Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Tscare

Well, we had a bit of a tsunami scare here, but it turned out to be false. Though the waves did kick up a little bit. My ma was out all day, she got herself a new car. Yippee!! It's a Ford Focus. Bummer!! I hate Fords!! They are the most unreliable cars there is. Well, I heard there may still yet be a tsunami in Japan. There was a bit of one in Hawaii, how bad it was I don't know just yet. I'm hoping my friends and family still living in Hawaii are OK. I have a godmother there. So, I hope she and her children are OK. Of course her children are all grown!! Not sure if they still live there or not. I remember her name is Gladys, and last time I heard from her was in 1995.

Well today's been a full day! Ma's been gone with my stepfather, I've been working on this book about mammals of the Metazoic, I got called retarded white American trash by someone on YouTube. LOL! Been a full day! hehe! I seriously need some help with the Metazoic site. My old buddies keep asking me when I'm going to do something new and different. I keep telling them I don't know. I've got a lot on my plate now as it is. I simply cannot wait till Monday!!! I'm going to get my stuff and begin building my bird and reptile cages!! I am also on pins and needles about the upcoming new INXS website! Oh boy! Is that ever exciting!! If they are going to have a forum, and let mere fans moderate it, if I may, I'd like to make a suggestion for the owners of the site. Have anyone who applies to moderate the forums go through some kind of rigorous test or something. Or online moderation classes or something because I don't think it's fair to have posts deleted just because they cause a little bit of a debate on the forum. The site needs action and a debate will do it. Like I said, as long as there are no personal attacks involved. But last time I was on that forum, I noticed one of the mods erased a whole thread simply because someone she didn't like posted on that thread, which was as stupid an act as I've ever seen anyone perform!!! My advice is DO NOT allow someone like that to moderate again!!! Of course if that person does, I won't be going in the forum, but I'm just laying out a bit of advice. They can take it, and create a forum that is peaceful and fun, or tell me to shove it and have a forum that is so sensitive it won't be any fun at all.

I think personally, ONLY posts that present a personal attack on someone should be removed. But because a post causes a few people to disagree does not mean that the thread should be deleted. There are ways a person can disagree and still maintain a respectful, graceful position. I've done it lots of times myself. Here's some examples of a good and bad debate for someone to go by:

Good debate:
Mikessa: I don't want to worry about world hunger when I am facing problems of my own.

Timmyfan: Hello Mik, sorry to hear about your problems but world hunger is a growing problem that should be the concern of everyone.

Bad debate (including personal attacks):
Mikessa: I don't want to worry about world hunger when I am facing problems of my own.

MadameX: oh shut up about your problems, who cares about you when there are starving children in this world you moron!!

The latter type of comments are the kind that does nobody any good and should be deleted. I understand that people can get upset when there are disagreements, believe me I used to!! Sometimes, without either party realizing it, the debate can lead up to the kind of comments like the one from "MadameX" simply because someone like "Mikessa" in the example, holds fast to her beliefs. That's to be expected. So her comment should be deleted because it has a personal attack involved, and if possible, would be better if it was taken to PMs. But it wouldn't be worth it really if Mikessa is going to just hold on to her beliefs. Then MadameX's arguments would be futile. hehe!!! :)

Anyway, I hope this clears the air a bit.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Andrew Koenig Found Dead

It's true!! The child actor of Growing Pains was missing in Vancouver BC for some time. Police and rescue teams have been searching for him for a week. Well, he was found today in a rather remote forest where he usually liked to retreat to, after having killed himself. I don't know the guy, but I'll tell you his story is no different than any other child star story. As sad as I am to hear this news, I mean no death is a picnic, this is how a lot of child stars end up. Either dead at an early age or imprisoned. My sis says it's because as adults, they usually realize their glory days of stardom are over. As adults they are usually not wanted in movies or any other TV shows. Not all of them get rejected though. Look at Melissa Gilbert. She was still in movies and on TV even after she became an adult. Granted they were low-budget movies.

Well anyway, my prayers go out to Koenig's family. May GOD give them strength in this horrible time of loss.

Speaking of losses, UMG Productions is going to be down for a while. We're experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. The site will be up again just as soon as we can get these problems resolved.

Pure Ecstacy!!!

I just found out that INXS.com is going to be back. I am a very happy camper now!!! I cannot wait! Am I going to join again? Maybe. Will I be an active member again? I have no clue! If they are going to have a forum again, I want to know who is going to be moderating. I like Drumbaby a lot, but I just wish she wasn't so sensitive when it comes to moderating the posts. A little rebellion isn't going to hurt anyone. If all the posts on the forum were to be nothing more than a kumbaya love fest, it'd be pretty damn boring!!! I'm just stating facts here. As long as the person isn't specifically targeting any one person, the way Catsredrum and the rest of her delusional dim-wit friends do, I say there is no harm in having a debate on the forum. But personal battles probably should be taken to PMs. But if certain people are going to moderate the forum again, I will not become an active member. One of them, last time I checked, still lives in this state and I don't want her to find my house and possibly poison another one of my dogs again! That's also one of the main reasons I will not join any INXS forums. Because I know this person and the mods are siding together, and I'm pretty sure they would be more than happy to share my personal info with her. So, before I'd make a single post on that forum on INXS.com, I'd want to know who is moderating. If it's someone I don't trust, I won't post at all. If I have no idea at all who is moderating, I won't post at all. Simple as that! If the site has blogs again, I might just use them. Maybe. I feel safer here though.

