate. I'm making a special compilation story about today's political agenda. But instead of making things like Antifa look like heros, or making transgenders look like normal people, I am going to tell the truth! I'm going to portray these things in a brutally honest and truthful manner! I'm going to show everyone how Antifa is nothing more than a domestic terrorist group, and I'm going to give them what they deserve in my story. I'm going to show transgender people to be not normal people, but mentally unstable people who need help and therapy. I'm going to show SJWs as not being progressive, but just angry people who are unhappy and hellbent on making everyone who crosses them as unhappy as they are. I think it's a cool idea!

I know I've said I don't want to do any political stories, but since that attack on Andy Ngo, I think this is a story that needs to be written. So many other publishers portray Antifa as being a peaceful organization, and that SJWs are the "better people" who are just fighting for the rights of all people. Well, my story will show those things to be totally untrue! My story collection will show everyone that Antifa and all SJW libtards are not heros, but cowardly little bitches and thugs, which is what they really are. So far, I've got a few good story ideas...

My first idea involves the characters Eva, Katrina (from Katrina Hates You) and Davy, who are in Portland, OR having fun when they see Antifa at a park protesting some bullshit like they are always doing. The animals try to pass the crowd without getting involved, but one of the Antifa members just rushes up and kicks Davy. Well, Dave reacts by attacking the Antifa member and biting his leg off, which lands the thug in the hospital. The rest of Antifa retaliate by gathering a mob (because you know they are not brave enough to face their enemies alone) and protesting in front of Eva's house in Seaside. To which Dave defends his position, and Katrina stands by his side. Eva stands with the two of them as well.

My second idea is Brittney is 20 years old (which she would be this year) and meets a man that she thinks is nice and funny. Well, this man asks Brittney on a date, which she agrees to. After the date, the man asks Brittney to go to his place for some after-dinner hanky-panky, which she also agrees to. So, she drives herself to his place. He leads Brittney to the bedroom, and she waits for him as she lies on his bed, he comes out stripped down to his boxers and lies on the bed beside Brittney. After which he takes off his boxers (yes this will be x-rated, but I say if tranny stories can induce sexual plots on children, then so can I!) Brittney sees her date does not have the man parts he should have, but rather, he is really a SHE!!! Brittney is so mad, she gets up, grabs her purse and leaves. On the way out, the girl screams "transphobe" and calls Brittney all kinds of names and pokes fun that she only likes men for their penis. Brittney tells her off, then gets into her car and drives away.

Hopefully that story will show anyone who is young, that it is OK to tell a tranny that no, she (or he) is not interested in dating a transgender person. These days, that is so frowned upon, but that is so wrong! Not everyone wants to be dragged into dating someone who is biologically the same sex! And I would not like to be deceived! And being called a "transphobe" really means nothing anymore. Let them think what they want to. It's your life, it's your choice! Don't date a tranny if you don't want to!

My third idea involves Katrina and Eva attending a drag queen story hour by accident. Katrina, being the bit of a rowdy jerk she is, jeers at the drags and tells all the parents in attendance that they are messing up their kids' minds by listening to this horseshit. This story would be much easier to understand once I have it written and in the book. It is not as easy to summarize.

My 4th idea involves Uncle Martin and his gang, who get a knock on their door. It turns out to be a family of illegal immigrants who greet them in spanish. But neither Martin nor anyone in his gang speaks spanish. "This is America. Not Mexico" he says. The father of the illegal family is in the USA looking for work and needs a place for he and his family to stay. Martin advises him that in order to stay in his home, they must be legal citizens who speak fluent english. But he points to the house of a known antifa member up the block and tells the family they can go stay there. So, the family goes and knocks on the door of the known antifa member. When he answers, the family pushes him out of the way as they all sit in his living room, making themselves at home. Now, the antifa member is furious because now, he cannot get rid of the illegal family. The antifa member goes to Martin's place with a mob (again) and shouts that Martin and his gang are racists and xenophobic. Martin again tells them off with their own logic. This leaves the antifa members angrier because Martin beat them over their heads using their own words and logic.

