Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Smack Heard Around The World

 Everyone is booming about what happened the other night at the Oscars. Chris Rock was the host that night. He called Will Smith's wife "G.I. Jane". At first I didn't get it. And apparently at first, even Will Smith thought it was funny too. But I also noticed the look on his wife's face, and she was not too amused to be called G.I. Jane. Next thing I see is Will Smith going on stage. Was he going on stage to shake hands with Chris Rock? No. He pulled back his hand and slapped Chris Rock, nearly knocking him off his feet. I loved how Chris Rock took it in stride. He started to joke about how he got the shit smacked out of him by Will Smith. Next thing, Will Smith is yelling "Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth!"

Anyway, here's a piece of the video...

Now, I haven't watched the Oscars in years! I have zero desire to see it today. Mostly because today's movie stars don't mean shit to me. But I do think it was the wrong place for Will Smith to be acting like a teenager on the school playground! If he wanted to beat Chris Rock down, do it after the show! You don't do shit like that during an event like this! But this is why I don't go for today's celebrities. I will admit Chris Rock was wrong in making fun of Will Smith's wife's condition (she has alopecia). But that is still no reason for Will Smith to go on stage acting like a child!

Later, Will Smith was in tears, and apologized to everyone. Everyone that is, except Chris Rock! When I first saw that, I was shocked he didn't even offer an apology to Chris Rock. Apparently those two are supposed to be friends. But Chris Rock was still gracious. Will Smith even won the Oscar that night. I think it says a lot about Chris's character that he did not strike back. Not sure I would have been able to hold back in a case like that.

Well, now we're getting the memes. You know how good right-wingers are at memes!

I kinda wonder how Will Smith is reacting to these today? I told you all, these people today are without shame! They don't care if they look like animals. Or children. They do shit like this anyway!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

President "Bone Spurs"

 Remember earlier this month, when I posted that blog post about the Ocean Shores Chat room where the leftists on there kept complaining because Trump said he had bone spurs? I thought maybe this happened in his old age. My sis has heel spurs too, and it took 6 weeks to get her heel pads better. I was dying to delve further into this claim. Very bad news for the leftists! It is true that Donald Trump did say he has bone spurs. It was proven by a private doctor and the military doctors. I tried to look this all up online, but frankly, all I could find that mentions his bone spurs are leftist-articles. And you all know by now I don't trust leftist media.

I did find a couple of answers on Quora. People who post on Quora are mostly very bright. Except the leftists. The leftists are all the same there as they are everywhere! This was one answer that interested me...

According to this guy, it was the Military doctors that deferred Trump from serving in the Viet Nam war. Viet Nam WAR???? So this happened over 50 years ago? And the leftists are crying about it NOW??? OMG!!! Then, of course a leftist has to come in and put his 2 cents in...

But this guy answered him gracefully. I thought this was the only reliable source of info about this heel spur thing. Until I saw this article by The Independent. You have to sign in to read the whole article, but it is free. ‘Bone spurs’ diagnosis that kept Trump out of war may have been ‘favour’ to his father | The Independent | The Independent

The article says the daughters of the doctor who examined him said the diagnosis "may have been done as a favor". But if you read leftist media, it'll say "It WAS done as a favor to his father". It also says the daughters were not sure if Trump was actually examined by this podiatrist (their father) before he got the diagnosis for exemption.

As for doing it "as a favor", the leftists have their ideas of what that means. But actually, it can mean anything! Perhaps Trump's father wanted to hear it from a trusted source before Donald enlisted. Maybe Trump had already been examined before and diagnosed with heel spurs. Either way, Trump was officially diagnosed with heel spurs and that's part of the reason he did not go to war in Viet Nam. Another thing that deferred him was his terrible grades in school. But even I suffered through that! My grades in school SUCKED!!! But that does not necessarily mean a person is stupid. It means that I hated school and was bored with it. With the bullies that used to harass me, can you possibly blame me?!

