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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Minnie the Timmy Fan

No one will ever believe this. I know I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't viewed it with my own eyes. Yesterday morning I was just chillin' with all 3 of our dogs on my bed. My sis Anna was upstairs burning some CDs on my ma's computer, so I was babysitting with Odessa. So I had all 3 dogs on my bed. Well, Minnie started off about to have a little snooze, and then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, she got to her feet. About 2 feet up from my bed I have a bunch of pictures of INXS, the lowest pic is one where Michael and Timmy are most prominent in the picture. That seemed to be the one Minnie was looking at. When I saw her put her paws up on the wall to seemingly get a better view of that picture, I said to her "Are you an INXS fan too?" Minnie immediately looked at me and waggled her tail. So I asked Minnie if she is a Timmy fan like mommy, or if she is a Michael fan. When I mentioned Tim, she mouthed my nose, and I guess I had my answer! She is a Timmy fan, just like me! hehehe!! Like mommy, like baby. Now I feel ever closer to my Minnie-Muu because of this. Well heck! I always loved all the dogs, but this makes Minnie seem even more human to me. LOL!! I never met another dog that is an INXS fan like this. I cannot explain any other reason why Minnie just rose to her feet like she did, and went to the wall and looked at my pic of INXS. This theory seems to be the most tempting to believe.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Like Me, Hate Me

Either way, it doesn't matter. But when I've gotten along good with someone so well, losing them as a friend does kinda bother me. I mean, I've lost friends before, some I never look back at, others it does tend to bother me when I lose them as friends. Sometimes I am left to wonder what it was I did. So far, the only friend I ever lost that I felt really bad about was a girl named Jennifer. She was like 6 years older than me, and she and I got along so well! We went places together, she was always so sweet and kind, we even exchanged Christmas gifts, and other little gifts that were given for no special reason. I looked up to her like a sister. There were times I was closer to her than I was to my own sisters! She and I even collaborated a couple of times on stories. We gave each other ideas and all that good stuff. And we both shared a lot of love for animals and nature, and especially a fascination for Dian Fossey. Once she even fixed me up with a boyfriend and she and I went to the theater with our boyfriends, and watched a movie called Cape Fear. The guy she fixed me up with was not bad, but he and I just didn't click. Jennifer wanted to see me have a steady boyfriend, so that's why she brought me and this guy together. This was after my truly steady boyfriend, the one I was about to marry, moved to South Carolina. Or was it North Carolina? Well heck it was one or the other!! I remember he wanted me to move with him, but I just couldn't. That area gets too hot! I like it here. The one incident that I can remember well with her, that totally sealed the friendship between us, was when I lost a favorite book in a rain storm.

I remember it was back in the very early days of 1990, the start of the 90s decade, and on this cold, dark, rainy and windy day I was walking from my class to the bus stop, about to head home. The wind was very fierce! It was so strong, it literally blew my umbrella right out of my hand, and I had a load of books and magazines in my arm at that time. One of the books I had was a magazine I had with an article and pics of Dian Fossey. It was my most favorite book of all. I kept it with me so I could always read it during my free periods. It was a magazine that my previous boyfriend got for me, so it was very special in that way as well. I still remember the day he got it for me, but that's a whole other story I will save for a later post. Well anyway, when that gust of wind knocked my umbrella out of my hand, it also made me drop all my books and magazines and stuff. Another nice guy, who I typically saw at the bus stop there, came over and helped me pick up all my items and even caught my umbrella for me. The wind was strong enough that I just pointed the umbrella back towards the wind and it got back in it's normal position once again, and I continued on to the bus stop to wait for the bus. Well, I was almost positive I had all my stuff once again. So, I went home with a clean conscience.

Well, when I got home, I discovered something terrible. I discovered my favorite magazine was gone! I looked and looked in my pile of books, over and over again, thinking maybe I overlooked it, but no. It was just GONE!! I felt so bad, I layed down in bed, put the covers over my head and cried my eyes out! Anna came rushing into the room wondering why I was crying, and when I told her, her attitude was like "Oh is THAT all you're crying about? Because you lost a stupid magazine??" To Anna, it was just "a stupid magazine." But to me, it was a wonderful and exciting array of pictures and words, put together by Dian Fossey herself, and was given to me as a gift by my ex-fiance, who was now also gone. And it made me sad. Well, Anna wouldn't give me solace, neither would Eva, and pa sure as Hell wouldn't! He accused me of acting like a child, and said he wasn't going to "baby" me anymore! All I was looking for was a shoulder to cry on and the one time I needed him the most, my father was accusing me of acting like a baby??!! It was like a nightmare landscape! I was surrounded by insensitive morons! I did find a wee bit of solace in the computers at the school, where I could sit and write about this horrible night the night before. Even back then, I still always typed my diaries on the computer! Well, at the time, Jennifer and I had just met, so I was still in the "getting to know her before I get too close" phase. Well, she came up and sat next to me at the computer, and asked me how I was and I told her I was miserable. She asked why and I told her of the events that happened the night before on my way home. I was having a typical "woe is me" moment. LOL! Believe me, those moments were rare for me back then!!! But to my surprise, Jennifer offered her alleviation. She put her hand on my shoulder and massaged it in a friendly manner, and told me that it'll be OK. I was half teary-eyed, but I looked at her, and I actually felt the sun shining through. I began to feel progressively better as the day went on. Soon, I was not sad anymore. From that day on, Jennifer was like honey and I was like a bee. We became very good friends after that! Or so I thought, for the following 3 years.

Jennifer and I were friends for about 3 years, then in 1993, something happened. I don't know what happened, but for a while, I tried calling her home and all I ever got was an answering machine. At first I thought nothing about it and left a message, knowing she was always good about returning my messages. So I left a message and waited. I waited for about a week, and still hadn't heard from her. So I called her back and left another message, then hung up and waited again. I cannot tell you how every time I heard the phone ring I hoped it was her returning my call, but it wasn't. I must have tried about 3 more times, each time leaving a message and never heard back from her. The thing is, I have no idea what happened to her! She all of a sudden went from being my best buddy and almost a big sis, to just brushing me off like we had never met before, and I had no idea why. I can only speculate.

One theory I had involved this other guy named Bob, who was looking for a roommate to share his apartment expenses. All I was ever going to become was his roommate, so he and I set up a day and time to meet up and he could interview me. Well, somehow my pa caught wind that I was going to meet someone that I was thinking about moving in with, and he forbade me to go. Unfortunately he was my only way of getting there back then. So if he wasn't going to take me, I couldn't go. I could not call Bob and let him know the circumstances, so I called Jennifer, and got her answering machine. I asked her to tell Bob that I just could not go, and my father would not let me move into his apartment. Whether she told him or not, I have no clue! But I did call and I left that message on Jennifer's answering machine. Maybe she thought I was dissing him? Maybe she never got the message due to some kind of malfunction? Maybe she thought I was making excuses, I don't know.

Another theory I had was that my sis and I put an ad in the local newspaper, and well, someone called one day while the ad was in the paper, and she spoke in a whispery voice. I thought it was Jennifer because she had a sort of whispery voice naturally. So I stayed on the line and talked as if it was her. But the more I talked to this woman, the less she sounded like Jennifer! She was kinda weird!! I didn't say much once she started acting off base, but I knew this was not my friend. So, I asked this young woman what her name is and she answered "Cindy." She never spoke above a whisper, which I thought was odd. I asked her if there was something wrong with her voice and she said no. Then she asked me "You know what I'm doing now?" and I said "What?" Almost knowing what I was going to hear next, and not wanting to hear it!! But Cindy answered, "I'm touching myself." I got pissed and said to her "BIG DEAL!!" and banged the phone up in her ear! Well, wouldn't you know it, the phone rang not too long after that, and I didn't know if it'd be her again, or someone else about the ad. This time though Anna answered the phone. She said a woman spoke, and did sound whispery. Well, Anna wailed into her, saying "I know who you are, you called here earlier and bothered my sister!" She told the person on the phone to get off the phone and never call here again. To this day, I often wondered if that may have been Jennifer? I wish to GOD I knew for sure!! But I have a gut feeling that it was my friend!!

Well, both of those incidents happened within days of each other, and I did notice that after that, Jennifer stopped speaking to me. So it had to have been because of one of those events that she and I are not friends anymore. Anna should have asked for the person's name before going off on her. I wish I had answered the phone instead of Anna!! Because I would have known if the person who called really was Jennifer, or just that prank caller, Cindy. I would be able to tell the difference then. Anna couldn't. She didn't talk to Cindy, I did. And frankly I don't think Cindy would have called back! All I told Anna about Cindy was that she didn't speak above a whisper and the things she said and how weird she sounded. Well, at first I thought she was Jennifer. I was kindof expecting her to call because of the message I left on her answering machine about Bob a couple of days before. Jennifer too, like I said, had a whispered voice, for her it was natural. So that was why at first I thought Cindy was Jennifer. Well, for a long time I felt bad about losing the friendship with Jennifer, simply because we were such great friends for so long.