This particular story is based on a news clip I saw from Liberty Hangout I think it was. The leftists want to invite all illegal immigrants into this country and turn the USA into a socialist country. They were asked if they want to house the illegal immigrants who come here. All of them said no. Which to me, doesn't make sense. They want them here, and they want this country to become a socialist country (which means their houses can be claimed by anyone who wants them) but when it comes time to house the illegals, and activate these socialist ideas they so badly want, they show they don't really want to do it!

My 5th idea is Dana and Soul (who are rarely used in my stories) put up an American flag in their yard. A small group of Black Lives Matter protesters trespass into their yard and try to take down the flag and replace it with a Black Lives Matter flag instead. Soul and Dana catch these thugs in the act and try to stop them. The thugs argue that the American flag represents "racism and genocide". Soul explains that it does not. It represents freedom and justice. Naturally, the BLM thugs bring up slavery and reparations, and Soul retorts about their slavery and reparations in a way I won't say here, because I do not want to give away too much of the story. You'll just have to read it. ;)

I even decided to make a story based on what happened back in 2016 between me and the libtard SJW INXS fans. Only I am replaced by Eva, and she is the one who loses her father and is then attacked by Kelly P. and all the other INXS SJWs. For basically no reason. But Katrina and Dave stand beside Eva, and defend her against the mob. Thankfully, I managed to save a lot of the hateful posts that were directed at me from the SJW INXS fans, so I will be using those too in some way in this story. I also remember a lot of those peoples' thoughts, weaknesses and insecurities. I plan to use those in this story as well. Also, as they don't seem to want any confusion, I'm using their real names as well. This is going to be the most fun story in this series so far to write. I also plan to put that caricature I made of Tess Obrien to work as well in this story. hehehe! ๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜—

Well, those are just some ideas I have. I'm hoping to come up with some more as time goes on.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Dangers of Antifa

This weekend, a young reporter named Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa. They claimed Andy Ngo is a "nazi" and so they threw a milkshake at him laced with fast-drying cement. He was hit hard enough that he endured a brain aneurysm and was hospitalized. This happened in Portland too. Makes me ashamed of being an Oregonian! After this, Antifa still cannot see that they are the violent ones?? They called Andy Ngo a "nazi" and he is nowhere near being a nazi! Remember, nazis were liberals back in the 1940s. Well, they still are today! In the form of Antifa. But the sad thing is Antifa does not see that. They think they're fighting for what is right. Well, they're not! They just think they are. They're nazis fighting innocent people in naziesque style. They're psychotic! Someone once told me that what makes a psychotic a psychotic is they do psychotic things and then claim they're innocent. That is exactly what Antifa does! But this is the age of mental illness. If trannies can claim they don't have a mental illness and get treated as if they are normal, then Antifa can act like crazed schizophrenics and claim they are normal too.

One of the saddest things about that is the authorities, and the mainstream media all take the side of Antifa and say Andy Ngo was in the wrong. OMG!!! I hate people! Andy Ngo is apparently a descendant of Vietnam immigrants and he's apparently gay! He's nowhere near being a nazi! And these are the kind of people Antifa claims to defend! Bullshit!!! If Andy Ngo is indeed gay, then he is the kind of gay person I admire. He's not like Carlos Maza! He doesn't bring it up in every tweet he writes. He doesn't make that his defining characteristic. He doesn't whine about things happening to him just because it's Pride Month! All these things gays like Carlos Maza does, and he is the kind of gay person I have ZERO respect for!!! It's OK to be gay, but you don't have to keep bringing it up in every one of your tweets on Twitter! That gets old after so many times. I don't admire those who keep it in the closet, but it's not brought up every time they tweet either, nor do they bring it up in every conversation. Those are the kind of gays I have respect for! The way Carlos Maza does it, it feels like he's pushing his lifestyle on others, or he's like "Hey! I'm gay! That means I'm better than you! You can't touch me! But I can disrespect you!" Like the no-class gays who harassed that one Christian baker in Colorado. That made me lose all respect in the whole LGBT organization. I used to be a supporter, until they harassed that poor guy for the second time! And now, a third time!!!

