Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

20 Things You May Not Have Known Has A Name

In the sidebar, there is something that talks about a habit I always have and I hate! But I had no idea it had a specific name! LOL! But it inspired me to make this kind of a post. These are some things you may have known existed, but did not know the technical name of.

1. Cerumen

This is the technical name for common ear wax.

2. Philtrum

This is the name of the little indentation between your nose and upper lip.

3. Bruxism

This is the name of the habit of gnashing your teeth. I do this all the time and I hate it!!

4. Tittle

This is the technical name for the dot above the lower-case I and J.

5. Muntin

This is what the strip that separates window panes is called.

6. Ferrule

This is the metal part that holds the eraser to the pencil.

7. Petrichor

The earthy scent that accompanies the first rainfall after a period of dry, hot weather.

8. Aglet

This is the plastic that tips your shoe laces.

9. Glabella

This is what the space between your eyebrows is called.

10. Overmarrow

You could say this instead of saying "the day after tomorrow".

11. Tines

These are the prongs on a fork.

12. Dysania

This is the feeling you have when you can't get out of bed in the morning.

13. Crapulence

Yes, this is a real word! It's the feeling you get after you've eaten or drank too much.

14. Interrobang

A now common symbol that represents the use of both a question mark and an exclamation point. As in when I say "What the fuck?!"

15. Octothorpe

This is the actual proper name for the pound sign or hashtag.

16. Paresthesia

The proper word for that "pins and needles" feeling.

17. Mondegreen

This is actually the technical term for misheard song lyrics. Though some doughnuts are so good they actually do make my brown eyes blue! LOL!

18. Phloem bundles

This is what those pesky, stringy tissues are on a banana.

19. Griffonage

This is the technical term for unreadable handwriting.

20. Rasceta

This is the technical name for the lines that are visible inside your wrist.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Michael Wasn't Alone

I'm telling you, November 22nd must have been one hell of an unlucky day! Many prominent figures passed away on this day. I've been hearing about it. In the sidebar, you can see a little article clip about Mae West. She was a classic movie actress, and it inspired me to write this post.

Famous people who died on November 22:

John F. Kennedy (1963)
George Washington Gale Ferris (1896)
Leon Leopold Lewandoski (1896)
Mary Kay Ash (2001)
Anthony Burgess (1993)
Blackbeard (1718)
Kim Young Sam (2015)
Norman Granz (2001)
Lorenz Hart (1943)
Henry Wilson (1875)
Pavel Lambert Maลกek (1826)
Mae West (1980)
Walter Reed (1902)
Bill Bixby (1993)
Mark Lenard (1996)
Moroni Olsen (1954)
Max Deutsch (1982)
Aldous Huxley (1963)
Shemp Howard (1955)
Michael Conrad (1983)
Florence Henderson (2016)
Jack London (1916)
Robert Sutton Whitney (1986)
And of course, our own
Michael Hutchence (1997)

Those are just some of the famous people who also died on November 22nd of different years. I am surprised to see Bill Bixby is also on this list. Well, not too surprised. I know he'd died. But oddly, for many years, I thought he died November 24th. Ya know what's funny? At the very first, I thought that when I first heard the news Michael had died, because I heard it for the first time on November 24th of 1997. It was a Monday. You know what else is funny? Bill Bixby was also born on January 22, 1934. You know what else is funny? Bill Bixby has always been one of my most favorite actors, and just like Michael, when I saw Bill Bixby for the first time, it was love at first sight! Just like it was with Michael when I saw him for the first time. I was like a little puppy dog. How eerie is all that?!

On the other side of the spectrum, there have been many luminary people born on this day as well. Some of these people are:

Nicholas Rowe (1966)
Shawn Fanning (1980)
Tyler Hilton (1983)
Scarlet Johansson (1984)
Eg White (1960)
Jamie Lee Curtis (1958)
Lawrence Gowan (1956)
Valerie Wilson Wesley (1947)
Aston Barrett (1946)
Rodney Dangerfield (1921)

Just to name a few. OK I had to add some positivity to this post. Doesn't really seem fair to focus entirely on people who died this day. This is a weird post. I've never done one like it before, but it's interesting. So interesting, it gives me an idea.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Timmy!!!

Ahhh! He's finally hit the big 6-0!! But he's still so handsome to me! Will love him always. Happy birthday Timmy! Thanks for the wonderful memories!!! I will always remember this night:

I look terrible in this pic. I look like a damn fatass witch! LOL! But Timmy looks so handsome!!! I will always remember that night! Even without the pic I'll always remember it. UGH!! If only I had got a pic of me with Michael, it'd make my life complete. But I never did. I just kissed him was all. And I did not have a camera with me that night. I also remember the night after this pic was taken, I saw INXS again in Lincoln City, and Timmy threw me a pick.

I remember as JD sang "Love, baby Love--Is written all over your face" I pointed right at Timmy and he saw me. He smiled at me and then threw me his pick. The girls in front of me tried to get it, but I knew it was meant for me because I saw how Timmy looked at me just before he threw it. I felt bad for the girls in front of me who also wanted the pick. Apparently, Catsredrum was standing next to me, and did not like it that I kissed the pick when I caught it. LOL! But who cares! Yes I did kiss it, because I could not believe my luck! I held it up to my bosom too. LOL! Again, because I could not believe my luck! Another gripe she had was that I sniffed the pick. LOL! Yeah, because for some reason, it smelled like chicken. I guess Timmy had been eating chicken that night. Oh well. LOL!

I thought those two nights were going to set the stage to a happy year that year. But unfortunately, it did not last long. A few months later was when I lost my Groucho. That was the worst thing that could ever happen! A few weeks after that, I met the guys again, but I was not myself. I was in a very bad way because I was still mourning my baby. And that was supposed to be a happy day. But I was miserable the whole time, and it showed. After that meeting, I was like "Oh man! Why did I behave that way?!" It was because I missed Groucho. I took it out on everyone, even my favorite men. I didn't mean to. It just happened. That's how I am when I am in mourning.

I remember around that time was when I also started getting even with the delusional mods. Well! They were implying that I killed Groucho, and I wanted to set them straight before they began believing that lie and spreading it around. Like when Stephanie implied that I don't care enough for my dogs. I made her pay for that remark! Same as the delusional mods. I saw that post (one of my "spies" forwarded it to me), and I said "this has got to stop!" So, I gave the delusional mods a taste of their own medicine. They deserved it! You can say a lot of things about me and I don't care. But don't EVER accuse me of not taking good care of my animals!!!! I did everything I could to save Groucho. Don't ever say different. Or you will get black-balled and I don't give a shit!!!

Another complaint the delusional mods had, they hated it when I called Timmy "Timmy". They thought Timmy hated to be called that. Well, look at this tweet from Kirk:

If Timmy hated to be called "Timmy" so much, why would Kirk call him that? Those two are best buddies. Love ya Kirk, BTW!!! I know I used to be angry with Kirk, and I was for a long time. But I've gotten over it. Though I don't think he forgives me. But that is OK. Though I look back at some of the things I said about him in the past, and I cringe. I don't blame Kirk at all for not wanting to forgive me. I hope he can someday. But I'll leave that up to him. I do want him to know I am deeply sorry for those awful things I said.

