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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

How To Redpill A Leftist

California has just made a major move in this progressive war. They've always been the most expensive state, next to NY. But today I heard it's about to get worse. Minimum wage is going up to $20 per hour. And we right-wingers know what that means. It means prices are going up, and some companies like Pizza Hut will be laying off some less-needed employees. I heard in California, starting in February, they will get rid of all their delivery drivers. So now, people have to go to the restaurant and pick up their own pizza. A double-whammy because gas is also very expensive in California. Not many people are going to like traveling all the way to pick their pizzas up, wasting gas. But this is what the progressives in California wanted. It's what they voted for.

I was watching a guy on YouTube who calls his channel 'Black Conservative Prospective', and he's a very good commentator. I like his videos. He was talking about this same thing. He said the same thing all us other conservatives have been saying all along. He said the best way to redpill a leftist is to give them what they want. And yes, I do believe that. But the sad thing is the hardcore leftists are too dumb to learn from their mistakes. Yes, give them exactly what they want, it's a great idea! But the hardcore leftists are incapable of linking their actions to those consequences. They'll hear news like this and they'll blame capitalism. Or they'll blame right-wingers. Or they'll blame white people. Or they'd blame racism altogether. Or they'll just completely deny any of this is happening at all. But one thing they won't do is make the connection from their vote to this disaster. Leftists are just not capable of making that connection. Their own actions have never gotten them in trouble before, so they don't know that this disaster in California is due to the way they voted.

This is all happening courtesy of the actions of Gov. Newsome. I don't trust that guy! I never did! He's nothing but a self-hating white man who doesn't have the sense that GOD gave a watermelon! He makes me so mad! It's a good thing I don't live in California, and have absolutely zero desire to live there. I'd be wanting to strangle that Newsome character! I also heard that Google is going to be laying off employees too from their company. So, get ready with some popcorn to turn on TikTok. Because come next year, a lot of gen Z'ers are going to be crying and weeping that they no longer have jobs. They are going to be replaced by AI.

Speaking of which, did you all see this video by some creep named Tommy Dorfman? Apparently he's an actor who believes he is a she. Well, he recorded himself communicating with an employee from Delta Airlines. He was bellyaching because he was being "misgendered". Oh boo-fucking-hoo! Well, the employee was having none of it this day. He gave Dorfman a piece of his mind, and even threatened to have him thrown out of the station. Watch this video...

I wish this to happen to all these gender bullies. And look at what Tommy Dorfman looks like...

He just barely looks like a man, but he sure doesn't look like a she. If I were in that employee's position, I'd have said the same thing. Only I would have already told him to get the hell out of my airport! He took the video and posted it up on TikTok, hoping he's gonna get some sympathy from other TikTokers. But we are all getting sick of this gender nonsense! Instead of sympathy, these are examples of the comments he got...

😂😂😂 I'm loving this! It's so good to see people like Tommy Dorfman are not getting as much sympathy as they are craving. That's the only reason why they post videos like this on TikTok. Because they want attention and verification for their 'woe is me' lives. These people make me sick! I hope this employee gets a raise! I hope he doesn't get fired. He actually handled Tommy Dorfman better than I would have. I lost my patience for these people a long time ago. I still believe in live your life the way you want. But only as long as you're not hurting others. And these gender-pushing people hurt a LOT of other people. They get them fired from their jobs. They steal womens' spaces and privacy. Some even go out and kill people who are "transphobes" whatever that means! Or they beat them up for 'misgendering' them. Or they just simply get in the way because they want to be verified. They are also hurting children by advertising this sordid lifestyle. I praise any parent today who refuses to send their children to public school. It's just not a good idea these days.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Eye For An Eye...

 And so-on. I love it! I love watching the conservatives, who know what they are doing, give the leftists a taste of their own medicine! And like any spoiled rotten, angry little child, the leftists HATE it when their shit is turned back around on them. They cry like little bitches and gripe "Waa! The right-wingers are causing all this misery in our towns! They won't stop! What will I ever do?! Woe is me!" No! It's not the right-wingers causing misery in your cities and towns. You leftists wanted the sanctuary city status, now you got it! No conservative anywhere ever said "I want my city to be a sanctuary city. All immigrants are welcome here!" We're just giving you leftists what you always wanted! Don't blame us because you cannot handle all these illegal immigrants coming to your cities! It seems this is the only way to get leftists to think about what they are doing. But even when we force them to think about the consequences of their actions, leftists still find a way to blame the right-wingers. But really, they cannot. They can pretend it's the right-wingers' fault all they want to. But it doesn't change the fact that this is what the leftists wanted.

Another genius move the right-wing states are making, Texas and Florida are taking a lesson from Colorado. If Colorado is going to take Trump off their ballots, Texas and Florida are going to take Biden off their ballots. Boy! I wish I could have seen the face of a leftist when that was announced!!!! I bet it was priceless! Well, two can play their game! Or more than 2! The difference is Trump did not do anything. Colorado wants to take him off their ballots because the leftist media still has them believing that Jan. 6 was some sort of insurrection. It really wasn't. Those people were let in by the Capital police, and the police even stood with them and said a prayer. They're just angry because the right-wingers are not as violent as their "precious BLM" is! All democrats should be punished for allowing the 2020 BLM riots to go on. 30+ people were killed in those insurrections, plus one sweet, innocent puppy, and many businesses were destroyed. Yet it was the people who stood up to the rioters who got in trouble! That doesn't make sense to me. The democrats all demanded they get arrested. Several of them did. Leftist privilege!

Another insurrection was caused by Biden, allowing illegal immigrants to come into this country undocumented! So, that is why Florida and Texas say they are taking Biden off the ballots if Colorado is going to take Trump off their's. Biden deserves it more than Trump. The democrats totally HATE people who have any kind of privilege, not realizing the privileges they have that no other groups have. Leftists are the most clueless people I ever met! I was talking with one of my buddies here last night, and she has 2 kids and one on the way. Her oldest is supposed to be starting school soon, but she said she's not going to send her to public school. I told her it's not a good idea to. She told me when she spoke to someone at the school here, they admitted they teach kids about gender studies, and that a little girl can become a little boy just because she says so. Well, this friend was offended by that, so she said she's homeschooling her kids. I told her that's the best idea for this day and age. It's no secret anymore that teachers in school are teaching kids how to be gay, trans or bi. My buddy here says that's highly inappropriate. I totally agreed! Not only are they making kids more uncomfortable with who they are, they are also doing it in the worst possible way! They teach kids as young as 5 about anal sex, eating each others' turds, and other forms of kink. I'll tell you, I sure don't want to be a child in today's world and have leftist parents who are going to send me to public school to hear a bunch of that shit! It's hard enough listening to that stuff as an adult!

We had a rather long chat about politics. She used to be a leftist too. But she told me about some strange dreams her daughter had. Her descriptions were a lot like what you see in the book of Revelations. I told her to listen to her daughter! She sounds like the chosen one. Like she's a prophet here on Earth. If so, then her family is truly blessed! I'm not saying it sarcastically or mockingly either. Her daughter really sounds like she's the next prophet of GOD. If she's having dreams about the Revelations, at 4 years old, and never been exposed to religion before, then GOD is talking directly to her. After all, that's how the prophet Joseph got started. Its good that this friend decided not to send her daughter to public school. I would hate to see her potential prophecy destroyed!

Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas! 2024 On the Way!

I'm hoping it will be a better year! I want Trump back in the White House. The leftists don't though. I have a distinctive feeling they are planning something again. Just like they did to rig the 2020 election. I really did not believe 80 million people voted for Biden! I heard an interview with Kamala Harris. The interviewer asked "What would you do different if you are voted president again?" To which Kamala snapped "Not if, we will be voted in!" She knows something. She and her cronies are planning something. I will tell you, I don't care what Colorado says, if Biden is voted back into the presidency next year, I'm going to know it was fixed! No one likes Biden. Biden is a total flop as president. His first day as president, he already had this country ruined!!

I never will vote for Biden! I hate him! I feel like Trump is owed the presidency now. It was stolen from him in 2020. I heard back in 2020, there had been some tampering with the ballots and voting machines. The leftists claim 'the machines were broken'. Bullshit! They were RIGGED!!!! If they were broken, then any random votes would have been cast. Not all turned into Biden votes. I have the feeling the leftists are going to try that again. Colorado already banned Trump from their ballots. For no real reason! It's the democrats who always complain about democracy being lost. They're the ones taking away our democracy. Not Trump! I just wish they could really see what they are doing. They love giving everything labels, how about they give a label to what they are doing? If it's not taking away our democracy, then I don't have any idea what it is. 

Well, we didn't go hog-wild for Christmas this year. We never even put up our tree. My sis just gave me some money and said that was my Christmas present. Well, I knew just what to do. I found someone practically giving away puppies. So, I asked my sis to text her, since my sis is always on her phone, and I am not. I have a smartphone, a good one too. But I hardly ever use it. So, I always have my sis do the texting. This was also how the breeder preferred to do all the communication. I tried calling her phone number, but she would not answer. So, she preferred texting. I leave that up to my sis. So she texted the breeder. I've been scammed before. I just found out a person I texted last month was a scammer. He was using a picture that belonged to one of my buddies to sell puppies. I told him I can give him a deposit in January. I told him that's the soonest I can give him a deposit. But he kept talking like I was supposed to give him the deposit at the beginning of this month. I told him I couldn't. Only in January.

That was the first red flag he shot off. He kept demanding I send him the deposit the first of this month. He would not get it into his head that I couldn't send him a deposit until January. Then he asked me the same questions over and over. Well, things went back and forth, and I got a bad feeling. So, I did a search for the dogs in the pics, and found out they belong to a breeder in Europe I am friends with. So I asked her if she knew this breeder. She said no. Then I realized the pic is stolen. I told her I think this guy is using her pics to sell puppies. She must have confronted him about it, because next thing I know, he kicks me out of his group. That's OK! Even better. I now have a puppy I got from a local breeder. The parents are cleared of hereditary ailments. They had beautiful coats. So, I got a fairly good shot.

It was a sort of fiasco, and I almost did not get her. She'd been consistently answering within a minute when we texted her. Well, we asked where she lived and she didn't answer back for hours. I was beginning to get the idea she was a scammer. There's so many of those now, you have to be careful. So, I figured I'd just keep looking. Well, after a while she finally got back to us and told us she was on her way to work, which is why she could not answer me right away. I said OK and decided to give her another chance. So, we asked her again where she lives so we could come get the baby. I figured if she would not give us her address, then she really is a scammer. But she did give us her address, so off we went to get my Christmas present.

I had told the breeder which pup I wanted, so I went there expecting to see her. She was as beautiful in person as she is in the picture. So here we had my little Christmas gift. Her name is Ele, she is a standard-type australian shepherd, 4 months old, black tri with blue eyes.

Its so odd! My sis took these pics when we got her in our possession, and she looks like a red tri. I think it's just puppy highlights, because she looks black in normal household lighting. I paid the breeder. Took Ele and brought her home. When I got home, she needed a bath really bad so I gave her a good bath. I honestly don't believe she's ever been inside a house! She has no manners. She looked around the house like she didn't know what it was. At 4 months old, she should be somewhat potty-trained. But she's not really. I'm working on it though. Plus, she was covered in dirt and fleas! I got rid of those too. But she is here now, and I love her with all my heart and soul! She's learning quickly.

My sis also saved her Christmas money and put it toward her own baby. Now, she's getting a female shih tzu that she's going to name Rosebud. She won't be ready until February and my sis is on pins and needles! It's a tricolor shih. I've never seen a tricolor shih before. Rosebud will be the first one I've ever seen. So after all these years, my sis is going to have her own little traveling companion.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

"Hitler-esque" Trump

Colorado makes me so angry! They seem to have found some kind of ancient law in this country that gives them the authority to take Trump off their ballots. Because the leftists think of Trump as a confederate figure, confederates are not allowed to be elected for president. So, they gave him confederate status and now he cannot be elected president in Colorado. I hope this gets overturned by the supreme court. Because there is no proof whatsoever that Trump is connected in any way to the confederates. He's the only president in our history whose ancestors never even owned slaves. That includes counting Obama's ancestors, who did own slaves. And seeing his father was from Kenya, they probably caught and sold other smaller tribes to slavery too.

This is what I hate so much about the democrats! They whine and cry because they think when Trump gets elected then democracy will end. Then they turn right around and do everything they can think of (and thensome) to get Donald Trump off the ballots. They're taking away our choice! I thought that was the very definition of destroying democracy. They griped when they thought Trump was doing that. Now here they are, doing what they were afraid Trump would do! UGH!!! As dumb as the democrats are, I wonder if they even realize what they're doing?!

Another thing that happened yesterday. Now, the leftist media is saying Trump has finally done something to earn the comparison to Adolf Hitler. Well, that doesn't surprise me. To the leftist media, everything Trump does is comparable to Hitler. Well, this time they think he was talking about immigrants when he said "they are poisoning the blood of this country". Trump intends to deport all the illegal immigrants. The democrats who demanded their towns become "sanctuary cities" keep complaining about more and more illegal immigrants being bussed to their sanctuary cities. But now, Trump is saying he's going to deport them, all of a sudden the democrats don't want to see that happen. I would tell them to make up their minds, but you'd have to have a mind to make it up. And that leaves the democrats out!

Well, last night, I heard about that quote made by Trump. When he said they are poisoning the blood of this country, he was not talking about the illegal immigrants. Although he wouldn't be too far from correct if he had meant that. But no, he was talking about the democrats who wanted their cities to be sanctuary cities. They are the ones poisoning this country with their ridiculous, backward agenda. So, those who have better sense can relax. Trump did not say the immigrants are poisoning our country. Well, no matter what the democrats are always complaining. And no matter how much you prove them wrong, they will never accept the truth. So, they are always going to believe Trump is "Hitler-esque" no matter what.

I want Trump back! I don't care what the leftists think! That would make the best Christmas present for next year.

Monday, December 18, 2023

A Black Mozart??