But anyways, Andy Ngo set up a GoFundMe page, and he is almost up to $100,000! WAY past his goal!! If you'd like to contribute to it, go here! https://www.gofundme.com/f/protect-andy-ngo-fund

I especially feel bad for what happened to Andy Ngo! It happened in my own state! I almost feel indebted to him! The same thing happened to my Michael, so it hits me hard! Michael lost his senses of taste and smell. He never got it back. I can only hope Andy Ngo stays strong. We need more reporters like him. People who are not afraid to stand up to the Antifa bullies. BTW, some of the attackers were arrested. Good! But Antifa also posted a GoFundMe to get bail money for those who were arrested, but I won't link to it here. Any idiot who wants to donate to that shit will not get my help, nor my blessing!! I say let those assholes rot in prison!!! In fact, if I could find out where they are being jailed, I'd go there and spit in their faces! Eh I wish!!

I am so sick of the bullshit in this state! Totally SICK!! I want out NOW!!! It's getting worse and worse! But where can I go? All the reddest states are inland. I don't want to move there. And I sure as Hell don't want to move south!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Dummycrat Debates

OK I saw the first night only, and then I couldn't watch the whole thing because these people were totally insane!!! I mean really, they are stark-raving loony-toons!! The democrats in this country have gone totally full-retard now! Beto O'Rourke got up there and totally embarrassed himself! When he didn't have an answer to something, he switched into the "no habla english" mode. The others are all now mocking him for that. Typical libtards!! But O'Rourke did embarrass himself doing that. I wonder why he suddenly changed into someone who only spoke spanish? Did his publicity managers tell him to do that? Or my idea was probably the most likely; he thought he was just being cute. Either way, he shocked the other debaters on the platform. I heard everyone else was mocking him onstage. I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was too dumb!

And the big prize for the night I watched; Julian Castro saying that trans "women" need to have access to abortions as well. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OK, here I thought I had channeled in on some Dunesbury-style comedy show! Doesn't this fool know that trans "women" can't even get pregnant??? I mean really! What happened to basic biology??? Oh wait! It's now offensive to even mention basic biology! These are the same people who say scientifically GOD doesn't exist, but science and facts are "offensive". Well, tell us what it is dude! You either believe in make-believe (as in transgenders and "GOD") or you believe in science! You can't have both. Not in your language! A trans "woman" can never get pregnant, because he doesn't have a vagina! Idiots like Riley J. Dennis wants us to believe that a man can magically grow a vagina, and a woman can magically grow a functional penis. Not going to happen! Ever in our lifetime! Nor at any time in evolution. The main purpose for our species is to reproduce. That's why animals were put here to begin with. But with so many gays, trannies and queers, our species seems to be the first in Earth's history to be going in reverse.

I still say however, it is survival of the fittest. Women who are not confused about their sexuality do not have to be attracted to trans "men". And men who are not confused do not have to be attracted to trans "women". In fact like me, most men and women I know of would be furious if a tranny wanted to date them, and did not tell them they are a tranny. That should anger anyone! I'm not that fricken desperate for a mate. I'll never date a woman! Or a trans "man". Call me a "transphobe" all you want to! It'll never happen!

Ya know, the libtards are starting to get too smart though. They are finally realizing their words don't mean anything to anyone anymore. So now, they are starting to use violence. That's why they've begun throwing milkshakes and bricks at people who do not adhere to their narrative. One person who had a milkshake laced with acid thrown on him is seeking vengeance against the person who did it to him. It has become commonplace in the UK. Boy! I'm glad I never moved to the UK!!! I almost did once! I'm so glad I didn't!! Ever since I was in the MH and His Life fan group on Facebook, I've known the UK had no free speech rights. That was the reason I never wanted to go back in that group, and I even told Katrina to stay away from that group because those people will do the same thing to her as they did to me. They absolutely do not believe in free speech because the mods there are all from countries that do not allow it. And I taught Katrina to always speak her mind. She told me they kept trying to add her to that group, but she finally told them to stop it. I said good! She doesn't need to be in that group!

