Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

People Making Threats And Creating Bullshit

What is the matter with people these days? My landlady was out for a while with a fever, and when she came back to the office, she found this thing on the door to the office...

No one really knows what it is or what it means. Some think it's possibly connected to voodoo. Or maybe even witchcraft. Who would do this kind of thing? And why? It's weird! You know, it got me thinking. About a month ago, I opened my door and found a dead bird right in front of me. It was one of those Oregon Juncos. They are small birds related to finches, and they look like this...

Anyway, I never thought anything about it, but it did look like it was just placed there. Not that it just fell there. I thought at first that maybe it was just a young victim of the cold weather. That happens sometimes. Young birds who have only been out of the nest for a few months do good during the summer, but when colder weather sets in, they cannot adapt and they die off. I've seen it happen dozens of times here. But seeing this voodoo thing on the office door got me thinking, maybe it was put there by someone. It was too perfectly placed to have just fell there. I think someone killed it and put it in front of my door. I thought if anything, some kid put it there as a joke. I just kicked the damn thing into the bushes and forgot about it. Until now.

I kindof wonder how many other people here have received little signs like that. If it is someone, I might actually know who it is. Now, I don't know for absolute certain, which is why I can't say anything to the police or to the manager. But there is this woman who I've seen walking this big-ass dog, it looks kindof like a wolf dog. And that woman HATES Mya!!! Because Mya makes her dog go crazy. I don't know her name, I only recognize her by her dog. And I'm not even sure it's her. I can only guess. I do not know any other person here who would place a dead bird in front of my door, I don't hurt anyone. Neither does Mya. I keep to myself more or less.

I have another theory who it could be. But I'm not too sure this is even remotely true. There is this woman who lives in the apartment right above me. She's a young, Mexican woman. She's fucking WEIRD!!!!!!! I don't know her name, but I do know her kid's name is Mario. But she is the actual weird one. I think it rubbed off on her kid too. She creeps around, never talks to anyone, no one except her kid and the other woman in that apartment who I think is her mother. And she is always wearing this purplish hoodie, even on 80-90 degree days! Almost as if she's hiding something. The only time I really see her is when she is out front smoking a cigarette. I've met her mom, she seems really nice. But the young woman herself, just seems weird. I don't think she even speaks to a person when she is spoken to. I don't know though, I never tried. She kinda scares me. LOL! But she may also be the culprit.

Another thought came to mind, it could also be someone who gets around on the bus. There's a lot of freaks who get on that bus, and surely one of them might come around here and cause trouble. When I get on the bus, I still usually keep to myself. I rarely, if ever, talk to anyone. That's because I am not trying to make friends. I'm just trying to get where I am going. But I haven't been on the bus in about a month! I don't ride the bus in the fall/winter months, because I don't want to get caught in the rain and cold. And the buses have been so slow-coming because of this construction on the highway!! So, sometimes, I'm out there waiting for a bus that comes 30 minutes later than it's supposed to!! So, until this construction stops on the highway, or until summer, whichever comes first, I'm taking the dial-a-ride where I need to go. Or asking friends for a ride, if I can.

I personally don't believe in voodoo. So, whoever is doing this shit, cut it out!!! Your bullshit curses are not going to work on me! You're only making yourself look foolish!! Not to mention, setting yourself up for some serious jailtime!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Purpose-Bred Mutts

People make me sick! People who purpose-breed mutts make me even sicker! I mean, it makes me feel physically fucking ill!! Now, I don't mean people who breed mutts for a real purpose and know what they are doing when they put 2 dogs together. By "know what they are doing", I do not mean someone who has been doing it for 20+ years and is just putting 2 dogs together because one has a penis and the other has a vagina. People who are looking to create a real breed often do so in secret. They don't announce it to the world after just a few breedings. But the people who make me the sickest of all are those who do just put 2 dogs together just because one is an unspayed female and the other is an unneutered male, both of 2 different breeds (often the male is a larger breed than the female) just because they want to create a "new, exotic, rare mix". UGH!!!

I once saw a post from someone who bred a yorkshire terrier (they called it a "teacup" yorkie) with a pit bull terrier. And guess which one was the mother! Yep, it was the yorkshire! The yorkshire was actually pregnant with the pit bull terrier's pups! And the owner of the yorkshire bragged about it saying "We're gonna call the pups porkies". Can a dog-owner possibly be any stupider?! Why did they allow their yorkshire terrier to mate with a pit bull terrier?! Don't they realize this is not some cutesy thing?! This is a serious thing that can actually kill their yorkshire terrier!!! She's either going to die in childbirth or she's gonna burst before the pups reach full term. And believe me, it would not be a good thing to have your dog actually explode on you. I'm not even kidding you! The dog will literally explode!! Now you know why I am so against bybing. Stupid-ass people like that don't know any better! They act like they've been living under a rock all their lives!!!

People like that make me totally SICK!!!!!! I want to take a gun to that owner's head and pull the trigger!!!!! Then take that poor yorkshire terrier female and abort those pups before they kill her!!! And this isn't the first time I've heard of someone like this breeding pups like this! An old family friend of ours had a dog that was half chihuahua and half labrador. Again, guess which of it's parents was the chihuahua! Yep! It was the mom! I also heard of another case recently of someone who got a dog that was half chihuahua and half pit bull. Again, the mother of that dog was a chihuahua!!! And this time, the person who got one of the pups mentioned the mother died giving birth to those pups! People often do this on purpose solely for the sake of being able to say in an ad "Exotic mixes". Then they take a female small dog and mate it with a male big dog. Usually a dog whose pups are born as big as the fully-grown smaller dog! Yes, as sick as it sounds, they do that ON PURPOSE!!!!! They don't know what they are doing! And it should be illegal to allow people who don't know what they are doing to breed any animals!

In that aspect, America should be more like Russia. People should have to have a license to breed dogs. But really, it should go without saying that a small female should never be bred with a large-breed male. Or even breeding a small-breed female with a medium-sized breed male (since a lot of dumbasses will argue "A pit bull is not a large breed" as if that's the point!) If I ever meet someone who is doing that, I'll buy a gun and blow their brains out because they are too stupid to live!!! If they have kids, well, I don't want to hurt a child. I'll just have them taken away and put in foster care, where hopefully they would unlearn the distorted morals their stupid parents taught them!

The only people who really should be mixing breeds is in the case of someone creating a totally new breed. Those are usually people who do so in secret. They don't flaunt their actions all over the internet. The creator of the shiloh shepherd made that mistake. But keep in mind, the creator of the giant schnauzer hid in the alps of Germany for 40 years, working on that breed! He told NO ONE what he was doing! He culled pups that were not up to his standard, he did not describe what breeds he used to create this new breed with, he did not flaunt his actions to the world, and especially he did not breed 2 breeds together that DID NOT BELONG TOGETHER!!!! Like mixing a small-breed female with a much larger-breed male!!!!!! A sane person just does not do that!!!

I've said it before and I will say it again, people today just never cease to amaze me with their stupidity!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Riley Needs to Get Over Himself!