I've grown harder in my old age, and now, losing friends only means something if I've known them for a long time and got along so well with them. This also includes no feelings of treachery coming from them, which I have a sixth sense about. I've been around enough phony people to know when they are going behind my back and saying or doing shit that they shouldn't. And I can literally "feel" if a person holds any degree of resentment towards me, even if they do act nice to my face. Even on the internet! I just have impeccable instincts. Well, one person who I am Facebook friends with, she posted a video about lions up a few days ago. A day, or so, before that she posted a video about the club-winged mannakin, which is a very interesting bird. I love birds a lot! Still hoping to get some of my own. But I hate lions. Well, this person doesn't seem to like the idea that I don't like lions. I told her my favorite animals are lemurs. Well, they are! She keeps asking me why I don't like lions, and I already told her. She didn't know what lemurs are, so I told her to do a search for them, well she did, and came back with this video of a tarsier opening it's eyes slowly. A tarsier is almost a lemur, kind of an intermediate between lemurs and monkeys. But they are not strepsirrhines like lemurs are. So, she seemed to want to know more about lemurs, and asked me to chip in more information. Well, I didn't have time to do it last night, so I waited until today, when I had a spare second or two, and I posted on her wall a couple of pics I had of sifakas, which are my most favorite lemurs.

Really, it is my decision, no one else's. All I ask of my friends is not much, but that they understand that I feel the way I feel, and I cannot change. I've heard all the arguments about lions from biased panther-lovers, I've even been called every name in the book by the more uneducated versions of panther-lovers! NONE of it has any impact on how I feel about panthers. Well, tonight, this friend asked me what my 3 most favorite animals in the world are, and to summarize why I love these animals.
Well, my 3 most favorite animals that I can name right off the bat are lemurs, dolphins and otters, pretty much in that order. All these animals have one special thing in common, they are happy, lively animals that seem to epitomize the joy of living. Dolphins and lemurs even have an extra bit of a personality bonus: They can sing! And they sing really well! As good as any human. Lions? What do they do all day? Nothing but eat, shit and sleep, and they kill for fun. When a lion kills a hyena, do you think they are going to eat it? If you do then think again. When a whole troupe of lions brings down an elephant, do you think they will eat the whole 9-ton carcass? Again, think again. A whole pack of lions may consume about 300 pounds (thinking of maybe a pack of 30 lions). What's left? They leave behind about 95% of the carcass to scavengers. So IMO, lions do kill for fun. They are no better than poachers are in human society. IMO, lions don't even have any compensating qualities. They're still ugly as sin. They try to croak out some sounds, but I've heard more melodious noises come from a dying cow. Sorry, but nothing anyone can say will make me like lions ever again.
************NEVERMIND!!! It was all a joke! And a good one on me! LOL! :P

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Animal Love

Well, for as long as I can remember I've always loved animals. I even love animals that no one else likes! I'm well-known for that. Yet, I tend to not like animals that everyone else likes. I don't know why half the time. Maybe because hearing about them, and seeing too many documentaries about them gets old after a while. But for as long as I can remember, I've always loved animals of one kind or another. I first became aware of this love for animals when I was in preschool. I think I was about 3 or 4 years old. The teacher brought in a little tiny toy poodle. That thing was soooooo little and sooooooooo CUTE!!!! And it had the cutest little smile on it's face when it looked at me. I don't remember much from when I was 3 years old, but that vision of that little tiny dog is so fresh in my memory, it feels like it just happened yesterday!

Amazingly enough that when I was that age, I remember I hated dogs! We had an Irish setter when I was that age and I absolutely could not stand that dog!!!! I hated to go out into our backyard because that's where we kept him. His name was Baron. Thankfully he didn't last long at our house. My ma was scared of him too. But that little toy poodle was nothing like an Irish setter!!! Toy poodles are little and cute. Irish setters are big and ugly! I still can't stand irish setters!! Though I like gordon setters. I would never want to have one though. The first pet our family had that I really enjoyed was an old cat named Pepper. I named him that. He just showed up on our patio one day and our family adopted him. I have a picture of me at 4 years old, on Christmas morning, holding that cat in my arms. He looks so huge too! I guess because I was a small child. I don't mean small in age, I was tiny at 4 years old!

I was a cat-lover for a lot of years after that. Ya know, I think all little girls are born cat-lovers?! I don't know why. May be their gentleness. Some of us outgrow that. I know I did! I liked cats up until I was about 5 years old. When I was 5, ma got a puppy once that changed my way of thinking. It was a skye terrier she named Sir Knight. I still remember the day she got him. Well, it was night. She was gone for hours, and I had no idea where she was. I knew at that time she'd been thinking about getting a puppy but I didn't think for one second that was where she was at. But sure enough, when she came home, there she was holding this little tiny black puppy with long hair covering his body. The first words out of my mouth was "Is he ours?" ma said "Yes. His name is Sir Knight." At exactly the same time, our close family friend also got her children a puppy and named it Fifi. Their's was a terrier-poodle cross and cute as heck!!! If I recall correctly, Fifi looked almost sheltie-like. Well, Sir Knight didn't last long at our place either. We only had him for 2 months. My ma was like that though! She wore out of pets too quickly and I always hated that about her!!! I would keep a dog forever and ever, if it was my own choice! But I was at the mercy of my parents, and ma would keep a pet for a few weeks, tire of it, and then give it away, and that caused a lot of stress on me as a child because we would get these pets, I'd get attached, and no sooner than I'd become attached that I would have to say goodbye!

The next pet we had was a cat named Midnight. Midnight and Pepper looked a lot alike, both were black and white domestic shorthairs. But Pepper was much bigger than Midnight. Well, I loved Midnight a lot! I remember we got her while we were living in Toutle, and when Mount St. Helens blew, Midnight had had kittens, and she and the kittens moved with us to California. I remember one of the kittens had deformed back legs, it was an unusual anomaly, and it actually healed it's self when the kitten got older. I remember that kitten went to a friend of some relatives we had living in California. This person actually named the cat "Retardo"!! UGH!!! She named the cat that because of it's deformed legs. I named that kitten "Ashley", because of Mount St. Helens. I would have felt a lot better if this friend had kept that name. Well, while we were there, I saw the kitten get older, and as I mentioned the leg problem she was born with actually healed it's self. Unfortunately that cat later died. It was killed by a dog. At that time, I was strongly into dogs, but because it was a kitten from my Midnight, who was also at this time gone, I felt especially bad by the loss of this cat.

Well, before Ashley (sorry, but I refuse to call that kitten "Retardo"!) was killed, we got another dog, her name was Dolly. She was a half collie and half St. bernard dog, and about 8 weeks old when we got her. I was so thrilled when we got Dolly, it was actually her that turned me into a dog-lover! I was about 8 years old when we got her. I never knew having a puppy was so much fun. My mind had become a lot less fuzzy, and frankly, my memories of Sir Knight had been wiped almost completely out. But not totally. But it was getting to know Dolly that made me a true dog-lover. And that love for dogs lasted for about the following 3 years. Well, Dolly had a problem. We had a houseguest at the time we got her. A woman named Pam, who was a friend of the family's. She had come to stay with us, and when she did, she spoiled Dolly. Dolly had actually gone from being a sweet, gentle puppy, to a monster! Pam came and stayed with us for about a month, then left. When she left, ma tried to get rid of Dolly by giving her to some other friends of the family. I was miserable when ma told me that she found another home for Dolly, and I began to weep. At exactly that moment, my pa called me on the phone. He knew I sounded sad and upset and asked me why I was crying. I told him it was because ma had gotten rid of Dolly, and I wanted her back. So pa said he was going to phone ma and talk her into bringing Dolly home. So we got off the phone, and I sat there in hopes pa would be able to convince ma to bring Dolly back. Well, he did, and ma brought Dolly home once again.

Well, once again, the plans were spoiled because Pam moved back in the house. This time, she stayed for about 2 months! I kept wondering if this odd woman, whom I didn't really know, had somewhere else she could go because every time she came over and stayed, Dolly would become loony! Well, this time when Pam moved out, ma said she was going to send Dolly to the pound once and for all. I begged her not to, but she didn't care. Pam had ruined Dolly's disposition. I was miserable again! I went to school hoping and praying that ma would reconsider. When I got home from school that day, it felt so strange not having Dolly jump up to greet me. I went to my room and cried my eyes out, for days!! So far, the only pet we ever had that has withstood the test of time was Midnight. We had her for a year. Most of our other pets were gone in only 4 months. That's about how long we had Dolly, and she was the longest-lasting next to Midnight.

Well, after Dolly, we got a german shepherd-like dog that I named Nanu, after a favorite character in a movie, played by Jan-Michael Vincent. I had a major crush on him when I was 8 years old!!! We had Nanu for about 8 months, and he broke Dolly's record. Well, he had a crush on the neighborhood wanderer, named Sleepy. Sleepy was a GSD/collie cross, and well known and liked. But her owner let her wander around a lot, and Nanu used to play with her all the time, like she was his big sister or something. Well, one day after church I came home, and usually one of the first things I did was get my play clothes on and play with Nanu in the backyard. Well, I went into the back yard, only to discover that Nanu was not there. I asked my father where he was and he didn't know. He said the last time he saw Nanu was when he was playing with Sleepy. So I went to the home of the guy who owned Sleepy, and asked him if he'd seen Nanu. He responded in a rather funny way if I remember correctly. I knocked on his door, and he answered. I told him that my dog was missing and was last seen with his dog, and asked him if he had seen Nanu. He said "No. Goodbye." and slammed the door in my face. I thought that was odd, but didn't think much of it because I was always brought up to trust the words of an adult. Nowadays I look back and I say "I'd be willing to bet anything that guy had a hand in Nanu's disappearance!" I don't know what he did to Nanu! But if I could find him and somehow slip him a truth serum, I'd find out he had some hand in my dog's dematerialization. Nanu was GONE!! I looked in every conceivable place, called the pound, called as many vet offices I could, even asked everyone who had met Nanu. No one had seen him. I never saw any trace of him again. Although my sis Anna claims she saw him late one night roaming in front of the house. But I would think if it had been him, he would have come into the yard and got back in his dog house, which he loved!! Well, if Nanu was still alive and just found another home, I hope he spent his years in a happy place. And if Sleepy's owner did have a hand in Nanu disappearing, I hope karma comes back to bite him HARD!!!!