This reminds me of the Biblical book of Revelations. LOL!! Well, as of this typing, inxs.com will be back again in 34 days, 20 hours, 19 minutes and 21 seconds! LOL! They have it all pinpointed to the last second! This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see these guys again. I heard their concert in BC really rocked! As they always do in my opinion. I saw a pic of Timmy this morning. Is he going back for that mullet look? His hair was standing on end. Timmy, please!! Let that hair grow!! I love it long! :D No matter what he still looks good to me. I cannot wait to gaze into his magnificent eyes again. I cannot even begin to describe how I felt seeing a new pic of him today! I realized, I miss him more than I first thought. I can't wait till they go back on tour, I just hope I'm not too busy to go to a few concerts. With my cages being built and Anna moving to the dorm at MSU. I hope she can stay there. She had trouble at the dorms in Yellowstone. She snores too loudly, so they almost kicked her out of there. When we were bunking in a room together in Bozeman last year, I didn't hear her snoring. But then again, I am a sound sleeper! An earthquake couldn't wake me up. Also, there is a reptile expo I want to try and make it to in Anneheim, CA. Not sure why I want to go! Most everybody there is probably going to be selling nothing but man-made mutated reptiles!! It'd be a big disappointment and waste of my time because I prefer the natural colors. Sometimes though I like to take my chances.

Well, in other news, did anyone hear about the SeaWorld worker who was killed by a killer whale??? I did! The trainer's name was Dawn Brancheau, and some say she was taken underwater and violently shaken. Others say she was simply drowned. This is so uncharacteristic of killer whales!! I remember hearing of 2 other incidents where killer whales have actually killed humans. The first was in 1991. The second was in 2000. And now, 10 years later, another trainer is killed by an overamorous orca!! I wonder if this really is signaling the end of the world because now I am noticing animals are not acting like they used to. I can remember polar bears used to never attack adult walrus. Lions never used to hunt elephants. Killer whales never used to hunt people. Killer whales are intelligent too! They should be able to know the trainer is a friend. Well, SeaWorld said they are going to keep working with this whale, even though it attacked someone already and killed them. I'm not so sure that's a very good idea. If the whale killed once, more than likely it'll do it again. Not the best idea to allow people to work with it again. But that's just my opinion. My prayers are with the family of this worker.

I knew this would happen! PETA is having a field day with this news!!! As usual, they want to close Sea World and turn it into a simple sanctuary for marine animals. All the stupid celebs that also support PETA are getting in on the act. I wonder if the celebs that support PETA are in any way aware of their "sea kittens" campaign?? Maybe not. Because I'd think if they were, that would have made them stop supporting, knowing how stupid it makes them look to support an organization that creates such dumb ideas. PETA seems to think it's GOD or something. LOL! Wanna hear what one stupid celeb PETA supporter is doing about this? There seems to be no remorse for the worker who was killed, they blame it on the people. Anyway, read this article. I advise no one to sign this idiot's petition!! It won't do no good! Zoos are educational places for people to see and learn about wild animals. Just turning it into a sanctuary is not going to help the animals at all. PETA is using celebs to get out their stupid campaigns and it only proves that these celebrity supporters are at least as dumb as PETA is!! I left a comment saying such.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small Dogs Connection With The Middle East

I always knew this. I first read that chihuahuas actually came from China back before I got my first chihuahua. The original chihuahua, the dog from Mexico and named for the capital city, originally weighed about 50 pounds. The Aztec royalty used them as heat pads on cool nights. Hence the term for a cold night a "3-dog night". The cooler it got, the more dogs were piled on to a person to keep warm. And chihuahuas really do seem to keep you warmer than any other dog. They also guarded their masters viciously. That's why the modern chihuahua has a plucky, terrier-like temperament. The only thing that has changed is the size. That changed when the Chinese invaded Mexico and took these canine heat-pads to their land, and their emperor. The dogs were fed a diet of rice and pork, which stunted their growth and over time the size stuck. Today, you may still see some throwbacks to the original breed, but none are 50 pounds anymore. The largest purebreed chihuahua I've ever seen was a whopping 25 pounds. It was tall, and fat. Today, with mock registries taking over and mediocre breeders continuing to breed dogs like that, I'd question if that dog really was a purebreed chihuahua. But that one did have AKC registration. I saw the pedigree and all. It was just a mediocre specimen.

Any time you see someone using ACA (American Canine Association) or CKC (Continental Kennel Club--not to be confused with the more reputable Canadian Kennel Club) or APRI (American Pet Registry, Inc--also known simply as APR) you simply must question the dog's ancestry. People who use these registries typically cross breeds, or have no accurate records of their breedings. Then there's the registries themselves. Look at their site, they register designer mongrels. Bad idea for any registry's reputation! Anyway, here's the article I found. I thought it was interesting.


Small Dogs Originated in the Middle East

These miniature mutts were the descendants of gray wolves, which also happen to be smaller than many other wolves.
Small dogs the world over can all trace their ancestry back to the Middle East, where the first diminutive canines emerged more than 12,000 years ago.
A new study, which appears in BMC Biology, focused on a single gene responsible for size in dogs. Researchers found that the version of the gene IGF1 that is a major determinant of small size in dogs probably originated as a result of domestication of the Middle Eastern gray wolf, which also happens to be smaller than many other wolves.
In terms of which came first, big dogs or small dogs, the answer is now the former.
"Archaeological studies suggest that ancient (dog) remains found in Belgium, Germany and Western Russia, which date to 13,000-31,000 years ago, were most similar in body size to the Great Dane, while those from the Middle East dating to about 12,000 years ago were most similar to a small terrier," lead author Melissa Gray told Discovery News.
For the study, Gray, a researcher in the Laboratory of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her colleagues traced the evolutionary history of the IGF1 gene. To do so, they surveyed a large sample of gray wolf populations, other wild members of the Canidae family, and numerous breeds of dogs.
Gray and her team first confirmed that all domesticated dogs trace their heritage back to gray wolves. She indicated the jury is still out as to when and where the world's first dog -- of any size -- emerged.
All small dogs, normally weighing 20 pounds or less, share the variant of IGF1 also found in Middle Eastern gray wolves, the scientists discovered. This means the gene must have surfaced early in the history of small dogs, but after dogs in general were first domesticated.
The DNA studies, combined with the archaeological record, then suggest that at least 12,000 years ago, the first domesticated small dogs entered the world, with humans playing a major role in the process.
"(There) could have been a mutation arising early in the history of dogs," said Gray, "which was maintained by breeding and artificial selection by humans, or could have been an adaptive trait that developed during domestication as a means to coexist with humans."
The timing and location provide intriguing clues, as Middle Eastern societies then were moving away from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and towards agriculture-based communities.
"Small (dog) size could have been more desirable in more densely packed agrarian societies where dogs may have lived partly indoors or in confined outdoor spaces," Gray explained.
"It is unlikely that dogs at that time were used as a source of protection, but more likely that they were used initially for their fur, as a food source, and possibly companionship," she added.
Reduction in body size is a common feature of domestication and has been observed in other animals, such as cattle, pigs and goats.
David Macdonald of the University of Oxford and Carlos Driscoll of the National Institutes of Health point out in a separate paper in the Journal of Biology that most of the Western barnyard animals were domesticated beginning at around the same time 12,000 years ago.
Dogs stood out from the rest, however, because they were "in the role of not just a treasured companion, but a precursor to wealth and inequality" since "dogs are likely to have become status symbols as well as being intrinsically valuable," Macdonald and Driscoll wrote.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wax Hutch Figure

