Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Someone posted an article not too long ago in a Facebook group I am a member of, saying that it's possible that Michael Hutchence is still living today. It was based on a video someone posted of him that was shot after 2005, and said that it was Michael in the film. The video was put up on YouTube and went viral apparently. Well, forensics in Australia are very much open to interpretation, but I doubt this to be true. Though there are some unanswered questions, like why did Michael's money run out after he died, leaving Lily with nothing? Who the heck was using his estate while the courts kept it in limbo?? The article also stated that there have been several sightings of Michael since 1998.

Well, don't get me wrong, as any INXS fan from the beginning, I would LOVE for all this to be true, and to know that Michael's death was really nothing more than a bad nightmare. The problem I have of this is that Elvis fans have been saying the exact same thing since Elvis died. The so-called "Hutch-sightings" are most likely nothing more than impersonators of Michael's, or look-alikes. I cannot take the word of this article unless I actually see a video or picture taken of Michael himself that is dated after November 22, 1997. Believe me, I have been looking at Michael's face for a long time, I would know him! Michael has a very unique look. He has soft, innocent-looking eyes, his nose is somewhat long and pointed, and his lips would be what gives him off to me. They were not too pouty, and not to small. Just right. I love Michael's lips!! I think they were his sexiest feature!! Timmy's got his beautiful, sexy buns, and Michael had sexy lips! hehehe!

I was  watching a documentary the other night about INXS remembering Michael, and Timmy showed off a picture of himself saying "There I am with my awesome-AWESOME ass!" Every time I come to that part of his interview, I always laugh!! I say "Well, at least he knows it!" Probably thanks in no small part to me! I mention it all the time. Hell, some INXS videos I only watch just to get a good glimpse of Timmy's awesome ass!!! Mediate is basically a dull video, until the end when you can see Timmy's ass! Then it's totally AWESOME!!! Same with the video for Don't Change. Timmy's just got the sexiest butt I've ever seen on anyone! I love good buns on a man!!

Well, I would love nothing more than to see Michael come back to life. It would be great if all this about his death was not true. I hate it that INXS is now retired. I guess they just gave up looking for a new lead singer. Well, it is very hard to find one. Michael's sexual appeal is no doubt what made INXS go as far as they did! JD, he was a great singer and a nice guy, but he had NONE of Michael's sexual appeal and charisma. Nor would he ever have it. Michael was Michael and JD was JD. JD could never be Michael. In the end, JD just got dumped. Ciaran, some like him, some don't. I haven't seen him perform yet. As a person I like him though. He must be a very nice person. But again, he can never be Michael. No one can. Michael was totally irreplaceable. We can search for a thousand years, there will never be another Michael. GOD made him once, and threw away the mold!

We may find another good songwriter like Michael, but I'd bet he wouldn't have Michael's good looks. We may find someone else with Michael's good looks, but I'd bet he would suck at songwriting! Face it, Michael had it all. He was part of what made INXS successful. Not to mention, the rest of the guys are good looking too. I personally think Timmy is more handsome than Michael was. Don't get me wrong, Michael was sexy! But Timmy does it for me! I wish Timmy would have kept his hair long. I loved that look on him!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Why Not Call It Obese?

I was reading some articles this past weekend on Yahoo. There was one that mentioned not to use the word "obese", to just call fat people "fat". Well, I have to ask, why not? "Obese" actually sounds a lot better than "fat". Makes the person using the term sound a lot more intellectual. A person who simply says "fat" by comparison, sounds uneducated and stupid. I am obese, I admit it! "Fat" is a catch-all term that can refer to anyone of any size. There are people who are a size 6 that are merely "fat". I am not a size 6. I'm too big right now for a size 6. Actually I have no idea what size I am. Whenever I go to get clothing, I like getting size XXXL, because I like my clothing loose. I don't like anything that's going to hug against my skin. Though I can fit comfortably in a size XL. One shirt that I have that is a size XL is now very loose on me. It used to be somewhat snug.

I think political correctness has gone too far! Now, there are people complaining about others using the term "Christmas", because it's based on religion. I tell those people to suck it! That is why I keep blogs, I say what I want to on here. If you are looking for a blog that is inoffensive and politically correct, then I suggest you look elsewhere. I say what I want to on here! I don't care if it offends anyone! If you're that big of a wussy, then please leave and don't come back! I call a spade a spade. I call myself fat, or I might start calling myself obese now. That is what I am.

Now, just because I call something what it is does not mean that I believe in shaming fat people. I've heard some people do that to "encourage" fat people to lose weight. I have mentioned this before on this blog. I would guess those people that say that have never been fat before, because if they had, they would know that fat-shaming does not "encourage" a fat person to lose weight! It might work with some people, maybe a handful of people. But it does not always work. Fat-shaming only makes the person feel worse, not better. If they feel bad, they are going to go home and eat to make themselves feel better, and I have also mentioned that before on this blog too. Well, I also found an article that supports my theory. Check it out! http://www.bbc.com/news/health-29155765. Why don't these bigots just admit they do NOT shame fat people just to encourage them to lose weight! They do it because they are miserable with their own lives, so they feel they need to bring others down to their level of misery. That is the real reason why they do it. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise!

Even when I was thin, I never made fun of a fat person. I don't judge a person based on race, religion, beliefs, or whether they are fat or thin, I judge a person based on whether or not they are an asshole. One of the things I love about other INXSaries, so far, I haven't met one that has made any remarks against me just because I am ugly or obese. Not even the ones who are not so friendly. I sure cannot say the same thing about other groups I've been in. Sure cannot say that about show breeders! LOL! I wish Michael was still here. It's Bob Geldof's fault he's not! For that reason, I will forever HATE him!!!! I still say he deserved to lose his daughter! I am very sorry for Lily, but Bob can only blame himself for that! He should have been kinder to Michael and his family!

