Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

"Grandpa Timmy"

Wow! This is cool! Timmy is a grandpa!!! Ya know some time back on this blog, I made a joke about calling him "Grandpa Timmy". LOL! Today, I've been doing that, ever since hearing about this sweet grandbaby of his. Apparently it's a little boy. GOD I hope Timmy's boy James knows to raise this child up as a little boy, and not as a little girl, or gender non-conforming like the leftists would want him to. I didn't even know what the child is, but someone let it slip that it's a baby boy. And guess what his name is. It's Fox. That is an interesting (and cute) name! Foxes are beautiful animals. But frankly, I think the men of INXS have it all backwards! Michael had a little girl everyone else calls "Tiger", although I call her Lily, because "Tiger" is a boy's name. And I would think Fox would be a girl's name. Of course back in the day, a handsome man was also referred to as a fox. Not just attractive women. So, I guess the name is interchangeable. Well I like the name Fox much better than the name Tiger. Because foxes are so beautiful, and very graceful animals.

I say it's about time Timmy's oldest boy had a child! Shoot! He's almost 40!! Now Jake needs to start thinking about having a child. I was kinda joking on my Facebook page that now Timmy needs another grandchild named Wolf. LOL! Then he'd have a matched set! LOL! Well, in evolutionary history, foxes did come before wolves. There is a name that can be shortened to Wolf, like Wolfgang, the same first name as Mozart had. Just saying! Really it's their choice. But it did tickle me to see they named the new baby Fox. It's a name I never would have thought of. But then again, I'd never thought of Tiger either. But tigers are ugly animals, and lazy. Where foxes are beautiful. With a name like that, and his grandpa being so handsome, that baby is no doubt going to grow to be gorgeous!! As long as he doesn't fall into the leftist's trap! My best advice is raise him to be a man! No feminine crap. If that happens, then let it happen naturally, when he's 18. Don't feed it to him when he's only 3!

That's the problem I have with leftists. They want to indoctrinate little kids to grow into non gender-conforming individuals, and that is so wrong! Boys need to learn to be boys. They don't need to be indoctrinated. Boys who grow up the way leftists want, often commit suicide, or they go out and kill or rape others. Just recently there was a trans-"woman" who went into a 7-11 with an ax and swung it at a woman, crushing her skull. It was angry because it had been rejected by men so many times and perhaps jealous that a real woman can get a good man. But really, no real man wants to have sex with another man! But it's a testament to what happens with people who grow up confused. I don't want to see that happen in Timmy's family. He deserves the best GOD can give him. And I'm not just saying that. I mean it. I would love to see this baby boy grow to be a happy, healthy, unconfused boy who will later go on to produce great grandchildren.

I won't post a pic here of the baby, as I do not believe in doing that. But I will say may GOD bless this baby and keep him safe in all his days and all his endeavors. May GOD bless the parents in their journey in raising this baby. May the LORD guide them in doing the right thing, and making the right choices for the child. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Friday, August 30, 2019

The New Face of Michael?

Oh man! How do they pick them?? Well, this one was picked by Michael's family. Well, he seems like a decent enough person, but he looks almost nothing like Michael!! OK I know it's not supposed to be perfect. And let's face it, there isn't another Michael out there. The closest would be Kit Harington. This dude though, isn't even remotely close!!

This is Jozsef James. He was picked to play Michael in the last documentary. I have to wonder, do they mean the one Richard Lowenstein worked on? This dude is not even close to looking like Michael. Not only is he too pudgy, but he also looks gay!

I saw a video of his on his Facebook page, and he doesn't sound too bad, but he just would never pass for Michael IMO. Couldn't they at least find someone a bit more handsome??? In that bottom pic, it looks like his lips are caving into his face. He's not as fat as I am, but he does look too pudgy to play Michael. I guess they think the hair hides that fact. But unfortunately, it doesn't. That was the first thing I noticed when I saw his pic was how pudgy he is. Michael was never that pudgy!

Well, maybe it's just me. I've been so used to seeing Michael looking a certain way, I just cannot imagine any other way. But we're never going to find someone who fits his description exactly. He was a one of a kind. Shoot! That's why I wanted to clone him! LOL! Because the world is an empty place without him in it. We need more manly men like Michael and Timmy. This dude doesn't even cut the mustard. He definitely doesn't look manly enough. I like my men to be really manly. A lot of the SJW type women today don't like that. But then again, I remember in a post on Quora, I wrote about how I have no respect for a man who prefers cats over dogs because they are almost never real men. Next thing I know all the catfags were after me about that. However, I stand by that statement. Because it's true! I've yet to meet the man who prefers cats over dogs that looks in any way manly. Even the women who screamed their catfag husbands were very manly. I would see their pics, and I'd say "Nope! Not manly enough!" One woman's husband even wore a biker outfit, but still had a submissive, beta posture and facial expression.

And yes, even with Peaches coming by frequently, and I do welcome her as long as she doesn't hurt Mya, I still blame cats for the rise in ugly people and beta-men today. Because when I was a kid, we had plenty of alpha-type men, and beautiful people. And more people loved dogs than cats. In fact, back then as a cat-lover myself, I was hard-pressed to find another person who loved cats. Most other people I met said cats were sneaky, creepy and even kindof ugly. Me? I only think gray tabbies are ugly. With brown tabbies next in line. I'm not a cat person, but I do allow Peaches to come over. Mya likes her. And she seems to like Mya. Peaches is a calico, one of few patterns I like in cats. Believe me, if she was a gray tabby, I'd have chased her off long ago! But she's a calico, so I allow her to come around. But the instant I see her hurt my baby, she'll be chased off too. And not welcome back. So far though, that hasn't happened.

That's them playing together. Or she's trying to get Mya to play. Mya is just kinda looking at Peaches thinking she's crazy. LOL! I named her Peaches myself. Actually I named her Peaches and Cream, because she's almost got that kind of color pattern. I just simply call her Peaches though. She's never been in my house, although she does try to come in sometimes. She won't let anyone pet her, although both my sis and I have. At first though, she'll hiss at you if you try to touch her. She will sniff you though. And she warms up kinda quickly. I've noticed these things about her. But I still do not consider her my cat. She's just a cat that comes around here. She's a stray. I do not want a cat.

Anyways, back to the subject. I don't know if this guy Jozsef James is in the official documentary that I hope to have come to the USA that Richard Lowenstein directed. I kinda hope not. IF there is any actors on there. But this dude does not resemble Michael enough IMO. I've never seen this documentary, I hope to someday, simply because it's about Michael. But it's going to be a hard pill to swallow seeing this dude playing Michael.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

"Woke" Crowd Getting Put Back To Sleep

We're tired of it! Literally! We are really getting tired of it! We're all getting sick of the "woke" act! We're sick of Antifa. We're sick of the violence in the streets. We're sick of the crybabies. We're sick of the leftists telling us what we can and cannot say. We're sick of the left's hypocrisy. Ever since the Andy Ngo incident, we on the center and right are getting sick of the left's bullshit. We're finally fighting back. The Andy Ngo incident was just like the final nail in the coffin for exposing the left's motives. They don't really care about gay people. They don't care about immigrants. They don't care about colored people. They're not "fighting" fascists. They ARE the fascists! All they care about is silencing anyone who is not on the left. And us patriots are getting absolutely sick and tired of it. We're tired of the left acting like babies. And Antifa wonders why The Proud Boys were founded! It's because of them! We need protection against Antifa thugs.

The Proud Boys aren't the bad guys! In fact, at the last protest in Portland, the violence didn't start until after The Proud Boys left. And every last bit of violence that occurred in Portland was committed by Antifa, and Antifa alone! Ted Wheeler doesn't do shit for Portland! He needs to be voted OUT next election!! He lets Antifa run amuck and doesn't let the police do a damn thing about it! In fact, Ted Wheeler calls the Antifa thugs "heros". Um, WHAT?!?!?!?!??? Since when is acting like a cowardly little rabbit being a "hero"? I don't mean to insult rabbits like that, rabbits are actually more brave than Antifa. I actually made a video the other day and it depicted an Antifa thug at a crosswalk standing behind a woman waiting to cross and telling her to get out of his way. He keeps pushing at her, even making fun of her husband who was killed in 9/11. He acted so brave while he was facing a woman's backside. But later on her adult son confronted the thug, and the thug ran off with his tail tucked between his legs. I mean, her boy was HUGE!!!! And the thug was a little wimp. It was so FUNNY seeing him run away like that!!! It proves the people of Antifa are nothing but wimps who try to act tough. Probably to make up for a life where they'd been bullied. Well, I was bullied too. I decided not to go out and cause trouble, but to become a recluse.

