Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I Knew They Were Not Freaks!!

AhHA!! I knew it!! I knew I wasn't wrong, and this friend's dogs were not freaks of nature. I have this friend who owns a couple of Great Pyrenees dogs. She used to have 3 of them, but one died back in 2010. Her dogs grew up together, and always got along very well. Maybe it was because they grew up together that they did, but I remember back in the days when I used to go into the Pluba forums, they tried to make me look like I was lying because they said that "Great pyrenees never get along with other dogs. Especially not their own kind." That's the Dirty Dozen mob! They were so desperate to show everyone I was a liar that they picked at those straws, trying to tell me my friend's great pyrenees dogs could not possibly get along with each other. Well, I told them "Her dogs get along with each other just fine!" That's what I always knew for as long as I've known her. But they did have me a bit confused for a while. I wondered why their Great pyrenees dogs didn't get along with other dogs, while this friend's dogs (same breed) did get along with other dogs very well. So, I called her. She said her dogs were indeed purebred Great pyrenees dogs, and they did get along very well with each other.

Well, it was then I confirmed that the DDM were just bullshitting me. They always wanted to make me out to be a liar, and did everything they possibly could to "prove" that to their friends. I remember one time, there used to be this puppymilling site that sold undersized puppies for astronomical prices!! They said one of their clients was the lead singer from Aerosmith, Steve Tyler. Well, not long before that, I'd read an article in Cat Fancy magazine that Steve Tyler was actually a cat-person. It was an article titled "Cats Rock" from 2004. I saw it at the vet's office when we took Odessa to have her eyes looked at. Well, I announced that in that thread on the Pluba forum, and then, the DDM decided to put in their 2 cents, again, trying to make everyone believe I was wrong. They found a picture on that site of the members of Aerosmith holding puppies in their arms. While it would be nice to actually believe that maybe by the time that picture was taken, they had changed from being cat-loving people to dog-loving people. However, I was only repeating what the article said. However, there is also the slightest possibility I could have read the article wrong. Or maybe even got parts mixed up with a music magazine I saw somewhere else. But that does not cloud the fact the dirty dozen mob always wanted everyone on the forum to believe I was a liar.

I may have told half-truths based on what I remember (which really only proves my memory sucks), but I don't think I ever really lied to them. When I told this friend what the DDM said about Great Pyrenees dogs, she said "Don't believe them! My dogs get along with each other very well!" In fact she told me at that particular moment, her 3 Great pyrenees dogs were huddled up with each other taking a nap. She even said "Maybe it's their dogs that don't get along with each other because of improper breeding and lack of socializing." Since I did not know the Dirty Dozen mob as well as I knew this friend (and her dogs), I could not escape the possibility that she was right. It would be funny if it were true, the way they always griped and complained about people who are backyard breeders who do not properly socialize their dogs. That would mean the DDM were a bunch of hypocrites. But then again, they were anyways. They were the biggest hypocrites on the internet at that time.

Well, the reason I bring this up tonight is because I met someone who also owns 3 Great Pyrenees dogs, and they too get along well with each other!! HA!!! So, boo on the DDM!! LOL!

I'll tell you, the DDM never ceased to disappoint with their level of hypocrisy! Remember Mcgillicutty? She lied on the Pluba forums! Quite a bit too! She told everyone she was a man in his 60s with kids and grandkids. I knew that was a lie. I've seen 60+ year old men at their worst, and that was definitely not what Mcgillicutty was! I knew from the beginning she was lying. She also said I gave her my address and phone number. Well, I gave very few people my address and phone number back then. NONE of which was a 60 year old man! So, she either lied about me giving her my address, or she lied about being a 60-something year old man with kids and grandkids. One way or another, she LIED!! And the DDM never called her out on it! And I could never imagine anyone of my friends doing the things she did. Most of my friends back then were GOD-fearing Christians. They would never dream of lying, or posting my address and phone number on a forum. Well, no matter, because I figured out who "mcgillicutty" was. It was a teenage girl named Sara. The backyard breeder of chihuahuas. She was butthurt because I called her out on her backyard breeding practices.

After I figured out who mcgillicutty was, I was rather perplexed by the DDM making friends with her. Seeing as how everything Sara was are things the DDM are against, like backyard breeding and lying. Sara no doubt told them a lot of lies to get them to accept her too. No big surprise. Well, these days, Sara might get away with her bullshit, seeing as how the libtards are taking over, calling anything they don't agree with "hate speech". Shoot! I never even called the things mcgillicutty said "hate speech". It was just her opinion. It may not have been nice to hear the names she used to call me (ie, "stupid", "lunatic", "fat ass", etc.) but you know what? I would fight to the death for her right to say it!! I mean that! I had the option to ignore, and I did. She can say whatever she wants. But I don't have to listen. The only speech that would not be protected would have been a call to violence. By posting my address and phone number on a forum, I felt that was exactly what mcgillicutty was trying to do. I had a sis, and 2 dogs to protect. I wouldn't stand for that kind of behavior. Well, the only reason the dirty dozen mob did make friends with Sara is because she didn't like me. She could help them out in their jeering at me. That would be something the dirty dozen mob would LOVE!!! Whether Sara was lying or not.

That is what I mean by the dirty dozen mob's hypocrisy. They accepted bad behavior from people they liked, but not from people they didn't like. I don't understand that. If you're going to accept bad behavior from someone you like, then you have to accept it from people you don't like. Like I said, I don't believe anything is "hate speech". I believe everyone has a right to say what they like. But if someone I like is behaving like a buttwipe, it's going to make me think twice about being friends with that person. Of course it depends on the level that person goes to. I have a high degree of tolerance for a lot of things. It takes a lot to make me angry enough to lose faith in someone. But as long as they don't cross the line with me, they're OK in my book. I'm not a sensitive libtard snowflake. I don't meltdown as easily as they do. But I also know I've had many years of practice of becoming so tolerant. I think I have the level of tolerance that rivals that of a good school teacher! LOL! With all the shit I put up with and don't get angry. Even though liberals tend to make me madder than anything, I still manage to get through their bullshit without getting too angry or blowing up at them.

Believe me, it took a LOT of years, and a LOT of practice to become as level-headed as I am now! It was not an easy road either! I have a natural tendency toward meanness, with Irish, spanish and native-american in my background, you'd think I could snap at any moment. And I was that way once, especially in my 20s and early 30s. Now, there's really very few things that would make me absolutely furious enough to hate someone at a high level. In fact, I now only hate my [former] stepsister, Stephanie, because she implied I don't take care of my dogs. And I hate the delusional mods for the same reason, and allowing someone on their forum to say that about me and my dogs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Well, I was totally afraid of this happening, but Lily does not like her own father!! She wants nothing to do with Michael's side of the family. That is so sad! When I heard that she does not like Christina, I thought that was very sad too. Christina is Michael's family, and I always believed there is nothing that should come before family. This would just break Michael's heart if he knew! He loved that girl. You could see it in his eyes in the pics where he is holding her. It's about the only time he actually looks happy during that time he was with Paula. I think Lily needs a refresher here. But unfortunately Lily has been fed a lot of bullshit about Michael's family by a nappy-haired nit-wit!! I would even wager that is also who is talking her out of meeting the rest of the band too. Timmy said in an interview, he sure would love to see Lily and get to know her. He said he is ready to welcome her with open arms.