I remember when I was in high school, there was this girl named Tanya, and she was FAT!! Not only was she fat, she was blond and had an attitude, and she was weird. She was unfortunately the kind of person a lot of people think of fat people to be. And that is why fat people get judged harshly. Let me tell you how weird Tanya was. She was so weird, often when I passed by her in the hallway, she would be literally either barking like a dog, or meowing like a cat. I mean, she would actually go "woof-woof-woof!" or she would say "Meow-meow-meow!" That's why these cat fags who go "meow" whenever someone mentions a cat creeps me out! Because to me, that is just plain weird! And I see that a lot in people nowadays unfortunately. Well, Tanya was fatter than me, and one day when I passed by her in the hallway, and she said "meow-meow-meow" to me, I came within nanoseconds of saying back to her "Oooh, nice fat kitty!" But I couldn't say it!! I couldn't bring myself to say it, because I knew how it felt to be bullied and called names. I think she only did that to me probably because she knew I love animals. People used to make fun of others who loved animals back then.

Well, I used to be obsessed with animals. I'm finding now in my old age, I am not as obsessed with them as I was back in high school. There are some animals I find I just don't like. Everyone by now knows how much I HATE panthers of all kinds. I don't like baboons too well. I can't stand hyenas! I'm not too crazy about big dogs, or most house cats. I can't stand bugs or spiders. I like mice, but not in my house. I don't mind pet rats though. I guess what I really love is birds. I've never seen a bird I don't like. I don't trust large hookbills, but I don't hate them. I would just never want to touch one. Anyway, Tanya was the perfect example of someone I could have made fun of, but chose not to. I could have called her fat names up the wazoo, and it wouldn't have hurt me (back then), because I wasn't fat. A lot of people did make fun of her because she was fat. I remember one incident that happened, Tanya was the office attendant for the last hour of high school, and it was her job to go around through all the classes and pick up the attendance sheets at the end of the day. Well, when she got to the class I was in, this boy named Terry, who was sitting right next to me, started calling Tanya all kinds of fat names when she entered the room. Tanya kept telling Terry to shut up. Everyone in the class was laughing as Terry continued making jokes about Tanya. Everyone but me. I know I didn't like Tanya and she was weird as all-be-heck, and I was a friend of Terry's, but I just couldn't laugh at his jokes. It's different when you know how it feels to be called names like that. I knew that even back then.

The next day, my friend Robert said to me "wasn't Terry funny yesterday when he made those jokes about Tanya?" I answered, "Well, I just couldn't laugh at his jokes. Because I know how it feels to be made fun of like that." I'd faced it since I began school. Kids would call me all kinds of nasty names. I wasn't a fat child, but I often was called names that referred to me being skinny or ugly. Robert was saying how much Tanya deserves it because she is an asshole to everyone. He said Tanya is one of those types that only likes people she thinks are 'cool'. Well, I had no idea what Tanya's idea of "cool" was, but I still didn't think Terry's jokes were funny. I liked Terry and I liked Robert, but I just could not say Terry's jokes were funny. Now, I would, because I can even laugh at myself. But back then, I hadn't learned how to do that yet.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free Ebooks Today!

I am taking one big, huge risk! I am giving away free copies of UMG Productions ebooks! For me, it's a big risk. I gained a little confidence giving away copies of my story about my thoughts on Michael, but I am still nervous. I made a category for free ebooks today, and only for today. After tonight, they will not be available anymore for free. So, go to this link: http://www.umgproductions.com/search/label/Free%20Ebook download as many as you want! They are safe for all ages. Just remember to post a comment on each book you read. I would really appreciate it! Thank you all!

Unfortunately for this sale, I do not have any adult material available. I didn't want kids coming to this sale and getting adult images or words in their minds, and then the parents come back to me. So, no adult material is included in this sale. Also, the newest entries are not included either. Sorry about that too. Maybe next year.

9-22-2014 The sale is OVER. It was for ONE DAY only. If you missed it, well, don't blame me. Just hope I have the same thing next year.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

WAY Better Than Oasis!

I keep getting more and more back into INXS each day! Could be because I am ovulating, I don't know. LOL! I always heard women are most lovey-dovey when they are ovulating. UGH! Anyways, I've even begun kissing Michael's pics again, which is something I have not done in many a year! But it started off with me looking at him again. Between 2005 to the present, I hardly ever gave Michael much attention. I was focusing mostly on Timmy. Well, don't misunderstand me, I still LOVE Timmy!!! I am still a Timmy fan. But I guess I am now a sprouting Timmy-Hutchy fan. LOL! I was a fan of Michael's long ago, before 2005, it was always Michael that led me back to INXS fanhood. Then in 2005, that changed. I saw a pic of Timmy standing, looking so sexy, and it was him I became more sweet on that year. After that, Michael kinda slipped my mind. Well, there is just no denying Michael is DEAD! I cannot escape that fact. But I just don't like looking at him and thinking "Well, he's just a dead guy now." It may be true, but it just sounds so disrespectful to me, after all Michael did in his life. He always made me feel so good with his singing. He was beautiful too! That's another fact I cannot deny. But I guess part of the reason I stayed away from looking at Michael and even thinking of him is because it was just too painful to remember him.

Another reason I was not into him back then is because of the Hutch fans I met. Or perhaps I should say they were Hutch fags. Just like with cat fags, there is a BIG difference between just loving Michael Hutchence, and being a Hutch-fag. GOD willing I hope I never become a Hutch fag! If I do, I want someone to take me into the field and shoot my brains out! I love INXS, but I refuse to become one of their fags. I almost became something to that effect about Timmy. But I learned to stop myself. If someone else does not like Timmy, I say that's fine! I don't get angry at them or cuss them out. I love Timmy, and that is all that counts. I don't demand everyone else loves him. But at the same time, I don't want people saying I should not like him, or trying to convince me of their reasons why they think I should not love him. I can judge that for myself. I'm generally very forgiving with people I like. I love INXS. The only band member I don't care too much for is Kirk. But I don't hate him. I never hated Kirk. The feeling I have for him is more like disappointment, not hate. Matter of fact, Kirk makes me laugh sometimes. He'd have been a great stand-up comedian. But my meetings with him have always been a less-than-favorable experience. But I will say this; the guy who played Kirk in Never Tear Us Apart was awfully CUTE!