We're ALL getting sick of the Antifa act, and these wussy-ass politicians who are allowing these thugs to go unchecked. Leftist politicians are allowing these thugs to get away with this shit too! You can't even call the police on them, because the cops won't do anything about them. So, it's beginning to get to a point where we conservatives are going to have to start taking the law into our own hands. It won't be pretty either. One of these days, Antifa is going to harass the wrong person. Consider that a warning. When my sis had to go to Portland, I warned her to be careful there, because I don't trust Antifa and I don't trust Ted Wheeler! I really hope Ted Wheeler does get voted out. I know I wouldn't vote for him! I heard a young woman is beating him out already in popularity, and she will run Portland. I say go for it! I hope she wins! ANYONE is better than Ted Wheeler! He condones Antifa's bullshit. We don't need him in office!

Sadly though, everything is changing. And it's changing just so Trump doesn't get back in office next election. Well, you can bet I'll be voting for Trump. I'll never vote for a Democrat again in my life! EVER!!! I've seen the shit they are doing, I know the shit they have planned for this country. And Bernie Sanders is an idiot! He's a highly dangerous man, whom I hope NEVER wins an election!! If he gets in office, he'll do nothing but ruin this country! Shoot! That's why I fear for 2024!!! I kinda hope I am not alive then! LOL! Well anyway, I hope Bernie Sanders dies before 2024! I can tell you for sure I'll be dancing on his grave! Like that Simpsons episode where all the dummycats are dancing on Donald Trump after he passes out during a dance. Only I'll be doing it to Bernie Sanders. LMAO!! Let him go to Hell!

Even the policies for Blogger are changing, I got a notice yesterday. On top of not selling guns, prescription drugs and all that illegal stuff, it was this paragraph that caught my attention...

Google Publisher Policies, which outline the types of content we won’t monetize through any of our publisher products. These include: Illegal Content, Child Sexual Abuse Material & Pedophilia, Sexually Explicit Content, Adult Themes in Family Content, Intellectual Property Abuse, Endangered or Threatened Species, Dangerous or Derogatory Content, Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Misrepresentative Content, Malicious or Unwanted Software, and Mail Order Brides.
Well, I guess this blog is safe. I'm not Jonathan Yaniv, so there is no child sexual abuse material and pedophilia. In fact, I am the exact opposite of a pedophile. I've never had sexually explicit content or adult themes. Though I do not recommend this blog to children. I do use profanity. I try to fight against dangerous or derogatory content by bashing terrorist groups like Antifa. I'm not CNN so I don't enable dishonest behavior or misrepresentative content. I'm no hacker, so I don't sell software of any kind. I had no idea what intellectual property abuse was, and someone told me it was stealing another person's work and stuff. Well, I do use pics, some may be copyrighted. I do have to use pics though to illustrate the points I make on here. Some people who I know read this blog are not intellectual enough to actually read the words I write. But I've always said if someone wants me to take down something that rightfully belongs to them, I'll do it. I don't mind at all.

Back in May, I wrote a post about this book being written about David Johnston, and I posted this pic up of his sis, holding a pic of him. I still have the pic on my harddrive, but the author of the article kindly asked that I remove her pic. Well, I was glad to. No hard feelings at all. Of course I didn't see her email until like a month later, as it went to an inbox I don't frequently check. All I usually get in that inbox is advertisements from Google. But when I did get her email, I responded right away and removed the pic. I was happy to. I didn't mind at all. That's my policy. If someone asks me to remove something politely, I'll do it. In contrast, I did have one person who asked me angrily once to not use her name and I took her words to be more of a threat. She said her father worked for the NYPD or something to that effect (she was also one of DonnaG's tards), and she didn't like it that I was talking about the delusional mods. I suspected she was one of them. So, basically I told her "If you're one of them, then you'd better look at your own self before you ask me to remove anything!" In a case like that, no I won't remove something. Because what I said about them was not wrong, and it was deserved. Mostly, I was giving the delusional mods a taste of their own medicine. I did nothing different than what they did to me for 6 months back in 2006. Only I seemed to have more fun! LOL! Turns out she wasn't one of them, so she said, but she did admit to being a "friend" of DonnaG.

Note I did mean to put "friend" in quotes, because DonnaG is never anyone's friend. She just likes using people under the guise of being a friend.

Well, there's a difference when someone asks me to do something politely as opposed to doing something for them with anger or making threats. I've been threatened with lawsuits so many times!! But when someone responds in a threatening manner, I take that as an admission of guilt. Like they know they're wrong, and don't want me to tell everyone about it. Consider me the internet's whistle-blower! LMAO!! At first, I admit I didn't want to be sued. But the more I heard about free speech and how to correctly use it, I began to utilize it. Shoot! I even blow the whistle on myself! I know I am not immune. But see, the dummycats want to shut that down. They want to shut down the ability for us to do that. I'm not going to go for that. If they can have free speech then so can I. But they don't believe it applies to people they don't agree with. Only to them. Now, the New York Post is getting pissed off because conservatives are doxxing leftists. Why are they so sore about that? They've been doing it to conservatives for the past 3 years now! Why get so angry now that conservatives are doing it to them?? I'll tell you why. It's because they are getting scared. They don't like the taste of their own medicine. It's like the delusional mods stalking me for 6 months, and when I decide to fight back, they call me "the stalker". LMAO!! For 6 whole months, they would NEVER admit they stalked me! They said "It's free speech". OK then. Then when I did the same thing to them, all of a sudden, it was stalking!!! I swear leftists are so DUMB!!!!!! And they are hypocrites. I know hypocrisy is a part of human nature, but most of us learn from it. The leftists don't.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Heterosexuality/Homosexuality Is A Choice??

Oh man! Now I think I've really heard it all. Leftists are so STUPID it is remarkable sometimes the things they will come up with! Last night I watched a video where one of them is now marketing the idea that heterosexuality is a CHOICE!!! Yes, you heard that right! I get the feeling that leftists don't totally think these things through before they say them. Which is what makes them dumb. I believe this one just thought if she told everyone that heterosexuality is a choice, then that would mean those people would choose to be bigots against homosexuality. But that's not so. It really only means that she's admitting that if heterosexuality is a choice, then homosexuality is also a choice, and that it is not something that happens naturally.

I'm not hetero by choice. Not that I know of. Since I hit puberty, I've only ever been attracted to men. Not women. I've never been attracted to a woman in my life. I just don't like the idea of getting married. I have women friends and I do love them. But it's not the same kind of love. Not like the love I feel for my men of INXS. I have nothing against gay people. Who they love is their business. I don't like pride parades, frankly. Because I personally think it's disgusting to see nearly naked men walk down the street gyrating their penis in children's faces. Far as I know, no one in the straight parade has done that. Only the leftists would love that, because they don't care about kids anyways. They're the ones who abort their babies and go bragging about it to other leftists like it's the "hunt of the year"! But I see pics of nearly naked men with their cocks out sticking them in kids' faces and I am appalled!!

I mean really! If the gay pride parade had been even half as decent as the straight pride parade, I wouldn't have a problem with it. However, that's not the case. The gays always come out looking like this...

In contrast, the straight pride people always come out looking like this...

At least you don't see them flashing parts of their bodies the sun should not be seeing! Whereas gay pride people always have to come out almost completely naked. Even showing their butts and wieners! What is the point in that??? If you ask me, the straight pride people at least look classier. A person does not look classy that is outside naked. That's gross! And it belongs inside the house. Not out in public. And I've seen the straight pride parade being compared to white supremacy. What the Hell has white supremacy got to do with being straight??!! Does that mean black and latino people can't ever fall in love with the opposite sex?! If these dumb leftists think that, then they're WRONG!! They're lying to themselves.

