Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Would She Know?

LOL!! I tell you, people never cease to amaze me with their stupidity! Yesterday, I went out with Mya like I always do. I left though on kindof an impulse. There was an item at the local Fred Meyers that I just had to have! When I got on the bus, the "over 55 club" was on there. That is, everyone on that bus was over 55. I was the only person on there that wasn't. Those people have also been living in this town a lot longer than I have. For some unknown reason, I felt sick and weary when I got on that bus. Their loud talking and laughing made it all worse!! I've never wanted to tell people on a bus to shut up before, but I sure did feel like doing it then!! I don't know why I just suddenly took ill!! But I was so dizzy throughout that bus ride, I wouldn't even play with Mya. I guess that'll teach me! Today, when I jump on this bus, I am going to try putting on my headphones and listening to music instead of the other people on the bus.

Well, most of those faces on the bus yesterday I did not recognize. But again, I'd never rode the bus at that hour before. That was the first time. Well, I went to Fred Meyers and got the item I wanted. It was a good thing I got there when I did, because it was the last one of that item left! I had about an hour to kill before the next bus came, so Mya and I just looked around the store. When the time came to catch the next bus, we went outside to where the bus stop was. There was a "new" person there. I say "new" because I had never seen her before that instant. But apparently, she's been in this town for a while. She was also over 55. Probably just slightly older, because she was not as wrinkly as the others. But she hated Mya!! LOL! She looked at her with disgust! I don't know who this woman was, but I think her name was Stacey, because she had it printed on her purse. I called her the "howler monkey", because she had a strange, howling laugh that was like the loudest noise you've ever heard.

Anyways, she was standing at the bus stop too, waiting with another woman who I did not know, but I had seen on the bus on the way to Fred Meyers. But I did not speak to her at all. When I get on the bus, basically, I keep to myself for the most part. Unless someone says something to me. That's how I've always been! From bus riding to walking through the park, I keep to myself. But I am also not rude or unfriendly. I've spoken to a few people on some occasions. Usually, once I start, I get everybody laughing.

Well, Stacey, though I've only seen her yesterday, must be the stupidest person in this town! I was standing in front of the bus yesterday as it pulled up and Mya and I were getting ready to go to Safeway, where I wanted to grab some things while they were still on sale. Stacey and the other woman were right behind me, and I heard Stacey say something about Mya. She had turned to the other woman and asked her "What does that dog have on it's ears?" I heard the other woman answer her in the most sensible way possible to such a stupid question. She said "I don't know." I didn't answer Stacey, because she did not direct her question to me. She directed it to her friend, who also did not know me, and I had never spoken to. LOL!!

That's why I say Stacey is stupid! I was standing right in front of her, and she didn't even bother to ask me about my own dog. LOL! I just stood there thinking "How in the hell is her friend going to know that?!" and I kinda chuckled at her.

I always find it dumb when people do that. They never go right to the source if they want to know something. Instead, they turn to their friends, who most likely, don't know any more than they do. The same thing happened to my sis back in Lakewood. She was waiting for a bus and a couple of teenage girls were standing behind her. One teenager asked the other teenager "Why is that fat girl catching the bus?" My sis had never seen these kids before, and the one teenager was asking her friend why my sis was catching the bus! LOL! Stupid-ass teenagers!! My sis was standing right in front of them too, so it puzzles me why they didn't even ask her themselves. Maybe they knew it was a stupid question. I don't even understand why they thought that should concern them. The bus is for EVERYBODY. Not just stupid-ass teenagers, or people that they like, or find "attractive"! LOL! People just amaze me with their stupidity!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Left's Push For Pedophile Acceptance

OMG it's actually happening!!! I knew it!! The SJWs are doing it! They are pushing to gain acceptance for pedophiles! Now, these leftists are calling themselves "pedophile sympathizers". I cannot believe it! Oh wait! Yes I can believe it! Because that's what SJWs do! Why the hell do I always say "I can't believe it" when it comes to SJWs??!! I guess I have a hard time remembering that there are people like them who do stupid shit and agree with stupid shit! This pretty much takes the cake!

Hey! That reminds me. I wonder how this "Statue for Michael Hutchence" deal is pulling off now. LOL!

Well, I am not saying they agree with pedophilia, but they are SJWs. I'm afraid if enough people want to push for pedophile acceptance, even those SJWs will relent eventually.

This chick is saying that pedophiles and homosexuals are in the same class. But that is not true! I know a lot of decent homosexuals that are NOT pedophiles!!

Well, I have to say I am sorry, but this is where I draw the line at. Call me a "pedophobe" all you want. Which I think is a dumb name for someone who just hates pedophiles. It really means someone who is afraid of children, like I am. LOL! Call me that all you want to I don't care! I will NEVER agree to pedophile acceptance! It won't happen! To me, an adult man having sex with a prepubescent child is completely WRONG!!! And it makes me physically ill to think of it! It also makes me physically ill to think there are SJWs who want to push for "pedophile pride"!

See, I knew this would happen! I have nothing against gay people, but once they got full acceptance, now everyone wants their mindset to be accepted! I knew pedophilia was going to be among those! I knew this was coming!!! This is why I stopped having anything to do with SJWs!!! They're just plain DUMB!!! Which is what I learned when the SJW INXS fans turned against me after my father died. They are dumb!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Where's The Baby??!!

Woa! I was reading some of my posts from 2011 this morning and one in particular caught my attention. It was about the war being over. I said that now a baby boom is coming. Well, here it is, almost 6 years later, no baby boom! What happened? I was reading an article yesterday that said now, actually FEWER women are having babies. Particularly young women. Now, you're more likely to see women who are in their 40s starting families. Kinda gives me hope for the future. But what happened?