 OMG!!!!! Now, I've heard it all. I was watching a video clip today and it's the YouTube talk show titled "Whatever". They have different average guests on every day to discuss everyday topics of life and living. Well, one girl, some obese white chick, said white people have no culture whatsoever. The host started naming some great composers from Europe, who were very definitely white. The name Mozart came up, and a guest who was black said "Mozart was possibly black!" Everyone, including myself, was like "WHAT????" I never heard that before. Mozart was born to Austrian parents. They don't have black children. Every painting ever done of him, his skin was white as snow.

Of course if you go back far enough, every person on earth has some black ancestry. I know that. Our earliest ancestors came from Africa, where black skin is a necessity for survival. But that was 2 million years ago. It wouldn't have happened to a child born in Austria in the 18tb century. Now that she's mentioned that Mozart was black, I almost passed out! I said "Here it comes!" I'd been predicting there was going to be a remake of the movie Amadeus, ever since Disney started doing remakes, race-swapping all the white characters! This time, they're going to use a black actor to portray Mozart. Already, I'm seeing more black Santa Clauses than white ones. Now I have seen 3 commercials where Santa is black.

Apparently, there is also a movie out now that Obama helped to produce. I haven't seen it. I don't care to put any more money in Obama's pockets. I hate that guy! I'm all for keeping it that way. I did hear there is a scene in that movie where a young white child tells her father that white people cannot be trusted. She said she learned that from her teacher. If that isn't the best ad for homeschooling out there then I don't know what is. Surely, not all strangers can be trusted. I'd be more honest with my daughter and say "Don't trust white leftists!" Actually, leftists of any color is not trustworthy. But the white leftists are the worst!! Black leftists at least don't try to hide how hateful they are. Obama will apparently kill you if you go against him in any way. He killed his own house chef!

I love the movie Amadeus. It's one of my most favorites of all time. But if there is a remake of the movie where Mozart is portrayed as being black, I'm most likely not going to watch it. I think this race-swapping thing has gone way too far! Not only race-swapping, but gender swapping as well. Now, you see women in places where there were always men. The Marvel Universe is a prime example. The new Marvels movie was gender and race swapped. Also, Dr. Who. Which I do not watch regularly. Apparently they turned the main doctor character into a transgender "woman", and said he's "been like that all along"! We don't need any female superheroes, and we sure don't need any transgender ones. You know why I liked Wonder Woman so much when I was a child? Because she was unique. She was a woman doing a man's job and very well. I always wanted to be Wonder Woman. To look at me now, you'd never think that. But I did! A fat chick does not make a good superhero!

In fact, I saw an article of a police patrol force made up entirely of fat women, and I said "Boy! They really want to destroy the image of the police department don't they!?" This small group of women caught a perpetrator, and could not even keep him contained! The perp was able to fight off the women. I mean, I am fat, I know it. But I don't care to see fat people everywhere. In fact, I would not wish this fat on my worst enemy. It's a hazard. As soon as the holidays are over, I'm going back to the gym. I need to take at least some of this fat off.

Well, I hope my premonition is wrong. I don't want to see a black Mozart. Because I know it would not be true! Black people not only want to just erase white people from society, they now want to take over our history. They want to take our accomplishments away and claim them as their own. It's sickening! We need the meteor now to come down and wipe out humanity so we can start all over again. Hopefully this time, only good people survive.

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Education Should Not Make Radicals

 I always believed in education instead of alienating. But I admit, when talking to the leftists, I tend to get a bit impatient. It's hard keeping up with the hypocrisy they seem to wallow in. Like pigs in mud. Well, after watching a video by a psychologist, Karlyn Borysenko, she says not to respond in hostility toward leftists, because it can turn them into radical leftists. That's what happened to Dylan Mulvaney. So, I said OK, the next leftist I encounter, I'll be very gentle and see how that works out. Well, it wasn't long before I got my chance. I met a guy on Quora named Kevin Moxon. There's so many things I can joke on his name about, but I'm not gonna. I wanted to keep this friendly. If anyone was going to be the first to blow their top, I'd preferred it was him. Not me. It'd prove my theories about leftists.

Someone asked on Quora what we think influenced us to become conservative. I could answer this question, because I was once a leftist turned conservative. But I was nothing like the leftists of today. I still respected everyone's opinions and lifestyles, even though I would question them why. I was a leftist, I just wasn't a radical leftist. Well, my answer was basically that the leftists chose for me. I didn't exactly choose for myself. Just a twisted twine of events happened all at once made me realize I'm not good leftist material. For one thing, the radical INXS fans getting angry because I said I don't like radicals. Even though I was not referring to most of them, just that big goon Matt Burney, they still took it too personal. WAY too personal. Well, that was my first encounter with how leftists are. My sis had told me any time there is band worship, you have leftists. Matt Burney, I still HATE that guy with a red, burning passion. I know he went to all his friends and cried like a schoolroom sissy "Dee TimmyHutchFan is so mean to Paula Yates! She doesn't like her! WAAAA!!!" He started the whole thing, I didn't. He started it by acting like a radical. Radicals don't like it when someone else disagrees with them. So, they argue and run on and on and on because someone has a different opinion. I wasn't like that when I was on the left.

Another thing was Katy Brewer, a person I used to know on Facebook. She said "If you voted for Trump, then delete yourself from my friends!" I really did not know Katy that well, but I figured she meant if we couldn't accept her not liking Trump, to delete her from our friends. I misunderstood. She behaved just like Matt Burney before her. I could accept her not liking Trump, as I didn't like him either then. But she meant anyone who was voting for Trump. She even deleted people who she had been close friends with for years. Many had even gotten her out of bad financial situations. I thought that was very bad, and vindictive of Katy to do that to people who considered her a friend. Then, I remembered how my so-called "friends" in the INXS groups reacted to me calling Matt a radical, and saying I didn't like him. Again, Matt started it! He couldn't accept the fact I don't like Paula Yates. I was willing to accept that he did like her. But he was not willing to accept my opinion on her. So, he blocked me on facebook. So did a lot of his friends. All the same, Katy unfriended me on Facebook too. She wasn't a friend of Matt's. She just unfriended me because she thought I liked Trump.

Then the death of my father happened. I told everyone to please be patient with me, because I knew my emotional rollercoaster was coming up. Some days, I could be in a happy mood. Other days, I could be very sad and melancholy. I could also say some things I don't mean. I hoped my friends would be understanding. But then Kelly P. opened her big mouth. I'm not sure what she said because she too had me blocked on Facebook, but apparently, it was something about her having cancer. I never saw her announcement. I could say now frankly, I couldn't care less, because I had just lost my dad to cancer. I didn't feel like babying Kelly P. Whom I hardly knew in the first place. And most of what I did know about her was not good anyway. I'm usually a good judge of character, and I sure wasn't wrong about Kelly. Suddenly, I noticed I lost several friends on Facebook. ALL of them were INXS fans. None of them were my everyday friends or dog show people. So, I figured something was wrong with the INXS community. I didn't know what until a friend PMd me and said it was horrible what I said about Kelly. At first, I thought she was talking about a different Kelly, that I was friends with. I knew her brother was going through cancer treatment. But I told this friend I was not talking about Kelly or her brother. Well, this friend didn't know the Kelly I mentioned. She thought I was talking about Kelly P. If you were to see that post, it doesn't mention Kelly anywhere on it. Nor what the person was ill with. In fact, I didn't even mention what gender the person was. And I did not know Kelly said anything about having cancer. I'd talked about someone completely different, who was not an INXS fan at all. Had nothing to do with INXS either.