One of the men in the Straight Pride Coalition, I saw his interview on the Jesse Lee Peterson show, his name is Don Grundmann, he was heckled unmercifully for wanting to host the straight pride parade in California. One of the female congresswomen there kept calling the Straight Pride parade "bigoted" and "racist". That is so stupid, IMO!! It's racist to say colored people cannot fall in love with the opposite sex. And that appears to be what they're thinking. Well, Grundmann gave a speech that has gone viral because of a little Freudian slip that occurred. He accidentally used the word "racist" to describe his organization. When he did, everyone in the room was laughing at him. I knew it was a mistake he said that. But the leftists took it to mean he had been hiding the fact his organization is racist and bigoted. It was a slip of the lip. And he probably only said it because he'd heard that word so many times from the opposing leftists that it stuck in his head. And when he had to speak to a room full of morons who saw him as being bigoted, he probably got so nervous that the word he was trying to say came out wrong. He most likely meant to say "racially diverse". But because the word "racist" came out in his speech, the opposing party thought that's what he really meant. It's not unlike the delusional mods thinking just because I said I love my Timmy, that I'd want to steal him from his family and rip his pants off and use him as a sex toy. But that's what leftists do best. They take things out of context and apply their own meaning. And any accidental adage is taken too seriously.

Well, until the gay pride people decide to act a little more like decent adults, I will be cheering on the Straight Pride Parade instead. No need to get sexual in a parade. Not if you want people to take you seriously! And if anyone says being straight is a choice, then surely you are admitting being gay is a choice. Of course nowadays, I believe it really is mostly a choice. Most everyone (except me) wants acceptance. Now, you're not really accepted unless you are homosexual. That's sad. Though I've accepted homosexuals, I think we should not cast-aside heterosexuals in favor of homosexuals. We should treat ALL people the same. Except for those who try to shove their beliefs down our throat.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trying Too Hard

When someone tries too hard to bring you down, if you're good, you can sense it. Last night on Facebook, I commented on a post from a video where a trans "woman" gets up on stage and tries to convince the audience it is a "real" woman. Then it says "We are your future". I said to that "GOD I hope you're NOT our future!!" Unfortunately, it might be if the democrats ever take full control of this country. If that happens, we can kiss this country as we know it, goodbye. We might as well register to become a 3rd world nation! I totally dread reincarnation! I really do! I dread if I were to come back as a nice-looking young girl, I might fall in love with what I think is a nice-looking young man, only to find out he is really a she! And I wouldn't want to be gay! I wasn't gay in this life. I don't think I'd like it any better in my next life. And I don't like the idea of being fooled by a trans person.

Well, one guy named Chris Mercer got butthurt by me saying that. He asked how such a cute dog (referring to Mya) could belong to such a horrible bigot. He then tells me to send that dog to "a more loving home". I told him MY dog is fine, thank you. Well, you all know now being called a "bigot" means absolutely NOTHING to me anymore. The leftists have so overused that phrase, even with things that are not bigoted. But things would be horrible if we were all to revert to everyone being a tranny. A world like that is not a good world. No more manly men! I don't want to live in a world like that! And frankly, this Chris Mercer is not a manly man! In fact, he was saying to one other person his "pronouns" were "them/they". I said "his pronouns are it/its". LOL!! I admit, I was having a little fun with him. I've always wanted to say that to one of these "pronoun warriors".

Well, I got to have my fun with him. And another guy, named Andrew Thompson who admits he agreed with me about the tranny issue, gets involved when I say "shelter dogs are someone else's mistakes". I still stand behind that comment! Because they ARE!! He had no prayer of changing my mind about that. Look at this witty post by a responsible owner addressed to an ADS fag who wanted her to adopt an Australian cattle dog from a shelter...

That's exactly how I feel! Anyways, little Mr. Thompson got butthurt about me saying shelter dogs are mistakes. He said that was "a fucked up thing to say". Well, I don't think it was. The fact that shelters exist at all is fucked up. But it's fucked up and necessary, otherwise we'd have crazy people out there having puppies and kittens and throwing them into the rivers. That, to me, is even more fucked up. But anyways, Chris Mercer goes on for about 30 minutes or so saying "Stop leaving your dog in a hot car!" It was funny for the first 5 minutes, and then it got old after he said it for like the 25th time! I said "This dude has a thing about leaving a dog in hot cars. Nobody ever sell a puppy to Chris Mercer!! I know I wouldn't!" I got a good look at Chris Mercer himself. He's as white as white can get, blond hair, blue eyes, skinny soy-boy. He looks like the kind of guy I could take down easily. Like a jack russell terrier with a mouse! Yet, he has a pit bull that he dresses up like a doll. Frankly, I have little respect for people who dress up their dogs. I'd never do that to Mya. Dogs are not really meant to wear clothing.

Well, then Andrew Thompson got into the scene, and he was saying "I was with you until you said shelter dogs are mistakes. I'm not gonna lie, I agree with Chris Mercer on this one." I didn't care whose side he was on frankly. So, I just said to him "Andrew Thompson That's fine. You can go with it on this. I have my point of view, and I stick with it." You all know how I am! It takes a LOT to change my opinion. And people like Andrew Thompson and Chris Mercer HATE me for it!! LOL!! But it's so fun to watch them get so heated and angry when I stick to my guns. It tickles me! He then says "No you stunned cunt I'm not in agreement with you on this issue. You specifically called shelter dogs someone else's mistakes. No dog is a mistake. Fuck yourself" I tried to look back at my post and see where I said he had to agree with me. But I could not find a single post that I made saying that. So, I don't know where that came from. LMAO!! 😆😆😆

Well, when I saw that last comment, it made me laugh! I definitely struck a nerve! And I love getting the SJWs all riled up. Hey! I didn't ask him what he thought of my comment. He could have just sat back and kept his mouth SHUT, like a sensible person would have. But instead, he has to jump in and defend his "buddy". So anyways, now I had 2 SJWs on my tail. But it's fine! I'm a strong woman! I don't ever care anymore what SJWs think! Those days are gone! Obviously, in this thread, I was dealing with inferior mentalities. I could have been a lot more harsh with them. But I chose not to be. That would have only brought me down to their level, and I wouldn't like that. It's always been whenever I did that that I regretted it later on. So, I kept my cool, and just continued laughing at them. I said in response to Andrew Thompson's post "Andrew Thompson LMAO! I love it when these ADS fags get hot-headed and start name-calling. Proves I am right about you guys."

Meantime, in the background, Chris Mercer is calling me "You awful bitch", "you're a horrible person", "I hope you die" and "you're an evil bitch" and "you're so stupid". And he even started attacking Mya. And Mya did nothing to him. He called her "Your ugly mutt". I just let it all slide off my back. Frankly, his dog is a pit bull, uglier than Mya. But hey! I don't care. Mya is my dog, and he has his. I've had people who have shown shelties before tell me Mya looks great for her breed (I do know how to pick them!) so, I don't care what Chris Mercer or anyone like him, thinks about Mya. But I could tell, any time someone is name-calling another person's dog, or their children, or even their parents, you know they've reached the pathetic butthurt level. Then their name-calling becomes almost transparent and comical. It's like a 5-year old child calling another 5-year old child a "doodyhead". Then the other kid says "No you're a doodyhead!" LOL! The motive is all the same, they're looking for an angry response from their intended target. They want something to use as a victory to hold over the other person. But they know they can't get it because they don't have anything intelligent to say. They know they lost the battle. Such is the case with Chris Mercer.

So before the butthurt, Mya was a cute dog. After the butthurt, Mya was my "ugly mutt". What's the point even? It doesn't change my mind about how I feel about my dog. In fact if anything, and if it's at all possible, it made me love her even more!!!

Well, I had the feeling Chris Mercer and Andrew Thompson were PMing each other behind the scenes, telling each other what to say and how to say it. At one point, Andrew Thompson said Chris's posts were "wittier" than mine. Well, frankly I wasn't trying to be witty. Although I believed anyone who thought Chris's posts were "witty" had to have some level of brain damage. But everyone is different in what they think is "witty". Just like "ugly", it's a subjective term. I guess Andrew thinks someone who is sounding pathetically butthurt is "witty". But not me. I prefer Marx Brothers and 3 Stooges level witty. LOL! And Chris Mercer didn't have that. Chris Mercer's insults were more around a 3rd grade, desperation level.