Ugh!! And to think, I had a little bit of respect for Bob Geldof for taking Lily in after her mom died. I thought Lily was brought up pretty good. But this was all part of a master plan that Geldof had to turn Michael's own daughter against him and his family, not to mention the band too. He makes me sick! It's all about control. Nothing else. And it's all about doing what Michael didn't want to have happen. It reminds me a lot of what the liberals are like. I remember back when I was on the Switchboard, which was run by a girl named Vicki. Vicki was a fat slob who admitted that she hated other INXS fans. The only one she liked was DonnaG. Well, back in those days, there was the delusional fans forum. I visited there one day and hated the negative vibes I got from that forum. And they were absolutely obsessed with me!! I said one time on my blog that I hope the leaders of the delusional fans forum never join the Switchboard, because I knew since they hated the fans, they would never fit in. Well the next thing I know, Vicki being the far-left liberal she was, asked Catsredrum and Netrage to join the Switchboard, just to spite what I said. She only did it because I don't like DonnaG. I don't like DonnaG because she's a phony! That is exactly what I believe Bob Geldof is trying to do. He took Lily in when she was a baby, just to spite Michael. And to rub salt in the wound, he turns Lily against Michael and the rest of his family by telling her a lot of bullshit about them, most of which is most likely not even true!!

Times like this, I truly wish Michael was still here. Then he could have raised his own daughter himself! Well, sooner or later, the truth is bound to come out. Maybe not by Bob Geldof (Shit! You can't expect him to ever spit out the truth!) but someone somewhere will set Lily straight! Meanwhile, in case she happens to be reading, here is a refresher for her mind...

Bob Geldof will never love Lily as much as Michael did! EVER!!!

Michael was the one who helped bring her into the world. All Bob Geldof ever did was want to take her away from him.

Michael was the one who proudly displayed her. He's the one Christina said used to sing to Lily when she was little.

I think it's a terrible shame Michael's family did not get Lily. They could tell her all about what he was like. Who gives a shit what Bob is really like? He's an ass!

This pic shows just how much he loved Lily, he could not stand letting a day go by without seeing her. And she looks just like him! She does not look like Geldof!

And here he seems to be saying "She's ALL mine!!" This is such a sweet pic!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Exterminating White From The World

Hey! Be careful!! My favorite men are white!! Leave them alone! I love them just the way they are. I am so glad though that Michael is not around to see what the world has become. Too much of this bullshit would turn anybody racist. And I do see it happening. When I go to a video on YouTube, I often see people who comment about modern movies, saying they hate this new stigma going around today that all movies have to be about black people being the heroes and white people being the bad guys. I also used to see a lot of that on the Fat Albert cartoons. Of course Fat Albert and his friends were all black, and the bad guys were usually a combination of black and white people.

Well, it's not just that. Now, they want to remake classic movies and turn the main characters into women instead of men. For example, Dr. Who is apparently now a woman, whereas he's always been a man before. And also, The Terminator. Check this out...

That is so gross!! Not only are today's movie producers changing the Terminator into a woman, but they are making her look like a modern day stereotypical lesbian-feminist nazi. She looks like Justin Beiber's twin brother! I'm talking specifically about the thing in the middle. And who is that on the left side? That's the only woman in this picture that even looks like a woman. And the woman on the right looks like her mother. So this is why modern movies suck so much. Because today's producers are rehashing old classics that had male characters in them, and turning them into women characters to satisfy the needs of the left-leaning public. UGH!!! Remember Ghostbusters? Remember what a flop that was? You'd have thought people today have learned their lesson. But no. I have the feeling they aren't going to stop this until they actually have a rehashed feminist movie that becomes a big hit. Which will never happen. No matter what, you can never expect many movies where the female characters are the lead to be very good.

Well, in some cases that might work out. But only in original movies. Not remakes of classic movies that had a male lead character role. Ya know I haven't been to a theater and seen a movie since Jackass 2 was in the theaters. And that was in 2006. It doesn't look like I'm going to be going to any theaters again in the foreseeable future either. First they want to rehash all cartoon movies into live-action, and now they want to turn all male leading roles into female leading roles. So what's going to be next? Are we going to see Beavis and Butthead turned into women? And I cannot dare even imagine my INXS guys turned into women!! I was worried enough when I saw female singers applying for a chance at Rockstar: INXS. I can never imagine a girl singing Michael's songs! Not on a professional basis. Casually yes. But not professionally.

Some roles are better left the way they are. I changed nothing in my stories and I am not about to. My sis says a lot of my stories are not politically correct. Well, they aren't supposed to be! Besides, a vast number of those stories were written in the 80s and 90s, before people became a bunch of whiny-ass little wussies. I'm not about to change anything in those stories. I'm not going to change anything in my style of writing either! I have male characters, like Martin, Davy, and Brad among others! I will never change them into girls unless I absolutely lose my mind! And if you think I'm going to write a story with transgender animals, you're out of your damn mind!!! It'll never happen! I'll never even include stories of women who want to become men. No way! I won't even include feminist women in my stories!! However, I do have some stories with African-American people in them. But for the most part, a vast majority of the female characters in my stories are based on me.

There is a movie put out by Netflix, and I heard Netflix movies are mostly garbage. The movie is called Bird Box. It's about a white woman who is pregnant, and a black man steps into the scene with her and adopts her two children as if they were his own. Someone said that it's depicting white parents being irresponsible as parents. Umm. I don't understand that morale, as the majority of single mother homes are African-American. They are usually the ones that have 10 kids, with 10 different fathers. The moms too are usually neglectful. I once saw a news clip of two small children whose mother was at work, and left in the care of the aunt, and she drove off somewhere and left 2 small children (one was 2 the other was 4 years old) home alone, and the house caught on fire. When the aunt was interviewed, she said "I didn't do anything wrong". Well DUH!!! You left 2 small children in the house by themselves while you went out gallivanting around town! I partly blame the mom because she was the one who left the aunt to look after those kids and she was unreliable.

The fact of the matter is, this movie is misleading! Black men are less likely to seek a relationship with a white woman who has 2 kids. They barely even stay with other black women who have kids by that man. Their divorce rate is around 75%. Sometimes they don't even divorce, the man just up and walks off. That's what happened to my best friend when we were kids. Her father just one day said "I've had enough", and he moved out. It was just like one day he was there, the next day he was gone. I only saw him twice since I made friends with that family.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not trying to demean African-American people. It's just that these are facts that cannot be ignored. And now, it seems the left wants to eliminate all white people from this world. Kids are being taught in schools now that white people are inherently racist! Especially in California. I'm so glad I grew up when I did!!! Now, you cannot even graduate from high school unless you have one year of gender studies. The most useless subject any school can offer!! And those classes teach kids that you can be any gender you want to be. If you're born a girl (or they say "assigned at birth") you can become a boy if you feel like it. If you were born a boy, then you can become a girl if you feel like it. It's crazy!! I even saw a video that discussed a text book now being used in California schools that talks about the so-called "white privilege". It actually has a list inside the book that talks about "if you're this... then you're privileged". This is an actual school text book!! That is so stupid!!! Like I said, I'm so glad I never had to learn that in school!!

So, what happened to the regular studies? Like math, reading, writing, American history? Apparently that stuff is not as "important" as learning there is white privilege and 1000-something genders. They even tell little boys that they should be ashamed of being a boy! I'm glad I don't live in California!! And I'm glad I'm not a school kid now. I'm glad I never even had kids at a time like this! I'd be at that school tomorrow telling them not to fill my child's head with garbage!! And if I had a little boy, I'd say "How dare you tell my little boy that he has no right to be born a boy?!" I tell you, I'd be raising Cain if I ever learned that!!! Well, there is a solution to that and it's called Home schooling. That is what I would be doing if I were unlucky enough to be living in California right now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Golden Poodle

I bet you all are wondering why I have this clump of gold beads on my mantle. Well, let me tell you. Yesterday I was at the local Safeway store getting a few groceries for the month. I took the dial-a-ride up there. With dial-a-ride, you have to call them 24 hours in advance to get a ride to and from your destination. Or at least call them the day before you plan to leave. I also had plans to take the dial-a-ride back home. But you have to wait for them. Well, nowadays they have a system where if you want to be somewhere at a certain time, they say they will pick you up 15 to 45 minutes ahead of time. I told them I wanted to be at Safeway around 11AM. So, they told me the driver will pick me up somewhere between 10:15 and 10:45AM. I'm fine with that. I told them I only need an hour there, because I did not plan on picking up many things. So, I opted for a pick up from Safeway around noon. They said the driver will be there between noon and 12:30PM. So I said OK.