Anyways, I met these Hutch fags on the VH1 forum back in 2005, and they were shit-talking the remaining band members of INXS. There was also a forum devoted entirely to Michael back then. So, I invited them to join me there to talk about Michael. Well, this one member responded exactly how I would expect a Hutch fag to respond. She refused to go into that forum at all. She just maintained she could post any damn where she pleased. I told her to suit herself, but not to get all pissy at me because I would be talking about Timmy on a forum devoted to INXS, which she had gotten with me before then. I love Michael, but I totally refuse to become a Hutch fag! No way! That's not something I would be proud of! I believe everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs, and I want to keep that for the rest of my life. If someone does not like Michael, well it's not my place to tell them they have no right not to. Because I believe they have every right not to if they don't want to. I love Michael and Timmy, to me that's all that matters. But I believe it was meeting those people that made me get out of Michael and not want to go back. But like I said, they were just Hutch fags. Not real fans. Well, they are fans, but they are the scary, over-obsessed type fans.

I heard that at the beginning of one of Michael's last songs, Elegantly Wasted, Michael says "I'm better than Oasis". LOL! Gotta love Michael! He is WAY better than Oasis! I mean really! If you were a young teenage girl with sense, getting into rock music for the very first time, which one of these bands would you go for? Top or bottom?

I would go for the ones on the bottom. More cute guys in the bottom picture. The guys on top look dirty! And I mean dirty as in unclean, like they need good, long showers and hair scrubbings! I can't stand Oasis! I've heard them sing before and I don't like them. Then when I heard Michael presented them with the Brit Award they said something to the effect of "Has beens should not give awards to gonna be's" I wanted to slap the jerk for saying that! Made me so mad!

I have to ask Noel, "Gonna be" what? "Gonna be" a loser! That's what! They aren't even popular anymore! And most INXS lovers hate them. I hate them! And look at them. They look terrible! Michael is WAY better looking than them by a longshot, not to mention he's got more talent. So yes, he was WAY better than Oasis! Though I am so sorry to say now INXS are "has beens" But they will always be "somethings" to me. I still love them, and each day my love gets stronger and stronger. I almost feel today the same way I did back in 2005, when I had gotten back into INXS again for the first time in like 5 years. DOH! Seems when I take a break from INXS, they always last 5 years. But I always bounce back to them. I guess INXS is my "safety net". They are my one link to music that I still enjoy.

Another thing I always hear, people ask if anyone else thinks Michael Hutchence looked like Jim Morrison. I say HELL NO!! Michael was WAAAAYYYYY better looking than Jim Morrison!!! Not to mention he sang better, and his songs were better. The Doors SUCK!! I can't stand them! I don't think Michael looked even one little tiny bit like Jim Morrison!

There is just no comparison there! Morrison had smaller eyes, that were too close together. His lips are too curly, short, almost Neanderthal-like. His hair isn't curly enough, and he's WAY too skinny!! Michael at least has beautifully, proportioned lips, eyes, nose, curly hair, and some muscle on his bones. Michael is definitely more beautiful!! And I don't like ANY song by the Doors! I love almost all of INXS's songs! Yes, there are some I don't like, but they are few, and I chalk it up to everyone is entitled to have one song that's not up to par. And other INXS fans like those songs, so it's not like my opinion on those songs is the only one that matters. Only on this blog. hehehe! But ask me which of the songs by the Doors I think is best and I will tell you NONE. I hate them ALL!

Well, thanks to Never Tear Us Apart, I am again becoming a Hutch fan. I just hope it doesn't progress to being a Hutch fag from here! I don't think so though. I'd be lying if I said sometimes I don't get bothered by people who don't like Michael or INXS. But it's just not my place to tell anyone they should, and I understand that. But I also hope others understand they have no right saying I am not a real INXS fan either, just because I take occasional breaks from the band. I've been in a slump with them, but like I said, I always bounce back. I think I've been in a slump with INXS since I moved to Bozeman, I know I once wrote about it on this blog. I notice though my INXS slumps last 5 years, or close. And when I bounce back, I bounce back strong!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Am Amazed!

MAN! I didn't know I could write so good! Yesterday, I was working for most of the day on a short story. The other night, I was thinking and I got a brain storm. Every INXS fan has a story to tell about where they were when they heard the news about Michael's death. I tell my story a lot. I always said I could literally write a novel about what I was thinking, second by second. A lot of thoughts went into my head just during that 30 second news clip I saw on MTV. So, I finally said to myself "Why don't I give it a try?" So I sat down at my computer and gave it a shot. I did a damn fine job!! I had gotten 11 pages into the story, and I printed it all out, what I had so far, and read it out loud to Vegas.

I don't mind telling you all, when I got to the part where I described each thought each second as I sat there listening to the news clip for the very first time, I was crying! It has been a LONG time since I've cried over Michael. Well, first the movie Never Tear Us Apart got me started on that again! Then writing this story, I guess it just brought back old memories. But before I could get to describing how I was when I heard the news, I had to build up my character in the story. I had to tell everything that happened in my life that made me an INXS fan. Some things may not seem to have anything to do with INXS at all. And I was a Roxette fan before I was an INXS fan. So, I had to tell why that was. In the end, the whole story comes together. Even those parts you read in the story that you believe have nothing to do with INXS or music at all. I even talk about what we were doing that weekend before I heard the news! I remember it very well!

My ma used to live in Salem, OR, and she would come up to visit us and grandma on the weekends. Saturday, which was Nov. 22 for us, she spent with grandma, going around town doing her things with her. Sunday, which was the 23rd for us, she came and visited me and my sis and we went to Buckley that day, and looked around in antique and thrift stores. My sis and I had some fun looking at some old antiques. Ma left that night to go back to Salem. The next day, Monday the 24th for us, was when I heard the news about Michael. In this story, I went into full detail about everything I was thinking as I watched the news that night.