I said the same shit about Michael for a while too. And I look back on it today and I cringe at that too. I'm disgusted by how I used to talk about him! UGH!!!! Today, I look at those posts and I think "Man! I was dumb to think that about Michael!" I was downright harsh in those days! But those days are past. They're gone. They don't count anymore in my life today. I've turned my back on a lot of things I thought in the past. Now, it's time to move forward. This is what baptism does for me! I get to move forward. If others want to stay in the past, let them stay there. I'm thinking more about the future now. This is what Jesus would want me to do. Atheists, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! hehe.

Anyways, happy 40th to INXS, and happy 60th to Timmy! Love ya still Timmy! I always will! So glad to see you're still smiling above all else. I hope you live another 60 years! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜š

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Old Twats In This Town

UGH!!! I hate the old foagies in this town!! Now, I realize I am an old fart myself. But the old farts in this town, I really fucking HATE them!! They are so temperamental!!! And I hate riding the damn bus because every time I do, I run into one of these damn old farts! Here I am, having been baptized and I am trying to go for a change. But when I see people like these old-ass-bitches in this town, it just totally destroys my goal. Sometimes I just want to punch these people in the face! If I didn't have such high morals, I probably would have by now. But that's really not who I am. I don't go around hitting other people, or putting my hands on other people. I try to treat others the way I'd want to be treated.

Well today I got on the bus, I wanted to go to this computer shop that a friend told me about to get a cord I need. Also, keep in mind, the fair is in town. So, you can imagine how packed up the bus was at this point. When Mya and I got on the bus, it was very packed. All seats were taken, except for a few in the very back. But the aisle, being as narrow as it was, and with most people hanging their backpacks, and their feet in the aisle, I had no choice but to take a seat next to this old woman who I'd never seen before. She was sitting in the center of the seat, which was between the seats, I guess so no one would sit in the seat next to her. But I took that seat anyways, and I found Mya and I were hanging in the aisle ourselves. I didn't want that. So, I scooted into the seat, which made this woman next to me scoot over, and boy! She fussed like a baby when I did!

Well, I tried to be nice about it. I apologized for having to do that, but she looked at me and hissed like a snake. LOL! Well, I asked myself "What would Jesus do?" I think Jesus would have just chosen the peaceful way out and just sat there, minding his own business, and kindly apologize if something unexpected happens. So, that is what I did. Because she had been trying to take up 2 seats, I was sitting on her coat, so she dragged her coat out from under me. Again, I apologized for sitting on her coat. Again, she hissed like a snake. Then she kinda sarcastically said to me "I've just had surgery! OK?!" and again, I said "Sorry." very kindly. As kindly as I could! Then I turned to her and said "I'm not trying to be rude here. But there was just no other place to sit." Again, that woman hissed at me like a snake! LOL!

What she doesn't know is that is not what I really wanted to say to her. If I wasn't such a nice person, and trying to better myself, I would have instead said to her when she cracked that kind of attitude at me, "Listen bitch! You chose to try and take up 2 seats on a bus that was packed! And I'm not going to walk down that narrow aisle with a baby in tow, so I had no choice but to sit next to you. I don't like it any more than you do! So just sit there and shut up and we'll both be fine!" But I did not do that. That's not what Jesus would have done. So I had to clam up and just sit there. Thankfully, she got off at the fairgrounds. But believe me, it took a lot of self-restraint not to push her off that seat.

I think the reason so many old people in this town are so hateful is because of this one guy, whose name is Richard. He looks almost exactly like Santa Claus, but he's not anywhere near as cute. And I think he's homeless because every time I've seen him, he's always carrying all his belongings with him. But I do notice all the most hateful old people in this town all associate with him. Maybe he's spreading bullshit about me. He doesn't even know me! At all. I've never spoken to him. Only seen him on the bus occasionally. But isn't that the way it always is? People like him love being the center of attention. Then they find one person who won't give them that attention and they talk shit about that person. In his case, he can say shit and his dumbass friends will believe him because they like him. I am not on the bus to make friends though. I'm hoping I won't have to ride the bus forever. Though I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I want to save for a car of my own.

There's this woman I often see associating with Richard, and her name is Mary. They both talk among themselves so much, at one point, I thought Mary was married to Richard. LOL!!! But Mary HATES Mya! One day I was getting on the bus at Safeway, and Mary was on there, made some crack about "That's the woman with the dog again!" She doesn't know my name, and she doesn't need to know either! There was this woman with a little girl who got on beside me. The little girl loved Mya. All kids do! LOL! The girl's mom said to Mary "Sorry about my daughter being annoying", and Mary stated "Oh not at all! The dog is more annoying than you all!" talking of Mya. I wanted to punch Mary in the face at that point! More than anything! Mya never did anything at all to Mary. She never even barks when we are on the bus. Mya's basically a good girl when we get on the bus.

Well, my vindictive side came out, and when Mary got off at her stop, which was about a couple blocks from the Safeway, I said "Now, I would have just walked all that way!" Then once the bus got to her stop, it took Mary forever to get off the bus! Part of the reason was she would not shut up. So, I sat there and said "Come on you dumb bitch! Get off the damn bus!" I said it kinda below my breath, but I think she heard me. Richard was there too, and I think he heard me too. But Mary started this. Not me, and not Mya. I say Mary's lucky that's all I did to her! I really wanted to punch her in the face! Yeah! I know that's not what Jesus would do. But you can say what you want about me, but don't pick on an innocent puppy! She's not doing anything wrong. And Mary is FAR more annoying than Mya is or will ever be! Mary is one of the howler monkeys. And now that I know more about her, I don't like her. And I don't like Richard either!

It's odd, because I've actually chit-chatted with Mary before. I thought she was a nice person. Well, she sure wasn't. Maybe it was a front. I remember telling Katrina about this in detail. She said it sounds like Mary is jealous. That's all it could be. She believes it's possibly because I now have Mya and all my attention goes to her, and not Mary. Since Mary and I got along before. And that makes her a little upset because she's not getting my attention, and a little jealous because Mya is. I think she may be right. Even though Katrina has never met Mary. LOL! But if so, that means Mary is an attention-whore. At her age, too!

Well, I love my apartment, but I am growing not too fond of this town. The people here, especially the old people, suck balls! I am actually finding the nicest people are the ones who ride the bus from out of town. Or it's the younger people who are nicer and more understanding. I think the old people here are not used to outsiders coming into town. But I say fuck them! I'm here, and I am here to stay! Fuck off if you don't like it! But hopefully I won't have to ride the bus for much longer. Maybe I'll win a scratch-off and be able to buy a car from there. LOL!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weird True Facts I've Learned Over The Years

As we grow, we learn. The more years you are on this earth, the more you learn. I've been here for 40+ years, and I've learned a lot just by watching people in their day-to-day lives. Some of these, you've probably heard me say on here before. Some of these I learned slowly as time went on. But these are some facts that no one else thinks of, that I've learned watching people, both in real life and on the internet.