Well, the next day came and I got up awful early! Around 5AM. When I get up, I tinker around a bit, mostly on the computer. I usually go back to bed for a mid-morning nap when my eyelids start to feel heavy again, which is usually a few hours later. Well, around 8AM, I began to feel tired again. So, I put Mya out and after that, I left her in the living room to eat while I went back to bed for a light nap. I had hoped the dial-a-ride would not get here too early, that maybe it would get here closer to 10:45. So, I went back to sleep for a little while. I got up around 9:50. I got up and messed around again, this time, checking on Mya. I played with her for a while, and watched a few YouTube videos. Around 10, I knew soon I would have to get up and start getting ready for the dial-a-ride to pick me up.

Well, around 10:10AM, Mya started barking. She knows when someone is coming for me, and she usually barks and runs around when my ride arrives. I ask her "Is the ride here already??" I wasn't even dressed. I look out the window and there was my ride, pulling into my parking space! Oh my GOD!! I had to rush back and get dressed in a hurry!! So, I threw on my sweatshirt and slacks, brushed my hair a bit, though I didn't have time to put it back, and ran out the door grumbling that the driver was too early! I didn't grumble at the driver though, I always treat them with respect. I know they are just doing their job. But all the way to the store, I kept thinking "What am I going to do? I don't need 2 hours there!" It never takes me 2 hours to shop for the month. I get in there, get what I need and get out. I don't linger around. Or I don't really like to.

It was around 10:20AM when I got to the store. I thought "Well, I sure don't need to rush! I have all the time in the world." So, I started pushing my little cart around the store and picking up things I knew I needed. I didn't intend on getting much when I went there, and I was basically done by 11AM. So, I still had about an hour, to an hour and a half to kill. Well, Safeway is not like Fred Meyer, where they sell a lot of non-food items too. So, I couldn't look around the store at other things. I just went to the cafeteria area and waited. I figured with my luck, I'd be waiting there until 12:30. Oh my GOD! How boring!! I hadn't even eaten yet that day! No breakfast, nothing. I avoided getting anything at their deli, because I still had a pork chop from the night before waiting for me here at home. I wanted to eat that.

Well, about 10 minutes after I sat down, this little elderly man came up to me, holding this small chain of beads. He asked me if I had one of those, and I said "no". He said "I'm gonna show you something here." and he started to twist the beads. I didn't know what he was doing, and at first, I thought he was kinda crazy. LOL! He told me "I usually only do this for the ladies because the men look at me funny." I watched him, wondering what he was doing. When he was done, he handed me this little poodle dog he molded out of those beads. I had to chuckle, I told him "Hey! That's cute!!" He said "Here. I'm giving this to you." I thanked him, thinking that was a pretty clever trick. So, I held it, and decided to keep it. I had to hold it delicately, so it would not come apart again. I sat there and played with it a little. Another friend of the elderly man came up and said to me, "That's a very cute little poodle dog you have there." I said, "Yes! I like it!"

Well, the next thing I know, a little elderly woman came up and we started chit-chatting, and she offered to take my groceries out to the car. I said "I don't have a car. I'm waiting for the dial-a-ride." She said "Well, I have a car." At first, I didn't know what she was getting at, as I didn't know her. But it turned out she was the wife of the man who made the little golden poodle for me. She was offering me a ride home. Well, I'm not about to turn down a ride, especially when I might be waiting for the bus for another hour and a half! So, I said, "Well, if it's OK. I don't mind a ride home." So, when her husband was done shopping and gone through the checkout stand, he asked me if I wanted a ride home and I said "Sure." This is Tillamook, a very small town full of farmers and people who are generally quiet. I didn't believe I was in any danger. Besides, these two people looked harmless enough. So, I waited as the husband drove the car around to the front of the store. His wife waited with me.

She told me she's lived in Tillamook for over 60 years, she moved here from Wyoming. She said it got too hot there in the summer, so moving to the coast was relieving. When the husband drove up, he parked the car and opened the trunk. He managed to lift my cart and fit it into their trunk, and I hopped in the back seat. I then showed them how to get to my place. I told them this was a lot better than waiting another hour and a half for my bus to arrive. All the while, I had the little golden poodle he made me securely in my hand. When we got to my place, he parked his car in my parking space, opened the trunk and got out my little cart with the groceries in it and even wheeled it to my front door. I thanked him profusely for the ride. He extended his hand to me and said "Happy New Year!" I said "Same to you guys." Then we parted ways. I asked him at the last minute what his name was, but he didn't tell me. I guess he didn't hear me. He did tell me he was hard of hearing, and I told him I don't naturally talk very loud.

Well, I never learned his name, but I will always remember his kindness. That's why that little golden poodle now sits on my mantle. It's a reminder to me that there are still people out there, in this cold, cruel world, who do still care. Who are kind and considerate. Even though the rest of the world is now going to pot, there are still people out there who will do a simple little favor for someone else. This little elderly couple is a perfect example of that.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Gay Batman

Or homosexual Batman however you want to put it! I was watching a video this morning and it talked about a Batman character, being portrayed on TV as Batwoman, is in the comic books and she is apparently a lesbian! Oh my GOD!!! You know why she's a lesbian? Because now the SJWs want more superheros to side with their agenda. Apparently there was one Superman comic where Superman sides with Antifa by fighting the police. Superman has always been on the side with police. Now, SJWs want him to fight against the police??? So stupid!! But since when have SJWs ever been sensible? Next thing you know, they're going to turn Batman into a gay, black man. Or maybe even a transsexual "man". And the sad thing is, the comic book companies will comply because for them, it's all about the sales.

Anyways, someone named Ruby Rose was asked to play the part of Batwoman in a movie, and the SJWs argued that she wasn't "enough of a lesbian" to play the part. She's bisexual. To the SJWs, that's not good enough. They want a real lesbian to play the part of Batwoman. Ya know, I think this is why today's movies suck! Everyone wants to be politically correct. Nothing kills the whole movie experience like political correctness. The comic book companies may give in to the SJWs, but I am not going to. Never! I refuse to accept a homosexual Batman! It doesn't align well with the picture I've always had of Batman, as a handsome character who sometimes kisses the girl. Occasionally falls in love with her. And Catwoman being a lesbian. UGH!! Trash that idea! Next thing you know, they're going to be making the Joker gay. Or maybe turn Harley Quinn into a transsexual "woman". I have no idea what's going to happen next, but I know it won't be good.

Now, I was watching a video where they were talking about this one bitch named Corrine Bendersky is griping because firefighters are not "more diverse and inclusive". She wants to see more women firefighters, and gay/transsexual firefighters. I never cared what gender/non-gender, color a firefighter is!! All I care about is if they can do the job!! Fuck all that political bullshit!!! There are lots of female firefighters, but it's just not a job women typically want to do. It requires a lot of strength and endurance. Women don't have much strength and endurance compared to men. I can maybe see a gay man doing firefighting, though I don't know much about a gay woman doing the job. And transgenders. Do you really think someone who is not even sure about their own gender should be out there fighting fires and rescuing people?? That's a scary thought! How about gender-fluid people? You know what gender fluid really is?? We always used to call it by another name. We called it Multiple Personality Disorder. Do you want someone like that being counted on fighting fires and rescuing people???

I can just imagine a scenario where a gender-fluid person is on call to fight a fire...

Fire Chief: Paul! Get over there and get that ladder and climb up to the top floor and see if anybody's in there!

Paul: I'm not Paul today! I'm Zelda! Call me Zelda!! Do it now or I'll take you outside and show you who's Paul!! I'm clearly Zelda today!! CALL ME ZELDA!!!!

Fire Chief: OK. Zelda, get the ladder!

Paul (as Zelda): OK, that's better!! Don't call me Paul again today! I'm ZELDA!!