The only safe places in Europe to move to is Hungary and Poland, places like that. But you can only move to those places if you are white. They were the smarter countries. They realized how colored people (like the muslims other European countries are letting in) will ruin everything in their country so their government said "Hell NO! You can't come here!" Good on them! The fags hate those countries because of it, but I say that's their problem! The countries that are allowing colored people in are becoming shithole pits, broken into battles, violence, crime, and streets filled with garbage. It's sad! And the bleeding-heart libtard SJWs are allowing those things to happen. They are allowing their countries to be ruined. Very soon there won't be any place a decent person with their own beliefs can go to get away from this madness.

We need the apocalypse. NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Some Changes To UMG

There have been a few add-ons to UMG Productions. I went back to Kunaki for example, for DVDs. I was using Trepstar, but the one thing I did not like about their service was they would charge customers at least $25 for assistance! I don't like that. Kunaki, as far as I know, does not charge anything for customer service. I wouldn't want my customers to have to pay someone just to ask them a question! That's dumb! So, I went back to Kunaki. This means I'll have to purchase the DVDs I create once every 180 days, just to keep them available on the site, but that's OK. No biggie. It's better than having to pay $25 for assistance. But Kunaki has it's flaws too. In Trepstar, if I wanted to change a video I put on a disk, all I had to do was go to that project and edit, and it would let me upload a different movie. Kunaki does not allow that. You have to begin a whole new project in order to change the movie. That kinda sucks!!! I've made some very subtle changes to a couple episodes of Katrina Hates You. I also redid the entire Timmyfan In Montana movie. The original was boring! And FAR too long!!! There was no need for that movie to be nearly 3 hours long! So, I took out all the boring shit and made it a bit more exciting.

Also, I've completed a few more videobooks. You can view them at this link. I'm working on more videobooks too. I'd like to make all my books into videobooks if I can. I have limits though. Nothing x-rated or containing profanity will be made into a videobook. I'd like to keep the animation child-friendly. Currently, I am working on another videobook. I hope to have it available by the end of next month. Or maybe the end of summer. It depends. But I hope to have it available soon. I also hope to make more videobooks available in the coming year. I like hiring other voices for my project. It sort of brings the stories to life. I mean like in real life. It's kinda fun using other voices in my projects to represent different characters. I have a couple that I've recently worked on up on YouTube, but they are not available for public viewing. I only allow close friends and family (and vocal contributors) to view them. People I know I can trust. Also, I've opened up the Tip Jar function for all videos. The minimum tip is $2, and the customer has the option to pay more if they want to. This is for those who want to view the videos on a tip alone.

Also, I've always wanted to put my home made Batman stories up on UMG Productions. Keep in mind, this is not like the original Batman comics! These are animal characters playing Batman characters. I am also still working on getting these stories to a stage that they are presentable on the site. Well, due to copyrights, I cannot make them available on the mainsite. So, I created a secret site to make them available to whomever wants them. I make no money off the Batman stories. The amount that is required to purchase the books is strictly printing and cover costs. I'm even waving my labor costs on these stories. It's killing me, but what the heck! These Batman stories are some of my greatest creations! They're funny! They're even a bit strange. But then again, so was Tim Burton's Batman movies. They too were dark and sinister. Anyways, I'm still in the process of creating these stories, so more will become available through time. This video explains how to access this "secret page"...

The page also has a couple other goodies that I cannot put up on the site. One of them is the original (1998) version of Gracie's Odyssey. What you get on the site is actually the 2012 version of the story, which has been revised. I personally prefer the 1998 version better. AH! So does Katrina! I used to read it to her when she went to bed at night It's raw, unedited, virtually untouched. There's some things you'll notice are different from the 2012 version. Lisa is not in there. Very few humans are in the story, other than the 2 zookeepers. And Davy goes to live in Toutle, WA (where I was living at the time this story was written), and he is staying in a home for wayward animals. Much like a shelter for wild animals. This is the story that was actually inspired by my Michael. I should have put that story up on the site, but in 2015, I opted to have the newer version on the site instead. So, the original version remained obsolete, until now. Also available on this page is a DVD full of all the videobooks I've done so far. I thought it would be kinda cool to have all of them on one disk, for those who would like to see all the ones we've got so far.

