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Saturday, January 16, 2021

RIP Chris Murphy

 The world of INXS is in mourning right now. Chris Murphy, the man who single-handedly rose INXS to worldwide fame, has passed away peacefully in his sleep. I admire Chris Murphy for what he did for INXS. The man had almost god-like determination and ingenuity. When INXS almost failed in 1987, Chris Murphy helped them get beyond that with his quick wit, valor, and even a little bit of deception. The Kick album almost didn't make it out of the studio because the big wigs offered Chris Murphy $1 million to burn the album. He refused to do it. He saw a lot of potential in the album. So, he kept pushing until someone would agree to sponsor the album, going for the school kids first. It really is the kids and teens who decide who gets big, and I'm sure the sexy men in the band also had a lot to do with getting that album sold. Especially with Michael's sexy voice and sexy moves!!!

Sadly there are no more sexy men in music. Nothing like my Michael. Everyone today either does that rap or RnB music, which I can't stand. There are very few good songs out today, and very little good music.

Well, I found out Chris Murphy died from Lymphoma. That's cancer of the lymph nodes. Good GOD cancer SUCKS!!! Cancer claimed my father 4 years ago. I'll never forgive it for that!!! I wish we could completely eradicate the disease! When I first heard the news about Chris Murphy, I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. The only good thing is now, he is reunited with Michael. And I am sure all his questions he had in his head about how Michael died have all been answered. At least he has that now. But it's still sad that he's gone. He could have done so much for so many other Australian bands coming out now. He didn't go into his business as a manager. He actually started out as a booking agent. Basically nothing more than a secretary. But he did awesome work as a manager for someone who didn't start out into the managing business!

As for the men of INXS, I cannot even begin to imagine the heartbreak they feel. Chris Murphy did so much for them. They considered him to be a 7th band member. I once heard Michael refer to him as the band's "alter-ego". LOL! That was cute too. And Chris Murphy also left behind a wife, kids and grandkids. He also had the largest collection of INXS paraphernalia anywhere! He had so much, he had a special shed built on his property to house it all. I wonder what'll happen now to all that stuff? I heard something about a couple years ago about an INXS museum. That would be AWESOME!!! And maybe even worth going to Australia for. UGH!!! I'm grunting because I hate flying! If only I can get to Australia by train, or boat! I'd be at that museum the minute it goes up!! And of course I cannot go anywhere without my moo-moo!!! And my next dog when I get it.

I almost cannot handle this. I'm still in shock! It's hard feeling all these emotions at once. As if what I am going through already wasn't difficult enough. First I lose my Michael. Then my grandma. Then my Groucho. Then my dad. Then Chris Cornell. Then Marie Fredriksson. Then a Biden/Kamala Harris presidency. And now it's Chris Murphy. This is why I hate getting old. This last week was Per Gessle's birthday. I wished him a happy birthday. Katrina was visiting and said to me "I think you are starting to like him again!" I said to her "Well Katrina, he's all I've got now!" And he is! He's all I got from my childhood. He's all there is left of when I originally got into rock n roll music. I'd better enjoy him while I still can. Kinda harder now than it was back then, knowing Per Gessle is a cat person! I told him myself only wimpy men prefer cats over dogs. Though he did say he had a traumatic experience with their family dog when he was 4 years old. What is ironic now is Per Gessle owns a little toy poodle dog. And no cats at all. He says he loves it, and it is a cute little dog! He has also said he kinda hates his dog too, and I said to him "If you don't learn to love that baby, I'm gonna come over and take him from you!" I was joking of course!!! I would not really do that! But I say that to people who have dogs they don't want to love. And I do like poodles, they're good dogs! Especially toy poodles. That little sweet of his deserves a LOT of love!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Stupidity Among Good Breeders

Every once in a while I get a notice about this purebred snobs group I am on. The group is more OK than good. I need to stop socializing with these libtard breeders! I left another purebred dogs group recently because I found out the admin did not like Trump supporters at all. She just up and said one day "If you support Trump, then delete yourself from this group because we don't want your RaCiSt AsS here!" I said "Fine! And if you're a Biden/Harris supporter then I don't need you, because you sniff kids' hair and touch them inappropriately!" Those kids you see in pictures with Biden sniffing their hair, and putting his hands on them, they've all been reported saying Biden made them feel very uncomfortable. I've never heard a kid saying Trump makes them feel uncomfortable. And the pics that are going around the internet of Trump holding crying babies, those apparently have been photoshopped. But the kids in Biden pics, you can see the discomfort in their eyes for sure.

Well, there was this post that, by the time I saw it, the commenting had been shut off by the admin. I sometimes like to look and see why a post has been shut off, because those are usually the juiciest posts. This post began like this...

Nothing much really. I personally have never seen tattooed dogs, but I have seen plenty of tattooed rabbits. Mostly those participating in 4H activities. But this isn't the dumb part. For that, we have to scroll down to an answer by Ellie Lang...

Not only is this stupid because she is generalizing Trump supporters to being racists, but also because she brings up "my privilege" in the last sentence. I'm sitting here thinking "What the hell does that mean?!?!" She says she wouldn't have thought about it 5 or 10 years ago, which pretty much proves how Obama divided this country. Because I know Trump never has mentioned anything about privilege. That didn't start even becoming a thing until Obama was butthurt that he couldn't get elected for a 3rd term! Then he started talking about "white privilege" and other such bullshit!! I didn't hear that coming out of Trump's mouth! Then the leftists just started parroting Obama's notion and adding their own ideas about what it means.

Anyway, I took a step back and said "So THIS is why this post is now closed down!!" This is how a reasonable non-Trump supporter would act...

Now, her belief I can understand and accept. She's not generalizing, she's not judging, she's not clumping all Trump supporters as "racist bigots". She also doesn't imply that shooting black people is something only Trump supporters would think is funny. Because that is simply not true. I support Trump and I am not a racist or bigot (unless it's possible to be a bigot to asshole people). At least I am not under the real meaning of the word. Not what leftists believe the word "bigot" or "racist" means. They've been trying to change the actual real meaning to fit their vision of what Trump and Trump supporters are like. That's why they say things like "milk is racist" or "math is racist" or "homework is racist" or "snow is racist". Really it's nothing more than an excuse lazy black people make up so they don't have to do anything but cause chaos. And I don't find any people getting shot as being funny. I don't know anyone who actually does. Except BLM members. But I don't know (nor do I want to know) any BLM supporters. I've seen what those people actually do! Believe me, it doesn't make black people look any better to me. In fact, it makes them look worse. And that is all BLM's doing! I never had any problem with black people until they started rioting, looting, and killing or assaulting white people just for being white. I didn't like it when the democrats did it to blacks in the 1800s or earlier 1900s, and I don't like black people doing it to white people today! Two wrongs do not make a right!

But Ellie Lang's post is definitely different. She is lumping racists and Trump supporters together. I cannot accept her point of view. As I have said before, I have never been one of those kinds of people who judges anyone based on their political beliefs. Or I would never unfriend anyone based on their beliefs and I believe people who do are the very lowest quality friends anyone can have. Both me and my sis are more conservative than liberal, and we have friends who support Trump and who support Biden. I also have friends who hate Trump. Doesn't bother me. Although because of what I have seen in the past 4 years from leftists, it's beginning to bother me. 

Anyway, I wanted to see this Ellie person. All leftists look the same. They usually have weird colored hair, big-rimmed eyeglasses, pale white skin, and some other weird body characteristics, mostly from having a totally soy diet. So, I went to her Facebook page and noticed this...

Oh my GAWD!! It's a whole fricken family of libtards!! Well, at least her and her husband, whom I assume is the wimpy-looking dude standing on the left. The sad thing is there's a kid between there! I don't post pics of other peoples' children, so I blotted out the baby's face. I always feel sorry for kids of libtards. It makes me sad when liberals have children. That poor child is going to be raised in a home where the parents hate kids (she's all for abortion), confusion (more on that later), and judgement (since mom there thinks all Trump supporters are bigots and racists). Most likely violence too, since they are leftists and think it's OK to go around assaulting Trump supporters.

So anyway, I read on...

I don't know about this, as I haven't seen the context in which this was posted. But she doesn't sound like she's lumping Trump supporters in with shooting people. Most of the people I've seen shooting others have been leftists and those who have been bullied all their lives. Conservatives normally don't shoot people. They'd rather save their ammo for hunting animals for food.