Well, after about another half hour, this thread was getting dull. I had 2 SJWs who kept on repeating the same things over and over again. Chris Mercer finally admitted to being angry with me because I didn't get my dog from a shelter. I gave him the usual response I give every ADS fag, "Chris Mercer So what business is it of your's where I got my dog? It's MY dog. Not yours." I said I would rather get my dog from a breeder, as they are guaranteed to be healthier. Most responsible breeders health-test all their breeding stock, so the puppies come out healthier. Andrew Thompson took that to mean that I say "Fuck sick dogs". Typical SJW. Always twisting words around to give them a totally different meaning. This was my response to him; "Andrew Thompson Sorry dude, but like buying anything, I want something that is healthy. Not something that I'd have to spend thousands of $$ later on to get it fixed."

Well, Chris Mercer posted that he agreed with Andrew's assessment and that I was a horrible person for not wanting to spend money to buy a sick or ailing dog from a puppymill or a backyard breeder. That was when I figured out these two were PMing each other behind the scenes. I said to Chris, "Chris Mercer Ya know, I'm beginning to get the feeling you're just playing games with me. And here I was starting to believe you were serious." In response to that, he says "No, I'm not playing here." And I said "Chris Mercer Nah I think you're playing games with me. And frankly, beginning to bore me because you're just trying TOO hard to insult me, and you keep repeating the same things over and over again." I guess that's what happens when you eat nothing but soy, you can't think for yourself what to say, and you try desperately to insult another person unsuccessfully. I mean, if he was someone I respected, he might have been successful in bringing me down. But he's not. So, don't worry! My feelings were not hurt. LOL! But by this time I was getting bored of reading the same things by 2 different SJWs repeating the same shit over and over again. My last post on that thread was "Chris Mercer And I'm bored with you. Good night." After that, I blocked him on Facebook, and I went to bed. It was late and I had my fun with these guys. But I was tired too.

Unfortunately because I blocked Chris Mercer, I could not quote any of his posts. But trust me, you're not missing anything. He only made one witty comment all night and that was when he said "You probably shit privately." Which kinda doesn't make sense, but it sounded funny. I responded with "So you shit publicly?" Now, if I were as desperate as he was, I could have insulted his dog, his lousy music, his nappy hair, his wussy appearance, etc. But again, I am not that kind of person. I had my fun and that was it. But he is a great example of how to tell someone is desperate to insult someone else, by his lack of witty conundrums.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

10-Month Pregnancy??

I knew she had to be lying! Erica Thomas, who is a lawmaker in Atlanta, GA (let that sink in for a moment) and was known for her confrontation with a man (of mixed race) at a local grocery store. She lied about him telling her to "go back where she came from", and how he was violently attacking her, and how she was 9-months pregnant. I made a video about her confrontation because frankly, it made me laugh.

Well, one of the main points she kept making in all her videos and interviews was that she was "9-months pregnant". Well, guess what, that was a month ago. So, either Erica Thomas lied about being 9-months pregnant, or she's the first human being in history to have a 10-month pregnancy. I looked on her Twitter, and there is no mention at all of her having the baby. I looked for news online about her having the baby. Nowhere does it say she had the baby. So, guess what that means. It means she lied about being pregnant and really is a lazy, disrespectful bitch.

This is what I fear with democrats taking over the country. They lie. They care only about themselves. They're good for nothing! I knew Erica Thomas was lying! I knew she wasn't no 9-months pregnant! I have a friend who is now 8 months pregnant. She cannot stand for 15 minute interviews. She has to move as slow as a cat because her belly is too heavy now. When she does walk, she practically waddles. Her belly also bulges out farther than Erica's. I don't think Erica Thomas is pregnant. I think she's just fat. I told her that on Twitter too. I do not believe for one minute she is pregnant. I never believed it. Partly because she doesn't look it, and partly because she keeps mentioning it over and over again.

In other libtard news, apparently the LGBTQ people (now commonly called the "alphabet crowd" because the letters keep piling on) are in an uproar again against YouTube. Now they want to file a class-action lawsuit against YouTube for demonetizing their gay/queer content. I think that's dumb! Don't blame YouTube for that. You know what caused this new policy? It was Carlos Maza's whining. I bet he did not think about how, by his harassing YouTube to demonetize "hate speech" and ban it from the platform, he was also forcing YouTube to do the same to the alphabet community. If those rules apply to normal people, they should apply to the alphabet folks too. But the alphabet community (once again) demands special rights because they are gay/queer. It's stupid! I'm not going to stand behind them in this silly battle! Carlos Maza started this. He should take full responsibility. I say sue him! Listen to these wussies whine...

What these people really want is to be able to market gay/queer/tranny ideas to children. But they shouldn't be allowed to. One thing we do not need more of is kids being exposed to this queer bullshit! That is why I am against this drag-queen story hour, and against teaching gay politics in school, and bringing up to kids that they can be born a girl and later become a guy. It does nothing good. Nothing except confuse kids. But they want to push this shit on kids. They want kids to believe it's OK to become gay. Notice I said "become gay". Because at this point, I believe that's all it is! It used to be kids were bullied for being gay. Now, it's exactly the opposite. Kids are being bullied for being straight! And straight is normal. It should be the default behavior for all humans. After all we are here to reproduce. A woman cannot have a baby by having sex with another woman. A man cannot pass on his genes by having sex with another man. So, people should not bully other people because that person is not attracted to the same sex.

I don't believe anyone should bully straight people OR gay people. What they should be against is someone who is originally straight, and then later decides to become gay just to be accepted. That's not right! Personally, I think this case is going to be laughed out of court. I know if I was a judge, I would laugh and tell these pathetic wimps to get out of my courtroom!! You all made your bed, now lie in it!! If we have to suffer then so do you! If you want to read the full report about this lawsuit, it's a hilarious clown show! I'll put it here so you can gape at how disgustingly childish the alphabet people have become...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Antifa On The Rampage

I heard Antifa was on the rampage in Portland this weekend, and my sis was due to go to Portland this weekend. She had to. She needs to get home. Portland is her first stop. She's going to stay there one night at a hotel, and then catch the greyhound the next day to Missoula. I told her to call me when she gets to the hotel, because I do NOT trust Antifa! They are nothing but a bunch of terrorist thugs. I knew they would be there this weekend causing a ruckus throughout the city, and you can't get much deeper in the city than where the greyhound station is. I heard the Proud Boys were there too, and Antifa was saying "We hope there won't be any violence from the Proud Boys this weekend!" What a bunch of wussies! And dummies! They are too stupid to know that the Proud Boys are not the ones causing the violence! Antifa refuses to admit it's them who actually causes the violence! You never hear of the Proud Boys going around breaking the windows of local businesses do you? No! That's always Antifa who does that!

The Proud Boys did show up at Antifa's rally, stayed for a couple hours, marched in circles, and then went home. While Antifa went throughout the city, ganging up on innocent people, and beating them all up. I told my sis to be VERY careful when walking through Portland! I do NOT trust Antifa! I don't trust they will leave my sister alone! I told her, just go there, stay away from people with masks, stay away from crowds, and don't talk to ANYBODY!!!!!! I told her to call me when she gets to her hotel room, because I won't feel at ease until I hear from her. I'm shaking now just writing this and thinking about her being in Portland alone.

Ya know, it's ironic! It's ironic how the leftists say right-wingers are violent. Well, to them, speaking your mind is violent! LOL! Apparently in their eyes, a person speaking their mind is violent, but beating a helpless old man on a walker until he's unconscious is not violent! There's something wrong with that mindset there. The majority of us are getting sick of Antifa doing this shit every weekend, or every time Trump is supported in their community. Even a lot of leftists that I know of are sick of it. But they are usually the moderate leftists. Not the far-left leftists. The reason the far left established Antifa is because they want to change the course of nature. That's what it boils down to. They still believe Trump colluded with Russia, even though it's been proven he didn't. Antifa members still hold on to the delusion that someone somewhere will find that Trump did collude with Russia. They're really wasting their lives waiting for that, but they've got nothing else to do with their time. They have no jobs. They still live with their mothers. They have no fathers. They have no real pets at home. Just cats. They don't have any real hobbies to occupy their time with. They don't know any good music. So, they've got nothing to do except go out and cause chaos. That's how they get their jollies.