I think it can be chalked up to feminists and MGTOWs. Fewer men are wanting to start families, and more women are fighting for equal rights to a point that it is sickening for men. Even sickening for women like me, who do not give a shit about having "special rights". Like I've said before, I like men doting on me. Doesn't bother me. As long as they are not overbearing or abusive. The woman should be the homemaker, and the man should be the breadwinner. If the woman wants to work, then by all means, do so. The man should not stand in the way. But if she doesn't want to work, don't force her to. Now, in a marriage, I would definitely want to work if I could. Just to give myself a little extra spending money, or "fun-money" as I call it.

Well, I told you, radicals are ruining the world. They are ruining everything. They are ruining the traditional family life. I've even heard that modern feminists are the reason there's so many transgender men in the world today. Transgender people used to be quite rare. I would be furious if I fell in love with a man only to find out he's really a woman! That's why I am not too crazy about this transgender fad going around now. It's really quite sad. But I heard the rise in numbers of transgender people may be because of male-hating feminazis. They aren't even real feminists! They're misandrists. But they call themselves feminists. Either way, it's bigotry!

I love men personally. I can't live without my INXS men! Bad enough Michael is gone, but I still keep LOTS of pics of him. It's like having him around because I truly believe pictures capture the soul. Besides Mya, the first thing I want to see when I wake up every morning is Michael and Timmy. And they are the last thing I want to see when I close my eyes at night. Last night, I even had a dream about Michael. Though it was nothing sexual. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes, I'm just seeing him as a normal person. Pretty much how I saw him in real life. He was a very handsome person! But still just a regular person to me. I don't go for that "celebrity stigma". I can say it was not being famous that made Michael and Timmy attractive to me. They could have both been cashiers at McDonald's or Walmart stockmen and I still would have been in love with them! Matter of fact, I once went to an Eagle Hardware store in Federal Way and there was a stockperson who looked just like Michael, with his long, curly hair back in a ponytail! I'd have swore it was him. I nearly fell in love!!! Michael was still alive back then too. LOL! That was back in 1995. And he was a nice guy too.

Speaking of which, I am planning something special regarding Michael. If I have to do it alone, then so be it! But I am giving others a chance to contribute if they want to. It's strictly voluntary. I'll make it good with or without the help of others. But I want it to be something special commemorating Michael. But so far, I've gotten some cute ideas I'd be willing to fit into the project. I cannot make it to Australia, but this will be second best.

ANYWAY!! Got sidetracked! The reason I believe less women are having kids is because they are afraid. There's been so damn many cases of young, pregnant women getting kidnapped, killed, and the babies cut out of their body by psychos who want to have a baby the "easy" way. Either they cannot have a baby themselves, or they just want one fast. So, they kill an innocent woman just so they can steal their baby right out of the womb. It's a sad commentary of what this world has become! Who can blame a young woman for not wanting to have children? But there is a way around that. Don't announce on Craigslist or Facebook that you are having a baby. And don't answer ads for children's clothing either! Go to garage sales, or Goodwill thrift stores instead. Problem solved! When criminals get smart, the public has to get smarter!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

There's My Moooooo!!!!!!!

Another Mya film. I filmed this one last night as I was lying in bed with her watching television. I just cannot get over that sweet face of her's!! I once had a full-sized collie and a friend of mine had a border collie, and both had the same long, narrow head. But on Mya, it looks so much cuter!! Especially with those little, round eyes! My voice in the background was actually recorded after I uploaded this to my computer, because without the voiceover, all you would really hear in the background is the television. Which is copyrighted. LOL!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What SJWs Have Ruined

On the anti-SJW forum that I am on, there is a topic about which movies from the 1980s would not be shown today because of SJWs. Many people said "All of them", which is not surprising. I remember back in the 1980s, you could see a lot of things that you don't see today. For example, Tom and Jerry. When Tom and Jerry were first getting started in the 1940s, Tom was owned by this woman, who was a black woman, with the thick African-American accent. I thought she was cute and funny. Though she would often wind up beating Tom with a broom, much like I do to these damn stray cats around here, especially if they get too close to my baby! If you could go back to the 1980s, as late as 1989, you would still see her in those old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Even as recently as 1997, I'd seen her on those cartoons.

However, in 2000, something happened. I saw the first episode of Tom and Jerry, and I waited until the end of the cartoon to come on, where Tom attacks the woman. But something was wrong. She didn't come on. All you could see was Jerry, covered in flour, seeing his reflection in the mirror, and running. They completely cut off the part where the woman gets up. It made the cartoon less enjoyable to watch! It wasn't until much later on, like in 2009, when I finally found out why she had been cut off. She was cut out of the cartoon because the SJWs said she "presented the picture of the stereotypical Aunt Jemima type black woman working as a housekeeper/slave." I never saw it that way! EVER! I always thought she was just Tom's owner.

Well, when that question came up, my answer was Soul Man. It was funny, but it was about a white guy who became black so he could get a college scholarship. In short "white privilege". Or the implication that blacks are not as important. Now, it's a shame a movie like that would be shunned today thanks to SJWs. Because it was a funny movie! Another popular answer was Blazing Saddles, which I've never seen. But again, everyone said it was about white privilege. Another popular answer was Revenge of the Nerds, which is actually one of my most favorite movies of the 1980s. But it implies, according to the SJWs, that women are objects. Also there was a scene where the SJWs would say that the sorority chick was "raped". But the twist was, she actually wound up falling in love with the nerd who "raped" her, because she said she had better sex with him than with the guy who was her regular boyfriend. But I love Revenge of the Nerds, again, because it's a funny movie!