1. The most commonly misspelled word is "diarrhea".
There are others, but I've found only people with Ph.D's can spell the word "diarrhea" correctly on the first try. I learned how to spell it when I was 10. I remember it by remembering the two main syllables: "diar", which sounds like "dire" only spelled different, and "rhea", which is a bird.

2. Never go shopping on a totally full, or totally empty, belly.
Sometimes I do this, I go out to eat before I shop for groceries, and sometimes I get too full. But I've found when I do, I don't get enough groceries to last me the month. But it's just as bad to shop for groceries on an empty belly, because your mind tricks you into getting more than you need. It's best to have a very light lunch or dinner before going shopping.

3. The most commonly misused words are "to" and "too".
These are two different words with two different meanings for use.
Proper use of "to": "I'm going to the store".
Proper use of "too": "I like going shopping, too."

4. Be cautious of people who say "trust me".
I know it sounds strange, but unless I really, REALLY know the person, or if I had no other choice and my life depended on it, I do not trust people who say "trust me". Every time I did, I always had bad results. I almost lost one of my dogs to someone who was like this. And getting that dog back was total HELL!!!

5. People who like both cats and dogs equally are OK people. But do not trust anyone who likes cats and not dogs.
AKA "catfags". Cats, in truth, are demons. So, anyone who likes cats and doesn't like dogs is probably a demon themselves. Or an asshole. Either way, it's someone I would not want to have as a friend, or even anywhere near me or my family. But I've met some people who like both equally that were OK people. Though I tend to trust dog lovers more than cat lovers. But I think that just comes natural to me.

6. No matter what they say, people ARE indeed fanatical about what they like.
I don't care what their mouth says, or what emotions they originally show you, people are clingy to things they like. I've had so many people tell me "You have a right to your opinion", but then totally any friendship I may have with that person, or at least any peace I may have with that person, always went out the window once they found out I did not like the things they like. Especially anime fanatics and video gamers are the worst offenders of this rule!

7. Humans are born with natural instincts.
All humans have instincts they are born with to keep us alive, whether that be a fear of the dark, or of strangers, or of large creatures (including other humans). But as we grow older, and learn, we become more "socially accepting" of things we probably shouldn't. Like strangers. Even as adults we may still come across a stranger that will harm us, but because we do not want to appear to be anti-social, we accept them into our lives.

8. People are naturally hypocrites.
Again, I don't care what they say, and I've heard many people say they hate hypocrites, but people are naturally hypocrites. What I've found very few people actually like is honesty. Why more people are not "people-haters", I'll never understand!

9. If more people knew what others are saying behind their backs, they too would hate all other people.
Because we want to be more accepting, no one ever says what they really want to say to someone they want to say it to. I'm one of a kind. I'd rather people be honest with me than nice. To me, honesty is an opportunity to learn. I never got any complaints, so I never learned to be socially acceptable.

Just to be clear, there is a difference between "socially accepting" and "socially acceptable". "Socially accepting" is the act of accepting someone socially. "Socially acceptable" is behaving in an appropriate matter in social situations. I am socially accepting. I try to give every person a chance. I do not judge others either. Or I try not to. But I never learned to be socially acceptable. That is, be wary. I can be an asshole.

10. People are more willing to "follow the crowd" than to think for themselves. Even if they know you.
I've come across this so often in my life, it's not funny. It all leads to the fact that people want to be accepted by the bigger crowd. Most recently, it happened to me with the blind sheep, libtard INXS fans. I've always been nothing but nice to other fans. I've been honest, but I've also been nice. I never judged them or treated any of them with any disrespect. But when Kelly P. manipulated the other fans into turning against me, the majority of them went along with her. And because she was able to manipulate the "big wigs" like Rosanda, more and more followed in turning against me. Recently I've found out, even people, who I never thought would turn against me, did indeed turn against me. It's all because they wanted to go with the crowd that had the most people, and the bigger voices. That's the way it is with people ALL over the world.

11. Apologizing to people only makes them angrier.
Again, I don't care what their mouth says, when you do something wrong, and you try to apologize to that person, it seems to only make them angrier. No matter how sincere you are.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trolls Starting Shit

Oh man! I will never understand why trolls like this start shit with other people, and then get all angry and pissed off when the one they are targeting fights back. I'll never understand it. I am still somewhat anonymous on Facebook. But it's not because of dumbasses like this guy. It's because I still want to stay away from some INXS fans who I may not have known I have to have on ignore. Well, this is on one of the anti-liberal, anti-SJW groups I am on. This piece of work is named Dennis Sellers. Now, I've been in it with these people on this group before, but they always come to me looking for it. Usually, they are teenagers, or 20-something year olds. But this guy is 61, by his own admission, and acting like a teenager. He's older than my Michael and Timmy! No doubt he's nothing but an overgrown little mama's boy who thinks riding a motorcycle makes him look tough. It doesn't! His attitude, and lack of taking responsibility for his own actions just makes him look like a fool who just rides a motorcycle.

Yes, he did start it! I was just giving my opinion on a post that was asking us to post an unpopular opinion we have. So I did! LOL! I said all cats should be banned from ownership all over the world. I still stand by that! Cats have caused the extinction of many native animals everywhere. Look in places like Hawaii and Australia. Yet people in those countries still own them, and sometimes let them run wild to kill more native animals. So, I still stand by my post.

Well, like all catfags, this guy Dennis Sellers got butthurt. This was his response to me:

I'll never understand why dumbasses like this choose to shit on an innocent baby like Mya. She didn't do anything to him. He didn't even spell "mutt" right! Low-class, uneducated motherfucker! Well, ya know, I've had people who breed and exhibit shetland sheepdogs tell me that Mya is nearly picture-perfect. So, what this low-class honkey pig thinks of her really means NOTHING to me. But I love the opening he provided! LOL!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜† I actually love it when these trolls start this shit with me. It gives me a chance to exercise my mind. Now, you should know, I don't know this guy, I've never spoken to him on or off the group. This is actually the first time I'd ever seen him. This group has over 60,000 members, and I don't meet all of them. I'm not trying to make friends here. I have no interest in making any friends. I just like being able to speak my mind.

Anyways, this was my response to him:

Yeah, I know! I'm fat and ugly too. But I did not start this. He did. So, this ball is in his court, and I'm making sure it's staying there. If you could have seen my face at this point, this is what it would have looked like:

LOL! Yeah, I can be very devious. I was thinking "OK asshole! You wanna talk shit about an innocent baby? I'll talk shit about your shitty-ass hillbilly family!" This was his next comment to me:

To which my response was:

Yes, I was laughing at him. I always laugh at butthurt catfags. I looked further at his profile pics, and found some good ones. Here you can see, just like all men who prefer cats over dogs, he looks like a very feminine little pansy:

Also, just like all men who prefer cats over dogs, he does not look very healthy. No doubt if it weren't for his motorcycle, he wouldn't get out at all. Probably no more than a couch-potato. The only reason why I am still stuck inside and not able to go on walks is because of my leg, it's still healing from the break I had a couple months ago. I guess because of my age, it's taking longer to heal than it normally would. Anyways, I go on...