Antifa members hate white people. Especially white men. Because Obama taught them all that white people are inherently racist. So, Antifa is trying to change that. But they cannot change that! That is nature. The only one who can change nature is nature herself. Even black people are inherently racist. They segregate themselves. They ALWAYS have! Even in school I noticed black people always travel in groups with other black people. Even my very best friend in the world, who was also a black girl. She went to my high school during my last year. She always knew she could come to me and talk to me any time she wanted to. But usually she just hung around other black people. It was rare you ever saw a black kid hang out with a group of white kids. That's just the way it is. They stick with their own kind. But the dumb fucks of Antifa don't get that! They think it's just because white people are "racists". UGH!! They make me so mad I want to punch something. I want to punch Obama in the face! I want to punch an Antifa member in the face! Nothing would give me greater pleasure! The leftists ALWAYS want to change nature, but they're going about it all the wrong way.

Well, I partially blame Obama for this mess going on today. I also partially blame the Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, I think they too are part of the reason Antifa is so violent against christians. They were the ones who kept going around with those stupid signs, preaching hate towards gay people. Saying all the time "GOD hates fags" with a picture of 2 men having sex on those signs. I think it was also them who put the idea into the heads of the LGBTQ community that kids can handle curriculums involving gay and gender studies. After all, the WBC also took little kids to their protests and had signs with gay porn made specially for little kids to hold. They were the first ones to put the idea of gays into kids' minds. All I know is that before 2006, most kids didn't even think about gays. Now, they are even teaching about them in schools as early as kindergarten. The first thing the teachers in these schools ask is what a child's name is and what pronouns they want to use. When I was in kindergarten, I didn't even understand what a pronoun is! We didn't really study them that early! These days, I'm so glad I am not a child! In my next life, I'd want GOD to kill me before I become a leftist's child! Abort me, do something! But I do NOT want to be the child of a leftist! I'd rather be a child of long-standing conservatives that go back generations.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ilhan Omar: The Most Dangerous Person in America

Look at this face. Beware of this person! She is the most dangerous person in America today. She sides with islamic terrorists. She is a racist. She is xenophobic. She is a liar. And most of all, she is stupid. She was born in Somalia, but was raised in America since she was 5 years old. But somehow seems to have forgotten that she does not need to wear a hijab on the streets. America saved her and her family from the war in Somalia, yet she completely hates and slams this country. If you are white, she automatically hates your guts. Especially if you are a white, christian man. But she bashes people who don't like her for being an islamic muslim. It was dumbasses that voted this beast into congress. Now, she wants to enter into Israel, but has been banned because the Israelites are not as stupid as she is.

This shows just how stupid the dummycats are. I call them "dummycats" for a reason. Because they're like cats, and cats are dumb. Everyone knows why Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib wanted to go to Israel. Not to make peace with them. Not so Rashida Tlaib can visit her "sick grandmother". No one believes that! In fact, in a video yesterday, she practically admitted they were going to Israel to make trouble. Who knows what kind of trouble? But according to this video I saw yesterday, it would not have been good for our country's relations with Israel...

Right now, Israel is our ally. We don't want to lose that. Well, no one except Ilhan Omar does. I don't know much about this other one, the one named Rachida Tlaib, but if she is friends with Ilhan Omar, then I don't want to really get to know her. But I do have the feeling we're going to be hearing from her a lot more.

I don't like Ilhan Omar. And it's not because she's a muslim. Although I do believe that is a good reason not to let her in congress. It's not often we see muslims that aren't leftists. It's because she keeps talking about how white people are the ones to be feared. Umm, yeah! White men are the ones hijacking airplanes and smashing them into skyscrapers. White people are the ones who are responsible for 50% of drive-by shootings in big cities. White people are the ones killing christians left and right. Yeah Ilhan. Good luck getting some actual facts to backup your claim! I haven't found any. Only the dummycats will believe your bullshit. I say let the facts speak for themselves. Don't listen to Ilhan Omar! Fuck her.

The trash that Ilhan associates with! Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She's so dumb she can't even decide which one of her last names to use. She's so dumb, she can't even figure out how to use a garbage disposal. I wish I could have seen the video of her discovering a garbage disposal for the first time. I bet the look on her face was worse than that of my dog. This morning she was quoted as saying "Trump supporters are too uneducated to know they're racist". Well, AOC is so dumb, she looks for racism in everything. There is no racism! Not as much as the leftists think there is. But I wouldn't listen to AOC, any more than I would listen to Ilhan Omar! Both of them are so dumb! I can't even believe they became congress people. But then again, look at the class that voted them in. I bet the biggest qualification they had going for them was not their knowledge of the system. Because they have none. I bet the only reason they made it into congress is because they are not white. That's the only reason! And it's the poorest reason in the world to elect anyone into office! I'd like to get my hands on the person (or people) who told AOC and Ilhan it was a good idea for them to run for congress. I'd kick that person's ass!! Then I'd try to knock some sense into his brain. Or her brain. If it has a brain!

I dunno. I think the person (or people) who told those two it was a good idea for them to run for congress must have just been joking with them. And those two dummies thought s/he was being serious with them. But there is one thing about them being in office. It proves ANYONE can get into office. Shoot! I need a few thousand dollars! Why don't I run for congress next election?! If a racist muslim and a dumb bartender can get in, then why can't I? I've said it before, I sure couldn't possibly do worse than they have!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Proof of What Bullying Does to People

I was just talking about this concept yesterday! With Carlos Maza, he admits to having been bullied as a child going to school. Some people are able to overcome it while others are not. You know who else has often been the victim of bullying? Show breeders. I'm almost positive that's why they have such trouble communicating with non-show people. Today's subject comes courtesy of a young sprig by the name of Lily McPhee. Or so that's the name she uses on Facebook, from South Australia. And we all know how touchy Australians are. LOL! Well, at least the liberals are. This one is no different. Now, before I go on, I am not making fun of this person. I can't even say for sure if the actions I will display from her are of those of someone who has really been bullied, or if it's just typical young girl libtard ramblings, but it's similar to what I've seen from people who have been bullied all their lives.

This was posted in a purebred snobs forum I am on in Facebook. She starts it like this...

OK, she admits this dog is from a BYB. The first thing she asks is for critiques. Now, I'll start here by saying it is a nice-looking husky. I think all huskies are good-looking. But something around the belly caught my eyes. It could be the shadowing hiding it, but it makes the dog look very skinny. So, that's what I thought she was. So, that is what I pointed out...

She thought it was funny I said that. So I'm thinking "OK. At least it didn't offend her." as I was really not trying to be offensive. Just saying what I'm seeing and I was sure there was an explanation for it. And she did ask for critiques. But she says the dog is not "too skinny".

It's either the backline or the lighting, but when I saw the first pic, I thought her belly stuck in more than usual. I liked the pic she posted, as it is a pretty dog anyways. I gave it a thumbs up. I said though it just looks like (in the first pic) the belly is concave, like it sticks in a little too much. Again, it could be the shadowing underneath, but in the original pic, it just looks weird. Anyways, it goes on...

Well, what the heck! It's her dog. Not mine. She'd know if it's skinny or not. But I was just saying in the first pic, it looked skinny. But she says it's a well-conditioned working dog. She gets 3 cups of food per day (which is good for that breed), and runs 6 miles, which is very good. Husky dogs do love to run! I know! I know a starving dog would not be able to do that, although a skinny one would. Mya used to be fat, but now has lost a lot of weight. I'm proud of her! But I am also taking her on longer walks now that my leg is all better. 😀👍 So now, I call her "my skinny dog". Anyway, it looks like Ms. Lily McPhee is not taking this critique too well (typical 20-something year old, or typical purebred snob, take your choice), so I call my own dog "my skinny dog" in the post, basically to show her I'm not trying to single her dog out.