The leftists are calling Trump a "coward" and "President bone spurs" to mock him. But I don't really think Trump cares. Besides, apparently Bill Clinton did the same thing Trump did to get out of serving in the Viet Nam war. But I heard he burned his draft card while going to school in England. So, at least Trump got off honestly (unless you believe the leftist media). Clinton did it dishonestly if he really did burn his draft card. So, if Trump is a coward for having a bone spur, so is Clinton, for burning his draft card and then saying he didn't know anything about it. In fact, I'd dare to say that makes Clinton an even bigger coward!

The leftists argue that we're always comparing what Trump does to someone they admire doing the same thing. I found this along with those other quotes on Quora...

The point is NO ONE is perfect! Yes Trump does some shitty things. I can say it! I can admit that! But he's not the only politician who lied, did shit in his private life, was pompous and arrogant, had weird friends, and called people names. Biden has slandered Trump, as well as Kyle Rittenhouse and the Covington Catholic kids. He can get sued for that. Especially since he did it with no proof, and in front of 80 million people. The leftist media should be sued for calling Trump "racist" and "xenophobic" all these years! With absolutely NO proof he is actually racist or xenophobic. And I'll wager you, Biden has lied more in the past year than Trump did in the previous 4 years! Not to mention he has done everything wrong! No one is perfect. But personally, I like Trump because he kept his promises, and didn't hurt anyone. Not so with Biden.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Leftists Don't Get It!

I was reading an article earlier about Kamala Harris saying we'd "Better get used to seeing [black people] in office. Because more are running." My response to that is "Who cares?!" The leftists will never get over the fact that republicans/conservatives are not like the leftists/democrats. We don't care what color a person's flesh is! We don't care about a person's sexual orientation. We don't care about NONE of those superficial things! You want to hire a black woman to the supreme court, go right ahead! We're not against that! But what we do look for is how qualified the person is. That is all we care about. The right and the left will never see eye to eye. They'll never learn. Because while they are looking downward, we are looking up. There will never be a meeting in the center.

I don't like Ketanji Jackson because she goes easier on black criminals than on white ones (thus she is racist), and she lets pedophiles off the hook! Thus she is likely a pedophile herself. Even though she has kids. But I guess, just like a white person can be married to a black, or colored, person and still be "RaCiSt" (according to blm's warped standards), a person can have kids and still be a pedophile. I can't say "a woman" because apparently, Ketanji Jackson doesn't even know what a woman is! Also, she is not against biological males competing against females in women's sports.

This is what separates the right from the left in politics. The right looks deeper inside of a person. We think "How is this person going to benefit our business in the future?" The leftists do not do that. They look at a person's outer layers and say "Is this person too white?" Or "I need to fill my quota of black/gay/trans individuals." If that's what makes us "RaCiSt" then so be it! A person should have the good of everybody in mind. Not just the good of a few people. We look at Ketanji Jackson and think "She lets black people and pedophiles off the hook! I don't want [said criminal] back on the streets!" We look in the long run and think is this person going to be fair with everyone? No. Because if she lets black people and pedophiles off, and harshly punishes the white people for doing the same things, then she is not going to be fair.

This is why when I open my business, I'm going to be very particular about who I add to my staff. I'm going to check their backgrounds. I don't want to hire criminals. Those types usually never work in pet stores anyway. I'll allow anyone to apply, but I'll only hire based on their credentials. And I really do not want "non-binary" people in my store. Because I will not have them telling me what "pronouns" to use on them, and I don't want someone who is going to walk off the job crying "You keep misgendering me!" I'll tell them if they walk out that door, then they can forget about ever coming back through it again! I won't tolerate a grown person walking off the job to go crying to mommy! I can understand a teenager doing that, but not someone in their 20s or 30s!!

I recently saw someone, some girl in her 20s with blue hair, who was on TikTok walking off a job, crying because one of her co-workers kept calling her a 'her', instead of a 'they' like she wanted. Sorry, but I am not going to call a singular person a 'they'. Not unless I am hiding someone's gender, and I don't see why that would happen in the workplace. Sorry, but not sorry! But the thing that gets me is she walked off the job to go cry. A woman in her 20s!! That's why I would not want a "non-binary" person in my business. I won't stand for that! A worker like that would be more concerned about what pronouns a customer uses on them, rather than doing her job properly. I would not like that! Not at all!