Well, I spent my younger years favoring dogs and cats as far as animals go. But then in 1985, that all changed. We had another dog, Andy, who was a papillon. Well, one day I was watching TV and ma came in and bent down to program the VCR to record something. While she was bent over, Andy reached up with his nose and began sniffing ma's butt! I never knew dogs even did that until I saw Andy doing it that second! From that moment on, I was disgusted by dogs! Even now, dogs still do things that disgust me. However, I wouldn't trade having these little dogs for nothing else in the world!! But dogs were no longer among my favorite animals. About this time I began turning my animal love to other domestic animals. Among them, cats, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, cattle. We also lived on a farm, so I got to know these animals as well. Well, the following year, 1986, that all changed. I saw Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, the story of a mongoose, and I liked it. It kinda inspired me to learn more about these animals, just to see if they really are anything like the animal portrayed in the cartoon. The more I learned about mongooses, the more I loved them. The studying I did on mongooses also inspired a story by a friend, now deceased. It was the story titled "The Mischievous Mongoose", and yes in a way (indirectly) it was inspired by Rikki-Tikki. The book is on the UMG Productions site, check it out!!

Well, this interest in mongooses sort of inspired interests in other exotic animals as well. Besides mongooses, at the time I was studying about marsupials, especially kangaroos, raccoons, weasels, otters, and panthers. At that time, I especially learned to love panthers. Yes, you read right!! I said I LOVED panthers!!! You name it, any kind of panther. Lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, I loved them all!! I think actually cheetahs became my favorite. And that lasted for about a year and a half. Then again in 1987, that all changed. That year, I was staying home from school sick one day, and I watched a documentary about lemurs of Madagascar. Well, I gotta tell you, they changed my whole outlook on animals! I'd recently gone to a zoo, and I would eyeball the panthers, but nothing compared to watching these lemurs jumping around from one tree to another! They were so good at it, they made it look easy! But I know it's not. It was due to this that I saw panthers in a very different light!! What I used to think were big, beautiful, majestic animals I now saw as ugly, lazy, boring animals!! When I was at the zoo, I realized, all they do all day long is just lie there on their bellies and backs! No action, nothing. So obviously, the documentaries I used to see on television about panthers exaggerated their lifestyles! Watching lemurs rocketing through the trees became much more fun and interesting! Like watching a very well choreographed ballet! Only these were performed by animals. Lemurs to be exact. I never saw anything of that nature performed by any panther!! The closest was by leopards and even their movements cannot even come close to comparing to those of lemurs!!! Lemurs are obviously more graceful, more mobile, better-looking, and more interesting than the panther family. And I believe that even to this day, 23 years later! I loved lemurs, left panthers behind and haven't looked back since. The only panther I give any amiability to today is the snow leopard. And well, even I cannot deny a family group their ONE good-looking relative. Snow leopards are truly a diamond in the ruff!! Every family has one!

Well, that's the story of my ever-changing love for animals. Nowadays, the only animals I don't like are arachnids and panthers. Both for different reasons. People actually think I'm joking when I say I hate panthers, but I am not! I truly do not like them. I get asked why a lot, and while I think it's a stupid question, I answer it anyway. Because I just do!! That's MY choice. I should not have to explain it to anyone really. If a person hates me because I hate panthers, then they are pathetic!! But take me as I am, and you're awesome!!! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gay Rage!!

LOL! OK so I don't normally make fun of gay people, but yesterday, after my daily 3-mile walk, I signed back on to YouTube to check my messages, and I noticed this one from someone who calls himself daphill awaiting approval:


Keep in mind, I never met the idiot, and I know nothing of him. At first I thought it was HOBOFART back up to his old tricks, but then I looked at the person's profile and noticed he's not. But I did notice he is gay, and he is indeed a troll. He even goes around shit-talking other gays. Obviously a hypocritical dim-wit!! And what's this:


BWAHAHAHAHA!! Too funny! As if he knows me!! LOL! I actually had to stop reading his comment when he said "IT IS OBVIOUS YOU DON'T CARE" because I had to laugh so hard!! I love it when people get so pissed off because I don't agree with them that they start acting like they think they know what kind of a person I am. They really have no clue. But I like to interact with all my viewers. Whether they are good viewers or bad ones. Finding out he is actually gay helped a great deal in allowing me to have a little fun with him. Not that I like him, but because I just like poking at people like him. People like him, who are gay, face almost the same kind of persecution fat people do. Not that I agree with it or condone it, just with people like this guy, who think that now that they have all the rights they could ever want, now they can go around and shit-talk others. This dude is a nutter, that's for sure! hehehe!

Anyway, this was my response to him:

"Look who's talking. You're GAY!! You admit it yourself. So maybe you have AIDS. HAHAHAAHAA!!! YOU'RE GONNA DIE YOUNG!! I DON'T HATE YOU EITHER! I'm just showing you how stupid you sound by judging all fat people just because you happen to not like them. :) "

I didn't really believe he has AIDS, I was just mocking his stereotypical ways. Now, I have gay friends, so don't misunderstand me. Most of them are scientists. I have nothing in the world against gays. I just don't like the ones that are like daphill. Believe me, I know his type all too well. He thinks the world owes him everything and has to agree with everything he says or believes, otherwise they have to face his rage. He's mad because I don't like Joan Rivers. Well, I never did like her, and I never will. Her shows are boring to me. I never found her the least bit funny. And I see no reason to think differently now. Especially now knowing people like daphill are examples of the kind of people that like her. Not for me!!

Well, his tirade went on and on and on, I suppose he was thinking that the more he argued and called me names the better his chances were of changing my mind. But no it didn't work. I still don't like Joan Rivers. I'm not that easily swayed!! I looked at his profile some more, and apparently he lives in Paris, France (now I know why everyone says the french are assholes!!), and he's rich (which I don't believe for one second), and that he has tons of friends from all over the world (again, I don't buy it!) I wish to GOD I had a nickel for every troll that used their financial status as an argument, I'd be able to buy and sell Joan Rivers!! I have friends who make 6 and 7-figures annually, none of them would ever get on the internet and talk about it!! Especially since I didn't bring it up!!

Well, today I felt like I had so much fun with daphill last night that I decided to poke at him again this morning just for the Hell of it. LOL! Yea, I know I'm a little devil. LOL! I wrote this specifically to him this morning, almost in hopes he would see it, but remembering too how last night he said "I have a life and I don't spend that much time on YouTube", but I did hold out some hope he'd see it. This is what I said:

"Well, the next day and I still say Joan Rivers sucks ass. LOL! So, I guess your little tantrum didn't change anything. BWAH!!! :P "

And then I went back and noticed YES!! He did respond to me. This is what he said:

"Yep...another day and you're still a fat, foul-mouthed uneducated mess...or should I say mass. And Joan Rivers probably made another million making jokes about you. "

I especially thought this was hysterical coming from his mouth, since he was the foul-mouthed uneducated mess that started this. Or should I say "mass"? He's probably a fat-ass himself. He'll probably come in here and deny it but I wouldn't believe him if he posted a picture. Well, I responded to him simply with laughter, and reminding him that Joan Rivers still sucks ass. :) He can say what he likes, but I will always believe that. Just because a person is gay does not mean I have to treat them with respect, even though they have faced years of persecution. Gay people can be just as good or as bad as anyone else. And the only good thing I've found about daphill is knowing that because he is gay, he will never reproduce. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Racism In Montana

Well, this seems to have been a really hot debate on Facebook's Montana page. I read Anna's blog, and noticed she had some trouble with some people on that page, and it has caused her not to want to go back. The fact was one guy, named Jay T, said Great Falls sucks. Anna agreed with him and added that it sucks because there are a lot of racist groups there. Well, she realized almost immediately that was a generalized statement and felt it was unfair (she figured that out herself), and tried to erase the comment. But before she could erase it, someone else caught onto the comment and began a tirade with Anna that would last for 2 days, and 3 more people would gang up against her. Keep in mind, her comments had already been deleted before she knew any one of them had even read it!!

I went into that page, and I noticed Jay T. had basically told Anna she had no right to an opinion without anything to back it up. I don't know what Anna had written because she already had deleted her comments at that time. But I was sitting here thinking "Jeez, let it go ya JERK!!!! The comments were deleted, that should be the END of it!!!" He would have to be pretty darned disturbed to bring up a comment on a thread that had been deleted like that! Especially if he knew Anna like I do! Anna is the most unoffensive person I know! She's exactly the opposite of me. Anna goes into a forum or a page, she just wants to make friends. And she is a warm and caring person. Unfortunately she is also too trusting with people. I go into a forum and I don't give a shit what others think of me!! I just be myself. Especially lately, after it was brought to my attention that show breeders were talking about me in PMs, and what they were saying in PMs was VERY different than what they were saying to my face!! So I don't trust anyone anymore! And I let it be known too! I didn't say anything at the time I saw the blog and the posts, because one, I was too tired. Two, because I thought it would wear out on it's own. I've had people send me nasty comments on YouTube, sometimes they get deleted before I can respond, and so I just let them go. I generally figure the person posting the comments just realized what they were saying was wrong. Or they got the message that it just doesn't bother me, so they delete it.

