Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Celebrity Deaths

My post today is all about celebrity deaths. I don't normally weep for celebs when they die. I've said it before and I'll say it again, they're just PEOPLE!! Seems kinda silly to weep for someone you don't even know. The last celeb I wept for was Michael Hutchence. And well, I wept for him because I loved him a lot growing up as an INXS fan. I had fantasized about marrying him when I was a teenager. Of course I knew it would never come true for the simple fact that rock stars never marry fans! I've only heard about maybe one or two that have married fans. But mostly they are just average people, most of the time the girl (or boy) friend knew that celeb before they became famous. But anyway it was a fun dream! I think Michael Hutchence's death more meant to me that the dream (thus my childhood) was over. I never formally met Michael, though I did kiss him at a concert, but I did weep for that man for several years even after his death.

Well, in 2005, when I sort of "re-discovered" INXS, for some reason unknown to me to this day, I became more sweet on Tim than on Michael. Usually it was Michael who drew me in after rest periods from INXS. This time, it was Tim. Before then, Tim had always been a second favorite after Michael. It did something to me though, it helped me get well over Michael, and I stopped weeping for Michael so much.

Anyway, during this week, it seems Michael Jackson's death overshadowed everyone else's. I don't remember there being this big a fuss when MY Michael died!! I cannot deny MJ had talent somewhere. I mean, a lot of people thought his music was good there was something there. Just that I didn't see it myself. Well!! I cannot really say he didn't have talent, I do like a few of his songs. But the man was seriously disturbed. I didn't like whole albums of his like I did with INXS. In fact, I thought his Thriller album SUCKED personally!!! But the public made it his most popular album ever. Leave it to me to be different!!! But in order for me to say I LOVE a singer/group/band, I would have to hear far more than 3 or 4 songs from them and like them a lot. INXS had an advantage that MJ didn't. INXS are handsome men!!! Especially Tim!! MJ used to be quite good-looking (I wouldn't go so far as to call him handsome), until he ruined his looks with those dumb plastic surgeries!!!! Really, he was messed up!! Ya know it's funny, when a celebrity is messed up, people tend to more excuse their behavior. But when a non-celeb is messed up, people say "Oh stay away from that person, he's crazy!" I tell you, I'm different. If I had seen MJ coming towards me, I'd have turned and ran as fast as I could the opposite way!! In my eyes, he was that scary!!! I give no one special treatment, not even celebs!! Not unless I like them and I would have to like them a LOT!!!

Yep, you guessed it! It takes a lot to get me star-struck!! LOL! I've been to Hollywood a few times now, and I may have walked by several celebs, and not even know it. I wouldn't know today's celebs if they had stopped me and told me who they are! Brad Pitt could stop me on the street and say "Hey! I'm Brad Pitt!" and I'd be like "Yeah. So?" LOL!!! I don't know him! I don't know what movies he's in. Big freaking deal there! But Tim Farriss I know, and so far he's the only one who can catch my special attention. Well, him and Jon! All I have to do is look in Jon's eyes and I'm under his spell!

Anyway, here I mostly talk about how MJ's death seemed to overshadow everyone else's that week and IMO, there were more important people who died that week. But maybe I am saying that because I was never a huge fan of MJ's. I was never even a minor fan of his! I was never a fan at all! Now, Farrah Fawcett was more important to me because I loved her performances. I've seen many of her movies and I always felt what she felt in the movies. That is why I liked her. MJ only had that effect on me once and that was with the song played after the Free Willy movie, which was one of my most favorite movies of all time! I love whales, what can I say?!

Anyway, here's my views on this subject.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving Out

I don't want to move!! I'd hate to move!! I've lived here most of my life, and to move out of this state would be like leaving a part of myself behind. It's totally breaking my heart to know that in a year's time, I will still be unpacking in our new place in Montana. I don't want to move there! The summers are too hot. Of course this year, the summer here has been pretty hot too, but I knew it would be. Well, all is official, ma is moving back to Olympia in October, she told me she is. She's just not happy out here. Well, I saw the writing on the wall and said OK. So, with her gone, new neighbors will be moving upstairs. Ma said she'd talk about moving some missionaries up there and I said now I KNOW I will be moving out because I cannot tolerate any religious maniacs living near me. If they are the kind of religious people who push their beliefs on others, then they won't be for me. I'm not planning to be rude, but I will not have anyone push religion, politics and telling me I have to go to church or I won't make it to Heaven on me. I believe in GOD, and IMO that is enough. I don't believe I have to attend a church in order to make it to Heaven.