"Zelda" gets the ladder and props it up, but he wasted 2 minutes already arguing with the fire chief. Meanwhile the fire is blazing faster. The top floor is the hardest hit.

Fire Chief: Now, climb up there and see if anyone is in that room upstairs.

Zelda: Wait a minute, let me get my dress tucked under me and put my hair in a ponytail holder.

Zelda wastes 2 more minutes pulling back his hair and tucking his dress under his legs. Then he climbs up the ladder. By then, the fire is blazing faster.

Fire Chief: Hurry up Zelda!! The fire upstairs is getting out of control!!

Zelda begins to climb the ladder, but suddenly remembers she is Zelda now, so she has to climb up the ladder like a lady. So she takes 2 minutes to prepare and climb up the ladder. But the fire is so harsh upstairs now, that Zelda cannot go into the room there to look.

The other firefighters, who are sure and confident about their gender, have brought out the hose and begin to spray water at the house to put out the fire.

Hours later, the fire is out, but the house is in ruins. In the room upstairs where "Zelda" was supposed to look, 2 children are found under their beds. They had died from smoke inhalation.

And see, this is exactly what could happen when you let mentally unstable people join the firesquad! And if the SJWs have their way, that's exactly what will happen. But will they care? No. They won't care. They only care about being "politically correct" and giving more people a chance to join the fire fighters. No matter what their skills or mental state is. This is the one reason why I hate SJWs!! I don't care if there are more women in the firesquad! I don't care about gay/trannies/lesbian firefighters! I don't care what color a firefighter's skin is! I don't care that a firefighter graduated the top of his class in gender studies!! As long as they can do the job, that's all that should matter! This Corrine Bendersky is a dumbass!! People like her need to be put to sleep!! Like a rabid dog! And just like a rabid dog, if they're turned loose, they're going to wreak havoc everywhere on everyone!!!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Uh-huh! I Got It Now!

So now I know why transgenderism is getting out of control!! Why it's spreading so fast! Its because the Kardashians are doing it!! Ah-HA!!! I get it now! The world has become like a bunch of kids who say "Well [my favorite tv show] does it. So why can't I?" I had no idea Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner was really the Kardashian kids's father!!! OMG!!!! So now I know why everyone these days wants to be transgender!!! It's because a Kardashian did it first. Anything the Kardashians are doing, now kids everywhere want to do. That's sad! Why can't people have their own minds like me? I was never the kind of kid that wanted to do something just because my friends or some tv show was doing it.

I never knew this, because I never watch the Kardashians. Why would I? They're not funny. They're not really entertaining. They have no talent. They're all ugly asf!! I've never even Googled them. I know absolutely NOTHING about them. And I really don't care to know about them. It wasn't until I saw a video today talking about Caitlyn Jenner that I put 2 and 2 together! I wondered why now there are so many transgenders!! TOO many!! Now I know why! This is so dumb!! People nowadays can't think for themselves! They have to follow what those stupid Kardashians are doing! I bet if the Kardashians all came down with diabetes, everyone would want to get diabetes. If the Kardashians contracted cancer, everyone would want to get cancer. Neither one of those is nothing to take lightly. (Look who's talking!!) But everyone would say "if the Kardashians are doing it then why can't I?"

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Trannies Popping Up Everywhere

I was watching a video this morning, and the topic was transsexual "women" competing in women's sports events. Ya know, with this trend of trannies entering women's competitions, and other incidents I've been hearing about, there won't be anything that is strictly men's or women's anymore! But the creator of this video was asking if we think transsexual "women" should be allowed to compete in sports set up for biological real women. I say NO!! And HELL NO!!! If they want to compete so bad, let trannies compete with other trannies. There seems to be no shortage of them nowadays. They can form their own sports events and compete against each other.

The reason I say transsexual "women" should not be allowed to compete with real women is because they have an unfair advantage. Like I've always said, and the feminists deny this (heck ALL libtards deny this), but men and women are NOT the same!! Just because we are the same species does not mean that we have the same design. Men are made to be stronger than women, they are made to be much faster than women, and made to be more competitive. There's only one place a woman has more strength than men, and that's in their uterus. And unless they come up with a sports event where giving birth is the object of the game, women do not compete using their uterus.

So now nothing is strictly men's or women's anymore. Now, the libtards want to cater to trannies. Even the boy scouts are going out of business because feminazis want girls to join. Or girls who think they're boys. No where else in history has mankind ever subjected to people with mental disorders as they do today with trannies. Ben Shapiro said this is a bad idea! I agree with him too. Instead of coddling trannies, giving in to their every wish, we should try to find ways to contain their anti-sexual desires. Find a cure for gender dysphoria. Telling a man who thinks he's a woman that he can be a woman is not going to fix the problem. It's like you can't cure cancer by telling someone to go eat a shitload of burgers.

Now, I am not making fun of trannies. I'd never do that. I just wish they would acknowledge that they have a mental disorder. Because we cannot cure someone who cannot admit they have a mental disorder. I'd like it to be curable before it gets out of hand. Well heck! It's already out of hand now. But people need to stop catering to them. Unless they want to cater to all people with a mental disorder. So why not create "crying rooms" for people who suffer from depression? Why not tell a schizophrenic that yes, the voices you hear in your head are real? Why not create "panic rooms" for people who suffer from anxiety? Or have separate buses for them? Why only cater to trannies and not to people who have other kinds of mental disorders? I suffer depression. Why are there no accommodations for me? Or because I am fat, why not make furniture that can support fat people?

No, I don't hate trans people. I do worry about them because I wouldn't want some man with a vagina hitting on me. That's not my style. The only tranny I truly hate is Riley J. Dennis. He's not a transsexual! He's a trans-trender. He even admitted he does not have gender dysphoria. He's just a guy who wants people to think he thinks he's a girl. No doubt for attention and acceptance. The one thing the majority of these trans-trenders have in common is they either have moms who are feminazis, or they have no father at all. Of course a feminazi would not be married either. I'd be shocked she'd even have a child! Riley J. Dennis is poisoning people. He thinks he's smarter than he actually is.

Really, NO ONE on YouTube likes Riley J. Dennis!! We all know he's only pretending to be trans just for the attention. I don't like trans-trenders! They are the real villains of society! They are the ones who give real transgender people a bad name! Many of them no doubt don't even have gender dysphoria. Most of them are just mentally unstable, and it's got nothing to do with gender! Like that guy I posted about the other day, who blew his top in a GameStop store at one of the employees just because he was called "sir". He was clearly very mentally disturbed.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Stereotypes Are There For A Reason!

I wanted to write about the Scandinavian girls who went to Morocco and were eventually caught by islamic terrorists and beheaded. I feel so sad for those poor girls and their families. Those girls were no doubt told by the left-wing media that the people of Morocco were going to be as tolerant and welcoming as Americans. Ya know I've always said, the most dangerous creatures on the planet are the liberals. I learned that first-hand with the INXS fans. Especially radical leftists. They'll pretend to be your friend, but really, deep down inside, they are not. They just build you up for a big let-down. That's the same thing that happened to these girls. They went to Morocco, thinking the people there would defy the stereotypes and be friendly people. But no. Their loyalty lies with only one thing; ISIS. Nothing else. People do not matter. Especially if you are white.

People hate it when anyone stereotypes another group of people. But I've always said, stereotypes are there for a reason! They are not there because someone pulled them out of their ass. Stereotyping is the basis of the survival of all living things. It's our nature to stereotype. And why? Because it is essential for our survival. This is why the leftists are so dangerous. They tell people not to stereotype other cultures just because of the actions of a few. Well, I am here to say, yes you can stereotype other cultures. Not all cultures are like American cultures. Some don't change. They don't want to change. We cannot make them change. It may sound like a selfish way of thinking, but it's necessary. If I see someone who even remotely looks like an islamic terrorist, you can bet I am going to judge them. I won't let them come near me.

