Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, January 10, 2020

He Went BOOM!!!!!

Awww, da poor terrorist! He blowed up and go BOOM!! 😁😁😁

Leftists need to get over this shit. Crying for a stupid terrorist!! Soleimani got what he deserved! And president Trump probably saved millions of lives with this hit. Both in the USA and in Europe! These same people, I think, cheered when Obama blew up Bin Ladin. The only reason they're crying for Soleimani is because Trump had him killed. If Obama had killed him, these dumb leftists would be cheering and jumping for joy! Did you even hear some stupid leftist celebrities are now even apologizing to Iran on behalf of America? Well, don't bother apologizing on my behalf! Because I am NOT sorry Soleimani got blown up. Like I said, he got what he deserved! And NO ONE can make me feel otherwise.

From what I heard, Soleimani was actually planning to bomb America. I'm glad he's dead! The only bad thing to come out of this is now, Iranian officials have put a bounty on Trump. But I don't think Trump is too worried. The USA has the best military force in the world, with the greatest security. HA! Let them try to bomb us now. And these celebrities who are apologizing to Iran, they need to move to Iran and stay there! Don't speak for me! Like I said, I am not sorry at all. I don't even know who these people are. Some Z-list horseshit celebrities that I don't even know. I know one of them was named Rose, or Rosie. But I don't remember her last name now. No, it wasn't Rosie O'Donnell.

Illhan Omar though is laughing because some Americans got bombed at the American Embassy Building in Iran. I saw that dumb little smirk on her face! Shame! The difference between laughing at an American citizen getting killed and Soleimani getting killed is the American citizen didn't do anything wrong. He was probably at the American Embassy building to pick up a package and the Iranian troups bombed the building. Soleimani is nowhere near as innocent. He had plans to kill more Americans on American soil. So, his death is a good thing! Though I even heard some celebrities are saying his death is comparable to Elvis's and Princess Diana's!! Again, I say don't compare Soleimani to Elvis and Princess Diana!! He was FAR less innocent!!! Again, the progressives (which I hate calling them) are only griping because it was Trump's doing. Nothing else.

Well, I feel like celebrating. Ding-Dong the goon is dead! In fact, I went and bought myself some cookies and crème Twix bars. Yes! You heard right! I bought some cookies and crème Twix to celebrate the death of Soleimani. One less terrorist in the world, and we as Americans can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that this one is no longer a threat to us. It is time to celebrate and party-hardy!!

I should not be eating Twix, but I've missed the cookies and crème variety all these years. The last time I ever saw these on the shelves was in 1993. Now, they are back again!! YAY!!! And I cannot wait to have them. I'm hoping they taste exactly the same as I remember. Now, if only they would bring back the chocolate fudge variety my collection of different Twix flavors will be complete!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy 2020!

Well, the new year is upon us. Already I've gotten myself in some trouble. LOL! Well!! I couldn't help it. It was on one of the Guess The Dog Breed groups I am on. Or was on. LOL! There was this girl named Aleasha Casaretto who tried to tell me over and over that "laberdoodles" are actual breeds. She said "because they breed true and have their own parent club". I call bullshit! I told her "laberdoos" will never be a real breed. Most people who breed them now don't know what they are doing. And just because more than one Labrador/poodle cross looks like another does not mean they are breeding true. And in fact, Aleasha contradicted herself a few paragraphs later. She said "laberdoos have coats with little to no shedding". Keep in mind, little to no shedding. That means they do NOT breed true! Breeding true would produce dogs that all either shed or don't shed. Breeding true does not mean some specimens shed while others don't. No where will you see a purebred poodle (that does breed true) that sheds. They were bred not to shed. But since crossing a Labrador with a poodle produces a 50-50 chance of a dog that sheds, that means they are not yet breeding true.

And even if they did breed true, calling something a "laberdoodle" implies nothing except that it is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. Not an actual breed. You want to indicate a true breed, give the specimens their own name. Not the combined names of 2 legitimate breeds. Very rarely do you see that. In fact, the only case of that I can think of in a true breed these days is in the pudelpointer (formerly called poodlepointer). It was created 100 years ago by crossing poodles with pointers. But at least today, they changed the name a little to the original meaning "pudel", which means "to splash". But "laberdoodle" is nothing but a dumb, cutesy type name for a mutt. Aleasha called them "Australian laberdoodles". Well, that name it's self is a contradiction! How did Labrador retrievers get their name? From Labrador Bay in (sorry) Newfoundland, Canada. That has nothing to do with Australia. How did poodles get their name? From the word "pudel". That has nothing to do with the breeding of "laberdoos". So, these mutts, if you want to make them a breed, should have their own name. Perhaps call them "Australian guide dog" since they were created in Australia solely for the purpose of guide/service dogs.

Even stupider than the name "laberdoodle" is the name "Goldendoodle". That's what these mutt-fags call a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. It's still a mutt. A better name for that one would have been "goldoodle". There is no "D" in the word retriever! And there is no "D" after the word "golden" in golden retriever! And the word "poodle" does not start with a "D". So the word "Goldendoodle" is a dumb word. It's just stupid people taking the suffix "doodle" from Labrador and poodle and applying it to a golden retriever mixed dog because they think it sounds cute.

Well, more people saw my point and also tried to set Aleasha straight. Unfortunately she still did not get it. I told this one person Aleasha is just too dumb to get it. And that was why I got kicked off that group. Hehehehe! WELL!!! She was acting dumb! I'm just calling her what she is. You should have seen her pic. She even looks like a liberal. And liberals are dumb.

Well, I'm not angry. When I posted that comment, I actually expected to be kicked out of that group. But some things just need to be said. That's my philosophy. And laberdoos are not real breeds. Cocker-poos have been bred the same way for over 50 years. They ain't a breed yet!! They're still a mix of cocker spaniel and poodle, just as laberdoos will always be nothing but a mix of Labrador retriever and poodle.

I've become somewhat accustomed to being kicked off of groups now on Facebook. Especially since I am a lot more aggressive with this Facebook profile than I was with the last one I had. Well, you can thank the libtard INXS fans for that! Actually the only time I got angry being kicked out of a group was when I was kicked out of the Tillamook Community group. But that one was totally unjustified. I was the one who was called names. I was the one who kept her cool. The only thing I [possibly] did wrong was offend a few ADS fags who couldn't handle me buying my dog from a breeder. I'm not sorry though. It's my dog, it's my choice. If they want to do nothing but rescue shelter dogs, then more power to them. I never said they couldn't, and I never would have faulted them for that. But don't procrastinate me because I would rather get my dog from a responsible breeder than pick up a dog at a shelter who may come with some previous owner's baggage.

Well, Australia is on fire. I hope my guys are safe. I feel mostly for the animals. They're animals. They have nowhere else to go. Besides, I still love Australia's animals. Especially kangaroos. I've been praying every night that Timmy and his family stay safe. Here, we've had nothing but rain for the past 2 weeks. This is Tillamook! For the past 3 years I've been here, it's NEVER rained this much! If I could, and only for Timmy and his family, I would send our rain over to them. Oh GOD! I so badly want to see how these fires are affecting Tess O'Brien. I hope she gets burned out of her house! That's a horrible thing to say right? Well! Tess deserves nothing better. After what she did to me after my father died. Maybe the fires will burn the ugly right off her face.

Shoot! Now I'm probably going to lose every last INXS bud I have, LOL! I'll keep you all informed. But honestly, at this point in my life, I don't care. Especially for those who were never loyal in the first place. I'm just giving them what they want. They always believed I was a horrible person before. Even though I was nothing but kind and sweet to all of them. They hated the "nice" me. So, now they've got this beast.

Ya know, that's something I'll never understand about people. If you're sweet, kind and nice to them, they hate you for it. With my last Facebook profile, I was extremely nice to everyone. Sometimes too nice, looking back now! I never judged them. I didn't care about their past problems. I didn't get involved in their battles between each other. I stayed completely neutral. I even forgave them when they did something against me. I never held a grudge against anyone. I always shared my best pics/videos of INXS with them. Yet, that was not good enough for them. They still thought I was a horrible person in the end. But when someone treats them like shit, they love that person. That's me now. I don't make friends with INXS fans. I don't share pics or videos anymore. I could care less if I ever see any of them again. I hold grudges now more often. I'm no longer neutral, I take the side only of people I actively consider friends and fuck the rest. I don't forgive and I don't forget anymore. I am also deliberately mean. Much meaner than I ever was when I was Dee TimmyHutchFan. But hey! That's what they wanted, so that's what they got!