But ya know, that's another thing about living here, Anna and I have got to know so many people and most everyone here is so nice and friendly! Most everyone. There's always going to be bad apples everywhere and I have seen a few out here who were not transients. But the majority of the people here are friendly. Partly because it's a small town and the nearest big town is 25-30 miles away. Bozeman is a much bigger town than this one. While it has more in the way of 24-hour shops, the people there I am afraid might be like they were in Lakewood. Of course ma said Lakewood got worse because of the immigrants from California were slowly and surely settling there. And California is a high-crime state--a good indication the people are going to be irratable. And yes a lot of them did settle in Lakewood, Tacoma, Seattle and neighboring towns. There are almost no Californian settlers in Montana. I guess that's a good thing. Hopefully the people in Montana will be like they are here in Ocean Shores--laid back and friendly. Ma said that that area around Puget Sound is where most of them settled. I don't know though about there being nicer people in eastern WA. I went to Yakima once and saw several really nasty people there too. Of course Yakima is not Montana! But still! It's pretty far east and no doubt Montana has to have some jerks like the ones I saw in Yakima. I guess I should be grateful we aren't moving to the midwest.

Well, MSU is one of the top 10 universities in the country, and I want to help Anna get ahead. In case I am interested in going to school, they also have a film-making course there. hehe! Well, this year, I've been heavily into film-making, and I enjoyed it. So if I get into anything at all, it'd be that. Winning that film-making competition told me a lot! I do have a talent for it. No room for modesty there, just honesty. Imagine me winning that competition out of all the people that entered. Many of them were film students themselves. And I won! Not even a college education in that field and I WON!!! Told me a lot about myself there. And should I choose to go back to school, that would be the field I'd want to get into.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Senility Prayer

You've heard of the Serinity prayer? Well, this is a revised version. I cannot take credit, my ma sent it to me. But it matches what I believe to a T.

Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, The good fortune to run into the ones I do, and The eyesight to tell the difference.

One bad thing about leaving to move to Bozeman, I'll be leaving behind all my family and friends I made in this state. Like Katrina. I may never see her or her husband and kids again! I may never see ma and pa again! Anyway, I always try to forget the people I met that didn't like anyway, and remember the ones I do like. The problem is EVERY ONE, good or bad, has some impact in some shape or form, in my life. If the experience with that person is not a pleasant one, I tend to take it out on other people I meet, because I learn not to trust anyone. Though at the same time, I always try to give people I don't know a chance. Sometimes it's hard though when a person has been burned as much as I have.

I was watching Operation Repo last week, and the new guy, Frank, doesn't seem to get along with any of the old crew. Matt was complaining mostly about how Frank reminds him of the Dueling Banjos song. I got a look at this guy on the show, and I didn't think he was going to last very long on there. For one thing, I remember Lyndah saying how he acts tough but he really isn't. I know in the business of reposessions you have to be tough and ruthless. Look at Matt. He's as tough as they come! I like his fire! Well anyway, in the show I saw last week, Matt and Frank were on a job and Frank screwed up by breaking open the wrong car and it pissed off both the car's owner and Matt. Matt got so mad, he took Frank in a headlock to the ground and then he jumped in the car and drove off without Frank. I felt bad for Frank though, he tried to hitch a ride with the camera crew, but they have their own van and they would not let him in. So the whole Operation Repo gang drove off and left him there. I felt for him! I kinda wonder if after the show was all over he did manage to get a ride somewhere. But I don't believe we will be hearing from him again.