Hm. I don't think it looks anything like Michael. I found this among my Facebook articles this morning.

Perhaps the hair is what throws it off, but I don't think it looks like Michael at all! The moderator of that forum says it was a figure that was made in 1997, and Michael posed for hours for that thing. I don't know. It could be the hair that throws it off. Looks like a rather cheap impression of a ladie's wig. That's just my opinion. And the eyes kinda look evil. Michael had a much more innocent expression than that. The tips of the eyebrows are a bit too low. Michael's were more level. This guy looks pissed off. If this person did an impression of Michael, she should have done all of INXS. I kinda wonder what her impression of Timmy would have been like? LOL! He's a little more evil looking than Michael! hehe!! :P

Well, I was happy, I found an old buddy from an e-mail group I used to be a member of. Well, I am still a member there I think! LOL! I don't really know, I don't get into e-mail groups much anymore. But one thing I always remember about this guy, he was always nice, and he was sometimes very funny. I know one e-mail group kicked me off because I posted a link to my website, but I really didn't care at all. Simply because I don't use the groups much anymore. Kindof a shame. I wanted to get their opinions of my website. But eh! 'Tis OK. That was a group I almost never posted on to begin with. I find I am getting banned from places like that more and more. hehehe!! I must be getting evil in my old age. If indeed posting a link to an author's site on an author's forum is considered evil enough to ban someone. I don't know. I do know everyone has their own opinion of what is evil. Heck there are people on YouTube who think someone calling a fat person names is not an act of evil. But it is! Look at the people who do it. Many of the ones I've seen doing the act also have a look of pure evil in their eyes. And you notice they never do it to fat people who are obnoxious. They always do it to the sweetest fat people you could ever meet. That's been my experience.

Speaking of fat, I posted a video on YouTube about people calling fat people names. It's viewable on my channel. Actually the conversation goes in all directions. LOL!! That's me! That's my own unique brand of pillow-talk. I also talk a lot about my friends and family. I actually recorded the video a week ago, but I didn't complete the editing until last night and then I posted it on YouTube. I've been seeing so many people on YouTube just shit-talking fat people left and right. And you know who thinks they can get away with it?? Fat men!!! That's who. I told them no you can't. You're just as disgusting if you are a fat man as you think any fat woman is. So don't think your gender should let you off the hook of being seen as ugly or disgusting. Personally, I love a man with a little meat on his bones. Not obese, but I like a little meat. I don't really like skinny men. Someone like Timmy is what I like, and I always fall in love with men of his stature; dark hair, usually wavy or curly, with a somewhat huskey build. That's what I like. I think if I were a man I would be attracted to women who have a little meat as well. LOL! But I am not a man! Not even close. Just saying, meaty is my style! Though I have seen some attractive women who are full-figured. I've even seen some attractive women who are fat. But there are people who think just because a woman is fat they can't be attractive. But I am here to say that is not true!! I've only seen a relative handful of fat people who are not attractive. Sadly, I'm among those fat, unattractive women. Let's be honest here!! I have compensating qualities though. When I really like someone, I can be that person's very best, most loyal, friend. All of my friends compliment on how good of a friend I am to them. I may be a bit nutty, but my friends all say that is what adds a lot of spice to our friendship. Part of my attractive nuttiness comes from being so spontaneous. That's something I refuse to give up. I told one of my friends about how one time I went to Reno for dinner. hehehe!!! I did! I truly did. It was fun too. He said that's what he likes about me. The spontaneity. The only thing was that I had just lost my Groucho and it was the first long trip I took without her. So I wasn't happy all through that trip. But once I got to Reno, and saw all the lights and games and stuff, and the Peppermill where I had dinner, it made me happy again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fad Diets

My sis and I have been putting up some videos on YouTube about dieting and such similar subjects. I put those up in the hopes of helping others in the process of losing weight. I always say diets don't work. They don't!! That is something that I learned a long time ago. It's not about diets, the trick is training yourself to eat. Well, this morning I noticed someone commented on one of our videos, thinking it was a joke. I told her not at all. She's obviously a teenager who has probably only been on one diet in her life.

Well, we went in a variable circle, she says I am "jealous" because diets didn't work for me. I found that comment completely laughable!!!! There is no way on the planet I could ever be jealous of something like that because I know they typically don't work, and I am not the only one who has received results like that. Like I said, it's not about dieting, it's about retraining yourself to eat. The only way to accomplish that is to eat 6 small meals a day. Not large ones, like I'm not saying that you should eat 6 complete steak dinners every day!!! But 6 small-portioned meals is what is recommended. For example, here's a sample menu I received:

  1. Breakfast can consist of 1 egg and a piece of dry toast (no butter, margarine or jelly).
  2. 2 hours later, have an apple half.
  3. Lunch can consist of a sandwich and some low-fat chips (check serving sizes).
  4. 2 hours later, have the other apple half.
  5. Dinner can consist of a small meat, like maybe a strip steak, veggies, perhaps a small baked potato, light on the butter. No cheese or sour cream though, unless it's low-fat.
  6. 2 hours later have maybe a little dessert, like one of those 100-cal packs, or a cookie, or a small candy bar.