Well, I am looking forward to Trump winning 2020! LOL! Looks like he's going to. Though the democrats think they've finally got rid of Trump by impeaching him. I have to laugh at that! Especially that Rashida Tlaib. She put up a video of herself laughing as she casted her vote for impeaching Trump. Well, I am laughing at her, because despite what she thinks, just impeaching him is not going to get rid of him. Now, it has to go to court and win the votes of the republican party. Republicans are more reasonable than democrats. They know Trump did nothing wrong. Nothing impeachable. The only reason the democrats want Trump gone is because they are scared. They're scared he's going to win again in this year's election. Well, I hope he does! Gradually, the democrats are losing power because people are now beginning to see all the bullshit the democrats are pulling on this country. They see what they are trying to do. It's going to be WW2 all over again.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

This Is What You Get!

Why can't people understand that I just don't want any relationship? It's not that I don't love men, it's just that I have a certain standard. I guess I've been blinded by Michael and Timmy for so long, all other men just look boring to me. Unless they happen to look like Michael and Timmy. Such as Chris Cornell, who looks like he could be Michael's twin! Or Kit Harington, ditto! But men on Facebook, I am a lot less likely to be attracted to. I've yet to find one that has attracted me. Remember that Patrick Colliano person I spoke of about a year ago. He wanted me to be attracted to him. I guess so he could try to disappoint me by telling me he's not attracted to me. But unfortunately for him, I did not find him attractive at all! In fact, I found him downright homely! I recently saw him again on Facebook. Now, he has other pics up on his Facebook profile that I guess he's trying to show off that he's a "better-looking" person. But no. He comes off like G.I. Joe with liver spots and nerdy glasses. He's still ugly asf!

Anyways, I recently met this other guy on Facebook, named Atta. He was from Pakistan. He was a very sweet guy. I liked him as a person. He asked to become my friend on Facebook and I said sure. We talked about pets. He liked Mya. He did not have a dog, though. Instead he had a couple of cats. I could not compliment his cats, because they were both tabbies. One was an orange tabby, the other was a disgusting gray tabby. I never compliment tabbies. There's nothing to compliment. You see one, you've seen them all. I was polite though. I just said "Yep. Those are cats." LOL! I don't think he ever caught on to the fact that I don't like cats, and especially hate gray tabbies with a passion. I never mentioned it to him. Especially since he was saying how beautiful Mya is. I couldn't bring myself to say his cat is ugly. Atta was just a nice guy, and I didn't want to hurt him in any way.

One thing I won't do though, I won't show off pictures of myself. LOL! I'm no goddess myself. But I made an exception for Atta. I told him how he can view a picture of me. So that's what he did. He said he likes big girls. OK. That's nice. He is also a writer, who is writing a book about things he wants to ask people of western civilization. He asked me if anyone would be interested in a book about that kind of subject. I told him some people would. There are people who love all kinds of different subjects. I do wish him well in publishing his book. It should be a very interesting read!

However, Atta had his flaws too. Besides being a cat person, he wanted more than a platonic, friendly relationship with me. He kept on asking for pics of my thighs. Now, I will show off my face, but I will NEVER show off my thighs, legs, underwear, or boobs. EVER! I just don't. I wouldn't even do that for Michael or Timmy. I just wouldn't. It'd never happen. Not on my own will. Atta though, had no shame. He showed me pics of his thighs. And even threw in a picture of his nutsack! I never even asked him for those. He just did it on his own decree. I didn't even care to see them. Somehow, he found me attractive. But unfortunately, I did not see him the same way at all. He wasn't as homely as Patrick Colliano. But he was also not as handsome as my Michael or Timmy. I just didn't know how to tell him that. But he would keep on asking me every day for pics of my thighs. But I wasn't even coming close to showing him pics of my thighs! I just don't do shit like that.

About 3 weeks ago, I finally just told him I was not ever going to show him my thighs, and I am getting sick of him asking me. I told him he's a sweet guy, but if he doesn't stop asking me for a pic of my thighs, I was going to unfriend him. Well, he didn't want that, so he agreed to stop. I mean really! It was beginning to get to a point where chatting with him was becoming more of a chore than a friendly exchange of conversation. Constantly, every day, he kept asking for nude pics of my thighs. And every day, the answer was the same. I'd say no. But he'd keep on asking. No is no is no! The answer was not going to change!

I say to any young person reading, don't EVER show a stranger a nude pic of yourself. No matter how nice that stranger may seem. You never know when they may use it against you. And I've seen that happen over and over again. Especially on the internet. They can actually ruin your life.

Well, for a while, Atta did not bother me about pics of my thighs. Thank GOD! LOL! But then, while I was in Las Vegas, I got a PM from him again saying "You never showed me your thighs". This was after I had warned him not to ask me that again. So, this time I didn't say anything to him. I was in Las Vegas to have fun. Not to be cornered and harassed by this guy! I just deleted him from my Facebook friends, and blocked him. I hated to do that to him, but this was beginning to get sickening. And like I said, I was in Las Vegas to have fun. I was in no mood to go into that conversation with him again. I probably should have just told him that I was not attracted to him. He definitely was not my type. It was nice of him to compliment me, and Mya. But I just could not return the compliment. I didn't know any other nice way to say that. So, I blocked him.

Well, at least I can say I was polite, and I didn't just block him for no reason. He was plenty warned. He chose to ignore those warnings.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

I Don't Need This

Poor Timmy! I heard he's going through depression now. He shouldn't be. He should be on top of the world. He had a new grandson this past year. But I understand why he is suffering depression now. I feel terrible for him. It's because of what happened to his finger. It's not the end of the world though. He can regain use for that finger again if he'd keep trying to work at it. There are easy ways of doing that. It's going to be painful at first, but it will get less painful and much easier the more he works at it. I wish I could go to him and tell him all this to his face. Maybe it'll help him. I hate hearing about Timmy being depressed. It breaks my heart! I don't want to lose him. I lost Michael. I don't want to lose Timmy too!!! I couldn't handle that.

Now, I am also hearing about fans saying Timmy deserved what happened to his finger. I hope Timmy doesn't read any of that. In his present state, it may move him to do something dumb. The fans are getting worse than they've ever been before. You wonder why I want nothing to do with the fans anymore? This is why. I'm gonna tell you, if Timmy kills himself over what these dumb ass fans are saying about him now, I will blackball them like they've never been blackballed before! I won't tolerate it! To those dumbasses I say LEAVE MY TIMMY ALONE!!! Leave him OUT of your personal problems! He did nothing to you all so stop blaming him for your pathetic lives!!!

I wish I could go there and be with him, although I'm sure his family gives him lots of support. One outsider would not hurt anything. Unfortunately, I can't be there. I can only pray for him. Ask GOD to give him strength. If Timmy is depressed, he needs a lot of TLC. Isn't it ironic? These bastards seem to always prey on people during their weakest moments. It's no different than how they attacked me after my father died. And now they are targeting my Timmy. It's bullying. Nothing but pure and simple bullying. They never seem to attack people during their strong moments. Only when they are going through serious depression. Do they think they are being funny? Do they think this makes them look powerful? Well, it doesn't. I'll tell you that now. It only makes them look pathetic, mean-spirited and dumb!! You don't become some kind of superhero by beating down a weaker person. You look more powerful if you'd just try to help someone in need.

This is why I am extending nothing but love for Timmy. I don't want him to feel depressed. I want him to feel happy, loved and needed. He is needed. His family loves him. His fans love him. The bandmembers love him. His grandchildren deserve to get to know him and love him. And I love him. I always have, and I always will. I can guarantee if this was Michael, these people would be quick to defend him, and try to make him feel better. So, why not do the same for Timmy? I think he deserves it just as much as Michael would. What happened to Michael is sad. Very sad. Why do these people want to make Timmy go through the same thing? Just leave him alone you goons!!!