I dunno though, I'm almost in my 50s and I still seek my mom's assistance for some things. I'm not saying asking mom for some help or advice is bad. But I haven't run home to tell my mom the bullies are out there since I was in 4th grade. Then there was that one incident when I was in 9th grade with Carlos and them. But I was only 14. Still a kid myself! And Carlos wouldn't stop harassing me when I asked him to. I didn't know who else to turn to. But I would never have my ma speak for me on the job! That's not her problem. It's mine. And anyway, I don't care what others say about me either way. LOL!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

We Don't Need A Dumb Judge!

I've been following this nominee for the Supreme Court Judge, Ketanji Brown-Jackson. She is now being throttled by republicans. I'm glad to see it. It would serve Joe Biden right if she was found to be disqualified to become Supreme Court Judge! Imagine picking someone just because they're a black, liberal woman. Only people like Susan Burklund would agree with that. And for all the wrong reasons. Not people who have sense and want someone who will actually be fair in their judgements. This dope of a "judge" doesn't even know what a woman is!! When asked how she defines a woman, she said she couldn't define it. How dumb! Do you really want someone who can't even describe her own gender to the world taking over our country's supreme court??? I don't!

If Biden is going to pick a black woman to run our supreme court, at least make it someone who knows what a woman is! Can you even imagine someone like Ketanji Brown presiding over any court?! At least the show would be funny to watch. I can just picture it all now...

Ketanji: How do you plead this case? Guilty or not?

Defendant: Umm, Guilty?

Ketanji: What does that mean? "Guilty".

Defendant: It means "not innocent", your honor.

Ketanji: What does "innocent" mean?

Defendant: It would mean someone who didn't do the act they are accused of, your honor.

Ketanji: I'm not familiar with that definition. Move on!

If ms. Ketanji Brown-Jackson needs help defining what a woman is, here's  dictionary.com's definition of a woman...

I know where she got the idea that "woman" has no definition. It was from those two nudniks that was on Dr. Phil last month with Matt Walsh. When Matt Walsh asked the first nudnik what she defines as a woman, her sloppy answer was "No I can't. Because it's not for me to say." That's such a dumb, stupid answer, I can't even believe she said that. Why can't you say what a woman is? Then the other nudnik later added "Because I don't identify as a woman." Well you know what? I don't identify as a dog, but I can sure define what one is. I don't identify as a birthday cake, but I can sure define what one is. I don't identify as a bird, but I can sure define what one is. And so-on and so-forth. Matt Walsh had the perfect response "How can you say trans-'women' are women, when you can't even define what a woman is?" And I say he had a good point! If you can't say what a woman is, you have no business even using the word! So, leave the women alone you JERKS!!!

The two nudniks, Addison Rose and his
wife, Ethan.

Get this, after that Dr. Phil episode was filmed, these two ding-a-lings started having nightmares about that meeting with Matt Walsh. I guess Matt Walsh can be glad he was able to bring truth to the stage that needs to be told. And it caused those "people" to have nightmares.

Anyways, I first heard about Ketanji's nomination last week. And I also have been reading that she has a record of letting off criminals and pedophiles. If she becomes the Supreme Court judge, our whole society could be in danger! Kids will lose all rights. Pedos will steal kids, possibly kill them, and nothing will be done to keep them off the streets because Ketanji will turn them loose. Turn them loose only to let them do the same shit again! Oh no! When I heard that I knew for sure she would be a lousy judge. It's bad enough she doesn't know what a woman is. She sure won't do anything for women to keep their rights in tact. I don't want her as the judge! She's too dumb, and too liberal! Vote her OUT!

She's been getting a pretty good ass-whippin' from the republicans though! Check this out...

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Getting The Boot to the Booty!

 Ya know something? I think I was kicked out of the Ocean Shores Chat group. LOL! Not that I care. I made up my mind now I don't want to move to Ocean Shores. It was fun when we lived there, but now that everything is so political, I'm finding the people are just too left-leaning. It's kinda sad, because when we lived there, I loved it. We had the ocean across the road from us, and I went there basically every day during the summers we were there. But what if I went there now, and came across one of those leftist goons? What if I made friends with them? Not knowing who they are, and them not really knowing who I am. I might get to like one of those leftists. That would ruin my whole life living there! UGH!