That's it! That's your food intake for the day! In between those, drink LOTS of water!! No soda, no beer, or any other alcoholic beverage, you can have one glass of juice, for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. I prefer fruit juice, like apple, orange, but I make sure I look at the ingredients to see that it is ONLY fruit and perhaps water. No sugar! Sometimes I get the cocktail juice, like cran-apple cocktail, or grape-apple cocktail juice. I like those, they're good, but the main thing is to make sure no sugar is added. I'm learning to love pomegranite juice. It is rich in anti-oxidants, which will aid in weight loss as well. Pomegranite juice takes some getting used to. When I first tasted it, I didn't really like it because I thought it tasted like this grape and cherry cough syrup combined with this codene syrup I used to have to take!! UGH!! But after a few weeks of drinking it, you learn to like it.

Well anyway, this girl proceeded to say I'm "jealous" or I'm "attacking dieters" and yadda-yadda-yadda. She said that losing weight quickly is better than being obese. I basically just sat back and laughed. I've seen idiots like her before! She's basically letting the haters run her life. She is losing weight for them, not for herself. I'm losing weight for myself, not to impress anyone else. I said to her she is misinformed, and then I basically said I'm through getting through to her. She's obviously one of those types that thinks the only way to do anything is her way or no way at all. I'm not about to waste my time with her! People like her, it's just so much better to let them find things out for themselves. I told her that in her search for the right way, I hope it doesn't kill her in the process. Then I blocked her. I should stop making other peoples' problems my problem!! That's my problem!! LOL!! I think too much of other people, and I need to stop that! Especially when the other person is an asshole who would deserve whatever happens to her! Bad or good.

Well, I thought about it, and I felt it wasn't right to block her, so I unblocked her. But I know her type so damn well, I know what her response is going to be once she finds out she is unblocked (if she ever found out she was blocked). What I said is going to make her worse. It's not going to make her think about what she's doing to herself, losing weight as fast as she is. But, that's NOT my problem!!! She's not my friend! If it kills her, that's her problem! I'm not explaining anything to her anymore!! She's either going to wind up dead, twice what she weighs now, or with severe medical problems and my only hope is that I get to hear about it. I'll be singing over her bedside, "I told you so!" I've seen it all before! Believe me. I will continue to make these videos, in hopes that they help someone else understand. Though I have no idea why Anna said that protein and iron are vitamins!!! I told her to talk about B-12 and she didn't do it!!!!! Not until the last minute! I should have pre-read that speech she made. But the rest of her video was well done.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fans In An Uproar

And I am among them. Yesterday it was suggested that the INXS fans who want JD Fortune back join the Facebook group for Petrol Electric and tell Chris Murphy that we want JD back!! I'm so hoping it works out! I hope CM is the one who is actually reading that page and it not be just some third party individual. CM was always portrayed by the band as a strong leader, and I am sure he is. Strong enough I hope to listen to what the fans have to say and take it to heart. One person started a thread to tell CM what we think and we all hope it works. Murphy needs to listen for a change. I know JD did something disrespectful, but don't we all at one point. One of my friends is saying that if INXS is dogging JD because of his drug addiction, then that makes them all hypocrites. I just said to this friend that people are hypocrites. No matter how hard we try not to be, all people are hypocrites. I think it's human nature. I've learned to accept hypocrites where I used to hate them. Ever since this one person accused me of being a hypocrite, whereas I simply called it a change for the better. Then I said to myself, "Hm. If this is what hypocrisy is, then I guess all humans can be accused of it." Especially those of us who want to change.

Well, I really do hope we can reach Chris Murphy with this campaign. I personally have nothing against the man, but dumping JD was a bad mistake. We all make mistakes, we must learn from them. LORD knows I have!!! I've made quite a few mistakes in my day, but I always learned from them. I'm so strong-willed though, I'll push myself to the limit before I learn the lesson. I'm strong though, I can take it. hehe! I get stronger every day too. If it is CM looking in on that page, hopefully he will take notice that the INXS fans (the ones who buy the CDs and concert tickets) want some consistency with the band. Settle on a lead singer, please! I said it in my last post, and on that page. That's all I want, is for INXS to settle on who is going to do the singing. It'd be nice if INXS could continue to make albums and tour the world, and the only way they can do that is if they have a lead singer. No JD = no Timmy. And that would upset me as a fan. The only other band for me who could take INXS's place after they are gone would be the Lovehammers. I'm already looking well at Dino. :)

Speaking of other bands, I learned about a group called HIM yesterday. I thought it was an abbreviation for something else, and I didn't recognize the name. I still don't know them. But one of my buddy's children is a big fan. If she got to meet him, I am happy for her. I looked for a picture online of Ville Valo. I didn't want to say anything directly to this friend, because I didn't want to hurt her little girl's feelings. But when I saw him, all I could say is YUUUUUUUUUUK!!!! IMO, Ville is one fuggly dude! But, on the other hand, she said he has a good heart and that's really all that counts. Anyway, I was happy her little girl got to see him live and he smiled at her. I'm sure she is ecstatic!! I'm the same when I see Tim and he smiles at me.

Well, anyway, I urge all INXS fans to join this campaign. The Facebook page for Petrol Electric is http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Petrol-Electric/255257813741?ref=mf. Write to this guy and tell him we want JD back as the lead singer, and tell him why.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

INXS Hoping For Better Fortune

According to this article, JD will ONLY join INXS in one performance. When they go on tour, their real tour, they will be joined by other singers. So what does this mean? Well, I knew I was right about INXS bringing JD back officially. But for just this show. So who is going to do the singing on the rest of the tour? I looked over some of the other fans' comments and they believe INXS are only using JD for this concert because he is Canadian, and the organizers of the Olympics in BC feels that JD will draw back the Canadian crowd with his presence alone. Meaning Canadians really stick together. So who is going to front the band?? Kirk cannot do it! He has to toot. He can't do both, he's not Superman!