And to Timmy, if he just happens to be reading, Don't let this bother you! These so-called "fans" are nothing but a bunch of jerks who have nothing better to do with their time. It makes them feel big and powerful to kick a person who is already down. This is why I just stopped listening to the fans, and want nothing more to do with them. I don't have many INXS fans among my friends on Facebook, and I'd like to keep it that way. I was friends with many back in 2014-2016. But those days are over. I have no desire to befriend anymore INXS fans. Its just not going to happen! I refuse to let it. They can all block me from their Facebook if they want to. I do not care! I promise you, I won't miss them.

Friday, December 13, 2019

No Rest For The Weary!

Well, we finally made it back from Las Vegas. It was my first time there. The last time I tried to make a trip to Vegas, I was sick and so weak. I had somehow caught a flu. I woke that morning feeling achey and sneezing really bad. But I thought I could go on anyways. We were living in Ocean Shores at the time, and had made it all the way to Salem, OR and had to turn around and take me back home. I was so sick, my body wouldn't let me go on anymore, and I was getting increasingly worse. So, my sis drove me back to our place in Ocean Shores and she went on to Las Vegas with herself and Odessa. So, this year, I thought ahead and got a flu shot several months ago so there would be no chance of that happening again. It worked! I didn't get sick this time, and managed to make it all the way to Las Vegas. We even visited mom and stepdad on the way.

We drove in shifts, so we could make it there quicker. I discovered one thing; I discovered you can drive the length from Tillamook to Las Vegas in a single day! And you can do it without speeding too. My sis is a very conscientious driver. Me, on the other hand, well I got stopped once. At least the officer was nice about it all, and we got off with only a warning. He was more like an old buddy than a law enforcement officer. That's good though! I prefer a nicer, more understanding person stopping us. I've been stopped by mean cops before, and they leave me feeling so angry and hateful. But this guy wasn't like that at all. I remember in Lakewood, there was this one cop who simply hated me and my sis, and I never understood why. But I do know he was connected with these girls who once jeered at me and my sis as we were walking by their place back in 1991. Well! At least they said we were tough as rocks! LOL!

Anyways, we had fun in Vegas. We stayed at a first class hotel, with a casino and even a built-in mall. The beds were amazingly comfortable too. I didn't want to leave! I wanted to stay there forever. As promised though, I took my sis and treated her to the buffet at Caesar's Palace. At first, we thought we were there. We waited in line for what was probably nearly an hour, only to find out it was the wrong buffet!! Not that it probably wouldn't have been a good buffet, but it wasn't the one I was hoping for. I promised Caesar's Palace and I wanted to deliver. It's my last buffet ever. I knew I would never have another chance again. After my surgery next year, I'll never be able to eat at another buffet. So, I wanted to make this a good trip.

Caesar's Palace is AMAZING!!! I loved the buffet. They had peppered mashed potatoes, made with green peppers. I honestly didn't think I'd like it because I hate peppers. But when I tried it, I found it really was not that bad at all! It was actually quite good! They had a little bit of a kick to them, but not overwhealmingly spicy. They also had Wagyu beef. Very few places in the USA carries Wagyu beef!! I tried some, next to a slice of regular US prime rib. The difference was like night and day! The Wagyu beef melted in my mouth!! It was so light and delicious! The prime rib was a lot tougher (but not overcooked). It was good prime rib, but the Wagyu beef was much better in texture and flavor! I wish more places carried that!

I'd told the staff that day was my sis's birthday, and so they surprised her with a platter of their desserts. The desserts looked awesome!!! They also sang to her too! It was fun!! After I was done with dinner, I decided to try some of their desserts. I went hog-wild on them. They had cupcakes frosted with actual frosting!! That's very rare. You go to almost any place in Reno, all their cakes are frosted with fancy-colored cool whip that, by the time you get it, has a texture similar to rubber!! But not at Caesar's Palace! They use REAL buttercream frosting on their cupcakes and they taste AWESOME!!! I had 2 of them. I also tried their lemon bars, which were also good. I filmed the whole thing. I plan on making it into another movie too, available on UMG Productions.

Afterwords, we went to this candy store and went hog-wild there too. My sis found a box of Japanese candies she wanted so bad! So she got it, and I picked up some goodies too. We also visited Area 51! It was interesting. I got an alien magnet. I always like to pick up magnets everywhere I go. This was no exception.

Anyways, this was a fun week. My sis loved it. I gave her a birthday present, a book on how to speak fluent Japanese in 90 days. She loves that book! She cannot put it down now. She enjoyed her time in Vegas. She said it was the best birthday she's ever had. I was so glad I made it fun for her.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Diversity Is NOT Our Strength!

"Diversity is our strength" was quoted by Kamala Harris. But she is way wrong!! Don't listen to her! Kamala Harris does not want diversity. She just wants to wipe out white people. Funny how she lives in one of the whitest neighborhoods in California, and then tells us "diversity is our strength". LMAO!! I'd love to see Kamala Harris move to a predominantly black neighborhood in Detroit or Sacramento and then see if she still says "diversity is our strength". But she won't. She's too safe inside her rich, gated, predominantly white community. Then she says she wants to "de-white" America. I say fuck her!

I hear this all the time. People always saying we need more diversity. But I think they're wrong! Look at what is happening in Sweden. Back when Roxette was popular, they were mostly white. Now, they've allowed mass immigration into their country and finding out it was a huge mistake! They are currently experiencing problems with immigrants using hand-grenades. Women are also complaining because they are afraid to go out at night. One of the rules of immigration is you have to assimilate to the prevalent culture in the country you're migrating to. But most countries, even today's democratic America, don't enforce that rule. So, people from Pakistan, Turkey and Arabia are migrating to gentle places like Sweden and bringing their own violent culture with them and practicing it there. And nobody does anything about it. Those that try, get called a "racist" and a "bigot". Well, I say we need to STOP being afraid of words and start enforcing proper rules of immigration!

I look at it this way; when mongooses were imported to Hawaii from India, they didn't stop being mongooses. They didn't stop doing what they were programmed to do. They continued to hunt birds and bird eggs. Mongooses have always loved eggs. Now, look what they did to Hawaii. Over half of the native bird species are extinct now. So, is it a "speciesist" or "racist" act to try and get rid of the mongooses in Hawaii? I've never heard anyone say so. If it had only been done sooner, it could have been to save the native birds. That same game is being played out throughout Europe, the UK, and soon, North America.

Now, we've got Somalis moving into the east and they're wreaking havoc everywhere. They have made a career of mugging people and stealing from them. They specifically target white people. See! I knew this was going to happen when the democrats wanted open borders! Somali people are naturally mean, and they hate white people. They have absolutely no intention of acclimating to American culture! Even Maine is turning into a trash state since they allowed African immigrants to move there. I think the only reason the democrats are doing all this shit to America is just to spite Trump banning certain immigrants from certain countries. I also think the only reason gays are getting more privileged in society is because Mike Pence is a conservative Christian who believes marriage is between a man and a woman. It's all spite, on the part of the democrats! Nothing but sheer spite! They think they're being cute, or funny. But really, they're just looking like retards. Listen to an act by Lilly Singh to find out if I am right or not.

I don't mind immigrants, as long as they are here legally and intend to adhere to our culture. But I am totally against immigrants coming here illegally and bringing their own violent cultures and characteristics with them, with no intention of acclimating. Those people, I totally believe, need to be deported!

Well, thank GOD, Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race. I can't stand her! People like her, jail is too lenient for them. They need to be taken to a field and shot! Just put her out of her misery.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Onision's Fatal Mistake

Oooh man! Onision pulled a bad one the other day! I should have written about this sooner, but so much has been going on. My sis is coming up in a couple days and I need to go pick her up. I'm worried about the car making it. Though I have gotten used to the car shaking like it does. Well anyway, Onision pulled a fast one on Patreon. His account then got permanently banned! HAHA! People on YouTube who know him are laughing about this now. That was Onision's only source of income. But you know why he got banned? He got banned because he doxed Billie. He posted her phone number. That's a big no-no now on the internet. Almost every platform out there, whether they host web sites, or videos, or blogs, do not allow doxing. No wonder Hobofart disappeared! He doxed people, and the internet social media sites stopped allowing that. So he must have been kicked off the internet.