I honestly don't think I'd need to shoot him if he were to come at me. He'd probably drop from a coronary, fat as he is! And would you believe it, this thing is actually married!! No woman in her right mind would marry this thing! So, I had a look at it's wife. She's as fat and ugly as he is! These people need a dog! Learn to go on some walks! Anyways, I go on:

Actually, that picture was on his profile, it's not his wife. I'm just saying that to push his button, like he said what he said about Mya to push mine. Hey! He wanted a response! So I gave it to him! As we go further, you can see him get more and more butthurt. He responds:

Well, no shit! I've been laughing at him ever since he got into this conversation. He's asked for it! But notice I did not say he's wrong about me being ugly. LOL!!! But look at this, 61 years old, and he doesn't even know to use "you're" instead of "your". That, along with other things he's posted, made me laugh! This was my response to him:

He goes on to say:

Actually, it only took about maybe 5 minutes to find those pics. LOL! Maybe less, he has them flopped out there on his profile. But what's this about "Do you spit or swallow?" LOL!! Not sure what he means by that. I guess that's the way these honkeys talk.

Well, after a while, he comes back and says:

LOL!! Again, I am anonymous on Facebook. Not because of him! Because I want to stay that way from certain other INXS fans. I'd rather they not know who I am. Even here, I've blotted out my user name on Facebook. Though, like I said, I'm sure some have figured out who I am. But, I'd still rather remain anonymous for a while longer. This was my response to him:

Believe me, if I was a liberal, I wouldn't even be in that group! Just because I am in Oregon, does not mean I am a liberal. The only reason I am here is because I do not like paying sales tax and I love the ocean. I go on to say:

That's Grand Junction, Colorado, originally he's from Denver. Remember that! There's no doubt in my mind he's hooked on marijuana. Not that I care! But I don't think for him it's for recreational purposes. I think he's just hooked on street drugs.

He responds:

HAHAHA!!!! This is the funniest thing he's said yet! And the most ironic. Like I said, HE started this! NOT me! So, if anyone is a nasty bitch, it's him! I was not speaking to him, nor did I ask him to get into this conversation with me. He did that on his own. So, I don't know why he's all butthurt that I fought back. He chose to get into this conversation with me. He chose to talk shit about an innocent baby who did nothing at all to him. Not to mention, he threatened me and Mya. I stand by my original comment. I always will! If that sets him off, well too bad! Blame your mama for turning you into a liberal little wussy. Oh, and he called me a liberal back there! LOL!!! Too funny!!! You can't start shit with someone you don't know and not expect to get shit back!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Taking The Advice

I can see one of my buds on YouTube is taking a lot of shit now, thanks to Onision and DaddyOfFive. Well, in all fairness, Onision is a jerk. He's even now claiming one of my videos for copyright infringement. I showed him! I demonetized the videos I did about him. He's not making any money off my channel! I will personally see to that! Not happening! I'm not going to make any money for him and his nearly-gay little wifey who can't even identify her own gender! Of course, like I said, I think Onision forces his women to be like that. It gives him a good reason to bring a third party into his relationship. He's apparently not satisfied with one woman, so he needs a gay wife to bring in a second. DaddyOfFive is a whole other story.

DaddyOfFive got on YouTube to showcase 30-minute videos of himself yelling at his kids. Especially this one named Cody. Poor Cody took the brunt of his parents' wrath and they think it's funny. It's not funny. It's abuse! Cody was not even allowed to go to Disney World with the rest of the family because the stepmom said he smeared shit all over the walls. Well, she didn't say "shit". She said the "p" word that most use to describe shit. It's a word I NEVER use, because I hate the sound of it. Not only did she say the "p" word, she yelled it, over and over again. I never use that "p" word. EVER!! I'd rather call it "shit" or "crap" or "droppings" than to use the "p" word. It's vulgar. Like calling your belly your "tummy". If scientists don't use the word, then neither will I. And I'd rather not hear it either. No one ever calls a yellow-bellied sapsucker a "yellow-tummied sapsucker". Nor does anyone  ever call a red-bellied lemur a "red-tummied lemur". That's a word that people under 10 years old use. Not someone of my advanced age with a scientifically programmed mind. A person under 10 does not know any better.

Ya know that's one of the things I really HATE about cat people too. They give their cats some of the Stupidest names I've ever heard of in my life!!! I remember several years ago, when Animal Planet ran the series "Animal Hoarders", there was this woman who had several dogs and cats. She said one of her cats was named "Shitty-butt". Again, she didn't say "shitty", she used the "p" word instead. But you get the idea. And she's not the first cat-owner I've ever heard of to give her cat an embarrassing name like that. But I digress.

Well, this buddy on YouTube stood up for herself. Now, everyone is seeing her as a monster for standing up against the bullshit. I just never understood why that happens! It's happened to me many times before too. It's like it's OK for someone else to talk shit about another person, and they can spread rumors over and over and over all over the place, and that's just fine. But when the person they are talking about speaks out against the rumors and defends themselves, all of a sudden that person is the bad guy. I don't get that. That happened to me in the show breeding community, when John Cipollina attacked me for practically no reason at all. None except that I struck a nerve with him. But he attacked me in an email group of show chihuahua breeders. And he attacked me in a way that I sincerely felt threatened! If he and I had been standing in the same room together, and he came at me like he did in that forum, I'd have been looking for something to smash over his head with in self-defense! And the police would have told me I was justified. That is how threatening he got with me. Next, he told how he was feeling when he was attacking me, and all his stupid, show-breeder friends were all like "Oh we understand you, John! Don't worry. We loooooooove you!" But when I tried to explain why I said what I said that set John off, I was basically told to shut up and let it go. I was not even hateful in my responses to John. Nowhere near as hateful as he was to me. But these people were treating me like I was the bad guy.

You know why I was treated that badly by the other show breeders? Because I had not yet shown any dog to it's championship yet. John had many wins to his name, and had been breeding and showing for over 35 years at that time, and those were his own words. But I'd only been showing dogs for a year at that time, and had not finished any to it's championship. So, that is why my words did not matter to them at all. That kind of mentality makes me angry! That's why I have spent so many years learning to hate people! The exact same thing happened in the INXS forums. And I had never even attacked another INXS fan. I've been honest with them, but never once attacked them. You can even ask other INXS fans if I'd ever attacked them. Even Rosanda cannot say I've ever attacked her or her friend Vincent. If she says yes, she's lying like a rug!!! Never once did I attack him to her face. EVER! I never said one bad word about him to her because I did not want to hurt her feelings. And I did not want to make him sound bad in any way to her. That is why I never attacked him. That's just the kind of person I am. But I know for sure, he's attacked me behind my back. I can tell, why else would Kelly P. put me on ignore on Facebook? I never did anything to her, barely spoke to her on Facebook at all. I had nothing to ever say to her. I don't know her. For all I know, she could have been one of Bittertears' little cronies back in the days of the INXS.com forums.

Speaking of which, I found Kelly P's Youtube account. I wonder who the thin, attractive girl in her profile picture is? LOL! It sure isn't her! When I last saw her, she was a big, fat ox, like me. And that was just last December. I had to visit her Facebook page to put her on ignore. LOL!