Another fan made a very valid point that other singers are not going to give up their groups and their careers to follow INXS and sing on their next tour. Michael. You are definitely needed now. You must come back!! Unfortunately no amount of crying, wishing or hoping is going to bring him back. Those were my same words when my Groucho died!!! I never got her back, but Vegas is a very close and sure-fire substitute. JD was a very good substitute for Michael. When I heard JD sing that first night in Seattle, I couldn't tell his voice apart from Michael's. He sounded just like him. Now, believe me I am still not a JD fan. I really couldn't care less who sings myself. The concerts I am going to go to, I only care if I get to see Tim performing on stage. If Tim decides not to show up, I'll hound the staff until I get my money back!!! I hardly paid much attention to who sings. As long as the words were there and I got to see Timmy, that was enough. But truly, for that unique INXS sound, JD was the right pick.

This was the point in time I agreed with that Christian Cameron guy. INXS needs to put up or shut up now. Though I don't mean to really shit on them like he did!!! I still LOVE these guys with every ounce of my being. But the point in that phrase was well received. I just want INXS to settle on ONE lead singer and go with that one for as long as they intend to carry on their musical careers! That's all I am asking!! I don't care if they go back to JD, or if they swipe Brandon Flowers, Rob Thomas or Todd Rundgren for all I care!! Just PLEASE!!!!!!!! Settle on SOME ONE!!!!!!! And please be consistent. I want to see the whole INXS again. I loved those guys. With or without JD I still loved them. Well! Jon Stevens was a damn joke!!! And he totally lacked sexual appeal. But like I said, I don't care who sings. Just please settle on someone. On INXS's Facebook site, JD is still listed as the lead singer, and I don't know why. Is that the mistake that was made by the person who does their computer stuff?? Then maybe he needs to be the one who is more consistent. Ya know when things change for our company, or when I put erroneous information up for my site, when I (or one of my co-workers) discovers it, I change it immediately! I don't leave it up to confuse anyone. The one in charge of doing INXS's online work needs to be aware of the information he is putting out there. He needs to update it as fast as he can. Any time new info comes up, the band needs to say "I want this put on the site, pronto!!" At least update Facebook!

Anyway, here is the article:


INXS hoping frontman brings better Fortune

From: The Daily Telegraph February 15, 2010 12:00AM

WHILE many wonder why INXS just won't call it a day the onetime supergroup are preparing for the first show of their planned comeback tour - with their dumped former Canadian singer J. D. Fortune to front the band.
Fortune famously dumped on the group a year ago when he was broke and living in his car after claiming INXS sacked him with no explanation at Hong Kong Airport the year before.
The two sides had a brief war of words, with Fortune's bitterness and INXS's ambivalence towards his plight suggesting the relationship was beyond repair.
But it has now been confirmed the band have invited Fortune to front them for one night only on February 24 when they play a sold-out show in Vancouver as part of the Winter Olympics concert series.
The news has been well received in Canada, and the show will be the first in a planned tour off the back of the band's upcoming album release.
But a spokesperson for the band said it would be a one-night stand for Fortune, with other singers being considered for the later tour - indicating the tour plans have been put back, as the band had earlier indicated Vancouver would be the first of a series of shows.
Fortune joined the band after winning the 2005 reality show Rockstar: INXS and recorded an album with them which featured the hit single Pretty Vegas.

So now another question is brought up, who owns the rights to Pretty Vegas??? Is it JD Fortune? Or INXS?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Special Guest??

Well, INXS will be appearing at the Olympics this month in BC, I cannot go myself, but I do hope it's going to be televised here in the US. Well, maybe I'll catch INXS on their tour. I will still be cheering them on no matter what! But now they are saying that JD will be making a "special guest appearance". Wonder what that means? I figured JD would be rejoining INXS, but nothing was even implied that it would be only in the way of a special guest appearance. But oh well! At least I was right about JD rejoining INXS, I was just hoping it'd be more than a simple guest appearance for one show. One of the fans stated that INXS may not want to do another tour because of their advancing age. I was like "You've got to be kidding!" How many groups are over 55 and still touring? Still even facing screaming fans?!! INXS does not look like the kind of band that would give up. They've proven that right several times over!! I think these men are still going to be touring well into their 70s. I cannot wait to see what Timmy will look like then! hehe! Bet he'll still be very handsome! I think he's still beautiful now.

I looked back and I noticed most of the posts made by that goon Cameron have been deleted. Serves him right!! He claims he's been doing things for INXS, and I find that somewhat hard to believe! INXS are such nice guys, and this dude's a jerk!! He's such a jerk, he almost ran one of my Facebook buds right off her account. He kept sending this person hate messages. If I had a chance, I'd ask INXS how they feel about him running the fans off like that. It's one thing to get angry at someone maybe have a little disagreement, but to constantly spam them with hate mail, over and over again, simply because of a disagreement, that's just plain sick!! If INXS is still working with this goon, there would go my respect for them. Probably not, because he was shit-talking the band on their page as much as he was the fans. Like I said before, people like him I feel sorry for. I wouldn't be in his shoes for nothing in the World!! But regardless of how I feel about him personally, I do still believe he did make a few valid points. They'd just be easier to swallow if he wasn't such a dumbass!

For reasons like this dude, I should carry my can of pepper spray to the concerts I go to. I wish I could, but I probably can't! The security might think of it as a weapon, even though I would never use it except in the case of self-defense. It sure beats busting someone in the gut or blackening their eyes shut. I don't want to, and don't like to, do things like that. I'm like an ostrich, I prefer to walk away from trouble. hehe!

Well, I still will be rooting for these guys, still sitting on the curb and clapping. Still loving and supporting them. I cannot stop that. Gotta focus on what is important to me, and that is seeing these guys once more before they decide to retire. I only hope they come to this state! Maybe even to this town! If they do, I can take care of them. hehe! I cannot really do much but I can make them feel at home. The convention hall in town is a great place for them to hold a concert. I looked it over. If it can hold a home show, it sure can hold an INXS concert with a few hundred people.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Omar Bin Ladin a Jim Carrey Fan!

