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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

In The Radar

Wow! YouTube can be as vicious as Facebook. Well, a lot of YouTubers have Facebook accounts. But it now looks like Social Repose is on everybody's radar. LOL! I guess everyone seems to need to be in the spotlight. This is the main reason why I never wanted to become popular on YouTube. Peoples' careers, and even their lives, get ruined. It's bad enough for me I keep a fricken blog! I often get into turmoil with it too. But over the years, I've gotten used to it. I've become famous for speaking my mind! But yeah, I never wanted to become popular on YouTube. Joy Sparkle is now gone from YouTube because people kept hammering at her. Now, they are working on Social Repose.

Frankly, I never liked Social Repose. I could see he was Onision incarnate from the beginning. Only I think he's much worse than Onision. Social Repose used to get into his videos in Native American chief headdress, with black eyes, and war paint. I don't know if he still does that in his videos as I've only seen one of his videos. One was enough!!! It was enough to tell me I don't like him!! His headdress (and use of it) was freaky!

As you can see, he's an ugly dude! I mean, I know everyone has a "gimmick". But this boarders on being quite offensive! I am Native American. I don't find his headdress funny at all! Another thing that I learned watching that video was this guy went all the way to Japan to check out a cat-cafe! UGH!! Though he looks exactly as I would expect a man who prefers cats to look, I was still thinking "A fucking cat cafe?! Dude, grow up!!! You're too fucking old to be playing with cats! That's for weak little girls!" Well, like I said before many times, men who prefer cats are definitely wussies. This dude is no exception.

Well, apparently the story goes this Social Repose guy has been dating Jacklyn Glenn, also a person on YouTube. And now, he's cheated on her. I really don't know, as I haven't heard the whole story. And this Social Repose guy is so freaky, I don't want to watch his videos. The story is all over YouTube now, and everyone is getting involved in this because this guy, like Onision, completely televised his affair with Jacklyn Glenn. An important rule of thumb to remember is if you are going to be in a relationship with anyone else on YouTube DO NOT televise it!!!!! This happens to everyone who does! I never discussed men I dated back in the early days of me creating videos. I didn't because it's nobody's business but mine and the guy I was dating! I'm not going to tell strangers on YouTube about my affairs! A lot of them think I am a "lonely lesbian" because they think I've never had or dated a man. LOL! But hey! That's OK! The truth is, I just don't talk about it on YouTube when I am dating someone! Let them think what they want.

I've mentioned men I was dating on here a few times. But I don't tell EVERYTHING! It'd be stupid of me to do so! Who cares what other people think happened?! Who gives a shit!? I sure don't! I used to, back in the early days. But after learning that talking about relationships online brings you nothing but shit in your life. As long as you and your partner knows what happened, that's all that matters. No one should care what strangers think that don't have the whole story! And if they do care, Fuck them!

Social Repose has now gotten on YouTube and given some half-assed apology to his "fans". But no apology to Jacklyn Glenn, and that is what everyone is so pissed off about. Personally, I was never a fan of his, so I don't give a shit! I made up my mind long ago that I didn't like this dude. But it is interesting to see people now saying the same thing I said long ago about this dude. But he keeps making one excuse after another, after another instead of just apologizing for his own actions. He blames depression. And while I get the depression angle, and I understand depression can make you do some fucked up things that you probably don't mean to do, still! Don't blame what you did on Jacklyn Glenn. It's not like she didn't already get all the facts first.

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