Well, I read further in Anna's blog and apparently, Jay T. said she deleted the comment because she was "running away like a little girl". What an asshole!!! But who knows? Maybe he loves being an asshole. Some people do. I love being an asshole to people who are assholes!! hehehe! Well, last night I got a little less tired and cranky, so I finally just told Jay T. to just "let it the fuck go!!" There was also a third reason why I didn't respond right away. There may have also been something in what those douche bags were saying. I just didn't like the way they delivered it. One dude named Allen, seems to think he actually owns the state of Montana, and told Anna to stay out. What right has anyone got to tell someone to stay out of a state? No right I believe!! But in a way, something that they said really disturbed me, and it wasn't the shit they were saying about Anna. It was how Billings is full of meth-heads, druggies, racists, and criminals! I moved here, to Ocean Shores, to get away from that BS!!! I moved here from Olympia, and it was partly because we had a sex offender move in only a block from us! None of that here. So if we move to Billings, we will essentially be moving from the frying pan, into the cooler, then into the fryer!!! I'm happy here! (Uh-oh, here we go again with the great moving debate). I just wish Anna would find a school that will teach her all she needs to know here in this state!!! But she refuses to go to Seattle again because of the high-crime rate. If only we had a university here in Ocean Shores, or at least in Aberdeen!! I can deal with that. I'd even move back to Olympia so Anna could attend a university there! But she won't do it! She has to go to Montana, and she has to start next year! I should NEVER have let her go to Yellowstone!! I know how "attached" Anna gets to states!!

Well, anyway, all that talk about racism had me looking on the internet last night for racist groups in Montana. I just wanted to see if they were really there. I was lead to a couple of forums. Basically they said that if you are looking for trouble, you're gonna find it. I know most of Montana state is made up of whites. But this is a heated subject for all Montana residents, not just the ones on that Facebook group. You start talking about crime in Montana, people act like you're shit-talking their kids or family!! One thread on a forum I was lead to got so heated the moderators had to close the thread! But it still yielded some good info. I didn't care about the heated debates, I was just looking for info. That's all I cared about! But where racist groups are concerned, I have to be careful. You know people stereotype Mexicans, saying that they're stupid? But I heard there is more of that in places like Mississippi and Tennessee than there is in Montana. One person talked about a book that I want to show off here. It's a book called "Stupid Black Men: How to Play The Race Card--and Lose" by Larry Elder. He's a black person himself, but apparently does not believe in being victimized by his race. His point of view is that he doesn't like it when black people play the race card (he would have been ashamed of Ty Taylor on Rockstar: INXS). I used to love Ty until he did that! He was a great singer and a great performer, and then when he got eliminated he played the race card and I lost all respect for him. I like Elder's point of view. It is true so many people play the martyr so often when it comes to stereotypes and generalization. I'm going to check out this book! Apparently the book has had the name changed to "What's race got to do with it? : why it's time to stop the stupidest argument in America".

In reading the description about his book, I remembered an old incident that happened back when the AcmePet forums were still in business. I told people about a dog that needed rescuing, and I described the person who owned the dog. One of the things I said about the person was she was of oriental descent. To me, it was just a minor, descriptive passage about the person perpetrating the crime. But the other people there latched onto that one little figurative part of my whole story like leeches, and built up a huge argument just because I described the person as having oriental descent. They thought I was saying that all orientals are incapable of taking care of their pets!! And I never even came close to implying something like that. I was just giving a few indicative adjectives about what the person looks like, in case someone may have seen the person. They do it all the time on America's Most Wanted. Yes, they even describe a little about the criminal's race!! But then again, these were show breeders I was talking to!! They basically are nothing but leeches!!! They never think about the fact that I've heard show breeders say things MUCH worse than what I said!!! And they don't do it to be descriptive either. They do it because they are just mean-spirited troglodytes who think they can get away with it, and generally do, because no one else but me will stand up to them! My brother in law (Katrina's hubby) is Chinese, and I know he takes really good care of their animals and their kids! I think the people from the AcmePet forums should read this book and just shut up!!! Fortunately that forum is not around anymore.


OK, now that I have cooled off. That is a good book, and people should read it before they start crying "racist!" to others. Because there are differences between being racist and being descriptive. Check out Larry Elder, he's awesome! And I think, kinda cute!! I'm off to read his book! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ya Dun Goofed!

I almost had to feel sorry for this girl. But this seems to be the big thing going around now. Parents really aught to watch what their kids are doing online! Those who don't get kids who wind up like this.

That's a young girl named Jessica Leonhardt, AKA "Jessi Slaughter", due to her video where she threatens the trolls with turning their brains into slushies, and brags about how perfect she is, and how they are all just jealous because the trolls will never look like her. I am not here to talk about the things she said, because hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson. I want to focus on the kind of things that kids are doing on the internet these days and how parents really should look after them. Now, if I had a kid, I would do what Eva does all the time with her kids. She does NOT let her kids use the computer unless she is sitting in the room with them, and none of her kids have a computer in their rooms. She limits each one to use the computer for no longer than 20 minutes--of course she has a lot of kids! All but 3 of them are old enough to use the computer. None of them have YouTube accounts either. Eva does not want them filming themselves in the home, nor outside it nor nothing. She calls it "an invasion of the family's privacy". She's even told me if I were to ever visit her at her home, she would not let me walk in with a movie camera. Simply because of videos like this one. And there's more.

What is this father doing wrong here?

Answer: He should not get involved!! Instead, he should have taught his daughter about the consequences of her actions. From what I heard, this young girl has a Facebook account (None of Eva's kids has a Facebook account, not even her oldest, who is 17) and posted her phone # and home address on her Facebook. And some of her troll friends got on there and became her Facebook friend, and prank-called her house. I saw a video where someone from YouTube phoned her house, and her ma answered the phone, and it was a prank, asking if her daughter was connected with some unknown guy who was killed by a single shot through the head. So now, this young girl is saying how she hasn't eaten or slept because of the actions of these trolls.

Well, let me tell you, I've been in literally hundreds of arguments with people over the internet, only one time did I lose any sleep over anything that was being said, and it was because I was in the wrong and I knew it! I basically attacked a young woman on the old INXS fan forum for having her own point of view. I did apologize to her later, and I felt better. But that was the only time I ever lost sleep because of an argument on the internet. And only one time did I ever even come close to feeling bad enough to weep over something someone on the internet has said, and that person was NOT a troll!! In fact, I considered him a friend for a long time before he snapped and said something that totally hurt my feelings. But that's what a friend does! Trolls are not supposed to make you feel bad. Because that's all they are is just trolls! They can try to make a person feel bad. But if you're good, you know how to avoid that. Because you know they are nothing but haters! I get slammed all the time, it really does not faze me. In fact, I have fun with trolls. They even come on here, in the form of anonymous posters (most of them, usually the ones who just come in here to gripe because I said something that offended them and they want to throw a shit-fit). Most of the time I just laugh at them! Now, I know not everyone who comes in here anonymously is a troll. Just the ones who do nothing but leave negative comments or bitch about something I said. But I have never cried over what someone who I don't know has said to me or about me over the internet. Not even someone I do know, but just don't like. Only my friends and family can hurt me that badly.

I always say if a person cannot handle the heat, don't go into the kitchen. This young girl made a big mistake by going into YouTube, and thinking that everyone on there was going to be all sweet and nice and everything. I get called names all the time on YouTube, and usually I just laugh at the people doing it. They make for funny videos in the future. The parents of this girl made a mistake too by threatening the trolls. I try not to threaten anyone at all. Honestly, people are laughing at this girl's father. He blew quite a gasket on that last video! This video, in just the few short days it has been out on YouTube, has already gone viral. If this girl was looking to make a name for herself, she sure did that! And she's only 11 years old! I don't care how smart kids nowadays are getting, an 11 year old should not be dressing like a hooker and posting her face on YouTube!! That is why all this got started.

For me, when I have a lot of people on YouTube (or anywhere else for that matter) talking shit about me and slamming me, I just think about the people who really like me. They are the only ones who really count. I don't think at all about the people who shit on me (from afar) because they aren't worth shit! But from what I understand, this is the video that got this whole incident started:

Sad but true. And where she says "You don't faze me!" well, apparently yes they do! If she got on camera and cried her eyes out. And seriously, not speaking as any kind of hater, but if she were my kid, she would never have even opened up a YouTube account in the first place!! There is a reason, and a good one, why YouTube only allows people over the age of 13 to open an account.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Lily!!

I just wanted to stop in for a quick note to little miss T. Lily Hutchence. Today is her birthday and I hope she has a wonderful one! I know she likes to be called by the T word, but I will NEVER call her that!! EVER!! I'm sorry if she likes it, but I like her and I would not call someone I like a "tiger". A tiger to me is an ugly, lazy animal. But a lily is a beautiful, fragrant flower. So instead of calling Michael's daughter the "T" word and implying she is an ugly, lazy person, I'd rather call her Lily and imply that she is a sweet, beautiful flower. She looks like a flower anyway. She is a very pretty young lady.

I love this friend to death, but I frankly do not care what the Hutch fans, or any anonymous Rockband Lounge users come here to say, to me, a tiger will always represent a creature that is ugly and lazy. So don't ever expect me to call Michael's daughter by that name! I told this friend that name is like a needle in my eyes when I see people calling her that. Because all I can think of is an ugly and lazy animal. Seems like an insult to Lily's persona. I remember back in 1998, someone told me that Michael did not want his child to be called that, and fought hard against it. Then back in 2005 on the old INXS forum, someone else told me that it was in fact Michael's idea to call his little girl "tiger". I could have gone the rest of my life without being told that!!! It unfortunately had a hand in my present-day distaste for Michael. A BIG hand!! I'm still not a Hutch fan. I try to tell everyone that. I've gotten over a lot of the distaste I felt hearing the fact that calling her that was his idea, sort of. I think my affection for Tim blocks everything else.