That's a radical change in my priorities. Part of the reason I stayed here was because I had hoped to return back to Ocean Shores one day. Now, that dream has shattered. Basically, I don't want to be anywhere near places like Seattle, Portland or San Francisco. I want to get as far away as I possibly can. Too many damn Californians in this part of the country! I notice northern Californians are more conservative, but they aren't the ones moving here, and bringing their customs with them. That's what southern Californians are doing.

Well, this comes as no surprise to me. I've been kicked out of many groups before. This is nothing. It sure won't be the last group I get kicked out of. LOL! I've become accustomed to it. I even left the group on my other account. My MAIN account. Actually, I knew I was taking a risk when I posted the last blog post. Someone from there must have seen it, and reported to the group admin that I cross-posted something from the group. It's against their group rules. But believe me, if I was worried about being thrown out, I wouldn't have taken that risk. I never cross-posted from that group until my last blog post. As you can tell. So, I knew somehow that was going to happen. I just was not worried about it. Like I said, my mind is made up. I'm not moving back to Ocean Shores. Getting on that group was a real eye-opener.

So what now? Well, I don't want to leave the coast. I'd rather stay on the coast. But there are 2 coasts in the USA. There's the west coast, and the east coast. The trouble is all the conservative states on the east coast are hot and humid! Someday I'll figure a way around that. But right now, I've got some tall thinking to do.

Monday, March 14, 2022

In Defense of Trump

This is the reason why now, I don't want to move back to Ocean Shores. I heard it's changed a lot since I lived there. And being more political now, I've been taking a gander at all the posts on the Ocean Shores Chat forum. I go in there with indifference. Then I can see who the friendly people are and who the not-so friendly people are. I'm beginning to understand now. Most of the leftists are not-so friendly (just like everywhere else the leftists gather). Last night I even told one person I am basically there just to observe. I used to think Ocean Shores had more libertarians than liberals. Well, lately I've been finding that not to be true. Yes there are some more conservative people, but most of them are liberals. I'd even go so far as to say some of them are libtards.

There are 3 highly-vocal liberals on the group. Susan Burklund is one, Butch Eberling is another, Sandra Engstrom is another. Occasionally, we get this very angry woman named Connie Blaze, who is also a libtard, but I don't see her that often. She's mean though. Almost as mean as me. LOL! I admit it, I am the biggest asshole on that forum. But again, mostly I am there to observe. Just like when I am in the INXS groups, I'm not there to make friends. If I want to do that, I'll do it in person. If I feel like it. But remember too, I am a people-hater. I prefer the company of my dogs, birds, rabbits, rats, mice, and hamsters. They are better than people. They don't judge me.

Anyway, I want to devote this post to little miss Susan Burklund. The biggest pain in the ass in that group. So far. She reminds me of one of those nasty lady principals in school with the big, round-rimmed glasses on the tip of her nose, a ruler in one hand and a police whistle in the other. She looks down on everyone who disagrees with her. I know she's a leftist and cannot help the way she is. I have to at least cut her some slack there. She is the epitome of a brainwashed leftard. She is exactly what you would expect to see a picture of in an encyclopedia next to the word "radical leftist".

Well, this adventure began with this post on the Ocean Shores Chat group...

If you look at who put this article out, it was from Berkeley's own campus newspaper. Berkeley is a very biased liberal school who teaches leftist ideaology. I am not going to read from a college newspaper! Especially not one from a college partial to leftists! As right-wingers we have to be very careful where we get information from. A lot of newspapers, colleges, universities, and news programs are left-leaning, and will talk about the left in a way that makes them look better than they are. Remember how the leftist media made the BLM riots look peaceful, and January 6 riots look more violent. No one was killed in the Jan. 6 riots. And more than 30 people were killed in the BLM riots. Not to mention, Kamala Harris gave guns to those goons! The picture of the reporter for CNN, standing in front of a burning building, saying the BLM riots are "mostly peaceful", is almost the making of a comedy skit for SNL! 