Well, Onision has been pitching a fit again on Twitter because of that. He had a severe meltdown. Of course I believe it was an act. I don't think he wants the world to know he's really suffering. So he mocked a meltdown. Twice! He posted himself going out of control, then he posted an apology video. I know he's worried about his income now. I know it's driving him crazy too. He does have children to look after. But you know what? He should have thought about them before he broke Patreon's terms of service and posted someone else's private info on his page! When he lost that page, he lost all his patrons too. So, no more income. Well, Onision went and created another website where you have to pay him just to watch his videos. I won't post the link on here, because I don't want to honor Onision with any free advertisement. He doesn't deserve it.

I hope no one watches his videos. At all! He's not funny. He's not even a good actor. He's a lousy musician. Most of his music is stuff like you'd hear on Sesame Street. Or maybe not even that good. Some songs I used to hear on Sesame Street were kinda catchy. Onision's music is not at all catchy! It sounds like chicken scratching. But Onision thinks he's the world's best musician. I'm surprised he hasn't made up a story like "Big-name musicians come to me for advice on how to create wonderful music". As narcissistic as Onision is, he would believe something like that. And as dumb as his fans are, they'd also believe he's telling the truth.

Well, my sis is coming to stay for a month, and we've got a HUGE month planned! I promised my sis I'd take her to Chick-Fil-A when she gets here. But I wish I hadn't made that promise! I'm mad at Chick-Fil-A. Now, they've been taken over by a different CEO, and he does not like Christians nor Christian organizations. Instead of supporting a decent organization that actually helps people, like the Salvation Army, Chick-Fil-A is now supporting a wishy-washy SJW cult like the Southern Poverty Law Center. Apparently it's a non-profit organization, but they only do things for minorities and gay/queer/trans people. Salvation Army feeds the homeless no matter what their race or orientation is. They help disabled, homeless veterans. But the Southern Poverty Law Center does none of that. They only do SJW bullshit and they consider Christian organizations "hate organizations". So, if Chick-Fil-A is supporting them, I'm not supporting Chick-Fil-A. Neither is a lot of people.

We all admired Chick-Fil-A for a long time for holding their own against the SJWs bullshitting them. But now, they are caving in to the SJWs and have lost the respect of a LOT of conservative Christian people. If Chick-Fil-A had decided to donate to the Salvation Army as well as decent LGBTQ organizations (I know they are hard to find), I might still have respect for them. But they cut off the Salvation Army completely, and are only giving donations to SJW and LGBTQ organizations that promote hatred towards Christians, straight, healthy people and homeless veterans, and that is why I have no respect for them anymore. I think I also heard somewhere that Chick-Fil-A is also now giving to Planned Parenthood. A double sin! So, no. I have no use for them anymore.

The sad thing is now, Chick-Fil-A is going to lose so much business they may be forced to shut down completely. Because conservatives have lost respect for them, and SJWs never forgive anything. This is why businesses get woke and go broke. SJWs hold grudges forever. They are never going to set foot inside a Chick-Fil-A, no matter who they are donating funds to! The damage is already done as far as SJWs are concerned. So, once a business like Chick-Fil-A loses conservative customers, that's it! Within a year, Chick-Fil-A will be bankrupt. So, Chick-Fil-A will cave in and give to all these SJW organizations, and it still won't be enough for the SJWs! And they also lose all their conservative customers. All but the most loyal among them. A very bad idea, Chick-Fil-A!! Very bad idea!!!

Monday, November 25, 2019

No Longer YouTube Creators

Well, I heard next year, YouTube is going to crack down hard on creators. YouTube used to be a fun platform to post videos on. I've posted videos on YouTube since 2009. I've seen a lot of features come and go. It used to be you couldn't make a YouTube video longer than 10 minutes. Then they changed it to 15 minutes. But if you became a partner, you could post a video up on YouTube that is as long as you want it to be. I've seen videos that were as long as 8, 10, 24 and even 48 hours!! Yes! Single videos that long! A far cry from when YouTube only allowed 10 minutes per video. And I very often made videos that were longer than 10 minutes. But even if they were 10 minutes and 2 seconds long, the uploaders on YouTube would say the video was too long and could not be posted. That SUCKED!!! It got frustrating! So I was glad when YouTube changed that to 15 minutes. But I have so much to say per video, even that got to where it wasn't enough. I was glad when I made partner and I could post much longer videos.

Things at YouTube were running beautifully smooth. I was making some fair money. Not great! But fair. Anyways, it was an extra $100 when I needed it. One of those pay checks helped me get Mya. But then something happened early in 2018. A dumbass on YouTube made a huge mistake. The name of the dumbass was Logan Paul. He made a video of himself going to Japan. In that video, he went to the so-called "Suicide forest", known by the natives as Aogikahara, or the "Sea of Trees". While he was there, he saw a man who had hung himself from one of the trees and he filmed it!! Not only did he film it, but a lot of people got pissed because he and his friends were standing there in front of the poor man, mocking and laughing at him. Logan stated it was a nervous-type laugh. And it may have been. But still mocking the poor guy who killed himself was disrespectful! I feel exactly the same way when I see people making fun of my Michael. And believe me, I've seen a lot of that. A lot more than you'd think!

Well, viewers got outraged when this happened. YouTube got the flack for it, and decided to fight that by cutting ad revenue for many creators. They said if you have less than 1000 active subscribers, you will not be eligible for monetization. Well, I've never been on YouTube for the numbers, so I knew my monetization was going to be lost completely. I cannot tell you enough how much I wanted to kill Logan Paul!! I'm surprised he didn't get a swarm of angry YouTubers chasing him down with knives, guns and pitchforks!! But that video marked the end of regular monetization. I totally blame Logan Paul for that! No one else!! So, I lost monetization.

Then, back in June this year, another thing happened. The Steven Crowder/Carlos Maza debacle happened. I wrote about that here in this blog back when it happened. Carlos Maza went on a rampage against YouTube because Steven Crowder called him a "lispy queer". Carlos Maza kept going on and on and on about YouTube still allowing Crowder to make and post videos and keep his monetization, even though he was making fun of gays. YouTube did not punish Crowder because they said he has his rights of free speech, and they did not consider what he said "hate speech". But they did take his monetization away, as they did with a lot of other creators, even though they did have 1000 or more active subscribers. YouTube said now, anyone who posts ANY controversial videos, or says anything even remotely controversial in their videos, will have all their monetization taken away. That goes for conservative channels, as well as liberal channels. So, because of that, a lot of people got demonetized. Now, this was beginning to piss me off! Now, you can't even use words like "sex", or refer to anything sexual, or "predator", or any of the cuss words. If you do, your whole channel gets demonetized.

Can't even use the word "predator"??? What about nature videos that talk about predatory animals???

Well, in August, the whiny gays and queers decided they were going to take on YouTube in a class action lawsuit, because they lost monetization. As far as I understand, they lost the lawsuit. Like I said, it was laughed out of court! I could be wrong, but it seems I heard they lost the court case. That's because now YouTube does not allow any content of a sexual nature on their platform. And gays and queers are always talking about sex! That's what being gay or queer is all about. So, in a way, Carlos Maza got what he wanted (somewhat). But it also costed him. He too lost monetization, and lost his job at Vox too. He reaped what he sowed.

Well, now YouTube is saying that starting next year, any videos that are not bringing ad revenue to YouTube will be deleted from the platform completely. I already lost the ability to turn on ad revenue on my channel. So, that probably means all my videos will be deleted. If that's the case, then I will have to create my own platform for videos. I have a pay-per-view provider, all I need is a platform to display the videos on. Make them viewable for tips only. I heard even Patreon is deranking conservative creators. Man! It's hard being a conservative in today's world! We're treated like no-class citizens. Yet the libtards get away with their hypocrisy and lies all the time! They are always proven wrong too.