It used to be that when I took a hiatus from INXS, and went back to them any time later (which is something I do on a frequent basis to keep my life interesting) the first band member I would shine up to was Michael. But not this last time! This time for some unknown reason, I shined up to Tim! I always had some love for Timmy, but never to the degree I had when, after a 3-year long break from INXS and their music, in 2005 I suddenly climbed aboard the INXS fan-wagon again. This time with avengeance! Though at the time I originally converted, I still had some love for Michael. Then I heard it was indeed his idea to call his daughter by the T word, and all my respect for Michael went right down the drain. But I've again gained some back, knowing that he is not the only celeb to give his child a weird-ass name like that!! Many have done it it seems. A lot of them are good actors and singers! I always knew Michael was a good singer. No question in my mind about that. But at the time I thought it was so crazy of him to choose that name for his little girl! But having seen some other, even weirder, celebrity child-names, (I can't remember who it was that named their child "Pilot Inspektor") Michael's daughter's name doesn't sound quite that bad. There is still the option to call her Lily. So that's what I do.

Anyway, Happy birthday Lily!! Hope it's as beautiful and special as you are!

Another thing I noticed, Michael's number is definitely 22! Did you notice that? He was born on January 22, he died on November 22, and Lily was born on July 22. There is something about Michael Hutchence and the number 22!! Having discovered this, I thought how wicked cool it would have been if his name had 22 letters in it!! So I counted. But no, Michael's name has 23 letters. One too many! hehehe!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

INXS Rocked Broome!!

The stories I've been reading are awesome! INXS still have it! I'm so glad to see these guys are back together, going touring and making new music. One of my Facebook buddies went there and brought back a lot of pics she took, and a wonderful story about meeting JD and Kirk one-on-one in a bar there. She explained to Kirk how it was her birthday and they spent a lot of money just for that trip. So Kirk decided to treat her well, and introduced her to JD, who has always been her favorite band member. The story is priceless!! Sounds great!! She also mentioned that there were no meet and greets nor will INXS be giving autographs. Now, I heard that and I wonder what has gotten into INXS?? They used to be happy giving out autographs!! But I don't think it's just INXS. Could be their new manager's idea. Well, he's not a new manager, he's their old manager, once removed. It's Chris Murphy. Has he gotten stingy with INXS? Is he turning INXS into anti-social robots under his command?? Well, that's just my POV. But it seems to me that INXS were always so happy to give out autographs in the past. Well, no matter. Apparently INXS didn't listen to him, and autographed this friend's t-shirt! I'm sure the look on her face was a winner!

INXS should be happy and grateful that they still have any fans left. So many people abandoned them after Michael died, and then more abandoned them after they did Rockstar: INXS. Which is still my #1 most favorite show! I say if you have fans, treat them all with respect! I do. Well, except for the creepy fans like HOBO. Fans like him, if you're really good, you instinctively know to stay away from them! But most fans are very respectful. I've always been respectful of INXS. Though I may joke about having mad, passionate love with Timmy, I would never really do it!! I've never even hugged or kissed him. And I ain't never gonna do it either!! Because I respect his space. It was kind of him to allow me to have a photo-op with him that night in Seattle, but that was his choice. When I asked, he could have said no and I would have understood. He is a busy man, after all. I would admittedly have been sad, but I'd get over it. Of course that was before some unknown fan in DC pulled Timmy off the stage at a concert!! That could have been what started this new trend with INXS not wanting anything more to do with the fans. Besides that, I think Timmy is still upset because Michael is gone. I know how he feels. I'm still upset over losing my Groucho, and sometimes it makes me feel like I just don't want to see anybody.

Well, it has been announced that JD is still a member of the band! HA! I knew it! I knew INXS would not let JD go! He didn't say anything that was so unforgivable that it could not be worked out! I know he didn't. Everyone else all around me kept saying "It doesn't look like JD is still with INXS at all." But I knew better. Though I did have my doubts, I mean, why would INXS refer to JD as a "guest singer"? But deep inside, I always felt that JD is still with them. People really should learn to listen to me! My instincts are impeccable! Well, almost impeccable! I tell everyone I may not talk much, but I am a damn good listener when I want to be. LOL! That usually helps out a lot. Now that we are on this subject, I have my doubts about Chris Murphy managing INXS. But I don't know. He has his good points and he seems to have some bad points as well. One good thing about him is that when he was INXS's manager before, they came out with the best songs and albums. I am hoping that he can make it happen again! Not that Elegantly Wasted and Switch were not good albums, but they seemed to pass by the popularity charts undetected. A lot of people still have no idea who INXS is!

These days, people are tantalizing me with posting up these pics of Timmy! His new style is he's wearing a beret on his head. I gotta say I LOVE him in that!! He should always wear one of those, it makes him look so handsome!!!! But then he's Tim! IMO, he could put a beanie with a propeller on his head and he'd still look handsome and distinguished!!! I don't think there will be anymore of me meeting Timmy. I don't even believe that they will be coming to this part of the country anymore. I think us PNWers can thank Catsredrum and her delusional dim-wit friends for that!! Let's gather a mob, ring her doorbell and run, toilet paper her house and egg blast her car!!! The stupid idiot!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And Then There Were 4

Well, yesterday after posting my last blog post, I did an official count of the number of pups Melissa had. Where I thought there were 7, there were actually 9. Which was a good thing! That gives me lots of pups so that I am sure all these snakes get well fed. I fed them all this morning. I gave one to Bandit, my California kingsnake. One to each of my pueblan milksnakes (that's two). And Barney, my African house snake, got two pups. That's 5 total pups that had to be sacrificed this morning. Poor Melissa! In less than 10 minutes, more than half her brood is gone. I feel bad for her for sure. The second time I stuck my hand in her cage to pull out some babies, she started to approach me with her ears flat. That means she was undecided if she wanted to run or defend her babies. There is a possibility that none of her babies will make it to adulthood. Because I will have to feed Barney again with a bigger baby next time. Then 2 more have to go to my ratsnakes. In another week, I will be feeding Bandit again too. He needs to bulk up because soon he will be going into hibernation. He needs to be well-fed for that. Well, soon I will be having more baby mice because I've been noticing Malcom and Misty mating with each other. I need to keep a steady flow of pups coming in.

Hey! I know this is hostile, but for me it is much easier to home-breed my own mice than go to the nearest pet store where I can get pinkie mice, which is 25 miles away, just to get them when I need them. Besides, the prices they charge just for pinkie mice!! I remember a time when I could get pinkies for no more than 75 cents!! That was back in 2000, the last time I had snakes. Now, they want $1.50 just for pinkies!!! $1.75 for hoppers!! That's too much!! Then the trip out there alone is also quite costly. To go over there and back burns about $5 worth of gas. Since I feed my snakes once a week, do the math! So for me, it's so much easier just to breed my own mice at home. It's a matter of location and necessity. And I don't want to leave this town! And mice are very easy to breed yourself, so there's no problem.

Well, Melissa's done had her litter for now, so I will just be waiting for the others to have their's and then I will retire the mice for the year so the snakes can hibernate. I will start them up again after the next New Year, so we can have that steady supply of babies once again when the snakes wake up next spring. They will be hungry for more food. Well, one thing is for certain, I don't stand in front of their cages filming the snakes killing the mice like some people do. I don't mind videos like that myself. I've been watching them to get me used to the sight of snakes eating mice again. I've been unused to it for so long I was afraid it might disturb me. I haven't even seen any nature shows in a long time! That's because most of them nowadays talk about nothing but panthers! And I don't care to see any panthers doing anything! The last nature show I saw was in 2002. It was supposed to be about antelope. And what is more focused on in the show? Lions, leopards and cheetahs. YUK!!! I don't want to see where some cameraman splatters a picture of a lion's ass all over the TV screen!! So I stopped watching nature shows. Getting snakes, I knew they would have to be fed, and fed mice. And I was not used to seeing that anymore. So I watch some of the videos on YouTube where people feed their snakes mice and stuff, so I can get used to it again. But what I don't understand is people who stand there filming, and start laughing about the mouse, rat, or rabbit dying in the snakes' coils. Or those who stand there, shouting "OOOOOOOOOHHHH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!" Then act like the death of the animal is some kind of a hoe-down! That I don't understand!! That's one kind of video you will never see on my channel!! Most of my snakes don't like to eat in the presence of humans anyway. Especially Barney. He likes to do his feeding in total darkness. I think house snakes are nocturnal animals.

Well, I love my snakes. I am so glad I got them. I'd been missing having snakes for pets, so I was glad I got these guys. I'm happy too they are not venomous! I don't think I will ever be ready to work with venomous snakes! There's this guy on YouTube, and I regularly watch his videos and he deals with all kinds of venomous snakes. He's fascinating too! I love his vids. He can be quite a wise-guy. But he is very honest in his responses, and I like that. He makes it look so easy to deal with venomous snakes! He makes it look easy, but it's not. His disclaimer in the beginning even implies that it is not a hobby for everyone. I know it's not for me. I'm not that alert anymore! LOL! When I tried to give Bandit his mouse this morning, he kept biting me!! Because I smelled like mouse to him. LOL! Things like that happen and then I am grateful that I am not dealing with venomous snakes. Probably never will either.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Malcom And Melissa Plus 7

Well, Melissa had her pups last night. I wasn't able to count them until this morning. What I was able to count was 7 babies. Now, how many of those will actually make it to maturity, I don't know. I have snakes to feed, and their needs must come first. I hate doing that, but I have to. I'm almost curious to see how they look all grown up when their fur comes in. But Bandit, Sally and Sammy are searching around for food. So I will be sacrificing a few of the pups to them tonight. I'm giving them a day to get some nutrients in their bodies. Healthy pups make for healthy snakes. Barney just shed, and he also needs to be fed. But he needs a bigger baby, he's bigger than the other snakes. I've been noticing Malcom is also mating with Misty, one of my new females. So, maybe in a few weeks we will have more pups.