Yeah, these people at the capital building on January 6, 2021 certainly look more ThReAtEnInG than the picture above...

Just look at those flags! I think they have teeth! That blue Trump flag on that girl's back in the foreground! It's got it's claws dug into her! Look at that object in her hand! Is that a gun!?!?! Look how those pictures on the wall are being burned down! How about the guy right smack in the center, his leg is lifted. Is he about to kick someone in the head??? And what's he got in his hand? A grenade?? Uhh no. That's just a camera phone.  This is an example of how the media ignores the bad shit the left does, but blows everything the right does up completely out of proportion.

Well, leftists never see that, because their only sources of info are college newspapers, CNN, TYT, MSNBC and other biased media. Well, this was my response to this post...

Actually, I am a centralist. I am ready to listen if the leftists have anything new to show me that Trump is a bad guy. But so far, they haven't. I've heard the speeches and interviews they try to debunk, but when your only source is leftist media, you have to be very careful! Leftists take bits and pieces of videos, and add their own theories, and report it as if it's the gospel. I've seen it in action. I saw a video the other day by TYT, where Cenk Uygur was talking about Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again". Cenk said "What Trump means is 'make America white again'." That came out of Cenk's own head. Not Trump's mouth. Even Judge Judy won't listen to plaintiffs who try to determine what the other means when they said something. She says "You can't tell me what s/he was thinking. You're not a mind-reader!" Same goes for Cenk Uygur. He can't tell anyone what Trump meant when he said "make American great again" because that would require Cenk to look inside Trump's mind. And I'm sure he can't do that! But the leftists take everything Cenk says as the gospel. That's the trouble. That's why, as right-wingers, we have to be very careful what information is put out there and what sources the leftists cite. The left will believe anything bad said about Trump, or they will take wrong anything right-wingers say or do, and then preach it as the gospel.

Let me tell you, it drives the leftists completely CRA-ZY when they try to cite something, and we as right-wingers won't believe their sources. We're tough to convince because we won't listen to biased leftist media. We're hard to convince, but not impossible. As soon as leftists find unbiased sources. Which is tough for them. While we don't trust their sources, they don't trust ours. However, there are some good unbiased sources out there. Fox News is actually one of them. Some podcasts are reliable as well. Timcast is a good one. He's a leftist, but he doesn't have TDS.

Anyway, one patron responded this to the post...

This was my response...

I like this person's response!

Well, this was the author's response...

He posted a leftist meme as well...

Trump allied with Russia because he was trying to make peace. It worked as long as he was in office. Now, he's out and Russia is attacking the Ukraine. They'll attack us next if Biden isn't careful. And Biden is too dim-witted to be careful. All those colludings with Russia the left likes to say Trump did, have all been proven to be untrue. Yet the leftists still hold it against him. They just can't let that go.

Anyway, back to the forum. I told the author this...

His response was this...

I looked this up myself. I found this debate from the Fox News website...

If you get beyond Trump's arrogance (I never said Trump was perfect), he said thousands of students have already been paid back. And there was a settlement made to the students to the tune of $25M. And Trump was a democrat when he started that school. Democrats tend to rip people off. Trump didn't become republican until he ran for office. That's what I am interested in. I don't care what happens in anyone's private life. That's none of my business. I'm only interested in what occurred during Trump's presidency. In 2018, Trump did offer the $25M settlement. So as far as I (and the rest of America) should be concerned, he's paid what he owed. No more needs to be said. NO ONE is perfect.

Anyways, I have to jump back here for the rest of this to make any sense. I had gotten into it with Susan Burklund the other day, and she brought up how Trump duped everyone associated with his business and other shit. She told me about NYC and how she lived there before and how they all hated Trump there. This is what I responded with...