Only one friend at first confronted me about what I said about Kelly. When I told her my post had nothing to do with Kelly, she stopped the accusation. Another person contacted me too, but her mind was already made up that I was talking about Kelly. She wanted nothing more to do with me. I was like "OK but I'm gonna tell you the truth before you go!" That way, I could walk away with clean hands, and whatever she felt now about me was on her.

Well, I figured I needed time off Facebook, so I took a hiatus. While I was vacationing away from Facebook, I started watching more YouTube videos. I found some people who did podcasts and on-the-street interviews, talking about Trump. I still hated Trump at this point. But then I started listening closer and studying Trump's behavior a little closer too. I realized the things the INXS fans had done to me on Facebook with Kelly and Matt, I had been doing the same to Trump. I listened to the media, instead of getting to know more about Trump for myself. I found out pretty quickly, the media lies! Because they are leftists. Leftists always lie. And they convince other leftists to believe what they say by saying Trump was the one who was lying. The same shit the INXS fans were doing to me on Facebook. No doubt the leftist fans were telling the other leftists not to believe me when I said I was not talking about Kelly because they had them convinced I was the one who was lying. And being leftists themselves, could not resist doing what they were told to do by other leftists. Well, over the months I got to know more about Trump, and the more I knew about him, outside what leftist media spews, the more I liked him. I'd never felt this before for any other president. And I'll tell you, it's a good feeling!!!

Now that I am a conservative, I'm much more honest, happier, got a new kind of relationship with GOD, I'm loving life more, and I don't give a shit anymore what the leftist INXS fans think of me, nor anyone else. I feel free!!! I truly feel that I've been let out of that cage I was locked in for years. I still have some INXS fan friends on Facebook now, but they are the few really good ones. No leftists no more! I still love INXS!! I just don't like the leftist fans. As a consequence, to how I was treated by them, I am also more jaded, cautious, and at times, even more hostile towards people. To an extent I've never been before. Well! I figured they hated the nice me. This time, I'm gonna give them a real reason to hate me.

Leftists don't like Trump because they say he posts mean tweets. I admit, there are things Trump has said that I don't like either. But I like him enough to look beyond those things and still see the good in him. Anyway, back to Kevin Moxon. In my post, I said I love how Trump kept all his promises. Moxon said this...

As far as I know, Trump didn't say he did. Or maybe he did say them, and I just forgot he said them. But that's not how I operate. I observe for myself. Leftists don't understand how that is done.

However, I was trying to keep this friendly. I didn't want to say anything to make him feel like he was being attacked in any way. This was my response...

Yes, I know he kept most of his promises. I also remember a lot of times, the democrats would not let Trump keep other promises. For example, Hurricane Maria. When that storm hit Puerto Rico, Trump pledged to send food and fresh water to them. But the donations he sent never showed up. Months later, the donations were found in a storage unit used by the democrats. All the food and water Trump sent to PR was in there!! Yet all that time, the leftist media said Trump was "racist" for not sending PR the supplies they needed when that storm was finished. The democrats hated Trump so much, they were willing to let the people of Puerto Rico starve and go thirsty just so they could give the delusion that Trump sent nothing because "he's racist". This was Kevin's response...

Yes I would say there is a difference. But I also stated some promises he couldn't keep because the democrats and RINOs blocked them. As for "never take vacations" that's a statement taken out of context. He promised to never take vacations when our country was in need. Unlike Obama. That just shows how the leftist media cuts and pastes clips from Trump's speech to make him look and sound worse than he really was. It works very well with the leftists who are watching. But it's not enough to fool the conservatives.

This was my response...

To which he responded...

Kevin here seems to have some kind of problem with people who do not use a public golf course. I guess he prefers Obama taking vacations on the taxpayers money, than Trump, who used his own money and played on his own golf course.

This went on for a few days. I tried very hard to respond and treat Kevin Moxon with as much respect as I could muster. This was his answer...

Well Mr. Moxon, that there is a lie. This is what CBS had to say, several other leftist outlets have said the same thing...

Obama would eventually play 333 rounds of golf as president, but only 26 by the end of his first year in office, according to Knoller's count.

This is what I found about Trump playing golf opposed to Obama...

So, I don't exactly know where Mr. Moxon got that "130 times" count.

This is how I responded...

So I admit he is correct about golf. Personally though I couldn't care less. But he made a big howdy-doo about it. And I did remember both Obama and Trump playing golf. But if that's how they wanted to unwind, it didn't matter to me. I just didn't know why the leftists are always griping about little things like that. This is how Kevin responded...

As I have said before, Trump didn't need to use taxpayer money, he has his own. Notice in his comment, he says "they estimate his trips cost $340M." Well, who are "they"? And an estimate is not factual. More likely it's that the leftist media hopes Trump spent that much of taxpayer money. But that's just an estimate. They have nothing to measure that snippet of info against. Trump never revealed what he spent or even if he spent anything at all, at his own golf courses. That's simply a guess the leftist media is making. There's a difference there.

And Obama? He may not have played golf as much as Trump, but when he entered the presidency, he had no money to begin with! He was a failed lawyer! That's why his first month in office he only played golf 26 times. And he probably got that money he used from his investors for his campaign.

As dishonest as Obama is, I wouldn't put it past him!

This was my response...

This was how he responded...

LOL!!! I'm not completely set in my ways. If the leftists can tell me something about Trump that proves he is genuinely bad, I'm ready to listen. The problem is, I happen to know where leftists get their sources from, and I know leftists lie all the time. So, I am extremely cautious about any "proof" the leftists provide. I read them open-mindedly, but at the same time, I have other sources that shows clips uncut and unedited. I never even believed leftist media cuts and edits news clips of Trump's until I saw a clip from Tucker Carlson on the Ocean Shores group I was once in. Tucker mentioned something about Putin, and how he wasn't so bad. Well, I'd just recently seen that same clip on his show, and the leftist version was all cut off in certain places, and edited to make it look like Tucker was saying a completely different story.

This was my response...

Well, I didn't know what else could possibly be up Kevin's butt. It has to be jealousy. Usually when people let little things about someone else annoy them, it's because of either jealousy or pure love. This was his response...

I don't want him to have a problem with them, it's just what shows in his posts. I'm trying to make sense of leftist ideas. Why is something OK when Obama or Clinton does something, and rotten when Trump does the same thing? I just don't get it. That's why I make a bad leftist. People have been treating me the same way all my life. When someone else does something, it's wonderful to all their friends. But when I try to do the same thing, I'm perceived as weird or a horrible person.

Must be an example of pretty privilege.

Anyways, this was my response...

Yes, I remember Obama was nominated for the Nobel peace prize award and got it. No one knows why. He did nothing. Trump traveled the world and even tried to make being gay in the middle east legal. I'd say that is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. No other president spoke to the middle east like Trump did. And he also met with Putin and the leader of N. Korea. He was making peace. This was Kevin's response anyway...