Sadly, this is not the first time something like this has happened. I remember last summer, I wrote about a young couple who thought they could go into islam territory and not be harmed. They were led by the leftists to believe the islam nation would graciously welcome them. But they didn't. The couple found themselves, along with several other white tourists, being killed by the islamic terrorists. I totally blame the left for those killings. It should not have happened! It all could have been avoided if that couple had only told the leftists to shut up!

Well, I will say it here now and again. DON'T LISTEN TO THE DAMN LEFTISTS!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, here is a clip from Mark Collett on YouTube who did a video about these beheadings. Pretty much he said the same thing I have all these years.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Obnoxious Tranny Threatens Store Clerk

Oh my GAWD!!!! You know, this is why I have problems accepting trannies. This guy threatens a clerk at a GameStop store just because the clerk called him "sir". UGH!!! So what does this guy do? He flies off the handle and says to the clerk "Let's take it outside and I'll show you who's a sir!" He says "I'm a maam, and that's clear to see!" Umm, no it's not! You still look like a dude to me. I don't care what you think!

Anyways, here's the clip...

This guy is the reason I have problems accepting trannies. This guy is the reason I call them "trannies". Because there are transgenders, and then there are trans-trenders. This dude is clearly a trans-trender! The difference is a transgender person is someone who really suffers from gender dysphoria, which is a RARE condition. A trans-trender is a person who pretends to be trans for one of 2 reasons; either for attention, or for control. That's it! Nothing more. They either want attention because no one else will give it to them, or they want to be able to control what other people call them because they've been mistakenly led to believe "misgendering is an act of violence" just so they can react accordingly.

This is what I don't understand about the left. They will say teaching people about GOD and Jesus is teaching them mythology. They will say teaching children about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny is teaching them mythology. But telling a 1-year old child they can be any gender they want to be is based on "facts"??? Or saying that gender and biology are totally different things??? That is so STUPID!!!! That is the stupidest of the stupid! And definitely not good for the child. Here is a fact for you; NO MAMMAL can ever really change their gender. You are either a male or a female.

Now, there are some cases where a female mammal will take on some male characteristics. For instance, there is at least a couple cases where a female lion grew a bit of a mane like a male lion. But those cases were VERY few, and very far between. That kind of thing does not happen nearly as often in nature, as it does with people on the left. The only vertebrate animals that can really change their gender is fish, and some amphibians. But that only happens in single-sex environments. Human civilization does not have that problem. And humans can NOT change their gender. And a 1-year old child should NOT be given a choice whether it is a male or female.

This is why I dread reincarnation! I'm scared to death I'm going to be born again to leftist parents who will abuse me by calling me a "they", and saying I can be a boy, when I am really a girl. And then telling me there is no GOD. There's no GOD, but I can be born a girl and magically change into a boy? Oh man! If I am born that way in my next life, I hope I have sense enough not to listen to what would be my "parents". Because someone like that is going to be one dumb set of parents!

You know what is a myth? Gender fluidity is a myth. It does not exist in nature. It only exists in the minds of leftists. Magically changing from female to male (or vise-versa) is a myth. No mammal in nature can do that. GOD is not a myth. I've actually felt HIM before. Though I get accused a lot of being a transgender female, I can assure you all I am not. I am just a tomboy. I guess I still am.

You know how to tell the difference between a real transgender person and a trans-trender? A real transgender person generally does not care what "pronouns" you use on them. A trans-trender does care. The reason they care is because they are doing all this tranny stuff for either attention or control. I have always stated, I have nothing against transgender people. I won't ever date one, but I have nothing personal against them. But what I do hate are the trans-trenders, like this guy in the video! I can't stand those people! Another thing a trans-trender will do is deny that transgenderism is a mental disorder. Real transgenders don't really care to call attention to themselves. They recognize they have a disorder. Some will try to seek help. But not a trans-trender. They build their whole lives around making fun of people who have a real mental disorder, and then make that their whole identity.

I think it's feminism that is a contributing factor to this trans-trender generation! I'd love to go out and kick a feminist's butt!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Boxing Day Tsunami 2004

I know this is a day late, but I'm gonna write it anyways. I couldn't write a blog post yesterday because I was very busy. I had a lot to catch up with yesterday. WARNING: Some of the videos I used may be disturbing to some viewers. I don't often put a disclaimer like this in my posts, so you know this is going to be a disturbing post! But anyone remember the 2004 tsunami that happened throughout SE Asia? I remember seeing it on the news for several days after. I saw some clips that I'll never forget. One of the scariest scenes from that day was this one...

I don't know if that's a little boy who got caught on the beach by the wave, or if that was a grown man and a really big-ass wave! This video was taken in Kao Lak, Thailand. Of all the images of the tsunami, this is the one that haunts me the most. I get chills just looking at this footage now. That was one big wave! It was caused by an uplift of a section of the ocean floor, which caused a massive earthquake, which then triggered the tsunami. I managed to capture some of the videos taken by the people who witnessed the waves.

This is a video of the initial earthquake in Banda Ache, Indonesia. Sumatra to be exact. The quake was so strong, people who were moving around outside had to get on the ground to keep from falling. The quake was later measured 9.1 on the Richter scale.

About 40 minutes later, the wave hit, and some of these images, you can see people running, and there was massive screaming. Unfortunately, I had to mute the clip because the joker who uploaded this clip put in that horrible music.

Another scene I'll always remember, this was taken in Phuket in Thailand that same day. It took almost 2 hours to reach Thailand. Strange because the tsunami was traveling across the ocean at about 500 mph!

This guy's reaction to seeing this wave is almost as scary as seeing the wave it's self. Here's another video of the wave coming in to the island of Koh Phi Phi, which is just off the coast of Thailand. You can tell, Thailand was very hard hit by the tsunami. It's amazing though that only a relatively few people were killed by the tsunami in Thailand. Only about 8000.

Anyway, you notice that a lot of these big disasters only hit muslim countries? You know why I think that happens? It's because muslims worship cats. GOD does not like cats! I can tell. That's probably the reason why atheists love cats. But look at the history of worshiping cats; the ancient Egyptians were the first to worship cats. They are also one of the first human civilizations to go extinct. Muslims have been worshiping cats since Mohammed said they "welcome angels into your home", which I still think was nothing but a bunch of bullshit. Mohammed also said not to let dogs in the house because angels will not enter a house that has dogs. Again, a load of bullshit. Most of the countries that were hardest hit by the tsunami were muslim countries.

See where this is leading. Now, Americans are beginning to worship cats, and simultaneously, our civilization is beginning to deteriorate. See, this is what happens when we lose all connections with our real GOD, and instead worship a dumb, useless beast that is nothing more than a squatter in the home. And cats do NOT welcome angels in the house. In fact if anything, I'd say having a dog in the house would be a better investment, because they could chase away evil spirits. But there is a reason cats are not mentioned in the Bible, and I'm pretty sure it's because they are the devil's allies. And people/cultures that worship them will not last long.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

No Dreams of a White Christmas

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. But it was good. The prime rib roast came out great! So did the apple cobbler. Those were the only 2 things I made with my own hands. Everything else was pre-packaged. I even made a video of the whole thing. I treated myself to a bit of a Christmas goodie. I got this for myself...

hehehe! Isn't it wonderful??! Now, I can go to sleep at night cuddling up to my 2 most favorite pics of Michael. Yeah, I know! I'm pathetic. But I do love this new pillow. Not only do I get to cuddle up to my 2 favorite pics of Michael, but the pillow it's self is so comfortable!! Nice and poofy and soft! Katrina told me she loves her gift too. I sent her this picture...

It's Chris Cornell. I love this kind of art, so I figured she'd like it too. LOL! Funny that! She told me she loves it. So, this Christmas was good enough for everyone. But the one thing we don't get is snow. I've never seen a white Christmas. Not even the one year I lived in Bozeman. Living in Washington, I've seen it snow the day after Christmas. I've seen it snow the day before Christmas, and be totally melted by Christmas morning. I've seen snow every other day in December, but never on the 25th. So, I'm beginning to think Bing Crosby was full of shit!! He lived in LA. I don't even know how he could dream of a white Christmas!