Someone she considers to be "morally abhorrent". Hmm. Is she implying Trump supporters are "morally abhorrent", having tagged Ellie Lang in her comment? This is why I don't like leftist libtards. What has buying a dog got to do with supporting Trump??? I'm a Trump supporter and I LOVE my dogs!! My dogs are my world. You can say what you want about my beliefs, my actions, my wasted life, but you cannot say I don't love my dogs!!! That's treading into very dangerous territory! Remember when my ex-stepsister implied I don't take care of my dogs. If she had been in the room with me and said that to my face, I'd have ripped her another butthole!!! I know of a very good miniature american shepherd breeder who is a big time Trump supporter. I'd buy from her before I would buy from someone who is going to judge me because of my political stance.

Well! I got Mya from a hard leftist, who believes all the bullshit. She hates Trump and doesn't want to hear any good about him. But then again, so did I back when I got Mya. But I got Mya now, nothing I can do about it. But since the lady I got her from has blocked me on Facebook (because I became more educated about Trump), she doesn't exist to me anymore. She's as dead as a doornail to me now. LOL! I just tell people I got Mya from her mom, Donna. 😁

Anyway, a patriot steps in...

This is another thing I hate about leftists, they generalize and don't care who they offend. I will admit that I tend to generalize too. But I don't listen to the kind of generalizing CNN, MSNBC, TYT, Vaush, Vice, Buzzfeed or any of those other extreme leftists push out. I do my own research. And not Twitter research either!!! I find reliable sources. I offend a lot of people too, mostly with facts. And if I do express my opinion, I base it entirely on facts. Not on what I see on Facebook, Twitter or other left-leaning social media networks! Unless I am looking at facts posted on Facebook by my Trump supporting friends. Then I can believe it.

And then this goes on...

A refreshing breath of air!! Although BLM and people like Ellie Lang would say her husband is a 'self-hating racist'. They have dumb arguments for everything!! Everyone is now using the term "racist" to make people feel guilty about doing things the libtards and soy boys don't like. Even vegans have begun adopting the term "racist" to describe meat-eaters. I'm shitting you negative!! I've actually heard some say that. Anyways, Ellie goes on...

In fact, yes she did say Trump supporters are racists. Sue Maxwell pointed out Ellie's mistake...

And I would definitely not sell to Ellie, supporting a domestic terrorist group like BLM!!! But she doesn't seem to have any breeds I am interested in, so it doesn't matter. I hope she's not into my breeds either!

Anyways, here's a shadow of Ellie's beliefs. Some hack named Jay...

He says he's interested in a rare breed that very few people breed in the USA, but he won't go to the one close to him because the breeder is a Trump supporter. When I picked Mya, I didn't give a flying pig's patoot what the breeder supported. I picked Mya out because I liked her. I wanted a mahogany sable sheltie, and under the grace of GOD I got one! And I love her! She's not going anywhere! Not without me. She's going to be mine until I die. Then if she's still alive she goes to my sister.

Anyway, you will see this dude again. Ellie goes on again...

Well, I also took it personally. The only reason I haven't commented is because the thread was shut down by the time I discovered it. And ya know what's funny about these leftists saying things like "Trump is racist" or other bad things? Not a single one of them, when asked, is able to call up anything Trump has done that is racist. Or as bad as they say he is. All they tend to say is "there's too much to name" or "I can't think of anything offhand" or they tell US to go look it up on Google, when the only sources on Google that say Trump is a racist are those unreliable sources I mentioned a couple paragraphs up who take things said out of context, or mish-mash different things said in different speeches Trump has given and make it look like he's saying it all in one speech. Anyway another libtard steps in...

I had to laugh at this comment because like I said before, to the leftists, EVERYTHING is racist!!! Those of us with sense in our brains cannot follow what is now "racist" anymore. It used to be that a racist is someone who thinks their race is better than the others. That was the definition I grew up with and still believe today. But the leftists keep changing the meaning of the word "racist". If you didn't cry when George Floyd was killed, you're a racist (and I didn't!!) But not because he's black. It was because he didn't mean anything to me! I didn't know him! He never did anything for me. The only things that I do know of that he did were not good things! So, no. George Floyd was a nobody to me. I'm not saying I laughed when he died, but I'm not gonna cry over him either! I save my tears for people I know and love. Not a stranger who had no impact on my life whatsoever, and was a bad person anyway!

Anyway, this was Ellie's response...

Again, all the same old talking points the leftists use, and all of it means NOTHING!!!! I'll bet she cannot think of one single thing Trump has said or done that is "racist", "homophobic", "xenophobic" or takes away womens' rights. However, I can think of a hundred things Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Cortez and all the other swamp monsters have said that is all that and more! Plus the lies people like Ellie keep spouting as if it were all true.

Let's go back to Jay...

Remember when he said he wouldn't buy from a CCR breeder near him because the breeder supported Trump? Here's what one patron had to say...

Then another libtard steps in...

And believe me, since she said this, I wouldn't sell to her either! I just don't like her attitude.

I think she means here "I am fine with RINOs". Those are the "cowardly lion" republicans as I call them. They aren't real republicans. They're the ones whose only interest is in pleasing the left, or trying to be "cool". I start to get a little worried when I see where she wrote "some rights I hold to be fundamental". Especially knowing leftists the way I do and the fact this one has a child! Here was another response...

Hmm. Is he talking about Biden here? I know he's a rapist. Or Clinton? He was for sure a rapist! Or is she spreading more misinformation about Trump? I always ask "who did Trump rape???" Leftists never have a good answer for that. They always bring up where Trump talked about "grabbing women by the pussy". They think that is actually raping someone. That's like someone saying "I want to punch [so-n-so] in the gut" and another person spreading around "that guy actually punched [so-n-so] in the gut!" It never happened. It's just chatter talk! I don't take it seriously. Only someone dumb would take that seriously. But then that's what leftists do. To them, everything is to be taken seriously.

Anyway, these two finish up here...

Then this is the post that shocked me the most...

Oh my GOD!!! And she has a child!! She put her pronouns on her email signature!? So, this is why I am afraid for that child. It'll grow up thinking it can change it's pronouns any time it wants to. If the child grows up and happens to like boy things, it's parents will tell it that it may really be a boy. But no wonder she is the way she is! She works at a university. Where they [supposedly] want all students to feel included and safe. That is, unless you are a christian student, or a white male student, or a conservative student. Then they don't want you to feel safe. "University" means nothing anymore, now that BLM, gender studies and all that other useless bullshit has bombarded out the real learning! If they'd just leave the students alone, they'll learn for themselves to treat people the way they'd want to be treated. Makes no sense. And I've never heard of dreamers not being welcome here. We just don't want illegal immigrants here. EVERY country on the planet is like that. We should not be any different.

Anyway, Jay comes back in with an answer for Diane Stille...

What say now??? "Biden doesn't want me dead in a ditch"???? Are you kidding me??? Maybe after 3 years of Biden being president, you'll learn different. He DOES want you dead! He wants you locked up in a concentration camp and gassed to death! And don't give me that bullshit that that's what Trump wants. I never once heard Trump say that! Not even with all the doctored Trump speeches the leftists put out. But I have heard Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say that numerous times!! And if you have never had anyone with a Biden flag threaten to gun you down, then it's only because you have not disagreed with Biden supporters before. They are the only ones I see threatening anyone. It's never Trump supporters. If you have been threatened by Trump supporters, there must have been a good reason. Maybe you assaulted them, or threatened to harm them or their families. Or threatened to harm their belongings. Those are the only time I have ever heard Trump supporters threaten anyone. Anyway, he goes on...

Well, that's why this post was shut down. The mods must have gotten sick of the political posts. As for my answer to the original question what would be a weird or uncommon deal-breaker for me when buying a dog from a breeder. My answer is breeders who constantly throw their weight around, looking down on newbies. I cannot stand people who think they are better than others, and breeders are especially no exception!! Remember John Cippolina? He threw his weight at me saying he was better than me because I haven't been showing dogs as long as he has. But I've actually been studying animals a lot longer than he thinks! Besides, he had a bad attitude. He got angry at little things and I didn't like that about him. He didn't even seem to really want to discuss things calmly with me. He just kept shitting his pants and disrespecting me. Of course I later found out why. It's because he raises Taco Bell dog lookalikes too, and sells them to people who agree that he's the "greatest chihuahua breeder in the world".

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

RIP Mike Splan

 This is very late in coming, but I found out recently that he passed away! Mike was married to Deb, who became the apartment building's secretary while I was living there. I like Deb, even though she thinks I don't, and no doubt she hates my guts too, but I don't care. LOL! But I did not like Mike as much. He was the one whose friend committed suicide back in 2011 when I was living there with my sis. He drove all the way to Albuquerque, NM to attend his funeral. I remember giving him my condolences, even though I did not know his friend at all. Deb did not go with him. I don't know why, I guess she did not know him either. When Mike came back, he was a totally different person. I did notice a bit of a change in his attitude. But I mostly attributed that to him being in mourning. So I paid no attention, and just maintained my cheerful disposition towards him.

