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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm Going Home!

Yet again! Just like the Lone Ranger. I'm heading off here very soon back to the coast! Of course this time, I won't be heading back to Washington. I'm going to become an Oregon resident. Oregon coast resident. I still want to stay along the coast. I wouldn't accept anything but. Being here in Reno has been an interesting trip, but let's face it, I belong on the coast. I love the ocean. I love the sea air. And Reno, well I thought moving here would help cure the stiffness in my shoulder, but it hasn't. I thought it would help my sinuses, but it's only made them worse! I so miss the coast! I've never lived in Oregon before, although a lot of my Facebook buddies think I have. I don't know really where they got that idea from, but I've lived in Washington for most of my life. Not Oregon. But I just miss the coast, I'll be so glad to go back there. Been so hot here in Reno!

Wow! The dirty dozen mob better forward this blog to Donna fast if they want her to turn against me before I leave! I have no idea how much longer I am going to be here! Oh yes that's right! I never said anything bad about Donna! LOL! So they won't forward this blog to her! LOL! I have nothing bad to say about Donna. There is just no comparison between her and Patti! Patti doesn't even slightly match up. Donna is so much better! I am going to miss Donna. I have never missed Patti! In fact, every day since Patti kicked me out of that house, I have been grateful to GOD that I am no longer living with her! And I am totally grateful she never met my sis! She would have said some horrible things about my sis and I would have hurt Patti really bad for it! I haven't told Donna yet that I am leaving, my mama wants me to wait a while longer until we are sure of an actual date.

Well, I kinda wish it was Ocean Shores I was going home to, but it can't be. It has to be Oregon. Political reasons there. Besides, I love the idea of living on the coast and not having to pay sales tax when I buy anything. So, bring on Oregon! Besides, it would be so nice to be able to hear the rain on my roof again. I just hope we don't get stuck living in a complex again! I want a rental home. I want something like what we had in Ocean Shores. Complexes SUCK!! Too many people and too close by! I like isolation. Of course mama may not like it so much. She's a people person, I am not. Of course I may have enjoyed Bozeman a lot more if there just hadn't been so many crazies living in that complex. But that's what that kind of housing is there for. I just hope none of those nasty crazies there hurts my Minnie!! Believe me, if I even think my Minnie is being hurt, I'll buy myself a rifle and be at the idiot's door that hurt my baby, and I'll shoot them dead!! She's still MY baby!! I'll defend her like a mama bear with her cubs!

My leg has been bothering me so bad these past few days. And it's times like that I want my Minnie back! :( Monday it hurt so bad, I could barely move. And I couldn't go to the fitness center. Yesterday, I pushed myself to go to the fitness center, but I only walked about a little more than a mile and a half on the treadmill. But I managed to burn over 200 calories. The reason is this damn sofa!! I spent all day Saturday scanning pictures for a couple of my latest books and I am still getting used to this scanner. It's wireless, and does everything wirelessly. Including scanning and uploading. I had to sit on this dang sofa the whole time! And this sofa is hard as a rock!!! I need to remember when we buy furniture for our new home, we buy soft furniture. Donna likes her's hard. I like mine soft. Donna hardly uses the furniture. This sofa is one thing I am not going to miss! I also need to buy a good blow-up bed. That will have to do until I can buy a good solid bed! Which hopefully won't take too long after we move.

I've got my eye on a good blow-up bed. One that has a memory foam top. It's expensive, but worth it, I am sure. Well I only have to live in the Seaside-Astoria area for one year, then we can move on. I want to move to Coos Bay. I've heard some nice things about it, but I want to stay close to the coast. Or I don't know, I may stay in the Seaside-Astoria area. But there is no Walmart there to date. So, we'd have to do our shopping in Portland. We used to have to go into Olympia to visit a super Walmart when we lived in Ocean Shores, and it was always a fun road trip. Don't knock it man, I like Walmart!! Even if I win the lottery, I'd still shop at Walmart!! They have great bargains there!! I'm a woman who loves the bargains!
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