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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Riley Needs to Get Over Himself!

UGH!! You know, Riley J. Dennis is helping with this great country divide! Look him up on YouTube! He's a fucking moron! Well, no more so than any other SJW! But he is a moron of another caliber! He is basically the reason a lot of people today laugh at queers. Now, by "queer", I don't mean the typical gay person or trans person who is confident and sure of themselves. I mean these crybaby SJW queers who take little things and make them seem bigger and worse than they are. For example, I was just watching a video someone did in response to Riley J. Dennis's apology video. Yes, Riley did a video on how to give a proper apology. His reason for doing it is what I am talking about here.

Apparently on some modern sitcom, a woman asked another woman to go steady, and the other woman said she liked the first woman, but only as a friend. Well, Riley got butthurt over that, and he said a lot of queer people did. A gay person, who is confident and sure of themselves, would have just let that go. But not someone like Riley J. Dennis! Nooooooooooo!!!! He has to gripe and complain and bitch and moan because one woman did not want to date another. That is so STUPID to get angry over something like that. Such a trivial thing! Riley would hate me if he ever met me! I don't mind being friends with gay people or trans people. I don't mind it at all. As long as they are legit. What they do does not offend me at all. But if say a trans woman thinks, dresses, and acts like a man, but is still a woman, I don't want to date her!!! No way! I'm not that intimately interested in her! She's still a woman! She still has a vagina. I got no need for that! If my thinking that offends someone like Riley J. Dennis, then too bad!! Fuck off and get over it!!!!! I would gladly be friends with her, but I will never date her in anything more than a friendly outing. Because I am not interested in pussy. I want the cock! I've always been a cock-sucker (in more ways than one)! If she wants pussy, she can go find it in someone else. Perhaps another female SJW who will accept her advances.

In fact, if I fell in love with a dude, who turns out to be a trans woman and did not tell me to begin with, I would be absolutely FURIOUS!!!!!!!! I'd walk away and never speak to that person again! And believe me, there are trans women who would do that just to get what they want. I've never come across them personally, thank GOD! Most of the trans people I've met have fortunately been very honest. But it did happen to my mom once right after she and my father divorced.

Now, to give you the TimmyHutchFan advice about giving a proper apology. It's simple......................


Believe me, just walk away. No matter if you are friends with the person or not. Especially if you're not. If you're not friends with the person you offended, just tell them to shut the fuck up and get over it! They won't believe you anyway when you try to apologize, no matter how sincere you are. It happened to me more than once, and I gave very sincere apologies. So, don't waste your breath! If you do like the person, just don't say anything, walk away and if it is meant to be you will work it out eventually. In my experience, apologies only make your friends angrier. Is it really worth it?

I once read a quote from someone who said "make it a rule never to apologize. The right kind of person won't need one, and the wrong kind of person will take a mean advantage of it." I've seen both happen, and believe me, the wrong kind of person makes you cringe. You apologize, admit you are wrong, I've even sometimes shed tears because I felt so bad about hurting the other person. And they still did not believe I was sincere enough. It used to be if I was wrong, I admit it, and I learn not to do it again. Not anymore! Now, if I am wrong, especially if I was not friends with the person to begin with, I just tell them now to fuck off and get over it. I'm no worse off then than I was before I offended them. And most likely, they've been in PMs, or talking amongst each other, saying shit about me and not telling me as well. They don't deserve apologies from me.

My last apology I gave publicly, I said to the INXS SJW libtards "Sorry for the confusion". That's it. I did not say sorry for offending Kelly. Because my comments were not in any way directed at her. She just thought they were because in her own little twisted mind, she is somehow obsessed with me. So, all I could say was sorry for the confusion. Nothing else. And she wasn't even really sick! Lying fag!

Well, that's how I've become in today's world. One has to adapt. Even if it means stepping on someone else's toes to get there. If today's people are going to be this way, then so be it. I'll just remain an introvert. I may be hated by other people, but in today's society, that seems to be a good thing. I got Mya, I have plans to move in with my sis, even though it means moving back to Bozeman (at least they are getting a Winco!) so I'll have plenty of company! Well, I'll have enough.

I couldn't ask my sis to move here. She has a job there that she loves. It would be selfish of me to ask her to move here! And I cannot afford to live here by myself anymore, so I am moving in with her. I've asked advice from all my friends and even my counselor, they all agree with me. Apparently my sis said something similar to her counselor, and she thinks I am being selfish. But I know my sis! She most likely relayed it wrong to her counselor. My sis, GOD love her, but she sees things differently. I'm afraid she is becoming like my grandma! Most likely she over-embellished on the financial reasons I gave. But that is only part of the reason I am moving in with her. However, it is plenty enough good reason! A lot of people do that. We had someone here after the rent was raised, had a yard sale, and I was chatting with her. She said herself she cannot afford to live here anymore either, and she is moving in with her sister too. And one has to admit, the both of us would struggle a lot less financially if we lived together and combined our incomes. Maybe I can even get a small job. Who knows?

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