Well, over the following months, I noticed he started looking at me and my sis with disgust. No one else, just me and my sis. I couldn't understand why, because we'd never done anything bad to him at that time. Then when Hobofart introduced him to this blog, Mike got pissed because I said he was acting like an asshole. He started yelling at my dogs. And not even yelling at them in a loving way. He was yelling at them so hatefully that it made me a bit afraid he was going to physically lash out at them. I did not like what he was doing. He was indeed acting like an asshole. There was just no nice way to put that. But you can tell how kind and gentle a person is by the way he treats small dogs. And the way Mike was acting, did not point to him being a kind and gentle person. Serial killers are the ones who are rough with small dogs. Or with any small animal.

One day my sis and I were at the dog park and Mike came in and pulled out his cigarettes and started smoking. My sis gave a lecture on how cigarettes stink and cause diseases. Mike was kinda laughing as he said to her "OK! So leave the smokers alone!" I then turned to my sis and said "Right! If he wants to get lung cancer then let him!" I say that about all smokers. It's their choice. Well, I recently found out Mike actually passed away. He's dead as a doornail now! When I found out, I said to my sis it'd be so ironic if he really did die from lung cancer. Not saying it's a good thing! Just saying it's ironic. Because when I mentioned that in front of him, he just laughed at me. Well, he's sure not laughing now. I actually don't know what killed him. But I do know he's dead and rotting in Hell right now. He died back in 2018, but I only just heard about it recently.

Well, I cannot make this all negative, as I do still like Deb. I don't have a problem with her. So, I will extend my condolences to her and the rest of Mike's family. I know what she's thinking though--"Take your condolences and stick them up your ass!" But yes, I do genuinely mean that. I'm saying it fully for concern for Deb. Even if she thinks otherwise. I've come to expect nothing less from people who live in Montana, and are originally from California. Even pure Montanans. They're actually worse.

Well, yelling at my dogs, growling at me and my sis, calling my sis names from inside his apartment, those are all one thing. But after I moved out, Deb revealed the real reason why Mike's attitude towards us changed. Apparently Mike blamed me and my sis for his friend's suicide in 2011. I was like "WHAT??!?!?!" Neither me nor my sis knew his friend at all. We'd never met him. I never even knew before his friend died that Mike used to live in Albuquerque. And neither one of us has ever even visited New Mexico. I asked what have we got to do with his friend committing suicide??! My sis told me that Deb told her that it was because we were fat. I asked "What's that got to do with anything???" Seriously! LOTS of people in that building are fat. We were not the only ones. But he picked us to blame for his friend committing suicide. That's about as dumb as the leftist INXS fans telling someone who'd just met Michael to go out and buy a cat!! Neither one has anything to do with the other. That's like me saying Mike was responsible for my grandma's death in 2001 because he's stupid! I swear! People wonder why I hate people so much! It's because of stupid shit they do like that!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Trump Love

 Trump is valiantly fighting this election fraud. One has to admire him for that. I know how hard he has fought for all our rights here in the USA. That on top of fighting off the lies told by the mainstream media and the leftists. I'm so surprised Trump is not worn out yet. This proves how strong he is. I admit when I first heard about him running for president, I also saw all the mainstream media calling him a racist and xenophobe, and a homophobe. Seriously!! How many people do most of us know that can have so many lies told about them as Trump has over the past 4 years, and still stand strong? I admit I hated him too when I first saw him running for president. I did not want him in the White House. But after my own turmoil with the SJW INXS fans, I began listening to Trump more and more. I realized I was doing the same thing to him as the INXS fans were doing to me. I wasn't even listening to him. Let alone, give him a chance to prove himself. I never wanted to be like the SJW INXS fans, and it took me a while to actually come to my senses, but I started listening to him. I realized Trump had been dealt the same hand I had to deal with from the SJW INXS fans. Just as they listened to one side and ran with it, so did I when it came to Trump. Soon, I got to know Trump better, and I saw all the good he was doing for this country, and I learned to like him. I realized the mainstream media was no better at judging than the SJW INXS fans who ditched me. So I listened some more. Now, I see Trump as not just our president, but as a decent man as well. Maybe even a bit of a father figure to this country.

See! I told you that had to happen for a reason!! I knew there was a great scheme behind the INXS fans spitting on my father and ditching on me! I always said everything happens for a reason. That's not even a religious thing!! As life goes on, things come to light, and soon we understand why things happen as they do. And it's not always a bad thing, even though at the time it can seem like the worst thing in the world. But sooner or later, the meaning comes to light. I learned, from my own experiences with the SJW INXS fans, not to close the door on Trump. Mostly because I did not want to be like them. I always try to be fair. But at first, I was not being fair to Trump. So, that taught me to open my eyes and open my ears. Nowadays, I am so glad he is our president! The best one we've had in my lifetime!

Well, yesterday someone posted in the Walkaway group that they are feeling a love for Trump, like the love one feels for their father, or (in her words) GOD. I told her I know what she means. I've been feeling the same thing. Although Trump can never reach the pinnacle of love I feel for GOD, lately I have been feeling the same kind of feelings I get thinking about my own father. Now, it could be misplaced, because I miss my own father so much. Or it could be very genuine. I really cannot say. Trump is nothing like my father. My father does not cuss people out or call them names. At least he didn't at the time he was dying. But he is a bit of a father figure to me, as the president of this country, who really seems to care about the people of this country. Although the leftists will have you believing otherwise. Frankly, I don't care what the leftists have to say. Trump can never even be in the same category of love as I feel for my Michael and Timmy. Trump is not that attractive! Although he does throw some beautiful children and grandchildren. But I don't feel that kind of love for him!! I don't look at him with love in my eyes, but I do look at him with love in my soul. I want to hug him and give him a big thank you for trying to make our country great. That is how I feel!

I think I found that independent source the leftists mostly use to criticize Trump. I think most of them listen to the Young Turks. I remember back when I was a liberal, I used to listen to them too! I was watching their shows as recently as when I used to live in Astoria. But then I found out that they are nothing but a bunch of people who hate America, hate republicans, and want to see our economy destroyed. Then I stopped listening to them. I haven't heard a single one of their podcasts since 2017. And I never will again. Now, I can't stand them. The other day, someone I do watch a lot did a mish-mash of TYT calling Tucker Carlson all kinds of names and shit. To hear them call Tucker a "hypocrite" or a "bigot" or a "homophobe" is absolutely hysterical! The Young Turks hate white people. They hate this country, they hate capitalism (even though they use it a lot), they hate everything that makes America great! So I don't listen to them anymore at all.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

The SpecEvo Community Still Has It's Crazies!

I didn't want to put this on my Metazoic site. I don't want to bring this kind of shit there again. I made that mistake back in 2009 with JohnFaa and Viergacht. Now, I will admit observing, I did not think JohnFaa was crazy. He was just immature and full of rage. But Viergacht was definitely crazy! LOL! Well, we've got another one. This little piece of work is named John Dailey. The reason I say he's crazy is because he and I got into an argument about purebred dogs. Yet AGAIN!! I run into these anti-purebred lunatics!! He's just like all the others too, he cannot accept the fact that not everyone wants to own a mongrel of unknown origin. I just happen to love purebred dogs. But John Dailey was not happy just letting me have my own opinion. He wanted to fuss and argue about it. I have a purebred dog, Mya. And I love her. I intend on getting another purebred dog too. Maybe a cavalier next time. I've been admiring them. John Dailey is not going to stop me from getting the animal I want. And I don't feel the need to explain myself to him or anybody else! If he wants a mixed breed dog then that's fine. But like all ADS-fags, he's not content to just live and let-live. He has to probe his nose into my affairs and tell me what kind of dog I should own. He even looks like a leftist, commie fag...

The funniest part of his argument was when he asked me if I thought he was a bad person because he prefers mixed-breed dogs. I never said that! To ANYONE! I'm not like the ADS fags. I'd never judge a person based on their preference of dog breeds. I'd never judge anyone based on any of their preferences. I think that's dumb! And I think people who do that are of the lowest quality that does not value any sort of friendship. One of my very best friends approached me on Facebook yesterday and just out of the blue said "I just wanted you to know I didn't support Biden." He said he doesn't like Trump, but he doesn't like Biden either. I wondered where this was leading. He told me how some of his Facebook friends deleted him and even blocked him because he doesn't support Biden. I told him I thought that was stupid of those people. He could have voted for Biden, and I still would be his friend! I don't care!!! I don't care what a person likes, who they vote for, what kind of dog they have or where they got it from. Though I am cautious about people with cats, because cats are demons. But I do have friends with cats. That's their preference. As long as they don't expect me to tell them their cat is "cute". I never compliment cats (for the most part). There are a few breeds I like, and I will compliment them. But for the most part, I don't comment on cat pics. Especially if it's a gray tabby!