Well, those are some changes that have been made. Enjoy the new features, for those who are interested in trying them. Back to our regular political posts tomorrow.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Who Is Racist???

Liberals love to call conservatives all kinds of horrible names, with no proof backing any of them up. They like to call us bigots, racists, homophobes, transphobes, islamophobes, say we hate women, and all other kinds of shit like that. I hear those names a lot being directed at conservatives. I'm always left wondering, where are these conservatives they keep talking about? Where are the racists? Where are the bigots? The homophobes? The transphobes? The islamophobes? Where are the ones who hate women? Where?? I'd like to know. Most of the conservatives I've met have been very level-headed, and kind people. It was always the far-leftists who were the hateful ones. It has always been left-wingers who have been the ones who always said hateful things about me. You can always tell who the left-wingers are. They are the ones who call others names because they cannot just agree to disagree. They stick up for cats and panthers. They are only brave in groups (or behind a computer screen) and they talk about how another person looks when they have no videos or pictures of themselves online. That is how I can always tell who is a leftist.

Am I a racist? Well, that's a hard question to answer. I may be more of a specieist. LMAO!! Using that word the same way the vegans do. I don't just hate muslims. I don't just hate illegal immigrants. I don't just hate blacks. I don't just hate whites. I don't just hate women or men. I don't just hate gays or trannies. I just hate ALL people. I just hate people. I hate all people equally as much. It doesn't matter who they are or what they look like or what their sexual orientation is. All people are evil in some way or another. I'd rather be in the company of animals. I've been let down too many times by people. As a christian, I love them. But as myself, I hate them. There's only a few people I genuinely love and they are my family and closest friends. That's all I feel I need. My friends may be few in numbers, but at least they are true-blue in spite of all. Quality over quantity! At least now, I don't have any friends who are liars or cheats!

I hear this thing all the time from people, especially liberals on YouTube. They say that the biggest racists are the people who keep saying they have friends who are black, gay, Mexican, etc. No. That does not prove someone is a racist when they say that. That only proves that person does have very diverse friends. I think the most racist people are the ones who keep saying "you're racist if you say you have friends that are [insert minority here]". People who say that need to grow up! They need to learn what real racism is! I watch a lot of Jesse Lee Peterson, and he agrees. I love when Morgan Freeman was asked how people can overcome racism and his answer was "Stop talking about it!" I agree! If people would stop talking about it, they wouldn't find racism in everything. Especially in things where race is the least of their meaning. For example, I once heard someone say that even something as mundane as snow is racist! That was probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard! A person would have to have one hell of a boring, pathetic life to come up with that as an argument for racism!!

Ya know, that is what I find is the one thing these leftists have in common. I think they make this shit up just so they can occupy themselves with anger. It's really ridiculous! They cannot do anything else because they have no talent, no creativity, no desire, so they make their hobby getting offended. Personally, I don't see the point in that. Why would anyone want to just get offended at everything? Maybe it's like how the Westboro Baptist Church got their power; by people talking about them all the time. As long as people were talking about them, others would watch their videos, talk about them all the time, and go see their protests. That gave them power. That gave them the attention they were after. Maybe today's leftists are using that same method. Like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, saying something is racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, or any other kind of phobic they believe is bigoted, gets them the attention they crave. And as long as it does, they are going to keep calling conservatives those things. Simple economics. If we want them to stop, then stop talking to them or about them. Then they won't have a reason to spread their hate. No one will be listening.

The big difference between leftists and the Westboro Baptist Church is the WBC does not get violent when they don't get that attention they want. They just move on until they do get that attention. Leftists on the other hand, will get violent if they don't get attention. I'll tell you, I could just smack Obama for doing this to this country! Bigotry was almost extinct until Obama became president! We were almost at a point where we could have all lived together harmoniously. Then Obama became president and threw a monkey wrench in the workings! He did NOTHING else during his presidency except that! I'll tell you, I've never even seen so many racist people in my life as I am seeing right now. And NONE of those racists are conservatives!