For the past couple of days, I've been noticing Melissa spending most of her days just sitting in a corner and breathing heavy. It happened right after I separated her from the rest of the colony. I bought a separate cage for the expecting females. At first I thought she missed her friends, but then I realized with the heavy breathing she was doing, she must have been going through labor. That went on for a couple of days! I thought labor periods for mice would be shorter! But I guess not. Well, I am glad she had her babies. Truly I am! Malcom I would swear is getting to know me! And I think the mice even know their names! LOL! I know that sounds silly, but the other day, I caught Melissa wrestling with Misty and getting a little rough, I shouted "Melissa!" and she stopped and looked at me! Well, I have been known to do the impossible with animals. It might have been just a reaction to my loud, booming voice, but it looked like she understood her name. None of the other mice looked at me like she did. hehe!

I do things like that, and I don't know why. I tend to laugh at myself too. I said to myself "listen to me, I'm scolding a mouse!" And I laugh for a while and forget about it. But that was kinda cool the way she looked at me when I said her name. I've been hearing lately that mice are in some ways closely related to monkeys and apes! I don't know where that classification came from, but if it is true, it might explain why rats and mice are so intelligent! I'll have to do a little more research into that subject.

Speaking of monkeys and apes, I am almost done with the primates chapter in my latest book. It will soon be available in the UMG Productions site. I spread all my knowledge of the primate families into this book, and so far it looks good!! I did a lot of the work while recovering from my surgery back in November. Now, I am putting the finishing touches in the book and it is looking good!! After all I have to do, is create a cover and I'll be done! Complete with color photos and everything. I think I am going to make this available as individual chapters instead of as a whole book. The latest book to be added is the Encyclopedia of California, a good book if you're studying the state. It has everything listed!

Well, one last thing, I want to shout back out to a young lady on Youtube who calls herself MzKillaNeden. She gave me a shout-out yesterday, so I am returning the favor. She is a sweet person, and does videos about what she is thinking, much like me. Please check out her videos and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/MzKillaNeden Here is the video shout-out she did about me. I must say I was surprised! Very pleasantly surprised!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's a Juggalo?

I've heard of a jiggalo, but never a juggalo! A jiggalo is a man who makes passes to all the ladies in hopes he will score with them. But I think I know what the problem is. HOBOFART thinks I'm a juggalo!! I never even heard of the word until one of my present subscribers mentioned in her video that she is a juggalo. I didn't know what a juggalo is until I saw that and then looked it up. Apparently what I got out of the meaning is that a juggalo is a person who loves rap music. That's not me! I love INXS! Timmy has done some rapping before, but I don't think INXS music qualifies as rap. I don't really like rap music. I like old school rap, but this mess that is being played today, I can't stand it!! Someone, somewhere down the line, mistook me for a juggalo. Or a juggalette. But that's why HOBOFART is so obsessed with me! He thinks I'm a juggalo! LOLOL!!! OMG!! But that's one thing I noticed about his friends and subscribers. Half of them are juggalos, the other half are trolls themselves. Ohhh boy! Should I tell him that I am not a juggalo? I may wind up breaking half a dozen hearts if I say that. I don't care about HOBOFART, but my friends and subscribers who probably also thought I was a juggalo too. They might be disappointed. Oh yeah, HOBOFART is still accusing me of bestiality! LOL!!! I'm still laughing at him too. He said in my latest video I was making Vegas suck on my tits! LOL!! Not true, Vegas and I were playing and he was pawing at me. HOBOFART is just full of BS, as usual. When is he ever not full of BS?

There are some words that I noticed seem to be very closely associated with juggalos. They often seem to call themselves "clowns". Not sure why, but almost every one of them has some addiction to clowns. I'm cool with it if they like rap music and are juggalos, but I am an INXS fan! Not a rap music fan. I don't know how that mistake could have been made! The closest thing to rap music today that I even half way like is techno pop! And even that sucks nowadays!! Music has gotten worse. It must be this new crop of untalented young sprigs! A person doesn't even necessarily have to have talent to make it in music today. It's not like it was when I was a teenager! Nowadays, I could get on stage, sing like a sick cow, and with all the high-tech equipment used now, they could make me sound like Dinah Shore!

Well, speaking of INXS, one of my Facebook buddies is in Broome, Western Australia, having a blast! In a way I am happy for her, but also in a way I feel bad, because she wanted so badly to meet INXS. I would love to have seen her have a meet and greet with the band. She really deserves it! She worked so hard to win that meet and greet! I never have seen anyone want something as bad as she wanted to win that meet and greet with INXS. I've met INXS many times myself, but the biggest thrill was meeting, and getting to know, Tim Farriss, my favorite band member. I still remember the excitement I felt in seeing him, purely by chance, in Seattle! I honestly cannot say whether he liked me or not, but he was a nice man! That helps a lot in remaining a loyal-to-the-end INXS fan. As personality goes, I actually liked Timmy's brother Jon a lot better. The man is a prince!!! And this friend is such a big fan of Jon's (and JD's). Actually I think she likes JD much better! LOL! Well, I sure wish she could have won the meet and greet, and then this morning I heard she missed the radio show where she could have got a chance to meet them. But she was out on a boat having such fun! Well, I am so glad she had other kinds of fun. I saw the pics where she caught a fish, and she looks like she is having a blast!! Which is really cool!!

Well, here at home, it looks like Melissa (my black and white pinto mouse) is about to have babies. That's good! I was hoping soon one of my females would have young. She is getting so big now she looks like a little golf ball! That's how I can tell she is about to drop them any day. I'd give her a week. Mice don't gestate for very long. We'll see what happens. I don't know how many (if any) will make it to maturity. The primary reason I breed these mice is to get a steady flow of food for my snakes. Barney, my house snake, has just finished shedding his skin, now he's going to be looking for food. Hopefully I get a good-sized litter of mouse pups. We'll see. Melissa is looking pretty big. I had to separate her from the rest of her colony. I'm sure she misses the comfort of the colony, but there is less stress on her this way. Mice that have their young in a crowd tend to want to eat their own babies and I don't need that now! If that happens, I'll have to take all the babies away from her and freeze them. Save them for later. Of course I hate doing things like that, but my snakes must eat! So in a way, I have to be hard-hearted.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I remember MsRandomosity1 said this about HOBOCTZARANDCO, and apparently she was right! Now, I know the dirty dozen mob cackles like hyenas every time I even mention the word stalker, talking about someone online. But they haven't met HOBO yet. I have most of my videos fixed to where only the posts of friends get posted automatically. Others have to be approved by me. And I said 2 days ago I was no longer going to accept any posts made by HOBO. Most of the time, I don't even read them. I just delete. Apparently though, HOBO has more than one account on YouTube. He has another one that I know of, someone told me about it yesterday. Someone who calls himself bishopwithgfmndk, came into the video that I made just for HOBO, and told me that HOBO is also under the name StropeFromBWC, and his real name is Lance Ernhoef and he lives in Massachusetts. Gave me full details about him, including his home address. I should delete it, but I won't! Because I think MsRandomosity1 needs to see it too. Since he hacked into her account and wrote all that idiotic stuff about her, I'm sure she would like to press full charges against him for that kind of harassment! Hacking is illegal, and HOBO uses intimidation to lead other people into thinking he can get away with it. Well, he can't, and he's going to fuck with the wrong person someday. If he hasn't already! I mean, I can be a very tough adversary! And a strong advocate as well! I still remember how it was I helped Anna get this guy at Yellowstone fired! He messed with her, and that's one thing I don't tolerate, messing with my family!! You do that, and you're treading on very thin ice!!

Well, HOBO is basically upset because I won't send him any of my dogs. So now, he's taken his obsession over me to stalker levels. He just doesn't seem to understand that I am not going to approve anymore of his comments. Most of them get deleted without even being read! That's the thing with stalkers, they just can't take a hint when they are not wanted. And they never give up. Not unless they die in the process of stalking. That's how one can tell a stalker from just an average fan. I have several fans out there, admittedly not as many as some YouTubers, but I have quite a few. This comes with becoming famous on YouTube, you're going to get stalkers. I happen to have 2. Well, Dustingrey gave up because now he cannot post anymore comments on any of my videos. He can look, but he cannot touch (the comment button) hehehe! But I know that as my career in YouTube goes on, I'll probably get more. But HOBO needs to be stopped! So, I will be talking to someone about him, give them this info I got yesterday about HOBO. I think a lot of people would like to join me in this lawsuit. HOBO has even started spamming the channel that belongs to both me and Anna, FattyTV1. He posted a comment on there yesterday, I just fixed it so that comments cannot be posted there at all. Nobody has commented on that channel anyways. Though there is one person who has been sending me private messages on there. I hate to say this, but I am not sure if he is really serious, or if he's just jerking me around. He's been saying he loves my body, he loves fat women. But I look on his channel and I see all kinds of health and workout videos. Those kind of men generally never like fat women, or only pretend to like them so they can have a fat woman in their arms and say "look at me, now look at my girlfriend. Who would you rather look like?" It's an ego thing. I don't want to accuse him of anything, and I'm not trying to complain, but I just have to wonder.

Well, I am not the only one who has noticed HOBOFART is messed up in the head. Many people have. Check out this video that someone who calls himself TheAsuraDemon posted on his channel. The words he uses to describe Hobofart fit to a T! Except that he left out "stalker":

Another video deleted dammit!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What Do You Do?