However, I'm not going to call someone a bad person just because they own a cat. Not unless they prove they really are a bad person, like Karen Boegli did. Though I kinda always had a feeling Karen didn't really like me or my sis. But I liked her dogs, so I hung around her. LOL!

Anyway, what made John Dailey's remark about me thinking he was a bad person so funny was that right after I told him I didn't say that, he got himself off my Facebook friends. He never responded, nothing. Just deleted himself. I was like "OK then! Don't care!" and went on with my life. I never thought he was a bad person for owning a mutt. But apparently, he thought I was a bad person for owning a purebred dog. That was the end of that conversation as far as I was concerned. But then a few weeks later, he comes into my Speculative Evolution group on Facebook and posts a picture of his dog and talks about how mixed breed dogs are better than purebred dogs. And I'm sitting here thinking "What the Hell has this got to do with speculative evolution????" His dog was surely cute, but animals in the wild do not breed with each other and get mixed results in order to evolve! Forming a new species is like creating a new breed. It has to breed true to type. One monkey does not mate with another monkey and have babies that come out looking like aardvarks!! Mixed breeding gets mixed results. Say for example, someone breeds a chow chow with a dalmatian. Some of the puppies born will have more of the chow characteristics, others may have more of the dalmatian characteristics. Some may show characteristics of both. That's the beauty of mixed breed dogs. The same cannot go for wild animals. In order to be a true species, they have to breed true. Like purebred dogs.

Well, after I asked him what his dog has to do with speculative evolution, he didn't answer. He just deleted his post and left the group. Again, that's fine by me! I'd rather the crazies weeded themselves out than stick around and cause a ruckus. Well, just recently, I caught John Dailey talking about me on another group. One of my friends posted a link to my group and John Dailey commented saying "I gave up on [Metazoica] when I found out the owner was pro-pedigree." Again, has nothing to do with anything. I said to this friend "Yes. Sadly John Dailey needs to grow up. He thinks everyone in the world has to think the same way he does!" which is true. When I first met John Dailey, he seemed OK. But for some reason, over the years, he just went loony. Maybe he got stuck in the wrong crowd. Maybe his parents didn't teach him that other people can have different opinions. Maybe he got one too many participation trophies as a child. Which is why I do not agree with giving kids participation trophies. It teaches kids a little too much, that the world will always go their way. But adults today give kids those tropies just so their little feelings won't be hurt when they lose the game!

Well, apparently he went to the University of South Dakota. But that really doesn't mean anything these days. He's not a scientist. All these colleges and universities these days teach kids is critical race theory and that their gender can change from hour to hour.

Friday, November 6, 2020

In A Biden America

The democrats so badly want Biden to win that they are doing underhanded things to make it happen. I knew this would happen! I knew the democrats would try something like this. And it appears that votes for Trump are turning up in rivers, farmer's fields, and ditches. So, you know they are trying to rig this election. It's worse than what they thought Trump did in 2016 to get elected. But that turned out not to be true! If you look at the lines going into Trump rallies, you will see they stretch as far as a mile sometimes! In contrast, Biden rallies (as few as they were) get barely 100 attendees. You cannot get me to believe that America wants Biden as much as these elections are showing! As of now, he is way ahead of Trump in the polls. But that's with the election rigged. I wonder what the numbers would really look like if all the Trump votes had not been tampered with.

One thing I have been seeing, a lot of my Trump-supporting buds are losing friends because they are questioning the results. I even seem to have lost one yesterday. When I saw that, I was like "Oh well!" LOL! One of my friends lost a person she had been friends with for 40 years. Another one of my friends lost a friend yesterday when she questioned the results of this election. She said that person not only deleted her, but also blocked her. I told her not to let it trouble her. LORD knows I sure don't let it. Fuck them! Let those people go. Those people are doing us a favor by taking themselves out of our lives. Personally, I don't need anyone! If one of my so-called "friends" decides to delete me or block me, I say fuck them! Do you think I cried when Karen Boegli deleted and blocked me from her facebook?? Hell to the NO!! Not in any way, shape or form! And she was supposedly a conservative. I just said screw her and went on about my life. It's her loss, not mine! But more about that in a minute. LOL! The only people I need are my family. All others can go fuck themselves if they decide they don't like me. And they can kiss my ass while they're at it! The person who deleted me from their Facebook yesterday is so insignificant, I don't even know who it was! LOL!

Most of that ideology is because I just don't like people. I make very few exceptions when it comes to people. Especially after losing my father, and the way the leftist INXS fans spit on him after he died. Ever since then, I trust no one and nothing. And I do not consider online people "friends" anymore. I (used to) could forgive a lot of things. But when it comes to disrespecting my family, that is unnegotiable!! No one disses my family and gets away with it!

The problem is the leftists are insane! They've been acting worse than ever all year long! And I know it's because of the elections for president. I knew this was going to happen! I predicted this outcome back in 2017 or 2018. I think I even wrote about it on this blog. I knew the democrats were going to do all they could (and more) to keep Trump from winning. They've been doing everything they could to get him out of office ever since before he got elected! I knew they would not pass up a chance to rig this election so Trump couldn't win! They sure filed that impeachment vote quickly without hesitation, even though Trump did not commit an impeachable offense! But that is what the leftists have been doing. When Trump does not offend, the leftists make things up, and twist things around to make it look like Trump did something very bad. That's how I could tell Catsredrum and all them on that delusional fans forum were leftists, and probably even running with Antifa right now! LOL! They were very good at twisting around stories to make other fans look bad. They thought that I loved Timmy much more than I really did. Yes I love him, but not in the way they thought I did.

The leftists are counting votes in private. They've blocked the windows of the elections offices, which has never happened before. They won't let any right-wingers know if their votes have been counted. And day before yesterday, I heard a whole bag of voter's ballots from Michigan, have been dropped off at the office, and all of them were Biden votes. Not a single Trump vote was among them. I find that very hard to believe!!!! Biden is not that well loved. So the question is what have we got to look forward to in a country run by Biden? The answer is...Nothing good! Especially if you're too white. I thought the civil rights movement was over. But Biden wants to bring it back. I can only hope that people today will be too smart to let that happen again. I know I would protest!

When my mom visited me earlier this year, she said she was afraid Joe Biden was going to win and have Hillary Clinton as his vice president and then he was going to step down and she would run everything. Then she would ruin the country. I told her I hope she is wrong, even though I believe she was right. My mom is a very good judge of character. She's been around enough people to know. Now, I feel like she's correct. The only difference is it won't be Hillary Clinton. It'll be Kamala Harris, which is worse!!! Kamala Harris has the mind of a black, liberal woman. Her ruling can only cause nothing but chaos! And now I've heard of this website called DonaldTrump.watch, where leftists are collecting names of people who donated money to Trump's campaign. I looked on there and found out one of my buds from the church, is named on there, with her full address and everything. I told her what I heard about that website. She didn't seem too concerned though. But now that Biden is winning, and the leftists are becoming crazier than usual, I would be concerned. AOC is already talking about taking those names and planning to take away peoples' bank accounts, income sources, jobs, and all that stuff. Maybe even their houses. I hope she doesn't follow through with that, but knowing AOC, she might just do it if she can get away with it!

I've already declared if Biden wins, I'm moving to Alaska. Either Alaska or Maine. I'd prefer to get as far away from this country as possible, knowing it's going to become a shithole once the leftists take over. I mean really, look what they did to California! You got people there shitting and pissing in the streets! Not good! Ma said she's moving to Tennessee. I told her to stay away from places like Memphis. BLM riots have been happening there. She's moving to Nashville. But she is hoping I'd move to Maine. I want to. It's beautiful there. And I love the old buildings and stuff. But if the leftists are ruling, I don't want to stay in this country at all. Maybe after Biden is out of office, and we elect another republican, I'll move to Maine. But until then, I think I should move to Alaska. Leftists are fucking idiots!! I don't want to stay where they are ruling!

Ma and I talked a lot while she was here. We discussed Felicia unfriending ma. Actually, I found out it was the other way around; ma deleted Felicia from her friends. LOL! Ma said Felicia's actually tried this bullshit with her once before, but Brenda calmed that argument down. I didn't know about that. I told ma Felicia Hollis is crazy!! She kept saying ma was a racist, even though she was married to a Mexican man for a lot of years, and had mixed-race children, me and my sis. Felicia said "Even though you were married and had mixed children, you could still be a racist." I told ma what Felicia was really saying when she said that. BLM has this thing that any white person who is friends with a colored person, or if a white person marries a colored person, that they are only doing it for acclamation. In short, Felicia Hollis was saying my mom was claiming my dad as a trophy, and that me and my sis are trophy kids. My ma was pissed! As any decent person should be! She said she never wants to see Felicia Hollis again. I told ma if I ever see her again, I'm gonna punch her in the nose! As hard as I can! That's a big disrespect of my family!!