He doesn't care if I believe him. Riiiiiiiiiight! That's why he's spending days on Quora trying to convince me of how bad he thinks Trump is. I just had to respond to him, just to have some fun...

Just like all leftists, he wishes something bad happened at the capitol on Jan. 6. Every time the democrats in congress discuss J6, they try to make it sound worse than the BLM insurrection. One person died the next day after the J6 protest, but not because of the protest. But 30-something people were killed by BLM during the riots. The democrats don't want to acknowledge that. This was Kevin's retort...

This was my response to him...

This was the answer Kevin gave me...

I tried to find Ashley Babbitt on Google. Then I remembered someone named Brandon Farley mentioned her in a podcast he had back in 2021. I remember the girl he mentioned was named Ashley. I couldn't be sure if it was the same person. This was my response...

That should say Jan. 6 protest! Not 8! UGH!!! Well anyway, he only found one person. And she did not die in the protest. But that is nothing compared to the 30+ people who were killed by BLM. Not to mention one, sweet, innocent puppy! Killing of a puppy is a serious offense in TimmyHutchFanville!!! It's unforgivable! Well by now, I felt Kevin had enough of me. So he slipped away. I had no hard feelings towards him. In fact, I almost felt sorry that he could not convert me back to leftism. I bid him adieu and sent cheers. Well about a week or two later, I hear from Kevin again. He got bored one night and decided to look in to Brandon Farley. This was what he wrote...

Well, all I remember was he mentioned something about someone named Ashley on one of his podcasts. I asked him who she was and he said "a very wonderful person". I just could not tell you exactly which video he talked about her in. It was in 2021 when I saw the video, and his podcasts can get very long. Keep in mind, I hadn't thought of this conversation since early November. In the meantime, I had many other shits going on around here. Personal family problems I won't mention here. I never expected to hear from Kevin again. Then I get this notice. So anyway, I was like the long-suffering teacher with the one problem child in my classroom who wouldn't shut up. I wrote to him...

Unfortunately, Farley deletes a lot of his videos all the time. I didn't look for it, so I had no idea this one had been deleted. This was a summary of what Kevin found...

Again, he's taking things I said out of context. I said 3-5 hour podcasts from 2 years ago. And to put some clarification, I went to Brandon's channel today, and this is what I found...

Looks like there's 4 videos there that are 5 hours long. And 2 that are 4 hours long. So, this time Kevin was lying. As for his J6 podcast, I guess he took that down. I said "Fuck it! Let Kevin think what he wants to." I only responded to his last sentence. Just to have a bit of fun. As far as I'm concerned, the conversation is OVER! As it should have been over back when it first ended in November. This proves how obsessive the leftists get! UGH!

All I want to say to him now is good-bye Kevin! Call me when you get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome! Then we'll have another nice chit-chat.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Socialist In A Capitalist World

 This morning I saw a video about a business that opened up in Canada, and the owner is a strict socialist who hates white people. How ironic that he himself is a white man, who lives in Canada. Any white people who go into his business most likely gets treated like shit. The socialist coffee shop is called "The Anarchist", and it was opened in Toronto. Apparently, the owner just wanted a business that he could control like a communist. He said things like white people, conservatives, christians and the police were not welcome in his shop. The problem with that is, about 99% of the population in Canada is white. I know there are some colored people there, but they are actually few and far between. And who knows if they even like coffee and baked goods or not.

Well, I watched the whole video just to find out if that place is even still in business, because I did not believe a person could run a business like a commie in a capitalist world. I wondered if he even gave away his coffee and donuts and stuff. Sure enough, I heard he did give things away at his store. He didn't mind if a person paid or not for their orders. Well, if you're looking to run a business like that, it won't last long I'm afraid. Sure enough it went out of business. Well, it was supposed to. The owner contested that, saying thanks to a surge of support, they are staying open. If you look on Google, it'll say the shop is still open. OK, I'd like to go there. Since conservatives are not allowed, I would love to drop in on him. I'd order a hot cocoa. But knowing the kind of person the store owner is, I would not drink the cocoa. I'd just spill it in places he'd never suspect. I'd also be in there talking about how wonderful Trump is. I know I'd be kicked out very angrily by him, which would be funny. I'd do it all just for the laughs, and not pay for the items he brought me, not even a tip.

I also found some info on the wuss who opened up this business, and he looks very similar to what a radical leftist would look like...

His name is Gabriel Sims-Fewer, and with that tall, egg-shaped head of his, you'd think he'd be a smarter business man. But I think his body needed his brain to feed the rest of him with. Soy just doesn't give you enough nutrients to live on. Therefore, these people are never very bright. But it would give me a lot of pleasure to break in to his business and watch him fall apart on me because I like Trump, and I hate Trudeau, and I hate communism. I'd love to see how long it'd take him to kick me out of there. Heck, just seeing how long it'd take him to fall apart would be fun. Leftists are so easily triggered, I wouldn't even have to do or say much. Just me mentioning the name Donald Trump in his establishment would be enough to set him off.

And leftists are always saying it's the conservatives that get easily triggered. I remember there was a queer on YouTube who once attacked me, and because I did not want to yell back at him and call him names, he thought he'd triggered me. What leftists don't seem to realize is that conservatives are not like them. We don't give a shit what they want or what they like, and if this dude wants to open a business and lose all his money because he doesn't want to give in to capitalism, well, that's his business. Doesn't bother me! He wants to say "fuck the police", that's his problem. Not mine. I love the police, I have nothing but respect for them. He wants to say "fuck Canada" that's his thing. I love the USA. I'm glad I live here. I'll never leave it unless it actually does become a communist country here. I'll take my dogs and my sis and move to Poland. I do hope Poland will accept me, even though I am only half white. But I do speak only english. So it's not like I'll be bringing a strange new language to their borders.

Last week, on Quora, someone asked me shouldn't the leftists just stop trying to get Donald Trump arrested. I asked why should they? It's so much fun to see what the leftists will try and get him with next. They're always doing this shit. When one thing fails, they look hard for something else to get him in trouble with, only for Trump to be found innocent. It's fun watching them, and always gives me a good belly-laugh. They ain't NEVER going to arrest Trump. But as long as they keep trying, I can keep laughing. With that in the horizon, I'll never feel depressed again.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Michelle Obama Jealous?

I saw a couple of videos yesterday that Michelle Obama is having some kind of a meltdown because people on TikTok have been saying she is jealous of Melania Trump. Apparently, Melania wore a gray coat to a funeral, and that sent the leftists over the edge. Including Michelle Obama. So, some TikTokers responded by saying Michelle Obama is simply jealous of Melania Trump. Well, putting my own feelings in to this subject, all kidding aside, Michelle probably is jealous of Melania. First of all, to complain about the color of a person's coat at a funeral, that's just plumb ridiculous!!! Maybe that was Melania's favorite coat. Maybe it's her warmest coat. There could be many reasons she wore that specific coat. Who cares?! That's as silly as the time someone complained about the color of Melania's dress! Or complaining about what position Donald Trump's thumb was in when he was carrying his Bible! The leftists are just so desperate to find any links between the Trump family and people like Adolph Hitler, that they will stoop to any dumb thing they can find. Including how Trump held a book!! So, it doesn't surprise me when I hear Michelle Obama griped about the color of Melania's coat at a funeral!