The other night, I was watching another film on YouTube, again by Onision. He was talking about cutting yourself. People who do it do it because they are depressed and would rather feel the pain of cutting themselves than the pain of sadness. This is a sensitive issue I found out just by reading the comments. I know depression, believe me! I went through it after I lost my Groucho. I thought I would never get over it. I know what depression does to you. Back then, I would have rather been dead than feel the pain I felt losing my baby like that! The people who pulled me through that are my friends and family. Especially Anna and Katrina. I remember I stopped eating for like 3 days. Well, Katrina came over that third night, and she fixed me something, and she and Anna made me eat. I didn't feel hungry, but I ate anyway. It was weeks though before I could get even to a point where I could go longer than 10 minutes without crying. But in all that pain and sadness, I never once felt like cutting myself. Most people who do it cut themselves on their arm with anything sharp they can find. I couldn't understand that myself. But then that's me. I have other methods of dealing with sadness. Talking to Katrina often helps. She has such a cute sense of humor, when I feel sad I often call her and talk and she can get me laughing in under 5 minutes. Once I start laughing, I seem to forget about what was troubling me before and I feel good again. But cutting myself, I dunno. I could never understand that. Sadness is one thing, but cut yourself and you'll have those scars on your arms forever. Though I do understand the people who do it often cannot help it. I never have known anyone who does that myself, which I guess is why I don't understand it.

Anyway, if you were sad and depressed, what would you do to make yourself get better? Do you think depression is a mental disorder? Do you think it's something someone can control or not? I personally think depression isn't something someone can control, it's been proven to be linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain. A couple of weeks after I lost Groucho and I was still feeling very depressed, I took pills. I took anti-depressants. I remember how they made me feel too! I felt slap-happy. When one of your friends is going through depression, what do you do? Do you help them? Do you try to make them feel better? Or are you one of those jackasses that abandons them because you only want positive people in your life? I wouldn't personally consider someone like the latter a "friend". If I notice one of my friends is feeling depressed, I try to comfort them as much as I can for as long as I can. Even if it takes many many months. Some good I remember came from feeling slap-happy! That was when I got even with the delusional mods! LOL! Well! They asked for it! They were almost accusing me of killing Groucho. That was when I decided they had to be stopped. So I gave them a taste of their own medicine, and I'll wager you they did not like it!! hehehe!

Well, in other news, I've now fixed my videos so people like HOBOFART has to be approved before his comments are posted. All except the video I did just for him. hehe! That one is still open to stranger's comments. Well, he posted on my video of Minnie again, asking when he can expect this "chihuahua" to arrive at his home. I wasn't going to answer him, just leave him hanging. But I decided to answer him one last time anyway. I said to him "Let me put it to you this way, HOBOFART, hold your breath! The end result will do everybody a world of good!" That's when he will get Minnie, when he's rotting and lying stinking in the ground!! He also went to Anna's channel and is saying we are both mentally unstable, and we both have Down's syndrome. I said I don't believe he even knows what "mentally unstable" means. I mean, if he thinks I am "mentally unstable" because I don't wear a bra and I choose to be who I am, and he's not and he hacked into someone else's account and deleted everything, then he's got some real problems and needs help! And I really hope he gets it. He keeps going the way he is, he will be in prison in about---oh, I'd give him about 2 years before he winds up there. If he hasn't already been there!

Ya know I don't know why I feel it is my civic duty to sway younger people from going to prison! I mean really, it is their lives!! But I guess if I feel in any way I can make a difference, all this might be worth it. Eva does this on a regular basis. Makes her feel good she says.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

HOBOFART is At It Again!

He's done it again, he's hacked into the YouTube account of one of my friends, one who calls herself MsRandomosity1. I usually go into her channel because I enjoy her videos. But today I noticed that HOBO hacked into her account. Another one of my friends who is also a friend of HOBO's believes it was not him who hacked into MsRandomosity's account, but someone else. I hate to break the bad news to her, but I believe it was Hobo who broke into her account! When I went there, I saw what was written under the "About Me" section on her channel's homepage, and the look and feel of the channel was a lot like the look and feel of Hobo's channel. The things said in the About Me section now are totally identical to what Hobo wrote about MsRandomosity1 on my video thread to him. For example, this is what he wrote on my video thread this morning:


13 hours ago @MsRandomosity1 <-----------------BIPOLAR SUBWHORE WITH HERPES LMAO
And this is what it now says in the About Me section on MsRandomosity's channel:
I'm the biggest subwhore on Youtube and I am bipolar and have herpes. I suck cyber cock for a living to get all my subscribers. I am hated by a lot of people and I have an albino boyfriend who likes fucking dogs. He puts a pittbull mask on my face so he thinks he is fucking a dog. I've been hit with the ugly stick a lot and fell off the ugly tree and I hit every branch on the way down. I'm such a Fred wannabe. I supposedly have herpes due to my pimples on my chin. I'm the ugliest human being and Violater197 wants to shove his meat pole down my throat. I give trolls lots and lots of lulz. I'm such a fail that it makes trolls giggle.
Tell me the two are not identical! Not only that, but also identical remarks were made yesterday on my video as well to other things in that description, all said by Hobo himself! So, I know it was him who hacked into her account! There isn't anything said in that description that Hobo himself has not said over the last 3 days about MsRandomosity1!!! I don't want to doubt this mutual friend, but the proof is in the pudding. Go back over some of the remarks Hobo made to MsRandomosity1, you will find they are exactly the same things! So he did hack into her account. And in my latest video I posted up today, where I saw Minnie watching the mice in their cage today, I thought she looked so cute watching them, so I filmed it, and Hobo said he wants me to send my Minnie to him right away. I didn't respond to him on the thread, but I sat here looking at that comment and I said "Dude, you can threaten, kick, punch, hassle, cheat, and lie to me, you're NEVER going to get Minnie!!" Sheeeoooooooot!! He can even offer me $1 million, he still will never get Minnie!! That's MY baby!! He will never get Vegas or Odessa either! No matter what he does. Minnie wouldn't like him anyway. Vegas sure wouldn't like him, and Odessa would just bite his heels every time he moves. Odessa doesn't much like men, and she always does that to them. Vegas doesn't like men either. None of my dogs do, probably because I haven't lived with a man since I've had these dogs. My boyfriend doesn't even come to the house often enough to get the dogs accustomed to him.
All this, and he was going to have me prosecuted for slander?!?! That I have to LOLOL at!! Hacking is just as illegal as slander is. Maybe more so! I still haven't heard anything from his lawyer, BTW! I knew he was just talking more BS!! But I am ready, and I think MsRandomosity1 would also like to get in on that lawsuit as well! I only hope she gets her channel back! I had to unsubscribe from her until such time as she does get it back. If that never happens, and she has to create a new channel, I hope she remembers me. I really enjoyed her videos. I hope someone does something about Hobo! He needs to be STOPPED!! And he will NEVER get Minnie, Vegas or Odessa!! Never will I allow someone with the morale character that Hobo has proven he has, have my dogs! Of course even if I did like him, which I don't! But if I did, he'd still never get those dogs because they belong to ME!! He would have to go through me, and if I catch him anywhere near me or my dogs, I'll choke him to death with my big, saggy boobs!! LOL!!
Hobo keeps bringing that up everywhere and I just laugh at him. He's trying to piss me off, but it is not working! He's probably also trying to humiliate me with the "no bra" lectures, but again it's not working. Because this is who I am. Like I always say, take it or leave it. And I am just as happy if you leave it, as take it. I don't care! What Hobo doesn't seem to understand is that I have a secret weapon against people like him. It's called "not giving a damn what you think because you are not, never were, and never will be, my friend". I've stated it many times before on here and elsewhere, I only care what my friends and family thinks. Now, if a friend were to tell me "I'd rather see you in a bra in your videos than without one", I would listen. But when someone like Hobo says "put on a bra", I basically close my ears and shut my eyes and laugh at him because his words mean absolutely NOTHING to me! It's not because he's a troll, although it is a contributing factor, but because I am not his friend. Believe me, I would be much more embarrassed if someone were to say I was his friend, than if someone were to notice I'm not wearing a bra in my videos.
Well, today I favorited a video about trolls. This guy sounds a lot like he should be conducting a radio talk show, so it's kinda funny sometimes to hear some of these words come out of his mouth! Hard to believe at the time of this recording, he was only 16. But this video describes perfectly the unique difference between a regular troll and a YouTube troll. Give a listen.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Up Comes the Sea Mist

Yesterday Anna and I went on our monthy trip to Olympia to go shopping. It was about 8 in the morning when we arrived there and it was already HOT!!!! Anna had to go and change the date on her ticket, while I was at Fred Meyers doing the first of my grocery shopping. There is an item that I love that I can only get there. No other store carries it. So when I go shopping, I go there first. Well, while I was waiting for Anna to take care of her business, I sat outside and waited. While I was there, I met this interesting man. He used to live and work here in Ocean Shores. He said that yesterday in Olympia, it was supposed to get up to 95 degrees!!!! He said if it did, it would break the old record from 1952, when it got up to 93 degrees there. I told him I was hoping to be home before the real heat came. That was when he asked me where I was from and I told him. That's when he told me about his days when he used to live and work here. I told him I moved here to get away from the 90+ degree heat that Olympia has sometimes during the summer. Well, apparently it didn't do much good. On Wednesday, it got up to 91 degrees here, and this area has NEVER experienced temperatures that high!! I couldn't stand it!! It was too hot!!! I had heard yesterday was going to get up in the 90s as well. I hoped it wouldn't! One day in the 90s here was quite enough. It was hot in Aberdeen when we reached there. I stopped in Aberdeen to go to my favorite pet store and get another breeder mouse. "Maggie" turned out to be a male!! What's wrong with me??? I used to be able to tell a male mouse from a female mouse as early as when they are a week old!! Now, I can't tell anymore until the testicles start coming in (which isn't until they are about 3 months old)!!! I'll tell you why, I'm rusty! I haven't bred, or even owned, any mice since I lived in Lakewood, back in 2000.