While ma was here, she mentioned Karen Boegli adding John (my stepfather) to her Facebook friends. She doesn't even know John! I was thinking "Now I know what Karen is up to!!" She's using my mom and stepfather to spy on me and my sis! This is exactly why I make the important things on my Facebook private. For friends only! Especially when it comes to my artwork and videobooks. I don't want Karen to see them. She could steal them and possibly take credit for them herself. If she wants to see them, she can pay me like any customer! My ma shared my videobook for The Mischievous Mongoose and wondered why she didn't get any comments on it. I said it's because I posted it for friends only. I don't want outsiders getting it. That one too was EPIC!! Be sure to check it out! 😁😁

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Did You Miss Me?

 HAHA! No. I bet not. I haven't written a blog post in a while because I've been working on other things. I finished a few videobooks since my last post. They are probably the best ones I've done yet. Once I found out I could hire session musicians on Fiverr, there was no stopping me! It's OK to borrow music clips from Sounddogs and various ripped CDs, but it's even better when the music is made to order! My last videobook that I completed, Davy's Little White Lie, was EPIC!!! No fooling, you can literally hire an entire orchestra to do your music for a low price! So, that is what I did. I like classical music, and I love orchestral music! I also redid some older videobooks, and added new music, and even new voices in one case. Make sure it says in their bio that they use REAL instruments! I don't like synthetic music personally. So, I make sure the people I hire are indeed using the real things, and not synthetic sounds coming out of a keyboard or computer or something like that. Usually if they are using real instruments, it will say in their bio, or you will see pics of what they use. If in doubt, you can always ask them.

Ya know now BLM is saying classical music is "racist"?! OMG those people are so dumb!! This is why I don't care if I am called a 'racist', because those people believe EVERYTHING is racist! That word is so overused now by the leftists, it doesn't mean anything anymore. Well, I say too fucking bad! Cry me a river. I like classical music. Movies sound better with a bit of classical music in them. I use classical music in all my videobooks. I'm never going to use this modern rap/RnB crap! Not going to happen! Because I feel that music gives off negative vibes, and I don't want it associated with my stories. I don't even want it associated with my website! Ever seen the antique cartoons of the 1940s? The music sounds good in the background. They almost always used classical-style music. It makes you feel a certain way. Nowadays, people use too much rap and RnB style music in their movies and cartoons. I refuse to watch them! That music sounds ugly in the background. I want to set a peaceful, calm atmosphere to my viewers, so I use classical music. You can get classical music to set any kind of mood in the world.

Well, we all know now the democraps are getting desperate. They've even begun killing people who are Trump supporters! The left has been killing people they disagree with ever since the Civil War. Who created the lynch mobs that killed hundreds of black men, women and children in the late 1800s and early 1900s? The leftists did. Who ran around killing republicans and free-thinking whites? The leftists did. Well, they haven't let up. They are still doing it today. Trump is doing everything he can to stop it. But the leftist mayors and governors are preventing him from stopping it. I hear leftists saying all the time "Trump is the one who is causing all this chaos!" No, he's not! He's tried over and over again to get the leftist politicians to get off their butts and do something about it. They wouldn't, so Trump deputized the local police force for the FBI and they are rounding up these thugs! Several antifa members have been arrested. Thank GOD!!! It's a shame it wasn't in time to keep them from murdering a few Trump supporters. We need all the support for Trump we can get!

You want actual proof of how delusional and demented Antifa is? In Portland, a man named Aaron "Jay" Danielson was killed by Michael Forest Reinoehl, a member of Antifa. Reinoehl shouted "We got another one here!" and then shot at Danielson, who was a member of Patriot Prayer. In an interview he did with Vice, he said he was "surrounded by far-right-wingers". He wasn't! He said he felt like they were all coming to get him. That's not true either! He said he thought he saw Danielson take out a gun or a knife and was going to kill him. All Danielson took out was a cell phone!! This Reinoehl person is a real dim-wit! And the worst thing is, all his retarded, leftist friends were cheering him for killing Danielson. One fat, ugly black bitch even said "I am not sad that a 'fascist' was killed tonight!" When I heard her say that, I was thinking "of course you're not! Your people love violence and death!" Well, Reinoehl got what he deserved. He was killed by police a few days later! And no, I am not sad a real fascist was killed by cops! Thank you cops!! One less thug on the streets of Portland!

Ya know, it's strange. I was thinking about Catsredrum the other day, wondering how she's liking the violence going on in her town. LOL! I have no doubt in my mind, she is out there committing these criminal acts along with antifa. But she wouldn't be doing it for anyone's rights any more than antifa is. She's lying if that's what she's saying. She'd be doing it just to cause trouble. Just like she did when she had that stupid forum of her's up. Well fuck her! She also proves cat people are nasty, hateful people.

I also watched the presidential and VP debates over the past couple of weeks. In the debate between Trump and Biden, they both acted like bratty children. I didn't like Trump's attitude anymore than I liked Biden's. But I am still going to vote for Trump. That's never going to change. The VP debate was also a big disappointment. But it also showed why Kamala Harris is so universally hated. Pence was a real class-act. He handled it calmly and efficiently. Kamala Harris took more time than she needed and demanded more, constantly saying "I'm speaking!" Just like any annoying black leftist! The biggest highlight of the night was the fly that landed in Mike Pence's hair! LOL! One second he wasn't there, the next second, there he was! I thought it was a glitch in the TV. Or I thought the fly was on my screen. But no. There it was, in Pence's hair! I sat here saying "Is that a fly in his hair!" Then I got a closer look. "Yep! That's a fly alright!" Now, it is the most famous fly in history. It even has it's own gig on cameo.com! Check it out! https://www.cameo.com/5f7e7d33d8db8c001f4b7e5c

You know who that fly will be voting for! LOL!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Black Fragility

 It's been a while since I wrote something on this blog. I think in my old age, I'm beginning to lose interest in blogging. But once in a while, I hear of something that makes me so mad I must post about it just to get it off my chest. There is something I've been hearing about for the past 2 months now and it just makes me sick! There is a dumb, leftist woman named Robin DiAngelo who wrote a book that she calls "White Fragility". I haven't read it yet, but I have heard from other people who have and they say it is probably the worst, most stupidest book in publication. I believe them! Normally, I would watch or read something myself before I pass judgement on it, but I don't want to put money in this woman's pocket. It's bad enough she has a lot of businesses convinced that their workers absolutely NEED to read this book and take DiAngelo's $10,000 workshop. I can just imagine what that workshop is! Judging by what I heard about the book, this "workshop" isn't anything that common sense won't tell you! Why pay a dumb woman who wrote a stupid book $10,000 to tell you something that you should already know.

Her book is so stupid, it tells white people that if they have black friends, they're racist. She said because white people often use black friends as a trophy or something like that, to convince others they are not racist. I can't really word it myself correctly because it doesn't make sense. DiAngelo also states that black babies should be afraid of white babies. That is so stupid!! Unlike her, babies are not born to hate. That is something that is learned from society, parents and people like DiAngelo. I was 5 years old when I made friends with Tara and her family. Never once did I judge her by the color of her skin! I liked her because I thought she was a nice girl. I never saw her as some kind of "trophy" friend or anything like that. I don't make trophy friends (whatever the hell that means!) I make friends with people I genuinely like. There ain't NOBODY who is going to make me think any different! Believe me, if I were interested in "trophy" friends, I'd have a lot more INXS buds than I have now. The few I do have, NONE of them are leftists. If there ever are any leftist INXS fans on my friends list, they don't last long.

Anyway, I wonder what DiAngelo would say if someone wrote the same kind of book she did, only in the reverse? That's why I titled this post "Black Fragility". I'm going to explain what I feel black fragility is...

1. If you have to blame white people for all the wrong things going on in your life, you have black fragility.

2. If you think the answer to all your problems is to beat up white people, you have black fragility.

3. If you hate America and believe it is a racist nation, you have black fragility. Not to mention, you are DUMBER than a bag of amputated dicks!

4. If you think you are being held back by something that happened to your ancestors 150 years ago, you have black fragility.

5. If you have to rage and riot with a terrorist organization like black lives matter, you have black fragility.

6. If the word "racist" pops into your head every time someone says a black person is wrong in their ideas, you have black fragility.

7. If you are not doing anything constructive to help out a poor black family, you have black fragility.

And the list goes on. But there is a way out of the entire black fragility complex. And Dr. Dee TimmyHutchfan is here to tell you that you can be healed! And I ain't even going to charge you guys $10,000 to tell you how! Here goes...