Ya know that's always been my one big fear, is I'll get dropped off somewhere and not be able to get back home again. I remember when I went to LA with a perfect stranger. My whole family and my friends didn't really want me to go. My ma especially was like "Oh my GOD!" I was like "I know!" She told me to keep my cell phone with me at all times and I promised her I would. And I did. Even if I had been left somewhere on that trip, I knew I could contact any one of my friends and family here and they would gladly have come and got me and brought me home. I once met someone who had that happen to her 35 years ago, and she wound up living in the state she was left in. So she came out OK in the end! LOL! Who knows? Maybe if I had been left in LA, I could have taken up residence in Hollywood, maybe even would have been discovered by some big name producer. LOL!! Hey! Stranger things have happened. hehe!! Or at least would have gone to school and learned to do animation so I could work at Disney Studios or something.

Well, so much for big, wild dreams. Now, to return to reality. Over the past month I've been struck with a hard decision, whether to return to the SE forum or not. Well, today I decided not to. I found out I still have some supporters there, and I appreciate them asking me to return. But I decided not to go back. The reason is simple. I am not ready to go back to any forums yet. The way I snapped at that guy on YouTube a week or so ago, told me that I am not ready to go back. If I go back, and JohnFaa starts his usual BS again, or shit-talks someone I like, I'm going to eventually wail on his head!! Maybe not at first, but who knows how long it would take me to snap. All I have to do is have one bad day and that's it! I could make him sorry he was ever born! And I don't want to do that. When I do go back into the SE forum, when I am sure I am ready, I want to be much more forgiving. Believe it or not, I can be a monster. So far no one on the internet has ever seen that side of me. No one has ever seen me at my worst. That's because this is the internet. I have time to cool off before I post anything. Sometimes I post on here to blow off a little extra steam, but that's it. If you want to imagine me at my worst, think of what I have written in my blogs in the past and multiply it to the 10th power. Usually though I'm good about keeping my cool.

Well anyway, I won't be going back to the SE forum because I am just not ready. Sorry to those who said I should return. And one person really wanted to show me his project. All I can say is, they know where to find me and they are always welcome. Another showed me his work. One problem, he is working with Viergacht. Well, I saw a dragon that Viergacht did for this person, and I've got to tell you, he doesn't draw that badly. I'm not like Viergacht, I'm not going to lie and base my opinions of his work on how I feel about him personally. And I'm not interested in making friends with him at all, so in no way am I saying this to appeal to his graces (which is what he'd probably tell you). I'm just being honest, as I always am.

Well, he thinks my drawings are shitty, LOL! But that's OK. Those drawings are my style. A lot of people today seem to prefer manga or anime-style drawing and that just is not my style. No matter what these modern anime fanatics tell you, there are other ways of illustration that are just as good. And my ways are the old fashioned ways. Every artist has their preference and mine is old fashioned, Bugs Bunny style animation. I don't go for the modern manga and anime style drawings. In fact, I am downright turned OFF by anime style drawings!! I hate them with an intese passion!!!! I can look at manga style drawings a lot better than I can look at anime drawings!! That's just my POV. However, an anime artist is no less an artist. Just an artist with a different style. That's the funny thing about art, one thing I learned a LONG time ago!!! There are many different styles and tastes. I hate anime, but I don't mind simple drawings. I don't mind manga as much, but I don't expect I will ever learn it. LOL! Basically the main reason I hate anime so much is they are scary looking for one thing. They have bugged-out eyes, and the motion really sucks in those anime cartoons! Hurts my eyes because it is so unnatural.

I guess my style of drawing can be described as innocent, child-like, simple drawings. I don't put much shading in my drawings (part of the reason for that is because I've gotten lazy in my old age!) I put some details in my drawings, and I emphasize the word "some". I don't put a lot. But I try to put enough detail so the onlookers can tell the subject from the scenery. I always prefer to make my animals look like they're supposed to, even though most of the animals I use in my stories are animals from my Metazoic site. I'm just not into drawing like I'm working for an anime cartoon company or in manga style, like they do in comic books. I realize I could do better, but I just prefer the simple, innocent type of drawings that I've grown accustomed to doing.