Really, it takes a lot to make me cry, I do mean a LOT!! I have NEVER cried reading a book before. I've felt sad before, but never cried reading a book. Even the best of them has never made me cry! But this one does! I should hire and editor to help me make this book 1000% better, because I am so notoriously bad at endings!! I'm just stuck on an idea for a title for this book. I'm thinking about calling it "November 22", or "One Day In November..." or simply "22" because that seems to be Michael's number! Michael was born on January 22, his one and only child was born in July 22, and Michael died on November 22. So, 22 was definitely his number!

When you read this story really well, and you read my other favorite story, Gracie's Odyssey, you can actually see the connection between them. Gracie's Odyssey was based entirely on my feelings about when Michael died. Though you don't see it at first, the symbolism is definitely there, and you can see it very well when you read this story I am now writing. Gracie's Odyssey began production within less than a week after Michael died. It would have been completed by Christmas, but the author got busy with other things at that time. It was completed in January of 1998. It helped ease the pain of losing Michael a little bit. And in some other ways, made the pain stronger, because it became clearer to me as the months went by that this is REAL! This is DEEP!

Anyways, I am amazed because I just never knew I could write things so deeply!! If I can make myself start crying reading this story, I KNOW I am a damn fine writer!! I never realized that before. Not until I wrote this story and read it out loud! I'm thinking of offering this ebook for free to my Facebook friends, just so I can get some unbiased opinions about it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gotta Love Jon!

I gotta hand it to Jon! He was challenged to pour ice cold water over himself in the name of ALS, and he did it! One of my Facebook friends challenged him, and there was no doubt in my mind he'd do it. This friend also challenged her own husband, who also did it, and Adam Ant, who to my knowledge has not taken up her challenge. I told her I honestly don't think Adam Ant will do it. He's too much of a wussy!! If he even pays any attention at all to his fans. I don't know, he seems more like the self-important type to me. I don't think Adam Ant even cares anything about his fans OR ALS. This friend said she's going to convert me into an Adam Ant fan and I said "mmm, I don't think so!" LOL! I don't like wussies. I only like 2 songs by Adam Ant, that does not constitute fanhood to me. Part of the reason I love INXS so much is because they are so good at interacting with their fans. And not for self-righteous reasons either. Anyways, here is Jon's Ice bucket challenge:


He loses his shades in the process, but at least he did it! I love him for it!! I didn't even know he has a YouTube channel! I subbed him. It's rare I sub anyone really, if I do, it's because I LOVE that person's videos. Well, I just love Jon. He's a good guy!

I gotta tell you, this movie Never Tear Us Apart is my new favorite movie! I love it! I cannot wait to see the next INXS movie! I heard Richard Lowenstein is going to come up with his own INXS movie. I can't wait! I want to see if it has the same affect on me as this one did! Very few movies actually can bring tears to my eyes, this one did! The only other movies that have had that affect on me was Amadeus and Gorillas in the Mist. I first saw Amadeus in 1986, in school, and it was so sad, I wept the first time I saw it. My friends tell me it's just a movie. Well, it's a true story about Mozart's life. Most of the movies that are sad to me are the true stories. I've seen The Color Purple, and I have heard people say they cry at the end of that movie too. The ending makes me smile, but never makes me cry because it's a fictional movie.

I also cried at the end of Gorillas in the Mist, it's a good movie too, about the life of Dian Fossey. I knew about her before the movie came out, I'd seen her on TV and heard her name several times. But when I saw that movie, I became a confirmed admirer. I still am! Although I have stopped crying at the end of watching that movie, I'd seen it so many times. Now, Never Tear Us Apart is my new favorite movie. Been a long time since I've cried over Michael, this darn movie has got me started again!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Worst Words in Use

I will never understand people! Especially young people. Why does the younger generation always want to be so hateful to one another??!! I'll just never understand it. And why also use such vulgar language too?! You wonder why I like animals so much better than people, well, this is why. Though I don't know. As I said in a previous post, maybe animals do think this way. We just don't know it because we don't speak their language. We always say animals do not judge us. Well, maybe they do, and we just don't know it. Anyways, back to the original subject. One of my friends posted a picture that I totally agree with. Take a look for yourselves:

Now, Isabella is a BEAUTIFUL little girl!! How someone can look at her and call her ugly or retarded is absolutely beyond me! Like a few months ago, I saw a news clip of a woman who posted a picture of her baby boy, who has Down's Syndrome. He is an adorable baby boy to me. But some dumbass got on the picture and posted that he's ugly. Well, that mom had some words for that troll! She was kind and polite to him, but she told him off! Ya know, it's people like that troll that are the main reason I don't want to have a child with Down's Syndrome. I'd be scared to death my child would get bullied, NO kid should have to go through that! And what if I'm not there to protect my child? What if he or she gets bullied to a point they just want to end it all? With a non-Down's child, it may or may not happen. With a Down's Syndrome child, it's almost guaranteed. Sad as that is, it's the truth. I would NEVER want my children to go through what I went through. I guess that's why I just don't want kids. I'm scared to death I'd have a Down's Syndrome baby. And it's not that I don't think they're just as adorable as any other kids, or that they cannot have good lives, and cannot be upstanding, kind and loving people. I just don't want to have that child subjected to the bullying I happen to know kids with disabilities are sure to be on the receiving end of.

Autism runs in my family too, so I know, first-hand, the amount of bullying a "different" child receives. I also know it can destroy a bullied person's life. I'm lucky in that aspect. I am much more jaded now than I was when I was a kid, I stay away from people, I may not be the friendliest person anyone ever met, but I survived the bullying and teasing. But if I had a child, even a Down's Syndrome child, I would not want him or her to become like me. I would want them to have a magnificent life. In a perfect world, I guess they would. But in a world like this one is, where people think it's funny to put others down, and hurt someone else that they think is not up to their standards, no. Most likely each day in school will be like a trip into the 7th circle of Hell!