And we wonder today why modern movies suck. It's because people today are afraid of SJW bullshit! Today, EVERY movie has to have at least one main character who is African-American, they can't say or do anything that would feed into stereotypes, they can't call people "he" or "she", violence has to be toned down, you can't have sex or even discuss things that are specifically "male" or "female" because the SJWs would argue that is "sexualizing" something. I wonder if hugging and kissing is even still allowed in movies. If so, I'd wager there has to be at least one gay couple kissing in the movie in order for it to be acceptable to SJWs. Otherwise the movie would be labeled as "homophobic". Those of us who grew up when there was such a thing as good movies coming out in theaters, did not care about modern stereotypes. Shoot! Those were what made the movies of those days funny! Watch Soul Man! Especially the basketball scene. Yes, it stereotypes black basketball players vs. white basketball players. But it's FUNNY!!!!! That's what makes a movie good! That's what makes it funny!

Even some 1990s movies today would be banned because of SJWs. The Sandlot for example. Most of the funny lines in that movie were given to the white kids. The black kid had very few lines at all. So the SJWs might argue that implies the black kid was "stupid" or "brainless". Robin Hood: Men In Tights might also be banned today. There was a point where the rabbi asked the merry men if they are gay and they answered no. The SJWs would say that is "homophobic". SJWs! Can't live with them. No point in finishing the rest of that phrase because we can sure live well without them! I hate SJWs! That's why I want nothing to do with the blind sheep INXS fans. They're all SJWs. If they weren't SJWs, they would not have listened to Kelly P. as she went crying to them, accusing me of making fun of her. Which I was not! But that's just like SJWs, to put drama where there was none and make it all about them and their personal feelings!

I told Katrina to put Kelly P. on ignore, or she will regret it. Kelly P. is very manipulative. But I know Katrina. Thankfully, she said she would never make friends with anyone who tried to hurt me, or my sis, or my family. Sweet girl! Someone like Kelly does not want friends. She wants people she can control. And she knew upfront it wasn't going to happen with me. That's probably why she blocked me. LOL! That and the fact that I have her friend Vincent on ignore.

Well, it isn't just movies and Tom and Jerry the SJWs have ruined. They've also ruined other antique/classic cartoons too. I recently found one of my most favorite Andy Panda cartoons on YouTube. Unfortunately, it is only a Russian version of this cartoon, but there was hardly ever much talking in the cartoon anyways. And the funniest part of the cartoon has no talking at all, just music. But the funniest part of the cartoon is also the part the SJWs would hate the most. There is also a spanish version of the cartoon, which unfortunately has the funny part cut out. So, I don't keep that one. But here is the Russian version of the cartoon, called "the Crazy House"...


I was lucky to find this! But when you watch it, it's easy to see why the SJWs would hate this cartoon. The funniest part of the whole cartoon is not politically correct. Well, I don't care about political correctness. I enjoyed this cartoon. I don't know if it's still on YouTube, but that is OK, as I have this saved on my portable harddrive.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TimmyHutchFan Finally Reveals Facebook Identity

OK, so I decided to just go ahead and do it! I finally decided to reveal my facebook account and my new facebook name. I am still a fan of INXS. But I am not a fan of the fans. Though there is a few I'd like to get back in touch with. But here it is. I reveal my Facebook name and link. So now, Katrina can quit pretending to be me!! LOL! She takes it in stride though.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Small Potatoes

OMG! This is so funny!!! I watched a debate between Onision and Joy Sparkle BS. I even created my own video about it. Check it out!

I know I made it funny! LOL! Onision is so much fun to poke at! And look at that stupid-ass war paint on his face! What the wholly fuck is up with that?! Well, almost everyone who has a channel on YouTube knows Onision is a douchebag! I watched the whole debate between him and Joy Sparkle BS. I even watched the whole debate between Onision and Jeff Holiday! Jeff was supposed to be the moderator for the debate, but Onision kept pestering him and pestering him until he finally made him snap and Jeff bit back. He said he finally got a chance to tell Onision how he really felt about him. And in the end, which you will see in this video I made, Onision is so proud of himself, thinking he got the better of Jeff, or as Onision called him "The fake/fraud".

Onision is so annoying! He never uses people's names. It's like he's afraid to say the names of his so-called "haters". Throughout the debate, he never calls Joy Sparkle by her user name, or even by her real name. Though I am not sure he even knows her real name. He never calls people by their names. He just calls them "haters" and "stalkers". Well, heck he's got a lot of those!!! He doesn't even have haters! He has people who call him on his bullshit. He's displayed a lot of bullshit over the years on YouTube. He claims to not even watch videos of his "haters", yet he gripes and complains about the content they put out about him. He says they all lie, then he twists their words and actual meanings around. He made fun of Joy Sparkle having fibromyalgia. He said she has a "mental disorder". Fibromyalgia is NOT a mental disorder!!! He heard Joy say she has trouble remembering things BECAUSE of the fibromyalgia, and he took that to mean she has a mental disorder. He is so STUPID!!!!!! But that's what he does. He takes partial meanings and passes them off as "facts", and twists the meaning in this case.

Well, Onision will never watch Joy Sparkle's videos, nor my videos, because to him, we are "small potatoes". But I do not care if he wants to see my videos or not. I really don't! All I care is that his little fans (I call them Onionfags) watch the video and see what a fake/fraud Onision is! He wrote Joy a fake cease and desist letter, a letter that is only supposed to be written and sent by a lawyer. He took an internet template and filled in blanks. That's all he did. Then he said in this video that the letter was "verified" by a lawyer. That doesn't mean SHIT!!!! The lawyer probably took a look at it and said "Yes, that is what a cease and desist letter is supposed to say" but that does not mean the letter is supposed to be just sent to the person he is addressing. No, the lawyer has to be the one to type it, sign it and send it. And online aliases cannot be used.