LOL! I had to laugh when I saw this on Twitter this morning. The son of one of the most hated men in the world is actually a fan of Jim Carrey. What I want to know is, how does Jim Carrey feel about that? Omar left ABC News with a bit of a warning about what his father and the Taliban army intends to do next to the USA. He also added the only thing his father likes about the US is our weapons. Huh!!! Of all the things the USA has to offer the only thing that strikes his fancy is the weapons. What a jerk!!! Anyway, Jim Carrey seems like a nice man, I really wonder how he feels about Omar Bin Laden saying he's a big fan of his. It would be interesting to get his response to that. Omar said he used to be a fan of Sylvester Stallone, until he met him, and Stallone snubbed him. Stallone said he wanted nothing to do with the son of Osama Bin Laden. In a way it's sad to know Stallone is like that, but on the other hand, I cannot blame him. After knowing what his father did to this country, and what he plans to do. But we shouldn't blame Omar for that!! He had nothing to do with it. I actually hate it when people blame the children because their parents are assholes! I think it's wrong. But people do it anyway.

I can also see Omar's side of it as well. I know how it feels to look up to some public figure only to have them stomp on your face and shit on you. I just trust no one now! I have met all the celebs I ever want to meet now, I'm not really a celebrity hound. I'm more like if I meet them, fine. If I never do, fine. I'm not one to actively seek them out. Never have been! I think meeting them kinda kills the fantasy I would have about them. Well, really the only celeb I ever wanted to meet was Tim Farriss, and now I have. I was lucky, he was really nice when I met him. But yeah, most celebs are asses. Last night someone on Facebook really brought that to my attention. Some dude named Christian Cameron trolled the INXS page and snapped at everybody. Sadly, he can get away with it and still be accepted because he is apparently famous. Though I've never heard of him. I didn't argue much with him because well, there was no reason for me to. I agreed with almost everything he said. I just didn't agree with the way he delivered his opinions by snapping at all around him and just being a total-ass jerk. But he said all rock stars are asses, and there I agreed with him. It's true. Many of them put on masks to lure fans to purchase their CDs. It just feels better to a fan to support someone who is nice and kind. As sick as that may sound, it's true. Though I didn't feel that with INXS.

What I find most amusing is how when a celebrity is an asshole and openly admits it, they can still get away with it with no problems. But when an average person is like that, everybody tends to hate that person. Look at Simon Cowell. I like the guy, he and I have a lot in common. The only difference is when I like someone, or when I first meet them, I tend to sugar-coat my opinions about them, instead of telling them outright how I feel about them. I know I shouldn't, but I do! I don't like to make people feel bad, believe it or not!  But Simon doesn't sugar-coat anything, he just tells it outright, regardless of how he thinks it'd make the other person feel. Now, he is the most famous person ever to appear on American Idol. He's even opening up his own business! And I would be willing to bet he is going to be a huge success in that business, simply because of how famous he became on Idol. And he became famous because he says what he feels. I've said it many times before and I'll say it again, people LOVE people like that on television. But they HATE people like that in real life. I suppose I can guess why! LOL! Because that person isn't attacking them or someone they care about. If you're going to voice your opinions as radically as Simon Cowell does, or for that manner, this Christian Cameron guy, and you still want to be accepted, it helps if you are famous. If you're just an average person and you talk to others like that, most people will drop you like a hot potato!! LOL!

If someone disagrees with me, I find it OK. I don't hold it against that person at all. With the exception of a very few cases, but they are extreme cases. I don't care if one of my friends disagrees with me. I just agree to disagree with that person on that issue. It has no bearing on whether I like them or not. The only thing that would tear me and someone I like apart is if we disagree on too many things, or something that to me is absolutely taboo. Examples of taboo to me are: animal abuse, child abuse, ass-kissers AKA: followers, racists, and show breeders AKA: immaturity in adults. I don't mind ignorance too much because, to some degree, we are all ignorant. Just because someone is ignorant about one thing, doesn't mean they are ignorant about everything. But too much of it can be annoying. Show breeders are an excellent example of this. They are knowledgeable when it comes to their breed of dog or cat, but they are ignorant when it comes to people skills. At least most of the ones I've seen or met were, the only exceptions were the ones I listed on my list of show breeders I like.

Well, those are my thoughts for the day. I think I'll ask Jim Carrey how he feels about this! hehe! I'll let you know when, and if, I get an answer. In the meantime, here's the ominous warning Omar Bin Laden left with ABC News:

If his father is the nicest one of them all, I'd hate to meet the others!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What If GOD Had A MySpace

LOL! I just saw a video about this on YouTube, and I've gotta say it was FUNNY!!!! What if HE did have a MySpace? I think he'd get up to a million friends, but with all that is going on now, and people blaming HIM for all of it, HE'd probably lose several of those friends left and right. Now, what if GOD had a Facebook? I think HE'd be thinking the same thing a lot of us are thinking; When the HELL is the webmaster going to make up his mind about how he wants the home page to look??? I mean seriously! Facebook changes it's layout the way people change their shirts and I am SICK of it!!!!! It really SUCKS!! Every time Facebook changes it's style, it takes me months to figure all of it out, and by that time, they make another change and I get all confused. I have stopped going to MySpace very often. Now, I sign on maybe once a week. And I don't blog there anymore now that I have discovered this site, and I love the editor here. Or I used to until they removed the video embedding device.

What if GOD had a Twitter? HE'd probably be thinking "WTF is the point in this shit??!!" Seriously, I don't understand Twitter. Yet I have an account with them because I was instructed to. My supervisor said I should open one so I did. So what other social websites are there out there? I've only had this one, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. I have a Twitter page for Metazoica too, but I almost never sign into it at all. I wish I could connect my Metazoic blog to the Twitter account. That would be awesome! Then it might make Twitter a little more worthwhile.

Well, yesterday Anna and I spent in Oregon with the dogs. It was a long, rough day. I used to love going to Oregon! Now, I hate it because it takes too long to go over and back. But I had to do the shopping for the month. When we shopped there, I noticed one thing about the supermarkets there. The prices are dramatically lower than they are here!!! It's almost worth it to continue going there to do the monthly shopping. However, what we don't have to spend on groceries, we more than make up for in the cost of gassing up the car to go over and back with. Of course even there, gas is cheaper.