You know, I don't believe I'd ever even heard the word "retarded" until my family moved to this house in inner-city Lakewood. Then, I heard it all the time. My first day going to school in that area, all the kids were asking me if my sister was retarded. I had no idea what that meant. Most of the time when I answered them, they would walk away laughing. So, I knew it couldn't be something good. When I saw the first kids (mostly 6th graders) ask me that and then laugh at my response, I got a cold, clammy feeling in my belly. I thought "Wow! That's odd!" And then Valerie, who was Paul Casler's sister, constantly used that word over and over again. I knew Paul before I knew Valerie, and I knew Paul was not a good person. I did know Valerie was Paul's sister though. So, I figured if Valerie was using that word, then it's confirmed, it can't be a good word! I remember that first afternoon I went home and asked my ma what the word retarded meant. She told me that it's a vulgar word people use to describe someone who is slow or different.

As I got older, I started to understand that this is not a word that people with intelligence use. But it seems to be very common. Even when I worked at the Puyallup Fair, I heard one of the workers in the time office for the rides section using that word. I only knew about it after my sis told me that one of the workers in that office said that. I think it was the short, fat, dumpy, black-haired dumbass woman who was working in there. I did not like her from the first instant I saw her at the orientation. She looked too full of herself. Apparently I was right! And if she uses the word "retarded", then it's confirmed she needs lessons in decency.

I also see it all the time among atheists on YouTube. Like that Alex Gorecki guy I encountered some time back. I said on a video, though now I don't remember what video it was, that as long as atheists don't try to push me into believing what they do, I don't care what their beliefs are. And then Alex posted "Retard alert" in response to my comment. IMO, his remark was TOTALLY uncalled for! I said NOTHING bad about atheists! Well, I was totally sick of atheists making me out to be "retarded" just because I don't believe what they do. I could have given Alex a much harsher response. But then that may not have helped my cause. So instead, I just took his own words and threw them right back in his face! LOL! I turned the "retard" remark around on him, and added that he is also a dim-wit and a dumbass. You know, I have not been back to that comment since! I get notifications every now and then about people responding, and even 1+ing my comment, but I don't care to go back to that thread. Most of the people who are responding to that comment are probably some of Alex's own fucktards trying to convince me that Alex has some kind of point. But he doesn't have any point at all. All he's got is just a head with no brains on his shoulders. Because someone made the mistake of putting his brain down between his legs! If he did have a point, it was lost the instant he used the word "retard". Only people with no class and no morals use that word. So, I don't care to read the responses in that thread at all.

You know, people like Alex, I really hope someday they get to have a child, and I hope that their child is born autistic, or with some kind of disability. That way people like Alex Gorecki can see how cruel it really is to use words like "retard". But if he's really as bad as I believe he is, he'd probably call his own child that name too. People like him are the reason I gave up atheism! Kinda the opposite of MrRepzion. He gave up religion because he was bullied (he was a catholic--huh! Big surprise! NOT!) I gave up atheism because of the number of atheist bullies I have seen. I don't want to be a part of ANYTHING that people have to bully others over. That is also why I am not a part of any organized religion either. I know about the religious bullies. I've been there, I've seen them. And I wasn't even catholic. Catholics are the biggest group of bullies there is in religion, next to muslims. I want NO part of them! My "religion" is very simple. I believe in GOD, HE loves me, HE has my life all planned out, HE sent Jesus to Earth to be my savior, I follow and listen only to HIM. It's not a real religion, it's just a belief I have. I don't call it a "religion". It's not my job to convert anyone or recruit followers. I just obey my GOD. You'll also never see me standing on the side of the road holding picket signs that says "GOD hates" anyone! I believe HE loves everyone! Even gays.

I dunno, I don't see the point of bullying at all. And I always hear people say "Ignore the bullies and they will go away". Well, that doesn't always work. I ignored the bullies, and it didn't make them go away. I remember Dr. Phil saying "Tell your parents about the bullies and get them together with the teachers". Well, I did that too. It only made the bullying worse. The only real way of getting away from bullies is to home school. If I had a child that was disabled, and being made fun of, that's exactly what I would do. I would homeschool them. ANYTHING just so my child would not have to deal with bullies. Because no matter what you do to ignore them, it always gets worse. Not better.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Do Not Feed the Trolls

LOL! There is this guy who has commented in a couple of my videos, and he keeps pushing for some recognition. I can tell because each time he comments, he gets more and more obnoxious. LOL! I just keep on ignoring him. He has some kind of greek name, and all he does in his own videos is play video games. You all know what I always say about kids who are into playing video games. I saw his comment on one of my videos a month ago, I accepted his dimwitted comments then, but did not respond to him at all. Then I saw him comment on another video yesterday, I accepted his dumbass comment again, but still did not respond. He keeps pushing for a response. He was pretending yesterday like he'd seen me for the first time. I knew he was bullshitting though. I'd seen him before on my videos. He's looking for recognition from me. He didn't get it a month ago, he didn't get it last night, and I still ain't gonna give it to him today! LOL! I am not going to mention his name at all. Nor what videos he commented on. But I just think it's funny how he tries so hard to get my attention. I laugh every time I see him commenting. Now, a month from now, he'll probably comment again, trying to get my attention by saying how fat I am (as if I can't already see that! LOL!) I mean really! I call myself fat in my own videos. Do dumbasses like this dude think I don't already know I am fat? I mean, how can I not see that? But I am still working out at the fitness center. But NO WAY am I going to tell him that! Let him find out for himself. So far, he seems to not have seen my latest videos. Only the old ones, from before I moved here.

Well, I'll let him comment till his heart's content. Oh wait a minute! He hasn't got a heart! LOL! Trolls never have hearts. They only have the brain between their legs to control them. So, I'll let this bigot comment until the brain between his legs is content. But I will still always ignore him. I am not going to give him the attention he is craving from me. I don't reward trolls with responses. I only ignore them. I reward positive people with responses only. I like to only encourage the positive people to come back to my videos. So, I only respond to positive people now. No longer to negative people. That's the way it's going to be from now on. No matter how hard they push.