INXS fans are different from show breeders though. With them, in order to be able to speak your mind, you would have to have been friends with Michael. Or at least have your picture taken with him. If you've got that under your jacket, then you can be as big an asshole as you want to, and no INXS fan will ever shun you. Believe me, I know many like that! But someone like me, who only kissed Michael, and did not unfortunately have a picture taken to prove it, if you're straightforward, the other INXS fans will hate you for it. What they seem to not think about is, I could have met Michael, if I had been alone that night. I went outback and saw the buses, and I saw Michael and the others roaming around backstage, and I almost raced to him. But my pessimistic friend told me not to, to just get in the car and let's head home. It was after midnight, and we had a long way to go home. The only reason I was not alone was because first of all, she had the tickets. Second of all, I was not driving at that time, so I had to have her take me. I didn't even have a learner's permit then. Otherwise I probably would have drove myself.

So, in order to have any rights in certain groups, you have to meet certain criteria. In show breeder groups, you have to have shown at least a few dogs to their championship. Even more so if you've bred a champion yourself. In the INXS community, you have to have been friends with Michael. Or at least had a formal picture taken with him. If you meet those archetypes, you can be a colossal jerk-off and no one will care. They'll still love you. Even if you kill one of their family members, I think. But if you do not meet those needs, you can just look at one of their popular members cross-eyed, and be labeled a "rotten human being", and have all kinds of rumors spread about you that all their accomplices will believe in, true or not. And if you try to defend yourself against those rumors, it will just make the amalgamated SJWs angrier. This is why I've spent so many years hating people. And this is why it's going to take a long time to change. I spent 40 years hating people. It may take another 40 to learn to completely trust people. But I am trying. Being in this church does help some. So does actually making some real friends I can get to know. As long as they are patient.

I've even re-joined facebook groups that are all about breeding, showing and even INXS. I am also becoming more active in INXS groups that I've joined. A little more. I am still staying pretty aloof, just because I do not want to be let down again. But it helps a lot that I have the blind sheep on ignore on Facebook. I'll tell you, I never would have said anything on any of the groups I am on if not for having them on ignore. It's like the dinosaur extinction. And pretty much the same concept. Mammals would never have advanced the way they have if the dinosaurs had not gone extinct. Likewise, I never would have advanced like I have on the groups if I did not have the blind sheep on ignore. So, there is an advantage. Plus, I pretty much stay off of groups with moderators I do not trust. I even had to delete myself from Tim-Hutch Love because I do not trust Claire Aisha. If I were the mod of that group still, she would never even be there. I have Claire on ignore, but I still do not trust her, knowing she can still see my posts.

I'm also not on the MH and his Life fan page, well. I haven't been on there in a long time anyways. But I have no desire to go back. Because I do not trust Maria How. I also heard Vincent Lamaro is also one of the mods there and I sure as Hell do not trust him! I am also not on the Statue for Michael Hutchence group, again, because he is the mod there, and I do not trust him. I also do not trust Rosanda anymore. So, I would rather not go back. But I am on a couple INXS groups, and that is satisfactory enough for me. Most of what I participate in is anti-SJW groups, anti-liberal groups, and libertarian groups. That's where I spend most of my time at on Facebook. At least there, I know I can relate. And it's fun when one of the anti-SJWs puts me on ignore. There's actually a few who have! I am so good at offending people! LOL! Makes me feel kinda powerful! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Post For The End Of The Month

Wow! Been so long since I've made a blog post here. Though I've started another blog, strictly for family. But it's on Wordpress, where I discuss things that I don't want the world to read. There, I can post things and keep them private. It has password protection for individual posts, and currently I am only giving the passwords to family. No one else. Some things are meant to be kept secret. At least for now. I dunno, blogger seems to be going down these days. Wordpress is improving. I might switch completely over to them, simply because I can keep some posts from the public eye. Some things I just want to get out, and I do not want the entire public to read. My last post, I've been saving for weeks about some big thing about to happen in my life now. But I don't want to post it here, because I don't want it jinxed! But I had to write it down or I was going to just BUST from excitement!!!!! I still don't want to reveal it here. But it'll come to light soon enough.

Also, at my age, I just don't feel like talking about other people anymore. Though I still hate SJWs and libtards. Besides, I've just been baptized in this church. I'm supposed to devote the rest of my life to helping people. Not hurting people. And believe me, I am trying. One good thing is I am making new friends in this church. Most everyone there seems so nice. They're slowly helping me get out of my shell. That's taking some effort, because I've spent so many years hating and avoiding all people on sight. So, for me to change into the person I am supposed to be in this church, I need to give up all this hating people thing. Reading this I'm sure a lot of people are thinking "oh she'll never change" or "she'll be back to her old hateful self before long", or they simply think I am using church as leverage to gain favor. Well, that is not true. The whole point of being baptized is to let go of the past. I think I've done that pretty well.

Of course you know the INXS SJWs are going to keep living my past with me, and with people who've considered me a friend. Well, another thing I've learned is that is on THEM. Not me. I'm moving forward. No more looking back. Now, it's all looking forward. Put the past in GOD's hands and let HIM take care of it. That is what I am doing. Remember Matt Burney saying I need to "learn to let things go"? LOL! Well, I have. But not because he says so. It's because GOD says so. I still laugh about Matt Burney, of all people, saying I need to let things go. But hey, again, this is what I am learning. I'm slowly becoming a better person because of it. Slowly. Like I said, it's a slow process and it is only just beginning. Don't count on it working right away.

At first before I was baptized, I thought I would have to give up a lot of things that I love to do. Like INXS. But no, this church is not like that. They have the free belief system. I like that, that's why I am sticking with them. I even asked if it was OK that I admire INXS. That one fanatical religious shelter I stayed in back in 2014 totally corrupted me. They kicked me out of the shelter because I refused to give up my INXS pics. But they were all I had back then. They were kindof like my "surrogate pets". For the literal people, that's just an analogy. I still feel like I have to spell some things out slowly for some readers who take the emblematic things I say too literally. UGH! But that's some SJWs who you just have to treat like sequestered children.

I know I've said before that I would never join any religious groups. But it has it's advantages. I'm making friends and coming out of my shell. May be a while before I am totally comfortable around people, but at least I've got a start at coming out of my shell that has been built up for so long. Also, I've found some people who will take me to Portland when I need it. So, there are some benefits to making friends in this town. I just wish I'd have known these people when my father was dying and I needed to get to Salem to catch a bus! I would never have asked Loretta!! Stupid-ass pain in the patooty!!! At least I am not the only one who thought she was a pain in the neck! LOL! Almost everyone in that shelter thought the same thing. I have not spoken to Loretta since I went to visit my dad, and I have no intention of making her a close friend. Not anymore! Not after she used me like she did! And I am still betting she will not keep the apartment she is in now. Sooner or later, she'll do something to get her and her husband kicked out, just like she did in the last couple of places.