UGH!! You know, Riley J. Dennis is helping with this great country divide! Look him up on YouTube! He's a fucking moron! Well, no more so than any other SJW! But he is a moron of another caliber! He is basically the reason a lot of people today laugh at queers. Now, by "queer", I don't mean the typical gay person or trans person who is confident and sure of themselves. I mean these crybaby SJW queers who take little things and make them seem bigger and worse than they are. For example, I was just watching a video someone did in response to Riley J. Dennis's apology video. Yes, Riley did a video on how to give a proper apology. His reason for doing it is what I am talking about here.

Apparently on some modern sitcom, a woman asked another woman to go steady, and the other woman said she liked the first woman, but only as a friend. Well, Riley got butthurt over that, and he said a lot of queer people did. A gay person, who is confident and sure of themselves, would have just let that go. But not someone like Riley J. Dennis! Nooooooooooo!!!! He has to gripe and complain and bitch and moan because one woman did not want to date another. That is so STUPID to get angry over something like that. Such a trivial thing! Riley would hate me if he ever met me! I don't mind being friends with gay people or trans people. I don't mind it at all. As long as they are legit. What they do does not offend me at all. But if say a trans woman thinks, dresses, and acts like a man, but is still a woman, I don't want to date her!!! No way! I'm not that intimately interested in her! She's still a woman! She still has a vagina. I got no need for that! If my thinking that offends someone like Riley J. Dennis, then too bad!! Fuck off and get over it!!!!! I would gladly be friends with her, but I will never date her in anything more than a friendly outing. Because I am not interested in pussy. I want the cock! I've always been a cock-sucker (in more ways than one)! If she wants pussy, she can go find it in someone else. Perhaps another female SJW who will accept her advances.

In fact, if I fell in love with a dude, who turns out to be a trans woman and did not tell me to begin with, I would be absolutely FURIOUS!!!!!!!! I'd walk away and never speak to that person again! And believe me, there are trans women who would do that just to get what they want. I've never come across them personally, thank GOD! Most of the trans people I've met have fortunately been very honest. But it did happen to my mom once right after she and my father divorced.

Now, to give you the TimmyHutchFan advice about giving a proper apology. It's simple......................


Believe me, just walk away. No matter if you are friends with the person or not. Especially if you're not. If you're not friends with the person you offended, just tell them to shut the fuck up and get over it! They won't believe you anyway when you try to apologize, no matter how sincere you are. It happened to me more than once, and I gave very sincere apologies. So, don't waste your breath! If you do like the person, just don't say anything, walk away and if it is meant to be you will work it out eventually. In my experience, apologies only make your friends angrier. Is it really worth it?

I once read a quote from someone who said "make it a rule never to apologize. The right kind of person won't need one, and the wrong kind of person will take a mean advantage of it." I've seen both happen, and believe me, the wrong kind of person makes you cringe. You apologize, admit you are wrong, I've even sometimes shed tears because I felt so bad about hurting the other person. And they still did not believe I was sincere enough. It used to be if I was wrong, I admit it, and I learn not to do it again. Not anymore! Now, if I am wrong, especially if I was not friends with the person to begin with, I just tell them now to fuck off and get over it. I'm no worse off then than I was before I offended them. And most likely, they've been in PMs, or talking amongst each other, saying shit about me and not telling me as well. They don't deserve apologies from me.

My last apology I gave publicly, I said to the INXS SJW libtards "Sorry for the confusion". That's it. I did not say sorry for offending Kelly. Because my comments were not in any way directed at her. She just thought they were because in her own little twisted mind, she is somehow obsessed with me. So, all I could say was sorry for the confusion. Nothing else. And she wasn't even really sick! Lying fag!

Well, that's how I've become in today's world. One has to adapt. Even if it means stepping on someone else's toes to get there. If today's people are going to be this way, then so be it. I'll just remain an introvert. I may be hated by other people, but in today's society, that seems to be a good thing. I got Mya, I have plans to move in with my sis, even though it means moving back to Bozeman (at least they are getting a Winco!) so I'll have plenty of company! Well, I'll have enough.

I couldn't ask my sis to move here. She has a job there that she loves. It would be selfish of me to ask her to move here! And I cannot afford to live here by myself anymore, so I am moving in with her. I've asked advice from all my friends and even my counselor, they all agree with me. Apparently my sis said something similar to her counselor, and she thinks I am being selfish. But I know my sis! She most likely relayed it wrong to her counselor. My sis, GOD love her, but she sees things differently. I'm afraid she is becoming like my grandma! Most likely she over-embellished on the financial reasons I gave. But that is only part of the reason I am moving in with her. However, it is plenty enough good reason! A lot of people do that. We had someone here after the rent was raised, had a yard sale, and I was chatting with her. She said herself she cannot afford to live here anymore either, and she is moving in with her sister too. And one has to admit, the both of us would struggle a lot less financially if we lived together and combined our incomes. Maybe I can even get a small job. Who knows?

Atheists And Vegans Are Alike

This is another reason I cannot go vegan. Because I am not an atheist. I was an atheist once, but I never will be again. I am a happier person now that I know GOD exists. Atheists would argue with me and say "GOD is basically a placebo to make people feel better." Well, I say so be it! I would rather live my life believing GOD exists than to die not believing only to find out he does exist. Of course I don't think there is a burning pit of fire we would be condemned to if we do wrong. I personally think Hell is simply the grave. If we do wrong in our lives, we just die and our souls become lost in this world, don't go to Heaven. That's one of those things I think the Bible exaggerates a bit on.

Almost every vegan I've ever met has been atheist. You know why? Because vegans only see the world in black and white. In their logic, children in Africa are starving so there is no GOD. Cancer is running rampant today so there is no GOD. People are getting into car accidents so there is no GOD. Over 200,000 people died in the Asian tsunami in 2004, so there is no GOD. To me, it sounds totally dumb to blame all these things on GOD. But they believe just because GOD is said to control everything, why didn't HE stop these things from happening? Then the world would be perfect. We were not meant to live in a perfect world. Things happen. I cannot explain why, but there is always a reason that will add up in the end. I've lost friends over the years to a lot of things. Do you think I sit around and preach "oh woe is me! Why did this happen to my friend? There is no GOD since this happened to my friend!" My dad died of cancer, one of the things atheists blame GOD for. My dad did not sit around and think "Why is this happening to me?!" No way! He was strong till the end. Even went on 5 mile walks during his treatment! That's the kind of person he was. Never once did he curse GOD for him having cancer. He never questioned it. I admired that about him.

I saw a video yesterday where a vegan was confronting a dairy farmer in Australia. He said the usual typical vegan retarded arguments; comparing milk production to slavery. He was asking the farmer how does he know his dog just wants to live. Ya know, the usual black and white arguments. Vegans want to change the whole course of nature. Yet they sit home on their asses surrounded by cats. Vegans never have pet rabbits, nor pet birds, rarely pet dogs (if they do, it's usually a pit bull). Nope, they almost always have cats; the most carnivorous mammal a person can have besides a ferret. Then they totally feed them a vegan diet, which is not good at all. That is why I do not respect vegans who own cats. Well, I don't respect anyone who owns cats anyways, because they're almost always liberals.

