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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

People Making Threats And Creating Bullshit

What is the matter with people these days? My landlady was out for a while with a fever, and when she came back to the office, she found this thing on the door to the office...

No one really knows what it is or what it means. Some think it's possibly connected to voodoo. Or maybe even witchcraft. Who would do this kind of thing? And why? It's weird! You know, it got me thinking. About a month ago, I opened my door and found a dead bird right in front of me. It was one of those Oregon Juncos. They are small birds related to finches, and they look like this...

Anyway, I never thought anything about it, but it did look like it was just placed there. Not that it just fell there. I thought at first that maybe it was just a young victim of the cold weather. That happens sometimes. Young birds who have only been out of the nest for a few months do good during the summer, but when colder weather sets in, they cannot adapt and they die off. I've seen it happen dozens of times here. But seeing this voodoo thing on the office door got me thinking, maybe it was put there by someone. It was too perfectly placed to have just fell there. I think someone killed it and put it in front of my door. I thought if anything, some kid put it there as a joke. I just kicked the damn thing into the bushes and forgot about it. Until now.

I kindof wonder how many other people here have received little signs like that. If it is someone, I might actually know who it is. Now, I don't know for absolute certain, which is why I can't say anything to the police or to the manager. But there is this woman who I've seen walking this big-ass dog, it looks kindof like a wolf dog. And that woman HATES Mya!!! Because Mya makes her dog go crazy. I don't know her name, I only recognize her by her dog. And I'm not even sure it's her. I can only guess. I do not know any other person here who would place a dead bird in front of my door, I don't hurt anyone. Neither does Mya. I keep to myself more or less.

I have another theory who it could be. But I'm not too sure this is even remotely true. There is this woman who lives in the apartment right above me. She's a young, Mexican woman. She's fucking WEIRD!!!!!!! I don't know her name, but I do know her kid's name is Mario. But she is the actual weird one. I think it rubbed off on her kid too. She creeps around, never talks to anyone, no one except her kid and the other woman in that apartment who I think is her mother. And she is always wearing this purplish hoodie, even on 80-90 degree days! Almost as if she's hiding something. The only time I really see her is when she is out front smoking a cigarette. I've met her mom, she seems really nice. But the young woman herself, just seems weird. I don't think she even speaks to a person when she is spoken to. I don't know though, I never tried. She kinda scares me. LOL! But she may also be the culprit.

Another thought came to mind, it could also be someone who gets around on the bus. There's a lot of freaks who get on that bus, and surely one of them might come around here and cause trouble. When I get on the bus, I still usually keep to myself. I rarely, if ever, talk to anyone. That's because I am not trying to make friends. I'm just trying to get where I am going. But I haven't been on the bus in about a month! I don't ride the bus in the fall/winter months, because I don't want to get caught in the rain and cold. And the buses have been so slow-coming because of this construction on the highway!! So, sometimes, I'm out there waiting for a bus that comes 30 minutes later than it's supposed to!! So, until this construction stops on the highway, or until summer, whichever comes first, I'm taking the dial-a-ride where I need to go. Or asking friends for a ride, if I can.

I personally don't believe in voodoo. So, whoever is doing this shit, cut it out!!! Your bullshit curses are not going to work on me! You're only making yourself look foolish!! Not to mention, setting yourself up for some serious jailtime!

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