1. STAY IN SCHOOL!!!! Do your best in school. Don't go there just to fight with the teachers because they are trying to get you to learn. Actually sit there, shut your mouth and listen.

2. Get rid of the attitude! I see so many black people with a nasty attitude. It's no wonder nobody likes you people. Start learning to act like human beings and not like animals.

3. Stop having babies out of wedlock! I cannot stress this enough. Women need to stop having one-night stands with men they have no intention of marrying.

4. Fuck slavery! That ended 150 years ago. Most of us were not even around then. GET OVER IT!!!

5. Fuck black lives matter! ALL lives matter. That's what GOD said, that's what HE wants us all to believe. And fuck that slogan "No lives matter until black lives matter". That's bullshit!! And I think it leads black people to believe that their lives matter more than others.

6. Just because someone disagrees with a black person, does not mean they are racist. Get over that shit. People can have different opinions. And just because you are a black liberal it does not mean I am obligated to agree with you! If you don't like other peoples' opinions, that is solely your problem. Either take it like an adult or shut up!

7. #7 is exactly why I hate this organization "black lives matter". They have received billions of dollars in donations over the past 3 months. Not one cent has gone into helping a single impoverished black family. Not one penny has gone into improving schools in predominantly black communities. Not one penny has gone into making predominantly black neighborhoods safer. Not one cent has gone to improving employment programs for poor black families. Not one cent has gone to scholarships to help a black graduate attend college.

I was actually called a racist now (TWICE) for saying I don't like black lives matter. But I don't care. I consider it a badge of honor. Some people on the Purebred Snobs Uncensored forum have called me a "racist" and tried to shame me as well when I told them someone who supports a terrorist organization is crazy. But I do not feel shamed at all. I just sat back and laughed at them. I stand by what I support. They thought they could make me feel guilty by making fun of the fact I support Trump. I'm not ashamed of that at all. In fact, I'm more ashamed for those people that they don't support Trump. Because Trump is the only thing stopping this whole country from going under. But people like them don't believe that. They believe Trump is causing all this chaos. Unfortunately for them, people like me know better. It's the dumb democrat senates in these states that is causing all this chaos. And fortunately, a lot of people are getting sick of all this and beginning to see that the democrats are nothing but a bunch of bullshitters.

I always believe everything happens for a reason. George Floyd died for a reason. He died so more people can open their eyes and see how bad the democrats are for our country. It wasn't even the policemen who killed him! I've said it all along, it was the drugs in his system that killed him. I knew that. I knew that since the day the autopsy report was released. And this newly released footage of his arrest proves it. He was saying "I can't breathe" before the police even had him on the ground. Yet the black leftists have made George Floyd some kind of deity. Shoot! I even heard of leftist baptizing their kids at George Floyd's grave! UGH!! That is the stupidest of the stupid! How is George Floyd going to save those kids' souls??? Only one person can possibly be our savior, and it's NOT George Floyd!!! He was nothing but a violent thug!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The BLM Rally

I did something today I've never done before. I went to a BLM protest. But not for the reasons you're probably thinking. I went to oppose George Floyd and all the criminal black lives they seem to stand for. Because I noticed BLM never fights for innocent black lives. 20+ young black innocent people were killed in Chicago over Father's Day weekend because of BLM protesters. Some were as young as a year old! And just this past week, a 16 year old young black boy was shot and killed by the members of CHAZ/CHOP and his 14-year old brother was badly injured. So, I wonder what happened to the protests for their little lives? Didn't their lives matter too? It makes me mad when people like George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks get all these BLM protesters blocking the streets and destroying buildings, and it just seems nobody from BLM even cares about the innocent young black people who were killed by their own mobs. So, today I went out there and stood on the corner with a sign that read "Criminal Lives Don't Matter". Actually criminals come in every race. But they should not be the focus of our nation's protests.

I don't want to defund the police. We need them. CHOP is a good example of why. I will admit some of their tactics need reforming. But I don't want the cops to go away completely, and I don't even want them defunded! I especially do not believe that black thugs should have any special consideration just because they're black. But at the same time, I didn't think George Floyd should have been killed the way he was either.

Well anyway, I didn't go there with a chip on my shoulder. I went there to tell my thoughts. Sometimes I don't approve of the way people like Kaitlyn Bennet go out into the field. She does seem to go out with a chip on her shoulder. Maybe she doesn't mean to, but she does it, and seems to mock the people she meets. I didn't want to do it that way. I went there with my sign, and my flag, and held them up, ready to tell my thoughts to anyone who would listen. I also told myself I didn't want to greet anyone there with hatred. There are 2 sides to every story. Remember how I was treated by the SJW INXS fans back in 2016 just after my father died? They listened to one side of the story and ran with it just because they liked Kelly Poulter better (nevermind she's a fricken pathological liar). Well, I always swore I would NEVER be like the SJW INXS fans were to me with anybody. I don't want to be like them. So, I was willing to listen to their side of the story as well. As long as they were willing to listen to me too. So, I went there with the idea of treating them with respect. I even took my camcorder with me to document.

To be honest, I thought this was going to be a Blue Lives Matter rally. But I got my dates wrong. That one is next weekend. I'll be there too, to stand up for the men in blue. But I figured as long as I was there, I might as well be the opposition. LOL! I only intended to stay for a couple hours then go back home. I didn't want to leave Mya here for too long by herself. Besides, I knew my leg would not allow me to stand on the corner for more than a couple hours. I still struggle with this leg!

When I got out there, and held my sign, an older woman approached me saying "You look like you could use some company!" I thanked her for coming over. I thought she was going to be more talkative, or ask me about my sign. She did say it was an interesting sign. I just said "Thank you" and wondered where the conversation was going to go from there. She didn't say anything more to me. So, I shrugged that incident off. Another older woman approached me from across the street and asked me what my sign meant. I was polite. I told her I didn't want to defund the police and that criminals should not be the example of why we protest. Unfortunately I never filmed that conversation!! Dammit! I completely forgot I even had my camera in my hand. Anyways, that was when I found out I was at the wrong protest. The one I wanted was being held next week! I just said "Oh well, I'll hold this sign this week, and be at the next protest next weekend!" She was telling me I need to go home, and I told her I'm gonna be there a little longer and go home when I'm good and ready. She went back across the street.

I stood there, holding my sign and waving my flag. Then I was approached by another protester, a young woman. I was holding my flag downward when she came up and got a bit too close. So close my flag's handle went up her pants. Believe me, that was UNplanned! I didn't do that on purpose! LOL! This young lady just got a bit too close to me, to block my sign. I kinda chuckled a bit and took out my camera saying "Check out this chick here!" I was going to talk about how she came up to me and my flag went up her pants. However, she turned out not to be mean at all. In fact, I thought she was a very nice young lady. We got to talking, I told her about my sign and she told me more about why they were out there. They don't want to convey the message that black lives matter more than any other lives. That's what the media portrays. I will admit at first I was pessimistic. But who can blame me? Seeing all these videos I've seen where black people are forcing white people to kneel to them and kiss their feet. Or attacking white people, or even messages like this on Facebook...

More about that later!

Anyways, this young lady, whose name is Molly, told me they are not saying black lives matter more than any other. But that they matter just as much as white or brown lives. I agree with that statement too. That's why I actually prefer the term "ALL lives matter". Not to oppose black lives. But to say that all human and animal lives matter. We're all here for a reason. But I don't like seeing black people out there going around hurting white people. There was a video of a black man attacking a white employee at Macy's. When confronted, he confessed he did it for no particular reason other than he just felt like it. It's people like him that gives black people a bad name and makes others feel very wary of black people. They need to calm down and leave white people alone! I even told Molly, and I have it on film, that I think the first, and best, place to start with prison reform, is bringing fathers back into the family. There are more single-parent households among black families than any other race and it's sad! That is what is causing all these black people to turn into monsters. The more they do, the less respect they earn from other people.

Well, I told Molly that I am not a total right-winger, I'm more of a centralist. Though I do support Trump. But I've always been more of a centralist. There's some things I agree with the right on, and there are some things I agree with the left on. I'm just careful not to go too far left or too far right. Well, by the time our conversation was over, me and Molly had become friends. We started talking about other things. She told me she used to live in Oceanside, which isn't too far from here. She said during low tide months, you can go out on the beach there and there are tidal pools that have starfish and sea urchins and all kinds of other sea life! I've always wanted to find a beach like that!! So, the next low tide, I'm there!

Well, I'm glad I actually went to this rally. It gave me a chance to listen to the leftists' side. Though I'm sure the radical leftists don't feel the same way. I expected there to be more violence there. Which is why I took my camera. In case someone attacked me, I wanted to catch it on film. But that did not happen. Although there is no doubt in my mind that if Antifa had been there (the REAL radical leftists) it would have been a lot more violent! Antifa cannot talk. They just hit, punch, kick, and fight. But no one there was like that at all. So, it really was more of a peaceful gathering. I learned something new. I learned not all liberals are bad. I treated them with respect, so they did the same with me. I'm a very different person in life than I am on the internet! LOL!