Now, notice I never said that she is "abusing" her dog. Never once. But look at this response I noticed this morning...

I have a sheltie. She can do basically anything a husky can. Only on a smaller scale, which is why I like shelties, and I have one instead of a husky. I like smaller dogs. But she totally misinterpreted what I said and called Mya my "underweight dog". I told her I didn't say my dog is underweight, I said she's skinny. Yes there is a difference. "Skinny" can refer to a dog that is just skinny, thin, even lean. "Underweight" denotes a dog that is underfed. But in the first pic, one must admit, her dog did look skinny. Mya was fat for a while, but she lost the weight, and now is skinny. And no, she never tires! I love that about her! Even when she's not feeling well, she goes and goes and goes. Never tires!

Then she adds "I never asked for weight critiques in the first place". Umm, yes you did! You asked for critiques. You did not put limits on it. Learn to put a limit on what to critique if you don't want to hear about weight. But hey! I'm not angry at her. I'm not trying to be offensive or anything. Just calling it as I see it. Maybe she sees Mya as being "underweight". That's OK. Though I don't really show a lot of pics of Mya on the group. I just don't share many pics on Facebook. I learned my lesson with the INXS fans! But just as her dog is a good weight for it's breed, Mya is a good weight for her breed. I didn't want to go on, as I didn't want to further hurt this person. I'm not in the group for that.

Anyways, I've let it go. That is until I saw this post later this morning...

It made me laugh! Can anyone besides me smell the butthurt in this post?? I mean really! It's so thick it shows! But this post literally made me laugh. I was sitting here thinking "My goodness girl! Get over it!" This is the same person who asked for critiques, and then gets butthurt when we give them to her. And looking at the rest of the comments on her post, it looks like I wasn't the only one to notice something strange about her belly. Though one person said it is due to the pelvic angulation. That could be what I was seeing in the first post too. Something was indeed strange about the belly area. And what is she saying about the dog being "AbUsEd"? Looking back in the original post, I'm not able to find where anyone said she is abusing the dog. So, I don't know what the point is in even mentioning that here. But it does show something is wrong with this Lily McPhee, if she took critiquing to mean she is AbUsInG the dog. I guess that's just a typical young person, who has probably never had much attention from her parents, or was bullied all her life.

But seriously, my big point here is don't ask for critiques if you can't handle them. Because you are inviting all opinions when you do; good and bad. I ask for critiques on my stories from people who actually read them. I was trained to accept all opinions. My boss used to tell me we can even learn from negative opinions. I'm not even allowed to respond, or like any comments on the UMG Productions website. We're not to play any favorites. I can't even say "thank you" for their comments. I was trained to handle all critiques with a grain of salt because there's so many different opinions and everyone has a right to express their's. That's what we believe at UMG Productions.

This is the problem I have with the people on this group. You can't really express an opinion without some crazy cunt misconstruing everything. It happened with that Gabby Guthrie, and it's happening with this person too. I wasn't even talking at all to Gabby that time. She was the one who butted in and made it into a bigger thing than it really was. But this Lily did ask for opinions. I studied huskies before (because at one time I did want to own one), and so I was able to draw some handy conclusions out of the pic she posted. I never said the dog was ugly, or AbUsEd. I just said it looked too skinny. Well, something in it's rear looked off, and I was thinking it was the belly being too small or something. That was my POV and I am sticking to it.

But ya know, I have seen this kind of behavior so much from pet people, it makes me lose faith in them. I just cannot believe or trust anything they have to say anymore. When I see someone like Lily ask kindly for critiques, what I believe she's really saying is "Go ahead and talk shit about my dog. I'll just procrastinate and twist everything you say to make it sound like you're accusing me of AbUsInG my dog!" Same with Gabby, only she was saying "If you don't agree with me, then I will twist your words to make it sound like you don't know what you're talking about!" And she deflects while doing it. Then she accuses me of "deflecting". 😆😆😆 Really! Pet people are the most annoying people! But I think there is something much deeper there. It could be a tribute to the rise in fatherless families now. Or parents who are both there, but not really there for the children. Or perhaps too much bullying in schools. Who knows? No one except the pet people.


I just heard back from Ms. Lily McPhee, as I knew I would. She is accusing me of being rude. Maybe I was too nice to her for too long on this post? Anyways, she still cannot handle my criticism. This is what she said...

"A skinny dog is underweight" 😂
So, she was saying when I call Mya "my skinny dog" that I am actually saying she is "underweight"? That's kinda funny! I guess the same thing will happen when I have my surgery. She asked for a critique in conformation, that includes everything you can see and feel. I saw the dog looked too skinny. Just because she didn't like it, she thinks I was being rude. Well, I wasn't trying to be rude. She asked for opinions and I gave her one. I pointed that out in my response to her...

I pointed that out earlier in this blog too, there were like 3 other people on that pointed out almost the same thing on her thread. I just thought it was because the dog was skinny. So, I told her not to ask for opinions if she cannot handle all of them. That should always be a rule in groups like this. Makes no sense whatsoever if you ask for other peoples' opinions and then can't handle what they say. But it is actions like this that always lead me to believe show breeders have something deep inside that bothers them. That's not my problem. That's their's. So she goes on about how I was rude to her...

No I don't have any idea what she went through to get the dog back to health. I never claimed to know either. All I know is she asked for critiques, and I felt generous, so I gave her one. I think I need to stop talking to teenagers and 20-something year olds on this group! This would be my final message to her...

And as long as she keeps her mouth shut, I will stay backed off.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Is Carlos Maza Fired?

I heard just this morning that Carlos Maza was possibly fired from Vox. Now, I have no idea if that's true or not, but it wouldn't be a surprise! Supposedly he was fired because he just would not let go of the bashing between himself and Steven Crowder, and he kept bad-mouthing how YouTube would not ban Steven Crowder or shut down his channel. It's been more than a month now, and Carlos Maza is still going on about that on Twitter. Apparently Vox, who works with YouTube, got tired of Maza constantly bashing YouTube, who pays Vox, and they decided to tell Carlos Maza to hit the road! Carlos Maza is apparently working on some kind of deal for a severance package for himself from Vox. I bet I also know what the first words out of Carlos Maza's mouth was!

"How can Vox fire me? I'm gay! They fired a protected class person. I bet they fired me because I am gay! I deserve a severance package because I'm gay!"

Maza just ALWAYS makes it a point to let everyone know he's gay, and how people (possibly) discriminate against him because he's gay. I even decided to put Carlos Maza in one of my stories in my Americana compilation. In the scene, everyone is at a Trump rally, and Obama is there. Well, everyone is asked to say the pledge of allegiance to the flag and to face the flag in the back of the crowd. Just then, Carlos Maza pushes through the crowd to approach Obama, and says instead "I pledge allegiance to serve Obama..." Yes, I actually did see a campaign commercial once before Obama was elected into office, where stupid people were actually saying they pledge to serve Obama. It was DUMB!! So, I decided to put that in this story. Anyways, then Katrina says to Carlos Maza, "Hey dumbass! You're supposed to be pledging allegiance to the flag! Back there!" and she points to the flag.

Just then Carlos Maza does what he does best; he cries discrimination...

"Waaa! I can't believe she just called me a dumbass! I'm GAY! She can't call a gay man a dumbass!" and so on and on. I made fun of him constantly putting it out that he is gay and that the whole world is against him because he's gay. Which is not true. But he thinks it is. We dislike Carlos Maza, not because he is gay. But because he is a dumbass, who is hiding behind being gay to get what he wants now that gays have all the rights they'll ever need. It's like Jonathan Yaniv. He uses trans rights to ogle young, naked girls in private womens' places.