I see negative people all the time trying to push me for a response. On Facebook, I just totally ignore strangers. There are some exceptions though, but not many. Sometimes when I see a stranger post my name, all I look at is my name. But most of the time my feed blocks their comment. Most of the time, I just don't push the link that says "See all ## comments" or "see more". It's better that I don't look. They are strangers who do not even know me at all. I don't want them corrupting my friendship with the mutual friend we have. On YouTube, the same thing. I may accept a negative person's response, but that does not mean I take it to heart. It does not mean they will get a response from me either. There has been a few times I have wanted to respond to negative people. But I always  refrain from doing it, because I know that is what the trolls are after.

The one time I can remember recently that I did want to respond to a negative person, I was talking to a friend of mine, and I told her I just totally ignore strangers. Well, one of her friends, a VERY negative person, said to me "Dee mind your own fucking business!" Oh GOD I wanted to respond to that person so very bad!! I wanted to say to him "I am minding my own business. I was talking to my friend. NOT you! YOU DUMBASS!!!!" That's one of the few times I really wanted to respond to a negative person. But I just had this feeling that that person was nothing but a troll who was just yanking my chain. Like if I had said what I really wanted to say, his response would be "I thought you said you ignore strangers! hur hur hur!" So, I didn't say anything. But it's one of the few times I did want to respond to a negative person. And I wanted to slap that person too! LOL! Just for being so disrespectful.

Unfortunate that now it is illegal to slap someone's face! There have been many times I wanted to do it to people, even those on the internet. I kinda miss the days when you could really punch a negative person in the face without worrying about being sued. But anyways, that is why I totally ignore strangers. That incident was probably the only time recently that I have read a comment by someone I do not know. But I sure did want to respond to that person, and a lot more than that too. LOL!

Well, in other news, I finally got a copy of Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS. I got it from one of my good friends on Facebook. I always wanted to see it, and now I have. I gotta tell you, I almost never cry at movies anymore, but I seriously started crying at the end of that movie. And Donna was in the kitchen at the time, and I was trying to keep it quiet, I didn't want to attract her attention and see me crying so hard! LOL! I was glad I had the movie on fairly loud. Well, I wanted to put it onto a DVD, but every time I've tried to burn DVDs on this computer, they don't play on my DVD player, so I went out last night to Staples to buy a DVD burning program. I got one that I am familiar with, and usually never have trouble with. But the first time I tried to burn a DVD, it didn't work. It got to 97% and then froze. So, I had to try again. The next time, it recorded the menu, but nothing else. So I had to trash that disk. I tried again, and this time the third time was the charm. I got it onto a DVD. So then my next task was to find out if my DVD player would play it.

Let me say, what I got is an old DVD player/recorder. It was manufactured in 2005, and has been refurbished. And now, I am running Windows 8.1 on my computer. So every time I have tried to burn a disk from a freebie program, it wouldn't play on my DVD player. I always thought it was that way because the player is so old and my computer is so new, that they were just incompatible. Well, last night, it was kinda late when it finally finished, but I put the disk in my player and it played very well!! Thank GOD!! I thought for a while there I would have to go to my ma's and burn the disk on her computer. I really did not want to do that! LOL! But it works beautifully, and now I have the movie! I love it too. I highly recommend it to other INXS fans! Though there are some fans that are going to find everything wrong with something, just because it tells the truth about Michael. And let me tell you, Michael is not an innocent angel! He actually went crazy at one time in his life, near the end. And Luke Arnold as Michael UGH!!! Man is he gorgeous!! If I were 20 years younger, I would have fallen in love with this man!! He actually has a better looking body than Michael had! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I still love Michael Hutchence. He was a great man! And kissed very well I might add! LOL!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

And Speaking of Andy...

A friend of mine on Facebook is asking for prayers for her neighbor Andy, she said he's having brain surgery tomorrow and that it doesn't look good. I ain't gonna pray for him! If anything, I'll pray that GOD takes his soul and then sends it to Hell where he belongs. Just the fact he's having brain surgery is comical to me. Karma at work! I always thought you had to have a brain to have brain surgery, and that leaves Andy out. But if he does die, I'm making a t-shirt. I'll put Hell's fire on the shirt, with his face on it, with a message saying "This man is now in Hell for being so hateful to me and my sister!" Then I will give reference to Matthew 22:39 where it says you are to love your neighbor as you do yourself. This friend, I'm surprised she even wants Andy to survive! She's a large woman like me. Andy probably calls her a cow, or maybe something worse. But I am sure he probably makes fun of her too. She probably just doesn't know it. But if I do make that shirt, I'll be sure to wear it when I am in Bozeman to give the people there an idea of what GOD does to people like Andy who do shit to people like me and my sis and do not repent.

Well, all this sounds wonderful, and I hope it happens, but most likely it won't! People like Andy never die! He'll probably live to be 120 years old! He's so bad, even GOD doesn't want him! Even Satan doesn't want him! LOL! But if he does go, I won't feel bad! I won't feel bad for saying I hope the next person that dies in that building is him. I won't feel bad for saying the next seizure he has I hope kills him. I won't feel bad for the time I said I hope he dies so he can go to Hell where he belongs. I'll only think that now my sis and my Minnie are 100% safe, and don't have to listen to Andy's BS anymore. And I am not going to pray for him. No way! I'll only pray that GOD sends his ass to Hell. That is all.

Andy is the kind of person I always dreaded meeting in my life. As much as I hate to admit this, he has a lot of charisma. People there stick up for him. People there believe him. People there follow him. Deb's husband Mike did. He started following and acting like Andy at one time. That's why he turned into an asshole. Apparently it started right after his friend in New Mexico committed suicide. Apparently Mike thought it was mine and my sis's fault that his friend committed suicide, which is stupid, because I'd never even met his friend, nor have I ever been to New Mexico. Nor have I ever wanted to go to New Mexico!! So, the idea he was blaming me and my sis for his friend committing suicide was stupid! When my sis told me that was the reason Mike turned into an asshole, I asked "What the Hell has his friend committing suicide got to do with us???!!!" My sis answered "Because we are fat." That's still a dumb reason for him to hate on me and my sis! That still has nothing to do with his friend committing suicide! That would have been like me blaming Mike for my grandma's death because he's stupid. But it was probably influenced by Andy. I would not be surprised! I could just picture Mike with that dumb stoned look of his getting angry and pacing around his living room saying "My friend is now dead, and it's all those fat girls' fault!" Then he tells Deb "I'm going to be an asshole to those fat girls now because they made my friend kill himself!" LOL!! The funny thing is, like I said, I'd never even met his friend. Neither has my sis.