Ya know one thing I remember most about Portland, there was a store that specialized in selling cage birds. I wonder if that store is still there? The last time I visited that store was in 1993, then I never went back again because by then all my birds were gone, and I had no plans to get anymore. So I didn't need to go back. But typing this entry has given me the desire to try and find this business again. I remember the store was called "the Bird Hut" and they had everything from finches to macaws. I'm mostly interested in finches and small softbills.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

11-Year Old Gives Birth

Would you believe this? An 11-year old girl gives birth to a baby boy! Now, if this was your daughter, how would you feel about it? I'd feel bad for my little girl, that's how I'd feel. An 11 year old cannot handle raising a child. Now, when I was growing up, I had a friend named Tara, and when she was 12, she had her first child. But she was a very mature 12 years old. She too had a baby boy, she named him Michael-David. Back then I was still quite young myself, and I didn't understand a teenager having a baby would ruin them. In my eyes, having a baby was nothing more than a blessed event. I remember my grandma saying she felt sorry for Tara, but I remember only being happy for her. I always hoped that someday I would have a baby. But when that baby never came, I just gave up. One of the main reasons my marriage didn't last.

Believe it or not, this isn't the youngest girl to ever have a baby. Back in the 30s, a 6-year old girl in Peru gave birth to a baby. Now that is shocking!! I didn't even know a 6-year old could cycle, much less have a  baby!!! Imagine being able to have someone call you "grandma" when you are 25 years old! The name of the 11 year old mom has not been released, but this is shocking news. Now that I am older and know a lot more about responsibility, I do feel bad for the girl. Not only is she too young to be going through the stress of raising a child, but an 11-year old having a baby can run into some serious health problems during and after pregnancy. Among them, pre-eclampsia, stillbirth, and a condition called cholestasis, which is a blockage of bile. Later on, she could also develop fatty liver, which is a killer condition. Of course, Tara got out of her pregnancy unscathed, but she was one of the lucky ones. And she wasn't 11 years old at the time. She was 12.

Well, in other news, my pa came over today and brought some of his power tools. I got a chance to look them over and use them. Now, I need to practice using them more often. The scariest looking one is his rotary saw. It's big, heavy, powerful and loud. But I took to it right away! I felt comfortable with it. I just need to practice using it properly. Now, all I need is some wood, acrylic sides and mesh and I can start building my cages.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Everything Is OK!

JD is still with INXS!! I knew it! And the naysayers dogged me for that. But keep on doing it dudes! I was right all along and you all can go on thinking what you want to. I knew all along everything was going to be OK. I didn't believe JD spit in INXS's face. I believed all along it was a misunderstanding. They'll all be dogging on the other side of their faces when they see JD singing on stage. Maybe they won't be there, but I will for sure.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a JD fan at all! I met him before and I thought he was very nice, and he is a great singer. But compared to how I feel about the other guys, most of them anyway, JD is not up there among my favorite band members. He's just above Kirk on that list in fact. My thing was I just didn't want to see INXS break up in that way. JD worked so hard to get where he was with the band. Now, I know they've gotten that angry with Michael before, and they never booted him out. INXS just doesn't seem to me like the kind of band that would give up just like that. I knew everything would be worked out and things would go back to normal. I told you all, I have a knack for knowing. Maybe next time, they'll believe me when I say something like that. But I think it just shows these peoples' weakness. They all reacted to the JD Fortune situation the way they react to everything in life; when it doesn't go their way, they shit on it. They need to all learn about a little thing called forgiveness. I did! And I am getting better at it every day. I've even forgiven them. Here's some steps to learning to forgive and forget:

1) Make peace with GOD. I don't want to sound preachy, but believe me, it works!! Whoever your god is. My god is the Lord Almighty, and HE is forgiving.

2) Make peace with yourself. Feel secure in yourself, soon you realize what others do to you, to try and make you feel bad, is very insignificant. Which brings me to #3.

3) Understand what is important in your life. Many battles between parties are for minor, little things. Grudges are usually held for minor things. Once we let go of the minor things, we can happily move on and forgive those around us.

4) Instead of assuming we know what someone means to say or do, ask them if that was what they intended. One of my biggest philosophies in life is you never know anything for sure unless you ASK. JD apparently said something that offended INXS's manager, but JD was misunderstood, and clarified what he said was not meant the way it was taken by the manager. INXS were good enough to confront JD and ask him instead of just dissing him off the bat. I wish CM had thought of that before he dissed JD.

I'm not crazy about JD, but I saw this grudge between him and INXS as a minor thing. A total misunderstanding. And that's all it was to me. GOD chooses our paths in life when HE creates us. We may not understand it for a long time, but the pattern is all laid out and eventually becomes apparent. I'm in this world just holding HIS hand, and letting HIM lead the way. I've gone down some roads I know I shouldn't have, but I know GOD does not lead us anywhere we were not meant to be. HE won't bring people into my life who would have no effect in shaping me into the person HE wants me to be. Some people have been good, some have been bad. The good people made me feel good about myself, the bad people made me stronger. I don't even get mad at people on the internet anymore. Well, Dustin Grey was the exception, but he's sick in the head and loves to hurt little dogs and cats by dragging them behind his car. But even people like him have a purpose. Dustingrey has taught me to be nicer to people, because I don't want to end up like him, with nothing but crappy friends, drug addicts, and animal abusers. I have a lot of wonderful buddies online and in real life. All are caring people. Well!! Katrina drinks beer, but she's a loving person. She's caring and considerate. I wish she had a Facebook account! Everyone else in my family does! Katrina's almost family. But I'm beginning to enjoy Facebook, I have a lot of good buddies on there and the list gets longer every day! I've even made some friends on YouTube.

I have lost some buddies along the way, I've had people delete me many times. When I first got started in this bit it kinda worried me because there's so many rumors going around the INXS community, and you know some people are going to believe those rumors. But I've come to peace with myself. One person on Facebook I fully expected to run away when she did. That one, I was more shocked she'd even ask to become my friend in the first place, she's such a follower!! I don't like followers! They're spineless people. A few more people, I didn't even really know them so it had no impact on me at all. Now, I just say "so long! Been nice 'knowing' you!" hehe! There was another one who got pissed at me because I said the inxs.com mods are a bunch of pussies. WELL!!!! It's true!!! I was sorry about how she felt, but it was true! It couldn't be denied when they started deleting peoples' posts because it caused a little bit of fury on the forums. Face it, people are going to get frustrated when someone has a different point of view from their's. That's no cause to delete their posts. The people I love most of all are those who go beyond the rumors going around about someone and get to know that person for themselves. All my friends say I'm a very kind person. I always try to be kind. Anyone who says different obviously has not gotten to know me at all.