When I lived in Bozeman, I fully expected there to be snow on Christmas morning. Or at least some time during the day. But no. I saw none. It was surely cold enough to snow, pretty much like it is today. There wasn't a speck of snow on the ground when I lived in Bozeman. It wasn't until after I left that it finally snowed on Christmas. How do you like that???

Well, someone was supposed to come and get me and have me spend today with them. But they never showed up. Of course I didn't expect them to. They were close friends with the one of my home teachers from church who is currently angry with me. I was going to ask him what happened, but I never even saw him at church last Sunday. Oh well. It's just as well, I couldn't have visited them anyway. She was supposed to come at 1 PM. By that time, I was just beginning on the apple cobbler, and the roast was still simmering in the oven. So, it's just as well she didn't show up. But I sure did like her.

Well, no matter what, I still had a great day today. I enjoyed myself. And I got a wonderful gift from me, to me. That's good enough. And I discovered a new hobby this year that I can work on. I still want to use my laser engraver to make cool little trinkets.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Alf's Christmas Special: My Take On It

Alf was a pretty popular character in the 1980s, he was really an aardvark-looking alien creature puppet whose answer to everything was comical quips. However, he never had a movie made. They just didn't do that in the 1980s. Which is kind of a shame, because when I got to know Alf, he was funny as heck! But his Special Christmas Special episode, which aired in December, 1987, was as close as the world ever got to seeing an Alf movie. That episode kindof became a family tradition in our household, we watched it every year at Christmas time. It's a good episode, filled with Christmas music and Christmas spirit.

I used to think the little girl [Tiffany] in the episode was really a dying child. But as I got older, I began to wonder if the same little girl used in the episode was really the girl the episode was dedicated to, or if she was just an actress. She had a lot of energy for a child who was supposedly dying at the time that episode was made! Well, I recently found out the little girl used in that episode was not dying. She was actually an actress named Keri Houlihan. However, Tiffany was a real little girl who was dying. She and Alf "met" due to the Make A Wish Foundation. It was her dying dream to meet Alf. Her full name was Tiffany Leigh Smith, and she passed away on January 4, 1987; actually several months before the episode was in production. She died of leukemia. I actually figured that out several years ago, because it was never mentioned in the episode what she was dying of. I guess her parents did not want it revealed. But so many children per year get diagnosed with leukemia, it's almost gained the rank of being a regular childhood disease. The thing is, it's one disease that not every child survives. It's not like measels or the flu. It's cancer. Which is worse!

I remember I first saw that episode in school. My english teacher brought it to school on a video tape and showed it to the whole class. I was not into watching Alf back in those days, but I sat and watched anyway. Though I admit at first, I only watched because I had to, but for the first 10 minutes or so, I was getting bored with it. Then there was a scene where Mr. Foley (played by Cleavon Little), dressed as Santa Claus, and Dr. Willoughby (Carl Franklin) were standing around after Mr. Foley gave out most of the gifts to the children in the hospital. All except Alf. Tiffany did take Alf, but gave him back to Mr. Foley. OK, so this scene is getting interesting. Dr. Willoughby told Mr. Foley that all Tiffany really wanted was to see him for Christmas because some other little kid told her there was no such thing as Santa. To which Dr. Willoughby's answer was to show her an article in an old book. OK, again this was beginning to spark my interest, so I kept intently watching.

It was then that Dr. Willoughby showed Mr. Foley what his answer was to Tiffany's question. The book had an article that began "Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus", which really was an editorial printed in the NY Sun back on September 21, 1897. It has become a very popular article mentioned many times and became popular Christmas folklore. And it was the most famous newspaper editorial of all time. Well, Mr. Foley continued to read on. Somehow at the end of reading that article, he discovered something terrible about Tiffany. Dr. Willoughby cannot do anything to save her. When I saw that part I thought "Wow! This is really juicy!" Alf was in the background and looked in shock after that was said. But I think the most tear-jerking part of that scene was when Dr. Willoughby [almost tearfully] said "What are you supposed to say to a little girl, who's not going to see another Christmas?" Well, with that line, the episode finally caught my attention. I got into this.

After that scene was done, Alf was back in Tiffany's room to pay her a visit, to wish her a merry Christmas, and to see if she had anymore cookies. LOL! I'm sure the producers put the cookie line in just to make that funny before the real downer comes. That is when Tiffany is in bed with Alf by her side. It's then she reveals she's going to have to "move on to another world too". She knew she was dying. She tells Alf that she is afraid to go, but that she knows she's not supposed to be afraid. Alf assures her that it's OK to be afraid. I'm pretty sure those were the exact words uttered between Alf and the real Tiffany before she died. Being a child who knows she is dying, there's bound to be a little bit of fear. Tiffany then says "I'm so afraid I can't go to sleep at night. Because I'm afraid I'm not going to wake up." The little girl is almost in tears when she reveals that. Well, that would be the best, most merciful way to go. She falls asleep and doesn't wake up, at least she'd be in Heaven before she knows she's dead. And it's a peaceful way to go.

This whole scene is a bit of a tear-jerker too. I feel for that little girl. Even though she may go in her sleep, she is still just a little girl. An 8-year old girl. She'll never have the opportunity to get her first driver's license, or graduate from school, or get a career, or have children of her own. Its one of the saddest things to think of such a young girl dying like that. At the end of their little bedside chat, Tiffany says "I love you Alf." To which Alf pauses to caress Tiffany's hand and then says "I love you too Tiffany." Then the little girl falls asleep. After she is asleep, Alf slowly walks to the door, pausing for a brief minute to look back at her sleeping, with tears in his eyes.

After that, Alf tries to leave the hospital, during which you do not see much of Tiffany, but you do see a woman who is pregnant and in labor with her husband. After she gets into the hospital, she gets stuck in an elevator and she is about to have a baby. Alf is under the gurney she is lying on, and he is stuck with her. While he is stuck, he decides to try and help her by pretending to be a doctor. As I am watching this, I'm thinking "OK, this is boring!" Even today, this portion of the episode still is dull to me. However, I do see the point. The producers want to make this episode as funny as possible, so they get Alf to help deliver a baby. After which he offers a suggestion for the baby's name. He suggests the mom name the baby Tiffany, after his new friend. The mom agrees.

Looking back at that today, that kind of scene has become something of a cliché. I remember a lot of episodes, of a lot of TV shows, has one person dying (usually really dying, or already dead) and another person being born. I remember the episode of Sesame Street where it's announced that Mr. Hooper passed away. At the end of that episode, you see a couple walking into Big Bird's lair to show him their new baby. Something like that would never be shown on today's TV networks! It might trigger someone, or be taken off for causing depression. Well, today the Alf Christmas Special would never be shown, even if Alf was still running. One of the Christmas tunes you hear a lot of on that episode is "Away In A Manger", which has religious undertones. And the belief in Santa Claus today would also be triggering to modern day snowflakes. I'll tell you, I miss the 1980s, when kids were innocent, and the belief in Santa Claus was still going on. We had atheists back then, I was friends with one of them. But they had tougher skin than they have today. They didn't get outrageously angry over someone else believing in GOD, or Jesus, or Santa Claus.