Well, apparently Carlos Maza has made a huge mistake. Now, at over a month, he's still rambling on against Steven Crowder and YouTube. He's attacking the hand that feeds him! You can't do that! I'd never bad-mouth my boss like that!! EVER!! Not if I'd want to keep my job. But in a way, I kinda feel a little bit sorry for Carlos Maza, now that this happened. But he did bring it upon himself! But I also know what it's like to be bullied all your life. I was bullied constantly growing up because I was short, skinny, had nappy hair, didn't talk much to anyone, and when I did talk, I always spoke my mind. People didn't like those things about me. I didn't bother anyone who I knew did not want to be bothered by me. I always stayed away from those people. I didn't keep getting in their faces every day. In fact, the only time I ever faced them was when they would approach me. But for the most part, I always tried to steer clear of people I didn't like, or who I knew didn't like me. If I had people who hated me that treated me the same way I treated them, then life would have been perfect!! I would have been able to breeze through school like it was nothing. But unfortunately not everyone is like me. Most people who hated me had to get in my face about it every day.

Constantly being bullied like that does things to you. It messes up your mind. You either become a recluse, or you go insane. Or both! It makes it hard to let even the little things go if you've been bullied all your life. Some people can overcome it, but it can take literally years of therapy. Some people are able to just brush it off and not let it have any impact on their lives. But those people are rare. And more likely did go through some amount of therapy as children. I think that's what Carlos Maza needs, is some years of therapy. He's still young, he can overcome it quicker than someone like me. So, don't wait too long.

I admit I have trouble letting things go. I still talk about people I don't like on the internet. But I've never worked for them, and frankly, I don't give a shit if they want to read my stories or not. It doesn't matter to me. So, I can afford to slam those people. But Carlos Maza cannot. He was slamming Team YouTube on Twitter, and thinking he can get away with it for long. YouTube pays Vox, who pays Maza. He can't do that! I slam a lot of people, but never the one who pays me! And Carlos Maza has got to get used to being a public figure. I don't have many subscribers on YouTube, but I do make videos that get some views, and I do write stories, so I am a public figure. I have to expect some people are going to talk shit about me. It happens. And it happens to EVERY public figure out there. Just open up a National Enquirer or a People magazine and you will see how every public figure out there is talked about. No one is immune to it. Even a small-time public figure like me. I used to get slammed by the delusional mods all the time. Not just them, but also the dirty dozen mob on the Pluba forums. Of course I was not a public figure then, but I was well-known throughout their forum. But their slamming didn't hurt me. Not at all. I admit it did take a while to get used to though. But again, I thought about that before I put myself out there. And yes, even bloggers can become famous. I did! LOL!

Anyways, Carlos Maza has some lessons to learn here. Hopefully he won't get that severance package. I don't know what Vox's rules are in that. We'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

No More Aquariums

Well, I sold my aquarium. I was so sad to see it go, as I absolutely adored having my fish. But I got so tired of spending all that money on fish only to have them die on me soon after. I could not understand what happened! When I lived in Bozeman, which is where I had my last aquarium, my fish did fine! I didn't do anything any different with this one, and I'd keep getting fish only to have them all die within the following weeks. I don't know what happened! But like one day, I would get a school of fish (I always got tetras, small gouramis and small rasboras) and usually all but one would be dead within a month. I spent a lot of good money on fish too! It upset me to no end that I would lose most of the school! I miss my fishies dearly, but it's all for the better.

I could not figure out what happened. My sis and I put our heads together one night. I told her how I keep losing all my fish. She finally figured maybe the water quality in this town is not that good for the little fish I always get. I thought about it, and figured she must be right. Maybe that's why a lot of people here who have aquariums always keep the bigger fish. Maybe they are the only ones that can handle the water quality in this town. This happens a lot in ocean towns. I remember Ocean Shores had the same problem, which is why I NEVER had an aquarium when I lived there. As much as I loved having fish, I could not have an aquarium there. The water in Ocean Shores was horrible!!! Not even suitable to drink! Let alone put small, delicate tropical fish in.

I did keep water conditioners and used them. But for some reason, I still had fish dying. Maybe there was something in the water here that those tiny fish just could not handle. It kinda made me think again about opening a pet store in this town. What if I have the same problem with that? I intend to carry some unusual fish in my store too. I wonder if Coos Bay would be better? I mean, a pet store just isn't complete without fish. And I don't want to just carry the all-purpose, run-of-the-mill fish, like platies, mollies and guppys. That is no fun!!! I want to carry as many different kinds as I can. IF I do move to Coos Bay, I don't want to rent there. The one rental company they have in that town SUCKS!!! They have some personal problems against pets I think. Mya is a companion animal, but still, it's not enough for them. The only affordable apartments in that town do not allow animals at all. Not even small, cage animals like birds.

Well, I guess I won't be getting another aquarium. Not unless I can get a store, and maybe have water sent here from other places with better water-quality. I so enjoyed having my aquarium while it lasted, but getting fish only to see them die soon after, or go missing, just is not for me. So, it's just me and Mya now. I sold the tank and stand for $100. I actually had it posted on Facebook for $200! But some guy, who was the only person that sounded serious, only had $100 in his pocket. That was REALLY low-blowing it, but I just wanted the tank gone! Before I got tempted again to go out and get more fish! Besides, the $100 I got will help pay to get my car in 100% working order! It does help! But I can't get that done until next month. See, if I had gotten my full asking price, I could have got that done today!

Monday, August 12, 2019

How To Handle An Atheist

As you may all know I am a conservative. I am also a christian. Well, I believe in GOD anyways. I follow no organized religion. Though mom wanted me to become mormon. It's just not my lifestyle to follow some organized religion because there's some things in the Bible I just cannot believe. I still have trouble with the referral to Jesus as a lion. However, I have no trouble referring to Satan as a lion. I hate lions! They're not good. Jesus was supposed to be good. Lions are evil beasts. Satan is an evil being. So, that's why I have an easier time referring to Satan as a lion than Jesus.

Anyways, for the past week, I've been going back and forth with this dude named Alan Baraka on YouTube, who is also an atheist. He said he's willing to learn more about the existence of GOD. Well, being an atheist, I felt no amount of explaining would make him change his mind about that, so I don't even try to explain my godly position with them. No, I don't believe I am GOD!!! But this Alan Baraka is no different than any other atheist. My best evidence for GOD's existence is the fact that I actually felt HIM heal me once, where nothing else worked. I was not even partially willing to convince this guy why I believe GOD really exists, because of my past experiences with atheists. But he kept nudging me to tell him why I believe in GOD. I kept hesitating though. He told me he was willing to listen to what I had to say. For that, I had no doubt. Neither did any other atheists I've encountered. But in the end, when I tell them why I believe in GOD, they always say the same thing "That was NOT GOD". I always ask them how else they can explain it.

The short story is that something happened on the AcmePet forums between myself, and a few people on a chihuahua sub-forum named Kallie, Jeri and Sharon. I was about to get a new longcoat chi puppy, and I announced it saying "I'm finally getting a good lc chi". While everyone else was congratulating me, loony-ass Sharon chimes in only with "What is your idea of a 'good' longcoat chi?" Well, she asked me a question, so I answered. I said "any chi that does not look like the Taco Bell dog is a good chi." By "good", I was referring to good quality. But Sharon was a pet person, not a show/breeder person. So, she obviously didn't understand. Next thing I know, that set Kallie and Jeri off. Kallie was one of those ADS fags, and Jeri bred Taco Bell dog lookalikes and was proud of it. I think Jeri was a little autistic. And Kallie was no different than any other ADS fag.

Well, Kallie's attacks put me on the defensive, because she kept at it, like a parasite. She didn't know when to just let it go. Then when she found she could not change my mind, she started calling me a rude person and all kinds of other names. Later, I began to feel some pangs of remorse, because I did used to like Kallie and Jeri (as much as one could on an internet forum), so I went back in the forum and just told them I didn't have anything to do with what was being said "under my name" before. Kallie did not believe I was telling the truth. Though she was right, the reasons she gave for not believing me was dumb. She was once again, comparing me and my family to her friends and family. To me, that didn't mean anything more than Kallie's family and friends are just dumb and too cowardly to say how they really feel. But Kallie still did not want to speak to me ever again. Even Sharon got involved in that. Of course I didn't like Sharon, and she was the one who got the ball rolling in this turmoil. That was the very reason I didn't like Sharon. She was a trouble-maker and everyone on the forums knew it. But me being me, I had to give her a chance to prove them wrong to me.