If it wasn't for Loretta being so irresponsible, she would have made a great friend. But she was so irresponsible, she was a royal pain in the assumption!! That is why I do not like irresponsible people! They piss me off!! Someday I do hope to forgive Loretta, but since she did that to me in my absolute time of need, it's going to take a LONG time!!! Just like the INXS SJWs. Though for some things, I've already forgiven most of the INXS SJWs. But not for shitting on my father like they did. But I also realize how bad that must have looked to them. So, I cannot stay angry at them for that. Shoot, I've even forgiven Tess Obrien. LOL! How bad is that? I'd have to be insane. But carrying a grudge means she's won. And I sure don't want that! But I do have her blocked on Facebook. I'm not unblocking the blind sheep SJWs. But I've just put it all in GOD's hands. Let HIM take care of it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Would She Know?

LOL!! I tell you, people never cease to amaze me with their stupidity! Yesterday, I went out with Mya like I always do. I left though on kindof an impulse. There was an item at the local Fred Meyers that I just had to have! When I got on the bus, the "over 55 club" was on there. That is, everyone on that bus was over 55. I was the only person on there that wasn't. Those people have also been living in this town a lot longer than I have. For some unknown reason, I felt sick and weary when I got on that bus. Their loud talking and laughing made it all worse!! I've never wanted to tell people on a bus to shut up before, but I sure did feel like doing it then!! I don't know why I just suddenly took ill!! But I was so dizzy throughout that bus ride, I wouldn't even play with Mya. I guess that'll teach me! Today, when I jump on this bus, I am going to try putting on my headphones and listening to music instead of the other people on the bus.

Well, most of those faces on the bus yesterday I did not recognize. But again, I'd never rode the bus at that hour before. That was the first time. Well, I went to Fred Meyers and got the item I wanted. It was a good thing I got there when I did, because it was the last one of that item left! I had about an hour to kill before the next bus came, so Mya and I just looked around the store. When the time came to catch the next bus, we went outside to where the bus stop was. There was a "new" person there. I say "new" because I had never seen her before that instant. But apparently, she's been in this town for a while. She was also over 55. Probably just slightly older, because she was not as wrinkly as the others. But she hated Mya!! LOL! She looked at her with disgust! I don't know who this woman was, but I think her name was Stacey, because she had it printed on her purse. I called her the "howler monkey", because she had a strange, howling laugh that was like the loudest noise you've ever heard.

Anyways, she was standing at the bus stop too, waiting with another woman who I did not know, but I had seen on the bus on the way to Fred Meyers. But I did not speak to her at all. When I get on the bus, basically, I keep to myself for the most part. Unless someone says something to me. That's how I've always been! From bus riding to walking through the park, I keep to myself. But I am also not rude or unfriendly. I've spoken to a few people on some occasions. Usually, once I start, I get everybody laughing.

Well, Stacey, though I've only seen her yesterday, must be the stupidest person in this town! I was standing in front of the bus yesterday as it pulled up and Mya and I were getting ready to go to Safeway, where I wanted to grab some things while they were still on sale. Stacey and the other woman were right behind me, and I heard Stacey say something about Mya. She had turned to the other woman and asked her "What does that dog have on it's ears?" I heard the other woman answer her in the most sensible way possible to such a stupid question. She said "I don't know." I didn't answer Stacey, because she did not direct her question to me. She directed it to her friend, who also did not know me, and I had never spoken to. LOL!!

That's why I say Stacey is stupid! I was standing right in front of her, and she didn't even bother to ask me about my own dog. LOL! I just stood there thinking "How in the hell is her friend going to know that?!" and I kinda chuckled at her.

I always find it dumb when people do that. They never go right to the source if they want to know something. Instead, they turn to their friends, who most likely, don't know any more than they do. The same thing happened to my sis back in Lakewood. She was waiting for a bus and a couple of teenage girls were standing behind her. One teenager asked the other teenager "Why is that fat girl catching the bus?" My sis had never seen these kids before, and the one teenager was asking her friend why my sis was catching the bus! LOL! Stupid-ass teenagers!! My sis was standing right in front of them too, so it puzzles me why they didn't even ask her themselves. Maybe they knew it was a stupid question. I don't even understand why they thought that should concern them. The bus is for EVERYBODY. Not just stupid-ass teenagers, or people that they like, or find "attractive"! LOL! People just amaze me with their stupidity!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Left's Push For Pedophile Acceptance

OMG it's actually happening!!! I knew it!! The SJWs are doing it! They are pushing to gain acceptance for pedophiles! Now, these leftists are calling themselves "pedophile sympathizers". I cannot believe it! Oh wait! Yes I can believe it! Because that's what SJWs do! Why the hell do I always say "I can't believe it" when it comes to SJWs??!! I guess I have a hard time remembering that there are people like them who do stupid shit and agree with stupid shit! This pretty much takes the cake!

Hey! That reminds me. I wonder how this "Statue for Michael Hutchence" deal is pulling off now. LOL!

Well, I am not saying they agree with pedophilia, but they are SJWs. I'm afraid if enough people want to push for pedophile acceptance, even those SJWs will relent eventually.

This chick is saying that pedophiles and homosexuals are in the same class. But that is not true! I know a lot of decent homosexuals that are NOT pedophiles!!

Well, I have to say I am sorry, but this is where I draw the line at. Call me a "pedophobe" all you want. Which I think is a dumb name for someone who just hates pedophiles. It really means someone who is afraid of children, like I am. LOL! Call me that all you want to I don't care! I will NEVER agree to pedophile acceptance! It won't happen! To me, an adult man having sex with a prepubescent child is completely WRONG!!! And it makes me physically ill to think of it! It also makes me physically ill to think there are SJWs who want to push for "pedophile pride"!

See, I knew this would happen! I have nothing against gay people, but once they got full acceptance, now everyone wants their mindset to be accepted! I knew pedophilia was going to be among those! I knew this was coming!!! This is why I stopped having anything to do with SJWs!!! They're just plain DUMB!!! Which is what I learned when the SJW INXS fans turned against me after my father died. They are dumb!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Where's The Baby??!!

Woa! I was reading some of my posts from 2011 this morning and one in particular caught my attention. It was about the war being over. I said that now a baby boom is coming. Well, here it is, almost 6 years later, no baby boom! What happened? I was reading an article yesterday that said now, actually FEWER women are having babies. Particularly young women. Now, you're more likely to see women who are in their 40s starting families. Kinda gives me hope for the future. But what happened?

I think it can be chalked up to feminists and MGTOWs. Fewer men are wanting to start families, and more women are fighting for equal rights to a point that it is sickening for men. Even sickening for women like me, who do not give a shit about having "special rights". Like I've said before, I like men doting on me. Doesn't bother me. As long as they are not overbearing or abusive. The woman should be the homemaker, and the man should be the breadwinner. If the woman wants to work, then by all means, do so. The man should not stand in the way. But if she doesn't want to work, don't force her to. Now, in a marriage, I would definitely want to work if I could. Just to give myself a little extra spending money, or "fun-money" as I call it.

Well, I told you, radicals are ruining the world. They are ruining everything. They are ruining the traditional family life. I've even heard that modern feminists are the reason there's so many transgender men in the world today. Transgender people used to be quite rare. I would be furious if I fell in love with a man only to find out he's really a woman! That's why I am not too crazy about this transgender fad going around now. It's really quite sad. But I heard the rise in numbers of transgender people may be because of male-hating feminazis. They aren't even real feminists! They're misandrists. But they call themselves feminists. Either way, it's bigotry!