I'm getting to a point where I'm beginning to believe black leftists may just be jealous of white people. I don't know. Melania has class. Michelle doesn't. Melania's an immigrant who speaks 5 languages. Michelle cannot say the same about herself. Melania worked for many charities. I don't believe Michelle worked for any, unless it was a phony organization like BLM. Michelle entered office with a bad chip on her shoulder about this country. Melania did not. Like Donald, Melania loves this country. Michelle went to Harvard Law School. Melania did not. But then, I heard Michelle went on a diversity-type entry. The only reason she was accepted to Harvard at all was because she's black. But I heard from some former classmates of her's that she did not do too well at all in school. At graduation, she was just handed a diploma whether she earned it or not, just because of her skin color. To be able to get into a university with no credentials other than you're a black woman, is NOT very impressive at all. I would not want her as my lawyer! I'd much sooner hire one of those inbred morons from the Westboro Baptist Church as my lawyer. And I don't even like them a little bit.

Another thing Melania has that Michelle doesn't. Melania has classic beauty. Michelle looks like a man dressed as a woman.

It wasn't hard finding a picture of Melania where she looks good.

This was actually the prettiest picture of Michelle Obama I could find!

Even when she smiles, Michelle always looks angry. Maybe it's because her eyes are too close together. Maybe her eyebrows arch in such a way it makes her look perpetually angry. Or maybe it's her bad attitude showing up on her face. But no matter what, Michelle will never be as pretty as Melania is. If that makes her feel uncomfortable, then too bad. Your looks might improve if you stop being so negative.

All the years Obama was president, Michelle was fawned over and her looks and accomplishments were over-exaggerated. Yet, she was the most unlikeable first lady we've ever had. The only reason she was elevated to the point she was was because she was a black woman and married to Obama. If she hadn't been married to Obama, nobody would ever have given her a second glance. Even after Obama begrudgingly left office, the media was still elevating Michelle as "the first lady". They were saying she was "the most beautiful first lady we ever had", highly debatable. She'd also been lifted to the rank of "woman of the year". And she did NOTHING to deserve that!!! Neither one of those titles she deserved. All the time, Melania was put on the back burner, only to be griped and bellyached about by the left. Accused of stupid things like the wrong dress color. She should have gotten the award for being the most beautiful first lady this country has ever known. But instead they give it to a cockroach like Michelle Obama. The media only did that because Melania was married to Donald Trump. Think about it. Imagine the arrangement made the other way around. Suppose Melania was married to Obama. Then, the media would have acknowledged her as the most beautiful first lady. And suppose Michelle had been married to Trump. The media would have said "Trump is so ugly, he can't get a gorgeous model like Melania Obama to fall in love with him!" But because Melania is married to Trump, no one in the media ever acknowledged her at all. They did everything they could to not even mention Melania and how classy she is, how gorgeous, nor how nicely she was always dressed. It was sickening!

Could that be leftist jealousy? Perhaps it is. There's a lot for Obama to be jealous of. I can't think of anything nice to say about Michelle Obama. Once I heard she did not want to live in the White House because it was "built by slaves", I realized who was the big problem in this country, who brought back the concept of racism, and I hate her for it. It was the Obamas, not Trump, who divided this country. They are still doing that today. Look at reporters like Don Lemon, Joy Reid, Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg. Look how they always talk about race and racism. You think this is by accident? No! They are trying to destroy this country. It makes me angry. All they are doing is bringing back racism. And making it much worse. I wish it would stop. We already stopped the evils we committed in the past. That's where it should stay. But the media blows shit up all out of proportion. I still hear black people say they're being hunted by the police, when I know they're not. I will admit there are bad cops out there, I've come across a couple in my life.  But they are really few and far between. The whole time I lived in WA state, I've only come across two cops who were truly bad apples. And I lived in WA for over 30 years. One was in Aberdeen and the other was in Lakewood.

But I always try to cooperate with the cops as much as I can. I never act threatening to them. I don't mouth off at them. I try to be very respectful. And I always do what they tell me to. The one cop in Aberdeen that was mean as a lion, even the cops in Ocean Shores did not approve of the way he treated me when he stopped me. They told me "Believe me, we're not all like that!" The cop in Lakewood, was not mean as a lion. More like mean as a viper! In fact, his entire demeanor was like that of a venomous snake. But I still respected them. Black leftists would have nothing at all to worry about if they would just learn to do the same thing.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

It Really Makes You Think

 I was watching a video last night where I got a reminder of a history lesson. I always hated history in school, and didn't pay much attention to it. But looking back to those days, I should have! I heard in the video how the founding fathers of this country, when they signed the Declaration of Independence, were basically signing their death warrant. The British did not want the founding fathers to be free from British rule. So, they said they'd kill them and their families if they signed that document. But the forefathers did not care. They said they'd rather lose their children, their wives, and their own lives than future generations not have freedom and liberty. Those were some good men! And we really owe them BIG!!! They sacrificed everything, including their own children, so the people of today can have freedom. I felt so bad hearing that.

Remember back in 2020, how BLM insisted we get rid of the statues of these brave men? So they tore them down. Totally disrespecting the men who gave their lives for their freedom! And what did BLM do? Are they willing to sacrifice their own families for future generations of this country? I highly doubt it since they took all those donations and used it to buy luxury mansions for themselves and their families. The real heroes during those BLM riots were those BLM now refers to as "white supremacists". Like Kyle Rittenhouse. And that other guy who was literally gunned down in cold blood in Portland. Right now, I sadly cannot recall his name.

Well, the one thing those men did not do was bend the knee to Britain. Thank GOD for that. Because if they had, we would not be here enjoying the freedoms that we have. They may have lost their wives, their children were killed, but they did not bend the knee. They didn't care about themselves. Sure, I'm sure some of them felt sad that their wives and children were dead, but they did it for the future of this country. Just so we could have the freedom we now have. They had no incentive for themselves not to bend the knee. They did it for the future generations. That's what good, strong men uphold.

When you think about it in that perspective, and see the kind of people we have standing around today, you really just want to break down and cry. Now, we have people who whine and bellyache just because they get "misgendered". We have young people who support Palestine, a country that hates our guts! For the sole reason that they just hate our guts. We have kids today who call socialism good and capitalism bad. We have total narcissists who grumble about other people disagreeing with them. We have teachers in schools who need affirmation from kids to feel good about themselves. It used to be the other way around. Kids turned to teachers to make them feel better about themselves. I can remember my teacher saving my neck a few times. I thank GOD she wasn't like the teachers of today who pitch a fit if a child doesn't call them by their "preferred pronouns". I just want to slap some sense into those people, and say to them "You don't know what a real tragedy is! People are dying of cancer, THAT is real tragedy. Our forefathers lost family members in the pursuit of our freedom today. THAT is real tragedy!" A person calling a biological man "sir" when he wants people to play along and pretend he's a woman, is NOT a real tragedy.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen the videos of the tranny who goes places to get served and give the workers grief because they call him "sir"?!?! That dude needs to be tarred and feathered! Of course I don't think any self-respecting feather would go near him. I feel sorry for his dog, and it's a cute little dog too! One of the cutest I've ever seen!!!