It is unbelievable though. I never thought adults suffered from peer-pressure, but there are quite a few who do. But hey! It's cool. Some people hate it when others are kind to them. We can't please everyone. And what others think of me is really none of my business and not my problem. Like me or hate me for who I am! :) Those are the conditions that lead you toward forgiveness.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

RIP Pepper

OK, I am PISSED!!!!! I saw this video, I probably never would have known about it had I not heard FatRants discuss it on YouTube. Having seen it now, I wish I hadn't heard of it. Some sick teenage bastards throw a poor, innocent little dog off the side of a bridge. I like this FatRants person, she seems pretty cool. She rants about world issues and she does it in a way that is fricken hilarious!!! But I felt her anger toward these brats. As you know, I have 3 little dogs, and I love them a lot! They are my children. To lose one in my world is the ultimate downfall. People who know me knew how broken up I was when I lost my Groucho, I felt like I couldn't go on. Of course I did, but when it happened, I felt like I couldn't, and nothing could snap me out of that. Until I got Minnie. Minnie has helped me considerably in getting along without Groucho. I've learned in the past few months not to say "get over her", as that seems a bit out of line, since I will never "get over" losing her. You never get over losing a pet, you just learn to get along without them.

But anyway, ever since I've lost Groucho, I have been especially sensitive to people abusing dogs. Cats I really couldn't care less about (and I'm not saying I would abuse a cat), but dogs I've been especially sensitive too since I lost Groucho. And when I saw these shit-wits throw that poor dog off that bridge, it literally made me SICK!!!!! Then to hear the poor dog howl in pain when it hit the ground, it tore my heart out! Then for these stupid kids to film the whole thing, and laugh heartily as the poor dog was whimpering in pain, I was disgusted and pissed at the same time. You could just imagine what I felt. All those old feelings of what happened to my Groucho and how someone heartlessly poisoned her, it all just came back to me. I wished the worst for those kids. I wanted to take them to the highest and scariest bridge I could think of and throw them off, filming the whole thing, and laugh when they hit the ground, screaming and writhing in pain. I would do it too if 1) I lived in the same country; 2) I wasn't GOD-fearing; and 3) if I didn't know any better.

The dog, named Pepper, did survive the fall initially and was taken to a vet and treated, but he died 2 days later. That's why I say RIP Pepper. At least he is completely out of pain now. But the fact it happened at all just pisses me off!! If the World were a better place, Pepper would have survived and the kids would get to serve YEARS in prison. But they only got 10 months, which I think is WAY too lenient!! This kid, whose name is Svajunas Beniukas, has been getting into all kinds of trouble for a long time. He has even assaulted other people. Another reason I hate Dustin Grey so much, and this kid is proof of this theory, because anyone who would abuse an animal will abuse anything and anyone. No matter who, and no matter what. They are sick people who need to really be put to death. There's something wrong with their brains to be able to do this and laugh like these kids did. Even when I was their age, I didn't laugh at shit like this. I was brought up to have empathy for others. I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes, but really, I do! I could never do this to another living thing. I hurt bad enough when Vegas broke his claw jumping out of the car. Hearing him screaming in pain was heartbreaking for me. I wanted to take that pain out of his body and put it in my own so he wouldn't have to deal with it. I don't understand kids like Beniukas or Dustin Grey. I don't see how they could possibly hurt a little dog and feel good about it. It makes me sick.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have now created that new domain I spoke of doing for so long, I am now http://www.timmyfan.com/. I decided to just keep the name simple. So this is it. I am working on things that can make this blog a little more enjoyable. I have also taken the first step in creating my bird and reptile hobby. I bought some terrarium plants. I think I am going to make a video of me creating these cages and post it up on this blog. Not sure if since I bought a domain that now I can post longer videos and they'll show up! I know that is one of the apps I inherited with this new feature. I just have to figure out now how to turn on this new feature. :-x

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just to Inform Everyone

I reached my goal of 100 new species in Metazoica! In fact, I did better than that, I doubled it! I reached 200 new species!! In fact, I think now it can be counted at 201 new species! I also have my Facebook and MySpace friends to thank for that. I even named some species after people who have removed me now. But hey! That's OK. I just thanked them for the use of their names and said good bye! hehe! I don't even know who they were, I have quite a few buddies now, and I communicate with a lot of them. I just noticed there were a couple of buddies missing from my friends list today. But if I didn't even know who they are, then it's not important.

But anyway, the most important thing now is I have 200 new species on my Metazoic list. It's awesome!!! Today was a very nice day, so Anna and I went to the ocean and walked down the sand. I also made a film about it, it also celebrates those of us fat people who can break the stereotypes that people have about fat people. Yes, in a way it was inspired by Dustingrey and his dim-witted friends. But he is not the only one who thinks that all fat people do nothing but sit around the house and eat truckloads of food. All skinny people think that, who've never been fat before. Or people who are really fat because they ate too much. But I am among the lower 5% or so who is only fat because of illness. I eat no different now than I did when I weighed 100 pounds. I skip no meals for sure. But then, that is not a good thing if you are trying to lose weight. It is important to eat all 3 meals per day. People think that skipping meals is the only way to lose weight, but it isn't. Any dietician will tell you so. You may lose weight that way, but you will gain it all back. It isn't what you eat, but how you eat it. And it is important to work out afterwords.

That is the philosophy I live by. Well, this little film I made is a celebration of those of us who are fat and can still get around and break the stereotypes. This is Anna and I going on one of my daily walks. I save going to the ocean for sunny, warm days like today was. On overcast days, or cooler days, I usually just go on my walk through the nearby neighborhoods. On rainy days, I just stay home and do crunches.