My argument to vegans is always centered around the high number of vegans who have cats running around their house. I tell them get rid of those cats, then come talk to me about what I eat. Either way, vegans lose. They choose to keep an animal that kills wildlife, then they are contributing to the slaughter and extinction of wild animals. Or, they are feeding cats a vegan diet, which is not good for them at all, so it's considered the abuse and neglect of an animal. Or they are feeding these cats regular cat food, and are contributing anyways to the slaughter of animals like cows, pigs, chicken and fish. LOL! So, vegans lose 100% with cats. Until I actually meet a vegan who does not own a cat, never has owned a cat, and never will own a cat, I won't listen to them.

And honestly, soy is just as bad for people as the hormones many people put in meat! Soy has been linked to breast cancer. It makes peoples' hormones go crazy. Men become women and get that gynecomastia, which turns man boobs to female boobs. That's probably why so many vegan men are gay! Then there is the argument that it takes hundreds of gallons of water to raise one cow. Well I heard it takes a lot more gallons of water to raise one almond tree. And FAR more CO2 and methane gas emissions are put out by one vegetable picking machine than by 100 cows. So, there goes their arguments that it's more environmentally friendly to go vegan. LOL! If vegans would stop seeing the world in black and white, they would be able to see the whole picture of what they are doing.

But anyways, that is why I don't like vegans and I am not too crazy about atheist points of view. Though I do not deny them their right to choose how they want to live. Just don't bitch at me because I choose to live the way I want to. You live your way, I'll live mine. Hell, I may even die sooner than you, but at least I will die a happier person than you!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Celebrating Michael Hutchence With Specials and Mya

Today is a good day to celebrate Michael's life! Now, I've got some specials to post. Damn! If only I can embed posts from my other blog. As you know tomorrow is my Thanksgiving (always on the 22nd). So, I may not be in. I'll be too busy cooking that day. I do still give thanks, but it's for Michael. Well, him and family. So, I still call it "Thanks-giving". Thank GOD for giving us Michael for those relatively few years he was here. I wish it had been longer, but I guess GOD had other plans for him. I love Michael so much, I just cannot let him go. I'm still angry though that he got with Paula and she practically aided in driving him over the edge. The libtards can hate me for that all they want to. I don't care! But in some small way, I still feel like she was responsible for driving him nearly crazy! He was so protective of Paula to a point he became vindictive (his therapist's words). That's not good! Such ugliness does not look good with such a handsome man! But I think Paula drove him to it.

It's cool she agreed to give Michael a child (A child). But still, I think she did have a hand in driving him over the edge! Though I do mostly blame that Piers Morgan guy. I could see why when I saw one of his interview shows. He's so fricken annoying!!!

Anyways, here are some of the specials I have going on UMG Productions to celebrate Michael's life...

20% off Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses INXS

In honor of Michael growing his wings 20 years ago today, I am offering 20% off on a printed copy of this book. This book contains the stories "INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens", and "One Day In November..." and also a previously unreleased short graphic novel story "Jon's Nightmare". Link will open in a new window. Only available from today until November 24th.


50% off all streamed videos

Also until November 24th, I am offering 50% off any video streamed on the site. Use the coupon code HUTCH20 at checkout. This includes videobooks. These are like podcasts, or like audiobooks, only they have pictures and sometimes video. Check it out! So far, I've only done 3 videobooks for the site. But they are all stories also inspired by INXS. I'm getting those out of the way first 😀👍

You can access regular video movies here.
Or, you can stream videobooks here.

Now, I got something else to share. Mya is also helping me celebrate Michael's life. It's her first holiday with mommy! We are both celebrating. She never met Michael but she's heard a lot about experiences with him from me. Check out how she is celebrating Michael's day!

Did you ever see such a happy baby? She is loving INXS as much as I do! I've taught her well!

I've seen people do this with the Kick album cover. LMAO!! I'm too fat to do it. But Mya is just right! Look at how cute they look together. Well! At least I got the eyes right. Dogs are not like cats. When they look straight at you, the length of their nose hides their mouth. I always liked that about dogs. Cats have a flatter face and frankly, I think that looks rather ugly. But there's my girl celebrating Michael's life with mommy!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

When A Pedophile Is A Pedophile

Oh boy! Doggone snowflake libtards. Though I have to admit, it got me thinking. When is falling in love with a younger person considered pedophilia? My grandma was 50 years old when she married her last husband (she'd been married a couple times before). Her last husband's name was John. He was about 18 years older than her, so he was almost 70 when they got married. But what if they had met when my grandma was younger? What if they met when she was 16? That was the consenting age when my grandma was younger. People today would look at that, and knowing my grandpa was 18 years older, would have said he was a creepy pedophile. But he was really the most loving and caring husband my grandma ever had.

Here's another interesting fact; my mom also married when she was 16. My dad was 8 years older than my mom. So, he was about 24 at the time. Today, people would hear that and say my dad was a pedophile. But I know he wasn't. He liked kids, and he was good with them, but he wasn't a pedophile. I hear people calling Onision a pedophile all the time. Not that I care anything about Onision, but he was 28 when he married a girl who was 17, and apparently they were in love. I can't say that I approve of how Onision is "raising" Lainey to be gay, and I know she was not gay when they got married, otherwise why would they marry in the first place? But really, at what point does something like that become pedophilia? This is why I don't understand liberals. I will never understand liberals! So, it's better, and a lot less stressful, when I just don't try to.

I also hear people calling Donald Trump a pedophile. His wife is young enough to be his daughter! But, she's older than me! And they were married in 2005, when she would have been 35 years old. How does that make him a pedophile? Again, not that I care two shits about Donald Trump! But I see this statement all the time among liberals. I just don't understand it. It could be just the typical liberal-SJW bullshit that they want to point out little details about someone they don't like and blow them all out of proportion to make it sound worse than it really is. That's why I say to people, get to know someone, or something, before you make harsh judgments. Most especially if the person talking about that someone, or something, is a liberal! Liberals claim to hate negativity, but they are the ones who over-dramatize the negativity in everything.

I am a great example of that. I'm not a liberal, and I speak my mind a lot. Liberals HATE me for doing that!!! I emphasize HATE, because though they won't admit it, that's what liberals do best. I put a lot of my angers and frustrations out on this blog. Liberals who read this blog often look and think I am nothing but an angry, negative person. Admittedly, the things I put on this blog and the things I post on my Facebook wall are two totally different things. I do vent some things on Facebook, but I don't want to dwell on my angers and frustrations on Facebook, because you never really know how people you call "friends" are going to perceive these things. Besides, back in the day, most of the people I had on my Facebook were INXS fans, so most of my Facebook discussions were about INXS. On my blog, I can go into more detail about different subjects than what I should post on Facebook. So, all my rants and rages go here, and all my happiness and positivity goes on Facebook. But liberals still judge me by what I write on this blog. But really, that's like judging a person's whole life, personality and general being on them just having a bad day. Notice I do not make a new post every day. So, I don't put EVERYTHING on this blog or on Facebook.

I dunno, liberals today want to live in a plastic bubble. All I have to say is this...