Kim is another example of one of Andy's followers. When I heard she was imitating him and calling me and my sis names, I knew there was some evil at work here. Andy has the power to influence people. Of course I truly believe people like Mike and Kim are very easily swayed by evil. They have no minds of their own, so how could they know not to listen to the bullshit that Andy spews about me and my sis? Andy doesn't know us either, he never got to know us. All he saw was a couple of fat women. Because of that, I never let him get close to me, and neither did my sis. I didn't even give him any kind of invite that I wanted to be his friend. None at all! I loved it that he hated my guts! Believe me, the feeling was mutual!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm Going Home!

Yet again! Just like the Lone Ranger. I'm heading off here very soon back to the coast! Of course this time, I won't be heading back to Washington. I'm going to become an Oregon resident. Oregon coast resident. I still want to stay along the coast. I wouldn't accept anything but. Being here in Reno has been an interesting trip, but let's face it, I belong on the coast. I love the ocean. I love the sea air. And Reno, well I thought moving here would help cure the stiffness in my shoulder, but it hasn't. I thought it would help my sinuses, but it's only made them worse! I so miss the coast! I've never lived in Oregon before, although a lot of my Facebook buddies think I have. I don't know really where they got that idea from, but I've lived in Washington for most of my life. Not Oregon. But I just miss the coast, I'll be so glad to go back there. Been so hot here in Reno!

Wow! The dirty dozen mob better forward this blog to Donna fast if they want her to turn against me before I leave! I have no idea how much longer I am going to be here! Oh yes that's right! I never said anything bad about Donna! LOL! So they won't forward this blog to her! LOL! I have nothing bad to say about Donna. There is just no comparison between her and Patti! Patti doesn't even slightly match up. Donna is so much better! I am going to miss Donna. I have never missed Patti! In fact, every day since Patti kicked me out of that house, I have been grateful to GOD that I am no longer living with her! And I am totally grateful she never met my sis! She would have said some horrible things about my sis and I would have hurt Patti really bad for it! I haven't told Donna yet that I am leaving, my mama wants me to wait a while longer until we are sure of an actual date.

Well, I kinda wish it was Ocean Shores I was going home to, but it can't be. It has to be Oregon. Political reasons there. Besides, I love the idea of living on the coast and not having to pay sales tax when I buy anything. So, bring on Oregon! Besides, it would be so nice to be able to hear the rain on my roof again. I just hope we don't get stuck living in a complex again! I want a rental home. I want something like what we had in Ocean Shores. Complexes SUCK!! Too many people and too close by! I like isolation. Of course mama may not like it so much. She's a people person, I am not. Of course I may have enjoyed Bozeman a lot more if there just hadn't been so many crazies living in that complex. But that's what that kind of housing is there for. I just hope none of those nasty crazies there hurts my Minnie!! Believe me, if I even think my Minnie is being hurt, I'll buy myself a rifle and be at the idiot's door that hurt my baby, and I'll shoot them dead!! She's still MY baby!! I'll defend her like a mama bear with her cubs!

My leg has been bothering me so bad these past few days. And it's times like that I want my Minnie back! :( Monday it hurt so bad, I could barely move. And I couldn't go to the fitness center. Yesterday, I pushed myself to go to the fitness center, but I only walked about a little more than a mile and a half on the treadmill. But I managed to burn over 200 calories. The reason is this damn sofa!! I spent all day Saturday scanning pictures for a couple of my latest books and I am still getting used to this scanner. It's wireless, and does everything wirelessly. Including scanning and uploading. I had to sit on this dang sofa the whole time! And this sofa is hard as a rock!!! I need to remember when we buy furniture for our new home, we buy soft furniture. Donna likes her's hard. I like mine soft. Donna hardly uses the furniture. This sofa is one thing I am not going to miss! I also need to buy a good blow-up bed. That will have to do until I can buy a good solid bed! Which hopefully won't take too long after we move.

I've got my eye on a good blow-up bed. One that has a memory foam top. It's expensive, but worth it, I am sure. Well I only have to live in the Seaside-Astoria area for one year, then we can move on. I want to move to Coos Bay. I've heard some nice things about it, but I want to stay close to the coast. Or I don't know, I may stay in the Seaside-Astoria area. But there is no Walmart there to date. So, we'd have to do our shopping in Portland. We used to have to go into Olympia to visit a super Walmart when we lived in Ocean Shores, and it was always a fun road trip. Don't knock it man, I like Walmart!! Even if I win the lottery, I'd still shop at Walmart!! They have great bargains there!! I'm a woman who loves the bargains!

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Milestone Month

Well, I must say, I did reach my goal of losing 50 pounds this summer! I must pat myself on the back for that one. I was looking in the mirror in my bathroom, and I noticed my face is smaller than it used to be. I always lose it in my face first!! But I do still have a LONG way to go before I am finished with the weight loss. I'm still fat! But the loss of 50 pounds this summer is progress. I am grateful for it. I still go to the fitness center every day, and will continue to for as long as I can. At least until I can get a treadmill of my own. That won't be for a while yet.

Well, my ma is now 65 years old and a senior. She's happy about that. Shoot! I remember when 55 was considered officially a senior, and then 60, then 62. Now, you're not officially a senior until you're 65! How strange is that? It changes every year. By the time I am 65, I won't officially be declared a senior until I'm 85! By then I'll probably be in my grave. I expect to be! Well, ma didn't expect to reach 65 years old either. I remember one day she told me that back in 1993, she just woke up in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason, and just said to John "I'm going to die in 10 years". John thought she was crazy then. But ma was so positive she was going to die in 10 years, she even lived by that for a while. But 10 years came and went, she didn't die. I don't know why she thought she was going to die then. Grandma did die in 2001, but even that was not 10 years from that date. I thought perhaps maybe she had the vision for grandma. Not herself. Sometimes those kind of things can get mixed up.