Oh boy! Did Susan ever shit her pants when I posted this! LMAO!! I knew this would get her, being a leftist and all. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in her house when she read that. Of course she focused on where I said they'll elect a mayor who is black, liberal and says "I eat a plant-based life". I think the point I was trying to make went way over her head. First of all, I'm saying the ONLY reason he was elected was because he's black and liberal. Kinda like what Biden said when he was looking for a new Supreme Court judge. He said himself he wanted to elect a woman who is black and liberal. So basically, Biden was saying he's going to pick someone based on things like what's between her legs, and the color of her flesh and whether or not she agrees with the constitution. Not what her meritocrisy is. But Susan turned this into a racial thing. Like ALL leftists do. Another thing, how do you "eat life"? Plant-based or not? That doesn't even make sense. So obviously, this new mayor is as dim as Biden is.

This was her response to me...

I admit, I was being a bit sarcastic when I posted this...

Of course, she didn't take it that way. Like all leftists, she picks bits and pieces of what I said and applies her own theory...

Susan does this kind of thing all over the forum. She does it to everybody she doesn't agree with. From her own observation (which as a leftist, is not very comprehensive) she deduced that I am a racist. So she goes all around the forum where I post and writes things like this...

To which I responded...

Yes, I will always speak out against hiring anyone because of skin color and their creed. That's not going to change. That's not how to uphold our constitution! I felt that way when I wrote that, and still feel that way now. This was basically the last time I responded to Susan Burklund. At least until she gets the message.

So, this is her game now. She's become Catsredrum. Remember her? LOL! Susan is the new one in that line. Everyone accuses Trump of being a racist. So, they believe anyone who follows him is one. I posted a link to a YouTube video of Charlie Kirk denouncing that Trump is a racist.

This was Susan's response, though she directed it around me to Butch. Remember when he asked me if a judge's sentence would reform my ideas? Well, this was Susan's response..

Susan posts this as fact. But if you look at this article, you'll see that Trump actually did not cheat on that fund. Social Posts Distort Facts on Trump Charities - FactCheck.org It says that rumor was started by an article in Forbes magazine in 2017. And no truth to it was found.

I dunno, I don't think Dave looks like a unicorn. Do you?


A living unicorn.

Davy doesn't have a horn. Davy is covered with soft fur, that is orange, brown and gray. Davy has long, slender legs designed for long-distance running. The unicorn is gray, has no fur, and shorter legs. Not to mention, the single horn on the muzzle. 😆😆😆 Maybe Susan doesn't know what a unicorn is either. Or she believes the fantasy horse-like unicorns actually exist. Oh well! Butch responded to Susan's post...

Look at this. This is why the leftist media is so successful. Leftists are easy to sway. Susan told him what she thought, and Butch believes it. This is positive proof that leftists can't think for themselves. They always accuse us right-wingers of not being able to think for themselves. But they are really the ones who are easily mislead by the mainstream media. So, here you see leftists caught in the act of doing the same thing the media does to them. What Butch doesn't know is I was not born racist. I really do not care what color of flesh the mayor of NYC has. Even though Susan seems to believe I do. And Trump had nothing to do with the way I feel now. If you're gonna blame anyone, blame the BLM rioters. Their so-called "peaceful protests" did nothing for black people except prove the stereotypes about them were correct! They are annoying and violent thugs.

Are there black people that I like? Of course there are. But none of the ones I like support BLM. They are also the ones who don't like people like Biden hiring people based only on their flesh-color either. That might make Susan Burklund fly over the edge! To know there are black people who do not support BLM and who do not care about "inclusivity". But are more for merit. Those are the black people I like. I don't care what color your flesh is, I don't like anyone who always wants to gain recognition by playing the victim. What Susan also didn't notice in my original post was I also complained about NYC electing Andrew Cuomo as their governor. Andrew Cuomo isn't black. He's white! Maybe that's why Susan skimmed past that one.

Anyway, I didn't respond to their little convo betwengst themselves. I said to myself, "Self, let's let Susan have her little petty way. Don't say nothing." She has a right to her opinion, of course. I don't mind her saying I am a bigot. Coming from a leftist, it means nothing anyway. She can say what she wants, just be careful and don't say the wrong thing. There are some things I don't tolerate people saying about me. Susan is the same person who got into it with another right-winger in a later post...

Howard then posted this pic, asking Susan "Shouldn't you be celebrating now?"