I don't know if that was incredibly nice, or incredibly stupid, of me, but Sharon proved everyone else was right.

Anyway, for months after I felt bad. I had bad bellyaches, I couldn't eat or sleep, I was crying all the time. Yeah, I know! I'm pathetic!!! But I was young then, and I was already dealing with the death of my grandma. Then this pops up out of nowhere. And all I did was want to share some good news with people I thought were my internet buddies. Sound familiar? LMAO!! But now, I felt bad because I felt I had to lie to get them to become friends with me again. For months, nothing worked. I tried to carry on as normal, but my body just would not let me. I was an atheist then. So, prayer was the last thing I tried, or would ever even dream of trying. But guess what, it worked! For 6 months nothing else worked. Then I prayed a little prayer to GOD, asking HIM to forgive me for that lie, and it worked! I felt better all over again. And it worked instantly. It didn't take days, weeks or years. It worked instantaneously! To me, that was my proof that GOD existed. Once I told another atheist that story and he couldn't even explain why that happened. But he was the only one.

Well, Alan Baraka is no different than most of the others I met. I knew no explanation would change his mind either, so I put off even wasting my energy. But he kept pushing. He said "If you believe in GOD, you might as well believe in Thor." I told him "I don't think I know anyone named Thor. I have never gone to church to worship a Thor." I was kindof kidding, trying to get him to go bother someone else because I didn't want to tell him anything. I mean it, I've had it with atheists. I know enough about them that there is nothing I can say that will convince them. And they ALWAYS come back with "That was not GOD". It's the same shit every time. I'm not a persuasive person. I don't feel like it's my purpose in life to convince anyone. If it was, I'd think GOD would have given me the talent to persuade people. But HE didn't, so that's not my purpose in life. And I've got to tell you, reading Alan's posts is no picnic! Has this person even heard of a thing called a paragraph? Or is that also on the list of things he doesn't believe in? He doesn't even have the decency to separate his paragraphs. Of course that may be YouTube's fault. It did that to me a few times, but it made it hard for me to distinguish his quoting me from his own commentary.

I left him a link to a post I made on this blog about the entire story of why I believe in GOD from 2010. It's rather long-winded, but if you read all the way through, I go through the story about what happened on the AcmePet forum, and how it led to my believing in GOD in the end. I didn't think Alan would gain anything from that story, but I sent him the link to visit anyways. Even after that, he kept on. This was my last full post to him...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan1 day ago@Alan Baraka " Really? Did they say that they wanted to make you become an atheist or simply disagree with your unverified claims? "
Again, I ask why comment if you don't believe? Free speech? Yes. I have a right to say I believe in GOD. Just as you have a right to say you don't. You may disagree. I disagree with atheists. But I don't comment on their posts every time I see one say "There is no GOD". Because what is the point? It's not my job to change their minds. That would be the only reason to respond to them.
"They do have motive, that being you haven't demonstrated your claims."
Again, I ask why comment? I didn't ask for your opinion. Sure you have a right to comment, but unless I asked you to verify my belief in GOD, it just seems like you are trying to cram your beliefs down my throat. Did you comment on anyone else's comments who believe in GOD in this video? 
"You commented on this channel first my friend. "
I started this thread, yes. But again, what was your motive for responding to me? Are you saying the same things to all people on this video who believe in GOD? I can see several comments below this one that talks about GOD. Or was mine just the first one you saw and decided to comment on? Shoot! Maybe I should stop responding to you. LOL!! I wasn't talking to you or anyone else here specifically in the first place. Just to the people who posted this video.

"Did I ask you for your opinion?"
Not really your place to ask me that on my thread. But whatever. LOL!!
"We can't see gravity but we can detect it via scientific instruments to demonstrate it exists. We can't see microwave radiation either, but via scientific instruments we can demonstrate that exists too. Tell me, what method did you use to determine your god exists?" 
OK. Then let's use your logic. Suppose we can't really say Mozart ever existed either. Can we? I mean, sure there's music that is said to be written by him. Right? But he has no descendants nowadays and no one exists today that has ever met him. And no one can find where he is buried. There was no census back then to prove he existed either. But by the same token, the Bible was written, so to speak, by the words of GOD. HE had a son, Jesus, that no one knows where He's buried at either, and the only proof there is of His existence is the scriptures in the Bible. Sorry dude, but the "lack of scientific proof of GOD's existence" just seems like a fallacy to me. So many people existed before you that there is no evident proof of.
"So what if I did?" 
Again dude, apples and oranges. You have your beliefs, and I have mine.
"If you could demonstrate evolution was wrong today I would want to review the evidence because it matters more to me to learn than to be right."
Woa! I'm not saying evolution isn't real. I believe in evolution myself. I even have a whole website devoted to it.
"And we learn by studying what is true. We know things are true not because they are claimed to be true but because they are demonstrated to be true." 
Again, there's lots of things we can't feel but we know they are there. Like feelings. Like dreams. We can't feel them, and no one can prove what they dream about. But we know they are there by taking that person's word for it. Well, I feel the same about GOD.
"So, if you can't demonstrate your god to exist then why do you believe in him?"
Because I've actually felt HIM being there. Simple as that. Did you click the link? It's a long story, but it explains everything as much as I possibly could.
And yes, I do believe Mozart was real! But he fits almost all the criteria that GOD does for atheists; he had superhuman powers (in music), there are no photographs of him, no one is around today that ever met him, his powers are legendary, and he has no living descendants. He and his wife had 5 kids, 3 of which died before they were 1 year old, a 4th got sick at a young age and became unable to have children, and his oldest bore 2 children, one died in infancy, the other died at 20-something in a war before he was able to get married or have any children. So, all there is of Mozart today is his music. The only proof of his existence. Just as the only proof of GOD is the writings of the Bible. Which, you must admit, did prophecize a lot of the events that are happening today. We can all see it, especially on the actions of the left.

Well, this post was followed a day later by a very long-winded post by Alan Baraka. Again, not using any paragraphs, just 500 lines of on-going sentences and bullcrap. I didn't want to read it, and I sure did not want to commentate on it. I didn't read one line. One of the reasons why is because when he posted it, I was in the middle of a very interesting documentary by Millennial Millie, who was at a Trump rally, and showing one of the left-wingers about the contrast between people who support Trump and people who oppose Trump. Guess which was the friendlier side? Hint: it was not the opposers, where this man on the street was siding with! Even he found out it was the Trump side that was full of love and acceptance, and absolutely NO sign of racism!! It was cool! Even my sis sat down to watch it with me. Another reason I did not care to sit and read 500 ongoing lines of my own words with his responses to each and every one. Besides, this whole argument was going nowhere. So, I told him...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan21 hours ago
@Alan Baraka Dude, I'm not even gonna bother to read all that shit you wrote. I have better things to do with my time. So, I'll leave it at this, I believe in GOD, I'll always believe in GOD, no matter what. You can not believe if you want to. That's your bit. I'd rather believe now and be proven wrong after I die than to not believe now and find out after it's too late HE was always there. Now, leave me alone. Live and let live. OK.

Yep, I finally told him to just leave me alone. I don't normally do that, as I don't like to cut off another person's side. But again, this whole argument was going nowhere, and had no potential to get anywhere. Remember, we're talking with an atheist! A leftist! To them, other people having an opinion is "offensive". I was not willing to keep on repeating myself over and over again with him without making any progress. And I have tried with atheists before and they all said the same thing, and I'm not going to go on with them again. Just not going to happen! I didn't read a single thing he wrote in his last post. I just saw the amount of lines he wrote and said "No thank you!" LOL! If I had read a single line he wrote, it would have drawn me back in, and I'm not playing this game with another atheist! But I will continue to hold my belief in GOD. NOTHING is going to stop that. I almost feel sorry for Alan for writing that last post that probably took him all evening to write! But I didn't ask him to write it. My original post was only directed at the guys in the video. Not to anyone else viewing. Mr. Alan Baraka posted to me on his own will. I hope my last post got rid of him for good. If I do hear from him again, I won't read or respond to him, I'll just block him. I hate to resort to that too. But, this is coming up a little on harassment. He has a right to his opinions and beliefs, but he's trying to con me out of mine.