For example, the only name people online know me by is Dee TimmyHutchFan, or Dee Dee Rivera is the pen name I use on my stories. But that is not my legal name. So let's say one of the INXS SJWs send me a cease and desist letter using that name. They can't! Because they don't have my full name! It can't be addressed to an online persona. Or even a pen name! It has to be addressed to me personally. And the SJWs don't have a case against me anyways, because I've never even so much as slandered them. Not like they have me! But I'm fine with that. As a public figure now, I've come to expect it. I'm sure the SJWs tell a LOT of lies to get all my former INXS buds on their side. I heard about Tess Obrien telling Love that I make fun of her, which I NEVER did! EVER!!! But what Tess did was slander me to get Love on her side. But again, as a public figure, I've come to actually expect that. Believe me, on a good day, I've had people say MUCH worse about me! LOL! A slow day for me is like this:

Tess Obrien: You're fat!

Me: So what?

Tess Obrien: You're a fat piece of shit! LOL!

Me: So what?

Tess Obrien: You fat, ugly piece of shit! I hate you! You should die for talking shit about Kelly Poulter and Matt Burney!

Me: So, go kiss their asses. Come back when you've got something unique to say. Thank you.

If I was afraid of comments like this, which Onision clearly is, I would not put out videos! But I am not. I always appreciate every comment I get, even hateful ones. And yes, I am considered a public figure now. I've put out over 200 videos on YouTube. And really! I've reached a goal I never thought I would reach! I now have over 400 subscribers! That's pretty good! It's small potatoes, like I said, but it's a goal I never expected to reach! Even though I am not on YouTube for the numbers. I'm there because I love making videos. I have fun doing it. But if there's over 400 people in the world who enjoy the videos I make, that's awesome! I'm glad. But my subscriber count could still get back down to 300 and I'd still be happy.

Now, speaking of small potatoes, I've got to get something off my chest. I remember back last year, before I took TimmyHutchFan off of Facebook, there was an incident between me and Christina, Michael's sister. I say this is small potatoes, because to her I'm probably nothing but a worthless piece of shit. But for peace of mind, I have to say this. Whether she believes me or not. It's been bothering me since I put up my video about Mya and got a response from the breeder.

This was a conversation I had on a friend's wall, someone who was also a friend of Christina's. I don't know if that friend is still a friend or not, or if the SJWs got to her too. Though she did not immediately jump on the anti-TimmyHutchFan bandwagon then. But, like I said, the SJWs are very manipulative. I never thought the woman I spoke of in my last blog post would side with them! I'm still not sure it happened. But at this time, I am not taking any chances. If I'm wrong, she can contact me here and let me know. Anyways! This conversation I had with Christina involved other groups who treat Michael's fans like shit. Christina asked me what groups were like that. I didn't really want to tell her because I really did not want to start anything. But she asked me to tell her. So, I told her. One of the worst offenders I knew of was the MH and His Life Fan Page. Mostly because of Jannah and Jannah's wannabe robot, Maria How.

Well, long story short, I wrote on this blog about that chat. I remember saying something to the effect of "Christina, GOD love her, she made me tell her." Well, I think I hurt Christina's feelings. I hope I didn't. I sure did not mean to! That never even crossed my mind until I said almost the same thing about the woman who bred Mya. When I said "GOD love them", she took it to mean that I was saying she was a "stupid breeder who doesn't know anything". But no, I wasn't saying that. Or that's not how I meant it to sound! I never would have thought about it that way if she hadn't said anything to me. I did apologize for how that sounded though. I told her "That sure is not how I feel about you guys". But it made me think of that chat I had with Christina, which this friend deleted soon after.

I don't think Christina takes me that seriously, and I don't even believe she cares. But, I just want to clear it up that when I said "GOD love her", that I was NOT saying Christina was stupid or anything like that! I'm an old-fashioned southern girl, that's just how I talk. It's an expression I always use. I just had to get this out there. I'm probably small potatoes to her because I was not friends with her brother (not that I wouldn't have been), but I had to say this.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Loud Silence

Oh boy! LOL! I took a gamble, and I think I lost. Though I am not sure. About a week ago, I heard from a friend through email. She forwarded a message I sent her, which I did say was OK. This friend told me that a couple of people have asked about me. So, I told her that I am doing OK, just nursing a busted kneecap, and she forwarded the message. Well she told me one person responded, and it was someone I knew before in the INXS community. We were friends back then. But now, I don't know. I sent the first friend a request and she accepted. I'm glad to have her back on. But I also sent the other person a friend request, and I've seen her a couple times since, and she did not accept my request. But this was the message she posted about me:

Names have been blotted out for everyone's protection. Well, the first time I saw this person, I sent her a friend request and she did not accept. The second time I saw her online, she still hadn't accepted my friend request. I wasn't sure if she had gotten the request at all, as sometimes I send them out and people do not respond. I am not sure if they just don't get the requests or what. Facebook still has a lot of glitches, I am finding out. So, chances were she probably just didn't see my request. But then there is also this chance that this person has decided to side with the libtards and social justice warriors. Despite the fact that she even admitted in this message, that I've never done anything to her. Which, I haven't. But I've also never done anything bad to a lot of people, and they still sided with the SJWs and libtards.