Gee in this note alone I managed to stop myself from making an idiot of myself! I was about to call someone a psycho. I'm glad I caught it and erased it in time! I said to myself "Well that makes me sound like Catsredrum and Mayday06! And the last people I ever want to sound like are Catsredrum and Mayday06!!!" Mayday06 may have even changed her name by now. She probably calls herself Mayday09 now! LOL!!! I kinda wonder if she is still following me around the internet? Well, my one old informant decided she didn't like me anymore, which I guess is just as well. Ehhh, I was kinda hurt at first, but I get over things like that really quickly! :) Especially when I barely know that person and that person turns out to be a supporter of someone who is baaaad news anyway. Now, I guess it's up to me and my closest friends to keep an eye on those from the delusional mods forum!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Politically In-Correct

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I think censoring some things is stupid. And censoring the wrong things! I was just watching a classic cartoon from the early 1940s, it was an Andy Panda cartoon, and it was one with him and his father staying at a condemned fun house. There was a scene that was cut out, and it was the funniest scene in the whole cartoon!! It's the one where the father is stuck on a dancing floor and all these costumes were put on his head, like a chinese hat, and an indian feathered hat and the music to go with it all. Apparently those scenes have been cut out! That SUCKS!!!!! And I just had a horrible thought, I ordered the DVDs from Netflix. I'm trying to recapture my childhood. What if that cartoon is on the DVD and that scene was cut out of the cartoon on the DVD!! Chances of that are too damn good! It won't be worth watching if certain funny scenes have been cut out!

Now, I admit, some political correctness is good. Then I don't have to walk down the street and hear some jerk shouting racist names, or "fat-ass" or something like that. But too much of it is really getting OLD!!!! They are cutting out some of the best and funniest scenes on these old cartoons because they want to wipe "typical stereotypes" out of the public mind. Nevermind that what some overly politically correct people refer to as "typical stereotypes" is just plain and simple FACTS!!!! I mean, look at the oldest Tom and Jerry cartoons from 1940, there was an African-American woman in those cartoons and today they cut her out of the cartoons because she had a thick African-American accent. But I mean let's face it, a lot of African-American people do talk like that!! Even today. It's not stereotyping, it's truth. It's just the way it is. Personally, I hope nothing changes, I really find that African-American accent sexy!! My first boyfriend Paul had it, and I loved it!!!

I call people who are overly critical about political correctness the biggest crybabies on the planet!! Like I said, some is good, but you can have too much of a good thing, and I think political correctness has gone overboard. To a point where it's attacking people who just don't give a crap, the kids. Kids are never going to be politically correct! They're always going to be just kids. And really, if the producers want to edit out something, then edit out the cartoons where kids are just plain disrespectful to their parents and adults! Don't send kids to school, instead, keep them under wraps because the World is still full of political incorrectness! Don't take kids to the supermarket! Don't let your kids go out and meet new people because the other person just may have different beliefs of what is politically correct! Don't let your kids watch television, instead show them the World is a flowery place where they will never learn to deal with their troubles and everyone out there is all going to like them and have a kumbaya love-fest with them. Show kids that it is not OK to speak your mind and tell others how you really feel, so instead they will learn to only be nice to peoples' faces and then talk slam behind their backs! Great way to get yourself a lot of false friends!! Teach your kids that it is not OK to get angry, and to always be happy no matter what and keep the anger bottled up inside them. You will soon hear about that child on television, the nightly news, after he's committed terrorist acts against his school! Censor the things that have no proof or foundation to back them up!! Don't censor the things that are just plain and simple FACTS!!!!!!