Speaking of visions, I had a strange dream yesterday that still is haunting me to this day. I dreamed I was back in Bozeman and they were having a pizza party for the whole building, my sis and I were there. Well, in my dream, Andy was stealing pizza off another woman's plate. I did not recognize the woman. She was older, tall and thin with long, blond hair. Well, I saw the woman in the dream get frustrated with Andy for stealing her pizza from her plate, and she confronted him about it. Well in this dream, after she confronted him, I saw him chuckle, say something and then grab the woman by the neck and start punching her in the face really hard. So hard, I saw marks on her face. I was angry when I saw him do that in the dream. Well, if I saw him doing it in real life I wouldn't be too happy about it either! There is no doubt in my mind he would do something like that in real life! Not a single shred of doubt! He has even stalked other women in that building. He does it all the time! I was so grateful he was not my friend!!! After I heard of all the shit he did to other people in that building, and even where he worked, I was glad not to call him a friend!!

Well, in the dream, I approached the woman and told her to go to the hospital, so they can phone the cops and fill out a police report, because something needed to be done about this man. I did get tired of people making excuses for him in that building. He was not worthy of it. He is a nasty, vicious, cruel man who has no respect for anyone except himself. Not to mention he stinks! My sis said he said hello to her once, but he never said anything to her that was friendly when she was fat. So, my guess is he's only kissing up to her because she's losing weight. I know my sis knows to keep away from him. I'd prefer if someone hates me now because I'm fat that they still hate me after I lose weight. I'd rather have real enemies than phony friends! If Andy were really trying to be nice to my sis, he would have helped her, or cheered her on to lose weight, instead of calling her names and acting like a hateful bigot. But there is no doubt in my mind Andy would strike a lady, as presented in that dream I had. He slapped Karen in the head with a newspaper once, and he supposedly likes her. He called a woman that worked with him on his job a "cunt", and that's why he got fired. Like I said, he has NO respect for anyone except himself. And he treats people like shit and demands that they respect him. In short, he's like a show breeder, without actually showing and breeding dogs or cats. Although I did hear before he had a stroke, he did show Angus and Lou, and they won purple ribbons. So my ideas about show breeders being like him is not too far off. LOL! I told you all, I'm a damn fine judge of character, and am almost never wrong!

The only time I've ever been wrong about someone else's character is when I've totally let my guard down. Like when I first moved to Bozeman, and made friends with Kim Hedges. I let my guard down because I was trying to make friends. We were in a new town and I was trying to get along as much as I could. But Kim had this sense of entitlement that I think I always knew about. I just never imagined she would turn that on me and my sis. She's only in a wheelchair because it's the best way she knows about to keep people feeling sorry for her. And Karen, though we are now good friends, I think deep inside I knew she did not like us all that much when we first moved in. I sensed that when the complex had a Christmas party. Karen was always nice, but I think I knew deep inside that she did not see me and my sis as good friends. And then she admitted one day that yes, she did go along with Andy and call me and my sis names when we were not around. But she doesn't do that anymore, so I forgave her. I also admire her. She came right out and told me the truth. I like that. Even though finding out I was right all along did hurt me some, because I thought she was our friend. But I like it that she told me the truth. I admire that in a person. Really, I do. That's why I still like Karen and don't like Kim anymore. Kim was blaming her rudeness on someone else. She cannot take responsibility for her own actions. I don't like someone like that. No matter how nice they may seem.

If I say something and someone does not like it, I never tell that person "I didn't say that" when I know I did. No, I am not like that. I did that once, and the feeling I got was the worst I've ever experienced in my life! I NEVER want to go through that again! So, if I say something someone doesn't like, I tell them flat out, Yes! I did say that! I remember when I was in 6th grade, I had this friend named Janis. Well, one day, I went to her house, and played with her, and her ma gave us some sweet rolls. I had one and it was good. Well, about a week or so later, Janis went to another friend's house and told her some pretty horrible things about me. That friend kicked Janis out of her yard and told her to go home. Then the following Monday, this other friend posted a note in my desk, saying she wanted to talk to me. I noticed that morning Janis was kindof distant, avoiding me. She'd never done that before. I was perplexed, but didn't think anything about it. I was a naïve child. Then during recess, this other friend told me what Janis said about me. Well after recess I confronted Janis about it, and she painfully admitted that yes she did say that stuff, she also said she was sorry. You know what? I never held it against her, not even then. I completely forgave her. At least she did not deny she said those things, and she did apologize for it. So, I forgave her and never brought it up again.

Well, I got some new stories on UMG Productions. So, now comes the shameless advertising. One is based on a story in those sketchbooks I got back from Sam. I am so glad I got that one back, because that was one of my favorite Uncle Martin and the Gang stories. It's called Rooftop Basketball. It's the first story to ever feature both Mushmouth and Bucky. Bucky is 8 weeks old in this story, and does not stop sucking his thumb. Mushmouth is a little bit older and plays basketball, using his neighbor's chimney as a basket. It's a funny story! An idea of how creative I was back in those days! Even more so than I am now. Though a lot of stories I wrote back then were unfinished, this one was mostly finished, and is good!! Also posted is the Dynamic Dogs. This originally came out in 1992, right after the Kooky Cagebirds. It's only a few pages long, but it is funny! I took dog breed names and made fun of them, much like in the Kooky Cagebirds. I showed this one to Donna, my roommate. She loved it! She was laughing by the time she finished reading it. So, it's good! Another story I put up is called The Big Squeeze. That's the one with the Mad Anaconda, where he makes his last appearance. Brad tells him to get lost and never come back, and he hasn't been back since. LOL! This story is really more of an anecdote, something that keeps the reader in suspense. It does have a surprisingly funny ending though.