Now I have to change the subject. I did something I probably shouldn't have done, but I felt I had to just as an experimental thing. Thank GOD there are no INXS libtards in the anti-SJW group I am on! LOL! Well, I was talking about INXS on there and some joker said "I heard Michael Hutchence was a great guy to hang around with". Ya know, I don't like suicide jokes. It made me angry! But I often wondered, what if the same thing was said about a tv star everyone liked, like Robin Williams. You know he also hung himself too. Now, I don't condone this kind of talk myself, but I had to say to this guy, "So is Robin Williams". Just to see what kind of response I'd get from him. People make fun of Michael ALL the time for being the guy who killed himself by hanging. No one is even 100% sure that is how he died. That was actually just speculated. Even the coroner in Sydney isn't 100% positive that is how Michael died! I personally think he was drowned in the bathtub by one of Bob Geldof's assailants in Sydney! His death is totally open for debate. Yet dumbasses like this guy still make fun of him dying by hanging!

Well, I wanted to see how this joker would respond to a comment like that, just in case he is a Robin Williams fan. Well, he liked the comment!! UGH!!! I was hoping it'd piss him off like his comment did me!

Friday, November 17, 2017

If You Support Trump....WHO CARES?!?!?!!!!

Not this shit again!!! I had to delete someone from my friends list again this morning. She made a post saying "If you support Trump, then delete me from your friends too". UGH!! I hate Trump!!! Cannot stand the sight of that guy! But I hate Obama too, and Killary as well!!! Both have, or would have, ruined this country! Obama brought back racism. And Hillary was going to allow radical islams in this country to kill us all. I am glad she didn't make it into office either! But I am a libertarian. I'd rather have had a libertarian president. Well, this person I had been friends with for a while. I was friends with her on my last Facebook account. But I deleted her anyways, because it's what she wanted. But that's not the only reason.

I told this friend about another person I was friends with last year (remember Katy Brewer?) who did basically the same thing she did. And Katy went cat-shit loony one day and just deleted all her friends, including me, and many others who have been friends with her for many years. Even some who supported her in hard times. But Katy said the exact same thing. She said whoever on her list supported Trump can delete her as a friend too. Many did, even many who did not support Trump. I'm not a Trump supporter, but she deleted me anyways. Ya know, this is the legacy Obama left us. He completely divided the country! He made things worse. Unfortunately, the libtards don't believe that. They think he was "the best president this country ever had". It's very sad people have become this. That they make their friends choose between their friendship and their political views. I have several liberal friends. I just don't discuss politics with them. But I will not put up with another Katy Brewer in my life!! One was MORE than enough!!!

Like I said before, the old TimmyHutchFan is dead! All that kindness and friendliness I showed fair-weather people before, is GONE! That includes having a shred of patience for those people! I have a baby now. I have to spend all my patient energy taking care of her. She hurt herself last night and I had to take her to the vet this morning. That alone is emotionally draining. I was dragged out last night worrying about her! Thankfully she is OK, the only thing she is suffering is some pain and the vet gave her meds for that. But I tend to not like people much who say "If you like so-n-so, then you can't like me!" I mean REALLY!!! I don't say things like that!!! I believe in freedom of choice. I hate Trump, but if someone is going to say something like that about one person, I can imagine they'll say the same thing about a lot of things. What's next? I can't be your friend if I prefer chocolate ice cream over strawberry? How about if I prefer gold over silver? Or rain over sun? Or grape juice over wine? Geez! Do these people even realize how fricken retarded that sounds??!! Not only that, but that is fricken pathetic!

Oh and didn't Katy say I was "pathetic" because I preferred not to keep radicals in my life? LMAO! Really, she was the pathetic one, with a 30-year old boy still living with her, divorced and on welfare.

Well, truly I hate deleting people. But this person practically gave me permission to delete her from my friends. I used to think INXS fans were level-headed. I can't even believe I used to think that! There's people I don't like. Like, I can't stand Tess Obrien and Matt Burney. I hate those two with the burning passion of a thousand infernos. I do however, have some mutual friends with them. But I've never said to anyone "If you're friends with them, then you can't be friends with me!" Though I truly believe that THEY have said that to people about me. I know Tess has! But I am not like that. Not even online. I don't even tell these friends about the problems I have with them. Because it's just between me and Tess. Or just between me and Matt. It's nobody else's business. That is what an adult does. I would tell someone if they ask me, but really my goal is not to turn anyone off to them, because it's their choice if they want to be friends with them. Not mine. But they can be assured, I'll tell them the truth of what happened. To the best of my knowledge. Matt and Tess will make up stuff to make me sound worse than I really am, and pass it off as being complete truth when they don't really know.

And didn't Clare Aisha say I was the one being cruel to Tess??!!! LMAO!!! Stupid-ass libtard! Well, that's the price one pays for being a demure introvert misanthropist. LOL! The only people I like are my closest friends, family and my men of INXS.

Speaking of which, there is some good news! The INXS story is now up on UMG Productions! Paperback and ebook versions are available! Look for it here: http://www.umgproductions.com/2017/11/uncle-martin-and-gang-discusses-inxs.html

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Liar, Liar! Pants On Fire!

OMG! I was chatting this morning with an old friend I haven't seen in quite some time. I was talking to her and the subject of our deceased parents came up. I said that was why I left Facebook for a while. I needed some time to heal. I never would have been able to do it had I stayed on Facebook, because the SJWs were telling everyone that I thought it was funny that one of their friends had cancer. That was Kelly Poulter. Which I never did, and I said they should have known better since they knew my father had just died of cancer a couple months before. It wouldn't make sense for me to make fun of someone else having the disease. Anyone who thought I was is a complete dim-witted dumbass!!! But they were spreading it around, and emotionally, I was too weak at that time to deal with dumbasses.

Well, I now have Kelly blocked on Facebook, so I'm not going to unblock her just to see what she's up to. But this friend went and checked out her page. She came back saying "If she's a cancer patient, then I'm a bulimic! She's too fat to have cancer!" I asked her if she was serious. She said yes. Then I got angry. I kinda knew deep down inside that Kelly was fricken LYING!!! Probably lied to everyone to get sympathy. It was driving her crazy that my dad died of cancer, and apparently she didn't like me getting all the attention she felt should belong only to her. So, she made up the cancer story to gain all that attention. The sad thing is, all of her friends will believe her. But then again, these are the same people who believed that I was making fun of Kelly having cancer after my own father just died of cancer. How advanced could their comprehension skills possibly be?! LOL! Not very, let me tell you! They have the reasoning skills of a slug!

Remember we're dealing with libtard SJWs! The masters of tunnel-vision! They see only what they want to see. The bigger picture is FAR out of their realm!

If you ask me, the one who needs help is Kelly Poulter. She seems to have that Munchhausen Syndrome. That's not good! And she can't have all the attention. How she got the info that my dad died, I may never really know. All I can do is speculate. Perhaps Rosanda told that Vincent who in turn must have told Kelly. That's not good either. I really did not want that spreading all over the INXS community. But what's done is done. But it shows Never, NEVER completely trust a libtard!

Friday, November 10, 2017

So She's An Atheist?