Honestly, if people want to be politically correct, then think about it. The World is full of it. I'm not saying all of it is bad, but don't do too much of it. Don't attack the TV shows and cartoons that were once fun. My vision of political correctness is very different from those of others. But then I've always been more flexible and forgiving than most other people.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today is the birthday of my new baby girl, Minnie. She is 4 years old today, and she is my little special girl! I just got her and I love her so much! I got her from a breeder, he didn't show, but he bred to produce good quality pets. Which I personally feel is the best reason in the World to breed as that is the reason most people buy a dog is just for a pet. I have no idea how many puppies she has had over the past years, but she has done her work and is now ready to retire and just be my lap top companion. She is putting on weight now, she was skinny when I got her. I was watching a beauty pageant last night (actually it was a part of a series that had an episode about entering someone in a beauty pageant), and I remembered how some people feel about beauty pageants, and I said that is the same reason why I don't think it's so important to show dogs. Breed good quality and good tempered dogs if you want to (in fact I'd encourage it), but don't foist your beliefs on me that you have to show in order to be considered a good breeder! I say as long as the breeding dogs are not mass-produced, in dirty kennels, running and lying around in their own excrement, and are allowed to lie on the sofa and cuddle with their owners, then the breeder is OK by me! And the breeder is producing beautiful dogs. They've studied the AKC standard, and know it well and breed to follow that, they don't need a judge in a dog show telling them what dog is good and what dog is bad. I've seen perfectly good dogs get turned down by judges in dog shows. It's just too political if you ask me. Like someone saying what person is ugly and what person isn't. Really, who's to say? I know a lot of show breeders will disagree with me, but that's OK. But I think as long as a breeder knows the standard, and has been to as many shows as I have, and studied the breed, whether they show or not, and has bred dogs with good temperaments, then they are real good breeders. And I believe that Minnie's former owner was that way.

In the case of chihuahuas, as long as the breeder isn't breeding for Taco Bell lookalikes, they are good. I actually had a chance to study the papillon's breed standard for AKC, and Minnie comes pretty close. The only thing she doesn't have is the long hair, and she is starting to develop that now that she lives here. She also doesn't have the tight-curling tail of the show-quality paps. But that's OK now. She's just my pet and that's all she is now. No breeding involved with her at all. Not with me. She is slowly getting used to home life. I think the former owner's constant moving to and from Arizona took a toll on Minnie. And that is why she was not used to home life. We're still working on her house training.

Well, it is Minnie's birthday today, and I want to wish her a good one. I've been swamped this month with birthdays!! First Jon's, then Tim's, now Minnie's. Tomorrow is my sis Eva's birthday, and the 28th is my ma's. I sure do love it when August comes around!! LOL!

Well, not all the news on this front is good. Right now, I am having to make a very tough decision, probably the toughest decision of my life. I may have to leave Ocean Shores! It really SUCKS!!! I don't want to leave here! This is the best place I've ever moved to, I love it here. But I may have to leave. Hopefully it will only be for a few years. My hands are tied in such a way I may have to go, whether I want to or not. Heck, my hands are not only tied, they are twisted and tied behind my back. I feel like life has a bayonet in my back and is telling me to GO!!! I have no choice. But if Anna is moving to Bozeman and establishing residency, and my ma and stepfather are moving back to Olympia, I cannot stay here by myself for the next 4 years, so I may have to move with Anna to Bozeman. There is this family that keeps coming back here to their property across the road from me and they have 3 kids! To me, that's bad news! When we first moved here, they only came once a year, now I see them here every weekend and I hate it!! Their kids are noisy (as all kids are). It used to be quiet here, now it's loud! That was one of the reasons I loved it here so much. But if they are moving in, I am definitely moving out. Well, I can always come back here 4 years from now, and find a quieter neighborhood. Maybe one right on the ocean next time!

Well, one thing about living in MT, they are much more animal friendly there. So I heard. But the sad thing is I may either have to travel 500+ miles to see INXS concerts, or forget about them altogether. I don't really want to do either! I love going to concerts. I don't always care to see other fans, now that they are forming cliques I don't trust anyone, but I still love seeing Timmy!! I wonder though if we are allowed to carry pepper spray to concerts. I may need it!! Aw heck that may not work with people like Catsredrum and her friends, they probably carry guns!! LOL!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim!!!!!