Well, after seeing her a second time, I decided to take a HUGE gamble! And I do mean a HUGE gamble!!! It was such a big gamble, I thought about it for hours before I decided to just finally do it. I sent this person a PM and I told her who I was. It was a gamble because I am still supposed to be anonymous on Facebook. Though I am pretty sure there are some people who have figured out who I am, as I am still me and cannot really change who I am, I want to keep the anonymity for as long as possible. I won't even let Katrina call me "Dee" on Facebook for that reason. But I took a huge gamble with this woman. I told her who I am in a PM. On Facebook, a person can view a PM, but they have to accept in order to actually converse. But they can still see the PM before they accept.

That was the risk I took. I have no idea now if she is still wanting to be on friendly terms with me, or if she's now decided to side with the SJWs and libtards. But since she did not accept my friend request and she did not accept my PM, and if she did decide to side with the SJWs, I probably have no choice but to believe the worst. The SJWs are, unfortunately, VERY manipulative! They probably conned her into siding with them. Unfortunately, if she did, she will not tell me, so all I can do is draw my own conclusion. So, I cancelled the friend request, cancelled the chat and blocked this person on Facebook.

Again, it's sad. But hey! That's life! LOL! Life is not fair sometimes. But at least I know why the libtards and SJWs are doing this. They want me to apologize to Kelly Poulter and I already told them, it's NOT going to happen! I don't give a shit if I lose EVERY INXS bud I ever had! It's NOT going to happen! Everyone by now should know why I won't apologize to her. But in case you all forgot, I'll give you a reminder here: Because I know how Kelly Poulter is going to respond to it. I don't know her, but I know her type. I've dealt with people like her before. And I will NOT waste an apology on someone like her. Never! Rosanda even admitted to me in the beginning it would not work. So, why waste my energy and emotion? No way! Not gonna happen. I'm sorry Kelly is sick and all, and I hope she gets better soon, but no, I won't apologize to her when I did nothing to her. No way!

Ahh, she'll get better. People like her never die! She'll live to be 100! LOL! If people like her died young, then my stepmom would be in the ground and my dad would still be here with us. Michael Hutchence would still be here too. But no, it's only good people who die young. So, Kelly will be OK. LOL!

And don't try to sell me on that bullshit that "Kelly Poulter is a good person! You're the one who's a cunt!" No, Kelly Poulter is not a good person. I can tell you that now. If she was a good person, she would have confronted me herself in all these accusations. Especially if she was so positive I did something wrong, instead of getting her friends to fight her battles for her. If Kelly Poulter was a good person, she would not have judged me based solely on what others believe about me, but instead would have gotten to know me for herself. Which I can tell you, she NEVER did! We never spoke. I'd spoken to her maybe 2 or 3 times the whole time I'd seen her on the internet. I'm not like her. I don't need my friends to fight my battles for me. I don't need to "hide behind" anyone like Kelly does. Kelly Poulter is just like my stepmom. They are 2 peas in a pod! THAT is why I have no respect for Kelly or my stepmom!

Kelly does not just have cancer. She IS cancer! (And before the tards say anything, NO, I am NOT making fun of cancer!! That's a popular expression on YouTube!!! So, don't even begin to think what you're thinking!) She's manipulating the other INXS fans. It's funny actually! LOL! I'm loving it! The fools are falling for it too! hehehehe!!!! Yeah, the libtards and SJWs will hate me for this post, but I do not care anymore. I'm no longer the weak person I was just after my father died. I got Mya now. She keeps me laughing and smiling.😁

Friday, June 16, 2017

Why I Hate Feminists and MGTOWs

Here's one I never discussed. The main answer is...I just hate radicals of all kinds. Both groups are radical groups. Though the only reason MGTOWs exist is because of radical feminists, so MGTOWs are a little less radical than feminists. But they are still radicals! I do not hate MGTOWs as much as I do feminists. Feminists give all women a bad name! Especially modern feminists. They're radicals and I hate radicals! Got it?! Good! LOL!

I've seen some modern feminists do some pretty fucked up things. Probably the worst (and the most embarrassing) is dressing up in vagina costumes. That is probably the lowest point in all humanity, when you feel the need to dress up in some private part of your body for anything other than laughs. But really the main reason I hate both groups it all boils down to the fact that I just can't stand radicals. I was actually thinking about that old fart I ran into at Fred Meyers the other day while shopping, and comparing it partially to an earlier episode I had at the Safeway store.

Back before I got Mya, I had an incident at Safeway where I was coming out of the restroom and there was a couple women standing out there, greeting and hugging each other. They appeared to be old friends who were reunited. I was trying to get out so I could pay for my groceries and catch my bus, and as I was trying to get around them, I said excuse me a couple times, and they didn't appear to hear me. So, instead of saying excuse me a third time, I squeezed by them, knocking down some toy garden tools in the process. Well, practically the same thing happened on Monday when I had the encounter with that old fart in Fred Meyers. I was trying to reach for the whipping cream and I said excuse me a couple times and they seemed not to hear me, until I told the woman I needed to get in there. That's when the man flew off the handle.

I was laughing at him then, but lately, I've been thinking about that incident and the one earlier at Safeway and I wondered if the reason the man flew off the handle the way he did was maybe because they did not hear me say excuse me. I do speak very softly and there were other people around. So perhaps my voice was drowned out by them. I think because of that, the man thought I was one of those rude, young, entitled millennials who wanted to just push him out of the way like he didn't matter. I cannot really help it that I speak softly. I think it's part of my shy nature. As for why he flew off the handle so quickly, well, that's on him. But maybe he's as tired as I am of these damn millennials always wanting to get their way.