Then there is the passing of this bill here in OR that I was talking about the other day. Where it is now illegal for a white person to call 911 on a black person. Now this state is going to go downhill fast! That has got to be the craziest bill this state has ever passed, or will ever pass! I don't know how that can even be topped! You can't get any stupider than that! That bill is only going to give violent thugs, who are black, a pardon to commit more crimes against white people. And you know why this bill is being passed now in OR congress. It's because hating white people now is "the in-thing". They want to eliminate whites from this country. I was angry when I heard now the congress in Maine is importing illegal African immigrants to Portland. I was pissed! I had plans to move to Maine, and I thought Portland sounded like a nice place! But now that they've allowed illegal African immigrants there, it's going to go downhill and turn into a shit-town. I've met some African immigrants before. Let me tell you, they TRULY hate white people. It was the day I went to pick up Mya at the airport. I went to this building, I have no idea what kind of building it was, but there were a lot of people in there who supposedly were shuttle bus drivers. All of them were African immigrants. They all looked at me weird. The look in their eyes seemed to be a mixture of pure hate, and the look a person has on their face when they are looking at animals in the zoo.

You know illegal immigrants are going to ruin everything. I cannot help thinking this is part of their local government's plan to "de-white" Maine. So, they are battling off the whites by illegally importing African immigrants. But those people hate this country. And you know what is going to happen. It happened in New York. It happened in Detroit. It happened in New Orleans. And now the same thing is going to happen in Portland, Maine. It's going to turn into a shit-hole with ghettos, fights, gangs, shootings, burglary, poverty, destruction, pollution, etc. I'd hate to see that happen in Maine. The state was once so beautiful! The only coastal state that seems to have any sense anymore is Florida. They thought ahead and made it illegal to declare any of their towns "sanctuary" towns! But I don't want to move to Florida!!! It's too hot there. Though my sis might like it. They get storms galore there!

This is why I believe me and my sis should just get an RV and live in there, traveling across country. Then if we get tired of one place, we can always move to another quickly. And if we like a place, we can stay there for a while. We could even drive to Florida sometime. LOL! Then sis can do her storm-chasing there. There'll be plenty of storms to chase! Trust me on that one!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Liberals; The Biggest Bullies

And they call us conservatives bullies. Liberals are the biggest bullies of all. Not only that, but they are also the biggest hypocrites. You know this is gay pride month. Goodie for them! Well, some straight guys in Boston want to have a straight pride parade in August. I say go for it. Have at it! I'm all for gay rights. I believe they have a right to marry who they want. They have a right to live their lives the way they want to. However, what I don't go for is them parading down the street naked, or mostly naked. NO ONE wants to see that!!! Whether you are gay or straight! Have some dignity! I have gay friends, and thank GOD they are not doing that!! Well, I support gays having their rights, but I don't support them indoctrinating children. That's what has made me lose respect for this parade this year. Leave kids out of this.

I was watching the Jesse Lee Peterson show this morning and it was a guy whose mom married a husband that beat her up. Well, this year his mom came out as gay. And she claimed to have "always been gay". Well, her kids all know that's not true. Why do people say that??? Why do people, many years later, come out as gay and then say they've "always been that way" when they haven't??? Are they saying that for acceptance? That's a crazy way to get acceptance!! Her kids are all grown up now. The child who called Jesse and told him this was 26. And he knew his mom hasn't always been that way. She married the bad boy, and later regretted it, like all women do. So, she wants to pretend she's something she's not. That's how it always works. If you look back in their history, most people who later turn gay, or trans, are such because either they did not have a father early in life, or they were sexually abused in some way in their childhood. Anyways, he says his mom coming out as gay is now tearing the family apart. So, I don't support that. Those are the gay wannabe's.