Well, every year I try to do something for Tim's birthday and this year, since film-making is my thing, I decided to try a video blog for him. I was going to do a roast because I've never roasted Timmy before, but I decided against it. The video explains why. The beginning is quite long, I wanted to add a birthday song to the beginning, like I did with Vegas's video, but I wanted it to sound more grown up. That was the best song I could find. I took the first verse and added it to the beginning, if I had included the whole thing, it would have been a lot longer. I shortened it as much as I could.
I even included a little happy birthday wish from Vegas and Minnie. Vegas decided to become vocal during the making of this video. I call Vegas "Boobah", and Minnie "Mumah". Yeah, I know, I'm a little on the corny side when it comes to my babies, but I thought it'd be cute to have them on here to say happy birthday to Tim too. You wouldn't believe this either, I found a pic of Catsredrum!! It shows up when I mention the delusional mods. hehe! The resemblance is uncanny!! The pic looks just like the young lady I saw standing next to me at the INXS concert in Lincoln City!!! Well anyway, I posted this here in hopes that maybe Tim will see it and enjoy it. And as the ending goes, he's probably still the most handsome man alive at 52!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get Well Steven Tyler

Well, I heard earlier this week about Steven Tyler falling off the stage at a concert in South Dakota. I feel bad for him alright. Poor guy! An old man like that falling off a stage like that. Now tonight I have learned that his condition is unknown. I think he just doesn't want it to go public, and that is fine too. Fine by me anyway, but don't go saying that you don't know the condition he is in. That sounds stupid even to me, and I'm pretty lenient on things like that. It's no fun falling off a stage. It's no fun falling anywhere. It happens, and it sucks when it happens, I know. It's happened to me periodically. Especially when there is ice under my feet. hehehe! Anyway, I hope Steven Tyler gets better and I do hope he is OK.

I remember on the delusional fans forum, one of Catsredrum's friends, I think it was reeneebob, had a man falling off a stage on her avatar, and underneath the image she wrote "Fall you bastard fall!!" something to that effect. I guess she thought something like that was funny. Typical of someone who hasn't matured yet. I wouldn't make light of someone falling off a stage or any place. But people like that, karma will always come back and get them, and it always hits them 3 times worse than they wish on someone else. That's why I never wish ill luck on anyone. I've lived long enough to see what goes around will eventually come around. I don't have to wish it on anyone, and I don't have to help it along. You never will catch me with an avatar like that, with a statement like that written underneath. I'd be too scared a friend or family member would fall off a cliff or something to that effect. Instead, I always prefer to hope they get better. And I do. I can say it with genuine sincerity that I hope Steve Tyler is OK. I'm not even a huge fan of Aerosmith. I like some of their songs, but I am not a huge fan. I even have a few of their songs on my little MP3 player.

Some songs still elude me I've found. There is one song by a man named Bobby Z, I think he was a one-hit wonder. In 1990 he came out with a song called Lie By Lie. It was only popular for a short while, and then I never heard it again. The only reason I remember it is because I used to have the single on audio cassette. And I recorded it on another cassette with all my other singles, and I used to play that cassette a lot. But finding that song in MP3 format has been all but impossible. I only found it once, on Napster a long time ago when they were still a free service. I clicked on it and it said it was going to take 24 hours to download, so I said forget it, and canceled the download. A move that I regret to this very day!! I have never been able to find that song again and I've looked everywhere! I looked in Napster and only found it once. I looked in Morpheus, Audio Galaxy, Bear Share, Kazaa, Limewire, MP3 Rocket, etc, even in subscription services like emusic.com. That song is impossible to find!! I don't know why it is so hard to find, it is a GOOD song!! I boogied to it whenever I heard it. I am shocked that it just wasn't more popular.

I keep looking, and think maybe someday I will get lucky again. But I haven't since these music download sites have been coming out. No one has that song!! No one except me. I liked that song, it sounded GREAT!! And I'm not the kind of person who says that about just any song! I only like good music. And yet I continue with the hope that someone somewhere has got to have that song besides me. I keep on hoping.

Well anyway, here is the Steven Tyler article:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jon

Gotta love Jon! IMO, the second most handsome member of INXS. I am writing this to wish him a very happy birthday today. I kinda wonder how his little girl is doing? Not a rationalization, but I notice most babies hit their "uglies" at about 6 months of age. That's the point where their heads appear too big (and too round) for their bodies. I'd better stop the comment there. I don't want Jon to think I'm making fun of his baby, because I am not! Just one of those random comments I'm always including in each post.