I was never on YouTube for the numbers. I was on because I like making and sharing videos. If people watch them, then OK. If people don't watch them, then it's no skin off my nose. But now, that kind of attitude might get my whole channel deleted. I don't ever expect to become popular on YouTube. Nor do I really want to!! I've seen popular creators have their lives ruined because they had too many viewers. That's the downfall of being popular on any social media. You get haters. Some are so bent on ruining your life, they will go to any lengths to do so. I've heard of strangers showing up at the homes of popular creators. I've heard of creators getting beat up in the streets. I've heard of people driving by the homes of creators shooting into their windows. I've heard of creators killing themselves even over shit their viewers say to them. Being popular can ruin your life! So that's why numbers were never important to me on YouTube. I'm not the type to become popular anyways. I'm not a video game player. I'm not gay. I'm not trans. I'm not a cat person. So, there's no way I'd become popular on YouTube anyways. And that does not bother me at all. But even having a lax attitude is going to apparently be my undoing on YouTube. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Enjoy Prison Time!

Damn!! If I were Onision today, I would be shaking in my boots!! He should have never made an enemy of Chris Hansen. Onision wrote to Chris Hansen again last week and said he'd do the interview for $350,000. What a dork!! Chris Hansen already said no to that. But right now things are not looking good for Onision. So, if I were him, I'd get my butt on Chris Hansen's show and tell my side of the story! Fuck your $350,000!! You'd better just do it for the sake of clearing your name! But this is how stupid Onision really is. He won't take the opportunity. But last week, Chris Hansen interviewed Billie. I made a video about Billie's problem with Onision. I was never a fan of Onision's. Ever. But it was Billie's story that took the cake. It made me see Onision's true colors.

I think Billie's story hit me hard because she was very much willing to be friends with Onision and Lainey. Lainey now calls herself Kai. But back then she was still Lainey. But Billie trusted Onision and Lainey, and was nothing but friendly with them. Sound familiar? Yeah, it does to me too. Billie's friendship with Onision and Lainey took a downward spiral about the same time my turmoil with the leftist libtard INXS fans on Facebook took place. And I believe that is why Billie's story hit me so hard. Because it was almost the same story as mine. Look at it...

Billie was friends with Onision and Lainey.
I was friends with the INXS fans on Facebook.
Billie trusted Onision and Lainey.
I trusted my former INXS "friends" on Facebook.
Billie was super sweet to Onision and Lainey.
I was super sweet to the INXS fans on Facebook.
Onision heard a rumor about Billie.
The INXS fans heard a rumor about me.
Onision kicked Billie out of his home.
The INXS fans kicked me out of their cliques.
Now today, Billie doesn't trust other people anymore because of Onision.
And today, I don't trust anyone anymore because of the libtard INXS fans on Facebook.

That's why Billie's story especially hit me hard. And it happened around the same time too. Her story started in October of 2016. Mine started in November of 2016. So, I knew what Billie was going through. Of course I got Mya, and she's helping me bounce back. Sarah, another victim of Onision's, is thinking about getting a dog too. Maybe Billie should do the same thing. Dogs have a way of making people feel good and loved. Just don't get a cat!! Cats make people turn mean!! It did to Onision. He used to have a bunch of stupid cats. That's probably why he's so hateful now. They also made a perfectly nice woman I knew from Bozeman turn into a bitch. Karen was nice before she got that stupid cat. Now, she's not so nice. I must say, it worked fast on her. LOL!

Ya know, one of my new Facebook friends and I were talking about that very subject. I told him I don't like cats. I told him I've seen cats turn perfectly nice people into mean, evil people. Then I told him about my former "friend" Karen from Bozeman, and how she was a sweet person when she had dogs. Then both her dogs died last year, then she gets this stupid cat, and now, she's not so nice anymore. I never even said anything about her dumb cat. But Karen's story is the perfect example of a friendly person turning evil after they get rid of their dogs, and replace them with a stupid cat. Even this new facebook friend of mine couldn't understand why Karen changed like she did after I told him the story. But I know why. It's because that stupid cat she got has gotten to her brain. She's probably heavily dosed now with toxoplasmosis. The sad thing is, Karen is not the only person I've seen this happen to. I've seen it over and over again. So, it's got to have something to do with cats making people depressed, or somehow affects their brain in a bad way. Whether that person is conscious of it or not.

Anyways, back on track! Billie told Chris Hansen things that went on in Onision's house and how he collected child pornography pics. He also apparently had sex dolls with faces of children. In short, sex dolls for pedophiles. I used to think Onision was not a pedophile. That is until I heard Sarah's story. Well, Chris Hansen happened to mention that for each picture Onision has collected, he could get up to 10 years in prison. So, Chris Hansen said he was going to go to the FBI with this because it's a federal crime. There is a meme going around now on YouTube where former Onision fans are saying "Kai is crying now". It started with a tweet by Onision himself where he used Kai crying to try and gain sympathy from viewers of Chris Hansen's show. I say "Fuck what Kai is doing. Now, Onision is crying!" If he's not now, he soon will be! I can't wait to see how he's going to turn this all around now to make it look like it's all someone else's fault. Because that is what Onision does!

But there is another way this can go, and it's horrible to think about, but very plausible! You just never know with Onision. Onision has written like 3 books. I've never read any of them, but I've seen reviews by other people. The books he writes tell a lot about mass shootings, killings, and looking up to Onision like a god. Several people I've seen commenting on related videos say they fear for Onision's wife and kids now. Because this new threat of the FBI raiding his house could lead to a murder/suicide scenario. They could totally see Onision killing his family over this. I never thought of that until I saw these comments, and then remembered his stories do talk a lot about mass shootings! It's all in his mind. And Onision is so full of himself, there is no doubt in my mind, yes he would kill his whole family, and maybe even himself, just to keep from going to prison!! I dunno. But if I were Kai, I would take the kids and run! However, Kai is not innocent. She was a party to this too. She was actually the one who lured these young girls to Onision's house. So, she's just as guilty as he is! But I have the feeling she only did it because Onision brainwashed her. I don't think she'd have done any of that had she not been with Onision. Kai is like a trained dog.

Well, in other news, I celebrated Michael today, like I do every year. People were calling today 22-22-22. As you know, this is my Thanksgiving. So, I had turkey with all the trimmings. I even bought a lemon pie for dessert. HA! I've never bought someone else's lemon pie in my life before! I usually like to make it myself. But today, I decided to do different. I spoiled myself a little. I also posted a song I know of that always reminds me of Michael. It's Natalie Cole singing I Miss You Like Crazy. Because I do miss Michael like crazy! I heard that song on the radio the night I heard he passed. It was the first time I'd ever heard that song. Even after the first day, I missed Michael already! Ever since then, every time I hear that song, I always think of Michael. I even remember one day while I was living in Reno, that song came up on my MP3 player, and I started singing it to a big poster I have of Michael. I was singing it as if I was singing it directly to his face and he could hear me.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Fart Heard Around The World

The other day, Eric Swalwell was doing an interview about impeaching president Trump, and he became famous once again for a fart he cracked on live TV. 😆😆😆 If you don't know who Eric Swalwell is, don't worry. He's a democrat. He's no one special. He dropped out of the political race some months ago. But now he's back in the limelight for cutting this fart on TV. I love this clip! He's sitting there, trying to look all distinguished and serious, talking about impeaching Trump. All of a sudden, you hear this very loud fart as he cuts his sentence and he is lifted 2 to 3 inches off his chair! LOL! He even chuckles a little bit after he's finished talking. Check it out for yourself...

I'd bet if Katrina had watched this, she would have been laughing so hard, she'd almost pass out! I know how Katrina is. She thinks this kind of stuff is hilarious! Truth to tell, sometimes I do too. But passing gas is a natural thing. People laugh mostly because it makes a funny sound. And it's coming out of an opening other than your mouth. Here's another interesting fact about farting; did you know you can fart from other orifices of your body? That includes your vagina, penis, and even your navel! They're not as loud or significant, but they do happen. They're also not as common as it is to pass gas from your ass.

I'm gonna tell my story, as silly as it is, and as private as it should be. LOL! But this post is about farts. One time I had to tinkle pretty bad, I'd held it in for about an hour, which I admit you should NEVER do! But I tend to when I am busy and cannot get to the rest room. After I emptied my bladder, I heard this slight tooting sound coming from my underside. I didn't feel it coming from my ass though. I was like "where the hell is that coming from?" Then it dawned on me, it was coming from my vaginal opening. My vagina was passing gas this time! It was a long one too! Until then, I never knew that could happen! It felt weird! But it does happen. I don't think it's anything to worry about.