See, that is why I hate radicals so much! And yes, millennials are another type of radical. But radicals turn people against each other, either directly or indirectly. Radicalism has grown since Obama got in office. So, I blame him entirely for all this radical bullshit. This is why I am not interested in making friends with other INXS fans anymore, most of them are radicals/liberals/SJWs. I admit I do now have a few INXS fans as friends, I asked another and I am still waiting for her to accept my friend request. But they will probably be the only ones I ask. Though I do still email others occasionally. But still, it's only a relative few INXS fans. They were fans I really got to like a lot. There's still others I used to like, but since I do not know them anymore, and it's still possible they've decided to side with the SJWs, I most likely won't add them to my Facebook friends.

It's OK. I've got enough friends on Facebook to suit my needs now. I do not need anymore. I'm on one of the INXS groups (I gave up Tim-Hutch Love unfortunately), but as I've stated before, I am not on there to make friends. I'm on there for INXS, and ONLY my guys. And probably also because of Katrina. LOL! She wouldn't be in there at all if not for me. She's not that big of an INXS fan.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So Good At What I Do

Man! I am so damn good at what I do, I can make even a seasoned MGTOW cringe! That's not easy to do either! Well! He deserved it! He's a damn SJW, which frankly I think most MGTOW men are. If not, he's alone in that, because he was an SJW. The conversation was who should pay for dates. I always said it should be the one who asked to go on the date in the first place. For example, if the man asks the woman to go on a date, he should be prepared to pay for it. That is the way it's always been, I believe that is the way it should be. But on the other hand, if the woman asks the man for a date, then she should pay for it. Simple as that. That is how I interpret equality.

Now, I did most of my dating in the 1990s, back in the days before feminism. But one thing I have never done, I've never asked a man out on a date. I never needed to. They always asked me out on a date! They would say "Hey! I like you. Can I take you out for dinner or a drink?" I would usually say yes. Why not? At the most, I might find a soulmate. At the very least, it'll be an interesting night out. But for me to ask a man out for a date, well, I'm way too shy for that. My default mindset has always been "What if I ask him on a date, and he gives me a weird look? What then?" Or makes fun of me or says "No. I don't like you! Don't ask me for a date!" So, I avoid asking men altogether. And really, the only man I've ever known I wanted to ask out on a date was Michael Hutchence. Or any band member of INXS. But they are all married, and I'm afraid they might take it the wrong way, or say "I don't have time" or some other mess like that.

But anyways, you get the picture. I would ask a man out for a date if I found one I am really interested in, but since I haven't found one I am that interested in (aside from INXS) I haven't had the need to ask any men out on a date. The men are usually the ones who find me interesting enough to ask me out on a date. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because I am shy that men are attracted to that. And since I am the one the men are trying to impress, they should make that date interesting. Whether money is required or not. Not all dates require buying the girl or guy something. But typically, that is what a date is in human society.

Personally, I liken dating to what mating rituals are in animals. The male bird of paradise calls and displays his feathers to attract a female. Crows, bowerbirds and penguins even give gifts to potential mates. Why do they do it? To impress the female they want to impress. That is what it's all about. The female always goes for the male with the most elaborate display and gifts. It is modern feminists and MGTOWs who have turned traditional dating into an evil thing that should be scorned.

Well, today I got into it really good with a couple of MGTOWs, one named Matt Sterbation and the other named Jonas Scheyrer who kept on insisting that because I said the person who initiated the date should pay for it, that I am a feminist and I don't believe in male equality. UGH!!! Nothing could be further from the truth. But I would say the same thing if I invited someone to my house for dinner and made them pay for the food I prepare. Since I invited the person over to my place, that means I'm footing the bill. Same if a man asks me out for a date. If he asks me, I will expect him to pay for the date. But they did not understand what I was trying to say. Instead they took what I said and twisted the meanings around. Kinda like what the delusional mods did. LOL!

For example, Jonas asked me if I've ever asked a man out on a date before. Somehow I knew he would ask me that. But again, I was honest. I said no. I've never asked a man out on a date. I explained why earlier in this blog. But Jonas took that to mean that I would never actually ask any man out on a date, which I never said, and never even implied. Then he went on to say that saying 'I've never asked a man on a date' and that 'I would never ask a man on a date' means basically the same thing. I don't know by what standards that means the same thing, but as far as I know, it's not the same thing. Again, as I explained earlier in this blog post that yes, I would ask a man on a date if I found a man I am interested in. And I had to explain this over and over and over to these stupid men, and they still did not get it!!!

It gets even better. Matt Sterbation (um, is that even really a name?) went on to say that because I believe whomever asks for the date should be the one to pay for it, and that the one asking for the date is the one trying to impress the other person, he took that to mean that I see all men like appliances. LOL! I thought that was hysterically funny. So all animals see their potential mates as "appliances". When a lion fights for his female, he is in a sense being her "appliance". When a peacock displays and calls to attract a female, he is being her "appliance". When a penguin presents his female with a gift, he is being her "appliance". When a baboon displays to a female, he is her "appliance". It sounds more and more stupid when you spell it out that way. So, these men I dated were "appliances" and I didn't even know it. All that time, I had maybe a dishwasher or a can opener and didn't even know it! LOL! Like I couldn't do it for myself. Matt must think I am an invalid.