I think that's why I don't like today's TV shows, cartoons and movies. Everyone these days wants everything to be scientifically accurate! If they're not, then they face severe scrutiny and criticism from the snowflakes of today. I think that also may be why we're seeing more cats in commercials today. It used to be you never saw a cat in a commercial unless it was a commercial for cat food or cat litter. Now, they seem to be everywhere! No doubt because the snowflakes complained that there were too many commercials with dogs in them. Even commercials that had nothing to do with pets. I miss the days when cartoons and movies were just fun. They didn't need to look so realistic, like you see in Disney/Pixar films. They didn't need to be so scientifically accurate. A good example of that would be like you see in Finding Nemo. In one scene you see Nemo and his father moving in and out of their anemone. Almost making a game out of it. Clownfish would not take that as a game, they do that for protection. To them, it's serious. The producers of Finding Nemo could have made that scene more like the scene in Bambi, where his mom takes him to the meadow for the first time. Bambi charges away from his mom to the meadow, but she stops him. Telling him never to do that because there could be danger. And the scene with the sharks. You never see sharks as the good guys. And one flips when Dory bleeds and he smells it. Why can't they just let them be their characters and not make them so scientifically accurate. Even on Ice Age, where Diego threatens Syd. Well, if you ask me, Ice Age would have been better if they didn't have Diego at all. Or on Madagascar when that stupid lion talks about how he's "the king". Now that is sooooooo damn stupid!!! Madagascar would have been 1000% better without the stupid lion altogether! But to call him, more than once or twice, "the king", it just makes the movie seem more corny. And that's not even scientifically accurate. It's just something that was carried on over the years by children's stories.

Anyways, back to the subject. Toward the end of the episode somehow, the Santa suit winds up on Alf, and he is finally wheeled out of the hospital by Mr. Foley. Well, Mr. Foley had a rough month that December. His wife died a few weeks before, and so he just wanted to end it all. So, he winds up on a bridge, and begins to climb over the rail when Alf gets out of the van and stops him, and proceeds to tell him why he should go on. He manages to change Mr. Foley's mind and asks him to take him to see Willy Tanner (Max Wright). Mr. Foley agrees to that saying he's always wanted to see how Santa goes down the chimney. Alf kinda fumbles there, muttering "Me too!" under his breath.

When they get to the cabin the Tanners were staying in for Christmas, Alf is already on the roof preparing to drop in on them by way of the chimney. Brian (Benji Gregory) believes the noises on the roof to be Santa Claus. But his mom (Anne Schedeen) tries to convince him that it can't be Santa. But when Alf throws snow down the chimney to calm the fire enough so he can get down there, Brian is convinced it is Santa. The two women get scared and try to wake the father, then Alf appears in the chimney. Well, all that time they had been looking for Alf, and now they found him. He was happily home with his friends.

Later, they go back to the hospital, where Tiffany and Mr. Foley are frolicking together, sort of. He is fixing her bed. It was then the Tanners walk into Tiffany's room and introduce themselves. They give her presents and say they are with Alf. After which Tiffany is happy to see them. After a brief chit-chat between Willy and Mr. Foley, the mom tells Tiffany to look out the window. She excitedly leaves the bed and looks down, and Alf is in their tan station wagon parked underneath Tiffany's window. She looks down at him and he looks up at her. She waves and mouths "I love you Alf." During this whole scene, you hear the studio choir humming "Silent Night" and Mr. Foley's voiceover reading the old newspaper editorial "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus". This scene is a real tear-jerker. I remember when I was in school watching that, it almost made me cry. It was so sad! To this day, it still makes me well up. Then after that, you see "Dedicated in memory of our friends" and then "Tiffany Leigh Smith (1979-1987)". So that was proof this was a real girl, it just wasn't the girl in the episode.

Well, this was a special episode, it kinda made me look at Alf in a different light. During the 1990s, I began watching him, along with my sis. I still think he's funny. But every time I watch him, I always think of him in that Christmas special. It was how I got to know him. Paul Fusco was the uncredited voice of Alf, and he was written to by the real Tiffany Smith back in 1986, and she wanted to meet Alf so badly, it was her dying wish and she wrote to the producers of Alf many times before she was finally granted a video conference with him. Fusco admits now he has kept every one of her letters all these years, and still has them to this day. I'm sure it's a very sweet memory!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mystery Of The Angry Home Teacher

Well, it seems like one of my home teachers from church is angry with me. I don't even know what I did wrong to him. Last Tuesday, I asked him if he could take me to the post office and to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions, and I called him right after his wife left to run some errands. So, I asked him if he was free the next day and he told me he could do it the next day if I don't mind waiting and I said "I don't mind". So, he made arrangements to pick me up the next day. I thanked him and we hung up the phone. I was excited, because I'd let the packages accumulate there at the post office for about a week at that time, and I had 3 notifications with me. And the prescriptions had been ready then for about 4 days. I had no money for the bus or dial-a-ride. So, I was happy I got someone to take me.Then, about 20 minutes later, I got another call from him saying he forgot but he had doctor's appointments all the next week until Friday. He'd just remembered that. I was disappointed but I understood what happened. I asked him if he knew anyone who could take me. My other home teacher was doing a job in Portland, so I couldn't ask him.

Just so you all know, this "home teacher" business is a program set up at our church, where people are assigned to help those in need, like me. It's their job to take me where I need to go when I need to. And this is Christmas, so I got a lot to pick up at the post office, and prescriptions always come in in abundance after my own doctors appointments, and I'm all out of rides for the dial-a-ride. So, I couldn't take that.

Well, this teacher told me I could call someone, someone whose name I did not recognize. And I still cannot remember their name right now. But I did call them, and I asked them if they could take me to get my packages, and my prescriptions. Truly, I hate bothering anybody to do these things!!! I hate it!! I really should not have to! If only the postal service would get those damn parcel inboxes fixed I wouldn't have to!!! Though I'd still have to pick up prescriptions. Well, these people agreed to help me out. The guy I spoke to said his wife had to go into town anyways, and she would come and pick me up. I was grateful! She said she would be there in 15 minutes. Well, I waited longer than that actually. She didn't get here until 30 minutes after I phoned. I did not bring that up at all. I was not angry about it, though I do admit at one point, I was worried that something maybe happened. Well, she finally pulled up into my parking space, and just as she did that and was getting out of her car, my home teacher called me again!

I know I shouldn't have picked up the phone, but it was my home teacher, and I didn't want him to think I was angry at him. But he asked me if I had gotten a ride. I said I got one and she just drove up and is coming to the door. He said his wife got home and said she could come get me if I didn't already have a ride. Just then, the lady who came to get me knocked on the door. I was sweating because I had to answer the door, and at the same time, tell my home teacher it's all good now. I tried to say in a very nice way that I had to go now. But I guess he didn't take it that way. I didn't hear much of what he said because I was now talking to him and the woman who came to get me. I thanked him for referring me to these people and then I had to hang up.

Well, today a couple new prescriptions came into the pharmacy, and I have to go back to the hospital again on Monday. I got a ride through RideCare, which is another program set up by the Dial-A-Ride company here in town that takes me to doctors appointments and I don't have to pay them. Unfortunately they don't take anyone to pick up prescriptions!! I was going to have it take me to the hospital for my appointment, but I was going to go early enough that I could walk over to Safeway to get my prescriptions, and then walk back to the hospital in time for the appointment. That was the idea. The only real problem I figured I'd have is I have no idea how long I'd be waiting in the line at the prescription counter.

Well, long story short, it was supposed to rain today. The weather said there was a 100% chance of rain. Well, it's not raining and it's almost noon! So as of now, there is no 100% rain. Knowing the way my luck always is, it'll say it's going to rain today, but it won't. It won't rain today and it won't rain tomorrow. You know when the rain will come? I can almost guarantee it won't come until Monday! When I have that appointment at the hospital. And I really do not want to walk in the rain and be sick for the holidays this year like I was last year! I can't have that. So, I thought about this and thought, and really hesitated to do this, but I called my home teacher again today to see if maybe he could take me again to Safeway to pick up my prescription. I called and I told him who I was, and then the call fell silent. I thought "That was strange!" So, I called him again, I said hello and I heard a click. I began to get the feeling he was angry with me, but I could not figure out why. So, I tried calling him again and this time I got his answering machine. So, I began to leave him a message, then in the middle of leaving the message, I heard someone pick up the phone and hang up. By then, I knew that was not any accident! This guy was somehow angry with me. I still could not figure out why.