Personally, I can't see why anyone would want to be gay. Even a lot of people I know who are gay don't want to be that way. I'm a straight woman. As straight as they come. Don't listen to the hacks on the internet who wish I was gay. Or trans. I'm a proud straight woman. A man has more to offer than a woman. I don't want to even dream of looking down and seeing someone without a penis in my bedroom! I don't like to play with a woman's vagina! Not my style! If I get anything at all, I want some d***!!!! I'd be very furious if I fell in love with a guy and he actually turned out to be a woman, and didn't tell me. I'd be like 'oh Hell NO!' and I would leave without saying another word. But modern liberals don't like that kind of thinking. They call it "transphobic" if we refuse to date someone who thinks she's a man, but is really a woman. I don't care though. Call me 'transphobic' all you want to! It's my body, it's my choice! I don't want to have sex with another woman! And I would be shocked if my mom came out as gay. Because I know that is not my mom! My mom has been in love with 2 guys in her life; my father, and now my stepfather. Neither one of those men were trans-'men'.

Well, I will also be celebrating straight pride day. The liberals though, they think the whole idea of straight pride is a waste. Some even said they would go there just to protest the straight pride parade. Typical libtards! I say there is nothing wrong with celebrating straight pride. I'm proud to be straight. But the libtards argue that because straight people have never been oppressed in any way, that they should not feel proud to be straight. Some even said that was obnoxious. The thing is, that being gay is now a fashion-statement. It's no longer something people want to let happen naturally. Now, it's being pushed on kids today. And that is very sad! Apparently My Little Pony has a lesbian couple on the show. Then Arthur has a Mr. Rat marrying another Mr. Rat. Don't tell me this is happening naturally! Gayness is being pushed on kids. Very VERY young kids! So, I think that straight people are already oppressed. They are already being assaulted for being straight. What gets me with all this shit, is gay people go out now and brag about being gay, queer or trans, and then they tell straight people to mind their own business. Dude! Or dudette. If you don't want people getting in your business, then stop flaunting you being gay! No one cares!!!

I have gay friends, and thank GOD they are not like this! My gay friends are much more classy! They don't make that the subject of every conversation, or Twitter post they have! They don't talk about being gay as being natural. They don't flaunt it in peoples' faces and then tell them to mind their own business! With all this, I wonder what happened to "don't ask, don't tell"? It seems people nowadays have forgotten that. Though we are now seeing gay characters in a lot of children's shows, if these people think I'm going to create gay/queer/trans characters for my stories, they have another think coming! I won't allow it. I'm not going to contribute to this trend. If a kid grows up to be gay on it's own accord, without being stifled into it through the media and parental pushing, then that is fine and dandy! But I am not going to put gay/queer or trans characters in my stories as if it is a perfectly normal and natural thing! No way! I don't agree with that!

I saw another video today where Teen Vogue talked about the "difference between sex and gender". These losers were saying sex is what we are born with, and gender is how you feel. That is so DUMB!!! It is NOT!!!! Sex and gender are EXACTLY the same thing. And what sex you were born with is the sex you are going to be throughout your life! No matter how you feel or what drugs you take to suppress hormones, nor what clothes you decide to wear! I was born a girl, I was a tomboy growing up, but now I am a woman, and I know it. Those trannies and queers base their findings mostly on a very few people who are born with both a penis and a vagina. The hermaphrodites. But they are not common! That is actually a very rare birth defect. It's not some psycho-twats who just want to pretend to be something they are not. And one apparent Indian tribe believes you can be born both sexes. But that is just one tribe. And how common are they now? The number of people who believed you can be any other gender than you really are, were falling. What you see today, among grown people pretending gender and sex are different, is just the result of bad parenting. It is not natural when you have to take man-made drugs to block your hormones from making you behave the way your sex should be behaving! That is not natural!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Big Let-Down

Oh man! This is awful!!! I need to rack up prayers for my sis. She had an apartment, put down the security deposit, and suddenly it was taken out from under her. It's complicated. But that is what happened. I want my sis to move to Missoula! At least if she lives there, I can go visit her. But she is having a terrible time finding an apartment. The same exact thing happened to me back when I first moved to Astoria. I had a place, all the arrangements were made, but the landlord messed things up and I didn't get it. Again, it's complicated. I'm grateful I got this apartment. I love this apartment, but I must say, I ran into the guy who helps run this place. I think he's the manager's boyfriend (not husband). All my dog's restroom areas are also being jerked out from under me by this guy. He wants to put a garden up now, and he is telling me I cannot put my dog there to go potty anymore. Now, he's telling me to go to this dog park all the way on the other side of the complex.