Well, Matt was dumb! Fuck him! He's the makings of the next Polak joke. Yes, he said he is Polish. No matter what I said, he's always going to believe what he wants to. I tried to set him straight, but again, he kept twisting my words saying I said this and that, which I never said. They were just how he interpreted what I said. I stayed on track with him though. That's one thing I am good at. I just hate having to explain everything over and over again to some closed-minded SJW bullshitter who is simply out to troll people who have their own opinions!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Young Sprigs vs. Old Farts

Today I went shopping. I kinda debated whether or not to take Mya. So, as much as I knew I should have taken her, I decided to leave her here. A friend came by and drove me to the market. I am still just getting used to all this new association with people, but this friend seems really nice. She's a member of the church that I am going to and she moved here from Colorado. I need someone with patience, who can handle someone like me, who is totally awkward around people. Especially strangers.

Our first stop was to Fred Meyers. Things were going well. I was getting the things I needed, I got a few groceries here and there, I thought it would only take about 30 minutes, at the most. And it wound up taking just a wee bit longer. Well, I got some milk and then realized I needed some cream. I use cream to cook a lot of the items I bake. So, I needed some cream. But when I went to pick up a carton of cream, there was this little old couple standing there. I parked behind them, said excuse me to them and waited for them to notice I was there. I said excuse me again and waited. I noticed the wife looked at me when I said that and then I said to her "Excuse me, I need to get in here." I was polite, but straightforward, as I had excused myself twice with these people.

I didn't know these people, and I'd never seen them before, but they both looked like rednecks. When I said to the wife "I need to get in here", that's when the husband noticed me, and he gave me a strange look like he wanted to tear me down or something. I just smiled. But he said "What? Do you want me to move just like THAT!?" and slammed his fist to his other hand. At that moment, I looked at the wife and she got wide-eyed and her jaw went all directions at once. But she kinda laughed too. So, I laughed with her as her husband went on "STUPID!!" and "CRAZY!!" He and his wife then moved off. He again went on with "I was here first! Wait your turn!" I told him that I said excuse me. He retorted with "I don't care what you need! I was here FIRST!" I just watched him and laughed at him. He went on to call me "CRAZY BITCH!" and I said "Yeah. You sure are! LOL!" He said to me "No, YOU are!" LOL! I felt a little like we were high school kids having a scuffle. I continued to laugh at him.

I ran into him a couple more times and showed him that I was still laughing at him. He always looked at me with such anger and hatred in his eyes. But I always returned his stare with giggles and smiles. He was trying to be intimidating. But it didn't work. He does not own the aisle. Intimidation rarely works with me, especially with a couple of redneck old farts. I'm a redneck myself. I'm used to them. And it does not bother me to be called crazy or a bitch. LOL! In fact, I love it. But he was definitely crazier than I am! It wasn't my fault he refused to move his wrinkled old ass! So, if he's going to stand in my way, he's going to have to put up with me! He can't do shit about me.

I told my friend about this and she was worried by laughing at him, I made him madder. I said "Yeah, maybe I did, but I don't care at all!" Like I said, if he's gonna stand there like a dumbass, I'm going to talk to him like the dumbass he is! Fuck him and his feelings! I hope I truly ruined his day. LOL! No one would deserve it more than him and his fugly wife too. Here I thought it was the younger people who were rudest of all. But no. Young folks don't have nothing on this old fart! I hope I see him again, I'll ruin his day all over again.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mya Full of Energy!

That's my girl, so full of life!! Sometimes Mya just runs for the heck of it. She seems to love being in motion. This video was actually shot a few weeks ago when she was smaller. She's grown a bit since this video was shot.

Last night, I stepped out to put her outside and I saw a gift bag full of little toys that someone left. I assumed for Mya. So, I brought it in. I don't know who it was that left the bag, but I thank them for it. Mya loves getting new toys. Today, she is playing so well with it. There were 4 little plush toys in the bag. I've decided to introduce them to her one at a time. Like kids, dogs love getting new toys too. So, I gave her one last night and I am saving the others for later dates.

In my own news, I am just getting over a bad cold. Thank GOD it is not going to go on to last a month like the last one did! UGH!!! That SUCKED!!!! But for this one only lasting a week, it sure was a bad one! It even hurt to breathe! I've been trying to commit to going to church here. Though that kind of commitment is hard for me. But it is a good way to meet the townspeople here. Since I plan to be here for a long time, I should get to know the people here. Maybe it'll even help me with my people skills.

Let's face it, I still hate people! But my mom wants me to get over that. My sis gets along with people much better than I do. So, I've got to learn.

As for my leg, it's doing a lot better. I popped it last night. Though it hurt to do that, I think that's just what it needed. For the past month, it's been feeling like it's been pushed out of place. Maybe last night, I popped it back into place. I'm walking a lot better now. Though still not walking fast or running.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sorry, Group

Well, I had to leave my own group last night. I was looking through the members list of the group for that chick that commented here a few weeks ago and then deleted her comments, so that I could block her butt on Facebook. Since she decided to side with the libtards and SJWs, I don't want anything more to do with her. Kinda sad, but hey, that's life. I gotta protect myself. But while I was looking for her profile, I saw there are actually 2 admins now in the group. But one was not visible to me. That meant only one thing; it was one of the libtards. I sat here and thought "uh oh. Not good!" As an admin, you can see anyone's posts, and I don't even want the libtards even seeing my posts. Even though they cannot respond to me.

So, I posted to the head admin, the woman I left in charge, and asked her who the other admin is. Well, I sat here for a while, pondering who it was and I had a pretty good idea who it was. I just had a strong feeling it was Clare Aisha. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. Sure enough she got back to me and told me that yes indeed, it was Clare. Oh bother! I told her that I cannot stay because I really do not care for Clare. She's a damn SJW!! I want nothing to do with her! So, I had to delete myself from that group. I hated to, but again, I want nothing to do with Clare. None whatsoever. Well, at least I wasn't kicked out. But I left with a positive note, saying I'm glad the group is doing well.