That's a picture of a bunch of trans-"women" who have taken over real womens' sports. This was Susan's response..

Howard's response was spot-on. I've not seen any truer words spoken on this whole forum...

Something is wrong with Susan's head. I don't think her elevator goes all the way to the top. She asked me not to call her stupid, so I won't. But my GOD! Something is not right upstairs! But then that's true for all leftists. Leftism is a mental illness. And Susan proves that every day.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Say Bye to Suzy-Qs

Looks like Suzy-Qs are discontinued... AGAIN!!! I don't understand what problems Hostess has with it's own Suzy-Qs! First they create them, then take them away, then bring them back, then take them away again, then bring them back, now they've taken them away again!! Is there no end to this prejudice between Hostess and the one successful product they ever had? Who doesn't love Suzy-Qs????? I find it increasingly harder to believe that they aren't selling enough Suzy-Qs to keep them on the market. I look on their posts, and it seems most of their customers are upset that Suzy-Qs are discontinued again. These are just a few examples of how loved Suzy-Qs were...

I miss my Suzy-Qs!!!! Apparently, Hostess is now owned by some new owners. I said I think I'd better have a chat with them! They're ruining everything. First, they make Twinkies thinner, and only give it like an eye-dropper's drip of the cream filling. I liked them a lot better when they used to put a shit-ton of cream filling in each cake. Now, you bite into a Twinkie today, you can hardly even find the cream filling. It reminds me of the woman in those old Wendy's commercials who coined the phrase "Where's the beef?" 

I swear, the cakes in the pictures on the package look better than the actual real things!

I mean look at that! They make it look like they put a generous amount of cream in the center. When really, it's little more than the amount you can fit into an eye-dropper. I was disappointed when Twinkies made a comeback in 2013, and I was greeted with Twinkies that hardly looked or tasted like the original version, with a lot less cream! Let's face it, the cream is the best part of any Hostess cake. And now, they are taking them away. That's what I loved about Suzy-Qs. They had the most amount of cream in the center. More than any other Hostess cake!!

Trust me, they are that satisfying! Look at the cream to cake ratio on that baby! I drool just thinking about it! I remember when Hostess went out of business in 2012, the one thing I feared was never seeing or tasting Suzy-Qs again. In 2015, they brought Suzy-Qs back again, but they were like little, square hockey-pocks. Very minimal amount of cake, let alone filling! I didn't like them. I bought a box at the Walmart in Coos Bay, and tried them, and I just did NOT like them. Then Hostess discontinued them again. Then brought them back in 2018, back to their original form, and I was so happy again! I started buying them in bulk! It was said Hostess brought them back again due to protests from fans who demanded they bring them back. I was so grateful. I thought Hostess learned their lesson and would never again take Suzy-Qs away. Boy was I wrong about that! In 2021, I couldn't find them anywhere at all. Not even the places I always typically found them.

You know what I wish? I wish Hostess would take away those darned Zingers, and bring back Suzy-Qs instead! I hate Zingers!!! I think that's the worst crap Hostess makes! I tried some when I first saw them in 1990. I got the chocolate variety, because that was the only Zingers variety that looked even remotely appetizing. It looked like upside-down chocolate Twinkies with icing on top. So, I thought it would be good. Then I took a bite. I was so grossed out by it! The cake it's self was like biting into a sponge and rubbery, it looked like it was supposed to have a creamy filling, which was, for the most part, mislaid. Except for 3 small holes and some white crap that had the consistency of watery snot. And the icing. Woa boy! The icing was tasteless, and hard as a rock. It tasted to me like plastic with sugar added to it, with no chocolate flavoring at all. It had the texture of a board game! To this day, I refuse to eat Zingers. Yet, I keep seeing them! Every place that carries Hostess products has those damn Zingers!

If Hostess intends to stay in business, I suggest they listen to their customers. And STOP TAKING AWAY THE GOOD STUFF!!!!! Stop taking away our Suzy-Qs. If you must remove a product, next time, make it those doggone Zingers! I don't know why they can't just leave the Suzy-Qs alone! We love them.