I love men personally. I can't live without my INXS men! Bad enough Michael is gone, but I still keep LOTS of pics of him. It's like having him around because I truly believe pictures capture the soul. Besides Mya, the first thing I want to see when I wake up every morning is Michael and Timmy. And they are the last thing I want to see when I close my eyes at night. Last night, I even had a dream about Michael. Though it was nothing sexual. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes, I'm just seeing him as a normal person. Pretty much how I saw him in real life. He was a very handsome person! But still just a regular person to me. I don't go for that "celebrity stigma". I can say it was not being famous that made Michael and Timmy attractive to me. They could have both been cashiers at McDonald's or Walmart stockmen and I still would have been in love with them! Matter of fact, I once went to an Eagle Hardware store in Federal Way and there was a stockperson who looked just like Michael, with his long, curly hair back in a ponytail! I'd have swore it was him. I nearly fell in love!!! Michael was still alive back then too. LOL! That was back in 1995. And he was a nice guy too.

Speaking of which, I am planning something special regarding Michael. If I have to do it alone, then so be it! But I am giving others a chance to contribute if they want to. It's strictly voluntary. I'll make it good with or without the help of others. But I want it to be something special commemorating Michael. But so far, I've gotten some cute ideas I'd be willing to fit into the project. I cannot make it to Australia, but this will be second best.

ANYWAY!! Got sidetracked! The reason I believe less women are having kids is because they are afraid. There's been so damn many cases of young, pregnant women getting kidnapped, killed, and the babies cut out of their body by psychos who want to have a baby the "easy" way. Either they cannot have a baby themselves, or they just want one fast. So, they kill an innocent woman just so they can steal their baby right out of the womb. It's a sad commentary of what this world has become! Who can blame a young woman for not wanting to have children? But there is a way around that. Don't announce on Craigslist or Facebook that you are having a baby. And don't answer ads for children's clothing either! Go to garage sales, or Goodwill thrift stores instead. Problem solved! When criminals get smart, the public has to get smarter!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

There's My Moooooo!!!!!!!

Another Mya film. I filmed this one last night as I was lying in bed with her watching television. I just cannot get over that sweet face of her's!! I once had a full-sized collie and a friend of mine had a border collie, and both had the same long, narrow head. But on Mya, it looks so much cuter!! Especially with those little, round eyes! My voice in the background was actually recorded after I uploaded this to my computer, because without the voiceover, all you would really hear in the background is the television. Which is copyrighted. LOL!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What SJWs Have Ruined

On the anti-SJW forum that I am on, there is a topic about which movies from the 1980s would not be shown today because of SJWs. Many people said "All of them", which is not surprising. I remember back in the 1980s, you could see a lot of things that you don't see today. For example, Tom and Jerry. When Tom and Jerry were first getting started in the 1940s, Tom was owned by this woman, who was a black woman, with the thick African-American accent. I thought she was cute and funny. Though she would often wind up beating Tom with a broom, much like I do to these damn stray cats around here, especially if they get too close to my baby! If you could go back to the 1980s, as late as 1989, you would still see her in those old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Even as recently as 1997, I'd seen her on those cartoons.

However, in 2000, something happened. I saw the first episode of Tom and Jerry, and I waited until the end of the cartoon to come on, where Tom attacks the woman. But something was wrong. She didn't come on. All you could see was Jerry, covered in flour, seeing his reflection in the mirror, and running. They completely cut off the part where the woman gets up. It made the cartoon less enjoyable to watch! It wasn't until much later on, like in 2009, when I finally found out why she had been cut off. She was cut out of the cartoon because the SJWs said she "presented the picture of the stereotypical Aunt Jemima type black woman working as a housekeeper/slave." I never saw it that way! EVER! I always thought she was just Tom's owner.

Well, when that question came up, my answer was Soul Man. It was funny, but it was about a white guy who became black so he could get a college scholarship. In short "white privilege". Or the implication that blacks are not as important. Now, it's a shame a movie like that would be shunned today thanks to SJWs. Because it was a funny movie! Another popular answer was Blazing Saddles, which I've never seen. But again, everyone said it was about white privilege. Another popular answer was Revenge of the Nerds, which is actually one of my most favorite movies of the 1980s. But it implies, according to the SJWs, that women are objects. Also there was a scene where the SJWs would say that the sorority chick was "raped". But the twist was, she actually wound up falling in love with the nerd who "raped" her, because she said she had better sex with him than with the guy who was her regular boyfriend. But I love Revenge of the Nerds, again, because it's a funny movie!

And we wonder today why modern movies suck. It's because people today are afraid of SJW bullshit! Today, EVERY movie has to have at least one main character who is African-American, they can't say or do anything that would feed into stereotypes, they can't call people "he" or "she", violence has to be toned down, you can't have sex or even discuss things that are specifically "male" or "female" because the SJWs would argue that is "sexualizing" something. I wonder if hugging and kissing is even still allowed in movies. If so, I'd wager there has to be at least one gay couple kissing in the movie in order for it to be acceptable to SJWs. Otherwise the movie would be labeled as "homophobic". Those of us who grew up when there was such a thing as good movies coming out in theaters, did not care about modern stereotypes. Shoot! Those were what made the movies of those days funny! Watch Soul Man! Especially the basketball scene. Yes, it stereotypes black basketball players vs. white basketball players. But it's FUNNY!!!!! That's what makes a movie good! That's what makes it funny!

Even some 1990s movies today would be banned because of SJWs. The Sandlot for example. Most of the funny lines in that movie were given to the white kids. The black kid had very few lines at all. So the SJWs might argue that implies the black kid was "stupid" or "brainless". Robin Hood: Men In Tights might also be banned today. There was a point where the rabbi asked the merry men if they are gay and they answered no. The SJWs would say that is "homophobic". SJWs! Can't live with them. No point in finishing the rest of that phrase because we can sure live well without them! I hate SJWs! That's why I want nothing to do with the blind sheep INXS fans. They're all SJWs. If they weren't SJWs, they would not have listened to Kelly P. as she went crying to them, accusing me of making fun of her. Which I was not! But that's just like SJWs, to put drama where there was none and make it all about them and their personal feelings!

I told Katrina to put Kelly P. on ignore, or she will regret it. Kelly P. is very manipulative. But I know Katrina. Thankfully, she said she would never make friends with anyone who tried to hurt me, or my sis, or my family. Sweet girl! Someone like Kelly does not want friends. She wants people she can control. And she knew upfront it wasn't going to happen with me. That's probably why she blocked me. LOL! That and the fact that I have her friend Vincent on ignore.

Well, it isn't just movies and Tom and Jerry the SJWs have ruined. They've also ruined other antique/classic cartoons too. I recently found one of my most favorite Andy Panda cartoons on YouTube. Unfortunately, it is only a Russian version of this cartoon, but there was hardly ever much talking in the cartoon anyways. And the funniest part of the cartoon has no talking at all, just music. But the funniest part of the cartoon is also the part the SJWs would hate the most. There is also a spanish version of the cartoon, which unfortunately has the funny part cut out. So, I don't keep that one. But here is the Russian version of the cartoon, called "the Crazy House"...