Oh boy! I was watching a video done by someone else about this turmoil going on between Jacklyn Glenn and Social Repose. SR thought JG was going to be "the perfect mate because she's an atheist". LMAO!!! OMG!!! You know what, I don't trust atheists!! What the fuck does being an atheist have to do with being the perfect mate? I admit it, I used to be an atheist too. That was a long time ago, and you know what? When I was an atheist, I was a LOT more miserable than I was once I found GOD. Apparently both JG and SR are atheists. Now, I am not trying to push religion on anyone. If those two want to continue to be atheists, then that's fine. It's their lives. But I don't think it's a very safe assumption to make that a person is going to be the perfect mate because they are atheists. All that says about JG is that when she is 40-something years old, she's going to be unmarried, childless and surrounded by nothing but a bunch of DUMB cats!!!!! Because atheists, you know they're definitely libtards, and libtards love cats.

You know what all atheists have in common? They don't like commitments and they completely lack faith in anything. That's what makes them atheists. When I hear the word "atheist", that is what I think of. To me, it doesn't mean just a person who does not believe in a deity. When you look deeper, it means a person who is unfaithful, short-sighted, and a bit narcissistic. It also spells out a person who is very sad inside. That is what I see when I see atheists. Who really cares whether or not they believe in GOD. That's not the point. They are angry people inside, libtards who want what they want and want it NOW. And fuss and spread "there's no GOD" when they don't get what they want immediately.

I've actually had atheists who have heard my story say to me "Please come back to atheism!" But I always tell them I can't. I just can't. I've been touched by GOD. I know I was touched by GOD, because there was just no other explanation for what happened to me. Though I have to say, I don't think mormonism is the right thing for me. I keep getting harassed about looking up my past relatives, and while that would be interesting to see, I'm just not willing to put the effort forward for little more than getting them allegedly post-mortem baptized. My mom has been trying to get me and my sis into mormonism since she married John. But really, I don't think it's right for me. Since I've joined the mormons, I've met some very nice people, but I myself have been miserable. That is, more miserable than I was before I joined. Seems I am just happy out from under the cloak of organized religion. I just went my own way and praised GOD in my own way. It felt right to me. Mormonism does not feel right to me.

I have just too many questions about mormonism. That's what organized religion does to me! Raises a lot more questions than answers. For one thing, Joseph Smith, who was 14 when he said he heard GOD speak to him. Well, 14 year olds lie. We see it even today. Kids who are 14 want their 15-minutes of fame. I never met Joseph Smith, so for all I know, he was lying when he said GOD spoke to him. This is why I was so much happier when I was simply religious. No kind of other religion to follow, no one else's rules, just plain old GOD-given common sense! And mormonism has too many rules! I've even been told I have to eat mostly fruits and veggies. For me, fruit is a dessert item and veggies are a side-dish for the main course (meat). Nothing more. Most likely, not going to happen with me. But I humor them by saying, "I'll try".

For me, my 'religion' was based on actual facts. Facts I've seen with my own eyes and felt in my own heart. Not by what some 14-year old kid said 180-some-odd years ago! I believe in reincarnation, because it's been proven to be real. I've heard people who have talked about what their former life was like. I believe in Heaven, because again, I've heard testimony by those who were there. Though mormons do believe in "life before life", apparently, it is not the same as reincarnation. I just cannot give up the belief in reincarnation, again, because I've heard so much testimony supporting it. And frankly, I hate the term "holy ghost". They don't like it when I call it a "holy spirit". I don't like "ghost", because to me, a "ghost" is an evil being that haunts a house. To them, the "holy ghost" is basically what we normally call "instinct" or "intuition". And if that is true, then I had the "holy ghost" LONG before I ever got baptized in mormonism. So really, all that time spent, and getting baptized in the mormon faith really did nothing for me. Nothing that I didn't already have done before. My own religion, which was simple faith in GOD, did more for me than mormonism has.

But if I quit, I'll lose all my friends, and I really like these people I've met here in the church. And going to church it's self has some advantages to it too. While they are talking and singing, I'm sitting there on the bench, drawing pictures for my stories. And ya know, I actually do much better drawings sitting in church than I do here at home, waiting to get in the mood. At first, bringing my drawings was simply a way to stay awake in church. Before I started doing that, I would fall asleep before the real meeting got started. But since then, I've managed to keep myself awake. And I actually get the drawings for these stories DONE!!!!! In the past month, I've completed 5 stories. That's more than I've done in the previous 3 years! And I think my drawings are getting better too. LOL!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New INXS Website Up!

For anyone who might be interested, I am posting my new INXS website here! Yes, I'll even allow the SJWs to view it. They just cannot comment. I am not interested in SJW bullshit! But I managed to put my video that I made for Michael up on the site. I might even offer this movie on a DVD soon, if anyone is interested at all. That will go up on UMG Productions. But I will continue to offer this movie available for viewing online for free. For those who are only interested in live streaming.

Anyway, here is the link to my new INXS site. I also have some links to INXS merchandise I offer, and I might offer more items on this site.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

In The Radar

Wow! YouTube can be as vicious as Facebook. Well, a lot of YouTubers have Facebook accounts. But it now looks like Social Repose is on everybody's radar. LOL! I guess everyone seems to need to be in the spotlight. This is the main reason why I never wanted to become popular on YouTube. Peoples' careers, and even their lives, get ruined. It's bad enough for me I keep a fricken blog! I often get into turmoil with it too. But over the years, I've gotten used to it. I've become famous for speaking my mind! But yeah, I never wanted to become popular on YouTube. Joy Sparkle is now gone from YouTube because people kept hammering at her. Now, they are working on Social Repose.

Frankly, I never liked Social Repose. I could see he was Onision incarnate from the beginning. Only I think he's much worse than Onision. Social Repose used to get into his videos in Native American chief headdress, with black eyes, and war paint. I don't know if he still does that in his videos as I've only seen one of his videos. One was enough!!! It was enough to tell me I don't like him!! His headdress (and use of it) was freaky!

As you can see, he's an ugly dude! I mean, I know everyone has a "gimmick". But this boarders on being quite offensive! I am Native American. I don't find his headdress funny at all! Another thing that I learned watching that video was this guy went all the way to Japan to check out a cat-cafe! UGH!! Though he looks exactly as I would expect a man who prefers cats to look, I was still thinking "A fucking cat cafe?! Dude, grow up!!! You're too fucking old to be playing with cats! That's for weak little girls!" Well, like I said before many times, men who prefer cats are definitely wussies. This dude is no exception.

Well, apparently the story goes this Social Repose guy has been dating Jacklyn Glenn, also a person on YouTube. And now, he's cheated on her. I really don't know, as I haven't heard the whole story. And this Social Repose guy is so freaky, I don't want to watch his videos. The story is all over YouTube now, and everyone is getting involved in this because this guy, like Onision, completely televised his affair with Jacklyn Glenn. An important rule of thumb to remember is if you are going to be in a relationship with anyone else on YouTube DO NOT televise it!!!!! This happens to everyone who does! I never discussed men I dated back in the early days of me creating videos. I didn't because it's nobody's business but mine and the guy I was dating! I'm not going to tell strangers on YouTube about my affairs! A lot of them think I am a "lonely lesbian" because they think I've never had or dated a man. LOL! But hey! That's OK! The truth is, I just don't talk about it on YouTube when I am dating someone! Let them think what they want.