Yeah I know! I have NO shame! I talk about anything on this dang blog! LOL!!

Well, as for Eric Swalwell, no one really cares that he let one rip on live TV. Everybody has to cut one sometimes. What gets most people is that he lied about it. First, Swalwell said he didn't hear anything while they were filming the clip. Then he said it wasn't him. Then he said it was a mug being pushed across a desk. Now, he's saying it was the guy sitting next to him. Make up your mind, dude! Or better still, tell the damn truth! Most people are saying they'd have more respect for him if he'd owned up to it, and maybe even made a joke about it. That's what I do! Like I'll cut one, and then sit there smiling, while saying "Ohhhhh that felt good!" Or sometimes I'll cough and out will come a loud fart, and I'll usually go "OUCH!! That HURT!!!" because it DOES!!!! Dammit that hurts more than anything!! Because it'll come out so fast and so hard! But I still make a joke out of it. It feels sometimes like my butt is on fire!

I told you all, I have NO shame! If I were in Eric Swalwell's shoes and that happened on live TV, I think I would have said "Don't worry dudes. That's my thrusters booming." LOL! But like every damn democrat, Swalwell has to sit there and lie saying he didn't do it, or he didn't hear it! Man! They heard that shit in China! How could you not hear that?? But you know democrats! They have to lie about everything! One person in a comment said "I'm surprised they didn't say it was Trump's fault." That has to be the funniest fart comment I've ever heard! Made me laugh anyways, since the democrats are always blaming everything on Trump. Yeah sure! Trump was crouching on the floor next to Swalwell and cut out a big fart so people would look at him and blame it on him. That's too funny! I'm surprised Trump hasn't said anything about this yet.

Well, at least conservatives don't lie like that! LOL!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Pitching A Fit

Oh GAWD!!! I have to do another Onision post! But this time, I am doing it on my blog. That way I know he cannot copyright claim it. He's been doing that to everyone on YouTube who so much as talks about him. He did it to a couple of my videos a while back too. And I'm not a big YouTuber. So, this post anyways should give you all a good idea of what the true Onision is like. And this isn't coming from me. This is coming from people who actually spent more than a few days with him and got to know him inside and out. And also from his own Twitter account, where he seems to do the most activity.

Well, the story goes he was invited to speak on Chris Hansen's show on YouTube. Chris Hansen is a journalist, and has been a journalist for a long time. He asks the hard questions, but he gets to the point. He has done interviews with people who have studied, and even lived with, Onision. Most everyone on YouTube knows what Onision is like. If you don't know, get a load of his Twitter junk...

He calls himself "The Legend" on Twitter. He called himself "The Fact Machine" once before. This just shows how narcissistic he is. If that doesn't convince you, maybe this poll he created on his Twitter page will...
No, Onision. You're not sexy. You're psychotic. But the weird thing is, there are people who find psychotics sexy. But that's a subject for another post.

Anyways, Chris Hansen has been interviewing some people who actually lived with Onision, some of them for years. Chris Hansen is probably one of the top most reputable YouTubers. He invited Onision on his channel to clear his name. He has so many accusations out there against him, Chris Hansen offered Onision a chance to come on his show and speak on his own behalf. Onision said he would only appear on Chris Hansen's channel if he paid him $350,000. What nerve must a person have to demand that much money just to do an interview??? Chris Hansen's answer was not surprisingly a very firm no. He doesn't pay anyone to come on his show. It's voluntary. If Onision had sense, he would have seized the opportunity just to clear his name. But I guess he's just not interested in clearing his name. Chris Hansen interviewed Blair White first, then Repzion, then Sarah, who lived with Onision since 2011. Then just this past week, he interviewed Shiloh, who was even married to Onision. Both Sarah and Shiloh described a monster! A predator who takes advantage of them.

Onision told Chris Hansen that if he got too much into the allegations against him, he would "sue his shoe". LOL! That's been kindof the joke going on in Chris's program since he began this topic of Onision. Obviously that was a typo, or it was an indication of Onision's lack of spelling abilities. I heard about the books he wrote. I haven't seen them myself, but the way people have described it sounds like nothing more than an encyclopedia of spelling and grammatical errors. Yet Onision thinks he's perfect and can do no wrong. But that's just his psychotic narcissism coming out.

Well, this past weekend, Onision pitched a wholly fit on Twitter because Chris Hansen is closing in on him, and Onision can't stand it. Onision is getting exposed for the scum he is, and it's making him nervous. So, he's on Twitter having a fit. He's decided to use Chris Hansen to satisfy his sexual fantasies. He thinks Chris Hansen is in love with him, and wants to have sex with him. This is the kind of stuff he's saying...

This is basically Onision having a child-like fit. He's trying to stoke his own ego by turning this whole thing into a joke. I don't believe Chris Hansen really gives a shit what Onision says about him. Chris Hansen seems to me like a mature man who doesn't give in to childish ramblings like what Onision is now spewing. Which is cool. But Onision is done and he knows it. That's why he's resorted to this kind of babbling.

Now, I admit I tend to turn everything into a joke as well. I went on a similar tirade against the delusional mods a few years back. But there is a big difference between that and what Onision is doing. For one thing, I didn't include any sexual-type arguments in my post. That shows a very high level of desperation on Onision's part. It's more akin to what the dirty dozen mob does when the truth is spoken about them. They do all they can to make the person, who is making the allegations against them, look like liars. I went on my tirade against the delusional mods because one of them accused me of trying to kill my Groucho. They'd been saying shit similar to that for months, accusing me of wanting to get into Timmy's pants when I met him. I never even kissed Timmy! I told them that, and gave them 5 months to back off. But they never did. You can even ask Timmy himself if I tried to get into his pants, or even so much as kissed him. He'd tell you no. I was extremely polite when I met him. But the delusional mods continued to say that I tried to get in his pants. I'm not DonnaG! I'm not going to grab, kiss or invade Timmy's space!! I'm a proper lady. An old-fashioned lady actually.

Well, I let that go on for 5 months, hoping they would eventually back off. But their biggest mistake was in trying to accuse me of killing my dog. That's one thing you never do and get away with it!! You can't accuse me of harming my dogs and not expect some kind of retaliation!! So, that's why I went on a tirade against them. Besides the fact the delusional mods did not know me, nor had ever met me, and yet were saying all this shit about me. But the stories against Onision by two different women who lived with him for more than a year, are so similar, and seeing how Lainey/Kai went from being a decent woman to wanting to be a man now, there's definitely some abuse going on. And my guess is it's being committed by Onision himself! Plus, Onision puts all his dirty laundry on YouTube. He filmed Shiloh having a seizure, instead of helping her and getting her to a doctor. He would not get her care when she was being infected after a baby died in utero and had gone septic. Instead, he decided to film it and put it up on YouTube. That's the kind of monster Onision is. I would never have done the shit he did.

What Onision is doing is a lot like when Tess O'Brien said that I raped her. He's just saying it to try and get under Chris Hansen's skin by making him look bad and uncredible. That's all this is. But I believe Chris Hansen does not give a shit. I don't even think he's paying any attention to Onision's tweets. If he is, he's probably laughing at them. That's all anyone does with Onision now, except for the dumb teenage girls who are still on his fanbase. Onision says most people today are stupid. He must be talking about himself and his fans!! Because yes, most of them are stupid. But you can't blame teenagers for being stupid. When they grow up and see the light, then they get smarter. But that's not the kind of people that is a part of Onision's audience. Most of his audience is either 30-something year old pedophiles or young teenagers.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

GOD Is Mad!!

I mean mad as in angry! GOD is mad at California! Look at what is happening. A lot of people left California, a lot of homeless moved in, and illegal immigrants. Crime went up and so did diseases and sickness. Some diseases that have not been seen in the USA for many generations! Now, they have wildfires, earthquakes, their gas is all gone, the power has been out, and now I hear insurance companies are not going to pay for houses that burned down. What else can go wrong? Even Donald Trump refuses to help them because the democrats sitting in office in California have been so defiant of Trump, he refuses to help them. California democrats were so caught up in declaring "sanctuary cities" and letting in homeless illegal immigrants that they never thought to prepare for a disaster. GOD caught them off guard, and now, California is getting what it deserves for being so defiant against Trump AND GOD!!