I hope Jon has a wonderful birthday today. He's really a great guy! I remember meeting him about 4 times now, and he was always so sweet and kind. As personality goes, I actually like him better than Tim!! LOL! Aw but I shouldn't be talking that way about Tim, he's always been good to me too and I love him a LOT!!! He's a wonderful guy, and his birthday is just a few more days away. I gotta think of what to say to him. Every year, I say something different, and I try to make it at least somewhat special. At least every year I make sure he is blessed very well for the year. I hope it does him a bit better good this year. Maybe once their new album is released and the people who have been down on them hear it, perhaps things will get better for INXS. But I will always be loyal.

I had a bad dream about Tim last night, and I kept trying to get out of it by trying to wake myself up. But I was so tired I couldn't wake up. I kept thinking "Come on girl! Wake up!!!" But I just could not wake up to save my life!! I was just too tired. I shouldn't say what happened in the dream in case certain "people" are looking in on this blog, but it was pretty bad. I remember a couple years ago I had a dream that Tim was attacked and killed by a couple of big guys who kidnapped him. Well, Catsredrum and her friends read that and took it literally, even though it specifically stated in the blog they were reading that it was ONLY A DREAM!!!! I was so glad it was just a dream too. Pretty much the same thing occured in the dream I had last night. Now that INXS is in turmoil again, it scares the Hell out of me!!

I was so tired last night, I even blew up at someone on YouTube. Not that that person didn't deserve it! It was on a video someone else posted showing great danes attacking an adult tiger. I joked saying "I guess this is why great danes are sometimes referred to as tiger-dogs, hehe!" Of course I was JOKING when I said that. That's kindof like why I put the "hehe" at the end of the sentence. But this brainless goon took it literally and said "No that's not why they're called that you idiot. Go to my channel to find out why they're really called tiger-dogs." Usually, even in the face of someone like that, I keep my cool. But I was so tired last night, I just lost it. I called him a dipshit, and then I said to him that I really couldn't care less why great danes are called tiger-dogs. I was tired and grumpy, and I am also so sick of these stupid-ass teenagers getting such a thrill out of being so rude to others over simple little things like that! This particular teen was rude to everybody who commented on that video, not just me. Some get on there only to show off how rude they can be! I'd wager you he was one of those like that!! If he was looking to get a lot of views on his channel, he wasn't going to get them from me that way!!

Anyway, Minnie is doing good. I call her my Minnie-Mu now. So now I have Boo-Boo and Mu-Mu. She is slowly getting used to home life. At least now Vegas accepts her. It's Odessa who now refuses to accept her. But then Odessa acts as the dominant animal.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making Wishes

Have you ever been told that if you do this or that that your wish will come true. I was reminiscing about the first dog I ever got, it was Andy, another papillon dog. Getting Minnie made me think back to him and when and how I got him. I got Andy back in November of 1983, and he was 6 weeks old then. I was just a kid then, so I didn't have the foggiest notion that 6 weeks was too early to get a small breed dog. But anyway, how I got him was a miracle. Keep in mind, this was waaaaaaay back before papillons became as popular as they are now.

I was walking home from school one Friday afternoon, it was rather chilly too. Some months before our family had lost a dog, a big german shepherd, he was my father's dog. He just up and ran away and I never saw him again. I don't know where he went to, but I looked for him to come back every day. I even used to get on my bicycle and ride up and down the neighborhood and even up to 3 miles away in all directions, and I asked everyone I saw if they'd seen him. With no luck. When it became clear to me that he was gone and just not coming home, I began to do everything I could to wish for another dog. I used to watch a lot of television, and I once heard that if you made a wish on a dandelion (with the white, fluffy seed pedals) and managed to blow away all the little seed pods, your wish will come true. LOL! I know that can sound silly, but at that point I was so desperate I wanted to try anything and everything. So that afternoon, I found a good-looking dandelion with all the seed pods still present (there weren't many at that time of year!) I made a wish that I would get another dog, and took a deep breath and blew all the seed pods off in one blow. I watched them fall to the ground and then went home.
The next day, Saturday, my father took me and my sisses to the B&I, a nearby department store, while he went to my grandma's house to do her yardwork. The B&I also had it's own pet store. I always liked to roam around in there. Well, we were there for about a couple of hours and saw really nothing I wanted. Then my father came and as we were walking out of the store, there was a woman standing just outside the pet store with 2 small children holding a couple of fuzzy puppies with huge ears! Turns out she bred papillon dogs and she was giving these two pups away because they could not be registered. They didn't know who the father was, she had so many males, and there was no such thing as DNA testing back then. So she just gave these two pups away. One was brown and white and the other was black and white. For some reason, I was more attracted to the black and white pup.