I've mentioned men I was dating on here a few times. But I don't tell EVERYTHING! It'd be stupid of me to do so! Who cares what other people think happened?! Who gives a shit!? I sure don't! I used to, back in the early days. But after learning that talking about relationships online brings you nothing but shit in your life. As long as you and your partner knows what happened, that's all that matters. No one should care what strangers think that don't have the whole story! And if they do care, Fuck them!

Social Repose has now gotten on YouTube and given some half-assed apology to his "fans". But no apology to Jacklyn Glenn, and that is what everyone is so pissed off about. Personally, I was never a fan of his, so I don't give a shit! I made up my mind long ago that I didn't like this dude. But it is interesting to see people now saying the same thing I said long ago about this dude. But he keeps making one excuse after another, after another instead of just apologizing for his own actions. He blames depression. And while I get the depression angle, and I understand depression can make you do some fucked up things that you probably don't mean to do, still! Don't blame what you did on Jacklyn Glenn. It's not like she didn't already get all the facts first.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

AGH!! Fricken Libtards!!

I've made too damn many posts about fricken cats this month! I was so upset someone replaced MC Hammer's picture with a picture of an ugly gray tabby cat!!! Well! I hate gray tabbies. I always thought they were the ugliest cats. Red and brown tabbies tieing for second on that unenviable list. I just don't like tabbies. Though I used to have a brown tabby persian. But that was before I was a reborn INXS fan and before everyone I knew had cats--ALL of them, gray tabbies! That's why I don't like them. They're too common, and too plain, and too ugly. They all look the same as one another to me. No variety at all. Almost all of them I'd wager, have unknown heritages too.

More than the cats themselves, I hate catfags. I post this because I love arousing them. LOL! I remember a couple years ago when I posted this video of a stupid cat in the process of torturing a mouse, I got a very angry comment from someone. First name was Fredericka. Last name was some italian type name. It came from a troll account. I looked on that person's google plus account and it had just been created the same day. She came in that video, calling me every name in the book. LOL! She was TRIGGERED!!! I think "Fredericka" may have actually been this character I used to be friends with who called herself Linda Memphis. Or someone who had some connection with her. "Linda" may even be some kind of pseudonym. She got very butthurt when she found out that I hate cats. Obviously she was a liberal catfag. I should have ended the "friendship" then. I think she was also upset because I was not impressed with her celebrity meet-ups. I was happy for her when she finally met Tom Jones, but I was not impressed.

Sorry but, celebrity meet-ups do not impress me at all. My mom also met Tom Jones, and she met him when he was young and handsome. Not when he was old and looking like an old clown. And seriously, all Linda did was go to an airport and stalk him. She wants to be praised for that?! Fuck no! He didn't even look happy to meet her, to be honest! He never smiled in her video. The only time I'd be impressed by any celebrity meet-up is if the person meets Dian Fossey. Because she was a much harder person to meet. And, like me, was very hard to talk to. She was even hard to engage into a conversation. Just like me! That's how us introverts are. We take a lot longer to warm up for a conversation, and we don't put our trust in just anyone. Dian Fossey is my ultimate hero! Even more so than Michael and Timmy! Much as I love them, I admire Dian Fossey more. Anyway, people like Linda are the reason I don't want anything more to do with the fans. Because I was nothing but nice to her. I even grieved with her when her mom died last year. It was all a big mistake on my part! Because she turned out to be one of the libtard blind sheep SJWs.

I should take that all back now and say fuck her mom. She's in Hell now. LOL! Shoot! That'll get me a LOT of hates from the SJW INXS libtards. But, not sure that I care anymore. 😁 In fact, I encourage it now. WELL!!! She never once sent condolences to me when my father died! And she followed the lead of the blind sheep. So, fuck her and her whole family! Including those dumb cats she lives with. That was another thing, she also got upset because I never complimented those cats she lives with. But they are very "ho-hum" cats. In other words--DULL! They're either brown tabbies or gray tabbies, and they're nothing but mongrel alley cats that you see every day. Nothing special. In fact, the only INXS cat person I've seen with something different is Ollie Oleson. He has siamese cats, and they're beautiful.

Well, I finally got to see the new MH documentary. I even downloaded it. LOL! I downloaded it and put it on a DVD. I ain't that stupid! I knew better than to let that run without downloading it first. I know YouTube! I knew YouTube would eventually delete that video! So, I had to hurry up and save it. One fan was hinting that she wanted a copy of the videos. I didn't say anything! I wasn't going to post it! I'm done doing things for the fans. I made that mistake before, I'm not going to make it again! I posted the video of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong for the fans last year. And even though I did that, and did LOTS of other favors for the fans, I still got trampled by the blind sheep in my time of grieving. So, sorry. I'm not helping them out anymore. I wish to GOD I could take back my posting of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong!! But it's all over the INXS community now! UGH!!! I just wish I hadn't posted it. If I'd known what the fans really thought of me back then, I wouldn't have. Well!!! Really, that didn't come as any surprise to me. Like I said, it's hard to get to know an introvert, like me. And the fact that I don't like people probably doesn't help me make friends easily either. LOL! And remember too, we're dealing with libtards. Libtards are pretty famous for being a hateful bunch of people. They always hate people who have their own way of thinking, who are not PC, and who do not agree with everything they say, do or like. The sad thing is, the libtards don't know they are hateful. They blame other people for being hateful, but don't seem to see they themselves are hateful. They just think they are spreading positivity by speaking out against the "hateful people".

That's nothing but bullshit.

Snoop Dog is a liberal. He made a video depicting the assassination of Donald Trump. He's sent death threats to Trump and his administration. That sounds exactly like something a liberal would do! Now, I've never seen any INXS fans making threats like that (not recently anyways). But they do feel hate. I see it all the time among INXS fans. I get accused of hating all the time by the libtard INXS fans. I am also hated for it. That actually kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it? LOL! A libertarian knows you don't defeat hate with hate. I don't hate other INXS fans. They make me mad because they act like such dumb liberals, and I want nothing to do with them. But I don't hate them. Not even the ones who are stupid liberals! More than anything, I feel sorry for them. They are clueless. That makes them deserve nothing but my pity. That's why when they attack me with their hate, I don't counterattack with more hate. I should, but I don't. I should call them every name in the book when they do it to me. But I don't. I do not like calling people names. The worst is I'll just tell them they are dumb when they act dumb, then beat them down with facts. 😊

One person on this thread in an anti-liberal group I am on said he has friends who are liberals and they don't make death threats. I told him "Then, they're not true liberals. If they don't make threats, and don't hate on anyone, then they're more likely libertarians." I am a libertarian. Though I think I am also a little on the conservative side. But libertarians are what liberals were back in the 1960s and 1970s. Something I am working on. LOL! We're not supposed to be against other parties, we just don't believe in the government.

Hard for me though. LOL! I'm simply against other people. But that's the introvert in me coming out.