Think about this; back in the book of Genesis, the world ended with a huge flood. After the flood was over, Noah and his remaining descendants asked GOD to never flood the earth again, and HE agreed. But this was bound to happen again. Last time GOD ended the world with a flood. This time it was supposed to end with fire. California was the first state to turn against GOD, and have been going downhill ever since. This is GOD throwing HIS wrath on a state that is so defiant. I'm not saying everyone in California turned against GOD. But the majority of people there did. And now, I hate to say this, but all of California is paying for it. I pray for the friends I do have still living in California. They are good people, and I hope nothing happens to them. But if I were them, I would get out while I still can! So far, it's been only a miracle that only 31 people have died in these wild fires. But they have not been able to contain them completely yet.

See, this is what happens when democrats run the state. Nothing gets done! Democrats are fucking lazy-ass lions!!! These are the same people who outlaw plastic straws in restaurants, but hand out free hypodermic needles to druggies on the streets. Then say nothing when the used needles are just discarded on the walkways. This is how dumb democrats are. Of course I've known that since my stint with the leftist INXS fans. They believe everything except the truth. They're like a bunch of mentally-challenged kids who don't go to school to learn, but to fight. And I heard it's gotten worse among them too. Boy! I'm glad I never went back to that "Statue for Michael" group!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad!!! LOL! So glad, I am laughing! There's not a way in Hell I'd ever go back there either. I couldn't either, even if I wanted to. I have most of the mods there on ignore. LOL!

Tonight I brought this up under an article about the insurance companies refusing to cover the houses that burned down, and the homeowners who lost everything. I said GOD is mad at California. The article was posted in the Walkaway campaign group. Someone told me they brought this up and got called out on it. Well, whenever you speak your mind, that's going to happen anyways. People are going to say "you're disgusting filth" for saying GOD is mad at California. But you know what? The only people who say that are the people who refute GOD. I happen to believe in GOD. There's just no denying it. When you have so many things happening all at once; illegal immigration, disease, earthquakes, wild fires, drought, power outages, gas outages, etc.; you know it's got to be GOD sending HIS wrath down on California!! One could argue this kind of thing happens all the time in California. But when things like this happen all at once, you know it's the work of a divine power! Especially when it's as bad as it's been lately.

A lot of people are saying it, including a lot of leftist media; California is becoming unlivable. Unless you make literally millions of dollars a year, you won't make it in California! There was a time in history, my sis thought California was the coolest state. She used to have a hoodie that said "Sacramento rules". Well, she doesn't have that hoodie anymore. And Sacramento has become a shithole! LOL! When we go to Las Vegas this year, we're going to avoid California like the plague! We're instead going to cut through eastern OR. I had thought about doing that for some time, I came to OR by way of the eastern towns too. So, we can head to Vegas that way, and stay the fuck out of California!!

Oh yes, in other news, I heard back from the guy who was in the time office that day I worked at the Puyallup Fair and had that run-in with Tracy. Actually he answered me back in May, but I haven't been on Quora lately. I've been doing my best to avoid it. There's too many liberals on Quora. Not that this guy is one of those I don't think. But this was his response to me saying "Are you kidding?"

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! She stormed around like a really pissed off angus bull! LMAO!! I love it!!! I was so glad I was able to ruin her day. This is very refreshing to know! LOL!!! And it serves her right!! You act like an ass you're going to be treated like an ass! I don't even miss that job. I never did. Not even right after I was fired. I went home with a smile on my face! And I sure as Hell don't miss Tracy! I actually wrote a story based on that encounter. Only I changed the story a little, but Tracy was the inspiration for the character "Stacy" in the story. I think I captured her character perfectly in the story. Anyways, it was the person I remember her being. The story is titled Dead End Job and it is available on our UMG Productions website. And that's exactly what that was, a dead-end job!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

22 And Strong

Well, this should have been posted yesterday, but this day marks the 22nd anniversary of Michael's life cycle completing. I still miss him being here. I so loved that man! But I remember him big time every November of every year since he died. 22 is a lot of years! A person becomes an adult in 22 years. A person has completed primary school in 22 years. They have already learned how to drive a car. They have probably already voted in national elections too. They have maybe even gotten married and begun a family. A lot can happen by the time a person turns 22. Another thing about 22, I think it was Michael's number. He was born January 22. He had his first child on July 22. And he died November 22. Also, Michael was 22 years old when INXS first toured the USA. That was definitely Michael's number.

Well, I heard there is a motion to end Thanksgiving by the leftists. They want that day changed to "Indigenous Peoples' Day". Hey man! You guys got Columbus Day! That's enough. Now, while I do have American Indian ancestry, and I agree with a lot of the ideas of celebrating indigenous tribes, November is for my Michael!!! Leave this month alone!! I don't celebrate Thanksgiving myself. Even the pilgrims didn't intend for us to celebrate Thanksgiving every year. My "Thanksgiving" is always on the 22nd. That is the day I celebrate my Michael's life, and give thanks to all he has given this world. He graced the world with his beautiful singing and his meaningful words, and his handsome good looks, and his flowing hair. His is indeed a life to be celebrated. The world has been a dull place since he's been gone. But the world is a better place for him having been in it. That is why I miss him so much, and that is why I use "Thanksgiving" to celebrate his life.

Well, apparently there won't be a statue in his honor. Could that possibly be karma because the negators of that idea were so hateful and childish towards me? Maybe. Only GOD knows really. However, I wouldn't have wanted Michael's image defiled because some dumbass leftists acted like a bunch of idiotic, spoiled brats towards me. But, they can't say they weren't warned. You act like spoiled children, that's how you'll get treated. I was nothing but nice to those bozos. I didn't have to be, I could have told them all to fuck off (like I have lately). But even after they acted so hateful towards me, I still respected their opinions. I was angry, yes. But I still respected their opinions and their rights. Then they got angry because I respected their rights. Because that's how leftists are. You can't win with them. So don't even try!

Anyways, I got my revenge. I got Mya. And it was thanks to them. Mya is my rock. My soul. My strength. After I got her, I'm sure some of those goons were upset and angry that I was happy again, and not sad anymore, or suffering like they would have wanted me to. But too bad. Because of Mya, now I have the gumption again to look those people in the eyes and give them a nice, big F-you!! These days, I lose a friend on Facebook, I say I don't even care anymore. It means nothing to me anymore. Though I am always curious as to who it is, I just poo-poo it now. No worries at all. I still have Mya, and I still have family and my real friends. I even think my dad moved in with me. I feel his presence here every day. I dream of him quite a lot too. And I am still thinking of getting another dog too. When I do, it'll be fun having 2 babies to lick my face when I am sad or upset.

Well, I always have the usual turkey with all the trimmings, but in my case, it's for a different reason. This year, it looks like "Thanksgiving" is the day before the 22nd. I think. But either way, I'll still be celebrating it the same day I always do.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Big Win For Daddy

For the past couple of days I've been hearing about this man whose little boy, named James, has been living with his mom and she wants to dress him up as a girl, calls him a little girl and even wants to change his name to "Luna". But James is very much a little boy. He only acts like a little girl when he is around his mom. But that's because his mom is forcing that lifestyle on him. She's nuts! No wait! I like nuts. Let's just say she's crazy! For a while there, it looked like only his mom was going to have the say in James' life. But yesterday the courts ruled that both mother and father get to have a say in what happens to James.

This is about what I was talking about the other day with Megan Fox and her child. He's a little boy, but she puts him in dresses and tells him that's normal for a little boy to wear a dress. So, he believes it. Despite merciless teasing by his peers. But Megan probably covers it by telling her little boy "They're just jealous because you look good in a dress", further enforcing the idea that it's OK for him to wear a dress. The same thing is happening to little James. He obviously does not want to be a girl. When he is with his father, he acts like a normal, healthy little boy. It's only when he is with his mom that this girlish side comes out. So, we know the mom is the only one doing this to him. I saw in an article where James' twin brother even begged their father not to send them back to their mom. They didn't like it there with her. Probably because she totally abuses them. To tell James that "monsters only eat little boys" is nothing but child abuse, and it's mind manipulation too. Imagine how saying something like that to James' twin brother (who is being raised as a boy) would feel hearing something like that come from his own mom! It proves how crazy this mom is to say something fucked up like that!