Now, I still wonder what I did to him to make him act that way. Maybe by saying the lady was there to pick me up back on Tuesday, I must have hurt his feelings or something. I was about to ask him that when I got his answering machine, but I didn't get a chance to. But I would think if I did hurt his feelings, then he would have said something. I sure did not mean to if that's what happened. Its just that he called me at the most inopportune time! I could not help it. It wasn't my fault! It wasn't his either. He couldn't know my ride was already at my doorstep at that moment. But why blame me!? Why get angry with me?? I just don't understand it.

Ya know, this reminds me of this one episode of I Love Lucy. It's the episode where in the opening scene, you see Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel all singing together and having fun! Acting like real friends. Then Ethel and Fred have to leave and they go down to their own apartment. After they leave, Lucy and Ricky have one last singalong before they go to bed, and Fred and Ethel call them and are angry with them for some unknown reason, and they tell them to stop making all that noise. My home teacher is normally a very nice guy. If there was a problem, or he was busy, I'm sure he would normally say something. But today, I guess he's just having one of those days where he just doesn't want to talk to anyone. We all have those days. I guess this is just one of his.

Well I did get someone to pick me up today and take me to get my prescription, my other home teacher is home today and has some free time, so his wife is coming here to take me to Safeway. But I still wonder why my other home teacher just won't talk to me? Well, maybe he'll be back to normal tomorrow, in time for church.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why The LGBTQ Community Is Slowly Getting On My Nerves

I've said this before, I have nothing against gays and lesbians. I always feel a person is free to fall in love with whomever they want to. I have no problem with that. As long as they are not hurting anyone. Well, now they are attacking others. Jack Phillips is a baker in Colorado who owns his own bakery. You may remember his case a couple years ago where he refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage. He refused it because he's a christian, and gay marriage goes against his religious beliefs. Well, that case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and he won that case. It is his right if he doesn't want to make a cake for something he does not believe in.

Well, this month, he is being attacked again. This time by a transsexual woman, who wanted him to bake a cake to celebrate it's transition. He is still standing his ground, something he must be admired for, but he said he would serve it any cake already made in his store. That wasn't enough for this "woman" named Autumn Scardina. Supposedly, it was celebrating it's 7th year of transition from male to female.

Seriously! Why don't these gays and trannies leave this baker alone?! Are they really just so butthurt by his religion that they think if they keep on bothering him that it's going to make him change his ways?? No. It's not. It doesn't work on me, and I don't think it's going to work on Jack Phillips either! I swear, the LGBTQ community acts like there are no other bakeries in the whole of Colorado! So they keep going back to this guy! The first time something like this happens it's like "OK, so we found out this guy doesn't serve gays. Let's sue him!" then he goes to court and wins. But when someone else from the LGBTQ community goes back there, and asks this same man to make them a cake to celebrate their "transition", then there's got to be a conspiracy! That's more like what an internet troll does. Not a mature person who has any ounce of decency.

Oh wait a minute!!! Look who I'm talking about! Since when are radicals mature and decent?!

I was watching a video someone did about this subject, and he said "These people wouldn't dream of doing that to a muslim bakery! They're only targeting this bakery because the guy is a white Christian male." You know another reason why the LGBTQ community won't do this to a muslim bakery? Because they know they'd get their heads bombed off. I personally do not see what is wrong with being a white christian male. But nowadays, the left has gone way too far! Anyone who is white, or male, or christian is a target. Maybe this is why we have so many men who want to become women. Because they know a man who follows his beliefs will become a target. Especially if he is white. That's so DUMB!!!! But that is what the left has become.

Well, I must say I hope this guy Jack Phillips continues to stand his ground against these attacks, and doesn't let any of this bullshit get him down. People can be so stupid sometimes. Remember when all the fags of the world got butthurt over Cecil the lion? It's the same thing here happening between one baker and the LGBTQ community. He's getting death threats and people coming into his bakery and harassing him. It makes me mad to see people acting like this. Stuff like this should be considered "hate speech". On the LGBTQ's side, it's not even considered honesty. It's just simple harassment. It makes the whole LGBTQ community look bad. And it feels like we're all dealing with a bunch of Jr. high school kids! Just like when Cecil the lion was killed by that dentist. He too got a lot of death threats, people threatening to report him to the ADA, people vandalizing his office, his home, threatening his children. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger got involved! I felt bad for the dentist. Because let's face it, the only reason the fags got so butthurt was because the animal he killed was a stupid lion! Had he killed a cape hunting dog, or a baboon, or an antelope, nobody would have said anything at all. But it was because he killed a dumb, stupid lion that he was publicly persecuted! Which I think is just stupid!! If he was a good dentist, what would reporting him to the ADA accomplish? I don't think they're gonna care that he killed a stupid lion! But I must say, before that incident, I used to like Arnold. After he got involved in that "protest", I lost all respect for him. People need to get realistic!!

This is probably the one big reason I hate people so much. People make such a huge deal out of such little things. Little things that should not matter. And it's only getting worse every year! I'm glad I left the left! I still say I can thank the INXS libtard SJWs for that! They opened my eyes to how the left thinks. And I must say, I don't like it. So I am glad I left.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

So Lily Was Offended?

Michael's daughter, Lily, is apparently angry with this one group for things that were said about her mom, Paula. She's angry about it. I looked for the "offending" thread in the group, it's still there. Poor Lily. I feel bad for her. If her mom is being bad-mouthed on Facebook, well, it's not Lily's fault. But she should expect this kind of thing to happen. It may seem horrible, but Paula put herself out there. She chose to put herself in the limelight. It's like me putting myself out there. Before I ever did that, I knew there would be people who would like me, while others don't. Again, that's just the way it is. That's how people are. Even long after I am dead and gone, I expect it to happen. After I am gone, my viewers are probably still going to be thinking I am a lesbian. LOL!

It's funny how people seem to think I am a lesbian. I wonder why? LOL! Is it because I have short hair? Or a low tone of voice? But the funny thing is, I really don't qualify as a lesbian. I've never been in love with another woman in my life. I have women friends that I love, but never been in love with them. I admire Dian Fossey immensely, but I was never in love with her. I am in love however, with the men of INXS. That doesn't make me a lesbian. LOL! At worst, it'd probably make me a whore. You know what I think? I think people just say I am a lesbian in hopes it will make me kill myself, because I've never mentioned, or hinted, I was. So they must take that as I am trying to keep something like that in the closet. So they think if they keep on telling me I am gay that I'll kill myself with the shame. But I don't have any symptoms of even being remotely gay. None that I feel anyways.

Oh well. Anyways, when I visited that thread, one person particularly stood out. Someone who called herself Renata Lowenstein. A real snowflake. I'm sorry I missed that thread, I'd have told her so. But everyone knows my opinion of Paula. I can't stand her. And it is partly because of what happened to Michael. But I also believe Bob had a hand in that. So, it's not just Paula that I blame. Either way, I am angry that Michael is no longer here, with his fans, his bandmates, his daughter. That's the whole sad thing about this. But yes, I also blame that goon, Colin Diamond. He stole Michael's estate, and his money, leaving nothing for the one person that really counts, Michael's daughter.

Ya know, there is a thing going around about the Illuminati. I may get killed for bringing this up, but I heard that they kill musicians, and then they tend to blame it on suicide. A lot of people believe it was the Illuminati that killed Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and yes, even Michael Hutchence! Well, as I stated before, if I wind up dead, you can bet I didn't commit suicide. I'm not that type of a person. Just so everyone knows. And I still don't believe that bullshit that Michael killed himself. I don't care what anyone else thinks. But this Illuminati is fricken evil if they go around doing things like that! It is believed that's why we lose a lot of lead singers, because the Illuminati specifically targets them. I know being a musician is hard, being any kind of artist is hard work. No one believes it really is, but it really is! You have to keep working so you don't lose that talent everyone knows you to have. But I just cannot believe all those lead singers who died by way of supposed suicide, actually did kill themselves. I just can't believe that. Someone has to be out there killing lead singers, and it is possibly the Illuminati.