I can hear the "ignore" button being pushed many times by more libtards now! LOL! Because I said Linda's mom is in Hell. But not one person ignored her when she did not send condolences to me when my father died. Says a lot about INXS fans who think they are "perfectly positive". Nevermind that I grieved with her when her mom died. I wish I could take that back! But I can't. Bummer! But that is why I will NEVER help out the fans again. EVER!! I hope those people enjoy the video I posted for them last year about Michael's trip to Hong Kong. Because they will never get anything like that from me again! I will post this movie as soon as I can (as soon as I can find a platform that will allow me to post it without censoring it in other countries!) I was hoping to do it by the 22nd. But like I said, only if I can find a good platform that will let me post it in it's entirety.

Ironically, the video is about Michael's fans. Not Michael himself (much). I do say a bit about Michael's life. I figured I had to. But for the most part, it's about the fans and their feelings for Michael. I wanted to do something no other fan has ever done. Lots of fans make videos flashing pictures and INXS's music. So what?! I wanted to do something completely different.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble

There is a video out there of a kid crying and a cat lying next to the kid, and the person who posted it on YouTube called it "Cat comforts crying child: the cutest video on the internet". Not true! First of all, my girl Mya is cuter than any cat you can ever point out and thensome! Second of all, the cat is NOT "comforting" the child. Cats do not "comfort" people. Regardless of what the catfags think. Believe me, I know cats better than the average catfag. Catfags only think they know cats very well. But trust me when I say, catfags are severely anthropomorphic. Not felimorphic, despite what they think. I'm here to debunk these beliefs. Catfags would read this and refuse to believe it, but as a person who has studied animal behavior for the better part of 40 years, I know what I am talking about. Cats are NOTHING like dogs, who actually do develop bonds with their owners.

If you see the video, the child is crying and the cat appears to the average person to be concerned. Believe me, he is not concerned with the child's feelings. He's attracted to the high-pitched whimpering sounds the child is making in the video. To the cat, it sounds like a prey animal in agony, and that makes him happy. To an average person, it looks like concern and it looks like the cat wants to "comfort" the child. But that is actually very far from the truth.

I've often heard people say their cats can tell when they are feeling sad. I say, no they can't. They are not showing sympathy or concern when they approach you when you are feeling sad. When a person is sad, or upset, their body temperature rises. Cats can detect that, and that is what attracts them. Cats love warmth, so when the cat is near you when you are sad or upset, he is not trying to make you feel better, or comfort you. He is only attracted to the warmth your body is giving off. I once read a comment by someone who said he was down with a fever one time and his cats cuddled against him to "keep him warm and safe". I debunked that quickly. I told him, "No, YOU were keeping THEM warm and safe". Cats don't care if you are safe. If an intruder breaks into your house, the cat sure won't protect you. It'll save it's own butt and not give any cares what happens to you. This person was down with a fever, again, the cats were only trying to get themselves warm. He could have been a wood-stove and the cats would have done the same thing.

Now, one time my mom was ill, and her dog Muffin would lay outside her bedroom door, waiting for her, making sure she was OK. He actually looked concerned about her. No cat I've ever known has done that. Only if they are in the same room with the person, and they will only lay on that person for warmth. Not to comfort the person.

Also, if you watch the video, the cat claws at the child and the child says in Japanese "It hurts". The cat also tries to bite the child on the nose or mouth. So, you know it's definitely thinking the child is prey. That's not showing concern, and it's not cute!

Really and truly, cats do not want to be a part of your family. They don't really love people. There are exceptions though. But they are very rare cases. I've only seen a few cases where a cat truly loves their owners. The best way to really tell if a cat loves you is if they lick you like a dog. Cats groom their kittens by licking them. This allows them to taste, smell, and feel their kittens. These are very important senses to cats. They pass this behavior on only to people they really REALLY love. If they don't "groom" you, then they don't really love you. Grooming is their bonding tool. Any cat can purr and rub it's face on people. That's not really showing love. That's part of how they mark their territory. They do the same thing to trees in the wild. Doesn't mean they love those trees, it just means they are claiming ownership of the area they are in. And cats also purr when they are in pain or in fear. So, that's not showing love either.

Sorry to burst the bubbles of catfags. No wait! I LOVE bursting the bubbles of catfags! LMAO! But unless the cat in your house licks you like a dog, it does not really love you, and you're sharing your space with a demon who doesn't care if you live or die. As long as they get fed and warmth, they'll tolerate your presence.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Changes To UMG Productions' Website

I am working on some changes to the site. I am keeping with the idea of making some new changes, even though I have given up the idea of not selling ebooks anymore. Though I still don't sell as many ebooks as I'd like. I have decided to just keep going with ebooks and still continue with the changes I had intended to make.

One change I made was with the banner. I changed the look of the site to a more relaxing feel. People like to feel relaxed when they watch videos and read books, so I wanted to create that look. Though the banner may be a little loud. Another thing I am adding is a "UMG Graveyard". That is a character graveyard, where all the characters that we no longer use are gone to. Some characters from the past that are listed have been used recently, for example Swen. But he last teamed up with Odel in 2007 and hasn't been used since. So, he made it to the graveyard. Another example is a character named Hannaroi (pronounced like "Haw-na-roy"). I haven't seen her in stories since I was a kid! Back in those days, she was a pretty well used character. Unfortunately, I barely remember the stories she was presented in, as Katie's family has those stories, and they never made it to UMG Productions. But I did put her in the graveyard for the stories she did back in the day. One thing I do remember about her, she was a little snitch who always told on Brad and Bill in the early days. She was Katie O'hara's character.

The graveyard is accessible on the Characters page. I am however, still working on it. So, if you access it, there won't be quite that much info available on it. Another change I made is you can now order DVD copies of any movie on UMG Productions. They come complete with DVD case and all that good stuff. This feature is only available for movies though. Not videobooks. Videobooks are still only viewable on the site. I charge the same price for all DVDs. Pretty much like ebooks now.

So far, that's the extent of the work I have completed. I am trying to imagine a good logo for UMG Productions. The use of Martin's image is just a little overwhelming. I'd still like to use him for the logo, but make the logo a bit more simplistic. My partner says logos are never as detailed as the picture I am currently using. Of course I cannot do anything about the image used in the books created and put up on the site so far. I can only use the new logo in any future publications to come. But that's OK. Not bad seeing Martin's image on these books and movies.

Friday, November 3, 2017

OK, So My Secret's Out

Hehe! Now I know I have been found out. People now know I am Candi Finch on Facebook. Well, if they haven't figured it out yet, I'm shocked! Most people knew I am currently the forerunner of UMG Productions. I've also been pumping out stories like crazy this past couple months. Even Katrina decided to get in on the action. She submitted a story idea and I helped her complete it by supplying the illustrations. It's a brand new story, never before been released. It's pretty good too. She does have quite a head for story-telling. I guess I taught her well! Well (using my very best James Cagney impersonation--which isn't that good) I'm glad my secret's out now. Glad! You hear? GLAD!! LOL! Well, let's face it, I knew it was going to surface one way or another. I'm not surprised, I'm not shocked. I'm not angry either. Now at least, I can breathe again.