I don't know the dude's name but he seems to go to restaurants for the sole purpose of making trouble. He doesn't tell anyone he prefers to not be called "sir" until after they do it to him, and then he runs and tells the manager like a little bitch. He also does it while he livestreams his visit. I don't know why, I guess just so he can see other people give him pats on the back for trying to get the staff in trouble. I hope none of them did get in trouble because of him. He tells the manager "It's like a knife in the heart" Well Hell man, I don't think you have a heart to put a knife through! Again, he's just a whiny little bitch, just like all these trannies are. And they wonder why we don't like them. We're all getting tired of this act. Nobody cares about your dumb "preferred pronouns", so give it up! You're gonna mess with the wrong person one day, and then that person will really give you something to cry about!!! You're not going to be thinking much about "preferred pronouns" with a black eye!

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Meaning of White Privilege

 I've been saying for years that there is no such thing as "white privilege", and I definitely still don't believe in such a thing. I do, however, believe in black privilege. I know there is a thing called black privilege out there being practiced. We see it all the time. But there isn't a soul on this planet that can ever convince me that there is a thing called "white privilege". And that always drives the leftists CRAZY!!!! But let me tell you why I do not believe in white privilege.

This short video will explain it all. This was taken at Penn State U. Dr. Sam Richards gave a speech there and had some students on stage to interact with him. Well, watch this girl discuss her feelings about white privilege. Keep in mind, she is not the only person I've heard define white privilege in this way. I hear a LOT of people, all of which are white leftists, describe white privilege this way.

Her example is how she doesn't have to think twice about being pulled over by the cops the way colored people have to. In other words, she's saying she doesn't have to fear getting shot and killed when she gets pulled over. She's never been pulled over. Well Dr. Richards said "Well maybe you don't speed." She agreed. But the one thing that gets me is she talks about how she mentions she saw this in the media. Well, the problem with that deduction is white people get killed by the police all the time. But the media chooses not to televise killings of white people by police. Partly because if they reported every shooting of white people by the police, they wouldn't have room to talk about anything else. This year alone, as of November 22, over 1000 people have been killed by police. More than 80% of those were white or hispanic.

The people who talk all day long about white privilege are known followers of MSNBC. Joy Reid is also known to exaggerate, and make every story she reports on something negative regarding black people. Even if the story has absolutely NOTHING to do with black people. She always finds a way to bring up blacks in every story. So, naturally she is going to fudge up the statistics to make it sound like  black people are always getting the worst of everything. Joy Reid is just a miserable piece of shit who thinks the world has to revolve around her. And any time it doesn't she turns it into a racist rant. She'll say "the Earth it's self is racist!"

I don't believe in white privilege. I do believe in black privilege. Know why? Because every commercial always has to have a black person in them. And you notice 90% of each commercial is black people. You may see 1 white person in a commercial, if it's a good company. But the majority of people in all commercials today are colored. You didn't see commercials like that in the early 2010s and beyond. It was only after Obama finished his terms as president that companies colored up commercials. As well as TV shows, movies, advertisements, all for the dumb sake of representation. To get into college, or University, you used to have to always take a SAT exam. My sis did. Well, if you're a black person, you don't have to anymore. A black bank robber can walk into a university and say "I want to come to this college" and they'd let him in. No GPA analysis, no SAT test, not even a background check, he can automatically get in. Whereas colleges and universities are being told now to accept fewer white people.

I remember about a year or so ago, Coca Cola was telling their employees to "be less white". What the Hell does that even mean???!!!! How can someone be "less white"?!?! What does Coca Cola want? For everyone to act like muggers?! I never heard of anyone before that telling anyone to "be less white". That's simply obtuse. Read all about it here Coca-Cola has employees take training on how to 'be less white' to combat racism | Washington Examiner

And that's not all. These days, black people can get away with committing crimes with no punishment. All the rules of living in a civilized society have been altered for black people. Black people are given priority for everything. I saw on the news once back when they were giving the covid vaccines, someone said they would give black people the vaccine first, and white people could only get theirs after everyone else. I'm not sure, but I think that was Kamala Harris who said that. So, where is this white privilege? A lot of companies are laying off their white employees already, so they can prioritize colored workers. I even heard some airlines have been told to stop hiring white pilots. A very dumb idea, and it does not make me want to run to the nearest airport and catch a plane. I'm even nervous buying pets from people across the country or across the seas. I don't want to ride a plane where the only qualification the pilot has is that he's black. Or she's black. I'd rather have a pilot that passed his class on merit, no matter the skin color.

This is why too much affirmative action scares me. The newest thing now the leftists are saying is bad about white people is they do all the mass shootings in this country these days. Well, I heard the worst mass shooting in American history was the Virginia Tech massacre. And that was carried out by a Chinese guy. Over 35 people were killed in that 2007 shooting, including the shooter. And yes, white people do commit mass shootings, I've heard of them. But they are always white people who have underlying mental problems. It's never a sane, healthy white person who shoots up schools. The last shooting I heard of this year, was committed by a trans person, and trans people are definitely not right in the head. The enemy is not color. It's mental illness. But then again, leftists refuse to admit that trans people are suffering from a true mental illness.

Well, in other news, today is Michael's special day. It's been 26 years now that he got his wings. Usually, I would be celebrating Thanksgiving today. But I couldn't. My sis wanted to take us out to dinner for Thanksgiving, and the restaurant's holiday schedule is not in line with my schedule. So, I had to celebrate Michael a different way today.

Friday, November 17, 2023

White People Don't Have Compassion

 I heard this on a video the other day, a black woman was saying how white people totally lack empathy and compassion. Those were her words. All I could say in response to that is "WHAT?!?!" My mom is white and she's full of compassion and empathy. Much more so than me. She's also more of a people-person than me. She is THE social butterfly. I am not. I'm very standoffish. Ma wonders why I didn't turn out more like her. I said I think it was because of the bullies I met along the way. From them, I learned being nice doesn't get you anywhere. The so-called "popular people" were always mean and nasty, and showed no respect for anyone, or compassion. But remember the BLM riots? Remember when I said I saw a video from Portland, where BLM members chased down a white guy and he tripped over a garbage can, and when he fell to the ground another Antifa goon kicked him in the head.

Well, instantly, the black women in the background responded in a way I didn't consider empathic. They laughed and jeered at him. Sure, later on, the guy woke up and the black girls were giving him water and cleaning him up, but they did it while saying things like "That's what happens when you run your mouth. You shouldn't have ran your mouth like that!" and "You don't ever say anything against black lives!" So, they were acting compassionately, while blaming the victim as well. That's not what I call empathy! If they had not laughed and jeered, and just gave the guy water, and shut their own mouths about black lives, I'd have said yes, they were being compassionate. But helping someone and then victim-blaming them is NOT an act of compassion! Especially when the victim has a right to say anything they want to.