I turned to my father and asked him if we could bring one home and said "they're free!" He thought about it for a minute, and said OK. I named him after a friend I'd had in school the previous year, Andy. I really liked that boy! He never knew that I named my puppy after him. Later on in life I learned Andy is mis-marked. One of his ears was half white and half black. Probably another reason he was just given away, even though a breed like that back then, she could have got thousands of dollars for him! Papillons are supposed to have solid-colored ears. This is a pic I took of Andy in 1988:

Well, we had Andy for almost 14 years. In 1997 we had to put him to sleep because he was suffering real bad with cancer. He lived a rough life, I mean let's face it, we were rough kids!!! I was a tomboy, so I played rough with the pets. Andy didn't like that much. Minnie is pretty healthy. I was just studying the AKC standard for the papillon, and it looks like Minnie is better quality than Andy was. She has a short coat, but I think that can change. It was 100 degrees in Olympia this past week, and Minnie may have just recently had a litter, and is blowing her coat. So those may be the reasons she has very little fur now. But living here where it is cooler, and without breeding, she should get her full coat back. Vegas is getting more and more used to her a little at a time. He still growls at her though. I reckon that'll continue for a while, but he can adjust. For all his life it's been no one but me, Anna, Odessa and Vegas. No other dogs. Minnie is so active. I mean, it's like having a 7-pound golden retriever in the house!! Minnie always wants to play. I will be getting pics of her hopefully today.

So now I have 3 dogs, and now 3 nicknames to call them. I call Vegas "the boobinator", I call Odessa "the butterball", and so far now all I call Minnie is "the big ears".

Here's the pics of Minnie as promised!

Vegas got in that one, but that was the only one!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Minnie Arrives!

Well, Minnie arrived home last night. I would have written something then, but when we got back it was midnight and we were both so tired!! But anyway, she arrived today!! I love her lots! But she is so nervous. I honestly don't think she's ever seen the inside of a house. And when we gave her a bath last night, we had to scrub her with shampoo twice because she was FILTHY!!! And she STUNK!!!!! But she is clean now. That was the first step. She sheds like you wouldn't believe! I think mostly it is stress. She acts like she's never been petted before! I don't know what kind of a life she had before she came here, the people I got her from said she was a house pet first and foremost. But Minnie is so scared of this house and of being petted, I don't know. She has calmed down considerably since last night though.

She's almost 4 years old now. Anna and I were talking about it last night, Minnie was born about the same time Rockstar: INXS was going on!! She will be 4 years old this month. She has a lot of good years ahead of her! She is now laying beside me on my chair as I am typing this so I got her to do that at least. It's Vegas I am worried more about. He's not taking well to this situation. I didn't think he would at first. All his life it's always been just him and Odessa in this house. No other dogs at all. Then suddenly this little powerhouse comes into the family and Vegas doesn't know how to handle it. Minnie is so much bigger than Vegas and Odessa!! And she was the smallest of all the other papillon dogs this breeder had.

When I called his ad, I found he had 3 papillon dogs for sale; 2 females and a male. He described his females and male, and I went there with the intent to get his tricolor female named Olivia. But when I got there, Olivia was not what I expected. Her ears were tiny, and IMO, the ears are what makes a papillon a papillon. But Minnie had nice, huge ears, so I fell in love with her. Olivia had the better coat though. It's true though, Minnie is ALL ears!!! I will post pics of Minnie as soon as I can take some. Vegas and Odessa are still trying to get used to her, but they are making progress. I got Vegas to sit on my lap right next to Minnie. But he jumped down once he couldn't take it anymore.