Well, I am still on a couple other INXS groups. They are groups where I know the admins and I trust them to a greater degree. I do trust the person I left in charge of my group, I've always known her to be a sweet and fair person. But I do not trust Clare at all. Typical libtard, always sides with the other libtards! No way do I want anything to do with her. She can kiss my fat, funky ass!

Yeah I know! I'm vicious! LOL! But I do not like liberals nor SJWs. I don't want to see them again.

I was asked to do a video about oldest dog breeds. The person who recommended it wants it done NOW. LOL! Well, I am still working on the script for that video, but it's been a long process. These pills that I take now for pain and anti-inflammatories put me to sleep! And I cannot really type when all my brain wants to do is sleep. So, I really do not know when it'll be up, but it will be sometime this week. I just cannot say exactly when. Between personal things and these pills, it's hard to tell right now. Creating a video is no small task. It takes a lot of preparations. So, I have a lot to do to make this a good video, including doing some research, which also takes an alert brain to do! Something I don't seem to have lately. Poor Mya is the one suffering the most. She always wants to play and I can't for long because these pills put me to sleep. It sucks!! But they are working. My leg is getting better every day!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hmmm, What Do You Think Happened?

A few weeks ago, someone I haven't heard from in a while commented on my blog. She was one of my old INXS buds. Nice girl. But now, I wonder. She made a couple comments here on one of my posts, but now they seem to be gone. Hmmm. That's interesting. It can only mean one of 2 things; either she was one of the liberals and SJWs, or she deleted her Google account. Not sure she deleted her account, but since she probably still has contact with the old SJW INXS fans, she probably decided to side with them. They probably told her that I think cancer is a joke and she was dumb enough to believe it. Again, without asking me first. Typical of liberal/SJW behavior.

Oh well, liberals will be liberals. Nothing anyone can do about it. It's all Obama's fault. But it is kinda sad. I actually liked this girl. But see, this is exactly why I am not interested in making any INXS buds on Facebook this time around. I wouldn't know who to trust anymore. And the fact that I've moved heaven and earth to make this girl happy does not matter once the libtards and SJWs get her under their spell. She once asked me for a specific picture I had of Michael that she's never seen before, and I went out of my way to make sure she got a copy. That's where my friends tell me I am too nice. Well, that's not happening this time on Facebook. Not at all. If I have a picture they don't have, then that's their problem. I won't go out of my way for SJWs and liberals anymore. Like I said, the kind, loving TimmyHutchFan is dead. All my love now goes only to family, close friends and Mya.

I actually have more fun on Facebook when I am not trying to make friends. Really, I do. I just chit-chat. Yes, I am on a couple of INXS groups. But I do not share any of my pics with them. I post them on my own group to give myself a buzz. But SJWs and liberals are not allowed on my group. And it's a secret group, so it's not easily found in Facebook's search engine. There's only 2 people in the group in fact, that's me and Katrina. Sometimes I post some pics I have of Jon and she likes them. But that's the way I like it. Just the two of us, INXS fans who are not liberals or SJWs.

I can't believe the SJW INXS fans are actually still gnawing away on that bone. Oh wait! Yes I can. That's how SJWs operate. Once they get something stuck in their craw, it stays there for life! I still don't know how I could have known Kelly P. was ill with cancer when I did not communicate with her in any way whatsoever. I kindof believe the SJWs are upset really that the person I was talking about was not really someone they knew, nor did that person have cancer. But they want to believe the person who spread the rumor about me because they like her better. Doesn't surprise me. I mean really, let's face facts. Since it was someone they really did not know, they really would not care. But since they think it was someone they did know very well, it would be embarrassing of them to admit their own mistake. A true liberal would not want to go that extra mile and admit they are wrong. That's what liberals do. Like I said, they hear one side of the story and run with it. No matter whether it's really true or not. And instead of apologizing for their mistake, they continue to put fault on the person who tells them what they believe is wrong.

GOD I hate liberals!!!

Thank GOD I don't have any friends who are liberals! I have accepted a couple INXS fans as friends, and I am standing by to see how they are. They might turn out to be nice people. Who knows? I cannot say for sure right now. I have most of the libtards blocked. I wonder if I should block this girl too. Maybe I should. Like I said, she's probably sided with the liberals and SJWs too. I almost hate to do it though, but I don't need that in my online existence. I won't put up with it anymore. Get them before they get me. :)

Mya-Moo Loves Her Monkey!

A little video I made for the family showing how Mya just loves her toys! Don't worry about her flipping over, she's OK. She does that all the time because she moves so fast she can't stop herself. It's funny to watch her. She has this toy hedgehog that I gave her that giggles. She either loves that thing very much, or she hates it very much! LOL! Because it's the only toy she plays with that makes her growl.

This little girl moves like grease lightening! I've never seen a dog that moves so fast!! I wish my leg wasn't broken, I'd be running alongside her! It'd be so much fun!

Yesterday I went to the local church and I met some of the people. They are all so nice. They even gave me a birthday card and came with a little gift too, a pot of desert plants. I like plants, but I can never get them to last long for me. These should though. If I forget to water them, it wouldn't matter. They are so cool!! I was hoping to make some friends here, as I do intend to be here for quite a while. I hope to get close to someone. Yeah, I know! I don't like people. But now that I have Mya, some things have changed. Especially since I broke my leg!

I've been working on the leg. I have absolutely NO intention of giving in to this. I won't allow it! Even if I have to stay completely immobile for a while, I'm going to get better enough to go on my 4-mile walks again! I won't allow this to take over my life. I absolutely WON'T!!!!!