I don't know what that poor man said that set off those thugs, but I believe it must have been him reminding those leftists that ALL lives matter. BLM turned out to be a scam charity. They just wanted to get rich quick. What better way than to make white people feel guilty and destroy anyone who gets in their way. Or dispels their beliefs. Well, thank GOD I didn't fall for it. I'm not that fricken stupid!!! They didn't get a cent of my money! And they never will. I don't reward thugs and mugs. If ever a BLM org comes where the people are decent and respectful, and don't go looting or tearing down businesses or peoples' homes, and do better things with the donations they receive, then I'd gladly donate to them. BLM got over $8M in donations in 2020. Not a single penny went to clean up the mess they made, nor to George Floyd's family. They're nothing but vultures.

But now, leftists have gotten so annoying, you would not believe what I came across on YouTube a few days ago. Some drunk chick was pulled over by the police. She must have had the unabridged version of the handbook of leftist excuses because while she was pulled over, she used every one of them. And non-binary and trans people wonder why they cannot get jobs! This is just a clip of the video, and it does not even show half of the lame leftist excuses she used.

Notice how at the end she was crying while saying "You're being a white man!" after she boasts "I'm non-binary" several times. And how she is "indigenous" and has "generational trauma" and PTSD, and on and on and on. UGH!!! Give me a break!!! "Generational trauma" is nothing but black leftist bullshit! I don't feel generational trauma. I don't even believe in that BS! And I am Native american. I didn't experience it myself, so it wasn't meant for me. I had my own traumas in my own life. I don't need to bring up old bones that have been buried for 400 years! Fuck that! And I find people who do that to be very pathetic! And more likely are just doing it for attention and power.

I once met someone who had some legitimate problems and as a last resort, said they would play the race card if necessary. I said "Playing the race card is not even an option for me!" I don't even play the fat card. I handle things based on merit. Not on whether the person attacking me is black or white or brown, or skinnier than I am. Unless I am 100% positive the reason they are treating me badly is because I am fat, or colored, I refuse to borrow that kind of trouble. You can definitely tell because such a thing is going to come up in the conversation, one way or another. Or they'll jeer at some imperfections you may have. Sometimes, you can also see it in the look in their eyes they give you.

That's why the leftists are always fear-mongering. They keep on bringing up how bad native americans were treated, how bad black slaves were treated, and they say it's all the white person's fault. Personally, I don't care. I wasn't there, so it has nothing to do with me. And when you really think about it, like Katrina says, most people are good inside. If you fall through thin ice, or you get stuck on the side of a cliff, not many people are going to just walk away and leave you there. A person like that would have to be pretty damn heartless. I know I could not just walk away from that. But the leftists have it fixed in their heads that white people were bad in the past, and are all still bad today. The funniest thing about that is the people who spread that the most are all white leftists. Maybe they are saying they themselves are bad people. I know leftists in general are bad people. Look what they are doing to Donald Trump.

Speaking of which, I heard DT had his charges from GA dropped. LOL! Its so funny! But you know something? Look at how they treat DT because the leftists think "he's a dictator" but they treat Xi Jinping with the utmost respect. And he is a true dictator! Biden is trying to get in cahoots with him. He wants America to become China. So, Trump is not a dictator. He never dictated anything to anyone during his presidency. But Biden is a dictator, who makes friends with communists. The only reason the leftists hate Trump so much is because he puts America first. I guess the leftists are not used to that. They're used to having a president that is going to put other countries before America. But it does our homeland no good!

I dunno, I ran into a leftist on Quora who told me that all American presidents put America first. I said to him "Then howcome Biden doesn't?" His only response was "this isn't about Biden!" I answered "I don't see why not! The subject of unscrupulous politicians seems empty without bringing up Biden". I asked him how he felt about Biden sending $60B to Ukraine, while the people of Maui only got $700? How did he feel about Biden giving aid to the Ukraine while people in east Palestine were drinking poisoned water? As of today, that guy has not answered me. No leftist can answer me! Because they know if they tell the truth, it would incriminate Biden.

I cannot believe there are still people who still say Biden is the best president we've ever had! But like this one commentator says on YouTube, they are the ultra-stupid ones. The people who cannot be tamed or civilized.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Another Loss

 Well, it's sort of family. I just found out this morning that someone I've known since I was a child just passed away. It was Lucious. He was the brother of my very best childhood friend. I could not believe it happened at first. But I got the message from my mom who got it from his mom, Brenda. She told my mom that he had blood cancer, like leukemia I think. By the time he felt any symptoms of the disease, he was already in the 4th stage, which I don't think anyone gets out of when they contract cancer. My sis sent Brenda condolences from both of us. So did my mom.

Strangely, my mom thought Brenda had blocked her on Facebook. But she thought enough of my ma to write to her about Lucious. Even though ma didn't really care for him after she found out he raped my sis. Lucious had always been evil. I was not as good of friends with him as I was with Tara, his sister. I never did forgive him for what he did to me when I was about 7 years old. We were out playing, and Lucious wanted to mow this man's yard who lived across the field from them. I saw the man had a beautiful calico cat and I said out loud "Hmm, that's a pretty pussy cat!" Lucious suddenly went "Ooooo!" Next thing I know Tara and Lucious were running back to Brenda and Lucious told her, with my mom standing there, "Dee said a naughty word! She said to this old man 'you pussy!'" I was blown away!!! I never said that! But as soon as my mom got the word, she took me behind the stairs and spanked me. She didn't even ask me or Tara if it was true. I also remember seeing Lucious pass by us while me and mom were standing there, and he was looking at us out the corner of his eye, with a big smirk on his face.

Later on, I started to feel unsure myself. I turned to Tara and asked her if she heard me call that man a pussy. She said "No. Lucious just wanted to see you get in trouble!" I figured that too. Like I said, Lucious was evil! But I have to put that behind me now, he's gone. I felt very sad hearing this news. He left behind a wife and 2 children. Both grown up now.

Well, ma said Brenda blocked her on Facebook a few years ago. She believes it may have been because of something Felicia Hollis said. I wouldn't put it past her! Felicia is nuts! I used to think she was a nice, level-headed person. But after she went completely apeshit crazy during those BLM riots, called my mom a racist, and said the Holocaust never happened, I figured she must have gone absolutely insane. I no longer had, nor even wanted to have, anything to do with her at all! I told mom it was just unfair that Brenda stopped talking to her because of Felicia. Brenda has known us longer than she knew Felicia, and Felicia is nutso-coo-coo now. Well, like my mom said, it's their loss. But at least Brenda thought enough of my mom to tell her about Lucious. I just wish Brenda would stand by my mom too, like she used to, instead of listening to one loony shit-wit who does not deserve to be friends with my mom anyway.

Well, I'm thankful Tara is still around. And she's not lonely at all. She has her husband, kids, grandkids, and cousins, and her mom. And don't feel too bad about Lucious. Hopefully he is now in a better place. If I can forgive him without him repenting, surely GOD can. Afterall, we were friends with his family. It's just such a sad thing. He was younger than my sis. And cancer sucks anyway! Cancer has no place in this world! I'm sick of hearing of people I love dying from cancer. I wish it could be completely eradicated now!