Well, I can't use my regular Facebook for a week. Bummer! So, I've been using my alternate account. I commented on a rather hilarious video of a little antsy guy posting his Black Lives Matter signs all over someone else's business without their permission. The guy had a high, squeaky voice and was very tiny. Kinda reminded me of a little chihuahua dog. All yap-yap-yap, talking to a giant mastiff type dog and acting all brave. It made me laugh. Well, I said he sounded so gay, and he was a savage and Facebook didn't like it that I said that. So, I am now unable to post. So, I don't get where Facebook is coming from. A black person writes he would build gallows and hang white people, keeping them strung up "until they stink". He can write that on Facebook, but I can't call out a savage???? How is that fair??? How is that acceptable???? Facebook really SUCKS!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

"The Summer of Love"?

Mayor Jenny Durkan is an idiot. In fact, I told her that on Twitter. She's a horrible mayor. But maybe she's the best wake up call for Seattle. Maybe she will be the driving force that will turn Seattle red. If not, then Seattlites are dumber than I could have ever imagined. She allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to take over a portion of Seattle's Capitol Hill and even went so far as to call it "the Summer of Love". Durkan, like so many leftists, are so blind to the crimes these rioters have committed that she allowed them to just move in and create some kind of "cop-free zone". Dumbest idea in the long, sad history of dumb ideas! I knew that. I don't know why the leftists don't know that.

Many people, especially Trump supporters, have questioned what Trump is doing about all this. Well, let me tell you. Trump has tried to do something about this. He told the mayor to do something about it or he would. Durkan basically told Trump to fuck off and "go back to his bunker". Not sure what the reference was to "his bunker", but I don't like the way she said it. Then Durkan calls Trump an idiot and "stupid" and other such BS as that that the left typically uses to bash Trump. See, the whole thing was done just to make Trump look bad. I knew this was going to happen this year. The demoncats are getting desperate. And by all means, DON'T FALL FOR THE MAIL-IN BALLOT NONSENSE!!! Thousands of mail-in ballots have been found that had come in from North Carolina to the Democrat headquarters. They tried to stop them from being delivered because they wanted to check and see how many people voted for Donald Trump and get rid of those votes.

I knew that would happen! That's why I refused to send a mail-in vote! That's the whole purpose of starting this coronavirus thing in the first place. It was a ploy to stop Trump from winning this year's election. And leave it to the demoncats to do something underhanded like this. It's supposed to be against federal law to tamper with the mail. So, why weren't these people arrested?

So anyways, Mayor Durkan wanted to let this CHOP/CHAZ carry on. What made me so mad is that they totally dismantled the police station. They called their little place a "cop-free zone" and took over the Seattle police precinct. And the dumb mayor did nothing about it. You know why black people wanted a cop-free zone? Because they wanted to keep committing crimes without the fear of consequences. Since CHOP/CHAZ went up, rapes have been on the rise, shootings have been heard every night, and even murders. Did you all know that bags full of peoples' body parts have been found floating around in the harbor there? When I first heard that, I could not help but wonder if those were untold victims of CHOP/CHAZ. Police are not even allowed to go in there and investigate, so no one really knows. But the place where those dead people have been dumped is only 10 miles from this CHOP/CHAZ place! So, it is quite suspicious. What I want to know is who the Hell supplied those thugs with guns??? At one point they were passing out AK-47s. Who supplied those??? The one who did aught to be thrown in prison along with the rest of those CHOP/CHAZ thugs!!! So much for a "summer of love".

This all just had to happen. I knew it for the past 27 years!! I predicted this. Back when I was in high school, I had an english teacher who had 2 small children. She said that she's never spanked them before. She didn't believe in spanking. Her kids however, seemed OK. There are indeed some kids who can get by without having to be spanked. But not all kids. When Bill Clinton became president, he made it illegal to spank children, he said it was "child abuse". Parents started negotiating with their kids, like they were bargaining with adults. That's like handing a child a gun and saying "here, do what you will with this." You cannot negotiate with kids!! They don't have the knowledge of consequences. Kids think in the here and now. A kid would look at that gun and say "Wow! It's pretty!" But they don't know the potential dangers associated with it. They don't know that if they put a bullet in it and point it at their heads and pull the trigger they'll die. Or get seriously hurt. But they make that decision anyway.

The other day, on another group I am on, someone talked about an incident at the dollar store between a mom and her little boy. The little boy wanted a particular candy bar, but it wasn't stocked in the aisle. The mom told her child that he would have to wait to get it when they get back up to the cashier, where that particular bar was stocked at. The boy got angry and cussed his mom out, calling her a bitch and a whore. The little boy is like 7 years old and talking that way to his own mom!! But she didn't want to say no to him. It's parenting like that that is causing the problems in today's young people. Kids like that grow to become the same people running Antifa and CHOP/CHAZ now!! And everyone in this country is suffering for it! They don't care who they hurt. I saw a video of a kid (who turned out to be 14 years old) kicking a poor man's teeth out in a Portland protest. Why? Because he told Antifa to leave a man with an American flag in his hand alone. They chased him down and knocked him to the ground, and while he was lying there unconscious, the kid kicked him in the head! That's what Bill Clinton started. I'm sure that 14 year old kid has never been spanked, or said no to. His mom was probably not unlike that mom at the dollar store. That's what today's ways of "parenting" is doing to today's society.

Even some republicans are bending the knee to BLM. I keep seeing these stupid commercials that props up BLM like heroes. In truth, BLM is nothing but a dirty terrorist organization, just like PETA. It was built by lazy black women who wanted to create more lazy black people and let them get away with crimes. They wanted to turn America into South Africa, and cause white genocide. Well, those bending the knee are not real republicans. They're probably more like RINOs. I know I'm not gonna bend the knee to BLM!! I don't owe black people shit!! This is why I'm buying guns. I went to Lincoln City yesterday, and found a gun store on the way. I went in there and looked at some guns I hope to get in the near future. If the police are going to be defunded, and BLM is going to go catshit loony, assaulting people for no reason, and raping, stealing and plundering, no way am I going to sit here like a target and let them get away with it! I'm a lone old woman, with a bad leg. I can't run, I can't even walk very fast. So, I need to pack a gun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Nevermind My Last Post

Just forget what I said in my last post. Especially that last paragraph where I talked about accepting Felicia Hollis back. She unfriended my mom yesterday. I told mom she's much better off without her. Felicia is NOTHING like she was when we knew her 40 years ago. Today, she's gone absolutely apeshit crazy! I still blame Obama. I was saying the night before I'm glad I am not in her church. She obviously does not worship the same GOD we do. I worship the GOD Almighty of the Bible. I can't help but wonder who, or what, Felicia's god is? Maybe it's Obama? That's one thing I would never do, and no one can make me do! I refuse to worship Obama! I'm not going to worship the guy who caused the current day racial divide! I'm not going to worship the guy who made modern leftists the way they are now! No way!! So, I wouldn't attend Felicia's church even if she offered me money!

Ya know, I hate to say this, but I'm going to have to start telling all the people who support Obama to get off my Facebook. I never wanted it to come to that. I didn't like people who always said "If you support Trump, then delete me from your friends!" But it seems that is what the leftists want anyways. So, why don't we all play that same game? I was watching a video from a woman who used to not like Trump at all. Just like me. And another woman, who she'd been good friends with for 10 years, dropped her when she became a Trump supporter. She made a video and she was crying about losing this woman as a friend. I used to be that way too. I lost someone I was hoping we'd be friends forever back in 1993. She just all of a sudden stopped talking to me, and never answered my phone calls anymore. I don't know what happened to her, although I do have some theories. But for a while there, I was sad to lose her as a friend. But I healed. And today, I don't care if people accept me as a friend anymore. I can accept them, but I can just as quickly and easily let them go. I don't care anymore. In today's world, you almost have to have a hard heart. I still have my family and that's all that counts with me now.