Well, the father fought the courts and they agreed to let him have a say in the children's lives. This is such good news. With this and Johnathan Yaniv losing his case against these beauticians, it looks like the trannies are going to lose. But wait! The battle is not over yet. One guy who I watch a lot of on YouTube, said they are getting revved up for the real battle. What they are doing now is just setting a precedent. They're going to keep going and going until they get a judge that is going to give them a win. When that day comes, the whole of America loses. That's why we sensible conservatives need to start fighting back NOW!!! We may need to start whining as hard as the leftists if we really want to win this battle. It's going to kill the children in the future. You know the reason why the suicide rate is so high among transgender people? Riley Dennis thinks it's because of family and friends who do not accept a trans person's decision to transition. But no. It has nothing to do with that. What Riley won't tell you is the real reason trannies kill themselves at a higher rate is because they are confused inside. They don't know which way is up. That's why they are drowning in seas of doubt. And the so-called "progressives" just confuse them more by saying "Yeah, you're the opposite sex alright." For stupid little reasons. The reason James' mom wants to raise him as a little girl is simply because he liked a toy in a McDonald's Happy Meal that was made for little girls. That's ALL! Now, she wants to ruin his life!

Ruining a 7-year old child's entire life just because ONE TIME he liked a Happy Meal toy that was made for girls. How stupid does that sound??? And get this; his mom is a pediatrician. That's not kinda scary. That's REALLY scary!!! If she's willing to destroy her own child's life just because he liked a girly toy one time, then I would not trust her with any child of mine! She's apparently been doing this to James since he was 3 years old. I'd wager he probably doesn't even remember the toy that almost destroyed his life! The fact of the matter is, 3 year olds don't know enough to make lifelong decisions. When I was 3, I went around and told everyone I was a cat. I'm serious! I did! Not even making it up. I used to take long rolls of toilet paper, stick it in my pants and tell people that was my tail. It used to drive my mom crazy too! When I was 6, I was dancing around the house singing "I'm Sheyten the black cat". LOL! That's what I called myself. I never used my real name at that age. I made up the silliest sounding, stupid name I could think of and called myself that. Katrina's youngest child, a little boy, was playing with dolls with his sister one day, the next day he was playing with toy trucks. He's at that curious age. But he shows a greater interest in playing with toy trucks.

But if a parent would rather their little boy NOT be raised as a little girl, the leftists call that parent a 'bigot'. The leftists' answer to EVERYTHING is just say the people who don't agree with their agenda is a 'bigot'. They know that gets under the skin of some right-wingers. But not this right-winger. You call me a 'bigot', and I'll just laugh at you. In fact I have been called that many times by the leftists who get on the anti-SJW forum I am on. I just laugh. I don't correct them, I don't say anything to oppose that. I just laugh. The word "bigot" has been so overused today by leftists that it just means nothing to me now. Absolutely NOTHING! I've been called every name in the book by leftists now. I don't care. I just don't care anymore. It means nothing. If a right-winger calls me a bigot, that's one thing. But it means nothing to me at all when a leftist calls me a bigot. I'm a free spirit. I speak my mind. I say what I feel. Leftists don't like that. It used to bother me until I found out that's just how leftists are. They would love to silence people like me, who speak the truth. That's the reason I left the left. Well, it boils down to that anyways.

Well anyways, this is a big win for James' father. I'm glad now he gets to also have a say in the child's life. He's not going to let this boy become a little girl. And that's a good thing. The last thing this world needs now is more confused children who are going to grow up hating themselves and possibly kill themselves in the long run.

If you are interested in learning more about how to protect children like James, you can visit their facebook page or website at the links below...

Facebook Page
GoFundMe page

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Loser Loses

A couple months ago, I was very interested in a story about a man named Johnathan Yaniv, who claims he identifies as a woman. He buys pads, and even can be seen going in womens' locker rooms and rest rooms. But the biggest stories about him were how he was suing women who worked at waxing parlors. They refused to service him because he is a man and still has all his male parts. See, this is the big difference between male and female. They are built different. You can't go into a waxing parlor, that is certified to only work on women, just because you are a man who thinks he's a woman. That's not right. And really, you can't force people to see you as a woman if you're really a man.

Well, he referred to those business women as "transphobes". That's an SJW's favorite word! That and "homophobe". But the lawyers for the women say they had no animosity against Yaniv when he walked in. They just could not go ahead with waxing him because they are not set up to work on men. There are plenty of other waxing parlors Yaniv could have gone to. Ones that will work on his balls. But he chose those specifically because they are run by women who are immigrants from India. And Yaniv hates Indians. Yes, he actually admitted that in a tweet. I think he was lying personally, I think he really gets the hots for them. Yaniv has lied so much about everything over the past few months, I don't believe a word he says anymore!

Anyways, long story short, he took them to court and LOST!! HAHAHAHA!!! I'm glad he lost too. This proves a point. I hope this opens Justin Trudeau's eyes! Though I highly doubt it. That ape in Jack ass's clothing is incapable of learning anything! And don't even get me started on Morgane Ogre. Anyway, I'm happy about the outcome of this case. Though I'm sure it's been a tough year for those women. But now, Yaniv is ordered to pay them $6000 in damages. He thought he was going to get over $50,000 from them. But instead, he is ordered to pay them $6000. Can you taste the irony in that?? LMAO!! I love it! I love it when things like this works out. It serves Yaniv right!

I really wish everybody would stop pandering to these trans people!! But who didn't see this coming? I mean, who on the right didn't see this coming? Obviously the left didn't see it coming because they're dumb. Damn! And I was once one of them! Thank GOD I wised up! But I really wish people would stop pandering to trans people. I heard about Kotex removing the Venus symbol (♀️) from their pads because a lot of trans "women" and "men" complained that it wasn't "inclusive enough". I think they just hate it because it reminds the trans "women" that they're not really women, and it reminds the trans "men" that they are still women. LMAO!! But Kotex went and removed them anyways! See what I mean about them pandering to these people. This is why I am beginning to hate trans people! Now, I have nothing against real trans people. But they are never the ones who are complaining to companies like Kotex. It's always the trans-trenders (which they claim doesn't exist) who are complaining. Almost 99% of trans people today are trans-trenders. Not transgenders. And ALL of them come from leftist parents.

That's why I think the trans problems today is such a big hassle. That's why I don't like trans-trenders. When America accepted gay marriage, it was to be fair. No one is against gays marrying, because who are they hurting by falling in love? But these days, it's become a big fiasco. When gays marry each other, they are just simply trying to live their own lives, and minding their business. That's fine. But trannies are a whole other story! They don't just want to just live their lives. They want to demand that everyone change their ways. See, it's all about control! I have been saying this ever since 2015. This whole transgender thing is about nothing but control. They want to invoke their will on others. They want to force us to use their "preferred pronouns". They want us to see them as the opposite sex, or some other gender that does not exist in nature. They make up all these ridiculous genders and say we have to agree with them. And anyone who refuses is called a "transphobe". Or they call it an "act of violence" if we don't comply. And then they say "Let's meet violence with violence". That's why groups like Antifa are so hostile.

I heard France is fighting to get their country back. I say we Americans should do the same. I was even reported on Twitter for saying trans "women" are not real women, and "non-binary" does not exist at all. No, I don't believe in "non-binary". That's something the leftists made up. And leftists lie all the time. I believe some women/girls can have manly characteristics, and some men/boys can have girly characteristics. But I do not believe in "non-binary" as a gender. I was a tomboy when I was a kid. And when I was in my 20s, I thought I was bisexual. Although it turns out I really wasn't. If I was, I would still have similar feelings, and I don't. I've never been in love with a woman in my life. I just think some are attractive. But I don't have a physical attraction to them at all. I'm only attracted to men. Manly men. Not men in dresses or girly make up.

Anyways, I think our race is doomed. We're already seeing a decline in the number of births. Face it, this is the end of humankind. And I blame the leftists.