I was lucky to find this! But when you watch it, it's easy to see why the SJWs would hate this cartoon. The funniest part of the whole cartoon is not politically correct. Well, I don't care about political correctness. I enjoyed this cartoon. I don't know if it's still on YouTube, but that is OK, as I have this saved on my portable harddrive.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TimmyHutchFan Finally Reveals Facebook Identity

OK, so I decided to just go ahead and do it! I finally decided to reveal my facebook account and my new facebook name. I am still a fan of INXS. But I am not a fan of the fans. Though there is a few I'd like to get back in touch with. But here it is. I reveal my Facebook name and link. So now, Katrina can quit pretending to be me!! LOL! She takes it in stride though.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Small Potatoes

OMG! This is so funny!!! I watched a debate between Onision and Joy Sparkle BS. I even created my own video about it. Check it out!

I know I made it funny! LOL! Onision is so much fun to poke at! And look at that stupid-ass war paint on his face! What the wholly fuck is up with that?! Well, almost everyone who has a channel on YouTube knows Onision is a douchebag! I watched the whole debate between him and Joy Sparkle BS. I even watched the whole debate between Onision and Jeff Holiday! Jeff was supposed to be the moderator for the debate, but Onision kept pestering him and pestering him until he finally made him snap and Jeff bit back. He said he finally got a chance to tell Onision how he really felt about him. And in the end, which you will see in this video I made, Onision is so proud of himself, thinking he got the better of Jeff, or as Onision called him "The fake/fraud".

Onision is so annoying! He never uses people's names. It's like he's afraid to say the names of his so-called "haters". Throughout the debate, he never calls Joy Sparkle by her user name, or even by her real name. Though I am not sure he even knows her real name. He never calls people by their names. He just calls them "haters" and "stalkers". Well, heck he's got a lot of those!!! He doesn't even have haters! He has people who call him on his bullshit. He's displayed a lot of bullshit over the years on YouTube. He claims to not even watch videos of his "haters", yet he gripes and complains about the content they put out about him. He says they all lie, then he twists their words and actual meanings around. He made fun of Joy Sparkle having fibromyalgia. He said she has a "mental disorder". Fibromyalgia is NOT a mental disorder!!! He heard Joy say she has trouble remembering things BECAUSE of the fibromyalgia, and he took that to mean she has a mental disorder. He is so STUPID!!!!!! But that's what he does. He takes partial meanings and passes them off as "facts", and twists the meaning in this case.

Well, Onision will never watch Joy Sparkle's videos, nor my videos, because to him, we are "small potatoes". But I do not care if he wants to see my videos or not. I really don't! All I care is that his little fans (I call them Onionfags) watch the video and see what a fake/fraud Onision is! He wrote Joy a fake cease and desist letter, a letter that is only supposed to be written and sent by a lawyer. He took an internet template and filled in blanks. That's all he did. Then he said in this video that the letter was "verified" by a lawyer. That doesn't mean SHIT!!!! The lawyer probably took a look at it and said "Yes, that is what a cease and desist letter is supposed to say" but that does not mean the letter is supposed to be just sent to the person he is addressing. No, the lawyer has to be the one to type it, sign it and send it. And online aliases cannot be used.

For example, the only name people online know me by is Dee TimmyHutchFan, or Dee Dee Rivera is the pen name I use on my stories. But that is not my legal name. So let's say one of the INXS SJWs send me a cease and desist letter using that name. They can't! Because they don't have my full name! It can't be addressed to an online persona. Or even a pen name! It has to be addressed to me personally. And the SJWs don't have a case against me anyways, because I've never even so much as slandered them. Not like they have me! But I'm fine with that. As a public figure now, I've come to expect it. I'm sure the SJWs tell a LOT of lies to get all my former INXS buds on their side. I heard about Tess Obrien telling Love that I make fun of her, which I NEVER did! EVER!!! But what Tess did was slander me to get Love on her side. But again, as a public figure, I've come to actually expect that. Believe me, on a good day, I've had people say MUCH worse about me! LOL! A slow day for me is like this:

Tess Obrien: You're fat!

Me: So what?

Tess Obrien: You're a fat piece of shit! LOL!

Me: So what?

Tess Obrien: You fat, ugly piece of shit! I hate you! You should die for talking shit about Kelly Poulter and Matt Burney!

Me: So, go kiss their asses. Come back when you've got something unique to say. Thank you.

If I was afraid of comments like this, which Onision clearly is, I would not put out videos! But I am not. I always appreciate every comment I get, even hateful ones. And yes, I am considered a public figure now. I've put out over 200 videos on YouTube. And really! I've reached a goal I never thought I would reach! I now have over 400 subscribers! That's pretty good! It's small potatoes, like I said, but it's a goal I never expected to reach! Even though I am not on YouTube for the numbers. I'm there because I love making videos. I have fun doing it. But if there's over 400 people in the world who enjoy the videos I make, that's awesome! I'm glad. But my subscriber count could still get back down to 300 and I'd still be happy.

Now, speaking of small potatoes, I've got to get something off my chest. I remember back last year, before I took TimmyHutchFan off of Facebook, there was an incident between me and Christina, Michael's sister. I say this is small potatoes, because to her I'm probably nothing but a worthless piece of shit. But for peace of mind, I have to say this. Whether she believes me or not. It's been bothering me since I put up my video about Mya and got a response from the breeder.

This was a conversation I had on a friend's wall, someone who was also a friend of Christina's. I don't know if that friend is still a friend or not, or if the SJWs got to her too. Though she did not immediately jump on the anti-TimmyHutchFan bandwagon then. But, like I said, the SJWs are very manipulative. I never thought the woman I spoke of in my last blog post would side with them! I'm still not sure it happened. But at this time, I am not taking any chances. If I'm wrong, she can contact me here and let me know. Anyways! This conversation I had with Christina involved other groups who treat Michael's fans like shit. Christina asked me what groups were like that. I didn't really want to tell her because I really did not want to start anything. But she asked me to tell her. So, I told her. One of the worst offenders I knew of was the MH and His Life Fan Page. Mostly because of Jannah and Jannah's wannabe robot, Maria How.

Well, long story short, I wrote on this blog about that chat. I remember saying something to the effect of "Christina, GOD love her, she made me tell her." Well, I think I hurt Christina's feelings. I hope I didn't. I sure did not mean to! That never even crossed my mind until I said almost the same thing about the woman who bred Mya. When I said "GOD love them", she took it to mean that I was saying she was a "stupid breeder who doesn't know anything". But no, I wasn't saying that. Or that's not how I meant it to sound! I never would have thought about it that way if she hadn't said anything to me. I did apologize for how that sounded though. I told her "That sure is not how I feel about you guys". But it made me think of that chat I had with Christina, which this friend deleted soon after.

I don't think Christina takes me that seriously, and I don't even believe she cares. But, I just want to clear it up that when I said "GOD love her", that I was NOT saying Christina was stupid or anything like that! I'm an old-fashioned southern girl, that's just how I talk. It's an expression I always use. I just had to get this out there. I'm probably small potatoes to her because I was not friends with her brother (not that I wouldn't have been), but I had to say this.