How did I come up with the name Candi Finch? Well, Candi is the name of one of my characters from UMG Productions. The one who is most like me. She appears in the stories INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens, and Hutchess: A Picture Diary. And "Finch" is the name of the guy I was married to at one time. Actually, it was spelled "Finsch". But I took the "s" out and just spelled it like Finch, like the bird. And I often do use a gouldian finch as my mascot on Facebook because of it. LOL! Long story there, but one I am sure everyone can guess. Anyway, I sent a friend a copy of my INXS compilation book, which is not even available yet on the site, and she posted her favorite pics from the book in her group. Which I am fine with. It's her book and it's her group! 😊 I sent it to her because I felt so bad about what happened to her child. I figured she needed a smile, so I sent her that book.

I never had kids, so I have no idea what it's like to lose one. I can only guess. I know nothing can completely cover the agony someone is feeling that just lost a child. But I just hope that book made her smile, if only for a few minutes. I owed this friend too. She shut Tess Obrien up when she talked about me behind my back on her group. For that, I am forever grateful. My emotions were too weak back then to shut anyone up. LOL! Well now, I've got Tess on ignore, so what the hell. LOL!

I've only blocked people that I personally had as friends on Facebook before that ditched me after my father died. In short, I blocked the libtard blind-sheep SJW fans. But like I said, there are probably others I should have blocked that I didn't know anything about. Now at least, they can block me if they want to. I really couldn't care less now. I'm done blocking people myself. Now, the trash I didn't see can take it's self out. My hands are clean.

Oh yes! As for ebooks on my site, forget what I said about them before, about them not being available after this year. I spoke to the ebook platform that I've been using, and they seem to have agreed to allow me to keep my privileges that I had before they became a paid site. Thank GOD!!! Now, I can keep my other INXS stories up!! Of course I do not get use of their new features, but that is OK. I got all I need now for ebooks and that's enough. What I was most worried about losing was PDF stamping!! Without that, any asshole can pirate my ebooks!! I don't want that! With that, at least I'd be able to see who they were if they tried.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

UGH!!! Poor, Poor MC Hammer!!!

I looked back in a post in my old archives here from October of 2008. I had talked about some of my favorite musicians of the past. I am not a fan of MC Hammer much anymore. I do have some of his songs on my MP3 player, but they are old school rap. I haven't heard anything recently from him. But I did used to think he was kinda cute, because he reminded me of a boyfriend I had back when I was a teenager, when MC Hammer was uber-popular.

Well, to quote, this is what I said in the post:
I went to Hammer's concert too. I was just amazed how much he resembled my former boyfriend! That was when he looked like this:

I looked at that post today, and saw a disgusting sight that was so ghastly, I cannot unsee it now. I think my account was hacked. Or someone's account was! I'm not sure, I think I just linked that picture to another account and had it posted here. But after that quote, I saw this image:


YUK!!!! It's a fricken gray tabby cat!! The UGLIEST fricken cat I've ever seen in all my life!!! That's NOT MC Hammer!!! Now that I've seen this disgusting image, I can't unsee it!! Even 100 washings of my eyes cannot clean this image out! Who the hell did that?! I was talking about how cute MC Hammer was back in the day, only to find it saying he looked like this!! UGH!! My apologies to MC Hammer. I did not mean you look like a disgusting gray tabby cat!!! Well anyways, I replaced the image with a pic of MC Hammer back when I thought he looked like my old boyfriend.

Yes, I am angry! Angry that someone was so cruel as to do that to me. Not just to me, but to MC Hammer too. A thousand apologies, and I still don't feel like I've completely covered it enough!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Shit-Faced Dogs

Nowadays, most people who own dogs either have labradors, pugs, yorkshire terriers, golden retrievers, pit bulls, or some other kind of bulldog-type breed. Very rarely do you ever see anyone who has a newfoundland dog walking alongside them, or a collie, or a sheltie, or a cairn terrier, or a papillon. Someone on one of the anti-SJW groups I am on once asked why do people always go for shit-faced dogs? There are plenty of cute dogs out there, why do people always go for shit-faced dogs. Well, she didn't say it that way, she used the P-word. But you get the picture. I think mostly she was referring to pugs and pit bulls and other bully breeds. Well, personally I think pugs are kinda cute. I used to not like them either. But then I was judging them by the ugly BYB-style, skinny pugs. I like them fat, cobby with a plushy coat like you see in shows. I think that makes them look like teddy bears.

I personally think the main reason everyone today likes "shit-faced dogs" is because, let's face it, people today LOVE ugly!!! It's like the uglier it is, the more everyone loves it. Look at how popular Spongebob is. And the Simpsons. And cats and panthers. And anime. And Justin Timberlake. And Justin Beiber. What do all these things have in common? They're ALL ugly as fuck! Apparently I'm not ugly enough, which is why I am not popular. I need to do something to make myself look even uglier, then people will flock to me. LOL! But it seems today "ugly" is the new "pretty". And what is pretty, everyone else thinks is ugly. Some people say my drawings are ugly. I draw the way I've been drawing since I was a year old. Of course there have been some improvements. But mostly, I use the same technique I've always used all my life. I've tried drawing in anime-style. But it didn't look good to me. I tried drawing Uncle Martin in anime, and it made him look terrible. But I like my style of drawing. It may not look pretty to today's anime-manga-loving freaks, but it is the style I've come to learn and come to love, and took over 40 years to bring to this point.

My specialty is animals. Though I do have limits. I don't draw cats or panthers if I can avoid it. The only time you will see any kind of cat or panther in any of my stories is if they are playing the bad guys. Or if they are scared off in the story. The Black Panther logo was Trisha's idea, not mine! I also don't really do many drawings of dogs. I did tons of drawings of dogs when I was a kid, and frankly, I kinda got tired of it. Though I have been known to draw wolves and foxes. But I got bored with the drawing of dogs long ago. Though I can still do it, and I think I do it even better than I did back in the day. Most of my drawings today are of wild animals, especially lemurs. But most especially, I like to draw the mammals from my Metazoic list. Animals no one today would recognize. Most people mistake them for modern mammals. Like Davy often gets mistaken for a horse. In all fairness, he does have the body of a horse. But he has claws like a bear, a tail like a dinosaur, a head like a kangaroo, and jaws like a lion. Tim is another example. He's often mistaken for a modern cow or ox. But he is about 10-times bigger than any modern ox. Though superficially, he does look like an ox. Though his horns are more deer-like than ox-like.

There are some characters that look nothing like any modern animals around today. Like Brad. Brad kindof resembles a cross between an antelope, a camel and a squirrel. He has a long neck like a camel, feet like a camel, legs like an antelope, tail like a dinosaur, head like a squirrel, but he has a knobby horn on the back of his head like no modern mammal has. I would compare it to a cassowary horn that grew back instead of up. His closest modern relatives would be rats. Not squirrels. Those are the animals I like drawing. They're more exciting to draw than any modern mammals. Though the one modern animal that I tend to draw more than any other, besides lemurs, is the horse. If you can draw a horse, you can draw almost any type of mammal! Most mammals are built similar to horses.