And HOBO wonders why I never wear a bra! If I had worn one on Wednesday, I would have died!! Bras soak in heat! And make hot days more uncomfortable. Well, now I'm not going to wear one because it pisses him off. I truly believe that first anonymous poster on my last post on this blog was him. He's trying to attack me by finding out what I don't like to do and accuse me of actually doing it because I called him a hypocrite and a pedophile, which are what he is! He's getting funny because he's getting so desperate and that makes him get stupider too! He's even attacking one of my friends' boyfriend, calling him a dog-fucker. But at least he stopped using the word "retarded"!! For the time being. I think he accused me of using that word on here because I said this on that video thread that morning to anyone viewing those comments:

"And I want anyone reading this to know, I do NOT habitually use the word "retarded"!!! I'm only saying that to bring my language down to HOBO's level of intelligence. Or the lack of such! hehehe!!"

So now, HOBO wants to accuse me of using that word. But it is OK. Anyone reading that thread knows the truth. I didn't delete a single post he or his dip-shit friends (who also use that word lightly) made. And if you want further proof, you can check out his channel and see how often he and his friends use that word. :) So, sorry HOBOFART, you FAIL yet again!!!
(whatever that means!! LOL!)

He's also been accusing me of abusing my dogs, having sex with my dogs, and yadda-yadda-yadda. I just have been sitting back and laughing at his little tirades. It's getting funny how far he will go. I just wish Anna wouldn't feed him like she does.

Well forget about him!! Anyway, once I got my other female breeder mouse (named Misty), we headed home, back to Ocean Shores. Halfway between Aberdeen and Ocean Shores, there was this heavy fog that had settled in! And it was nice and cool!! What a jump to go from almost 80 degrees in Aberdeen (90 in Olympia) to about 60 degrees and foggy here in Ocean Shores! The fog still hasn't let up yet and it is now the next day! LOL! I love where I live now!! LOL!! At least our one swealtering day is over. Maybe we won't experience anymore temperatures like that again. I hope not!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Amazing Day!!

Well, I had an interesting day! I put up a video last night of myself flapping my big, saggy boobs around, as if to laugh in HOBO's face! I knew I was going to get a full-blown angry response from him. In fact, I was counting on it!! I was hoping he would see the video, so I put his name in the title. I even directed him to the posts on this blog. He read them. I said GOOD!! I wanted him to read them. So now, he's accusing me of slander. I told him to go ahead and call his lawyer on me, I don't care!! He slanders lots (and I mean LOTS) of people all over YouTube!! Including me and my sis. I don't just attack anyone for no reason. That's why I never get afraid when someone reminds me of the "slanderous" comments I make on my blog. I know most people just say it to intimidate anyway. I even asked him again if he has contacted his lawyer yet, and he hasn't given me any response to that question. I haven't heard from anyone yet either! Probably won't. But in case I do, I have proof of how he goes around and randomly attacks other people, and says all kinds of slanderous shit. So, if I do hear from his lawyer, I'll be ready! I'll get myself and every YouTuber he has attacked, slandered, hacked, and plainly harassed and we'll all go to court and press charges against him!! Believe me, there will be LOTS!!

He's also been calling my sis Anna a "retard". Anna doesn't like that because she is definitely NOT a retard!! She made the honor roll in school, and I have proof of that. She's been accepted to go to MSU, which is one of the best schools in the country. She's going on a scholarship program and will work towards a degree in Biology. But having looked at HOBO's channel, one thing I've noticed, he calls EVERYONE a retard!! I mean EVERYONE!! He calls anyone who is not afraid to face up to him, or who disagrees with him, a "retard". Some of these people are even smarter than he is! So I told Anna not to take him seriously at all! He has a lot of haters too. One other thing I've noticed about HOBO, this whole thing is just one big ego trip for him! Thanks to this video, I got several new subscribers, all seem quite talented. But HOBO is attacking them. One of my subscribers began attacking another one of my subscribers because she is a friend of HOBO's. I said it's OK. I have a lot of mutual friends with people I do not like or trust. I don't believe in "guilty by association"! I do however believe in "wary due to association". But this person who is a friend of HOBO's, is a very sweet person. Never been anything but friendly to me. Just one incident I told her about that bothered me, and that was when she was laughing at me with HOBO. I don't give a shit what HOBO says or does. He's not my friend, never will be either! But when this friend was laughing at a remark he made about me on his channel, it did hurt. But that turned out to be a misunderstanding. She thought HOBO was talking about someone else. She apologized and all is well again. :)

Well, I told HOBO, after he attacked my new subscribers, that he thinks he's funny, but he's really not. And every time he tries to be, he just makes himself look like an egotistical idiot! I reminded him that all his videos are videos that he stole from other peoples' channels! He can't even come up with anything original or witty. What an asshole!! Only once have I ever used anyone else's videos in mine, and that was to discuss a video I found of some jerks making fun of a fat woman eating an ice cream cone. And letting them know they can get sued for that. I didn't have to say anything, I didn't care about these bums whose hobby is to go around making fun of fat people! I did it for the fat woman's sake. And now their video is down, and their channel has been suspended!! Good work to those in our Facebook group who stand up for fat rights!!! BIG applause!! Well, HOBO responded to my post where I called him out. He began with "YAWN", which indicated to me that he's run out of any comebacks. So, I feel I made my point, plain and clear. And so I won't be responding to him anymore. But he is trying to get a rise out of me still. He's on another video, saying I'm a "closet furry" and I have sex with my chihuahuas. I just chalk it up to him being pissed because I told everyone that he's a pedophile. Even if I did want to have sex with my dogs (which I DON'T!!!!!) they're all spayed/neutered. Well, that's too disgusting even to think about!! So, I won't even go there!! That's not me! LOL!! The only thing I have in common with furries is that I have done drawings of anthropomorphic animals. But I do it because that has always been what my readers love. Take Genny Genet for example. She was a very popular character among my readers back in 1989. They all thought she looked cute with her head like a genet and the body like Vanna White. So, I typically do that with some of my characters. But I am not the only one who has done that. In fact, Genny was inspired by another cartoon character. There was a movie that came out in the early 70s called Shinbone Alley. And it featured cats with humanoid figures. Since I am not too fond of cats, I used something similar, a genet. And that's where Genny came from. I give Cathy credit for Genny because at first, she did think up this character. But it was all my idea to give her a sort of humanoid form.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dead Cat Over Dead Baby?

I was thumbing through YouTube, watching a video of a man who calls himself Onision. I'm not a subscriber of his, but I do periodically watch some of his videos. He is like me in the matter that he loudly voices his opinion. I usually like a person who is not afraid to speak his mind. The only qualm I have with Onision is that he is one of those dang PETArds!! And he calls anyone who consumes meat a "murderer". That's the main reason why I don't subscribe to him, about half his videos are about why we shouldn't eat meat, or why cows should not be killed for meat, and blah-blah-blah. I mean, I love animals, so don't get me wrong. But some animals were bred to be consumed. Nature made them to be consumed. So, there are limits to my sympathies with animals.

Well, one video I saw tonight that he did he spoke of a couple of young women he's met that told him that they would be more hurt if they saw a dead cat on the side of the road than if they saw a dead baby on the side of the road. A cat! A damn cat! Those women HAD to be pulling his leg!! NO ONE is that heartless!! I always like to think there is good in everyone, but someone who would rather see a roadkilled baby on the side of the road than see a roadkilled cat?? Come on!!! That's beyond comprehension. A person like that needs to be locked up. I have very little sympathy for cats myself. I see dead cats on the side of the road here all the time. Most of the time they don't belong to anyone. The world can do very fine without sick stray cats that are disease-spreaders and killers of other wildlife. Some of which may be endangered. One less stray cat is fine by me! So when I see a roadkilled cat, I just look with the greatest indifference. Dogs are different. I usually get saddened by a roadkilled dog. Especially if it happens to be a little dog. But little dogs usually don't wind up as strays! They're usually someone's pet, probably are much loved and will be missed by it's family. But if I saw a roadkilled baby, I would definitely be shocked!! I'd have to say I would be more saddened by the roadkilled baby! Because that baby obviously would belong to someone. That's someone's own child, a child that some woman carried inside her for 9 months, and loved and nurtured, and GOD gave to her to care for, love and protect. Surely I would be more saddened by the loss of the baby!!

Oddly enough when I see an animal killed by a car, I'm the type that slows down to have a good look at what it is. I like to know the kind of animals that live around my area, and roadkill is actually a very good indication. Sometimes I see animals that I didn't even know lived in my area! Some of the most unusual roadkill I've seen or heard about have been as follows:

Road-killed animals I've seen myself:
pine marten
river otter
stoat (short-tailed weasel)
black bear
pronghorn antelope
spotted skunk
kit fox

Road-killed animals I've heard others say they saw in this country:
squirrel monkey
sea lion
great-horned owl
grizzly bear

And those are not counting the numerous striped skunks, deer, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons I constantly see killed on the side of the road. No matter what I always have to look and see what it is! Once I saw an animal that I could not make out myself. My sis Anna was driving so I never did figure out what it was. I remember it was kinda black, or dark brown in color, and it was rather large. But not very large.