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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guestbook Fun!

As you all know, I've been working a little bit on my Metazoic site this weekend. Well, while I was on there, I thought I would thumb through my guestbook, as I haven't seen it in several months. Well, when I get on there, I notice that there are several entries where the posters were taking their shots at wisecracks about me and my site. I know who they are, it's Viergacht and his friends. I wondered why I hadn't heard anything from them lately. I also knew that when I had that interview with Dougal Dixon that Viergacht and his stupid friends would become very jealous!! LOL! It's almost too funny for words! I know it was them because first of all, the entries were all made on the same day, and they were posted shortly after my interview with Dougal Dixon. And a couple of other little details which I won't mention here. He's jealous of me. I won the film-making contest and he didn't think I would. My site won an award and he thought I was too stupid to attract such huge attention. My books are being published, while his are still in the visionary stage, and likely never will be published. And I could just see him pulling his own hair out by the roots when I had the interview with "the man" himself!! See, he's wrong about me, and he hates that. He wants so badly to make me feel bad, but he can't because he's a nobody to me. LOL!!! But people like him, I actually like having interrupt my life. Know why? Because they always give me the gumption to take that crucial next step. They tell me I can't do something, I'll say I can, and I'll do it!! If Viergacht keeps this up, I may become the next Oprah! LOL!

Well, I didn't know it when I signed up for the guestbook that I could actually edit entries!!! That's cool!! I just found that out today. So, I decided to have some fun. Like I am always known to do, I turned their own words against them. Well, one of Viergacht's friends at least had the foresight to call himself "stupid". At least that one acknowledges it, and came by it honestly. It was actually kinda fun doing that! I hope they give me more posts that I can use against them. hehehe!! Knowing Viergacht's type like I do, no doubt he will. Sooner or later. But hey! At least it gives my wise-cracking mind some practice. But for now, back to my life.

Thank goodness Thanksgiving is over! So now all I have to deal with is Christmas. Shoot!! I'm not too fond of Christmas! I used to be when I was younger, but not no more. And Black Friday always comes around at the most inopportune time!!! I hate that!! I'll just be so glad when the holiday season is over with. Forget parking at the malls. Though I know I could use the walk, and I will do it with no hesitation. But parking, the crowds, the stores, the long lines--which is what I genuinely HATE--it SUCKS!!!

Well, this year, aside from the few gifts I am giving to close friends and relatives, I'm only getting one gift for both me and Anna. She already knows what it is too. It's a laser printer for our computers. I wanted to get a monochrome printer that has the wi-fi feature and does duplexing. That is what we're getting. FINALLY!!!!! When I get this printer, and a cartridge to go with it, I'm going to print copies of my list, and some copies of the stories I haven't printed yet. I like to keep copies available in case someone asks to see them. I was going to sell some to this library here in town, but as I understand it, they are closing at the end of December. I wonder what they'll do with all those books? Well, there's always the libraries in Aberdeen and Hoquiam. They're connected with the libraries in Olympia and Lacey. They're not going anywhere. I hate that library in Aberdeen. The workers there are so snooty!! Not to mention that library is stingy!! They are so damn stingy, they wouldn't even let my sis Anna check out a book because we live in Ocean Shores. Well, one good thing, since this library here is being taken down, maybe the one in Aberdeen will let us check out some books now. Maybe. One of my friends told me that if they don't, now that we don't have a public library in this town, I can get a lawyer and sue them. Worth a shot. If nothing else, it might put a little of the fear of GOD in them!! I like the library in Hoquiam, I won't do it to them.

Anyway, now that my books are published and have ISBN numbers on them, I can sell them to bookstores and libraries. Maybe even get some reviews on them. Some actual reviews. Not just opinions based on sample copies, which are not meant to be too much like the full copies.

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