I absolutely knew this was going to happen the year of the next elections!! I absolutely KNEW it!!!! I remember how bad the democrats got in 2016, when the threat of Trump becoming president was looming over their heads. I stayed the same, even though back then I didn't like Trump. But I said nothing could possibly be worse than 8 years of Obama. And believe me, they were the LONGEST 8 years of my life!!! That's wasted years I should sue Obama for! Because he accomplished nothing good! So, I really expected the democrats to go crazy again this year. They seem to actually be worse than they were in 2016. Now I read somewhere that BLM is going to be considered a political party. That's scary! To say the least! Can you imagine what will happen if BLM becomes our next president?! Remember all the bad shit Obama did? Well, I can imagine if BLM gains control of the white house, it'll be Obama to the 20th power! They'll have spray painted "BLM" all over that beautiful house. The grounds will become trash, because you know cleaning up after dirty black people is considered "racist". You'll see human shit all over the lawns and all over the streets in front of the house. Black people with masks, toting guns will be running wild all over the grounds. Gay people can forget about their rights because BLM does not give a shit about them. You'll go to the white house and smell the shitty odor of marijuana, and be blasted with coccaine dust. If you're allowed in the white house at all! More likely, the blacks will make you go away if you're not black like them. Segregation will be back. Whites will be treated like shit just because they're white. We won't have a strong figure like Trump to cover for us all. If you're white, you could even be killed just for your opinions against BLM. That has already begun. If you speak out against BLM, you can get fired from your job! Your property and business will get burned down too. They may even proudly hang white people in the trees surrounding the White house, and display your dead body up there like a trophy. The days of lynchings will return, only it'll be blacks hunting down whites. Even those who are supposedly on their side.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Bravest Person On The Internet

Yet, the most hated too. LMAO!! But hey! That's me. At least I am aware of it. My ma has too many liberal friends. But it's not just people on her list, it's people on my list too. Over the past week, I can say I've lost 4 Facebook buds because of what is going on with the George Floyd incident. Well, one of them wasn't even really my bud, but I did know her when I was a child and went to church with her, and she is a friend of my mom's. And one of them I just unsubbed on YouTube. He wasn't really a bud, but I did used to enjoy his videos back when he used to talk about Onision.

Well see, my father was a cop. I also have a cousin who is a cop. Both are very good cops. All this gibble-gabble about cops all being bad gives me the ass! Yes, I have known some hateful cops. But I've also known a lot of very nice ones too. It really isn't fair to lump all cops into the category of being bad. That's like lumping all blacks in the category of being muggers, rapists and murderers. The vast majority of cops I've met have been good. I think I've only met a couple in my lifetime that I would truly call hateful. One was in Lakewood, WA back in 1997. And him, I actually knew he was bad by the company he kept back in 1991. The other one was in Aberdeen, WA back in 2009. Since then, I haven't met any hateful cops. Just some who were serious. But as long as you cooperate with them, they won't harm you. Such was not the case with George Floyd.

George Floyd had a violent criminal history. In one case he attacked and beat up a pregnant woman. He's robbed banks, he did drugs, he was high on meth when he was arrested. Now, I will admit it was rather heartless of the police to continue to sit hard on his neck after he told them he couldn't breathe. The cops should have got off his neck and let him breathe again. It's still possible to detain him without 3 grown men sitting on his neck. That was indeed wrong of the cops to do that. But let's face it, he was not a martyr like the whole internet and television media is making him out to be. He was a violent criminal. He's really not worthy of all the fuss being made over him now. I believe every action has a subsequent reaction, but what is happening now with the riots and violent protests, is an overreaction! It's over-kill! Many more white people are killed by cops each year, you don't see white people rioting and looting in the streets when it happens. But I guess that's just these modern liberal black kids. They never learned how to just let things go.

And now all this talk about "white privilege" going around. I don't believe in "white privilege"! I believe in working HARD for what you want. My mom has this friend, Felicia Hollis, who is a pastor of her own church in Atlanta I believe. I knew her when she lived in Lakewood when I was a kid. I never had any problems with her. But I never heard of her talking about "racial inequality" or "white privilege" back then! That's because NO ONE did back then! We're talking 1983 here. Those two things were not even a thing back then. They didn't pop up in our American culture until Obummer took office!! Then he convinced all colored people that all white people are racists by nature. Really, the only racist really left in this country was Obama himself.

Well, yesterday my mom posted a picture of the woman who was allegedly assaulted by George Floyd. It said Floyd was not innocent. It talked about his violent past. Felicia posted a lot of backlash about Trump being the worst president of all. Mom's post had absolutely NOTHING to do with Trump!! Yet here was Felicia, bringing it up where it didn't belong. Then she started accusing my mom of racial inequality, and having "white privilege" and not acknowledging "her own racism". My mom is not a racist at all! She married a Mexican man, had 2 half Mexican children, and has had black friends all her life. Felicia being one of them. That made me so mad, I just had to say something! So I did. I made a new Facebook account that I could use. Not to trash Felicia. But because my account was suspended for 3 days for saying how much I HATE Illhan Omar. I just said to Facebook "Fine! I'll just do all my posting on YouTube!" I was OK with being suspended. It didn't change my mind about Illhan Omar. I hate her now just as much as I did before. Maybe more so. And I do NOT believe she is "more American" than Donald Trump's wife! She doesn't even love this country. She trashes it, and Americans, ALL the time! Trump's wife does love this country. That's what makes Trump's wife more American than Illhan Omar!

Anyway, Felicia responded to my post with a rather snarky tone, saying the holocaust never happened either. Typical leftist. I just said "And remember, the holocaust was carried out by democrats! They were racists then, and they are still racists today!" Which is true. You know why democrats are always pandering to blacks? For power. That's all. They just want the black votes. Once they get into office, they'll forget all those promises they made during the campaign and just say "whatever" to everything. Besides, you notice how they are treating black people like spoiled little children? That's because the democrats believe all black people are dumb, overgrown babies. It's true. You won't hear words like that come from conservative mouths. And democrats try to hide their inherent racism. Felicia came back again, with a snarky attitude, saying "You're a comedian by profession. Aren't you?" Well, I try to work on it actually! LOL! But sort of. I just said "Yes. Actually I am. It's nice of you to notice, but that really has nothing to do with what I said." Well, I am paid to write funny stories for children and young adults. So I guess you can call me a comedian by profession.

Anyways, after that I noticed Felicia blocked my new Facebook account. Just like a leftist. When they realize they don't have a real argument, they always resort to blocking. The same thing happened to Cynthia (Sarah) Al-Saggaf. She's the person I got Mya from. She is also a huge leftist. She kept posting about Trump going to prison for the rest of his life for colluding with Russia. That news is dead and buried and was proven to be wrong! But she kept bringing it up. Like all leftists, I guess she believed it would magically become true if she kept repeating it. But that's not how the world works. She also called these rioters and looters "peaceful protesters". And then griped about a photo-op Trump did with the Bible in front of a burned-down church. Oh! That's nothing! I'm in this group now where someone posted a pic of that, and another pic of Hitler holding the Bible, and talked about where Trump's thumb is. "Same place and position as Hitler's" is what they said. I said "What?!?! We got bigger problems in this world right now and you people are pissing and moaning over a thumb???? Get a life!!!!" Seriously! That's too funny!

Well anyway, after that I noticed Cynthia blocked me after one of her friends and I got into it. This friend of her's, who has a weird name, was a habitual liar. Like hell I'm gonna believe her! I think it was a "her"? Cynthia blocked me, but her mom is still on my friend list on Facebook. Probably only because I still have Mya. Once Mya goes, so will she. But that is OK. I don't have anything against Cynthia nor Felicia for that matter. I don't hate either one of them. When I was 10 years old, Felicia once asked my mom if I don't like her. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She was a nice person then. And one of my favorite memories going to that church was hearing how Felicia sang this one song. I told mom I don't remember the name of that song, nor how it goes, but I do remember how beautifully Felicia used to sing that song. And Cynthia, I am forever grateful to her for letting me have Mya. She's the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! So I really have nothing against either of them. It's sad though that they are nothing but a couple of dumb, lying leftists. Not their fault though. All leftists are dumb and do nothing but lie. I did block Felicia on my old Facebook account though. And I blocked Cynthia on my new one. But the new one I'm only going to use when I get suspended. LOL!

Usually, just because I unfriend someone, or someone unfriends (or blocks) me, I don't hate them. But I guess it's a matter of context. It was different in the case with Cynthia and Felicia, because they're just a couple of leftists. I haven't seen Felicia since I was a young teen, and I've never met Cynthia before. Nothing like when Karen Boegli blocked me and my sis on Facebook. Karen, I think I've always had the feeling she didn't really like us. Especially since the Thanksgiving party incident after I left. Plus, Karen has always been one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever met in my life. My sis has a friend who still lives in Bozeman, who does not like Karen either. She said Karen is self-centered. I was saying "Yep! That's another thing I also remember about Karen!" Yes she is indeed very self-centered. It's sad, but true. I would never again accept Karen B. as a friend. But if Cynthia or Felicia ever want to start behaving like rational adults, I'll be there, ready to listen to them. Hopefully they will do the same. I don't blame them. I totally blame Obama for all the horseshit going on and the racial divide and all the malarkey about "white privilege".