Well, I can't. For 2 reasons...

#1. It's all the way on the other side of the complex. During the summer months, it's not so bad going all the way over there, but once winter sets in, I'm not going to want to walk all the way over there in the cold and the rain! I had to do that in Bozeman and I HATED it!!!!!!

#2. If the people in this complex are anything like the lazy-ass slobs at the complex in Bozeman, I don't want to take my dog there! There'll be crap and turds all over that someone was too lazy to pick up and I don't want to step on them, or Mya to come in contact with them.

Well now, this guy is getting to be like that big, Sasquatch manager we had here before. The one who kept telling me "I'm gonna report you if you don't put your dog on a leash!" I've told Debi so many times, Mya won't do anything on a leash! I can put a leash on her, but all she'll do is just stand there and look at me. Even if I know she really needs to go potty. I guess Debi never told her boyfriend any of this. Its not my fault! It's Mya! I never realized when I got her that she was such a wussy dog! She absolutely WILL NOT go potty if she is attached to a leash. I told this guy "I've tried to get her to go potty on a leash, but she just won't!" Not unless I walk her up to the college. Then she'll do it. But again, during the winter months, I'm not going to want to go there. This guy also says he's going to put a garden over by the kid's play area. That, I think, is a pretty dumb idea! The kids will trample the garden.

Personally, I think the whole garden idea is a dumb idea! There's too many kids here! And it limits too many of the places we can go. And too many stray cats, which are going to use the garden anyways for their bathroom. But what the hell. It's his doings. I just wish I hadn't had Mya's bathroom spots jerked out from under me. I came back in here and I said "I want my OWN place and I want it NOW!!!!!"

Well, I told my sis if she doesn't find a place, she can always move back in with me. She said the manager in Bozeman already invited her and that I am "a little too late". No I'm not! I offered her to come stay with me back in April, when she moved here from Bozeman. But if she chooses Bozeman, she can forget about me coming to visit her. I'm not driving all the way to Bozeman! I'll go to Missoula, and that's as far as I'll go. You know what hell it is trying to drive to Bozeman??? It's 4 hours away from Missoula, but it is the LONGEST 4 hours!!!! Plus, you have to go over that steep pass and I'm like NO damn way!! Hell to that no!! You can't pay me to do that again!

Well, I offered to let my sis come live with me. She wants to work though, and she's afraid she cannot find a job here (or in Ocean Shores). I told her I'll put her to work! If she comes live with me, she can help me with my business! I guarantee she won't get bored!! I'd rather move to Ocean Shores, it's a good resort place and I can do a lot of big business there! And! Aberdeen has GrubHub! I cannot open a pet store in Ocean Shores, but I can open Aunt Minnie's Cookies and Cakes. Sis can man the counter, while I do the baking. And she can also do deliveries. And on July 4th, when the beach is full of people setting off fireworks, we can open a hamburger/hotdog cart. I guarantee sis won't get bored!!!

She's worried though I may not open the business. But the thing is, the reason I haven't opened my business yet is because I'm just me. I'd have to hire someone to man the counter and run deliveries. And I can't afford to hire someone. If sis is there, she can just work on commission. And who knows? Maybe here and there, she'll gather a tip or two that she can keep. Then when the business gets better, I can hire someone to do the counter and deliveries. So, I'm still trying to convince her to help me in making this business happen. But that is IF things in Missoula don't work out. But I think I got a good property lined-up in Ocean Shores if we have to move there. AND aside from this business, the property has spaces for RVs. We can rent those out during camping season and make some extra money. There's so many possibilities.